State Personnel and Pensions

This is Article gsp of the Code of State, titled “State Personnel and Pensions.” It’s comprised of the following 840 sections.

§ gsp-1-101
Following words have the meanings indicated for this Division
§ gsp-1-201
Day equals calendar days
§ gsp-1-202
Private information sharing of State employees
§ gsp-10-101
Employees of the State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-10-102
Employee training program administered by Department
§ gsp-10-103
Maryland Training Program Purpose
§ gsp-10-104
Staff Supervision Guidelines
§ gsp-10-105
Usage of Public funds
§ gsp-10-201
Principal unit in the Executive Branch of State government.
§ gsp-10-202
Personnel Pensions Applications and Exemptions
§ gsp-10-203
Definition of "Innovative Idea"
§ gsp-10-204
Incentive Performance Awards Programs
§ gsp-10-205
Award law of Maryland
§ gsp-10-206
Regulations of Employee Rewards
§ gsp-10-207
What a cash award and expenses shall be paid from
§ gsp-10-208
Regulations on the Innovative Idea Awards Program
§ gsp-10-301
Nontemporary employees in the State Personnel Management System.
§ gsp-10-302
secretary of the state service
§ gsp-10-401
Provision of Subtitle applied to all employees
§ gsp-10-402
Temporary employee exemption
§ gsp-10-403
Reimbursement for loss from acts from persons in state custody
§ gsp-10-404
Definition of "Child" and "Stepchild"
§ gsp-11-101
Types of Employees
§ gsp-11-102
This subtitle is for permanent State Personnel Management System employees
§ gsp-11-103
Disciplinary Actions Against Employees
§ gsp-11-104
An appointing authority may take the following disciplinary action
§ gsp-11-105
About Law of Illegal Issues and Sales
§ gsp-11-106
Prior to Disciplinary Action Involving Employee Misconduct
§ gsp-11-107
The rights and legal duties of employees and what to do if you receive a counseling memorandum.
§ gsp-11-108
Not Appointing Authority
§ gsp-11-109
Rules for state employees to appeal disciplinary action
§ gsp-11-110
Origins of an employee or an employees representative appealing the decision
§ gsp-11-111
Policies and procedures for disciplinary actions.
§ gsp-11-112
Employee and principal units may agree in writing to submit the appeal
§ gsp-11-113
Disciplinary action appeal process
§ gsp-11-201
This subtitle only applies to skilled service
§ gsp-11-202
Regulation for The Handling of Employees in The Professional Services
§ gsp-11-203
Employee Lay Offs
§ gsp-11-204
Guidelines for Giving Notice of Layoffs
§ gsp-11-205
Seniority Point Calculations for Layoffs
§ gsp-11-206
Provisions for Subsections of Employees
§ gsp-11-207
Employee Ranking Structure
§ gsp-11-208
Seniority Points As A Basis For Reinstatement Order
§ gsp-11-301
A subtitle that applies to nontemporary employees in the state personnel management system.
§ gsp-11-302
An employee is separated from State service
§ gsp-11-303
Probationary employees must receive a 10-day notice of termination.
§ gsp-11-304
Employee Probation
§ gsp-11-305
Employees Section Applies To
§ gsp-11-306
Guidelines for Employment Termination
§ gsp-11-401
Any employee may terminate employment
§ gsp-11-402
Conditions for a voided resignation.
§ gsp-12-101
About the Meanings of Words in Law
§ gsp-12-102
State Employee Regulations
§ gsp-12-103
grievants representative may present the grievance free from coercion.
§ gsp-12-104
Maryland Secretary Grievance Procedure
§ gsp-12-105
Open choice for grievant representatives
§ gsp-12-106
Grievances or Appeals Must be Filed to Dispute Judgements
§ gsp-12-107
Waiving Limitations
§ gsp-12-108
purpose to provide form by the Secretary
§ gsp-12-109
Grievance Parties
§ gsp-12-201
Steps Concerning Grievance
§ gsp-12-202
Requirements for Initiating a Grievance Procedure
§ gsp-12-203
Written Grievance
§ gsp-12-204
Appeal against a decision within 10 days
§ gsp-12-205
How Maryland processes appeals on decisions
§ gsp-12-301
Peer review panel steps
§ gsp-12-302
Peer Review Panel Grievance Review
§ gsp-12-303
Peer Review Panel
§ gsp-12-401
Grievance Policy
§ gsp-12-402
Remedies Available To Grievances
§ gsp-12-403
Steps of a Grievance Proceeding
§ gsp-12-404
Consolidation of Multiple Grievances by One Employee
§ gsp-12-405
The Case of Grievance
§ gsp-13-101
Meaning of Contractual Employee in this Title
§ gsp-13-201
Units of Specified Government
§ gsp-13-202
Situations When Hiring Contract Employees is Allowed
§ gsp-13-203
Contractual Employee Guildelines
§ gsp-13-204
Authorized Secretary Certification Of Permanent Employees
§ gsp-13-205
The Secretary's Powers to Audit
§ gsp-13-301
Laws for Executive Branch
§ gsp-13-302
Contractual Positions
§ gsp-13-303
With the permission of the secretary a contracted employee may test for a budgeted position.
§ gsp-13-304
§ gsp-13-305
Subtitle Non-Prohibition From General Assembly Creating a Budgeted Position
§ gsp-13-401
Meanings Provided by the State
§ gsp-13-402
State policy details under this section
§ gsp-13-403
About the Law of Board of Public Works
§ gsp-13-404
Regulations related to certification of service contract by Department
§ gsp-13-405
Entering into Service Contracts
§ gsp-14-101
Powers of The Secretary
§ gsp-14-102
Bringing Action to The Courts as a Resident
§ gsp-14-103
University System of Maryland or Morgan State University Personnel Policy
§ gsp-14-201
meaning of award under this subtitle
§ gsp-14-202
Payment timetable for finalised awards against the State.
§ gsp-14-203
Insufficient Funds to Pay Obligations
§ gsp-14-204
Necessary Budget for Payments
§ gsp-15-101
Impersonation forbidden in an examination
§ gsp-15-102
No person shall deceive or interfere with another person to take examination under Division I.
§ gsp-15-103
Willful falsification of answers, grades, and reports
§ gsp-15-104
Employment seekers conduct
§ gsp-15-105
Individual's Rating
§ gsp-15-106
Restrictions for Securing Appointments
§ gsp-15-107
Illegal activates for a state employee
§ gsp-15-108
Laws banning state personnel from illegal conduct.
§ gsp-15-201
Violation of Subtitle 1
§ gsp-2-101
Implied Management Prerogatives
§ gsp-2-201
State government and personnel policies .
§ gsp-2-202
The State Personnel Management system is responsible for personnel matters.
§ gsp-2-301
In keeping with State efforts to reinvent government, restructuring of the States personnel system.
§ gsp-2-302
Employment discrimination and harassment, personal dignity
§ gsp-2-303
Federal-state employment laws
§ gsp-2-304
Unaffected Rights and Obligations Through State Employment
§ gsp-2-305
persons who are applicable under this section
§ gsp-2-306
Drunk Driving Terms Defined
§ gsp-2-307
State Employee Supervision Regulations
§ gsp-2-401
Maryland State Employee Compensation
§ gsp-2-402
Maintaining Payroll Records
§ gsp-2-403
Payment of Dues by Employees
§ gsp-2-404
Income Taxes From Other States
§ gsp-2-405
Payment of Wages
§ gsp-2-501
Definition of "Program" and "Satellite Organization"
§ gsp-2-502
State Employee Benefits Programs
§ gsp-2-502.1
Definition of "Maryland Rx Program"
§ gsp-2-503
Maryland Secretary Duties
§ gsp-2-504
The State's Costs are the Responsibility of the Governor and shall include Money in the State Budget.
§ gsp-2-507
the regulations adopted law for many powerful country.
§ gsp-2-508
It defines different types of service to the state.
§ gsp-2-509
this subsection applicable to optional retirement program retiree
§ gsp-2-509.1
Prescription Drug Benefit Plans
§ gsp-2-510
Retired Baltimore County jail employee insurance benefits
§ gsp-2-511
Environmental employees may enroll in the state employees retirement system.
§ gsp-2-512
Definition of "Qualifying Not-For-Profit" Organizations.
§ gsp-2-513
Maryland county and municipal corporation health insurance options
§ gsp-2-514
Open Enrollment Program
§ gsp-2-515
Applicability to Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
§ gsp-2-515.1
Maryland Regional Libraries
§ gsp-2-516
The State Employees and Retirees Health and Welfare Benefits Fund
§ gsp-2-517
meaning of "carrier" under this section
§ gsp-2-601
Maryland Former Non temporary State Employee
§ gsp-2-701
Returning veteran is a person who left state service to join US force and is now back in State job.
§ gsp-2-702
Subtitles for Governmental Branches
§ gsp-2-703
returning veteran who was inducted into the armed forces is eligible for reinstatement
§ gsp-2-704
The Hospitalization of Returning Veterans
§ gsp-2-705
Reinstatement of Vetrans
§ gsp-2-706
Maryland returning veteran state employee act.
§ gsp-2-707
Veteran Rights in Maryland
§ gsp-2-801
this section applicable to all units
§ gsp-20-101
meaning of words under this division
§ gsp-20-201
Applications of Titles 20, 21, and 29
§ gsp-20-202
Actuarial Services
§ gsp-20-203
Retirement Regulations for Executive Branch Employees
§ gsp-20-204
Subsection Pertaining to Various Groups
§ gsp-20-205
this section applicable to individual with certain conditions
§ gsp-20-205.1
applicable to person who became member before 01-07-2011
§ gsp-20-206
Meaning of Unused Sick Leave in this Section
§ gsp-20-207
Restrictions to Compensation of Individuals
§ gsp-20-208
Payment of Allowances
§ gsp-20-209
Guidelines for Conformity of The Internal Revenue Code
§ gsp-21-101
section describing about State Retirement and Pension System
§ gsp-21-102
Section describing The State Retirement and Pension System
§ gsp-21-103
Board of Trustees for the State Retirement and Pension System
§ gsp-21-104
Makeup of the Board of Trustees.
§ gsp-21-105
Duties of The Board of Trustees
§ gsp-21-106
Rules Regarding The Board Of Trustees
§ gsp-21-107
Attorney General is deferred too by the board
§ gsp-21-108
Board of Trustees requirements
§ gsp-21-109
Law for Board of Trustees
§ gsp-21-110
Adopting Regulations
§ gsp-21-111
Properly Administering and Enforcing Division II
§ gsp-21-112
Board of Trustees Annual Reports
§ gsp-21-113
System Errors Resulting in Wrongful Benefit Payout
§ gsp-21-114
about Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees
§ gsp-21-115
Duties of board of trustees
§ gsp-21-116
Maryland Board of Trustees specified Investment Committee
§ gsp-21-117
Defining the State Retirement Agency
§ gsp-21-118
appointing Executive director of State Retirement Agency
§ gsp-21-118.1
The board of trustees shall appoint the Chief Investment officer for personnel.
§ gsp-21-119
The duties of the State Retirement Agency.
§ gsp-21-120
Submission of Report
§ gsp-21-121
State Retirement Agency Audits and Inspections
§ gsp-21-122
Ddetails about Investment Division under this section
§ gsp-21-123
powers of the State Retirement Agency
§ gsp-21-123
powers of the State Retirement Agency
§ gsp-21-123.1
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gsp-21-124
The state treasurer is in charge of state assets as they pertain to the board.
§ gsp-21-125
Designation of an Actuary
§ gsp-21-125.1
The Joint Committe on Pensions Actions Beginning on or Before September 1, 2008
§ gsp-21-126
One or more medical boards may be established as needed by the medical board.
§ gsp-21-127
Duties of The Legislative Auditor
§ gsp-21-128
A retiree organization can only apply to the state twice a year for mailing help.
§ gsp-21-201
Details related to Fiduciary and Several Systems
§ gsp-21-202
Directions to The Board of Trustees to hold assets
§ gsp-21-203
Guide to fiduciary duties
§ gsp-21-204
Trustee's Management of Systems
§ gsp-21-205
Duties and Powers of The Fiduciary
§ gsp-21-206
Responsibilities Breached By a Fiduciary
§ gsp-21-207
The State's Powers to Indemnify a Fiduciary
§ gsp-21-208
Fiduciary Relief Provision Agreement Null and Void
§ gsp-21-209
Maryland Regulations for Persons Serving as Fiduciaries
§ gsp-21-210
State Purchasing of Bonds
§ gsp-21-301
Funds of a State system and credits it can receive for it's assets.
§ gsp-21-302
State Personnel and Pension Obligations of The State
§ gsp-21-303
Accumulation Fund Credits
§ gsp-21-304
definition of terms found in the section
§ gsp-21-305
meaning of employees systems under this section
§ gsp-21-305.1
The Employees Pension System and The Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-21-305.2
Employees Pension System
§ gsp-21-305.3
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ gsp-21-305.4
Definition of "Deficit," "Surplus," "Employees' Systems," and Required Employer Contribution
§ gsp-21-305.5
Word Definitions
§ gsp-21-305.6
Details related to Employees' Pension and Retirement System
§ gsp-21-306
Government contributions to fire and police
§ gsp-21-306.1
participating governmental unit shall pay an amount each fiscal year
§ gsp-21-306.2
Each fiscal year, on behalf of its employees who are members of the Correctional Officers.
§ gsp-21-307
Board of Supervisors Employee
§ gsp-21-308
Laws governing the teachers retirement system and the teachers pension system.
§ gsp-21-309
Definition of "Participating Governmental Unit"
§ gsp-21-309.1
Explanation of Local Employees
§ gsp-21-310
The Board of Trustee's Annual Certification of The Maryland Environmental Service
§ gsp-21-311
State Board Of Trustees Annuity Savings Fund
§ gsp-21-312
Determining Earnable Compensation
§ gsp-21-313
meaning of approved employer" under this section
§ gsp-21-314
Employee Reporting Guidelines
§ gsp-21-315
Expense Fund Credit Per Pro Rata Share
§ gsp-21-316
Definition of "Library" and "Local Employer"
§ gsp-21-401
Options for Reduced Allowances
§ gsp-21-402
Allowances and Actuarial Equivalents
§ gsp-21-403
Beneficiaries Will Receive Payments If Retiree Dies.
§ gsp-21-404
Regulations regarding change of a designated beneficiary
§ gsp-21-405
Judge retirement system beneficiary transferability
§ gsp-21-406
Rules Of Payments To Designated Beneficiaries
§ gsp-21-501
Retiree rights
§ gsp-21-502
Prohibition of Seizure of Current and Future Benefits
§ gsp-21-503
State Board Trustee Counseling Law
§ gsp-21-504
Guidelines for The Employees' Pension System and Other Related Groups
§ gsp-21-505
State Supplemental Retirement Plan Information Exchange
§ gsp-21-506
Benefits for Former State Workers or Beneficiaries of Former State Workers
§ gsp-21-601
Definition of "Direct Rollover," "Eligible Retirement Plan," and "Eligible Rollover Distribution"
§ gsp-21-602
Section 21-602 Retirement Plan Rollover Distribution Guidelines.
§ gsp-21-603
Regulations for The Board of Trustees
§ gsp-21-604
The board of trustees of the personnel shall give notice before making roll over distributions.
§ gsp-22-101
Words meaning retirement selection
§ gsp-22-102
The Employees Retirement System and The Teachers' Retirement System
§ gsp-22-201
Guidelines for Regular Employee Compensation
§ gsp-22-202
Retiree Employment System
§ gsp-22-203
Overview Of Retirement System As Per Maryland State Government
§ gsp-22-204
Eligibility for The Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-22-205
Applicability of the Subtitle
§ gsp-22-206
Teachers Retirement System As Condition For Employment
§ gsp-22-207
Trustees may deny membership of Teachers__ Retirement System for temporary employment less than 1 year.
§ gsp-22-208
Teachers' Retirement System Eligibility
§ gsp-22-209
Details of Individual Employment Contracts
§ gsp-22-210
page not opening
§ gsp-22-211
Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-22-212
Employee Retirement After January 1, 2005.
§ gsp-22-213
Vested Allowances for Elected Members
§ gsp-22-214
Contribution rates for members for full pension and Limited cost-of-living adjustment facility.
§ gsp-22-215
describing details of interest payable on member contributions
§ gsp-22-216
This section many school for Retirement System.
§ gsp-22-217
validity of membership explained under this title
§ gsp-22-219
Selection A Member Regulations
§ gsp-22-220
this section is only for members who selected section B
§ gsp-22-221
The state personnel and pensions department will take service credit into consideration when making decisions.
§ gsp-22-301
member of the Employees__ Retirement System
§ gsp-22-302
The Board of Trustee's Powers to Adopt Regulations
§ gsp-22-303
Employee and Teacher Retirement Transfers
§ gsp-22-303.1
Employment Separation and Service Credit
§ gsp-22-304
Purchasing Service Credit
§ gsp-22-305
Purchasing Service Credit as a Member
§ gsp-22-305.1
Members of the Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-22-306
Regulations applicable to member of Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-22-307
Employees Retirement Systems
§ gsp-22-308
Guidelines for Creditable Services
§ gsp-22-401
Employee Retirement with a Normal Service Retirement Allowance
§ gsp-22-402
Member's Early Service Retirement Allowance Conditions
§ gsp-22-403
Regulations for Former Service Members
§ gsp-22-404
Pension Rules for elected officials
§ gsp-22-405
Duties of The Governor Depending on His Length of Service
§ gsp-22-406
area of critical shortage description under this section
§ gsp-22-406.1
How Maryland processes government retirees
§ gsp-22-407
Individuals who Are Eligible for The Judges' Retirement Systems
§ gsp-22-408
Entitlement to Title 29 Benefits
§ gsp-23-101
The Pension System
§ gsp-23-201
Limits of the scope of this title
§ gsp-23-202.1
Membership Eligibility To Transfer To Employees Pension System
§ gsp-23-203
Details regarding members of Employees__ Pension System
§ gsp-23-204
Employee of the State
§ gsp-23-205
employee pension system eligibility
§ gsp-23-206
Classifications for an employee of a day school
§ gsp-23-208
When Maryland State Government Started Teachers Retirement System
§ gsp-23-209
Denial of Membership in the Teachers Pension System
§ gsp-23-210
membership eligibility in Teachers Pension System
§ gsp-23-211
Board of Trustees membership continuation
§ gsp-23-212
Member Contribution Rate
§ gsp-23-213
Interest on member contributions
§ gsp-23-214
Educational System
§ gsp-23-215
Termination of Membership
§ gsp-23-215.1
Does Not Apply to Individuals Subject To The Alternate Contributory Pension Selection
§ gsp-23-215.2
Deadlines for Employee's Pension System
§ gsp-23-217
Employee Retirement, Part II of Subsection
§ gsp-23-218
Retirement Regulations
§ gsp-23-221
Meaning of Active Member in this Section
§ gsp-23-222
Member in this part shall receive allowances.
§ gsp-23-225
Employee and Teacher Pension Systems
§ gsp-23-226
Allowances for Creditable Services
§ gsp-23-301
Maryland Employee Pension System
§ gsp-23-302
Members are entitled to pensions for time served
§ gsp-23-303
_break in service_ means a period of separation from employment
§ gsp-23-303.1
Employee's Pension System
§ gsp-23-304
Members Entitled to Eligibility Services
§ gsp-23-304.1
An employee may not purchase service credit if not actually employed by the state.
§ gsp-23-305
Eligibility service is equal to military service of a member.
§ gsp-23-306
Qualification for Eligibility Service
§ gsp-23-306.1
Employees Pension System who Entitlements
§ gsp-23-306.2
A member who must contribute to the pension benefit may purchase service credits.
§ gsp-23-306.3
Section Application to Pension System Members
§ gsp-23-307
Employees Pension System Purchase Credit In Retirement Year
§ gsp-23-307.1
Section Applicability to Employees Pension System Surviving Beneficiaries
§ gsp-23-307.2
Beneficiaries of the Employees Pension System
§ gsp-23-307.3
Members of The Employees' Pension System
§ gsp-23-307.4
Law for employees pension system.
§ gsp-23-307.5
Retirement Benefits In Maryland State
§ gsp-23-308
The Teachers Pension System
§ gsp-23-308.1
details of this section applicable to whom
§ gsp-23-308.2
Maryland Teachers Retirement System
§ gsp-23-309
Characteristics of Creditable Services
§ gsp-23-310
details about unused sick leave of Board member
§ gsp-23-401
Requirements to Receive a Normal Service Retirement Allowance
§ gsp-23-402
Early Service Retirement Allowance Conditions
§ gsp-23-403
Former member retirement and termination
§ gsp-23-404
Maryland State Personnel Definitions
§ gsp-23-405
About Law of Teacher's and Employee's System
§ gsp-23-406
Under certain circumstances the board may reduce a member's allowance.
§ gsp-23-407
Area of Critical Shortages and Allowances
§ gsp-23-408
Individuals who wish to claim credit under the Judges' Retirement System must file proper documentation.
§ gsp-23-409
Title 29 Benefits and Entitlements
§ gsp-23-501
Vested members, retirees, beneficiaries of Maryland Pension System
§ gsp-24-101
This title applies to the State Police Retirement System.
§ gsp-24-201
This subtitle to apply only to a police personnel in Public Safety Article and State police cadet.
§ gsp-24-202
Individuals and The State Police Retirement System
§ gsp-24-203
Police Secretary can Become Employees Pension System Member.
§ gsp-24-204
The Board of Trustee's Powers to Determine Membership Eligibility for Individuals
§ gsp-24-205
Maryland State Personnel Contribution Rate
§ gsp-24-206
Guidelines for Paying Regular Interest Rates
§ gsp-24-207
Termination of Membership
§ gsp-24-208
State Police Retirement System Inclusion
§ gsp-24-301
Maryland State Personnel Entitlements
§ gsp-24-302
Maryland Board of Trustees
§ gsp-24-303
Eligibility Services for Members
§ gsp-24-304
A former employee that participated in the state retirement system may be eligible to purchase service credits.
§ gsp-24-304.1
Service credit purchase prohibited for past employees
§ gsp-24-305
member may purchase service credit
§ gsp-24-306
Purchases of Service Credit
§ gsp-24-307
Member Service Allowance
§ gsp-24-401
Retirement Regulations
§ gsp-24-401.1
§ gsp-24-402
applicable to former member with certain conditions
§ gsp-24-403
apllicable only to retiree with certain conditions
§ gsp-24-405
Service Retirement Allowance Guidelines
§ gsp-24-405
Service Retirement Allowance Guidelines
§ gsp-24-405.1
Police System Retirees
§ gsp-24-405.2
A disabled retired employee of the state will receive two-thirds of their regular salary.
§ gsp-24-406
State Police Retirement benefits
§ gsp-25-101
Maryland Correctional Officers Retirement System
§ gsp-25-102
Correctional Officers' Retirement System is the same and part of Employees' Retirement System.
§ gsp-25-201
Regulations of Security Officers
§ gsp-25-202
Employment Condition of Membership in Correctional Officers Retirement System
§ gsp-25-203
Member Contribution Rate
§ gsp-25-203.1
Retirement benefit transfer from employee pension
§ gsp-25-204
details about interest payable rate under this section
§ gsp-25-205
Membership termination
§ gsp-25-206
Details regarding transfer from local pension system
§ gsp-25-207
Correctional Officers' Retirement System Induction
§ gsp-25-301
Membership entitlements
§ gsp-25-302
Maryland Board of Trustees Duties
§ gsp-25-303
Service Member Credit Eligibility
§ gsp-25-304
Stipulations for Members of The Correctional Officers Retirement System
§ gsp-25-304.1
Employment Separation and Service Credit Purchase Prohibition
§ gsp-25-305
A member may purchase service credit.
§ gsp-25-306
purchasing service credit by member under this section
§ gsp-25-306.1
Formerly Vested Members of the Employees Pension System
§ gsp-25-307
Creditable service will be based on either on eligibility service or unused sick leave.
§ gsp-25-401
Stipulations for Retiring With Normal Service Allowances
§ gsp-25-401.1
Retirement Regulations for Baltimore City Jail Employees
§ gsp-25-402
Former Members
§ gsp-25-403
Acceptance of Employment as a Retiree
§ gsp-25-404
Member Entitlement of Benefits
§ gsp-26-101
Applying and Construing to Promote Uniformity
§ gsp-26-102
Law Enforcement Pension
§ gsp-26-201
Persons to which this subtitle applies and persons to whom it does not apply listed.
§ gsp-26-202
Member employment of Law Enforcement Officers Pension System
§ gsp-26-203
§ gsp-26-203.1
Transferring Funds
§ gsp-26-203.2
details about this section applicable to whom
§ gsp-26-203.3
The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Internal Investigative Unit
§ gsp-26-204
Member contribution rate
§ gsp-26-205
Interest Payable On Member Contributions
§ gsp-26-206
Situations In Which Pension Membership is Terminated
§ gsp-26-207
Membership in Law Enforcement Pension
§ gsp-26-209
The Law Enforcement Officers Pension System
§ gsp-26-210
details to avail allowance under this subtitle
§ gsp-26-211
Law Enforcement Officers Pension System Transferees From Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-26-212
Members of The Law Enforcement Officers Pension System
§ gsp-26-301
Maryland Member benefits
§ gsp-26-302
Law Enforcement Pension System Members are Entitled to Eligibility Service
§ gsp-26-303
A police officer may participate in the modified pension program after one year of service.
§ gsp-26-304
Member Entitlement To Eligibility Services
§ gsp-26-305
Military service credit equivalence for members.
§ gsp-26-306
If the board approves then a member of a pension group make take a leave of absence.
§ gsp-26-306.1
Maryland Service Credit
§ gsp-26-307
Details regarding a purchase service credit
§ gsp-26-307.1
Defines requirements for the purchase of service credit.
§ gsp-26-308
Properly Computing Benefits
§ gsp-26-401
Retiring With Normal Service Allowances
§ gsp-26-401.1
Meaning and implications of the word DROP for pension system and a member of such system.
§ gsp-26-402
A surviving spouse shall be entitled to one-half of regular pension.
§ gsp-26-403
Service Retirement Payments
§ gsp-26-404
A member may be entitled to benefits under Title 29 of this article
§ gsp-27-101
Termination of service definition
§ gsp-27-102
Applicability to Judges Retirement System Only
§ gsp-27-103
Details of impairment of benefits to a beneficiary
§ gsp-27-201
Judges' Retirement System members include:
§ gsp-27-202
Member's Contribution Rates Marked as 8%
§ gsp-27-203
Regular Interest Rate of 4% a Year Compounded, until Retirement or Withdrawal of Funds.
§ gsp-27-204
Withdrawal of Accumulated Contributions
§ gsp-27-301
regained under 27-302 of this subtitle by a member who redeposits accumulated contributions previously withdrawn.
§ gsp-27-302
Judges' Retirement System
§ gsp-27-303
A judge is entitled to service credit if they have previously served as a judge.
§ gsp-27-304
Service Credit Entitlement
§ gsp-27-401
Judges' Retirement System Members Entitled to Retirement Allowance
§ gsp-27-402
A retiree from a judicial position is entitled to two thirds of last salary as pension.
§ gsp-27-403
Payments Made To the Spouse of a Deceased Member of The Board of Trustees
§ gsp-27-404
Rules Regarding Distribution Of A Dead Retirees' Benefits
§ gsp-27-405
Results of a Member's Terminated Services
§ gsp-27-406
this section not applicable to the retiree
§ gsp-27-406
this section not applicable to the retiree
§ gsp-27-407
Meaning of "Supplement"
§ gsp-28-101
Maryland local fire and police system title
§ gsp-28-102
Local Emergency Services Operation
§ gsp-28-201
applicable person under this subtitle
§ gsp-28-202
Membership to local fire and police system
§ gsp-28-203
Membership continuance for absence or military
§ gsp-28-204
Employees' Retirement System contribution
§ gsp-28-205
details about interest payable on member contributions
§ gsp-28-206
Membership expiration
§ gsp-28-301
Entitlements for The Local Fire and Police System
§ gsp-28-302
Eligibility Service
§ gsp-28-303
Law for getting vested allowance
§ gsp-28-304
A member is entitled to eligibility service.
§ gsp-28-305
A military service member is entitled to equal service credit.
§ gsp-28-306
State Member Absence Eligibility Law
§ gsp-28-306.1
Service Credit Purchase Prohibition by Members
§ gsp-28-307
Purchase credit for eligibility service.
§ gsp-28-308
Creditable Service
§ gsp-28-401
To retire under this subsection, a member shall complete and submit a written application
§ gsp-28-402
Employee Benefits
§ gsp-28-403
A member may be entitled to benefits under Title 29 and this subtitle.
§ gsp-29-101
this subtitle not applicable to Judges Retirement System
§ gsp-29-102
submission of an application by the board of trustee in case retirement allowance for disability
§ gsp-29-103
Applications for disability retirement
§ gsp-29-104
Applications for disability retirement must be submitted before membership ends
§ gsp-29-105
Disability retirement requirements for State correctional department officers in Maryland.
§ gsp-29-106
Regulations applicable to different Retirement Systems
§ gsp-29-107
Retired state police section only
§ gsp-29-108
Section applies to members of State workers (teachers, law enforcement, fire safety, etc.).
§ gsp-29-109
The State Police Retirement System
§ gsp-29-110
How to determine the accidental disability retirement allowance of state employees(besides state police)
§ gsp-29-111
state police retirement system
§ gsp-29-112
Board of Trustees Approval of Disability Retirement Application
§ gsp-29-113
tate Police Retirement System Disability Retiree
§ gsp-29-114
Why accidental disability recipients may not receive ordinary disability benefits.
§ gsp-29-115
reemployment and disability allowance
§ gsp-29-116
Retiree pension reduction.
§ gsp-29-117
Compensation of disability retirees.
§ gsp-29-118
Conditions under which a retiring state official's retirement benefits may be reduced.
§ gsp-29-201
Subtitle Doesn't Apply To Judge's Retirement System
§ gsp-29-202
BoT pays beneficiaries or estate upon member death.
§ gsp-29-203
Subsection For Law Enforcement Officers' Pension Systems' Members
§ gsp-29-204
An employee of the state police retirement system may be eligible for certain death benefits.
§ gsp-29-204.1
Applicability To Death Under Correctional Officers Retirement System
§ gsp-29-204.2
Distribution of Retirement Pension of Deceased Employee
§ gsp-29-205
Maryland law on widow or widower benefits
§ gsp-29-206
"This section applies to the surviving spouse of an individual who died while employed as a member of the employees' Pension System,..."
§ gsp-29-207
It includes the beneficiary for former members
§ gsp-29-301
Judge's Retirement System and Vested Allowance
§ gsp-29-302
Specific Section Laws
§ gsp-29-302.1
conditons to applicable to individuals
§ gsp-29-303
Member's Section Applies To
§ gsp-29-303.1
Information for members of pension systems.
§ gsp-29-304
Vesting Rights of State Secretary
§ gsp-29-305
A constitutional officer who is a member of the Employees Pension System
§ gsp-29-401
This Section Indicates The Following Words' Meanings
§ gsp-29-402
Regulations applicable to retirees of the Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-29-404
Individuals the subtitle applies to
§ gsp-29-405
Directions to Board of Trustees to adjust allowances early
§ gsp-29-406
Cost-of-Living Adjustment Formula
§ gsp-29-407
Details of total allowance payable in fiscal year
§ gsp-29-410
This subsection applies to a specific list of government employees.
§ gsp-29-411
Directions to the Board of Trustees to adjust allowances
§ gsp-29-412
Calculation of an initial allowance
§ gsp-29-413
subsections applicable to the retiree
§ gsp-29-416
Applicability to Certain Allowances
§ gsp-29-417
Board Of Trustees Shall Adjust Allowance
§ gsp-29-418
The Board of Trustees and Fiscal Years
§ gsp-29-421
Employees Benefits After Retirement In Maryland State Government
§ gsp-29-422
Details about the effective date of selection
§ gsp-29-425
This subtitle applies from 1998-2011
§ gsp-29-426
Annual Allowance Adjustments
§ gsp-29-427
The Board of Trustees shall adjust an allowance each year.
§ gsp-29-430
Creditable Services for Retirement System
§ gsp-29-431
Board of Trustees Allowance Adjustment
§ gsp-29-432
Board Of Trustees and Budgeting
§ gsp-29-501
Subtitle Non-Applicability to Judges Retirement System
§ gsp-29-502
Board of Trustees Payment to Members
§ gsp-3-101
Administration of terms and conditions of employment.
§ gsp-3-102
Employee Law of Maryland
§ gsp-3-103
"Powers of the Governor or the Maryland General Assembly"
§ gsp-3-201
The State Labor Relations Board is independent of the state.
§ gsp-3-202
Laws concerning the composition of the Labor Relations Board.
§ gsp-3-203
Board Regulations and Entitlements
§ gsp-3-204
Definition of the Director of the State Labor Relations Board and the State Higher Education Labor Relations Board
§ gsp-3-204
Definition of the Director of the State Labor Relations Board and the State Higher Education Labor Relations Board
§ gsp-3-205
Duties of the State Personnel and Pensions Board
§ gsp-3-206
Board Enforcement of Regulations, Guidelines, and Policies
§ gsp-3-207
The board will investigate violations of this title and its regulations.
§ gsp-3-208
Requests by Exclusive Representatives for Employee Information
§ gsp-3-209
Failure to Comply With Board Issued Order
§ gsp-3-2A-01
State Higher Education Labor Relations Board
§ gsp-3-2A-02
Five members of the Board
§ gsp-3-2A-03
A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum
§ gsp-3-2A-04
Executive Director of the State Higher Education Labor Relations Board and Labor Relations Board
§ gsp-3-2A-05
"Responsibilities of The Board "
§ gsp-3-2A-06
Adoption and Enforcement of Labor-Related Regulations
§ gsp-3-2A-07
The power of the Board to investigate state benefit claims.
§ gsp-3-2A-08
Written request of an exclusive representative requirements
§ gsp-3-2A-09
Regulations applicable to person failed to comply with Board's order
§ gsp-3-301
Employees rights under title
§ gsp-3-302
List of the acts that can be performed by the State
§ gsp-3-303
Regulations regarding strikes.
§ gsp-3-304
§ gsp-3-305
The role of the state in combating strikes and lockouts.
§ gsp-3-306
Unfair labor practices
§ gsp-3-401
Board Shall Conduction Election For Bargaining Unit Representative
§ gsp-3-402
Petition for Exclusive Representative Election for Bargaining Unit
§ gsp-3-403
Appropriate bargaining
§ gsp-3-404
The employee organizations governing documents
§ gsp-3-405
Valid Petition Submission Determination Notification
§ gsp-3-406
Board Certification Of Exclusive Representatives
§ gsp-3-407
Employee Organization Exclusive Representatives
§ gsp-3-501
Institutional designatation of representatives in collective bargaining.
§ gsp-3-502
Collective bargaining between an employee organization and a system institution.
§ gsp-3-601
Regulations of a memorandum of understanding
§ gsp-3-602
Regulations to the President to terminate a cooperation agreement
§ gsp-30-101
"Following words with meanings"
§ gsp-30-201
Details about the optional retirement program
§ gsp-30-202
The Board of Trustees may only designate four companies.
§ gsp-30-203
Regulations adoption
§ gsp-30-204
responsibilities of Board of trustees under this section
§ gsp-30-205
Employee contributions to no more than two designated companies.
§ gsp-30-206
Purchasing of Annuity Contracts
§ gsp-30-207
In state pension and personnel manners annuities will be paid to eligible employees.
§ gsp-30-208
The role of the board of trustees in reviewing annuity contracts.
§ gsp-30-209
"Administrative and operational expenses of the program will be paid by the expense fund."
§ gsp-30-210
The institution may hire or fire or retire employees.
§ gsp-30-210.1
covered individual
§ gsp-30-211
Company responsibilities when enrolling employees
§ gsp-30-212
"Providing of supplemental retirement by a Designated Company"
§ gsp-30-301
Program Participation Eligibility Requirements
§ gsp-30-302
Election to Participate in Program
§ gsp-30-303
About Law of Employee Eligible
§ gsp-30-304
Why state employees cant receive double benefits in Maryland.
§ gsp-30-305
Section Applicability to Certain Employees
§ gsp-30-306
Pension program elections may require an application
§ gsp-30-307
Program Participation and Waiver of Rights and Benefits
§ gsp-30-401
Regulations to an employing institution in authorization of employees
§ gsp-31-101
Meanings of Words
§ gsp-31-102
What the Subdivisions may Partake in
§ gsp-31-103
Laws concerning state designation of eligible governmental units.
§ gsp-31-104
Eligibility To Participate In The Employees__ Systems Under This Subtitle
§ gsp-31-105
Eligible employees of the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority
§ gsp-31-106
Benefits guideline for Maryland Stadium Authority employees
§ gsp-31-106.1
Only full-time employees of the Maryland African-American museum corporation can participate in pensions.
§ gsp-31-106.2
St. Marys Nursing Center Employees' System Eligibility
§ gsp-31-107
University of Maryland Employment Eligibility
§ gsp-31-108
eligibilities to participate in employee's system
§ gsp-31-109
Employee Of Government Eligible Except 31-110
§ gsp-31-109.1
Eligibility and registration requirements for the Employee Pension System in Maryland.
§ gsp-31-110
Employees Retirement System
§ gsp-31-111
An employee shall be eligible for pension service credit if a member on the effective date.
§ gsp-31-111.1
Service credit for supportive service employees.
§ gsp-31-111.2
Service Credit to Town of Oakland Employees
§ gsp-31-111.3
Pension benefits for City of Frostburg employees
§ gsp-31-111.4
Terms Of Membership's Pension Under 23-204(e)
§ gsp-31-111.5
Employees of the City of Sykesville are eligible for state service credit.
§ gsp-31-111.6
Eligibility Services for Special Employee
§ gsp-31-112
Section Indicates Employee Of Unit Eligible For Benefits
§ gsp-31-113
Operations of Pension System
§ gsp-31-114
Duties and requirements of the chief fiscal officer.
§ gsp-31-115
Supplemental Allowances for Employees
§ gsp-31-116
Government Unit Can Provide Employees Benefit This Date
§ gsp-31-116.1
Provision of Alternate Contributory Pension Selection
§ gsp-31-116.2
Employee Pension System
§ gsp-31-2A-01
Definitions of eligible types of public safety employees
§ gsp-31-2A-02
County and Municipal Corporation Eligibility
§ gsp-31-2A-03
Law Enforcement Officers Pension System Approval By Legislature
§ gsp-31-2A-03.1
How Maryland State Government Implemented Pension System
§ gsp-31-2A-04
First Response workers receiving pension with the Law Enforcement Officers Pension System
§ gsp-31-2A-05
"If an eligible governmental unit approves participation then the operation of the local pension system terminates."
§ gsp-31-2B-01
Definitions of several titles as they pertain to Maryland state law.
§ gsp-31-2B-02
The governmental units eligibility
§ gsp-31-2B-03
Need 60% participation to petition
§ gsp-31-2B-03.1
Governmental unit elects to participate in the Correctional Officers' Retirement System.
§ gsp-31-2B-04
"If local detention center officers join the Correctional Officers Retirement System the member is entitled to credit."
§ gsp-31-2B-05
Correctional Officers Retirement System and Local Pension Waiver
§ gsp-31-301
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gsp-31-302
Withdrawal From State
§ gsp-31-303
effective period of withdrawals under this section
§ gsp-31-304
Governmental unit withdraws from a State system.
§ gsp-31-305
Benefit protection rights for government agency employees.
§ gsp-31-306
Employee Withdrawal Unit Administrative Responsibilities
§ gsp-32-101
Employee Contribution and Retirement Plans: Term Definitions
§ gsp-32-201
Optional Defined Contribution System
§ gsp-32-202
Details about administration of Optional Defined Contribution System
§ gsp-32-203
Regulations applicable to the State supplemental plans
§ gsp-32-204
Employee Contribution Compensation
§ gsp-32-205
Employee Contributions For Maryland State Government Budget
§ gsp-32-205.1
Supplement eligibility requirements for Employees of the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority.
§ gsp-32-206
Including appropriation in State budget for participating employees.
§ gsp-32-207
Plans must only be offered to eligible employees
§ gsp-32-208
St. Mary's College employee retirement plan restrictions
§ gsp-34-101
Usage Of Health Benefits Trust Fund By Maryland
§ gsp-35-101
Terminology regarding supplemental retirement plans.
§ gsp-35-102
supplemental retirement plans
§ gsp-35-201
Board of Trustees for Retirement Plan
§ gsp-35-202
The Board's 9 members
§ gsp-35-203
"Whom can a The Governor appoint"
§ gsp-35-204
Regulations and Requirements of The Board
§ gsp-35-205
implementing retirement plans by the Board
§ gsp-35-301
Fiduciary meaning description of Maryland law
§ gsp-35-302
Investing funds from supplemental retirement plans
§ gsp-35-401
Tax sheltered annuity plan
§ gsp-35-402
Tax Shelter Annuity Plan Eligibility Requirements
§ gsp-35-403
An employees may voluntarily have deductions made for a tax deferred anuity by an employer.
§ gsp-35-404
Regulations to County Board of Education to adopt plan for employees
§ gsp-35-501
There is a salary reduction savings plan for eligible participants
§ gsp-35-502
State employee participation in the salary reduction savings plan
§ gsp-35-601
Maryland has a deferred compensation plan
§ gsp-35-602
"Qualification to participate in the deferred compensation plan"
§ gsp-35-701
Details of Defined Contribution Plan for eligible participants
§ gsp-35-702
Eligibility to Participate in the Defined Contribution Plan
§ gsp-36-101
Social Security Act Benefit Provision to Employees
§ gsp-36-102
Maryland State Government Articles To Define Laws
§ gsp-37-101
Contributory system means a State or local retirement or pension system
§ gsp-37-201
Regulations applicable to transfers between State or local retirement or pension systems
§ gsp-37-202
Transferring Service Credits By A Member of a State or Local Retirement or Pension System
§ gsp-37-203
Regulations applicable to a transfer of service credit
§ gsp-37-203.1
Individuals may transfer service credit from a contributory system
§ gsp-37-203.2
Regulations applicable to State or local retirement or pension system
§ gsp-37-204
Member of State pension system
§ gsp-37-205
Retirement Pension Program
§ gsp-37-206
Pension Systems and The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
§ gsp-38-101
Military Member Contributions
§ gsp-38-102
Local Retirement Pension
§ gsp-38-103
Members of The State or Local Retirement or Pension Systems
§ gsp-38-104
Individuals Who are Members or Former Members of State Systems
§ gsp-38-105
Government Units Authorized To Administer Retirement or Pension Plans
§ gsp-38-201
Individuals Who Are Members of The General Assembly After January 15, 1963
§ gsp-39-101
Meaning of "County" and "Special Retirement or Pension System," and
§ gsp-39-102
Special Retirement Plans Shouldn't Be Created By Counties.
§ gsp-39-103
Special Retirement or Pension Systems
§ gsp-39-104
Special retirement takes Predence Over Maryland State Law
§ gsp-4-103
Secretary Is Responsible for Carrying Out Division Provisions.
§ gsp-4-106
The Secretary's Powers To Adopt Provisions Relating to Division I
§ gsp-4-107
The Secretary's Duties for Creating Efficiency and Economy in State Government
§ gsp-4-108
certain procedures to Secretary under this title
§ gsp-4-109
Conducting Investigations
§ gsp-4-201
Not For Units of State Government With Independent Personnel Systems
§ gsp-4-202
The secretary of Maryland's duties
§ gsp-4-203
The Secretary may delegate authority to the head of a principal unit to classify positions
§ gsp-4-204
§ gsp-4-205
Guidelines for Material Changes
§ gsp-4-301
Forms Executive Branch of Maryland submit
§ gsp-4-302
Secretary Must Submit Annual Report to Governor.
§ gsp-4-303
The Secretary Offering Assistance For Personnel Matters
§ gsp-4-304
Providing of Utilities to Public Buildings
§ gsp-4-401
§ gsp-40-101
Definition of "Local Jurisdiction"
§ gsp-5-101
Duties of The Head of Each Principal Unit
§ gsp-5-201
"Coordinator" means the Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator
§ gsp-5-202
Equal Employment Opportunity Program is merit based run under Secretary.
§ gsp-5-203
Workers Can File Employee Discrimination Complaint Against Employer.
§ gsp-5-204
The Secretary's Duties
§ gsp-5-205
Provisions and Intent of The Maryland Constitution
§ gsp-5-206
Appointing an Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator
§ gsp-5-207
§ gsp-5-208
Executive Branch Employees
§ gsp-5-209
Employment Discrimination For Employees of The State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-5-210
Complainant Representation
§ gsp-5-211
Written Complaints Made By Applicants
§ gsp-5-212
Regulations to address or deal with a Complaint Filed
§ gsp-5-213
Time Frame For Appealing Decisions
§ gsp-5-214
Maryland on confidential information
§ gsp-5-215
Violations by Employees
§ gsp-5-301
Regulations to applicants of Executive Branch of State Government
§ gsp-5-302
Defamation of Invasion of Privacy
§ gsp-5-303
The Secretary's Powers To Adopt Regulations for Processing Complaints
§ gsp-5-304
Requirements for What Head Principals Must Provide Their Employees
§ gsp-5-305
Guidelines For Disclosing Information
§ gsp-5-306
Subtitle applies to disclosure that is specifically prohibited by law.
§ gsp-5-307
the University System of Maryland who selected file a grievance.
§ gsp-5-308
Complainants and The Complaint Process
§ gsp-5-309
Giving Notice of Violations
§ gsp-5-310
Appealing To The Office of Administrative Hearings
§ gsp-5-311
award costs of litigation .
§ gsp-5-312
1. promptly refer the matter to an appropriate prosecutor;2. make all pertinent evidence
§ gsp-5-313
investigate each allegation of illegality for many people.
§ gsp-5-314
Guidelines for Confidential Information Obtained During an Investigation
§ gsp-5-401
Definition of "State Facility" and "Unit"
§ gsp-6-101
state personnel management system
§ gsp-6-102
purpose of State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-6-201
Appointing Authorities Regulations
§ gsp-6-202
Governing Laws by Division
§ gsp-6-203
Assignation of Employees
§ gsp-6-301
Positions in The State Government
§ gsp-6-302
How Maryland defines the executive branch of state government
§ gsp-6-303
Judicial Branch positions
§ gsp-6-304
Characteristics of Positions in The Legislative Branch of The Government
§ gsp-6-305
The State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-6-306
Appointment Of 70-Year-Old Individuals In The State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-6-401
Stipulations of Positions in The Executive Branch of State Government
§ gsp-6-402
Executive Branch of State Positions
§ gsp-6-403
Management Service Position in State Government Executive Branch
§ gsp-6-404
Duties of The Executive Branch of The Government
§ gsp-6-405
Skilled Service Positions
§ gsp-6-406
Temporary Employee Definition and Types
§ gsp-7-101
State Personnel Management System Employee Regulations
§ gsp-7-102
Stipulations for Skilled Service and Professional Service Employees
§ gsp-7-103
The Criminal Justice Information System Central Repository
§ gsp-7-201
Department Must Recruit Professionals Based on Selection Guidelines.
§ gsp-7-202
Filling Skilled Positions
§ gsp-7-203
The appointing authority may select candidates for open positions as they see fit.
§ gsp-7-204
Requirements For Recruiting Candidates and Appointing Authorities
§ gsp-7-205
The Appointing Authority's Duties After The Closing of A Position
§ gsp-7-206
gsp-7-206 An appointing authority may use any appropriate selection process to rate qualified applicants
§ gsp-7-207
Applying Credit To An Applicant's Score
§ gsp-7-208
Categories of candidates of appointing authority.
§ gsp-7-209
Powers of Appointed Authorities to Make Appointments Among Candidates
§ gsp-7-210
guidelines for appeal
§ gsp-7-301
Appointment of Executive Service Individuals
§ gsp-7-401
Skilled Service Professionals Regulations
§ gsp-7-402
Employees Subject To 6-Month Probationary Periods
§ gsp-7-403
Employee Probationary Period Specifics
§ gsp-7-404
Evaluation of Employee Performance
§ gsp-7-405
An Appointing Authority's Ability to Take Disciplinary Action Against Employees
§ gsp-7-501
Evaluations Of Performance Of A Skilled Employee
§ gsp-7-502
Employee Performance Appraisals
§ gsp-7-503
A supervisor shall prepare a preliminary performance appraisal for each employee
§ gsp-7-504
Appointing Authorities For Interim Conferences
§ gsp-7-601
Maryland State Government Employee Section
§ gsp-7-602
Employees can be Promoted by Assigned Authority.
§ gsp-7-701
part time employee, desiring to be full-time employee.
§ gsp-8-101
The Secretary established a pay plan to provide employees with pay comparable to their skills.
§ gsp-8-102
How Maryland processes the executive pay plan
§ gsp-8-103
Providing Financial Records
§ gsp-8-104
Standard Pay Plan
§ gsp-8-105
Standard Pay Plan Specifications
§ gsp-8-106
the Standard Pay Plan for Maryland law.
§ gsp-8-107
Standard Pay Plan Wage Increases
§ gsp-8-108
If covered by the executive pay plan an employee may be paid more than the pay grade level.
§ gsp-8-109
The Secretary's Powers to Decrease Pay
§ gsp-8-201
Employees in The State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-8-202
Hazardous Duty Pay
§ gsp-8-301
Applicability of Payment Authority on Employees
§ gsp-8-302
Maryland's addition to the Fair Labor Standards Act
§ gsp-8-303
Payment of Overtime
§ gsp-8-304
Details regarding employees regular hourly rate of pay
§ gsp-8-305
Computation of Overtime Payment for hospital, domiciliary care, law enforcement and civilian employees
§ gsp-8-306
Regulations for Payment of Overtime Work
§ gsp-8-307
The Secretary's Power to Provide Employees With Regulations Consistent With The Fair Labor Standards Act
§ gsp-8-308
Law Enforcement Officials Pay Rates
§ gsp-8-309
Salary-Setting and Pension Authority Description for State Personnel
§ gsp-8-401
Maryland on the authorization of the Secretary
§ gsp-8-402
Officers will be fined for unlawful payments.
§ gsp-9-1001
Medical Leave Act May be Adopted by Secretary.
§ gsp-9-101
The secretary will adopt regulations pertaining personnel management.
§ gsp-9-102
The Secretary's Duty to Compile Leave Reports
§ gsp-9-103
Paid Leave Employees Are Entitled to Insurance Benefits.
§ gsp-9-1101
State Personnel Management
§ gsp-9-1102
Employees and Temporary Employees of The Executive Branch
§ gsp-9-1103
Employee's Entitlement to Proper Health Care
§ gsp-9-1104
Types of leaves with pay provided by the Secretary
§ gsp-9-1105
Regulations for Leaves of Absence without Pay
§ gsp-9-1106
This section applies to all employees, including temporary employees
§ gsp-9-1107
Military Administrative Leave Terms From July 2003
§ gsp-9-1201
The State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-9-1202
The Sick Leave Incentive Program For State Employees
§ gsp-9-1203
The Sick Leave Incentive Program consists of the following two incentives
§ gsp-9-1204
The payment, sick leave usage rate, and sick leave balance for a part-time employee
§ gsp-9-201
List of days for an Employee Holiday
§ gsp-9-202
elegibility person under this subtitle
§ gsp-9-203
Workers Are Entitled to Holiday Leave with Pay.
§ gsp-9-204
Use of Holiday Leave
§ gsp-9-205
Maryland awards compensatory time for holiday work
§ gsp-9-301
elegibilities for annual leave with pay
§ gsp-9-302
Definition of "Total State Service"
§ gsp-9-303
Employee's Power to Use Annual Leave
§ gsp-9-304
Disposition of Unused Annual Leave
§ gsp-9-305
Terminated Employees Will Receive Unused Annual Leave Compensation.
§ gsp-9-306
Consequences for Losing a State Job Because of Moral Turpitude
§ gsp-9-307
Annual Leave For Employees
§ gsp-9-308
An employee may voluntarily donate any amount of the employees annual leave to the State Employees in Maryland
§ gsp-9-401
Stipulations for Employees in The State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-9-402
Personal Leave For Holidays.
§ gsp-9-403
Employee Limitations for Acquiring Personal Leave
§ gsp-9-404
Maryland on employee donations
§ gsp-9-501
All state employees are entitled to paid sick leave.
§ gsp-9-502
Sick Leave Allocations
§ gsp-9-503
Payment for sick leave taken under this subtitle for personal illness or disability
§ gsp-9-504
Extended Sick Days
§ gsp-9-505
Caring for a Child
§ gsp-9-506
Accumulation of Employee Sick Time
§ gsp-9-507
Sick Leave Forfeiture to Leave Bank
§ gsp-9-508
Employee's Rights to Donate Their Unused Sick Leave
§ gsp-9-601
Family Healthcare Regulations
§ gsp-9-602
State Employees Leave Bank
§ gsp-9-603
Regulations related to an employee's Leave Bank
§ gsp-9-604
Unused Leave Can Be Donated to Another Employee.
§ gsp-9-605
Maryland's paid leave hour restrictions
§ gsp-9-606
Denial of Employment Leave
§ gsp-9-607
Individuals Who Threaten Employees Can be Terminated.
§ gsp-9-701
Entitlements for Employees in The State Personnel Management System
§ gsp-9-702
Circumstances in Which Employees Can Use Work-Related Accident Leave
§ gsp-9-703
Examination of Employees on Work-related Accident Leave Allowed
§ gsp-9-704
Guidelines for Payment to Employees Injured in Work-Related Circumstances
§ gsp-9-705
State Will Sue Employer on Work Accident Claims.
§ gsp-9-801
Employees of The Executive Branch of The Government
§ gsp-9-802
Work Schedule Regulations
§ gsp-9-803
Workers making up time missed for religious observance
§ gsp-9-804
Adoption of Exception Policies
§ gsp-9-901
the employee's State employment Management System.