Tax - Property

This is Article gtp of the Code of State, titled “Tax - Property.” It’s comprised of the following 547 sections.

§ gtp-1-101
Word meanings in Maryland gtp-1-101
§ gtp-1-201
Documents Must Be True To Be Under Oath.
§ gtp-1-202
Resident of the state
§ gtp-1-203
Meaning of Fiduciary in this Section
§ gtp-1-204
Common Trust Fund
§ gtp-1-301
What "tax information" means
§ gtp-1-302
Maryland State Government Implements Interest & Penalties On Taxes
§ gtp-1-303
Legal Holiday meaning
§ gtp-1-304
Responsibilities of the Comptroller
§ gtp-1-305
Special taxing districts may act as necessary to collect
§ gtp-1-401
Origins of property owners in Maryland
§ gtp-1-402
What rights have the Property owners in this State
§ gtp-1-403
Property Owner's Bill of Right
§ gtp-10-101
Property Tax is Inclusive of District Tax.
§ gtp-10-102
Property Tax due July 1st, in most cases
§ gtp-10-103
real property tax
§ gtp-10-104
Guidelines for imposition of tax
§ gtp-10-105
Imposition of Municipal Tax on Property
§ gtp-10-201
The Governing Body of Montgomery County
§ gtp-10-202
Staged-Development Zoning Classifications
§ gtp-10-202.1
Definition of "Revitalization District"
§ gtp-10-203
Montgomery County Government Powers
§ gtp-10-204
The county may choose to not charge property tax to a home owner.
§ gtp-10-204.1
What the governing body of Montgomery County may authorize
§ gtp-10-204.2
Municipal Corporation May Authorize Tax Payment Deferrals.
§ gtp-10-204.3
Definitions of Property-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gtp-10-204.4
Authorization by Charles County
§ gtp-10-204.5
Authorizing Payment Defferals
§ gtp-10-204.6
The governing body may authorize a payment deferral
§ gtp-10-205
Advance payment of county property tax
§ gtp-10-206
Personal Property Assessments
§ gtp-10-207
Tthe governing body may authorize a personal property tax liability fee
§ gtp-10-210
Guidelines for Operating Property Assessments
§ gtp-10-301
A city or county may authorize a discount on taxes.
§ gtp-10-304
Meaning of damaged property.
§ gtp-10-305
Governing Body of Garrett County
§ gtp-10-401
Property Owner Liability Tax Guidelines
§ gtp-10-402
Owners of Transferred Property are Responsible for Property Taxes.
§ gtp-10-403
The owner of property is not liable for property tax
§ gtp-11-101
Personal Property Report Submission Deadline
§ gtp-11-102
The Department may require a person
§ gtp-11-103
amended report under subsection (a)
§ gtp-12-101
Following words have the meanings indicated for this title
§ gtp-12-102
recordation tax
§ gtp-12-103
Laws concerning recordation tax rates in Maryland.
§ gtp-12-104
Information on Debt Considerations and Payments
§ gtp-12-105
Information on Deeds and Deed Trusts
§ gtp-12-106
Law of recordation tax
§ gtp-12-107
The recordation tax applies to certain written records.
§ gtp-12-108
Recordation Tax Exclusions
§ gtp-12-109
Recording Writing Instruments
§ gtp-12-110
The Recordation tax.
§ gtp-12-111
Recordation Tax
§ gtp-12-112
Adoption of Recordation tax
§ gtp-12-113
In Harford County the collector shall deposit proceed
§ gtp-12-114
Definition of "Rental Dwelling"
§ gtp-12-115
Charles County Governing Body Imposition of Recordation Tax
§ gtp-12-116
The Mayor may exempt by law
§ gtp-12-117
meaning of words under this section
§ gtp-12-118
Meaning of the Following Words Pertaining to Subsection
§ gtp-13-101
Legal Meanings of Specific Terms.
§ gtp-13-102
Transfer tax regulation.
§ gtp-13-103
controlling interest,real property and real property entity
§ gtp-13-201
§ gtp-13-202
transfer writing on instrument of writing
§ gtp-13-203
Rate of the transfer tax Law of Maryland
§ gtp-13-204
Description of the Consideration Payable
§ gtp-13-205
Application of the transfer tax.
§ gtp-13-206
Transfer Tax Guidelines
§ gtp-13-207
Transfer tax for instruments of writing
§ gtp-13-208
Instrument of Writing Transfer Tax
§ gtp-13-209
Transfer Tax by the State
§ gtp-13-301
indicated word meaning
§ gtp-13-302
Agricultural Land Transfer Tax
§ gtp-13-303
Agricultural Land Transfer Tax
§ gtp-13-304
Agricultural Land Transfer Tax
§ gtp-13-305
Writing instruments do not count toward land transfer taxes.
§ gtp-13-306
Submitting Revenue Reports
§ gtp-13-307
The Department will adopt regulations
§ gtp-13-308
Agricultural land transfer tax
§ gtp-13-401
Definition of "County Transfer Tax"
§ gtp-13-402
Additional provisions about transfer tax.
§ gtp-13-402.1
§ gtp-13-403
Domestic Partnership Laws
§ gtp-13-403.1
Maryland Stadium Authority waives the county transfer tax
§ gtp-13-404
County Transfer Tax
§ gtp-13-405
What county transfer tax applies to.
§ gtp-13-406
County transfer tax
§ gtp-13-407
A county may not impose county transfer tax
§ gtp-13-408
Any county may provide for an exemption
§ gtp-13-409
Allowability of Exemptions from County Transfer Tax
§ gtp-13-410
Instrument of writing law of Maryland
§ gtp-13-411
Recordation Tax Exempted Instrument of Writing
§ gtp-13-412
County Transfer Tax Application
§ gtp-13-501
Definition of "Agricultural Land," "County Agricultural Land Transfer Tax," "Development Rights," and "Foundation"
§ gtp-13-502
County and agricultural land transfer tax
§ gtp-13-503
remittance of county agricultural land transfer tax
§ gtp-13-504
Mandatory Notification During Agricultural Land Sales
§ gtp-13-505
A person may not willfully offer for recordation
§ gtp-14-1001
Negligently Failing To Provide Information
§ gtp-14-1002
Punishments for Evading Tax Payments
§ gtp-14-1003
Negligent Provision of False Information
§ gtp-14-1004
Punishment for False Information Given to Avoid Property Taxes
§ gtp-14-1005
Fine for Person(s)Failing to Submit Tax Report
§ gtp-14-1006
Evading payment of property tax Law of Maryland
§ gtp-14-1007
Conviction and $500 fine for falsifying property tax report
§ gtp-14-1008
Property Interrogation
§ gtp-14-1009
payment of property tax
§ gtp-14-101
What "total tax liability on property" means
§ gtp-14-1010
Regulations related to recordation tax
§ gtp-14-1011
Penalties for not paying a recordation tax.
§ gtp-14-1012
Consequences for Misrepresenting Considerations Paid in Transactions
§ gtp-14-1013
Assaulting a Collector is a Misdemeanor
§ gtp-14-1014
Origins of assaulting another person bidding at a collectors sale
§ gtp-14-1015
Fine for state officer or employee negligence.
§ gtp-14-1016
Officers who willfully fails to perform a duty.
§ gtp-14-1017
Corporation who discloses confidential information in violation is guilty
§ gtp-14-1101
Seven year tax
§ gtp-14-1103
Property tax taxable period exceptions
§ gtp-14-201
Maryland Officer Property and Tax
§ gtp-14-301
How to value or classify property.
§ gtp-14-401
Failure to Submit Required Reports
§ gtp-14-402
Under Assessed Property Will Come Under Escaped Property.
§ gtp-14-501
Definition of "Petition for Review"
§ gtp-14-502
Transfers of real property.
§ gtp-14-503
Before tax finalization taxpayer can appeal value or classification of property to supervisor.
§ gtp-14-504
Procedures for Written Appeals Concerning Property Tax
§ gtp-14-506
§ gtp-14-507
Any party in interest may submit a written request
§ gtp-14-508
Origins of a taxpayer failing to submit the income and expense information
§ gtp-14-509
30 days limit for property tax assessment appeal
§ gtp-14-510
Definition of "Hearing"
§ gtp-14-511
Property tax assessment appeal board
§ gtp-14-512
Final action appeals
§ gtp-14-513
Appealing Decisions Made By The Maryland Tax Court
§ gtp-14-514
Appeals of Property Tax
§ gtp-14-515
Making Appeals in Circuit Court
§ gtp-14-601
Property Tax Interest Calculation
§ gtp-14-602
Penalty Of 1% For Overdue Property Tax.
§ gtp-14-603
Estimated Property Taxes
§ gtp-14-604
Final Determination of Estimated Corporation Property Tax
§ gtp-14-605
Interest for failing to pay a property tax.
§ gtp-14-606
The person shall pay interest on the county property tax payment
§ gtp-14-607
Provision of Advanced Payments for County Property Tax
§ gtp-14-608
What the governing body of a county should provide
§ gtp-14-611
Excess charges shall be refunded to the taxpayer.
§ gtp-14-701
Maryland property tax penalty
§ gtp-14-702
Tax penalty against overdue total tax liability on property.
§ gtp-14-703
Penalty For Failing To Pay Property Tax.
§ gtp-14-704
Regulations to the Department regarding annual tax reports
§ gtp-14-705
Escaped Property Assessment Penalties
§ gtp-14-801
Definition of Other taxing agency and Tax.
§ gtp-14-804
Unpaid Real Property Taxes
§ gtp-14-805
Property Tax Due Date Liability
§ gtp-14-806
Board of Estimates of Baltimore City
§ gtp-14-808
validity of sale
§ gtp-14-809
Delinquent payment of municipal corporation taxes
§ gtp-14-810
Tax attorneys must be notified when collection correspondences will be delivered
§ gtp-14-811
The collector may withhold from sale any property
§ gtp-14-812
Deadline for property sale notice
§ gtp-14-813
The required newspaper notice shall include a statement that notice shall be posted
§ gtp-14-814
Sale of an Entire Parcel
§ gtp-14-815
Property Can Be Sold If Taxes Aren't Paid.
§ gtp-14-816
99 Years Renewable Forever and Leaseholder interest
§ gtp-14-817
Sale Venue As Stated in Advertisement
§ gtp-14-817.1
Notification To A Person Whose Property Was Sold At A Tax Sale.
§ gtp-14-818
The Purchase Price and Bid Premium of Items Shall Be Determined by the Issuer
§ gtp-14-819
Resident's rights versus state's responsiblities to collect and remit owed funds
§ gtp-14-820
Origins of The collector delivering to the purchaser a certificate
§ gtp-14-821
Certificates of Sale are Assignable to Others & Transfers Ownership.
§ gtp-14-822
The purchaser may record the certificate of sale and any assignment of the certificate of sale
§ gtp-14-823
certificate of sale is presumed to be evidence in all courts in all proceedings
§ gtp-14-824
Governing Body May Hold Property for Tax Nonpayment.
§ gtp-14-825
Property the government buys at tax sale can be sold post-foreclosure.
§ gtp-14-826
Properties with unpaid taxes
§ gtp-14-827
Rights of Property Redemption
§ gtp-14-828
Payments for Redeemed Properties
§ gtp-14-829
Any person involved in a property foreclosure has the right to appeal to a court.
§ gtp-14-830
Rights of property holders before completion of sales under this title
§ gtp-14-831
Rights of Redemption
§ gtp-14-832
Provision of redemption rights should ensure a balance.
§ gtp-14-832.1
Queen Anne's County Property Sold for Nonpayment
§ gtp-14-832.2
Stipulations of Property Sold in Queen Annes County Before July 1, 1985
§ gtp-14-832.3
Queen Anne's County Tax Sale Finality
§ gtp-14-833
Complaint Filing to Foreclose Property Redemption Rights
§ gtp-14-834
The circuit court may give relief on a contract in forclosure
§ gtp-14-835
A Tax complaint in the circuit court must contain certain information.
§ gtp-14-836
Right of redemption foreclosure
§ gtp-14-837
Guidelines for Unknown Owners of Property
§ gtp-14-838
complaint to foreclose rights
§ gtp-14-839
Plaintiff and complaint
§ gtp-14-840
Issuing an Order of Publication
§ gtp-14-842
§ gtp-14-843
Holder of Certificate of Sale Restrictions
§ gtp-14-844
Time limit to order of publications
§ gtp-14-845
Court Prohibition To Reopen Tax Sale Foreclosure Cases
§ gtp-14-846
Right of Redemption Complaint Regulations in Maryland State
§ gtp-14-847
Property Judgements
§ gtp-14-848
Repayments of Legally Voided Sales
§ gtp-14-849
Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, in Baltimore City, the Mayor and City Council may not sell a taxpayers property
§ gtp-14-849.1
Property Sales in Baltimore City for Unpaid Charges
§ gtp-14-850
Deed of property
§ gtp-14-851
Requirements of Acts
§ gtp-14-852
Origins of When land is sold to pay county/State taxes
§ gtp-14-853
§ gtp-14-854
Property on which property tax is computed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction
§ gtp-14-864
Delinquent taxes
§ gtp-14-865
Consequences for not paying a certain tax.
§ gtp-14-866
Modifying Debts Owed
§ gtp-14-867
Governing of Attachments
§ gtp-14-868
Stipulations for Plaintiffs
§ gtp-14-869
Expediting Court Cases
§ gtp-14-870
The role of property tax penalties in Maryland.
§ gtp-14-901
Abatement of Assessment Rules and Procedures
§ gtp-14-902
Tax abatement and economic development regulations of Maryland
§ gtp-14-904
quidelines for state property tax refund claims.
§ gtp-14-905
section describing the written refund claim
§ gtp-14-906
Person to get refund of excess property tax paid if it has been paid erroneously/wrong estimates.
§ gtp-14-907
Written Refund Claim Procedures
§ gtp-14-908
Submission of a Refund Claim for Transfer Tax
§ gtp-14-911
provisions for acceptance of a refund claim
§ gtp-14-914
Applying For Refunds
§ gtp-14-915
Maryland State Law Regarding Refund Claims & Eligibility
§ gtp-14-916
Paying Appropriate Refund Claims as an Official
§ gtp-14-917
Interest on Refund Claims
§ gtp-14-918
Maryland on refund tax deduction
§ gtp-14-919
Refund of Personal property tax by Municipal corporation
§ gtp-2-101
Assessments and Taxation Department is Part of Government.
§ gtp-2-102
Director of Assessments and Taxation
§ gtp-2-103
The state budget determines the employment of staff and consultants.
§ gtp-2-104
The Director's Powers to Designate a "State Supervisor of Assessments"
§ gtp-2-105
Duties of County Supervisors
§ gtp-2-106
A County's Duties to Its Supervisor
§ gtp-2-107
Employment of Professional Assessors
§ gtp-2-108
Details of Oath of Maryland Constitution
§ gtp-2-109
Duties of The Secretary of Budget and Management
§ gtp-2-110
The salary schedules set for assessors shall provide an appropriate incentives
§ gtp-2-111
Powers of The Director
§ gtp-2-201
The Director's Duties For The Department
§ gtp-2-202
The Director's Powers
§ gtp-2-203
Review of Property Assessments
§ gtp-2-204
The Director's Powers to Order Revaluations of Real Estate Property
§ gtp-2-205
Taxing Authority
§ gtp-2-206
Department will do administrative duties in Maryland Tax Court, on their request.
§ gtp-2-207
Definition of "Taxing Official"
§ gtp-2-208
The Department's Duty To Determine The Most Effective and Equitable Method of Assessing Property
§ gtp-2-209
The Department's Powers to Revise Uniform Plans to Assess Property
§ gtp-2-210
The Department Will Maintain Complete Records of Properties
§ gtp-2-211
Property Assessment Records
§ gtp-2-212
Regulations related to Personal property assessment records
§ gtp-2-213
Each tax supervisor shall maintain a copy of the tax map for public view.
§ gtp-2-214
Explaining and Supporting The Department's Recommendations
§ gtp-2-215
Regulations applicable to the assessment appeals
§ gtp-2-216
§ gtp-2-217
meaning of inspection under this section
§ gtp-2-218
Residency Verification Policies
§ gtp-2-220
Annual Filing Fees
§ gtp-2-221
Department Must Pay Collected Fees to Treasurer.
§ gtp-2-222
Legal Terms Explained
§ gtp-3-101
§ gtp-3-102
Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board In Each County
§ gtp-3-103
Characteristics of Boards
§ gtp-3-104
Governor to appoint Chairman of the Board from regular members.
§ gtp-3-105
Members of a Board Business Relations
§ gtp-3-106
Members Who Are Subject to The Maryland Public Ethics Law
§ gtp-3-107
The Board's Jurisdiction Powers
§ gtp-3-108
With the advice and consent of the Senate, the Governor shall appoint an Administrator of the boards
§ gtp-4-101
Maryland enforces collectors in each state
§ gtp-4-102
For the collection of the State property tax, a collector shall be bonded as required by the Comptroller in Maryland
§ gtp-4-201
Powers of Collectors
§ gtp-4-202
rules related to the powers of collector to deposit State taxes,etc.
§ gtp-4-301
Comptroller and State Treasurer right to collector's record
§ gtp-4-401
Characteristics and Duties of Montgomery County's Governing Body
§ gtp-4-402
Failure to Remit Taxes
§ gtp-4-403
Stipulations for Filing Suit Against The Collector
§ gtp-5-101
Property Tax Guidelines for Owners of Life Estates and Other Related Estates
§ gtp-5-102
Property can be taxed in the state, county or special tax district that it is located.
§ gtp-5-103
Newly issued building permits must be presented to the county supervisor.
§ gtp-6-101
Assessment of State Property
§ gtp-6-102
Property Tax Applied To Limited Interests In Property
§ gtp-6-103
Railroad Or Other Utility Must Pay Property Tax
§ gtp-6-104
Business Stock Taxation
§ gtp-6-201
Regulations related to the State property tax
§ gtp-6-202
City Council and countys property tax.
§ gtp-6-203
The Governing Body of a Municipal Corporation's Powers to Impose
§ gtp-6-204
Imposing Property Taxes
§ gtp-6-301
Board sets the the rate of State Property Tax, Annually.
§ gtp-6-302
Establishments of Tax Rates on Property
§ gtp-6-303
Guidelines for Property Subject to Municipal Corporation Property Tax
§ gtp-6-304
Special Rate Property Taxes
§ gtp-6-305
Application for a state license
§ gtp-6-306
Maryland Tax Setoffs
§ gtp-6-307
Restrictions on The Governing Body of Anne Arundel County and of Howard County
§ gtp-6-308
Definition of "Taxing Authority"
§ gtp-6-401
Determining Municipal Corporation Property Tax
§ gtp-7-101
Property Tax Exemptions
§ gtp-7-102
Property Tax Exemptions
§ gtp-7-103
Real Estate Property Tax Exemption Application Process
§ gtp-7-104
Time Limits for Property Taxes on Exempt Properties
§ gtp-7-105
Property Entitlements and Abatements
§ gtp-7-106
Exempted Real Estate Property Need Not Be Assessed.
§ gtp-7-107
Property Tax REgulations
§ gtp-7-108
Powers of a County's Governing Body in Regards to County Property Tax
§ gtp-7-109
Personal Property Taxes
§ gtp-7-110
A tax credit is not to be confused with a tax exemption under this substitle.
§ gtp-7-201
Religious Properties and Taxes
§ gtp-7-202
Property tax exemptions and information
§ gtp-7-203
Property Owned By The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, INC. is Not Subject To Property Tax
§ gtp-7-204
Tax Free Religion Property
§ gtp-7-205
non profit community water corporation property tax
§ gtp-7-206
Definition of a Continued Card Facility
§ gtp-7-207
Details and Meanings of Blind individual Dwelling house and Surviving spouse are indicated.
§ gtp-7-208
Disabled Vetrans
§ gtp-7-209
Property Tax Limitations on Property Used for Training or Fundraising
§ gtp-7-210
Property Tax and Government Property
§ gtp-7-211
§ gtp-7-211.1
Property That is Not Subject to Property Taxes
§ gtp-7-211.2
§ gtp-7-211.3
Meaning of "Federal Enclave Property," "Local Jurisdiction," and "Private Director"
§ gtp-7-212
Stipulations for Property Not Subject to Property Tax
§ gtp-7-214
Circumstances Under Which Property Tax is Not Subject to Property Tax
§ gtp-7-215
meaning of authority under this section
§ gtp-7-216
Circumstances Under Which Property is Not Subject To Property Tax
§ gtp-7-217
Exclusions to Property Tax
§ gtp-7-218
Details related to Property Tax
§ gtp-7-219
imported from a foreign country for farmer.
§ gtp-7-220
Valuation and Property Tax
§ gtp-7-221
Property tax Law of Maryland
§ gtp-7-221.1
Bank or trust company means a commercial bank
§ gtp-7-222
Stocks Not Applicable to Property Taxes
§ gtp-7-223
Farming Implement Regulations
§ gtp-7-224
Farmer Livestock Value
§ gtp-7-225
Property Tax Exemptions in the Manufacturing Industry
§ gtp-7-226
Guidelines for Raw Materials and Materials Possessed by Manufacturers
§ gtp-7-227
Except for personal property used in connection with a business, occupation, or profession
§ gtp-7-229
The Working Tools of Mechanics and Artisans
§ gtp-7-230
The transportation article provides for certain vehicles to be exempt from property taxes.
§ gtp-7-231
Ship, boat or watercraft tax regulations
§ gtp-7-232
Voting Systems Defined
§ gtp-7-233
Exemptions from Property Taxes
§ gtp-7-234
Maryland's property tax exemptions
§ gtp-7-235
Limitations of Property Tax on Personal Property
§ gtp-7-236
Refueling equipment for "clean burning fuel" is not subject to property tax.
§ gtp-7-237
Exemption from Property Tax
§ gtp-7-238
Taxation Regulations of Computer software or Embedded Software
§ gtp-7-239
Maryland State Definitions Regarding Coal Pollution & Waste
§ gtp-7-240
Personal Property That is Not Subject To Property Tax
§ gtp-7-241
Maryland on notifying the Charles County Planning Commission
§ gtp-7-242
Green energy terms and tax
§ gtp-7-243
Heavy Equipment Property Summary In Maryland State Government
§ gtp-7-244
Maryland on video lottery and game control
§ gtp-7-301
The state property tax does not apply to personal property.
§ gtp-7-302
Restrictions of State Property Tax on Real Property
§ gtp-7-303
Property Tax Of Real Property With Airports
§ gtp-7-304
Circumstances Under Which Property is Not Subject To Property Tax
§ gtp-7-305
Property is Not Subject to Property Tax if Used To Preserve a Wild Nature Area
§ gtp-7-306
State Property tax exceptions
§ gtp-7-307
Property Tax Exemption Is Available Under Special Circumstances.
§ gtp-7-401
Rolling Stock Regulations
§ gtp-7-501
Governing Bodies of Counties and Municipal Corporation Taxes
§ gtp-7-502
Property owners who own "essential service facilities" may be exempt from paying certain taxes.
§ gtp-7-503
about essential service facilities under this subsection
§ gtp-7-504
Property Taxes for Service Facilities
§ gtp-7-504.2
Definition of "Downtown Management District"
§ gtp-7-504.3
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ gtp-7-504.4
Hippodrome Performing Arts Center Must Pay Property Taxes.
§ gtp-7-505
Meaning of "Service Facilities"
§ gtp-7-506
Definition of the Term "Service Facilities"
§ gtp-7-506.1
Definition of "Service Facilities"
§ gtp-7-506.2
Real Property That is Exempt
§ gtp-7-507
Guidelines for Mayor Involved in Importing Business.
§ gtp-7-508
Description of "Manufacturer"
§ gtp-7-509
Regulations of Warehousers
§ gtp-7-510
County Property Taxes
§ gtp-7-511
Stipulations for Garrett County Personal Property
§ gtp-7-512
Regulations to the governing body of Cecil County
§ gtp-7-513
Property Assessment Rates
§ gtp-7-514
Taxable Years After June 30, 2008
§ gtp-7-515
The Governing Body of Allegany County Agreements With Vehicle Owners and Operators
§ gtp-7-516
Details and regulations related to Economic development project
§ gtp-8-101
Dividing Property Into Classes
§ gtp-8-102
The Value of Real Property
§ gtp-8-103
Meaning of "New Statewide Value," "Phased-In Value," and "3-Year Cycle"
§ gtp-8-104
Rules for the valuation of real property.
§ gtp-8-105
The Supervisor's Duties Towards The Land
§ gtp-8-106
Cooperative Interests
§ gtp-8-107
Determining the Value of Private Property
§ gtp-8-108
The Department's Duty to Value The Operating Unit of Railroad
§ gtp-8-109
rules regarding annually value the operating unit of a public utility by the department
§ gtp-8-110
Maryland defines fair value and stock in business
§ gtp-8-112
§ gtp-8-113
Lessee Must Pay Taxes on Interest Income.
§ gtp-8-114
A hoophouse is normally valued as personal property.
§ gtp-8-201
Assessments Made by the Department
§ gtp-8-202
The Supervisor's Duties Regarding Property and Property Tax
§ gtp-8-203
Real Property Value Assessments
§ gtp-8-204
Personal Property Assessment
§ gtp-8-205
Property Assessments In Maryland State Government
§ gtp-8-207
Valuation of Condominium Properties
§ gtp-8-209
General Assembly Must Foster and Encourage Farming.
§ gtp-8-209.1
Meaning of "Conservation Property"
§ gtp-8-210
Marshland shall be considered less valuable than any agricultural land.
§ gtp-8-211
Contract Terms Defined
§ gtp-8-212
Assessments on Public Golf Courses
§ gtp-8-213
Agreements With Country Clubs and Golf Courses
§ gtp-8-214
Golf Clubs Should Not Discriminate People.
§ gtp-8-215
Guidelines for Filing Complaints With The Attorney General
§ gtp-8-216
Home Owners Must Pay Property Taxes Every Year.
§ gtp-8-217
Guidelines for Purchasing Land on a Golf Course or Country Club
§ gtp-8-218
Country Club and Golf Course Assessment
§ gtp-8-219
Meaning of "Easement" and "Natural Open Character"
§ gtp-8-220
Development of Lands
§ gtp-8-221
Assessed Land Requirements
§ gtp-8-222
How Maryland assesses planned development land
§ gtp-8-223
The Value of Assessed Land
§ gtp-8-224
Subdivided Land Regulations
§ gtp-8-225
Planning and Zoning Agencies
§ gtp-8-226
Rezoned Real Estate
§ gtp-8-227
Guidelines for Assessing and Rezoning Property
§ gtp-8-228
Rezoned Real Property non-Residential Use Penalty for Taxes
§ gtp-8-229
Land Mineral Rights
§ gtp-8-230
Definition of the Term "Improvements" in Real Estate.
§ gtp-8-231
Property Assessment Uses
§ gtp-8-232
Relationship Of A Manure Bank And Property Owner
§ gtp-8-233
this section an improvement medical condition occupies the building.
§ gtp-8-234
Definition of the Term "Mobile Home"
§ gtp-8-235
Repairs and Maintenance
§ gtp-8-236
Definition of "Radiation Fallout Shelter"
§ gtp-8-237
Septic Systems Defined
§ gtp-8-238
rules related to A seawall, bulkhead, or other structure installed solely to prevent shore erosion
§ gtp-8-239
Silos Should Not Be Assessed for Property Tax.
§ gtp-8-240
Various Kinds Of Powers Utilized In Buildings Of Maryland
§ gtp-8-302
County Property Tax
§ gtp-8-303
Cecil County Property Taxes for Buildings Located on Faith Hill
§ gtp-8-401
Value or Classification of Real Property
§ gtp-8-402
The notice shall be served on the owner
§ gtp-8-403
Powers of The Department
§ gtp-8-404
If notice is served to a person under this subtitle then he may appeal value or classification.
§ gtp-8-405
A person who has received a notice shall be notified by the supervisor
§ gtp-8-406
Handling of Appeals
§ gtp-8-407
describing if appeal is filed under this section
§ gtp-8-408
Any annual assessment of private property needs to be immediately after April 15th once the matter is finalized.
§ gtp-8-409
Serving of Subtitles
§ gtp-8-410
notice of land tax information, estimation on personal property
§ gtp-8-411
Appealing Values or Classification
§ gtp-8-412
Appealing The Value of Classification
§ gtp-8-413
Appearance Of Person Who Has Appealed
§ gtp-8-414
What Department May Do When Appeal is Denied
§ gtp-8-415
The owner of real property may submit a petition
§ gtp-8-416
Personal Property Tax Assessments
§ gtp-8-417
Definition of "Escaped Property"
§ gtp-8-418
the assessment of the escaped property
§ gtp-8-419
Definition of the Term "Appropriate Official"
§ gtp-8-420
Tax Due on or before the beginning of each taxable year
§ gtp-8-421
Supervisor Assessments
§ gtp-8-422
Assessments of Real Property
§ gtp-9-101
Real Estate Laws
§ gtp-9-102
Indicated word meanings
§ gtp-9-103
Commonly Used Property Tax Terminologies
§ gtp-9-104
Definition of Income-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gtp-9-105
word meanings indicated
§ gtp-9-106
Governing Bodies of Municipal Corporations
§ gtp-9-107
§ gtp-9-108
The conditions for property tax credit.
§ gtp-9-109
Property Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-201
property tax credit
§ gtp-9-202
Special Guidelines for Land on City of Baltimore Cemetery Grounds
§ gtp-9-203
municipal corporation property tax on structures
§ gtp-9-204
Characteristics Needed to Qualify as a Structure
§ gtp-9-204.1
Definition of "Eligible Improvements"
§ gtp-9-205
Powers of the Governor in Determining Taxation
§ gtp-9-206
Agricultural Land Term and its Subjectives
§ gtp-9-207
Property tax credit for dwellings.
§ gtp-9-208
Origins of open area
§ gtp-9-209
About Law of Property Tax
§ gtp-9-210
About Meaning for important words in Law
§ gtp-9-211
Granting Property Tax Credit
§ gtp-9-212
Property tax credit for tobacco barns
§ gtp-9-213
§ gtp-9-214
The Mayor may grant a property tax credit
§ gtp-9-215
Tax Credit Supplements
§ gtp-9-215.1
Local Home Owner Supplementation
§ gtp-9-216
Guidelines for Property Located in The 75 LDN Noise Contour of The Airport
§ gtp-9-217
Mayor and he counsil of Baltimore city
§ gtp-9-219
The Mayor may grant a property tax credit
§ gtp-9-220
Indicated word meanings
§ gtp-9-221
Baltimore City Council May Grant Tax Credits.
§ gtp-9-222
Tax credit against property tax for religious groups
§ gtp-9-224
The Mayor may grant, by law, a tax credit
§ gtp-9-225
qualifying for county and municipal tax credits against property.
§ gtp-9-226
Granting Property Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-227
Granting Property Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-228
§ gtp-9-229
Tax Property Terms and Definitions
§ gtp-9-230
Definition of "Affiliate," "Business Entity," and Various Other Business Terms
§ gtp-9-231
"foreign trade zone" meaning for this section is next
§ gtp-9-232
Origins of property tax credit
§ gtp-9-233
Granting Property Tax Credit from the County
§ gtp-9-234
Grant of a property tax credit.
§ gtp-9-235
§ gtp-9-236
Information on Municipal Corporation Property Taxes
§ gtp-9-237
The Mayor may grant a tax credit
§ gtp-9-238
Definition of "Community Association"
§ gtp-9-239
Existing electricity generation facility means an electricity generation facility that exists in a county before June 1, 2001
§ gtp-9-240
definition of terms for the section
§ gtp-9-241
Regulations related to Tax Credit against the county
§ gtp-9-242
High Performance Buildings
§ gtp-9-243
Granting Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-244
The governing body of a county may grant a tax credit
§ gtp-9-245
Grant of a tax credit by law.
§ gtp-9-246
That was owned by a qualified displaced homeowner.
§ gtp-9-247
§ gtp-9-248
Definition of "Family Assistance Dwelling"
§ gtp-9-249
Commercial Fishing Regulations
§ gtp-9-250
Definition of "Accessibility Feature"
§ gtp-9-251
Marine Trade waterfront property
§ gtp-9-252
Baltimore City way institute a tax credit under the municipal corporation property tax.
§ gtp-9-253
Following words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ gtp-9-254
Grocery Stores and Issuance of Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-255
The Mayor may grant a property tax credit
§ gtp-9-301
Property Tax Credit Provisions
§ gtp-9-302
Origins of property in Allegany County and of a municipal corporation
§ gtp-9-303
The governing body shall grant a property tax credit
§ gtp-9-304
Granting Property Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-305
Baltimore County property tax
§ gtp-9-306
The governing body shall grant a tax credit
§ gtp-9-307
Caroline County Property Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-308
Carroll County property tax credit
§ gtp-9-309
Grant of a property tax credit.
§ gtp-9-310
Charles County Property Tax Credits
§ gtp-9-311
§ gtp-9-312
Governing county and Municipal corporation in Frederick County
§ gtp-9-313
Property Resolution Laws
§ gtp-9-314
Grant of a property tax credit.
§ gtp-9-315
Tax Credits May be Granted by Howard County.
§ gtp-9-317
Regulations related to grant property tax credit
§ gtp-9-318
Prince George's county property tax credit
§ gtp-9-319
Governing Structure of Queen Ann's County
§ gtp-9-320
Governing Body May Grant Property Tax Credits.
§ gtp-9-321
§ gtp-9-322
Talbot County property tax credits eligibility
§ gtp-9-323
Property Tax Credit Under Governing Bodies of Washington County
§ gtp-9-324
Origins of governing body of Wicomico County and of a municipal corporation
§ gtp-9-325
The governing body may grant a property tax credit
§ gtp-9-326
Property Tax Circumstances in Baltimore County
§ gtp-9-401
Meaning of Dwelling in this Section
§ gtp-9-402
What _county_ means in this section