Health Occupations

This is Article gho of the Code of State, titled “Health Occupations.” It’s comprised of the following 1163 sections.

§ gho-1-101
Board of Review Terms
§ gho-1-201
How a Document Is Verified
§ gho-1-202
A health occupations employer must have a valid worker's compensation certificate.
§ gho-1-203
State Department Powers of The Secretary
§ gho-1-204
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this section.
§ gho-1-205
Health Board Average Fee Consideration For Deeming What Is Reasonable
§ gho-1-207
Department is in consultation with Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland
§ gho-1-208
Here health care practitioner means a physician
§ gho-1-209
Each board shall assess each applicant for a license
§ gho-1-210
Obligation of Health Occupation Boards to Provide Lists
§ gho-1-211
Health Care Practitioner
§ gho-1-212
Health occupation boards responsibilities regarding sexual misconduct by a healthcare provider.
§ gho-1-213
When A License Or Renewal Is Considered Valid
§ gho-1-214
Diversity Required on Health Occupation Boards
§ gho-1-215
How a health occupation board may give notice of a board.
§ gho-1-216
Board Member Training
§ gho-1-217
appointment of staff on each health occupations board
§ gho-1-218
Health Occupation Board License Issuance Authorization
§ gho-1-219
licensed health care provider
§ gho-1-301
Beneficial interest
§ gho-1-302
A health care entity referring health care practitioner.
§ gho-1-303
health care practitioner and entity policy
§ gho-1-304
Origins of A health care practitioner
§ gho-1-305
Violation of healthcare services
§ gho-1-306
The meanings of specific medical and anatomical terms.
§ gho-1-307
A health care practitioner will be investigated by a regulatory board under this subtitle.
§ gho-1-401
A health maintenance organization.
§ gho-1-402
Health Care Quality Improvement
§ gho-1-501
meanings for words in government
§ gho-1-502
Employer May Not Take Personal Action Against a Testifier
§ gho-1-503
Guidelines On Reporting Employees to the Board
§ gho-1-504
Employee with personal action can do civil action
§ gho-1-505
the court may issue injunctions to restrain
§ gho-1-506
Personnel action defense.
§ gho-1-601
health occupations board duty
§ gho-1-602
Health Occupations Board Must Consult Secretary Before Action.
§ gho-1-603
When a Health Occupations Board charges against a licensee.
§ gho-1-604
Procedures for violation of tsandard of care.
§ gho-1-605
Health Occupations Boards Can Use Program Rather Than Hearing
§ gho-1-606
Guidelines on Health Regulations
§ gho-1-607
Health occupation board shall post final public order
§ gho-1-608
Secretary Shall Monitor Timeliness of Complaint Resolution
§ gho-1-609
Each health occupations board shall collaborate
§ gho-10-101
Definitions of Terms Used in Maryland Law/ Code
§ gho-10-102
Title Lack Of Limitations Regarding Health Occupations
§ gho-10-201
State Board of Occupational Therapy
§ gho-10-202
The Board consists of seven members
§ gho-10-203
Board shall annually elect one or more chairpersons
§ gho-10-204
Quorum Definition of Board Membership
§ gho-10-205
Additional Powers Granted To The Board
§ gho-10-206
State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice Fund exists
§ gho-10-207
Liability Immunity Upon Giving Information To The Court
§ gho-10-301
Exceptions to the Licensing Requirement of Occupational Therapists
§ gho-10-302
To qualify for a license, an applicant shall be an individual who meets the requirements
§ gho-10-303
Board waiving the education and experience requirements
§ gho-10-304
License Application Procedures
§ gho-10-305
Examination for license application from board
§ gho-10-306
Origins of waiving any examination requirement
§ gho-10-307
An occupational therapist may waive exam if licensed in another state.
§ gho-10-308
Licenses Must Be Displayed or Available to Requesting Employers/Clients
§ gho-10-309
Occupational therapist license
§ gho-10-310
Occupational Therapy Assistant License Authorization
§ gho-10-311
When a license expires on a date set by the Board.
§ gho-10-312
Conditions For The Reinstatement Of The License Of An Occupational Therapist
§ gho-10-313
The board may issues temporary licenses under the following conditions
§ gho-10-314
State Board Licensing Procedural Laws
§ gho-10-315
Provisions to deny license.
§ gho-10-316
The action is contemplated an opportunity
§ gho-10-317
Final Decision Aggrievement Appeals Process
§ gho-10-317.1
An action may be maintained to enjoin
§ gho-10-318
Reinstating a revoked license.
§ gho-10-319
Origins of impaired occupational therapist professionals committee
§ gho-10-401
Occupational Therapy Cannot be Practiced Without a License
§ gho-10-402
Authorization to practice occupational therapy
§ gho-10-403
To practice limited occupational therapy Over Maryland State Law.
§ gho-10-404
Occupational therapy
§ gho-10-407
Violations of this subtitle under Health Occupations.
§ gho-10-501
Maryland Occupational Therapy Practice Act
§ gho-10-502
Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-11-101
Origins of practice optometry
§ gho-11-102
Practicing a health occupation
§ gho-11-201
State Board of Examiners in Optometry
§ gho-11-202
The Board consists of 7 members
§ gho-11-203
The Board shall determine The manner of election of officers
§ gho-11-204
Maryland Board Meetings and Budget
§ gho-11-205
Powers of The Board
§ gho-11-206
§ gho-11-207
State Board Of Examiners In Optometry Fund
§ gho-11-208
Guidelines to licensed Optometrist to perform optometric examination
§ gho-11-209
A person shall have the immunity from liability described under 5-712 of the Courts
§ gho-11-301
Optometry can be practiced with a licence from Board exception is a student.
§ gho-11-302
State License Qualification Requirements & Laws
§ gho-11-303
How to apply for license.
§ gho-11-304
An applicant who otherwise qualifies for a license .
§ gho-11-305
Waiving the requirements for optometrist
§ gho-11-306
The license will be given to the person who satisfies the requirement as per the board guidelines.
§ gho-11-307
Practicing optometry
§ gho-11-307.1
Limited License Application Submission Requirements
§ gho-11-308
Expiration of a license
§ gho-11-309
The Board shall establish continuing education requirements
§ gho-11-310
powers of board regarding license
§ gho-11-311
Display of Licenses; Further Obligations of Licensed Optometrists
§ gho-11-312
Optometrists Must Stay Licensed While Being Investigated
§ gho-11-313
Grounds for hearing.
§ gho-11-314
Origins of Revoking a license
§ gho-11-315
before the Board takes any action it shall give the licensee an opportunity for a hearing.
§ gho-11-316
Board Passes Orders If Grounds For Action Present
§ gho-11-317
Origins of suspension & revocation
§ gho-11-318
Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Board in a contested case may appeal and go step higher.
§ gho-11-319
Reinstatement of suspended or revoked licenses
§ gho-11-401
Words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ gho-11-402
Optometric services guidelines
§ gho-11-403
A licensed optometrist's rights in Maryland
§ gho-11-404
Restrictions on Topical Ocular Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Agent
§ gho-11-404.1
A licensed optometrist may not administer or prescribe
§ gho-11-404.2
An optometrist shall refer a patient to an ophthalmologist before proceeding with any serious treatment.
§ gho-11-404.3
§ gho-11-404.4
State Legal Definitions Regarding Eyecare Practices & Laws
§ gho-11-405
State Legal Definitions Regarding Optometrists
§ gho-11-501
Optometry practices
§ gho-11-502
the person practices optometry description of services, methods,.
§ gho-11-503
things not done by a practicing optometrist
§ gho-11-504
Selling contact lenses(also replacement) without valid prescription is a violation.
§ gho-11-505
Violating this provision is a misdemeanor
§ gho-11-601
Rules of Citation for Maryland Optomoetry Act.
§ gho-11-602
State Program Evaluation Act & Reestablishment Provisions
§ gho-12-101
State Board Legal Definitions Under Law
§ gho-12-102
Section Of Term Definitions
§ gho-12-102
Section Of Term Definitions
§ gho-12-102.1
Inspection dispensing dentist, physician, or podiatrist offices
§ gho-12-102.2
The following Boards shall charge fees
§ gho-12-201
In Department there exists a State Board of Pharmacy.
§ gho-12-202
Board Requirements For Member Distribution Consumer and Pharmacist
§ gho-12-203
The Board annually shall elect its members
§ gho-12-204
The Board Authority
§ gho-12-205
Powers of the Board, including those listed in other sections of this title:
§ gho-12-206
Rights and Responsibilities of State Board of Pharmacy Fund
§ gho-12-207
immunity from liability
§ gho-12-301
Licensing Is Required To Perform Any Pharmacy Practice
§ gho-12-302
An applicant should meet the requirements to qualify for a license.
§ gho-12-303
Requirements of applying for a license
§ gho-12-304
State Applicant Board Licensing Laws
§ gho-12-305
The Board may waive any examination requirement
§ gho-12-306
Issuance of License by the Board
§ gho-12-307
State Pharmaceutical Licensing & Practice Law
§ gho-12-308
Expiration of License
§ gho-12-309
License Renewal For A pharmacist
§ gho-12-310
Reinstating A pharmacist License
§ gho-12-311
State Public Display of Licensing Law
§ gho-12-312
Licensed Pharmacist May Not Surrender License
§ gho-12-313
Convicted results in guilt, plea, or a sentence.
§ gho-12-314
The Board may impose a penalty
§ gho-12-315
State Board Administrative Procedure Act Exemptions & Laws
§ gho-12-316
Person affected by Board Decision in contested cases can appeal or go higher in appeal.
§ gho-12-317
State Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Law
§ gho-12-318
Definition of Pharmacy Review Committee
§ gho-12-319
Actions Maintained by State or Board
§ gho-12-320
Licensee Investigation Upon Allegation Procedures
§ gho-12-401
Law of pharmacy permit
§ gho-12-402
Pharmacy Permit Qualifications
§ gho-12-403
How to operate in compliance with the law.
§ gho-12-404
An application must be filed in order to obtain a pharmacy permit.
§ gho-12-405
The Board entitled to issue or deny pharmacy permit
§ gho-12-406
pharmacy permit holder can only operate pharmacy
§ gho-12-407
Expiration for Pharmacy Permits
§ gho-12-408
Pharmacy Permits Must Be Displayed and Are Not Transferable
§ gho-12-409
The board may remove a pharmacy permit according to these rules
§ gho-12-410
State Board Findings & Permit Regulations
§ gho-12-411
Before a pharmacy license is revoked,a chance for a hearing is given.
§ gho-12-412
Appeal that action to the Board of Review.
§ gho-12-413
the Secretary During business hours.
§ gho-12-501
Outline for Pharmacist refusal to refill prescription.
§ gho-12-502
Licensed pharmacist may provide information to the public
§ gho-12-503
A valid prescription will have an issuance and expiration date.
§ gho-12-504
§ gho-12-505
Drug Container Labeling Rules
§ gho-12-506
Pharmacist Drug Refilling Guidelines.
§ gho-12-507
The offer to discuss may be made in the manner determined by the pharmacist
§ gho-12-508
How a pharmacist may administer a vaccination for pneumonia.
§ gho-12-601
Permit Violations
§ gho-12-603
Qualifications of home dialysis distribution permit
§ gho-12-604
Secretary Services
§ gho-12-605
Origins of Health Care Facilities
§ gho-12-6A-01
Definition of terms
§ gho-12-6A-02
Therapy Management Contracts are Not Required for HMO
§ gho-12-6A-03
Licensed physicians shall have a physician-pharmacist agreement
§ gho-12-6A-04
Authorized pharmacist
§ gho-12-6A-05
Pharmacists May Sign a Therapy Management Contract Initiated by Physicians.
§ gho-12-6A-06
Protocol As It Pertains To This Subtitle
§ gho-12-6A-07
Therapy management contract
§ gho-12-6A-08
therapy management contract patient records to be maintained
§ gho-12-6A-09
Maryland law 100% open law
§ gho-12-6A-10
Physicians & Pharmacists can Develop & Implement Regulations
§ gho-12-6B-01
Must be a registered pharmacy tech to practice
§ gho-12-6B-02
Qualifying for registration
§ gho-12-6B-03
Anyone who applies for this type of licensing must be bonded with the State.
§ gho-12-6B-04
Registration and Fees Thereof For Pharmacy Technicians
§ gho-12-6B-05
Pharmacy technician will notify board of plea or conviction
§ gho-12-6B-06
conditions to pharmacy technician under this title
§ gho-12-6B-07
Registration Requirements
§ gho-12-6B-08
Pharmacy technician Law of Maryland
§ gho-12-6B-09
Origins of the Board denying a pharmacy technician
§ gho-12-6B-10
Board finds that there is a ground under _ 12-6B-09 of this subtitle after hearing.
§ gho-12-6B-11
conditions and agreement with the registered pharmacy technician from Board
§ gho-12-6B-12
Pharmacy Technician Registration
§ gho-12-6B-13
Pharmacy Technician Registration
§ gho-12-6B-14
Registered pharmacy technician Law of Maryland
§ gho-12-6C-01
Definitions of Words in this Subtitle
§ gho-12-6C-02
Origins of distribution
§ gho-12-6C-03
Wholesale Distributor Permit Requirements
§ gho-12-6C-03.1
Department empowered to purchase, distribute prescription drugs
§ gho-12-6C-04
Word Meanings and Wholesale Distributor Permit
§ gho-12-6C-05
Application Process for Wholesale Permits
§ gho-12-6C-05.1
Criminal Justice Information System Central Repository Definition
§ gho-12-6C-06
Wholesale distributor permit expiration
§ gho-12-6C-07
Board rules and regulations
§ gho-12-6C-08
§ gho-12-6C-09
Wholesale distributors shall receive prescription drug returns
§ gho-12-6C-10
Origins of wholesale distribution
§ gho-12-6C-11
Knowingly violating the Provision leads to Fine.
§ gho-12-6C-12
When The Board Shall Adopt Subtitle gho-12-6C-12
§ gho-12-6C-13
Board reports to Governor based on State Government Article.
§ gho-12-701
Regulation requiring licensing to practice pharmacy.
§ gho-12-702
It is illegal to use false representation to get a license & it makes the license void
§ gho-12-703
A person may not establish a pharmacy in this State unless he holds a permit issued by the Board.
§ gho-12-704
Unauthorized And Unlicensed Pharmacy Practices Are Forbidden
§ gho-12-707
Violating Provisions of Medicine leads to fine.
§ gho-12-801
Maryland Pharmacy Act
§ gho-12-802
rules and regulations adopted to evaluate and reestablishment provisions of the Program Evaluation
§ gho-13-101
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Title
§ gho-13-102
Origins of practicing an health occupation
§ gho-13-201
State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.
§ gho-13-202
Member continues to serve until a successor is appointed
§ gho-13-203
Regulations to the Board in electing Chairman and Vice Chairman annually
§ gho-13-204
Board Appointed Board Executive Director Serves The Board.
§ gho-13-205
Guidelines of the Board to do Business
§ gho-13-206
The Board may do the following
§ gho-13-207
How can a Fund cover the compensation
§ gho-13-207.1
Disclosure of information board record
§ gho-13-208
Maryland Law of immunity
§ gho-13-301
Physical therapy Law of Maryland
§ gho-13-302
Qualifications To Acquire A Physical Therapy License In Maryland
§ gho-13-303
Out Of State Physical Therapy License Requirements
§ gho-13-304
Must graduate program for physical therapy assiatant license
§ gho-13-305
Provision of license for physical therapy policy
§ gho-13-306
Physical Therapy and Assistant Licenses for Qualified Applicants
§ gho-13-307
conditions to grant waiver to an applicant
§ gho-13-308
The Board shall issue the appropriate license to an applicant who meets the needs of this title.
§ gho-13-309
Authorized physical Therapy License is needed to Practice.
§ gho-13-310
Licensing of physical therapist
§ gho-13-311
rules for renewal of license
§ gho-13-312
Reinstating Licenses
§ gho-13-314
Regulations to the Board to issue restricted License
§ gho-13-315
Restrictions On Physical Therapist License Surrender
§ gho-13-316
Rejection of license if obtained by fraud
§ gho-13-316.1
investigation of Licensee for practice physical therapy act
§ gho-13-317
Opportunity for Hearing before Action
§ gho-13-318
A person can appeal against Board order as per the Administrative Procedure Act.
§ gho-13-318.1
Origins of An action
§ gho-13-319
§ gho-13-401
To offer a practice limited physical therapy in this State
§ gho-13-402
Unlicensed Persons May Not Indicate Status As Licensed
§ gho-13-403
How can a person practice Limited Physical Therapy.
§ gho-13-404
Licensed physical therapist regulation.
§ gho-13-407
Person who violates title provision is guilty
§ gho-13-407.1
Grounds To Suspend Or Revoke License Upon Hearing
§ gho-13-408
rules to court regarding any felony or crime by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant
§ gho-13-501
Maryland Physical Therapy Act for health occupations
§ gho-13-502
evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-14-101
Meaning Of Board, Civil Action And Other Terms Related To Medical Field
§ gho-14-102
Regulations to an individual to practice a health occupation
§ gho-14-201
State Board of Physicians in the Departmen for many people,
§ gho-14-202
The Board shall have 21 members appointed by State Officials.
§ gho-14-203
How the Chairman and the other officers are elected.
§ gho-14-204
Origins of members serving on the Board
§ gho-14-205
That a well regulated Militia is the proper and natural defence of a free Government
§ gho-14-206
Over the signature of an officer, the executive director,of the Board, the Board may issue subpoenas.
§ gho-14-207
Board of Physicians Fund usage Requirements
§ gho-14-208
Fixed Bond Law Of Maryland
§ gho-14-301
Licensing by the Board to Practice Medicine
§ gho-14-302
A physician licensed by residing in another jurisdiction.
§ gho-14-306
Duties that fall under Health Occupations
§ gho-14-307
qualifications to qualify for license
§ gho-14-308
Fifth pathway program
§ gho-14-309
Requirements For applying for a license
§ gho-14-311
An applicant who have license is entitled to sit for an examination.
§ gho-14-312
Waiver of examination requirements for osteopaths on application & evidence of qualifications.
§ gho-14-313
Board shall issue license to those meeting requirements.
§ gho-14-314
Medical Licenses Allow Licensee to Practice Medicine.
§ gho-14-315
When the Board issues free license to Physicians.
§ gho-14-316
Terms of the Board for the renewal of licenses.
§ gho-14-317
reinstating the license of a physician
§ gho-14-318
other options for unqualified postgraduate teacher
§ gho-14-319
Regulations And Functionalities Of A Board Towards An Applicant's License
§ gho-14-320
"A licensee can be placed on inactive status..."
§ gho-14-321
Origins of A license Holder
§ gho-14-401
Preliminary Investigation By Board
§ gho-14-402
How the Physician Rehabilitation Program may request the Board.
§ gho-14-403
A health occupations licensee may not surrender license while under investigation.
§ gho-14-404
Miuse Of Healthcare License
§ gho-14-405
Individuals Allowed Hearing Before Officer Unless Otherwise Provided.
§ gho-14-405.1
Grounds To Suspend Or Revoke A Medical License
§ gho-14-406
Board Passes an order under Administrative Procedure Act.
§ gho-14-407
Orders of Suspension
§ gho-14-408
Personal may appeal if aggrieved by final decision
§ gho-14-409
Board may reinstate the license of an individual
§ gho-14-410
Board Records as Evidence
§ gho-14-411
Disclosure of Information about licensee or physician
§ gho-14-411.1
Description of Health Maintenance Organization
§ gho-14-412
When does a Board Member has immunity from Liability.
§ gho-14-413
rules regarding filing of a report by each hospital and related institution
§ gho-14-414
Alternative Health System File Every 6 Months
§ gho-14-415
Private Physicians Must Display the Notice Allowing Them to Practice
§ gho-14-501
Meaning Of Accrediting Organization And Primary Source Verification
§ gho-14-502
Definitions and Rights of the Services Systems
§ gho-14-503
physician certification law
§ gho-14-504
Exceptions to Dentistry Practice under Title 4.
§ gho-14-505
licensed or registered nurse primary care
§ gho-14-506
Maryland Institute for emergency Medical Services Systems
§ gho-14-507
Meanings Indicated For The Following Words.
§ gho-14-5A-01
Glossary of Terms Used.
§ gho-14-5A-02
subtitle doesn't limit health occupations
§ gho-14-5A-03
Board to form regulations for licensing practice of respiratory care.
§ gho-14-5A-04
Board shall set reasonable fees for license renewal
§ gho-14-5A-05
There is a Respiratory Care Professional Standards Committee
§ gho-14-5A-06
Committee Membership Makeup
§ gho-14-5A-07
The Committee shall meet the followings
§ gho-14-5A-08
Practicing respiratory
§ gho-14-5A-09
License Requirements for Individuals
§ gho-14-5A-10
Application Requirements For License
§ gho-14-5A-11
Issuing License
§ gho-14-5A-12
A respiratory care practitioner should have a valid license to practice respiratory.
§ gho-14-5A-13
Before a license expires, the licensee periodically may renew it for an additional term
§ gho-14-5A-14
A licensee who fails to comply with administrative penalty.
§ gho-14-5A-16
How to surrender a license.
§ gho-14-5A-17
The Board may deny a license to any applicant
§ gho-14-5A-17.1
Restrictions on Appeals
§ gho-14-5A-18
Terms for reporting terminated licensed respiratory care practitioner.
§ gho-14-5A-19
The affirmative vote of a majority of the quorum and invoked license.
§ gho-14-5A-20
Person may not practice respitory care unless allowed
§ gho-14-5A-21
respiratory care through authorized person
§ gho-14-5A-22
Requirements to provide Respiratory care.
§ gho-14-5A-22.1
Respiratory Care Requirements
§ gho-14-5A-23
Violations of provisions.
§ gho-14-5A-24
Citation of this subtitle has to be-Maryland Respiratory Care Practitioners Act.
§ gho-14-5A-25
Program Evaluation Act of Maryland
§ gho-14-5B-01
Workers in the radiology field must be certified by the proper board.
§ gho-14-5B-02
Health Occupation
§ gho-14-5B-03
regulations to carry out the provisions
§ gho-14-5B-04
Issuance, Renewal, And Setting Of Fees For Licensing
§ gho-14-5B-05
Origins of Radiation Therapy
§ gho-14-5B-06
Committee to recommend to Board on various issues-issues are listed here.
§ gho-14-5B-07
Origins of licensee & holder of a temporary license
§ gho-14-5B-08
Exceptions to Required License for Radiation Therapist.
§ gho-14-5B-09
Requirements to qualify for license under this title
§ gho-14-5B-10
Conditions to apply license
§ gho-14-5B-11
Licensure as a radiologist assistant authorizes an individual to practice radiology
§ gho-14-5B-12
Board Sets Date of Expiration
§ gho-14-5B-12.1
Address,name change should be notified to Board
§ gho-14-5B-13
power of the board regarding license
§ gho-14-5B-14
Origins of denying License or temporary license
§ gho-14-5B-14.1
Person aggrieved by board decision may not appeal
§ gho-14-5B-15
Hospitals employers shall file with the Board a report
§ gho-14-5B-16
revoking the license of an individual
§ gho-14-5B-17
Norms for practicing Radiation therapy/radiography
§ gho-14-5B-18
radiation therapy practice without license
§ gho-14-5B-18.1
Employers Responsible For Ensuring Employees Working With Radiation Are Licensed
§ gho-14-5B-19
Conviction and Fines for Misdemeanors
§ gho-14-5B-20
Subtitle cited as Maryland Radiation Therapy
§ gho-14-5B-21
Rules and Regulations of Maryland Program Evaluation Act.
§ gho-14-5C-01
Word Meanings For the State of Maryland
§ gho-14-5C-02
Practice of a health occupation
§ gho-14-5C-03
For licensure and practicing of polysomnography adopt regulations
§ gho-14-5C-04
Fees For renewal of licenses
§ gho-14-5C-05
polysomnography professional standards committee
§ gho-14-5C-06
Duties of various members of the Committee.
§ gho-14-5C-07
Additional Powers of the Board Regarding Polysomnography
§ gho-14-5C-08
Origins of practicing polysomnography
§ gho-14-5C-09
Requirments to qualify for a polysomnographic technologist license
§ gho-14-5C-10
Waiving the education requirement
§ gho-14-5C-11
How to Apply for License
§ gho-14-5C-12
Board's Requirements for issuance of license to applicant
§ gho-14-5C-13
Places Where A Licensed Polysomnographic Technologist May Practice Polysomnography
§ gho-14-5C-14
Maryland State Polysomnographic Technologist Licensing Regulations
§ gho-14-5C-15
No person shall be imprisoned for debt, but a valid decree of a court of competent jurisdiction or agreement approved by decree
§ gho-14-5C-16
Polysomnographic Technologists Must Stay Licensed While Under Investigation
§ gho-14-5C-17
Board may deny license to applicant subject hearing
§ gho-14-5C-18
Health care Law Of Maryland
§ gho-14-5C-19
Reinstatement of Revoked Licenses
§ gho-14-5C-20
Persons May Not Practice Polysomnography
§ gho-14-5C-21
Practicing polysomnography
§ gho-14-5C-22
Restriction on a person to provide polysomnography.
§ gho-14-5C-23
Person who violate any provision is guilty
§ gho-14-5C-24
Maryland Polysomnography Act
§ gho-14-5C-25
Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-14-5D-01
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ gho-14-5D-02
Does Not Limit Practice of Health Occupations Authorized By This Article
§ gho-14-5D-03
Origins of renewal of licenses
§ gho-14-5D-04
Athletic Trainer Advisory Committee
§ gho-14-5D-05
Committee consists of 11 members
§ gho-14-5D-06
Committee Duties
§ gho-14-5D-07
Athletic Training Licenses
§ gho-14-5D-08
Qualifying for a license
§ gho-14-5D-09
The license will be given by the board after verifying application and meeting the requirement.
§ gho-14-5D-10
Athletic Trainer License Legal Authorizations
§ gho-14-5D-11
Describes specialized tasks under the supervising physician.
§ gho-14-5D-11.1
Licensed Physicians Cannot Employ Unlicensed Trainers
§ gho-14-5D-11.2
Athletic trainer Law Of Maryland
§ gho-14-5D-12
License Renewal Policy
§ gho-14-5D-12.1
Licensee Must Notify Board of Name or Address Change
§ gho-14-5D-13
Provisions of Surrendering License of the Trainer
§ gho-14-5D-14
Conditions for Denial and/or Revocation of Licence
§ gho-14-5D-15
Board must give individual opportunity for a hearing.
§ gho-14-5D-16
On application Board can reinstate a revoked license.
§ gho-14-5D-17
Regulations Governing Athletic Training
§ gho-14-5D-18
A person who violates provision Over Maryland State Law.
§ gho-14-5D-19
The subtitle is Maryland Athletic Trainers Act.
§ gho-14-5D-20
This subtitle and all rules adopted under this subtitle shall terminate after July 1, 2013.
§ gho-14-5E-01
Definitions of terms for health occupations.
§ gho-14-5E-02
Subtitle Does Not Supercede Licensed Professionals Under Article
§ gho-14-5E-03
How to adopt regulations for the practice of perfusion.
§ gho-14-5E-04
The Board shall set reasonable fees for the issuance and renewal of licenses and other services
§ gho-14-5E-05
Board Has Perfusion Advisory Committee.
§ gho-14-5E-06
Committee consists of seven members appointed by board
§ gho-14-5E-07
Additional Powers Of The Committee
§ gho-14-5E-08
Students Not Required Board Licensing Before Work.
§ gho-14-5E-09
Perfusionist Licensing
§ gho-14-5E-10
Rights to the applicant who otherwise qualifies for a license under 145E09(c)(2)
§ gho-14-5E-11
Requirements For Applying For a License
§ gho-14-5E-12
Perfusion Practicing
§ gho-14-5E-13
Perfusionist License Expiration and Renewal
§ gho-14-5E-14
Perfusionist shall notify board in writing of name change
§ gho-14-5E-15
Board should accept the surrender a license of Perfusionist.
§ gho-14-5E-16
Fraudulently Obtaining and Utilizing License Is Punishable.
§ gho-14-5E-17
Appealing a Final Decision of the Board
§ gho-14-5E-18
Reporting Suspended Medical Licenses
§ gho-14-5E-19
Details about the Reinstatement of a revoked license by the Board
§ gho-14-5E-20
policy on licensee to practice perfusion
§ gho-14-5E-21
Regulations to a person to practice perfusion
§ gho-14-5E-22
Blood Perfusion Must Be Performed By Authorized Personnel
§ gho-14-5E-23
Fines & Penalties For Provision Violations.
§ gho-14-5E-24
Maryland Perfusion Act
§ gho-14-5E-25
This subtitle shall terminate and be of no effect
§ gho-14-601
act on practicing medicine
§ gho-14-602
Physician titles and Rights to Practice Medicine
§ gho-14-603
In Maryland,A person may not make any false statement,report,or representation to the Board.
§ gho-14-605
Physician Exemptions To This Section
§ gho-14-606
Fines And Penalties For Violation Of Health Provisions
§ gho-14-607
§ gho-14-701
Medical Practice Act Law Of Maryland
§ gho-14-702
expiration of the Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-15-101
Section of Definitions
§ gho-15-102
Restrictions on physician assistant medical practices.
§ gho-15-103
Maryland State Requirements for Terminations of Physician Assistants
§ gho-15-201
Physician Assistant Advisory Committee exists
§ gho-15-202
Physician Committee Consists of 7 Appointed Members
§ gho-15-203
regulation on board and board members
§ gho-15-204
Committee Funds Allocated To Board
§ gho-15-205
the Committee, on its initiative or on the Boards request for power.
§ gho-15-206
The Board shall set reasonable fees for The issuance,renewal of licenses and other services:
§ gho-15-301
Title states Physician may not practice without license
§ gho-15-302
Guidelines For Delegation From Physician To Assistant.
§ gho-15-302.1
State Board Delegations & Laws
§ gho-15-302.2
Controlled Dangerous Substances Cannot Be Prescribed By Physicians.
§ gho-15-302.3
On a quarterly basis, the Board shall provide to the Board of Pharmacy a list of physician assistant.
§ gho-15-303
Qualifying For an Assistant Physician License
§ gho-15-304
Rules to be followed in submitting an application to the Board
§ gho-15-305
The Board shall issue licenses to applicants
§ gho-15-306
the licensee to practice as a physician assistant under.
§ gho-15-307
Process & timeline for renewing a license by the Board, normally renewed for two years.
§ gho-15-308
Physician assistant license to be renewed
§ gho-15-309
Display of License for inspection at primary place of business
§ gho-15-310
Licensed physician Law Of Maryland
§ gho-15-311
A Majority Board Vote Can Deny Applicant's License
§ gho-15-312
Regulations in surrendering of a license of a physician assistant
§ gho-15-313
Licensee Hearing Guidelines
§ gho-15-314
Hearing for List of Violatios
§ gho-15-315
Guidelines for a hearing before seeing a hearing officer
§ gho-15-316
Penalties for Physician Assistants
§ gho-15-317
rules under this title to physician assistant
§ gho-15-401
rules to satisfy to practice as physical assistant
§ gho-15-402
Usage of the title licensed physician assistant
§ gho-15-402.1
How the Board may impose a civil penalty.
§ gho-15-403
Violation leads to misdemeanor and is subject to fine.
§ gho-15-501
Maryland Physician Assistants Act
§ gho-15-502
The title has been terminated and it has no effect after July 1, 2013.
§ gho-16-101
Definition of Select Terms in This Title
§ gho-16-102
Freedom for individual to practice health without affecting commercial sale of shoe or appliances.
§ gho-16-103
Only licensed podiatrist to conduct bone surgical procedures at licensed hospitals.
§ gho-16-201
State Board for Podiatric Medical Examiners.
§ gho-16-202
The Board consists of 7 members.
§ gho-16-203
the Board shall elect a president and a secretary-treasurer.
§ gho-16-204
Duties of the Board Members and meeting locations.
§ gho-16-205
Maryland Regulations For The Board Of Podiatry
§ gho-16-206
What is rge State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners Fund and what goes in it and uses of it.
§ gho-16-207
Liability Immunity
§ gho-16-301
License needed to practice podiatry in state
§ gho-16-302
License Qualification Requirements
§ gho-16-303
To acquire a license in a certain field or profession, the state recognized board governing that profession shall issue or deny said license.
§ gho-16-304
An applicant who qualifies for a license is needed to be examined as provided in this section
§ gho-16-305
rules to issue license for an applicant
§ gho-16-306
A licensee is authorized to practice podiatry.
§ gho-16-307
How to board may the licensee to meet the requirement.
§ gho-16-308
Conditions When Board Places A Licensee On Inactive Status And Submissions Needed To Remove It
§ gho-16-309
Change of Address Notification Requirements
§ gho-16-310
When Can a Licensed Podiatrist Surrender his License.
§ gho-16-311
Limited license Abuse
§ gho-16-312
Complaints filed with the Board may be investigated
§ gho-16-313
Opportunity for hearing must be given to individual
§ gho-16-314
Decisions to be made by Board for suspended license
§ gho-16-315
Options for a Person Aggrieved by a Board Decision
§ gho-16-316
Terms of suspended or revoked license of a individual
§ gho-16-317
Limited license for examiners
§ gho-16-318
Maryland Requirements For A Temporary Podiatry License
§ gho-16-319
The state board may conduct an enjoining for the unlicensed practice of podiatry.
§ gho-16-320
What to be done by the alleged licensee.
§ gho-16-401
License Titles
§ gho-16-402
Podiatrist Practicing Name Allowances And Restrictions
§ gho-16-403
Limitations and Expectations For a Podiatrist Rehabilitation Committee
§ gho-16-404
Requirement for office display of licensed podiatrist.
§ gho-16-501
Podiatry Law Of Maryland
§ gho-16-502
Practice podiatry Law
§ gho-16-505
Podiatry practice must be licensed or will be fined
§ gho-16-601
the Maryland Podiatry Act
§ gho-16-602
Rules & Regulation Under This Title End July 1,2022.
§ gho-17-101
substance abuse
§ gho-17-102
General Assembly's Regulations Regarding The Profession Of Counseling And Therapy
§ gho-17-103
Practicing a health occupation Law of Maryland
§ gho-17-201
State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists
§ gho-17-202
That the Inhabitants of Maryland are entitled to the Common Law of England, and the trial by Jury, according to the course of that Law
§ gho-17-203
The board members should be elected annually as per the require terms of the posts.
§ gho-17-204
responsibilities of the board
§ gho-17-205
Licensed counselor and therapist regulations.
§ gho-17-206
State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists Fund
§ gho-17-301
Origins of practicing clinical alcohol and drug counseling
§ gho-17-302
License requirement to practice clinical alcohol and drug counseling
§ gho-17-303
How to qualify for a license of Clinical marriage.
§ gho-17-304
Applicants shall be individuals who meets requirements
§ gho-17-304.1
Requirements for Obtaining a License to Practice Art Therapy
§ gho-17-304.2
Certification Waiver by the Art Therapy Credentials Board
§ gho-17-305
License not required to practice clinical drug counseling
§ gho-17-306
Relaxation to clinical marriage and family therapy practitioner
§ gho-17-307
How can a Clinical Professional acquire a License.
§ gho-17-307.1
No fee for someone to practice art therapy
§ gho-17-308
List of license authorizations to the licensee
§ gho-17-309
Board adopts regulations to grant license to an individual.
§ gho-17-310
Licensed Counselor Or Therapist Legal Professional Requirements
§ gho-17-401
Origins of An certified professional counselor
§ gho-17-403
Qualification for certified Alcohol and drug Associate counselor
§ gho-17-404
Qualifications to become certified supervised counselor-alcohol and drug
§ gho-17-405
Board Waives Certification Requirement For The Following Conditions.
§ gho-17-406
State Legal Definitions Regarding Drugs & Alcohol
§ gho-17-407
Board May Waive Experience Requirement
§ gho-17-501
Applying for License for Health Occupations
§ gho-17-502
Qualified Applicants Entitled To Board Examination.
§ gho-17-503
License issuance regulations.
§ gho-17-504
A License Expires on the Date Set, Unless Renewed
§ gho-17-505
On application and payment of fees inactive license can be kept inactive by the Board.
§ gho-17-506
License or certificate holder display on employment place
§ gho-17-507
Origins of counseling and therapy services
§ gho-17-508
regulated counselor or therapist and its duties
§ gho-17-509
Dont's of Professional services
§ gho-17-510
Origins of placing Licensee/Certificate holder on probation
§ gho-17-511
A person in a health occupation suit must be given proper notice.
§ gho-17-512
Rights to Appeal Contested Cases to Governing Board
§ gho-17-513
Unauthorized practices
§ gho-17-514
For reasons The Board considers sufficient
§ gho-17-515
Origins of counselor and therapist rehabilitation committee
§ gho-17-601
State Clinical Counseling Law
§ gho-17-602
Restricted Use Of Following Professional Titles
§ gho-17-603
State Board Individual Healthcare Law
§ gho-17-604
Violation of law results in misdemeanor or fine
§ gho-17-701
Citation of the Maryland Professional Counselors and Therapists Act
§ gho-17-702
Reevaluation law artcile
§ gho-18-101
Meaning Of Board, License And Other Terms Related To Psychology
§ gho-18-102
rights of an individual
§ gho-18-201
There is a department to examine psychologists.
§ gho-18-202
The board will consist of 9 members
§ gho-18-203
selection of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
§ gho-18-204
That freedom of speech and debate, or proceedings in the Legislature, ought not to be impeached in any Court of Judicature.
§ gho-18-205
Person has immunity under Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article.
§ gho-18-206
Additional Powers Of The Board For This Title
§ gho-18-206.1
The Board, its executive director may disclose to any licensing or disciplinary authority.
§ gho-18-207
Origins of Psychologists Fund
§ gho-18-301
Praticing psychology
§ gho-18-302
Applicants shall be individuals who meetrequirements
§ gho-18-302.1
Meaning Of Central Repository And The Sumissions To It By An Applicant
§ gho-18-303
Submit application to apply for practicing psychology
§ gho-18-304
applicant who qualifies for license may be examined
§ gho-18-305
Psychologists certified in other states may have their examinations waived under the given criteria
§ gho-18-306
The Board shall issue a license to any applicant who meets the requirements of this title
§ gho-18-307
Licenses to practice Psychology are only Valid for the Effective Dates.
§ gho-18-308
The board will keep a list of psychologist.
§ gho-18-309
Regulations of the pre-License renewal process to the Board before a License expires
§ gho-18-310
Inactive Status of a License
§ gho-18-311
Adoption Of A Code Of Ethics For A State Psychologist
§ gho-18-312
While charges are pending, psychologists may not surrender licenses.
§ gho-18-313
Abusing psychology Pratice
§ gho-18-313.1
Outcomes of Hearing under 18-315 Under This Subtitle
§ gho-18-314
Investigating an allegation board have reasons to believe against the licensee.
§ gho-18-315
Origins of Administrative Procedure Act
§ gho-18-316
Procedure for Appeals Under the Administrative Procedure Act
§ gho-18-317
Reasons the Board considers sufficient
§ gho-18-317.1
Enjoining Unauthorized Practice of Psychology
§ gho-18-318
What is a "psychologist rehabilitation committee" and what is their purpose?
§ gho-18-401
Psychology Law of Maryland
§ gho-18-402
Unauthorized practice of psychology.
§ gho-18-404
Violating Provisions can Lead to a $10,000 & 1 year in Jail
§ gho-18-501
Maryland Psychologists Act
§ gho-18-502
Reestablishment Provisions of the Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-19-101
Definition of Following Words Pertaining to This Title
§ gho-19-102
General Assembly Social Work Responsibilty
§ gho-19-103
Authorization to practice
§ gho-19-201
State Board of Social Work Examiners
§ gho-19-202
Requirements of a licensed social work
§ gho-19-203
Elections And Duties Of The Board
§ gho-19-204
Doing Business As a Board Member
§ gho-19-205
Characteristics of the board
§ gho-19-206
State Board of Social Work Examiners Fund
§ gho-19-207
Immunity from liability Law of Maryland
§ gho-19-301
Social work-clinical or otherwise may be practiced only with a license from the Board.
§ gho-19-302
Obtaining a license
§ gho-19-302.1
Obtaining A Certified Social Worker's License
§ gho-19-303
How To Apply For A License
§ gho-19-304
Rules pertaining to the application for social work license.
§ gho-19-306
Board issues license to applicants that meet requirements.
§ gho-19-307
Licensing of Social Workers
§ gho-19-308
A license expires on the date set by the Board, unless the license is renewed
§ gho-19-309
Provisions Regarding the Placement of Licensees on Inactive Status
§ gho-19-310
Origins of A Social worker surrendering License
§ gho-19-311
Denial of an License
§ gho-19-311.1
Steps after a hearing
§ gho-19-312
Regulations to the Board provided in the Administrative Procedure Act
§ gho-19-313
Decisions of the board may be appealed, except for those provided for under 19-311 of this title
§ gho-19-314
Reinstatement by the board
§ gho-19-315
Origins of a social worker rehabilitation committee
§ gho-19-316
Origins of An action
§ gho-19-317
Origins of investigating an allegation
§ gho-19-318
Before a licensee in a private individual shall provide to the client with certain disclosures
§ gho-19-401
Must Be Licensed by the Board to Offer or Practice Social Work
§ gho-19-402
Social work Law of Maryland
§ gho-19-403
A person may not use the social work license of another person.
§ gho-19-404
License laws for board
§ gho-19-407
Individuals Who Violate Provisions Of This Legislation Is Punishable.
§ gho-19-501
Maryland Social Workers Act
§ gho-19-502
Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-1A-101
Terms and definitions as regarding acupuncture.
§ gho-1A-102
Title Exemptions For Restriction of Health Profession Practices
§ gho-1A-201
Maryland Acupuncture
§ gho-1A-202
Components of The Board
§ gho-1A-203
Election of Officers to the Board pertaining to Health Occupations
§ gho-1A-204
Majority of the full authorized membership of the Board is a quorum.
§ gho-1A-205
Additional power and duties to the Board
§ gho-1A-206
Regulations for the Acupuncture Board Fund and Funding
§ gho-1A-301
Origins of being licensed by the Board
§ gho-1A-302
Licensing qualifications and requirements for practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
§ gho-1A-303
How To Apply For A License
§ gho-1A-304
Applicant meets the requirements
§ gho-1A-305
licensee of practice acupuncture
§ gho-1A-306
A licensee must receive 30 days notice of a mandated renewal of license
§ gho-1A-307
Reactivating inactive acupuncture likenesses
§ gho-1A-308
Licensee License Surrender Prohibition
§ gho-1A-309
Grounds Under Which The License Of An Applicant Or Licensee Is Cancelled
§ gho-1A-310
Administrative Procedure Act of MAryland
§ gho-1A-311
Appeal process of a Board Decision
§ gho-1A-312
Suspended or revoked Law of Maryland
§ gho-1A-313
Acupuncturist Law of Maryland
§ gho-1A-314
An action may be brought by the board
§ gho-1A-315
Licensee under investigation Law
§ gho-1A-316
An acupuncturist licensed by the Board may provide supervision.
§ gho-1A-401
Regulation For practicing acupuncture
§ gho-1A-402
License is required to practice Acupuncture.
§ gho-1A-403
Convictions and Penalties for Misdemeanors
§ gho-1A-501
Maryland Acupuncture Act
§ gho-1A-502
Title Termination Effective July 1, 2015
§ gho-2-101
Precise Definitions of Terms Related to Hearing and Speech
§ gho-2-102
Health occupation allowances.
§ gho-2-201
Examiners Law of Maryland
§ gho-2-202
Origins of members of The Board
§ gho-2-203
Electing a chairman of Maryland
§ gho-2-204
Board Member Regulations
§ gho-2-205
Additional powers of the Board stated and explained.
§ gho-2-205.1
Board required the licensee to submit examination by a health care for investigation.
§ gho-2-206
There is a State Audiology, Hearing-Aid, & Speech-Pathology Board.
§ gho-2-207
Immunity from the Liability
§ gho-2-301
Requirements of Board Licensing
§ gho-2-302
Requirements to practice audiology
§ gho-2-302.1
Origins of qualifying for an initial license to practice hearing aid dispensing
§ gho-2-302.2
To be licensed for speech-language pathology, meet these requirements
§ gho-2-302.3
Qualification to assist in the practice of Speech language pathology.
§ gho-2-303
Applicants will submit the required application and pay the Board fee.
§ gho-2-304
Requirements for applicants of audiology or speechlanguage pathology
§ gho-2-305
waiving qualifications to practice audiology under this title
§ gho-2-306
Board requirements for license
§ gho-2-307
License to practice audiology
§ gho-2-307.1
Licence necessary to dispense hearing aids.
§ gho-2-307.2
Speech-language pathology (SLP) licenses authorize SLP practice for duration.
§ gho-2-307.3
Regulations to license to assist in the practice speechlanguage pathology
§ gho-2-307.4
Representation of a licensee
§ gho-2-308
Provisions Regarding the Renewal and Expiration of Licenses
§ gho-2-309
Late license renewals may be reviewed an re-licensed by the board.
§ gho-2-310
Issuance of licenses by the Board of Examiners for Audiologists.
§ gho-2-310.1
Hearing Aid License by State
§ gho-2-310.2
Limited licenses for speech-language pathologists
§ gho-2-310.3
Requirements For praticing speechlanguage pathology
§ gho-2-311
Licensees will display licenses conspicuously in each office.
§ gho-2-312
Origins of The Board
§ gho-2-313
Origins of Surrendering of a license
§ gho-2-314
Maryland board license guidelines for denial, reprimand or suspension
§ gho-2-314.1
Audiologist Law of Maryland
§ gho-2-314.2
practicing audiology or hearing aid dispensing
§ gho-2-314.3
Hearing aid dispenser may not misrepresent the place of business of the person.
§ gho-2-314.4
no hearing aid dispensing under a false name
§ gho-2-314.5
An Audiologist may choose services to use
§ gho-2-314.6
Sell or attempt to sell a hearing aid door to door.
§ gho-2-314.7
Practicing audiology or hearing aid dispensing Law of Maryland
§ gho-2-314.8
Origins of audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser sells a hearing aid
§ gho-2-314.9
Board May Impose Penalties on Licensees
§ gho-2-315
Opportunity For Hearing Must Be Given Before Taking Action.
§ gho-2-316
Appeal To Be Made By The Person Aggrieved By A Final Decision Of The Board
§ gho-2-317
Revoked and suspended licenses of audiologist
§ gho-2-318
rehabilitation committee
§ gho-2-319
Board duties regarding speech-language pathologist position scope.
§ gho-2-401
Law Reiterating A person Not To Attempt Or Offer Practicing Audiology In the Maryland State
§ gho-2-402
Practicing audiology
§ gho-2-402.1
Unless authorized under this title to practice hearing aid dispensing .
§ gho-2-402.2
Regulations to practice speechlanguage pathology
§ gho-2-402.3
Pathology License
§ gho-2-403
Falsified Material Statements In Application For License
§ gho-2-404
Altering Licenses for the Purpose of Fraud
§ gho-2-405
No transfer of licenses for consideration.
§ gho-2-406
Audiologist Law of Maryland
§ gho-2-408
violation of provision of this title is guilty of misdemeanor
§ gho-2-501
Act for a hearing impaired person(deaf).
§ gho-2-502
Expiration of authority of the Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-20-101
Meaning of Terms Used in this Title
§ gho-20-201
Certification of Residential Child Care Program Professionals
§ gho-20-202
The Health Occupations Board should have 12 members appointed in the following manner:
§ gho-20-203
Officer Election Law
§ gho-20-204
Description about Quorum and their reimbursement
§ gho-20-205
Board of consultation definition and abilities
§ gho-20-206
Board sets standards for licensing child care practitioners.
§ gho-20-207
immunity from liability
§ gho-20-301
Replacement of administrator.
§ gho-20-302
Qualifications for a certificate to become program administrator
§ gho-20-302.1
Certification as a residential child and youth care practitioner
§ gho-20-302.2
Training programs for residential child and youth care practitioners
§ gho-20-303
How to Apply for a Certificate
§ gho-20-304
renewal certificate issued to the applicant
§ gho-20-305
Qualified applicants shall be examined by the board.
§ gho-20-306
Waiving of examination requirement for certified program administrator
§ gho-20-307
Certificates Issued By Board
§ gho-20-308
Appeals Regarding Certificates
§ gho-20-309
Residential child care program Law of Maryland
§ gho-20-310
Unless the certificate is renewed for an additional term as provided in this section.
§ gho-20-311
Youth care practitioner Law of Maryland
§ gho-20-312
Surrender of a certificate Law of Maryland
§ gho-20-313
Complaint filed with the Board shall be investigated.
§ gho-20-314
Administrative Procedure Act
§ gho-20-315
Appealing a contested case
§ gho-20-401
Origins of Performing duties
§ gho-20-402
Regulations to be a program administrator or residential child and youth care practitioner
§ gho-20-403
Fraudulent Certification
§ gho-20-404
Certified Program Administrators are Required for a Program to Operate
§ gho-20-405
Guilty individual
§ gho-20-501
Maryland Certification of Residential Child Care Program Professionals Act
§ gho-20-502
Program Evaluation Act Expires July 1, 2024
§ gho-21-101
Summary of Terms
§ gho-21-102
Restrictions on Individual Occupations
§ gho-21-201
Health Specialists
§ gho-21-202
Requirements of Board members in the State of Maryland
§ gho-21-203
The annual election of board members and their duties.
§ gho-21-204
A majority of the Board is a quorum.
§ gho-21-205
Board Authority
§ gho-21-206
Definition of Fund Pertaining To This Section
§ gho-21-207
Persons informing the Board have judicial immunity from SS5-702.
§ gho-21-301
Environmental health specialist Law of Maryland
§ gho-21-302
Environmental health license application requirements.
§ gho-21-303
Qualifications for License Applicants
§ gho-21-304
Examination requirements for environmental health license applicants.
§ gho-21-305
Board regulations regarding licensing environmental health specialists.
§ gho-21-306
Origins of reciprocal agreement
§ gho-21-307
Board will license any environmental health specialist meeting requirements.
§ gho-21-308
Environmental health specialist Law of Maryland
§ gho-21-309
License Renewal
§ gho-21-310
Reinstating an environmental health license
§ gho-21-311
Stipulations For records of each application for licensure
§ gho-21-312
Adopt of a Code of Ethics
§ gho-21-313
Administrative Procedures Act Procedures
§ gho-21-314
Rights To Appealing contested case
§ gho-21-315
Majority vote by the Board can reinstate rejected licenses.
§ gho-21-401
Environmental Health Specialist License
§ gho-21-402
punishments violating under this article
§ gho-21-501
You may cite the title "Maryland Environmental Health Specialists Act"
§ gho-21-502
Program Evaluation Act on evaluation and reestablishment provision
§ gho-3-101
Definitions for this subsection.
§ gho-3-102
Those authorized to practice health occupations are unaffected
§ gho-3-201
State Board of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Examiners
§ gho-3-202
Chiropractor Law of Maryland
§ gho-3-203
Election of a president, a vice-president, and a secretary-treasurer.
§ gho-3-204
Composition, meetings, and entitlements of the board.
§ gho-3-205
additional powers to the Board under this title
§ gho-3-206
Overview of the Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Examiners' Fund
§ gho-3-207
Immunity from liability Law of Maryland
§ gho-3-301
chiropractic licensed holder to practice physical therapy also
§ gho-3-302
Requirements of qualifying for a license
§ gho-3-303
Requirements for applying for a Healthcare license
§ gho-3-304
Description of examination for licensure
§ gho-3-305
Requirements May Be Waived By Board to Practice Chiropractic Therapy.
§ gho-3-306
Board shall issue a license to any applicant
§ gho-3-307
Authorization Of License To A Licensee For Practising Chiropractic Or Physical Therapy
§ gho-3-308
Expirationg & Renewal of License
§ gho-3-309
The board can reinstate a license with fee
§ gho-3-310
State Chiropractor Licensing Renewal Law
§ gho-3-311
License inactive status Law
§ gho-3-312
Surrender of a license of a licensed chiropractor.
§ gho-3-313
Denial of License
§ gho-3-314
What are the conditions for suspending a license of operation
§ gho-3-315
Chiropractors or Massage Therapists can get a hearing before the Board before the Board takes final action.
§ gho-3-316
Contested case appeal
§ gho-3-316.1
Engaging in Unauthorized Chiropractic or Massage Therapy
§ gho-3-401
Adoption of rules by the board
§ gho-3-402
The Board shall approve those schools of chiropractic that provide a curriculum, teaching standards, and facilities that the Board determines
§ gho-3-403
a chiropractor can represent that he holds physical practice licence if permitted so by licence.
§ gho-3-404
Licensed chiropractor Law of Maryland
§ gho-3-405
Licensed chiropractor Law of Maryland
§ gho-3-406
Regarding "chiropractor rehabilitation committee"
§ gho-3-407
Licensed chiropractor Law of Maryland
§ gho-3-501
A person attempting to practice as a chiropractor must have a license.
§ gho-3-502
Title must be legitimate
§ gho-3-503
A diploma or degree needed in subtitle cannot be got fraudulently or bought &sold.
§ gho-3-506
Practicing Chiropractic without license leads to fine.
§ gho-3-5A-01
Legal definitions of phrases used in the practice of massage therapy.
§ gho-3-5A-02
Professional License and Registration Regulations
§ gho-3-5A-03
Fees for the issuance act
§ gho-3-5A-04
Licensing and registration requirments for massage therapists.
§ gho-3-5A-05
Waiver list under this title
§ gho-3-5A-06
Requirements for qualifying for a license & qualifying for registration
§ gho-3-5A-07
Waiver Provisions for Massage Therapists Licensed in Other States
§ gho-3-5A-08
Restrictions for an individual having practiced the nontherapeutic massage.
§ gho-3-5A-09
Procedure to be followed to submit an application to the Board
§ gho-3-5A-10
Expiration Dates of Licenses
§ gho-3-5A-11
Denial of Registration
§ gho-3-5A-12
No limitation of Rights
§ gho-3-5A-13
adoption of rules by the board
§ gho-3-5A-14
Patient Referral Laws
§ gho-3-5A-15
Origins of Licensed massage therapist or registered massage practitioner
§ gho-3-5A-16
Massage for compensation Law of Maryland
§ gho-3-601
Chiropractic Act of Maryland
§ gho-3-602
Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-4-101
§ gho-4-101
§ gho-4-102
Who is able to be considered a doctor
§ gho-4-201
Dental Examiners
§ gho-4-202
There are 16 Members In the Board.
§ gho-4-203
election of prisident and a secretary
§ gho-4-204
Duties of the board
§ gho-4-205
Operation of the Board
§ gho-4-205
Operation of the Board
§ gho-4-206
restrictions to the Board licensed dental hygienist
§ gho-4-206.1
Dental hygienist Law of Maryland
§ gho-4-206.2
Requirements to become an accredited Dental Hygienist.
§ gho-4-206.3
Dental hygienist requirements
§ gho-4-207
Origins of State Board of Dental Examiners Fund
§ gho-4-208
The Board may sue and be sued in its own name.
§ gho-4-209
Immunity from liability
§ gho-4-301
Licensing by the State Board
§ gho-4-302
Dentist License Requirements
§ gho-4-303
Waiving the Education Requirements
§ gho-4-303.1
Educational requirements may be waived for a dentist from Canada.
§ gho-4-304
How to Apply for Various Licenses to Practice Dentistry
§ gho-4-305
General Dentistry License Approval
§ gho-4-306
Meaning Of ADEX, ADLEX, ADHLEX And Qualifications Needed For Issue Of License To A Dentist
§ gho-4-307
Requirements For license
§ gho-4-308
General license to practice dentistry issued under this title
§ gho-4-308
General license to practice dentistry issued under this title
§ gho-4-309
License Expiration Date Determined By Board
§ gho-4-310
Protocol for Inactivation of Dentistry Licenses in Maryland
§ gho-4-311
Reinstate a general license to practice dentistry law
§ gho-4-312
Requirements For The Issue Of Temporary License To An Applicant For Practicing Dental Hygiene
§ gho-4-313
Expectations of holder of a License to practice dental hygiene
§ gho-4-314
Concerning the Board and licensing procedures.
§ gho-4-315
Hearing Provisions For The Denial Of Dentistry License By The State Board
§ gho-4-316
Commence proceedings Law of Maryland
§ gho-4-317
Dentistry License Revocation
§ gho-4-318
maryland Administrative Procedure Act
§ gho-4-319
Rights of those contesting decisions of the Board.
§ gho-4-320
Unauthorized Board Activities
§ gho-4-401
Work authorization, Subcontracted work authorization, and Dental technician meanings
§ gho-4-402
Unlicensed Dental Laboratory Work Prohibition
§ gho-4-403
Work authorization for dental laboratory work.
§ gho-4-404
Requirements of dentist who signs a work authorization
§ gho-4-405
Dental Laboratory Regulations
§ gho-4-406
dental laboratory request acceptance regulations
§ gho-4-407
Compliance of licensed dentist or dental laboratory
§ gho-4-501
Following words defined as:
§ gho-4-501.1
Origins of Dental WellBeing Committe
§ gho-4-502
State not governed by provisions of Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986.
§ gho-4-503
Rules for Licensed Dentists
§ gho-4-504
A licensee should be a specialist in that field by the Board.
§ gho-4-505
Board of Dental Examiners
§ gho-4-506
Usage of radiation
§ gho-4-507
Physical evaluation program Law of Maryland
§ gho-4-508
Definition of Dental Hygiene Well-Being Committee
§ gho-4-601
No Dental Practice unless Licensed by the Board
§ gho-4-602
Not to be practiced as Dentistry except under this title
§ gho-4-603
Conditions Necessary to Practice Dentistry in the State of Maryland
§ gho-4-604
Duties of district and circuit court
§ gho-4-605
Dental hygienist Law of Maryland
§ gho-4-606
Origins of attempting to practice dentistry without a license
§ gho-4-701
Dentistry Act of Maryland
§ gho-4-702
Evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Program Evaluation Act.
§ gho-5-101
Meaning Of Certified Nutrition Specialist, Medical Nutrition And Other Terms Related To That Field
§ gho-5-102
Maryland's Law of protecting citizens
§ gho-5-103
It doesn't limit the way people behave in health activities
§ gho-5-201
Dietetic Practice in the Department of the State
§ gho-5-202
qualifications to become member of the Board
§ gho-5-203
Election of members to the board
§ gho-5-204
Members serving on the Board
§ gho-5-205
§ gho-5-206
Dietetic Practice Fund
§ gho-5-301
Individuals that can practice Dietetics without license.
§ gho-5-302
Dietitian-Nutritionist Licensure Requirements
§ gho-5-303
License Application Procedure
§ gho-5-304
Board's Determination About The Passing Score Of The Approved Examination
§ gho-5-305
The Board may waive an examination requirement of this title for an individual
§ gho-5-306
Qualifying for a board license on fee payment
§ gho-5-307
Privileges of Li censure
§ gho-5-308
Expiration of Licenses
§ gho-5-309
Why does the Board place an inactive status on Licensee.
§ gho-5-310
On requirement licensee should produce a valid license.
§ gho-5-310.1
Dietitian-Nutritionists License cant surrender unless board agrees
§ gho-5-311
A person may not practice dietetics without proper licensing.
§ gho-5-311.1
On top of Suspension or Revocation the board may impose a $5000 fine.
§ gho-5-312
Preliminary Board Actions
§ gho-5-313
Administrative Procedure Act
§ gho-5-314
Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionists representing dietetic rehabilitation committee
§ gho-5-401
Dietetics cannot be practiced without license.
§ gho-5-402
Dietitian and Nutritionist Requirements
§ gho-5-403
Violation of 5-401 or 5-402
§ gho-5-501
Citing of this Title
§ gho-5-502
Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gho-7-101
§ gho-7-102
Rights of an individual to practice a health occupation.
§ gho-7-103
Protection of health and welfare of the public
§ gho-7-201
State Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors
§ gho-7-202
Composition of, and requirements for, Board members.
§ gho-7-203
Requirements of electing presidents
§ gho-7-204
Origins of full authorized membership
§ gho-7-205
Duties of the board of Maryland
§ gho-7-206
Funds for State Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors
§ gho-7-207
Providing information to the Board gives liability immunity under 5-707.
§ gho-7-208
Submission of Mental or physical examination
§ gho-7-301
Individual Licensing Guidelines
§ gho-7-302
Obtaining License Before practicing mortuary science
§ gho-7-303
Origins of practicing of mortuary
§ gho-7-304
Mortician or Funeral Director license
§ gho-7-305
Granting Waivers for Mortician or Funeral Director Licenses
§ gho-7-306
Laws for the Apprentice License
§ gho-7-308
Origins of surviving spouse license
§ gho-7-308.1
Terms and condition for licensed funeral director or licensed mortician.
§ gho-7-309
Renewal of Licence of a Corporation
§ gho-7-310
Licensed Funeral Establishment
§ gho-7-311
eligibility to get Courtesy card
§ gho-7-312
burial-transit permit under the direction of a licensed mortician or licensed funeral director.
§ gho-7-313
Applicant Requirements for Board Approval of a License
§ gho-7-314
A license expires on date unless renewed
§ gho-7-315
Mortician expired license renewal
§ gho-7-316
Denial of Funeral License
§ gho-7-316.1
Regulations to the actions of the State or the Board
§ gho-7-317
Grounds for revocation may impose penalty up to $5000.
§ gho-7-318
Surrender of a license
§ gho-7-319
Requirements before the Board takes any action.
§ gho-7-320
Health Care Professional's Right to Appeal Action
§ gho-7-321
The health occupations board may issue a status of inactive when a request is submitted.
§ gho-7-401
Rules to practice mortuary science as partnership
§ gho-7-402
requirements of licensed morticians or funeral directors
§ gho-7-403
Rules Regarding Establishment of Mortuary Science School
§ gho-7-404
Licensee Funeral Arrangement Obligations
§ gho-7-405
Inner meanings of words
§ gho-7-406
licensee shall maintain a complete file of a cremation
§ gho-7-407
Requirements of a licensed funeral director
§ gho-7-408
§ gho-7-409
funeral establishments inspections rights
§ gho-7-410
Legal Age of Decision Makers
§ gho-7-411
Cremation & burial/interment Law of Maryland
§ gho-7-4A-01
Subtitle Word Meanings
§ gho-7-4A-02
Actions of the State Board
§ gho-7-4A-03
about Family Security Trust Fund
§ gho-7-4A-04
Family Security Trust Fund Advisory Committee componets
§ gho-7-4A-05
Funeral establishment license Law of Maryland
§ gho-7-4A-06
Recovering compensation from the Fund under this title
§ gho-7-4A-07
Requirements of claim against the Fund
§ gho-7-4A-08
§ gho-7-4A-09
Board Notification Procedures Regarding Hearings
§ gho-7-4A-10
Fund alleges Law of Maryland
§ gho-7-4A-11
Regulations to the Board regarding payment of a claim by the Fund
§ gho-7-4A-12
Licensees will pay the board if they are found at fault for the claim
§ gho-7-4A-13
Board orders payment by the Fund
§ gho-7-501
Mortuary Science Practice Exception
§ gho-7-502
Unauthorized Practicing Of Mortuary Science Prohibited
§ gho-7-503
Name Appearing on License
§ gho-7-504
Mortician License, Funeral and Other Requirements
§ gho-7-505
Funeral Service License
§ gho-7-508
misdemeanor conviction penalties
§ gho-7-601
Intended Meaning of Mortuary Transport and Related Terms
§ gho-7-602
Mortuary Transport service to be issued permit prior to transport
§ gho-7-603
Must Register with Board to Transport Human Remains
§ gho-7-604
Permit/Registration Denial
§ gho-7-605
Permits for mortuary transporter services
§ gho-7-606
violation of provisions
§ gho-7-607
Adopt regulations Law of Maryland
§ gho-7-701
§ gho-7-702
§ gho-8-101
Terminology and ranks of practicing nurses in Maryland.
§ gho-8-102
Rights, Registration and Definition of Christian Science Nurses
§ gho-8-201
Maryland Law Regarding The Presence Of State Board of Nursing In The Department
§ gho-8-202
13 Member Board and Makeup
§ gho-8-203
The health occupations board shall elect officers every two years.
§ gho-8-204
Authorized Memberships
§ gho-8-205
Powers Vested in the Board
§ gho-8-205.1
Reviewing an application for licensure
§ gho-8-206
Board of Nursing Fund Overview
§ gho-8-207
Liability Immunity Upon Giving Information To Court
§ gho-8-208
State Board and Health Facilities
§ gho-8-301
A registered nurse must obtain a license before practicing.
§ gho-8-302
Advanced practice nurse certification requirements.
§ gho-8-303
Guidelines for sending in background check to the board.
§ gho-8-304
License Requirements To Practice Nursing
§ gho-8-305
Qualifications for Nursing License Testing
§ gho-8-306
Nurse Practicioner Certification requires a board-approved exam
§ gho-8-307
Nursing License Issuance by Endorsement or Waiver
§ gho-8-308
Guidelines of Licensing of Nurses
§ gho-8-309
Approval for practice registered nursing or licensed practical nursing in State by Board
§ gho-8-310
What a License To Practice Registered Nursing Allows
§ gho-8-311
Licensed Practical Nurse State Recognition
§ gho-8-312
State Licensing Expiration & Laws
§ gho-8-313
Expired license is renewable if conditions are met
§ gho-8-314
accepting the surrender of a license
§ gho-8-315
eligibilities to get temporary nurse license
§ gho-8-316
The Board may deny a license
§ gho-8-317
Persons Granted Hearings Before the Board
§ gho-8-318
Types of appeals
§ gho-8-319
suspended license reinstatement by Board
§ gho-8-320
Board Documents Inadmissible as Evidence in Civil Actions
§ gho-8-321
Board May Disclose Information in Proceedings
§ gho-8-401
What the Board may approve
§ gho-8-402
Approval of Medical Care Programs
§ gho-8-403
The health occupation board shall conductive periodic surveys of nursing facilities.
§ gho-8-404
Nursing Education Program Omission Of Listing
§ gho-8-501
Board Must Evaluate Master Planning For Nursing Practice
§ gho-8-502
Nursing Committee Rules and Regulations
§ gho-8-503
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this section.
§ gho-8-504
§ gho-8-505
Requirement To Report Action or Condition To Board
§ gho-8-506
practicing nurse display notice under this title
§ gho-8-508
Nurse practitioners are authorized to administer starter doses.
§ gho-8-509
Law Enforcement Agency Definition/Responsibilities in Nursing Abuse/Neglect
§ gho-8-510
Board May Conduct Pilot Study to Regulate Nursing Practices.
§ gho-8-511
Methadone Dispensed by Registered Nurse
§ gho-8-601
Practice nurse midwifery
§ gho-8-602
practice of nurse midwifery
§ gho-8-603
Registered Nurses Governed By This Title
§ gho-8-6A-01
Definition of Health Occupation Terms
§ gho-8-6A-02
State Board of Practice Health Occupational Law
§ gho-8-6A-03
Nurses must be board certified to attain title.
§ gho-8-6A-04
Certification Renewal Fees
§ gho-8-6A-05
How the Board is allowed to adopt regulations.
§ gho-8-6A-06
rules related to fulfill the requirements to certify the endorsement
§ gho-8-6A-07
Issuing Licenses to Nursing Assistants and Medication Technicians
§ gho-8-6A-07
Issuing Licenses to Nursing Assistants and Medication Technicians
§ gho-8-6A-08
How nursing assistants and medication technicians may renew their certificate.
§ gho-8-6A-08
How nursing assistants and medication technicians may renew their certificate.
§ gho-8-6A-09
Failure to Renew Nursing Certificate Fee
§ gho-8-6A-10
Certificates Denied, Revoked, Reinstated After Violations
§ gho-8-6A-11
Any person of this subtitle may only take a direct judicial appeal.
§ gho-8-6A-12
Nurses and Medical Workers May Not Surrender Certificates
§ gho-8-6A-13
An advisory committee of 15 members shall be appointed by the board.
§ gho-8-6A-14
Nursing Assistant Training Program Approval
§ gho-8-6A-14.1
Board May Make Visits to Medication Training Programs
§ gho-8-6A-15
§ gho-8-6A-16
Reporting Of Criminal Activity Of A Nursing Professional
§ gho-8-6B-01
Meanings of the following words are indicated.
§ gho-8-6B-02
This subtitle does not limit the right of an individual to practice a health occupation
§ gho-8-6B-03
licensure of Electrologists
§ gho-8-6B-04
Fees for Issuance of and Renewal of Licenses
§ gho-8-6B-05
Electrology Practice Committee Makeup
§ gho-8-6B-06
"The committee shall make recommendations to the Board regarding regulations."
§ gho-8-6B-07
All electrologists must be licensed by the state.
§ gho-8-6B-08
Must submit to criminal check to qualify for license.
§ gho-8-6B-09
Requirement to Apply for License
§ gho-8-6B-10
Examination rules for applying licence by Board
§ gho-8-6B-11
Board May Issue License and Waive Examination Requirement
§ gho-8-6B-12
Electrologist License Board Duties and Procedures
§ gho-8-6B-13
Electrologist License Authorization
§ gho-8-6B-14
Origins of an expiring license
§ gho-8-6B-15
License surrender due to investigation of electrologist.
§ gho-8-6B-16
Electrology education programs must be approved by the board
§ gho-8-6B-17
Guidelines to determine the fraudulent act by the Board
§ gho-8-6B-18
Board Denial or Restriction of License
§ gho-8-6B-19
"The board shall give notice before taking any action."
§ gho-8-6B-20
Penalties for License Revocation
§ gho-8-6B-21
Administrative Procedure Act
§ gho-8-6B-22
Board Can Reinstate Suspended License After 1 Year.
§ gho-8-6B-23
Electrologist Education
§ gho-8-6B-24
What Instruments are Allowed for the Practice and Teaching of Electrology
§ gho-8-6B-26
Electrologists Shall Display the Notice Developed Under _ 1-207
§ gho-8-6B-27
Punishment for Violation of Provisions
§ gho-8-6B-28
Maryland Electrologists Act
§ gho-8-6B-29
Adoption of Maryland Laws and Regulations
§ gho-8-701
Nurses must be state board certified to practice as nurses
§ gho-8-702
A licensed nurse may not practice beyond the scope of their license.
§ gho-8-703
Medical Procedures only performed by a Registered Nurse
§ gho-8-704
A person shall not fraudulently obtain a nursing license.
§ gho-8-705
If licensee meets requirements renewal granted.
§ gho-8-706
Unauthorized Nursing Practices
§ gho-8-707
Registered Nursing Employment Reporting Requirements
§ gho-8-710
Consequences of Violation Subtitle gho-8-710
§ gho-8-711
Board May Impose Fines for License Renewal Failure
§ gho-8-7A-01
Rules for the Nurse Multistate Licensure.
§ gho-8-7A-02
Validity of discipline in another state is s set forth in Article V should be limited.
§ gho-8-7A-03
Limitations on the Nurse Multistate Licensure Compact
§ gho-8-7A-04
Nurse Multistate Licensure Compact of MAryland
§ gho-8-7A-05
Regulation of nurses may not supersede existing State labor laws
§ gho-8-801
Maryland Nurse Practice Act
§ gho-8-802
Evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Program Evaluation Act adopted after July 1,2003
§ gho-9-101
Nursing License Terms Defined
§ gho-9-102
Right of an individual to practice a health occupation is not limited by this title.
§ gho-9-201
Nursing home occupation oversight.
§ gho-9-202
Board Membership Requirements
§ gho-9-203
Governor Appointees
§ gho-9-204
Board Membership Requirements
§ gho-9-205
§ gho-9-206
License Renewal and Service Fees
§ gho-9-207
Letter of credit control rights
§ gho-9-301
Licensure of Nursing Home Administrators
§ gho-9-302
Requirements To Qualify For License
§ gho-9-303
Applicant Licensing and Fees
§ gho-9-304
Files Will Be Kept On Each Application
§ gho-9-305
Requirements For A Qualified License Applicant
§ gho-9-306
Conditions Under Which the Board Grants A Waiver To The Applicant Of Nursing Home Administrator
§ gho-9-307
Issuing of limited licence to certified institution from Board
§ gho-9-308
Any applicant who meets the requirements will get the license.
§ gho-9-309
Appealing Board Decisions
§ gho-9-310
Purpose of nursing home administrator license
§ gho-9-311
Health occupation licensing duration.
§ gho-9-312
Reinstatement of Nursing Home Administrator License
§ gho-9-312.1
Licensing of Nursing Home Administrator
§ gho-9-313
Conditions on licensing of nursing home administrator
§ gho-9-314
Processing of Complaints
§ gho-9-314.1
Board may revoke, suspend, or put on probation a licensee
§ gho-9-314.2
nursing home management firm is this section.
§ gho-9-315
Administrative Procedures
§ gho-9-316
Appealing Board Decisions
§ gho-9-316.1
Cease and Desist Orders Regarding Unlicensed Nursing Homes
§ gho-9-317
Nursing home administrator rehabilitation committee Act
§ gho-9-401
Nursing Home Administration Guide
§ gho-9-402
Nursing Home Administrator Requirements
§ gho-9-403
Fraudulent license
§ gho-9-404
nursing home administration credentials
§ gho-9-407
Those who violate this law may be fined up to $5000
§ gho-9-501
Nursing Home Licensing
§ gho-9-502
The health occupations program evaluation act shall expire on July 1, 2017.