State Government

This is Article gsg of the Code of State, titled “State Government.” It’s comprised of the following 1146 sections.

§ gsg-1-101
Words meanings indication.
§ gsg-10-1001
Penalty For Violation In Maryland State Government
§ gsg-10-101
Definitions Regarding Local Governments
§ gsg-10-102
Applies to and not Applies to:
§ gsg-10-102
Applies to and not Applies to:
§ gsg-10-105
not applicable to the regulations of bicounty commission
§ gsg-10-106
Details about the effectiveness of a regulation
§ gsg-10-107
meaning of Unit counsel
§ gsg-10-108
Directions to the unit to prepare a regulation
§ gsg-10-109
Executive Branch Of Maryland State Government Section
§ gsg-10-110
Proposed regulation exceptions
§ gsg-10-1101
"The General Assembly finds that the inability to speak the English language is a barrier that prevents access to public services."
§ gsg-10-1102
Details about Oral language services and its methods
§ gsg-10-1103
§ gsg-10-1104
"State department "
§ gsg-10-1105
Department of Human Services provides information to other agencies
§ gsg-10-111
Origins of adopting a proposed regulation
§ gsg-10-111.1
Regulations to the Committee in adopting proposed regulations
§ gsg-10-111.2
Including all unapproved emergency regulations.
§ gsg-10-112
Regulations applicable to emergency adoption of a regulation
§ gsg-10-112.1
Laws on Publishing of Texts by the Unit
§ gsg-10-113
unit counsel meaning under this section
§ gsg-10-114
Guidelines for the Adoption of Regulations
§ gsg-10-115
Reset or Reprinting The Code of Maryland Regulations
§ gsg-10-116
Rules for adopting proposed regulations
§ gsg-10-117
The Effective Date of a Regulation
§ gsg-10-118
Committees may enact emergency regulations on an emergency basis.
§ gsg-10-120
Things Part IV Does Not Apply To
§ gsg-10-1201
telephone systems
§ gsg-10-1202
All State Unit Toll-Free Telephone Numbers Represented
§ gsg-10-1203
toll free phone numbers to be mentioned
§ gsg-10-121
Political groups entitled same rights as other groups
§ gsg-10-122
How Maryland State To Adopt Regulations Under Part IV
§ gsg-10-123
Regulations of a petition of interested person to adopt a regulation
§ gsg-10-124
§ gsg-10-125
Court may determine the validity of any regulation.
§ gsg-10-128
Origins of provision of a regulation
§ gsg-10-129
Rules For Executive Branch Of Maryland State Government
§ gsg-10-130
Following words have the meanings indicated, for Part IV
§ gsg-10-131
Regulation of Bi-County or Multicounty Commissions
§ gsg-10-132
Details about executive system and legislative evaluation of regulations
§ gsg-10-132.1
The adopting authority shall serve 8 years
§ gsg-10-133
Governor's Duties To Review And Evaluate
§ gsg-10-134
How and When Units Shall Prepare Work Plans.
§ gsg-10-135
Each unit shall complete an evaluation report before the deadline established by the executive order
§ gsg-10-136
Unit Disagreement with Committee Recommendation
§ gsg-10-137
The role of the state government in resolving land and property disputes in Maryland.
§ gsg-10-138
"The amendments after an evaluation report "
§ gsg-10-139
Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act
§ gsg-10-201
Treatment of individuals
§ gsg-10-202
Terminology of state sponsored agencies in Maryland.
§ gsg-10-203
Agencies not applicable under this subtitle
§ gsg-10-203
Agencies not applicable under this subtitle
§ gsg-10-204
Political Subdivisions Entitled To Be An Interested Party
§ gsg-10-205
Contested case hearing guidelines
§ gsg-10-206
Maryland State Government Governing Procedures Summary
§ gsg-10-206.1
Restrictions of agencies
§ gsg-10-207
Notification of agency actions and contents of notice
§ gsg-10-208
Reasonable Written Notice of Parties In Contested Case
§ gsg-10-209
Notifying license holders may be sent by regular mail
§ gsg-10-210
Regulations to an agency or Office to dispose contested case
§ gsg-10-211
Methods to Conduct a Hearing
§ gsg-10-212
Contested Case Hearing Open to the Public
§ gsg-10-212.1
Appointment of Interpreter In Contested Cases
§ gsg-10-213
Each party shall offer all of the evidence
§ gsg-10-214
Evidence of record in the contested case proceeding.
§ gsg-10-215
Maryland Court Proceedings
§ gsg-10-216
Exceptions to single party decisions in contested cases
§ gsg-10-217
How Maryland State Government Show Evidence
§ gsg-10-218
Record Creation By A Contested Case's Presiding Officer
§ gsg-10-219
Ex Parte Communication
§ gsg-10-220
Regulations applicable to the Office regarding proposed findings
§ gsg-10-221
Final decision shall be writed or stated on record.
§ gsg-10-222
Court petition laws
§ gsg-10-222.1
Guidelines for Civil Enforcement
§ gsg-10-223
Section Non-Application to the Following
§ gsg-10-224
meaning of Business, nonprofit organization under this section
§ gsg-10-225
Article gsg of the State Code of Maryland.
§ gsg-10-226
Meanings Of Words And Terms In This Section
§ gsg-10-301
Definition of unit
§ gsg-10-302
subtitle does not apply to
§ gsg-10-302
subtitle does not apply to
§ gsg-10-303
Subdivision Equal Rights Pertaining to This Subtitle
§ gsg-10-304
Details about submission of petition to declaratory ruling
§ gsg-10-305
The legal power of a declaratory ruling and how to contest one.
§ gsg-10-401
"Maryland Workers' Compensation Act"
§ gsg-10-501
Preamble for Meetings
§ gsg-10-502
meanings of administrative, advisory, judicial and legislative functions
§ gsg-10-502.1
State Open Meetings Law Compliance Board
§ gsg-10-502.2
Guidelines for Members of the Board
§ gsg-10-502.3
Jobs of the Board
§ gsg-10-502.4
Board Review of Violations of Subtitle Provisions
§ gsg-10-502.5
How to obtain an opinion from the Board
§ gsg-10-502.6
Board's Responsibility Upon Receipt Of Complaint
§ gsg-10-503
Exceptions of Subtitle
§ gsg-10-504
Subtitle and Public Bodies' Meeting Laws Conflicts
§ gsg-10-505
Meeting in Open Session
§ gsg-10-506
Public body meeting.
§ gsg-10-507
"General Public Invited to Attend Open Body Sessions"
§ gsg-10-507.1
applicable only to Executive and Legislative branches
§ gsg-10-508
Stipulations for Public Meetings
§ gsg-10-509
Section Doesn't Require Change And Limits Others
§ gsg-10-510
list of actions not applicable under this section
§ gsg-10-511
Violation of Provisions Fine
§ gsg-10-512
Open Meetings Act.
§ gsg-10-601
meaning of political subdivision under this subtitle
§ gsg-10-602
The State, a political subdivision, or a unit of either may persist in these conditions
§ gsg-10-604
Definition of "Department," "Division," "Form," "Independent Unit," and "Plan"
§ gsg-10-605
Designation Of A Forms Management Officer
§ gsg-10-606
Description of The Plan
§ gsg-10-607
Department and Unit Restricted Use of Approved Forms
§ gsg-10-608
Department and Unit Annual Report Submission to Department
§ gsg-10-611
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gsg-10-611
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gsg-10-612
" Rights entitled to the persons to have access to information about the affairs of government"
§ gsg-10-613
Custodians Shall Permit Government To Inspect Records
§ gsg-10-614
Custodian Actions
§ gsg-10-615
Custodial Inspection Denial
§ gsg-10-616
Custodian Denial of Public Inspection Record
§ gsg-10-617
A custodian shall deny access to certain records as outlined in this provision, unless the provision allows for these records to be accessed.
§ gsg-10-618
Public/Private Building Inspection
§ gsg-10-619
The Maryland State Government Court Rules
§ gsg-10-620
People able to view records may have physical copy
§ gsg-10-620
People able to view records may have physical copy
§ gsg-10-621
Definition of "Reasonable Fee"
§ gsg-10-621
Definition of "Reasonable Fee"
§ gsg-10-622
Denial of Inspection
§ gsg-10-623
Denying Inspections of Public Records
§ gsg-10-624
Definitions of personal records
§ gsg-10-625
Interested Person Request to Correct Inaccurate Public Information
§ gsg-10-626
Liability for Actual Damages
§ gsg-10-627
penalty details who violate this subtitle
§ gsg-10-628
Custodian duty specifications.
§ gsg-10-630
Public Information Act is same under this section
§ gsg-10-631
meaning of Division, Program under this subtitle
§ gsg-10-632
Regulation of record-keeping and archives
§ gsg-10-633
Each agency of the government shall have a developed plan for the maintenance of records.
§ gsg-10-634
Maryland State Government Budget & Management
§ gsg-10-637
Meanings of Archives, Commission and Public Official
§ gsg-10-638
Maryland State Government Laws & Its Sections
§ gsg-10-639
Record Retention & Disposal Schedules In Maryland State Government
§ gsg-10-640
A public official may make decisions about their personal contributions to the archives.
§ gsg-10-641
The power of public officials to make additions to the archives.
§ gsg-10-642
Written approval of the State Archivist.
§ gsg-10-701
General Assembly Requirements for change in units
§ gsg-10-702
Definition Of Property In This Section
§ gsg-10-703
Regulations to abolished employees of skilled or professional service
§ gsg-10-704
Each petition that was begun by the unit remains in force
§ gsg-10-705
Each order that relates to a transferred function of an abolished unit remains in effect until the successor amends or rescinds the order
§ gsg-10-706
Obligations of a transferred functions of an abolished unit
§ gsg-10-801
Public Communication Terms Defined
§ gsg-10-802
Units Must Establish Policy Governing Public Communication
§ gsg-10-803
unit policies should be submitted under this section
§ gsg-10-901
Definitions of Terms
§ gsg-10-902
Details about automated mapping-geographic information system
§ gsg-10-903
System established or maintained by any governmental unit.
§ gsg-10-904
Fee Structures Adopted by The Government
§ gsg-10-905
Online Access to Geographic Data Stipulations
§ gsg-11-101
Words meaning indicated.
§ gsg-11-102
Consolidating and expediting development permits
§ gsg-11-103
This title applies only to a development project
§ gsg-11-104
Federal Grant Provision Conflicts
§ gsg-11-105
about Board of Public works under this section
§ gsg-11-301
Details about the State Permit Coordinator
§ gsg-11-302
Duties of the Coordinator
§ gsg-11-401
Guidelines for local governments regulating the creation of development permits.
§ gsg-11-402
State Development Permits
§ gsg-11-403
Regulations applicable to State master application form
§ gsg-11-404
Development Permits
§ gsg-11-501
§ gsg-11-502
Application for Development Hearings
§ gsg-11-505
developmental permits
§ gsg-11-506
"How a request is made to the local government?"
§ gsg-11-507
The power of the local government to approve or disapprove of joint hearing request.
§ gsg-11-508
Approval process of state and local joint hearings
§ gsg-11-509
Joint Hearings
§ gsg-11-512
Consolidating Hearing Requests
§ gsg-11-513
Applicant and Coordinator Hearing Request Roles
§ gsg-11-514
Directions to the Coordinator regarding State master application
§ gsg-11-515
Development project is to be located in only 1 county.
§ gsg-11-518
"Publishing and hearing of notice in the Maryland Register by the Coordinator"
§ gsg-11-519
Joint or Consolidated Hearings
§ gsg-11-520
Development hearings.
§ gsg-11-521
Extension of Time for State Units
§ gsg-11-522
Appealing a Determination for Application of Development Permit
§ gsg-11-523
"Administrative and judicial review "
§ gsg-12-101
§ gsg-12-101
§ gsg-12-102
Broad subtitles for coverage
§ gsg-12-103
Proposed laws may not waive the sovereign immunity of the state.
§ gsg-12-103.1
Tort immunity member
§ gsg-12-103.2
Meaning of Tort Claim in this Section
§ gsg-12-104
Exclusions and limitations over immunity of the Maryland state
§ gsg-12-105
Immunity from liability Law of Maryland
§ gsg-12-106
Exceptions for which this section does not apply.
§ gsg-12-107
Defining Claims
§ gsg-12-108
Service Complaint Documents is Enough to Defend Lawsuits.
§ gsg-12-109
Counsel Fee Percentage Limits
§ gsg-12-110
Maryland Tort Claims Act
§ gsg-12-201
The State may not raise the defense of sovereign immunity
§ gsg-12-202
Range of Time Within Which Claimants May File Suit
§ gsg-12-203
The Governor shall set aside money for judgements
§ gsg-12-204
Legislative and judicial branches do not apply.
§ gsg-12-301
The title doesn't apply to
§ gsg-12-304
Origins of Attorney General appearing in a civil action/special proceeding against a State officer
§ gsg-12-305
Financial Obligations of the State Officer or Employee
§ gsg-12-306
Right of Defendant to File Counterclaim Against A Third Party
§ gsg-12-307
Certain information that the attorney general receives can not be used in a court of law.
§ gsg-12-308
Attorney General Refusal of Representation Against State Employee
§ gsg-12-309
Court reimbursement on malicious lawsuits
§ gsg-12-310
Origins of State officer or State employee for reimbursement fees
§ gsg-12-313
The Attorney General May Not Represent State Officials
§ gsg-12-314
The Board of Public works may provide for a defense for officers and other employees.
§ gsg-12-315
Public Works Payment Prohibitions Under Subtitle
§ gsg-12-316
Reimbursement Conditions
§ gsg-12-318
False Arrest and Malicious Prosecution Compensation Guidelines.
§ gsg-12-401
Definition of "State Personnel"
§ gsg-12-402
The state is a unique body
§ gsg-12-403
Immunity of The State Is Not Affected.
§ gsg-12-404
Public Works may pay settlements.
§ gsg-12-405
Origins of paying a settlement/judgment against state personnel
§ gsg-12-406
Specific Payment
§ gsg-12-501
Board of Public Works approvals
§ gsg-13-101
State Seal of Maryland.
§ gsg-13-102
Components of Great Seal of Maryland
§ gsg-13-103
The Secretary of State is responsible for the state seal.
§ gsg-13-104
Governors usage of State Seal.
§ gsg-13-105
Secretary and Chief Clerk allowed to have seal
§ gsg-13-201
Official State Flag of Maryland
§ gsg-13-202
Quartering of the State Flag
§ gsg-13-203
Requirements for ornament on top of a flagstaff
§ gsg-13-204
Rules of flying the US and Maryland flag
§ gsg-13-205
word meanings indicated
§ gsg-13-206
Where state flags must be manufactured.
§ gsg-13-301
Euphydryas phaeton is the state of Maryland's insect
§ gsg-13-302
The state bird is called Baltimore Oriole
§ gsg-13-303
The Chesapeake Bay retriever is the State dog.
§ gsg-13-304
The Striped Bass Is The State Fish.
§ gsg-13-305
State flower is the (Rudbeckia hirta) black-eyed susan.
§ gsg-13-306
State as its Poet Laureate qualifications.
§ gsg-13-307
The poem "Maryland! My Maryland!" and the tune of "Lauriger Horatius" are the State song
§ gsg-13-308
"Jousting and Lacrosse "
§ gsg-13-309
Theaters in the state
§ gsg-13-310
State tree is White Oak
§ gsg-13-311
Meaninf of Ecphora gardnerae gardnerae
§ gsg-13-312
The state boat of Maryland is the Skipjack
§ gsg-13-313
meaning of the diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin)
§ gsg-13-314
Maryland state dance is square dancing
§ gsg-13-315
The State Drink is Milk
§ gsg-13-316
The State Dinosaur Is Astrodon Johnstoni
§ gsg-13-317
The State Cat Is The Calico Cat.
§ gsg-13-318
Laws defining the State horse of Maryland.
§ gsg-13-319
The Patuxent River stone is the State gem.
§ gsg-13-320
The State desert of Maryland is Smith Island Cake.
§ gsg-13-321
About State Exercice
§ gsg-13-401
John Hanson's birthday
§ gsg-13-402
Law Day U.S.A
§ gsg-13-403
Celebration of Poetry Day.
§ gsg-13-404
Governor's duties; moment of silence on Memorial Day.
§ gsg-13-405
Recognizing the Economic Contributions of Marylanders
§ gsg-13-406
Proclamation of Maryland Charter Day
§ gsg-13-407
Proclamation of December 17 as Annapolis Charter Day
§ gsg-13-408
Details about Negro Baseball League Day
§ gsg-13-409
Honoring Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services
§ gsg-13-410
How Maryland State Government Takes Charge On Crime Victim
§ gsg-13-501
"Women's History Month"
§ gsg-13-502
The Governor Proclaims February Black History Month
§ gsg-13-503
Origins of Hispanic American Month
§ gsg-14-101
Land Congress Needs Subject To State Consent
§ gsg-14-102
The State reserves jurisdiction and authority over the land
§ gsg-14-103
The United States shall records deeds for the land it acquires.
§ gsg-14-104
Property Condemnation Regulations
§ gsg-14-105
The governor may cede land for lighthouse purposes.
§ gsg-14-201
George Washington Memorial Parkway
§ gsg-14-202
Acts of the general assembly chapters, land jurisdiction.
§ gsg-15-1001
Maryland Public Ethics Law
§ gsg-15-101
"Our system of representative government is dependent upon the people maintaining the highest trust in their government officials and employees."
§ gsg-15-102
Advisory body means a government unit with the purpose of issuing advisory opinions."
§ gsg-15-103
Definition Of A "Public Official"
§ gsg-15-104
Title administered by trio of agencies.
§ gsg-15-105
Details about provisions of law
§ gsg-15-201
The Maryland State Government Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-202
Rules for being a member of the Ethics Commission.
§ gsg-15-203
Chairman of Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-204
Regulations to the Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-205
Duties of the Ethics Commission!
§ gsg-15-206
regulations adoption by Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-207
Power of The Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-208
"The Ethics Commission shall determine whether an individual is a public official."
§ gsg-15-209
Exemption Or Modification From This Title By The Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-210
Lobbyist Registration Fund.
§ gsg-15-301
Directions to advisory bodies regarding written requests of entities
§ gsg-15-302
Publication of The Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion.
§ gsg-15-303
Advisory Opinion Guidelines
§ gsg-15-304
Duties of the Ethics Commission and Joint Ethics Committee.
§ gsg-15-401
Filing a Written Complaint With the Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-402
Ethics Commission Laws For Referring Complaints
§ gsg-15-403
Ethics Commission evidence
§ gsg-15-404
Guidelines and court proceedings of complaint hearings in Maryland.
§ gsg-15-405
Regulations related and applicable to the Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-406
The Ethics Commission and Seeking Judicial Reviews
§ gsg-15-407
§ gsg-15-408
Maryland State Government Commission Ethics
§ gsg-15-409
Businesses keep bills and files for three years
§ gsg-15-501
Restrictions on employee and official involvement
§ gsg-15-502
official or employee rules
§ gsg-15-503
"This section does not apply to members of the General Assembly."
§ gsg-15-504
An employee of the state may not represent an opposing party in any action.
§ gsg-15-505
Solicitation of Gifts
§ gsg-15-506
Illegal use of Prestige of Office
§ gsg-15-507
Disclosure or use of confidential information.
§ gsg-15-508
An individual who assists in the drafting of specifications may not be involved in bids or proposals for that procurement
§ gsg-15-508
An individual who assists in the drafting of specifications may not be involved in bids or proposals for that procurement
§ gsg-15-510
"This Part II applies only to members of the General Assembly."
§ gsg-15-511
Meaning of Close Economic Association in this Section
§ gsg-15-512
Origins of disqualification arising
§ gsg-15-513
Joint Ethics Committee to monitor assemblies earned income.
§ gsg-15-514
Details about request of opinion from Joint Ethics Committee
§ gsg-15-515
General Assembly ethics violations may be filed with the Joint Ethics Committee.
§ gsg-15-516
Except as allowed by law, any issue that comes before the Joint Ethics committee shall remain confidential.
§ gsg-15-517
Ethics committee complaint review process
§ gsg-15-518
Copies of Filed Complaints
§ gsg-15-519
Details of written procedures adopted by Joint Ethics Committee
§ gsg-15-520
Regulations applicable to the Joint Ethics Committee
§ gsg-15-521
Refer the matter to an appropriate prosecuting authority if there is any complaint
§ gsg-15-523
Officials and employees of state education facilities should avoid conflicts of interest.
§ gsg-15-601
Statements To Be Filed By Each State Official and Candidate for Office
§ gsg-15-602
"A statement will be filed with the Ethics Commission, be filed under oath,..."
§ gsg-15-603
Filling a vacancy in an office
§ gsg-15-604
A retiring state official must file a statement within sixty days of leaving office
§ gsg-15-605
Election Board Notices
§ gsg-15-606
"The Ethics Commission and the Joint Ethics Committee"
§ gsg-15-607
"A statement shall contain schedules with the information in this section."
§ gsg-15-608
Details of interests of an individual under _ 15-607(b), (c), and (d)
§ gsg-15-609
Disclosure of Information
§ gsg-15-610
Judicial Branch under the Maryland Constitution.
§ gsg-15-611
Additional Individual Requirements for Annual Disclosure of Information
§ gsg-15-701
Regulations for Activities
§ gsg-15-702
Lobbyists Must Provide Assigned Authorization
§ gsg-15-703
Lobbyists' Obligation To Register With The Ethics Committee
§ gsg-15-704
Lobbyist Filing with Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-705
§ gsg-15-706
Meanings of words
§ gsg-15-707
Maryland State Government Election Law Article
§ gsg-15-708
"A lobbyist who invites members of a legislative unit to a meal 5 days before the date must register the meal and extend written invitations."
§ gsg-15-709
State Ethics Commission Report Filing Regulations
§ gsg-15-710
Non-Disclosure of Gift to Regulated Lobbyist
§ gsg-15-711
The ethics commission may require several different reports if deemed necessary.
§ gsg-15-712
"The Ethics Commission shall compute and make available the total of the reported expenditures."
§ gsg-15-713
Behavioral guidelines for regulated Maryland lobbyists
§ gsg-15-714
Regulations and restrictions to a regulated lobbyist
§ gsg-15-715
How to Contribute and Receive Donations
§ gsg-15-801
Judicial branch of government
§ gsg-15-802
Express Powers and Authority
§ gsg-15-803
Provisions to Govern Public Ethics
§ gsg-15-804
Conflict of interest provisions enacted by a county or municipal corporation.
§ gsg-15-805
Regulations applicable to Elected local official
§ gsg-15-806
Lobbying Provisions For County/Municipal Corporation In Maryland
§ gsg-15-807
Baltimore local official duties and requirements.
§ gsg-15-808
Ethic commission ability to petition Circuit Court
§ gsg-15-811
"This Part II governs the conflict of interest standards, financial disclosure requirements, and lobbying regulations of school systems."
§ gsg-15-812
Adoption of Conflict of Interest Regulations
§ gsg-15-813
"A school board may adopt financial disclosure regulations applicable to that school system."
§ gsg-15-814
Powers to school board to adopt regulations
§ gsg-15-815
Regulations applicable to Ethics Commission regarding school board
§ gsg-15-818
Definiton of Commisoner
§ gsg-15-819
"Bicounty commission"
§ gsg-15-820
Commissioners of the WTSC must submit financial disclosure statements.
§ gsg-15-821
Financial Disclosure Statement for Commissioner Applicants
§ gsg-15-822
Origins of a chief administrative officer of a county
§ gsg-15-823
Power for Ethics Commission, executive director and chief administrative officers.
§ gsg-15-824
mandatory injunction against Commissioner
§ gsg-15-825
Financial Disclosure Regulations
§ gsg-15-826
Details of regulations adopted by a bicounty commission
§ gsg-15-829
Legal definitions of various titles according to the state of Maryland.
§ gsg-15-830
Provisions of Division II of the Land Use Article.
§ gsg-15-831
Limits payments made from applicants to council members
§ gsg-15-832
Ex Parte Communications shall be disclosed
§ gsg-15-833
When May the Party File With the Clerk
§ gsg-15-834
Clerk of County Council must obey Ethics Commission
§ gsg-15-835
The ethics commissioner may file a petition for an injunction for covered violations.
§ gsg-15-838
Applicant means an individual or business entity that is a title owner."
§ gsg-15-839
Records of election campaign contributions shall be submitted.
§ gsg-15-840
Regulations related to a misdemeanor and upon its conviction
§ gsg-15-841
Maryland County Council Duty
§ gsg-15-844
Section 15-844 Political Terminologies.
§ gsg-15-845
What a lobbyist may not do
§ gsg-15-848
Definition of terms.
§ gsg-15-849
Applicants must file an affidavit swearing whether they have made a monetary contribution.
§ gsg-15-850
Any person who violates the provisions is guilty
§ gsg-15-853
Maryland State Government Laws & Applications
§ gsg-15-854
Contributions to the Board
§ gsg-15-855
Board members who communicates about a pending application.
§ gsg-15-856
Recording Applicant Activities
§ gsg-15-857
Frederick County Ethics Commission Will Direct County Managers.
§ gsg-15-858
Ethics Commission Violation and Records Required
§ gsg-15-901
Ethics Commission Petition
§ gsg-15-902
The court may compel compliance
§ gsg-15-903
Violation of Subtitle 7 Penalties
§ gsg-15-904
Penalties for a public official and an employee.
§ gsg-16-101
Subscribing Oaths
§ gsg-16-102
Explanation of the Oath
§ gsg-16-103
Administration of the Oath of the Maryland Constitution
§ gsg-16-104
All officers of the municipal corporation shall take an oath
§ gsg-16-105
The obligations of officer's elected to office
§ gsg-16-106
Taking Oaths
§ gsg-16-107
Office Refusals
§ gsg-16-108
The clerk shall report to the Secretary of State
§ gsg-17-101
Laws governing the management of state funds and the spending of public officials.
§ gsg-17-102
Details regarding Ineligibility established
§ gsg-17-103
Rights to Hold a Commission
§ gsg-17-104
State's Attorneys duties regarding new county appointments and their tax debts.
§ gsg-17-105
How Maryland is responsible for its officers
§ gsg-17-106
Employment Positions Exempt From Being Officers of The State
§ gsg-17-107
Purchasing of Debts by Sheriffs
§ gsg-17-108
State appointment exemptions
§ gsg-18-101
Representation of Districts
§ gsg-18-102
Notary Public Regulations
§ gsg-18-103
An application as a notary public shall be made on forms
§ gsg-18-104
Powers of Notary Public
§ gsg-18-105
Powers of a Notary Public
§ gsg-18-106
Notary public proof and protests
§ gsg-18-107
A Notary Public must keep official records
§ gsg-18-108
Notary Public Provision of Notarial Seal or Stamp
§ gsg-18-109
Open jurisdiction for notary in other counties
§ gsg-18-110
It is unlawful for any notary public to sign and issue any protest except in the form prescribed by the Comptroller.
§ gsg-18-111
Powers of Notary Public in Institutions
§ gsg-18-112
Maryland Secretary of State Fee
§ gsg-18-113
A notary may nevertheless witness the signing of the document
§ gsg-18-114
Maryland Secretary of State release of public information
§ gsg-18-114
Maryland Secretary of State release of public information
§ gsg-19-101
instrument acknowledgement under this section
§ gsg-19-102
When the acknowledgment of any instrument may be made in the State be
§ gsg-19-103
A document from another state may be recognized in the presence of a federal clerk.
§ gsg-19-104
Instrument acknowledgement regulations.
§ gsg-19-105
Police Officers and Satisfactory Evidence
§ gsg-19-106
How to Acknowledge a Married Woman.
§ gsg-19-107
Officer's Acknowledgment Duties
§ gsg-19-108
Acknowledging Officer Certificate Completion Requirements
§ gsg-19-109
If the acknowledgement is taken then no authentication is necessary.
§ gsg-19-110
Acknowledgement of Non-District Agreements
§ gsg-19-111
Acknowledgement of Instruments by Members of the Armed Forces
§ gsg-19-112
Acknowledgment Taken Before June 1, 1944
§ gsg-19-113
Interpretation of Subtitle for Uniform Laws
§ gsg-19-114
This is known as Maryland Uniform Acknowledgments Act
§ gsg-19-201
This subtitle applies only to United States seaman and airmen.
§ gsg-19-202
Observance of Military Rank
§ gsg-19-203
Maryland State Government Notarial Act Certification
§ gsg-19-204
Validity of Agreements
§ gsg-19-205
The action of the commissioned officer is prima facie evidence that the person making the oath or acknowledgment is covered by this subtitle
§ gsg-19-301
Legal Instrument Made Before June 1953 is Valid.
§ gsg-2-1001
Details about Spending Affordability Committee
§ gsg-2-1002
Control over State spending for capital programs
§ gsg-2-1003
Legislative Policy Committee Must Create Spending Committee Annually.
§ gsg-2-1004
Future Maryland State revenues and expenditures review
§ gsg-2-1005
Details related to fiscal goals for the State budget
§ gsg-2-1006
Senate Must Comply With Spending Affordability Committee.
§ gsg-2-1007
Department of Legislative Services Staff Service Provision Requirements
§ gsg-2-1008
Legislative Services Department Must Report Every June.
§ gsg-2-1009
Legislative Policy Committee yearly duties.
§ gsg-2-101
Maryland law definitions
§ gsg-2-1010
meaning of words under this section
§ gsg-2-102
General Assembly Office Space
§ gsg-2-103
Legislative Employment Rights
§ gsg-2-104
Maryland General Assembly Members
§ gsg-2-105
General Assembly leave of absence
§ gsg-2-106
Legislative Security Force.
§ gsg-2-107
Definition of Who Qualifies as Relative
§ gsg-2-108
General assembly public resources
§ gsg-2-10A-01
Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area Joint Committee
§ gsg-2-10A-02
Joint Committee on Health Care Delivery and Financing
§ gsg-2-10A-03
Joint Committee on Workers Compensation Benefit and Insurance Oversight
§ gsg-2-10A-04
Joint Committee on Welfare Reform
§ gsg-2-10A-05
Mental Health Committee
§ gsg-2-10A-06
Meaning of Condition of Well-Being In Section
§ gsg-2-10A-07
Port of Baltimore Joint Committee
§ gsg-2-10A-08
There is a Joint Committee on Fair Practice.
§ gsg-2-10A-11
Joint Committee on Unemployment Insurance Oversight
§ gsg-2-10A-12
§ gsg-2-10A-13
Biotechnology Committee
§ gsg-2-10A-14
Committees of Maryland
§ gsg-2-1101
General Assembly Sessions
§ gsg-2-1102
Continuation of Standing Committee When General Assembly Not In Session
§ gsg-2-1103
Exercising Rights of Standing Committee
§ gsg-2-1104
about the functions carry out by standing committee
§ gsg-2-1105
Conducting Studies within the Assigned Budget.
§ gsg-2-1201
Departmental Terms Defined
§ gsg-2-1202
State Government Has a Legislative Services Department.
§ gsg-2-1203
Appointment and Responsibilities of the Department's Executive Director.
§ gsg-2-1204
duties of Executive director under this section
§ gsg-2-1205
The Department is allowed to employ staff
§ gsg-2-1206
List of Office within this specific Department.
§ gsg-2-1207
List of Duties set forth to the Department
§ gsg-2-1208
Department Availability for Preparation of Policy Reports
§ gsg-2-1211
The definition of "Office".
§ gsg-2-1212
Office Title and Head
§ gsg-2-1213
How The Office's Staff is Determined
§ gsg-2-1214
Analyzing General Assembly Reimbursement Requests
§ gsg-2-1215
Management of Personnel Activities and Duties
§ gsg-2-1215.1
Office Duties and Responsibilities
§ gsg-2-1216
Supervision and Function Rules of Maryland Office
§ gsg-2-1217
Office of Legislative Audits
§ gsg-2-1218
Legislative Audits
§ gsg-2-1219
Legislative Auditor appointment with approval of Executive Director
§ gsg-2-1219.1
Details and meaning of examination
§ gsg-2-1220
Office of legislative audits
§ gsg-2-1221
Fiscal Audits Shall Include Certain Things.
§ gsg-2-1222
Examinations shall be made at office subject to examination.
§ gsg-2-1223
Office of Legislative Audits
§ gsg-2-1223.1
Licensing requirements for institutions of higher learning in Maryland.
§ gsg-2-1224
Liquor Licence of Baltimore City
§ gsg-2-1225
Legislative Auditor Violation Report
§ gsg-2-1226
Auditing Information is Confidential and Protected.
§ gsg-2-1227
In Maryland, the Legislative Auditor issues violates any provision
§ gsg-2-1228
Definitions of Director & office
§ gsg-2-1229
Organization of Office of Legislative Information Systems
§ gsg-2-1230
The Director is appointed by executive director if approved by President and Speaker.
§ gsg-2-1231
The Director oversees the operation of the Office.
§ gsg-2-1232
Additional duties for the office
§ gsg-2-1233
Who is in the Information Systems Planning Team
§ gsg-2-1234
Definitions of the Office of Policy Analysis
§ gsg-2-1235
Maryland department Office of Policy Analysis
§ gsg-2-1236
Office of the Director appointment and duties
§ gsg-2-1237
Regulations applicable to the Office regarding State Budget
§ gsg-2-1238
The Office may offer other administrative services, analysis, and recommendations.
§ gsg-2-1239
Overview Of Legislation In Maryland State
§ gsg-2-1240
Additional office duties.
§ gsg-2-1241
Duties Set Fourth
§ gsg-2-1243
Department shall compile and index work from each regular session.
§ gsg-2-1244
Distribution of The Laws, Senate journal, and House journal.
§ gsg-2-1245
The department must keep lists of local laws accessible by General Assembly
§ gsg-2-1246
Guidelines for State government publications in Maryland.
§ gsg-2-1247
Provision of the annotated code.
§ gsg-2-1248
The Department shall make an annual list of members
§ gsg-2-1249
Details of the sole determiner of public records
§ gsg-2-1501
Bill and Mandated appropriation over the local government
§ gsg-2-1502
_Department_ means the Department of Legislative Services.
§ gsg-2-1503
Standing committee bill for Maryland General Assembly
§ gsg-2-1504
General Assembly Sessions
§ gsg-2-1505
Committee Bill Votes
§ gsg-2-1505.1
Terms & Its Explanations In Maryland State Government
§ gsg-2-1505.2
Determination of Economic Impact Analysis on Small Business
§ gsg-2-1506
"When the General Assembly passes a bill, it shall be returned to the house of origin."
§ gsg-2-1508
Definition of a bill.
§ gsg-2-1509
Presentation of the Bill
§ gsg-2-1510
The governor may appoint an alternate person to receive bills as needed.
§ gsg-2-1511
The governor shall send copies of signed bills to the secretary of state.
§ gsg-2-1512
"The Secretary of State shall keep records of the bills and orders that the governor delivers to the secretary."
§ gsg-2-1513
§ gsg-2-1514
Origins of a joint resolution
§ gsg-2-1601
A Hearing is Testimony that is taken under Oath and is conducted by an Investigating Committee.
§ gsg-2-1602
"This subtitle establishes a code of fair procedures for the operation of an investigating committee."
§ gsg-2-1603
Establishing an Investigating Committee
§ gsg-2-1604
"Composition of An investigating committee"
§ gsg-2-1605
Chairman and Vice Chairman of an Investigating Committee
§ gsg-2-1606
Meaning of Quorum and it's Implications
§ gsg-2-1607
Investigating Committee Times To Exercise Powers
§ gsg-2-1608
The power of the investigating committee to issue subpoena's.
§ gsg-2-1609
When Investigating Committee May Hold a Hearing
§ gsg-2-1701
Must be a part of general assembly to operate voting machine
§ gsg-2-1702
Why you can't disrupt political meetings in Maryland.
§ gsg-2-1801
Location of description of legal privileges of assembly members
§ gsg-2-1802
Qualifying Correspondence for Legislative Inquiry
§ gsg-2-1803
Regarding Petition For Order Related To Subpoena Or Compelling Testimony
§ gsg-2-1804
Section Word Meanings
§ gsg-2-201
General Assemblies
§ gsg-2-202
Division of legislative districts.
§ gsg-2-204
Common law followed in the Maryland for public
§ gsg-2-205
Is the subtitle unconstitutional
§ gsg-2-2A-01
§ gsg-2-401
Meaning of "Committee" in This Subtitle
§ gsg-2-402
Legislative Policy Committee of Maryland
§ gsg-2-403
The Legislative Policy Committee.
§ gsg-2-404
"The President and the Speaker are cochairmen of the Committee."
§ gsg-2-405
Successor to the committee
§ gsg-2-406
Standard Operating Procedures for Determining Committee
§ gsg-2-407
"The Committee has the following functions: to review the work of the standing committees,..."
§ gsg-2-408
The Committee has power to summon witnesses, produce evidence, and issue subpoenas.
§ gsg-2-409
Committee matters reports shall be submitted to the General Assembly.
§ gsg-2-410
"Each officer and unit of the State government shall conduct any study that the Committee requests."
§ gsg-2-501
Definition of Committee
§ gsg-2-502
The background of the Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review in Maryland.
§ gsg-2-503
Committee Composition
§ gsg-2-504
In Maryland law, the position of senate and house chairman post by president
§ gsg-2-505
Origins of full authorized membership of the Committee
§ gsg-2-506
Committee duties
§ gsg-2-507
Committee Causes and Authorities
§ gsg-2-601
Committee meaning
§ gsg-2-602
Joint Audit Committee
§ gsg-2-603
Committee Members
§ gsg-2-604
President and the Speaker jointly appoints the chairman
§ gsg-2-605
Powers and duties of general assembly in audit reports and legislative services
§ gsg-2-701
Committee meaning
§ gsg-2-702
Joint Committee on Legislative Ethic
§ gsg-2-703
six Senators and six Delegates in the committee of Maryland
§ gsg-2-704
Roles of the Members of the Committee
§ gsg-2-705
"The Committee shall meet at the times and places that it determines."
§ gsg-2-706
The Committee's designated duties and powers.
§ gsg-2-707
The Committee Rules on Legislative Ethics
§ gsg-2-708
President and Speaker privileges.
§ gsg-2-709
Guidelines for the Counsel to the Committee.
§ gsg-2-801
Definition of committee.
§ gsg-2-802
Joint Committee on the Management of Public Funds
§ gsg-2-803
Committee members
§ gsg-2-804
President and Speaker may Appoint Chairman and Vice
§ gsg-2-805
The Committee Must:
§ gsg-2-806
Review of investment and management policies/procedures
§ gsg-2-807
Committee Powers to Carry Out it's Functions
§ gsg-2-901
"In this subtitle, Committee means the Joint Committee on Federal Relations."
§ gsg-2-902
Federal relations joint committee
§ gsg-2-903
Committee membership breakdown
§ gsg-2-904
appoinment of Chairman, vice chairman of Committee
§ gsg-2-905
Maryland Legislature provides services to the Committee.
§ gsg-2-906
duties of The Committee
§ gsg-20-1001
Unlawful Employment Practices
§ gsg-20-1002
Provisions and limitations on damages
§ gsg-20-1003
Subtitle of Alleged Discriminatory Housing Practices
§ gsg-20-1004
Filing Discrimination Complaints
§ gsg-20-1005
Executive Director of the Commission Actions After Complaint File
§ gsg-20-1006
Elimination of Discrimination
§ gsg-20-1007
Maryland Unlawful Employment Practice
§ gsg-20-1008
Administrative court hearing procedures
§ gsg-20-1009
Reviewing of Evidence by a Judge
§ gsg-20-101
Subtitle word defintions
§ gsg-20-1010
What the Commission may
§ gsg-20-1011
The Commission's Power to Bring Civil Action
§ gsg-20-1012
Civil Action Filing for Unlawful Employment Practice Allegations
§ gsg-20-1013
Individuals Can File Unlawful Employment Practices Lawsuit.
§ gsg-20-1014
Guidelines For Intervening In Civil Action Cases.
§ gsg-20-1015
Details of awarding different fees and costs by the Court
§ gsg-20-1016
Civil Penalties for Discriminatory Acts
§ gsg-20-1017
Civil actions may incur temporary injunctions, for factual investigation.
§ gsg-20-1020
Law regarding the definitions of the below words.
§ gsg-20-1021
Procedure for Complaints of Discriminatory Housing Practices
§ gsg-20-1022
Commission Will Investigate Discriminatory Housing Practices.
§ gsg-20-1023
The Commission may issue subpoenas and order discovery in aid of investigations
§ gsg-20-1024
conciliation agreement
§ gsg-20-1025
Discriminatory Housing Practices
§ gsg-20-1026
Election under Claim
§ gsg-20-1027
hearings for elections not made under subtitle 20-1026
§ gsg-20-1028
Rights of the Administrative Law Judge
§ gsg-20-1029
Review and Issuing Final Orders
§ gsg-20-1030
Rights to Judicial Review
§ gsg-20-1031
Restraining Orders and Discriminatory Action Enforcement
§ gsg-20-1032
Civil Actions to Remedy Elections
§ gsg-20-1033
Civil actions taken by the Commission
§ gsg-20-1034
Administrative Hearings Department Can Adopt Regulations To Perform Duties.
§ gsg-20-1035
Individuals Can Initiate Civil Action For Conciliation Agreement Breach.
§ gsg-20-1036
Cause for Civil Action
§ gsg-20-1037
Commision Bringing forth a Civil Action.
§ gsg-20-1101
Discriminatory Act Investigation
§ gsg-20-1102
Complying with Court Subpeona
§ gsg-20-1103
Intended Meaning of Key Terms
§ gsg-20-1104
Misdemeanor Convictions and Associated Penalties
§ gsg-20-1201
Judicially determined meaning of prevailing party
§ gsg-20-1202
Laws regarding discriminatory acts in:Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince Georges County.
§ gsg-20-1203
Employer Rights in Baltimore City
§ gsg-20-201
A civil rights commission exists
§ gsg-20-202
Commission Membership Requirements
§ gsg-20-203
Designation of a Chair
§ gsg-20-204
Origins of A member of the Commission
§ gsg-20-205
Duties of the Governor and Executive Director vis a vis the commission
§ gsg-20-206
Attorneys for the Commission
§ gsg-20-207
Maryland commissioner powers
§ gsg-20-301
Details related to place of public accommodation
§ gsg-20-302
Denial Of Services
§ gsg-20-303
excluded from regulations under this section
§ gsg-20-304
How Maryland outlaws discriminatory accommodations
§ gsg-20-305
Reasonable Accommodation Defined
§ gsg-20-306
Word Meanings and Closed Captioning Requirements
§ gsg-20-401
Maryland's right to refuse service law.
§ gsg-20-402
Discrimination Prohibitions
§ gsg-20-501
Commercial Property Discrimination Statement
§ gsg-20-601
Disability Terms Defined
§ gsg-20-602
Maryland may use police to stop employment discrimination
§ gsg-20-603
List of exemptions under this subtitle.
§ gsg-20-604
Subtitle Exclusions
§ gsg-20-605
Exclusions on Prohibitions
§ gsg-20-606
Employer Discrimination
§ gsg-20-607
Unlawful employment practices, discrimination in compensation
§ gsg-20-608
Employer Liability Immunity
§ gsg-20-609
Pregnancy disabilities are considered temporary for job purposes.
§ gsg-20-701
Rental Unit Terms Defined
§ gsg-20-702
Fair housing for all
§ gsg-20-703
Require that a dwelling be made available to an individual whose tenancy
§ gsg-20-704
Rental Exclusions to Subtitle
§ gsg-20-705
Refusal to Sell or Rent After a Bona-Fide Offer
§ gsg-20-706
Intended Meaning of Covered Multifamily Dwelling
§ gsg-20-707
Definition of Real Estate Related Transaction and Associated Terms
§ gsg-20-708
Maryland Person Coersion
§ gsg-20-709
Executive Unit Responsibilities
§ gsg-20-710
Local Housing Unit Administration and Usage
§ gsg-20-801
A person may not aid, abet, incite, compel, or coerce any person to commit a discriminatory act
§ gsg-20-901
Discriminatory Acts and Exceptions
§ gsg-20-902
Employment Discrimination Cases Involving State Employee
§ gsg-20-903
Sovereign immunity not a defense against award in employment discrimination case under title.
§ gsg-20-904
Outstanding Award Reports
§ gsg-3-101
Types of Governors
§ gsg-3-102
Governor/Lieutenant salaries
§ gsg-3-201
Definition and selection of the Governor-Elect in Maryland.
§ gsg-3-202
"The purpose of the General Assembly"
§ gsg-3-203
Incumbent governor
§ gsg-3-204
Origins of informing career civil servants about program goals etc
§ gsg-3-205
Governor-elect provisions
§ gsg-3-206
State employees
§ gsg-3-207
The governor may not be reimbursed for fees incurred before the general election.
§ gsg-3-208
Budget Bill Requirements
§ gsg-3-209
Maryland subtitle for gubernatorial transition act
§ gsg-3-301
"In addition to the powers granted and duties imposed elsewhere, the Governor has the powers and duties set forth in this subtitle."
§ gsg-3-302
The Governor is the head of the Executive Branch of the State government.
§ gsg-3-303
Governor as Commander-In-Chief For All State Militia
§ gsg-3-304
Emergency Powers and Duties of the Governor
§ gsg-3-305
The role of the governor and the Legislative Policy Committee in forming state policy.
§ gsg-3-306
Governing Board
§ gsg-3-307
Regulations regarding civil or military officer complaints.
§ gsg-3-308
Meaning of International Trade Agreement as Bipartisan
§ gsg-3-401
The definition of executive orders in Maryland.
§ gsg-3-402
General Assembly Rules In Maryland State Government
§ gsg-3-403
Details about effective date of an executive order
§ gsg-3-404
Any executive order issued by the governor must be delivered to the Secretary of State.
§ gsg-3-405
Secretary shall send copies of Executive Orders
§ gsg-3-406
The Executive Director Records All Executive Orders.
§ gsg-4-101
Comptroller of the Maryland
§ gsg-4-102
Origins of the Comptroller being covered by a surety bond
§ gsg-4-103
Comptroller's annual salary
§ gsg-4-104
Comptroller staff
§ gsg-4-105
Comptroller unavailability
§ gsg-4-106
Transfer of staff, funds, or equipment
§ gsg-4-107
Who can view the Comptroller's account books
§ gsg-4-108
Maryland comptroller sets compensation for clerks
§ gsg-4-109
"The bond of each register of wills shall be made to the state."
§ gsg-4-110
Maryland clerk of courts licenses issued regulations
§ gsg-4-111
Section Applicability to All State Office Accounts
§ gsg-5-101
committee may be elected to investigate candidate qualifications
§ gsg-5-101.1
Oath of Treasurer
§ gsg-5-102
The treasurer of the state government shall be covered by a surety bond.
§ gsg-5-102.1
State Treasurer surety bond
§ gsg-5-103
Rights of Treasurer before taking and in office
§ gsg-5-104
The treasurer duties
§ gsg-5-105
Treasury employed staff
§ gsg-5-106
Provisions for Appointing a Temporary Acting Treasurer
§ gsg-5-107
Chief Deputy Treasurer acts as Treasurer when vacant
§ gsg-6-101
"Office of the Attorney General."
§ gsg-6-102
The law doesn't apply to
§ gsg-6-103
Article V, 1 of the Maryland Constitution.
§ gsg-6-104
Office of the Attorney General.
§ gsg-6-105
Attorney General allowed a staff in accordance with the budget
§ gsg-6-106
Attorney General in charge of state legal business
§ gsg-6-107
Attorney General is the legal adviser the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore City.
§ gsg-6-108
The attorney general duties
§ gsg-6-109
Resident Agent of Maryland
§ gsg-6-110
The Chief Deputy Attorney General shall take over the Attorney General's duties when they are unavailable.
§ gsg-6-201
Here electronic transactions means the use of, access to, or communication involving the Internet
§ gsg-6-202
Electronic Transaction Education, Advocacy, and Mediation Unit Purpose
§ gsg-6-203
Directions by the Attorney General to the Unit
§ gsg-6-301
Origins of a homeowners insurer
§ gsg-6-302
People's Insurance Counsel In Office of Attorney General
§ gsg-6-303
"In its annual budget he Office of the Attorney General shall include sufficient money for the administration and operation of the Division."
§ gsg-6-304
annual assessment collection from medical professional liability insurer
§ gsg-6-305
§ gsg-6-306
The Division Evaluates Medical And Homeowner's Insurance
§ gsg-6-307
The division's rights
§ gsg-6-308
Yearly Division Report to Governor and General Assembly
§ gsg-6-401
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gsg-6-402
The attorney general has a juvenile justice monitoring unit.
§ gsg-6-403
What Constitutes the Units and Their Salaries
§ gsg-6-404
The Unit Shall Make Sure Foster Homes are Safe and Adequate.
§ gsg-6-405
Powers of The Unit
§ gsg-6-406
Details to be reported by the Unit
§ gsg-6.5-101
Word meanings
§ gsg-6.5-102
Guidelines of engaging in a nonprofit health agency
§ gsg-6.5-103
Adoption of Regulations
§ gsg-6.5-104
Attorney General's Right to Charitable Trust Assets
§ gsg-6.5-201
Nonprofit health company buyers must submit an application
§ gsg-6.5-202
"Within ten working days the appropriate regulating entity shall: publish notice of the application,..."
§ gsg-6.5-203
Public Hearings by Regulating Entities
§ gsg-6.5-301
Regulation Body Acquisition Requirements Prior to Approval
§ gsg-6.5-302
The attorney general shall refer to existing codes when considering the acquisition of a non-profit hospital.
§ gsg-6.5-303
Conditions for acquiring health service plans
§ gsg-6.5-304
Origins of for-profit health entity
§ gsg-6.5-305
Right to Revoke or Suspend Hospital License
§ gsg-6.5-306
Maryland regulations for public and nonprofit charitable entities
§ gsg-6.5-307
Nonprofit Health Entities
§ gsg-6.5-401
Maryland Health Care Trust and it's Purposes
§ gsg-7-101
Details about the Secretary of State in Maryland Constitution
§ gsg-7-102
The governor has the duty to appoint an assistant secretary of state.
§ gsg-7-103
Powers and duties over the secretary of state in Maryland
§ gsg-7-104
§ gsg-7-105
Duties of Secretary of State
§ gsg-7-106
"The Secretary of State shall have an authentication seal to use."
§ gsg-7-107
Secretary of State Annual Compensation
§ gsg-7-108
Origins of affidavit
§ gsg-7-109
"Office of the Secretary of State will assume lead of maintenance and development of sister-state relationships."
§ gsg-7-201
Origins of Code of Maryland Regulations
§ gsg-7-202
Division of State Documents
§ gsg-7-203
Appointment and removal of administrators
§ gsg-7-204
What the Division shall compile and edit
§ gsg-7-205
Contents and Publication of Code
§ gsg-7-206
What an issue of the Register shall contain
§ gsg-7-206.2
"How the division can publish databases"
§ gsg-7-207
Registry Should Not Reprint Annotated Code Of Maryland.
§ gsg-7-208
The Administrator may include materials that relate to the Regulations or Register.
§ gsg-7-209
Provision of regulation
§ gsg-7-210
Guidelines for the index to the Code of Maryland Regulations and the Register.
§ gsg-7-211
"Administrator shall contract for the prompt printing and distribution of the Code of Maryland Regulations."
§ gsg-7-212
Code system for Maryland regulations
§ gsg-7-213
Code of Maryland regulations
§ gsg-7-214
Anyone who this notice applies to will comply with it or face fines imposed by the court.
§ gsg-7-215
"The Administrator may require a unit to reimburse the Division for the cost of a publication."
§ gsg-7-216
"Guidelines shall be adopted to sell a subscription list for any publication of the Division; and set the price."
§ gsg-7-216.1
Purpose of the special fund in the Division of State Documents
§ gsg-7-217
"The official text of a document is the text in the most recent form."
§ gsg-7-218
Administrator Can Amend Official Documents.
§ gsg-7-219
Publication of a document law
§ gsg-7-220
How to form a rebuttal to a document published under the Code of Maryland Regulations or the Register.
§ gsg-7-221
§ gsg-7-222
"A rule of court has the effective date set in the document."
§ gsg-8-101
In this subtitle, "Council" means the Governor's Executive Council
§ gsg-8-102
Governor's Executive Council
§ gsg-8-103
Composition of the Council.
§ gsg-8-104
Purposes of the Council
§ gsg-8-105
Governor appoints the Council's executive secretary.
§ gsg-8-201
Principal departments under the executive branch state government
§ gsg-8-202
The powers and duties that are assigned by law to the unit are not changed
§ gsg-8-203
Appointment of a secretary by the Governor.
§ gsg-8-204
"The secretaries of the principal departments are responsible for the prevention of overlapping activities."
§ gsg-8-205
The secretary of each principal department serves the Governor
§ gsg-8-206
The secretary of each department has authority to enact regulations unless prohibited by law.
§ gsg-8-301
The Governor is responsible for a continuing review
§ gsg-8-302
"Changes in organization, placement, abolition, or transfer shall be recommended to the Governor."
§ gsg-8-303
Executive Branch name change requirements.
§ gsg-8-304
Designating a State Agency to Participate in a Federal Program
§ gsg-8-305
Each department must have an organizational job chart
§ gsg-8-306
Definitions are listed for this section under State Government.
§ gsg-8-3A-01
Origins of appointing authority
§ gsg-8-3A-02
Yearly Secretary of Budget and Management duties.
§ gsg-8-401
Intended Meaning of Key Words
§ gsg-8-402
General Assembly findings
§ gsg-8-403
Waiver of Evaluation Dates
§ gsg-8-404
Department of Legislative Services yearly reports.
§ gsg-8-405
Evaluation of a governmental activity or unity.
§ gsg-8-406
June 30 as The Evaluation Date for Government Activity
§ gsg-8-407
Cooperation with the Department and evaluation committee.
§ gsg-8-408
Department Of Legislative Services In Maryland State Government
§ gsg-8-409
"The committee shall hold a public hearing to receive testimony for the evaluation report."
§ gsg-8-410
The evaluation committee shall submit a report to the general committee.
§ gsg-8-411
Origins of reestablishment of a governmental activity
§ gsg-8-412
Regulations regarding termination of certain governmental activities.
§ gsg-8-413
Subtitled Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gsg-8-501
Minimum attendance requirements for state board members
§ gsg-8-502
"A member of a State board or commission shall be suspended without pay if they enter a plea to a crime."
§ gsg-8-503
Origins of The official letterhead stationery
§ gsg-8-504
Department means a principal department of the Executive Branch of State government."
§ gsg-9-1001
Definitions for Hall of Records.
§ gsg-9-1002
State Archives
§ gsg-9-1003
The makeup of the commission.
§ gsg-9-1004
Commission Guidelines and Tasks
§ gsg-9-1005
Appointment, required skills, and salary of the State Archivist.
§ gsg-9-1006
"The State Activist may appoint an Assistant State Activist."
§ gsg-9-1007
Roles of Maryland State Archivist
§ gsg-9-1008
The State Archivist Helps Acquire and Determine what is Archived.
§ gsg-9-1009
Power of The Archives
§ gsg-9-101
Origins of State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
§ gsg-9-1010
The Archives shall be in charge of the historical collection of Maryland documents.
§ gsg-9-1011
Origins of central depository for and custodian
§ gsg-9-1012
Custody and care of an original local record
§ gsg-9-1013
The State Archives Fund.
§ gsg-9-1014
The use of the Archives
§ gsg-9-1015
Certified or abridged copy means a copy of a restricted vital record, Department means the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene,..."
§ gsg-9-1016
Commission on Artistic Property Means "Commission" per Part II of this Title.
§ gsg-9-1017
Commission on Artistic Property
§ gsg-9-1018
The institutional members of the Commission
§ gsg-9-1019
The power of the commission to employ a staff and payment rights for members of the commission.
§ gsg-9-102
Lottery ticket sales prohibition
§ gsg-9-1020
Acceptances by the Commission.
§ gsg-9-1021
Commission Is Official Custodian Of Paintings And Objects
§ gsg-9-1022
Origins of paintings/other objects of decorative art in the State rooms
§ gsg-9-1023
Responsibilities for using premises of any State building.
§ gsg-9-1026
Two-year mandated editing of Maryland manual archives
§ gsg-9-1027
The state archivists
§ gsg-9-103
State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
§ gsg-9-104
State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission
§ gsg-9-105
Regulations applicable to the members of the Commission
§ gsg-9-106
Origins of Annually electing a chairman
§ gsg-9-107
About the Director
§ gsg-9-108
Commission Operating Procedures
§ gsg-9-109
addtional powers to the commission under this section
§ gsg-9-110
Regulations of the Agency
§ gsg-9-111
The Director shall follow agency rules when running the lottery.
§ gsg-9-112
Definition of "Veterans' Organization"
§ gsg-9-113
Lottery sales license
§ gsg-9-114
Posting of Bonds by Lottery Agents
§ gsg-9-115
"Licensed agents will display their licenses or a copy of it."
§ gsg-9-116
The power of the commission to suspend licenses.
§ gsg-9-117
What a licensed agent will receive
§ gsg-9-118
State lottery fund
§ gsg-9-119
State lottery tickets
§ gsg-9-120
The comptroller shall be in charge of distributing money for state lottery expenses.
§ gsg-9-120.1
"The Agency shall conduct lotteries for the benefit of the Maryland Stadium Authority."
§ gsg-9-121
Auditing Of The Accounts And Transactions Of The Agency
§ gsg-9-122
"The regulations of the Agency shall provide for winning tickets to be drawn at least once a week."
§ gsg-9-123
Agency employees barred from lottery winnings
§ gsg-9-124
Prohibited laws for state lottery tickets in Maryland
§ gsg-9-125
Maryland State Lottery Law
§ gsg-9-1401
Terminology of subtitle 1401 and the office of smart growth.
§ gsg-9-1402
Mandate for a centralized office to control growth and sprawl.
§ gsg-9-1403
Office of Smart Growth
§ gsg-9-1404
Special Secretary of Smart Growth.
§ gsg-9-1405
Powers The Office
§ gsg-9-1406
Smart Growth sub cabinet
§ gsg-9-1601
Individuals that the section does not apply to
§ gsg-9-1602
Maryland's Office of Administrative hearings is independent
§ gsg-9-1603
Chief Administrative Law Judge Appointment and Remuneration
§ gsg-9-1604
Chief administrative law judge
§ gsg-9-1605
What it takes to be an administrative law judge
§ gsg-9-1606
Discharging the duties of the Chief Administrative Law Judge
§ gsg-9-1607
Assignment of an administrative law judge by agency request
§ gsg-9-1607.1
When an individual who is not licensed to practice law in Maryland may represent a party in court.
§ gsg-9-1607.2
The power of title 1607 over contested cases.
§ gsg-9-1608
The appointments for the state advisory council.
§ gsg-9-1609
Terms of the Council
§ gsg-9-1610
Duties of Maryland council
§ gsg-9-1701
Definition of committee.
§ gsg-9-1702
The Maryland State Employees Surety Bond Committee.
§ gsg-9-1703
Committee made up of Treasurer, Comptroller, Attorney General
§ gsg-9-1704
The Committee may set the type and amount of the bonds of each State officer or employee who is required to be bonded
§ gsg-9-1705
State officers or employees may be bonded based on Committee opinion.
§ gsg-9-1706
Under certain sections bonds must be purchased by the state attorney
§ gsg-9-1707
bond approval and procedures
§ gsg-9-1901
"The assisted living programs board is established to develop statewide policy on assisted living programs,..."
§ gsg-9-1A-01
Lottery terminal definitions.
§ gsg-9-1A-01
Lottery terminal definitions.
§ gsg-9-1A-02
Regulation of the Operation of Video Lottery Terminals.
§ gsg-9-1A-03
Prohibited commercial gaming
§ gsg-9-1A-04
Section 9-1A-04 Duties of Commission
§ gsg-9-1A-05
The Video Lottery Facility Location Commission
§ gsg-9-1A-06
"Following persons shall be licensed under this subtitle: a video lottery operator, a manufacturer..."
§ gsg-9-1A-07
Origins of submitting to the Commission an application
§ gsg-9-1A-08
video lottery operation license
§ gsg-9-1A-09
Origins of a racing licensee
§ gsg-9-1A-09
Origins of a racing licensee
§ gsg-9-1A-09.1
Proceeds from parimutual shall be divided among the parties involved.
§ gsg-9-1A-10
Video Lottery Operation
§ gsg-9-1A-11
Video Lottery Operations
§ gsg-9-1A-12
Operation of a video lottery facility.
§ gsg-9-1A-13
Term and requirements of a video lottery operation license.
§ gsg-9-1A-14
Origins of a valid video lottery employee license
§ gsg-9-1A-15
Manufacturer license regulations by commission of Maryland
§ gsg-9-1A-16
"If an applicant holds a valid license in another state then the commissioner may waive some of the requirements for this subtitle."
§ gsg-9-1A-17
Application for renewals
§ gsg-9-1A-18
Origins of video lottery and table game operations
§ gsg-9-1A-19
Licensee Transfer Restrictions
§ gsg-9-1A-20
Approved vendor
§ gsg-9-1A-21
Ownership of central monitor and control systems
§ gsg-9-1A-22
Video lottery terminals must have at least a 87% payout.
§ gsg-9-1A-23
"Facility of Video Lottery"
§ gsg-9-1A-24
Origins of video lottery operation licensee
§ gsg-9-1A-25
License Suspension and Penalties
§ gsg-9-1A-26
Maryland subsection paragraphs defining video lottery terminals
§ gsg-9-1A-27
Proceed Distribution and Report of the Comptroller
§ gsg-9-1A-27
Proceed Distribution and Report of the Comptroller
§ gsg-9-1A-28
State Racing Commission Purse Dedication Account
§ gsg-9-1A-28
State Racing Commission Purse Dedication Account
§ gsg-9-1A-29
The Racetrack Facility Renewal Account.
§ gsg-9-1A-29
The Racetrack Facility Renewal Account.
§ gsg-9-1A-30
Educational Trust Fund
§ gsg-9-1A-31
"The local impact grants shall be distributed as follows: Allegany County $200,000, Cecil County $130,000,..."
§ gsg-9-1A-31
"The local impact grants shall be distributed as follows: Allegany County $200,000, Cecil County $130,000,..."
§ gsg-9-1A-32
Payment of Transportation Costs
§ gsg-9-1A-33
Video lottery operation annual fee established by commission.
§ gsg-9-1A-34
The Commission's Annual Report to The Governor
§ gsg-9-1A-35
Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses Account exists
§ gsg-9-1A-36
details about Video Lottery Facility Location Commission
§ gsg-9-1A-37
Commission Considerations and Recommendations for Changes to Subtitle
§ gsg-9-1A-38
Constitution & duties of the Joint Committee on Gaming Oversight.
§ gsg-9-2001
§ gsg-9-2002
How The Administration is Established
§ gsg-9-2003
Duties of The Administration
§ gsg-9-2004
Annual heating oil requirements
§ gsg-9-2005
additional duties to the Administration under this section
§ gsg-9-2006
Commercial Building/Construction Terms Defined
§ gsg-9-2007
Details and meanings related to Solar Energy Grant Program
§ gsg-9-2008
Definitions of Geothermal Heat Pump," "Program," and "Ton"
§ gsg-9-201
Meaning of subtitle words in gsg-9-201
§ gsg-9-202
State Commission on Uniform State Laws in the Executive Department
§ gsg-9-203
Maryland Commission members and terms
§ gsg-9-204
compensation by the member of Commission not allowed
§ gsg-9-205
National Conference funding
§ gsg-9-206
Duties of the Commission
§ gsg-9-20A-01
Following words have the meanings indicated for this subtitle
§ gsg-9-20A-02
The administration maintains a Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program.
§ gsg-9-20A-03
purpose of Program under this title
§ gsg-9-20A-04
Loan Regulation and Management
§ gsg-9-20A-05
A orrower must file an application
§ gsg-9-20A-06
Fund loan specifications and regulations.
§ gsg-9-20A-07
Jane E. Larson Conservation Fund
§ gsg-9-20A-08
Third Party Contract Entrance for the Settlement of Loans
§ gsg-9-20A-09
Local projects financed out of Fund may offer extra electricity,over their needs, for sale.
§ gsg-9-20A-10
What a person may not knowingly make or cause
§ gsg-9-20B-01
Definitions of Administration, Board, Funds, Program.
§ gsg-9-20B-02
Maryland Energy Administration : MSEIP
§ gsg-9-20B-03
purpose the program under this title
§ gsg-9-20B-04
Responsibilities of the Maryland Energy Administration.
§ gsg-9-20B-05
Maryland Strategic Energy Investment Fund
§ gsg-9-20B-06
Developing Expenditure Funds
§ gsg-9-20B-07
The Strategic Energy Investment Advisory Board exists
§ gsg-9-20B-08
The Administration's Obligation to Disclose Information
§ gsg-9-20B-09
The Administration's Power to Analyze Programs
§ gsg-9-20B-10
The Administration Entering Third Party Contracts
§ gsg-9-20B-11
False Statements in Administrative Documents
§ gsg-9-20B-12
Administration Must Send Financial Reports to Governor Annually.
§ gsg-9-2201
Definition of terms.
§ gsg-9-2202
The CEO Board of Advisors for E-Commerce is established
§ gsg-9-2203
details about CEO Board of Advisors for E-Commerce
§ gsg-9-2204
ASP Consortium Purposes
§ gsg-9-2301
Definitions in this Article Don't Apply to the Interstate Compact
§ gsg-9-2302
The Governor shall execute an interstate compact substantially
§ gsg-9-2303
Which organizations have been actively engaged in national competition
§ gsg-9-2401
Deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind individuals.
§ gsg-9-2402
The Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
§ gsg-9-2403
Office shall be responsible for promoting the general welfare of deaf
§ gsg-9-2404
Maryland Advisory Council on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
§ gsg-9-2405
What term of a member of the Council is
§ gsg-9-2406
What the Council shall
§ gsg-9-2407
Submissions to the Governor
§ gsg-9-2601
Definitions of Board and Corporation.
§ gsg-9-2602
Maryland African American Museum Corporation
§ gsg-9-2603
Board of Directors of The Corporation
§ gsg-9-2604
The Board shall appoint an Executive Director
§ gsg-9-2605
Corporation laws in Maryland
§ gsg-9-2606
Goals and priorities for the museum in support of its mission.
§ gsg-9-2607
The Corporation net earnings shall inure to the State benefit
§ gsg-9-2608
Tax Requirements for the Corporation
§ gsg-9-2609
How Maryland handles budgets and grants
§ gsg-9-2610
Corporation Provision For Acquiring Funds
§ gsg-9-2611
Debts, claims, obligations, and liabilities of the Corporation.
§ gsg-9-2612
What the Corporation is exempt from
§ gsg-9-2613
This subtitle will be construed for its purposes.
§ gsg-9-2614
Maryland African American Museum Corporation Act
§ gsg-9-2701
Legislation Definitions Used for Educational Institutions.
§ gsg-9-2801
State Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council exists
§ gsg-9-2802
Makeup of the State Council
§ gsg-9-2803
Members appointed by the Governor.
§ gsg-9-2804
Purposes of The Council
§ gsg-9-2805
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Implementation of Improvements
§ gsg-9-2806
providing staff for Council under this section
§ gsg-9-2901
Commission on Maryland Cybersecurity Innovation and Excellence
§ gsg-9-301
What is Interdepartmental Committee?
§ gsg-9-302
Office of Minority is in the Executive department
§ gsg-9-303
Head of Office of Minority Affairs
§ gsg-9-303.1
Duties of the Interdepartmental Advisory Committee for Minority Affairs
§ gsg-9-303.2
Research on black males in some areas
§ gsg-9-304
Promotion of Equality for Minority Persons
§ gsg-9-305
Minority Business Enterprises Section Applicibility
§ gsg-9-306
What the Special Secretary shall
§ gsg-9-401
Definition of Commission
§ gsg-9-402
There is State Commission on the Capital City
§ gsg-9-403
Composition of the Commission.
§ gsg-9-404
The appointed member shall serve as Commission chairman
§ gsg-9-405
The Commission shall meet at a regular time and place to be determined by the Commission.
§ gsg-9-406
Preservation of Annapolis
§ gsg-9-407
What the Commission may do
§ gsg-9-501
In this subtitle, Trust means the State House Trust.
§ gsg-9-502
State House Trust.
§ gsg-9-503
The Trust Consists of 4 Ex Officio Members
§ gsg-9-504
Meeting Times of the Trust
§ gsg-9-505
What the Trust shall in addition to any duties
§ gsg-9-506
Origins of the trust retaining an architect as a consultant
§ gsg-9-601
The Government House Trust
§ gsg-9-602
The Government House Trust
§ gsg-9-603
The Trust voting members
§ gsg-9-604
Secretary of General Services is also Chairman of the Trust
§ gsg-9-605
Trust Minimum Meeting Requirements
§ gsg-9-606
Furnishings of a State room.
§ gsg-9-701
Commission for the study, commemoration, and impact of Slavery.
§ gsg-9-801
What "Commission" meaning is for this subtitle
§ gsg-9-802
Financial Education and Capability Commission.
§ gsg-9-803
The Composition of the Commission's Membership
§ gsg-9-804
Duties of the Commission.
§ gsg-9-8A-01
Origins of Maryland Women in Military Service
§ gsg-9-901
Official Definitions
§ gsg-9-902
Department of veterans affairs
§ gsg-9-903
Position of Attorney General
§ gsg-9-904
Department Establishment of Service Centers
§ gsg-9-905
Department obligations to veterans regarding benefits and status
§ gsg-9-906
Following words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ gsg-9-907
State Veterans Cemeteries' Registries
§ gsg-9-908
Veteran's Memorials And Monuments
§ gsg-9-909
Definition of Veteran's Homes
§ gsg-9-910
What the Department shall
§ gsg-9-911
Origins of the home being open to veterans
§ gsg-9-912
The department responsibilities
§ gsg-9-912.1
Charlotte Hall Veterans Home
§ gsg-9-913
Maryland Veterans Trust Fund.
§ gsg-9-915
Maryland Veterans Commission
§ gsg-9-916
Maryland Veterans Commission
§ gsg-9-917
Rules regarding the members appointed by the governor.
§ gsg-9-918
Chairman is Appointed by the Governor.
§ gsg-9-919
Regulations that are applicable to the Commission
§ gsg-9-922
Maryland Veterans Home Commission in the Department are consist of people with rules can be used in maryland
§ gsg-9-923
Maryland Veterans Home Commission.
§ gsg-9-924
Limitations of State Powers
§ gsg-9-925
Veterans Home Commission Member Makeup and Terms
§ gsg-9-926
Chairman of the Veterans' Home Commission Election
§ gsg-9-927
Seven members of the Veterans Home Commission are a quorum to do business are at least twice a year, at the times and places
§ gsg-9-928
Rights and limits of the Veteran's Home Commission
§ gsg-9-929
The State is not obligated to provide capital funds
§ gsg-9-932
War Memorial Commission
§ gsg-9-933
There is a War Memorial Commission.
§ gsg-9-934
Characteristics of The Commission
§ gsg-9-935
Terms for Election of Members of The Commission
§ gsg-9-936
Reimbursement for expenses under the Standard State Travel Regulations.
§ gsg-9-937
Joint title to war memorial building
§ gsg-9-938
Management Provisions for the War Memorial Building
§ gsg-9-940
Definition of "Program"
§ gsg-9-941
The Secretary shall appoint a director
§ gsg-9-942
Outreach Advocacy Program
§ gsg-9-943
The director shall develop & implement an outreach plan
§ gsg-9-946
Governor requires veteran benefits report annually
§ gsg-9.5-101
Origins of Governors Office of Community Initiatives
§ gsg-9.5-201
State definitions of certain service and volunteer-related terms.
§ gsg-9.5-202
Service and Volunteerism
§ gsg-9.5-203
The Governor Appoints The Head Of The Office on Service and Volunteerism
§ gsg-9.5-204
The role of the state office in promoting volunteering.
§ gsg-9.5-205
The Maryland Service Corps and member responsibilities.
§ gsg-9.5-206
Executive Fellows Program
§ gsg-9.5-301
Defining Indian Descent and Affiliations
§ gsg-9.5-302
Commission on Indian Affair exists
§ gsg-9.5-303
The Commission members
§ gsg-9.5-304
The Commission shall elect annually a chair and a vice chair from among its members with rules should be follow
§ gsg-9.5-305
"The Commission shall meet at the call of the chair, a majority of the members, or the Governor or the Governors designee."
§ gsg-9.5-306
Appointment of Administrator
§ gsg-9.5-307
Commission Can Initiate Indian Cultural Projects and Publish Reports.
§ gsg-9.5-308
The power of the commission to seek money from the federal government and private sources.
§ gsg-9.5-309
Indian Groups Can Apply FOr Recognition By The State
§ gsg-9.5-310
Affidavit for Maryland Indian Status
§ gsg-9.5-311
Commission regulations
§ gsg-9.5-312
A person may not knowingly conceal a material fact from the state.
§ gsg-9.5-401
Name of Commission
§ gsg-9.5-402
African American History in Governors office
§ gsg-9.5-403
"The Commission consists of 21 members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate."
§ gsg-9.5-404
The selection of the chair and vice chair of the commission.
§ gsg-9.5-405
"The Commission shall meet at the call of the chair, a majority of the members, or the Governor."
§ gsg-9.5-406
The director's duties
§ gsg-9.5-407
Commission responsibilities to African American history and culture
§ gsg-9.5-408
"The Commission may seek money from the federal government in addition to State financing."