This is Article gin of the Code of State, titled “Insurance.” It’s comprised of the following 1745 sections.

§ gin-1-101
Components of Insurance
§ gin-1-201
Insurance transaction provision compliance.
§ gin-1-202
Rules Not Applicable To Fraternal Benefit Society, Nonprofit Health Service Plan Or Others
§ gin-1-203
Meaning of Phrases
§ gin-1-203.1
Definitions of words related to utility providers.
§ gin-1-204
Workers compensation insurance is needed, otherwise...
§ gin-1-205
County or municipal corporations do not need insurers.
§ gin-1-206
Article Provisions
§ gin-1-207
This Provision Applies to Specific Types of Insurance
§ gin-1-208
Requirements for documents to be under oath.
§ gin-1-301
Administrative Penalties
§ gin-10-101
Definition of specified terms
§ gin-10-102
Subtitle applies to all insurers and annuities.
§ gin-10-103
Definition of the term "Insurer"
§ gin-10-104
Insurance producer Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-105
Requirements of Qualifying for a license as an insurance producer
§ gin-10-106
Not applicable to motor vehicle rental company
§ gin-10-107
"Exemption of Individual for insurance examination "
§ gin-10-108
Examination of Individuals Not Applying for Life and Health Insurance and Annuities
§ gin-10-109
An individual qualifying for a license for life insurance, health insurance,etc has to be examined.
§ gin-10-110
commissioner may appoint a board for life and death insurance
§ gin-10-111
Resident Insurance Producer Policies.
§ gin-10-112
Requirements for subdivision of insurance/combination of kinds or subdivisions insurance
§ gin-10-113
Rights of License Holders as Insurance Providers
§ gin-10-114
Guidelines to the Insurance producers in conducting insurance business
§ gin-10-115
License Duration and Expiration
§ gin-10-116
Insurance producer Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-116.1
Reinstatement of Expired Insurance Licenses
§ gin-10-117
Filing of Amendments to License by Insurance Producer
§ gin-10-118
producer and register definition
§ gin-10-119
Origins of the Commissioner waiving license application requirements
§ gin-10-120
Temporary Insurance License Requests
§ gin-10-121
The use of trust money
§ gin-10-121.1
Title insurance Producer regulations
§ gin-10-122
Transportation tickets Act
§ gin-10-123
Commissioner exceptions on insurance
§ gin-10-124
Health Management Contracts
§ gin-10-125
Law Firm and related definitions
§ gin-10-126
Commissioner's rights to reject license if violate
§ gin-10-127
Prohibition For Falsely Cancelling Policy For Non-Payment
§ gin-10-128
Origins of the insurance producer from
§ gin-10-128.1
Adoption of Regulations by the Commissioner
§ gin-10-129
Only Independent Insurance Producers can hold the title
§ gin-10-130
Licensed insurance producer Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-131
Violation of _ 10-103(b) or (c), _ 10-130, or _ 10-133
§ gin-10-132
Knowingly ignoring subtitles is a misdemeanor offense
§ gin-10-133
Definition of medical professional liability insurance
§ gin-10-201
Adviser and related terms definition
§ gin-10-202
Word definitions for below section
§ gin-10-203
License Required to Operate as Advisor in the State of Maryland
§ gin-10-204
Requirements of qualifying for a license
§ gin-10-205
The Commissioner has the application forms
§ gin-10-206
Applicant for License and Penalty Policies.
§ gin-10-207
Individual who meets requirements receives License
§ gin-10-208
License does not allow adjustment of loss,sale or placement of insurance.
§ gin-10-210
Insurance advisory business Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-211
A license expires at the end of every other June 30 unless it is renewed for a 2-year term
§ gin-10-211.1
Regulations of adviser license reinstatement.
§ gin-10-212
Reasons to suspend or revoke a license
§ gin-10-213
On suspension of Licensee Commissioner shall give notice to applicants or licensees last address
§ gin-10-214
Adviser agreement regulations
§ gin-10-215
Enforceability of Advisory Agreements
§ gin-10-301
Details about Bail bond, Bail bondsman, Collateral security, License and Surety insurer
§ gin-10-302
Bail bondsmen
§ gin-10-303
Commissioner May Adopt Regulations to Perform Duties.
§ gin-10-304
Bail bondsman Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-305
Requirements for an applicant for a license
§ gin-10-306
How Commissioner shall set licensing fees sufficient to cover the expenses of licensing bail bondsmen
§ gin-10-307
Each bail bondsman must comply with any continuing education requirements
§ gin-10-308
Bail Bondsman Annual Certification
§ gin-10-309
Bail bondsman Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-401
public adjuster and related definitions
§ gin-10-402
Regulations for Insurance Adjusters
§ gin-10-403
Charges On A Person Who Violates The Rule Of Obtaining License Before Becoming Public Adjuster
§ gin-10-404
License Applicant Qualifications
§ gin-10-405
Requirements of applicant for an initial license
§ gin-10-406
Commissioner license issue to public adjuster
§ gin-10-407
Requirements of the Commissioner adopting regulations
§ gin-10-408
Details about the pre-License renewal process of a Commissioner as well as a holder
§ gin-10-408.1
Reinstatement of Expired Public Adjuster__s License
§ gin-10-409
Commissioner's Ability To Waive License Requirements
§ gin-10-410
Denial Or Cancellation Of License To An Applicant If License Laws Are Violated
§ gin-10-501
Performs adjustments or appraisals for loss or damage covered by another form of security provided
§ gin-10-502
Matters Not Addressed by this Subtitle
§ gin-10-503
An adjuster, appraiser, or insurance provider or employee of an issurer may not
§ gin-10-504
Penalties for violating insurance laws
§ gin-10-601
Motor-vehicle rental insurance -- defined terms
§ gin-10-602
Insurance Issuance by a Motor Vehicle Rental Company
§ gin-10-603
Motor Vehicle Companies and Limited Lines Licensing
§ gin-10-604
Limited lines license to sell insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-605
Insurance Policy Exceptions
§ gin-10-606
Commissioner enforcing suspension
§ gin-10-607
Guidelines to the Commissioner in adopting regulations to carry out the provisions
§ gin-10-701
Customer and related terms defintions
§ gin-10-702
Matters Not Addressed under this Subtitle
§ gin-10-703
Limited lines license Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-704
Limited lines license Law of Maryland
§ gin-10-705
§ gin-10-706
Portable Electronics Insurance is Primary to Other Collectible Coverage
§ gin-10-707
Regulations to the Commissioner to suspend, to revoke, or to refuse to renew a limited lines license
§ gin-10-708
The Commissioner may adopt regulations
§ gin-11-101
Definition of Term Used in this Title
§ gin-11-201
How Insurance Laws Protect Citizens
§ gin-11-202
Origins of insurance
§ gin-11-202
Origins of insurance
§ gin-11-205
Origins of Uniformity among insurers
§ gin-11-206
Each insurer shall file with commissioner all rates,forms etc with effective dates.
§ gin-11-207
Suspension and Modification of Insuance Filing Requirement by Commissioner
§ gin-11-208
Origins of Commissioner disapproving a filing
§ gin-11-209
Reduction of Insurance Rates
§ gin-11-210
How approved rates can be exceeded by insurers
§ gin-11-211
Time Deadlines for the Filer Request
§ gin-11-212
Rights of those wronged by the rating system.
§ gin-11-213
Requirements of homeowners insurance rates
§ gin-11-214
Insurer automobile policy.
§ gin-11-215
Requirements of automobile insurance rates of Maryland
§ gin-11-216
Insurers using territory as factors must submit regular reviews
§ gin-11-218
Requirements For Applying to the Commissioner
§ gin-11-219
insurer may deviate if approved or filed
§ gin-11-220
Subscriber appeals to the Commission.
§ gin-11-221
Mandatory Filings for Advisory Organizations
§ gin-11-222
Joint Underwriting activities regulations
§ gin-11-225
Examinations of Rating Organizations by Commissioner
§ gin-11-226
Adoptions or changes in rules and plans of policy
§ gin-11-227
Commissioner may adopt rules and regulations as needed
§ gin-11-230
Licensing of insurance producer
§ gin-11-231
Misleading the Commissioner
§ gin-11-232
For Violations, the Commissioner May Impose Civil Penalties and Suspend Licenses
§ gin-11-301
State Legal Definitions Regarding Marketing
§ gin-11-302
Protection and Control of Insurance Policy Holders
§ gin-11-303
List of insurances to which establishment of rates for other types of insurance are not applicable
§ gin-11-303
List of insurances to which establishment of rates for other types of insurance are not applicable
§ gin-11-306
§ gin-11-307
Mandatory Notices for Insurors
§ gin-11-308
Commissioner Rights to Compliance Rates
§ gin-11-309
Insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-11-310
The Commissioner may require written notice when insurance companies change rates.
§ gin-11-311
Written Request of Rates
§ gin-11-312
Requirements of filing of supporting data
§ gin-11-313
Origins of proposed rate increase
§ gin-11-314
Rating System Reviewal for Insurance
§ gin-11-315
Requirements For homeowner__s insurance rates
§ gin-11-317
Increase in policy premium
§ gin-11-318
Principles Governing Auto Insurance Rates
§ gin-11-319
Directions to an insurer who uses territory as a factor in establishing automobile insurance rates
§ gin-11-321
Origins of an insurer
§ gin-11-322
Private passenger motor vehicle insurance
§ gin-11-323
Automobile Insurance Fund Law of Maryland
§ gin-11-324
Expectations of the Commissioner before august the 15
§ gin-11-325
Origins of the marketing plan
§ gin-11-326
Origins of information filed with the Commissioner
§ gin-11-329
Expectations of workers__compensation
§ gin-11-330
Definition of Provision for Claim Payment In This Section
§ gin-11-333
Origins of a rating organization
§ gin-11-334
Cooperative activities and practices Law of Maryland
§ gin-11-337
Origins of Commissioner and each insurer
§ gin-11-338
Commissioner provides report
§ gin-11-339
Annual report to General Assembly
§ gin-11-341
Regulation of Insurance Policies
§ gin-11-342
Insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-11-343
Information Manipulation Restrictions
§ gin-11-344
Commissioner to impose money penalty suspend license if after noticed hearing violation is seen.
§ gin-11-401
Categories of insurance
§ gin-11-402
Insurance rates should be reasonable and related to risk.
§ gin-11-403
Each filing shall indicate the character or extent of coverage contemplated under the rates
§ gin-11-404
Acceptance and Rejection of Insurance Rates and Premiums
§ gin-11-405
Insurers are required to provide financial data on a regular basis.
§ gin-11-406
Insurers will share data so it is more fair.
§ gin-11-407
Instructions to title insurer
§ gin-11-408
Giving False Information to an Insurer
§ gin-11-409
Punishments for violations of this provision.
§ gin-11-501
Violations of Provisions
§ gin-11-502
Written Notices Made by The Commissioner
§ gin-11-503
Commissioner Decisions are Subject to Judicial Review by Appeal
§ gin-11-601
Health care definitions.
§ gin-11-602
Delivering Health Benefit Plans to The State
§ gin-11-603
Filing Of Applicable Premium Rate Or Premium Rate Change With The Commissioner
§ gin-12-101
not applicable to reinsurance, marine,transport insurance
§ gin-12-102
Law about an insurance contract or annuity contract
§ gin-12-103
Regulations regarding validity of insurance riders.
§ gin-12-104
Shortening the Insurance Contract is Illegal
§ gin-12-105
Requirements for filing insurance claims.
§ gin-12-106
Section 12-106 Personal Insurance Terminologies
§ gin-12-106
Section 12-106 Personal Insurance Terminologies
§ gin-12-107
Broad coverage Law of Maryland
§ gin-12-201
Personal Insurance Procurement Guidelines
§ gin-12-202
"Blanket health insurance"
§ gin-12-203
Specifics of health insurance policies
§ gin-12-204
Commissioner Holding Hearing
§ gin-12-205
An insurance form may be rejected if found to be misleading or does not provide minimum coverage.
§ gin-12-206
not applicable to individual life insurance policies
§ gin-12-207
How Statement Came For An Applicant In Maryland
§ gin-12-208
Payments for insurance policies.
§ gin-12-209
Rules for life insurance, health insurance policy or annuity contract.
§ gin-12-210
Ability of Commissioner to extend grace period for making premium payments
§ gin-12-211
A carrier is an insurer or nonprofit health service plan.
§ gin-12-301
Interest types that can be insured.
§ gin-12-302
minor properties may be insured by guardian
§ gin-12-303
Change of interest Law of Maryland
§ gin-12-304
§ gin-12-305
Claims from motor vehicle accidents
§ gin-12-306
Settlements between those who are self-insured and the insurance company.
§ gin-13-101
Definition of Credit health insurance Terms
§ gin-13-102
Maryland Regulation of Life, Health and Unemployment Insurance
§ gin-13-103
Different types of Credit insurance.
§ gin-13-104
Insurance Delivery by Authorized Insurer
§ gin-13-105
policies related to insurance
§ gin-13-106
Credit life insurance limit
§ gin-13-107
Different types of credit insurance
§ gin-13-108
Requirements of Insurance Plans
§ gin-13-109
Origins of an insurer
§ gin-13-110
Insurance policies and certificates
§ gin-13-111
Word definitions in Maryland section gin-13-111
§ gin-13-112
Maryland State Government Policies And Group Certificate Conditions
§ gin-13-113
How reported claims should be handled by Insurer
§ gin-13-114
Creditor Insurance Requirements
§ gin-13-115
§ gin-13-116
Fronting Agreements With Unauthorized Insurers Is Prohibited.
§ gin-13-117
The power of the commissioner.
§ gin-14-101
About Health care Provider and Health care Services
§ gin-14-102
§ gin-14-103
About Nonprofit health service
§ gin-14-104
Nonprofit Health Service Plan Hospital Benefit Statement Law
§ gin-14-105
Nonprofit health service plans
§ gin-14-106
tax exemption to nonprofit health service plans
§ gin-14-106.1
Establishment of Community Health Service Fund
§ gin-14-106.2
Nonprofit Health Service Plan Corporations
§ gin-14-107
By November 1 of each year, the Commissioner shall issue an order.
§ gin-14-108
Corporations Cannot Issue Contracts for Health Care Services Without Certification
§ gin-14-109
What applicants for certificates of authority must do to receive their certification.
§ gin-14-110
guidelines to issue certificate of authority
§ gin-14-111
Nonprofit Health Service Plans Regulation
§ gin-14-112
Origins of revoking a certificate of authority
§ gin-14-115
Definition of "board" and "immediate family member"
§ gin-14-115.1
Definition of an "officer" under the Corporations and Associations Article
§ gin-14-116
Unsafe or unsound business practice defined.
§ gin-14-117
Definition of "Assets" and "Surplus"
§ gin-14-118
Origins of surplus of a corporation
§ gin-14-119
Chief Executive Officer Duties
§ gin-14-120
Explanation of Group Health Care
§ gin-14-121
Maryland Commissioner & Annual Nonprofit Health Service Plan
§ gin-14-124
The commissioner may alter out of state healthcare programs if they damage in-state non-profit programs.
§ gin-14-125
How Examiner Inspects Examine in Maryland State
§ gin-14-126
Judicial review for commissioner's finding on rates forms
§ gin-14-127
Judicial Reviews
§ gin-14-130
Definition of a health insurer.
§ gin-14-133
Important Nonprofit Health Service Plan Terminologies
§ gin-14-136
Limitations of Nonprofit Health Service Plans
§ gin-14-137
Regulation regarding the issue and delivery of non-profit health services
§ gin-14-138
Regulations regarding nonprofit health service plans.
§ gin-14-139
rules related to the limitations of An officer, director, or employee of a corporation
§ gin-14-140
"Violation of any provision "
§ gin-14-201
meaning of words under this title
§ gin-14-201
meaning of words under this title
§ gin-14-202
Group Insurance Policies
§ gin-14-203
Adopting Regulations
§ gin-14-204
The Commissioner can administer a health benefit program that limits the number and types of insurance packages available.
§ gin-14-205
Payments for Lawful Insurance Policy
§ gin-14-205
Payments for Lawful Insurance Policy
§ gin-14-205.1
Authorization of nonprofit health service plans
§ gin-14-205.2
Attempts to Collect for Health Care Services Rendered
§ gin-14-205.3
Origins of an physician
§ gin-14-206
Each insurer that provides a preferred provider insurance policy must submit a written summary description and a copy of policy.
§ gin-14-401
Dental Plans, Dental Services, Enrollees
§ gin-14-402
Section 14-402 Dental Services Regulations
§ gin-14-403
Limitations of Dental Plan Organizations
§ gin-14-404
Requirements of Dental Plan Organizations
§ gin-14-405
Requirements for applicants for certificates of authority
§ gin-14-406
Dental plan organization modification regulations.
§ gin-14-407
Dental plan affairs conducted need satisfaction from commissioner
§ gin-14-408
Certificates of Authority.
§ gin-14-409
conditions to dental plan organization under this section
§ gin-14-410
Evidence of coverage Law of Maryland
§ gin-14-411
The Commissioner has access to any and all dental records.
§ gin-14-412
dental plan organization and complaint system
§ gin-14-413
Order for filing statement for dental plan organization
§ gin-14-414
Amount a dental plan organization can use on expenses
§ gin-14-415
Dental plan organization regulations.
§ gin-14-416
The Commissioner's Affect on Dental Plan Organizations
§ gin-14-417
Stopping Dental Plan Organizations in Court
§ gin-14-418
Dental Plan Organizations
§ gin-14-501
Maryland Health Insurance Plan Terminologies
§ gin-14-501
Maryland Health Insurance Plan Terminologies
§ gin-14-502
§ gin-14-503
Insurance Plan Supervisory Board Described.
§ gin-14-504
§ gin-14-504
§ gin-14-505
Standard Benefit Packages
§ gin-14-505
Standard Benefit Packages
§ gin-14-506
The Administrator's Duties
§ gin-14-507
Unlawful Referrals Barring Individuals from Employer Group Health Insurance Coverage
§ gin-14-508
Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Exceptions
§ gin-14-508
Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Exceptions
§ gin-14-509
Origins of the Plan
§ gin-14-510
Rules about Eligible Individual
§ gin-14-511
Purpose of Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program
§ gin-14-512
Prescription Drug Benefit Subsidies
§ gin-14-513
deposition of funds
§ gin-14-514
Program Activities Report
§ gin-14-515
maximum participation in the program
§ gin-14-601
_what is Discount drug plan?_
§ gin-14-602
Duties Of Insurer, Organizations Of Health Maintenance Or Dental Plan
§ gin-14-603
Regulations for communicating with a commissioner for registering medical plans.
§ gin-14-604
Renewal and Registration of Application
§ gin-14-605
Penalties for Registration Applicants
§ gin-14-606
Discount Medical Plan Organizations Advertising Guidelines.
§ gin-14-607
Required information given to any member of a discount medical plan
§ gin-14-608
Discount Medical Plan Membership Legislation.
§ gin-14-609
Medical and drug plan organization plans
§ gin-14-610
Medical and Drug Plan Examinations
§ gin-14-611
Subtitle Enforcement Mechanisms
§ gin-14-612
The Commissioner follows these provisions
§ gin-14-701
Definitions for Health Care.
§ gin-14-702
"Regulates the establishment and operation of public__private health care programs."
§ gin-14-703
Requirements for Public-Private Healthcare Organizations
§ gin-14-704
"Public-private health care program"
§ gin-14-705
Subtitle in Effect Until May 31, 2013
§ gin-14-706
Public-private health care program may not approve an application for enrollment
§ gin-14-707
Commissioner may deny a hearing provision
§ gin-14-708
Truthful and not misleading in fact or by implication
§ gin-14-709
Requirements of Violators
§ gin-14-710
Regulations to carry out the provisions of subtitle.
§ gin-15-1001
Guidelines for Blanket Health Insurance Policies
§ gin-15-1002
Law About Providing Standard System Of Payment For Medical Services
§ gin-15-1003
Origins of health maintenance organization
§ gin-15-1004
Properly Handling Insurance Claims from Hospitals
§ gin-15-1005
Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.
§ gin-15-1006
Insurance denial of claims in Maryland
§ gin-15-1007
Compensations for claims to be paid by the insurers and nonprofit health service plans.
§ gin-15-1008
Definition of Insurance Terms
§ gin-15-1009
Origins of a carrier
§ gin-15-101
not applicable to reinsurance,blanket policy
§ gin-15-1010
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ gin-15-102
Specific Definition of "Insured"
§ gin-15-103
Requirements for insurer or nonprofit health services
§ gin-15-104
specific meaning of words under this title
§ gin-15-105
Definition of Sexual Abuse Terms
§ gin-15-106
Must provide individual with home medical equipment pursuant
§ gin-15-107
Origins of delivering individual, group, or blanket health insurance policies in Maryland
§ gin-15-108
Insurer Record Keeping Requirements
§ gin-15-109
Definition of Loss ratio and Specified disease policy
§ gin-15-10A-01
Definitions of Court-Related Terms
§ gin-15-10A-01.1
Maryland Health Benefits Law
§ gin-15-10A-02
Internal Grievance Processes
§ gin-15-10A-03
Health Care Grievance Guidelines
§ gin-15-10A-04
Commissioner's priorities on health care services
§ gin-15-10A-05
Independent Review of Medical Necessity Qualifications for Health Care
§ gin-15-10A-06
When Carriers Submit to the Commissioner
§ gin-15-10A-07
The Health Advocacy Unit's Quarterly Report
§ gin-15-10A-08
Health Advocacy Unit Annual Summary
§ gin-15-10A-09
Commissioner Duties
§ gin-15-10A-10
Stipulations regarding notifications by carriers.
§ gin-15-10B-01
Definitions of words related to employee assistance programs.
§ gin-15-10B-02
Guidelines for Providing Proper Healthcare
§ gin-15-10B-03
Origins of a private review agent
§ gin-15-10B-04
Specifics for Applicants of Certificates
§ gin-15-10B-05
Private Review Agent submit information per Commissioner requirement
§ gin-15-10B-06
Duties of private review agent
§ gin-15-10B-07
Reviews of Adverse Decisions Made By Physicians
§ gin-15-10B-08
internal grievance process
§ gin-15-10B-09
Meaning Of Attending Provider And The Guidelines For Perinatal Care
§ gin-15-10B-09.1
A grievance decision related to a licensed physician
§ gin-15-10B-10
How to Renew a Certificate
§ gin-15-10B-11
What Private Review Agents Should Not Do.
§ gin-15-10B-12
Violators of 15-10B-11 Can Be Fined $1,000/ day and it's a Misdemeanor
§ gin-15-10B-13
Maryland Aggrieved Persons has right to a hearing and appeal
§ gin-15-10B-14
Requirements may be waived for certain agents working with Social Security.
§ gin-15-10B-15
Commissioner List Provision of Private Review Agents
§ gin-15-10B-16
Reporting requirements established by the Commissioner
§ gin-15-10B-17
Health Care Exclusions to This Subsection
§ gin-15-10B-18
Private Review Agents
§ gin-15-10B-19
Records of private review agents will be examined at least once every five years.
§ gin-15-10B-20
Review of Maryland Pharmacy Benefit Manager
§ gin-15-10C-01
Meaning of the Following Words Pertaining to Subtitle
§ gin-15-10C-02
Powers of The Commissioner to Issue Certificates
§ gin-15-10C-03
Medical Director Certification Application Conditions
§ gin-15-10C-04
Maryland Insurance Hearing Procedure
§ gin-15-10D-01
Meaning of words in Maryland subtitle gin-15-10D-01
§ gin-15-10D-02
Carriers Must Have an Internal Appeal Process for Its Members
§ gin-15-10D-03
Carriers Must Fulfill Obligations or Face Penalty.
§ gin-15-10D-04
Necessary Regulations
§ gin-15-10D-05
An insurance carrier must be culturally and linguistically appropriate when appealing to members.
§ gin-15-110
§ gin-15-1101
Each non-profit health service plan must offer a catastrophic coverage plan.
§ gin-15-1102
Meaning of "Employee"
§ gin-15-1103
Meaning of Transportation Ticket Policy in this Section
§ gin-15-1104
Employer sponsored group health benefit plan for Special eligible employee.
§ gin-15-1105
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ gin-15-1106
An insurance company can not rescind a contract for a group based on individual insurability.
§ gin-15-111
Payor's Duties Regarding Reports, Claim Data, Timely Filing, and other Information to the Commission.
§ gin-15-112
meaning of words under this section
§ gin-15-112.1
§ gin-15-112.2
Maryland law as it applies to dental hMO services.
§ gin-15-113
Specified by the State
§ gin-15-114
Maryland section Meanings
§ gin-15-115
Meaning of "Carrier"
§ gin-15-116
Meaning of Carrier in Different Health Fields
§ gin-15-117
Maryland state of insurance and health care policies
§ gin-15-118
meaning of words under this section
§ gin-15-119
Consultation Referral Rules for Health Service Plans
§ gin-15-120
Commissioner supplemental healthcare rights
§ gin-15-1201
Subtitle Terms Defined
§ gin-15-1201
Subtitle Terms Defined
§ gin-15-1202
A small business or employer may choose to pay all or part of an employee's health insurance.
§ gin-15-1203
Criteria For What Is Deemed A Small Employer
§ gin-15-1203
Criteria For What Is Deemed A Small Employer
§ gin-15-1204
Grandfathered Health Plans
§ gin-15-1204
Grandfathered Health Plans
§ gin-15-1204.1
Health Benefit Plans Carrier Changes as of January 1, 2014
§ gin-15-1205
Grandfathered Carrier Insurance Plan Regulations Under the Affordable Care Act
§ gin-15-1205
Grandfathered Carrier Insurance Plan Regulations Under the Affordable Care Act
§ gin-15-1206
many people who a small employer involuntarily.
§ gin-15-1207
The Commission's Duty To Adopt Regulations in Accordance With Title 19, Subtitle 1
§ gin-15-1208
Issue of the Small Employer
§ gin-15-1208.1
Special Enrollment Periods Must Be Provided by Carriers.
§ gin-15-1209
Carrier of Insurance
§ gin-15-121
Maryland Insurance Definitions
§ gin-15-1210
Maryland Small employer carrier coverage
§ gin-15-1210
Maryland Small employer carrier coverage
§ gin-15-1211
Health insurance companies must file plans to sell insurance to small companies.
§ gin-15-1212
Stipulations for Carriers Renewing Health Benefit Plans
§ gin-15-1213
The section 15-1213 does not apply to the insurance of section 15-1201
§ gin-15-1214
Payments made to hospitals by health benefits plans
§ gin-15-1215
Insurance carriers must choose between being a reinsurer or a risk-assuming carrier.
§ gin-15-1216
Maryland Small Employer Health Reinsurance Pool
§ gin-15-1217
Minimum Outline for The Plan of Operation
§ gin-15-1218
Re-insuring Carriers
§ gin-15-1219
Methodology and Premiums
§ gin-15-122
Definition of Carrier
§ gin-15-122.1
Meaning of the Following Words in this Section
§ gin-15-1220
§ gin-15-1221
Administration and reporting requirements of reinsurance carriers
§ gin-15-1222
the Legislative Auditor and audit report and working papers.
§ gin-15-1223
Pool Fund Participation
§ gin-15-1224
Dissolution of Pool due to Financial Viability
§ gin-15-1225
Maryland Health Insurance
§ gin-15-123
Definition of Carrier in the Health Settings
§ gin-15-124
Meaning of 'Group Health Insurance'.
§ gin-15-125
Meanings of the following words are indicated.
§ gin-15-126
Meaning of Emergency Medical Condition in this Section
§ gin-15-127
Definition of Behavioral Health Care Administrative Expenses and Behavioral Health Care Services
§ gin-15-129
Meaning of the Following Words in this Section
§ gin-15-12A-01
Maryland subtitles for commissions, departments and employees
§ gin-15-12A-02
Employer Health Benefit Plan
§ gin-15-12A-03
rules related to the eligibility of a small employer for a subsidy
§ gin-15-12A-04
Small Employer Health Benefit Plans
§ gin-15-12A-05
The Commission's Obligation to Report to The Governor
§ gin-15-12A-05
The Commission's Obligation to Report to The Governor
§ gin-15-130
Health benefit requirements for Insurers
§ gin-15-1301
Law in Effect Until June 30, 2014
§ gin-15-1301
Law in Effect Until June 30, 2014
§ gin-15-1302
Health Plan Provider Regulations
§ gin-15-1303
Individual Health Benefit Plan Carrier Obligations
§ gin-15-1303
Individual Health Benefit Plan Carrier Obligations
§ gin-15-1307
Health insurance benefit calculatio
§ gin-15-1308
Meaning of Affiliate in this Section
§ gin-15-1309
Carrier Renewal Of Health Plan At Individual's Discretion
§ gin-15-131
Health Components
§ gin-15-1310
Carrier Provision of Written Certification of Creditable Coverage
§ gin-15-1311
Determining Creditable Coverage Periods
§ gin-15-1312
Carriers That Issued High or Low Level Policies Before July 1, 2004
§ gin-15-1313
Published list of Maryland health benefit plans
§ gin-15-1314
Carrier Rate Increase Prohibition More Than Once A Year
§ gin-15-132
Intended Meaning of Carrier
§ gin-15-133
Commissioner Report to General Assembly Laws
§ gin-15-134
Affordable Health Care
§ gin-15-135
Annual Dental Care
§ gin-15-135.1
words indicated meanings under this section
§ gin-15-136
Maryland Insurance Definitions
§ gin-15-137.1
Provisions of The Affordable Care Act
§ gin-15-138
Ambulance Services and Coverages
§ gin-15-139
Medical Communications Through Telephone
§ gin-15-1401
Definition of "Affiliate Period" and other Credit-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gin-15-1402
Section Application to Group Health Benefit Plan Carriers
§ gin-15-1403
Written Certification of Credible Coverage by Carrier
§ gin-15-1404
Periods of Credible Coverage
§ gin-15-1405
Creditable coverage
§ gin-15-1406
Prohibition to Require Individual to Enroll in Group Plan
§ gin-15-1406.1
An employee may not enroll a dependent in a health plan unless they are a member of the health plan.
§ gin-15-1407
Restrictions on The Premiums Carriers Are Allowed to Charge Individuals
§ gin-15-1408
Health Plan Options
§ gin-15-1409
Rules for not renewing a group's insurance coverage.
§ gin-15-1501
meaning of words under this section
§ gin-15-1502
Commission Evaluation Conduction of Mandated Health Insurance Services
§ gin-15-1601
Business Terms Explained
§ gin-15-1604
A pharmacy benefits manager shall register with the Commissioner.
§ gin-15-1605
Pharmacy Benefits Manager Registration
§ gin-15-1606
A pharmacy benefits manager must be registered with the commissioner.
§ gin-15-1607
The Commissioner of Insurance may deny claim of Pharmacy Benefits Manager if claim is fraudulent.
§ gin-15-1608
Pharmacy Purchaser
§ gin-15-1609
Examination of Affairs by Commissioner
§ gin-15-1610
Pharmacy Benefits Manager Prohibition of Shipment to Nonresident Pharmacies
§ gin-15-1613
Pharmacy and therapeutics committee : Meeting the requirement of the part
§ gin-15-1614
Pharmacy Committee Obligations
§ gin-15-1615
Pharmacy benefits manager limitations
§ gin-15-1616
A pharmacy benefits manager can be required to disclose records to the state.
§ gin-15-1617
Ensuring Pharmacy Rules and Regulations
§ gin-15-1618
The Commissioner's Power to Consider a Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
§ gin-15-1619
Adoption of Regulations by the Commissioner
§ gin-15-1622
Pharmacy benefits manager non-requirements
§ gin-15-1623
Pharmacy Benefits Manager Duties Prior to Contract Entrance
§ gin-15-1624
Purchaser has a "Rebate Sharing Contract" from a Pharmacy Benefits Manager who must Supply a report.
§ gin-15-1625
Office of the Attorney General
§ gin-15-1628
Entering Contracts with Pharmacists or Pharmacies
§ gin-15-1629
Pharmacy Benefits
§ gin-15-1630
Duties of Pharmacy Benefit Managers
§ gin-15-1631
Exclusions to Overpayment Reimbursement
§ gin-15-1633
Requessting Therapeutic Interchanges as a Pharmacy Benefit Manager
§ gin-15-1634
Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Therapeutic Interchanges
§ gin-15-1635
Responsibility of the pharmacy manager or agent to disclose
§ gin-15-1636
Maryland Pharmacy Manager Benefits
§ gin-15-1637
A pharmacy benefits manager shall maintain a toll-free number.
§ gin-15-1638
Disclosures Will Comply With Privacy Standards
§ gin-15-1639
Pharmacy Benefits Manager Establishment of Appropriate Policies
§ gin-15-1642
Maryland Commissioner Benefits
§ gin-15-1701
Definitions of "Carrier", "Enrollee", "Physician Rating System", and "Ratings Examiner."
§ gin-15-1702
Rating Systems
§ gin-15-1703
Carriers Using Physician Rating System
§ gin-15-1704
Procedure for physician rating system reporting.
§ gin-15-1705
Reporting Appeals
§ gin-15-1801
Word meanings under section gin-15-1801
§ gin-15-1802
Carrier Participation in the Maryland Patient Centered Medical Home Program
§ gin-15-1901
Meaning of the Following Words in this Subtitle
§ gin-15-1902
Carrier-Organization payments
§ gin-15-1903
Use of medical information
§ gin-15-201
Policy of Health Insurance
§ gin-15-202
Health Insurance Delivery Regulations
§ gin-15-203
Health Insurance Termination, Renewal, and Refusal Requirements
§ gin-15-204
Age Limit for Health Insurance in Maryland
§ gin-15-205
Alien Insurer Policies
§ gin-15-206
Policy Provisions
§ gin-15-207
Maryland Health Insurance Policy Revision
§ gin-15-208
each policy of health insurance shall contain three limits
§ gin-15-209
each policy of health insurance shall contain Grace period.
§ gin-15-210
Necessary Inclusion of Provisions for Health Insurance Policies
§ gin-15-211
Health Insurance Policy Provision Requirements
§ gin-15-212
Each insurance company shall make provisions for claim forms.
§ gin-15-213
Maryland Health Insurance Policy Revision
§ gin-15-214
Regulations applicable to policy of health insurance
§ gin-15-215
Maryland Health Insurance Policy Duties
§ gin-15-216
health insurance policy contents under this section
§ gin-15-217
Contents of health insurance policy
§ gin-15-218
Health Insurance
§ gin-15-219
Health Insurance Compensation;Change of Occupation;Increased Hazard Classification,
§ gin-15-220
Health Insurance Policy Allowance of the Following Provision
§ gin-15-221
Provisions for Health Insurance
§ gin-15-222
health insurance policy contents under this section
§ gin-15-223
section describing the contents of health insurance policy
§ gin-15-224
Health Insurance
§ gin-15-225
contents of the policy of health insurance
§ gin-15-226
health insurance policy conformity
§ gin-15-301
Meaning of Blanket and Group Health Insurance
§ gin-15-302
Group Health Insurance Regulations
§ gin-15-304
Fulfilling Requests of Policyholders
§ gin-15-304
Fulfilling Requests of Policyholders
§ gin-15-305
Details related to Blanket Health Insurance
§ gin-15-306
Maryland state authorized policies of health insurance
§ gin-15-308
Blanket Health Insurance Non-Requirement For Individual Form
§ gin-15-309
Payable blanked health care benefits
§ gin-15-310
Maryland Solicitation of Coverage
§ gin-15-401
meaning of date of adoption under this section
§ gin-15-402
Group Health Insurance Policies
§ gin-15-403
Each section applies to each individual.
§ gin-15-403.1
Regulations for Maryland Health Insurance Policy for Dependents
§ gin-15-403.2
meaning of child dependent of the domestic partner
§ gin-15-404
details of the section applicable to
§ gin-15-405
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this section.
§ gin-15-406
Maryland Health Insurance Coverage
§ gin-15-407
meaning of words under this section
§ gin-15-408
meaning of words under this section
§ gin-15-409
Definition of "Change in Status," "Group Contract," and "Insured"
§ gin-15-409.1
Meaning of "Act," "Carrier," and "Small Employer"
§ gin-15-410
Regulations of a group health insurance policy
§ gin-15-411
Insurance Contract Policy Rules
§ gin-15-412
Information pertinent to an insured individual
§ gin-15-413
Scope of Group Health Insurance policy
§ gin-15-414
Conversion Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-415
Origins of entering a group contract
§ gin-15-416
Baby delivery Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-417
Nonprofit Health service plans insurance
§ gin-15-418
Specified terms and definitions
§ gin-15-501
Reducing payments Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-502
Health insurance after July 1, 1978
§ gin-15-503
Right to Health Insurance for Individuals with Diethylstilbestrol
§ gin-15-504
Details about an individual, group, or blanket health insurance policy
§ gin-15-505
Disability & sickness Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-506
Maternity benefits Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-507
details about this section applicable to whom
§ gin-15-508
Insurance Definitions and Rules for Pre-existing conditions
§ gin-15-508.1
A Carrier May Not Attach an Exclusionary Rider
§ gin-15-509
Bona fide wellness program of Maryland
§ gin-15-601
Insurers & non profit health service plans must ensure reasonable cost for poor as laid out in rules.
§ gin-15-602
Scope of Provisions Included in this Subtitle
§ gin-15-603
Reimbursement of Medical Costs to Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ gin-15-604
Medicaid prepaid capitation payments Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-605
An annual report must meet these specifications
§ gin-15-701
Individual and Group Health Insurance Sub-Section
§ gin-15-702
self-funded group insurance
§ gin-15-703
Certified nurse practitioner Law
§ gin-15-704
Health Insurance Policies Affected by Maryland Law
§ gin-15-705
A chiropractor deserves compensation for things he is insured to perform.
§ gin-15-706
Origins of Healthcare in Maryland
§ gin-15-707
Nonprofit health service Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-708
Description of Nurse Anesthetist under this Section
§ gin-15-709
§ gin-15-710
health insurance policy Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-711
Origins of individual or group health insurance policy
§ gin-15-712
The provisions of the Health Occupations Article
§ gin-15-713
Insurance reimbursement equal for a podiatrist or physician
§ gin-15-714
Health insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-715
Individual/Group health insurance policy or contract Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-801
Alzheimers disease Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-802
A List of Definitions Applicable to this Section.
§ gin-15-803
Blood products Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-804
Insurance Company Drug coverage guidelines
§ gin-15-805
The meanings and details of Pharmaceutical product and Authorized prescriber are indicated.
§ gin-15-806
Details of a nonprofit health service plan
§ gin-15-807
Intended Meanings of Key Terms
§ gin-15-808
Definitions of home health care in this section.
§ gin-15-809
Statement that all insurers who insure MD residents must offer benefits for hospice care
§ gin-15-810
Section Applies to Following Sectors
§ gin-15-811
Pregnancy Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-812
Word definitions for the following sections described below
§ gin-15-813
Applies to Group or Blanket Health Insurance Policy
§ gin-15-814
§ gin-15-815
Definitions of breast surgery terms
§ gin-15-816
Origins of Insurers and nonprofit health service plans
§ gin-15-817
Child wellness services Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-818
Explanation of health insurance benefits
§ gin-15-819
Applicability of this Section to Health Plans
§ gin-15-820
Orthopedic brace Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-821
Origins of Surgical procedure
§ gin-15-822
Diabetes Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-823
Bone mass measurement shall be included in insurance policies when applicable.
§ gin-15-824
Insurers and nonprofit health service Act of Maryland
§ gin-15-825
Section Scope and Applicability
§ gin-15-826
Section 15-826 Applies To Health Maintenance Firms and Insurers.
§ gin-15-827
Here Member means a policyholder, subscriber, insured, or certificate holder
§ gin-15-828
The Health Corner
§ gin-15-829
Origins of Sexually Transmitted Disease in Maryland
§ gin-15-830
Description of Terms Used in this Section
§ gin-15-831
Prescription drugs and devices Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-832
Origins of insurers and nonprofit health service plans
§ gin-15-832.1
Mastectomy definition and coverage guidelines
§ gin-15-833
Origins of A policy
§ gin-15-834
Expense-incurred basis
§ gin-15-835
It is very good to explain the down syndrome, autism, spin bifida, Cerebral palsy
§ gin-15-836
Insurers and nonprofit health service Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-837
Insurance Coverage & Colorectal Cancer Screening
§ gin-15-838
Hearing Aid Under Health
§ gin-15-839
Terms of Body weight for the state of Maryland
§ gin-15-840
What are Residential Crisis Services and Who Must Cover These Services
§ gin-15-841
Prescription drugs Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-842
Laws Regarding Insurers And Nonprofit Health Service Plans In Maryland State
§ gin-15-843
Section Industry Sector's Apply To
§ gin-15-844
Prosthetic devices replace whole or partial arms, legs, or eyes.
§ gin-15-845
insurers and nonprofit health service plans
§ gin-15-846
Insurance for cancer and chemotherapy
§ gin-15-901
Definition of various health insurance terms.
§ gin-15-902
Interpretation of Subtitle in Relationship to Medicare
§ gin-15-903
Medicare Compatibility Sub-Section Title
§ gin-15-904
Medicare Supplement Policy Issuance and Renewal Regulations
§ gin-15-905
A carrier shall restore any benefit that was eliminated from a Medicare supplement policy
§ gin-15-906
Provisions Regarding Medicare Supplement Policies
§ gin-15-907
§ gin-15-908
Approval of Medicare supplement policies
§ gin-15-909
Origins of Medicare supplement policy
§ gin-15-910
Each Medicare supplement policy or certificate shall have prominently printed on the first page of the policy
§ gin-15-911
Standards for Loss Ratios of Medicare Supplement Policies
§ gin-15-912
standards for policy provisions of Medicare supplement policies and certificates.
§ gin-15-913
Commissioner and Regulations
§ gin-15-914
Commissioner Best Practices.
§ gin-15-915
Regulations to conform Medicare supplement policies
§ gin-15-916
Medicare Supplement Buyer's Guide
§ gin-15-917
Medicare supplement policies of Maryland
§ gin-15-918
Medicare Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-919
Mandatory Disclosures to Individual Seeking Medicare on the Basis of Age
§ gin-15-920
Regulations for captions or notice requirements Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-921
Disclosure of information related to replacing health insurance
§ gin-15-922
Definition of Compensation under this Section
§ gin-15-923
Medicare supplement advertisement Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-924
Requirements of soliciting the sale of a health insurance policy
§ gin-15-925
Limits for insurance carriers in providing Medicare
§ gin-15-926
Medicare supplement policies Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-927
Medicare supplement policy Law of Maryland
§ gin-15-928
Subtitle Qualification
§ gin-16-101
Contracts of life insurance and annuities Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-102
Wholesale life insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-103
Expectations of a life insurer
§ gin-16-104
Life insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-105
Insurance policy and annuity cancellation and communication policy
§ gin-16-106
Life Insurance Policy
§ gin-16-107
A Reinstated Life Insurance Policy or Annuity Can Be Contested
§ gin-16-108
Proceeds of Maryland Life Insurance Policy held by Insurer.
§ gin-16-109
Insurer need not pay interest on benefits if the proceeds of the policy are paid within 30 days after the date of death of the insured
§ gin-16-110
Estate Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-111
"Benefits to Nominee of annuity contracts"
§ gin-16-112
Life insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-113
Requirements of the funding agreement
§ gin-16-114
"Activities of Non profit commission"
§ gin-16-115
Burial Insurance Business Requirements
§ gin-16-116
Public entities Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-117
Intended Meaning of Retained Asset Acccount
§ gin-16-118
Life Insurance policy ,claims and Insurer Rights Act
§ gin-16-201
Life insurance regulations of Maryland
§ gin-16-202
life insurance grace period provisions
§ gin-16-203
Policy of life insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-204
Life insurance policy between parties
§ gin-16-205
Age Conditions of Life Insurance Policies
§ gin-16-206
In each ordinary and industrial insurance policy surplus/dividend will be distributed each year.
§ gin-16-207
not applicable to industrial life insurance policies
§ gin-16-208
Definitions, required provisions for life insurance policies.
§ gin-16-209
Policy of life insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-210
Guidelines concerning life insurance reinstatement after default
§ gin-16-211
Requirements of life insurance
§ gin-16-212
Life Insurance Policy Named Beneficiary
§ gin-16-213
Requirements of a brief description for group life insurance
§ gin-16-214
Rider's role in an insurance policy
§ gin-16-215
Life Insurance Policies
§ gin-16-216
Provisions that must not be in a life insurance policy
§ gin-16-217
Issuance Requirements Regarding Wholesale Life Insurance Policies
§ gin-16-218
Life Insurance Safeguards
§ gin-16-301
The subtitle does not apply to the following
§ gin-16-302
Historical Operative Date Subtitle Compliance
§ gin-16-303
Requirements of policy of life insurance
§ gin-16-304
Life Insurance Provision Omissions
§ gin-16-305
Cash surrender Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-306
Maryland's law of policy anniversary
§ gin-16-307
Insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-308
Life insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-309
Regulations applied to policies of life insurance issued on or after January 1, 1989
§ gin-16-310
Origins of life insurance
§ gin-16-311
Details of a premium payment due on a policy of life insurance
§ gin-16-312
Maryland law of policies of life insurance
§ gin-16-313
Standard Non-forfeiture law for Life Insurance in Maryland
§ gin-16-401
Regulations of an annuity contract or pure endowment contract
§ gin-16-402
Requirements of an annuity contract or pure endowment contract
§ gin-16-403
Options and Constraints of the Insurer.
§ gin-16-404
Annuity and Endowment Contract Whole Agreement Provision
§ gin-16-405
"Insurers assertiveness towards Pension and wealth creation"
§ gin-16-406
Provisions of annuity contract and pure endowment contract
§ gin-16-407
Requirements of Annuity contract & pure endowment contract
§ gin-16-408
Requirements of contract for a reversionary or survivorship annuity
§ gin-16-409
Defines two riders for annuity contracts.
§ gin-16-501
Exclusions to Application of the Insurance Subtitle
§ gin-16-502
§ gin-16-503
Annuity contract Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-504
Regulations of any paid-up annuity, cash surrender, or death benefits under an annuity contract
§ gin-16-505
Paid Up Annuity Benefits
§ gin-16-506
Annuity contracts Law of Maryland
§ gin-16-507
Restrictions on Calculating Annuities Without Cash Surrender Benefits
§ gin-16-508
Calculating Benefits
§ gin-16-509
Financial Benefits Upon Death
§ gin-16-510
Maryland Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities
§ gin-16-601
Directions and Authorization stock insurer or mutual insurer contracts by Commissioner
§ gin-16-602
Segregated Asset Accounts Investments
§ gin-16-603
Policy or annuity contract Law of Maryland
§ gin-17-101
group life insurance may not be offered to a state resident that they are not aware of
§ gin-17-102
f proof of death is submitted to the insurer more than 180 days after the date of death of the insured.
§ gin-17-103
Life Insurance and Death Benefit Requirement
§ gin-17-104
Origins of group life insurance
§ gin-17-201
Origins of employees eligible for insurance
§ gin-17-202
Requirements for labor union
§ gin-17-203
Regulations about the issuing of a policy to a trust or trustees of a fund
§ gin-17-204
Association Requirements for Policy Issuance
§ gin-17-205
§ gin-17-206
Policies are issued to creditors under these rules.
§ gin-17-207
Credit union life policy requirements
§ gin-17-208
Insuring Groups of People
§ gin-17-209
Life insurance issued can extended to cover others
§ gin-17-301
Requirements of Group Life Insurance
§ gin-17-302
31 Day Grace Period for Group Life Insurance Policy Holders
§ gin-17-303
Rules and regulations of a policy of group life insurance
§ gin-17-304
Requirements of group life insurance
§ gin-17-305
Requirements of group life insurance
§ gin-17-306
Each policy of group life insurance shall contain a provision
§ gin-17-307
Regulations to a policy of group life insurance
§ gin-17-308
§ gin-17-309
Provisions of Group Life Insurance Policies
§ gin-17-310
What the policy of group life insurance contains.
§ gin-17-311
Group life insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-18-101
§ gin-18-102
Commissioner's Authority to Adopt Regulations - Long-term Care Insurance
§ gin-18-103
Long-term care insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-18-104
Long-Term Care Insurance Application and Unambiguous Questions
§ gin-18-105
Requirements of Long Term Insurance Policy
§ gin-18-106
A carrier shall provide to each applicant an outline of coverage and buyers guide.
§ gin-18-107
Description of certificate benefits.
§ gin-18-108
Long term care information must be disclosed
§ gin-18-109
Regulations of Long-Term Care Insurance Policies
§ gin-18-110
§ gin-18-111
Long-Term Care Insurance Provisions
§ gin-18-112
Long-term care insurance group policy regulations.
§ gin-18-113
"Long-term care insurance"
§ gin-18-114
Origins of long-term care insurance
§ gin-18-115
Evaluation of Loss Ratios and Subsequent Actions
§ gin-18-116
Origins of long-term care insurance
§ gin-18-117
Stipulations for accelerated benefits through life insurance.
§ gin-18-118
Termination of Long-Term Care Insurance
§ gin-18-119
Internal Revenue Code Policy Specifications
§ gin-18-120
Definitions of Words
§ gin-19-101
Misc Vehicle Liability Insurance Policy Laws
§ gin-19-102
Insurance laws of Maryland
§ gin-19-103
Liability for Charitable Institutions
§ gin-19-104
Provisions for health care provider medical injury policies.
§ gin-19-105
Insurance Policies for Fire Departments
§ gin-19-106
Indurer delivers motor vehicle liability insurance
§ gin-19-107
Motor Vehicle Insurance Renewal
§ gin-19-108
Vehicle liability insurance policy Law of Maryland
§ gin-19-109
Origins of the policy or contract
§ gin-19-110
Conditions to disclaim coverage on liability insurance policy
§ gin-19-111
Requirements of Specific Types of Insurers
§ gin-19-112
Policy Data Request Rights
§ gin-19-113
Settlement of Liability Insurance Policy
§ gin-19-114
Origins of delivering medical professional liability insurance policy in Maryland
§ gin-19-115
Definitions of Applicable Terms
§ gin-19-116
Definitions of Insurance Terms
§ gin-19-201
Meaning of Additional Optional Coverage and Insurer
§ gin-19-202
§ gin-19-203
Costs of homeowners liability insurance
§ gin-19-204
Bodily Injury Under Homeowner Liability Insurance
§ gin-19-205
What annual statement of Policy Holder should Mention
§ gin-19-206
Relation with insurer and buyer
§ gin-19-207
Stipulations of an Insurer's Duties to Insurance Applicants
§ gin-19-208
Origins of the policy of homeowners, fire, farmowners, or dwelling insurance
§ gin-19-209
regarding homeowner's insurance policy
§ gin-19-210
Mitigating loss and repair from hurricane or storm.
§ gin-19-211
Homeowner's Insurance Risks
§ gin-19-212
Material reduction for an insurer
§ gin-19-213
Various Homeowner's Insurance Policies
§ gin-19-214
procedure for cancellation or refuse to renew coverage
§ gin-19-301
Origins of an antiarson application
§ gin-19-302
purpose is to reduce fire damage
§ gin-19-303
Adopting regulations
§ gin-19-304
Property insurance covering the peril of fire for property
§ gin-19-305
Adoption of two-tier antiarson application form by the commission.
§ gin-19-306
Need for an alternative anti-arson application.
§ gin-19-307
Guidelines for Anti-Arson Applications
§ gin-19-308
Designations for Owner-Occupied Dwellings
§ gin-19-309
Terminating Insurance Policies as The Insurer
§ gin-19-402
Provisions of workers compensation insurance
§ gin-19-403
"What all a commissioner can do?"
§ gin-19-404
Workers Compensation Insurance Policy Reimbursements
§ gin-19-405
Renewing a Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy
§ gin-19-406
Cancellation of Premium
§ gin-19-501
Definition of motor vehicle
§ gin-19-502
Regulations regarding Christian Science care and motor vehicles.
§ gin-19-503
Complying With Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Regulations.
§ gin-19-504
Minimum Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Coverage
§ gin-19-504.1
Regulations regarding motor vehicle liability coverage.
§ gin-19-505
Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Policy Directives
§ gin-19-506
Waiver of insurance and eligibility
§ gin-19-507
Payment of Benefits
§ gin-19-508
Origins of payments of benefits
§ gin-19-509
meaning of uninsured motor vehicle
§ gin-19-509.1
Final judgment Law of Maryland
§ gin-19-510
Automobile Liability Coverage
§ gin-19-511
Rules of Insurance Written Offers
§ gin-19-512
Each insurer that issues, sells, or delivers a motor vehicle insurance policy in the State shall off.
§ gin-19-513
Stipulations for Authorized Insurers of Health Service Plans
§ gin-19-514
Authorized Insurers of Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements
§ gin-19-515
Regulations to an insurer regarding vehicle liability insurance policy
§ gin-19-516
Rules for motor insurance for disable
§ gin-19-601
Purchasing Property Insurance of Casualty Insurance
§ gin-19-602
Definition of "public entity"
§ gin-19-603
meaning of "local government" under this section
§ gin-19-701
Qualifications for "Affected Property"
§ gin-19-702
Application of Subtitle Regarding Liability Coverage.
§ gin-19-703
Commissioner adopt regulations.
§ gin-19-704
Coverage for Lead Hazard Problems
§ gin-19-705
Authorized Lead hazards insures can not charge deductibles
§ gin-19-706
Elevated blood lead level Law of Maryland
§ gin-19-801
meaning of words under this title
§ gin-19-802
Information About The Maryland Health Care Provider Rate Stabilization Fund
§ gin-19-803
The Commissioner Administers The Fund
§ gin-19-804
Preference order for distribution of the Fund.
§ gin-19-805
Medical professional liability insurance stipulations
§ gin-19-806
When The Commissioner Determines the Financial Subsidy for the Next Year
§ gin-19-807
Law About The Disbursement Of Money To Health Care Providers By The Commissioner
§ gin-19-808
Medical Assistance Program Account Regulations
§ gin-19-901
"Some law facts "
§ gin-19-902
Plan for Inland Marine Policy for Portable Electronic Insurance is on
§ gin-19-903
Information on insurers
§ gin-2-101
"Maryland Insurance Administration"
§ gin-2-102
About divisions and sections of Administrations
§ gin-2-103
Responsibilities of The Commissioner
§ gin-2-104
Deputy Commissioner Duties
§ gin-2-105
Definition of "Secretary" as "Secretary of Budget and Management"
§ gin-2-106
Skilled service employees Law of Maryland
§ gin-2-107
Origins of employment from Commissioner
§ gin-2-108
"Powers and authority of the Commissioner"
§ gin-2-109
The commission may make rules to carry out various articles
§ gin-2-110
Submission of annual report about the previous fiscal year by the commissioner
§ gin-2-111
Record Keeping Duties of The Commissioner
§ gin-2-112
Origins of fees for certificates, licenses, and services
§ gin-2-112.2
§ gin-2-112.3
Details of the state Health Care Regulatory Fund.
§ gin-2-113
Regulating The Payment of Premium Unpaid Taxes
§ gin-2-114
Considerations for general funds of the State
§ gin-2-115
The Commissioner's Adoption of Regulations
§ gin-2-201
The action that a commissioner may bring in a court of competent jurisdiction for enforcement
§ gin-2-202
Authority of Commissioner
§ gin-2-203
The Commissioner's Court Duties
§ gin-2-204
Rules or Written Orders
§ gin-2-205
Meaning of "Analysis"
§ gin-2-206
How The Commissioner Determines Compliance
§ gin-2-207
Guidelines for conducting examination by the commissioner.
§ gin-2-208
"Who pay to the Commissioner"
§ gin-2-209
Complete reports on examination
§ gin-2-210
Commissioner Has Rights To Approve Or Refuse Hearings.
§ gin-2-211
notice to person before hearing
§ gin-2-212
Regulations of Hearing Demands in Regards to Insurance Claims.
§ gin-2-213
All Hearings Should be Open to Public
§ gin-2-214
Quasi-Judicial Capacity for Commissioner During Hearings
§ gin-2-215
Procedures for an appeal under this subtitle.
§ gin-2-301
Meaning of "Program"
§ gin-2-302
Functioning Of Consumer Education and Advocacy Program By The Commissioner
§ gin-2-303
Purposes of the Insurer Program
§ gin-2-303.1
What Type of Information to Access Through The Administration
§ gin-2-303.2
The Administrations responsibilities concerning insurance matters.
§ gin-2-304
Ability of the Commissioner to employ a staff.
§ gin-2-305
Duties of the commissioner who carry out the program
§ gin-2-401
Origins of fraudulent activity
§ gin-2-402
Insurance Fraud Policy
§ gin-2-403
Commissioner Fraud Division
§ gin-2-404
Commissioner can assign State Police to fraud division.
§ gin-2-405
Authority and Responsibilities of the Fraud Division
§ gin-2-408
Attorney General reports to the Fraud Division
§ gin-2-501
Health Assessments
§ gin-2-502
Commissioner May Collect Annual Assessment Fee from Each Insurer
§ gin-2-503
Insurers will pay Commissioner annual assessment fees
§ gin-2-504
Assessed Fee for Insurers Replacing Valuation Fee(s)
§ gin-2-505
The Insurance Regulation Fund.
§ gin-2-506
Annual Premium Reporting
§ gin-2-507
Commissioner Regulations
§ gin-20-101
Definitions of Various Group Member Titles
§ gin-20-201
§ gin-20-202
Board of Trustees Characteristics
§ gin-20-203
The Board of Trustees duties
§ gin-20-204
State Personnel and Pensions Article.
§ gin-20-301
Financial Security
§ gin-20-302
special fund account
§ gin-20-303
Financial management committee Law of Maryland
§ gin-20-304
Legislative auditor may conduct audits yearly
§ gin-20-401
Industry Automobile Insurance Association
§ gin-20-402
The Association Law of Maryland
§ gin-20-403
Board of Directors Administer The Association
§ gin-20-404
Origins of the Fund
§ gin-20-405
Origins of net direct written premiums
§ gin-20-406
Origins of Reviewing the assessment allocation percentages
§ gin-20-407
Election for Association member.
§ gin-20-408
Section 20-408 Association Assessment Surcharges
§ gin-20-409
Assessment surcharges and allocation for members
§ gin-20-410
Regulations of Insufficiency Assessment Reserve Fund
§ gin-20-411
Origins of The Fund
§ gin-20-501
Definition of _covered vehicle_
§ gin-20-502
Motor Vehicle Administration
§ gin-20-503
Private passenger auto liability insurance stipulations
§ gin-20-504
Services sold in addition to the Fund
§ gin-20-505
Executive Director's say on claims against the Fund.
§ gin-20-506
Responsibilities of Executive Director
§ gin-20-507
Duties of the Commissioner and Executive Director
§ gin-20-508
Continuing Coverage to Policyholders
§ gin-20-509
Fiduciary regulations concerning fund managers.
§ gin-20-510
Fund Producer Guidelines
§ gin-20-511
fund producers applicant duties
§ gin-20-512
Section 20-512 Insurance Commission Guidelines
§ gin-20-513
Section 20-513 Fund Promoter Violations
§ gin-20-514
Fund must give advance notice to provider
§ gin-20-515
Usage of Maryland Tax Refund Intercept Program
§ gin-20-516
Conditions required to reject an application of insurance
§ gin-20-517
Appealing Insurance Rejection
§ gin-20-518
Executive director referring to insured driver's licence.
§ gin-20-519
Cancelling one members household car insurance does not affect others
§ gin-20-520
Private passenger motor vehicle insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-20-601
What "Qualified person" means?
§ gin-20-602
The Amount Paid From The Fund Varies Depending On The Type Of Accident
§ gin-20-603
Origins of claim for damages
§ gin-20-604
Maryland's law of payment settlement.
§ gin-20-605
Power of the Fund
§ gin-20-606
The Fund's Role in Determining Default Judgments
§ gin-20-607
Appealing to the court
§ gin-20-608
Recovering Funds From the Uninsured
§ gin-20-609
Actions of the Fund
§ gin-20-701
False filing with the fund
§ gin-21-101
Execution of Insurer Obligations
§ gin-21-102
"A certificate of authority-issued by commissioner"
§ gin-21-103
surety insurer is removed from list
§ gin-22-101
Premiums for title insurance.
§ gin-22-102
Title Insurers
§ gin-22-103
Origins of Maryland Affordable Housing Trust
§ gin-23-101
meaning of words under this section
§ gin-23-102
Insurance financing business Law of Maryland
§ gin-23-103
The Commissioner's Investigative Powers
§ gin-23-201
Premium finance company Law of Maryland
§ gin-23-202
Rules for Premium Finance Companies Conducting Business
§ gin-23-203
Procedure to apply for initial registration.
§ gin-23-204
Complies with the filing requirements and paying the registration fee
§ gin-23-205
Registration information
§ gin-23-206
Origins of a premium finance company
§ gin-23-207
Finance company record keeping requirements
§ gin-23-208
Applicant Registration Disqualifications
§ gin-23-209
How a Registrant can Surrender to the Commissioner
§ gin-23-210
Surrendering Insurance Coverages
§ gin-23-301
Premium Finance Agreement and Information policy
§ gin-23-301.1
Premium Finance Agreements.
§ gin-23-302
A copy of each premium finance agreement or other notice of a premium finance agreement that describes the policy or policies
§ gin-23-302.1
Conditions of insurers financing additional premiums.
§ gin-23-302.2
Insurer's policies.
§ gin-23-303
Taxes and Fee Collections
§ gin-23-304
Finance Charge Computation on Loans
§ gin-23-305
Initial Service Fee for Expenses
§ gin-23-306
Premium finance agreement requirements
§ gin-23-307
Finance agreement may require the insured to pay a cancellation charges.
§ gin-23-307.1
Premium finance companies may charge fees for electronic payment.
§ gin-23-308
Finance company may charge dishonored check fee up to $25
§ gin-23-309
A finance company can't charge an insured for an accident report if a producer already has.
§ gin-23-310
Validity of premium finance agreement
§ gin-23-401
Canceling Insurance Contracts
§ gin-23-401.1
A premium finance company may use the following methods for delivery of notices.
§ gin-23-402
Premium finance companies will deliver notice of cancellation at least 10 days beforehand.
§ gin-23-403
A premium finance company may cancel insurance contract after notice period in served notice.
§ gin-23-403.1
Validity of Insurance Contracts
§ gin-23-404
Notices for Insurance Cancellations
§ gin-23-405
Insurance policy cancelled, insurer due over payments
§ gin-23-406
Insurance Cancellation Policy
§ gin-23-501
Premium Finance Company Insurance Requirements
§ gin-23-502
Rules of Payment for Insurance Providers
§ gin-23-503
A Finance company can't insure 2 times for single person.
§ gin-23-504
Prohibition of Charges Greater Than Allowed By Title
§ gin-23-505
Insurance contract Law of Maryland
§ gin-23-505.1
Limitations on insurers who market through independent insurance producers
§ gin-23-505.2
The Rights of the Insured
§ gin-23-506
Premium Finance Company Violations
§ gin-24-101
Definitions of Lawyer and Practice Law in This Subtitle
§ gin-24-102
Purposes and Reasoning for the Provisions in Subtitle
§ gin-24-103
Maryland law allows for a Legal Mutual Liability Insurance Society.
§ gin-24-104
§ gin-24-105
Contract Limits For Licensed Insurers For Societal Affairs
§ gin-24-106
Certificate of Authority Requests
§ gin-24-107
There will be a Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund along with other funds of the society.
§ gin-24-108
Policy for Society membership fees
§ gin-24-109
When offering policies to lawyers insurance companies must offer consistent coverage.
§ gin-24-201
Healthcare Definitions
§ gin-24-202
Purpose of the Subtitle
§ gin-24-203
Details of Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society
§ gin-24-204
How many Board of Directors.
§ gin-24-205
Society may use insurance from licensed insurance broker
§ gin-24-206
coverage against malpractice
§ gin-24-207
Limitations of Policyholders
§ gin-24-208
Establishing Membership Fees
§ gin-24-209
Policies issued by the Insurance Society shall be uniform in regards to every physician.
§ gin-24-210
Establishing a Subsidiary.
§ gin-24-211
Origins of reporting to the Commissioner and to the General Assembly
§ gin-24-212
Rate Increase Requests
§ gin-24-213
Legislative Auditor's Duty to Audit the Society
§ gin-24-214
For policies that take effect on or after January 11, 2005 and through December 31, 2009, the Society
§ gin-24-301
Terms and Definitions
§ gin-24-302
General Assembly Workers' Compensation Insurance Findings and Determinations
§ gin-24-303
Origins of the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company
§ gin-24-304
application for a certificate of authority for company.
§ gin-24-305
Company Exemption From Title 11
§ gin-24-306
Worker's Compensation and Related Funds
§ gin-24-307
Board for the Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company
§ gin-24-308
Board Declaration of Policyholder Dividend in Cash Form
§ gin-24-309
Company employees are not State employees.
§ gin-24-310
Minority Business Purchasing Standards
§ gin-24-311
Powers of the Funds
§ gin-24-312
Actions Company May Not Pursue
§ gin-25-101
Definitions of different terms related to product guarantee
§ gin-25-102
Risk retention charter groups must do the following:
§ gin-25-103
Risk retention group Law of Maryland
§ gin-25-104
Risk Retention's Position in Insurance Plans
§ gin-25-105
Risk Retention Group Policy Issuance Countersign Waiver
§ gin-25-106
purchasing group is subject to applicable state laws
§ gin-25-107
Insurance Producers For Risk Retention Groups Require License.
§ gin-25-108
Commissioner may exercise power granted by the state
§ gin-25-109
Risk retention group Law of Maryland
§ gin-25-110
Risk retention group Law of Maryland
§ gin-25-111
Maryland Risk Retention Act
§ gin-25-201
§ gin-25-202
Employers in Agricultural Labor
§ gin-25-203
Group Workers Compensation Policy
§ gin-25-204
Guarantee premium payment Law of Maryland
§ gin-25-301
Self insurance agreement for insolvent self insurance group by Administrator
§ gin-25-302
Employer requirements of section 9-402
§ gin-25-303
Service companies may perform certain administrative duties
§ gin-25-304
Requirements of self-insurance group operating
§ gin-25-305
Self-Insurance Group Liabilities
§ gin-25-306
commissioner cannot cancel insurance policy of group
§ gin-25-307
Commissioner requirement for self insurance group
§ gin-25-308
Self-insurance group policy
§ gin-25-401
Word meaning in subtitle gin-25-401
§ gin-25-402
Purpose of joint insurance association
§ gin-25-403
As a condition of its authority to transact essential property insurance business in the State.
§ gin-25-404
General Fund of the State
§ gin-25-405
How Governing Committee Acts in Maryland State Government
§ gin-25-406
Origins of insurable interest
§ gin-25-407
Allowance of Home Inspections for Insurance
§ gin-25-408
The power and rights of the commissioner.
§ gin-25-409
Property Insurance Requirements
§ gin-25-410
Property Insurance Availability Act of Maryland
§ gin-26-101
A key to the meanings of listed words while used by law makers.
§ gin-26-102
Regulation of Motor Club Services
§ gin-26-103
Commissioner Investigations
§ gin-26-201
A person may not operate a motor club without being licensed.
§ gin-26-202
Qualifying to engage in the business of a motor club
§ gin-26-203
Application Requirements for Initial License
§ gin-26-204
License Service Deposit
§ gin-26-205
Commissioner must issue license under a reasonable time
§ gin-26-206
Expiration of a License
§ gin-26-207
appointment of the Commissioner for service of process
§ gin-26-208
Suspension/Revoking of License After Hearing
§ gin-26-209
Entitlement of hearing for license or a licensee
§ gin-26-301
filing with Commissioner for appointment of representative by licensee.
§ gin-26-302
The Commissioner shall issue a registration certificate to an appointee to suitable and competent individual of good moral character
§ gin-26-303
Registration certificate is a registered representative of a licensee in the State.
§ gin-26-304
While a representative's registration remains in effect, a licensee is bound by the acts of the representative named in the registration certificate.
§ gin-26-305
Registration Expiration
§ gin-26-306
Cancellation of Representation
§ gin-26-307
Commissioner may deny registration to appointee for the following
§ gin-26-308
A representative or appointee adversely affected may seek review
§ gin-26-401
motor club service approval from the Commissioner.
§ gin-26-402
Motor club Law of Maryland
§ gin-26-501
Requirements of representative of motor club license
§ gin-26-502
A person that willfully violates this title is guilty
§ gin-27-1001
Small Claims Actions
§ gin-27-101
§ gin-27-102
Individuals may not Engage in the State Trade
§ gin-27-103
Origins of defying act or practice
§ gin-27-104
Unfair method of competition Act
§ gin-27-105
Appeals from orders Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-201
Prohibiting unfair method of competition and deceptive act or practice in the business of insurance
§ gin-27-202
Cannot handout untrue information on insurance center
§ gin-27-203
Announcement Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-204
Insurance ethics for insurer and person proposing insurances.
§ gin-27-205
Origins of filing with a supervisory or other public official
§ gin-27-206
Unreasonable restraint Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-207
A person may not issue benefits for insurance
§ gin-27-208
Discrimination Policies
§ gin-27-209
Contracts are exclusive terms of health insurance agreements.
§ gin-27-210
discrimination or rebate's role in life insurance policy
§ gin-27-211
Regulation of insurance
§ gin-27-212
Insurance Processing Procedures
§ gin-27-213
Regulations Regarding Influence of Changes in Policy Ownership
§ gin-27-214
Forcing Insurance Through a Particular Insurance Producer
§ gin-27-215
Investing Rules for Insurers
§ gin-27-216
Willful Collection of Premium for Insurance
§ gin-27-217
An insurance company may not offer a policy based on a fraudulent group.
§ gin-27-218
burial insurance benefits
§ gin-27-219
Deceptive Non-insurer names
§ gin-27-220
Maryland State Children's Health Program Referrals
§ gin-27-221
Health insurance terms & meanings
§ gin-27-222
§ gin-27-223
unlawful practices for any insurance producer
§ gin-27-301
additional administrative remedy to a claimant for violation.
§ gin-27-302
Application of the Insurance Subtitle
§ gin-27-303
Subtitle Violations That Constitute Unfair Claim Practices
§ gin-27-303
Subtitle Violations That Constitute Unfair Claim Practices
§ gin-27-304
Unfair Claim Settlement Practices
§ gin-27-304.1
settlement of claims on private passenger motor vehicle.
§ gin-27-305
Commissioner's Authority to Impose Penalties
§ gin-27-306
Commissioner Subtitle Appeals
§ gin-27-401
Vehicle Claim Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-402
This Subtitle's Provisions Extend Beyond Insurers to Those Listed
§ gin-27-402
This Subtitle's Provisions Extend Beyond Insurers to Those Listed
§ gin-27-403
Fraudulent insurance acts
§ gin-27-404
Insurance Policies Through Uncertified Persons
§ gin-27-405
Improper Misrepresentation of Insurance credentials can constitute Fraud
§ gin-27-406
Fraudulent Insurance Acts
§ gin-27-406.1
§ gin-27-407
Fraudulent Insurance Acts
§ gin-27-407.1
Illegal to make a false insurance claim
§ gin-27-408
Felony Fraud Stipulations
§ gin-27-501
Canceling Insurance Policies
§ gin-27-502
An insurer may not discriminate based on protected classes.
§ gin-27-503
Written agreement for insurance
§ gin-27-504
Victim of domestic violence Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-504.1
Perpetrators may not make claims against homeowners policy.
§ gin-27-505
Commissioner Actions Upon Discovery of Violations of Subtitle
§ gin-27-601
§ gin-27-601.1
What Private Passengers Cannot Do
§ gin-27-601.2
Delivered by electronic means.
§ gin-27-602
Circumstances For Section Applicability To Policies
§ gin-27-603
section applies to policies of commercial insurance.
§ gin-27-604
Personal insurance and Maryland Property Insurance.
§ gin-27-605
Special Rules for Commercial Insurance
§ gin-27-606
Canceling Insurance Plans
§ gin-27-607
Origins of renewal of Insurance
§ gin-27-608
policies of commercial insurance & worker's compensation insurance
§ gin-27-608.1
Workers commercial insurance and compensation guidelines
§ gin-27-609
Applicability to Passenger Vehicle Liability Coverage
§ gin-27-610
This section is only for personal insurance and private passenger motor vehicle liability.
§ gin-27-611
Notice required of pending cancellation of auto insurance
§ gin-27-612
Coverage Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-613
Private passenger motor vehicle liability Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-614
Increased Insurance Premiums Due to Changes
§ gin-27-614
Increased Insurance Premiums Due to Changes
§ gin-27-701
Resident definition
§ gin-27-702
Interest of citizens of the state who buy insurance.
§ gin-27-703
Unauthorized foreign insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-27-704
Unauthorized Foreign Insurers are Notified by the Commissioner.
§ gin-27-705
Rules of governance for unauthorized foreign insurer.
§ gin-27-706
Unauthorized Insurers False Advertising Process Act of Maryland
§ gin-27-801
Fraud Division definition
§ gin-27-802
Authorizes persons must report fraud to commissioner
§ gin-27-803
insurance antifraud plan
§ gin-27-804
Viatical settlement providers will have plans to prevent fraud.
§ gin-27-805
Rules regarding formatting benefit claim forms.
§ gin-27-806
Penalty of violating subtitle
§ gin-27-901
§ gin-27-902
Origins of policy or contract of motor vehicle insurance
§ gin-27-903
An insurer shall indicate the kind of insurance coverage.
§ gin-27-904
Annuity contracts cannot contain provisions for persons with social security payments
§ gin-27-905
Insurance Billing Statement Regulations
§ gin-27-906
Liabilities of an Insurer
§ gin-27-907
Mandatory discounts for drivers with safe driving records.
§ gin-27-909
Details about Gene product, Genetic information, Genetic services and Genetic Test
§ gin-27-910
Definition of Healthcare Terms
§ gin-27-911
insurance producer of record should be chaged as per request within 30 working days
§ gin-27-912
Insurance Policy Transfers
§ gin-27-913
applicable to insurers and non health service plans
§ gin-27-914
Heath insurance regulations for insurance companies and what the exceptions are when issuing an insurance to people
§ gin-28-101
Insurance Policy Terminology Defined
§ gin-28-102
Toll-free numbers will be provided for Holocaust victim assistance.
§ gin-28-103
Holocaust victim
§ gin-28-104
Property damage suits from Holocaust victims may not be dismissed.
§ gin-28-105
Authorization of Insurance Business
§ gin-28-106
The insurance commissioner investigated claims for holocaust victims from 1999 to 2009.
§ gin-28-107
Prosecution of person that violates law
§ gin-28-108
Insurers and Title 27
§ gin-28-109
Commission adoption
§ gin-28-110
Holocaust Victims Insurance Act
§ gin-29-101
To promote and protect the interest of consumers of individual and group annuity, life insurance,and long-term care insurance product
§ gin-29-102
The Insurance Commissioner is Marylands IIPRC representative
§ gin-3-101
Application of subtitle to mutual insurer in state
§ gin-3-102
Specifications for a Domestic insurer.
§ gin-3-103
Origins of adomestic insurer
§ gin-3-104
Articles of incorporation submitted to Commissioner of Department of Assessments and Taxation
§ gin-3-105
Requirements of proposing to form a mutual insurer
§ gin-3-106
To engage in the insurance business you must apply and pay all fees
§ gin-3-107
Requirements that Mutual Insurers Must Comply With
§ gin-3-108
insurance business Authorizations
§ gin-3-109
minimum surplus of a stock insurer required to be maintained by _ 4-10.
§ gin-3-110
Domestic mutual insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-111
Directors of a domestic mutual insurer shall assess its members .
§ gin-3-112
Assessment Payments
§ gin-3-113
link is not opening.
§ gin-3-114
Regulations to a domestic stock or mutual insurer
§ gin-3-115
Monetary Payments by Mutual Insurers
§ gin-3-116
Lending or Advancing Money Rules
§ gin-3-117
Authorized insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-118
Domestic Stock Insurer Regulations
§ gin-3-119
Equality Security
§ gin-3-120
Allowable mutualization by the Commissioner.
§ gin-3-121
domestic mutual insurer may become a stock insurer under a plan.
§ gin-3-121.1
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this section.
§ gin-3-122
Applying Provisions of corporation and association article
§ gin-3-123
Merging of mutual insurers under state laws
§ gin-3-123.1
Mutual insurers Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-124
An agreement of bulk reinsurance
§ gin-3-125
Agreement of bulk reinsurance law
§ gin-3-126
Domestic foreign insurer authorized to engage in insurance business.
§ gin-3-127
Societies: Under Estates and Trusts Article.
§ gin-3-128
Reciprocating state Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-201
meaning of "subscriber" under this title
§ gin-3-202
This subtitle applies to foreign and domestic reciprocal insurers.
§ gin-3-203
Requirements To Be Met By A Reciprocal Insurer To Engage In Insurance Business
§ gin-3-204
Domestic Reciprocal Insurer Organization
§ gin-3-205
Regulations of the bond filed by an attorney or a domestic reciprocal insurer with the Commissioner
§ gin-3-206
Reciprocal insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-207
What kind of activities an insurer is allowed to engage in
§ gin-3-208
§ gin-3-209
reciprocal insurer title regulations
§ gin-3-210
Attorney files the Annual Statement of Receiprocal Insurer.
§ gin-3-211
reciprocal insurer and subscriber,and their deposit policy
§ gin-3-212
An insurer's attorney's right and responsibilities
§ gin-3-213
Incorporation of Businesses
§ gin-3-214
Composition of the advisory committee.
§ gin-3-215
§ gin-3-216
Liability amount of Subscriber based on the policy.
§ gin-3-217
Assessments to be levied on the subscribers.
§ gin-3-218
Reciprocal Insurer Surplus of Assets Regulations
§ gin-3-219
Duties of an attorney of a Reciprocal Insurer.
§ gin-3-220
Reciprocal insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-221
Domestic reciprocal agreement
§ gin-3-222
Origins of a reciprocal insurer
§ gin-3-301
Definition of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ gin-3-302
Exemption of application of subtitle
§ gin-3-303
Surplus lines insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-304
Reasonable regulations Law of Maryland
§ gin-3-305
Filing Requirements Of A Report, Affidavit Or Return As Per Maryland Law
§ gin-3-306
Surplus lines insurance
§ gin-3-306.1
diligent search regulations for brokers
§ gin-3-307
filing of affidavit
§ gin-3-308
Origins of insurance contract or confirmation procured
§ gin-3-309
An insurance contract procured as surplus lines coverage is valid.
§ gin-3-310
Surplus lines broker law
§ gin-3-311
Insurance and certificate of qualification act
§ gin-3-312
certificate of qualification for a commisioner
§ gin-3-313
Issuance of Certificates
§ gin-3-314
Issuance of Certificate of Qualification to Applicant by the Commissioner
§ gin-3-315
A qualified surplus lines broker may accept and place surplus lines insurance business from an insurance producer
§ gin-3-316
Certificate of Qualification Renewal
§ gin-3-316.1
Origins of surplus lines brokers certificate
§ gin-3-317
Surplus Lines Broker Penalties
§ gin-3-318
Approval of an insurer by the Commissioner
§ gin-3-319
A surplus lines broker may not place surplus lines insurance with an unauthorized insurer
§ gin-3-320
Liabilities of an unauthorized insurer
§ gin-3-321
Rules governing policies from surplus lines brokers.
§ gin-3-322
Surplus lines brokers shall keep records of all business transacted.
§ gin-3-324
Insurance Premiums and Taxes
§ gin-3-325
the commissioner duties
§ gin-3-326
Expectations of a surplus lines broker
§ gin-3-327
About the Surplus Lines Insurance Law.
§ gin-30-101
Definition Of The Terms "Reporting Insurer" and "Slaveholder".
§ gin-30-102
Regulations on the Authority of the Insurer
§ gin-30-103
Reporting of Slaveholders
§ gin-31-101
Definition of specific Terms
§ gin-31-102
Purpose and other details of Maryland Health Benefit Exchange
§ gin-31-103
Powers of The Exchange
§ gin-31-104
Number of Members of the Board and their duties.
§ gin-31-105
Origins of Executive Director of the Exchange
§ gin-31-106
Affordable Care Act of Matyland
§ gin-31-107
Complete details about the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Fund
§ gin-31-108
Information regarding the Affordable Care Act and the Exchange.
§ gin-31-109
Interstate Agreements For The Exchange
§ gin-31-110
Criteria for making qualified plans available to individuals and employers.
§ gin-31-111
The SHOP Exchange Law of Maryland
§ gin-31-112
§ gin-31-113
Navigator Program For Individual Exchange, Hygiene Department
§ gin-31-114
Financial Support of the Individual Exchange
§ gin-31-115
Maryland State Government's new order for health insurance policy
§ gin-31-116
Origins of State benchmark plan
§ gin-31-117
Origins of The Exchange
§ gin-31-118
The Exchange Law of Maryland
§ gin-31-119
Requirements for Administration of The Exchange
§ gin-4-101
§ gin-4-102
Regulations of insurance business in Maryland
§ gin-4-103
Requirements to certify for a Insurance Business.
§ gin-4-104
Requirements of making an insurance business
§ gin-4-104.1
Maryland title insurer required stock guidlelines
§ gin-4-105
§ gin-4-105.1
Title insurer Law
§ gin-4-106
Insurance Requirements for Certificate of Authority
§ gin-4-107
Need To Appoint Commissioner As Attorney By Insurer Applying For Certificate Of Authority
§ gin-4-108
Applicant for an Initial Certificate of authority
§ gin-4-109
Requirements of certificate of authority
§ gin-4-110
Certificate of Authority Regulations and Wordings in Maryland State
§ gin-4-111
A certificate of authority allows an insurance company to conduct insurance business.
§ gin-4-112
Expiration Dates for Certificates of Authority
§ gin-4-113
Denial of a certificate of authority
§ gin-4-114
Insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-4-115
§ gin-4-116
Required Filing of Reports for Insurors
§ gin-4-117
Conditions for time of payment.
§ gin-4-118
The Commissioner may not recognize any person as a qualified independent.
§ gin-4-201
Meaning of industrial insured is mentioned in this section.
§ gin-4-202
Regulation of Insurers in Maryland
§ gin-4-203
Origins of insurance
§ gin-4-204
Publication Law of Maryland
§ gin-4-205
Exclusions for Application to Insurors
§ gin-4-206
Commissioner to act as attorney of unauthorized,alien insurers for serving process in proceedings.
§ gin-4-207
Unauthorized insurers -- service upon Secretary of State; procedure
§ gin-4-208
Insurance contract Law of Maryland
§ gin-4-209
Unauthorized insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-4-210
Origins of insured individuals
§ gin-4-211
Renewal of insurance from an unauthorized insurer
§ gin-4-211.1
Definitions of Words in the Section
§ gin-4-212
Penalties for Unauthorized Insurers
§ gin-4-301
Insurance Definitions
§ gin-4-302
Insurance Companies Need Capital More Than The Minimum Risk-Based Capital.
§ gin-4-303
Domestic insurers must submit report on RBC levels
§ gin-4-304
life insurer's risk based capital be calculated as per formula in RBC instructions
§ gin-4-305
Definition of and Procedures for a "Company Action Level Event"
§ gin-4-306
Occurrence of regulatory action level
§ gin-4-307
Rules for an authorized control level event.
§ gin-4-308
Mandatory Control level
§ gin-4-309
Challenges a Commissioner Faces
§ gin-4-310
RBC Regulations and Reports
§ gin-4-311
Commissioner adopts regulations subject to other State laws.
§ gin-4-312
Insurance Administration Commissioner powers related to foreign insurers.
§ gin-4-313
Liability and Cause of Action
§ gin-4-314
rules related to notices by the Commissioner to an insurer
§ gin-4-401
Claim reported quarterly
§ gin-4-402
Availability of insurer's compiled medical files
§ gin-4-403
Insurance and Insurer Guidelines
§ gin-4-404
Life insurance Law of Maryland
§ gin-4-405
Requirements of an insurer
§ gin-5-1001
Definitions of Subject of Insurance & Surplus to Policyholders
§ gin-5-1002
Subtitle exemptions
§ gin-5-1003
Origins of an insurer
§ gin-5-1004
Warehousing bonds Law of Maryland
§ gin-5-1005
risk retained by an insurer shall be regulated by the commission.
§ gin-5-101
Terms of financial conditions of Insurer.
§ gin-5-102
Non-Assets for Determining Financial Condition
§ gin-5-103
How to Determine the Financial Condition of The Insurer.
§ gin-5-104
Plants Law of Maryland
§ gin-5-201
Qualified actuary And "Opinion" Defintions As It Pertains To This Section
§ gin-5-202
Commissioner Determination of Unearned Premium Reserve Inadequacy
§ gin-5-203
Detailed description about active life reserves and the rules thereunder.
§ gin-5-205
Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section, each insurer shall maintain unearned premium
§ gin-5-206
The adjusted aggregate reserve shall be recalculated
§ gin-5-301
The power of the commissioner to value the reserves of life insurance companies.
§ gin-5-302
Maryland Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Life Insurance
§ gin-5-303
Annuity Contracts
§ gin-5-304
Minimum Standard for Life Insurance Policies
§ gin-5-305
Contract and Interest Obligations
§ gin-5-306
Meaning of Change in fund basis".
§ gin-5-307
Life Insurance Procedures
§ gin-5-308
Annuity Contracts and Pure Endowment Contracts
§ gin-5-309
An insurers aggregate reserves for all life insurance policies may not be less than the aggregate reserves
§ gin-5-310
Commissioner Right To Establish Policies, Contracts, and Benefits
§ gin-5-311
Minimum Reserve Requirements For Policies
§ gin-5-312
Origins of Insurance premiums
§ gin-5-401
Origins of an investment reserve
§ gin-5-402
Bond and Debt Valuation
§ gin-5-403
valuation of insurance commision.
§ gin-5-501
Domestic Life Insurer Regulations
§ gin-5-502
Origins of alien insurer
§ gin-5-503
The eligibility of an investment shall be determined as of the date of the making or acquisition
§ gin-5-504
Life Insurer Above Market Value Purchase Prohibition
§ gin-5-505
Duties of the Board
§ gin-5-506
A life insurer may not directly or indirectly make a loan to an officer
§ gin-5-507
Life Insurance Regulations
§ gin-5-508
Collateral security Law of Maryland
§ gin-5-509
Life insurer and foreign investments
§ gin-5-510
Necessary Investments for Life Insurers
§ gin-5-511
Financial Terms Explained
§ gin-5-512
Life Insurer Investment Accounts
§ gin-5-601
Act of Domestic insurers
§ gin-5-602
Regulations pertaining to foreign or alien insurers
§ gin-5-603
Eligibility Criteria for an investment.
§ gin-5-604
Insurer Investment Authorization
§ gin-5-605
§ gin-5-606
Insurer Investment Rules
§ gin-5-607
Investing in classes of securities
§ gin-5-608
Origins of business transactions
§ gin-5-609
Insurer of Investment
§ gin-5-701
Treasurer requirements of funds by insurers
§ gin-5-702
State Treasurer May Require Issuers to Make Cash Deposits
§ gin-5-703
Deposits Law of Maryland
§ gin-5-704
deposits by cash or government securities
§ gin-5-705
Deposited cash Law of Maryland
§ gin-5-706
Judgment Creditor Rights
§ gin-5-707
Insurer Solvency and Compliance Rights and Responsibilities
§ gin-5-708
Regulations for a insurer
§ gin-5-709
Deposits of a completed merge
§ gin-5-801
Definition of trusteed assets
§ gin-5-802
Immigration Laws
§ gin-5-803
Conditions for an alien insurer to use Maryland as a state of entry for conducting business.
§ gin-5-804
Required Asset Deposit For Alien Insurance Trust Agreements
§ gin-5-805
Trust deposit assets.
§ gin-5-806
Alien Insurer's Trust Agreements and Asset Withdrawal
§ gin-5-807
Substituting Trustees
§ gin-5-901
Ceding insurer means an insurer that procures insurance for itself from another insurer
§ gin-5-902
Not applicable for wet marine and transportation insurance
§ gin-5-903
An insurance company may choose to insure all or part of a particular risk.
§ gin-5-904
Re-insurer Payments
§ gin-5-905
Process to become an authorized insurer
§ gin-6-101
Persons Subject To Taxation Under This Subtitle
§ gin-6-101
Persons Subject To Taxation Under This Subtitle
§ gin-6-102
Origins of an imposed tax
§ gin-6-103
Tax rates for Premiums
§ gin-6-103.1
Tax imposed on health insurers - section 2-114
§ gin-6-104
Provisions for Tax Deductions from the State's Gross Direct Premiums
§ gin-6-105
Tax Credits may be awarded to certain people
§ gin-6-105.2
tax credit for rehabilitation works
§ gin-6-106
Estimated Tax Required
§ gin-6-107
Yearly Requirements of Persons Subject to Taxation Under the Subtitle
§ gin-6-108
Penalties and Interest Rates on Taxes Not Paid
§ gin-6-109
Commissioner's action on reports
§ gin-6-110
Persons May Appeal to Maryland Tax Court
§ gin-6-111
Taxation guidelines
§ gin-6-112
A county or municipal cooperation may not impose any tax on persons except Property Tax.
§ gin-6-113
Filing requirement compliance of a declaration or report
§ gin-6-114
Insurer Credit Claim Requirements
§ gin-6-115
Disability Law of Maryland
§ gin-6-116
Any Insurance Provider is Capable of Claiming a State Tax Credit
§ gin-6-117
Insurer Tax Claims
§ gin-6-118
Insurance company Law of Maryland
§ gin-6-119
Insurer May Claim Tax Credit for Project Costs
§ gin-6-120
Insurer Claims
§ gin-6-121
Medical Assistance Program Account Taxation and Terminology Definitions
§ gin-6-122
Insurer claim tax credit designated capital per Title 6.
§ gin-6-201
Commissioner must collect fraud prevention fees
§ gin-6-202
Insurance fraud fee collection
§ gin-6-203
Requirements of the fraud prevention fee of Maryland
§ gin-6-204
The commissioner may adopt regulations in order to enforce Insurance laws.
§ gin-6-301
The Commissioner shall take into consideration deductions from premium taxes
§ gin-6-302
domicile of an insurer under the laws of Canada
§ gin-6-303
Fines accrued in other states hold true in Maryland
§ gin-6-304
Maryland commissioner late fees and interest on taxes
§ gin-6-305
Recovery of Monies by the Central Collection Unit Authorization
§ gin-7-101
Definitions of Terms as Applied
§ gin-7-102
How the general assembly works to promote the public interest.
§ gin-7-103
Regulations of Authorized Insurers
§ gin-7-104
Presumption of control Law of Maryland
§ gin-7-105
Insurance Asset Measurement
§ gin-7-106
Exception rules of subsections (b) and (c) associated with Commissioner
§ gin-7-107
Rights of the Insurer
§ gin-7-108
§ gin-7-109
All laws and parts of laws of the State that are inconsistent with this title are superseded
§ gin-7-201
Regulations regarding the investment in subsidiaries by insurers.
§ gin-7-202
Investment and Domestic Insurer
§ gin-7-203
Domestic Insurer Investments
§ gin-7-301
Except as otherwise provided in this section, this subtitle applies to any purchase, exchange
§ gin-7-302
Transaction Requirements According to This Subtitle
§ gin-7-303
Pre-acquisition Notification for Domestic Insurance Filing
§ gin-7-304
Domestic insurers should file with the commissioner
§ gin-7-305
Rules for Filing Statements with The Commissioner
§ gin-7-306
Transaction subject to subtitle without certificate of authority
§ gin-7-307
Commissioner retains Attorneys in reviewing transaction.
§ gin-7-308
State of Maryland controls:
§ gin-7-309
60-day period Law
§ gin-7-401
Insurance Authorization acquired by a person is subjected to certain listed events.
§ gin-7-402
approval or disapproval of an acquisition by Commissioner.
§ gin-7-403
pre-acquisition notification by acquirer.
§ gin-7-404
Acquisitions Waiting Periods
§ gin-7-405
Circumstances Allowing Commissioner To Enter An Order
§ gin-7-406
Penalty for failure to file pre-acquisition notification
§ gin-7-501
The following exceptions apply to this section:
§ gin-7-502
Consolidation of non profit health service plans.
§ gin-7-601
Insurer position and subsection rules in Insurance company
§ gin-7-602
"Extension of the time for registration by the Commissioner "
§ gin-7-603
Insured Registration Requirement
§ gin-7-604
registration requirement must be terminated for each insurer nonmember
§ gin-7-605
The Commissioner may order a subject to produce verification for insurance.
§ gin-7-606
Disclaimer of Affiliation by an Insurer
§ gin-7-607
Violation of title for failure to file registration under subtitle
§ gin-7-701
This title applies to insurers who must register according to Subtitle 6
§ gin-7-702
Transaction within a insurance holder subject to registration
§ gin-7-703
Material Transactions Explained
§ gin-7-704
Concerning investment notifications by domestic insurers of corporations.
§ gin-7-705
Rules to be followed by the insurer on dividends and its distribution.
§ gin-7-706
Revenues not paid to owners is earned surplus.
§ gin-7-801
Domestic Insurer Regulations
§ gin-7-802
Repercussions for violations
§ gin-7-803
Penalties for unfair trade practices in the insurance industry
§ gin-7-804
Conditions for Instituting Proceedings of Title 9 Sub2
§ gin-7-805
Requirements for persons acquiring or offering to acquire stock.
§ gin-7-806
Domestic insurer Act
§ gin-7-807
Individual Regulations
§ gin-8-101
Control Procedures Defined
§ gin-8-102
Subtitle applies only to authorized insurers that issue policies.
§ gin-8-103
Subtitle policyholder responsibility.
§ gin-8-104
Presumption of control Law of Maryland
§ gin-8-105
Definition of Independent Casualty Actuary In This Section
§ gin-8-106
Definition of a word
§ gin-8-107
Controlled Insurer May Not Issue Low Premiums
§ gin-8-108
Information that is necessary to support the fees
§ gin-8-109
Violating this subtitle by insurance controller carries penalties.
§ gin-8-201
Subtitle meanings
§ gin-8-202
Managing General Agent Certificates
§ gin-8-202.1
Applicant for qualification for license as an insurance producer.
§ gin-8-203
Certificate of Qualification Requirements for Applicants
§ gin-8-204
Commissioner issues Certificate of Qualification
§ gin-8-205
Certificate of Qualification Expiration
§ gin-8-206
Basis for renewal of certificate of qualification.
§ gin-8-207
To protect insurer and policy holders commision must require managing general agent.
§ gin-8-208
Origins of managing general agent
§ gin-8-209
Commit the insurer to participate in insurance or reinsurance syndicates
§ gin-8-210
Acceptable form of independent financial examinations
§ gin-8-211
Managing general agent Law of Maryland
§ gin-8-212
Privacy contract between general agent and insurer
§ gin-8-213
Submanaging general agent Act
§ gin-8-301
Maryland Business Terminology
§ gin-8-302
In order to uphold maryland insurance law, the commissioner is allowed to implement regulation.
§ gin-8-303
Potential administrators must register with Commissioner beforehand.
§ gin-8-304
Registering as an Administrator
§ gin-8-305
Applicants required to complete the following for registration purposes.
§ gin-8-306
Mandated Bonds
§ gin-8-307
Meeting the Requirements
§ gin-8-308
Registration Expiration
§ gin-8-308.1
Whose third party administrators registration has expired may reinstate the expired registration
§ gin-8-309
Commissioner denial of applicant registration
§ gin-8-310
Discharging Administrator Duties
§ gin-8-311
Administrators Require Written Agreements
§ gin-8-312
Records Requirements for Plan Administrators
§ gin-8-313
Pharmaceutical Change Notification Requirements
§ gin-8-314
Copy of Errors and Omissions
§ gin-8-315
Administrative Plans
§ gin-8-316
Administrator's Role in Plans
§ gin-8-317
A person may not allow another to act as administrator.
§ gin-8-318
Prohibited Discrimination Of Plan Participant
§ gin-8-319
Person aggrieved by the conduct of a person registered or required to be registered under the Commissioner shall investigate the complaint.
§ gin-8-320
Origins of Orders that Commissioners may issue
§ gin-8-321
Conduct Breaches by Administrator
§ gin-8-321.1
Compliance of third party administrator with the article
§ gin-8-322
Penalty for violation of this subtitle
§ gin-8-401
The following words have the specific meanings defined
§ gin-8-402
Origins of operating on a lodge system
§ gin-8-403
Societies are as follows
§ gin-8-404
Exclusions to Non-Application of Insurance Laws in Maryland
§ gin-8-405
Designation as Charitable and Benevolent Institution
§ gin-8-406
Incorporated Societies May Exercise Rights in This Subtitle
§ gin-8-407
Each State must appoint the Commissioner as attorney for service of process issued against the society.
§ gin-8-410
Origins of individuals acting as incorporators
§ gin-8-411
Components of signing & acknowledging the articles of incorporation
§ gin-8-412
Filing Requirements of Incorporators
§ gin-8-413
society working capital applicants after July 1 1968
§ gin-8-414
Commissioner Actions Upon Society Compliance With Subtitle
§ gin-8-415
Society permitted to solicit members after preliminary authorization.
§ gin-8-416
Powers of the Commissioner
§ gin-8-417
issue of certificate of authority to a society
§ gin-8-418
A society may adopt and amend laws
§ gin-8-419
Amendment of Political Decisions
§ gin-8-420
Election and Indemnification of Management For State Officials
§ gin-8-421
Society Membership Admission Requirements
§ gin-8-422
Rules governing structure of domestic societies.
§ gin-8-423
Certificate of Authority Expiration Date
§ gin-8-424
External insurance companies require a certificate of authority to do business within maryland.
§ gin-8-427
Origins of society authorized to do insurance business in Maryland
§ gin-8-428
§ gin-8-429
Certificates issued before 01/01/1998 shall comply of law of 12/31/97.
§ gin-8-430
How to Change Maryland Beneficiary Certificate.
§ gin-8-431
Requirements of Benefits paid by a Society
§ gin-8-432
Socially Authorized Benefits
§ gin-8-433
Stipulations For Deliverance of Benefit Certificate
§ gin-8-437
A charitable organization may hold events to benefit the less fortunate with charitable donations.
§ gin-8-438
A society may merge or consolidate with another society as defined here.
§ gin-8-439
Business Merger Regulations
§ gin-8-440
Origins of A domestic society Converting to mutual life insurer
§ gin-8-441
Society Can Concede Individual Reinsurance Agreement Risk.
§ gin-8-442
All assets of a society shall be used for the benefit of a society.
§ gin-8-443
Investment of assets Law of Maryland
§ gin-8-444
Guidelines for society transacting insurance business
§ gin-8-445
Establishing that Older Certificates Abide by Updated Standards of Valuation
§ gin-8-446
stakeholder laws
§ gin-8-449
The necessity for a fraternal benefit society to obtain a license.
§ gin-8-461
Commissioner examination of domestic societies
§ gin-8-462
Commissioner May Examine Foreign Society Transactions
§ gin-8-463
Maryland's commissioner Public disclosure of society financial statements
§ gin-8-464
When can Commissioner take Action
§ gin-8-465
A decision or finding of the Commissioner made under this subtitle is subject to judicial review in accordance with section 2-215
§ gin-8-466
Maryland's law of transact busines
§ gin-8-467
An Insurance Society Cannot Allow Unfair Discrimination
§ gin-8-468
False Information Representation
§ gin-8-501
State Insurance Regulations
§ gin-8-502
Adopting regulations
§ gin-8-503
Section Non-Applicability to Lawyers
§ gin-8-504
Duties of reinsurance manager
§ gin-8-505
Commissioner provisions for non resident license applicant
§ gin-8-506
Requirements for license application
§ gin-8-507
Requirements for being selected for a license by the Commissioner
§ gin-8-508
Origins of reinsurance intermediary
§ gin-8-509
license expiration and renewal rules
§ gin-8-510
Licensee name changes -- procedure and fee
§ gin-8-511
Violations by a Reinsurance Intermediary Can Lead to License Denial.
§ gin-8-512
Reinsurance Intermediary Must Be Examined
§ gin-8-513
Reinsurance broker Law of Maryland
§ gin-8-514
Contents and requirements of records held by reinsurers.
§ gin-8-515
"Reinsurance Manager Qualifications and Requirements"
§ gin-8-516
Record keeping for reinsurance transactions
§ gin-8-517
Reinsurance manager's acts deemed those of reinsurer
§ gin-8-518
Legal actions for the reinsurance manager.
§ gin-8-519
Insurers will annually check the financial condition of their reinsurance brokers.
§ gin-8-520
Origins of reinsurance
§ gin-8-601
Viatical settlement Law of Maryland
§ gin-8-602
Viatical settlement contract
§ gin-8-603
Registering with the commissioner before representing in a settlement.
§ gin-8-604
Requirements for registration
§ gin-8-605
compensation of viatical settlement broker
§ gin-8-605.1
Application for viatical settlement, broker provide written disclosure.
§ gin-8-606
Policy for Purchases in Maryland
§ gin-8-607
If not renewed, registration expires after two years.
§ gin-8-608
Registration denials.
§ gin-8-609
§ gin-8-610
Violations conditions.
§ gin-8-610.1
Verification of coverage Law of Maryland
§ gin-8-611
Viatical settlement contracts and applications for viatical settlement contracts documentation
§ gin-9-101
Provisions for Non-Profit Health Services
§ gin-9-102
How the Commissioner can determine if a currently authorized insurer is worthy to still be an authorized insurer
§ gin-9-103
Steps Upon Determination That Operation Is Deemed Hazardous
§ gin-9-104
Insurers Have Rights To Appeal An Order Of Commissioner.
§ gin-9-201
§ gin-9-202
Uniform Insurers Liquidation Act
§ gin-9-203
Wrong doings of people that own insurance business
§ gin-9-204
Delinquency Proceedings - Liquidating, Rehabilitating, Reorganizing, or Conserving Insurers
§ gin-9-205
Immunity from liability Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-206
Subsection Application Despite the Following Extraordinary Circumstances
§ gin-9-207
Origins of a delinquency proceeding
§ gin-9-208
a person that purports to do insurance business in the State.
§ gin-9-209
Powers of Circuit Court of Baltimore City
§ gin-9-210
How the Commissioner starts Delinquency Proceedings Against Insurers
§ gin-9-211
Domestic insurer act of Maryland
§ gin-9-212
Rehabilitation of Domestic Insurer
§ gin-9-213
Terminology of Appointed Receiver in this Section
§ gin-9-214
Conservator must notify policyholders within 15 days of delinquency proceedings.
§ gin-9-215
Origins of an Ex parte order
§ gin-9-216
Allowances for Use of Special Court of Appeals
§ gin-9-217
Origins of facilitating rehabilitation, liquidation, conservation, & dissolution
§ gin-9-218
Appointment of Receiver in Delinquency Proceedings
§ gin-9-219
Ancillary receiver & Domiciliary receiver Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-220
Delinquent dependency rules.
§ gin-9-221
Voidable Lien Transfer Circumstances
§ gin-9-222
Delinquency proceeding Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-223
Insurer Payment Guidelines
§ gin-9-224
Proposal for disbursement Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-225
After 3 years a commission may be filed for insurance petition
§ gin-9-226
Issuance of an order of liquidation.
§ gin-9-227
Preferred Claims Definition and Regulations
§ gin-9-228
Insurance claim guidelines.
§ gin-9-229
Mutual debts and credits Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-229.1
Definitions of the terms commodity,future & qualified financial contracts & other contract terms.
§ gin-9-230
Commissioner cooperation required unless it would abridge existing rights.
§ gin-9-231
In this section, chief executive officer means a person charged by the board of directors
§ gin-9-232
Premium/assessment Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-301
Definition of the Following Words Pertaining to this Subtitle
§ gin-9-302
Covered claims Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-303
Some direct insurance isn't accepted by state law.
§ gin-9-304
Guideline for the Corporation.
§ gin-9-305
Number of Members in Board of Directors
§ gin-9-306
The Corporation shall be obligated for covered claims.
§ gin-9-307
Corporation will submit a Plan of Operation to the Commission.
§ gin-9-308
The commissioner's relationship with the insurer
§ gin-9-309
Rights While Recovering from a Corporation
§ gin-9-310
How to deal when you have a claim against an insurer
§ gin-9-310.1
Origins of obligation of the Corporation
§ gin-9-311
Corporation expected to Submit financial report
§ gin-9-312
Laws for Tax Exemption on Properties.
§ gin-9-313
Origins of Premium charged
§ gin-9-314
Member Insurers Shall Have Immunity from Liability
§ gin-9-315
Insolvent insurer Law of Maryland
§ gin-9-316
Commissioner's powers to terminate the operation of corporation.
§ gin-9-401
Insurance Definitions
§ gin-9-402
limitations to protect persons against contractual obligations.
§ gin-9-403
Law Providing Coverage To a Resident And Nonresident Of Maryland State
§ gin-9-404
Subtitle is an aid and guide for citizens
§ gin-9-405
Purpose of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Corporation
§ gin-9-406
Duties of The Board of Directors
§ gin-9-407
Conditions and rules for the impaired insurer.
§ gin-9-407.1
Order of Liquidation and Succession of Rights
§ gin-9-408
What rights the Corporations can have.
§ gin-9-409
Origins of Class A & B assessments
§ gin-9-410
Corporation Submission of Plan of Operation to Commissioner
§ gin-9-411
Duties of the Commissioner
§ gin-9-412
Section Application for the Prevention of Insurer Impairments
§ gin-9-413
Corporation Special Deputy Recommendation
§ gin-9-414
No reduced liability under subtitle for unpaid assessments
§ gin-9-415
Commissioner Requirements for Corporations
§ gin-9-416
Corporation exempt of fees and taxes
§ gin-9-417
Member Insurers have Immunity from Liability
§ gin-9-418
Corporations on any matter may under judgement be liable.
§ gin-9-419
Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Corporation Act of Maryland