Natural Resources

This is Article gnr of the Code of State, titled “Natural Resources.” It’s comprised of the following 962 sections.

§ gnr-1-101
The establishment of the department of Natural resources.
§ gnr-1-102
Composition of Department of Natural Resources
§ gnr-1-103
Duties of the Secretary.
§ gnr-1-104
Use Of Natural Resources By The Secretary.
§ gnr-1-105
The Secretary's Power Involving the Department of National Resources
§ gnr-1-106
Definition of Informational Meeting and Public Hearing
§ gnr-1-107
Natural Resources Police officers
§ gnr-1-108
What is needed to make recommendations for budget proposals.
§ gnr-1-109
This department will appropriate land and other properties for the purposes of recreation and conservation.
§ gnr-1-201
Natural Resources Police Force of Maryland
§ gnr-1-201.1
Natural Resources Police Force and it's Duties
§ gnr-1-202
Secretary Responsibility
§ gnr-1-203
Secretary Natural Resources Police Officer Duties
§ gnr-1-204
Jurisdiction of Natural Resources Police Officers
§ gnr-1-205
Natural Resources Law of Maryland
§ gnr-1-206
Persons in Maryland must obey the orders of a Natural Resources officer.
§ gnr-1-207
False Representation As A Natural Resources Officer
§ gnr-1-208
Law Enforcement Officer Assumption of all Natural Resource Officer Duties
§ gnr-1-209
Punishments for people guilty of misdemeanor.
§ gnr-1-210
Virginia police pursuit into Maryland
§ gnr-1-2A-01
The department will keep lost or seized property found for 6 months or until claimed rightfully.
§ gnr-1-301
State definitions regarding environmental quality.
§ gnr-1-302
Maryland General Assembly Facts And Policies
§ gnr-1-303
Environmental Requirements for State Agencies
§ gnr-1-304
Measures that might be taken to minimize potential adverse environmental effects
§ gnr-1-305
Maryland Environmental Policy Act
§ gnr-1-401
Compliance Before Issuance of License or Permit
§ gnr-1-402
How To Get License & Permit in Maryland State
§ gnr-1-403
Electronic System For Licenses, Permits, and Registrations
§ gnr-1-404
Applications Affecting Protected Conservation Land
§ gnr-1-501
Meaning of "Person" and "Political Subdivision"
§ gnr-1-502
The State of Maryland recognizes that the courts are an appropriate forum for environmental concerns.
§ gnr-1-503
Conventions to be followed in the State of Maryland
§ gnr-1-504
Limitations of the subtitle
§ gnr-1-505
"An action shall be brought in the circuit court where the alleged condition if it is occurring, has occurred, or is likely to occur."
§ gnr-1-506
The granting of stays in cases involving natural resources.
§ gnr-1-507
Rules in Maryland courts of what the defendant can and cannot do.
§ gnr-1-508
Maryland State Government Remedies to Abate the Pollution
§ gnr-1-601
Maryland Recreational Water Safety Policy Concerning Potomac River
§ gnr-1-602
Water safety programs on the Potomac river.
§ gnr-1-603
Departmental Subtitle Implementation Regulatory Rights
§ gnr-1-604
Violating Regulations Of This Subtitle Is A Misdemeanor
§ gnr-1-605
Explanation of the Title's Intentions
§ gnr-1-701
§ gnr-1-702
State Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species Fund
§ gnr-1-703
Money in the Fund
§ gnr-1-704
Chesapeake Bay Trust Use Of Fund Guidelines
§ gnr-1-705
Funds for endangered species are used for threatened species only.
§ gnr-1-706
Secretary Submission of Report to Assembly in Maryland
§ gnr-1-801
Establishment of a Schedule of Pre-payable Fines
§ gnr-10-1001
Specified terms and meanings
§ gnr-10-1002
Licenses let you feed waterfowl on your land
§ gnr-10-1003
Copies of waterfowl feeding licenses must be filed with the state.
§ gnr-10-1004
Shooting Blinds or Stands near Waterfowl Feeding Areas
§ gnr-10-1005
No feeding Zones within 400 yards of buildings
§ gnr-10-1006
a. Licensed areas, not including any houses or other closed-in structures, shall be open to inspection..
§ gnr-10-1007
This section not applicable to any U.S. agency.
§ gnr-10-1008
A person may feed waterfowl without applying for a permit.
§ gnr-10-1009
Waterfowl Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-101
Terms and Definitions
§ gnr-10-1101
Illegal Poaching of Animals
§ gnr-10-1102
Collection Requirements For Fines Issued By District Court
§ gnr-10-1103
Possession of Wildlife Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-1104
Harming of Endangered Wildlife
§ gnr-10-1105
Seizure After Arrest
§ gnr-10-1106
When enforcing natural resources laws the officer may make appropriate seizures of property.
§ gnr-10-1107
Maryland's law of destruction of any wildlife
§ gnr-10-1108
Additional penalties possible for loss of hunting privileges.
§ gnr-10-1201
Governor Authorized To Enter Compact On Wildlife Behalf
§ gnr-10-1202
Documentation of the ratification of this law
§ gnr-10-1203
Reimbursements for Compact Administrators.
§ gnr-10-202
Responsibilities Of The Secretary Regarding Wildlife And Its Resources
§ gnr-10-202.1
Origins of Nutria management plan
§ gnr-10-203
Department May Exercise Game and Wildlife Powers
§ gnr-10-204
wildlife advisory commission
§ gnr-10-205
Department system of issuing hunting permits
§ gnr-10-206
Wildlife Reduction
§ gnr-10-207
Wildife bounties are prohibited
§ gnr-10-208
Compliance of wildlife restoration law of 1937
§ gnr-10-209
§ gnr-10-210
Planning of sampling methods and estimates of wild waterfowl.
§ gnr-10-211
Department's Program To Control The Population Of Mute Swans
§ gnr-10-212
General Assembly Declarations
§ gnr-10-2A-01
Ecosystem Conservation Methods
§ gnr-10-2A-02
State Policies Concerning the Conservation of Wildlife and Plants
§ gnr-10-2A-03
non-game wildlife protections
§ gnr-10-2A-04
How A Species Becomes Considered Endangered
§ gnr-10-2A-05
endangered spices and plants
§ gnr-10-2A-05.1
Issuance of Collection Permits of Puritan Tiger Beetle
§ gnr-10-2A-05.2
Permit rules for incidental takings of Delmarva Foxes.
§ gnr-10-2A-06
Secretary involvement in Conservancy lands aquisition
§ gnr-10-2A-06.1
Maryland State Wildlife Funds
§ gnr-10-2A-07
Searches To Be Done By A Natural Resources Police Officer In Case Of Violation Of Permit
§ gnr-10-2A-08
Interstate transportation of endangered species
§ gnr-10-2A-09
Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act
§ gnr-10-301
Certain types of persons are not required to obtain a hunting license.
§ gnr-10-301.1
Hunting license Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-301.2
There is a patron's hunting license for anyone who pays $500.
§ gnr-10-301.3
Lifetime hunting licenses issued to non-profits to resell.
§ gnr-10-302
Becoming a retail seller of hunting licenses
§ gnr-10-303
complimentary hunting license to the President of the USA
§ gnr-10-304
Department Receiving money for Hunting Licenses
§ gnr-10-305
Loss of Hunter's License
§ gnr-10-306
Hunting license requirements and display upon request
§ gnr-10-307
Disabled may acquire special hunting permit, may shoot out of stopped vehicle.
§ gnr-10-308
Maryland State Allocations of Hunting License Fees
§ gnr-10-308.1
Persons hunting migratory game birds may possess the required stamp.
§ gnr-10-308.2
Hunting of snow geese by non residents.
§ gnr-10-309
Waterfowl Hunting for Guides & Outfitters
§ gnr-10-310
A Hunter's License Must be Obtained with Truthful Information
§ gnr-10-311
Hunters Licence can be revoked
§ gnr-10-312
Natural Resources Officer
§ gnr-10-313
Consent of property owner
§ gnr-10-401
Protections for wild birds
§ gnr-10-402
Limitations Against Bird Nest Eggs
§ gnr-10-403
Game birds may not be hunted, purchased, sold, bartered,or exchanged unless mandated by state or federal law.
§ gnr-10-404
Importing, hunting and selling venison.
§ gnr-10-405
Open Season information, regulations, and exceptions.
§ gnr-10-406
Maryland Hunting And Trapping Regulations
§ gnr-10-407
Open Season Hunting for Ducks
§ gnr-10-408
Regulations of Hunting
§ gnr-10-408.1
Persons using traps may not place them close to human habitations.
§ gnr-10-409
Destruction of any wildlife Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-410
Hunting Season Regulations
§ gnr-10-411
Hunting on private property illegaly
§ gnr-10-412
Definitions of Terms as Applied
§ gnr-10-413
Dog hunting and training regulations
§ gnr-10-414
Regarding the possession and hunting of raccoons and opossums
§ gnr-10-415
There are three seasons to hunt deer
§ gnr-10-416
Marying Deer Hunting Laws
§ gnr-10-417
Hunting and Export of Game
§ gnr-10-418
Wildlife Hunting Exceptions
§ gnr-10-419
Maryland's law of Selling a Dead body
§ gnr-10-420
Establishing a separate deer season for muzzle gun.
§ gnr-10-420.1
Deer hunting Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-421
Deer hunting Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-422
Interference or Disruption of Public Hunting Lands
§ gnr-10-423
Preservation of Forests
§ gnr-10-423.1
Components of Black Bear Damage Reimbursement Fund in the Department
§ gnr-10-424
Rules for hunting Wildlife
§ gnr-10-424.1
Suspension of Hunting License For Violation of Subtitle
§ gnr-10-425
Rules regarding waterfowl processing
§ gnr-10-426
Killing a bird or Animal Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-501
§ gnr-10-502
Non-Resident Fur-bearer Hunting
§ gnr-10-503
Restriction of Nonresident
§ gnr-10-504
Trapping is Only Form of Hunting Acceptable
§ gnr-10-505
Laws of poached animal pelts
§ gnr-10-506
Rules regarding obtaining and powers of a fur dealers license.
§ gnr-10-507
Fur Dealer shall maintain a ledger
§ gnr-10-508
Fur Dealer License
§ gnr-10-509
Fur dealer Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-510
Not allowed to remove tags from pelt container
§ gnr-10-511
Rules regarding Fur shipements
§ gnr-10-512
taxidermist license, restrictions, and regulations
§ gnr-10-513
Maryland's Law of wild bird
§ gnr-10-601
Terms & meanings of offshore components
§ gnr-10-601.1
The Secretary can adopt regulations
§ gnr-10-602
Waterfowl hunting regulations prohibits night time and large guns among others.
§ gnr-10-603
Cannot disturb, use vehicle, and concealment hunting waterfowl
§ gnr-10-604
Hunting Regulations
§ gnr-10-605
Guidelines for hunting wild waterfowl from a boat.
§ gnr-10-606
Hunting of Waterfowl
§ gnr-10-607
Sea Coast Regulations
§ gnr-10-608
Maryland Hunting Blind Guidelines For Hunting License Holders
§ gnr-10-609
Offshore Categories
§ gnr-10-610
In order to provide greater public access.
§ gnr-10-611
Any hunter hunting from a blind will possess an appropriate license.
§ gnr-10-612
The Department shall inspect a licensed blind site to determine the validity
§ gnr-10-613
Rules regarding blinds or stakes in hunting season.
§ gnr-10-614
There are restrictions to where offshore stationary blinds may be placed.
§ gnr-10-615
Hunting wild waterfowl Law of Maryland
§ gnr-10-701
A club holding a field trial for dogs during closed season must notify the state.
§ gnr-10-702
Limitations on Hunting and Game in maryland
§ gnr-10-703
Field trials dogs to remove in 15 days
§ gnr-10-801
Requirement for Wild Life Management area.
§ gnr-10-802
a. Exchange information with other driver of vessel if in an accident.
§ gnr-10-803
Origins of exchange/sale of the area of land/water
§ gnr-10-804
Acquired Land Can Be Used To Maintain Wildlife Refuges.
§ gnr-10-805
State Wildlife Mandates
§ gnr-10-806
Setting Aside for a Refuge
§ gnr-10-807
The department must give consent for any person to enter a State wildlife refuge.
§ gnr-10-808
Adoption of Rules by the Department
§ gnr-10-901
General Assembly Ecological Conservancy Role
§ gnr-10-902
Origins of selling wildlife native to Maryland
§ gnr-10-903
§ gnr-10-904
Accordance with Federal government Secretary issues permits.
§ gnr-10-905
Components of game husbandry license
§ gnr-10-906
Shooting Ground Permit Requirements
§ gnr-10-907
Proper permit and regulations for owning a bird of prey.
§ gnr-10-908
Wildlife Professions
§ gnr-10-909
Permit given by Secretary
§ gnr-10-910
There is a Captive Wildlife Advisory Committee. It shall be composed of 7 members appointed
§ gnr-10-911
§ gnr-2-101
Definitions of "Commission," "Paleontology," "Department," "Survey," and "Secretary"
§ gnr-2-201
Maryland Geological Survey
§ gnr-2-202
Conduct topographic, geologic, hydrographic, and geophysical surveys in Maryland
§ gnr-2-203
All-Encompassing Power of the Director of the Survey
§ gnr-2-204
Commission of Maryland Geological Survey of Survey
§ gnr-2-401
Article regulating duties of commissioner will terminate 2022
§ gnr-2-402
Monument and Marks on the Boundaries of State Survey
§ gnr-2-403
Official surveys may enter private property, but not when it may damage crops
§ gnr-2-404
No defacing of monuments
§ gnr-2-405
§ gnr-2-406
Exception for Historical Society Possession of Certain Monuments
§ gnr-2-407
Violates any provision
§ gnr-3-101
Official Definitions
§ gnr-3-102
Environmental Preservation and Quality Control Regulations in Maryland
§ gnr-3-103
What is the Maryland Environmental Service.
§ gnr-3-103.1
employees should carry out the duties of the Service.
§ gnr-3-103.2
Personnel Management System of Maryland
§ gnr-3-104
Powers Of The Service.
§ gnr-3-105
The natural resource service is responsible for planning geographic service areas.
§ gnr-3-106
Water and Waste Service Adoption and Planning
§ gnr-3-107
Request of Services
§ gnr-3-108
Water supply charges shall reflect full price of all services and projects.
§ gnr-3-109
Secretary of the environment
§ gnr-3-110
rules regarding the failure of a person to comply with an order to abate pollution
§ gnr-3-111
Duplicative Projects
§ gnr-3-112
The Board has full authority over issuing bonds.
§ gnr-3-113
Bonds and notes Law of Maryland
§ gnr-3-114
"Bond or note issues shall be general obligations of the Service payable out of any revenues."
§ gnr-3-115
Provisions for refunding or renewing bonds.
§ gnr-3-116
The Service That Has Been Adopted By The Majority of The Board
§ gnr-3-117
Trust agreement for bonds and notes
§ gnr-3-118
§ gnr-3-119
Guidelines for trust funds in Natural Resources
§ gnr-3-120
Bond Holder Regulations
§ gnr-3-121
Bonds and Notes as State Securities
§ gnr-3-122
Bonds or notes issued under the provisions of this subtitle shall not be deemed to constitute
§ gnr-3-123
State health and welfare duties and responsibilities.
§ gnr-3-124
§ gnr-3-125
Origins of lien created in favor of the Service
§ gnr-3-126
State Financial Resource Law
§ gnr-3-127
Service rules and regulations
§ gnr-3-128
aggreement for water supply or wastewater purification project
§ gnr-3-129
Punishments for violation of this subtitle.
§ gnr-3-130
Maryland Environmental Service Act
§ gnr-3-201
Maryland Environmental Trust
§ gnr-3-202
Every four years 12 trustees will be elected into a position by the people.
§ gnr-3-203
The Powers and Duties of Trustees
§ gnr-3-203.1
Where to Mail Notification for Perpetual Conservation Bestowed to the Maryland Environmental Trust
§ gnr-3-204
Natural Resources trustees and chairman elections
§ gnr-3-205
The Trustees Can Appoint The director of A Trust.
§ gnr-3-206
Directions to the trustees regarding purposes of the Trust
§ gnr-3-207
Transferring Funds to Trust
§ gnr-3-208
The Trust may improve, sell or dispose the property.
§ gnr-3-209
Each political body shall appoint a sub-committee to cooperate with the natural resources division.
§ gnr-3-210
Keep Maryland Beautiful Act
§ gnr-3-211
The provisions relating to the Trust do not limit the power
§ gnr-3-2A-01
§ gnr-3-2A-02
The Land Trust Grant Fund.
§ gnr-3-2A-03
Origins of receipts designated for the Grant Fund
§ gnr-3-2A-04
Actions Taken With Excess Grant Funds
§ gnr-3-2A-05
Origins of the Grant Fund
§ gnr-3-2A-06
"A grant application shall contain a description of acquisition, an itemization of cost,..."
§ gnr-3-2A-07
Considerations of the Trust
§ gnr-3-2A-08
How a land trust can sell its property.
§ gnr-3-2A-09
The Trust may set the terms and conditions for grants.
§ gnr-3-2A-10
"If the Trust approves the application then the trust will recommend approval."
§ gnr-3-2A-11
grant documents Law of Maryland
§ gnr-3-2A-12
Origins of receiving financial assistance
§ gnr-3-2A-13
Department Can Adopt Regulations To Perform Duties.
§ gnr-3-2A-14
Budget committees of the General Assembly.
§ gnr-3-301
Definitions of code terms
§ gnr-3-302
Origins of Environmental Trust Fund
§ gnr-3-303
§ gnr-3-304
long range plans of electric companies
§ gnr-3-305
Electric utilities requirements for constructing on new sites.
§ gnr-3-306
The Commission must notify DNR and DoE of applications.
§ gnr-3-306.1
Certified suitable site regulations.
§ gnr-3-307
Judicial review Law
§ gnr-3-3A-01
Meaning of "Acid Deposition Precursor" and Terms Related to "Acid Deposition"
§ gnr-3-3A-02
The responsibilities of the Director of the Power Plant Siting and Research Program
§ gnr-3-3A-03
The National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program
§ gnr-3-3A-04
Mandatory yearly report submissions.
§ gnr-3-401
"The Center for Environmental Science will take over the functions of the Natural Resources Institute."
§ gnr-3-402
Management of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
§ gnr-3-403
The University of Maryland shall develop a program for predictive ecology.
§ gnr-3-601
Section 3-601 State Energy Requirements Policy
§ gnr-3-602
Origins of A deepwater port
§ gnr-3-603
Limits on representing the state
§ gnr-3-604
Duties of the Secretary of Natural Resources.
§ gnr-3-605
The Governor preliminarily shall determine the State__s decision
§ gnr-3-901
Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority Act.
§ gnr-3-902
The State's duties regarding disposal of waste.
§ gnr-3-903
Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority
§ gnr-3-904
Maryland Legal Terms Defined
§ gnr-3-905
Powers the Authority can excercise
§ gnr-3-906
Origins of expenses incurred in this provisions
§ gnr-3-907
Authority to issue bonds for financing projects
§ gnr-3-908
State Finance & Procurement Law
§ gnr-3-909
Bond Issuance and Refunding Guidelines
§ gnr-3-910
Authorization of the Authority to Sell and Issue Bonds
§ gnr-3-911
rules regarding bonds to be secured by and between Authority and a corporate trustee
§ gnr-3-912
Authority Financials
§ gnr-3-913
Bond Holders
§ gnr-3-914
Bonds and Securities with Respect to the Public Officers of Maryland
§ gnr-3-915
The bonds shall not be deemed to constitute a debt, liability or a pledge of the faith
§ gnr-3-916
Exercise of Powers for The Benefit of Commerce, Welfare, and Prosperity
§ gnr-3-917
The Authority's privilege on bonds
§ gnr-3-918
The Authority has the right to adopt, formulate, and revise rules needed to regulate its internal affairs.
§ gnr-3-919
Maryland Environmental Service Regulations
§ gnr-3-920
Authority must mail notice of intention for projects
§ gnr-3-921
All purchases over $10,000 shall be awarded according to competitive bidding.
§ gnr-3-922
Judicial review and appeal under the title Natural Resources.
§ gnr-3-923
Within 90 Days a Report Must Be Issues to the Governor or Chief Executiver
§ gnr-3-924
The Authority & its corporate existence shall continue
§ gnr-3-925
Severable section
§ gnr-3-926
State Collateral Investment Law
§ gnr-3-927
New natural resources laws should be considered supplemental.
§ gnr-3-928
A subtitle may be liberally construed to effect the purposes.
§ gnr-3-9A-01
Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority
§ gnr-4-1001
The terminology of hardshell clam harvesting in Maryland.
§ gnr-4-1002
No individual can claim power dredge, hydraulic clam dredge, or the Atlantic Coastal Bays
§ gnr-4-1003
State Residents May Catch Oysters or Clams
§ gnr-4-1004
oysters & clams Law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-1005
"The public may catch oysters or clams with their bare hands and other low tech tools."
§ gnr-4-1006
oysters & clams Law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-1006.1
Definitions in this section under Natural Resources.
§ gnr-4-1006.2
Maps of shellfish harvest shall be annually published
§ gnr-4-1007
"The department may designate an area called a "buying station" where clams and oysters can be sold."
§ gnr-4-1008
Word meanings
§ gnr-4-1008.1
The Department may prolong by not more than two weeks the season for catching oysters
§ gnr-4-1009
Times to take seed oysters during closed season.
§ gnr-4-1009.1
Regulations For A harvest Area For Oysters.
§ gnr-4-101
Fishing Laws of Maryland
§ gnr-4-1010
Patent tongs heads on boats
§ gnr-4-1011
How to Catch Oysters?
§ gnr-4-1012
Oyster dredging guidelines in the Atlantic Coastal Bays.
§ gnr-4-1013
Stipulations for Owning and Operating a Dredge Boat
§ gnr-4-1014
Somerset County Natural Resource Laws
§ gnr-4-1014.1
This section applies only to the State's waters
§ gnr-4-1014.2
No oyster catching in waters connecting to St. Marys County in the Chesapeake Bay.
§ gnr-4-1014.3
State Waters Contiguous to Dorchester County
§ gnr-4-1015
Oyster Hunters Must Return Shells, Stones and Slag
§ gnr-4-1015.1
Oyster Culling
§ gnr-4-1017
You can't have an oyster business without a license.
§ gnr-4-1018
Measurement of oysters
§ gnr-4-1019
buying and selling of oyster shells
§ gnr-4-1019.1
Maryland State Oyster Shell Resource programs
§ gnr-4-1019.2
Oyster dealers shall retain oyster shells for a period of time.
§ gnr-4-102
Application of laws to regulate the size of fish.
§ gnr-4-1020
rules related to separate permit obtained for shipping each cargo
§ gnr-4-1021
Rules for shellfish dredging in the Pocomoke and Tangier sounds
§ gnr-4-1021.1
Illegal to catch hard-shell clams by dredge
§ gnr-4-1021.2
Laws governing shell harvesting in Maryland.
§ gnr-4-1022
A person may not catch hard-shell clams in the waters of the State with a shinnecock rake
§ gnr-4-1023
"The Department may adopt and modify rules and regulations governing catching hard-shell clams."
§ gnr-4-1024
Origins of catching hard-shell clams
§ gnr-4-1027
"A person must obtain a license before starting a shipping or selling of hard shell clams business."
§ gnr-4-1028
Clam dealer taxes
§ gnr-4-1029
Department Fees Transferred to Fisheries Research Fund
§ gnr-4-1030
Hard Shell Clams Catching Provisions
§ gnr-4-1031
Definition of "transverse dimension" for hard-shell clams.
§ gnr-4-1032
Advisory Committee Formation for Soft Shell Clam Dredging
§ gnr-4-1033
Origins of tidal fish license
§ gnr-4-1035
Severance Taxes for Soft-Shell Clams
§ gnr-4-1036
"Soft-shell clams of the species Mya arenaria caught by hydraulic clam dredge may only be sold to a person with a dealer's and shipper's license."
§ gnr-4-1037
The state shall apply for service system grants.
§ gnr-4-1038
Origins of catching softshell clams by hydraulic clam
§ gnr-4-1039
Regulations for catching soft shell clams
§ gnr-4-1040
Clam Dredge Boats Must Abide by the Maryland State Laws
§ gnr-4-1041
Maryland law requires license to catch surf clams
§ gnr-4-1043
Areas to collect clams must be limited in size and area
§ gnr-4-1101
Origins of the Chesapeake Bay
§ gnr-4-1102
Powers of the Department
§ gnr-4-1103
Department of Natural Resources guidelines for increasing oyster production
§ gnr-4-1103.1
Oyster seed areas shall be created in specific areas.
§ gnr-4-1105
Catching oysters not allowed in closed or reserved areas.
§ gnr-4-1106
Transplantation & Seeding Committees
§ gnr-4-1107
Purchasing of Plant Shells and Transplant Seed Oysters
§ gnr-4-1118.1
Oyster shell harvesting shall not interfere with shell beds.
§ gnr-4-11A-01
Definitions of Terms and Concepts About "Aquaculture" and "Land Lease"
§ gnr-4-11A-02
aquaculture operations law
§ gnr-4-11A-03
Laws governing the Aquaculture industry in Maryland.
§ gnr-4-11A-03.1
Aquaculture Review Board: People and Purpose
§ gnr-4-11A-03.2
Origins of Aquaculture Coordinating Council
§ gnr-4-11A-04
Regulation of Public Shellfish Fishery
§ gnr-4-11A-05
"Sets strict regulations for leasing in an Aquaculture Enterprise Zone in the Chesapeake Bay."
§ gnr-4-11A-06
Submerged Leases May be Issued in Chesapeake Bay After the Department of Water Classifies it
§ gnr-4-11A-07
How a submerged land lease can be issued in Atlantic Coastal Bays.
§ gnr-4-11A-08
Regulations regarding water column leases.
§ gnr-4-11A-09
Aquaculture, Water Column and Submerged Land Leases
§ gnr-4-11A-10
Do's and Don'ts for a leaseholder
§ gnr-4-11A-11
Origins of demonstration leases
§ gnr-4-11A-12
Origins of record of leases
§ gnr-4-11A-13
State Natural Resources Species Planting Law
§ gnr-4-11A-14
Leaseholders Can Cultivate Shellfish.
§ gnr-4-11A-16
Oyster Catching by Unauthorized Persons
§ gnr-4-11A-17
Construction rules for The owner of wharf or other structure
§ gnr-4-11A-18
Submerged land Law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-11A-19
Not with standing any other provision of this title, the Department may adopt regulations that allow taking
§ gnr-4-11A-20
Permits for building and managing man-made lakes
§ gnr-4-11A-21
"A person may apply for a permit to breed, propagate, and sell any species of game and freshwater fish protected by law."
§ gnr-4-11A-22
Erection of Artificial Ponds
§ gnr-4-11B-01
Divisions of the Department of Agriculture
§ gnr-4-11B-02
§ gnr-4-11C-01
"The Seafood Program Management Team will establish a grant program, oversee seafood industry projects,..."
§ gnr-4-11D-01
Job of Innovative Seafood Technologies Program
§ gnr-4-11E-01
§ gnr-4-1201
Violating provisions in a title
§ gnr-4-1202
How the fine shall be collected
§ gnr-4-1203
Possession of Fish or Device in Violation
§ gnr-4-1204
Natural Resources police officer has probable cause to believe that any fish is possessed.
§ gnr-4-1205
A Natural Resources Police Officer shall seize all Unlawful Fish along with the Arrestee per this Title.
§ gnr-4-1206
A Natural Resources police may seize all devices of a person being arrested."
§ gnr-4-1207
The power of the court to enforce and regulate game and fishing in Maryland.
§ gnr-4-1208
Origins of a violation
§ gnr-4-1209
The result of a failure to appear in court
§ gnr-4-1210
Oyster Catching Licensee Violations and Penalty
§ gnr-4-1211
Origins of catching striped bass or crabs
§ gnr-4-202
§ gnr-4-203
The powers of the Department of Game and Inland Fish may be exercised by the Department
§ gnr-4-204
Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission in the Department of Commission is composed of up to 15 members appointed and serving
§ gnr-4-205
The Department's use of equipment for work.
§ gnr-4-205.1
Definitions of Natural Resource terms
§ gnr-4-206
Those who trade fish resources may be audited.
§ gnr-4-207
Fish restoration and management projects Law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-208
State Fisheries Management and Protection Fund
§ gnr-4-209
Meaning of Fund Pertaining to This Section
§ gnr-4-210
fishing guide act for employed person of Maryland
§ gnr-4-210.1
Must be licensed to operate as fishing guide
§ gnr-4-210.2
"In this section, permit means a Maryland Provisional Chesapeake Bay Charter Boat Permit."
§ gnr-4-211
"Any person who desires to commercially practice the art of taxidermy must obtain a taxidermist and fur-tanning license."
§ gnr-4-212
Certificates for the Collection of Scientific Specimens
§ gnr-4-213
Statute for Aquatic Vegetation
§ gnr-4-214
Origins of free fishing areas
§ gnr-4-215
The role of the State government in providing fishery management programs.
§ gnr-4-215.1
Circumstances where the act doesn't apply.
§ gnr-4-215.2
Maryland law regulations for yellow perch
§ gnr-4-215.3
The role of the General assembly in maintaining and optimizing fisheries.
§ gnr-4-216
Maryland issues a residential sport fishing license
§ gnr-4-217
The power of the in working with non profit agencies to provide fishing for disabled persons.
§ gnr-4-218
Snapping turtles Law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-219
Regulations for Import and Transport
§ gnr-4-220
"In addition to other penalties, the Secretary may revoke or suspend any recreational license."
§ gnr-4-221
Origins of Tidal Fisheries Advisory
§ gnr-4-2A-01
Definitions of Natural Resource terms
§ gnr-4-2A-02
Fish Conservation Policy
§ gnr-4-2A-03
State Fish Resources Investigation and Development
§ gnr-4-2A-04
Endangered Species Act
§ gnr-4-2A-05
Origins of threatened species of fish
§ gnr-4-2A-05.1
Striped Bass Fishermen Guidelines
§ gnr-4-2A-06
The Secretary shall establish programs
§ gnr-4-2A-07
Origins of violating the permit
§ gnr-4-2A-08
What the provisions of this subtitle do not prohibit
§ gnr-4-2A-08.1
Hybrid striped bass
§ gnr-4-2A-09
Endangered Species of Fish Conservation Act
§ gnr-4-301
Execution of a compact for the State of Maryland.
§ gnr-4-301
Execution of a compact for the State of Maryland.
§ gnr-4-302
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission State Residency Requirement
§ gnr-4-303
Power provided for the Commission in the Compact.
§ gnr-4-304
Commission Accounting Practices
§ gnr-4-305
Funds shall be appropriated from the State Treasury
§ gnr-4-306
Environmental Protection Rules and Regulations
§ gnr-4-306
Environmental Protection Rules and Regulations
§ gnr-4-307
Regulations applicable to the Potomac River Fisheries Commission
§ gnr-4-401
State Fish Refuge Guidelines
§ gnr-4-402
How the title to any area of water shall be taken
§ gnr-4-403
The Department may Exchange Land for Parks or Profit
§ gnr-4-404
State Fish Refuges
§ gnr-4-405
State fish refuge requirements
§ gnr-4-406
Rules for Controlling Suitable Areas of Water or Land
§ gnr-4-407
The Department may adopt & promulgate, post, rules & regulations
§ gnr-4-408
The Department may erect any suitable fish hatcher
§ gnr-4-409
The Department may catch any game from the State waters
§ gnr-4-410
Trespassing or Damaging a Fish Refuge is Punishable.
§ gnr-4-501
obstruction law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-502
Owners of a dam on waters of the State shall construct
§ gnr-4-503
Dynamite Restrictions
§ gnr-4-504
Prohibitions on driving fish
§ gnr-4-505
A person may not molest away fish belonging to another person
§ gnr-4-506
Boat Anchoring Rules Must Be Followed.
§ gnr-4-506.1
person may no disrupt a lawful fishing activity.
§ gnr-4-507
What a person may not sink
§ gnr-4-508
What A skipper, captain may not do
§ gnr-4-509
A person may not use electronic devices on any boat
§ gnr-4-510
Speargun and Spear fishing
§ gnr-4-511
Water-Based Buoy, Markers and Monuments Tampering
§ gnr-4-512
A person may not fish by any means within 500 yards of a blind site
§ gnr-4-513
Maintenance of water quality and aquatic habitat.
§ gnr-4-514
Fastening, tieing, or anchoring a boat to a property.
§ gnr-4-601
What "Angling" meaning for this acticle
§ gnr-4-602
Guidelines for The Distribution, Breeding Habits, Abundance, and Economic Value of Fish
§ gnr-4-603
Department Establishment of Fish
§ gnr-4-604
A fund to pay the expense is provided in this section
§ gnr-4-606
Rules and regulations of different fishing licenses in Virginia.
§ gnr-4-607
Here former prisoner of war means a person who, while serving in the active military
§ gnr-4-608
Money Received For Anglers Licenses
§ gnr-4-609
Issuance of Duplicate Angler's Licenses
§ gnr-4-610
Angler's License
§ gnr-4-611
How to Apply for Angler's License?
§ gnr-4-612
Proving licensure for angling at later date
§ gnr-4-613
Natural Resources Police Officers
§ gnr-4-614
Angler's License Restrictions
§ gnr-4-616
The Department shall set annually daily creel
§ gnr-4-617
Ice fishing regulations
§ gnr-4-618
Fishing Net Restrictions of Non-Residents
§ gnr-4-619
A person may not use & attempt to use a gig
§ gnr-4-620
A person may catch carp with bow & arrow & by gig
§ gnr-4-625
Deep Creek Lake
§ gnr-4-627
Catching or Possessing any Game and Freshwater Fish
§ gnr-4-701
Guide Fishing Parties
§ gnr-4-701.1
Seafood Dealer License, Section Applicability
§ gnr-4-702
Restrictions on Finfish and Shellfish
§ gnr-4-704
Application for a License to Catch Finfish
§ gnr-4-704.1
A person may not catch striped bass for sale unless the person has purchased
§ gnr-4-705
License lapses after one year of termination of hostilities.
§ gnr-4-708
Revocation of License Penalties
§ gnr-4-710
Tidal water fishing regulations.
§ gnr-4-711
Pound Nets Must be Spread Out and Not Block Waterways
§ gnr-4-712
Property by Water
§ gnr-4-713
Tidal Fishing License
§ gnr-4-714
Coxes Creek, Furnace Branch Creek or Marley Creek Fishing Regulations
§ gnr-4-715
A person may not fish with rod from any kind of boat
§ gnr-4-716
A person may not haul a seine of any description
§ gnr-4-717
Areas in which fishing is restricted.
§ gnr-4-718
Haul Seine Restrictions
§ gnr-4-719
Regulations Governing use of a Haul Seine
§ gnr-4-720
A person may not use a haul seine in the water area
§ gnr-4-721
What a person may not fish with
§ gnr-4-722
Setting a pound net in Sassafras River.
§ gnr-4-723
Not Fishing With a Seine or Net in Chaptico Bay
§ gnr-4-724
Prohibition of Haul Seine to Catch Fish
§ gnr-4-725
Nets in Talbot County Waters
§ gnr-4-727
What a person may not fish with
§ gnr-4-728
Meaning of Collected Lines of Net In Section
§ gnr-4-729
A person may not set a haul seine of any description
§ gnr-4-730
Restrictions On Nets In Patuxent River
§ gnr-4-731
Rockfish may not be sold or transported across states.
§ gnr-4-732
Restrictions of Striped Bass Spawning Areas
§ gnr-4-733
Maximum amount of fish aboard any boat.
§ gnr-4-734
Fishing Regulations
§ gnr-4-735
Fishing Restrictions for The Open Season
§ gnr-4-736
The Department may supervise catching eels
§ gnr-4-738
A person may not catch snapping turtles
§ gnr-4-739
Sturgeon fishing regulations.
§ gnr-4-740
Susquehanna Salmon Fishing Regulations
§ gnr-4-741
Owners of Water Vessels
§ gnr-4-742
Shellfish contamination prevention regulations
§ gnr-4-743
Shellfish Resources Protection Rules and Regulations
§ gnr-4-744
Fishing License Synopsis of Laws
§ gnr-4-745
A person may not fish for finfish
§ gnr-4-746
The Department shall conduct annually a scientific survey
§ gnr-4-801
Following words have the meanings indicated in this subtitle
§ gnr-4-802
A subtitle that applies only to blue crabs.
§ gnr-4-802.1
Worcester County Crab Catching Guidelines
§ gnr-4-803
Adoption of Rules and Regulations
§ gnr-4-804
Guidelines for Owning and Operating a Vessel Used To Catch Crabs
§ gnr-4-807
License required for picking crab for business
§ gnr-4-809
peeler crabs law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-810
The Department may adopt rules
§ gnr-4-812
Setting crab pots in the waters of Tangier Sound.
§ gnr-4-814
Commercial crab fishermen may not set more than 300 pots.
§ gnr-4-815
No Crab Harvesting with Bank Traps or Channel Pounds
§ gnr-4-816
Crab law of Maryland
§ gnr-4-901
Adoption of Rules and Regulations
§ gnr-4-902
Diamondback Terapin Regulations
§ gnr-4-903
Law of diamondback terrapin
§ gnr-4-906
Commercial Conch License
§ gnr-5-1001
Maryland protecting the appalachian trail
§ gnr-5-1002
Gathland State Park to be developed
§ gnr-5-1003
Riverside land under control of State park
§ gnr-5-1004
§ gnr-5-1005
Designation and Use of Black Marsh
§ gnr-5-1006
Origins of tract of land in Washington County
§ gnr-5-1007
Use of land for auxiliary State forest reserves.
§ gnr-5-1008
So long as no laws state to the contrary members of a recognized youth group have free access to state parks and recreational areas.
§ gnr-5-1009
Maryland Golden Age Pass Rate Reduction for Camping
§ gnr-5-101
Definition of Concepts and Terms Related to The Environment
§ gnr-5-1010
Use of abandoned rail corridors as recreational trails.
§ gnr-5-102
General Assembly Findings of Environmental and Nature Concerns
§ gnr-5-102.1
§ gnr-5-103
Construction activities in forests.
§ gnr-5-104
the board must cooperate with forestry stake holders
§ gnr-5-1101
Indicated word meanings
§ gnr-5-1102
The subtitle purpose is to encourage any land owner
§ gnr-5-1103
Duties on Owned Land
§ gnr-5-1104
Land Owner Requirements
§ gnr-5-1105
Liability of land Owner
§ gnr-5-1105.1
Section 5-1103 and 5-1104 Provisions.
§ gnr-5-1106
The provisions of this subtitle do not limit in any way any liability
§ gnr-5-1107
The owner may post in conspicuous places notices
§ gnr-5-1108
Permission cards to facilitate written consent.
§ gnr-5-1109
Cross-Country Skiing and Snowmobiling in Garrett County
§ gnr-5-1201
Definition of "Open Space," "Open Area," "State Wildlands," and "Wildlands"
§ gnr-5-1202
Acquisition of real property for preservation of open spaces and areas.
§ gnr-5-1202.1
The Hart-Miller-Pleasure Island Chain
§ gnr-5-1202.2
Word Meanings and Easement Grant
§ gnr-5-1203
Properly Accounting for An Increasing Population and Expanding Settlement
§ gnr-5-1204
State Wildlands Preservation Systems
§ gnr-5-1205
§ gnr-5-1206
Review of every roadless area of 500 contiguous acres.
§ gnr-5-1208
The Governor's Power to Give Public Notices
§ gnr-5-1209
Boundary Modification of State Wildlands
§ gnr-5-1210
How To Establish and Administer State Forests and Wildlife Refuge Systems
§ gnr-5-1211
Areas Designated as Wildlands
§ gnr-5-1212
Commercial Enterprise Should Not Exist in Wildlife Zone.
§ gnr-5-1212.1
Any area shall continue to be available
§ gnr-5-1213
Designated Wildlife Areas
§ gnr-5-1213.1
Maintaining Building Safety
§ gnr-5-1214
Use of Water Resources Within State Wildland Areas
§ gnr-5-1215
The private owner has the rights to assure adequate acces
§ gnr-5-1216
Maryland Secretary Private Ownership
§ gnr-5-1217
Department Legality to Accept Gift of Lands or Wetlands
§ gnr-5-1218
Acquiring Property
§ gnr-5-1220
The Nature Conservancy
§ gnr-5-1221
The Secretary shall report to the Nature Conservancy
§ gnr-5-1222
Nature Conservancy
§ gnr-5-1301
Any person who violates any provisions is guilty
§ gnr-5-1302
Fines Imposed by the District Court
§ gnr-5-1401
Definition of Cave-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gnr-5-1402
Destruction of Cave or Drainage System Constitutes Misdemeanor
§ gnr-5-1403
Selling Speleothems
§ gnr-5-1404
Protection of the natural environment of any cave life.
§ gnr-5-1405
Permit to excavate a paleontological site.
§ gnr-5-1406
Cave Owner's Immunity From Liability
§ gnr-5-1501
Maryland Heritage Conservation Fund
§ gnr-5-1502
Purposes of the Heritage Conservation Fund
§ gnr-5-1503
Origins of a conservation easement
§ gnr-5-1504
Management of lands or interests in land.
§ gnr-5-1505
Heritage Conservation Fund
§ gnr-5-1506
The Board of Public Works Approving Acquisitions
§ gnr-5-1601
Terminology of natural resource and land conservation efforts.
§ gnr-5-1602
How to Properly Grade Sediment
§ gnr-5-1603
A unit of local government shall develop a local forest conservation program.
§ gnr-5-1604
Any lot over 40,000 square feet shall require a forest stand delineation.
§ gnr-5-1605
Forest Stand Delineation
§ gnr-5-1606
Tracts shall be afforested up to 20%
§ gnr-5-1607
The preferred sequence for afforestation shall be establishe
§ gnr-5-1608
Forest conservation plan.
§ gnr-5-1609
Implementation of department guidance manuals
§ gnr-5-1610
Funding and duties of the Forest Conservation Fund.
§ gnr-5-1610.1
Creation and use of forest mitigation bank.
§ gnr-5-1611
Variance Procedures Will Be Adopted By the State.
§ gnr-5-1612
The Department and Enforcement Provisions
§ gnr-5-1613
Amount and location of projects
§ gnr-5-1701
Board of Public Works.
§ gnr-5-1702
Impact statements required for oil or gas leases
§ gnr-5-1703
Damages During Oil and Gas Excavations
§ gnr-5-1801
Findings of The General Assembly
§ gnr-5-1901
Calvert County Youth Recreational Opportunities Fund
§ gnr-5-201
Department lease agreements
§ gnr-5-202
Forest and Park Service
§ gnr-5-204
Sustainable Forestry Council.
§ gnr-5-206
Public Properties and Secretary Rights
§ gnr-5-207
Department May Manage and Purchase Forest Lands
§ gnr-5-208
department condemnation of land or property for legislative act or forest parks or recreation.
§ gnr-5-209
Department Rules
§ gnr-5-210
How to Prepare a Plan for Parks
§ gnr-5-211
Any materials will be printed by the Department.
§ gnr-5-212
Forest or park reserve fund manages state land
§ gnr-5-212.1
Forest and Parks Concession Accounts
§ gnr-5-213
What Happens to an Abondoned or Lost Item in a State Park
§ gnr-5-214
Department Plan for Use of Renewable Forest Resources
§ gnr-5-215
Meaning of "Fund" under this title
§ gnr-5-215.1
Deep Creek Lake Declarations by General Assembly
§ gnr-5-216
Details of Deep Creek Policy and Review Board
§ gnr-5-217
Prohibition of Disposal in Natural Areas
§ gnr-5-218
Explanation of Corps and Youth
§ gnr-5-219
§ gnr-5-301
"Approved practice" includes Planting, Seeding, Timber stand improvement
§ gnr-5-302
General Assembly regulation to manage the nonindustrial private woodlands of the State
§ gnr-5-303
Woodland Incentives Program
§ gnr-5-304
woodland management plan applications
§ gnr-5-305
Cost-share assistance for approved applicants.
§ gnr-5-306
Stipulations for land cost-share assistance.
§ gnr-5-307
Mel Noland Woodland Incentives Fund
§ gnr-5-401
How Roadside Trees Grow in Maryland State
§ gnr-5-402
How to Plant Trees along Roadsides in Maryland
§ gnr-5-403
Department Shall Evaluate Planting Applications
§ gnr-5-404
Forest Wardens and Police Officers Law Enforcement Duties
§ gnr-5-405
Remuneration For the Forest Warden Examination Services
§ gnr-5-406
Permit needed to modify roadside tree.
§ gnr-5-407
Powers of The State Highway Administration
§ gnr-5-408
Maryland Law on Trees Grown in State Nurseries
§ gnr-5-409
Regulations regarding the unlawful use of private trees or timber
§ gnr-5-410
acquiring land for establishment of State forest nursery
§ gnr-5-411
When a County Appropriates Funds and Money
§ gnr-5-412
Operating a truck, trailer, or other vehicle on a public highway
§ gnr-5-413
Accompany the shipment
§ gnr-5-414
Stopping a truck, trailer, or other vehicle.
§ gnr-5-415
Natural Resources terms and definitions in this part
§ gnr-5-416
Maryland State Can Examine Applicants for Tree Expert Licensure
§ gnr-5-417
License Details For Business In Maryland State Government
§ gnr-5-418
Tree expert licensing requirements
§ gnr-5-419
Tree Expert License Application and Fees
§ gnr-5-419
Tree Expert License Application and Fees
§ gnr-5-420
Department examinations may be retaken within 1 year
§ gnr-5-421
Suspension of Tree Expert Licenses
§ gnr-5-422
Regulations regarding the licensing of tree experts.
§ gnr-5-423
Penalties for wrongful Tree Expert Solicitation
§ gnr-5-424
Meaning of "Urban and Community Forestry"
§ gnr-5-425
General Assembly Declares that Forests and Trees are Important
§ gnr-5-426
The Department shall establish and administer an urban and community forest.
§ gnr-5-427
Local forestry programs
§ gnr-5-428
Preservation Laws of Forests and Trees in Maryland
§ gnr-5-429
Department Funds Allocation
§ gnr-5-430
How to Implement the Green Shores Program
§ gnr-5-433
Meaning of the term "Program"
§ gnr-5-434
Residents are encouraged to plant trees.
§ gnr-5-435
Identification and definition of the Pamela J. Kelly Tree-Mendous Maryland Program.
§ gnr-5-436
Regulations for donations and grants received by the Department.
§ gnr-5-501
meaning of terms under this title
§ gnr-5-502
Pine forest preservation is important to the government
§ gnr-5-503
The Department may adopt rules and regulations to administer the provisions of this subtitle.
§ gnr-5-504
Cutting Operations
§ gnr-5-505
Guidelines for Cutting Seed Trees
§ gnr-5-506
A person may not cut any pine tree or seedling required to be reserved for reseeding
§ gnr-5-507
This subtitle does not apply to most publicly or privately held lands.
§ gnr-5-508
Compliance Enforcement
§ gnr-5-509
Provisions of Subtitle 13 do Not Apply To This Subtitle
§ gnr-5-601
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ gnr-5-602
Forests, Timberlands, Woodlands, and Soil Resources
§ gnr-5-603
Department protocol on forest conservation
§ gnr-5-604
Forest practice rule enforcement
§ gnr-5-605
District Divisions for State Forestry
§ gnr-5-606
Authority of The district Forestry Board
§ gnr-5-607
Duties of the Maryland Forester
§ gnr-5-608
Requirement of Licensure For Forest Products Businesses
§ gnr-5-609
Money Transfers and Forest Conservation
§ gnr-5-610
Exceptions for clearing woodlands
§ gnr-5-701
Forest & Park Law, Rules & Regulations of Maryland State
§ gnr-5-702
Firefighting expense is paid by the county in which the fire occured.
§ gnr-5-703
Duties of the Secretary
§ gnr-5-704
Maryland Law for Causing Fire
§ gnr-5-705
penalties to person who causes fire
§ gnr-5-706
State Attorney's Rights to Prosecute Violator of Subtitle
§ gnr-5-707
Every person who operates a railroad in the State shall establish a means to prevent a forest fire.
§ gnr-5-708
The Department and its authorized agents may enter at their risk.
§ gnr-5-709
Landowner's duty to clear safety strips
§ gnr-5-710
Property near railroads
§ gnr-5-711
Regulations regarding engines and broilers near forests and brush.
§ gnr-5-712
Provisions of Part II
§ gnr-5-713
Inconsistent Cause of Appeal
§ gnr-5-714
Remarkable Fine for Violation of Provisions
§ gnr-5-720
Open Air Burn Ban
§ gnr-5-801
Effective Prevention of Forest Fires in the Maryland
§ gnr-5-901
Funding and budgeting definitions.
§ gnr-5-902
When programs need to make funds available to the State.
§ gnr-5-903
The funds distributed program for protecting and restoring forests in Maryland.
§ gnr-5-903.1
Meaning of "Fund"
§ gnr-5-904
Department of Planning Mandatory Duty to Prepare List
§ gnr-5-905
Law of allocation of local acquisition and development funds
§ gnr-5-905
Law of allocation of local acquisition and development funds
§ gnr-5-906
Local Project requirements
§ gnr-5-907
Acquisition of Lands for State Parks
§ gnr-5-908
Description of The Fair Hill Improvement Fund
§ gnr-5-908.1
Definition of "Commission," "Fund," and "Unencumbered"
§ gnr-5-909
Fund used to maintain/manage/repair property of the Natural Resources department.
§ gnr-5-910
Restriction of state purchases of land in Allegany County
§ gnr-5-9A-01
How Maryland State Government General Assembly Function
§ gnr-5-9A-02
Meanings of words in this subtitle
§ gnr-5-9A-03
§ gnr-5-9A-04
Board powers to carry out the purpose this title
§ gnr-5-9A-05
Application for a Rural Legacy Area
§ gnr-5-9A-06
Origins of an Rural Legacy Plan
§ gnr-5-9A-07
Grant agreements for Rural Legacy Area
§ gnr-5-9A-08
Requirements of the Advisory Board to The Department of National Resources
§ gnr-5-9A-09
The annual budget must include at least $5 million for natural resources.
§ gnr-5-9B-01
Local land preservation program Law of Maryland
§ gnr-5-9B-02
The General Assembly and State policy.
§ gnr-5-9B-03
The sponsor shall submit applications to appropriate State and local units
§ gnr-5-9B-04
Funding to Implement a Local Land Preservation Program
§ gnr-5-9B-05
Regulations to the Department of Natural Resources
§ gnr-5-9B-06
Jobs the National Department of Resources Performs
§ gnr-5-9C-01
"Program" means the Community Parks and Playgrounds Program.
§ gnr-5-9C-02
Park and Green Space Restoration
§ gnr-5-9C-03
State Funds Can Be Used To Fund a Program.
§ gnr-8-1001
Definitions of terms in this subtitle under Natural Resources
§ gnr-8-1002
Authority of The Department
§ gnr-8-1003
Rules to be followed for abutting any body of water in the State
§ gnr-8-1004
Budget Appropriations for Shore Erosion Control Projects
§ gnr-8-1004.1
Requirements of Shore Erosion Control Measures
§ gnr-8-1005
§ gnr-8-1005.1
Requirements of Property Owners
§ gnr-8-1006
Shore erosion control project
§ gnr-8-1007
Annual Installments Must Be Paid
§ gnr-8-1008
Regulations to be approved by Board of Public Works
§ gnr-8-101
Definitions of words related to pollution and Waters of the State.
§ gnr-8-1101
Land Movement and Disturbance Activities on Atlantic Coast Beaches
§ gnr-8-1102
Origins of Beach Erosion Control District & dunal system
§ gnr-8-1103
Replenishment Fund for the purpose of appropriating money
§ gnr-8-1104
About appraiser of the department
§ gnr-8-1105.1
Stipulations of the Beach Erosion Control District.
§ gnr-8-1301
meaning of Duly designated agency" under this section
§ gnr-8-1302
Flood and Erosion Requirements
§ gnr-8-1303
Governing Bodies of Specific Counties
§ gnr-8-1304
Power and Authority of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
§ gnr-8-1305
Appropriate county governing bodies
§ gnr-8-1306
Adoption of a watershed plan or section of a watershed plan
§ gnr-8-1307
Counties may acquire and improve land for watershed plan
§ gnr-8-1308
Land/Property Finance Acquisition in Maryland State
§ gnr-8-1309
County governing body acquiring land to preserve the watershed plan
§ gnr-8-1310
Land and Property Holdings
§ gnr-8-1311
The county may lease or permit use of land so that it would develop the watershed plan.
§ gnr-8-1312
When the Department may sell, acquire, or lease land.
§ gnr-8-1313
County Government May Set Rules For Property Acquired
§ gnr-8-1314
Process to acquire land and property on a Watershed plan.
§ gnr-8-1315
Regulations regarding county Watershed plans.
§ gnr-8-1316
Duties of The Secretary
§ gnr-8-1317
governing body's program for acquisition of land or property in the watershed
§ gnr-8-1318
Acquisition of County Land
§ gnr-8-1319
Details of Police Power
§ gnr-8-1801
Origins of Chesapeake and the Atlantic Coastal Bays
§ gnr-8-1802
Definition of Atlantic Coastal Bays" and Chesapeake Bay Critical Area
§ gnr-8-1803
The Secretary has limited authority over the Chesapeake/Atlantic Coastal Bays critical Area Commission.
§ gnr-8-1804
Components of The Commission
§ gnr-8-1805
The commission should provide staff under state budget.
§ gnr-8-1806
The Power of the Commission
§ gnr-8-1807
Planning area for Chesapeake Bay Critical Area
§ gnr-8-1807
Planning area for Chesapeake Bay Critical Area
§ gnr-8-1808
Grants to reimburse local jurisdictions.
§ gnr-8-1808.1
Conditions for development in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area
§ gnr-8-1808.10
Site Plan Approvals in Resource Conservation Areas
§ gnr-8-1808.11
Protecting Property with Nonstructural Shoreline Stabilization Procedures
§ gnr-8-1808.2
Definition of immediate famiily and transfer of property.
§ gnr-8-1808.3
Regulations regarding the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area.
§ gnr-8-1808.4
Definition of "Pier"
§ gnr-8-1808.5
Definition of "Community Pier"
§ gnr-8-1808.6
A local jurisdiction shall provide credit to an applicant if an applicant takes quantifiable actions
§ gnr-8-1808.7
Commercial Harvesting of Trees
§ gnr-8-1808.8
Construction Regulation and Natural Resource protection policy
§ gnr-8-1808.9
Section about local Jurisdiction.
§ gnr-8-1809
Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Protection Programs
§ gnr-8-1810
Local jurisdiction in regards to plans for natural resources.
§ gnr-8-1811
How The Commission Works In Maryland State Government
§ gnr-8-1812
Commission may intervene in any proceeding.
§ gnr-8-1813
Subdivision Zoning Laws
§ gnr-8-1813.1
Powers of local jurisdictions
§ gnr-8-1814
Development Law of Maryland
§ gnr-8-1815
Local Authority rights of entry and access to property.
§ gnr-8-1815.1
Cutting or Clearing trees in Chesapeake Bay Critical Area or Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area
§ gnr-8-1816
Critical Area Law of Maryland
§ gnr-8-1817
protection of natural resources, drilling and environmental impact
§ gnr-8-1901
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ gnr-8-1902
Duties of the Chesapeake Bay Trust.
§ gnr-8-1903
§ gnr-8-1904
Specifics of the board of trustees defined.
§ gnr-8-1905
Rules of The Board
§ gnr-8-1906
The Powers & Duties As Per Maryland State Government
§ gnr-8-1907
Criteria for Sponsorship Activites
§ gnr-8-1908
Trust gifts, grants, legacies and endowments
§ gnr-8-1909
Accounting for money received in trust.
§ gnr-8-1910
The trust Is exempt from the provisions of the State Finance and Procurement Article.
§ gnr-8-1913
Environmental development definitions.
§ gnr-8-1914
Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program Guidelines
§ gnr-8-1915
The purpose of the Corps Board is to advise the Trust in the development.
§ gnr-8-1916
Corps Board Chair Elections and Support Staff
§ gnr-8-1917
Grants for the creation or expansion of the Chesapeake Conservation Corps Programs
§ gnr-8-1918
Volunteer Program Staffing
§ gnr-8-1919
Technical Assistance Provided to qualified organizations
§ gnr-8-1920
Corps Program's Projects
§ gnr-8-1921
How Corps Program will be funded from 2011-2015.
§ gnr-8-1922
What colleges and universities can do with the Trust
§ gnr-8-1923
Policies that apply to natural resources and the Trust and Corps Board.
§ gnr-8-1924
Maryland State Consultation with Corps Board Each Year
§ gnr-8-2001
Guilty Verdict Laws And Stipulations
§ gnr-8-2002
The responsibility of the attorney general in cases involving natural resources.
§ gnr-8-2003
Watershed property Offense Rules
§ gnr-8-201
Department Contains Chesapeake Bay And Coastal Zoning Advisory Commission
§ gnr-8-202
Responsibilities Of The Department Regarding Chesapeake Bay And Other Tidal Waters
§ gnr-8-203
The government shall work with the governments in other states in order to allow for fair and equitable use of Chesapeake Bay.
§ gnr-8-204
The Department of Natural Resources provides access to Chesapeake Bay
§ gnr-8-2101
Phragmite nuisance study
§ gnr-8-2102
Property Control
§ gnr-8-2103
Phragmite Cost Sharing, Data, Reports
§ gnr-8-2104
Rules Regarding the Gift, Aid Or Grant Made To The Secretary
§ gnr-8-2105
Implementing Program to Control Spreading of Phragmites
§ gnr-8-2106
Secretary Duties in Implementing Phragmites Control Program
§ gnr-8-2107
Cost Sharing Program Details
§ gnr-8-2A-01
Agricultural Terms Defined
§ gnr-8-2A-02
Funds for Chesapeake Bay restoration
§ gnr-8-2A-03
Categories under BayStat
§ gnr-8-2A-04
The BayStat program seeks to improve water quality.
§ gnr-8-301
Chesapeake Bay Commission Legislation.
§ gnr-8-401
The state shall make a concerted effort to preserve the natural beauty of rivers.
§ gnr-8-402
Scenic and Wild Rivers Program
§ gnr-8-403
Member of the Board's Privileges
§ gnr-8-404
The inclusion of different protected areas by the scenic and wild rivers review board.
§ gnr-8-405
condition to implement plans for using Water
§ gnr-8-406
Right of Secretary to Approve Construction of Dam
§ gnr-8-407
Scenic and Wild Rivers Program Law of Maryland
§ gnr-8-408
Youghiogheny River proposed Boundaries for Property Owner
§ gnr-8-409
Developments in vulnerable areas of the state must meet requirements in regards to environmental concerns.
§ gnr-8-410
Scenic and Wild Rivers Program Prohibitions
§ gnr-8-411
The duties of the Secretary when dealing with the Scenic and Wild Rivers Program
§ gnr-8-4A-01
Governor May Authorize The Randolph Lake Project Compact
§ gnr-8-4A-01
Governor May Authorize The Randolph Lake Project Compact
§ gnr-8-701
Definitions surrounding watercrafts and their ownership in Maryland.
§ gnr-8-702
Recreational boating regulations
§ gnr-8-703
Department is Responsible for Health of Waterways
§ gnr-8-703.1
"Educational Program for Boating"
§ gnr-8-703.2
Department may adopt boating regulations for Jennings Randolph Lake.
§ gnr-8-704
The department may regulate water vehicles and buoys
§ gnr-8-704.1
Origins of registered vessel
§ gnr-8-705
Origins of waterways improvement
§ gnr-8-706
Administrative Duties concerning waterways improvement carried by Department
§ gnr-8-707
Waterway Improvement Fund
§ gnr-8-708
Water projects on lands owned by the state will be financed by the Waterway Improvement Fund.
§ gnr-8-708.1
Regulations for financing dredging channels.
§ gnr-8-709
Origins of the Waterway Improvement Fund
§ gnr-8-709.1
Maximum boat ramps at marinas limited to 10.
§ gnr-8-710
Manufacturer or Dealer Licensing
§ gnr-8-710.1
Boat Dealers Need Bond to Apply for a License
§ gnr-8-710.2
Temporary certificate of boat number.
§ gnr-8-710.3
Requirements of a Licensed boat dealer
§ gnr-8-711
All vessels built after Oct. 31, 1972 require an ID.
§ gnr-8-712
How to Properly Label your Water Vessel for Use
§ gnr-8-712.1
Rules and regulations of vessel ownership in Maryland
§ gnr-8-712.2
State a vessel Law of Maryland
§ gnr-8-712.3
Definition of Livery vessel owner, Class A vessel," and Seaworthy condition"
§ gnr-8-713
Operation of Vessels in Water
§ gnr-8-713.1
Water Vessel Regulations
§ gnr-8-714
Law of owning a vessel
§ gnr-8-715
Origins of owning a vessel
§ gnr-8-716
Definition of terms
§ gnr-8-716.1
The dealer shall collect the excise tax for the Department. For collecting and remitting the tax.
§ gnr-8-716.2
Investigations and Hearings Concerning Provision Enforement
§ gnr-8-717
Rules for Lost, Stolen, Mutilated and Destroyed Certificate of Title
§ gnr-8-718
In the area of boating, "certificate of origin" means that a transaction has legally taken place.
§ gnr-8-719
Dealers Rules Concerning Record-keeping For Vessels
§ gnr-8-720
Origins of ownership of a vessel is transferred
§ gnr-8-721
Rules regarding what is an abandoned vessel (boat)
§ gnr-8-721.1
Removal of a vessel at a marina
§ gnr-8-722
Abandoned Vessels Laws
§ gnr-8-723
State Boat Act Fund
§ gnr-8-724
Responsibilities of boat operators as it applies to affected persons.
§ gnr-8-724.1
Public landing protections
§ gnr-8-725
Towing Rules in or over the Waters of Maryland
§ gnr-8-725.1
No one is allowed to abandon any sort of ship or boat on the waters of Maryland.
§ gnr-8-725.2
Management plan for the use of vessels on the Severn River
§ gnr-8-725.3
Accordance Hours of Operation of Vessels
§ gnr-8-725.4
not applicable to regular seafood catcher, harvester
§ gnr-8-725.5
Charges For Violation If One Operates On Vessel On Seneca Creek At Excess Speeds
§ gnr-8-725.6
Vessel Operating Restrictions.
§ gnr-8-725.7
Rules and Requirements for Marine Gathering
§ gnr-8-726
No one may litter on water.
§ gnr-8-726.1
Environmental laws as they apply to harbors, bays and creeks.
§ gnr-8-727
Following words have definitions stated below
§ gnr-8-727.1
The List of Public Safety Activities
§ gnr-8-728
Limitations for the mentioned sections of the subtitle
§ gnr-8-729
A security interest in a vessel is not valid unless the creditor follows the applicable laws.
§ gnr-8-730
§ gnr-8-731
Origins of secured party
§ gnr-8-732
Guidelines regarding the security interest in a vessel.
§ gnr-8-733
Necessary Regulation Adoption
§ gnr-8-734
Full Disclosure of Information Upon Security Agreement
§ gnr-8-735
§ gnr-8-736
Investigation and Certification Of Provisions
§ gnr-8-737
Any boats that meet applicable criteria may apply for a historical watercraft identification plaque.
§ gnr-8-738
A person may not operate a watercraft while under the influence of drugs.
§ gnr-8-738.1
A person may be subject to a breathalyzer and blood test after an accident on a vessel.
§ gnr-8-738.2
Costs and Time Limits for Convictions of Individuals
§ gnr-8-739
Any violations of this law is a misdemeanor
§ gnr-8-740
Importance of completing boating safety education course
§ gnr-8-740.1
Meaning of "Ship-to-Shore Communication Device"
§ gnr-8-741
Meanings of Words
§ gnr-8-742
Origins of Protecting of natural resources
§ gnr-8-743
Definition of Applicable Terms
§ gnr-8-744
for-hire large boats require insurance