State Financial and Procurement

This is Article gsf of the Code of State, titled “State Financial and Procurement.” It’s comprised of the following 823 sections.

§ gsf-1-101
Word Definitions
§ gsf-10-101
What Does Board Mean.
§ gsf-10-201
Secretary appointment and requirements.
§ gsf-10-202
Property Not Acquired In connection With State Roads, etc.
§ gsf-10-203
Adopting Regulations on The Recommendations of The Comptroller
§ gsf-10-204
Contract Consideration
§ gsf-10-205
Prep for State budget
§ gsf-10-206
Baltimore Zoo Leasing Law
§ gsf-10-301
Meaning Of Real Or Personal Property
§ gsf-10-302
Surplus Personal Property
§ gsf-10-302.1
Agricultural Land Preservation
§ gsf-10-303
Origins of what Department of Natural Resources may dispose
§ gsf-10-304
Property that is Not Applicable
§ gsf-10-305
Regulations applicable to real or personal properties
§ gsf-10-306
Origins of capital asset
§ gsf-10-307
Geothermal resources defined as follows for this section.
§ gsf-10-308
Minority Business Enterprise
§ gsf-10-309
Definition of "State facility."
§ gsf-10-401
The limits of the power of the State over land adjacent to it's water sources.
§ gsf-10-402
"The board may not give a land title to anyone but the owner and operator of said land."
§ gsf-10-501
Maryland State Government Board Of Public Works
§ gsf-10A-101
Definitions for terms in the State Financial and Procurement title.
§ gsf-10A-102
State treasury, board of public works and Capital Debt Affordability Committee duites
§ gsf-11-101
Definitions for this section listed as follows.
§ gsf-11-201
Division II purposes and policies
§ gsf-11-202
Each procurement made by a state agency shall require a procurement report.
§ gsf-11-203
Procurement Regulations
§ gsf-11-203
Procurement Regulations
§ gsf-11-204
Division II and Procurement Contracts
§ gsf-11-205
Procurements Made By The State
§ gsf-11-205.1
Procurement contract Law of Maryland
§ gsf-11-206
Application of Regulation to procurement contract
§ gsf-11-207
Determination required
§ gsf-11-301
Maryland State Government Employee & Employer Details
§ gsf-11-302
Employers required to share notice of protections with employees.
§ gsf-11-303
Regulations to an employer regarding personnel actions against employees
§ gsf-11-304
Lawsuit Can Be Initiated By Employee If 11-303 Is Violated.
§ gsf-11-305
The Court's Duties
§ gsf-11-306
personnel action law
§ gsf-12-101
State Board Capital Expenditures Law
§ gsf-12-102
The state financial and procurement board shall appoint a procurement officer.
§ gsf-12-103
Procurement of services Law of Maryland
§ gsf-12-104
Out-of-State and Out-of-Country Contract Procurement
§ gsf-12-105
Council as Defined by Maryland
§ gsf-12-106
Establishment of Other Advisers
§ gsf-12-107
The state treasurer shall have final jurisdiction over procurement and financial issues.
§ gsf-12-108
Department of Transportation and the Maryland Transportation Authority Capital Expenditure
§ gsf-12-109
A Local Health Department may use either the county or state procurement system.
§ gsf-12-110
Origins of Council for the Procurement of Health, Educational, and Social Services.
§ gsf-12-111
Definitions in this section under State Financial and Procurement
§ gsf-12-201
Procurements by Maryland
§ gsf-12-202
Contracts for capital expenditures must be reviewed. Certain agencies are exempted.
§ gsf-12-203
Maryland state contract regulations approved by the board
§ gsf-12-204
Execution or renewal of a lease of land or buildings.
§ gsf-12-205
Leasing by State Government
§ gsf-12-301
Origins of requesting a energy performance contract
§ gsf-12-302
The Maryland Energy Administration Monitors Energy Performance.
§ gsf-12-303
The power of the board the modify contracts.
§ gsf-12-401
"Each unit with an exemption has written policies and procedures for the exempted units procurements.
§ gsf-12-501
Word meanings in subtitle gsf-12-501
§ gsf-12-502
When two entities are one entity.
§ gsf-12-503
The Deportation of Victims
§ gsf-12-504
Bidders or offerors must comply with requirements in the subtitle.
§ gsf-12-505
Procurement contracts
§ gsf-12-506
Origins of a procurement contract
§ gsf-12-507
Written statements and records are needed to award a procurement contract.
§ gsf-12-508
State Archivist Duties
§ gsf-12-509
Procurement Contracts
§ gsf-12-510
Future procurement contracts don't require resatisfying 12-205 through 12-207.
§ gsf-12-511
Procurement contract Law of Maryland
§ gsf-13-101
The meanings of sub tittles are indicated
§ gsf-13-102
Origins of procurement by units
§ gsf-13-102
Origins of procurement by units
§ gsf-13-102.1
eMaryland Marketplace Fees
§ gsf-13-103
Invitation for bids shall be issued in a competitive sealed bid process
§ gsf-13-104
Competitive sealed proposals are allowed in certain conditions.
§ gsf-13-105
Provisions on provisions for rental property.
§ gsf-13-106
Procurement Contracts Awarded on Basis of Noncompetitive Negotiation
§ gsf-13-107
Procurement contracts awarded to a sole source.
§ gsf-13-107.1
Department of Business and Economic Development Definitions.
§ gsf-13-108
Duties of procurement officer
§ gsf-13-109
Guidlines for unit review and guidelines
§ gsf-13-110
Origins of various entities
§ gsf-13-111
Origins of the procurement of supplies
§ gsf-13-201
Contracts: Definition of Terms
§ gsf-13-202
Procurement officers may disclose decisions and maintain files.
§ gsf-13-204
Procedures for primary procurement units.
§ gsf-13-205
Construction Bid Requirements
§ gsf-13-206
Powers of Procurement Officers
§ gsf-13-207
Procurement officers may not require a bidder & offeror
§ gsf-13-207
Procurement officers may not require a bidder & offeror
§ gsf-13-208
What the procurement officer shall reject
§ gsf-13-209
Actions taken when bids or proposals are withdrawn
§ gsf-13-210
Origins of conducting pre-bid conference
§ gsf-13-211
§ gsf-13-212
"Invitation for bids or request for proposals for a contract will require the selection of a consultant."
§ gsf-13-213
The state shall use accepted accounting purposes when calculating costs.
§ gsf-13-214
If practicable, a unit shall give preference to a fixed-price form of procurement contract.
§ gsf-13-215
Terms of entering cost-reimbursement contracts.
§ gsf-13-216
Procurement officer's bond requirements
§ gsf-13-217
Origins of a procurement contract
§ gsf-13-218
"Procurement contracts shall include: termination of for default, liquidated damages,..."
§ gsf-13-218.1
Service Contracts Must Be Issued 60 Days Before the Service
§ gsf-13-219
Procurements Made By The State
§ gsf-13-220
Origins of established catalog price
§ gsf-13-221
Definition of "Beneficial Ownership"
§ gsf-13-222
"$10,000 or more procurement contracts shall be certified that the bidder has paid all taxes."
§ gsf-13-223
Regulations applicable to Each procurement contract
§ gsf-13-224
Definition of Various Family Terms and Children-Related Concepts
§ gsf-13-225
Section 13-225 Payment Security Definitions
§ gsf-13-226
Primary procurement unit Law of Maryland
§ gsf-13-301
Word meanings in Maryland gsf-13-301
§ gsf-13-302
Structure of General Professional Services Selection Board.
§ gsf-13-303
Components of Transportation Professional Services Selection Board
§ gsf-13-304
Rules for selection boards when evaluating contracts over $200,000
§ gsf-13-305
Procurement for Engineering and Architectural Services
§ gsf-13-306
Maryland limits for obtaining engineering and architecture services
§ gsf-13-307
Maryland General Board approval of Engineering services
§ gsf-13-308
General Selection Board Duties
§ gsf-13-309
General Selection Board on procurement of documentation
§ gsf-13-310
Mail a copy of an announcement to each person who requests notice of a specific project.
§ gsf-13-311
Selection Process Of The Department Of Transportation.
§ gsf-13-312
How Transportation Section Function In Maryland State
§ gsf-13-313
Documents will be made public by the Board in regards to proposals and contacts.
§ gsf-13-314
The Selection Board waives the requirements
§ gsf-13-315
The Selection Board vouches for the contractor to the Board of Public Works.
§ gsf-13-316
The recommendation may be appealed and re-awarded.
§ gsf-13-317
A person must submit required paperwork for a procurement contract.
§ gsf-13-318
Architectural And Engineering Services Procurement.
§ gsf-13-320
Post-Audits Made by The State
§ gsf-13-321
Board Rights to Terminate Contracts
§ gsf-13-322
Repercussions of violating this provision
§ gsf-13-323
Maryland Architectural and Engineering Services Act
§ gsf-13-401
State definitions of information technology terms.
§ gsf-13-402
Procurement of Information Technology Services
§ gsf-14-101
Division of Rehabilitation Services
§ gsf-14-102
The State of Maryland shall buy supplies and services
§ gsf-14-103
Supplies and services buying law.
§ gsf-14-104
Origins of Pricing Committee for Blind Industries
§ gsf-14-105
State Secretary of General Services Mandatory Meeting Law
§ gsf-14-106
Committee means the Pricing and Selection Committee for the Employment Works Program."
§ gsf-14-107
Duties of the Pricing and Selection Committee.
§ gsf-14-108
"In this subtitle,Program means the Employment Works Program."
§ gsf-14-109
Definitions of Bind-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gsf-14-201
State Legal Definitions Regarding Veterans
§ gsf-14-202
Procurement of Building Services and Construction Services
§ gsf-14-203
The Criteria Makers for business to meet small business standards
§ gsf-14-204
"The Secretary of General Services, the Secretary of Transportation, and the Chancellor of the University are responsible for..."
§ gsf-14-205
Duties of The Department of Business and Economic Development
§ gsf-14-206
Regulations that are concerned with percentage preference
§ gsf-14-207
Origins of Small Business Preference Program
§ gsf-14-208
Small Business Preference Program Reports
§ gsf-14-301
Definitions of words in gsf-14-301
§ gsf-14-301.1
Business Formation and Growth Equal Access
§ gsf-14-302
Structure procurement procedure rules made to certified minority business enterprises.
§ gsf-14-303
Title 10 Record Keeping
§ gsf-14-304
Rights & rules of certified minority business enterprises.
§ gsf-14-305
Origins of reporting to the Governors Office of Minority Affairs
§ gsf-14-307
Expectation of Legislative Policy Committee
§ gsf-14-308
False representation as a minority business can be considered a crime.
§ gsf-14-309
Regulation Effective Date
§ gsf-14-401
Terms of procurement contract awards for in-state bidders.
§ gsf-14-402
Characteristics of Recycled Paper
§ gsf-14-403
Quietest Available Supplies Statute
§ gsf-14-404
Definition of "coal products" in this section.
§ gsf-14-405
Recycled Materials
§ gsf-14-406
The role of the government in promoting mercury free products and equipment.
§ gsf-14-407
Food in the County
§ gsf-14-408
How the government is working to promote bio-diesel fuels in Maryland.
§ gsf-14-409
Public land maintenance
§ gsf-14-410
word meanings indicated
§ gsf-14-411
meaning of public employer under this section
§ gsf-14-412
Word meanings indicated
§ gsf-14-413
Non compliant person and Conflict mineral of Maryland
§ gsf-14-414
Meaning of Electronic Product and EPEAT in Section
§ gsf-14-415
Definitions regarding electronics recycling.
§ gsf-14-501
Definitions of Designated procurement unit and Small business.
§ gsf-14-501
Definitions of Designated procurement unit and Small business.
§ gsf-14-502
Designated Procurement Unit Guidelines
§ gsf-14-503
Department of General Services Laws
§ gsf-14-504
Procurements by designated units
§ gsf-14-505
"Each designated procurement unit shall submit a report on the operation of the Small Business Reserve Program."
§ gsf-14-601
Definition of Veteran Owned Small Business
§ gsf-14-602
A certain amount of financial and procurement contracts will be devoted to veteran's businesses.
§ gsf-14-603
Rules governing contract awards
§ gsf-14-604
about Board duties under this section
§ gsf-14-605
Regulations and punishments related to fraud or attempt of fraud.
§ gsf-15-101
Invoice for 15-102 requirements.
§ gsf-15-102
Contractors must provide invoices with several requirements
§ gsf-15-103
"The state must make a procurement payment within 30 days after the payment became due."
§ gsf-15-104
Amount Payable Under Procurement Contract Shall Receive 9% Interest Annually.
§ gsf-15-105
"A unit is not liable unless within 30 days the contractor submits an invoice for the interest."
§ gsf-15-106
Dispute of delayed payment done by governor in Maryland
§ gsf-15-107
Payment by Unit
§ gsf-15-108
This section does not apply to any procurement contract
§ gsf-15-109
Inspection On Business/Job Site In Maryland State Government
§ gsf-15-110
Persons subject to audits
§ gsf-15-111
"Each primary procurement unit shall submit to the Governor and to the General Assembly a report on each procurement contract."
§ gsf-15-201
Meaning of Appeals Board in this Subtitle
§ gsf-15-202
"This subtitle does not apply to a protest concerning an architectural services or engineering services contract."
§ gsf-15-205
Maryland State Contract Appeals
§ gsf-15-206
The Appeals Board
§ gsf-15-207
Regulations to the Appeals Board regarding its members
§ gsf-15-208
Governor Designation of Chairman from Appeals Board
§ gsf-15-209
Each member of the Appeals Board shall devote full time to the duties of office.
§ gsf-15-210
Regulations the Appeal Boards May Adopt
§ gsf-15-211
Authority of The Appeals Board
§ gsf-15-212
administer oaths that Appeals Board over Maryland
§ gsf-15-215
Part III word meanings
§ gsf-15-216
Title 10 Subtitle 2 does not apply to contract claim
§ gsf-15-217
Rules for submission of a protest.
§ gsf-15-218
Actions Taken by Procurement Officer Following Protest
§ gsf-15-219
Written Notice of a Claim for Procurement Contracts
§ gsf-15-219.1
"A unit may assert a contract claim against a contractor by sending written notice to the contractor."
§ gsf-15-220
Contractor Appeal of Final Action
§ gsf-15-221
"If a person appeals the decision of a unit about a protest, the Appeals Board shall give that case priority and decide it expeditiously."
§ gsf-15-221.1
Board of contract appeals
§ gsf-15-221.2
Only Applies To Contract For Construction Claims
§ gsf-15-222
Interest awarded on money due.
§ gsf-15-223
Origins of A decision of the Appeals Board
§ gsf-15-226
Undisputed amount means an amount owed by a contractor to a subcontractor for which there is no good faith dispute."
§ gsf-16-101
Business definitions.
§ gsf-16-102
the imposition of probation before judgment
§ gsf-16-201
Subtitle is broadly applicable to all contracts except where a section refers only to the State.
§ gsf-16-202
Disqualifications from entering into a contract with a public body.
§ gsf-16-203
someone may not be allowed to enter into a state contract if they have a criminal record
§ gsf-16-301
"This subtitle is broadly applicable to all debarment proceedings."
§ gsf-16-302
The Clerk of Each City Muse Send a Certified Copy of Proceedings
§ gsf-16-303
Regulations to the Attorney General to debar or suspend a person
§ gsf-16-304
Debarment of a person by the Board
§ gsf-16-305
Actions Admissable Regarding Pending Debarment
§ gsf-16-306
Determining Debarment Under _16-202(b) or _16-203
§ gsf-16-307
Debarring a Business and Conditions
§ gsf-16-308
The State Board of Finance and procurement shall keep a roster of relevant disbarred people.
§ gsf-16-309
Business Operation Suspension
§ gsf-16-310
Reversal of Conviction That Is Grounds For Disbarment
§ gsf-16-311
Anyone who submits a bid proposal on a public project must also provide an affidavit to the appropriate government employee.
§ gsf-16-312
Maryland debarment proceedings for people and business
§ gsf-17-101
Payment security and Performance security by the Maryland Government
§ gsf-17-102
Subtitle Non-Limitation For Performance Security
§ gsf-17-103
"A contractor shall provide payment security and performance security before a public body awards a construction contract exceeding $100,000."
§ gsf-17-104
§ gsf-17-104
§ gsf-17-105
Security Charges Are Payable to Maryland State.
§ gsf-17-106
Laws governing the final payment and fulfillment of contracts in Maryland.
§ gsf-17-107
Contractor's liability.
§ gsf-17-108
Maryland Law Allows Suppliers to Sue for Unpaid Labor
§ gsf-17-109
An action on a payment bond required by this subtitle shall be filed in the appropriate court
§ gsf-17-110
Subsections and their provisions
§ gsf-17-111
The Maryland Little Miller Act.
§ gsf-17-201
State definitions of certain labor-related terms.
§ gsf-17-202
Origins of a public work contract
§ gsf-17-203
Advisory Council
§ gsf-17-204
Vendor responsibility and liability for information disclosure
§ gsf-17-205
A contractor with a public contract can only employ qualified workers.
§ gsf-17-208
Commissioner shall determine the prevailing wage rates.
§ gsf-17-209
Wage rate for a classification of worker.
§ gsf-17-210
Public Work Contract Bids
§ gsf-17-211
A petition under this subsection shall be verified and shall set forth the facts on which it is based.
§ gsf-17-212
A member of a public body may not vote for the award of a public work contract
§ gsf-17-213
Clause of payment for the public work contract.
§ gsf-17-214
Prevailing Wage Rate in Public Work Contracts
§ gsf-17-215
contractor and subcontractor Law of Maryland
§ gsf-17-216
Work and wage rate at which a laborer may perform
§ gsf-17-219
Contractor Responsibility of A Written Contract for Each Employee
§ gsf-17-220
Contractor wage rate requirements.
§ gsf-17-221
Procedures for awarding a public work contract.
§ gsf-17-222
Public work contracts
§ gsf-17-223
Public Body Compliance Notification
§ gsf-17-224
employee complaints
§ gsf-17-225
Public Work Contract Wage Provisions Should Not Be Violated.
§ gsf-17-226
Violation of Contractors
§ gsf-17-301
Public body means the State, a unit of the state government,..."
§ gsf-17-302
State financial and procurement regulations shall not conflict with federal law.
§ gsf-17-303
Usage Of American Steel Products In Maryland State
§ gsf-17-304
Section 17-304 Steel Products Bidding Guidelines.
§ gsf-17-305
Provisions for satisfaction of employed labor by a public body
§ gsf-17-306
Maryland Buy American Steel Act
§ gsf-17-401
"In this subtitle, contribution has the meaning stated in _ 1-101 of the Election Law Article."
§ gsf-17-402
What Each State shall include
§ gsf-17-501
eMaryland Marketplace Definition As It Pertains To This Section
§ gsf-17-502
"The following persons shall use eMaryland Marketplace to publish notice: unit of state government, a county,..."
§ gsf-17-601
Indicated Words Defined as:
§ gsf-17-602
State Apprenticeship Training Fund
§ gsf-17-603
Procurement Contracts
§ gsf-17-604
Verification for Subcontractor Work Exceeding $100,000
§ gsf-17-605
A contractor or subcontractor that elects to make payments to the Fund.
§ gsf-17-606
Penalties for contractors failing to meet duties.
§ gsf-17-701
Energy sector of Iran means activities to develop petroleum or natural gas resources or nuclear power in Iran."
§ gsf-17-702
Contingency for Providing Oil and Energy
§ gsf-17-703
Persons Bidding May Not Engage in Investments in Iran
§ gsf-17-704
The state shall make public any available lists regarding investments in Iran.
§ gsf-17-705
Public Body Requires Bids To Public Body
§ gsf-17-706
"If a person has submitted a false certification, he public body shall provide written notice that they are not investing in Iran."
§ gsf-17-707
Regulations to procurement contracts by local governing bodies
§ gsf-18-101
Definitions Related to the Commissioner of Labor and Industry
§ gsf-18-102
Title Application to Employee of Employer and Exemptions
§ gsf-18-103
Regulations to an employer regarding payments to employees
§ gsf-18-104
Commissioner Adoption Regulations To Employees Under This Title
§ gsf-18-105
Agreement by the employee to commute, release or waive the employee's right
§ gsf-18-106
All employers must post the living wage rate.
§ gsf-18-107
Commissioner Investigation of a Complaint
§ gsf-18-108
Penalty For Violation.
§ gsf-18-109
"Payment of a wage -the right of an employee"
§ gsf-19-101
Rules In Dealing With Business Entities
§ gsf-19-102
Bids or services to the State.
§ gsf-19-103
§ gsf-19-104
What the State shall require
§ gsf-19-105
How the State Financial Commission deals with legal statutes
§ gsf-19-106
Administrative complaints
§ gsf-19-107
Commission staff shall be responsible for directing & conducting investigation
§ gsf-19-108
"Commission staff may consider any evidence provided by the complainant."
§ gsf-19-109
"Actions undertaken by the Office of Administrative Hearings"
§ gsf-19-110
"Administrative law judge"
§ gsf-19-111
Filtering False Violations
§ gsf-19-112
Without a contested case hearing request, the Commission's findings are final.
§ gsf-19-113
Maryland law on judicial review after administrative exhaustion
§ gsf-19-114
Every contract and subcontract shall contain a nondiscrimination clause
§ gsf-19-115
Certification Requirement for Bid or Proposal Requests
§ gsf-19-116
Requirements of State Contracts
§ gsf-19-117
The statutory, legal, equitable remedies of Maryland law
§ gsf-19-118
The Appeal of a Compliant May be Processed Regardless of Filing
§ gsf-19-119
Regulations Adopted by The Commission
§ gsf-19-120
This title and any regulations adopted under this title may be cited as the Commercial Nondiscrimination Policy
§ gsf-2-101
The fiscal year for the state and its usage.
§ gsf-2-102
Comptroller Annual Submission of Fiscal Operations
§ gsf-2-103
The Comptroller's Financial Responsibility to the Printer
§ gsf-2-104
Treasurer's annual report
§ gsf-2-106
Section word meanings
§ gsf-2-107
State Comptroller Regulates Departments of State Government that Charges Fees
§ gsf-2-201
Meaning of Gift in this Section
§ gsf-2-202
Meaning of Block Grant in this Section
§ gsf-2-203
The power of the Secretary of Planning to audit state agencies in Maryland.
§ gsf-2-205
§ gsf-2-206
Definition of the Following Words in this Section
§ gsf-2-207
Certain Agricultural Laws Are in Effect in the State of Maryland
§ gsf-2-301
This subtitle has quoted phrases which have specific definitions.
§ gsf-2-302
Interpretation of Subtitle for Uniform Effect
§ gsf-2-303
After filing Secretary of State can execute facsimile sign.
§ gsf-2-304
Political subdivisions is required in the execution of a public security or instrument of payment.
§ gsf-2-305
Maryland law on misuse of facsimile signatures
§ gsf-2-306
Maryland Uniform Facsimile Signature of Public Officials Act
§ gsf-2-401
Word meanings indicated
§ gsf-2-402
Operating and Construction cost shares paid by State.
§ gsf-2-403
State Payment of Levies by Local Jurisdictions
§ gsf-2-404
State's agreement to Pay
§ gsf-2-501
"Facility for handicapped individuals"
§ gsf-2-502
Buildings That Lack Facilities For Handicapped Can Be Warned.
§ gsf-2-503
design of public building govern by this title
§ gsf-2-504
Handicap Provisions for Construction of Public Buildings
§ gsf-2-505
Maryland State Highway Administration Construction Of Roads
§ gsf-2-506
Every elevator must have Braille numbers
§ gsf-2-507
Typewriters for deaf individuals
§ gsf-2-508
"Any toilet facility, ramp, building entrance, drinking fountain, parking, or walk that is usable by handicapped individuals shall be marked."
§ gsf-2-509
All public buildings must conform to ASA standards
§ gsf-2-510
§ gsf-2-511
subtitle called Maryland Facilities for the Handicapped Act
§ gsf-2-601
Submissions to the Treasurer
§ gsf-2-602
Treasurer's Deposition Of State Assets In Vault
§ gsf-2-602.1
Institutions that The Treasurer shall maintain all non-physical securities with
§ gsf-2-603
Rules Governing the State Treasurer Making Loans to Banks
§ gsf-2-604
Lost or Misplaced Certificate of Stock
§ gsf-2-701
The Meaning of "Ethnic Affairs Unit."
§ gsf-2-702
§ gsf-3-1001
Origins of an agencys goals
§ gsf-3-1002
Department Review and Update of Goals
§ gsf-3-1003
Secretary Review of Strategic and Comprehensive State Plans
§ gsf-3-101
Definitions of "Department" and "Secretary".
§ gsf-3-201
Department of Budget and Management
§ gsf-3-202
Secretary of Budget and Management and it's Duties
§ gsf-3-203
Duty and Function of the Secretary under Governor
§ gsf-3-204
Secretary Responsibility for Department Budget
§ gsf-3-205
Secretary shall be subject to call by the Senate or the House of Delegates to provide information.
§ gsf-3-206
This Department is advised by the Attorney General
§ gsf-3-301
Central Collection Unit and it's Purposes
§ gsf-3-302
State of Maryland Central Collection Unit Policy
§ gsf-3-303
Secretary regulations
§ gsf-3-304
Central Collection Unit Powers
§ gsf-3-305
Payment of Net Proceeds by Central Collection Unit
§ gsf-3-306
Central Collection Fund and it's Duties
§ gsf-3-307
Lottery prize and disbursement
§ gsf-3-501
not applicable to university college to purchase vehicles
§ gsf-3-502
State-use vehicle standards
§ gsf-3-503
Regulating Use of Motor Vehicles
§ gsf-3-601
The Department shall advise the Governor on how to coordinate the capital programs of the government
§ gsf-3-602
Study of Capital Project Proposal
§ gsf-3-602.1
General Assembly Regulates Green Building Technology During Construction or Renovation of Buildings
§ gsf-3-603
Regulations to the Department regarding 5-year capital program
§ gsf-3-604
Scope of State and Major Improvement Programs
§ gsf-3-605
Capital Program to monitor projects.
§ gsf-3-606
Information for the Capital Program
§ gsf-3-607
State unit heads give information for Capital Program.
§ gsf-3-608
§ gsf-3-609
Construction Contingency Fund
§ gsf-3A-101
Terminology of subtitle 3A-101 concerning state departments.
§ gsf-3A-201
§ gsf-3A-202
§ gsf-3A-203
The secretary can have a deputy with governor approval.
§ gsf-3A-204
The role of the attorney general and his assistants in Maryland.
§ gsf-3A-301
Details about Major Information Technology Development Project Fund
§ gsf-3A-302
Subtitle Non-Application To Changes Regarding Certain Information Technology
§ gsf-3A-303
§ gsf-3A-304
The Secretary Develops Statewide Information Technology Master Plans
§ gsf-3A-305
IT Policies and Standards Must Be Submitted To The Secretary.
§ gsf-3A-306
Compliance Of Information Technology Of State Government Units
§ gsf-3A-307
Regulations applicable to major information technology development projects
§ gsf-3A-308
Public Institutions of Higher Education
§ gsf-3A-309
The Major Information Technology Development Project Fund
§ gsf-3A-310
Limits of the Secretary's authority
§ gsf-3A-311
The Secretary's guidelines for the procurement of information technology
§ gsf-3A-312
The Secretary may authorize other people to carry out the duties set forth in this subtitle
§ gsf-3A-313
meaning of words under this section
§ gsf-3A-401
Duties of the Department related to telecommunications
§ gsf-3A-402
Exemptions To The Provisions Of This Subtitle
§ gsf-3A-403
Maryland Telecommunications Policies
§ gsf-3A-404
Establishment of a telecommunication and computer network in the State
§ gsf-3A-501
Meanings of Words Clarified in Terms
§ gsf-3A-502
Governors Advisory Board for Telecommunications Relay
§ gsf-3A-503
Terms and Selections of the Board
§ gsf-3A-504
"Program done by the Department in consultation with the Board"
§ gsf-3A-505
adoption of regulations by the department with the consultation of the board
§ gsf-3A-506
Maryland Provides Equipment to People with Hearing Disabilities
§ gsf-3A-601
Meanings Of Words Within This Subtitle
§ gsf-3A-602
Consulting With The Department of Disabilities
§ gsf-3A-603
The Department, in consultation with the Board and the Department of Disabilities.
§ gsf-3A-604
Entitlement Programs
§ gsf-3A-605
"The Board and the Department of Disabilities"
§ gsf-3A-606
Agreement with the State Department of Education, Division of Library Development and Services, providing for an annual payment
§ gsf-4-101
Definition Of The Terms "Department" and "Secretary".
§ gsf-4-201
Establishment Of A Department of General Services
§ gsf-4-202
Regulations applicable to the Secretary of General Services
§ gsf-4-203
"Appointment and functions of Deputy Secretary."
§ gsf-4-204
Regulations to the Secretary regarding activities of Department
§ gsf-4-205
Section Exclusions Related to Legal Counsel
§ gsf-4-206
Units under the Department
§ gsf-4-207
The role of the department in carrying out the duties given to it by the board of trustees.
§ gsf-4-208
The Department's Power in Regards to The Board of Public Works
§ gsf-4-209
Building Space Allotment to Law Enforcement Agencies
§ gsf-4-301
meaning of Bid, Supplies under this subtitle
§ gsf-4-302
Purchasing Bureau in the Department
§ gsf-4-303
Origins of Maryland Government Power Of Secretary Delegate
§ gsf-4-304
Interests and connections of the Secretary or any employee.
§ gsf-4-305
Contract for printing approval of the Secretary.
§ gsf-4-306
The role of the secretary in maintaining stores and controlling inventory in Maryland.
§ gsf-4-307
Giving A Copy Of Each Award To The Requisitioning Unit By Secretary
§ gsf-4-310
Secretary Approval of Executive Branch Unit's Supplies
§ gsf-4-311
Final Approval Required for Department Supply Purchases
§ gsf-4-312
The Secretary shall set standards for supplies to be purchased by a unit
§ gsf-4-313
"Purchase of any supply on the approval of the secretary"
§ gsf-4-314
Secretary Time Intervals Under Division In Maryland State
§ gsf-4-315
Approval of Secretary for Contractor or Seller Transactions
§ gsf-4-318
Part III Subtitle Non-Application
§ gsf-4-319
Written Notice of State Intent to Lease Property
§ gsf-4-320
Rent and leasing building space
§ gsf-4-321
Regulations to proposal for the lease of building space
§ gsf-4-401
In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.
§ gsf-4-402
Regulations to the Board of Public Works
§ gsf-4-403
The power of the Department of General services to regulate state agencies and review land use.
§ gsf-4-406
Board of Public Works to be advised on engineering questions
§ gsf-4-407
functions of General Assembly and Department of General Services
§ gsf-4-408
Public Improvement Reports
§ gsf-4-409
Inspection of Colleges.
§ gsf-4-411
Conditions Of Land Acquisition Division In Maryland State
§ gsf-4-412
Acquisition of Land For Public Improvement
§ gsf-4-413
The role and selection of the Chief of the Land Acquisition Division.
§ gsf-4-414
responsibilities of the Chief of Department
§ gsf-4-415
Requirements for a contract for the acquisition of land in Maryland.
§ gsf-4-416
Unless gift, Board of public works appraises property
§ gsf-4-501
Meaning of the words "Excess personal property", "Nonexpendable item", and "Surplus personal property" in this subtitle
§ gsf-4-502
Declaring Items of Personal Property
§ gsf-4-503
Disposal of Surplus Personal Properties
§ gsf-4-504
The power of the secretary to dispose of surplus personal property.
§ gsf-4-505
Money received from the auction or sale.
§ gsf-4-506
The Proper use of Excess Personal Property by the Department
§ gsf-4-507
Reducing replacement property cost by trading Department surplus property.
§ gsf-4-508
Requisitions of a nonexpendable item.
§ gsf-4-601
"Administration of buildings, multiservice centers"
§ gsf-4-602
Regulations Regarding Superintendents
§ gsf-4-603
improvements, grounds, and multi-service centers improvement policy
§ gsf-4-604
Improvements, Grounds, and Service Centers Under Department Jurisdiction
§ gsf-4-605
Summary Of Maryland State Government Personnel & Pensions Section
§ gsf-4-606
Duties of the Chief of Police
§ gsf-4-607
§ gsf-4-608
Laws concerning the payment of officials of the city of Annapolis.
§ gsf-4-701
The Coordinator and Development Permits
§ gsf-4-702
State Board of Architectural Review.
§ gsf-4-703
The makeup of the board and the reimbursement rights of its members.
§ gsf-4-704
Architectural problem notification specifications.
§ gsf-4-801
§ gsf-4-802
Energy-efficient building designs
§ gsf-4-803
Why builders must predict life cycle cost and energy consumption rates before construction.
§ gsf-4-804
"Procurement of the equipment"
§ gsf-4-806
Energy Performance Standards of the Department
§ gsf-4-807
evaluating the efficiency of building construction
§ gsf-4-808
Life Cycle Costs
§ gsf-4-809
Maryland Green Building Council
§ gsf-5-101
word meanings indicated
§ gsf-5-102
This title does not limit any planning powers conferred by any State or local law that existed on June 1, 1959.
§ gsf-5-201
Responsibilities and job description for the Secretary of the Department of Planning
§ gsf-5-202
Summary Of State Budget In Maryland State Government
§ gsf-5-203
Budget Responsibilities
§ gsf-5-204
Role of Attorney General to the State Financial Department
§ gsf-5-301
Details of staff agency of the Governor for planning matters
§ gsf-5-302
How The Department Functions
§ gsf-5-303
Welfare of the state
§ gsf-5-304
Department Acceptance of Funds, Grants, and Services
§ gsf-5-305
The power of the state to intervene in land use and construction projects in Maryland.
§ gsf-5-306
Department Preparation of Population Projections
§ gsf-5-307
Submitting a Report to The Governor After The General Assembly Convenes
§ gsf-5-308
Duties of the Department under Request of Governor
§ gsf-5-309
using powers to discharges duties by department
§ gsf-5-310
Maryland State Government Various Departments Summary
§ gsf-5-311
Information Access to Capital Facilities Planning
§ gsf-5-401
Department shall advise the Governor about...
§ gsf-5-402
duties of the department under this section
§ gsf-5-403
What the Department shall
§ gsf-5-404
Regulations to the Department to collect reimbursement
§ gsf-5-405
§ gsf-5-406
Department Cooperation
§ gsf-5-407
What Commission means in this section
§ gsf-5-408
County agricultural land preservation programs certifications.
§ gsf-5-501
Central Depository
§ gsf-5-502
Each unit of Government submits the plan to the Department.
§ gsf-5-503
How The Department Establishes Statewide Classification Standards
§ gsf-5-504
Repository and clearinghouse for property information for public.
§ gsf-5-505
Preparation of inventory lists of natural resources.
§ gsf-5-506
The state will plan based on studies.
§ gsf-5-507
Public and official information about planing and functions.
§ gsf-5-508
Agreement between General Assembly and Department
§ gsf-5-509
State financial and technical assistance reporting requirement for the department
§ gsf-5-601
"Plan" refers the State Development Plan
§ gsf-5-602
Revising and preparing plans for State development.
§ gsf-5-603
Preparation & Revision Of Plans In Maryland State Government
§ gsf-5-604
Embodiment of Policy Recommendations Regarding Development
§ gsf-5-605
"The Governor-a substantial part"
§ gsf-5-606
Plan Prohibition to Deny the Following
§ gsf-5-608
"Objectives, standards, and principles in the Plan"
§ gsf-5-609
State government comprehensive analysis and evaluation mandate
§ gsf-5-610
The plan's contents
§ gsf-5-611
The Plan's Goals and Provisions
§ gsf-5-612
The mandate for a plan concerning the organization and maintenance of public land in Maryland.
§ gsf-5-613
Recommendations for The Proposed General Location
§ gsf-5-614
Circulation Patterns
§ gsf-5-615
§ gsf-5-701
Definition of "Commission"
§ gsf-5-702
Laws in Effect Until December 31, 2020
§ gsf-5-703
This commission consists of various members designated by the Secretary of State.
§ gsf-5-704
The Governor designates Chairs of the Commission
§ gsf-5-705
The role of the department of planning in providing staff for the commission.
§ gsf-5-706
Economic advisor job description
§ gsf-5-707
Information about Chapters 488 and 489.
§ gsf-5-7A-01
The State Economic Growth, Resource Protection, and Planning Policy
§ gsf-5-7A-02
"Local jurisdiction"
§ gsf-5-7B-01
Project related Keywords and it's explanation
§ gsf-5-7B-02
list of areas considering priority funding areas
§ gsf-5-7B-03
Designation of Funding
§ gsf-5-7B-04
Growth-related project funding regulations.
§ gsf-5-7B-05
§ gsf-5-7B-06
Funding may be given without approval, on condition
§ gsf-5-7B-07
Policies for Funding for Public Schools
§ gsf-5-7B-08
Growth-Related Projects Funds
§ gsf-5-7B-09
meaning of words under this section
§ gsf-5-7B-10
The decision to fund or not fund a project is not decided under article 10
§ gsf-5-801
meaning of Plan, Commission under this subtitle
§ gsf-5-804
Policy guidelines for the regulation and maintenance of the Patuxent River Watershed.
§ gsf-5-805
Information regarding Plan amendments.
§ gsf-5-806
General Assembly Approving Amendments
§ gsf-5-807
Permissible funds for the Patuxent River planning program described in this subtitle
§ gsf-5-808
Staff in River Planning Program
§ gsf-5-809
Department reports every other year on the Patuxent
§ gsf-5-812
Patuxent River Commission
§ gsf-5-813
Commission does not limit authority of State laws
§ gsf-5-814
about the Commission under this section
§ gsf-5-815
Election of a Chairman
§ gsf-5-816
Additional powers of the commission
§ gsf-5A-101
The Division of Historical and Cultural Programs in the Department of Planning
§ gsf-5A-102
Laws establishing the Maryland Historical Trust as a member of the Historical and cultural program.
§ gsf-5A-301
Definitions of Terms
§ gsf-5A-302
Historic properties significant to the State's heritage
§ gsf-5A-303
Intended Meaning of Business Entity Related Terms
§ gsf-5A-304
Property to be Acquired by Public Works Division
§ gsf-5A-305
Board of Public Works Rights to Acquire Easements
§ gsf-5A-306
Powers of the State Highway Administration
§ gsf-5A-309
Terminology of the Maryland Historical Trust.
§ gsf-5A-310
Maryland Historical Trust.
§ gsf-5A-311
Purposes of the Trust
§ gsf-5A-312
Board of trustees of the Trust
§ gsf-5A-313
"15 trustees of the board and their commitments"
§ gsf-5A-314
Election of Board Chairman and Officers
§ gsf-5A-315
Rules and regulation about trustee.
§ gsf-5A-316
The trustees may only appoint a Director with the approval of the Governor.
§ gsf-5A-317
The Board's counsel from the Attorney General
§ gsf-5A-318
Powers and Duties of Trust and Board.
§ gsf-5A-319
The Trust may not dispose of any property transferred
§ gsf-5A-322
Details related to Maryland Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
§ gsf-5A-323
Eligibility requirements for historic property sites and the mandate for a historic register.
§ gsf-5A-324
Details of Maryland Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
§ gsf-5A-325
Capital Projects Must be Referenced Against History Trust
§ gsf-5A-326
Cooperation with Historic Register Trust for State Property
§ gsf-5A-327
Meaning of MHT loans.
§ gsf-5A-328
Purpose and structure of MHT grant program
§ gsf-5A-329
Rule of Historic Marker Program Fund
§ gsf-5A-330
Development of African American Heritage Preservation Program
§ gsf-5A-333
Certain words having meanings as mentioned in this section
§ gsf-5A-334
Duties of Archaeology Office
§ gsf-5A-335
Duties of The Archaeology Office
§ gsf-5A-336
§ gsf-5A-337
identification of archaeological site
§ gsf-5A-338
Costs of State Archaeological Projects
§ gsf-5A-339
Funerary objects Law of Maryland
§ gsf-5A-340
Submerged Archaeological Property.
§ gsf-5A-341
Permits and regulations for archaeological historic property
§ gsf-5A-342
Guidelines for State-Owned Terrestrial Archaeological Sites
§ gsf-5A-343
Regulations Relating to Archeological Discoveries in Maryland.
§ gsf-5A-344
Origins of the Director or the Directors designee takes
§ gsf-5A-345
Protecting Archaeological Historic Property
§ gsf-5A-346
Violations of permits issued in Maryland
§ gsf-5A-349
meaning of words under this section
§ gsf-5A-350
Rules Pertaining to Specific State Museums
§ gsf-5A-351
The General Assembly on Museums
§ gsf-5A-352
Historical and Cultural Museum Assistance Program
§ gsf-5A-353
Museum Financial Assistance
§ gsf-5A-354
Must have members for Museum assistance.
§ gsf-5A-355
Responsibilities and duties of the Trust
§ gsf-5A-356
The Maryland State Arts Council
§ gsf-5A-357
SECRETARY'S POWER TO reserve up to 20% of the money available in the MHT Grant Fund
§ gsf-5A-358
How Program is Carried Out
§ gsf-5A-359
Material misstatement Law of Maryland
§ gsf-5A-401
Maryland Law Meaning of Words Committee and Fund
§ gsf-5A-402
§ gsf-5A-403
§ gsf-5A-404
Department of Planning Can Adopt Measures to Implement this Section.
§ gsf-5A-405
§ gsf-5A-406
Award Conditions Shall be Recorded on County
§ gsf-6-101
Meaning of "Board," "Bureau," and "Chief"
§ gsf-6-102
Board of Revenue Estimates Personnel.
§ gsf-6-103
§ gsf-6-104
Bureau report to Board for every fiscal year
§ gsf-6-105
Definition of "Group"
§ gsf-6-106
Responsibilities of the Board
§ gsf-6-201
Definition of Banking and Financial Terms
§ gsf-6-202
Collateral under this subtitle is an obligation of the United States.
§ gsf-6-203
Maryland Treasury has 15% weight in designated financial banking decisions
§ gsf-6-205
Authority of the Treasurer
§ gsf-6-206
Depositary Law of Maryland
§ gsf-6-209
Origins of State money on deposit
§ gsf-6-210
Stipulations for a Deposit Made by The Treasurer
§ gsf-6-211
Effective date of businesses.
§ gsf-6-212
Linked Deposit Program (Small Businesses in the Department of Housing and Community Development.)
§ gsf-6-213
Pay into depositories designated by the Treasurer for the account of the State Treasury
§ gsf-6-214
Collection of Money from the State
§ gsf-6-215
The Comptroller's Duties For Crediting Money
§ gsf-6-216
Duties of The Comptroller
§ gsf-6-217
Uses of Comptroller account
§ gsf-6-218
"Action against a person who is responsible for collection of State money "
§ gsf-6-219
Definition of "Claim"
§ gsf-6-222
Origins of Treasurer investing or reinvesting
§ gsf-6-223
Investing Guidelines for The Treasurer
§ gsf-6-224
Right of the treasurer to invest or reinvest unexpended or surplus State money
§ gsf-6-225
State money investing or reinvesting by Treasurer
§ gsf-6-226
Information about General Funds
§ gsf-6-229
Opening and maintaining government bank accounts.
§ gsf-7-101
meaning of "Proposed budget" under this section
§ gsf-7-102
The General Assembly and The Spending Affordability Committee
§ gsf-7-103
The Secretary shall continually conduct studies on the needs of units of the Executive Branch
§ gsf-7-104
preparing draft of the Porposed Budget by Secretary
§ gsf-7-105
Proposed Budgets Must Follow Proper Form
§ gsf-7-106
When Will The Governor Submit Bills Necessary For A Balanced Budget.
§ gsf-7-108
The Maryland Constitution and The Budget
§ gsf-7-109
Parts of a Budget Bill
§ gsf-7-110
Meaning Of "Capital Expenditure" And Other Terms Related To Transportation
§ gsf-7-111
lump sum appropriation to the University College of the University of Maryland.
§ gsf-7-112
Changing State statue, unable to submit budget bill
§ gsf-7-113
laws relating to motor vehicle licensing and motor vehicle fuel taxes and prevent diversions of revenues
§ gsf-7-114
Definition of "Cancer Program" and "Tobacco Program"
§ gsf-7-114.1
Costs of State Archaeological Work
§ gsf-7-114.2
Proposed Budgets
§ gsf-7-115
Submission of the budget bill Law of Maryland
§ gsf-7-116
Maryland's proposed budget aligned with recommendations
§ gsf-7-117
Requirements of Budget Books
§ gsf-7-118
Origins of the report from Secretary
§ gsf-7-119
The Budget book for fiscal year
§ gsf-7-120
Budget Books Guidelines
§ gsf-7-121
Origins of budget books
§ gsf-7-122
"General Fund in each fiscal year"
§ gsf-7-201
§ gsf-7-202
State Treasury money disbursement
§ gsf-7-205
Money Appropriation
§ gsf-7-206
The initial appropriation for a program can be adjusted.
§ gsf-7-207
What is Lump Sum Appropriation?
§ gsf-7-208
The General Assembly's In-Session Capabilities
§ gsf-7-208.1
Judicial Program Appropriations
§ gsf-7-209
Amendment for the Office of the Governor
§ gsf-7-210
budget amendment not affect the State Budget
§ gsf-7-211
Origins of Report on amendments of appropriations for programs
§ gsf-7-212
Powers of Governing Boards of Select Institutions
§ gsf-7-213
The Governor can not reduce appropriations more than 25%.
§ gsf-7-216
Spending a Monetary Appropriation as a State Employee
§ gsf-7-217
instructions to use special fund
§ gsf-7-218
Issuance of a warrant for nonpayment of bill Law of Maryland
§ gsf-7-219
Proper Documentation for a Payment Warrant
§ gsf-7-220
Warrant for Appropriation for Officers or Units
§ gsf-7-221
The Steps Needed for The Comptroller to Issue a Warrant
§ gsf-7-222
The rights of debtors in Maryland.
§ gsf-7-223
The Comptroller may not allow a warrant to be issued until a record is made in the books
§ gsf-7-226
Dispersal of Monies From State Treasury.
§ gsf-7-227
Requirements of Check Drawn From the State Treasury
§ gsf-7-227.1
How the Treasurer Gives Out Money
§ gsf-7-228
§ gsf-7-229
Rules for Handling Returned Funds
§ gsf-7-230
Meaning of "Fund"
§ gsf-7-233
State Code of Maryland, titled "State Financial and Procurement"
§ gsf-7-234
Limits on spending money by an officer or unit.
§ gsf-7-235
This section does not apply to a bicounty commission
§ gsf-7-236
State Budget approval.
§ gsf-7-237
Origins of officer or agent being charged with:
§ gsf-7-238
Meaning of the Following Words Pertaining to Section
§ gsf-7-301
list of entities applicable to this section
§ gsf-7-302
"At the end of the fiscal year, the unspent balance of each appropriation reverts to the General Fund."
§ gsf-7-303
Leftover funds not part of general state fund
§ gsf-7-304
Year-end unspent budget allocation
§ gsf-7-305
Origins of capital expenditure
§ gsf-7-306
Details about General Fund of the State to St. Marys College of Maryland
§ gsf-7-307
Renovated Facilities and State Income Tax
§ gsf-7-308
Notice by Secretary of Budget and Management
§ gsf-7-309
State Financial and Procurement.
§ gsf-7-310
Explanation of Dedicated Purpose Account
§ gsf-7-310.1
Control of Maryland State funds
§ gsf-7-311
Origins of the Revenue Stabilization Account
§ gsf-7-312
Origins of Maryland Stadium Facilities Fund
§ gsf-7-314
Terms and Definitions of Subtitle.
§ gsf-7-315
Origins of the Energy Overcharge Restitution Fund
§ gsf-7-317
Structure and Funding of the Cigarette Restitution Fund.
§ gsf-7-324
Origins of Catastrophic Event Account
§ gsf-7-325
Submission of the annual budget to General Assembly
§ gsf-7-326
Definition of "Fund"
§ gsf-7-327
Mortgage Loan Servicing Practices Settlement Fund
§ gsf-7-401
Powers of the Comptroller
§ gsf-7-402
meaning of words under this section
§ gsf-7-403
Definitions for this section listed as follows.
§ gsf-7-404
Definition of "Department" and "Independent"
§ gsf-7-405
§ gsf-7-406
Meanings of "Department," "Grantee," "Grantor," and "State aid"
§ gsf-8-101
Meaning of Certain Words Listed
§ gsf-8-104
meaning of Tax supported debt under this title
§ gsf-8-105
General Assembly findings
§ gsf-8-106
Construed liberally law
§ gsf-8-107
Tax Supported Debt
§ gsf-8-108
Capital Debt Affordability Committee in The Executive Department .
§ gsf-8-109
Components of The Committee
§ gsf-8-110
The Treasurer is the Chairman of the Committee.
§ gsf-8-111
Chairman rights to call a meeting of the committee
§ gsf-8-112
Review of State Tax Supported Debt.
§ gsf-8-113
the function for the new State Debt
§ gsf-8-114
Consolidated Loan Budget Draft
§ gsf-8-117
General Assembly's role on finance
§ gsf-8-117
General Assembly's role on finance
§ gsf-8-118
The Duties of The Board
§ gsf-8-119
Boards Control Over State Bonds
§ gsf-8-120
Issuance of State Bonds Requirements
§ gsf-8-121
How state bonds are to be issued.
§ gsf-8-122
Consolidation of State bonds in Maryland
§ gsf-8-122.1
Selling of State Bonds
§ gsf-8-123
Origins of offering of State bonds
§ gsf-8-123.1
Capital Appreciation Bonds
§ gsf-8-123.2
Definition of Small Denomination Bonds
§ gsf-8-123.3
General obligation bonds Law of Maryland
§ gsf-8-123.4
Regulations to the Board regarding ariable interest rate bonds
§ gsf-8-124
General Obligation Bonds
§ gsf-8-125
meaning of "Fund" under this section
§ gsf-8-126
Origins of an appropriation from the General Fund
§ gsf-8-127
Usage of Proceeds from Sale of State Bonds
§ gsf-8-128
Maryland Law on State Financial and Procurement Debt
§ gsf-8-129
Governor should return unspent proceeds.
§ gsf-8-130
Budget and Management Department Responsibilities
§ gsf-8-131
Board of Public Works may issue bond
§ gsf-8-131.1
meaning of words under this section
§ gsf-8-132
Comptroller's Job for Annuity Fund
§ gsf-8-133
Source of Payments for State Bonds
§ gsf-8-134
Taxes for Debt Services Requirements
§ gsf-8-135
§ gsf-8-136
Board Authorized Agreements and Contracts
§ gsf-8-138
Tax receipts in revenue estimates are to support a budget.
§ gsf-8-139
the board must give 10 days notice of a loan under this Part V of this subtitle
§ gsf-8-140
Outstanding loans must be less than $100,000,000.
§ gsf-8-141
Determination of Interest Rates on Loans
§ gsf-8-142
180 Day Limit To Pay Loans Under This Subtitle
§ gsf-8-145
Replacement of State Bonds
§ gsf-8-201
Meanings and details of Bond, Enabling Act, Resolution and State Unit
§ gsf-8-202
Article 31 of The Code
§ gsf-8-205
Origins of authorization to issue bonds
§ gsf-8-206
Regulations applicable to the authorized bonds issued
§ gsf-8-207
State Issued Bonds Under 2 Enabling Acts
§ gsf-8-208
section does not apply to bond
§ gsf-8-209
Maryland State rights to issue and refund bonds
§ gsf-8-210
How state units can issue and sell bonds.
§ gsf-8-211
Authority of The financial officer
§ gsf-8-213
Conditions to issue bonds may issue and sell bond anticipation notes
§ gsf-8-214
Bond and Grant Terms
§ gsf-8-215
Rules of Maryland bond and grant anticipation notes
§ gsf-8-216
Regulations for selling grant anticipation notes
§ gsf-8-217
Bond anticipation notes may not be issued under this subtitle.
§ gsf-8-218
Guidelines on state bond interest and payments
§ gsf-8-219
§ gsf-8-220
Compliance of State Units
§ gsf-8-221
A State unit may issue bond or grant anticipation notes as commercial paper
§ gsf-8-301
Contracts must be approved by the Board of Public Works
§ gsf-8-302
meaning of "Bond" under this section
§ gsf-8-401
State Treasurer Has Authority to Enter Capital Lease Agreements
§ gsf-8-402
Details of Capital Equipment and Capital Lease
§ gsf-8-403
Regulations applicable to State Treasurer regarding Capital Lease
§ gsf-8-404
Regulations Of A capital Lease Authorized Under This Subtitle
§ gsf-8-405
Modification of Payments on Capital Leases
§ gsf-8-406
Directions to the State Treasurer regarding authorized capital lease
§ gsf-8-407
Financial Terms Defined
§ gsf-9-101
meaning of Fund, Program under this title
§ gsf-9-102
It is desirable for the State to have a program of insurance against loss, damage, and liability
§ gsf-9-103
Details about State Insurance Program and State Insurance Trust Fund
§ gsf-9-104
Duties of the Program Treasurers.
§ gsf-9-105
"The Treasurer"
§ gsf-9-106
State Government Officials Funded Treasurers Will Assess
§ gsf-9-107
How the Maryland Treasury pays for state losses
§ gsf-9-108
Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff Applicability and Exemptions