This is Article gtr of the Code of State, titled “Transportation.” It’s comprised of the following 1578 sections.

§ gtr-1-101
Meaning of the Following Words
§ gtr-1-102
Conditions for getting a Maryland business license.
§ gtr-1-103
Renewing Trasportation Licensing and Permits
§ gtr-10-101
Usage of word in compact set : meaning by the definition and the context
§ gtr-10-102
An interstate compact is enacted into law
§ gtr-10-103
County Commissions
§ gtr-10-201
Guidelines for the Compact
§ gtr-10-202
The Governor shall execute an interstate compact substantially
§ gtr-10-203
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission Founding and Operation
§ gtr-10-204
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission duties and regulations.
§ gtr-10-204
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission duties and regulations.
§ gtr-10-205
Substantial State financial support for the planned rapid rail mass transit system in the other metropolitan area of this State
§ gtr-10-205
Substantial State financial support for the planned rapid rail mass transit system in the other metropolitan area of this State
§ gtr-10-206
Extension or Revisions of Transit Facilities
§ gtr-10-206.1
Origins of Maryland Transit Administration
§ gtr-10-207
Details related to Eligible local bus service
§ gtr-10-301
The Compact Contingency for Chapter 494 of 1995
§ gtr-10-302
What the Governor shall execute
§ gtr-10-303
What "Bridge" means in this section
§ gtr-11-101
Maryland Vehicle Law Wording
§ gtr-11-102
Motor Vehicle Administration
§ gtr-11-103
Motor Vehicle Administrator
§ gtr-11-103.1
Definition of "Alcohol"
§ gtr-11-103.2
Alcohol Concentrations
§ gtr-11-104
rules defining the meaning of bicycle
§ gtr-11-104.1
Definition of Boat Trailer
§ gtr-11-105
Meaning of Bus
§ gtr-11-106
What Constitutes A Camping Trailer
§ gtr-11-107
Defining meaning of cancel as pertains to drivers
§ gtr-11-108
How Maryland defines the 'Combination'
§ gtr-11-109
Definition of "Commercial Driver's License" and "CDL"
§ gtr-11-110
Definition of "Conviction".
§ gtr-11-111
Dealer means a person who is in the business of buying, selling, or exchanging vehicles including a person
§ gtr-11-111.1
Definition of "Disqualification"
§ gtr-11-112
Definition of Distributor.
§ gtr-11-113
Divided highways.
§ gtr-11-113.1
Origins of Domicile
§ gtr-11-114
Drive Means to Operate Vehicle
§ gtr-11-115
Definition of Driver
§ gtr-11-116
Drivers license to drive a motor vehicle.
§ gtr-11-117
Educational Purposes Means Board Certified Activities.
§ gtr-11-118
Origins of an Emergency vehicle
§ gtr-11-119
Definition of Explosive
§ gtr-11-120
Definition of Farm Equipment
§ gtr-11-121
Farm Tractor Defined
§ gtr-11-121.1
Definition of Fifth wheel travel trailer.
§ gtr-11-122
What "Fixed termini" includes
§ gtr-11-123
Definition of "Flammable Liquids".
§ gtr-11-124
Regulations applicable to Foreign vehicle
§ gtr-11-125
Definition Of The Term "Franchise".
§ gtr-11-126
What Gross weight means in this section
§ gtr-11-127
The definition of "Highway".
§ gtr-11-127.1
What "Lawful status" means in this section
§ gtr-11-127.2
The lessee is provided the option to purchase the leased vehicle
§ gtr-11-128
What "License" means in this section
§ gtr-11-129
A dealer or manufacturer licensed in this State under Title 15 of this article.
§ gtr-11-129.1
Meaning of the Word Limousine
§ gtr-11-130
Local Authority:
§ gtr-11-130.1
Low speed vehicle
§ gtr-11-131
Definition of "Mail"
§ gtr-11-132
Origins of Manufacturer
§ gtr-11-133
Definition of Metal Tires
§ gtr-11-134
The Definition of "Mobile Home"
§ gtr-11-134.1
Definition of the Term "Moped".
§ gtr-11-134.2
Maryland Motor Carrier Definition
§ gtr-11-134.3
Details related to motor home
§ gtr-11-134.4
Here Motorized minibike means a motor vehicle
§ gtr-11-134.5
"Motor Scooters" have 2 wheels, a seat, and low horsepower.
§ gtr-11-135
Definition of Motor Vehicle
§ gtr-11-136
Definition of Motorcycle.
§ gtr-11-136.1
"Moving violation" is defined specifically in this article to assess points.
§ gtr-11-136.2
Definition of a multi-purpose passenger vehicle.
§ gtr-11-137
Definition of true or legal name.
§ gtr-11-138
New Vehicle Defined
§ gtr-11-139
meaning of Nonresident under this section
§ gtr-11-140
What "Nonresident's privilege to drive" means
§ gtr-11-140.1
"Off-highway recreational vehicles" include Snowmobiles & Dirt Bikes, Not Farm Equipment
§ gtr-11-141
Definition of Operate as used in reference to a vehicle.
§ gtr-11-142
Vehicle Operators
§ gtr-11-143
What Owner means as used in reference to a vehicle
§ gtr-11-144
Definition Of The Term "Park".
§ gtr-11-144.1
Meaning of "Administration"
§ gtr-11-145
What "Pedestrian" means
§ gtr-11-146
Definition of Pole Trailer
§ gtr-11-147
"Police officer" means an officer authorized to direct traffic
§ gtr-11-148
Regular Schedule:
§ gtr-11-148.1
Rental vehicles.
§ gtr-11-149
Residents live in the State or Has a Business Based Here.
§ gtr-11-150
Revoking of Licenses
§ gtr-11-150.1
Ride sharing means any nonprofit commuting service used in transporting commuters exclusively between their place of residence
§ gtr-11-151
meaning of "Roadways" under this section
§ gtr-11-151.1
Definition of Rollback
§ gtr-11-152
Details about Salvage with reference to Vehicles
§ gtr-11-153
Definition of "School Bus"
§ gtr-11-154
A school vehicle is one that is used primarily for the transport of children to or from schools
§ gtr-11-154.1
Definition of what a "scooter" should be.
§ gtr-11-155
Secured Parties Defined
§ gtr-11-156
Security agreement means a written agreement that reserves
§ gtr-11-157
The Interest of:
§ gtr-11-158
Meaning of Semitrailer in Maryland
§ gtr-11-159
Definition of Special Mobile Equipment
§ gtr-11-160
Definition of Stand for Vehicles
§ gtr-11-161
According to Maryland law, a state means a state or territory of the United States.
§ gtr-11-162
Under this provision the term 'stop' is quite literal, meaning to cease all movement.
§ gtr-11-163
Here Street means a highway
§ gtr-11-164
Definition of "Suspend" In Relation To Any License To Drive a Vehicle
§ gtr-11-165
Definition of Taxicabs
§ gtr-11-165.1
Temporary Lawful Status
§ gtr-11-166
Definition of "Traffic"
§ gtr-11-167
meaning of Traffic control device under this section
§ gtr-11-168
Details related to Traffic Control Signal
§ gtr-11-169
meaning of Trailer under this title
§ gtr-11-170
Definition of "Travel Trailer"
§ gtr-11-171
A Truck Primarily Carries Property
§ gtr-11-172
"Truck Tractor" Definition
§ gtr-11-173
section describing meaning of _Type I school vehicle_
§ gtr-11-174
Type II school vehicle
§ gtr-11-174.1
"Under the influence of alcohol per se" meaning
§ gtr-11-175
Used vehicle means any vehicle that is not a new vehicle.
§ gtr-11-175.1
Van-pool Operation Explained
§ gtr-11-176
Definition of Vehicle
§ gtr-11-177
The definition of "vehicle identification number" under Maryland law.
§ gtr-11-201
Administration may determine the extent of applicability in the case of dispute
§ gtr-11-202
Interpreting Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-11-203
Maryland Vehicle Act Coverage
§ gtr-11-204
Maryland Vehicle Law Repealed Provision Requirements
§ gtr-11-205
Except as specified in the Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-11-206
This title called as Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-12-101
Motor Vehicle Administration
§ gtr-12-102
§ gtr-12-103
powers of the Administration is subject to the authority of secretary
§ gtr-12-104
The transportation administration is responsible for some aspects of Maryland Vehicle Law.
§ gtr-12-104.1
Designation of Employees
§ gtr-12-105
Administration shall prepare and provide suitable forms
§ gtr-12-106
Examination of Maryland Vehicle Applications
§ gtr-12-107
meaning of "lease" under this section
§ gtr-12-108
Individuals Must Honor Subpoena or Face Punishment.
§ gtr-12-109
Administering The Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-12-110
Imposition of fines on invalid documents in Maryland Transportation Sector
§ gtr-12-111
The Department of Transportation must keep a copy of each application or document filed.
§ gtr-12-112
The department of Transportation may reveal a list of vehicle registrations unless deemed classified.
§ gtr-12-112
The department of Transportation may reveal a list of vehicle registrations unless deemed classified.
§ gtr-12-112.1
The Maryland Administration Provides Lists of Eligible Jurors
§ gtr-12-113
Furnishing Copies of Administration Records
§ gtr-12-114
The Administration's Powers to Give Notice
§ gtr-12-115
The state shall publish a summary of the laws pertaining to motor vehicles.
§ gtr-12-116
Not more than 10 percent of the amount of the check
§ gtr-12-117
Restrictions for Interfering With Individuals or Business Near or In Administration Property
§ gtr-12-118
Guidelines for Money Received Under The Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-12-119
Department of Motor Vehicle Regulations
§ gtr-12-120
Definition of "Miscellaneous Fees"
§ gtr-12-201
Definition of "Licensee"
§ gtr-12-202
License Suspension Under The Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-12-203
Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-12-204
Notice contents of any hearing
§ gtr-12-205
Maryland Vehicle Law Hearing Policy
§ gtr-12-206
Rules Governing Hearings for Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-12-206.1
Representatives of People Killed in a Moving Violation
§ gtr-12-207
Request For Hearing Transcription
§ gtr-12-208
Administrative Decision After Hearing
§ gtr-12-209
Appeal of Administrative Decisions
§ gtr-12-301
Administration Issuance of Identification Card Upon Application
§ gtr-12-302
The Administration is required to check veteran status of an applicant.
§ gtr-12-303
Organ Donors are Designated in Drivers License.
§ gtr-12-303.1
Applicants for driver's licenses must be aware of an advanced directive.
§ gtr-12-304
This section applies only to an adult male applicant
§ gtr-12-401
Jurisdictions Defined
§ gtr-12-402
The State's Responsibility to Promote The Use of Its Highway System
§ gtr-12-403
power of administrator
§ gtr-12-404
Authorization for License
§ gtr-12-405
Authorizing and Licensing Other Jurisdictions of Vehicles
§ gtr-12-406
Regulations of Fleet Vehicles
§ gtr-12-407
Vehicle registration benefits cross-jurisdictionally
§ gtr-12-408
Subtitle Agreements
§ gtr-12-409
Out of state vehicle registration validity
§ gtr-12-410
§ gtr-12-411
who violates the vehicle laws or regulations of this State.
§ gtr-12-412
Record Keeping of Legal Agreements
§ gtr-12-413
Proportional registration on a vehicle will be effective until amended.
§ gtr-12-414
Supplemental State Vehicle Registration Laws
§ gtr-13-101
"Certificate of origin" definition
§ gtr-13-101.1
Vehicle Titles
§ gtr-13-102
A vehicle owned and used by the United States, unless it is registered in this State.
§ gtr-13-103
Farm Equipment Owner Application for Certificate of Title
§ gtr-13-104
Application for certificate of title of mopeds,scooters etc should be made electronically in form.
§ gtr-13-104.1
Guidelines for Certificates and Titles of New Vehicles
§ gtr-13-104.2
Regulations for an application for a certificate for a foreign vehicle
§ gtr-13-105
The Administration's Duties for Applications of Certificates
§ gtr-13-106
Administration to issue title of certification to owner of vehicle,upon application.
§ gtr-13-106.1
Vehicle Identification Number
§ gtr-13-107
Guidelines for The Issuance of Vehicle Titles
§ gtr-13-108
Mailing of Certificate of Title on a Vehicle
§ gtr-13-108.1
The Administration's Power To Develop and Implement an Electronic System for The Issuance of Titles and Certificates
§ gtr-13-109
§ gtr-13-110
Refusal of a vehicle title.
§ gtr-13-111
How Maryland process stolen and lost certificates
§ gtr-13-112
owner of vehicle has to assign & warrant title of vehicle to transferee if interest is transferred.
§ gtr-13-113
All licensed dealer transferees shall withing 20 days obtain certificate of title to vehicle.
§ gtr-13-113.1
rules related to certificate of origin for the vehicle
§ gtr-13-113.2
Meaning of the Following Words in this Section
§ gtr-13-114
The Interest for Transferred Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-13-116
What the Administration shall issue
§ gtr-13-117
Vehicle Information
§ gtr-13-118
Name Changes on Certificates
§ gtr-13-119
Exclusions From Implied Vehicle Warranties
§ gtr-13-201
US Or Maryland State Business Of Selling Vehicles
§ gtr-13-202
Vehicle Security Interest
§ gtr-13-203
Security Interest in Vehicles
§ gtr-13-204
How Security Interests Applicable In Maryland State
§ gtr-13-205
The Administration and security interest .
§ gtr-13-206
Requirements for Certificate of Titles
§ gtr-13-207
Perfecting Security Interests
§ gtr-13-209
Administration Assurance Fund
§ gtr-13-210
Filing Errors and Omissions
§ gtr-13-211
Details of terminal rental adjustment clause
§ gtr-13-401
This section many people who keep owner of the vehicle.
§ gtr-13-402
Registering of various vehilce's under Maryland Vehicle law
§ gtr-13-402.1
Non-resident Driving Regulations
§ gtr-13-403
Stipulations for The Owner of a Registered Motor Vehicle
§ gtr-13-404
Regulation of Parking
§ gtr-13-405
Administration may issue a temporary registration to permit the vehicle
§ gtr-13-406
Maryland vehicle law refusal of registration or transfer
§ gtr-13-406.1
§ gtr-13-406.2
The Administration's Powers to Renew or Transfer The Registration of a Vehicle
§ gtr-13-407
Duties of The Administration
§ gtr-13-408
details about registration particulars
§ gtr-13-409
Guidelines for Proper Paperwork and Licenses for Driving a Motor Vehicle
§ gtr-13-410
The administer shall issue a plate to the owner whenever a vehicle is registered.
§ gtr-13-411
Regulations for Registration Plates
§ gtr-13-411.1
§ gtr-13-412
Current Validation Tabs
§ gtr-13-413
Multiyear Vehicle Registration Fees and Refunds
§ gtr-13-414
Regulations regarding updation of registered vehicles address details
§ gtr-13-415
Vehicle registration duplication
§ gtr-13-416
Medal of Honor Vehicle Registration Fees
§ gtr-13-417
New rules apply to replacement vehicle parts
§ gtr-13-420
about school type vehicle under this section
§ gtr-13-422
Vanpool Motor Vehicles Must Be Registered.
§ gtr-13-423
Registration of Motor Vehicle.
§ gtr-13-501
the owner of a vehicle registered in this State assigns or otherwise transfers his title
§ gtr-13-502
Stipulations for Transferring Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-13-502.1
Vehicle tag and registration transferrence
§ gtr-13-503
Licensed Dealers as The Transferee of a Vehicle
§ gtr-13-503.1
If, whether by act of the parties or by operation of law.
§ gtr-13-503.2
Conditions In Which Transferee Could Use The Same Registration Plates Of A Vehicle
§ gtr-13-503.3
Inter Vivos Trust for Vehicle Registration Transfers
§ gtr-13-504
Consequences of Vehicle Title As a Result of Voluntary Transfer
§ gtr-13-505
Owner Requirements for Transferring Vehicle Titles
§ gtr-13-506
Regulations related to a salvage certificate
§ gtr-13-506.1
The terms of when insurance companies should notify the government.
§ gtr-13-507
Documents submission, fees & others for vehicle title.
§ gtr-13-601
Regulations regarding temporary registration plates to licensed dealers
§ gtr-13-602
A vehicle dealer may issue one temporary registration to each vehicle sold.
§ gtr-13-603
Honoring The Requests of Vehicle Buyers
§ gtr-13-604
Dealer's Rights for Issuing Registration
§ gtr-13-605
Temporary Registration of Vehicles
§ gtr-13-606
Each vehicle dealer who has applied for temporary registration plates must keep records of plates.
§ gtr-13-607
Temporary license plates can not contain any false statements.
§ gtr-13-608
Temporary dealer plate lincense suspension
§ gtr-13-609
Restrictions for Making Refunds for Temporary Registration Plates
§ gtr-13-610
Various Terms & Its Definition Summary Of Maryland State
§ gtr-13-612
rules related to every special registration number assigned to a vehicle
§ gtr-13-613
Special Personalized Registration Numbers for Vehicles
§ gtr-13-616
State Board Of Nursing Health Occupations
§ gtr-13-616.1
guidelines to apply to Administration for parking placard
§ gtr-13-616.2
guidelines to apply for temporary parking placard
§ gtr-13-617
owner of any vehicle may apply to the Administratin
§ gtr-13-618
Chesapeake Bay Commemorative Registration
§ gtr-13-619
Motor Vehicle License Classes
§ gtr-13-619.1
The owner of a vehicle may apply for a special registration number.
§ gtr-13-619.2
Special Agriculture Plates
§ gtr-13-620
Issuance of Special Registrations
§ gtr-13-621
A dealer may lend vehicle to prospective buyer under certain legal guidelines.
§ gtr-13-622
Guidelines for Automotive Dismantlers and Scrap Material Recyclers
§ gtr-13-623
Financial Institution and Business Matters
§ gtr-13-624
Maryland issuance of operating mobile equipment
§ gtr-13-625
meaning of transporter under this section
§ gtr-13-626
Transportation Terms Defined
§ gtr-13-629
Special Registration Plate Stipulations
§ gtr-13-701
Registration for Driving Vehicles on The Highway
§ gtr-13-702
Driving With a Cancelled Registration
§ gtr-13-703
Stipulations for Certificates and Registration Titles
§ gtr-13-704
Applications for a Certificate of Title
§ gtr-13-705
The Administration's Ability to Rescind or Revoke Registration
§ gtr-13-705.1
If a person is convicted of driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle.
§ gtr-13-706
reasons for suspend or revoke the special plates
§ gtr-13-707
If a motor carrier permit is revoked then the registration is revoked.
§ gtr-13-708
If a vehicle registration is revoked then the holder of document must return the document.
§ gtr-13-709
Stipulations for Vehicle Registration
§ gtr-13-801
fee payment before the issuance of certificate
§ gtr-13-802
Fee for Certificate of Title is $100
§ gtr-13-804
Enforcement of Title 23
§ gtr-13-805
Issuance of Duplicate Certificates of Title
§ gtr-13-808
Excise Taxes
§ gtr-13-809
Definition of "Fair Market Value," "Military," and "Trailer"
§ gtr-13-810
Upon Issuance of Vehicle Certificate of Title
§ gtr-13-811
Details of the imposition of excise tax
§ gtr-13-812
Collection and remission of tax.
§ gtr-13-813
Liable of Tax
§ gtr-13-814
Law of Transportation Trust Fund
§ gtr-13-815
Following words have the meanings indicated in this section
§ gtr-13-817
The Administration's Guidelines for Determining Overpayments
§ gtr-13-818
Following words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ gtr-13-901
Fees specified for the registration of a classified vehicle article
§ gtr-13-902
Registration Classification of The Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-13-903
Vehicles that are exempt from the registration fees.
§ gtr-13-904
Annual Registration Fees
§ gtr-13-905
Applicants privileges during Vehicle Registration
§ gtr-13-906
Application for the registration of any vehicle.
§ gtr-13-907
Vehicle Classes Registration List
§ gtr-13-908
Reimbursement for Overpayment by Comptroller
§ gtr-13-909
Staggered Registration System
§ gtr-13-911
Definition of "Farm Vehicle" and "Farmer"
§ gtr-13-912
Registering Passenger Cars With The Administration
§ gtr-13-913
Passenger Motor Vehicles For Hire
§ gtr-13-914
Ambulances Require Annual Class C License and Fee
§ gtr-13-915
Class D motorcycle vehicles registration.
§ gtr-13-916
Registered Unit Truck Requirements
§ gtr-13-917
"Rated capacity of a vehicle"
§ gtr-13-918
Depending On The Size Of Trailer, Class (E) Trucks May Be Weighed With Or Without Them
§ gtr-13-919
Rules and issuance of a Class E Dump Service Registration.
§ gtr-13-920
Registration of tow trucks.
§ gtr-13-921
Definition of "farm truck"
§ gtr-13-923
Rules for Owning a Registered Truck Tractor or Similar Vehicle
§ gtr-13-924
Definition of "Farm Truck Tractor"
§ gtr-13-927
Classes of vehicles.
§ gtr-13-928
About Administration of Registration of Trailers
§ gtr-13-930
Farm trailers and semitrailers are Class G vehicles.
§ gtr-13-932
rules for registering school vehicles and registration fees
§ gtr-13-933
Charter for Hire Buses
§ gtr-13-934
Details related to vanpool vehicle registration with Administration
§ gtr-13-935
Definitions of "Farm Area Motor Vehicle" and "Island Vehicle"
§ gtr-13-936
Details related to historic motor vehicle
§ gtr-13-936.1
meaning of vintage registration plate under this section
§ gtr-13-936.2
Definition of a "Historic Motor Vehicle"
§ gtr-13-937
Every multipurpose passenger vehicle is a Class M vehicle
§ gtr-13-937.1
What a "street rod" means for this section
§ gtr-13-938
Non-Use of Registration Plates
§ gtr-13-939
Limousine Registration
§ gtr-13-939.1
Motor vehicle classifications and fees
§ gtr-13-939.2
registration of low speed class R vehicle
§ gtr-13-940
Special registration plates are Class 1A registration plates
§ gtr-13-941
Motorcycle Registration Plates
§ gtr-13-942
Special registration plates.
§ gtr-13-943
Issuing of registration plates of vehicles
§ gtr-13-944
Special registration plates are Class 3 registration plates
§ gtr-13-945
Special Registration Plates
§ gtr-13-946
Special Registration Plates
§ gtr-13-950
Additional Registration Cards Upon Application
§ gtr-13-951
Replacement validation tabs
§ gtr-13-952
Issuing and Replacing Registration Plates and Registration Cards
§ gtr-13-953
Security interest.
§ gtr-13-954
Definition of "Motor Vehicle"
§ gtr-13-955
The Maryland Emergency Medical System Operations Fund
§ gtr-14-101
Does Not Apply to Mobile Equipment or Farm Equipment
§ gtr-14-102
Possession and Control of a Motor Vehicle
§ gtr-14-103
§ gtr-14-104
person may not willfully damage vehicle without consent.
§ gtr-14-105
Police Officers and Reported Stolen Vehicles
§ gtr-14-105.1
Every secured party shall immediately inform the police
§ gtr-14-106
False reports of The Theft of a Vehicle
§ gtr-14-107
Definitions of "Falsify," "Identification Number," and "Remove"
§ gtr-14-108
Fraudulent Use of Registration Cards and Plates
§ gtr-14-110
§ gtr-15-101
Definition of "Administration Funds," "Dealer," and Vehicle-Related Concepts and Terms
§ gtr-15-102
What The Administration Requires for Licenses
§ gtr-15-103
What a surety bond shall be
§ gtr-15-104
Conditions to issue a licence.
§ gtr-15-105
Only conduct licensed activity from a fixed location.
§ gtr-15-106
Changes to a license.
§ gtr-15-107
License Replacement
§ gtr-15-108
Issuing and renewing of license by Administration
§ gtr-15-109
Origins of violating Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-15-110
Requesting a License Renewal Hearing
§ gtr-15-110.1
License Management
§ gtr-15-111
License suspension and revocation
§ gtr-15-112
Motorized Mini-Bike Seller Disclosure of Highway Non-Use
§ gtr-15-113
Auctions of motor vehicles.
§ gtr-15-113.1
Following words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ gtr-15-115
Individual Trial Notice Compliance Guidelines
§ gtr-15-116
Maryland Transportation Penalty
§ gtr-15-201
Definition of "Distributor," "Factory Branch," "License," and "Manufacturer"
§ gtr-15-202
Restrictions for Manufacturers Transferring New Vehicles
§ gtr-15-203
How To Apply For a License
§ gtr-15-204
Each licensee shall pay an annual fee to the Administration
§ gtr-15-205
Notifying Manufacturers of New Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-15-206
License for the business of manufacturer, distributor, factory branch.
§ gtr-15-206.1
meaning of good faith under this section
§ gtr-15-207
"Coerce", "Require" meaning under this section
§ gtr-15-208
Stipulations for Manufacturers of New Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-15-209
A manufacturer may not terminate any term
§ gtr-15-210
Rules for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Factory Branches
§ gtr-15-211
A Manufacturer's Rules
§ gtr-15-211.1
Dealer member succession regulations.
§ gtr-15-212
Definition of "Motor Home"
§ gtr-15-212.1
Distributors shall compensate a dealer for any incentive
§ gtr-15-212.2
What the manufacturer, distributor, or factory branch shall
§ gtr-15-213
Injured parties may recover damages and attorneys fees
§ gtr-15-214
Origins of Resolving a dispute
§ gtr-15-301
meaning of "license" under this subtitle
§ gtr-15-302
license is required by a person to conduct a business of a dealer
§ gtr-15-303
Licensees relating to corporations and partnerships
§ gtr-15-304
Rules for Fixed Locations and Conducting Business
§ gtr-15-305
New Vehicle Dealer License Restrictions
§ gtr-15-305.1
What a wholesale dealer may do
§ gtr-15-306
Dealership License Application Requirements
§ gtr-15-307
Administration an annual license fee.
§ gtr-15-308
Notification of Applicant Approval
§ gtr-15-309
The Business of Licensed Vehicles
§ gtr-15-310
License Requirements
§ gtr-15-311
rules regarding the sale of vehicles
§ gtr-15-311.1
Amounts charged to dealers for automobiles
§ gtr-15-311.2
Definition of "Mechanical Repair Contract"
§ gtr-15-312
Guidelines for Road Testing Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-15-313
Details on Vehicle Purchases
§ gtr-15-314
Guidelines for Obtaining a License
§ gtr-15-315
The Administration may refuse to grant a license
§ gtr-15-401
Vehicle salesmans license.
§ gtr-15-402
Stipulations for Acting as a Vehicle Salesman
§ gtr-15-403
Issuance of Licenses to Individuals
§ gtr-15-404
A person may not be licensed under this subtitle
§ gtr-15-405
Requirements for the Application of a License
§ gtr-15-406
Licensee Shall Pay Annual Fee to Administration
§ gtr-15-408
Information About Licenses Issued to Vehicle Salesmen
§ gtr-15-409
License Layout Requirements
§ gtr-15-410
Vehicle Sale Contract Compliance Requirements
§ gtr-15-411
Rules for Vehicle Salesmen
§ gtr-15-412
Moral Turpitude
§ gtr-15-501
Junk Yard Processing
§ gtr-15-502
Business of an automotive dismantler, recycler, scrap processor.
§ gtr-15-503
Requirements to be Licensed
§ gtr-15-504
Section 15-504 License Application Submission Guidelines
§ gtr-15-505
Each licensee shall pay an annual fee to the Administratio
§ gtr-15-506
Automotive Dismantler Guidelines
§ gtr-15-507
when you scrap your car you must give them the title
§ gtr-15-509
The automotive dismantler shall comply with this section
§ gtr-15-511
record keeping by automotive dismantler under this section
§ gtr-15-513
Automotive dismantler storage
§ gtr-15-514
License suspension
§ gtr-15-601
Origins of a Title service agent
§ gtr-15-602
Person must be Licensed
§ gtr-15-603
Each licensee shall pay an annual fee
§ gtr-15-604
The amount of the surety bond shall be $25,000.
§ gtr-15-605
Title Service Agent Licenses
§ gtr-15-606
Title service agent guideline agreement.
§ gtr-15-607
Suspension or revocation of a license.
§ gtr-15-701
Definition of "Drivers' School" and "License"
§ gtr-15-702
License to conduct a driver's school.
§ gtr-15-703
How each application for a license shall be
§ gtr-15-704
Annual licence fee requirements
§ gtr-15-705
Steps Taken After The Adminstration Notifies Applicants of Approval
§ gtr-15-706
Application for Licenses Used For Instruction
§ gtr-15-707
Licenses Issued to Conduct a Drivers School
§ gtr-15-708
Maintenance of vehicles.
§ gtr-15-709
What a drivers' school may not do
§ gtr-15-710
Origins of refusal, suspension, or revocation of a license,
§ gtr-15-801
Following words have the meanings indicated for this subtitle
§ gtr-15-802
Rules for Acting as Driving Instructor
§ gtr-15-803
conditions to get license under this rule
§ gtr-15-804
Information Requirements for License Applications
§ gtr-15-805
Annual Fees for Licensees
§ gtr-15-806
Authorization as a Driving Instructor for School
§ gtr-15-807
License refusals
§ gtr-16-101
An individual may not drive a motor vehicle
§ gtr-16-102
Motor Vehicle Licensing Requirements
§ gtr-16-103
Prohibition of Issuance of License Under 18
§ gtr-16-103.1
Section 16-103.1 Driver License Guidelines
§ gtr-16-104.1
Noncommercial Class A Drivers Licenses
§ gtr-16-104.2
conditions to the applicant for moped operators permit
§ gtr-16-105
Original driver's license.
§ gtr-16-106
you must apply for a drivers license on a form
§ gtr-16-107
Application of a minor for a license.
§ gtr-16-108
Cosigning a license for a minor
§ gtr-16-109
Suspension of License of a Minor
§ gtr-16-110
Administration Shall Establish Qualifications to Approve Licenses.
§ gtr-16-110.1
What each applicant is required to have
§ gtr-16-110.2
Bioptic telescopic lenses.
§ gtr-16-110.3
Requirements of Class C noncommercial driver's license
§ gtr-16-111
Maryland Transportation Code
§ gtr-16-111.1
How to receive a drivers license.
§ gtr-16-111.2
Application for an initial drivers license or duplicate.
§ gtr-16-112
Manual Surrender of License
§ gtr-16-113
The Administration may impose on the licensee
§ gtr-16-114
§ gtr-16-114.1
Obtaining a Corrected Photo Commercial Drivers License
§ gtr-16-115
Licenses Issued to Drivers Under The Age of 21
§ gtr-16-116
Changes to a driver's license.
§ gtr-16-117
What The Administration Keeps Records Of
§ gtr-16-117.1
criminal offense not included with Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-16-118
The Administrator Appoints Medical Advisory Brand
§ gtr-16-119
Definition of consciousness lapse within driving safety and transportation
§ gtr-16-120
Social security beneficiary disclosure
§ gtr-16-121
HomelandSecurity Regulations for Identification
§ gtr-16-122
A state driver's license must comply with federal regulations.
§ gtr-16-123
meaning of words undr this section
§ gtr-16-124
Application fees for identification cards and driving licences
§ gtr-16-201
Reasons The Administration May Cancel a Driver's License
§ gtr-16-202
Revoking of nonresident driver's licenses.
§ gtr-16-203
Driving License Suspension For Not Paying Child Support
§ gtr-16-204
Definition of Law Enforcement-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gtr-16-205
Penalties for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)
§ gtr-16-205.1
Definition of "Specimen of Blood," "Test," and "Under The Influence of Alcohol"
§ gtr-16-205.2
Police Officer May Detain Under Reasonable Circumstances
§ gtr-16-206
Administration Denial Of Issue Or Renew Of License
§ gtr-16-206.1
Penalties for Not Paying for Motor Fuel
§ gtr-16-207
Drivers License Reexamination
§ gtr-16-208
Administration Compliance Laws
§ gtr-16-208.1
Additional Penalties for Driving Misdemeanors
§ gtr-16-209
Filing an Application for a New Driver's License or The Reinstatement of a Driver's License
§ gtr-16-210
A revoked driver's license must be surrendered to the state.
§ gtr-16-211
Refusal, revocation, suspension of driving license means that such holder will not drive in this State.
§ gtr-16-212
The transportation department will have responsibility for educating teens about drinking and driving
§ gtr-16-212.1
The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration
§ gtr-16-213
meanings of words
§ gtr-16-301
Consequences for Fraudulently Obtaining a Driver's License
§ gtr-16-302
Regulations for Duplication Licenses
§ gtr-16-303
A person may not drive a vehicle if their license is revoked.
§ gtr-16-304
Underage Motor Vehicle Operation
§ gtr-16-305
Regulations Against People Permitting Other People to Use Their Vehicles
§ gtr-16-401
Point system for drivers license penalties
§ gtr-16-402
Conviction of Individuals
§ gtr-16-402.1
Notices of Conviction From The Driver License Compact
§ gtr-16-403
Action May be Taken for Military Service Violations.
§ gtr-16-404
The Administration's Actions Against Accumulated Points
§ gtr-16-404.1
Words Are Defined
§ gtr-16-405
Declining or Modifying Suspension or Revocation
§ gtr-16-406
the driver for a violation of the vehicle laws .
§ gtr-16-407
assessed point retaining period under this section
§ gtr-16-501
Drivers Education Definitions
§ gtr-16-502
details about driver education program
§ gtr-16-503
Full Program Will Be Offered to Individuals Seeking Provisional License.
§ gtr-16-504
Driver Education Instructor Certification
§ gtr-16-505
Adopting and Enforcing Standardized Driver Education Programs
§ gtr-16-506
State Can Refuse to Renew License For Driving School
§ gtr-16-507
The Maryland Driver Education Program Act
§ gtr-16-601
Legal definitions of motorcycle training terms.
§ gtr-16-601.1
Intent of the General Assembly
§ gtr-16-602
Motorcycle Safety Program Purpose
§ gtr-16-603
Administration of Motorcycle Safety Program
§ gtr-16-604
Motorcycle safety implementation
§ gtr-16-605
Appropriations to The Department for the Motorcycle Safety
§ gtr-16-606
Motorcycle Safety Program Act
§ gtr-16-701
Contract Terms Explained
§ gtr-16-702
The Driver License Compact
§ gtr-16-703
Description of Party Actions in The Compact
§ gtr-16-704
The Motor Vehicle Administrator
§ gtr-16-705
The government should provide information to other parties to help implement its constitution.
§ gtr-16-706
Reimbursement of Expenses Under Compact
§ gtr-16-707
Manner of giving effect to convictions under Article IV(a)(1)-(4) of the Compact by Administration.
§ gtr-16-708
Provisions That Have Been Officially Omitted
§ gtr-16-801
State Commercial Drivers Licenses
§ gtr-16-802
The federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986
§ gtr-16-803
Meaning of "Commerce" and "Commercial Motor Vehicle"
§ gtr-16-804
Commercial Vehicle Driver Regulations
§ gtr-16-805
Restrictions for Individuals With Commercial Driver's Licenses
§ gtr-16-806
Information Required To Drive a Commercial Vehicle
§ gtr-16-807
when an individual may not drive a commercial motor vehicle
§ gtr-16-808
Restrictions for Driving Commercial Vehicles
§ gtr-16-809
Regulations Pertaining to Commercial Motor Vehicle Operation
§ gtr-16-810
Regulations regarding commercial driver's license or instructional permit
§ gtr-16-811
conditions to applicant for commercial drivers license
§ gtr-16-812
A person may be disqualified from having a commercial license if they commit a serious crime.
§ gtr-16-813
Restrictions for Operating Commercial Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-16-813.1
No person should obtain a commercial driver's license by fraud or misrepresentation.
§ gtr-16-814
The Administration's Ability To Notify The Driver's License Authority
§ gtr-16-815
Commercial drive license to drive the listed vehicles
§ gtr-16-816
A person must pass appropriate exams in order to drive a school bus.
§ gtr-16-817
Maryland Commercial Driver License Requirements.
§ gtr-16-818
Fees for Commercial Drivers Licenses
§ gtr-16-819
The Administration's Guidelines for Retaining Records
§ gtr-16-820
Details of adoption and enforcement of regulations by administration
§ gtr-16-901
Individuals Who Display Driver's Licenses Issued By The U.S. Department of State to Police
§ gtr-16-902
Driver Regulations
§ gtr-16-903
Powers of The Administration
§ gtr-16-904
Issuance of Administration Documents
§ gtr-16-905
The Application of The Law
§ gtr-17-101
§ gtr-17-102
rules regarding the vehicles and their drivers
§ gtr-17-103
Vehicle Liability Insurance Policies
§ gtr-17-104
The Administration's Powers to Issue or Transfer Registration of Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-17-104.1
motor scooter will carry evidence many people.
§ gtr-17-105
Regulations related to insurance rejection to a person
§ gtr-17-106
After 60 days of security lapsing notification registration of vehicle is suspended.
§ gtr-17-106.1
Security Policy on Registered Vehicle by Insurer
§ gtr-17-107
A person who knows or has reason to know that a motor vehicle.
§ gtr-17-109
Letters From Point Accumulation
§ gtr-17-110
Evidence of Security
§ gtr-17-201
Meanings and details related to judgment
§ gtr-17-202
Satisfying a Judgment
§ gtr-17-203
Regulations applicable to judgment debtor's vehicle
§ gtr-17-204
Licence to Drive From Judgment Debtors
§ gtr-17-205
Limitations on The Administration's Ability to Suspend a License or Registration
§ gtr-17-206
Details related to Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-17-207
Restrictions for Registrations or Licenses That Have Been Suspended
§ gtr-17-208
Characteristics of Satisfied Judgments
§ gtr-17-209
Due Notice for Judgment Debtors
§ gtr-17-301
Regulations applicable to Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund
§ gtr-18-101
Renting or Leasing Property For A Period Not Exceeding 180 Days
§ gtr-18-102
Trailers semi trailers to be rented be registered only after satisfaction of security as per rules.
§ gtr-18-103
Regulations for Renting Motor Vehicles, Trailers, or Semi-Trailers
§ gtr-18-104
Regulations for Renting Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-18-105
Restrictions for Renting Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-18-106
Stipulations for Individuals Renting Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-18-107
A car rental agency must calculate rates on a 24 hour basis.
§ gtr-18-108
Definition of "Rental Vehicle Company"
§ gtr-19-101
Enforcing Motor Vehicle Laws
§ gtr-19-102
Police Officers and Road Blocks
§ gtr-19-103
meaning of words under this section
§ gtr-2-101
Established Department of Transportation
§ gtr-2-102
Secretary of Transportation is the head of the deptt,appointed by Governor on Senate's advice.
§ gtr-2-103
The Secretary is responsible for the budget of the Office of the Secretary and for the budget
§ gtr-2-103.1
Details related to Major and Minor Capital Projects
§ gtr-2-103.2
The Treasurer's Duties for Investing Money
§ gtr-2-103.3
Definition of "County," "Elderly and Handicapped Person," and "Transportation Service"
§ gtr-2-103.4
Secretary of Transportation Human Resources Management System
§ gtr-2-103.5
Annual Grant Guidelines for Paratransit Services
§ gtr-2-103.6
Job Access Programs Will Provide Transportation Needs
§ gtr-2-106
Attorney General assigns counsel and assistant attorneys
§ gtr-2-107
Various Departments Established By Maryland State Government
§ gtr-2-109
Waiving Provisions
§ gtr-2-110
Department may enter into contracts for some provisions
§ gtr-2-111
Definition of "Information Technology"
§ gtr-2-201
Commission is defined as the Maryland Transportation Commission
§ gtr-2-202
Transportation Commission
§ gtr-2-203
How Maryland validates the County Council
§ gtr-2-204
Commission Rules and Regulations
§ gtr-2-205
The Maryland Transportation Commission is responsible for reporting on Maryland Transportation.
§ gtr-2-401
Powers Conferred on The Governor by The Constitution
§ gtr-2-402
Power discretion of the Governor
§ gtr-2-403
The State's Highway Safety Program in Relation to The Governor's Power
§ gtr-2-601
Maryland Political Terms Defined
§ gtr-2-602
It is in the public interest for the State to include enhanced transportation
§ gtr-2-603
Appointment and Authority of the Director of Bicycle and Pedestrian Access
§ gtr-2-604
The Developing and Coordinating Duties of The Director
§ gtr-2-605
Provisions for Planning and Engineering in Maryland
§ gtr-2-606
The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
§ gtr-2-607
The Maryland Pedestrian Safety Program
§ gtr-2-701
Purpose of Sustainable Communities
§ gtr-2-702
Consolidated Transportation Program annual revision specifications.
§ gtr-2-703
Department Can Exercise Powers To Adopt Regulations and Implement Provisions.
§ gtr-20-101
Subtitle Applicable to Maryland State
§ gtr-20-102
Rules Regarding Traffic Accidents
§ gtr-20-103
Stipulations for Drivers in Vehicle Accidents
§ gtr-20-104
Rendering Reasonable Assistance in Motor Vehicle Accidents
§ gtr-20-105
Motor Vehicle Accident Guidelines
§ gtr-20-105.1
Adding Driver Information
§ gtr-20-106
Motor Vehicle Strikes and Injuries
§ gtr-20-107
Written Reports For Accidents Involving Injury Or Death.
§ gtr-20-108
Providing False Information
§ gtr-20-109
Consequences For Failing To Write A Written Accident Report
§ gtr-20-113
Forms for accident reports will be provided.
§ gtr-21-1001
A person may not leave standing vehicles on certain types of roads and highways.
§ gtr-21-1003
traffic rules under this section
§ gtr-21-1003.1
Restrictions applicable to issue residential parking permit
§ gtr-21-1004
Guidelines for Vehicles that are Stopped or Parked on a Two-Way Roadway
§ gtr-21-1004.1
Rules Regarding Leaving Animals Unattended
§ gtr-21-1005
permit for residential parking space for permanent physical disability persons
§ gtr-21-1006
Details regarding requirements of the Maryland Accessibility Code
§ gtr-21-1007
Stipulations for Owners or Lessors of Supermarkets
§ gtr-21-1008
the public institution of higher education and pedestrian facilities.
§ gtr-21-1009
Charles county Commissioner adopt regulations related to vehicles
§ gtr-21-101
Words Are Defined
§ gtr-21-101.1
Driving Vehicle Regulations
§ gtr-21-1010
The definition of a commercial vehicle.
§ gtr-21-102
Regulations of Acts
§ gtr-21-103
Restrictions for Willfully Disobeying Lawful Orders
§ gtr-21-104
person riding vehicle on a roadway
§ gtr-21-104.1
Unauthorized Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-21-105
Provisions for Traveling To or From Work
§ gtr-21-106
Laws for drivers of emergency vehicles in Maryland
§ gtr-21-107
Regulations applicable to a school crossing guard
§ gtr-21-10A-01
Parking Lot Regulations
§ gtr-21-10A-02
Vehicle Towing Regulations
§ gtr-21-10A-03
Restrictions for Removing or Towing Vehicles
§ gtr-21-10A-04
Towing Illegal Vehicles
§ gtr-21-10A-05
Duties and responsibilities of a person removing from parking or towing a vehicle.
§ gtr-21-10A-06
Any person commits violation of traffic rules Shall be liable for actual damages.
§ gtr-21-1101
A driver must not leave a vehicle without removing the key.
§ gtr-21-1102
Maryland Law Under Which The Driver Is Allowed To Back A Vehicle
§ gtr-21-1103
Driving a Vehicle On a Sidewalk Is Punishable.
§ gtr-21-1104
A driver may not drive a vehicle with excessive occupants.
§ gtr-21-1105
Individuals Should Never Open Doors of Moving Vehicles.
§ gtr-21-1106
Mobile homes may not be occupied whilst being towed.
§ gtr-21-1107
Driving People In Vehicle Cargo Areas Conditions
§ gtr-21-1108
Traveling on Downgrades
§ gtr-21-1109
Drivers Must Maintain Distance Between Emergency Vehicles.
§ gtr-21-1110
Restrictions for Driving Over Fire Department Hoses
§ gtr-21-1111
Placing Waste Materials on Highways
§ gtr-21-1112
Turning off vehicle lights to avoid identification is not allowed.
§ gtr-21-1112.1
Obscuring of Vehicle Registration
§ gtr-21-1113
Rules Against Obstructions on the Highway
§ gtr-21-1114
Origins of a new roadway
§ gtr-21-1115
Closure of Highways
§ gtr-21-1116
Restrictions Against Racing or Speed Contests on Public Highways
§ gtr-21-1117
this section applicable throughout this State
§ gtr-21-1118
Responsibilities of School Bus Driver
§ gtr-21-1119
§ gtr-21-1120
Driving While Wearing Ear Plugs
§ gtr-21-1121
Class E (truck) vehicle registered a capacity of 2.4 ton
§ gtr-21-1122
Definition of "Sound Amplification System"
§ gtr-21-1123
Certain laws apply to drivers under the age of 18.
§ gtr-21-1124
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this section.
§ gtr-21-1124.1
Meaning of "Text Messaging Device" and "9-1-1 Service"
§ gtr-21-1124.2
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ gtr-21-1125
Low speed vehicles may not be used on highways with minimum speed of 30 MPH or nominated highways.
§ gtr-21-1126
Violation Term Defined
§ gtr-21-1127
Regulations Governing Limousine Operation
§ gtr-21-1128
Meaning of "Dirt Bike" and "Service Station"
§ gtr-21-1129
A motor vehicle may not be driven on highway if fitted with TV/video receiving gears.
§ gtr-21-1201
Violations of Minors
§ gtr-21-1202
Rights Regarding Bicycles and Motor Scooters
§ gtr-21-1203
Cyclist Seating and Passenger Regulation
§ gtr-21-1204
Traffic regulations to persons raiding on something
§ gtr-21-1205
Operating a bicycle or motor scooter at low speed.
§ gtr-21-1205.1
Where a bicycle or motor scooter may not be ridden.
§ gtr-21-1206
Rules for Hands on Handlebars
§ gtr-21-1207
Bicycle and Motor Scooter Equipment Requirements for Highway Use
§ gtr-21-1207.1
Bicycle Provisions
§ gtr-21-1207.2
Scooter regulations for minors.
§ gtr-21-1208
rules about securing of bicycles
§ gtr-21-1209
Drivers Must Exercise Care While Overtaking Vehicles.
§ gtr-21-1210
Operation of Personal Transportation
§ gtr-21-1211
Lawful motor racing on highway
§ gtr-21-1211.1
State Highway Administration Approval
§ gtr-21-1212
Summaries of State Regulations
§ gtr-21-1301
Motorcycle Operator Rights
§ gtr-21-1302
Operation of Motorcycles
§ gtr-21-1303
Rules of Driving a Motorcycle on a divided highway
§ gtr-21-1303.1
Operating a Motor Vehicle Requirements
§ gtr-21-1304
Motorcycle Must Not Be Attached to Other Vehicles.
§ gtr-21-1305
Rules for Motorcycles That Carry Passengers
§ gtr-21-1306
Motorcyclist Helmet Regulations
§ gtr-21-1306.1
Why you must wear protective head gear when riding on a moped or motor scooter in Maryland.
§ gtr-21-1401
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gtr-21-1402
Maryland Vehicle Law Provisions
§ gtr-21-1403
Maryland Transportation Authority governs highway traffic
§ gtr-21-1404
Traffic using any Authority highway shall obey any lawful sign.
§ gtr-21-1405
Why pedestrians and bicycle riders can't use authorized highways in Maryland.
§ gtr-21-1406
Regulations of Hitchhiking
§ gtr-21-1407
The driver of a vehicle may not stop the vehicle
§ gtr-21-1408
Specific traffic violations.
§ gtr-21-1409
§ gtr-21-1410
Vehicle Restrictions on State Highways
§ gtr-21-1411
Restrictions for Knowingly Transporting Hazardous Materials
§ gtr-21-1412
Vehicular traffic may not cross the double white lines.
§ gtr-21-1413
Consequences for Failure to Pay Highway Tolls
§ gtr-21-1414
Electronic Payment Systems
§ gtr-21-201
Emergency Drivers Must Comply With Maryland Vehicle Law.
§ gtr-21-202
Maryland Traffic Control
§ gtr-21-202.1
Following words have the meanings indicated in this section
§ gtr-21-203
Special Pedestrian Control Signal Rules
§ gtr-21-204
Rules for flashing red or yellow traffic lights
§ gtr-21-204.1
Lane Direction Control Signals On Highways
§ gtr-21-205
Unauthorized Signs In View of Highway
§ gtr-21-206
Interfering With Traffic Control Devices
§ gtr-21-207
A funeral procession may continue through
§ gtr-21-208
Overpass Signage
§ gtr-21-209
Traffic Laws for Vehicles
§ gtr-21-301
Driving in the Correct Lane
§ gtr-21-302
Rules For Passing In Opposite Directions
§ gtr-21-303
Passing of Vehicles Moving in the Same Direction
§ gtr-21-304
requirements of subsection (b)
§ gtr-21-305
The driver of a vehicle may not drive to the left
§ gtr-21-307
Highway Passing Zone Determination
§ gtr-21-308
State Highway Administration
§ gtr-21-309
Applicable Rules To Roads of Two Lanes or More
§ gtr-21-310
Drivers of Vehicles Will Not Travel to Closely to Other Motorists.
§ gtr-21-311
Vehicles Must Drive on Right Side in Highway.
§ gtr-21-312
Drivers Must Use Designated Ramps to Enter/Exit Highways
§ gtr-21-313
The State Highway Administration's Powers
§ gtr-21-401
Vehicles at Intersection Have Right-of-way to Vehicles Coming from Left
§ gtr-21-401.1
Traffic regulations at T intersection
§ gtr-21-402
Drivers yield to those turning on an intersection
§ gtr-21-403
Preferential right-of-way at an intersection may be indicated by stop signs
§ gtr-21-404
Rules for drivers entering a highway
§ gtr-21-404.1
Crossover Regulations
§ gtr-21-405
Guidelines for Approaching Emergency Vehicles in Traffic
§ gtr-21-501
Pedestrian Rights
§ gtr-21-501.1
Maryland Intersection Rules for EPAMD
§ gtr-21-502
Non applicable subsections
§ gtr-21-503
Proper Methods of Crossing the Road
§ gtr-21-504
Drivers of Vehicles Shall Be Careful Not to Hit People
§ gtr-21-505
Pedestrian should walk on right side of crosswalk
§ gtr-21-506
sidewalk rules
§ gtr-21-507
Traffic regulations applicable to occupant of a disabled vehicle
§ gtr-21-507
Traffic regulations applicable to occupant of a disabled vehicle
§ gtr-21-508
Safety Zone Restrictions
§ gtr-21-509
Traffic regulations applicable to pedestrians
§ gtr-21-510
right-of-way pedestrian for emergency vehicle
§ gtr-21-511
Drivers Should Yield Right of Way to Disabled.
§ gtr-21-601
Guidelines for Turning Right at an Intersection
§ gtr-21-602
u-turn regulations.
§ gtr-21-603
Obligations on person while starting a vehicle.
§ gtr-21-604
Vehicles Can Only Be Turned in Proper Manners
§ gtr-21-605
Turn Signal Regulations in Maryland
§ gtr-21-606
signal given by hand
§ gtr-21-701
instruction to Driver approaching raidroad grade crossing
§ gtr-21-702
Stop Signs at Railroad Crossings
§ gtr-21-703
list of vehicles applicable under this section
§ gtr-21-703.1
Maryland Railroad Crossing
§ gtr-21-704
A person may not drive & move on any railroad grade
§ gtr-21-704.1
Sectional word definitions for motor vehicle and railroad citations
§ gtr-21-705
Exiting Driveways and Other Small Areas
§ gtr-21-706
Maryland School Vehicle Stopped
§ gtr-21-706.1
§ gtr-21-707
Stop Signs for Vehicle Drivers
§ gtr-21-708
Driving Farmer Requests
§ gtr-21-801
Laws concerning driving speeds on state highways.
§ gtr-21-801.1
Consequences of Driving Too Slow
§ gtr-21-802
State Highway Administrations
§ gtr-21-802.1
What highway work zone means
§ gtr-21-803
Setting Speed Limits
§ gtr-21-803.1
State Highway School Zones
§ gtr-21-803.2
County Board of Education Regulations
§ gtr-21-804
Consequences of Driving Too Slow
§ gtr-21-805
Laws regarding slow moving vehicles.
§ gtr-21-805.1
person may not drive a vehicle more than 25 miles per hour
§ gtr-21-806
Examination of Elevated Structures
§ gtr-21-807
Speeding Violations
§ gtr-21-808
Minor's Moving Violations
§ gtr-21-809
Governmental Agencies Defined
§ gtr-21-810
Law Enforcement and Crime Guidelines
§ gtr-21-901
Details related to provisions on or off a highway
§ gtr-21-901.1
Reckless Driving Guilt
§ gtr-21-901.2
Maryland State Government Laws For Aggressive Driving
§ gtr-21-902
Vehicle Operation Under the Influence of Alcohol
§ gtr-21-902.1
A person who has been arrested for a violation.
§ gtr-21-903
Alcoholic beverages inside vehicle regulations.
§ gtr-21-904
How drivers must react to police officer's instructions.
§ gtr-21-905
Holders of Provisional Driver's Licenses
§ gtr-22-101
Restrictions Against Driving on Highways in Unsafe Conditions
§ gtr-22-102
Lighting Device Guidelines
§ gtr-22-103
The Administration may maintain a program of market surveillance
§ gtr-22-104
Maryland outlaws tampering of official safety devices
§ gtr-22-105
Vehicle bumper modifications.
§ gtr-22-106
Definition of "Police Officer"
§ gtr-22-201
government's vehicle fleet
§ gtr-22-201.1
Indistinct Vehicles on Roads Must Display Lights
§ gtr-22-201.2
Motor Vehicle Windshield Wipers Legislation.
§ gtr-22-202
Mounted Devices Declared Requirements
§ gtr-22-203
Regulations applicable to motorcycle and motor vehicle
§ gtr-22-204
Maryland Vehicle Exceptions
§ gtr-22-205
Maryland's Motorcycle reflector enforcement law
§ gtr-22-206
Automobiles as listed:
§ gtr-22-208
Lighting and Reflectors on Buses and Trucks
§ gtr-22-209
Proper color of front/back light/reflectors.
§ gtr-22-210
Maryland State Government Vehicle Laws
§ gtr-22-211
Maryland Referred Vehicle
§ gtr-22-212
Headlamp Requirements of Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-22-213
Rules regarding vehicles carrying oversized loads.
§ gtr-22-214
Vehicle Headlamp Equipment
§ gtr-22-215
Every piece of self-propelled farm equipment must have operable headlights.
§ gtr-22-215.1
Rollback Vehicle Specifications
§ gtr-22-216
Entitlement of Vehicles
§ gtr-22-217
Equipped Spot Lamps on Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-22-218
All Emergency Vehicles Must Have Sirens.
§ gtr-22-218.1
Laws allowing rural mail carriers in Maryland to equip their vehicle with a warning device.
§ gtr-22-218.2
Display of Amber Flashing Lights by Vehicles
§ gtr-22-219
Maryland vehicles must have brakes and rear lights.
§ gtr-22-221
A vehicle may not have more than two side fender lamps.
§ gtr-22-222
Configuration of Motor Vehicle Headlamps
§ gtr-22-223
Rules of the Road
§ gtr-22-224
Single Distribution Headlamp System Requirements for Motor vehicles
§ gtr-22-224.1
§ gtr-22-225
Motor Vehicle Operation Regulations
§ gtr-22-226
Every Motor Vehicle Must Have Headlamps.
§ gtr-22-227
There is a certain illumination limit for lights on an airport.
§ gtr-22-228
Regulating, and Requirements for School Bus Safety
§ gtr-22-230
Vehicle lights can't be sold or used altered
§ gtr-22-232
Administrator may conduct a hearing on the approved device appliance.
§ gtr-22-301
Terms and conditions for fixing brakes in any motor vehicle
§ gtr-22-302
What every motor vehicle shall be capable of
§ gtr-22-303
Brakes Must be Kept in Good Working Order
§ gtr-22-304
The Administration is allowed to inspect brakes on a motorcycle.
§ gtr-22-305
Hydraulic brake fluid regulations.
§ gtr-22-401
Requirements of Operating Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-22-401.1
Equipping Ice Cream Carrying Vehicles
§ gtr-22-402
Vehicle Exhaust Muffler
§ gtr-22-402.1
Emission Control Device Shouldn't Be Intentionally Removed.
§ gtr-22-402.2
Maryland Dealers Explained
§ gtr-22-403
Mirror Requirements in Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-22-404
Maryland Motor Vehicle Sign
§ gtr-22-404.1
Regulation on display of insignia or emblem in motor vehicles
§ gtr-22-404.2
Prohibition of Display of State Seal on Motor Vehicle
§ gtr-22-404.3
Vehicles Required to Have a US DOT and State Number
§ gtr-22-404.4
Motor vehicle registration laws conduct
§ gtr-22-404.5
meaning of power booster system under this section
§ gtr-22-405
Unsafe Motor Vehicles Must Not Drive on Highways.
§ gtr-22-405.1
Prohibition of Sale for Regrooved or Recut Tires
§ gtr-22-405.2
Roadway Tire Regulations in Maryland State
§ gtr-22-405.3
New Vehicles Must Be Approved to Be Sold.
§ gtr-22-405.4
Driving Requirements for Vehicles Exceeding 73000 Pounds.
§ gtr-22-405.5
Used Tire Safety Standards for Highway Use
§ gtr-22-406
Definition of "Safety Glass" and Requirements for Motor Vehicles
§ gtr-22-407
Vehicle Weight Limits On Highways Outside Corporation Limits
§ gtr-22-408
Disabled Vehicles Towing Mobile Homes
§ gtr-22-409
Adopting Regulations by State Boards
§ gtr-22-410
Regulations related to Ozonedepleting refrigerant
§ gtr-22-411
Trailers Weighing 3000 Pounds Must Have Metal Frame.
§ gtr-22-412
Vehicles sold after 1969 must have front and rear seat belts.
§ gtr-22-412.1
Regulations regarding motor vehicle for schools
§ gtr-22-412.2
Child Safety Procedures in Vehicles
§ gtr-22-412.3
occupants of a vehicle must use a safety seat.
§ gtr-22-412.4
indicated word meanings
§ gtr-22-413
Suitable Metal Protection For Certain Vehicles On Highway
§ gtr-22-414
Driving on The Highway With Television-Type Equipment
§ gtr-22-414.1
Definition of "Video Display Equipment"
§ gtr-22-415
Unlawful sales practices
§ gtr-22-416
providing addtional safety standards for private passanger automobiles
§ gtr-22-417
Seat Back Crash Pads in Buses
§ gtr-22-418
Laws designating and reserving the color of school vehicles.
§ gtr-22-601
State Highway Sound Limits
§ gtr-22-602
Vehicle sound level limit
§ gtr-22-603
Regulations applicable to the vehicular sound level limits
§ gtr-22-604
sound level exemptions for emergency vehicles
§ gtr-22-605
Rules for the administrator to establish sound level limits.
§ gtr-22-606
Vehicles made after 7/1/74 must meet sound limits.
§ gtr-22-607
Vehicle sound level limit regulations.
§ gtr-22-608
Any vehicle sold by any maker must send in a certification that adheres to rules established under 22-605
§ gtr-22-609
a motor vehicle exhaust system may not be modified
§ gtr-22-610
A person may not modify a vehicle to violate noise emission standards.
§ gtr-22-611
Details about engine brake for diesel engines
§ gtr-23-101
Inspection Terms Defined
§ gtr-23-102
Automotive Safety Enforcement Division and it's Duties
§ gtr-23-103
Procedures Upon Receipt of Application and Fee
§ gtr-23-103.1
inspection mechanic exam
§ gtr-23-104
Equipment that Maryland vehicles should have.
§ gtr-23-105
safety equipment repair order by the Police officer
§ gtr-23-106
list showing details not applicable under this section
§ gtr-23-107
inspection certifcates
§ gtr-23-108
Division Shall Prepare Numbered Certification Forms
§ gtr-23-109
Vehicle Inspection Guidelines
§ gtr-23-201
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gtr-23-202
Law regarding establishing an emissions control program in accordance to the Clean Air Act.
§ gtr-23-203
Administration provides facilities to conduct tests.
§ gtr-23-204
Regulations and details of emissions standards
§ gtr-23-205
"The Administration and the Secretary "
§ gtr-23-206
Conditions For Motor Vehicle Registration In Maryland State
§ gtr-23-206.1
Emergency vehicles are exempt from mandatory inspections
§ gtr-23-206.2
Vehicle Registration Plate Issues Of Maryland State Government
§ gtr-23-206.4
meaning of zeroemission vehicle under this section
§ gtr-23-207
Vehicle Inspection Exemptions
§ gtr-23-209
Fraudulent Misrepresentation of Documents
§ gtr-23-301
§ gtr-23-302
Vehicle Inspection Requirements
§ gtr-23-303
The Administration and The Department of State Police
§ gtr-23-304
Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Programs for Public
§ gtr-23-305
How Violation Of Previsions Can Affect In Maryland
§ gtr-23-401
Subtitle Word Meanings
§ gtr-23-402
Diesel Vehicle Emissions Control Program
§ gtr-23-403
Diesel Vehicle Regulations
§ gtr-23-404
Consequences for Emissions Tests Failures
§ gtr-24-101
§ gtr-24-102
Vehicle Equipment Summary In Maryland State Government
§ gtr-24-103
Rules for Passenger-Type Vehicles
§ gtr-24-104
The height of any vehicle and its load may not exceed 13 feet 6 inches
§ gtr-24-104.1
Vehicle Definitions and Descriptions
§ gtr-24-104.2
Rules for Operating Semi-Trailers
§ gtr-24-105
Laws governing rear load lengths in Maryland.
§ gtr-24-106
Rules of dropping materials on Maryland streets
§ gtr-24-106.1
Definition of "Loose Material"
§ gtr-24-106.2
Regulations of Cargo Vehicles
§ gtr-24-106.3
Vehicle drivers are liable for actions of passengers
§ gtr-24-107
§ gtr-24-108
Gross Weight Requirements For Vehicle Axle Wheels
§ gtr-24-109
meaning of Single axle weight,Tandem axle weight
§ gtr-24-110
Vehicle safety and gross weight compliance
§ gtr-24-111
Words have the meanings indicated.
§ gtr-24-111.1
Vehicle weight requirements
§ gtr-24-111.2
Police Department Must Maintain At Least 5 Vehicle Weighing Stations.
§ gtr-24-111.3
Definition and Meaning of Owner and Recorded Image
§ gtr-24-112
State Highway Administration
§ gtr-24-112.1
"The State Highway Administration"
§ gtr-24-113
Directions to State Highway Administration & Department of State Police
§ gtr-24-113.1
Administration of Secretary on international freight carrying vehicles.
§ gtr-24-113.2
Hauling permit invalidations
§ gtr-24-114
Vehicle weight violation fines and further information.
§ gtr-24-201
Definition of "County Road" and "State Highway"
§ gtr-24-202
Vehicles and damage to state roads
§ gtr-24-203
Maryland Highway Administration
§ gtr-24-204
The state highway administration has the authority to correct unsafe roads.
§ gtr-24-205
The power of the state to regulate the use of bridges.
§ gtr-24-206
The State Highway Administration Weight and Speed Regulations
§ gtr-24-207
State Highway Administration Vehicle Testing
§ gtr-24-208
Illegal Driving On Maryland State Highway/County Road
§ gtr-24-209
§ gtr-24-301
Definitions regarding certain terms related to places of business.
§ gtr-24-302
§ gtr-24-303
§ gtr-24-304
§ gtr-25-101
Indication of a Definition
§ gtr-25-101.1
Maryland Vehicle Law specifications for taxi cab drivers.
§ gtr-25-102
§ gtr-25-102.1
"Meaning of off-the-road motorcycle"
§ gtr-25-102.2
Following words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ gtr-25-104
State Highway Administration.
§ gtr-25-104.1
Guidelines for Selling Traffic or Traffic-Related Signs
§ gtr-25-105
State highway administration
§ gtr-25-106
Traffic and Highway Ordinances
§ gtr-25-106.1
Private Property laws
§ gtr-25-107
Local Authorities' Powers Over Highways
§ gtr-25-108
Laws in Effect Until September 30, 2013
§ gtr-25-109
State Highway Administration Designation of Stop Signs on Highways
§ gtr-25-110
The MVA is responsible for school vehicles
§ gtr-25-111
Any qualified officer of the law may make inspections of vehicles for hazardous materials.
§ gtr-25-111.1
Rules and Regulations Regarding For-Hire Vehicles
§ gtr-25-112
CVISN indicated meanings.
§ gtr-25-113
Some words meanings indicated.
§ gtr-25-113
Some words meanings indicated.
§ gtr-25-201
Maryland State Government Vehicle Rules & Regulations To Drive
§ gtr-25-202
Where and When Person may not Abandon a Vehicle
§ gtr-25-203
powers of police department regarding taking any vehicle into custody
§ gtr-25-204
Directions to the police department regarding abandoned vehicles
§ gtr-25-205
Registration Process Of Vehicles In Maryland State Government
§ gtr-25-206
Owner Failure To Reclaim Abandoned Vehicle
§ gtr-25-206.1
applicable to vehicles sold by police department
§ gtr-25-206.2
"Role of the Administration for registration of any vehicle"
§ gtr-25-207
Abandoned Vehicles Not Reclaimed In Maryland State Government
§ gtr-25-207.1
details for which this section applicable
§ gtr-25-208
Definition of "Abandoned"
§ gtr-25-209
Vehicle Ownership Laws in Maryland
§ gtr-25-301
Maryland Towing Compacts
§ gtr-26-101
violations under this section
§ gtr-26-102
Laws governing vehicle operation in Maryland.
§ gtr-26-103
Inspection of Used Vehicles and Warnings for Defective Equipment.
§ gtr-26-201
Police Officer Right To Charge Violations of the Following
§ gtr-26-202
arresting without warrant under Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-26-203
Guidelines of officers issuing traffic tickets
§ gtr-26-204
"District Court or a circuit court"
§ gtr-26-206
US District Court Takes Action On A Person
§ gtr-26-207
Commercial Driver's License Regulations
§ gtr-26-301
meaning of "Officer" under this subtitle
§ gtr-26-301.1
Funding includes any form of assurance, guarantee, grant payment, credit, tax credit
§ gtr-26-302
Proper Citation Protocol
§ gtr-26-303
Upon Reception of Citation
§ gtr-26-304
The Chief Judge of the District Court shall adopt procedures for the trial of parking violations.
§ gtr-26-305
Transferring The Registration of a Motor Vehicle
§ gtr-26-306
Motor Vehicle Reimbursement As Per Maryland State Law
§ gtr-26-401
the judge of a ticket will come from the same county
§ gtr-26-402
"Conditions when person shall be released"
§ gtr-26-403
Commissioners can't set higher bail than maximum fine
§ gtr-26-404
Definitions of words used in this section
§ gtr-26-405
Laws concerning reckless and negligent driving and driving under the influence in Maryland.
§ gtr-26-405.1
Penalty Deposits
§ gtr-26-407
Section Non-Applicability To Parking Ordinances and Regulations
§ gtr-26-408
Traffic Citations cannot be canceled in other methods
§ gtr-26-409
Regulations related to traffic citation
§ gtr-26-410
Sheriff Fees Pertaining to Vehicle Laws
§ gtr-26-411
A constable or police officer is not entitled to any fee for testifying as a witness in any case
§ gtr-26-412
The Courts Article Conflict
§ gtr-27-101
Misdemeanor Violations of Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-27-101.1
Violation of Out-Of-Service Orders
§ gtr-27-101.2
Consequences for Making False Statements
§ gtr-27-102
Persons who violates a restriction imposed is guilty of misdemeanor
§ gtr-27-103
Regulations applicable under Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-27-104
Forfeited Bond Reimbursement
§ gtr-27-105
Violations of The Maryland Vehicle Law
§ gtr-27-106
penalty details who violate this section
§ gtr-27-107
meaning of ignition interlock system under this section
§ gtr-27-108
Laws governing the use of ignition interlock systems in Maryland.
§ gtr-27-109
"Fine to be paid for Voilation of law"
§ gtr-27-110
Prohibition of Transfer of Registration In Toll Violations
§ gtr-27-111
Any tow truck companies used by the police must be registered.
§ gtr-27-112
Fines and driving privileges for commercial drivers
§ gtr-27-113
Definition of Serious Bodily Injury
§ gtr-27-114
Laws concerning accidental death and injury while operating vehicles in Maryland.
§ gtr-3-101
Definitions of "Airport Facility," "Bonds of Prior Issue," and Other Terms
§ gtr-3-102
Prior Bond Issues
§ gtr-3-103
meaning of words under this section
§ gtr-3-104
meaning of words under this section
§ gtr-3-201
Authorizing the Department for financial decisions
§ gtr-3-202
Issuance of State Bonds for Transportation Projects
§ gtr-3-203
Consolidated Transportation Bonds
§ gtr-3-204
Secretary Is Head Of Consolidated Transportation Bonds
§ gtr-3-205
Issued Obligations as Investment Securities
§ gtr-3-206
Bonds, notes, and other obligations are issued and exempt.
§ gtr-3-207
Transportation bond approval
§ gtr-3-208
about refunding bonds under this section
§ gtr-3-209
Prior to Preparation of Definitive Bonds
§ gtr-3-210
The Department's Bond Issuance Powers
§ gtr-3-211
How the Department may borrow money.
§ gtr-3-212
Bonds, notes and obligations.
§ gtr-3-213
Financial Bonds Defined
§ gtr-3-214
§ gtr-3-215
Consolidated Transportation Bonds
§ gtr-3-216
There is a transportation trust fund for the department, this fund is to be used in order to aid in public transportation development and costs.
§ gtr-3-217
Transferring Funds in The Transportation Trust Fund
§ gtr-3-301
Highway user revenue bonds definitions
§ gtr-3-302
Purpose of this subtitle to accelarate programs
§ gtr-3-303
The Department's Ability to Borrow Money, Disburse, or Pay Principles
§ gtr-3-304
Participating in the Proceeds of The Selling of Bonds
§ gtr-3-305
Determining the Highway User Proceeds
§ gtr-3-306
Restrictions of a bond
§ gtr-3-307
rules related to an agreement taken by department for the bonds
§ gtr-3-308
If a debt is unpaid by a certain county, highway funds may be withheld.
§ gtr-3-309
Bonds issued are the Departments obligations
§ gtr-3-310
Origins of government obligations
§ gtr-3-501
Meaning of "Bonds" and "Counties"
§ gtr-3-502
This title allows the Department to establish a financing program.
§ gtr-3-503
Issuance of Revenue Bonds and Loans from Revenue Bonds
§ gtr-3-504
Issuance of Financial Bonds
§ gtr-3-505
Bonds Issued Under 3-505 Are Investment Securities
§ gtr-3-506
Issuance of Bonds
§ gtr-3-507
Regulations related to definitive bonds
§ gtr-3-508
The Department's Power to Issue Bond Anticipation Notes
§ gtr-3-509
Issuance of Bonds
§ gtr-3-510
Maryland Bonds Agreement
§ gtr-3-511
Departments right to issue bonds
§ gtr-3-512
Payable Bonds
§ gtr-3-513
Bond issuing regulations
§ gtr-3-514
Subtitle For The Maryland State Counties Participation In Issuing Of Bonds
§ gtr-3-515
Department Determination of Total Amount of Bonds to Issue
§ gtr-3-516
Counties must show that they can pay their proportionate part of debt service.
§ gtr-3-517
County rights and requirements for transportation bonds
§ gtr-3-518
Counties may borrow funds collected from bonds' issues on mutually agreed terms with department.
§ gtr-3-519
Department Governance of Revenue Refunding Bonds
§ gtr-3-601
About Transportation Facilities and Resources
§ gtr-3-602
Transportation Project Revenue Bonds
§ gtr-3-603
Obligation Issues As Investment Securities
§ gtr-3-604
Refunding issuance bond restrictions
§ gtr-3-605
The Department's Duties in Helping to Prepare Definitive Bonds
§ gtr-3-606
Bond rules concerning trust agreements
§ gtr-3-607
Bond ,notes or income from them ,issued under this subtitle are tax free and paid out of revenue.
§ gtr-4-101
Meanings of Words in Law
§ gtr-4-102
Exercise of Powers Benefits
§ gtr-4-201
The Acknowledgement of The Maryland Transit Authority
§ gtr-4-202
Secretary of transportation has charge of chairmen
§ gtr-4-203
Transportation Authority entitlements.
§ gtr-4-204
The Authority:
§ gtr-4-205
Powers of the State Authority
§ gtr-4-206
Real property article
§ gtr-4-207
Tax-exempt status of the Authority.
§ gtr-4-208
Maryland Transportation Authority Police Force
§ gtr-4-208.1
Maryland Transportation Authority Police Force Chief Appointment Duties
§ gtr-4-209
The Maryland Transportation Authority's Powers and Effects
§ gtr-4-210
Authority Yearly Development and Adaptation of Financial Operations
§ gtr-4-301
Authority Allowances By Resolutions
§ gtr-4-302
Issuance of Revenue Bonds by the Authority
§ gtr-4-303
Issuance of Revenue Bonds
§ gtr-4-304
revenue bonds & notes are papers of obligations are investment securities in this subtitle.
§ gtr-4-305
Exemption of revenue bonds, notes and other evidences of obligation.
§ gtr-4-306
Revenue Bonds:
§ gtr-4-307
Revenue Bond Proceed Shortfall of Intention
§ gtr-4-308
Rules for issuing refunding bonds
§ gtr-4-309
Interim certificates for bonds.
§ gtr-4-310
The Authority's Duties to Issue Bond Anticipation Notes
§ gtr-4-311
Maryland revenue bonds and trust agreements
§ gtr-4-311.1
Financing of Transportation Authority Parking Facility
§ gtr-4-312
Tolls on the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway and Other Highways
§ gtr-4-312.1
Maryland Transport Authority
§ gtr-4-313
Transportation Authority Fund
§ gtr-4-314
Maryland Application Limit
§ gtr-4-315
Proceeds to Be Deemed As Trust Funds
§ gtr-4-316
Trust Agreement Restrictions
§ gtr-4-317
Transportation law for all public officer and public agencies and other carrying on a banking business.
§ gtr-4-318
Maryland Revenue Bonds
§ gtr-4-319
Information on Revenue Bonds, Notes, and Other Evidence
§ gtr-4-320
Future Federal Aid Supporting Repayment Restrictions
§ gtr-4-320.1
federal transportation infrastructure finance and innovation act
§ gtr-4-321
Inter County Connector Defined
§ gtr-4-401
§ gtr-4-402
Traffic regulations near Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Throughway
§ gtr-4-403
The Authority may not permit any person to locate railroad tracks on any part
§ gtr-4-404
The Authority can construct and regulate gas stations on John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway as it sees fit.
§ gtr-4-405
Details regarding providing information to the driving public
§ gtr-4-406
Intended Meaning of Budget Related Words.
§ gtr-5-1001
Public Right to Freedom of Transit in Air Space of Maryland
§ gtr-5-1002
Maryland Operate Definition
§ gtr-5-1003
1. Any authorized representative of the Administration; or 2. Any State or local police officer.
§ gtr-5-1004
The liability of the owner of one aircraft to the owner of another aircraft or to any person
§ gtr-5-1005
Liabilities Regarding Aircraft Operation
§ gtr-5-1006
Requirements for Maryland aircraft operators
§ gtr-5-1007
Aircraft towing advertisements must conform to federal law
§ gtr-5-1008
Prohibition of Weapons Aboard Aircraft
§ gtr-5-1009
Maryland Aircraft Water Navigation
§ gtr-5-101
The operation, construction, repair, or maintenance of aircraft, aircraft power plants, and their accessories
§ gtr-5-102
Aeronautical Research Progress
§ gtr-5-103
Committed in Flight
§ gtr-5-104
Property owner airspace rights
§ gtr-5-105
Political Subdivision Taxes
§ gtr-5-106
Commercial Airport is Prohibited in Queen Anne's County.
§ gtr-5-1101
If necessary, contract with these agencies for the delivery of reports and information.
§ gtr-5-1102
Legal Enforcement of Regulations
§ gtr-5-1103
administration may enforce this title.
§ gtr-5-1104
Stipulations for When a Police Prepares and Signs a Written Citation
§ gtr-5-1105
Violation of Provision
§ gtr-5-1201
§ gtr-5-1202
General Assembly Land Uses
§ gtr-5-1203
Administration Establishment of a Voluntary Land Acquisition Program
§ gtr-5-1204
Rights of the Administration
§ gtr-5-1205
Pilot program establishment participation
§ gtr-5-201
Maryland law allows for a Maryland Aviation Commission.
§ gtr-5-201.1
management personnel position appointment & qualifications
§ gtr-5-201.2
About General Assembly activities report
§ gtr-5-202
Maryland Aviation Administration
§ gtr-5-202.1
Executive Director, head of Administration carries regulations and is entitled pay by the state.
§ gtr-5-203
Powers and Duties of the Administration
§ gtr-5-204
Duties and Powers of Administration.
§ gtr-5-205
Subdivision Cooperation With Authority Regarding Aeronautic Development
§ gtr-5-206
Joint hearings allowances
§ gtr-5-207
State Airway Routes
§ gtr-5-208
Administration May Create Rules to Perform Duties.
§ gtr-5-209
Executive Director Allowance to Conduct Investigations
§ gtr-5-210
The Administration must clearly and quickly explain orders
§ gtr-5-211
Department Employee Protection From Testimony
§ gtr-5-212.1
Duties of employees appointed by the Executive Director
§ gtr-5-213
Power of Necessary Contracts for Performance of Duties
§ gtr-5-215
The administration may not offer engineering services for the airport.
§ gtr-5-215.1
Legislative Auditors Discretion Rights beyond Biennial Audits with Costs covered by the Administration.
§ gtr-5-216
State Aviation Commission
§ gtr-5-217
An agent of the administration may not work for the airport.
§ gtr-5-301
Commercial Airport Regulations
§ gtr-5-302
Airports exempt from application of rules or regulations.
§ gtr-5-303
Administration May Adopt Rules for Approving Airport Sites.
§ gtr-5-304
Maryland Transportation Administration
§ gtr-5-305
Fees and hearings are needed for proposed airports
§ gtr-5-306
Registration of Airports Not Required to be Licensed
§ gtr-5-401
§ gtr-5-402
Powers of the State
§ gtr-5-404
The state may establish or operate airports
§ gtr-5-405
Administration's Free Reign of Airport Land
§ gtr-5-406
The administration may dispose of acquired property as it sees fit.
§ gtr-5-407
Power shared between administration and federal government
§ gtr-5-408
Operating Airports, Airport Facilities, and Other Related Facilities
§ gtr-5-409
Maryland Secretary Grants
§ gtr-5-410
Maryland State Property
§ gtr-5-411
Administration Free Reign of Funds
§ gtr-5-412
The administration shall operate all State-owned airports.
§ gtr-5-413
Maryland Firefighter Retirement Code
§ gtr-5-414
Maryland Citizens Committee
§ gtr-5-415
A fire rescue service may not ask about ability to pay.
§ gtr-5-416
Political Sub Divisions
§ gtr-5-417
Political Subdivisions can Condemn Properties for Public Purposes
§ gtr-5-418
Lease or grant to any person, on the terms and conditions it considers proper.
§ gtr-5-419
Bond Rules Governing General Taxing Power
§ gtr-5-420
Details of powers granted to political subdivisions
§ gtr-5-421
Lending/Granting Money to Political Subdivisions
§ gtr-5-422
Administration could be the agent in political subdivisions
§ gtr-5-426
Adaptation of Regulations by Governing Body of Airports
§ gtr-5-427
Parking Regulation Violation Penalties
§ gtr-5-4A-01
Commonly Used Airport Terminologies.
§ gtr-5-501
State Zoning Terms Defined
§ gtr-5-502
airport zoning regulations for state
§ gtr-5-503
When issuing an airport permit the administration shall keep in mind the surrounding areas.
§ gtr-5-504
Maryland Persons Transportation Violation
§ gtr-5-505
Changes made in airport zone require a permit
§ gtr-5-506
Airport Zoning Appeals Board Membership Information
§ gtr-5-507
Unnecessary Hardship
§ gtr-5-508
A legal decision about an airport may be appealed from the board to the court level.
§ gtr-5-509
§ gtr-5-510
Use of Airport Zoning Land
§ gtr-5-511
Violation of Provisions
§ gtr-5-601
Meaning of "Airport" and "Substantially Alter"
§ gtr-5-602
Airport hazards endanger people's lives, property and airport functions.
§ gtr-5-603
Section Non-Applicability to Baltimore County
§ gtr-5-604
Adoption of airport zoning regulations
§ gtr-5-605
Joint boards for Maryland airport zoning regulations
§ gtr-5-606
Airport Land Dividing
§ gtr-5-607
Airport Land Zoning Regulations
§ gtr-5-608
Political Subdivision Legislative Body Appointment Procedure
§ gtr-5-609
Stipulations for Airports Owned by Political Subdivisions
§ gtr-5-610
Details regarding airport zoning regulations
§ gtr-5-611
A political subdivision may issue building permits as it sees fit.
§ gtr-5-612
Zoning Regulations on Airport Land
§ gtr-5-613
The Board of Appeals and Aggrieved Persons
§ gtr-5-614
A political body may offer variances as needed.
§ gtr-5-615
Aggrieved Person's Right to Appeal in Subdivision
§ gtr-5-616
About Law of Political Subdivision
§ gtr-5-617
Enforcement of Subtitle Via Legislative Body
§ gtr-5-701
Maryland Air Transportation Obstruction
§ gtr-5-702
Adoption of Regulations by the Administration
§ gtr-5-703
Establishment of Structures
§ gtr-5-704
Any one who has a need for a maximum height exception may apply for a variance.
§ gtr-5-705
Lights for tall structures - aircraft safety
§ gtr-5-705.1
Governing of Political Subdivisions
§ gtr-5-706
Height or Location of Structure does not Require Changes if Built Before July 1. 1976.
§ gtr-5-707
Conflicts With Adopted Regulations
§ gtr-5-801
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gtr-5-802
Subtitle Purposes
§ gtr-5-804
Executive Director's Procedure for Adopting Noise Regulations
§ gtr-5-805
Airport Operator Noise Assessment Responsibilities
§ gtr-5-806
Noise Zone Regulations for Maryland State Airports
§ gtr-5-807
Executive Director Must Help Carry Out Noise Abatement Plans.
§ gtr-5-810
Noise zone regulations shall take effect in non-state airport areas.
§ gtr-5-811
Administration Surrogate Powers For Noise Zone Regulation Enforcement
§ gtr-5-812
Maryland Issued Property Permit
§ gtr-5-813
Formation of Boards of Appeals
§ gtr-5-814
The Administration's Duties to Hear Appeals To The Board
§ gtr-5-815
Board of Appeals
§ gtr-5-816
Guidelines for Aggrieved People Making Appeals
§ gtr-5-819
Origins of airports owned by this State
§ gtr-5-820
Executive Director Published Noise Zones
§ gtr-5-821
Noise Zone Regulations
§ gtr-5-822
Airport Zoning Appeals
§ gtr-5-823
Executive Director Acquisition For Noise Compatibility Purposes
§ gtr-5-824
Property bought for noise mitigation purposes can not be used by the airport.
§ gtr-5-901
meaning of "air school" under this subtitle
§ gtr-5-902
rules regarding adoption of rules and regulations for the licensing of air schools
§ gtr-5-903
Maryland air school administrative licensing
§ gtr-5-904
Regulations applicable to air school license
§ gtr-5-905
Air School Licensure
§ gtr-5-906
Provision violation is a misdemeanor with fine less than $500
§ gtr-6-101
Definitions in this Title
§ gtr-6-102
Declarations Made by The General Assembly of Maryland
§ gtr-6-102.1
Definitions for gtr-6-102.1
§ gtr-6-103
Administration Jurisdiction and Right to Exercise Power
§ gtr-6-201
About Maryland port commission
§ gtr-6-201.1
Actions of the Transportation Department are subject to review by the chairman.
§ gtr-6-201.2
Budget and Commission
§ gtr-6-202
§ gtr-6-203
Executive Director As Head of the Administration
§ gtr-6-204
Powers Of The Administration.
§ gtr-6-204.1
Guidelines for Private Operating Companies
§ gtr-6-205
Maryland Port Administration authorizations.
§ gtr-6-206
Powers and Duties of Administration
§ gtr-6-207
Facilities in Baltimore harbor area to dispose of waste.
§ gtr-6-208
Contracts for performance of duties and exercise of powers.
§ gtr-6-209
Passenger cruise vessel gaming requirements.
§ gtr-6-210
United States Coast Guard yearly report specifications.
§ gtr-6-211
Motor vehicle parking and operating regulations.
§ gtr-6-212
Restrictions of Administrative Members
§ gtr-6-212.1
Legislative Auditor May Audit Administration
§ gtr-6-213
Referencing Laws
§ gtr-6-301
Regulations applicable to the Administration to acquire Properties
§ gtr-6-302
The State's Ability to Apply for Provisions
§ gtr-6-303
Regulations to the Administration to acquire properties
§ gtr-6-304
Condemned Property in Political Subdivisions
§ gtr-6-305
Compliance to planning and development regulations.
§ gtr-6-306
"Administration of lands, waters, and other property by the Administrator"
§ gtr-6-307
This section applies to the entire state
§ gtr-6-308
This Section Defines _Cargo Handling Facilities_ and the County's Rights Including Taxation, and Leases.
§ gtr-6-309
Anne Arundel County Land Approvals In Maryland State
§ gtr-6-401
The Powers of Baltimore City to Purchase and Sell
§ gtr-6-402
Arbitration board for Baltimore City.
§ gtr-6-403
Agreement between the transportation administration, Mayor and Baltimore City Council
§ gtr-6-404
The McComas Street Terminal and The National Gypsum Company Pier
§ gtr-6-405
Baltimore may sell property to the Administration
§ gtr-6-406
Subtitles Defined
§ gtr-6-407
The Administration shall provide by agreement the
§ gtr-6-408
Employee Transfer From Baltimore County to Administration
§ gtr-6-409
Dates and validity of certificates of indebtedness issued by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore.
§ gtr-6-410
Interference of Powers under Public Baltimore Law Provisions
§ gtr-6-411
the administration will make annual payments instead of taxes
§ gtr-6-601
These measures help the State and May be Liberally Interpreted.
§ gtr-6-602
A Misdemeanor and Fine for Violating
§ gtr-7-1001
Various Terms Explanation As Per Maryland State Law
§ gtr-7-1002
Ride Program for Low and Moderate-Income Seniors
§ gtr-7-1003
duties of the Administration
§ gtr-7-1004
Department of Aging Consultation
§ gtr-7-1005
Program participant grant
§ gtr-7-101
Definition of Various Administration-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gtr-7-102
Regional Transportation System Legislation
§ gtr-7-102.1
Constructing and Acquiring Transit Facilities
§ gtr-7-201
Mention of Maryland Transit Administration in the Department
§ gtr-7-202
Maryland Transit Administrator
§ gtr-7-203
Powers of the State Administrator
§ gtr-7-204
Additional powers granted to Administration under this subtitle.
§ gtr-7-206
Creating and Abolishing State Employee Positions
§ gtr-7-207
Establishing and Maintaining Police Forces
§ gtr-7-208
Maryland Transportation Authority
§ gtr-7-209
The Administrator employs a general counsel
§ gtr-7-210
Investigations, inquiries, and hearings by the Administration.
§ gtr-7-211
Financial interest of an officer or employee.
§ gtr-7-211.1
The Legislative Auditor may conduct an annual audit
§ gtr-7-212
Details about Maryland Transit Administration
§ gtr-7-301
Maryland administrative plans for District transit needs
§ gtr-7-302
Administration of Transit Plans
§ gtr-7-303
When Secretary Approve For Plan In Maryland State
§ gtr-7-304
Responsibilities of the Administration Staff
§ gtr-7-305
Regulations applicable to the sales and use tax
§ gtr-7-306
State and Political Subdivision Rules
§ gtr-7-308
Transit Facility Purchase or Rental
§ gtr-7-401
Administration may seize and purchase property for transit
§ gtr-7-403
Rules regarding railroad equipment purchase by the state
§ gtr-7-404
Acquiring Property
§ gtr-7-405
The Administration Pays for Relocation
§ gtr-7-501
Details about the transit service provided by Administration
§ gtr-7-502
Granting or renewal of an operating permit or license.
§ gtr-7-503
What the Public Service Commission, the Administration shall coordinate
§ gtr-7-504
Public Service Commission
§ gtr-7-505
The Administration may impose charges for services provided.
§ gtr-7-506
What the Administration may not do
§ gtr-7-507
Submitting a Bid or Proposal to The Administration
§ gtr-7-601
Definition of "Accredited Representative" and "Employees"
§ gtr-7-602
Regulations regarding labor disputes.
§ gtr-7-603
The Maryland Transit Administration Police Force
§ gtr-7-604
The Administration shall take the action
§ gtr-7-605
Rights and benefits of the Urban Mass Transportation Act.
§ gtr-7-606
Labor and Pension Obligation Assumption of Existing Transit Facilities
§ gtr-7-607
Acquiring Existing Transportation System
§ gtr-7-701
The Administration and The Transit Service
§ gtr-7-702
Contract Responsibility
§ gtr-7-703
How The Administration Purchases and Maintains Insurance
§ gtr-7-704
The administration functions of the state Maryland government
§ gtr-7-704.1
Unattended Transit Vehicles
§ gtr-7-705
Rules for Transit Vehicles and Transit Facilities
§ gtr-7-706
Welfare of The State
§ gtr-7-707
The Administration Enforcing Parking Regulations
§ gtr-7-801
Taxation on Public Transportation
§ gtr-7-901
Definition of "Railroad Corridor Property"
§ gtr-7-902
Maryland Transportation Terms Defined
§ gtr-7-903
State Railroad Regulations
§ gtr-8-101
administration means the state highway administration
§ gtr-8-102
purpose is to promote efficient economical transportation system
§ gtr-8-201
Department has State Highway Administration
§ gtr-8-202
State Highway Administrator Appointment and Duties
§ gtr-8-203
Exercise of the powers and duties of the Administration.
§ gtr-8-204
"Adoption of rules and regulations to carry out the provisions by the Administration "
§ gtr-8-205
The Administration shall keep books
§ gtr-8-206
Administration Costs Bookkeeping Guidelines
§ gtr-8-207
How State Roads Commission Function In Maryland State
§ gtr-8-210
State Roads Commission
§ gtr-8-211
Responsibilities of Maryland Commissioners
§ gtr-8-212
Required Oath by the Commission Members
§ gtr-8-213
Chairman of Commission may adopt bylaws.
§ gtr-8-214
The Commission shall appoint a secretary
§ gtr-8-215
Powers of The Chairman of The Committee
§ gtr-8-216
Minutes of meetings.
§ gtr-8-217
Conflict Of Interest For Members Of The Commission.
§ gtr-8-218
Duties and Condemnation Powers of Commission.
§ gtr-8-301
Definitions of Court, Land, Plat.
§ gtr-8-302
State Roads Commission
§ gtr-8-303
Acquisition of Publicly Owned Property
§ gtr-8-304
How Maryland handles country roads and state highways
§ gtr-8-305
What the Administration shall do
§ gtr-8-306
"Things to take care while acquiring a property"
§ gtr-8-307
Benefit Assessments
§ gtr-8-308
Use of land until construction of the transportation project begins.
§ gtr-8-309
Tax rolls with unneeded land
§ gtr-8-310
"Board" meaning in this section
§ gtr-8-312
Property to be acquired by authorized means.
§ gtr-8-313
Acquiring Land for State Highways
§ gtr-8-314
Promoting Public Enjoyment, Convenience, and Enjoyment of Travel
§ gtr-8-315
Acquirement of Property for Non-Highway Use
§ gtr-8-318
Comdemned Properties for Highway Purposes
§ gtr-8-319
Stipulations for Acquiring Property to Build State Highways
§ gtr-8-320
About Law of Construction Plan
§ gtr-8-321
The Administration's Plats and Estimates
§ gtr-8-322
"The plats and estimates "
§ gtr-8-323
Petition for condemnation be filed by commission in county court after plat for record is received.
§ gtr-8-324
After Petition is Filed and Payment Made
§ gtr-8-325
Amicable negotiation.
§ gtr-8-326
Steps to Acquire Property
§ gtr-8-327
Board of Property Review
§ gtr-8-328
The Property Review Process
§ gtr-8-329
Options for Dissatisfaction with Board of Property Reviews
§ gtr-8-330
The date the payment was made under _ 8-323 of this subtitle.
§ gtr-8-331
Payment to the Property Owner
§ gtr-8-334
Acquiring Property By Condemnation
§ gtr-8-335
Property Condemnation
§ gtr-8-336
Payments After The Filing of Petitions
§ gtr-8-337
The property owner is entitled to receive any amount paid
§ gtr-8-338
Payment Made Under 8-335 Is Different From Final Judgment Award.
§ gtr-8-339
Award for the property owner over the amount pad under _ 8-335
§ gtr-8-401
Definition of "County," "Municipality," and Other Related Terms
§ gtr-8-402
Gasoline and Motor Vehicle Revenue Account in the Transportation Trust Fund
§ gtr-8-403
The Distribution of Total Highway User Revenues
§ gtr-8-404
How highway user revenues shall be allocated
§ gtr-8-405
Municipality Request for Highway Revenue
§ gtr-8-406
Highway user revenues.
§ gtr-8-407
Regulations for County's or Municipality's road construction, reconstruction, or maintenance
§ gtr-8-408
highway revenues may only be used to pay or finance costs
§ gtr-8-409
Construction of bycicle trails.
§ gtr-8-410
Road Construction Limitations
§ gtr-8-411
What the purpose of this section is
§ gtr-8-412
Baltimore City Fiscal Year Reports
§ gtr-8-413
"Highway user revenue funds allocated for each of the counties and Baltimore City"
§ gtr-8-501
Details about Federal Acts
§ gtr-8-502
Assisting National Recovery and Promoting General Welfare
§ gtr-8-503
The Administration may Supervise directly the construction and reconstruction work done under the federal acts.
§ gtr-8-504
Each political subdivision of this State may raise funds
§ gtr-8-505
Funds for State Highway Improvements
§ gtr-8-506
Definition of "Relocate" and "Publicly Owned Utility"
§ gtr-8-507
Following words have the meanings indicated in this section
§ gtr-8-508
Definitions of "Board," _Highway or Capital Transit Construction," and "Workforce Investment Area"
§ gtr-8-601
Construct, Reconstruct, and Repair
§ gtr-8-601.1
Limitations for The Administration Constructing Properties
§ gtr-8-602
The Administration shall maintain highway safety.
§ gtr-8-602.1
Administration of General Assembly
§ gtr-8-603
Landscaping along State highways.
§ gtr-8-604
"Naming or renaming State highway"
§ gtr-8-605
Highway Signs and Signal Placement
§ gtr-8-606
Right-Of-Way Requirements
§ gtr-8-607
Correctional Facility Inmates Can Perform Maintenance Work.
§ gtr-8-608
Installation of utility sleeves for new State highways.
§ gtr-8-609
Department shall control spread of phragmites where appropriate.
§ gtr-8-609.1
Phragmites Control Program
§ gtr-8-610
State definitions of construction-related terms.
§ gtr-8-611
Origins of furnishing members of the General Assembly and the Governor
§ gtr-8-612
The Administration and Project Planning
§ gtr-8-613
6-year construction and reconstruction program.
§ gtr-8-613.1
What The Administration Submits to The General Assembly
§ gtr-8-613.2
Definitions of "Roadway" and "Shoulder"
§ gtr-8-614
Supervised State Highway Projects
§ gtr-8-616
Report of state highway construction program
§ gtr-8-619
Powers of The Administration to Establish and Layout State Highways
§ gtr-8-620
Designation of Existing State Highway as an Expressway
§ gtr-8-621
What the Administrator shall do
§ gtr-8-622
Freeway within a single property can be used as per terms of the administration.
§ gtr-8-625
Average Daily Traffic Volume
§ gtr-8-626
Approval of Administration for industrial crossing
§ gtr-8-627
meaning of words under this section
§ gtr-8-629
The Administration's Requirements for Developers of Industrial, Commercial, or Apartment Areas
§ gtr-8-630
Definition of "Municipal Corporation" and "Urban Highway"
§ gtr-8-633
Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of highways.
§ gtr-8-635
Administration Must Provide Road Program Information to County
§ gtr-8-636
Annual Report including Audit and Engineering Statement
§ gtr-8-639
Industrial Railroad Track Rules and Requirements
§ gtr-8-640
What the railroad shall do, at each grade
§ gtr-8-641
The Administration shall pay the costs of relocation
§ gtr-8-642
Cost Bearing Responsibility of Railroad Crossings and Seperations
§ gtr-8-643
If any railroad does not comply the railroad is guilty
§ gtr-8-646
What a person may not in this section
§ gtr-8-647
What a person may not remove
§ gtr-8-648
"The Department of Transportation "
§ gtr-8-649
new bridge name is Frederick C. Malkus, Jr.
§ gtr-8-650
Maryland Route 24
§ gtr-8-651
About Administration Desugnate
§ gtr-8-652
list of flags to be flown
§ gtr-8-653
Intersection Regulations
§ gtr-8-654
Administration allow use of communication.
§ gtr-8-655
Highway rest stops must display human trafficking number
§ gtr-8-701
Commonly Used Real Estate Definitions
§ gtr-8-702
Regulating or Governing Highway Signs
§ gtr-8-703
School bus waiting shelters signs
§ gtr-8-704
he Administration will administer and enforce this subtitle.
§ gtr-8-705
The Administration may adopt rules and regulations
§ gtr-8-708
Outdoor Advertising for Profit
§ gtr-8-709
Applying For a License
§ gtr-8-710
fee details for renewal of license
§ gtr-8-711
The Administration Issuing Licenses
§ gtr-8-714
Erecting Outdoor Signs
§ gtr-8-715
Origins of application for a permit
§ gtr-8-716
Outdoor Advertising Rules and Permits
§ gtr-8-717
About Law of Renewal Fee of Permit
§ gtr-8-718
Maryland Permits
§ gtr-8-719
Permit Issuance
§ gtr-8-720
Appeal of Rejected Permit Application
§ gtr-8-721
On each outdoor sign for which a permit is required
§ gtr-8-722
About rules of Outdoor Sign
§ gtr-8-725
Definition of terms.
§ gtr-8-726
Outdoor Advertising Along State Highways.
§ gtr-8-727
Outdoor sign regulations.
§ gtr-8-728
A person may not use his property
§ gtr-8-729
Outdoor Sign Restrictions
§ gtr-8-730
Unofficial Traffic Signs
§ gtr-8-731
size of out door sign under this title
§ gtr-8-732
Definition of "Centerline"
§ gtr-8-733
Lighting Restrictions on Federal Highway Signs
§ gtr-8-734
Highway Beautification Act and Federal-Aid Highway Amendment
§ gtr-8-735
State Acquisition of Outdoor Signs
§ gtr-8-736
Authority of Political Subdivisions
§ gtr-8-737
Removing Outdoor Signs
§ gtr-8-739
Definition of "Expressway"
§ gtr-8-740
Outdoor Signage
§ gtr-8-741
Regulations applicable to a property in its usage
§ gtr-8-742
Sign Erection and Maintenance
§ gtr-8-743
Purchase and removal of outdoor signs
§ gtr-8-744
On premise outdoor signs.
§ gtr-8-745
Removal of an Outdoor Sign Adjacent to a Highway
§ gtr-8-747
Will pay money to state for outdoor advertising
§ gtr-8-748
rules about outdoor sign board under this section
§ gtr-8-749
Guilty of a Misdemeanor
§ gtr-8-750
Meaning of Bus Passenger Shelter and Commercial Advertising Sign
§ gtr-8-751
Advertising on Bus Passenger Shelters
§ gtr-8-752
rules regarding an agreement to construct,operate, and maintain bus passenger shelters by municipal corporation
§ gtr-8-801
State definitions of terms relating to automotive dumps.
§ gtr-8-802
Regulations for scrap metal sites and junk yards
§ gtr-8-803
A person may not establish any new junkyard
§ gtr-8-804
Applications For Licenses
§ gtr-8-805
Each applicant for a license shall pay an annual fee
§ gtr-8-806
Issuance of License to Compliant Applicants
§ gtr-8-807
Automotive Recyclers License Guidelines
§ gtr-8-808
The Administration may adopt rules and regulations
§ gtr-8-809
Administration Can Screen Junkyards If It Is Close To Highway.
§ gtr-8-810
The Administration may not spend funds
§ gtr-8-811
Maryland Code Transportation.
§ gtr-8-812
Administration Can Apply For Injunction If Junkyard Owners Violate Legislation.