Real Property

This is Article grp of the Code of State, titled “Real Property.” It’s comprised of the following 640 sections.

§ grp-1-101
Definitions of Words Within the Article
§ grp-1-102
Presumption is rebuttable
§ grp-1-103
Rights of assignment regulations.
§ grp-1-104
Effect of Provision Agreement
§ grp-10-101
Quoted terms in this subtitle have specific definitions.
§ grp-10-102
Land Installment Contracts and How To Sign Them
§ grp-10-103
What every land installment contract must include
§ grp-10-104
Land Installment Contracts are Held in Offices of the Circuit Courts
§ grp-10-105
Contract fixes
§ grp-10-106
The contract continues in full force and effect
§ grp-10-107
Land Installment Contract Vendor Obligations
§ grp-10-108
Vendor non-compliance regulations and duties.
§ grp-10-201
"Realty includes both freehold estates and redeemable leasehold estates."
§ grp-10-202
Origins of Express warranties by a vendor
§ grp-10-203
Deeds to a completed improvement
§ grp-10-204
Breach of warranty provided
§ grp-10-205
Origins of a vendor granting an improvement
§ grp-10-301
Deposit for the purchase of a non-completed house.
§ grp-10-301.1
Regulations regarding payments to builders.
§ grp-10-301.2
The accounts trust money can be deposited.
§ grp-10-302
The legalities of selling bonds to the government.
§ grp-10-303
Where to address letter of credit forms.
§ grp-10-303.1
Responsibility for Bonds and Letters of Credit
§ grp-10-304
Escrow Law of Maryland
§ grp-10-305
Violations and Penalties
§ grp-10-306
The Division of Consumer Protection shall offer a new home disclosure form.
§ grp-10-401
Property Contract Enforcement
§ grp-10-402
Time Limits For Instruments
§ grp-10-501
Following words have the meanings indicated in this subtitle
§ grp-10-502
Custom Home Builder Regulations
§ grp-10-503
The pay of a subcontractor is the responsibility of the contractor.
§ grp-10-504
Rights of Custom Home Builders
§ grp-10-505
Custom home contracts
§ grp-10-506
Criteria Required for Custom Home Contracts
§ grp-10-507
Conduct Regulations
§ grp-10-509
Maryland Custom Home Protection Act
§ grp-10-601
Origins of constructing a new home
§ grp-10-602
Builder must disclose to seller, prior to sale, the new home warranty security plan or lack thereof.
§ grp-10-603
A home builder must disclose to a buyer when a security system is not in place.
§ grp-10-604
"A new home warranty shall warrant at a minimum that: for 1 year the home is free of dfects, for 2 years the home is free of electrical defects,..."
§ grp-10-605
Home warranty specifications and regulations.
§ grp-10-606
Guidelines for a new home warranty security plan.
§ grp-10-607
A homeowner may waive coverage of a new home warranty.
§ grp-10-608
Product/Service Warranty
§ grp-10-609
Penalty for misrepresenting the existence of a new home warranty.
§ grp-10-610
New Home Warranty and Builder Licensing Law of Maryland
§ grp-10-701
Approval for Subdivision of Real Property
§ grp-10-702
Real Estate Material Defects Policy
§ grp-10-703
Contracts of sale for residential real property.
§ grp-10-704
Real Property Tax or Fee disclosure requirements
§ grp-10-705
Section 10-705 Property Definitions
§ grp-10-706
Sale of residential real property in Harford County.
§ grp-10-707
Origins of the sale of residential real property
§ grp-10-708
Here transfer fee means a charge payable on the transfer of an interest in real property
§ grp-10-709
Origins of contract of sale for single family residential real property
§ grp-10-710
Inclusion of community amenity in real property section grp-10-710
§ grp-10-801
Maryland law indication meanings for home sector
§ grp-11-101
Common legal definitions
§ grp-11-102
Origins of condominium regime
§ grp-11-102.1
Origins of condominium regime
§ grp-11-102.2
Origins of terminate
§ grp-11-103
Declaration description
§ grp-11-103.1
The council of unit owners may execute amendment
§ grp-11-104
Maryland bylaw requirements for condominiums
§ grp-11-105
"When the declaration and bylaws are recorded, the developer shall record a condominium plat."
§ grp-11-106
Condominium regulations and deed information.
§ grp-11-107
Property owner shares shall be stated in the disclosure statement.
§ grp-11-108
When the common elements may be used
§ grp-11-108.1
Owner's maintenance responsibility.
§ grp-11-109
Governance of the Affairs of the Condominium
§ grp-11-109.1
Protection of the privacy or reputation of individuals in matters not related to the council.
§ grp-11-109.2
What the council of unit owners shall cause
§ grp-11-109.3
Council Unit Appointment for Managing Affairs
§ grp-11-110
Payment of current and future common expenses.
§ grp-11-111
Condominium owner responsibilities and regulations.
§ grp-11-111.1
Word meanings in section grp-11-111.1
§ grp-11-111.2
"Candidate signs" are either signs or slates for public office
§ grp-11-111.3
Laws governing distribution and information for condominium owners.
§ grp-11-112
"The term taking under the power of eminent domain includes any sale in settlement of any pending or threatened condemnation proceeding."
§ grp-11-113
Regulations and stipulations regarding violations by unit holders.
§ grp-11-114
Property owners should maintain insurance when reasonably available
§ grp-11-114.1
fidelity insurance
§ grp-11-114.2
"The bylaws of a condominium may require each unit owner to maintain a condominium unit owner insurance policy on the unit."
§ grp-11-115
Improvements or alterations by unit ownwes.
§ grp-11-116
What the council of unit owners shall keep
§ grp-11-118
Lien against units
§ grp-11-119
Bringing suit against condominium owners/councils
§ grp-11-120
Requirements for Condominium Expansion
§ grp-11-121
Connection with the sale by a developer of units in a condominium intended for residential or held in an escrow account
§ grp-11-122
Building and Zoning Codes
§ grp-11-123
Condominium termination regulations.
§ grp-11-124
condominium incorporation structuring
§ grp-11-125
Physical Boundaries of Condominiums
§ grp-11-126
Rules of initial sale enforceable under Maryland law
§ grp-11-127
A contract may not be entered into
§ grp-11-128
"Secretary of State shall establish a file of local legislation affecting condominiums."
§ grp-11-129
Origins of condominium situated
§ grp-11-130
The power of the state to enforce minimum standards for consumer and homeowner protection.
§ grp-11-131
Origins of implied warranties
§ grp-11-132
Condominium developers shall turn over relevant records to the state as requested.
§ grp-11-133
"A condominium "
§ grp-11-134
Laws concerning the legality of developers effecting a sale or lease in Maryland.
§ grp-11-135
Resale of a unit by a unit owner
§ grp-11-136
Owner's tenant notice to purchase property
§ grp-11-137
Real Estate housing and income terms defined
§ grp-11-138
Laws governing the sale and purchase of rental facilities in Maryland.
§ grp-11-139
Rental Facility and Occupant Stipulations
§ grp-11-139.1
Information Delivery for Council of Unit Owners
§ grp-11-139.2
"The board of directors of unit owners may authorize unit owners to submit a vote."
§ grp-11-140
"The General Assembly of Maryland is to facilitate the orderly development of condominiums in Maryland."
§ grp-11-141
The provisions of this title are in addition to all other provisions
§ grp-11-142
Condominiums Law of Maryland
§ grp-11-143
An outline of the Maryland condominium act.
§ grp-11A-101
Terminology and laws governing time shares in Maryland.
§ grp-11A-102
Origins of the recordation of a time-share instrument
§ grp-11A-103
Laws governing time-share property in Maryland.
§ grp-11A-104
Prohibitions on Time-Share Creation
§ grp-11A-105
Origins of time-share estate
§ grp-11A-106
What the time-share instrument shall provide
§ grp-11A-107
A time sharing document shall include provisions for furnishings and repair.
§ grp-11A-108
Time-shares will expire as outlined in the agreement.
§ grp-11A-108.1
Special meetings
§ grp-11A-109
Time-share project specifications and regulations.
§ grp-11A-110
Origins of Time-share expenses
§ grp-11A-111
Under the Policy
§ grp-11A-112
Delivering Public Offering Statement
§ grp-11A-113
Public offering statements for time shares shall include all relevant information.
§ grp-11A-114
You have 10 days to cancel time-shares.
§ grp-11A-115
Definition of "time-share owner" and time-shares.
§ grp-11A-116
Purchase money includes any money paid by a purchaser for a timeshare."
§ grp-11A-117
Implied Warranties on Time-shares
§ grp-11A-118
A developer shall furnish each purchaser a sales copy
§ grp-11A-119
Unauthorized Time-Share Selling Policy
§ grp-11A-120
Regulations applicable to any purchase of a time-share
§ grp-11A-121
What a developer may not offer
§ grp-11A-122
Authorithy of The Commission
§ grp-11A-123
Origins of people involved in time-shares
§ grp-11A-124
Unlawful sale or offer of a time-share
§ grp-11A-125
Property Remedies
§ grp-11A-126
Conflicts between Titles
§ grp-11A-127
Origins of all time-share projects
§ grp-11A-128
Association or developer during the developer control period shall keep books and records generally accepted accounting principles.
§ grp-11A-129
Maryland law provides for a "Maryland Real Estate Time Sharing Act".
§ grp-11B-101
Definition of terms.
§ grp-11B-102
Rules and regulation about all homeowners associations.
§ grp-11B-103
A Declarant or Vendor Cannot Waive or Vary the Rights or Provisions Conferred by this Title.
§ grp-11B-104
"The Provisions of laws concerning building code shall have full force and effect as they apply to development."
§ grp-11B-105
Initial sale contract regulations and stipulations.
§ grp-11B-106
"A contract for the resale of a lot in not enforceable unless the person is given the disclosure set,..."
§ grp-11B-106.1
Homeowners Association Election Protocol
§ grp-11B-107
Particulars of Rent Sales
§ grp-11B-108
The power of the purchaser in property transactions.
§ grp-11B-109
Any vendor which withholds a material fact shall be subject to criminal prosecution.
§ grp-11B-110
There shall be an implied warranty to the homeowners association
§ grp-11B-111
Homeowners association meeting regulations.
§ grp-11B-111.1
Child care provider means the adult who has primary responsibility for the operation of a family child care home
§ grp-11B-111.2
Candidate sign
§ grp-11B-111.3
Information and Material Distribution Guidelines
§ grp-11B-111.4
Exclusions and Operations of Homeowners Association
§ grp-11B-111.5
" A homeowners association"
§ grp-11B-111.6
Maryland Law classifying fidelity insurance and bonds
§ grp-11B-112
Laws governing record and information keeping by homeowner's associations.
§ grp-11B-112.1
The power of homeowners associations to charge late fees.
§ grp-11B-112.2
Origins of homeowners association
§ grp-11B-113
The clerk shall make available to the public data provided by homeowners associations.
§ grp-11B-113.1
Notice of meeting or information by electronic transmission by a homeowners association.
§ grp-11B-113.2
Homeowners Association's may employ electronic voting.
§ grp-11B-113.3
Application to Restrictive Ownership In Covenants
§ grp-11B-113.4
§ grp-11B-113.5
How villages and town centers may annex land in Maryland.
§ grp-11B-114
Electronic payments
§ grp-11B-115
The state shall provide homeowners associations copies of consumer protections.
§ grp-11B-115.1
"Lot owners will be notified of election times and places, the format of the election ballot,..."
§ grp-11B-116
Definition of Governing Document Pertaining to Section
§ grp-11B-117
Lot owners are responsible for homeowners association assessments and charges.
§ grp-11B-118
You can site this title as the Maryland Homeowners Association Act.
§ grp-12-101
Eminent Domain and Condemnation
§ grp-12-102
plaintiff possession laws of property
§ grp-12-103
condemned Property values
§ grp-12-104
Origins of The damages to be awarded for the taking
§ grp-12-105
When condemnation of a property is necessary then a specific date for action will be determined.
§ grp-12-105.1
Origins of condemnation
§ grp-12-106
"The Plaintiff shall pay all the costs in a trial court."
§ grp-12-107
Final judgments in a condemnation case may be appealed.
§ grp-12-108
Plantiff title/estates
§ grp-12-109
Exclusive method for abandoning a proceeding for condemnation.
§ grp-12-110
Property tax refund policy for condemned property
§ grp-12-111
Engineers, land surveyors, real estate appraisers are allowed to enter property.
§ grp-12-112
Origins of condemnation
§ grp-12-201
Maryland law as it applies to the appraisal of certain types of real estate.
§ grp-12-202
Displaced Person Payments
§ grp-12-203
Origins of displacing agency
§ grp-12-204
The displacing agency shall make payments to eligible displaced persons.
§ grp-12-205
Displacing agency projects/programs
§ grp-12-205.1
details about the acquisition of private property
§ grp-12-206
Displaced persons must be helped by the displacing agency.
§ grp-12-207
"If a displacing agency acquires real property it shall be guided by the policies set forth in this section."
§ grp-12-208
Aquisition of interest by a displacing agency.
§ grp-12-209
Recording fees, transfer taxes and penalty costs for prepayment.
§ grp-12-210
§ grp-12-211
Property laws and state assistance eligibility in Maryland.
§ grp-12-212
Creating in any condemnation proceeding brought under the power of eminent domain.
§ grp-13-101
Origins of Vacant land
§ grp-13-102
Land patent proceedings
§ grp-13-103
Patents will be issued according to this title.
§ grp-13-104
Any person can obtain patent for vacant land
§ grp-13-105
False Verification Under Oath Penalty
§ grp-13-106
If the Board approves the request, the unit shall apply for a certificate of reservation.
§ grp-13-107
Origins of a claimant
§ grp-13-201
Duties of The Commissioner of Land Patents
§ grp-13-202
Commissioner Duties In Enforcing This Title
§ grp-13-203
Commissioner shall adopt regulations after meeting
§ grp-13-204
Records for the Issuance of Patents
§ grp-13-205
schedule of costs charging by Commissioner
§ grp-13-206
Certificate Mailing Requirements for the Commissioner
§ grp-13-301
Origins of obtaining a patent
§ grp-13-302
How to applicate for a patent in writing.
§ grp-13-303
On death of applicant, the rights of assignee, heir, or legatee .
§ grp-13-304
Filing Papers as an Applicant
§ grp-13-305
Commissioner Must Docket Each Patent Application.
§ grp-13-306
Commissioner's Duty After a Application is Docketed
§ grp-13-307
Rules regarding "The Warrant".
§ grp-13-308
mailing notice after reciving surveyor's acknowledgment
§ grp-13-309
Surveyor Warrant Stipulations
§ grp-13-310
Certificate of Survey and the surveyor.
§ grp-13-311
Components of certificate of survey
§ grp-13-312
How to Pay Surveyor Expenses?
§ grp-13-313
Assessments of vacant land in each county.
§ grp-13-401
Who May File Objections to Land Patent Grants
§ grp-13-402
Procedure to file warrant objection with Commissioner .
§ grp-13-403
Declaratory relief Law of Maryland
§ grp-13-404
Notification Of Parties In Connection With Proceedings Concerning Land Ownership.
§ grp-13-405
Rights of a Commisioner
§ grp-13-406
Powers of the Commissioner in Hearings
§ grp-13-407
Filing of bill complaint in circuit court.
§ grp-13-408
§ grp-13-409
Conditions Under Which Patent Should Be Issued By The Commissioner
§ grp-13-410
Applying The Administrative Procedure Act
§ grp-13-411
Order of abandonment
§ grp-13-412
Section 13-412 Vacant Land Ownership Provisions.
§ grp-13-413
Fees Associated With A Land Patent.
§ grp-13-501
When The Commissioner Prepares a Patent
§ grp-13-502
Origins of patent Law of Maryland
§ grp-13-503
How the Issuance of a Patent Operates
§ grp-13-504
Reimbursement of Public Works Patents
§ grp-14-101
Alien Law of Maryland
§ grp-14-102
Actions Against Mortgagors
§ grp-14-103
Stipulations of Land Sold for Foreclosure or Executive Sale
§ grp-14-104
First time home buyer in Maryland - taxes
§ grp-14-104.1
"Bank, mortgage banker, savings "
§ grp-14-105
Special Agreements for Real Estate Brokers
§ grp-14-106
Tenant Law of Maryland
§ grp-14-107
Regulations to the circuit court in decreeing partitions
§ grp-14-108
Property Owning Guidelines
§ grp-14-108.1
Property Owners and Claim Titles
§ grp-14-109
Jurisdiction of the District Court
§ grp-14-110
Maryland's Law of estate
§ grp-14-111
Boundary Lines Of Property
§ grp-14-112
Definition of "Trustee"
§ grp-14-113
Deeds Executed by Maryland Corporations
§ grp-14-114
Violations of Evicted Tenants or Property Owners
§ grp-14-115
Origins of the British statutes in force in the State
§ grp-14-115.1
Bills for City-Owned Property
§ grp-14-116
§ grp-14-116.1
Origins of ground lease holder
§ grp-14-116.2
Definition of Tenant and Rent-Related Terms
§ grp-14-117
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ grp-14-118
Authority Enforcement laws of Maryland
§ grp-14-119
Regulations applied to a Cemetery in Carroll County
§ grp-14-120
Procedure for Bringing Nuisance Complaints
§ grp-14-121
burial site Law of Maryland
§ grp-14-122
meaning of burial site under this section
§ grp-14-123
Terms of association
§ grp-14-124
Meaning of "Community Association," "Legal Code Violation," and "Nuisance"
§ grp-14-125
"Denotation of certain words"
§ grp-14-125.1
Origins of Anne Arundel County
§ grp-14-125.2
Definition of Various Property Terms
§ grp-14-126
Notification of Foreclosure Sale
§ grp-14-126.1
Terms and Definitions Of Subtitle.
§ grp-14-127
word meaning indications
§ grp-14-128
United States Flag Display Protections
§ grp-14-129
Exclusions to this Section
§ grp-14-130
Definitions of Certain Words
§ grp-14-131
§ grp-14-132
What do you mean by "wrongful detainer"
§ grp-14-201
Definitions & Meanings of Mortgage Terms
§ grp-14-202
Lien on Property Can Be Created by a Contract.
§ grp-14-203
Creating a lien as a breach of contract
§ grp-14-204
Enforcing and Foreclosing a Property Lien
§ grp-14-205
Maryland Real Property Law on Land Installment Contract
§ grp-14-206
Maryland Contract Lien Act
§ grp-14-301
Definition of Various Broker's Terms
§ grp-14-302
A broker is entitled to a lien if certain conditions are met.
§ grp-14-303
Extent of a Lien on a Property
§ grp-14-304
guideline to establish a broker's lien
§ grp-14-305
How to Establish a Broker's Lien
§ grp-14-306
Petitioning for Lien property in other counties.
§ grp-14-307
Property To Be Sold To Satisfy Lien
§ grp-14-308
Brokers lien establishment under Maryland rules.
§ grp-14-309
commercial leasing brokerage agreement
§ grp-14-310
Rights on property until a debt is paid
§ grp-14-311
State Code of Maryland, titled "Real Property"
§ grp-14-312
Settlement/payment Law of Maryland
§ grp-14-313
Brokers Lien Establishment and Enforcement Rules
§ grp-14-401
Maryland Coordinate System Law
§ grp-14-402
"Bureau of Plans and Surveys of Baltimore City"
§ grp-14-403
Land description using the Maryland Coordinate System.
§ grp-14-404
When To Use The Maryland Coordinate System
§ grp-14-405
The Maryland Coordinate System is Based on the National Geodetic Survey.
§ grp-14-406
Triangulation or traverse station in survey connections
§ grp-14-407
No requirement to rely on description by purchaser.
§ grp-14-501
Definitions of house trust terms as set by law
§ grp-14-502
Guidelines for affordable housing land trust agreement
§ grp-14-503
The Department of Assessments and Taxation will regulate affordable housing.
§ grp-14-504
regulations and Meanings of the Department
§ grp-14-505
Affordable Housing Land Trust Agreement
§ grp-14-506
Affordable Housing Repurchasing and Coverage
§ grp-14-507
Improvement and Acquisition Under Affordable Housing Land Trust Agreement
§ grp-14-508
Limitations Of Reversionary Rights On Land Trusts.
§ grp-14-509
Assessment of the Property Taxes
§ grp-14-510
When a Nonprofit Loses it's Nonprofit Status: Affordable Housing
§ grp-14-511
affordable housing land trust act
§ grp-15-101
The July 1, 1974 Article
§ grp-15-102
"Articles of Maryland law"
§ grp-15-103
Making a Valid Transaction
§ grp-2-101
Definition of "Grant" and "Bargain and Sell" in Wills.
§ grp-2-102
You may sell an estate even when seized of an estate tail.
§ grp-2-103
Mortgage Assignor Specifics
§ grp-2-104
§ grp-2-105
Deeds given out by Maryland are binding.
§ grp-2-106
When The Grantor of a Deed Makes a Covenant
§ grp-2-107
A covenant Law of Maryland
§ grp-2-108
Maryland Real Property Law in Granting Deed
§ grp-2-109
Rights to Enjoy Property Without Being Bothered
§ grp-2-110
Law of Maryland covenant by the grantor in a deed
§ grp-2-111
Covenant by the grantor in a deed Law of Maryland
§ grp-2-112
Grantor in a deed Law of Maryland
§ grp-2-113
What is "Die Without Issue"?
§ grp-2-114
Maryland Real Property Law that Grants Law Binding
§ grp-2-115
Is there implied covenant or warranty by grantor?
§ grp-2-116
Deed for personal property.
§ grp-2-117
Joint Tenancy Claims
§ grp-2-118
Prohibiting or limiting the use of water or land areas
§ grp-2-119
Denotation of Certain words.
§ grp-2-120
Selling Property After Homicide or HIV
§ grp-2-121
family child care home meaning
§ grp-2-122
meaning of "trust" under this section
§ grp-2-123
§ grp-3-101
Estate and Inheritance Stipulations
§ grp-3-102
Instruments that Affect Property
§ grp-3-103
Proper Jurisdiction of Deeds on Land
§ grp-3-104
When the Clerk of the Circuit Court may record change of ownership
§ grp-3-104.1
meaning of residential property under this section
§ grp-3-105
Releasing a Mortgage, Deed, or Trust
§ grp-3-105.1
Definitions of Various Property Terms
§ grp-3-105.2
meaning of lien instrument under this section
§ grp-3-106
Mortgage attachment and rider regulation.
§ grp-3-107
Recording a deed.
§ grp-3-108
Stipulations for Owners Subdividing Their Land
§ grp-3-108.1
Meaning of "Appendix Plat" and "Plat"
§ grp-3-109
Rights-of-way Law of Maryland
§ grp-3-109.1
Clerk Duties in Frederick Carroll and Talbot Counties
§ grp-3-110
Recordable instrument Law of Maryland
§ grp-3-111
Definition of Personal Information.
§ grp-3-201
"Date of Delivery"
§ grp-3-202
Deed's in Maryland
§ grp-3-203
Deed or other instruments take effect from effective date.
§ grp-3-204
Transferring An Interest In Rents.
§ grp-3-301
Recording of deeds affecting property.
§ grp-3-302
Documents that a clerk of the circuit court of each county should maintain
§ grp-3-303
Regulations to the clerk regarding making microfilm pictures of the recorded documents
§ grp-3-304
State Archivist role on filing the plat
§ grp-3-401
§ grp-3-402
US Secretary of the Treasury Lien Responsibility
§ grp-3-403
Federal lien Law of Maryland
§ grp-3-404
Fees for Filing and Indexing Lien Actions
§ grp-3-405
Maryland Revised Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act.
§ grp-3-501
Montgomery County Clerk Duties
§ grp-3-502
Law regarding water source guidelines effected by open-pit mining
§ grp-3-601
The Definition of a "Page"
§ grp-3-602
Fee for Certified Copy of Original Document
§ grp-3-603
The Clerk's Fee Limitations
§ grp-4-101
Origins of a deed containing the name of grantor and grantee
§ grp-4-102
Deed provisions and regulations.
§ grp-4-103
Maryland Real Property Law on Executed Deed
§ grp-4-104
Deed validation not required livery of seisin,intending
§ grp-4-105
Creation of an Estate In Fee Simple
§ grp-4-106
mortgage or deed of trust not valid except under this title
§ grp-4-107
Stipulations for Executing a Deed
§ grp-4-108
Property Interest Guidelines
§ grp-4-109
Instruments Recorded Before January 1, 1973
§ grp-4-110
§ grp-4-111
Meaning of Lender.
§ grp-4-201
Forms in subtitle considered sufficient and editable
§ grp-4-202
Origins of a deed
§ grp-4-203
Mortgage/Trust Assignment and Release
§ grp-4-204
Sample Deed Testimony Application
§ grp-5-101
Absence Of Greater Force Or Effect In Law Or Equity For Corporeal Estate And Others
§ grp-5-102
Leasehold estate Law of Maryland
§ grp-5-103
"Corporal estate, leasehold or freehold, or incorporeal interest in land"
§ grp-5-104
Contracts For The Sale and Disposition of Land
§ grp-5-105
Declaration of trust by an individual
§ grp-5-106
Trust Beneficiaries need written proof or in will
§ grp-5-107
Title Non-Application to Involving Grants With Trusts
§ grp-5-108
Requirements for Granting Estates.
§ grp-6-101
Property Management Guidelines
§ grp-6-102
A special limitation or a condition subsequent, which restricts a feesimple estate
§ grp-6-103
Recovery of land cannot happen because of a condition breach
§ grp-6-104
A possibility of reverter or right of entry may be transferred under Maryland law.
§ grp-6-105
Grants Made By The State
§ grp-7-101
Mortgage and deed clarifications and regulations.
§ grp-7-102
Guidelines for Mortgages, Trusts, Liens, and Principal Sums
§ grp-7-103
The person in possession of a promissory note shall be invested in the person that took out the note.
§ grp-7-104
the mortgage of trust in this section.
§ grp-7-105
Personal Deed of Trust Directives.
§ grp-7-105.1
Key Real Estate Words Defined
§ grp-7-105.10
meaning of words under this section
§ grp-7-105.11
The state may declare some properties as "unfit for human habitation".
§ grp-7-105.12
Details and meanings related to Tax Property
§ grp-7-105.2
Notification of Foreclosure Sales
§ grp-7-105.3
§ grp-7-105.4
The interest made on a mortgage shall be paid in a manner described by law.
§ grp-7-105.5
Sale of Property Subject to Mortgage or Deed
§ grp-7-105.6
Rights of mortgage purchaser and tenants.
§ grp-7-105.7
Exceptions Where Crops on Mortgaged Land aren't Debtor's Property.
§ grp-7-105.8
Orders for Resale
§ grp-7-105.9
§ grp-7-106
Money Extortion for Deed of Trust Transfer Prohibition
§ grp-7-107
Payment of Property Taxes
§ grp-7-108
Recording Land Records
§ grp-7-109
Word definitions under Maryland grp-7-109
§ grp-7-110
Assignment of a mortgage.
§ grp-7-111
Non-Termination of Lien Through Mortgage or Deed Modification
§ grp-7-201
Unpaid Property Balances
§ grp-7-202
Applicable Instruments for Reserving a Valid Vendor's Lien
§ grp-7-203
Maryland Vendor Property Code
§ grp-7-204
Vendor's Lien Release is Similar to Mortgage Release.
§ grp-7-205
The acceptance may not be construed as a waiver
§ grp-7-301
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ grp-7-302
Persons the Subtitle Does Not Apply To
§ grp-7-305
Right to Rescind a Foreclosure Consulting Contract
§ grp-7-306
Foreclosure Consulting Contracts
§ grp-7-307
About Foreclosure in homewowner law
§ grp-7-308
meaning of words under this section
§ grp-7-309
Foreclosure Consultant Duties
§ grp-7-310
Home owner in default can cancel a sale or transfer contract of home in default with 5 days of contract.
§ grp-7-311
The transfer of a home in default must include a notice to occupants.
§ grp-7-312
Maryland Residence Rules
§ grp-7-313
"Statement About Tenancy" Contract Legislation.
§ grp-7-314
Maryland Customs
§ grp-7-315
Rights of Rescission for Homeowners
§ grp-7-318
Prohibition to Induce Owner to Waiver of Homeowners' Rights
§ grp-7-318.1
Foreclosure Consultant Violations of Subtitle
§ grp-7-319
Prohibiting Acts of Violation, Recovering Costs, Penalties
§ grp-7-319.1
The commissioner may enforce authority under the Financial Institutions Article.
§ grp-7-320
about Law for Homeowner taken by Commissioner
§ grp-7-321
Violation Fines Up to $10,000
§ grp-7-322
Criminal Prosecution Rules
§ grp-7-325
Protection of Homeowners in Foreclosure Act
§ grp-7-401
Maryland Property Terms Defined
§ grp-7-402
Details related to mortgage fraud
§ grp-7-403
Consideration of What Constitutes a Violation To Subtitle
§ grp-7-404
Entitlement of Attorney General
§ grp-7-404.1
Commissioner's Legal Powers Enforcing Provisions of Subtitle
§ grp-7-405
Investigations by Maryland State Attorney General
§ grp-7-406
One can bring an action for damages which result as a subtitle violation
§ grp-7-407
Violators Are Guilty of Felonies
§ grp-7-408
All revenue made in violation of this law shall revert to the state.
§ grp-7-409
Maryland Mortgage Fraud Protection Act
§ grp-8-101
Leased Property Reversion Transferee
§ grp-8-102
Provision for Advanced Payments on County Property Tax
§ grp-8-103
Grants may not be used as a reason for a merger.
§ grp-8-104
Valid and Effective by the State
§ grp-8-105
Landlords cannot disclaim liability in a lease
§ grp-8-106
Representative Recovering Rent After Owner Death
§ grp-8-107
Landlord and Tenant Property Rights.
§ grp-8-108
When legally appropriate a court may order a lease renewal to be enforced.
§ grp-8-109
A year of possession after the lease expires counts as a renewal.
§ grp-8-110
Leases for non-commercial/ industrial properties
§ grp-8-110.1
Ground Lease Explanation
§ grp-8-111
No more than three years' back rent can be recovered.
§ grp-8-111.1
Leasehold or Subleasehold Estate Subject to Ground Rent
§ grp-8-111.2
Section Non-Applicability To Certain Types of Property
§ grp-8-112
Untenable Properties
§ grp-8-113
Covenant does not Bind the Tenant
§ grp-8-114
Maryland Tenant Removal
§ grp-8-115
Growing Crop Share Reserved For Rent As A Lien
§ grp-8-116
Rules For Tobacco Grown on Rented or Leased Property
§ grp-8-117
Property law on propane gas greater than 25g
§ grp-8-118
In a jury trial involving rent the administration may immediately ask for payment.
§ grp-8-118.1
Jury Trial payments
§ grp-8-201
residential leases
§ grp-8-202
lease option agreement means any clause in a lease agreement
§ grp-8-203
Meaning of the Following Words Pertaining to Section
§ grp-8-203.1
A receipt of security deposit may mean all these things for the tenant.
§ grp-8-204
Single or Multi-family Dwelling Units Legislation.
§ grp-8-205
Anne Arundel County Tenant Laws
§ grp-8-206
The tenant is a member of any tenants organization.
§ grp-8-207
Mitigating Damages from Broken Lease Agreements
§ grp-8-208
Duties of Landlord
§ grp-8-208.1
Residential Property Landlord Prohibitions
§ grp-8-208.2
Tenants may not be evicted for submitting Title 6 information
§ grp-8-208.3
Landlord must keep records of rent received from tennants.
§ grp-8-210
residential rental property landlords
§ grp-8-211
§ grp-8-211.1
Landlord Provisions With a Tenant's Rent
§ grp-8-212.1
Rent and damage responsibility for active duty deployed persons
§ grp-8-212.2
Does not apply to tenants of residential lease
§ grp-8-213
Application Statements and Exceptions
§ grp-8-214
Meaning of Elderly Person and Landlord in Section
§ grp-8-215
Maryland Affected Property
§ grp-8-301
Meaning of Court, Defendant, Distress, Goods in Subtitle
§ grp-8-302
Distress for rent determination
§ grp-8-303
An action of distress shall be brought by the landlord as plaintiff
§ grp-8-304
Maryland certified group health benefit plans
§ grp-8-305
Rules on Goods:
§ grp-8-306
Levy under an action of distress
§ grp-8-307
section describing the exemption from distress
§ grp-8-308
Custodia Legis
§ grp-8-309
A court order is needed for any forcible entry.
§ grp-8-310
Plaintiff's Petition Showing Distress and Need for Protection, Court Orders, Removal of Goods and Bond.
§ grp-8-311
A person who is not a tenant may ask for an excuse from a tenant levy.
§ grp-8-312
Title to Good and Services
§ grp-8-313
Expenses for The Removal of Goods
§ grp-8-314
Defendant answer filing regulations.
§ grp-8-315
Removal of tenant goods regulations.
§ grp-8-316
Claims by the distressed
§ grp-8-317
Order authorizing the officer to enter the premises by force.
§ grp-8-318
Notice of Sale of Goods
§ grp-8-319
Public Auction Distress Sales
§ grp-8-320
Only those goods needed to satisfy a default may be sold in a default sale.
§ grp-8-321
Request of Officer
§ grp-8-322
Costs Charged In Actions of Distress
§ grp-8-323
Right of action of a third party whose goods were sold
§ grp-8-324
the court may declare the lease terminated and of no further force .
§ grp-8-325
Plaintiff Can File Petition For Deficient Money Judgement.
§ grp-8-326
Property rights of husband and wife as tenants on a lease
§ grp-8-327
Amending Petition for Distress
§ grp-8-328
Death of Tenant
§ grp-8-329
Distress Liabilities For Tenants Of A Lease
§ grp-8-330
Service of Process by Court Following Original Petition
§ grp-8-331
Mailed Notices Not Received By Intended Recipient
§ grp-8-332
Aggrieved parties in real property cases may appeal to the circuit court level.
§ grp-8-401
Landlord Rules & Regulations in Maryland State
§ grp-8-402
Guidelines for Periodic Tenancies
§ grp-8-402.1
Unexpired Lease and Repossession Rights
§ grp-8-402.2
Before entry for non-payment of rent a landlord must give notice to tenant.
§ grp-8-402.3
Terms Of Lien for Unpaid Rent
§ grp-8-403
Maryland Property Court Orders
§ grp-8-404
Tenant Court Cases
§ grp-8-405
Deceased Tenant Landlord Actions
§ grp-8-501
Only Landlords can Provide Tenancy Termination Written Agreements
§ grp-8-5A-01
Meanings of Offender and Sexual Abuse
§ grp-8-5A-02
Domestic Violence Victims May Terminate Residential Lease Liability.
§ grp-8-5A-03
If a tenant is a victim of domestic violence, that tenant may vacate the property without penalty if the landlord is notified via first class mail.
§ grp-8-5A-04
Tenant's Right To Terminate Lease Resulting From Sexual Assault
§ grp-8-5A-05
Section Applicability For Possession of Property
§ grp-8-5A-06
Terms for Landlord Changing Locks
§ grp-8-601
District Court Action Parties
§ grp-8-602
Maryland Law for Jury demand
§ grp-8-603
Tenant Residential Lease Provision Trial Waiver is Invalid.
§ grp-8-604
Trial by Jury Demand and Objection District Court
§ grp-8-701
Word meanings for section grp-8-701
§ grp-8-702
Residential property law on dwelling units
§ grp-8-703
Ground Lease Property Registry Maintenance
§ grp-8-704
Ground Lease Holder Registration with Department
§ grp-8-705
With Registration Form, Department may register Lease
§ grp-8-706
After a ground lease is registered, the ground lease holder shall promptly notify the Department
§ grp-8-707
Ground Lease Registration Guidelines.
§ grp-8-708
Registered Ground Leases
§ grp-8-709
Fees Collected Under Subtitle
§ grp-8-710
Rules to be set by department for grp-8-710
§ grp-8A-1001
The receipt may be included in a written rental agreement.
§ grp-8A-101
Mobile Home Related Words Defined
§ grp-8A-1101
Park Owner Can Evict Resident for Rent Nonpayment.
§ grp-8A-1201
Mobile Home Park Owner Application Submission for Change of Use
§ grp-8A-1301
Maryland Park Owner Code
§ grp-8A-1501
Rental Agreement creating faith on performance and enforcement
§ grp-8A-1502
Maryland rental agreements and park rules
§ grp-8A-1601
Resident's Rights Against Eviction or Nonpayment Notices
§ grp-8A-1701
Park Owner Lawful Repossession of Property Due to Non-Payment
§ grp-8A-1702
Liability Upon Stay Beyond Termination of Rental Agreement
§ grp-8A-1703
Repossession of Premises
§ grp-8A-1801
No Provision Provided Barring the Applicability of Supplementary Rights
§ grp-8A-1802
If a violation of provision affects a resident, violation is now within scope of Division of Consumer Protection of the Office of the Attorney General.
§ grp-8A-1803
The Act of 1980:
§ grp-8A-201
Rental agreement occupancy under Maryland law
§ grp-8A-202
Park Owner Rental Agreement
§ grp-8A-301
Park owner rule creation and posting
§ grp-8A-401
Park Owner Fee Increase Stipulations
§ grp-8A-402
Entrance or Exit Fee Prohibitions
§ grp-8A-403
Maryland Park Fee
§ grp-8A-404
Park Owner Late Payment Fee Change Conditions
§ grp-8A-405
Park fees for residents and guests
§ grp-8A-406
Park Fee Receipts
§ grp-8A-501
Park owner restrictions
§ grp-8A-502
When Recovering Gratuity, The Court Will Award Double + Court Costs
§ grp-8A-503
Utility charges by gas owner
§ grp-8A-601
Maryland Park Owner Rules
§ grp-8A-602
Park Owner Reservation of Right to Approval of Purchase
§ grp-8A-603
collecting commission by park owner selling mobile home
§ grp-8A-604
Maryland Park Ownership
§ grp-8A-605
Motor Home Sale Subtitle Applicability
§ grp-8A-701
Rescinding or terminating park rental terms before possesion
§ grp-8A-702
Park owner will provide refund on rent termination.
§ grp-8A-703
Obligations of park owners to residents.
§ grp-8A-704
Mobile Home Emergency Protocol
§ grp-8A-801
Obligations of Park Owner or Operator
§ grp-8A-901
Regulations to a resident of the park and his guest
§ grp-8B-101
Definition of terms.
§ grp-8B-102
Regulations regarding manufactured homes.
§ grp-8B-103
Maryland manufactured home non requirement
§ grp-8B-104
Property tax status Law of Maryland
§ grp-8B-201
Conversion of Manufactured Homes
§ grp-8B-202
Manufactured home affidavit of affixation.
§ grp-8B-203
Duty of Motor Vehicle Administration
§ grp-8B-301
Property severance.
§ grp-8B-302
Regulations applicable to an affidavit of severance
§ grp-9-101
Terms are identified in this subtitle under Real Property.
§ grp-9-102
New and improved buildings subject to 15% lien rule.
§ grp-9-103
Legal Boundaries of Liens
§ grp-9-104
Subcontractor Lien Claims Against Single Family Dwellings
§ grp-9-105
Requirements for filing a real estate lien petition
§ grp-9-106
Procedures for Reviewing a Maryland Mechanic's Lien
§ grp-9-107
Dual County Land Ownership
§ grp-9-108
State Property Foreclosure Law
§ grp-9-109
Regulation on lien enforcement
§ grp-9-110
Mechanic's liens aren't waived unless they are paid.
§ grp-9-111
§ grp-9-112
Commencing with the claim or lien Law of Maryland
§ grp-9-113
Contracts between contractors and subcontractors
§ grp-9-114
Upon settlement contractor shall release lien against owner.
§ grp-9-201
Managing Agents
§ grp-9-202
Misappropriation of Funds
§ grp-9-204
Maryland Little Miller Act & Laws
§ grp-9-301
§ grp-9-302
Contractors are entitled to prompt payment as specified.
§ grp-9-303
What a court of competent jurisdiction may
§ grp-9-304
Maryland retention
§ grp-9-305
No Home Improvement or Transactions Under The Custom Home Protection Act