Labor and Employment

This is Article gle of the Code of State, titled “Labor and Employment.” It’s comprised of the following 919 sections.

§ gle-1-101
Definitions of Government Terms
§ gle-1-201
Legal Weight of Documents
§ gle-1-202
Employers must show compliance to employ any individual.
§ gle-10-101
Words and Their Meanings Indicated
§ gle-10-101
Words and Their Meanings Indicated
§ gle-10-102
Sets new rules pertaining to the Workers' Insurance Fund.
§ gle-10-103
New Fund Rules Effective October 1, 2013
§ gle-10-104
it is independent of all funds
§ gle-10-104
it is independent of all funds
§ gle-10-105
The board manages the Injured Workers Insurance Fund
§ gle-10-105
The board manages the Injured Workers Insurance Fund
§ gle-10-106
Duties of the board
§ gle-10-106
Duties of the board
§ gle-10-107
The labor and employment board shall exist until repealed by law.
§ gle-10-107
The labor and employment board shall exist until repealed by law.
§ gle-10-108
The State may not use the Fund.
§ gle-10-108
The State may not use the Fund.
§ gle-10-109
Board for the Injured Workers
§ gle-10-110
Board Member Makeup and Term Conditions
§ gle-10-111
The board will elect officers from it's members.
§ gle-10-112
Rules concerning meeting and pay for Board, now expired
§ gle-10-113
Origins of employees of the Fund
§ gle-10-114
The Board and adoptions of it's policies.
§ gle-10-117
Fund Usage for Insuring Employer Liability
§ gle-10-118
Components of The fund
§ gle-10-120
Law about Senate Budget
§ gle-10-121
Law in Effect Until October 1, 2013
§ gle-10-122
Rules regarding what the Board can do with the Fund in investing.
§ gle-10-125
The Fund Law of Maryland
§ gle-10-126
Requirements of Submission of annual report to the Government
§ gle-10-127
no interest of state belong to solely fund.
§ gle-10-130
Board and Fund duties related to premium rates.
§ gle-10-131
Employers Apply for Insurance Under this Subtitle Until October 1, 2013
§ gle-10-132
Laws in Effect Until October 31, 2013
§ gle-10-133
power of the fund regarding payment of premiums
§ gle-10-134
EFFECT UNTIL OCT 1,2013 PER CHAPTER 570 OF 2012 The Board shall issue a certificate of insurance
§ gle-10-135
Board Requirements for Uniform Payroll
§ gle-10-136
Until October 1, 2013, all effective fees will be paid to the labor and employment fund.
§ gle-10-137
Books of the Fund Law of Maryland
§ gle-10-138
President of fund may settle claim against someone
§ gle-10-141
An employer may not misrepresent wages a premium is based on
§ gle-10-201
Definitions of Board & Funding
§ gle-10-204
Subsequent Injury Fund.
§ gle-10-207
Maryland State Law On Subsequent Injury Fund Board
§ gle-10-208
Appointment of board member by the governor and their power in the goverment .
§ gle-10-209
The Board Determines Times and Places of Its Meetings
§ gle-10-210
Fund shall have staff within the State budget.
§ gle-10-211
Function of the Attorney General
§ gle-10-214
How the Fund acquires its money: gifts, donations, investments, and credited money.
§ gle-10-215
Special Indemnity Fund
§ gle-10-216
Board supervises funds administration
§ gle-10-217
State Treasurer's role on selling security
§ gle-10-218
Payment of Worker's Compensation Claims
§ gle-10-219
Treasurer advises the Board about amount in Fund.
§ gle-10-301
Definitions of Uninsured employers fund board
§ gle-10-304
Uninsured Employers Fund
§ gle-10-307
Uninsured Employers' Fund Board
§ gle-10-308
Components of The Board
§ gle-10-309
Board determines times and places of meetings.
§ gle-10-310
Fund Director's Legal Adviser Is Attorney General.
§ gle-10-311
Director Can Adopt Regulations To Pay Fund Charges.
§ gle-10-314
Inputs and Uses of Director Run Fund
§ gle-10-315
The State Treasurer is custodian of the Fund.
§ gle-10-316
The Fund Director Administrative Responsibilities.
§ gle-10-317
Potential losses of the Fund
§ gle-10-318
how the State Treasurer invests savings
§ gle-10-319
Disbursement of money from fund by state treasurer
§ gle-10-320
Annual statement submitted by Director of Fund
§ gle-11-1001
Definitions of Board and Corporation for this subtitle
§ gle-11-1002
Purpose of workforce corporation
§ gle-11-1003
Components of board of directors
§ gle-11-1004
Duties of The president
§ gle-11-1005
Operation of the Corporation
§ gle-11-1006
Authority of the Corporation of Maryland
§ gle-11-1007
The corporation must establish a financial system
§ gle-11-1008
Corporation General Powers
§ gle-11-1009
Allocating Funds for Corporate Expenses in Maryland
§ gle-11-101
Here "Department" means the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.
§ gle-11-1010
Auditing Requirements.
§ gle-11-1011
Corporate Requirements for Reporting Status to Maryland's Governor
§ gle-11-1012
Working with the Corporation
§ gle-11-1013
Corporation debts, claims, obligations, and liability responsibilites
§ gle-11-1014
Intent of the Subtitle.
§ gle-11-1015
Definition Of "Fund" In This Section
§ gle-11-102
Work Force power
§ gle-11-103
Division Responsibilities
§ gle-11-104
Credit as employees Law of Maryland
§ gle-11-201
Establishment of Hospital Retraining and Placement for Unemployed
§ gle-11-301
Meanings of the Following Words Pertaining to Subtitle
§ gle-11-302
Reductions in operations not applicable if based on labor disputes.
§ gle-11-303
Quick Response Program for Employees
§ gle-11-304
Program for maintaining employment and service plans for State
§ gle-11-401
Objectives of This Subtitle Pertain to Apprenticeship
§ gle-11-402
Canceling of Maryland Apprenticeship Overseeing
§ gle-11-403
Apprenticeship and Training Council is part of the Division of Labor and Industry, containing various positions within the council.
§ gle-11-404
Council Members Shall Receive Per Diem Compensation
§ gle-11-405
Duties of the State Council
§ gle-11-406
Secretary May Appoint Director of Apprenticeship and Training
§ gle-11-407
All apprenticeship and training under Federal Regulations code.
§ gle-11-408
Compliance with work laws.
§ gle-11-501
Subtitle for the Investment Act.
§ gle-11-502
Well-Balanced General Employment and Training Environment
§ gle-11-503
Definitions of "Dislocated Worker," "Federal Act," "Individual With a Disability," and "Local Plan"
§ gle-11-504
Workforce Investment Training Programs
§ gle-11-505
The Governors Workforce Investment Board
§ gle-11-505.1
Advisory formation by Governors Workforce Investment Board
§ gle-11-506
Governor to establish Maryland State plan
§ gle-11-507
The Youth and The Governors Workforce Investment Board
§ gle-11-508
The Governor may allocate available state funds.
§ gle-11-601
Maryland Construction Apprenticeship Assistance Program
§ gle-11-602
Components of Workforce Investment Act
§ gle-11-801
Adult Education and Literacy
§ gle-11-802
Literacy Services Office May Adopt Regulations to Perform Duties.
§ gle-11-803
Regulations to the Workforce Creation and Adult Education Transition Council
§ gle-11-804
Adult Education and Literacy Services
§ gle-11-805
Applicable Rules and Regulations of the Department
§ gle-11-806
Competitive Grants for Adult Education and Literacy Services
§ gle-11-807
Maryland adult education
§ gle-11-808
How a High School Diploma is Earned
§ gle-11-901
Origins of Education and Workforce Training Coordinating Council
§ gle-11-902
Educational and workforce training program for the Division of Correction
§ gle-11-903
What The Department is Responsible For
§ gle-11-904
§ gle-11-905
Adhering to Federal Acts
§ gle-11-906
Patuxent Institution funds guidelines
§ gle-11-907
Provisions of law relating to the powers, duties, and authority of the State Board of Education
§ gle-2-101
Maryland Labor and Employment Definition of Terms
§ gle-2-102
Division of Labor and Industry Rights
§ gle-2-103
Duties Of Commissioner.
§ gle-2-104
The appointment of the Deputy Commissioner of Labor and Industry
§ gle-2-105
Additional Powers of the Commissioner
§ gle-2-106
When the Governor Adopts Regulations for Arbitration
§ gle-2-107
Origins of what the Division shall include
§ gle-2-108
Regulations to Commissioner to submit annual report
§ gle-2-109
Title Expiration
§ gle-3-1001
Indicative meanings for Civil Air Patrol leave, Employee, Employer, Employee Benefits
§ gle-3-1002
discrimination of an employer to employee
§ gle-3-1003
Civil air patrol unpaid leave requirements
§ gle-3-1004
Employee Restoration Rights
§ gle-3-1005
Affects and Implications of Subtitle
§ gle-3-1006
Interference with the use of Civil Air Patrol leave.
§ gle-3-1007
Employee Civil Action
§ gle-3-101
Maryland Labor and Employment Law Definition of Terms
§ gle-3-102
Additional Duties Of The Commissioner.
§ gle-3-103
Commissioner Has Rights to Conduct Investigations.
§ gle-3-104
Commissioner may Delegate its Power or Duty
§ gle-3-201
Definition of a "minor" in this subtitle.
§ gle-3-202
The State encourages minors to work in appropriate jobs.
§ gle-3-203
Provisions for Application of Subtitle
§ gle-3-204
Commissioner may inspect locations and question employees
§ gle-3-205
Employment of a minor
§ gle-3-206
Work permit issuing and requirements.
§ gle-3-207
Permits Issued to Minors
§ gle-3-208
What Work Permits and Special Permits Authorize
§ gle-3-209
Employment of Minors
§ gle-3-210
Regulations applicable to a minor's working hours
§ gle-3-211
Employing Minors Under the Age of 16
§ gle-3-212
Minors Who Are Not Employed
§ gle-3-213
When minors may not be employed or allowed to work.
§ gle-3-214
Minor Employment Provisions
§ gle-3-215
Revokation of a work permit or special permit.
§ gle-3-216
What a person shall not do
§ gle-3-301
Definition of "Employer" and "Wage"
§ gle-3-302
Application to Employers of Men and Women
§ gle-3-303
What the Commissioner may
§ gle-3-304
Discriminate between employees
§ gle-3-305
Employers must keep employment records and furnish them when requested.
§ gle-3-305
Employers must keep employment records and furnish them when requested.
§ gle-3-306
Regulations applicable to the Commissioner regarding employment details
§ gle-3-307
Employees may bring action against their employer for violations.
§ gle-3-308
What an employer may not do
§ gle-3-401
Term Definitions
§ gle-3-402
Wages in The State Found Insufficient by The General Assembly
§ gle-3-403
Maryland Labor and Employment Law for Exempted Individual
§ gle-3-404
Right of an employee Law of Maryland
§ gle-3-405
Working for less than the wage
§ gle-3-408
Origins of a subpoena
§ gle-3-410
§ gle-3-413
Employer as a Governmental Unit
§ gle-3-414
Payment of Less Than Minimum Wage for Disadvantaged
§ gle-3-415
Employers are required to pay overtime fees to employees
§ gle-3-418
Details about boarding, lodging, or other advantages
§ gle-3-419
Origins of an employee who receives tips
§ gle-3-420
Laws governing employee overtime in Maryland.
§ gle-3-421
Origins of being nurse
§ gle-3-423
Copies of Regulations
§ gle-3-424
Employers must keep employment records
§ gle-3-425
Premises for Commissioner to Enter Place of Employment
§ gle-3-426
Filing a Complaint for People Aggrieved by Not Receiving Wages
§ gle-3-427
Rights of an underpaid employee.
§ gle-3-428
Handling of Complaints
§ gle-3-431
Maryland Wage and Hour Law
§ gle-3-501
Following words have the meanings indicated in this subtitle
§ gle-3-502
Duties of Each Employer
§ gle-3-503
Origins of taking deduction from the wage of an employee
§ gle-3-504
What An employer shall give to each employee
§ gle-3-505
Businesses Must Settle All Wages Before Terminating Employee.
§ gle-3-506
Agencies can be used to collect illegally withheld wages.
§ gle-3-507
Commission Actions Based On Subtitle Violations
§ gle-3-507.1
Employers failing to pay wages and wage complaints
§ gle-3-507.2
What the employee may bring against the employer
§ gle-3-508
Violation of Maryland subtitle gle-3-508
§ gle-3-509
The Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law.
§ gle-3-601
Definitions for this section listed as follows.
§ gle-3-602
Employees under Maryland Wage Payment excluded
§ gle-3-603
A contract may be void in specific instances.
§ gle-3-604
Sales Representative Commissions
§ gle-3-605
Bringing Action as A Qualified Sales Representative
§ gle-3-606
"Contracts with a sales representative is considered to be transacting business."
§ gle-3-607
Terms of commission offered to non-employee sales reps.
§ gle-3-701
Non prohibition of a proper medical evaluation
§ gle-3-702
Definition of the Term "Employer"
§ gle-3-703
When an Employer Cannot Discharge an Employee
§ gle-3-704
Managerial, part-time and professional employees.
§ gle-3-705
Pension Plan Rules Regarding Social Security Payments
§ gle-3-706
Termination of subtitles 2 and 4 of this title.
§ gle-3-707
Regulations to the proceedings to hear employee grievances
§ gle-3-708
Regulations related to applications of renewals like license
§ gle-3-709
Maryland rights and roles of employees
§ gle-3-710
Origins of being an employee
§ gle-3-711
State Employee Credit Reporting Law
§ gle-3-712
Electronically Selecting Employment Applications
§ gle-3-801
Definition of the word "Employer" under this section.
§ gle-3-802
Coverage of Leave With Pay for Family Care
§ gle-3-901
Definitions of "Construction Services," "Employer," and "Exempt Person"
§ gle-3-902
construction services and landscaping services
§ gle-3-903
An employer must classify all their workers.
§ gle-3-903.1
Employer-employee relationship as defined by document or certificate
§ gle-3-904
How to Classify Employees Who Perform Work for Renumeration
§ gle-3-905
The Commissioner can investigate compliance as necessary.
§ gle-3-906
Issuance of citation to the employer by commissioner.
§ gle-3-907
Course of action following improper classification of employees.
§ gle-3-908
Compliance of an employer with labor laws.
§ gle-3-909
Penalties to a failed employer in violation of _ 3904
§ gle-3-910
Share Information to Classify An Individual As Employee.
§ gle-3-911
Civil Action for Failing to Properly Classify an Employee
§ gle-3-912
Discrimination of an employee
§ gle-3-913
Whan the Commissioner shall promptly notify the public body
§ gle-3-914
employer Law of Marylands
§ gle-3-915
Entities may not evade detection of violations of this subtitle.
§ gle-3-916
A false claim about labor and employment will be subject to criminal penalty.
§ gle-3-917
Commissioner may adopt regulations to execute this section.
§ gle-3-918
General Fund of the State
§ gle-3-919
Proposed budget of the Division of Labor and Industry.
§ gle-3-920
Origins of Annual report for the Secretary
§ gle-4-101
Definition of terms.
§ gle-4-102
This subtitle does not prevent arbitration of a dispute.
§ gle-4-103
meditation services
§ gle-4-104
Directions to Mediation Service regarding disputes between employers and employees
§ gle-4-105
Power of Mediation Service
§ gle-4-106
Mediation Service in State Courts
§ gle-4-107
Documents and testimonies to be kept in the offices of the Mediation Service
§ gle-4-108
Mediation Services For An Employer With At Least 10 Employees.
§ gle-4-109
mediation service
§ gle-4-110
The National Labor Relations Board
§ gle-4-111
Origins of what Bargaining representative must submit
§ gle-4-201
Meanings of words in subtitle gle-4-201
§ gle-4-202
Mediation Service
§ gle-4-203
Procedural regulations shall conform to National Labor Relations Board.
§ gle-4-206
Meanings of Challenged ballot and Petition
§ gle-4-207
Submitting a petition to Mediation Service
§ gle-4-208
Approval of petition to enter into a consent election agreement.
§ gle-4-209
What the election agreement should describe
§ gle-4-210
Regulations to the Mediation Service for consent election
§ gle-4-211
Mediation services will provide consent election results
§ gle-4-212
Duties of the Mediation Service.
§ gle-4-213
A party may object to conduct or results of a election.
§ gle-4-214
Mediation and Consent Election
§ gle-4-215
A party may make an exception to the report.
§ gle-4-216
The Mediation Service
§ gle-4-217
Certification of result of a consent election.
§ gle-4-220
When the fund is $5,000,000, assessment payments stop
§ gle-4-301
Maryland Labor and Employment Definition of Terms
§ gle-4-302
Individual Worker's Rights
§ gle-4-303
4-303 subtitle shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the policy stated in 4-302
§ gle-4-304
The definition of "Promise" in this section.
§ gle-4-307
Court's jurisdiction to grant injunctive relief
§ gle-4-310
labor dispute management
§ gle-4-311
Procedures for Plaintiffs According to The General Assembly
§ gle-4-312
Interpretation and application.
§ gle-4-313
Granting injunctive relief in a labor dispute.
§ gle-4-314
Restrictions Against the Court
§ gle-4-315
Terms of an injunction and restraining order
§ gle-4-316
Temporary Restraining Order Requirements
§ gle-4-317
When a court may not grant injunctive relief.
§ gle-4-318
A temporary injunction or denial in a labor dispute may be appealed.
§ gle-4-321
HandlingLabor Disputes
§ gle-4-322
constructive criminal contempt Law of Maryland
§ gle-4-401
Employer Bargaining Agreements
§ gle-4-402
Regulations and fines regarding refusals to leave employer property.
§ gle-4-403
Regulations applicable to strikers and non strikers
§ gle-4-404
§ gle-4-405
The Maryland Program Evaluation Act, Subtitles 1 and 2
§ gle-4-501
Subtitle Term Definitions
§ gle-4-502
Employers can permit voluntary collective bargaining.
§ gle-4-503
Collective bargaining between an employer and an exclusive representative.
§ gle-4-504
A memorandum of understanding shall bind the employer.
§ gle-4-505
Charter counties in this subtitle may not repeal or limit collective bargaining.
§ gle-4-601
Employment Terms Defined
§ gle-4-602
Origins of being aggrieved by a final decision appeal
§ gle-4-603
Collective bargaining agreement
§ gle-5-101
Employment Guidelines
§ gle-5-102
General Assembly findings
§ gle-5-103
This title applies to working conditions
§ gle-5-104
Minimum Requirements of Employers
§ gle-5-201
Power and authority enforces this title
§ gle-5-202
Powers that the commissioner can bestow to the assistant commissioner
§ gle-5-203
§ gle-5-204
Workers' Compensation Commission Appropriation Provision
§ gle-5-205
Oath administration, official act certification and witnesses deposition.
§ gle-5-206
OASHA standards for employees of public bodies.
§ gle-5-207
the Attorney General may proceed in a State
§ gle-5-208
Commissioner has power to inspect workplaces and conditions
§ gle-5-209
Work Hazards Warrant Inspection per Request by Employees
§ gle-5-210
§ gle-5-211
Administrative Search Warrants
§ gle-5-212
Citations Concerning Health And Safety Violations By Employers
§ gle-5-213
Origins of Commissioner issuing a citation
§ gle-5-214
The commissioner shall conduct appropriate hearings in the matter of labor and employment.
§ gle-5-215
The right of aggrieved parties in an employment case to request a hearing.
§ gle-5-216
§ gle-5-217
Trade Secret Regulations.
§ gle-5-301
Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board
§ gle-5-302
Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Board
§ gle-5-303
List of Board Member Duties.
§ gle-5-304
Commissioner Appoints Chairman Of The Board
§ gle-5-305
The commissioner cannot vote
§ gle-5-308
Safety and Health of Employee
§ gle-5-308.1
Regulations to the Commissioner to adopt regulations to implement Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
§ gle-5-309
Proposal of occupational safety
§ gle-5-310
Help by Commission
§ gle-5-311
When new employment and labor regulations are needed then the board shall submit a written recommendation.
§ gle-5-312
"Adopting Proposed Regulations"
§ gle-5-313
Delay of effective date by Commissioner
§ gle-5-314
Emergency Occupational Safety and Health Standard
§ gle-5-315
fixing fee by Commissioner to mail regulations
§ gle-5-318
Rules and Regulation
§ gle-5-319
A temporary variance may apply before the actual regulation takes effect.
§ gle-5-320
variance to employment regulations application requirements
§ gle-5-321
Origins of temporary variance
§ gle-5-322
Hearings to Address an Application of Variance
§ gle-5-323
How to apply for a permanent or temporary variance (zoning)
§ gle-5-324
validity period of the interim order
§ gle-5-325
Rules for Granting Variance to Employees
§ gle-5-326
Renewals of Regulation Variances
§ gle-5-327
How Commissioner Acts in Maryland State Government
§ gle-5-328
The Commissioner shall adopt regulations that provide.
§ gle-5-401
Origins of an Employee & Employer
§ gle-5-402
Those exempt from Subtitle
§ gle-5-403
Employer, chemical manufacturer, importer or distributor must comply with OSHA.
§ gle-5-404
Employers May Not Request waived Rights From Workers
§ gle-5-405
Each employer must file a list of used hazardous chemicals.
§ gle-5-406
An employer that is required to maintain a chemical information list must notify state of changes within 15 days.
§ gle-5-407
Employee must Comply
§ gle-5-408
Rules To Be Followed By An Independent Contractor Or Employer Before Starting The Work
§ gle-5-409
Employer Disclosure of Hazardous Chemicals to Fire Department Official
§ gle-5-410
Not all criminal penalties lie under same titles
§ gle-5-501
According to this subtitle power equipment means.
§ gle-5-502
Only for employers with more then 6 employees
§ gle-5-503
Work safety training for employees using power equipment
§ gle-5-504
Subtitle Requirements for Power Equipment
§ gle-5-505
Section does not apply to subtitle
§ gle-5-601
The General Assembly's Guidelines for Asbestos
§ gle-5-602
Rules Regulating Working in a Confined Space
§ gle-5-603
Policies for Employers of Manhole related works
§ gle-5-604
Employer Guidelines Concerning Employee's Medical Information
§ gle-5-605
Employers Should Encourage Ridesharing Arrangements.
§ gle-5-606
Guidelines for Installing Sanitary Sewer Lines
§ gle-5-607
The date and termination of the Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gle-5-608
No smoking indoors in place of employment
§ gle-5-701
Employer Regulations
§ gle-5-702
§ gle-5-703
Employer record keeping
§ gle-5-704
Submission Of Reports Based On Records By An Employer To The Commissioner
§ gle-5-801
Penalties in this section of law do not apply to companies that are financed by the government.
§ gle-5-804
§ gle-5-805
Rules regarding advance notice of an inspection and the fine.
§ gle-5-806
Violation of provision by Employer
§ gle-5-809
Violations, Death, and Serious Injury
§ gle-5-810
Civil penalties for violations of this section defined as follows:
§ gle-5-811
Enforce payment Law of Maryland
§ gle-5-812
Civil penalties paid to general state fund.
§ gle-5-901
Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Act
§ gle-5.5-101
Origins of railroad work
§ gle-5.5-102
Safety and Health Promotions Pertaining to Railways
§ gle-5.5-103
This title does not apply to any acceptable working conditions
§ gle-5.5-104
Commissioner may enforce adopt and certain regulations
§ gle-5.5-105
Construction near a railroad track
§ gle-5.5-106
Division of Labor and Industry budget appropriations
§ gle-5.5-107
How Attorney General can act by request
§ gle-5.5-108
Health and Safety Standards
§ gle-5.5-109
Locomotive Regulations
§ gle-5.5-110
Regulations of a railroad company
§ gle-5.5-111
Each Railroad Company Must Provide Clean and Safe Environment for Workers
§ gle-5.5-112
The Commissioner shall allow variances.
§ gle-5.5-113
Railroad area inspections and investigations shall be conducted by the Commissioner.
§ gle-5.5-114
Inspections of railroads upon employee requests.
§ gle-5.5-115
Definition Of "Apparatus"
§ gle-5.5-116
Investigation by the Commissioner
§ gle-5.5-117
Commission Responsibilities Concerning Railroad Citations
§ gle-5.5-118
Origins of being granted a hearing for a railroad company
§ gle-5.5-119
Person adversely affected or aggrieved by any order.
§ gle-5.5-120
Railroad Company Violations and Restraining Orders
§ gle-5.5-121
Railroad Companies Should Report Accidents To Commissioner.
§ gle-5.5-122
Repercussions if railroad company violates provision
§ gle-5.5-123
How the Commissioner Impose Civil Penalties
§ gle-6-101
Definition of high voltage line
§ gle-6-102
Non-applicability of the title.
§ gle-6-103
Owner of Electrical Line
§ gle-6-104
Division of Labor and Industry will enforce this.
§ gle-6-105
Authorized inspectors can apply for warrants
§ gle-6-106
Stipulations for duties performed near high voltage lines.
§ gle-6-107
Workers on Voltage Lines must be Responsible
§ gle-6-108
Ownership Responsibilities For High Voltage Line Operation
§ gle-6-109
Construction Equipment regulations near high voltage power lines.
§ gle-6-110
Misdemeanor Violation and Penalty
§ gle-7-101
The meanings of certain words in a title.
§ gle-7-102
Restrictions and terminology regarding agricultural operations.
§ gle-7-103
When an agreement by a migrant agricultural worker is void.
§ gle-7-201
Steps reducing duplication of licensing requirement by commissioner
§ gle-7-202
The commissioner shall have the authority to make inspections at places of employment.
§ gle-7-203
Labor commissioner rights
§ gle-7-204
A commissioner may delegate power under 7-204
§ gle-7-205
The Attorney General may proceed in court, on request of the Commissioner
§ gle-7-301
Farm labor contracting licensing.
§ gle-7-302
Origins of applying for a license
§ gle-7-303
The Commisioner shall investigate each application and determine whether to grant the license.
§ gle-7-304
Meeting Standards
§ gle-7-305
licensee is authorized to peform labor contracting services
§ gle-7-306
License expiration date
§ gle-7-307
Farm labor contracting service
§ gle-7-308
The Commissioner may deny the issuance of a license if any aspect of the application therein is fraudulent.
§ gle-7-309
Opportunity For Hearing by Commissioner
§ gle-7-310
Commissioner may suspend a license to prevent abuse of migrant agricultural worker.
§ gle-7-311
Must have license for farm labor contracts
§ gle-7-312
The Commissioner may insist that the farm labor contractor post a surety bond if they violate a provision of the law.
§ gle-7-313
Final decisions may be aggrieved to commissioner
§ gle-7-401
Labor contractor disclose to each migrant agricultural worker
§ gle-7-402
Migrant Agricultural Worker
§ gle-7-403
Farmers may need to keep records of wages paid
§ gle-7-404
Regulations for farm labor contractor vehicles.
§ gle-7-501
license must to perform farm labour contract service
§ gle-7-502
Licensed farm labor contractor
§ gle-7-503
provisions to farm labor contracts
§ gle-7-504
What Things a person May not Do
§ gle-7-505
A person may not assign or transfer a license
§ gle-7-506
Commissioner's Ability to Assign Penalties
§ gle-7-507
Punishment for Breaking Rules of Farm Labor Contractor
§ gle-8-1001
Exceptions to benefits eligibility listed as follows:
§ gle-8-1002
Gross misconduct is repeated violations of employment rules
§ gle-8-1002.1
Aggravated Misconduct in the Work Place
§ gle-8-1003
Qualified/Disqualified Candidate Details In Maryland To Get Benefits
§ gle-8-1004
Workers' Rights
§ gle-8-1005
Disqualifying an eligible individual : Secretary's considerations
§ gle-8-1006
Disqualified from receiving benefits Law of Maryland
§ gle-8-1007
Individuals Don't Receive Benefits for Weeks Holiday or Vacation Pay is Received.
§ gle-8-1008
Explanation of Retirement and Retirement Payments
§ gle-8-1009
Payments must be made to someone let go in lieu of notice
§ gle-8-101
Defining words related to this specific article
§ gle-8-102
A Guide to Economic Circumstances
§ gle-8-103
US Secretary of Labor Certifies Over Maryland State Law
§ gle-8-104
State practices for maintaining appropriate employment conditions
§ gle-8-105
Communication between Employees and Employers
§ gle-8-105.1
Origins of determining whether a claimant left employment as a result of domestic violence
§ gle-8-106
Agreement to waive rights, or release, to individual.
§ gle-8-107
Rules Regarding Working for Multiple Establishment Employers
§ gle-8-1101
Definition of the Following Words Pertaining To Subtitle
§ gle-8-1102
Maryland Law as it interacts with the Federal State Extended Unemployment Act of 1970.
§ gle-8-1103
details about extended benefit period
§ gle-8-1103
details about extended benefit period
§ gle-8-1104
"Suitable Work" Can Be Executed by an Individual
§ gle-8-1105
Qualifications of extended benefit allowance for unemployment
§ gle-8-1105
Qualifications of extended benefit allowance for unemployment
§ gle-8-1106
Extended benefits Law of Maryland
§ gle-8-1107
Regulations Regarding Non-Extended Benefit Interstate Claims
§ gle-8-1108
Extended benefits requirements discussed in this section.
§ gle-8-1109
Government cannot deny citizens unemployment benefits
§ gle-8-1110
Unemployment laws shall apply in the following cases
§ gle-8-1111
Regulations regarding the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
§ gle-8-1201
State labor and employment laws as they pertain to "affected employees" and "affected units".
§ gle-8-1202
Unemployment insurance programs try to keep jobs safe
§ gle-8-1203
Requirements for Employer Participation in Unemployment Insurance Plans
§ gle-8-1204
The secretary must approve work sharing plans
§ gle-8-1205
an employee of 3 months or over qualifies to be added to a work sharing plan.
§ gle-8-1206
Employee work sharing benefits elegibility
§ gle-8-1207
Work Sharing Benefits
§ gle-8-1208
The secretary may revoke approval for good reasons
§ gle-8-1301
False Statements To Increase Insurance Benefits.
§ gle-8-1302
Rules Against False Statements
§ gle-8-1303
Limitations of Employment Units
§ gle-8-1304
A person must obey a subpoena.
§ gle-8-1305
Misdemeanor Conviction Fines
§ gle-8-1306
Prosecution Under This Subtitle Is Within Three Years
§ gle-8-1401
gle-8-1401 is for "Maryland unemployment law"
§ gle-8-1501
Former servicemember Unemployment Insurance Benefits
§ gle-8-1502
Applicability of Payment for Service Workers
§ gle-8-1503
Servicemember benefit eligibility
§ gle-8-1504
Maximum additional benefits for Unemployment Insurance
§ gle-8-1505
"An eligible former service member may not be denied benefits."
§ gle-8-201
Characteristics of Covered Employment
§ gle-8-201.1
Employer Regulations
§ gle-8-202
Meaning of some words under laws of the United States.
§ gle-8-203
Details about employment under an unemployment insurance law
§ gle-8-204
Regulation on pay period
§ gle-8-205
Certain Work is Excluded from the Definition of Employment
§ gle-8-206
Exceptions to Covered Employment
§ gle-8-207
Agricultural work employment.
§ gle-8-208
Reasons Employment is Considered Covered Employment
§ gle-8-209
Insurance, real estate brooking, salesperson job commissions are not covered employment.
§ gle-8-210
Origins of employment performed by a crew member/officer of a vessel
§ gle-8-211
Cash wages on domestic employment by employer.
§ gle-8-212
Covered Employment
§ gle-8-213
Responsibilities of The Commission
§ gle-8-214
Employers Who Pay Cash Compensation to Employees
§ gle-8-215
Terms of Covered Employment
§ gle-8-216
Circumstances in which Employment is Not Covered
§ gle-8-217
Inmates and Labor for Nonprofit Organizations
§ gle-8-218
Maryland covered employment of interns
§ gle-8-219
Delivery of Newspapers by Minors
§ gle-8-220
Meaning of full time student.
§ gle-8-221
Employment That is Not Covered Employment
§ gle-8-222
Employment is not covered employment if performed by volunteer test.
§ gle-8-223
When Employment Is Not Covered Employment.
§ gle-8-301
Title Administrators
§ gle-8-302
Division of Unemployment Insurance
§ gle-8-303
The Public employment office and it's regulation under Maryland's state law
§ gle-8-304
The secretary may delegate duties.
§ gle-8-305
State Secretary Labor & Employment Laws
§ gle-8-306
Enforcement of Maryland gle-8-306
§ gle-8-307
How to Enforce Civil Action
§ gle-8-308
How The State Advisory Council is Appointed
§ gle-8-309
Local Advisory Councils must be diverse and help the Secretary
§ gle-8-310
Secretary cooperation
§ gle-8-311
Submission of Annual Report
§ gle-8-312
Unemployment Insurance Fund Balance Sheet
§ gle-8-401
Maryland's Unemployment insurance fund
§ gle-8-402
Administration of Unemployment Insurance Fund under Secretary and fund separate from state money
§ gle-8-403
Unemployment Insurance Fund
§ gle-8-404
Maryland State treasurer controls Unemployment funds
§ gle-8-405
Requisitioning money in the state of Maryland
§ gle-8-406
Issuing of a check from the state treasurer
§ gle-8-407
How to obtain the advantages under the Social Security Act.
§ gle-8-408
How Unemployment Trust Fund take Effect
§ gle-8-409
Employers or employees are not entitled to any prior Unemployment Insurance Fund claim.
§ gle-8-412
Unemployment Insurance Administration Fund.
§ gle-8-413
Maryland Secretary to implement Unemployment fund
§ gle-8-414
Composition of The Unemployment Insurance Administration Fund
§ gle-8-415
The Unemployment Insurance Administration Fund
§ gle-8-416
Regulations on the usage of the unemployment insurance administrative fund
§ gle-8-419
Special Administrative Expense Fund in the State Treasury.
§ gle-8-420
The Special Administrative Expense Fund
§ gle-8-421
Special Administrative Expense Fund
§ gle-8-422
Special Administrative Expense Fund
§ gle-8-501
Lower Appeals Division
§ gle-8-502
Requirements for chief hearing examiner
§ gle-8-503
The Lower Appeals Division works with claims examiners.
§ gle-8-504
The Secretary will adopt regulations
§ gle-8-505
Hearing examiner has subpoena power for enforcement purposes.
§ gle-8-506
How a hearing examiner shall conduct a hearing.
§ gle-8-507
Legal representation before a hearing examiner.
§ gle-8-508
Filing for a claim for benefits
§ gle-8-5A-01
Board Of Appeals In Maryland State Government
§ gle-8-5A-02
Makeup of the Board of Appeals
§ gle-8-5A-03
Powers of the Board of Appeals of Maryland
§ gle-8-5A-04
Hearing and Decide Appeals of Lower Appeals Division
§ gle-8-5A-05
Directions to the Board of Appeals to adopt regulations
§ gle-8-5A-06
Board of Appeals may issue a subpoena for the attendance of a witness to testify
§ gle-8-5A-07
Powers of special examiner and the Board of Appeals
§ gle-8-5A-08
Representation of Claimaints
§ gle-8-5A-09
Maryland secretary referral for benefits claim
§ gle-8-5A-10
Procedure for filing an appeal.
§ gle-8-5A-11
When a decision of the Board of Appeals is final.
§ gle-8-5A-12
Appealing the Final Decision of the Board of Appeals
§ gle-8-601
Definition of "Election," Predecessor Employer," "Reimbursement Payment," and "Taxable Wage Base"
§ gle-8-602
Secretary to investigate employers.
§ gle-8-603
Employee Access to Benefits Rights and Information
§ gle-8-606
Terms and Meanings of pay
§ gle-8-607
Employer contributions to Unemployment Insurance
§ gle-8-607.1
This section in effect until September 30, 2013.
§ gle-8-608
Employers Must Follow Taxable Rates
§ gle-8-609
Contribution Rate.
§ gle-8-610
How an Employing Unit Meets Qualification
§ gle-8-610.1
An employing unit who does not classify an employee will pay tax wages plus two percentage points
§ gle-8-611
"The secretary shall keep an earned rating record for each employing unit."
§ gle-8-612
Maryland Law on Computation of Benefit Ratio
§ gle-8-613
Contribution rate for business, reorganized employer and successor employer.
§ gle-8-614
Term meanings in Maryland section gle-8-614
§ gle-8-616
Origins of profit organization or a governmental entity
§ gle-8-617
When a Nonprofit Organization Makes an Election
§ gle-8-618
Not for profit organization elections
§ gle-8-619
Establishment of group account to share cost of benefits.
§ gle-8-620
Reimbursement Payments
§ gle-8-621
The Secretary reviews applications and issues final bills.
§ gle-8-622
What Happens When a Nonprofit Organization Fails to File a Bond
§ gle-8-625
Accuracy of Employment Records
§ gle-8-626
An employment report must be submitted by every employer each quarter.
§ gle-8-626.1
Maryland date of employment
§ gle-8-627
Regulations to an employing unit regarding separation notice
§ gle-8-628
Contribution or reimbursement payment Law of Maryland
§ gle-8-629
Penalties and actions against an employing unit not meeting requirements
§ gle-8-630
Maryland civil action against reimbursement payment for taxes
§ gle-8-631
Payments into the Special Administrative Expense Fund.
§ gle-8-632
Final assessment Law of Maryland
§ gle-8-633
A person who acquires an employing unit must notify the Secretary.
§ gle-8-634
Asset Distribution and Unpaid Contributions
§ gle-8-635
Secretary has authority to settle/adjust claims.
§ gle-8-638
Employer who made a payment can request a refund or adjustment
§ gle-8-639
Final Judgements
§ gle-8-640
United States Secretary of Labor Refunds
§ gle-8-701
Reciprocal Arrangements with Other Agencies
§ gle-8-702
How Benefits Are Paid.
§ gle-8-703
Secretary may help facilitate payments in certain circumstances.
§ gle-8-704
Cooperation among states and appropriate federal agencies.
§ gle-8-705
Secretary May Work With Foreign Governments on Unemployment Claims/ Benefits
§ gle-8-801
Requirements for Unemployment Compensation
§ gle-8-802
Origins of an individual being eligible for benefits
§ gle-8-803
Determining weekly benefit of a claimant
§ gle-8-803.1
Paid Wages and Employment Units
§ gle-8-804
Benefit Allowances for Dependents
§ gle-8-805
An individual can claim for benefits.
§ gle-8-806
How Claims Examiners Make Determinations
§ gle-8-807
Reporting of Child Support Obligations
§ gle-8-808
"The Secretary promptly shall pay benefits to a claimant in accordance with a determination."
§ gle-8-808.1
Federal law determines Maryland alimony payments
§ gle-8-809
Benefits Payment Recovery
§ gle-8-810
Unemployment Claim Filing
§ gle-8-811
Definition of "claim information"
§ gle-8-812
Definitions for this section listed as follows.
§ gle-8-901
Filing a claim in accordance with regulations
§ gle-8-902
How individuals are eligible for benefits.
§ gle-8-903
Benefits Eligibility Requirements
§ gle-8-904
Exemptions for Unemployment Qualification
§ gle-8-905
Alien Eligibility for Benefits
§ gle-8-906
Origins of National Guard
§ gle-8-907
When an individual may not be denied benefits.
§ gle-8-908
Employment Law of Maryland
§ gle-8-909
Rules for benefits of employees performing academic research.
§ gle-8-910
Received benefits
§ gle-8.5-101
Origins of employer health insurance
§ gle-8.5-102
Employer with 10,000 or more employee in Maryland
§ gle-8.5-103
Annual Employer payroll reporting.
§ gle-8.5-104
Health Insurance Requirements for Nonprofit Organizations
§ gle-8.5-105
Failure of employer to report employees
§ gle-8.5-106
Employees by the State
§ gle-8.5-107
Large companies of over 10,000 employees reporting
§ gle-9-1001
Uninsured Employers
§ gle-9-1002
Awards Payable from Fund
§ gle-9-1003
Payments from the Fund are subject the rights of the payee.
§ gle-9-1004
Uninsured employer Law of Maryland
§ gle-9-1005
Regulations to the Commission regarding compensation against an uninsured employer
§ gle-9-1006
Insurer's can be fined by the commission.
§ gle-9-1007
Mandatory 1% Assessment Against Employers
§ gle-9-1008
Subsequent Injury Fund
§ gle-9-1009
Notification of employer assessment and assessment costs
§ gle-9-101
Proper Definition of Terms Used
§ gle-9-1010
Payable Assessments for Unpaid Wages and Prior Liens
§ gle-9-1011
Payment of Assessments Suspension and Resumption
§ gle-9-1012
The Director shall notify an employer by certified mail
§ gle-9-1013
Director Compromise Against Employer
§ gle-9-1014
Written consent of director to settle a cause.
§ gle-9-1015
Covered employee and Maryland Jockey Injury Compensation Fund
§ gle-9-102
General Purpose Title
§ gle-9-103
Each minor shall be deemed an adult
§ gle-9-104
Rights of a covered employee
§ gle-9-105
Origins of receiving an certificate of compliance
§ gle-9-1101
Employers can't deduct worker's compensation insurance from an employees salary.
§ gle-9-1102
Personal Injuries on the Job
§ gle-9-1103
Origins of an covered employee
§ gle-9-1104
Employees of commission must maintain privacy of businesses
§ gle-9-1105
Discharging a Covered Employee
§ gle-9-1106
Regulation concerning fraudulent activities.
§ gle-9-1107
Origins of an employer who self insures
§ gle-9-1108
Consequences for employers who neglect workers' compensation insurance
§ gle-9-1201
Title defined as the Maryland Workers' Compensation Act.
§ gle-9-201
Maryland's law of employers
§ gle-9-202
When An Individual Is A Covered Employee.
§ gle-9-203
The definition of a covered an non-covered employee.
§ gle-9-204
Covered employees.
§ gle-9-205
Maryland casual employees not covered
§ gle-9-206
An officer of a company has limited coverage liability
§ gle-9-207
Definition of Public Service Employee
§ gle-9-208
Regulations applicable to a covered employe
§ gle-9-209
A domestic worker is considered a covered employee in a household.
§ gle-9-210
State definitions of farming related terms.
§ gle-9-211
Individuals are covered if they are employed by a covered employee
§ gle-9-212
Covered employees of Maryland Jockey Injury Compensation Fund
§ gle-9-213
Circuit Court Jury Duty Guidelines
§ gle-9-214
Origins of a person employed to do maintenance
§ gle-9-215
Maryland covered emplyees
§ gle-9-216
Definitions of Mine related terms in this section
§ gle-9-217
Who qualifies as an Active Employee?
§ gle-9-218
Owners and Operators of Class F Tractors
§ gle-9-219
Partner of a partnership coverage
§ gle-9-220
Each auxiliary police officer is a covered employee
§ gle-9-221
Rights of Prisoners As Covered Employees
§ gle-9-222
Individuals not classified as covered employees.
§ gle-9-223
Characteristics of an Employee That is Not a Covered Employee
§ gle-9-224
Covered employees details
§ gle-9-225
Health Employees are Not Covered Employees
§ gle-9-226
Volunteer Aides
§ gle-9-227
Covered Employee Elections By A Sole Proprietor
§ gle-9-228
Unpaid students are considered employees
§ gle-9-229
"A covered employee will remain covered while receiving training outside of normal business hours."
§ gle-9-230
"Ride sharing and "Van pool operations" has the meaning stated in the Transportation Article."
§ gle-9-231
"A volunteer worker for a unit of a political subdivision is not a covered employee."
§ gle-9-231.1
Benefits for covered employees of the State
§ gle-9-232
Maryland Emergency Management Agency Volunteer and Trainee Worker's Comp Coverage
§ gle-9-232.1
Word Meanings, and Volunteers and Their Wages
§ gle-9-233
Health coverages of volunteers for the Sherriff's office.
§ gle-9-234
On duty means: fighting a fire, performing life support,..."
§ gle-9-235
Individuals providing services for aid or sustenance are not covered employees.
§ gle-9-236
Guidelines for covered employees.
§ gle-9-301
state workers commission established independent of government
§ gle-9-302
Members of the Commission
§ gle-9-303
Authority of a chairman
§ gle-9-304
Maryland limits on committee members
§ gle-9-305
The power of the chairman of the commission to maintain a staff.
§ gle-9-306
Principal office in Baltimore City and branches.
§ gle-9-307
Commission shall be in session and open for business Monday-Friday.
§ gle-9-308
Hearings, investigations, decisions and orders of the Commission.
§ gle-9-309
The Commission may adopt title regulations circumstantially.
§ gle-9-310
"In determining the amount of a financial penalty the commission must consider: the seriousness and effect of the violation,..."
§ gle-9-310.1
Administrative action before the commission
§ gle-9-310.1
Administrative action before the commission
§ gle-9-310.2
If anyone attempts to issue a fraudulent payment, then the commission will refer the incident to the Maryland Insurance Fraud division.
§ gle-9-311
Ability of Commission to carry out actions under the title of Labor and Employment.
§ gle-9-312
Chairman of the Commission report submissions
§ gle-9-313
Required Submission
§ gle-9-313
Required Submission
§ gle-9-314
"The Commission shall provide employers: an application for benefits, notice of compensation,..."
§ gle-9-315
The Commission Pays For The Occupational Safety And Health Program.
§ gle-9-315.1
Commission shall pay the costs of the workforce fraud program.
§ gle-9-316
"Insured Payroll" Means Payroll of the Employer. "Insurer" is a Stock Corporation or Mutual Association.
§ gle-9-316
"Insured Payroll" Means Payroll of the Employer. "Insurer" is a Stock Corporation or Mutual Association.
§ gle-9-317
Advisory Committee on the budget of the Commission
§ gle-9-318
Yearly tentative operating budget regulations.
§ gle-9-319
Establishment & Regulations of Maryland Workers' Compensation Fund
§ gle-9-401
Authorized insurer and Governmental self-insurance group of Maryland
§ gle-9-402
Guidelines on insurance benefits for employees
§ gle-9-402
Guidelines on insurance benefits for employees
§ gle-9-402.1
Maryland employer classification of employees
§ gle-9-403
Self insurance plan and Maryland commission
§ gle-9-404
Origins of The Commission
§ gle-9-404
Origins of The Commission
§ gle-9-405
Employer Self Insurance Policy
§ gle-9-405
Employer Self Insurance Policy
§ gle-9-406
As concerning the safety of employers the state shall consider several important factors.
§ gle-9-407
"If an employer fails to secure compensation the Commission shall order the employer to maintain insurance."
§ gle-9-407
"If an employer fails to secure compensation the Commission shall order the employer to maintain insurance."
§ gle-9-408
Hurt on the Job
§ gle-9-409
Appealing the decision of the Commission
§ gle-9-410
Workers Compensation Insurance
§ gle-9-501
Employers of covered employees shall provide compensation for injury or death.
§ gle-9-502
Employer and Insurer Liability for Occupational Disease
§ gle-9-503
In the Line of Duty:
§ gle-9-503
In the Line of Duty:
§ gle-9-503
In the Line of Duty:
§ gle-9-504
Personal injury compensation by employer
§ gle-9-505
Employee hearing loss
§ gle-9-506
Covered employees who cause intentional harm are not entitled to compensation.
§ gle-9-507
Employees shall be compensated regardless of employment risks.
§ gle-9-508
Under certain circumstances a contractor must any compensation for an employee covered by a previous contractor.
§ gle-9-509
Employer liability
§ gle-9-510
Accidental personal injury compensation
§ gle-9-601
Laws cannot affect previous actions.
§ gle-9-602
Average weekly wages of the covered employee.
§ gle-9-603
State average weekly wage
§ gle-9-604
Awarding Compensation due to disability or death from Occupational Disease
§ gle-9-605
Employer or its insurer wholly or partly pays compensation.
§ gle-9-606
"The Commission may double the amount of compensation authorized if the claim involves a minor."
§ gle-9-607
Prisoner compensation
§ gle-9-608
Under the circumstances of:
§ gle-9-609
Compensation or damages Law of Maryland
§ gle-9-610
Payment by employer to employee/dependents (death) satisfies pro-rata liability under this subtitle.
§ gle-9-610.1
Worker's compensation credit/offset conditions
§ gle-9-611
awarding compensation due to disability or death from occupational disease
§ gle-9-614
Part II compensation laws for partially disabled employees
§ gle-9-615
The employer or insurer shall pay compensation to a temporarily partially disabled employee.
§ gle-9-618
Compensation of Temporary Total Disability By Accidental Injury
§ gle-9-619
not applicable to the accidental personal
§ gle-9-620
Timeframes for disability compensation
§ gle-9-621
The terms of employees followed in Maryland law
§ gle-9-622
Since 1988, employer must pay 2/3 disability benefits
§ gle-9-625
A disabled employee will be paid compensation
§ gle-9-626
Employees' Compensation For Partial Disability
§ gle-9-627
Permanently disabled employees will be compensated by employer or insurer.
§ gle-9-628
Any "public safety employees" that suffer on the job disabilities are entitled to a payout.
§ gle-9-629
Compensation for Employee Work Hours
§ gle-9-630
Awards for Accidental Personal Injury or Occupational Disease
§ gle-9-631
Someone must be paid for both a temporary and permanent disability if they have both.
§ gle-9-632
Who's covered if employee dies
§ gle-9-633
Directions to an award of permanent partial disability compensation
§ gle-9-635
Covered employee Law of Maryland
§ gle-9-636
"A permanent total disability shall be determined in accordance with the facts in each case."
§ gle-9-637
Employer or Insurer Responsibility to Accidental Permanent Disability
§ gle-9-638
A Covered Employee
§ gle-9-638.1
Covered Employee
§ gle-9-639
Disability Payment
§ gle-9-640
This section does not apply to compensation paid
§ gle-9-643
an accidental personal injury compensation for employee in Maryland
§ gle-9-644
Hernia surgeries
§ gle-9-645
Laws governing health care benefits and hernias in Maryland.
§ gle-9-646
Minor Compensation
§ gle-9-649
Maryland compensation laws covering occupational deafness
§ gle-9-650
Measuring of hearing loss
§ gle-9-651
Employer Responsible For Deafness Unless Other Cause Proven
§ gle-9-652
compensation for employees
§ gle-9-655
"This part of this subtitle does not apply to the disabled or partially disabled."
§ gle-9-656
"Permanent disability of a covered employee"
§ gle-9-657
Waiver To Right To compensation By Individual Who Has Suffered A Loss Of Limb
§ gle-9-660
Personal injury compensation
§ gle-9-661
Repairment or replacement of artificial prosthetic appliances.
§ gle-9-662
Chairman Probable Cause Findings of Excessive Use
§ gle-9-663
Regulations shall be set for assessment of medical service fines.
§ gle-9-664
Employer or insurer fines for not paying treatment or services as required.
§ gle-9-667
Section 9-667 Employee Compensation Guidelines
§ gle-9-670
Definitions of important disability terms.
§ gle-9-671
Registering for Vocational Rehabilitation
§ gle-9-672
Vocational rehabilitation for disabled employees
§ gle-9-673
Regulations to the Commission regarding vocational rehabilitation plan
§ gle-9-674
Vocational Assessment and rehabilitation services
§ gle-9-675
Submit a Report
§ gle-9-678
"A dependent of a covered employee will be paid compensation if said employee is suffers injury."
§ gle-9-679
Individuals to whom this section applies
§ gle-9-680
Section applies to eligible dependents of County Employees or Municipal Corporation
§ gle-9-681
Provisions for dependents upon the death of covered employees.
§ gle-9-682
The provisions for providing death benefits for covered state employees.
§ gle-9-683
Laws concerning death benefits of state employees and the dependents in Maryland.
§ gle-9-683.1
not applicable to covered employee
§ gle-9-683.2
Terms for Survivors Benefits
§ gle-9-683.3
Employee of a municipal corporation
§ gle-9-683.4
Section 9-683.4 Suspension and Reinstating Payments
§ gle-9-683.5
Death Benefits
§ gle-9-683.6
Laws governing covered employees who are subject to _ 9503 of this title and their dependents subject to 9-683.1 through 9-683.5.
§ gle-9-684
Maryland healthcare rules for those without dependents.
§ gle-9-685
payable Death benefits
§ gle-9-686
Nonresidential alien
§ gle-9-689
Reasonable funeral expenses.
§ gle-9-6A-01
Labor and Employment definitions under this subtitle.
§ gle-9-6A-02
Vocational Rehabilitation Workers Must Be Educated and Have Experience.
§ gle-9-6A-03
The Division of Rehabilitation Services shall register to provide vocational rehabilitation services.
§ gle-9-6A-04
An individual may engage in a health occupation they are authorized to engage in.
§ gle-9-6A-05
Details of Advisory Committee on the Registration of Rehabilitation Practitioners
§ gle-9-6A-06
"A rehabilitation practitioner shall be registered with the Commission before before receiving payment."
§ gle-9-6A-07
The Commission:
§ gle-9-6A-08
qualifications for registration
§ gle-9-6A-09
Nurse Case Manager registration requirements
§ gle-9-6A-10
Registry Applicants Must Apply To Commission
§ gle-9-6A-11
The Commission may waive any requirements of this subtitle for a rehabilitation practitioner."
§ gle-9-6A-12
Registration of an applicant by the Commission
§ gle-9-6A-13
A Registration Authorizes Vocational Rehab Services
§ gle-9-6A-14
Registration renewals
§ gle-9-6A-15
Registration requirements for applicants of Maryland Commission
§ gle-9-6A-16
Commission Procedures Before Final Action
§ gle-9-6A-17
"Any individual aggrieved by a decision of the Commission under this subtitle may appeal the decision."
§ gle-9-6A-18
vocational rehabilitation services for individuals applying Maryland law
§ gle-9-6A-19
vocational rehabilitation services and consultants in Maryland
§ gle-9-6A-20
"Maryland Rehabilitation Practitioner Registration Act"
§ gle-9-701
Commission regulations
§ gle-9-702
Guidelines for personal injury claim proceedings
§ gle-9-703
Employer is given:
§ gle-9-704
How To Record a Workplace-Related Injury
§ gle-9-705
Written notice of employee disability or death is due within one year.
§ gle-9-706
"The Commission shall excuse a failure to comply if there was sufficient reason for the failure to comply."
§ gle-9-707
Major disability or death on a job site should be reported to the state.
§ gle-9-708
"What is in this section"
§ gle-9-709
Employee injury procedures
§ gle-9-710
Death due to accidental personal injury
§ gle-9-711
A disablement or death from occupation disease
§ gle-9-712
If Employers' Life Insurance Directs An Employee
§ gle-9-713
Disposition of Temporary Disability Benefits
§ gle-9-714
Commission actions for a submitted claim.
§ gle-9-715
Rules of investigation by the Labor Commission
§ gle-9-716
Laws concerning court witnesses and perjury.
§ gle-9-717
Witness refusals
§ gle-9-718
Receiving of Transcript of Investigation by a Commission
§ gle-9-719
Oral Deposition Rules
§ gle-9-720
Commission Request for Covered Employee Medical Examination
§ gle-9-721
Physicians evaluation on permanent impairment
§ gle-9-722
Maryland commission employee subsection approval
§ gle-9-723
Insurance claim law
§ gle-9-724
The definition of "governmental agency" in this section.
§ gle-9-725
Schedule Hearings
§ gle-9-726
"Within 15 days after the date of a decision a party may file with the Commission a written motion for a rehearing."
§ gle-9-727
Employer shall pay compensation within 15 days of award or award payment date.
§ gle-9-728
If an employer fails to pay the amount owed before the deadline is reached, an additional 20% of that fine will be added to the amount owed.
§ gle-9-729
lump-sum payments
§ gle-9-730
Serious disability and Subsequent Injury Fund compensation doesn't apply
§ gle-9-731
Collecting fees approved by the Commission
§ gle-9-732
"Before the issuance and delivery of a check for any money payable, the money may not be assigned, charged, or taken in attachment or execution."
§ gle-9-733
Not Applicable to Discontinuation of Short Term Disability Under Following Circumstances
§ gle-9-734
Must have reason to bring a case against another
§ gle-9-735
Disability Determination of An Employed Prisoner by the Commission
§ gle-9-736
After compensation is set or terminated
§ gle-9-737
Maryland rules covering employees and dependents certified petition
§ gle-9-738
Section Exemption From Provisions
§ gle-9-739
"A certified copy of the record of the proceedings of the Commission shall be filed with the circuit court."
§ gle-9-740
The precedence of certain appeals.
§ gle-9-741
What An appeal is not
§ gle-9-742
Labor Commission's jurisdiction on an appeal
§ gle-9-743
Limit of court appeals on injury fund
§ gle-9-744
Attorney General Advises And Can Represent The Commission
§ gle-9-745
Details of the proceedings in an appeal
§ gle-9-746
Witness Court Costs and Allowances
§ gle-9-747
Clerk of the court appeals
§ gle-9-748
Origins of compensation is awarded by an affirmance
§ gle-9-749
Directions to the court regarding non-reasonable appeal
§ gle-9-750
Appeals regarding Circuit Court decisions.
§ gle-9-801
Accidental Injuries of Permanently Impaired Covered Employees
§ gle-9-802
Origins of a covered employee
§ gle-9-803
The commission shall attempt to find out whether or not someone's impairment could have played a part in an accident.
§ gle-9-804
Subsequent Injury Fund Stipulations.
§ gle-9-805
Employment Waiver Qualifications
§ gle-9-806
Rules For The Payment Of Claims Submitted To The Subsequent Injury Fund.
§ gle-9-807
Payment from injury fund
§ gle-9-808
Appeals of Injury Fund Awards
§ gle-9-901
When is a person other than an employer liable
§ gle-9-902
Subsequent Injury Fund Law of Maryland
§ gle-9-903
Compensation of the Covered Employee or Dependents