Human Services

This is Article ghu of the Code of State, titled “Human Services.” It’s comprised of the following 580 sections.

§ ghu-1-101
Definition Of County, Person and State.
§ ghu-1-201
Disclosure of Information Law of Maryland
§ ghu-1-202
Disclosure of Reports Concerning Child Abuse or Neglect
§ ghu-1-203
Definitions for Department of Social Services
§ ghu-1-204
The department of human services will allow the publication of certain relevant scientific research.
§ ghu-1-205
The Department of Human Resources regulates confidential information
§ ghu-1-208
Guardian, Parent, and Minor Defined
§ ghu-1-209
Maryland State exchange
§ ghu-1-210
Public Services
§ ghu-1-211
A public agency may not disclose information or records under _ 1-210 of this subtitle
§ ghu-1-212
Disclosure of Information
§ ghu-10-101
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Title
§ ghu-10-201
Department of Aging of the State Government
§ ghu-10-202
Appointment of Secretary of Aging
§ ghu-10-203
Secretary Responsible for Operation of Department
§ ghu-10-204
Secretary administers programs that the federal government delegates
§ ghu-10-205
Secretary Shall Prepare and Submit Department Budget
§ ghu-10-206
Reports to the Governor from the State Secretary
§ ghu-10-207
Deputy secretary
§ ghu-10-208
Terms and Requirements for the Commission on Aging Within the Department
§ ghu-10-209
Collective Housing Standards for Seniors
§ ghu-10-210
Civil Money Penalty
§ ghu-10-211
Assisted living
§ ghu-10-214
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Section
§ ghu-10-301
Interagency Committee on Aging Services
§ ghu-10-302
Selection of members of Inter-agency Committee under section (a)(11) or (12)
§ ghu-10-303
Appointment of Inter-agency Chair
§ ghu-10-304
An Executive Director shall serve as the principal staff
§ ghu-10-305
Interagency Committee Meeting Requirements and Procedures
§ ghu-10-306
Interagency Committee guideline for providing coordinated health
§ ghu-10-307
Interagency Committee Establishment and Coordination of Programs
§ ghu-10-308
Telephone Information Services
§ ghu-10-309
Interagency Committee
§ ghu-10-310
Interagency Committee Report Presentation
§ ghu-10-401
Specified terms and definitions
§ ghu-10-402
"A continuing care operation that is subject to the provisions of this subtitle."
§ ghu-10-403
Dept. administers & enables this subtitle.
§ ghu-10-404
Medical and Nursing Services and Entrance Fees
§ ghu-10-405
Continuing Care Fund
§ ghu-10-407
Retirement community operations
§ ghu-10-408
Capital addition Act
§ ghu-10-409
Guidelines for Building New Care Facility
§ ghu-10-410
Deposits from Prospective Subscribers
§ ghu-10-411
Until the Department issues a preliminary certificate provider may not enter into an agreement.
§ ghu-10-412
Financing Provider Guidelines
§ ghu-10-413
A renewal application requirements
§ ghu-10-414
Origins of approval of a renovation
§ ghu-10-415
Written Approval Needed for New Construction
§ ghu-10-416
Registration Denial and Suspension
§ ghu-10-419
Meaning of net operating expenses
§ ghu-10-420
Rules regarding interest expenses being excluded.
§ ghu-10-421
A provider shall compute operating reserves for each facility.
§ ghu-10-422
Rules for notifying to department, for withdrawal, by a provider.
§ ghu-10-423
Calculation of Operating Expenses for Non-Converted Facilities
§ ghu-10-424
Facility Disclosure Statement Omitting Cost
§ ghu-10-425
Requirements for Disclosure Statements
§ ghu-10-426
Providers Annual Meeting Requirements
§ ghu-10-427
Serving On Governing Body
§ ghu-10-428
Internal Grievance Procedures
§ ghu-10-429
Provider Public Information Availability Resposibilities
§ ghu-10-430
Marketing Material Requirements
§ ghu-10-432
Sale and Transfer of Control
§ ghu-10-433
Transference of Property Ownership
§ ghu-10-434
Provisions for sales or mergers of providers.
§ ghu-10-435
Department Determines Whether Sale or Transfer Satisfies Standards
§ ghu-10-436
Handling of Financial Assets
§ ghu-10-437
Prior to selling the property in question, the seller must file notice to sell with the Department 60 days prior to completing the transaction.
§ ghu-10-438
State Department Regulation of Sales
§ ghu-10-439
Care agreement Law of Maryland
§ ghu-10-440
Altering Facility Records
§ ghu-10-441
Departmental Right to Investigate Continuing Care Institutions
§ ghu-10-443
provisions of Part IV in addition to other applicable laws
§ ghu-10-444
Conditions for continuing care under certain titles.
§ ghu-10-445
Procedure of a Continuing Care Agreement
§ ghu-10-446
A party to a continuing care agreement may rescind agreement before occupancy.
§ ghu-10-447
Provider and Subscriber Regulations
§ ghu-10-448
Continuing Care Regulations
§ ghu-10-449
continuing care agreement termination
§ ghu-10-450
Purchasing care for a subscriber Law of Maryland
§ ghu-10-453
Home Operations Care
§ ghu-10-454
Procedure of Department Regulations
§ ghu-10-455
Feasibility study Law
§ ghu-10-456
The Department Limits Providers' Ability to Collect Deposits from Prospective Subscribers
§ ghu-10-457
Rules to provide to provide continuing care at home services.
§ ghu-10-458
Certification of Home Care Facilities
§ ghu-10-459
Provider shall file an application within 120 days.
§ ghu-10-460
Various grounds of feasibility study
§ ghu-10-463
Financial Review Committee
§ ghu-10-464
Financial Review Committee
§ ghu-10-465
Secretary Appointed Board Members
§ ghu-10-466
The Committee
§ ghu-10-467
Department Recommendation Considerations For Final Determination of Financial Difficulty
§ ghu-10-468
"A provider shall prepare and submit to the Department for its approval a 5-year financial plan."
§ ghu-10-469
Assessing Financial Failure of a Provider
§ ghu-10-472
Definitions of Creditor, Delinquency, General Assets, Receiver, Claims, Transfer
§ ghu-10-473
Definition of Delinquency Proceeding
§ ghu-10-474
Receiver Immune From Liability
§ ghu-10-475
Responsibilities of the Secretary
§ ghu-10-476
Functions of the Secretary
§ ghu-10-477
Circuit Court of Baltimore City Has Jurisdictions
§ ghu-10-478
Delinquency proceeding
§ ghu-10-479
Law Under Which The Secretary Applies For A Court Order To Conserve Or Rehabilitate A Provider
§ ghu-10-480
Order to Rehabilitate Guidelines
§ ghu-10-481
Designation and Responsibilities of Appointed Receivers
§ ghu-10-482
Notification about continuing care agreement of the subscriber
§ ghu-10-483
Appeal Allowances for the Court of Special Appeals
§ ghu-10-484
Rights of The Secretary
§ ghu-10-485
Delinquency Proceedings Upon Appointment of Receiver
§ ghu-10-486
Penalty Enforcement Prohibited During Delinquency Proceedings
§ ghu-10-487
Conditions for when a Transfer or Lien is voidable
§ ghu-10-488
Money Deposits Collected Through Delinquency
§ ghu-10-489
Liquidation proceeding the provider is not clearly solvent, the court, after notice it considers proper and a hearing
§ ghu-10-490
Definition of "preferred claim" under the Human Services title.
§ ghu-10-491
Processing of Legal Claims
§ ghu-10-492
Paying Off Debts
§ ghu-10-493
Subscriber claims will be made in accordance with SS10-490 for bankrupt providers.
§ ghu-10-496
Review of Continuing Care Facilities
§ ghu-10-497
§ ghu-10-498
Injured Subscriber Law of Maryland
§ ghu-10-499
Protection of Subscribers
§ ghu-10-501
Word Meanings
§ ghu-10-502
A local government may apply to the state to help defray costs of human services
§ ghu-10-503
Use of Grant Funds
§ ghu-10-504
Board of Public Works authorization of a grant
§ ghu-10-505
Right to Entrance and Inspection of Building and Places Receiving Grants
§ ghu-10-506
Payment of State Funds
§ ghu-10-507
State Grant Funds Recovery Policy
§ ghu-10-508
Lien Act of Maryland
§ ghu-10-509
State Recovery Program
§ ghu-10-510
Board of Public Works Regulations
§ ghu-10-513
Definition of Terms as Indicated
§ ghu-10-514
Senior Citizens Activity Fund
§ ghu-10-515
The Secretary is responsible for the administer fund.
§ ghu-10-516
Fund construction and distribution conditions for senior citizen activities
§ ghu-10-601
Definitions for "council" and "program"
§ ghu-10-602
Innovation in Aging Services Department Purposes
§ ghu-10-603
Development of Annual Program Plan
§ ghu-10-604
Innovations in Aging Services Advisory Council
§ ghu-10-605
Grant Proposals Submitted by the State Secretary
§ ghu-10-606
Reports to the Governor
§ ghu-10-607
Adoption of Regulations by the State Secretary
§ ghu-10-701
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this subtitle.
§ ghu-10-702
Reasoning for the Family Caregiver Assistance Program
§ ghu-10-703
Funding the Project
§ ghu-10-704
family caregive eligibilities to get grant from Program
§ ghu-10-705
The Secretary shall implement the program
§ ghu-10-706
Funding and Grants Regulations to be Adopted
§ ghu-10-801
Purpose of Aging-In Place Programs and Services
§ ghu-10-802
Maryland Communities for a Lifetime Program in the Department
§ ghu-10-803
Encouragement of Aging In Place
§ ghu-10-804
A code explaining steps a community can do with the "Communities for a Lifetime".
§ ghu-10-901
Intended Meaning of Long Term Care Related Terms
§ ghu-10-902
Ombudsman Program in Long-Term Care
§ ghu-10-903
Department shall have a The State LongTerm Care Ombudsman,appointed by the Secretary.
§ ghu-10-904
Requirements of longterm care ombudsman
§ ghu-10-905
Ombudsman Access privileges
§ ghu-10-906
Secretary And Aging Agencies
§ ghu-10-907
Service coordination requirements for ombudsmen
§ ghu-10-908
Maryland State Uniform Reporting System Explained
§ ghu-10-909
Annual report of State LongTerm Care Ombudsman
§ ghu-10-910
Laws regarding private complaints against government
§ ghu-10-911
ombudsman official duties is not the eligibility
§ ghu-11-101
Definition of Terms Related to Maryland Legal Services
§ ghu-11-102
Origins of legal assistance in Maryland
§ ghu-11-201
Maryland Legal Services Corporation
§ ghu-11-202
Corporate Documentation Requirements
§ ghu-11-203
Board to appoint an executive director cum CEO of the corporation.
§ ghu-11-204
Employees of the corporation are not employees of the state
§ ghu-11-205
Corporation shall exercise the powers granted.
§ ghu-11-206
Corporation shall indemnify the members of the Board.
§ ghu-11-207
Publishing Of Annual Report By The Corporation To The Governor
§ ghu-11-208
Yearly budget for the Corporation
§ ghu-11-301
Components of Board of Directors
§ ghu-11-302
electing chair by voting members
§ ghu-11-303
Members of the board can not receive compensation but can be reimbursed for specific spending
§ ghu-11-304
Board meets at least 4 times a year.
§ ghu-11-401
The Maryland Legal Services Corporation Fund shall receive at least $500,000 each year.
§ ghu-11-402
Details and Regulations of Maryland Legal Services Corporation Fund
§ ghu-11-403
Corporation shall accept and use any money and property.
§ ghu-11-404
The Corporation does not control or pay dividends for stock
§ ghu-11-405
Corporation Law of Maryland
§ ghu-11-406
Liquidation or dissolution of a corporation.
§ ghu-11-407
Corporation account to be audited annually
§ ghu-11-408
Rules for the auditing of a company that uses State Funds
§ ghu-11-501
Financial Assistance established for those who are eligible.
§ ghu-11-502
Corporation shall ensure that grants and contracts are made.
§ ghu-11-503
Usage for grant money from the Corporation
§ ghu-11-504
Grantee Reporting Requirements.
§ ghu-11-505
The Corporation Requires a Yearly Financial Audit
§ ghu-11-601
The Corporation shall make sure the grantee is up to par
§ ghu-11-602
Each application for legal assistance shall be in writing and with affidavit
§ ghu-11-603
The Corporation sets maximum income levels for client eligibility
§ ghu-11-604
Attorney-client privilege Act
§ ghu-11-701
Cannot help someone obtain legal help
§ ghu-11-702
Prohibited Activites of Corporations
§ ghu-11-801
Maryland Legal Services Act
§ ghu-2-101
meaning of "Secretary", "Department" under this title
§ ghu-2-201
Department Of Human Resources Serving As A Principal Department Of Maryland State
§ ghu-2-202
Secretary of Human Resources Appointment
§ ghu-2-203
Responsibilities of Secretary
§ ghu-2-204
Appointment of Deputy Secretaries
§ ghu-2-205
Secretary may employ a staff in accordance with the State budget
§ ghu-2-206
A person appointed by Secretary with approval of the Governor can be removed after approval of Gov.
§ ghu-2-207
personnel appointment or removal subject to Secretary's approval
§ ghu-2-208
Regulations to the Attorney General
§ ghu-2-209
Adoption of Rules by the Secretary
§ ghu-2-210
Secretary is responsible for the budget of the office.
§ ghu-2-211
The secretary controls the activities of the department
§ ghu-2-212
Abilities of the Secretary
§ ghu-2-213
The Secretary may create advisory boards
§ ghu-2-301
Human Services subdepartments
§ ghu-2-302
maintaning website to post notices under sections
§ ghu-2-401
Commission means Maryland Commission for Women
§ ghu-2-402
Maryland Commission for Women in the Department
§ ghu-2-403
Appointment of Commission Members
§ ghu-2-404
Election Of A Chair, Vice Chair And Officers By The Commissioner From Its Members
§ ghu-2-405
Secretary appoints executive director of Commissions
§ ghu-2-406
The Commission Shall Provide An Annual Report
§ ghu-2-407
Cooperation with the Commission Law of Maryland
§ ghu-2-408
Commission -- acceptance of funds; inclusion in Department budget
§ ghu-3-101
Definition of terms
§ ghu-3-201
County's Local Departments and Requirements.
§ ghu-3-202
A local department may have some administrative costs paid by the state.
§ ghu-3-301
Definition of Local Executive Authority Pertaining to Section
§ ghu-3-302
List of responsibilities of a local director in the Counties except Montgomery County
§ ghu-3-303
Duties of the the Montgomery County local director.
§ ghu-3-401
Accurate human services
§ ghu-3-402
In Montgomery County the county shall administer state social services.
§ ghu-3-403
Regulations and details about the grant agreement with the Montgomery County government
§ ghu-3-403.1
Sole Applicability of Section to Director of Social Services
§ ghu-3-404
The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services is considered one agency.
§ ghu-3-405
The Montgomery county executives objectives
§ ghu-3-406
The State may not pay a judgment awarded against an employee of Montgomery County
§ ghu-3-501
Local Department Board Regulations
§ ghu-3-502
The Baltimore City Social Services Commission shall be appointed according to the city charter.
§ ghu-3-503
Duties of the local board of Maryland
§ ghu-3-601
Appointed Attorney Requirement To Defend All Civil Actions
§ ghu-3-602
Three year duties of Office of Inspector
§ ghu-4-101
Definition of Key Terms for the Subtitle
§ ghu-4-201
Social Services Administration in the Department
§ ghu-4-202
Administration and the Executive Director powers
§ ghu-4-203
Secretary Appoints Executive Director with Governor's Okay.
§ ghu-4-204
Maryland's duties of the Executive director
§ ghu-4-205
Administration as the Central coordinating and directing agency
§ ghu-4-206
The Department may establish an automated statewide system for procedures
§ ghu-4-207
Regulations adopted by the Executive Director.
§ ghu-4-301
Origins of a comprehensive plan
§ ghu-4-302
Administrative Actions in Disposition of Funds
§ ghu-4-303
Administrative Recovery of Overpayments
§ ghu-5-101
§ ghu-5-201
Family Investment in the Department
§ ghu-5-202
Administration and the Executive Director Authority
§ ghu-5-203
Secretary appoints Executive Director: the Head of the Administration
§ ghu-5-204
Stipulations for administration of public assistance
§ ghu-5-205
Regulations to the Administration of the State
§ ghu-5-206
Implementation of Systems and Proceedures by the Department
§ ghu-5-207
Executive Director may adopt regulations for his duties
§ ghu-5-301
Specified terms and definitions
§ ghu-5-302
Reason for the Family Investment Program
§ ghu-5-303
Law Implementations by the State Secretary
§ ghu-5-304
Definition of specific terms
§ ghu-5-306
Department may contract with Religious, private, charitable, or higher education organizations.
§ ghu-5-307
Ability of a religious organization to participate in the Family Investment Program.
§ ghu-5-308
Eligibility for Disability Services and Assistance
§ ghu-5-309
Origins of the FIP
§ ghu-5-310
FIP assistance computing factors
§ ghu-5-310
FIP assistance computing factors
§ ghu-5-311
All assistance granted is subject to periodic recertification
§ ghu-5-312
Requirements for temporary cash assistance benefits
§ ghu-5-313
Regulations to a local department adopted by the Secretary
§ ghu-5-314
In this section Addiction Specialist means a local support member
§ ghu-5-315
Benefits policies
§ ghu-5-316
Maryland Law Regarding Funds Provided By The Governor In The Budget
§ ghu-5-317
Establishing Demonstration projects through grants
§ ghu-5-318
Human services training job skills
§ ghu-5-319
demonstration site
§ ghu-5-320
Secretary shall establish a mentoring program
§ ghu-5-321
Details about an assistance granted for future amendment or repeal
§ ghu-5-401
Described names and their meanings.
§ ghu-5-402
Establishment of Public Assistance to Adults Program
§ ghu-5-403
Low income residents are eligible for help from the State.
§ ghu-5-404
Application for Assistance Procedures
§ ghu-5-405
Local departments shall decide amount of assistance person receives according to income and bills
§ ghu-5-406
Local department duties
§ ghu-5-407
Transfer or Assignment Prohibition of Assistance
§ ghu-5-408
Appeals, and powers of the Administration.
§ ghu-5-409
Administration responsibilities above local representation
§ ghu-5-410
Duties of local department
§ ghu-5-411
Fine Charged On A Person Who Violates The Rule And Is Found Guilty
§ ghu-5-412
Repeal or amendment
§ ghu-5-415
Local government paying funeral expenses
§ ghu-5-501
rules regarding implementation of a food stamp program
§ ghu-5-502
The federal law prevails
§ ghu-5-503
Providing of Food Stamps
§ ghu-5-504
§ ghu-5-5A-01
Subtitle meaning of words
§ ghu-5-5A-02
Home Energy Programs in Maryland
§ ghu-5-5A-03
Purpose of the Office in Maryland
§ ghu-5-5A-04
The Office may employ a staff with Benefits
§ ghu-5-5A-05
The Office is under authority of State law.
§ ghu-5-5A-06
The Office shall maintain liaison with the United States Department of Health and Human Services and citizens groups.
§ ghu-5-5A-07
Energy Emergency
§ ghu-5-5A-08
"Energy Assistance Program Act"
§ ghu-5-601
resident means someone who lives in the state on the date declared
§ ghu-5-602
Administration can not reduce payments of any persons receiving public assistance
§ ghu-5-603
Public Housing Terms Defined
§ ghu-5-604
Public Assistance Financial Records
§ ghu-5-605
Terminology of Public Assistance and Fraud in Section
§ ghu-5-606
Public assistance Law of Maryland
§ ghu-5-607
Recovery of benefit overpayments; authorization of administrative procedure
§ ghu-5-608
Legal Authority of the Administration
§ ghu-6-101
Department means Department of human resources, Secretary means Secretary of human resources.
§ ghu-6-401
Origins of food organizations
§ ghu-6-402
Department run Statewide Nutrition-Assistance Equipment Program
§ ghu-6-403
Purpose of the Program
§ ghu-6-404
Requirements of the Program
§ ghu-6-405
Considerations of Department when Reviewing Grants and Awards
§ ghu-6-406
Department Annual Details
§ ghu-6-409
§ ghu-6-410
Maryland Emergency Food Program
§ ghu-6-411
Purposes of the Program of Maryland
§ ghu-6-412
Origins of the Program grant
§ ghu-6-413
Budget Aministration for Food Programs.
§ ghu-6-414
Administering agency Law of Maryland
§ ghu-6-417
Details about Advisory Board on Homelessness & Service Program for Homeless Individuals & Families
§ ghu-6-418
General Assembly Findings on Homelessness and Food Insecurity in Maryland
§ ghu-6-419
Service program for the homeless
§ ghu-6-420
Providing services to needy individuals
§ ghu-6-421
Mention of Advisory Board on Homelessness
§ ghu-6-422
Regulations to the Advisory Board regarding its members
§ ghu-6-423
Advisory Board Annual Election of Chair
§ ghu-6-424
Compensation and reimbursement for the Advisory Board.
§ ghu-6-425
Duties of the advisory board
§ ghu-6-426
The department of human services is authorized to operate appropriate program for the homeless.
§ ghu-6-427
Department shall adopt regulations to govern the Program under this part.
§ ghu-6-430
Client and program refer to homeless women.
§ ghu-6-431
General assembly declares an increase in number of Womens in the state.
§ ghu-6-432
Homeless Women-Crisis Shelter Home Program
§ ghu-6-433
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Discharge Service Plan.
§ ghu-6-434
Shelter Home Regulations
§ ghu-6-435
Clients responsibility for housekeeping duties in shelter home
§ ghu-6-436
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ ghu-6-437
Applicant not a state resident.
§ ghu-6-438
Program Funding and Regulations
§ ghu-6-501
Definition of Community Services and Elderly Individual
§ ghu-6-502
Access to Community Services for the Elederly
§ ghu-6-503
The Department of Aging and the Department of Health shall ensure that elderly persons are provided adequate care in state facilities.
§ ghu-6-504
Requirements to Carry out Community Services.
§ ghu-6-505
The Department shall utilize elderly individuals to perform community services
§ ghu-6-508
§ ghu-6-509
The development of affordable housing for disabled adults
§ ghu-6-510
CARE Program And It's Purposes
§ ghu-6-511
CARE will provide housing, case management & supportive services to clients
§ ghu-6-512
All departments shall provide appropriate ancillary services to individuals with disabilities.
§ ghu-6-513
CARE Program Residency Requirements and Eligibility For Services
§ ghu-6-601
Commission on Responsible Fatherhood
§ ghu-6-602
Commission of Responsible Fatherhood
§ ghu-6-603
Purposes of the State Commission
§ ghu-6-604
Maryand Commission Member Roles and Appointments
§ ghu-6-605
Governor shall designate a chair from among the members for 2 years.
§ ghu-6-606
Origins of Commission
§ ghu-6-607
Commission Determines Procedures
§ ghu-6-608
Staff Director Hiring Pending Governor Approval
§ ghu-6-609
Duties of the Commission
§ ghu-6-610
Powers of the State Commission
§ ghu-6-701
Citizenship Promotion Program
§ ghu-6-702
The Department of Human Services offers a citizen promotion program.
§ ghu-6-703
Purposes of the Program are to encourage foreign-born to be involved in democratic institutions
§ ghu-6-704
Encourage the English Language
§ ghu-6-705
How the state funds the human services program in Maryland.
§ ghu-6-706
Implementation of State Programs
§ ghu-6-707
implementing policies of Program with Executive units cooperation
§ ghu-6-708
The human services department shall submit a report to the governor each year.
§ ghu-7-101
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ ghu-7-104
Department of Disabilities
§ ghu-7-105
Secretary of Disabilities Appointment Requirements
§ ghu-7-106
Responsibilities of the Secretary
§ ghu-7-107
The Secretary shall appoint a deputy secretary
§ ghu-7-108
Secretary's Right to higher Staff
§ ghu-7-109
The Attorney General
§ ghu-7-110
State Secretary Department Regulation Law
§ ghu-7-113
"The Secretary is responsible for the budget of the Department."
§ ghu-7-114
The Department as the principal unit of the state government
§ ghu-7-115
The state government may request documents relating to disabled individuals.
§ ghu-7-116
On or before July 1 of each year, each unit of State government shall develop a unit plan
§ ghu-7-119
Maryland Commission on Disabilities
§ ghu-7-120
List of the members who can be appointed by the Governor
§ ghu-7-121
Governor shall designate a Chairman of the Commission for 2 years.
§ ghu-7-122
Commission member regulations.
§ ghu-7-123
§ ghu-7-124
Subcommittee As a Public Body
§ ghu-7-127
The Interagency Disabilities Board is established by the governor & oversees the disabilities plan
§ ghu-7-128
List of Officials in the Board
§ ghu-7-129
The Chair Of The Board Is The Secretary
§ ghu-7-130
Staff has to be provided to the board by the department when it is required.
§ ghu-7-131
The Board shall supervise its systems to ensure effective support to disabled persons.
§ ghu-7-132
State Disability Plan Offerings
§ ghu-7-201
Maryland Legal Terms Combined
§ ghu-7-202
The definition of a chronic disability under Maryland law.
§ ghu-7-203
Statement of departmental respite care.
§ ghu-7-204
Healthcare Within the Fiscal Year
§ ghu-7-205
Department Shall Adopt Regulations for Respite Care
§ ghu-7-301
Word Meanings
§ ghu-7-302
Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council And It's Purposes
§ ghu-7-303
Council Members are Diverse and Appointed by the Governor.
§ ghu-7-304
Staffing Process and Compensation of Council by Department
§ ghu-7-305
The Council Supports the caregivers by giving various offers
§ ghu-7-401
Definitions Pertaining to Care of Disabled Persons
§ ghu-7-402
Attendant Care Program Provided With Sliding Payment Scale
§ ghu-7-403
Secretary Shall Designate Program Director
§ ghu-7-404
Eligible Recipients of Program Funds
§ ghu-7-405
Program Funding Options
§ ghu-7-406
the department regulations rules
§ ghu-7-601
Meaning Of Assistive Technology And Other Terms Related To The Department Of Disabilities
§ ghu-7-602
Assistive Technology Loan Program
§ ghu-7-603
Assistance for the purchase of assistive technology.
§ ghu-7-604
Board of Directors of Program Exists
§ ghu-7-605
Composition of the Board
§ ghu-7-606
Annul elections of the Board
§ ghu-7-607
Six members of the Board are a quorum
§ ghu-7-608
Boards May Provide Loan Guarantees
§ ghu-7-609
Law for guarantee of loan or subsidy
§ ghu-7-610
The board may grant loans to those whom are qualified
§ ghu-7-611
The board shall decide the amount of a loan or subsidy.
§ ghu-7-612
Loan Requirements
§ ghu-7-613
Guaranteed loans are provided for the purchasing of rehabilitation equipment.
§ ghu-7-614
The Fund consists of premiums and fees,
§ ghu-7-615
Treasurer Shall Report Finances to Board and Secretary
§ ghu-7-616
Report of loans and subsidies.
§ ghu-7-701
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ ghu-7-702
The state will be encouraged to hire blind,deaf and disabled individuals.
§ ghu-7-703
Institution and Management of Board of Blind Industries
§ ghu-7-704
Regulations for Disabled Individuals
§ ghu-7-705
Rights and Privileges of Visually Impaired Pedestrians.
§ ghu-7-706
Subtitle Does Not Affect Disabled Pedestrians
§ ghu-7-707
"A person may not deny or interfere with admittance to or enjoyment of a public place."
§ ghu-7-708
Organizations requiring professional training programs
§ ghu-7-709
Origins of White Cane Law
§ ghu-8-1001
Term meanings.
§ ghu-8-1002
This subtitle does not apply to shelter or detention facilities
§ ghu-8-1002
This subtitle does not apply to shelter or detention facilities
§ ghu-8-1003
Laws in Effect Until October 1, 2015
§ ghu-8-1004
Outcomes Evaluation Implementation
§ ghu-8-101
Definitions of Public Agencies
§ ghu-8-102
Promotion of Healthy Environment for Children and Families
§ ghu-8-1101
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ ghu-8-1102
Outline of Maryland's After-School and Summer Opportunity Fund Program
§ ghu-8-1103
Advisory Board on AfterSchool and Summer Opportunity
§ ghu-8-1104
The executive committee decides how the office administers funds.
§ ghu-8-1105
The General Assembly and School Programs
§ ghu-8-1106
Responsibility of Executive Committee
§ ghu-8-1107
Outlines Maryland's After School and Summer Opportunity fund.
§ ghu-8-201
State Human Services Advisory Councils & Laws
§ ghu-8-202
"Advisory Council is to make recommendations to the Childrens Cabinet on coordinating state programs"?
§ ghu-8-301
Local Interagency Service Delivery System terms
§ ghu-8-302
Human Services Local Management Board
§ ghu-8-303
What all a local management Board should do.
§ ghu-8-304
Regulations Adopted by Children's Cabinet
§ ghu-8-305
The Maryland Association of Local Management Board Directors before october 1
§ ghu-8-401
Coordinating Council for Children
§ ghu-8-402
"The Council consists of seven members and a children's cabinet."
§ ghu-8-403
§ ghu-8-404
The council decides and monitors child facilities and placement.
§ ghu-8-405
Local Care Team
§ ghu-8-406
Requirements Of Each Local Care Team
§ ghu-8-407
Local Care Teams and Children
§ ghu-8-408
Parental And Child Attorney Rights To Council Meetings
§ ghu-8-501
Meaning of Fund in This Subtitle
§ ghu-8-502
§ ghu-8-503
The general fund consists of all money acquired by the state.
§ ghu-8-504
Expenditure of State Funds
§ ghu-8-505
Laws for Local Management Board Applying for Money
§ ghu-8-506
Home Visiting Funding
§ ghu-8-507
Governor's Office for Children May Require Report Submission
§ ghu-8-508
State Department of Education Considered Fiscal Agent
§ ghu-8-601
At-risk youth prevention and diversion program Definition
§ ghu-8-602
At-Risk Youth Prevention Locations
§ ghu-8-603
Youth Prevention Programs and Local Management Boards
§ ghu-8-604
Local Management Group Application and Local Planning Group
§ ghu-8-701
Meaning of Words in This Part
§ ghu-8-702
Children placed in residential care facilities shall be treated with the same quality of care.
§ ghu-8-703
State Resource Plans for Child Care Programs
§ ghu-8-703.1
Human Services Defined
§ ghu-8-704
Critical incidents at residential child care programs must be reported.
§ ghu-8-704
Critical incidents at residential child care programs must be reported.
§ ghu-8-705
licensing to operate a residential child care program under _ 8-704
§ ghu-8-706
Adopting Regulations of the Children's Cabinet
§ ghu-8-707
The developmental disability administrations requires facilities to follow certain rules relating to patient rights.
§ ghu-8-709
Residential child care program has to be licensed by the agency designated by the Office.
§ ghu-8-710
Child Care Facilities Operations
§ ghu-8-711
Denial of Licenses
§ ghu-8-712
State Childcare Custody Facility Inspection Law
§ ghu-8-801
as responsible for licensing a residential child care program
§ ghu-8-802
Residential Child Care Program Licenses
§ ghu-8-803
Subtitle Li censure Requirements
§ ghu-8-804
Requirements for obtaining a child care license.
§ ghu-8-805
A Corporation's Board Of Directors Must Meet These Requirements
§ ghu-8-806
Corporations to adopt written bylaws to direct Board of directors & its committees.
§ ghu-8-807
Regulations adopted by the Children's Cabinet
§ ghu-8-901
Meanings for Nonprofit Organization
§ ghu-8-902
§ ghu-8-903
State Executive Director Duties & Procedural Law
§ ghu-8-904
Residential Childcare Grant Program
§ ghu-8-905
Laws Regarding Usage of State Grants.
§ ghu-8-906
The State Receiving Funds
§ ghu-8-907
§ ghu-8-908
Secretary May File Civil Complaint Under This Subtitle
§ ghu-8-909
In circuit courts the state's rights take precedence over other claimants
§ ghu-8-910
Funds recovered would be deposited in Annuity Bond fund and used for debt servicing.
§ ghu-8-911
Implementation of Subtitle is Regulated by the Office
§ ghu-9-101
Maryland Legal Services Corporation Act
§ ghu-9-201
Department of Juvenile Services is an Entity of Maryland State Government.
§ ghu-9-202
Secretary of Juvenile Services
§ ghu-9-203
Responsibility of the Secretary
§ ghu-9-204
Secretary Enforcement Of Title
§ ghu-9-205
Reporting to the Secretary
§ ghu-9-206
Secretary can appoint two deputy secretaries with Governor's approval.
§ ghu-9-207
Appointment of Employees by the State Secretary
§ ghu-9-208
Financial Operations of State Secretary
§ ghu-9-209
Requirements for employment with the Department
§ ghu-9-210
Attorney General Duties
§ ghu-9-211
The Juvenile Services State Advisory Board
§ ghu-9-212
Makeup of the State Advisory Board
§ ghu-9-213
Appointment of Advisory Board Chair
§ ghu-9-214
Maryland State Advisory Board
§ ghu-9-215
State Advisory Board
§ ghu-9-216
Central administrative department
§ ghu-9-217
Designation of Agencies by the State
§ ghu-9-218
Secretary May Apply for Federal Funds
§ ghu-9-219
Confidential Research Records
§ ghu-9-220
Details of the Department's unit for research and development.
§ ghu-9-221
State Units Required To Fully Comply With Title
§ ghu-9-222
The Courts can make the Human Services department responsible for delinquent children.
§ ghu-9-223
Department Must Provide with Article Provisions
§ ghu-9-226
The Department can establish and control facilities used for state needs
§ ghu-9-227
Requirements for Residential Care Programs.
§ ghu-9-228
The Department of Human Services may issue a bond in order for a facility to be built.
§ ghu-9-229
Operations of Baltimore City Juvenile Justice center.
§ ghu-9-230
Secretary may establish an advisory board.
§ ghu-9-231
The Department can place children in non profit or for profit homes
§ ghu-9-232
Establish a program to Help homes for Runaway Youths
§ ghu-9-233
Description of Youth Services Bureau
§ ghu-9-234
Origins of the State Responsible For kids
§ ghu-9-235
a person shall be licensed by the Department.
§ ghu-9-236
Child care institution Law of Maryland
§ ghu-9-237
§ ghu-9-238.1
Juvenile Services System Programming
§ ghu-9-239
regulation states Department sets placement standards of children
§ ghu-9-240
meaning of the words under this title
§ ghu-9-240.1
State Secretary Voluntary Childcare Law
§ ghu-9-241
§ ghu-9-242
Human Services Secretary job duties
§ ghu-9-243
§ ghu-9-244
Specific juvenile court regulations.
§ ghu-9-245
"Foster Parent" Definition and Insurance Coverages
§ ghu-9-246
Youth Welfare fund
§ ghu-9-301
Citing of this Subtitle
§ ghu-9-302
Interstate Compact Law of Maryland
§ ghu-9-303
Compacting state and related terms definitions
§ ghu-9-304
Interstate Commission for Juveniles Program
§ ghu-9-305
Powers and Duties of the Interstate Commission
§ ghu-9-306
Organizing and Running the "Interstate Commission for Juveniles"
§ ghu-9-307
Model State Administrative Procedures Act
§ ghu-9-308
The interstate commission will supervise all interstate work.
§ ghu-9-309
Interstate Commission Payment of Expenses
§ ghu-9-310
State Can Create Interstate Juvenile Supervision Council.
§ ghu-9-311
Becoming a Compacting State
§ ghu-9-312
Law Regarding The Withdrawal Of A Compating State From The Compact By Repealing The Statute
§ ghu-9-313
Details about the provisions of the Compact
§ ghu-9-314
Nothing in this subtitle prevents the enforcement of any other law of a compacting state
§ ghu-9-401
Words meaning
§ ghu-9-402
Projects Involving Juvenile Facilities and Application for Grants
§ ghu-9-403
Duties of the Board of Public Works
§ ghu-9-404
State Grants are for youth facilities, not religious.
§ ghu-9-405
Criteria for Payment of an Approved Project
§ ghu-9-406
Recovering of Grant Funds
§ ghu-9-407
Temporary lien Law of Maryland
§ ghu-9-408
Proceedings Regarding This Subtitle Supercede All Others
§ ghu-9-409
Recovered Funds Applied to the Annuity Bond Fund
§ ghu-9-410
Secretary, Regulations, and Financial Statements