Housing and Community Development

This is Article ghs of the Code of State, titled “Housing and Community Development.” It’s comprised of the following 530 sections.

§ ghs-1-101
Legal definitions of areas and gov't organizations.
§ ghs-10-101
Meaning of Award, Board, Fund, Trust, and Trustee
§ ghs-10-102
Presence And Purpose Of Maryland Affordable Housing Trust
§ ghs-10-103
Board of Trustees
§ ghs-10-104
Rules And Regulations Regarding The Number Of Trustees And Non-Voting Trustees Of The Board
§ ghs-10-105
Appointance of Chair of the Board
§ ghs-10-106
Definition of a Quorum
§ ghs-10-107
Limited Private Nature of the Trust
§ ghs-10-108
Responsibilities of the Board in Regards to Awards
§ ghs-10-109
Board must be ethical, but is Tax exempt.
§ ghs-10-110
Auditing The Trust
§ ghs-10-201
Law About The Presence Of Maryland Affordable Housing Trust Fund
§ ghs-10-202
The Housing and Community Development Board shall make funds available for affordable housing.
§ ghs-10-203
Comptroller shall account for the Fund
§ ghs-10-204
State Fund Financial Sources
§ ghs-10-205
Board May Solicit Funds From Any Source
§ ghs-10-206
Fund Investments
§ ghs-10-301
Title Shall Accomplish Purpose
§ ghs-11-101
Definition Of Fund Pertaining To This Title
§ ghs-11-102
State Appalachian Housing Fun
§ ghs-11-103
The Department shall use the Fund to fulfill its obligations under the agreement.
§ ghs-11-104
The housing and community development fund shall not be subject to the State Finance and Procurement Article.
§ ghs-11-105
Concerning fund receipts, earnings, and investments
§ ghs-11-106
State Treasurer Fund Investments
§ ghs-12-101
Definition of Division II Legal Terms
§ ghs-12-102
"The General Assembly finds that low income housing is unsanitary or unsafe."
§ ghs-12-103
Authority Authorization To Procure Financial Aid
§ ghs-12-104
Baltimore Housing Authority Operations
§ ghs-12-105
Operation of an Authority of a Municipal Corporation
§ ghs-12-106
A person may qualify for residential projects if they fall within certain income requirements.
§ ghs-12-107
Ranking & Interpreting Laws
§ ghs-12-201
In each political subdivision, there is a public body corporate.
§ ghs-12-202
Sections 12-203 through 12-206 subtitle enables political subdivision.
§ ghs-12-203
Provisions Necessary for Code Authorities to Conduct Business
§ ghs-12-204
Existence of Pre-Existing Authorities
§ ghs-12-205
Articles of organization
§ ghs-12-206
Laws for pre-existing authority.
§ ghs-12-207
Articles of Reinstatement
§ ghs-12-208
Housing Commission of Talbot County Consolidation or Merger
§ ghs-12-301
Required numbers of Commissioners of an Authority.
§ ghs-12-302
The chief Requirements
§ ghs-12-303
Commissioner of an Authority Non-Employment Requirements
§ ghs-12-304
This subsection applies to authorities
§ ghs-12-305
Election of chair
§ ghs-12-306
Commissioners Power in Housing and Community Development
§ ghs-12-307
Commissioners of an authority may receive reasonable compensation
§ ghs-12-308
An authority may employ the followings
§ ghs-12-309
Authority Employee's Legal Definition
§ ghs-12-310
Employees of the Department have no commercial interest
§ ghs-12-311
Official Removal Of Commissioner Process
§ ghs-12-312
Code Authority Business Practices
§ ghs-12-401
It is State policy more than an authority
§ ghs-12-402
Rent Law Of Maryland
§ ghs-12-403
Standard Building Codes Apply to Maryland Housing Projects
§ ghs-12-404
An authority shall file with the custodia
§ ghs-12-405
How to take possession of a housing project.
§ ghs-12-501
An Authority : Functions and power as a public body
§ ghs-12-502
Authority has the power
§ ghs-12-503
Origins of mortgage loans
§ ghs-12-504
Exercising power on economic competition
§ ghs-12-505
General Assembly
§ ghs-12-506
Two or more authorities may join or cooperate with one another
§ ghs-12-507
Rules for state public body and housing project.
§ ghs-12-601
An authority may develop and administer projects
§ ghs-12-602
An authority can:
§ ghs-12-603
Powers of State public body
§ ghs-12-604
Legal Bonds issued by authority
§ ghs-12-605
subtitle is an interdependent authorization for authority
§ ghs-12-606
Authority can exercise powers as agents/lessee of Federal Govt. Military Housing projects.
§ ghs-12-607
This subtitle does not limit any other power of an authority.
§ ghs-12-701
What Authority May Issue in Bonds
§ ghs-12-702
Bonds of an authority
§ ghs-12-703
Bonds of an authority shall be authorized
§ ghs-12-704
pledge any or all of the gross or net rents, fees, or revenues for many people.
§ ghs-12-705
Rights of Obligees of an Authority
§ ghs-13-101
Meaning of Annapolis Authority and Commissioner
§ ghs-13-102
Article titles that apply to the Annapolis Authority.
§ ghs-13-103
§ ghs-13-104
Origins of Commissioners
§ ghs-13-105
The Annapolis Authority Is Bound By Public Ethics Laws Of The Annapolis City Council
§ ghs-13-106
Annapolis Authority remove affirmative vote of five commissioners
§ ghs-13-107
Duties Of Annapolis Authority
§ ghs-13-108
Annapolis authority may not award contract exceeding $5000
§ ghs-13-109
Purchases by Annapolis will conform to the city code
§ ghs-13-110
Annual Budget Reporting
§ ghs-13-111
Annapolis County Authority Application Law
§ ghs-14-101
Housing Authority name change.
§ ghs-14-102
Function And Powers Of The Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County.
§ ghs-14-103
Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County will have 7 commissioners appointed for 5 years.
§ ghs-15-101
Terms of Housing
§ ghs-15-102
Article Exclusions to Baltimore Authority
§ ghs-15-103
Baltimore City General Assembly Legal Findings
§ ghs-15-104
The Housing Authority of Baltimore City is a public body corporate and politic.
§ ghs-15-105
Powers of the Baltimore Authority
§ ghs-15-106
Baltimore Authority Commissioner Eligibility
§ ghs-15-107
Housing Project Commencement
§ ghs-15-108
Definition Of Baltimore Authority Police Officer
§ ghs-15-109
The Baltimore Authority may engage in collective bargaining
§ ghs-16-101
Commissioner means a Commissioner of the Montgomery Commission
§ ghs-16-102
montgomery commission
§ ghs-16-103
Title Only Applicable To Montgomery County
§ ghs-16-104
General Assembly Substandard Housing Findings
§ ghs-16-105
Montgomery County Commission Authority & Law
§ ghs-16-106
Origins of The Montgomery Commission
§ ghs-16-107
Montgomery Commission Can Offer Housing Projects.
§ ghs-16-108
How to determine whether an individual or family qualifies.
§ ghs-16-109
Origins of housing
§ ghs-16-110
Law for Family housing and community development, moderate priced dwelling unit.
§ ghs-16-111
Montgomery Commission
§ ghs-16-112
Montgomery Commission shall issue financial report before November 30.
§ ghs-16-113
How the county Council & County Executive performs audit.
§ ghs-16-201
Montogomary County's Law for Guarantee
§ ghs-16-202
§ ghs-16-203
The bonds are subject to 312
§ ghs-16-204
Information About Bond Proceeds
§ ghs-16-205
Issuance of Bonds Guaranteed by the County Government
§ ghs-16-206
County Executive Approval
§ ghs-16-207
An approval of a bond guarantee by the County Council shall be submitted to the County
§ ghs-16-208
County Executive may approve allocation as bond guarantee.
§ ghs-16-209
Housing Project Audits
§ ghs-16-210
Montgomery Commission
§ ghs-16-211
Montgomery Commission bonds Law of Maryland
§ ghs-16-301
Not applying to:
§ ghs-16-302
Definition of Montgomery County Commission Employees Bargaining Units
§ ghs-16-303
Montgomery Commission Must Recognize Employee Rights
§ ghs-16-304
Montgomery Commission & exclusive representative(s) to appoint labor relations administrator for 5 yrs
§ ghs-16-305
How employees can gain exclusive representation
§ ghs-16-306
Origins of Holding Election For exclusive representative
§ ghs-16-307
Origins of Voting in Maryland
§ ghs-16-308
Montgomery County Commission Employee Certification Law
§ ghs-16-309
Bargaining Proposal Violation and Labor Relations Petition
§ ghs-16-310
When and how a mediator-arbitrator is appointed in collective bargain agreement and its functions.
§ ghs-16-311
Situations in Which a Mediator is Used for Collective Bargaining.
§ ghs-16-312
How to collect bargaining agreement supersedes.
§ ghs-16-313
Montgomery Commission shall include adequate funding
§ ghs-16-314
Duties of Montgomery commission in accordance to law.
§ ghs-16-315
Employee Organization Prohibitions
§ ghs-16-316
Montgomery Commission Employees Rights
§ ghs-16-317
"strike" means the action of an employee
§ ghs-16-318
Montgomery Commission Unfair Labor Practices
§ ghs-16-319
Section Applicability To Expression Of Personal View
§ ghs-16-401
Words have the meanings indicated in this article
§ ghs-16-402
Housing and Community Development Service Contract Regulations
§ ghs-16-403
How a Executive Director will certify the Montgomery Commission.
§ ghs-16-404
Requirements for Montgomery Commission to get certified.
§ ghs-16-405
Origins of the Montgomery Commission
§ ghs-16-406
Submitting a proposal for existing bargaining unit employees
§ ghs-16-407
The employee representative certified may file an appeal
§ ghs-17-101
State Legal Definitions Regarding Housing Developments
§ ghs-17-102
Title 12 applies to the Prince George's Authority
§ ghs-17-103
The General Assembly finds the followings
§ ghs-17-104
Prince George County Housing Authority
§ ghs-17-105
The Prince Georges Authority consists of seven Commissioners
§ ghs-17-106
Choosing Of The Chair Of The Prince Georges Authority
§ ghs-17-107
Prince Georges Authority
§ ghs-18-101
Board of County Commissioners
§ ghs-18-102
Applicable to Queen Anne's Authority.
§ ghs-18-103
The Housing Authority is a public body corporate
§ ghs-18-104
Board of County Commissioners
§ ghs-18-105
Powers of Queen Anne's Authority under the Board of County Commissioners.
§ ghs-19-101
Housing Authority of Maryland
§ ghs-19-102
The Housing Authority of St. Mary's County is a public body corporate and politic
§ ghs-2-101
Hospitals employers shall file with the Board a report
§ ghs-2-102
Duties of Deptt to foster cooperation between political subdivisions and other organization.
§ ghs-2-103
Governor Appointment Of Secretary With Consent Of Senate
§ ghs-2-104
The Secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of the Department in all aspects.
§ ghs-2-105
Secretary Shall Have a Seal
§ ghs-2-106
Duties of a deputy secretary
§ ghs-2-107
Office of the Secretary
§ ghs-2-108
Secretary Approval for Appointments
§ ghs-2-109
Governmental unit reports to Secretary
§ ghs-2-110
A housing and community development appointee may not be removed without permission from governor.
§ ghs-2-111
Responsibilities for Office of the Secretary
§ ghs-2-112
Secretary Responsibilities in Department Budgets
§ ghs-2-113
Responsibilities of the Secretary for planning initiatives
§ ghs-2-114
The Secretary may call a special meeting
§ ghs-2-115
Power of the Secretary
§ ghs-2-116
Exceptions of a governmental unit in the Department.
§ ghs-2-201
The Department consists of the Division of Credit Assurance
§ ghs-2-202
Origins of advisory units
§ ghs-20-101
this article applies to Somerset County except
§ ghs-20-102
Somerset County law
§ ghs-21-101
Definitions Pertaining to Washington County Board of Commissioners
§ ghs-21-102
General Assembly
§ ghs-21-103
The Washington authority
§ ghs-21-104
Washington County Housing Authority Law
§ ghs-21-105
This section does not apply if its application would disqualify the State or a county
§ ghs-21-106
Washington Authority may make mortgage & construction loans, subsidize rent & waive limits for senior
§ ghs-22-101
Title 12 of this article applies to Indian housing authorities except where it is inconsistent
§ ghs-22-102
Indian tribe receiving authority
§ ghs-22-103
How an Indian Authority participates in Federal Program.
§ ghs-23-101
Housing Authorities Law of maryland
§ ghs-3-101
Division means the Division of Credit Assurance
§ ghs-3-102
Division Of Credit Assurance
§ ghs-3-103
Laws governing our rights
§ ghs-3-104
Division Program Administration Delegation
§ ghs-3-201
Definitions of Words Involved in Banking
§ ghs-3-202
Findings for Adequate Housing Solutions
§ ghs-3-203
Rules and regulations and uses with respect to Maryland Housing Fund
§ ghs-3-204
Insurance, a guarantee, or other credit enhancement is limited by State reserves allocated for it.
§ ghs-3-205
"development costs" has the meaning stated in _ 4-201
§ ghs-3-206
eligibility standards, obligations, loans, or actions.
§ ghs-3-207
Department must report Financial Status
§ ghs-3-208
the liberally construed to carry out the findings set .
§ ghs-4-1001
Meanings of the words under this title
§ ghs-4-1002
Neighborhood Housing Services Fund.
§ ghs-4-1003
The Department may adopt regulations.
§ ghs-4-1004
corporation grant eligiblity
§ ghs-4-1005
Origins of neighborhood corporation eligibility for A grant
§ ghs-4-101
Words have the meanings indicated in this title
§ ghs-4-102
There is a Division of Development Finance
§ ghs-4-103
Origins of The Division
§ ghs-4-1101
Eligibility of operating assistance grants
§ ghs-4-1102
Non-profits will receive grants for limited income housing
§ ghs-4-1103
State Non-Profit Organization Fund & Laws
§ ghs-4-1104
Operating assistance grants can be given only up to the limits allocated from various funds.
§ ghs-4-1105
Adoption of Regulations by State Departments
§ ghs-4-1201
Words have the meanings indicated in the article
§ ghs-4-1202
Findings of the General Assembly regarding Low-income Housing
§ ghs-4-1203
Partnership Rental Housing Program
§ ghs-4-1204
§ ghs-4-1205
Department to run programs to foster partnership rental housing units and their financing.
§ ghs-4-1206
A household qualifies as a household of lower income.
§ ghs-4-1207
State Department Application Approval Law
§ ghs-4-1208
Political Subdivision or Housing Authority Participation
§ ghs-4-1209
false statement or report to the Department
§ ghs-4-1301
_Program_ means the Radium Grant Program
§ ghs-4-1302
Radium Grant Program is available
§ ghs-4-1303
Program's Purpose
§ ghs-4-1304
Counties may join the program
§ ghs-4-1305
Award Granted By The County's Department To The Residential Well Owners Under Specific Programs
§ ghs-4-1306
Eligibility of Grant : Conditions of owning residential well
§ ghs-4-1307
participating counties a sliding scale formula, based on income.
§ ghs-4-1308
Adoption of Regulations
§ ghs-4-1401
§ ghs-4-1402
Rental Allowance Program
§ ghs-4-1403
Rental Allowance Program assists homeless.
§ ghs-4-1404
Department may run programs to help, homeless, disabled, displaced or emergency hit people.
§ ghs-4-1405
The Department Determines Criteria For Distributing Housing Assistance
§ ghs-4-1406
Power of the Department to adopt regulations for carrying out programs.
§ ghs-4-1501
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ ghs-4-1502
Returns on Rental
§ ghs-4-1503
lot consolidation means acquisition of real property
§ ghs-4-1504
A project must qualify as next
§ ghs-4-1505
Secretary shall fix income limits for family of low income which may vary region to region.
§ ghs-4-1506
Requirements and Uses for Program Loans
§ ghs-4-1507
Items the Departments May Regulate Through The Program
§ ghs-4-1508
the political subdivision
§ ghs-4-1509
Program loan Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-1510
Program loan Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-1511
Falsification of Document Submission to Department
§ ghs-4-1601
§ ghs-4-1602
Duties of General Assembly towards families of moderate income.
§ ghs-4-1603
purpose under this title is home development
§ ghs-4-1604
Residential mortgage loans
§ ghs-4-1605
Possible Fees Collected By County
§ ghs-4-1606
Ordinance or resolution Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-1607
Terms and security of bonds
§ ghs-4-1608
Terms of Bonds Sold at Public or Private Sale
§ ghs-4-1609
Allows counties to issue new bonds to pay outstanding bonds.
§ ghs-4-1610
program providing loan agreements, loan servicing agreements, if required by the county
§ ghs-4-1701
Details about Self-Help Home ownership Technical Assistance Program for Family of limited income
§ ghs-4-1702
Findings of General Assembly
§ ghs-4-1703
Self-Help Homeownership Technical Assistance Program
§ ghs-4-1704
The purpose of the Program is to make technical assistance grants
§ ghs-4-1705
Department tasks
§ ghs-4-1706
Limited Family Income Qualifications
§ ghs-4-1707
Technical Assistance Grant Requirements
§ ghs-4-1708
Stipulations of technical assistance grants
§ ghs-4-1709
Permitted Uses of Technical Assistance Grant Funds
§ ghs-4-1710
Grant Award For technical assistance
§ ghs-4-1801
Terms and Definitions
§ ghs-4-1802
A Housing Program provides funds to government.
§ ghs-4-1803
local government qualifications to participate the program
§ ghs-4-1804
Dollar-for-Dollar Match for Program Funds
§ ghs-4-1805
Program funds shall be annually distributed by the department.
§ ghs-4-1806
Prerequisites for Local Governments' Use of Program Funds
§ ghs-4-1807
Program funds that have not been drawn down should be redistributed.
§ ghs-4-1808
local government using Program fund for housing development
§ ghs-4-1809
Extending the Income Eligibility Limits for Workforce Housing Units
§ ghs-4-1810
Program Funding for Workforce Housing Units
§ ghs-4-1811
Rules Regarding Homeownership Workforce Housing Unit Developed Through The Program
§ ghs-4-1812
Reporting to Department Law
§ ghs-4-1813
Role of the Secretary in Program Implementation
§ ghs-4-1901
Details of Disaster Relief Housing Program within the Department of Housing & Community Development
§ ghs-4-1902
The purpose of the Program is to provide financial assistance
§ ghs-4-1903
Sources of Financial Assistance
§ ghs-4-1904
Regulations, guidelines, and eligibility shall be adopted by the secretary.
§ ghs-4-1905
Guidelines to the Department in issuing reports to General Assembly
§ ghs-4-201
"Commercial building" means any building that is used primarily to carry on a business whether
§ ghs-4-202
General Assembly findings
§ ghs-4-203
Origins of increasing home ownership
§ ghs-4-204
Community Development Administration of Maryland
§ ghs-4-205
Origins of the Administration
§ ghs-4-206
Not to grant land or money to political subdivision
§ ghs-4-207
Secretary shall appoint the Director with Governor's approval.
§ ghs-4-208
Origins of the Housing Finance Review Committee
§ ghs-4-211
Duties of The Administration
§ ghs-4-212
Establishing the Upper Income Limits
§ ghs-4-213
Community Development Project Procedures
§ ghs-4-214
The eminent domain power of administration
§ ghs-4-215
Origins of home buyer assistance program
§ ghs-4-217
Requirements of community development project
§ ghs-4-218
Qualifications of an Energy Conservation Project
§ ghs-4-219
Residential building Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-220
Requirement of Internal Revenue Code for private finances
§ ghs-4-221
A public purpose project is one funded by Administration or from federal low-income housing credit.
§ ghs-4-222
Solar Energy Project Qualifications
§ ghs-4-225
Financial assistance for projects and facilities from Administration
§ ghs-4-226
Regulations to the Administration in connection with property in mortgage
§ ghs-4-227
Duties of The Administration
§ ghs-4-228
Requirements to finance infrastructure projects
§ ghs-4-229
Procedures and Requirements of a Local Obligation Purchase
§ ghs-4-230
A Political Subdivision Can Issue Local Obligations.
§ ghs-4-231
Local obligation Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-232
Ordinance or Resolution Enactment
§ ghs-4-233
Components of local obligation
§ ghs-4-233.1
meaning of financial related words under this title
§ ghs-4-234
§ ghs-4-235
Mortgage loang including loans to purchase of stock
§ ghs-4-236
Financing administration.
§ ghs-4-237
What the Administration can do
§ ghs-4-238
Restriction of loan purchases by the Administration.
§ ghs-4-239
Law For Eligible Mortgage Lender In Making Mortgage Loan From Administration In Principal Amounts
§ ghs-4-240
Regulations to the mortgage lender's certificate of residential mortgage loan
§ ghs-4-241
Residential Loans as Applying to the Administration
§ ghs-4-244
Domestic reciprocal insurer
§ ghs-4-245
The Administration may borrow money and issue bonds
§ ghs-4-246
Administration may Provide for the Issuance of Notes
§ ghs-4-247
Trust agreement Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-248
Interest Requirements For Governmental Bonds Or Loans
§ ghs-4-249
agreement with noteholders or bond holders.
§ ghs-4-250
Administration investments with bonds or notes
§ ghs-4-251
Bond or note Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-252
Listed items are exempted from tax
§ ghs-4-253
Improve the management of debt or to reduce the cost of servicing .
§ ghs-4-255
Falsifying Information On Documents Related to Loans
§ ghs-4-301
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ ghs-4-302
Down Payment and Settlement Expense Loan Program
§ ghs-4-303
Purpose of the Program
§ ghs-4-304
Origins of a Program loan
§ ghs-4-305
An individual with 1 home or a max of 4 units-all rented but one for self-is eligible home buyer.
§ ghs-4-306
Program shall be operated with money in the Fund
§ ghs-4-307
Program Loan Proceeds and how they are handled
§ ghs-4-308
Requirements Set By The Department For A Recipient Of Program Loan In Maryland State
§ ghs-4-309
Program loan Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-401
Following words have the meanings indicated.
§ ghs-4-402
About Elderly Rental Housing Program
§ ghs-4-403
Purposes Of The Program Related To The Occupancy Of Elderly Households
§ ghs-4-404
Housing Department obligations
§ ghs-4-405
Department Request to State to Add Funds
§ ghs-4-406
The Department Shall Set Standards and Get Funds for the Program
§ ghs-4-407
Qualifications of elderly rental housing project
§ ghs-4-408
Applications for loans shall be reviewed by the Department.
§ ghs-4-409
Money in the Fund may be used for elderly housing improvements.
§ ghs-4-501
Origins of nonlapsing special fund
§ ghs-4-501.1
greatest extent towards feasible minority business ventures
§ ghs-4-502
§ ghs-4-503
The Partnership Rental Housing Fund
§ ghs-4-504
Fund stands for Rental Housing Programs Fund
§ ghs-4-505
Special Loan Programs Fund
§ ghs-4-506
Workforce Housing Fund Components
§ ghs-4-507
Housing Counseling and Foreclosure Mediation Fund
§ ghs-4-601
Group Home Definitions
§ ghs-4-602
Group Home Financing Program For the State of Maryland
§ ghs-4-603
Providing loans to group home sponsors
§ ghs-4-604
Powers granted to The Housing Department
§ ghs-4-605
Departmental Economic Policies
§ ghs-4-606
Program Regulations
§ ghs-4-607
Group Home Program Loan Requirements
§ ghs-4-608
The Program shall be operated with money in the Special Loan Programs Fund under $ 4-505
§ ghs-4-609
Program loan requirements
§ ghs-4-610
Guidelines for Program Loans Secured by Mortgage Lien
§ ghs-4-611
Requirements Of A Group Home For Approval And Permitting Procedures Of Local Zoning Authority
§ ghs-4-612
Loan Applicants Can't Falsify Info on Documents.
§ ghs-4-701
Components of Lead hazard reduction activity
§ ghs-4-702
Lead paint Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-703
The main thrust of the Grant Program and the Loan Program.
§ ghs-4-704
Regulations to the Department regarding Loan or Grand amounts for hazard reduction activities
§ ghs-4-705
Maryland Regulation of Grant and Loan Programs
§ ghs-4-706
The Department Regulates the Loan & Grant Programs
§ ghs-4-707
Family limitation act under secretary sets
§ ghs-4-708
Details about the Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program
§ ghs-4-709
§ ghs-4-710
§ ghs-4-711
Committee means the Lead Hazard Advisory Committee
§ ghs-4-712
Imprisonment And/Or Fine Charged On A Grant Or Loan Applicant If The Rules Are Violated
§ ghs-4-801
Description of Terms Used in this Subtitle
§ ghs-4-802
Maryland Home Financing Loans
§ ghs-4-803
Maryland Home Financing Program
§ ghs-4-804
Reasons For the Program
§ ghs-4-805
Housing and Community Development Department Charter.
§ ghs-4-806
Procedures for the Department Running of this Program
§ ghs-4-807
Limits on Adjusted Annual Income
§ ghs-4-808
The Program functions under its own funding
§ ghs-4-809
Applicant shall submit a complete application form to avail loan.
§ ghs-4-810
Loan qualification policy under 4-804(1)(i), (4) or (5).
§ ghs-4-811
Qualification guidelines to avail emergency assistance loan
§ ghs-4-812
Origins of qualifying for a reverse equity loan
§ ghs-4-813
a developer or nonprofit sponsor shall provide construction costs for loan
§ ghs-4-814
Applicant's home mortgage payments
§ ghs-4-815
Setting Loan Regulations
§ ghs-4-816
Necessity for correctness of financial statement & violation attracts imprisonment / fine
§ ghs-4-901
Definitions of family-related terms
§ ghs-4-902
Origins of Healthcare Facilities of Maryland
§ ghs-4-903
Findings of the General Assembly
§ ghs-4-904
The State of Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program
§ ghs-4-905
Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program.
§ ghs-4-906
Requirements of Program loans
§ ghs-4-907
Program loan under the Regular Rehabilitation Program.
§ ghs-4-908
Administration of Department Loans
§ ghs-4-909
List of Department's right on mortgages
§ ghs-4-909.1
Secured Loans Given to Cooperative Housing Corporation Members
§ ghs-4-910
Carryout the program, regulations adopted by the department
§ ghs-4-911
Origins of Regular Rehabilitation Program
§ ghs-4-912
Money received not credited to State Budget may be credited to Annuity Bond Fund.
§ ghs-4-913
The department of housing and community development will set interest rates for the following year.
§ ghs-4-914
Political subdivision Law of Maryland
§ ghs-4-915
Origins of setting upper limits on income
§ ghs-4-916
Department may make program loans to make cheap housing available to low income families.
§ ghs-4-917
Rules and Stipulations of Program Loans
§ ghs-4-918
Regulations of the Program loan to finance a residential rehabilitation project made by Department
§ ghs-4-919
"Federal treasury regulations for states"
§ ghs-4-920
Department must establish maximum loan amounts for housing
§ ghs-4-921
Rehabilitation loans under the Regular Rehabilitation Program and special loan programs.
§ ghs-4-922
Loan Delegation and Requirement Procedures and Mandates
§ ghs-4-923
The purpose of housing rehabilitation projects
§ ghs-4-926
Maryland law provides for an accessory, shared and sheltered housing program.
§ ghs-4-927
An Indoor Plumbing Program is there.
§ ghs-4-928
§ ghs-4-929
How To Acquire A Nonprofit Rehabilitation Program Loan
§ ghs-4-930
To qualify for a loan applicant shall have assets.
§ ghs-4-933
A person could be fined or imprisoned for lying on a State loan application.
§ ghs-6-101
Division of Neighborhood Revitalization
§ ghs-6-102
Division of Neighborhood Revitalization
§ ghs-6-103
Provisions of Commercial and Mixed-Use Revitalization Programs
§ ghs-6-104
The Definition And Role of Sustainable Communities
§ ghs-6-201
Description of Terms under this Subtitle
§ ghs-6-202
There is a Community Legacy Program.
§ ghs-6-203
The Purpose of Corporation to Improve Maryland Environment
§ ghs-6-204
Sponsor to file 1 or more applications, according to departmental schedules, for sustainable projects.
§ ghs-6-205
Smart Growth Subcabinet
§ ghs-6-206
Tasks performed by the Department
§ ghs-6-207
Department & sponsor to enter a community legacy agreement;a limit of 15% on non capital expenditure.
§ ghs-6-208
Implementation of Financial Assistance Programs
§ ghs-6-209
Financial assistance for a neighborhood intervention project Eligibility
§ ghs-6-210
Requirement of Sponsors to Submit Quarterly and Annual Reports
§ ghs-6-211
meaning of "Fund" under this title
§ ghs-6-301
Terms and their Definitions
§ ghs-6-302
A business qualifies as a small business if the number of its employees is not exceeding limits.
§ ghs-6-303
Neighborhood Business Development Program Definitions
§ ghs-6-304
Business development program(BDP) within Neighborhood BDP funds projects in sustainable communities.
§ ghs-6-305
Parameters of the Business Development Program's financial assistance
§ ghs-6-307
Provisions Regarding Financial Assistance under the Business Development Program
§ ghs-6-308
Department shall administer the Business Development Program.
§ ghs-6-308.1
Origins of the loan program of Maryland
§ ghs-6-309
The purposes of the Capital Access Program are to stimulate private sector.
§ ghs-6-310
uses of Neighborhood Business Development Fund
§ ghs-6-311
You are not allowed to make false statements knowingly
§ ghs-6-401
Specified Definitions
§ ghs-6-402
Neighborhood & Community Assistance Program
§ ghs-6-403
General purposes of the neighborhood and community assistance program.
§ ghs-6-404
Approved Contribution Tax Credits
§ ghs-6-405
Each year, non-profits may apply for funding.
§ ghs-6-406
Adoption of regulations to carry out the subtitle
§ ghs-7-101
Definition of specific terms
§ ghs-7-102
Housing Regulations
§ ghs-7-103
The Secretary will adopt regulations and rules to see this title is carried out.
§ ghs-7-104
Definition of an Assisted Household
§ ghs-7-105
Definition for assisted projects in real estate property
§ ghs-7-106
Limitations of Title
§ ghs-7-201
An assisted housing project owner shall give appropriate notice when taking various actions.
§ ghs-7-202
Notices of Intent for Protected Actions
§ ghs-7-203
Owner Actions Against Tenant
§ ghs-7-204
Rights the owner shall offer
§ ghs-7-205
Purchasing & Fair Market Value
§ ghs-7-206
The law under Housing and Community allows sale of property under mutually favorable circumstances.
§ ghs-7-207
A letter of intent shall be required when changes in ownership are made in state subsided properties.
§ ghs-7-208
A purchaser of an assisted housing project must file a covenant.
§ ghs-7-209
The right of first purchase can only be transferred to another person with the right of first purchase.
§ ghs-7-210
Manangement and Development of Property Acquired Under Right of First Purchase
§ ghs-7-211
Right of first purchase not apply to prepayment of mortgage.
§ ghs-7-212
protection assistance to tenant given by owner
§ ghs-7-213
Designation of Assisted Household
§ ghs-7-214
Subsection Applicability Scenarios
§ ghs-7-215
When selling an occupied residential property, the seller must notify the buyer of who is residing within the properties in question.
§ ghs-7-216
Regulations of Assisted Households
§ ghs-7-217
"Within 75 days an owner shall provide a notice."
§ ghs-7-218
Terminating a Lease
§ ghs-7-219
Disabled persons must be notified before being evicted
§ ghs-7-220
Responsibilities of political subdivisions
§ ghs-7-301
Maryland Tenant Rights and Laws
§ ghs-7-302
Maryland Tenant Laws
§ ghs-7-303
Tenant Protection
§ ghs-7-304
A owner should not terminate the tenant unless the tenant occupied an assisted unit.
§ ghs-7-305
Law on excess rent
§ ghs-7-306
Owner's Prohibited Actions Regarding Protected Actions
§ ghs-7-307
Real estate transaction responsible person
§ ghs-7-401
Housings Assistance Law
§ ghs-7-402
The court may enforce this by enjoining prohibited actions
§ ghs-7-403
Rights of tenant and duties
§ ghs-7-404
A person may not knowingly make or cause to be made a false statement.
§ ghs-7-501
Assisted Housing Preservation Act is the title.
§ ghs-8-101
definitions of community action agency, designation, and governing body
§ ghs-8-102
Social and Economic well-being of State residents is intrinsic
§ ghs-8-103
§ ghs-8-104
Community Action Agencies may be used to Serve the Community.
§ ghs-8-105
Community Action Agency
§ ghs-8-106
Accepting And Administering Of Funds By A Community Action Agency
§ ghs-8-107
Community action agency
§ ghs-8-108
Financial Assistance Guidelines for the Secretary
§ ghs-8-109
§ ghs-9-101
the Community Reinvestment Board
§ ghs-9-102
Promoting the development of a financial vehicle
§ ghs-9-201
Maryland law authorizes the existence of the Community reinvestment board.
§ ghs-9-202
Board Has At Least 17 Members
§ ghs-9-203
Meeting time and places of the Board
§ ghs-9-204
Fund Governance
§ ghs-9-301
Community Reinvestment Fund and it's Purposes
§ ghs-9-302
"The fund is a private entity under this title and is not a governmental unit of the State."
§ ghs-9-303
The Board shall appoint the independent legal entity when it comes to housing and community development.
§ ghs-9-304
Restrictions of State Procurement
§ ghs-9-305
The General Fund may be used in order to provide reinvestment opportunities within the community.
§ ghs-9-306
Necessary action for the creation of the Fund
§ ghs-9-307
Providing of Money
§ ghs-9-401
Establishing Income Limits
§ ghs-9-402
Community Reinvestment Projects
§ ghs-9-403
Application for Community Reinvestment Assistance
§ ghs-9-404
Business Regulations Made by the State Board
§ ghs-9-501
Rule Regarding The Title Of Community Reinvestment Fund Act