Public Utilities

This is Article gpu of the Code of State, titled “Public Utilities.” It’s comprised of the following 605 sections.

§ gpu-1-101
§ gpu-10-101
Maryland State Justice System Explained
§ gpu-10-102
Operation and Licensing of Motor Vehicles
§ gpu-10-103
For-hire driver's license required for passenger transport vehicles.
§ gpu-10-104
For-hire driver's license applicants.
§ gpu-10-105
The Actions of The Commission After Administrative Review
§ gpu-10-106
Rules Governing For Hire Driver's License
§ gpu-10-107
Temporary License/Badge Issuance
§ gpu-10-108
A hired driver should have their professional license in possession while driving.
§ gpu-10-109
Highway and bridge toll charge for passengers
§ gpu-10-110
Powers of License Hearing Officers
§ gpu-10-111
The Commission may use funding and staffing to meet title requirements.
§ gpu-10-112
The For-Hire Driving Services Enforcement Fund.
§ gpu-10-201
The subtitle applies to a person providing taxicab services.
§ gpu-10-202
Taxicab business Law of Maryland
§ gpu-10-203
Regulations regarding taxicab business permits.
§ gpu-10-204
Taxicab permit term and renewal
§ gpu-10-205
Permit Assignment and Transfer
§ gpu-10-206
Taxicab Law of Maryland
§ gpu-10-207
the permit for a taxicab
§ gpu-10-208
§ gpu-10-209
Rules Governing Taxi Cab Drivers
§ gpu-10-210
What A Taxicab Permit Holder Should Post.
§ gpu-10-301
Maryland non permit taxi cab charges
§ gpu-10-401
Rules for Transport Under License
§ gpu-10-402
Passenger-for-hire services Law of Maryland
§ gpu-11-101
Terms as identified under the Public Utilities section.
§ gpu-11-102
Standards for gas service installations
§ gpu-11-201
Definition of "Hazardous Liquid," "Interstate Pipeline," "Intrastate Pipeline," and "Pipeline Facility"
§ gpu-11-202
49 U.S.C. Chapter 601 specifications.
§ gpu-11-203
Establishment of Safety Standards
§ gpu-11-204
Duties of intrastate pipeline operator
§ gpu-11-205
Annual Reports of intrastate pipeline operator
§ gpu-11-206
Inspection fee from intrastate pipeline operator
§ gpu-11-207
commission brings injunctive relief
§ gpu-11-208
Penalties set by Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Act.
§ gpu-12-101
Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority Definitions.
§ gpu-12-102
§ gpu-12-103
Private Residence Excavation
§ gpu-12-106
Maryland Underground Facility Damage Prevention Authority may not be funded from appropriations in the State budget.
§ gpu-12-107
Regulations to the members of the Authority appointed by Governor
§ gpu-12-108
Appointment of chair position and service term.
§ gpu-12-109
Requirements of the Authority
§ gpu-12-110
Powers of the autority
§ gpu-12-111
How The Authority Obtains Funding
§ gpu-12-112
Hearing of complaints and civil penalty.
§ gpu-12-113
Procedure for Maryland hearings before the Authority
§ gpu-12-114
Yearly reportings of activities of the Authority.
§ gpu-12-117
Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Education and Outreach Fund.
§ gpu-12-120
Regulations applicable to an underground facility damaged by a person
§ gpu-12-121
Maryland emergency excavation
§ gpu-12-122
Granting of Certification for One-Call System
§ gpu-12-123
Owners and One-Call Systems
§ gpu-12-124
Origins of excavation or demolition
§ gpu-12-125
Repeating The Notification.
§ gpu-12-126
Underground Facilities
§ gpu-12-127
Maryland permission required to demolish or excavate
§ gpu-12-128
Fees by The Maryland Transportation Authority.
§ gpu-12-131
Underground facility Law of Maryland
§ gpu-12-134
Negligent or Unsafe Demolition and Excavation
§ gpu-12-135
Failure to provide notice of excavation or demolition.
§ gpu-12-301
Details about Electric or communication facilities and services
§ gpu-12-302
The General Assembly approves underground locations for electric and communication facilities.
§ gpu-12-303
"This subtitle does not apply in Baltimore County."
§ gpu-12-304
Maryland authority limit of commissioner
§ gpu-12-305
A county or municipal corporation shall adopt rules and regulations to carry out this subtitle.
§ gpu-12-306
Proceedings related to electric or communication facility
§ gpu-12-307
Proceedings for a conversion must be initiated
§ gpu-12-308
Petitions for conversion districts to be filed with appropriate legislative body.
§ gpu-12-309
Origins of presentation of the petition
§ gpu-12-310
How The Legislative Body of The County Orders an Investigation
§ gpu-12-311
The terms of a conversion proceeding.
§ gpu-12-312
Origins of the resolution ordering the conversion
§ gpu-12-313
A landowner must pay electric and communication improvements on property.
§ gpu-12-314
Mailing Notices of Construction Commencement to Homeowners
§ gpu-12-315
When Electric Or Communications Service Will Be Disconnected.
§ gpu-12-316
Private contractors must follow competitive bidding.
§ gpu-12-317
Counties may issue bonds, and tax to pay debts
§ gpu-13-101
Any one interfering with utility services is committing a misdemeanor.
§ gpu-13-201
Any person guilty of public utility crime shall be subject to criminal as well as civil penalties.
§ gpu-13-202
Safety Violations That Cause Injuries
§ gpu-13-203
Gas Company and Gas Meter Violations
§ gpu-13-204
Personnel of the Commission or Office of Peoples Counsel
§ gpu-13-205
When missing a deadline a public service company is subject to a fine of $100 per day.
§ gpu-13-206
Violations in The Hiring of Driving Services
§ gpu-13-207
When A Contract, Assignment, Or Transfer Is Valid.
§ gpu-13-208
Cease and desist orders by the Commission
§ gpu-16-101
Components of the Commission
§ gpu-17-101
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and Jurisdiction
§ gpu-17-102
Constitution of commission and requirements for membership in commission
§ gpu-17-103
Maryland requirements for county appointments
§ gpu-17-104
Ways commissioner may be removed before term completion
§ gpu-17-105
How The Commission Elects its Members
§ gpu-17-106
Commission Meeting Procedures
§ gpu-17-107
Members of commission have salary and insurance.
§ gpu-17-201
The Commission is a body corporate
§ gpu-17-202
Capital and operating budget preparation requirements
§ gpu-17-203
Required approval for construction of any new Commission administration building
§ gpu-17-204
Water Supply, Sewage, And Drainage Authority
§ gpu-17-205
Terms "Product" and "Technology" Does Not Include Sewer Service.
§ gpu-17-206
What the Commission May Finance
§ gpu-17-301
Intended Meaning of Invoice Related Terms
§ gpu-17-302
Payment of Contractors
§ gpu-17-303
Interest Must Be Paid If Money Is Unpaid For 45 Days.
§ gpu-17-304
Conditions Where Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Need Not Pay Interest
§ gpu-17-401
Commission's Rights to Publish
§ gpu-17-402
Discrimination Prohibition
§ gpu-17-403
What Regulations Does The Commission Adopt
§ gpu-17-404
Commissions must post new rules to the public.
§ gpu-17-405
The Commission Regulates Publicly Owned Watershed Property
§ gpu-17-406
Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations
§ gpu-17-407
The Commission may pay for water works damage
§ gpu-17-408
Composting Facilities and The Commission
§ gpu-17-501
Sanitary District Composition
§ gpu-18-101
Secretary of Budget and Management
§ gpu-18-102
The Commission Consults Outside Engineering Services
§ gpu-18-103
State Personnel and Pensions Article
§ gpu-18-104
The Commissioner may employ and make expenditures.
§ gpu-18-105
Regulation Adoption
§ gpu-18-106
The Commission's human resources responsibilities.
§ gpu-18-107
Authority of The Commission
§ gpu-18-108
Commission Shall Establish Merit Position Classification List.
§ gpu-18-111
Honorably discharged veterans that are US citizens receive 5% credit
§ gpu-18-114
Commission Can Only Pay Compensation To Employees.
§ gpu-18-115
Annual Leave Allotments
§ gpu-18-116
Regulations applicable to annual and sick leaves of employees
§ gpu-18-117
Origins of designation of the beneficiary
§ gpu-18-118
Authority to Create Pension Plan
§ gpu-18-119
Employees protected from salary reductions without agreement.
§ gpu-18-120
Ways whereby employees may be separated from merit system.
§ gpu-18-121
The Powers of The Commission to Suspend Employees
§ gpu-18-122
An employee who is laid off because a position has been abolished, discontinued, or vacated
§ gpu-18-123
Employee removal and means to appeal.
§ gpu-18-124
The commission can decided what counts as a resignation
§ gpu-18-125
Commission whistleblower protection guidelines
§ gpu-18-126
A person cannot impersonate another during an examination.
§ gpu-18-201
Meanings of Confidential Employee And Probationary Employee
§ gpu-18-202
Collective Bargaining and Grievance Settlement
§ gpu-18-203
Labor Relations Administrator Guidelines
§ gpu-18-204
Employee Organization Certification Requirements
§ gpu-18-205
The labor relations administrator is elected.
§ gpu-18-206
What Happens When The Commission Disputes Employee Bargaining
§ gpu-18-207
Collective bargaining meetings shall be done in good faith.
§ gpu-18-208
§ gpu-18-209
Collective bargaining agreement and employee grievance
§ gpu-18-210
Commission Must Include Collective Bargaining Agreements In Its Budget.
§ gpu-18-211
Rights and Responsibilities Maintained by the Commission
§ gpu-18-212
Relationship Between The Commission And An Employee.
§ gpu-18-213
Employee Organization Coercion, Manipulation, and Other Wrongful Practices
§ gpu-18-214
Commission employee rights
§ gpu-18-215
Legal Definition of striking by employees.
§ gpu-18-216
Unfair labor practices.
§ gpu-18-217
"This section applies to the expression of any personal view, argument, or opinion or the making of any personal statement."
§ gpu-19-101
Board of Ethics
§ gpu-19-102
Ethics and Conflict of Interest
§ gpu-19-103
Commissioners and Conflicts of Interest
§ gpu-19-104
State Commissioner Public Ethics Law
§ gpu-19-105
Publicizing Ex Parte Communications
§ gpu-19-106
What the Board may administer
§ gpu-19-107
Improper Disclosure Of Confidential Information Is Punishable.
§ gpu-19-108
Court Can Force Individuals To Obey Orders Of Commission.
§ gpu-2-101
Existence Of A Public Service Commission.
§ gpu-2-102
guidelines for commissioners within the commission.
§ gpu-2-103
Components of Chairman
§ gpu-2-104
Appointment of an Executive Secretary.
§ gpu-2-105
Expectations of The Executive Director
§ gpu-2-106
How The Commission Appoints General Counsel
§ gpu-2-107
Compensation Of The Commisioner And Other Personnel.
§ gpu-2-108
Office Procedures for the Commission
§ gpu-2-109
Requesting Public Utility Commission Documents
§ gpu-2-110
Origins of public service company
§ gpu-2-110.1
Public Utility Regulation Fund
§ gpu-2-111
Fees for Copies of Commission Documents
§ gpu-2-112
Commission's jurisdiction over public service companies in the state
§ gpu-2-113
Public Service Company Regulation
§ gpu-2-114
How Commissions can inspect public service plants
§ gpu-2-115
Commission Investigative Powers and Rights
§ gpu-2-116
Commission on Amendments in Maryland State Law
§ gpu-2-117
Gas Master Meter Operator Violation
§ gpu-2-118
Duties of the Commission
§ gpu-2-119
"Interests of the people of the State"
§ gpu-2-120
Comission may regulate public service companies
§ gpu-2-121
Reasonable Regulations
§ gpu-2-122
Annual Report on Commission Activities
§ gpu-2-123
Commission document filing fees.
§ gpu-2-201
§ gpu-2-202
At the end of a term, the Peoples Counsel continues to serve until a successor is appointed
§ gpu-2-203
State Budget Requirements for Staff
§ gpu-2-204
The Office of Peoples Counsel's Duties
§ gpu-2-205
The Office of People's Counsel's law when the appear before the Commission.
§ gpu-2-206
Office of Peoples Counsel Budget Shortages
§ gpu-2-301
Definition of "Relative"
§ gpu-2-302
Officers and Employees of the Commission
§ gpu-2-303
Family Rules for offices held.
§ gpu-2-304
Office of People's Counsel
§ gpu-2-305
No pursuance to public service company for provision of employment by the individual
§ gpu-2-306
Former Commissioner's Must Wait Two Years Before Approaching the Commission
§ gpu-2-307
applicable to individuals subject to this section
§ gpu-2-308
Each individual subject to _ 2-302 is applied.
§ gpu-2-309
Details about Divulging information of an inspection
§ gpu-2-310
Violation of Subtitle
§ gpu-20-101
In this tittle the meanings of some words are comprised
§ gpu-20-102
Design/build contracts in construction industry.
§ gpu-20-103
Regulations regarding construction of water or sewer systems.
§ gpu-20-104
Hearing For Water Supply / Sewage Construction.
§ gpu-20-105
Commission Can Award Contracts Through Competitive Bidding.
§ gpu-20-106
The qualifications for an awarded contract.
§ gpu-20-201
Definitions of "Minority Business Enterprise" and "Office" in this subtitle.
§ gpu-20-202
The Office of Small, Local, and Minority Business
§ gpu-20-203
IT states the meaning of minority business enterprise.
§ gpu-20-204
"The Commission shall establish a minority business enterprise utilization program."
§ gpu-20-205
The listing of certified monitory business.
§ gpu-20-206
Minority Business Enterprise Compensation Assurance
§ gpu-20-207
The Commission shall report on minority business enterprise programs.
§ gpu-20-208
Damaged Bond Execution and Delivery
§ gpu-20-301
The Public Utilities Program shall provide for a small business enterprise program.
§ gpu-20-302
Establishment of a local small business enterprise program.
§ gpu-20-303
the sheltered market for small businesses in Montgomery and Prince Georges County
§ gpu-20-304
what The Commission will adopt
§ gpu-21-101
State Definitions Regarding Properties & Assets
§ gpu-21-102
Requirements to Condemn Land Used For Cemetary Purposes
§ gpu-21-103
§ gpu-21-104
Definition of "Major Renovation" and High performance building
§ gpu-21-201
water supply subtitles
§ gpu-21-202
Ability of Commission to condemn or interest land for water systems
§ gpu-21-203
Subtitle for Land in Prince George's County Only
§ gpu-21-204
Possession of land: Commission's privilege in possession
§ gpu-21-205
Commission's Right to Possession of Land
§ gpu-21-206
The commissioner shall pay in land for land taken
§ gpu-21-207
Compensation For Condemnation Petitions
§ gpu-21-301
Definition of Expressed Terms
§ gpu-21-401
about "urban renewal authority"
§ gpu-21-402
urban renewal authority for Commission__s costs and expenditures
§ gpu-21-403
Urban Renewal Projects
§ gpu-22-101
Definition of "bond" in the subtitle
§ gpu-22-102
Guidelines or Bond Issuing by The Commission
§ gpu-22-103
Law about amount of bonds and goverment obligations
§ gpu-22-104
Information on bonds
§ gpu-22-105
Lost or destroyed bonds issued by Maryland Commissioner
§ gpu-22-106
Taxes in Montgomery and Prince George Counties
§ gpu-22-107
Imposed Benefits Against Property on Current Bond Fund
§ gpu-22-108
Bond Fund Payments
§ gpu-22-109
Performance of Bonds
§ gpu-22-110
Details for Commission to borrow money
§ gpu-22-111
Annually the commission must pay the principal interest
§ gpu-22-112
Collection of Water Service and Sewer Usage Charegs
§ gpu-22-113
Various County Executives & Councils Details In Maryland State
§ gpu-22-114
"Refunding bonds "
§ gpu-22-115
Trust Fund Refunds Rules and Details
§ gpu-22-201
Debt-Free Bond Issuance
§ gpu-22-202
What revenue bonds can finance
§ gpu-22-203
Bonds are negotiable under Maryland law
§ gpu-22-204
Price set for public or private sale
§ gpu-22-205
Bond Proceeds Guidelines
§ gpu-22-206
Bonds may be secured or paid by insurance, credit, and agreements
§ gpu-22-207
Commission management of revenue refunding bonds
§ gpu-22-208
Bond Limitations
§ gpu-22-209
Outline of trust agreements between the Commission and Trustee to secure bonds.
§ gpu-22-210
Bonds and Tax Exemption policy
§ gpu-23-101
Regulations regarding water supply and sanitary sewer systems.
§ gpu-23-102
§ gpu-23-103
Conditions In Which, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Purchases Sewer System
§ gpu-23-104
well owners to be paid for well under condemnation fair value
§ gpu-23-105
Assuming Water or Sewer System Possession
§ gpu-23-201
Section gpu-23 201 word definitions
§ gpu-23-202
The commission connects water mains to nearby property
§ gpu-23-203
Section 23-203 Is Not Applicable For Montgomery County Streets.
§ gpu-23-204
The commissioner may grant water and sewer service
§ gpu-23-301
Intended Meaning of Major Project Related Terms
§ gpu-23-302
County Executives Requirements
§ gpu-23-303
Requirements for a Program and Projects
§ gpu-23-304
Information regarding the Commission's Program
§ gpu-23-305
Permission for Public Hearings
§ gpu-23-306
Authority of Counties to approve, disapprove, and modify a program
§ gpu-23-307
Major project disapproval or alteration based on service
§ gpu-23-308
How Montgomery & Prince George's County Approves a Program
§ gpu-23-309
Liabilities Regarding Project Modification WIth Third Parties
§ gpu-23-310
County shall reimburse Commission for expenditures to third party services or properties.
§ gpu-23-311
Montgomery County Council Action on a Program
§ gpu-23-312
Commission Must Review Programs Before Allocating Funds.
§ gpu-23-313
Commission Shall Issue Report of Major Projects
§ gpu-23-314
Water and Sewer Extension Limits
§ gpu-23-315
Prince George's County Sanitary Sewer Regulations
§ gpu-23-316
Water and Sewer Harmony
§ gpu-24-101
Origins of a permit
§ gpu-24-102
Permit required before construction of water/sewer system
§ gpu-24-103
Regulations to avoid loss of water
§ gpu-24-104
Not applicable to Montgomery County with conditions
§ gpu-24-105
Commission's plumbing regulations apply other sanitary district parts
§ gpu-24-106
Licenses to persons working in the plumbing business
§ gpu-24-201
State definition and terminology regarding sewer cleaning.
§ gpu-25-101
State definition of an industrial user.
§ gpu-25-102
Food Benefit Charge and Ad Valorem Tax
§ gpu-25-103
Areas not taxed untill added to sanitation district
§ gpu-25-104
Maryland Government Provides Commission on Existing Rate
§ gpu-25-105
Appeals to the Public Service Commission.
§ gpu-25-106
The Detailing of Fees and Charges Imposed by the Commission.
§ gpu-25-201
Sanitary Sewers
§ gpu-25-202
Regulations regarding construction connected to water mains and sewers.
§ gpu-25-203
Requirements to impose benefit charge of water system
§ gpu-25-204
Water supply and sewer project benefit charges
§ gpu-25-205
Benefit Charges on State-Owned Property
§ gpu-25-206
Rules and Regulations about Property owner
§ gpu-25-207
the water main installation is included in cost of construction
§ gpu-25-208
Non-municipal sewage and water systems may be subject to a benefit charge.
§ gpu-25-209
Water or sewer connection benefit charges in this section
§ gpu-25-210
Zoning For Enlarged Water Mains
§ gpu-25-211
Rules Governing Calculations of a Sum
§ gpu-25-212
Montgomery County Housing Commission Law
§ gpu-25-213
Front Foot Benefit Charges Can Be Imposed By Commission.
§ gpu-25-214
Origins of benefit charges
§ gpu-25-301
Service connection rates, collection, and revision
§ gpu-25-302
Commission rights to establish separate sewer water lines
§ gpu-25-303
§ gpu-25-304
Payment options for Water and Sewer Installation
§ gpu-25-305
Information about Water or Sewer Connection Charges
§ gpu-25-401
Defines Fixture Unit, New Service, and Toilet
§ gpu-25-402
System Development Charges
§ gpu-25-403
How Montgomery & Prince George's County Meet Each Year
§ gpu-25-404
The commission shall deposit all collected funds into a development charge fund to cover various costs.
§ gpu-25-405
Developer Design Implementation
§ gpu-25-501
Service rate set by Commission to provide funds
§ gpu-25-502
Service rates for water
§ gpu-25-503
Assignment Of Sewer Usage Charge.
§ gpu-25-504
The State Commission Sets the Standards for Billing and Collection of Water and Sewage Charges
§ gpu-25-505
Definitions of words related to water and sewer bills.
§ gpu-25-506
Defines the term "charitable institution."
§ gpu-25-507
Commission and Municipality Relationships
§ gpu-25-508
Prince George's County Overview
§ gpu-26-101
Ability of the Commission and Anne Arundel County to enter a contract
§ gpu-26-102
The Commission may enter a public roadway without receiving a permitor paying a fee to Anne Arundel County.
§ gpu-26-103
Commission Regulations in Maryland State Government Law
§ gpu-26-201
The Commission may construct, operate, and maintain a water system to the Howard County boundary
§ gpu-26-202
Ability of commission to contract for water
§ gpu-26-203
Departments of public works work with the Commission to improve water systems.
§ gpu-26-204
Howard County Water Supply
§ gpu-26-205
Non-altering the Public works water system in Howard county
§ gpu-26-206
Howard County getting disposal system for sewage collection
§ gpu-27-101
Use Of A Public Roadway By The Commission.
§ gpu-27-102
Construction and Modification of Public Roads in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.
§ gpu-27-103
Exclusions to Limits on Commission Authority
§ gpu-27-104
Annual Notification of Planned Utility Repairs
§ gpu-27-105
Relocating a Commissioner
§ gpu-27-106
Construction work Regulations
§ gpu-27-107
Mandatory construction plan filing and addendums.
§ gpu-27-108
Erect a pole Law of Maryland
§ gpu-28-101
Commission Payment Exemptions
§ gpu-28-201
Powers of Commission police officer addressing property issues
§ gpu-29-101
Maryland public utilities enforcement and violations.
§ gpu-29-102
Watershed Regulation Violation Consequences
§ gpu-29-103
Definition and requirements of a Commission Pretreatment Program
§ gpu-29-104
State Code of Maryland, titled "Public Utilities"
§ gpu-29-105
Interference with Commission property
§ gpu-29-106
Steps To Be Taken Regarding Dead Animals Or Fecal Matter In The Sanitary District
§ gpu-29-107
Consequences for violating the following provisions
§ gpu-3-101
Law about Rules and Regulations of commision
§ gpu-3-102
rules to file complaints with Commission
§ gpu-3-103
Service complaints made to commissioner may be mailed
§ gpu-3-104
Duties of the Commission
§ gpu-3-105
Preferential consideration of public service companies.
§ gpu-3-106
Ability to intervene in a proceeding before the Commission.
§ gpu-3-107
Entitlements of the Commissioner
§ gpu-3-108
Rules for contacting opposite parties regarding merits of a case
§ gpu-3-109
Issuance of Subpoenas for Hearings
§ gpu-3-110
Regulations for person to commission
§ gpu-3-111
Preparing of Official Record by the Commission after Hearing
§ gpu-3-112
How a person Applies for The Approval of The Committee
§ gpu-3-113
Basis of a Decision in a Contested Proceeding
§ gpu-3-114
Commission rehearing
§ gpu-3-201
Challenging the Validity of a Commission Regulation
§ gpu-3-202
Information regarding the right to a judicial review.
§ gpu-3-203
Every Rule By the Commission Will be Reviewed
§ gpu-3-204
Proceedings for review instituted in specific courts
§ gpu-3-205
Stay of regulation enforcement by The Commission.
§ gpu-3-206
Court Response Requirement For Filed Proceeding For Review
§ gpu-3-207
Court Transcripts
§ gpu-3-208
new evidence on judicial review
§ gpu-3-209
§ gpu-4-101
Definition of "just and reasonable rate"
§ gpu-4-102
Public service company Law of Maryland
§ gpu-4-103
§ gpu-4-201
Rate requirements for public service company regulated services
§ gpu-4-202
Public Service Company Tariffs
§ gpu-4-203
Public Service Companies May Not Establish New Rates
§ gpu-4-204
Guidelines for suspending rates or rate changes by a public service company
§ gpu-4-205
Temporary Rates
§ gpu-4-206
Commission can inspect properties of public service company
§ gpu-4-207
subsection 4-207 applies to gas, electric, and telephone companies who make less then 3% of other companies
§ gpu-4-208
This section applies to gas companies
§ gpu-4-209
Costs of Utility Lines
§ gpu-4-301
The state may change regulation of telecommunications based on quality of service.
§ gpu-4-302
Determining what is "Operating ratio" based on factors.
§ gpu-4-303
Pilotage Fees
§ gpu-4-303.1
Establishing fees for port docking.
§ gpu-4-304
Jurisdiction for sewage disposal services and companies from municipal corporation
§ gpu-4-305
Definition of "jurisdiction"
§ gpu-4-306
Talbot County municipal corporation water supply
§ gpu-4-401
Adjusting Costs of Gas and Fuel
§ gpu-4-402
Applicable clauses under this section
§ gpu-4-501
Limitations of Public Service Companies
§ gpu-4-502
Lawful rates for collecting a public service company charge
§ gpu-4-503
Section of exclusion
§ gpu-5-101
The state may adopt regulations that improve security or convenience of public utilities.
§ gpu-5-102
Powers of the Commission
§ gpu-5-103
The Commission's Requirements for Public Service Companies
§ gpu-5-104
Commission Authorization of Power Regarding Franchises
§ gpu-5-105
"Authority of Commission on public service company"
§ gpu-5-106
Maryland's law of Before a license or permit may be issued
§ gpu-5-201
Regulations to a public service company to exercise a franchise
§ gpu-5-202
Public service company Power
§ gpu-5-203
Public Service Companies
§ gpu-5-204
This section does not apply to certain sanitation districts.
§ gpu-5-205
transferring controlling interest of water companies
§ gpu-5-301
Pubic Service Companies
§ gpu-5-302
Filing with the Commission for Public Service Companies
§ gpu-5-303
Public service companies will provide safe facilities and services.
§ gpu-5-304
Public Service Companies Reporting Accidents to The Commission.
§ gpu-5-401
Provisions of Subtitle
§ gpu-5-402
Corporations cannot take or use property unless paid or tendered for in a just manner
§ gpu-5-403
Domestic or Foreign Corporations Engaged in The Business of Transmitting or Supplying of Gases
§ gpu-5-404
word meaning indications
§ gpu-5-405
Railroad use of Acquired Lands
§ gpu-5-406
Conditions required to a railroad company change the location or grade of any portion of its road
§ gpu-5-407
Railroad Company Land Rights
§ gpu-5-408
Power of Railroad Companies to Condemn Land
§ gpu-5-409
Subtitle Application To Types of Railroads
§ gpu-5-410
Law For Telegraph Company's Principle Office In The State
§ gpu-5-411
Water company Law of Maryland
§ gpu-6-101
Maryland Corporation Guidelines
§ gpu-6-102
Public Service Companies in Maryland
§ gpu-6-103
Laws for public companies in Maryland.
§ gpu-6-104
Purchase of Stock Violating Provisions is Void
§ gpu-6-105
Definition of "Affiliate"
§ gpu-6-201
List of Terms and Meaning on Maryland Public Utilities
§ gpu-6-202
Classifying Public service companies
§ gpu-6-203
Authority of The Commission
§ gpu-6-204
Annual Reports for Public Service Companies
§ gpu-6-205
Regulations Concerning Public Service Companies.
§ gpu-6-206
About annual report
§ gpu-6-207
What should be in the annual public fiscal report.
§ gpu-6-208
guidelines to public service company for annual reports
§ gpu-6-209
Data listed by a public service company.
§ gpu-6-210
"Long-term debt of the public service company "
§ gpu-7-101
Exclusion for jurisdiction of the Commission.
§ gpu-7-102
Powers of Gas Companies in State
§ gpu-7-103
The Duties of Electric Companies
§ gpu-7-104
Electrical Cooperatives Incorporation and Governance Act
§ gpu-7-105
Authority of water company incorporated in Maryland
§ gpu-7-201
Origins of 10-year plan listing
§ gpu-7-202
commission can purchase site for power plant.
§ gpu-7-203
Retail electric customers shall be charged by kilowatt hour.
§ gpu-7-204
Right of Way Shall Be Given 30 Days in Advance
§ gpu-7-205
Power Plant Laws for Maryland
§ gpu-7-206
Regulations Related to Installation or Changing of Pollution Control Equipment.
§ gpu-7-207
Approval Requirements for Construction of Overhead Power Lines
§ gpu-7-207.1
Maryland's treatment of generating stations
§ gpu-7-208
Procedures for constructing a power station.
§ gpu-7-209
Alternatives to constructing a new transmission line
§ gpu-7-210
Municipal corporation that acquires the exclusive right of this section to supply electricity.
§ gpu-7-211
Meaning for words in laws
§ gpu-7-212
Commission Must Draft Regulations for Purchase of Transformers by Electric Companies
§ gpu-7-213
Definition of Systemaverage interruption duration index" and Systemaverage interruption frequency index
§ gpu-7-214
meaning of words under this section
§ gpu-7-301
Used only Electric Meters Approved by Commission
§ gpu-7-302
Compel the Commission to inspect meter by consumer.
§ gpu-7-303
In this section, the quoted terms have specified definitions and meanings.
§ gpu-7-304
Gas or Electric Power Consumption used by Individual Dwelling Unit
§ gpu-7-304.1
meaning of "master meter" under this section
§ gpu-7-305
Origins of Gas company or electric company billing
§ gpu-7-306
Terminologies of non conventional energy sources
§ gpu-7-307
§ gpu-7-307.1
Public Service Company may not Terminate Electric Service
§ gpu-7-307.2
Maryland Public Utilities Law on Condominium Property
§ gpu-7-308
Natural gas vehicle Law of Maryland
§ gpu-7-401
Maryland Public Utilities Law Definition of Terms
§ gpu-7-402
Energy Code Law of Maryland
§ gpu-7-403
Department of Housing and Community Development Energy Code
§ gpu-7-404
Origins of Department of Housing and Community Development
§ gpu-7-405
When Electric Companies Cannot Provide Electric Service to Buildings
§ gpu-7-406
The cost of bringing the building into compliance with the standards required under this subtitle
§ gpu-7-407
Penalties in Failing to Submit Certification Waiver
§ gpu-7-408
Energy Conservation Building Standards Act of Maryland
§ gpu-7-501
Meaning to certain words.
§ gpu-7-502
The subtitle does not apply to certain rural electric cooperatives.
§ gpu-7-504
Electricity supply service regulations.
§ gpu-7-505
Methods adopted by the Commission for regulation under this section
§ gpu-7-506
responsibilities of the electric company
§ gpu-7-507
Electric utility serving customers.
§ gpu-7-508
Electric company power generation transfer procedures.
§ gpu-7-509
Maryland regulation of electricity sales
§ gpu-7-510
Origins of phased implementation of customer choice
§ gpu-7-510.1
Customer education by the commission.
§ gpu-7-511
Law on Electric Cooperatives and Municipal Electric Utilities
§ gpu-7-512
An electric company may recover costs to the extent that the costs to be just and reasonable
§ gpu-7-512.1
Components of electric universal service program
§ gpu-7-513
Recovery of Electric Company Verifiable Net Transition Costs
§ gpu-7-514
Investigation can be conducted by complaint.
§ gpu-7-515
Electrical Suppliers That Provide Distribution or Affiliate Services
§ gpu-7-516
General Assembly shall minimize the effects of electric restructuring on the environment.
§ gpu-7-517
The Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999.
§ gpu-7-520
Definition of "Financial Party" and Various Financial Stabilization Terms
§ gpu-7-521
Electric company Law of Maryland
§ gpu-7-522
Electric Company Stabalization Plan
§ gpu-7-523
deferral of expenses under a rate stabilization plan
§ gpu-7-524
Tariffs and Electric Company regulations
§ gpu-7-525
What the Commission may authorize
§ gpu-7-526
Origins of electric company Authority
§ gpu-7-527
Setting Qualified Rate Order
§ gpu-7-528
Qualification of rate order by Commission
§ gpu-7-529
Commission in charge
§ gpu-7-530
Any utility rate change will be accompanied by appropriate written terms.
§ gpu-7-531
Review and adjustment procedures for qualified rate stabilization charges
§ gpu-7-532
Qualified rate order
§ gpu-7-533
Guidelines on retiring and refunding rate stabilization bonds
§ gpu-7-534
Electric company Law of Maryland
§ gpu-7-535
Issuing rate stabilization bonds.
§ gpu-7-536
Components of a qualified rate order
§ gpu-7-537
Electric Company Rates
§ gpu-7-538
Transactions That Involve Rate Stabilization Properties
§ gpu-7-539
Rate Stabilized Properties
§ gpu-7-540
Customer rate doesn't change based on company's bankruptcy
§ gpu-7-541
About Electricity Bill of Electricity company
§ gpu-7-542
Origins of an security interest
§ gpu-7-543
Successors of Electric Companies
§ gpu-7-544
Assignees and Finance Parties
§ gpu-7-547
Investor-Owned Electric Companies
§ gpu-7-548
Regulations Related to Electric Supply Companies and Consumers.
§ gpu-7-549
About Actual cost in electric company
§ gpu-7-601
Meanings of Consumer and customer
§ gpu-7-602
Gas supply Law of Maryland
§ gpu-7-603
Power of Commission to Give or Revoke License
§ gpu-7-604
Consumer Protection Orders Begin July 1st, 2001
§ gpu-7-605
Does not Affect The Division of Consumer Protection of the Office of the Attorney General
§ gpu-7-606
The Commission adopt regulations or adopt orders.
§ gpu-7-607
Natural Gas Supplier Licensing and Consumer Protection Act
§ gpu-7-701
Word meanings - subtitle gpu-7-701
§ gpu-7-702
The General Assembly's Intent for Renewable Energy
§ gpu-7-703
Maryland standard for renewable energy portfolio
§ gpu-7-704
Energy from a Tier 1 renewable source.
§ gpu-7-705
Electricity suppliers submit reports each year.
§ gpu-7-705
Electricity suppliers submit reports each year.
§ gpu-7-706
Maryland electric supplier recovery
§ gpu-7-708
Market-Based Renewable Electricity Trading System
§ gpu-7-709
Powers of electricity supplier
§ gpu-7-710
Fees on Renewable Energy Credit Transactions
§ gpu-7-711
The Commission's Control of Electric Companies
§ gpu-7-712
commissioner must report to general assembly
§ gpu-7-713
The Commission adopts regulations
§ gpu-8-101
The subtitle applies to communication companies.
§ gpu-8-102
Corporations Can Own and Operate Telephone Lines
§ gpu-8-103
Powers of Telephone Companies in State
§ gpu-8-104
Telegram/Telephone Service Provider Liabilities
§ gpu-8-105
Right to Sue Telephone Companies for Property Damage
§ gpu-8-106
Obtainment of an Easement
§ gpu-8-107
Origins of timber growing along a telegraph or telephone line
§ gpu-8-108
Requirements of Telegraph Company Business
§ gpu-8-201
Terms are identified under the Public Utilities section.
§ gpu-8-202
Directory call charges for phone companies.
§ gpu-8-203
Mandatory telephone company charges Law of Maryland
§ gpu-8-204
Prerecorded message Law of Maryland
§ gpu-8-205
Defining Telephone Solicitation and its Penalties
§ gpu-8-206
Phone book rules as they apply to the phone company.
§ gpu-8-301
Jurisdiction and Proceeding Laws
§ gpu-8-302
Coin pay telephones Law of Maryland
§ gpu-8-303
Telegraph Companies
§ gpu-8-401
Here Hold order or freeze means a directive to retain
§ gpu-8-402
Act by agents of telephone companies
§ gpu-8-403
rules related to take authorization by commissioner, if providing telecommunications service
§ gpu-8-404
Telephone company or reseller Law of Maryland
§ gpu-8-405
Unauthorized change by a telephone company or reseller.
§ gpu-8-406
Telco Obligations for Customer Change Requests
§ gpu-8-407
Requirements for a Hold Order or Freeze
§ gpu-8-408
Components of adopting regulations
§ gpu-8-409
Telephone Companies and Resellers Need to Comply
§ gpu-8-501
Federal Communications Commission can Adopt Policies and Regulations
§ gpu-8-601
Origins of VoIP service
§ gpu-8-602
The Commission doesn't have power of VoIP service
§ gpu-9-101
Common Carrier Guidelines
§ gpu-9-102
Maryland Law on Charging for Transport Passenger
§ gpu-9-103
Commission Prescribed Tariff Schedules
§ gpu-9-201
When you need or don't need a motor carrier permit.
§ gpu-9-201
When you need or don't need a motor carrier permit.
§ gpu-9-202
Motor Carrier permits
§ gpu-9-203
Commission Authority over Motor Carrier Permits
§ gpu-9-204
Powers of The Commissioner
§ gpu-9-205
Change of Schedule in Motor Carrier Permits
§ gpu-9-206
Prohibiting Tobacco on Intrastate Motor Bus Carriers
§ gpu-9-207
Any hired motor carrier for transportation must meet section requirements.
§ gpu-9-208
Not-For-Profit Motor Coach Regulations
§ gpu-9-301
Maryland Public Utilities Definition of Terms
§ gpu-9-302
When Provisions are Not Provisioned by The Commission
§ gpu-9-303
Maryland Railroad Operations
§ gpu-9-304
Maryland railroad company rights
§ gpu-9-305
Maryland railroad company.
§ gpu-9-306
what a Maryland railroad company may do
§ gpu-9-307
Unfinished or Unused Railroad Right-Of Ways
§ gpu-9-308
Power of Maryland Railroad Company
§ gpu-9-309
Negligence does not apply if damages or injuries were caused by fire
§ gpu-9-310
Characteristics of Railroads
§ gpu-9-311
When making railroad decisions the governing county shall give a 30 day notice to company.
§ gpu-9-312
Safety gate Law of Maryland
§ gpu-9-313
Regulations of signs and pole erecting, by the Maryland Railway company near each railway crossing
§ gpu-9-401
railroad companies must have enough cars and power to meet all requirements
§ gpu-9-402
What a Railroad company receives
§ gpu-9-403
Guidelines for Safe Railroad Installation and Shipping Via Trains