Public Safety

This is Article gps of the Code of State, titled “Public Safety.” It’s comprised of the following 708 sections.

§ gps-1-101
Definition of "County," "State," and "Person"
§ gps-1-201
Reward for information of Murder
§ gps-1-202
meaning of words under this title
§ gps-1-301
Definitions of various terms involved in providing emergency services.
§ gps-1-302
Regulations related to the General Assembly
§ gps-1-303
Public Service Companies and Equipment
§ gps-1-304
County Operation of Enhanced 9-1-1 Systems
§ gps-1-305
Maryland declares Emergency Number Systems Board
§ gps-1-306
Responsibilities of Maryland State Government Board
§ gps-1-307
The Board's Annual Report
§ gps-1-308
Description of The 9-1-1 Trust Fund
§ gps-1-309
Maryland on the 9-1-1 Trust Fund
§ gps-1-310
9-1-1 and Emergency Phone Service Fees
§ gps-1-311
Phone Bill Government Fees
§ gps-1-312
Use of 9-1-1 Fee Collections
§ gps-1-401
The Sexual Offender Advisory Board
§ gps-10-101
Fireworks Law of Maryland
§ gps-10-102
Rules regarding the use and sale of fireworks and explosives
§ gps-10-103
Authorization of the discharge of fireworks
§ gps-10-104
Must have permit to set off fireworks
§ gps-10-105
State Fire Marshal
§ gps-10-106
To acquire a permit one must provide workers' compensation and accident insurance for those without the former.
§ gps-10-107
State Fire Marshal Deputize Chief or Member for Permits
§ gps-10-108
Liability insurance required before written advertisement for fireworks
§ gps-10-109
Regulations adopted by state fire prevention commission
§ gps-10-110
Maryland Fireworks Regulations
§ gps-10-111
The laws regarding firework usage.
§ gps-10-112
Selling fireworks to anyone under 16 is prohibited
§ gps-10-113
Sparklers or Sparkling Devices Distributor or Wholesaler Requirements
§ gps-10-201
Rules of operating a fireworks plant
§ gps-10-202
Scope of regulations for fireworks plants.
§ gps-10-203
Inspection By State Fire Marshal Or Its Designee On Fireworks Plant Operation
§ gps-10-204
Regulations Concerning Mixing Or Storage Buildings For Fireworks
§ gps-10-205
Firework building requirements.
§ gps-10-206
Mandatory fireworks building provisions.
§ gps-10-207
§ gps-10-208
instructions to licensee for testing fireworks
§ gps-10-209
Fireworks Plant Safety Officer Designated By Licensee
§ gps-10-210
Rules And Charges Regarding The Manufacture Or Process Of Fireworks In The State
§ gps-11-101
Public safety laws as they apply to explosive dealers.
§ gps-11-102
Maryland's law of safe operation of Vehicle
§ gps-11-103
State Fire Prevention Commission
§ gps-11-104
the rules regarding what Fire Marshals do during an investigation where fires or explosives are involved
§ gps-11-105
Mandatory licensing for the possession or dealing of firearms.
§ gps-11-106
License to Engage in Business Applicant's Qualifications
§ gps-11-107
Qualifications for license or permit by State Fire Marshall
§ gps-11-108
Maryland's fireworks law
§ gps-11-109
license validity period
§ gps-11-110
Licensing for Businesses that Issue or Sell Explosives
§ gps-11-111
Revocation of License by State Fire Marshal
§ gps-11-112
Manufacturers and Dealers Shall Keep Records of Explosives
§ gps-11-113
Reporting for Theft or Unauthorized Taking of Explosives
§ gps-11-114
License under the State
§ gps-11-115
Rules regarding the handling, possession and sale of black powder. (gun powder)
§ gps-11-116
Guilty of Felony
§ gps-11-117
Combining convictions for fire violations
§ gps-11-118
Burden of proof lies with the state
§ gps-12-1001
Definitions of residential terms under the Public Safety subtitle
§ gps-12-1002
This Subtitle Does Not Supersede Local Authority or Any Other Law Provisions
§ gps-12-1003
Maryland Building Rehabilitation Code Advisory Council
§ gps-12-1004
Department of Labor, Licensing, Regulation, and State Fire Marshal shall adopt the Maryland Building Rehabilitation Code
§ gps-12-1005
MBRC compliance rules and regulations
§ gps-12-1006
Origins of MBRC
§ gps-12-1007
Maryland Building Rehabilitation Code Advisory Council regulations.
§ gps-12-101
Search Warrant inspector of the Division of Labor and Industry
§ gps-12-1101
Defining words for this articles subtext
§ gps-12-1102
Combustion, Heat, ventilation for New Constructed Dwelling
§ gps-12-1103
A carbon monoxide alarm may be combined with a smoke alarm
§ gps-12-1104
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements
§ gps-12-1105
may not render a carbon monoxide alarm inoperable
§ gps-12-1106
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Rules
§ gps-12-201
§ gps-12-202
The Department of Housing and Community Development
§ gps-12-203
The meaning of "Department"
§ gps-12-204
Agencies will implement ASHRAE guidelines whenever possible.
§ gps-12-301
This Subtitle Defines Building Trade Terms And Phrases
§ gps-12-302
Findings of the General Assembly
§ gps-12-303
Property and use requirements reserved to local government
§ gps-12-304
Regulations concerning mandatory inspection and certification programs for industrialized buildings.
§ gps-12-305
Department Regulation Stipulations.
§ gps-12-306
Conditions for manufactured and industrialized building who build before 1977
§ gps-12-307
Standards for proposed industrialized buildings
§ gps-12-308
Certification of an industrialized building by the Department
§ gps-12-309
Industrialized Buildings Certified by State Shall Bear Insignia Provided by Department
§ gps-12-310
Department review of denied insurance
§ gps-12-311
Laws Regarding Inspection of Industrialized Buildings
§ gps-12-312
Enforcement of Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards
§ gps-12-313
Consequences of violation of this subsection.
§ gps-12-401
Terms and definitions of common building standards
§ gps-12-402
Safety Glazing Regulations
§ gps-12-403
Department may adopt additional requirements for safety glazing material
§ gps-12-404
The department may exempt a location as being hazardous if deemed so.
§ gps-12-405
Safety Glazing Material Manufacturing
§ gps-12-406
Glazing Materials Installation Stipulations.
§ gps-12-407
A Person Violating This Subtitle May Be Punished
§ gps-12-501
Establishing certain guidelines for text in a law.
§ gps-12-502
Authority of State Boards and Commissioners
§ gps-12-503
Building code and energy conservation code regulations
§ gps-12-504
Local amendments may be adopted for various reasons
§ gps-12-505
Current version of standards shall be implemented by each local jurisdiction.
§ gps-12-506
Details for Central Automated Database
§ gps-12-507
Department Rights
§ gps-12-508
Definition of "Agricultural Building"
§ gps-12-509
Definition of "High-Performance Home"
§ gps-12-510
Meaning of "Hotel"
§ gps-12-601
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gps-12-602
Maryland State Exception Regulations for Electrical Inspectors
§ gps-12-603
the county in which the electrical installation is done.
§ gps-12-604
This subtitle shall be administered by the State Fire Marshall
§ gps-12-605
A utility inspector must approve installation of any new electrical service.
§ gps-12-606
State Fire Marshal Certification
§ gps-12-607
Qualifications required for nongovernmental electrical inspector certification
§ gps-12-608
Application To A Fire Marshal For A Certificate
§ gps-12-609
each applicant who meets the requirements should be given certificates.
§ gps-12-610
Regulations related to certificate for nongovernmental electrical inspector
§ gps-12-611
Directions to State Fire Marshal regarding certificate renewal
§ gps-12-612
Maryland State Fire Marshal Details
§ gps-12-613
Hearings before the State Fire Marshall
§ gps-12-614
Appealing State Fire Marshal Decision
§ gps-12-615
Homeowners Should Install Standard Electrical Wiring.
§ gps-12-616
Regulations for certifications by State Fire Marshal
§ gps-12-701
Elevator and Stairway Safety Regulations
§ gps-12-702
Meanings of NFPA 70 and NFPA 101
§ gps-12-703
A contractor may not use clip style connectors when working with iron.
§ gps-12-704
Restrictions for Erecting Stainless Steel
§ gps-12-801
Definition of _Accessibility Lift Mechanic" and Other Elevator-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gps-12-804
Regulations related to an elevator unit
§ gps-12-805
§ gps-12-806
All elevators to be maintained,tested & inspected for safety codes-procedures thereof.
§ gps-12-807
Elevator Unit Operation
§ gps-12-808
Elevator Unit Protocol
§ gps-12-809
What Kinds of Inspections can be Made
§ gps-12-810
Modifications of Elevator Units
§ gps-12-811
Elevator Inspections
§ gps-12-812
Validity of a Certificate
§ gps-12-813
Cancellation of Final Acceptance Inspections
§ gps-12-814
Inspector may issue citation and assess penalty for continued operation of unsafe elevator.
§ gps-12-814.1
The Commissioner's Powers to Prohibit Elevator Use
§ gps-12-814.2
Regulations related to violation of safety code by elevator
§ gps-12-814.3
Consequences for an Owner Violating the Safety Code
§ gps-12-815
Elevator Fire Warnings
§ gps-12-816
This subsection is not applied to one or two families.
§ gps-12-819
There is an Elevator Safety Review Board in the Department of Labor
§ gps-12-820
Description of The Board
§ gps-12-821
Appointment of a Chairman
§ gps-12-822
Quarterly Board Meetings
§ gps-12-822.1
The Board's Power to Certify Licenses
§ gps-12-823
Regulations for Board regarding powers set forth
§ gps-12-824
State Board Regulations for Elevator License Fees
§ gps-12-824.1
meaning of Fund under this section
§ gps-12-825
The Powers of The Board
§ gps-12-826
Requirements for Board Licensing of Elevator Mechanics
§ gps-12-827
Applicants for elevator mechanic/contractor licenses shall have qualification, experience.
§ gps-12-828
Requirements of License Applicant
§ gps-12-829
Sets process for elevator mechanic licensing exams.
§ gps-12-830
Powers of The Board to Waive Examination Requirements
§ gps-12-831
Post-Qualification License Issuance Provision under Part III Subtitle
§ gps-12-832
Elevator Mechanic License
§ gps-12-833
Rules for Time Limits and Renewals of Licenses
§ gps-12-833.1
The Board's Powers to Reinstate Licenses
§ gps-12-834
Temporary elevator mechanics during shortages of mechanics
§ gps-12-835
Rules About Elevator Contractors Responding To Emergencies
§ gps-12-836
Mandatory Insurance Coverages for Elevator Contractors
§ gps-12-837
A driver's license may be denied if information on application is fraudulent.
§ gps-12-838
The Board's Duties
§ gps-12-839
Options For Those Aggrieved by Final Decisions Made by The Board
§ gps-12-840
Elevator Servicing Regulations
§ gps-12-841
Penalties for Violation of Part III of This Subtitle
§ gps-12-842
The Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gps-12-901
Definition of "Authorized Inspection Agency" and Other Related Terms
§ gps-12-902
The General Assembly's Findings on Incidents of Danger to Public Safety
§ gps-12-903
Regulations applicable to boilers and pressure vessels
§ gps-12-904
There are boiler plate rules for the division of labor, and the committee overseeing this division consists of ten members.
§ gps-12-905
Board Safety Regulations
§ gps-12-906
An examination shall take place when the position of chief boiler inspector is open.
§ gps-12-907
Inspector Commissions
§ gps-12-908
Boiler or Pressure Vessel Installation Requirements
§ gps-12-909
Boiler or Pressure Vessel Regulations
§ gps-12-910
Requirements for Authorized Inspection Agencies Employing Special Inspectors
§ gps-12-911
Compliance Stipulations for Boiler Plates and Vessels
§ gps-12-912
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Regulations
§ gps-12-913
Obligations of Authorized Boiler or Pressure Vessel Insurers
§ gps-12-914
A person repairing a boiler must receive permission from an inspector before beginning job.
§ gps-12-915
authorities of Boiler Inspector
§ gps-12-916
The Commissioner's Powers to Assess Civil Penalties
§ gps-12-917
the State a boiler section is guilty of a misdemeanor
§ gps-12-918
The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act
§ gps-12-919
The Regulation of Boilers and Power Vessels
§ gps-13-101
Terminology of state and military officers in Maryland.
§ gps-13-201
Regulations Governing Uniformed Volunteer Companies
§ gps-13-202
Characteristics of a Militia
§ gps-13-203
The two classes of state militia in Maryland are the organized and unorganized militias.
§ gps-13-204
Regulations to the Adjutant General regarding appropriations of militia
§ gps-13-205
A person should normally be able-bodied and a citizen to apply to be part of state militia.
§ gps-13-206
Requirements for Individuals Enlisting in the Local Militia
§ gps-13-207
Organization Commander Regulations
§ gps-13-208
Arresting of Individuals During Conflict
§ gps-13-209
Requirements of Department Employees Such as The Adjutant General
§ gps-13-210
The Governor's Powers to Order an Employee into Active Military Duty
§ gps-13-210
The Governor's Powers to Order an Employee into Active Military Duty
§ gps-13-211
Governor May Award Medals to Members of the Militia.
§ gps-13-212
Member of the Organized Militia Rights
§ gps-13-213
Military Officer Retirement
§ gps-13-214
Restrictions Against A Body of People Organizing as a Militia
§ gps-13-215
An honor guard will be provided if requested.
§ gps-13-216
Acquisition of property adjacent to Martin State Airport
§ gps-13-217
Selling Armories
§ gps-13-218
Military Department Regulations
§ gps-13-219
Responsibilities of Maryland Military Center
§ gps-13-301
Duties of The Adjutant General
§ gps-13-302
Appointment Duties of The Adjutant General
§ gps-13-303
The Governor's Powers to Appoint Maryland Army National Guard Members
§ gps-13-304
Salary regulations for Adjutants General and Assistant Adjutants General
§ gps-13-305
Deputy Assistant Adjutant General is Appointed by Governor.
§ gps-13-306
Full-Time Employees
§ gps-13-401
Characteristics of The National Guard
§ gps-13-402
National Guard Members Compared to Law Enforcement Officers
§ gps-13-403
Assignment of National Guard to Regular Army Units
§ gps-13-404
The national guard can legally receive property.
§ gps-13-405
Definition of "Institution," "Member," and "Tuition"
§ gps-13-406
National Guard State Active Duty Pay
§ gps-13-407
the Constitution against all enemies who allegiance ,
§ gps-13-408
Rank of National Guard Officer
§ gps-13-409
Guards On Terrorism Duty Will Receive Service Bar.
§ gps-13-501
The State a Maryland Defense Force
§ gps-13-502
Regulations for The Maryland Defense Force
§ gps-13-503
Membership in The Maryland Defense Force
§ gps-13-504
Officers and Warrant Officers Commissioned by The Maryland Defense Force
§ gps-13-505
Details related to Maryland Defense Force
§ gps-13-506
Restrictions of The Maryland Defense Force
§ gps-13-507
Regulation of action of military forces within the state.
§ gps-13-508
Laws governing the Maryland defense force in Maryland.
§ gps-13-509
Oath of Office in Maryland Rules
§ gps-13-510
Appointment of Commission Officers
§ gps-13-601
The governor can give a military member a higher grade.
§ gps-13-602
Commissioning Officers
§ gps-13-603
Commissioned Officers Receiving Honorable Discharge
§ gps-13-701
United States Military Operations
§ gps-13-702
When deemed necessary the governor may order the national guard into service.
§ gps-13-703
How to warn officers and enlisted soldiers for duty.
§ gps-13-704
Rights of the National Guard and Maryland Defense Force
§ gps-13-705
A militia member is relieved from duty when they are on active status with the military.
§ gps-13-706
Restrictions for Officers or Employees of The State
§ gps-13-707
Organized Militia Duties
§ gps-13-801
The state may conduct a court martial when members of a militia are involved.
§ gps-13-802
types of court material under this section
§ gps-13-803
Commissioned officer can / cannot be charged for these
§ gps-13-804
Military Court Procedures
§ gps-13-805
Ant sheriff or police official if appointed for process of court martial shall carry it out.
§ gps-13-806
Ordered Court Martials
§ gps-13-807
Court-Martial May be Appointed by Commanding Officer.
§ gps-13-808
Commanding Officer's Appointment Duties
§ gps-13-809
Court-Martial Immunities From Liability
§ gps-13-810
Conveying of Prisioners
§ gps-13-811
Valid Excuses for Absences from Assemblies
§ gps-13-812
A General Court-Martial's Powers
§ gps-13-813
Defines requirements and responsibilities for sentencing certificates.
§ gps-13-814
Fine impose by court martial and approved by appointed officer,is payable immediately.
§ gps-13-901
Clothing Exclusions for Section
§ gps-13-902
Limitations Placed On Individuals Not in The U.S. Military System
§ gps-13-903
Will-full Legal Violations
§ gps-13-904
Regulations for Owners or Agents of Amusement Parks
§ gps-13-905
Restrictions on The Arrest of Organized Militia
§ gps-14-1001
Maryland Structures Defined
§ gps-14-1002
Corporation Liabilities
§ gps-14-1003
Filing Action for Damages
§ gps-14-1004
The Maryland Rules
§ gps-14-101
Definition of "Director," "Emergency," and Other Emergency-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gps-14-102
Adequate Preparation For State Emergencies
§ gps-14-103
Organization of The Maryland Emergency Management Agency
§ gps-14-104
The Governor's Duty to Appoint The Director of MEMA
§ gps-14-105
details about Emergency Management Advisory Council
§ gps-14-106
Powers of the Maryland Government
§ gps-14-107
§ gps-14-108
Guidelines for Actions After A State of Emergency is Announced
§ gps-14-109
Each city or county shall establish an emergency management response plan.
§ gps-14-110
Each county is responsible for preparing an emergency preparedness plan.
§ gps-14-110.1
Human Service Facilities Defined
§ gps-14-110.2
the Federal Emergency Management Agency for country.
§ gps-14-110.3
Definition of "Kidney Dialysis Center"
§ gps-14-111
Regulations for State of Emergency Declarations in Maryland
§ gps-14-112
Emergency Expenditures Can be Done Using State Funds.
§ gps-14-113
Emergency Management Services
§ gps-14-114
Violations of orders, rules or regulations by the Maryland Emergency Management Agency.
§ gps-14-115
Maryland Emergency Management
§ gps-14-201
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gps-14-202
Civil Liabilities Subtitle
§ gps-14-203
Emergency Zone Designation
§ gps-14-204
extent of application
§ gps-14-205
Postponing a Prosecution
§ gps-14-206
Determination of Intent to Delay Civil Right Enforcement
§ gps-14-207
Duties of Emergency Service Personnel
§ gps-14-208
Court Judgements
§ gps-14-209
Relief Against The Enforcement of Fines.
§ gps-14-210
Service Guidelines for Emergency Personnel
§ gps-14-211
Emergency management service Law of Maryland
§ gps-14-212
Origins of emergency management service
§ gps-14-213
Maryland Property
§ gps-14-214
Personal Property Owned by Emergency Service Personnel
§ gps-14-215
About sales of motor vehicle
§ gps-14-216
What is Real Property
§ gps-14-217
Income Tax Payment Impairments
§ gps-14-218
Usage of an affidavit
§ gps-14-301
Emergencies involving the public and energy.
§ gps-14-302
The Governor's Authority in The State
§ gps-14-303
State of Emergency Proclamations
§ gps-14-304
State of Emergency in Energy Crisis.
§ gps-14-305
The Governor Proclaims in Maryland State
§ gps-14-306
Meaning of Militia
§ gps-14-307
How Maryland State Government Emergency Section Function
§ gps-14-308
Government all things used for state of emergency
§ gps-14-309
False Fraudulent Activites
§ gps-14-3A-01
Definitions for specific healthcare terms.
§ gps-14-3A-02
Health Emergency Government Proclamations
§ gps-14-3A-03
The Governor may order certain things in the event of a public health emergency.
§ gps-14-3A-04
Authority of secretary to quarrantine citizens
§ gps-14-3A-05
Isolation or quarantine for individuals and groups.
§ gps-14-3A-06
Health care providers are not liable for damages in the case of a medical emergency if they acted in good faith.
§ gps-14-3A-07
Powers of Authority
§ gps-14-3A-08
Failing To Comply With An Order Is Punishable.
§ gps-14-401
Definition of "local governing body"
§ gps-14-402
Only the Governor can put this into effect.
§ gps-14-403
meaning of "executive officer" under this section
§ gps-14-404
definition of tax district
§ gps-14-405
Government's Responsibility in case of injury, harm, or death
§ gps-14-406
Details regarding threatened emergency areas of the State
§ gps-14-601
enactment and emergency management rules for the Congress
§ gps-14-602
A Compact About Subversive Acts and Direct Acts
§ gps-14-603
§ gps-14-604
The secretary of State Works
§ gps-14-605
Court Jurisdiction
§ gps-14-701
Adopting Emergency Management Assistance Compact with other jurisdictions
§ gps-14-702
Origins of Party in the state of Maryland
§ gps-14-801
meaning of words under this section
§ gps-14-802
The Maryland Emergency Management Assistance Compact
§ gps-14-803
Mutual Jurisdiction Assitance
§ gps-14-8A-01
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ gps-14-8A-02
Reciprocal agreements for receiving mututal aid.
§ gps-14-8A-03
Previous government laws excludes acceptable
§ gps-14-901
Section 14-901 Does Not Apply To Students Or Unemployed Individuals.
§ gps-14-902
Governor may employ assistants
§ gps-14-903
Rules for protection and welfare of the individual
§ gps-14-904
Work in Maryland
§ gps-14-905
Governor Proclamations
§ gps-14-906
Compensation Law of Maryland
§ gps-14-907
Fines for Failing to Register
§ gps-14-908
Punishments to an individual fail to do the work assigned to him
§ gps-2-101
Definitions of Civilian classification, Commissioned rank, Law enforcement agency,"
§ gps-2-201
The Department of State Police is part of the state government.
§ gps-2-202
Appointing the Secretary of State Police
§ gps-2-203
Stipulations to become deputy secretary.
§ gps-2-204
Powers of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary
§ gps-2-205
The Secretary promotes efficient and effective practices
§ gps-2-206
Attorney General
§ gps-2-207
List of maryland fire units and guideline
§ gps-2-208
Rules for dispersing money to departments
§ gps-2-301
Outline of the Public Safety Department's Duties and Responsibilities
§ gps-2-302
Authority and responsibilities of the Department
§ gps-2-303
Police Training Commission
§ gps-2-304
Computer and communications systems used by law enforcement
§ gps-2-305
Definition of Applicable Terms
§ gps-2-306
Motor Vehicle Accidents
§ gps-2-307
Information about Crime in the State
§ gps-2-308
Statistics, records or any information available for use by department
§ gps-2-309
Stipulations for recommendations in State reports.
§ gps-2-310
Rules for Arrest and Confinement
§ gps-2-311
not applicable to property acquired by Department
§ gps-2-312
Fees Charged by Secretary
§ gps-2-313
Rules for Dog Owners
§ gps-2-314
Department standards and list of tow companies
§ gps-2-401
The State Personnel and Pensions Article
§ gps-2-402
State Budget Stipulations
§ gps-2-403
probationary period of a police officer
§ gps-2-404
Definition of "obsolete rank"
§ gps-2-405
pay plans for police employees by Secretary
§ gps-2-406
Payment and Expense Vouchers
§ gps-2-407
Uniforms and equipment Law of Maryland
§ gps-2-408
Not to be received money except under this title
§ gps-2-409
"There is a Sick Leave Reserve."
§ gps-2-410
Stipulations of Work-Related Administrative Leave
§ gps-2-411
Hourly Work Limitations of Police Officers
§ gps-2-412
Definitions for "Emergency" and "Municipal Corporation,"
§ gps-2-413
Demotion Of Police Employee
§ gps-2-414
Department Employment Stipulations
§ gps-2-415
retirement rules
§ gps-2-416
Resignation of State Employees
§ gps-2-417
State Personnel and Pensions Article employee termination regulations.
§ gps-2-418
Qualifications for Reappointment to the Police Force
§ gps-2-501
Definitions of DNA-related terms.
§ gps-2-501
Definitions of DNA-related terms.
§ gps-2-502
DNA Database System Characteristics
§ gps-2-503
Mandatory requirements for the state DNA database system.
§ gps-2-504
Procedures when a felon is convicted.
§ gps-2-504
Procedures when a felon is convicted.
§ gps-2-505
Regulation on DNA samples collection and storage
§ gps-2-506
DNA Testing Guidelines
§ gps-2-506
DNA Testing Guidelines
§ gps-2-507
Crime Laboratory Requirements
§ gps-2-508
DNA database may be available upon authorities request.
§ gps-2-509
population data creation by the Director
§ gps-2-510
DNA Matches Using the Database are Inadmissible without Further Testing
§ gps-2-511
DNA records can be used for conviction
§ gps-2-511
DNA records can be used for conviction
§ gps-2-512
DNA and Individual Accountability
§ gps-2-512
DNA and Individual Accountability
§ gps-2-513
Statewide DNA Data Base System Legislation
§ gps-2-514
DNA Crime Scene Guidelines
§ gps-2-601
The Local Division in a given department may provide employees with different types of assistance.
§ gps-2-602
Agreements Between Police Forces and Municipalities
§ gps-2-603
§ gps-2-604
Notice Period For Termination Of Police Employees
§ gps-2-701
Definitions of "Commercial Motor Vehicle," "Council," and "Fund"
§ gps-2-702
Purpose of the Vehicle Theft Prevention Council
§ gps-2-703
Vehicle Theft Prevention Fund Money is Used to Reduce Car Thefts
§ gps-2-801
"Fund- the State Police Helicopter Replacement Fund"
§ gps-3-101
Meaning of some law related terms
§ gps-3-102
Certification enforcement power
§ gps-3-103
Law enforcement officer political rights.
§ gps-3-104
Law Enforcement Officer Investigation Requirements
§ gps-3-105
Law enforcement officers and show cause orders
§ gps-3-106
Filing Administrative Charges against a Law Enforcement Officer
§ gps-3-107
Law enforcers in a settlement case
§ gps-3-108
Court Hearing Guidelines
§ gps-3-109
Appeals Shall be taken to the Circuit Court or Court of Special Appeals
§ gps-3-110
Powers of Law Enforcement Officers Regarding Files
§ gps-3-111
Law enforcement officer punishments
§ gps-3-112
Emergency Suspension of Law Enforcement Officials
§ gps-3-113
Violations Committed for Lying During Investigations
§ gps-3-201
Definitions of Law Enforcement positions
§ gps-3-202
Police Training Commission
§ gps-3-203
Components of The Commission
§ gps-3-204
The Secretary of State Police
§ gps-3-205
"Quorum -A majority of the "
§ gps-3-206
Origins of the Commission
§ gps-3-207
"Against violation of Human Rights"
§ gps-3-208
Duties and Power of The Commission
§ gps-3-209
Characteristics of a police officer
§ gps-3-210
How to Renew Police Certification
§ gps-3-211
Certification of a Police Officer That is Near Lapsing
§ gps-3-212
Commission may suspend & revoke the police officer certification
§ gps-3-213
guidelines to recall the certificate of police officer
§ gps-3-214
Re-certification of Previously revoked Police Officer
§ gps-3-215
Definition of Permanent appointment, Police administrator, and Police supervisor
§ gps-3-216
Employment Limitations of police districts
§ gps-3-217
Suspension criteria for police officer.
§ gps-3-218
The subtitle duties
§ gps-3-301
Public Safety definitions
§ gps-3-302
§ gps-3-303
Organizations and Entities that can Apply for Police Officers
§ gps-3-304
guidelines for application to the applicant
§ gps-3-305
Article gps of the Code of State, titled "Public Safety"
§ gps-3-306
Origins of commission to each applicant
§ gps-3-307
Special Police Officer Tasks
§ gps-3-308
special police officer responsibilities
§ gps-3-309
instruction to special police officer
§ gps-3-310
What a special officer should wear
§ gps-3-311
Information about special police officer.
§ gps-3-312
Initial Commission Length and Extension
§ gps-3-313
How a Commission is Suspended or Terminated
§ gps-3-314
The State's Immunity from Liability
§ gps-3-315
Powers of Special Police Officers
§ gps-3-316
Duties of The Secretary
§ gps-3-401
word meaning indications
§ gps-3-402
Railroad Company Requirements
§ gps-3-403
Criteria for the appointment railroad police officer.
§ gps-3-404
Duty of Chief Railroad Police Officer.
§ gps-3-405
railroad police officer recommendations and hiring process
§ gps-3-406
Railroad Post Office Police Officer Duties
§ gps-3-407
Railroad Company Liability for Police Officer Employees
§ gps-3-408
Oath required of Maryland Railroad Police before duties
§ gps-3-409
Railroad police officer in uniform Law of Maryland
§ gps-3-410
Railroad police officer will receive compensation from employer
§ gps-3-411
Terms of a Public Safety Regulation.
§ gps-3-412
Railroad Police Officer Employment Details
§ gps-3-413
§ gps-3-414
The Governor's Relationship with other Governors
§ gps-3-415
The Maryland Railroad Police Act
§ gps-3-501
meaning of "manufacturer" under this title
§ gps-3-502
Definition of police officer
§ gps-3-503
Public Safety and Peace
§ gps-3-504
Origins of quota
§ gps-3-505
Maryland Local Law enforcement
§ gps-3-506
Eyewitness Identification Policies
§ gps-3-507
Definitions of law enforcement and police terms
§ gps-3-508
Origins of ECD
§ gps-3-601
Waiver of Mandatory Waiting Period in Missing Persons
§ gps-3-602
Law Enforcement agency uniform
§ gps-3-603
Unidentified Human DNA
§ gps-3-604
Definition of "Caregiver," "Law Enforcement Agency," and "Missing Person"
§ gps-3-605
Defines law enforcement agency, and missing offender, and lists the powers state police
§ gps-3-701
Law enforcement responsibilities in accordance with first amendment
§ gps-4-101
meaning of words under this title
§ gps-4-102
protective body armor
§ gps-4-103
Procedures for local law enforcement agencies.
§ gps-4-104
Allocation and Distribution Of Money
§ gps-4-105
Law Enforcement Agencies May Use Funds to Help Supply Body Armor
§ gps-4-106
The state will encourage agencies to purchase body armor in bulk.
§ gps-4-107
Executive Director's Duties to the Governor
§ gps-4-201
meaning of words under this section
§ gps-4-202
The policies made by Executive Director and the Treasurer for School Bus Safety Enforcement Fund
§ gps-4-203
Executive Director Authority
§ gps-4-204
On September 1st of each year these things must be reports to the governor
§ gps-4-301
Words and meanings of Law Enforecment
§ gps-4-302
§ gps-4-303
Local law enforcement agencies can apply for fund money based on need.
§ gps-4-304
The executive director of public safety shall report directly to the governor.
§ gps-5-101
The following words have the below meanings
§ gps-5-102
Firearm transfer or sale law exclusions
§ gps-5-103
sale, rental, transfer, use of regulated firearm
§ gps-5-104
Firearm regulation rules for the state and counties
§ gps-5-105
Subtitle Regulations for the Secretary
§ gps-5-106
Issuing of Dealer's License by the State
§ gps-5-107
Dealer's License Applicant Qualifications
§ gps-5-108
Definition of Central Repository
§ gps-5-109
The Job of the secretary regarding a fire arm dealers license
§ gps-5-110
Grounds for disapproving a dealer's license application
§ gps-5-111
In terms of public safety a dealer's license will expire on the June 30th after the effective date.
§ gps-5-112
Businesses may not transfer their license when moving out of state.
§ gps-5-113
License Required by State
§ gps-5-114
Gun dealer laws.
§ gps-5-115
dealer license revocation appeal process
§ gps-5-116
Revocations May Not Take Effect While An Appeal Is Pending
§ gps-5-117
firmarm application must to purchase firearm
§ gps-5-118
A firearm applicant shall submit to a licensee.
§ gps-5-119
Firearm application equivalents
§ gps-5-120
What a licensee shall promptly forward
§ gps-5-121
The powers the Secretary has regarding the information of a firearm application
§ gps-5-122
Firearm permits shall not be issued for applications with false statements.
§ gps-5-123
Firearms cannot be sold till 7 days past application
§ gps-5-124
Regulations regarding non-licensee firearm applicants.
§ gps-5-125
Approved License is only Valid for Certain Items
§ gps-5-126
Firearm Applicant Hearing Request Regulations
§ gps-5-127
Judicial Reviews and Title 10
§ gps-5-128
Subsection Exclusions, Application Holds, Time Limits, Violations
§ gps-5-129
Purchasing Multiple Regulated Firearms in a 30-Day Period
§ gps-5-130
Definition of "gun show" and "temporary transfer permit" and rules thereof.
§ gps-5-131
§ gps-5-132
Definitions of gun users and gun characteristics.
§ gps-5-133
Restrictions on the possession of firearms.
§ gps-5-134
Restrictions about local jurisdiction
§ gps-5-135
Misused Firearms Are to Be Seized and Destroyed
§ gps-5-136
If you don't purchase a regulated fire arm
§ gps-5-137
Regulations for out-of-state firearm purchases.
§ gps-5-138
Stolen firearms cannot be possessed, sold, or transferred.
§ gps-5-139
Fines for Person Knowingly Giving False Information
§ gps-5-140
Penalties for unlawful firearm importation and sale
§ gps-5-141
Crime described for straw purchase of Firearms
§ gps-5-142
Manufacturers Identification Regulations
§ gps-5-143
A dealer may not participate in the illegal sale
§ gps-5-201
Definitions for this section listed as follows:
§ gps-5-202
Characteristics of an antique firearm
§ gps-5-203
condition to have short-barreled rifle
§ gps-5-204
Rights of Firearm Ownership Pursuant of Adjacent States
§ gps-5-205
Rifle or Shotgun Possession Regulations
§ gps-5-206
Previously convicted persons may not posess firearms.
§ gps-5-301
Maryland State Government Terms and Conditions
§ gps-5-302
Handgun Permit Review Board Regulations
§ gps-5-303
Rules regarding the possession and transportation of a handgun
§ gps-5-304
About Fee for application for a permit
§ gps-5-305
Central Repository means Criminal Justice Information System.
§ gps-5-306
Secretary will issue permit within reasonable time to persons meeting requirements.
§ gps-5-307
Handgun possession and Permit regulation
§ gps-5-308
Persons Must Carry Permits in Their Possession
§ gps-5-309
Permit Expiration Rules
§ gps-5-310
The Secretary may revoke a permit on the holder. government projects with number of articles.
§ gps-5-311
Informal review of a denied or revoked permit.
§ gps-5-312
firearm license denial appeal process
§ gps-5-313
A Revoked Permit Must Be Returned
§ gps-5-314
Handgun Owners Can't Have Them Under the Influence
§ gps-5-401
Definition of "Board," "Handgun," "Secretary," and "Handgun Roster"
§ gps-5-402
Manufacturing of Hand Guns
§ gps-5-403
Regulations necessary for this subtitle.
§ gps-5-404
Handgun Roster Board Members of State Police
§ gps-5-405
Maryland Board's handling on handguns
§ gps-5-406
Sales of Handguns
§ gps-5-501
Definition of "Council"
§ gps-5-502
Cease Fire Council Characteristics
§ gps-5-503
Council Support to Cease Fire Council Grant Program
§ gps-5-504
Cease Fire Council Grant Program
§ gps-6-101
Definitions of choice
§ gps-6-201
Existence of State Fire Prevention Commission
§ gps-6-202
The Secretary shall appoint the members with the approval of the Governor.
§ gps-6-203
Commissioner may elect chairman and vice chairman
§ gps-6-204
Commission Criteria
§ gps-6-205
Administration of the Office of State Fire Marshal
§ gps-6-206
Purpose of state fire prevention code
§ gps-6-207
Commission subject to the authority of the Secretary
§ gps-6-301
The Office of State Fire Marshal
§ gps-6-302
Requirements and duties for the State Fire Marshal.
§ gps-6-303
State Fire Marshall Staff Employment
§ gps-6-304
Fire Marshal of County/Municipal Corporation in Maryland State
§ gps-6-305
laws related to prevent fire
§ gps-6-306
Background checks for firefighters and paramedics
§ gps-6-307
Inspection Standards of State Fire Marshal
§ gps-6-308
Rules regarding fee collection when a State Marshall inspects properties
§ gps-6-309
Privileges and provisions of State Fire Marshal
§ gps-6-310
State Fire Marshall Investigative Authority
§ gps-6-311
Arrest and charge of suspected incendiary.
§ gps-6-312
State fire marshal must make reports of fires in his county
§ gps-6-313
State Fire Marshal Has Jurisdiction Over Chimney Fires
§ gps-6-314
Adjustment Of Loss From Fire In Maryland State
§ gps-6-315
Fire Marshall May Apply for Search Warrant
§ gps-6-316
Search warrants to conduct fire prevention inspections.
§ gps-6-317
Limitations on developing property when it may cause harm
§ gps-6-318
When to Issue Abatement Order
§ gps-6-319
Expedient Service for Abatement Orders
§ gps-6-320
If the occupant of a building which has received an abatement has not vacated the building within 30 days, the fire marshal may order a demolition.
§ gps-6-321
The State May Prohibit Dangerous Construction
§ gps-6-322
Authority and Duties of the State Fire Marshal
§ gps-6-401
Powers, duties and jurisdiction of the Commission
§ gps-6-402
The commission and State Fire Marshal of Maryland take firefighting duties of Baltimore city.
§ gps-6-403
Property Owned By The City Of Baltimore
§ gps-6-501
Stipulations for Making Appeals to The Commissioner
§ gps-6-502
The Commission sets Rules for Appeals
§ gps-6-503
Aggrieved Party Entitled to Judicial Review from Commission
§ gps-6-601
Penalties for violating commission regulations
§ gps-6-602
Willful Interruption of the State Fire Marshal
§ gps-7-101
§ gps-7-102
Purpose of Subtitle for Mutual Aid
§ gps-7-103
Obligations of Fire fire rescue emergency medical services
§ gps-7-104
Fire Protection Agreement on Property of Maryland
§ gps-7-105
Firefighters can be trained in multiple emergency techniques.
§ gps-7-106
All Emergency Service Work is Considered Employment
§ gps-7-107
Necessary Expenditures Must Be Made of Emergency Appropriations
§ gps-7-201
Definition of "Board" for part I of the subtitle.
§ gps-7-202
Disability Benefits for Volunteer Fire Company
§ gps-7-203
Voluntary Fire and Rescue Squad Death Benefits
§ gps-7-204
budget amount not less than $55,000
§ gps-7-205
Requirements of Volunteer Fire Fighters
§ gps-7-208
Length of Service Program
§ gps-7-209
Definition of Words Used in this Section
§ gps-7-210
Rewards for volunteer firefighters and paramedics
§ gps-7-211
Frederick County volunteer reward programs.
§ gps-7-212
St.Mary's County commissioner may make service awards for firemen
§ gps-7-213
Washington County volunteer award program ordinances.
§ gps-7-301
Definition of Commanding Officer
§ gps-7-302
Appointment of deputy sheriff in selected counties.
§ gps-7-303
Appointment of Deputy Sheriffs in Certain Counties
§ gps-7-304
Designation of Fire and Ambulance Company.
§ gps-7-401
Unionized Municipality May Not Contract with For-profit Ambulance
§ gps-7-402
Crime Rules in Maryland State Government
§ gps-7-403
Water Sources Available to Fire Companies
§ gps-8-101
The allocation for funds for fire protection.
§ gps-8-102
Fire and Ambulance equity disbursement
§ gps-8-102
Fire and Ambulance equity disbursement
§ gps-8-103
The allocation of money for public safety for particular counties.
§ gps-8-104
Distribution of County Funds
§ gps-8-105
County Fiscal Reporting Requirements
§ gps-8-106
The Director can withhold money allocated for the next fiscal year under this subtitle from a country
§ gps-8-201
Maryland Institution Meaning
§ gps-8-202
"Volunteer Company Assistance Fund"
§ gps-8-203
Rules for Grants
§ gps-8-204
Volunteer companies must submit grant requests
§ gps-8-205
Governor May Include Budget For This Section's Provisions
§ gps-8-206
Grants and Loans in the Fiscal Year
§ gps-8-301
County Commissioner's Contributions to Volunteer Fire Companies
§ gps-8-302
Section applicable only to Dorchester County
§ gps-8-303
A Group of Counties Details in Maryland State
§ gps-9-1001
Barbecue-grill usage limitations -- Charles and Wicomico Counties
§ gps-9-101
Baltimore City Fire Board and Department
§ gps-9-102
Required Smoke Detector
§ gps-9-103
Smoke Detectors Installation In Maryland State Government
§ gps-9-104
Smoke Detection System Rules
§ gps-9-105
Regulations for installing smoke detection systems.
§ gps-9-106
State Fire Prevention Commission approval to install automatic fire sprinkler system
§ gps-9-107
Property Insurance Claims
§ gps-9-108
Fire Marshal May Issue Smoke Detector Requirements
§ gps-9-109
Penalty for Violating Subtitles
§ gps-9-201
Definitions of living units and water systems
§ gps-9-202
Installation of sprinkler systems Law of Maryland
§ gps-9-203
Title to be enforced by State Fire Marshal
§ gps-9-204
Sprinkler system standards and requirements
§ gps-9-205
Exceptions from fire codes
§ gps-9-206
Subtitle Violation
§ gps-9-301
addition to the existing fire safety laws
§ gps-9-302
Fire administrator, or municipal fire chief may enforce this subtitle.
§ gps-9-303
Law about Hotel and Motel regulations
§ gps-9-304
instructions to install residential fire sprinkler system
§ gps-9-305
Origins of approving a builders site
§ gps-9-306
gps-9-306 A person who violates this subtitle is subject to the penalty provided in _ 6-601 of this article
§ gps-9-401
Definitions of words under subtitle
§ gps-9-402
Protection of Occupants in High Rise Buildings
§ gps-9-403
Sprinkler System Requirements in High Rise Buildings
§ gps-9-404
An Order For Compliance May Be Appealed
§ gps-9-405
disabled tenants of high rise provided bottom floor occupancy
§ gps-9-501
Washington County Exclusion To State Fire Prevention Commission
§ gps-9-502
Procedures In Case of Fire
§ gps-9-503
Buildings Housing Disabled Require Fire Alarms & Suppression
§ gps-9-505
Alternative and Equivalent Fire and Safety Requirements for Hospitals
§ gps-9-506
Punishment for violation of this subtitle.
§ gps-9-601
Fire investigator Law of Maryland
§ gps-9-602
Fire Loss Insurance Policies
§ gps-9-603
insurer must disclose fire damage
§ gps-9-604
Fire investigator who receives information shall keep the information confidential
§ gps-9-605
Dispensing Information in Case of a Fraud
§ gps-9-606
Withholding Information from a Fire Investigator
§ gps-9-701
Regulations applicable to the fire prevention code
§ gps-9-702
Details and regulations about the plan review
§ gps-9-801
Meanings and details of Combustible material and Fire official
§ gps-9-802
Lack of Application to Baltimore County
§ gps-9-803
The Job Requirements of a Fire Inspector
§ gps-9-804
Combustible Materials Removal
§ gps-9-805
Fire Inspections
§ gps-9-901
Details about fire sprinkler contractor
§ gps-9-902
Regulations adopted by the State Fire Prevention Commission.
§ gps-9-903
Fire sprinkler contractor regulations.
§ gps-9-904
Duties of The State Fire Marshall
§ gps-9-905
Fines for Violations