Land Use

This is Article glu of the Code of State, titled “Land Use.” It’s comprised of the following 597 sections.

§ glu-1-101
Definitions of "Adaptive Reuse," "Charter County," "Development," and "Legislative Body"
§ glu-1-201
Duties of a planning commission in maryland
§ glu-1-202
Glu-1-202 supersedes local regulations
§ glu-1-203
Inconsistent Laws and Ordinances
§ glu-1-204
Land use in a local jurisdiction Law of Maryland
§ glu-1-205
requirements or authorizations for a local jurisdiction
§ glu-1-206
Planning Commission
§ glu-1-207
Origins of planning commission
§ glu-1-208
The National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education at the University of Maryland, College Park.
§ glu-1-301
Action Law of Maryland
§ glu-1-302
Application of Subtitle
§ glu-1-303
Statute Provisions
§ glu-1-304
Implementation of County Plans
§ glu-1-401
Charter county in Matyland
§ glu-1-402
Under this division, the county has more powers relating to land.
§ glu-1-405
Enacting Plans and Laws
§ glu-1-406
Charter County Planning Inclusions
§ glu-1-407
Components of development regulations element
§ glu-1-408
Sensitive Area Protection
§ glu-1-409
Components of transportation element
§ glu-1-410
Water Resources Element Identification
§ glu-1-411
What The Mineral Resources Element Identifies
§ glu-1-414
Additional Requirements for Plans
§ glu-1-415
Planning Commission Implementation Methods
§ glu-1-416
Planning commissions renewal of set plans
§ glu-1-417
6 Year Plan Revision
§ glu-1-418
Origins of what a charter county should include in comprehensive plan
§ glu-1-501
§ glu-1-502
Mapped growth tier regulations.
§ glu-1-503
Adoption of the growth tiers Law of Maryland
§ glu-1-504
What happens After adoption of the growth tiers
§ glu-1-505
Department of Planning can Comment on Growth Tiers
§ glu-1-506
Rules to adopt Tiers.
§ glu-1-507
Public hearing on comments by the Planning Department
§ glu-1-508
Rules and regulation for growth tiers adoptions by local jurisdiction
§ glu-1-509
Local Economy Growth Measurement
§ glu-10-101
Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals
§ glu-10-102
Supremacy Clause Specification
§ glu-10-103
List of divisions that do not apply to Baltimore City.
§ glu-10-201
Maryland state policy on zoning
§ glu-10-202
Mayor Can Regulate Building Structures For Welfare Of Community.
§ glu-10-203
Powers Granted To Mayor Cannot Supersede Regulatory Authority Of State.
§ glu-10-204
Historic and Architectural Preservation
§ glu-10-301
DIstrict Division in Baltimore City
§ glu-10-302
Zoning Regulations Adopted By Mayor Must Promote Public Safety.
§ glu-10-303
Origins of zoning regulations and the boundaries
§ glu-10-304
§ glu-10-305
Boundary Change Proposals
§ glu-10-401
Violations and ability of authorities to enforce violations.
§ glu-10-402
City council may appoint hearing examiners for public hearings.
§ glu-10-403
Requirements of the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals.
§ glu-10-404
Authority of the Board
§ glu-10-405
Aggrieved Individuals Can File An Appeal Against the Board.
§ glu-10-406
4 Out Of 5 Members Must Approve To Reverse Order.
§ glu-10-501
Filing Judicial Reviews for Aggrievements.
§ glu-10-502
Land Use rights of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City
§ glu-10-503
Judgements May Be Appealed To The Court of Special Appeals
§ glu-10-504
while judicial review is allowed power is unrestricted to the mayor and council.
§ glu-11-101
Enforcement and Regulation Provisions
§ glu-11-102
Details about a violation of a local law or a regulation
§ glu-11-103
Responses to Building Development and Changes
§ glu-11-201
Definition Of The Term "Zoning Official".
§ glu-11-202
Civil penalty for a zoning violation.
§ glu-11-203
Civil Zoning Violation Citations
§ glu-11-204
Citation Trials
§ glu-11-205
Failure to Pay Zoning Official Citations
§ glu-11-206
Manner of Adjudication of a Violation
§ glu-11-207
Actions By District Court On Those Committing Civil Zoning Violation
§ glu-11-208
Authorizing Civil Zoning Violations
§ glu-11-209
Failing Criminal Conviction Designation
§ glu-14-101
Intended Meaning of Key Terms
§ glu-14-201
Details about Montgomery County and Prince Georges County
§ glu-14-202
Exclusions to the Title
§ glu-14-203
Local Jurisdiction Rights to Enact a Local Law
§ glu-15-101
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
§ glu-15-102
Composition of the commission.
§ glu-15-103
Appointment Applications
§ glu-15-104
Requirements for Montgomery county commisioners
§ glu-15-105
Removal of Montgomery County Commissioner by Council
§ glu-15-106
Designation of commissioner as chair or vice chair
§ glu-15-107
Designation of commissioner by Montgomery County Council.
§ glu-15-108
Chair of the Commission Salary Compensation
§ glu-15-109
Regulations regarding certain staff of the Commission.
§ glu-15-110
Power of The Commission
§ glu-15-111
What Security Forms The Commission Requires from Employees
§ glu-15-112
Maryland commissioner offices
§ glu-15-113
Powers of The Commission
§ glu-15-114
Comprehensive Insurance Program.
§ glu-15-115
Commission Annual Report Requirements
§ glu-15-116
Commission reports
§ glu-15-117
Duties of the Commission.
§ glu-15-118
Times when the Commission can make surveys
§ glu-15-119
Rights of Commissioners to Engage in Civilian Defense
§ glu-15-120
What a commissioner may or may not do.
§ glu-15-201
Effective definitions of legal terms used in state laws.
§ glu-15-202
Commission Evaluation of Minority Intervention Programs
§ glu-15-203
Origins of operation of the Program
§ glu-15-204
Timeframe for Evaluation of Results
§ glu-15-301
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ glu-15-302
State Representation Purposes
§ glu-15-303
Powers of the Commission
§ glu-15-304
Requirements of Suburban Sanitary Commission
§ glu-15-305
conditions and limitations to amendments to acquire parkland
§ glu-16-101
Definition of "board."
§ glu-16-102
merit system Commission
§ glu-16-103
Structure of the merit system board of the Commission
§ glu-16-104
The Commission sets compensation for members of the board.
§ glu-16-105
Removal of the board for misfeasance
§ glu-16-106
Board Power to Prepare and Recommend Compensation Plan
§ glu-16-107
Carrying out the duties of the board
§ glu-16-108
Clarification of witness subpoenas.
§ glu-16-201
Employment Organization and Labor
§ glu-16-202
The Commission shall recognize the right of an employee organization
§ glu-16-203
"After a public hearing a third party to serve as labor relations administrator will be appointed."
§ glu-16-204
Employee Organizations Seeking Certification
§ glu-16-205
Origins of labor relations administrator
§ glu-16-206
Origins of disputing the eligibility of an employee in a bargaining unit
§ glu-16-207
Good Faith Collective Bargaining
§ glu-16-208
Section 16-208 Bargaining Proposal Violations
§ glu-16-209
Unions collective bargain arbitration and mediation annual deadlines
§ glu-16-210
Mediators are used when the commission and an organization request one.
§ glu-16-211
Collective Bargaining Agreement
§ glu-16-212
Components of annual proposed operating budget by the Commission
§ glu-16-213
The Rights and Responsibilities of The Commission
§ glu-16-214
Encourage or discourage membership in an employee organization.
§ glu-16-215
Restrictions For Employee Organizations.
§ glu-16-216
Rights of The Employees of The Commission
§ glu-16-217
The Definition of an Employee "Strike"
§ glu-16-218
How to Charge for Unfair Labor Practice
§ glu-16-219
Law regarding expressing personal opinions.
§ glu-16-301
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ glu-16-302
Representation and Bargaining of Employees
§ glu-16-303
Rules on Appointment of Labor Relations Administrator
§ glu-16-304
Employee Organizations Must Establish Bylaws and Apply for Certification
§ glu-16-305
Election process for Labor Commission
§ glu-16-306
Labor Relations Disputes
§ glu-16-307
Collective Bargaining
§ glu-16-308
How Parties Reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement
§ glu-16-309
Commission Must Negotiate/Approve a Collective Bargaining Agreement
§ glu-16-310
economic provisions of a final collective bargaining agreement
§ glu-16-311
Regulations regarding this specific subtitle.
§ glu-16-312
Rules against the interference of employee rights by the Commission.
§ glu-16-313
Discriminations against an employee.
§ glu-16-314
State Employee Rights & Laws
§ glu-16-315
Regulations applicable to employees regarding strikes
§ glu-16-316
Collective Bargaining Maintenance or Service Fees
§ glu-16-317
Unfair labor practice Law of Maryland
§ glu-16-318
Unfair Labor Practices
§ glu-16-401
Definitions of terms under the Land Use subtitle
§ glu-16-402
Service Contracts
§ glu-16-403
Law of Commission soliciting a service contract
§ glu-16-404
Duties of The secretarytreasurer
§ glu-16-405
Commissioner's Notice
§ glu-16-406
The Certified Representative Of An Adversely Affected Employee
§ glu-16-407
Commission noncompliance with a service contract may be appealed.
§ glu-16-501
Full-Time Park Employee Qualifications
§ glu-16-502
Details Prince Georges County
§ glu-16-503
Duty of county planning board
§ glu-16-504
Regulations to the county planning board regarding employment
§ glu-16-505
Appointment of employees by the planning board.
§ glu-16-506
County Planning Board and Part-time, Temporary and Volunteer Employees
§ glu-16-507
Employment under county merit system.
§ glu-16-508
The Country Planing Board
§ glu-17-101
Acquisition of property by the commission.
§ glu-17-102
Rock Creek Scenic Beauty
§ glu-17-103
Land and Property Financing
§ glu-17-104
Titling Lands From Capper-Cramton Act
§ glu-17-105
Land Acquisition.
§ glu-17-108
Power of Commission to Acquire Property from Owner
§ glu-17-109
Condenming property Law of Maryland
§ glu-17-110
Maryland Land Use Law to Take Condemned Property
§ glu-17-113
Maryland Land Use Law Common Terms and Meaning
§ glu-17-114
Definition of average annual net earnings
§ glu-17-115
§ glu-17-116
Relocation advisory services needs by displaced person.
§ glu-17-117
The Commission shall consult State and local agencies when dealing with land acquisition
§ glu-17-118
Title 10 of the Tax
§ glu-17-201
Regulations to the State or the Commission regarding Land
§ glu-17-202
Police power is not limited by this division.
§ glu-17-203
Property Law of Maryland
§ glu-17-204
Maryland land lease for use as parks
§ glu-17-205
Power of Commission to Transfer any Land
§ glu-17-206
Maintaining Park Land
§ glu-17-207
Duties of The Commission
§ glu-17-208
A Commission infraction is a civil offense.
§ glu-17-209
Hunting Terms Defined
§ glu-17-210
Consequences of violating any law punishable as a misdemeanor.
§ glu-17-211
Origins of commissioner assigning living quarters in a house
§ glu-17-212
Naming Streets.
§ glu-17-213
When The Commission's Judgment is Necessary
§ glu-17-301
The power of the commission to appoint park police officers.
§ glu-17-302
Policies & Their Law in Maryland State Government
§ glu-17-303
"The Park Police have jurisdiction with Montgomery County and Prince Georges County police."
§ glu-17-304
Montgomery County and Prince Georges County Police Jurisdiction
§ glu-17-305
Deputy Chief Selection Process In Prince George's County
§ glu-17-401
Acquisition of New Land
§ glu-17-402
Purpose for the Title
§ glu-17-403
Conditions of which The Commission has received property as a gift under the last will of Violet Blair Janin.
§ glu-18-101
The Commission is exempt from general budgeting laws.
§ glu-18-102
Budget Preparation
§ glu-18-103
Budget Requirements
§ glu-18-104
Submission Of Budgets To Executives Of Montgomery, Prince Georges Counties
§ glu-18-105
County Proposed Budgets
§ glu-18-106
County Council Propsed Budget Hearings
§ glu-18-107
Budget Submission Deadlines
§ glu-18-108
Rules for Budget Amendments
§ glu-18-109
Commission on a project cannot exceed the budget.
§ glu-18-112
Deadline for Commission's reports
§ glu-18-113
Requirements of Capital Improvement Programs
§ glu-18-114
Montgomery County Executive's role in the Capital Improvements Program
§ glu-18-115
6 Year Capital Improvement Plan Adoption
§ glu-18-116
Capital Improvement Program Amendments
§ glu-18-117
Details about the Commissions capital budget for each fiscal year
§ glu-18-201
Alternate meaning of the Bond in Maryland
§ glu-18-202
Acceptable Forms of Signatures
§ glu-18-203
Bond Sales Guidelines
§ glu-18-204
Maryland commission bond guidelines
§ glu-18-205
What Happens to Proceed of a Bond Issue
§ glu-18-206
Rules for Funding Projects with Bond Issuances.
§ glu-18-207
Redeeming and Repurchasing Bonds.
§ glu-18-208
The Commission may borrow money by issuing tax anticipation notes.
§ glu-18-209
Payment on Bonds
§ glu-18-210
Bond Monies are Exempt from State Taxes
§ glu-18-211
Exempt Bond Sales
§ glu-18-301
Collecting Taxes
§ glu-18-302
Taxes imposed Law of Maryland
§ glu-18-303
Prince Georges County Tax Limitations.
§ glu-18-304
Tax Expectations of Montgomery County
§ glu-18-305
Acquiring property using bonds
§ glu-18-306
Origins of taxes for property in Prince Georges County
§ glu-18-307
purpose and applicable of tax to Montgomery,Prince Georges County
§ glu-18-308
Property Tax is Strictly Regulated in Montgomery County
§ glu-18-401
Maryland county Advanced Land Acquisition Fund
§ glu-18-402
Provision for Acquiring Land for Public Use
§ glu-18-403
Maryland commission guidelines for buying land in prince George's county
§ glu-18-404
Commissioners and Counties
§ glu-18-501
Origins of proper invoice
§ glu-18-502
Payment Schedule Between the Commission and Contractors
§ glu-18-503
Amount Due and Payable Period
§ glu-18-504
Reimbursement of Interest Payments Requirements.
§ glu-19-101
Montgomery County and Prince George's County will be collectively known as the Maryland-Washington Metropolitan District.
§ glu-19-102
Metropolitan District Boundaries
§ glu-2-101
Local jurisdictions right to have a Land Use planning commission.
§ glu-2-102
Planning Commission Membership Body
§ glu-2-103
Maryland planning commission chair election and term rules
§ glu-2-104
Planning Commission Required Meetings
§ glu-2-105
Planning Commission Capabilities
§ glu-20-101
Counties in the Maryland-Washington Regional District
§ glu-20-201
Designation of Maryland County Commissioners
§ glu-20-202
Responsibilities of County Planning Board
§ glu-20-203
Rules regarding regional functions that fall in the jurisdiction of the Commission.
§ glu-20-204
Regulations applicable to the County Planning Board
§ glu-20-205
Maryland Commissioner gives powers to County Board for Land Use
§ glu-20-206
County Operation Expenses
§ glu-20-207
Process for assigning duties and functions not explicitly listed.
§ glu-20-208
Appropriations for the Salaries of County Planning Board Members
§ glu-20-209
Montgomery County Planning Board Administration, Enforcement, and Provisions
§ glu-20-301
Maryland public officials restrictions
§ glu-20-302
Commission and Planning Board Has Exclusive Jurisdictions Over Mandatory Referrals.
§ glu-20-303
Rules forDisapproving Proposed Activities
§ glu-20-304
Land Use referrals are automatically approved after 60 days.
§ glu-20-305
Guidelines determining proposal for forming standards of review.
§ glu-20-308
Request of the Board for General Confirmation
§ glu-20-401
Montgomery county is responsible for grading roads, but only within limits of local law.
§ glu-20-501
Regional Application
§ glu-20-502
Regional building permits
§ glu-20-503
Zoning Provisions and Permits
§ glu-20-504
A construction permit can not be approved until an appropriate road is planned.
§ glu-20-507
Section 20-507 Is Valid Only In Montgomery County Regional District.
§ glu-20-508
Buildings must be inspected for adequate drainage, sewage, and waste removal systems in order to obtain permits.
§ glu-20-509
Strict Building Requirement Provisions
§ glu-20-512
Section Applicable to one Region
§ glu-20-513
Permit from the county council are required for construction, repair, or remodeling of buildings.
§ glu-20-514
County Board of Education rights
§ glu-20-515
Counties in Maryland place regulations on Land Use grading permits
§ glu-20-516
County Zoning Laws for Entertainment Permits
§ glu-20-519
Meaning of County Unit
§ glu-20-520
Law that only applies to Prince George's County.
§ glu-20-521
Responsible Urban Development
§ glu-20-522
Qualifying Redevelopment Project Requirements
§ glu-20-523
Rules regarding a redevelopment project incorporating environmentally responsible design elements.
§ glu-20-526
Misdemeanors associated with building construction
§ glu-20-601
Prince George's county subtitle
§ glu-20-602
Annexing Election Districts
§ glu-20-603
Written Annexation Petitions
§ glu-20-604
Boundaries for Petition Requests
§ glu-20-605
County Council privileges for public hearing
§ glu-20-606
County Council Can Amend Local Laws After Public Hearing.
§ glu-20-607
20 % of owners Must Sign Petition and Rules
§ glu-20-701
Definition Of "Prior Established Municipal Corporation".
§ glu-20-702
Montgomery County Exclusive
§ glu-20-703
Commission Cannot Exercise Zoning Powers In Municipal Corporation.
§ glu-20-704
Municipal Corporation Zoning Powers
§ glu-20-705
Commission Can Submit Zoning Action Recommendations.
§ glu-20-706
Municipal corporation Law of Maryland
§ glu-20-709
§ glu-21-101
Making and executing general plans in the regional district
§ glu-21-102
Policy of the State
§ glu-21-103
Initiation and Adoption for a General Development Plan
§ glu-21-104
Amendment to Public Plans
§ glu-21-105
Required Map Making
§ glu-21-106
Conditions by Which the Commission May Create a Master Plan for Development
§ glu-21-107
Commission May Adopt a Plan Under this Section
§ glu-21-201
Locations for Planning Procedure Controls
§ glu-21-202
Concurrent Plans for Proposed Area Guidelines
§ glu-21-203
6 Commissioner Votes Are Required To Adopt a Resolution.
§ glu-21-204
Commission Duties
§ glu-21-207
Applicable Law to Montgomery County
§ glu-21-208
Plan and Law Media Circulation
§ glu-21-209
The commission must notify the county executive of its work schedule when initiating a master plan or an amendment to a master plan.
§ glu-21-210
Master Plan Amendment Copies Must Be Sent To District Council.
§ glu-21-211
Maryland new master plan or amendment guidelines
§ glu-21-212
District Shall Approve Master Plans
§ glu-21-215
This law applies in Prince George;s County
§ glu-21-216
Plan Procedures, Hearings, And Establishments
§ glu-21-217
Preliminary plans will be reviewed by City Council and County Executive for inconsistencies.
§ glu-22-101
Montgomery County Council
§ glu-22-102
Sitting together as a joint body, the district council for Montgomery County and the district council for Prince Georges County
§ glu-22-103
Exceptions of bi-county district council adopting a local law
§ glu-22-104
Zoning Authority in Montgomery Or Prince George Counties
§ glu-22-105
Development Rights Can Be Transferred
§ glu-22-106
This Section Applies to These Properties
§ glu-22-107
Origins of Montgomery County application for a zoning map amendment
§ glu-22-108
Protection of cultural heritage areas
§ glu-22-111
Reconstruction Laws
§ glu-22-112
Origins of authorization to issue a license or permit
§ glu-22-113
Licenses Can Be Issued For Lawful Nonconforming Use.
§ glu-22-114
Continuing and Licensing Nonconforming Uses
§ glu-22-115
Commission supplies copies of the following:
§ glu-22-116
Licenses and Permits In Violation Are Not Valid.
§ glu-22-119
Zoning Powers of Division I
§ glu-22-120
Limits to powers of Planning Commission and Board of Appeals
§ glu-22-123
Montgomery County, Prince George's County, or all charter count
§ glu-22-201
District councils may divide and regulate it's own regional district.
§ glu-22-202
Zoning Law Requirements
§ glu-22-203
Origins of concurrent authority in Prince Georges County
§ glu-22-206
Origins of amending zoning laws in Maryland
§ glu-22-207
Zoning Law Modifications
§ glu-22-208
Approval of map amendment.
§ glu-22-209
Origins of zoning classifications in Montgomery County
§ glu-22-210
Origins of votes for Prince Georges County
§ glu-22-213
Exclusive to Prince George County
§ glu-22-214
zoning map amendment
§ glu-22-215
Origins of zoning map amendment
§ glu-22-216
Origins of the custodian
§ glu-22-301
Concerning a District Council and Zoning Laws
§ glu-22-304
This part applies only in Montgomery County
§ glu-22-305
Authority of District Council to Adopt Zoning Laws
§ glu-22-308
Rules that only apply in Prince Georges county
§ glu-22-309
Prince George's County board of appeals
§ glu-22-310
District Council Shall Provide for Zoning Appeals
§ glu-22-311
Conditions for Board Appeals
§ glu-22-401
_ glu-22-401 applicable only to Montgomery County
§ glu-22-402
Origins of Judicial review of a final action
§ glu-22-403
Origins of petition for judicial review
§ glu-22-406
Laws for Prince George County
§ glu-22-407
District Council Decisions are subject to Judicial Review by Petition.
§ glu-22-408
Judicial Review Requests
§ glu-23-101
Good-Fatih and Agricultural Division Exclusion
§ glu-23-102
Requirements for Land Plat Admittance to Land Records
§ glu-23-103
Plat Subdivision and Roads
§ glu-23-104
Places Where Governing Bodies Of Two Counties Exercise Subdivision Powers
§ glu-23-105
How Montgomery County or Prince Georges County adopt a subdivision regulation.
§ glu-23-106
Prevention of Problematic Subdivision Development
§ glu-23-107
Requirements for a Plat of Land
§ glu-23-108
Regulations of the counties and subcounties
§ glu-23-201
Limits on Subdivision Plat Approval
§ glu-23-202
Subdivision regulations for Montgomery County.
§ glu-23-203
County planning board subdivision law
§ glu-23-204
Montgomery County Planning Board Specifications
§ glu-23-205
Prince Georges County subdivision laws
§ glu-23-206
Prince George's County Division Classification
§ glu-23-207
Tentative Plat Approval Guidelines
§ glu-23-301
Restrictions to transfer or sell a plat of a subdivision
§ glu-23-302
Circuit Court Clerk Cannot Record Subdivision Plats In Regional District.
§ glu-23-401
Details about judicial review of an application for subdivision approval
§ glu-23-501
Conservation of resources Law of Maryland
§ glu-23-504
Subtitles for Montgomery County
§ glu-23-505
Imposing Civil Fines
§ glu-23-506
Civil Monetary Fines
§ glu-24-101
Location of Application of Above Title
§ glu-24-201
Jurisdiction of Zoning Laws in Town of Kensington
§ glu-24-202
Zoning Laws in The City of Takoma Park
§ glu-24-301
County Development Terms Defined
§ glu-24-302
Guidelines for Subtitles
§ glu-24-303
District Council Rights
§ glu-24-304
Acquiring New Land
§ glu-24-305
Requirements of a Legal Agreement
§ glu-24-306
Length Validity Term of an Agreement
§ glu-24-307
Availability of Development During the Terms of Agreement
§ glu-24-308
Parties to an agreement as follows:
§ glu-24-309
Termination of Agreements by Mutual Consent or by County Planning Boards Under Certain Conditions
§ glu-24-310
Montgomery County Land Records Agreements
§ glu-24-311
Origins of agreement
§ glu-25-101
"This title only applies to Prince Georges County."
§ glu-25-201
"The district counsel may allow an elected officer of a civic association to represent the association."
§ glu-25-202
People's Zoning Council Rights
§ glu-25-203
All District Council Witnesses Are Subject to Cross-Examination
§ glu-25-204
Map amendment application regulation.
§ glu-25-205
Requirements of council hearing on a map amendment
§ glu-25-206
Judicial review for land use applications
§ glu-25-207
Defining the "date of disapproval"
§ glu-25-208
Laws governing rubble landfills in Maryland.
§ glu-25-209
Zoning hearing reports
§ glu-25-210
District Council : Procedures to review the site plan appeals from county planning board.
§ glu-25-211
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Law of Maryland
§ glu-25-301
The governing body may exercise the powers
§ glu-25-302
individuals have the same rights under circuit courts
§ glu-25-303
Municipalities may impose stricter regulations than the State or County.
§ glu-25-401
Possible Development, Management, and Marketing
§ glu-25-402
Local Laws Must Not Impair Pension System Rights.
§ glu-25-501
development rights
§ glu-25-502
Petitioning Agreement Execution
§ glu-25-503
County Executive Authority
§ glu-25-504
District council procedures and agreements.
§ glu-25-505
Agreement executed by the County Executive
§ glu-25-506
Agreement Inclusions
§ glu-25-507
Agreements are no longer valid after 15 years
§ glu-25-508
Quality and Benefits of Real Property Development
§ glu-25-509
Party agreements may amend mutually under district council
§ glu-25-510
How an agreement can be terminated
§ glu-25-511
Prince Georges County Record Keeping Law
§ glu-25-512
Agreements may be enforced through successors unless terminated.
§ glu-25-601
Meaning of the Following Words Pertaining to Subtitle
§ glu-25-602
Purposes of Prince Georges County Agricultural Preservation Easement Program
§ glu-25-603
"The District shall administer the Programs according to regulations adopted by the District."
§ glu-25-604
Agriculture Protection
§ glu-25-605
"The District shall adopt regulations to: establish an application process, establish criteria..."
§ glu-25-606
The existence of a Prince George's Sound Agriculturl Fund
§ glu-25-607
Origins of purchasing an easement on agricultural property
§ glu-25-608
Origins of When an agricultural preservation easement is purchased
§ glu-25-609
Subtitle exception on Title 10.
§ glu-25-701
The county shall cooperate with the U.S. in flood control or navigation projects.
§ glu-25-702
Flood Control Contracts
§ glu-25-703
All counties shall pay all costs of a flood control from the Stormwater Management Fund
§ glu-25-704
Maryland commission use of land for flood control
§ glu-25-801
Recreation programs provided by the county planning board.
§ glu-25-802
Specifications of duties of the county planning board.
§ glu-25-803
The county planning board provision on acceptance of gifts
§ glu-25-804
"The county planning board may adopt regulations to carry out this subtitle."
§ glu-25-805
Specifics of the County
§ glu-25-806
county planning board shall submit annual budget
§ glu-25-807
Commission of enterprise fund and marina over Maryland law
§ glu-26-101
Origins of the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Grant Fund
§ glu-26-102
There Is A Grant To Preserve Maryland's History.
§ glu-26-103
Charitable Nature of each Programs Mandate
§ glu-26-104
Powers and Duties and Those Responsible
§ glu-26-105
Montgomery and Prince George's county grant funds
§ glu-26-106
County boards write new regulations to conform to subtitle.
§ glu-26-107
State Government Article doesn't apply to article
§ glu-27-101
Laws governing land use violations in Maryland.
§ glu-27-102
A property owner can not hinder the moving about of an employee of the commission of land use.
§ glu-3-101
County Plans for Local Jurisdictions
§ glu-3-102
Required Elements of Comprehensive Plan
§ glu-3-103
Regulations Must Encourage Economic Development.
§ glu-3-104
Sensitive Elements Area Protection
§ glu-3-105
Definition of transportation element
§ glu-3-106
Identification of Water Resources
§ glu-3-107
Mineral Resources Identifications
§ glu-3-108
Guideline for being a community facilities element
§ glu-3-109
Planning Recommendation Requirements
§ glu-3-110
Maryland Land Use goals and objectives element
§ glu-3-111
Elements for Desirable Land Use Development
§ glu-3-112
Necessary Inclusions for Municipal Growth Elements
§ glu-3-113
Tidal Waters Plan Area Designation
§ glu-3-201
Planning commission must survey and study local jurisdiction when preparing plans.
§ glu-3-202
Job and ability of a planning commission
§ glu-3-203
Regulations related to initial implementation of the zoning powers
§ glu-3-204
Local Jurisdiction Plans and Visions
§ glu-3-205
Regulations to the local jurisdiction regarding any construction
§ glu-3-206
Corporation Must Consult With County To Develop Municipal Growth Element.
§ glu-3-301
Comprehensive plans reviewed by planning commission minimum every 6 years.
§ glu-3-302
Plan Implementation Recommendations
§ glu-3-303
Required Re-evaluation Intervals
§ glu-3-304
Timetables and Rules for Element Planning and Zoning Classifications
§ glu-4-101
Zoning Controls Can Be Implemented By The State.
§ glu-4-102
Zoning regulations are authorized to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.
§ glu-4-103
Legislative additional conditions and limitations for zoning and rezoning.
§ glu-4-104
Limitations on Certain Powers
§ glu-4-201
Legislative body may divide local jurisdiction into districts and zones.
§ glu-4-202
Zoning Regulation Adoption
§ glu-4-203
Zoning Regulation Decisions
§ glu-4-204
Changes to the zoning classification.
§ glu-4-205
Administrative Adjustment Areas for Zoning
§ glu-4-206
Allowed Variance Modifications in Zoning
§ glu-4-207
Adaptive Reuse Zoning Classification
§ glu-4-208
Legislative Body Can Include Exceptions In Zoning Regulations.
§ glu-4-209
Legislative bodies appointing hearing examiners
§ glu-4-210
Definition of critical areas for land use.
§ glu-4-301
Board of Appeals Appointment and Terms
§ glu-4-302
Board of Appeals Membership Requirements
§ glu-4-303
Rules regarding the board of appeals and its members.
§ glu-4-304
Board of Appeals Rights
§ glu-4-305
Board of Appeals Authority
§ glu-4-306
Board of Appeals Process
§ glu-4-401
Zoning Action Judicial Reviews
§ glu-4-402
Evidence and rights presented by the Circuit Courts
§ glu-4-403
Judicial Review Costs Assessment
§ glu-4-404
All Issues Under This Subtitle Must Be Scheduled and Heard.
§ glu-4-405
Circuit Circuit Summary of Decisions
§ glu-4-406
Law regarding a legislative body allowing a review by the circuit court for any matters regarding zoning laws.
§ glu-5-101
Planning Commission Jurisdiction
§ glu-5-102
Subdivision Regulation Recommendations
§ glu-5-103
Public Hearings for Subdivision Regulations
§ glu-5-104
State definitions of terms related to sewerage systems.
§ glu-5-105
After a planning commission begins to exercise control over subdivisions under this subtitle
§ glu-5-201
Decisions on plats must be made within 30 days of submission.
§ glu-5-202
Applicability of the Section
§ glu-5-203
Planning Commission Can Authorize Administrative Officer To Allot Plats.
§ glu-5-204
Utility Installation Approval
§ glu-5-301
Plat Sale Requirements
§ glu-5-302
Maryland Rights of the Clerk of the Circuit
§ glu-5-401
Authorization Of Judicial Review By Circuit Court
§ glu-6-101
Transportation Element Surveys and Planning
§ glu-6-102
Approval/Adoption of a plat
§ glu-6-103
Before adopting a plat the planning commission must hold a public hearing.
§ glu-6-104
Planning Commission Plat Plans
§ glu-6-105
Release of Claims by Landowners
§ glu-6-106
Play Location and Line Modification
§ glu-6-107
Origins of Abandoning a reservation
§ glu-6-201
Definition Of The Term "Appellate Board".
§ glu-6-202
Local Jurisdiction Cannot Issue Permits On Reserved Street Plats.
§ glu-6-203
Local jurisdiction courts may grant permits related to platted services.
§ glu-6-204
Public Sewers Should Not Be Constructed In Highways.
§ glu-7-101
The Department of Land Use shall encourage the use of public land for affordable housing whenever possible.
§ glu-7-102
The legislative body can enact laws.
§ glu-7-103
Under subtitle:
§ glu-7-104
Details regarding restrictions imposed on Development
§ glu-7-201
Authority of legislative body that exercises authority
§ glu-7-202
Intended meanings of Public Facility
§ glu-7-301
Agreements Within Local Government Bodies
§ glu-7-302
Local Jurisdiction Authority
§ glu-7-303
Development Rights and Responsibilities Guidelines
§ glu-7-304
Agreement Condition Enforeability
§ glu-7-305
Petition into Real Property Agreement Regulations
§ glu-7-306
Agreement Adoption and Requirements
§ glu-7-401
Low Income Zoning and Planning
§ glu-8-101
Word definitions for Land Use subtitle glu-8-101
§ glu-8-102
Mandatory Preservation of Designated Sites
§ glu-8-103
Preservation Areas and Their Associations
§ glu-8-104
Regulations Done By Legislative Body Of Each Local Jurisdiction
§ glu-8-105
Law regarding designating boundaries for sites considered to be of historical value.
§ glu-8-201
Historic District or Preservation Commission Designations
§ glu-8-202
A commission shall consist of at least 5 members
§ glu-8-203
Conducting a Commissions Business
§ glu-8-204
Gifts are Acceptable
§ glu-8-205
Historic District Easements
§ glu-8-301
adoption of guidelines for rehabilitation and new construction design
§ glu-8-302
Historic and Related Buildings Damages or Alterations
§ glu-8-303
Origins of a commission reviewing an application
§ glu-8-304
Historic archaeological and architectural significance must be taken into account by the commission.
§ glu-8-305
Site Preservation
§ glu-8-306
The power of the commission over land construction projects.
§ glu-8-307
The applicant and the commission agree to an extension of the 45day period
§ glu-8-308
Regulation regarding appeal of grievances.
§ glu-8-401
Jurisdiction's Right To Enact the Following Local Laws
§ glu-8-501
Violations of local law
§ glu-9-1001
Frederick County land use
§ glu-9-1002
Overruling Commission Actions
§ glu-9-1003
Terms for Board of Appeals
§ glu-9-1004
Term of 5 years for the Planning Commission
§ glu-9-101
Allegany County Law Code
§ glu-9-102
Planning Commission Membership Requirements
§ glu-9-1301
"This subtitle applies to Howard County."
§ glu-9-1302
Zoning Regulation Enforcement Administration
§ glu-9-1601
This section is applicable only to Saint Mary's County
§ glu-9-1602
Restrictions on chemical manufacturing.
§ glu-9-1603
Required Closing Time for Land or Building
§ glu-9-1604
Terms for Board of Appeals Members
§ glu-9-1605
Section 5-301 does not apply to the sale of industrial property.
§ glu-9-1606
Deed Created Before 1994 Is Exempt From Subdivision Regulations.
§ glu-9-1607
Who is allowed to give subdivision violations.
§ glu-9-1608
Penalties for Zoning Violations
§ glu-9-1801
"This subtitle applies to Talbot County."
§ glu-9-1802
Talbot County may issue and enforce zoning fines.
§ glu-9-1901
Applies to land in Washington County not in a municipality.
§ glu-9-1902
Definition Of The Term "Public Facilities".
§ glu-9-2101
Worcester County subtitle
§ glu-9-2102
Commissioner Can Impose Restrictions On Land Rezoning.
§ glu-9-2103
Zoning Classification Application Must Contain Following Information.
§ glu-9-301
Balitimore County Exclusive
§ glu-9-302
Administration of Zoning Laws
§ glu-9-601
Subtitle that applies to Carroll County.
§ glu-9-602
Planning Commission Appointments and Duties
§ glu-9-603
Transferring Plat Approval
§ glu-9-604
Rules for Abating Violations of Zoning Laws
§ glu-9-701
Applicable Subtitle to the Cecile County
§ glu-9-702
Planning Commission Membership Designation
§ glu-9-703
Board of County Commissioners' Rights
§ glu-9-704
Terms for board of appeals members.
§ glu-9-801
Details about Charless County
§ glu-9-802
Requirements for Maryland Land Use planning commission
§ glu-9-803
Members of the boards of appeals will have staggered, 4 year terms.
§ glu-9-804
Appeals for special exception applications.
§ glu-9-805
Property Reservations According to Regulations
§ glu-9-806
Section 5301 of this article does not apply to the sale or negotiation for sale of industrial property.
§ glu-9-807
Origins of commissioners abating a violation of a zoning law