Health - General

This is Article ghg of the Code of State, titled “Health - General.” It’s comprised of the following 1783 sections.

§ ghg-1-101
County Legal Terms Defined
§ ghg-1-201
Defines criteria for verified documents.
§ ghg-1-202
Certification from The Maryland Workers Compensation Act
§ ghg-10-1001
Private, inpatient facilities must be licensed
§ ghg-10-1002
State Health Application Laws & Penalties
§ ghg-10-1003
A person may not interfere knowingly with the rights of an individual
§ ghg-10-1004
Failure To Comply With Provision
§ ghg-10-101
Definition of Terms Relating to Mental Hygiene
§ ghg-10-102
Mental health of the citizens taken care of
§ ghg-10-103
Consistent with Policy
§ ghg-10-104
Title 19 License
§ ghg-10-1101
Citations of this title may call it "The Maryland Mental Hygiene Law"
§ ghg-10-1201
Meanings of following words are indicated in this subtitle.
§ ghg-10-1202
Duties of a service agency
§ ghg-10-1202.1
Quasi-Public Authority of Howard County
§ ghg-10-1203
Duties of the Secretary Regarding Establishing Core Service Agencies
§ ghg-10-1301
Definition of terms
§ ghg-10-1302
Person of unsound mind in Maryland
§ ghg-10-1303
Subsection Applies Upon Demand Of Executive Director
§ ghg-10-1304
Any rules or regulations began under this subtitle shall be carried out within one year.
§ ghg-10-1305
Uniforming the Law
§ ghg-10-1306
Uniform Act for the Extradition of Persons is this subtitle.
§ ghg-10-1401
'Core service agency' & 'Crisis Response System'-meaning explained.
§ ghg-10-1402
Deal with mental health crisis.
§ ghg-10-1403
The Crisis Response System
§ ghg-10-1404
Maryland Mental Health Crisis Response System General Fund Limit
§ ghg-10-1405
Crisis Response services will employ those who have used or are currently using mental health services.
§ ghg-10-201
Mental Hygiene Administration
§ ghg-10-202
State Administration Director Duties & Entitlements
§ ghg-10-203
Responsibilities of the director
§ ghg-10-204
Director Responsibilites
§ ghg-10-205
Non-Resident Services Program
§ ghg-10-206
The Secretary to revise mental health plan.
§ ghg-10-207
Update of Mental Hygiene Administration
§ ghg-10-208
There is Mental Hygiene Community-Based Services Fund
§ ghg-10-301
§ ghg-10-302
The Maryland Advisory Council consists of 18 members
§ ghg-10-303
The Maryland Advisory Council shall elect a chair and vice-chair from its members
§ ghg-10-304
Maryland Advisory Council should meet at te correct time and place.
§ ghg-10-305
Maryland Advisory Council Stated Duties
§ ghg-10-308
establishment of a mental health advisory committee
§ ghg-10-309
Mental Health Advisory Committee
§ ghg-10-310
Policies For County Advisory Committee Elections/Terms
§ ghg-10-311
County Advisory Committees Need At Least Six Meetings
§ ghg-10-312
County and Intercounty Advisory Committee Allowances
§ ghg-10-401
Director supervision on all state facilities
§ ghg-10-404
citizens advisory board for State facility called "Board"
§ ghg-10-405
Maryland Psychiatric Research Center
§ ghg-10-406
Maintained state facility list and rules.
§ ghg-10-406.1
§ ghg-10-407
Director Sets Standards for State Facility Admission
§ ghg-10-408
Appointment of an administrative head
§ ghg-10-409
Guidelines for Building a New Facility
§ ghg-10-410
§ ghg-10-411
Hospital Center members
§ ghg-10-412
Electing officers for the board
§ ghg-10-413
State Board Mandatory Meeting Law
§ ghg-10-414
"Each Board may adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its meetings."
§ ghg-10-417
Definition of Words in Part III of Subtitle
§ ghg-10-418
§ ghg-10-419
Executive board is there for the center.
§ ghg-10-420
Information About the Members of the Executive Board
§ ghg-10-421
Executive Board shall elect a chairman among its members.
§ ghg-10-422
Development of scientific employees and technical employees of the Center by Executive Board
§ ghg-10-423
State Personnel Appointments in the Department of Psychology
§ ghg-10-424
A state facility shall be maintained for psychiatric research,treatment and prevention.
§ ghg-10-425
Research programs only under the Department of Psychiatry
§ ghg-10-426
Technical reviews happen in the Center.
§ ghg-10-427
Members of the Technical Teview Committe
§ ghg-10-428
Technical Review Committee Chairman
§ ghg-10-429
Technical Review Committee Duties
§ ghg-10-501
Definition Of License
§ ghg-10-502
The Secretary shall adopt rules for licensing.
§ ghg-10-503
People operating private inpatient facilities must be licensed by the department to do so
§ ghg-10-504
Qualifications For License
§ ghg-10-505
An applicant for a health license must submit application on appropriate form.
§ ghg-10-506
The Department investigates all license applications
§ ghg-10-507
License Issuance
§ ghg-10-508
License Entitles Holder to Operate a Private Facility
§ ghg-10-509
Private Medical Care Facility Inspections
§ ghg-10-510
Department License Denial, Suspension, And Revocation
§ ghg-10-511
Appealing Department's Decision
§ ghg-10-514
meaning for the important words
§ ghg-10-515
Placing and locating a private group home.
§ ghg-10-516
The Secretary shall adopt rules for establishing, licensing, and operating private group
§ ghg-10-517
A group home must be licensed before operating.
§ ghg-10-518
Qualification for License for Private Group Homes
§ ghg-10-519
Requirements for Application of License Submitted to Secretary
§ ghg-10-520
Procedure Upon Receipt of Application for License
§ ghg-10-521
The Secretary shall issue a license to any applicant who meets the requirements of the policy in our organization
§ ghg-10-522
License Expiration Two Years After Effective Date
§ ghg-10-523
suspension or revocation of license by the secretary
§ ghg-10-524
State Administrative Procedure Act Grievances
§ ghg-10-601
meanings of clinical persons, physicians and psychologist explained.
§ ghg-10-602
An individual may be admitted to a Veterans' Administration hospital.
§ ghg-10-603
Exceptions, additions, evaluations.
§ ghg-10-604
Individual admittance into group home
§ ghg-10-605
10 days after admission Law of Maryland
§ ghg-10-608
Veterans Administration hospital admittance regulation.
§ ghg-10-609
Voluntary admission of an individual of 16 years
§ ghg-10-610
Maryland Law on Minor Admission on State Facility
§ ghg-10-613
Involuntary Admission
§ ghg-10-614
Origins of involuntary admission
§ ghg-10-615
Application for involuntary admission to a facility.
§ ghg-10-616
Certificate for Involuntary Admission of Patients
§ ghg-10-617
Veterans Administration hospital stipulations
§ ghg-10-618
Law of immunity from liability
§ ghg-10-619
Application for Admission
§ ghg-10-620
Legal definitions for Part IV of this subtitle.
§ ghg-10-621
Annual duties of the Department
§ ghg-10-622
Emergency Evaluation Petition Requirements
§ ghg-10-623
§ ghg-10-624
Peace Officer Duties on Emergency Evaluee
§ ghg-10-625
Origins of emergency evaluee
§ ghg-10-626
Rules of court orders generated for an emergency evaluation.
§ ghg-10-627
Emergency evaluee who is 65 years old.
§ ghg-10-628
Conditions of Emergency Vehicle Evaluee Payment
§ ghg-10-629
Petition Submitted Under This Subtitle Shall Get Immunity From Liability.
§ ghg-10-630
Petitions for Emergency Evaluations
§ ghg-10-631
Duties of The Administration
§ ghg-10-632
Veterans Administration Hospital Involuntary Admission Guidelines.
§ ghg-10-633
A hearing officer's decision is considered final and can't be reviewed.
§ ghg-10-701
Meaning of "Advocate"
§ ghg-10-702
Inmates rights to communication instruments
§ ghg-10-703
Health care visitation requirements
§ ghg-10-704
An individual right to vote or dispose of property cannot be withheld because of a mental disorder
§ ghg-10-705
Definitions and reporting of abuse and harassment
§ ghg-10-706
Right to a Treatment Plan by a Facility Following Admission
§ ghg-10-707
Individuals Have the Right to Refuse Participation
§ ghg-10-708
Rules for Administering Refused Medicine
§ ghg-10-709
Preparation of Written Aftercare Plans
§ ghg-10-710
Minor should have separate place in hospitals.
§ ghg-10-711
Information To Access An Individual or Facility.
§ ghg-10-712
Health care facilities records and documentation of patients
§ ghg-10-713
Reporting Deaths.
§ ghg-10-801
Conditional Releases As Per Maryland State Government Law
§ ghg-10-802
Releasing Unlawfully Held Individuals
§ ghg-10-803
Individuals Admitted Voluntarily to a Facility May Leave The Facility
§ ghg-10-804
A person may request to know why they were admitted to a Veterans' Administration hospital.
§ ghg-10-805
Origins of being released from Veterans Administration hospital
§ ghg-10-806
Definition of "responsible official"
§ ghg-10-807
§ ghg-10-808
Definition and restrictions of a "federal agency."
§ ghg-10-809
Releasing an Individual from a Facility
§ ghg-10-810
A release under this subtitle.
§ ghg-10-811
correction Releases shall be released to division
§ ghg-10-812
The Mental Hygiene Administration's Mandates for The Developmental Disabilities Administration
§ ghg-10-813
Administration compensation
§ ghg-10-901
Maryland rules for mental health programs
§ ghg-10-901.1
Submission of Financial Statement by Mental Health Services
§ ghg-10-902
Grants can be created for mental health programs.
§ ghg-10-902.1
The Secretary can continue funding for outpatient mental health clinics.
§ ghg-10-903
§ ghg-10-904
County Health Officer Responsibility except Montgomery
§ ghg-10-905
Community Mental Health Program Employee Remuneration.
§ ghg-10-908
Definition of terms.
§ ghg-10-909
State of Maryland mental hygiene care
§ ghg-10-910
Program advisory committee is defined here.
§ ghg-10-911
Regulations applicable to the operation and management Program
§ ghg-10-912
Regulations of the professional and paraprofessional member of the program staff
§ ghg-10-913
Departmental Budget Support
§ ghg-10-917
Authority of administrative head of a facility
§ ghg-10-920
Private Childcare Group
§ ghg-10-921
Responsibilities of the Director
§ ghg-10-922
§ ghg-10-923
Managing of Childcare
§ ghg-10-924
Private therapeutic group homes need written plans of treatment.
§ ghg-10-925
The Director Submits His Plan On or Before January 1, 1985
§ ghg-10-926
Evaluation of Health Officers
§ ghg-11-101
Definition of "article."
§ ghg-11-102
The Interstate Compact on Mental Health is now active law.
§ ghg-11-103
Origins of contracting states agreements
§ ghg-11-104
Duties of the Compact Administrator
§ ghg-11-105
Authority of the Compact Administrator!
§ ghg-11-106
Discharging Financial Obligations
§ ghg-11-107
Maryland compact administration transferee and immediate family members
§ ghg-13-1001
Definition of Various Tobacco-Related Words and Concepts
§ ghg-13-1002
Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program
§ ghg-13-1003
Surveillance and Evaluation Component in the Program
§ ghg-13-1004
Tobacco Study of Maryland
§ ghg-13-1005
Origins of Statewide Public Health Component in the Program
§ ghg-13-1006
Local Public Health Component.
§ ghg-13-1007
department duties after baseline Tobacco study completion
§ ghg-13-1008
Application for local health Tobacco Grant
§ ghg-13-1009
Rules for Establishing Local Public Health Tobacco Grant
§ ghg-13-101
Term Definitions
§ ghg-13-1010
"The membership of a Community Health Coalition shall reflect the demographics of the county and include representatives of community-based groups."
§ ghg-13-1011
Things Needed Before Receiving a Local Public Health Tobacco Grant
§ ghg-13-1012
The Department Reviews a Comprehensive Plan for Tobacco Use Prevention
§ ghg-13-1013
Identification of the Counter-Marketing and Media Component.
§ ghg-13-1014
Administrative Component in the Program
§ ghg-13-1015
Directions to the Governor for annual budget for 2011 & 2012
§ ghg-13-102
Origins of Hereditary and congenital disorders
§ ghg-13-103
State Advisory Council on Hereditary and Congenital Disorders
§ ghg-13-104
What The Advisory Council Consists Of
§ ghg-13-105
Electing a Council Chairman and Vice Chairman
§ ghg-13-106
Advisory Council procedures.
§ ghg-13-107
Establishment of subcommittees by the Advisory Council.
§ ghg-13-108
Advisory Council Duties
§ ghg-13-109
Department may apply rules
§ ghg-13-110
Responsibilities of Secretary for the operation of hereditary and congenital disorders programs
§ ghg-13-1101
Definition of terms under the General Health subtitle.
§ ghg-13-1102
Maryland cancer prevention program
§ ghg-13-1103
Origins of Surveillance and Evaluation Component in the Program
§ ghg-13-1104
Regulations to the Department regarding Biennial Cancer Study
§ ghg-13-1105
Local Cancer Health Grant
§ ghg-13-1106
This component is to maximize the effectiveness of anti-cancer initiatives.
§ ghg-13-1107
Local Health Component program
§ ghg-13-1108
Cancer Management
§ ghg-13-1109
Origins of applying for Public Health Cancer Grant
§ ghg-13-111
Screening of newborns for hereditary and congenital disorders.
§ ghg-13-1110
Health officers from different counties can apply together for a Cancer Grant.
§ ghg-13-1111
Membership and Composition of Community Health Coalition
§ ghg-13-1112
Publicly Funded Cancer Prevention Programs
§ ghg-13-1113
The department will review a Cancer Prevention, Education, Screening, and Treatment plan
§ ghg-13-1114
Maryland's academic program grant fund statewide distribution to enforce academic excellence
§ ghg-13-1115
Statewide Academic Health Center Public Health Grant
§ ghg-13-1116
Governor duties for fiscal years 2011 and 2012
§ ghg-13-1119
Origins of Administrative Component
§ ghg-13-112
Another entity may conduct screening with approval.
§ ghg-13-1201
Important definitions, maternal care.
§ ghg-13-1202
The General Assembly's findings on maternal deaths.
§ ghg-13-1203
secretary establishes Maternal Mortality Review Program
§ ghg-13-1204
The Maternal Mortality Review Program
§ ghg-13-1205
Provision of the Maternal Mortality Review Program.
§ ghg-13-1206
Maternal death Law of Maryland
§ ghg-13-1207
State Government Article, to the General Assembly.
§ ghg-13-1301
Origins of Governor__s Wellmobile Program
§ ghg-13-1302
Maryland Governors Wellmobile Program Advisory Board
§ ghg-13-1303
Regulations to University of Maryland School of Nursing and Advisory Board
§ ghg-13-1401
§ ghg-13-1402
State Board of Spinal Cord Injury Research in the Departmen
§ ghg-13-1403
Characteristics of the 11 Board Members
§ ghg-13-1404
The Governor Appoints The Chairman of The Board
§ ghg-13-1405
Duties of The Board
§ ghg-13-1406
Origins of Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust Fund
§ ghg-13-1407
What the secretary can and should do.
§ ghg-13-1501
Word meaning indications
§ ghg-13-1502
Children safety and health.
§ ghg-13-1503
State Childrens Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council
§ ghg-13-1504
Membership and Composition of the Advisory Council
§ ghg-13-1505
Memberships Of Advisory Council In Maryland State Government
§ ghg-13-1506
Authority and Purpose of The Advisory Council
§ ghg-13-1601
State Advisory Council on Quality Care
§ ghg-13-1602
Advisory Council consists.
§ ghg-13-1603
Maryland government Advisory Council
§ ghg-13-1604
The Advisory Council's public health duties.
§ ghg-13-1701
Asthma Control Program
§ ghg-13-1702
Asthma Control Program
§ ghg-13-1703
Appointment of Program Director
§ ghg-13-1704
Establishment of statewide asthma coalition by director.
§ ghg-13-1705
Funding provided in the State budget.
§ ghg-13-1706
Secretary Must Adopt Rules/Regulations to Implement the Program
§ ghg-13-2001
Definitions of Words and Terms in this Subtitle
§ ghg-13-2002
Maryland Law on Conducting Research using Human Subject
§ ghg-13-2003
How To Make Final Minutes Available For Inspection.
§ ghg-13-2004
The Office of Attorney General may stop human subject research.
§ ghg-13-201
The State Advisory Council on Heart Disease and Stroke
§ ghg-13-202
State Advisory Council on Heart Disease and Stroke
§ ghg-13-203
Terms and structure of the Advisory Council
§ ghg-13-204
Characteristics of Business Quorum
§ ghg-13-205
Responsibilities of the Advisory Council
§ ghg-13-206
Advisory Council Recommendations for Heart Disease Management
§ ghg-13-2101
Meaning of Advisory Board
§ ghg-13-2102
Maryland State Traumatic Injury Advisory Board
§ ghg-13-2103
Description of the members of the Advisory Board.
§ ghg-13-2104
Origins of the term of a member
§ ghg-13-2105
Duties of The Advisory Board
§ ghg-13-2201
Origins of Maryland CHAMP
§ ghg-13-2202
Child Abuse Medical Providers Initiative.
§ ghg-13-2203
Role of Maryland CHAMP
§ ghg-13-2204
Child Abuse Medical Provider (Maryland CHAMP)
§ ghg-13-2205
Annual Appointment of Expert Panel on Child Abuse
§ ghg-13-2206
§ ghg-13-2207
Rules Governing Children's Trust Funds
§ ghg-13-2301
Definition of women of childbearing age
§ ghg-13-2302
Program to distribute folic acid to women of childbearing age.
§ ghg-13-2303
Programs will be funded if there is money in the State budget.
§ ghg-13-2501
Purpose of Oral Health Safety Net Program
§ ghg-13-2502
What Does The Office Of Oral Health Do.
§ ghg-13-2503
Duties of Oral Health
§ ghg-13-2504
Annual Evaluation of Oral Health Program
§ ghg-13-2505
Intentions of the General Assembly
§ ghg-13-2506
Follow-up Survey on Health status of School Children
§ ghg-13-2701
Defining terms related to public health care crisis
§ ghg-13-2702
Regulations and limitations of the Department's budget
§ ghg-13-2901
Wellness Report Card
§ ghg-13-2902
Wellness Prevention Guidelines
§ ghg-13-2903
The Pilot Program will be funded
§ ghg-13-2904
Wellness Report Card will be used to find solutions for disease and to take preventive measures.
§ ghg-13-3001
Details about Cord blood transplant center and its fund
§ ghg-13-3002
Purpose of the Cord Blood Transplant Program
§ ghg-13-3003
Blood Transplant Center Fund
§ ghg-13-3004
A qualified medical institution may apply for a grant
§ ghg-13-301
The Kidney Disease Program
§ ghg-13-302
Rules for recipients under the Kidney Disease Program.
§ ghg-13-303
Duties of the General Assembly regarding health and welfare.
§ ghg-13-304
State Commission on Kidney Disease.
§ ghg-13-305
the structure of the commission appointed by the governor
§ ghg-13-306
Expectations of the Commission
§ ghg-13-307
The commissioner looks over health provider programs
§ ghg-13-308
The Rules and Regulations Adopted By The Commission
§ ghg-13-309
Secretary Responsibilities
§ ghg-13-310
Dialysis or transplant centers meeting standards shall be certified.
§ ghg-13-310.1
The Kidney Disease Fund and its provisions.
§ ghg-13-311
How An Individual Is Certified For Benefits.
§ ghg-13-312
Medical Assistance Requests
§ ghg-13-313
Fees for receiving program benefits.
§ ghg-13-314
Kidney disease and dialysis covered costs.
§ ghg-13-315
Responsibility for Medical Reimbursement
§ ghg-13-316
Annual budget Law of Maryland
§ ghg-13-401
County advisory council
§ ghg-13-402
This subtitle intends to improve health and health instruction.
§ ghg-13-403
State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness of the Department
§ ghg-13-404
§ ghg-13-405
How The Governor Appoints A Chairman
§ ghg-13-406
State Advisory Council quorum, meeting and reimbursement requirements.
§ ghg-13-407
Rules & Procedures of the State Advisory Council
§ ghg-13-408
A physical fitness advisory council can be in Baltimore City and each county.
§ ghg-13-409
City and County Must Consult State Council On Physical Fitness.
§ ghg-13-410
Acceptance of Aid
§ ghg-13-501
ITis a programme for public awareness,educating consumers and training teachers ,
§ ghg-13-502
The terms "Advisory Council" and "Program" are defined in this subtitle.
§ ghg-13-503
Origins of Arthritis
§ ghg-13-504
Origins of creating statewide programs
§ ghg-13-505
Arthritis and Related Diseases
§ ghg-13-506
Appointed members must meet specific requirements.
§ ghg-13-507
governor appointing a chairman
§ ghg-13-508
Advisory Council member regulations.
§ ghg-13-509
Coordinating the activities of public and private agencies to improve the quality of life
§ ghg-13-510
The power of the secretary over arthritis health care programs in Maryland.
§ ghg-13-511
How The Program is Funded With The State's Budget
§ ghg-13-512
Maryland Arthritis Prevention and Control Act.
§ ghg-13-601
Definitions of General Health terms
§ ghg-13-602
The role of the secretary in developing infant hearing services.
§ ghg-13-603
Advisory Council Composition and Duties
§ ghg-13-604
The Secretary of Health shall develop a plan to keep in contact with newborn parents.
§ ghg-13-605
"A hospital shall include the results of the universal hearing screening of a newborn."
§ ghg-13-701
What The Insect Sting Emergency Treatment Program is
§ ghg-13-702
Certificate means a certificate issued by the Department."
§ ghg-13-703
Administration of the Program
§ ghg-13-704
To qualify for this certificate the applicant must have be of good moral standing and be at least 18 years old.
§ ghg-13-705
Applicants for certificate must submit an application and fees.
§ ghg-13-706
Directions to the Department to issue certificate to applicants
§ ghg-13-707
Powers of a Certified Individual
§ ghg-13-708
Certificate holders acting in good faith are not liable.
§ ghg-13-709
Origins of being held civilly liable
§ ghg-13-801
Definitions of "Commission," "Provider," and "Rate"
§ ghg-13-802
Community Services Reimbursement Rate Commission
§ ghg-13-803
"The Commission will consist of seven members."
§ ghg-13-804
Duties of The Governor & Chairman
§ ghg-13-805
Origins of quorum of the Commission
§ ghg-13-806
it comprises the effective use of funds
§ ghg-13-806
it comprises the effective use of funds
§ ghg-13-807
Additional Powers and Duties of the Commission
§ ghg-13-808
The Commission's decisions are exempt from the Secretary.
§ ghg-13-809
Section 13-809 Is Valid Till September 30, 2016.
§ ghg-13-809
Section 13-809 Is Valid Till September 30, 2016.
§ ghg-13-810
Mental Hygiene Administration and the Developmental Disabilities Administration.
§ ghg-13-901
Management and Use of Organ and Tissue Fund
§ ghg-14-201
Care for elderly individuals
§ ghg-14-202
This subtitle intended to establish healthy elderly care centers.
§ ghg-14-203
This subtitle does not affect a relative who cares for an elderly individual.
§ ghg-14-204
The Department of Aging has primary responsibility for licensing elderly day care centers.
§ ghg-14-205
Funds for the care for the elderly.
§ ghg-14-206
Maryland law for elderly in daycare
§ ghg-14-301
Definitions of terms in this subtitle under General Health
§ ghg-14-302
"This subtitle provides services, such as adult day care, for handicapped adults."
§ ghg-14-303
State Medically Handicap Fair Treatment Laws
§ ghg-14-304
Services of The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ ghg-14-401
Meanings of the terms related to Youth Camp Safety Advisory Council
§ ghg-14-402
What this subtitle does not apply to
§ ghg-14-403
How to Set Up a Youth Camp
§ ghg-14-404
Youth Camp Safety Advisory Council
§ ghg-14-405
The 11 Member Council
§ ghg-14-406
Not Transferable Certificates
§ ghg-14-407
Duties of The Department
§ ghg-14-408
The Department may deny certification based on fraudulence or other regulations
§ ghg-14-409
A person is entitled to a hearing if they are charged with health department violations.
§ ghg-14-410
The Department Cannot Influence or Restrain the Curriculum of Ministries and Youth Camps
§ ghg-14-411
Maryland Youth Camp Act.
§ ghg-14-501
in this word meanings of concussion, Athalet, youth sport progrrame programme
§ ghg-15-101
Definitions of words in this title.
§ ghg-15-101.1
Managed care organization exemptions from insurance laws
§ ghg-15-101.1
Managed care organization exemptions from insurance laws
§ ghg-15-102
Preventive Healthcare Services for Medically Indigent Individuals
§ ghg-15-102.1
The State promotes development of the health care system.
§ ghg-15-102.2
State Insurance Article Provisions & Law
§ ghg-15-102.3
Provisions of the Insurance Article applied to others.
§ ghg-15-102.4
Department may resurvey, and/or amend, oyster bed charts.
§ ghg-15-102.5
Health maintenance organization components
§ ghg-15-102.6
Regulations to Insurance Commissioner
§ ghg-15-102.7
Premium tax Law of Maryland
§ ghg-15-102.8
Medicaid Law of Maryland
§ ghg-15-103
About the Maryland Medical Assistance Program.
§ ghg-15-103.1
§ ghg-15-103.2
Maryland Responsibilities for Administration of Dental Services.
§ ghg-15-103.3
Origins of HealthChoice Performance Incentive Fund
§ ghg-15-103.4
managed care organization permeation to be a health care provider
§ ghg-15-103.5
Health care provider rates will reviewed on a yearly basis.
§ ghg-15-104
Secretary may contract with the Department of Human Resources.
§ ghg-15-105
Definition of "Dual Eligibility"
§ ghg-15-105.1
Pharmacies Submitting Bills and Receiving Reimbursements
§ ghg-15-105.2
The Program Reimbursing Health Care Programs
§ ghg-15-106
Review of Healthcare Under Program
§ ghg-15-107
The health department may require participating facilities to submit cost reports.
§ ghg-15-108
The Definition of "Board"
§ ghg-15-109
Benefits protection for people receiving social security aid in Maryland.
§ ghg-15-109.1
Duties of The Department
§ ghg-15-109.2
§ ghg-15-110
Hospital Reimbursement
§ ghg-15-111
Maryland department may reimburse license day care centers
§ ghg-15-112
The Secretary Reimburses Drug Costs
§ ghg-15-113
State Legal Definitions Regarding Inmates
§ ghg-15-114
Origins of related institution
§ ghg-15-114.1
Definition of "emergency service transporter" and Program reimbursement
§ ghg-15-115
Regulation regarding skilled nursing facility placement.
§ ghg-15-116
Reimbursement of nursing facilities.
§ ghg-15-117
Origins of leave of absence
§ ghg-15-118
State Secretary Prescribe Certification Law
§ ghg-15-120
State Department Health & Smoking Law
§ ghg-15-121
Medical Assistance Payments Against The Estate Of a Deceased
§ ghg-15-121.1
Program Recipient Subrogation Claim Guidelines
§ ghg-15-121.2
Disability Benefit Claims
§ ghg-15-121.3
"The Department may assign its right of subrogation to a managed care organization."
§ ghg-15-122
The spouse of a Program recipient is responsible for payment
§ ghg-15-122.1
Participating Provider Depreciation
§ ghg-15-122.2
Information regarding converted funds.
§ ghg-15-123
Healthcare Providers Convicted of Fraud
§ ghg-15-124
Regulations applicable to Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program
§ ghg-15-124.2
the meaning of "program" that is Maryland med bank program
§ ghg-15-124.3
The legalities of the Medicare Option Prescription Drug Program in Maryland.
§ ghg-15-125
The state health department shall administer a program that promotes the welfare of crippled children.
§ ghg-15-126
Educational programs for physically or mentally handicapped child law
§ ghg-15-127
Following words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ ghg-15-128
The Department may reimburse for hospice services.
§ ghg-15-129
Definition of "durable medical equipment."
§ ghg-15-130
"Seriously emotionally disturbed means a condition that is diagnosed according to a classification system."
§ ghg-15-130.1
Application for Psychiatric Residential Treatment Demonstration Waiver
§ ghg-15-131
"The Department in the Maryland State Law"
§ ghg-15-132
Definitions in this section under General Health.
§ ghg-15-132.1
Federal income tax withholding for self-employed providers
§ ghg-15-133
The role of the State in improving home__ and community__based service systems in Maryland.
§ ghg-15-134
Origins of Medical Assistance Program waiver
§ ghg-15-135
Community Care Services and Waivers
§ ghg-15-136
The toll free Maryland Pharmacy Access Hotline.
§ ghg-15-137
Origins of home and communitybased services
§ ghg-15-138
Origins of Disabilities Program
§ ghg-15-139
Origins of Medicare and Medicaid Services
§ ghg-15-142
§ ghg-15-143
Immigrant Health Services Program
§ ghg-15-144
Effective Dates of the Taxation Committee
§ ghg-15-145
Intended Meaning of Carrier
§ ghg-15-146
Community Based Waiver Services Legislation.
§ ghg-15-301
Maryland Children's Health Program Legislation.
§ ghg-15-301.1
Definitions under this section of General Health.
§ ghg-15-302
Origins of Maryland Childrens Health Program
§ ghg-15-303
Managed care organization regulations.
§ ghg-15-304
The development and implementation of a school-based outreach program.
§ ghg-15-401
Maryland subtitles for commissioner and programs
§ ghg-15-402
§ ghg-15-403
Eligibility for the Program
§ ghg-15-404
Requirements to qualify for the program under the social security Act and Insurance Articles
§ ghg-15-405
Directions to determine eligibility for medical assistance
§ ghg-15-406
measures to be undertake by the commissioner through the Consumer Education and Advocacy Program
§ ghg-15-407
The Department and the Commissioner shall do next
§ ghg-15-501
Medical Assistance Face to Face Evaluation Qualifications
§ ghg-15-601
Origins of Board of Pharmacy
§ ghg-15-602
Prescription Drug Repository Program
§ ghg-15-603
Ability of program to dispense drugs and supplies.
§ ghg-15-604
Terms of donating prescription drugs to the Program.
§ ghg-15-605
Board approval process for pharmacies
§ ghg-15-606
Eligibility to receive donated prescription drugs or medical supplies
§ ghg-15-607
a person that donates prescription drugs
§ ghg-15-608
Rules For The Prescription Drug Repository Program.
§ ghg-15-609
Requirements of Repository
§ ghg-15-701
Health Care Coverage Fund
§ ghg-15-702
Assessments on Public Specialty Hospitals go towards Medicaid.
§ ghg-15-801
Definition of terms.
§ ghg-15-802
The role of the state in providing for disabled individuals.
§ ghg-15-803
Individual's eligibility to a program
§ ghg-15-804
The department of health shall make support plans based on an individual basis.
§ ghg-15-805
Consumers community attendant services
§ ghg-15-806
Characteristics Needed for Consumers to be Eligible for Medical Instance
§ ghg-15-807
Origins of a quality assurance system
§ ghg-15-808
Consumer participation
§ ghg-15-809
consumer rights
§ ghg-15-901
Definition of terms.
§ ghg-15-902
Independent home care provider protections
§ ghg-15-903
Maryland law bargaining one unit home care provider
§ ghg-15-904
Origins of bargaining
§ ghg-15-905
Exclusive representative of independent home care providers by the State agencies
§ ghg-15-906
Origins of direct a strike
§ ghg-15-907
not construed to make independent home care providers employees of the State
§ ghg-16-101
Definitions for Maryland Developmental Disabilities Law
§ ghg-16-102
Recipients of state services shall be responsible for paying whenever possible.
§ ghg-16-201
Rules and Regulations for Clinics and Day Cares
§ ghg-16-201.1
The Duties of the Secretary of Maryland
§ ghg-16-201.2
Maryland State Government Various Terms & Its Description
§ ghg-16-201.2
Maryland State Government Various Terms & Its Description
§ ghg-16-202
Recipient Services As Per Maryland State Law
§ ghg-16-203
cost of care of a recipient of services under this title
§ ghg-16-204
Payment guidelines for General Health Department services
§ ghg-16-205
Alternative requirement guidelines for medical assistance recipients in Maryland.
§ ghg-16-206
Juvenile Services regulations in Maryland
§ ghg-16-207
Mandatory Service Fee Billing and Collecting For Laboratories
§ ghg-16-208
Receiving Benefits from State-Funded Programs
§ ghg-16-301
Maryland Hygiene Laws
§ ghg-16-302
The State shall assume the cost of examinations ordered by the Mental Hygiene Administration
§ ghg-16-303
Maryland Mental Hygiene Laws
§ ghg-16-304
Providing of State Funding
§ ghg-16-401
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Law stipulation.
§ ghg-16-402
Regulations regarding admission to public mental health facilities.
§ ghg-16-403
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Law.
§ ghg-16-404
§ ghg-16-405
Individual "taxable income" elections regarding IRS.
§ ghg-16-406
Examinations Made By The Developmental Disabilities Administration
§ ghg-16-407
What this section does not apply to
§ ghg-17-101
Public Health Programs As Per Maryland State Law
§ ghg-17-102
Services offered by public health and clinical laboratories.
§ ghg-17-103
Fee regulations for public health and clinical laboratory.
§ ghg-17-103.1
§ ghg-17-104
meaning of words under this section
§ ghg-17-201
Few Terms & Its Explanation As Per Maryland State Government
§ ghg-17-202
How The Secretary Shall Adopt Regulations and Set Standards for Medical Laboratories
§ ghg-17-202.1
Laboratory Result Written Request
§ ghg-17-203
Secretary can set regulations on medical laboratory personnel
§ ghg-17-204
Duties of The Secretary
§ ghg-17-205
A person shall hold a license issued by the Secretary
§ ghg-17-206
Health Laboratory License Requirements
§ ghg-17-207
guidelines to submit application for a license
§ ghg-17-208
The Secretary's Power to Issue Licenses to Employees of Medical Laboratories
§ ghg-17-209
Renewal of expired license.
§ ghg-17-210
Why Maryland State Secretary Deny License To Applicant
§ ghg-17-211
Laboratories are regulated by the Secretary
§ ghg-17-212
conducting medical laboratory tests without license
§ ghg-17-213
conducting medical examination tests without license
§ ghg-17-214
meaning of words under this section
§ ghg-17-215
Advertising for Medical Laboratories
§ ghg-17-216
Consequences for violating the provisions of this subtitle under the Health-General title.
§ ghg-17-217
Laboratory Advisory Committee
§ ghg-17-2A-01
§ ghg-17-2A-02
§ ghg-17-2A-03
Records in Forensic Laboratories are Public Documents
§ ghg-17-2A-04
A forensic laboratory shall hold a license
§ ghg-17-2A-05
providing evidence to qualify for license
§ ghg-17-2A-06
What To Submit When Applying for a License
§ ghg-17-2A-07
Issuance of Licenses
§ ghg-17-2A-08
Secretary Date Set of License Expiration
§ ghg-17-2A-09
§ ghg-17-2A-10
Steps Taken By The Secretary In Cases Of Discrimination Or Retaliation Against An Individual
§ ghg-17-2A-11
Misdemeanor Clarification and Penalties
§ ghg-17-2A-12
Members of the Forensic Laboratory Advisory Committee will be Diverse.
§ ghg-17-301
maning of Permit, Tissue Bank under this title
§ ghg-17-302
Tissue bank rules and regulations.
§ ghg-17-303
Directors of Tissue Banks Regulations
§ ghg-17-304
"Setting of fee and renewal of permits by The Secretary"
§ ghg-17-305
conditions to hold permit under this section
§ ghg-17-306
permit to operate tissue bank
§ ghg-17-307
Conditions For Applicant Submission Of Application In Maryland
§ ghg-17-308
Secretary Permit Issuance
§ ghg-17-309
Authorization details of an effective permit
§ ghg-17-310
Permit renewal regulations.
§ ghg-17-311
§ ghg-17-312
conditions to operate tissue bank under this section
§ ghg-17-313
Tissue Bank Representation of Service Rules
§ ghg-17-314
person violates any provision of subtitle is subject to a fine
§ ghg-17-501
Indicated meanings of "cholesterol testing" and "permit".
§ ghg-17-502
When a Person may obtain permit
§ ghg-17-503
Local health departents can submit their cholesterol testing plans
§ ghg-17-504
Secretary Adoption of Regulations For Implementation of Provisions
§ ghg-17-505
Health Permit Qualifications
§ ghg-17-506
Submission of Permit Application
§ ghg-17-507
Permit issuance requirements.
§ ghg-17-508
Permit Expiration Rules
§ ghg-17-509
Applicant hearing rights for denied, suspended or revoked permit
§ ghg-17-510
Permit required to offer cholesterol testing
§ ghg-17-511
penalty details who violates this subtitle
§ ghg-17-601
Subtitle definitions
§ ghg-17-602
§ ghg-17-603
Biological agent regulations and reporting.
§ ghg-17-604
Information for the Biological Agents Registry Remains Confidential
§ ghg-17-605
The legalities of public and civil violations in Maryland.
§ ghg-18-1001
The role of the government in combating hepatitis B and C.
§ ghg-18-1002
When The Department Reports to The Governor
§ ghg-18-101
Secretary Investigative Duties
§ ghg-18-102
The Secretary Adopting Rules to Avoid The Spread of Contagious Disease
§ ghg-18-103
Reporting and Controlling Communicable Diseases
§ ghg-18-104
Secretary shall investigate cancer prevention, treatment and cures.
§ ghg-18-105
Adopting procedures to obtain toxic disease information
§ ghg-18-106
Lead Poisoning Screening Program Will Help Kids & Is Developed By Secretary.
§ ghg-18-107
Secretary Shall Promote Innovative Morbidity Programs.
§ ghg-18-108
"Elucidation to some words"
§ ghg-18-109
definitions of words in this article
§ ghg-18-201
Physician's report contagious disease patients to health officer.
§ ghg-18-201.1
HIV Diagnosis Physician Guidelines.
§ ghg-18-202
Definition of "Institution"
§ ghg-18-202.1
Included Institutions
§ ghg-18-203
Providing Patient-Identifying Information
§ ghg-18-204
meaning of words under this section
§ ghg-18-205
Meaning of Clinical Material
§ ghg-18-206
Health Care Summary Of Maryland State Government
§ ghg-18-207
Definitions of HIV-Related Terms and Concepts
§ ghg-18-208
Health Officer Requirements for Handling Public Health Diseases
§ ghg-18-209
Infectious or contagious disease Law of Maryland
§ ghg-18-210
Means to Prevent Illness
§ ghg-18-211
Movement of individuals who pose a public health threat
§ ghg-18-212
Regulations applicable to health officer regarding report records
§ ghg-18-212.1
How Disease Affect In Maryland State Government
§ ghg-18-213
Following words have the meanings indicated for this section
§ ghg-18-213.1
meaning of words under this section
§ ghg-18-213.2
Various Health Issue Summary In Maryland State
§ ghg-18-214
Immunization Advisory Committee makeup, responsibilities, and recommendations
§ ghg-18-214.1
State Commission Terms Defined
§ ghg-18-215
Penalties related to HIV reporting
§ ghg-18-216
A person who violates any provision of 18-211 will be fined with a misdemeanor up to $200 and 6 months jail time.
§ ghg-18-217
The General Assembly's Role in Ensuring Public Health
§ ghg-18-218
Definition of Animal
§ ghg-18-219
Secretary may prohibit animals that risk health and safety
§ ghg-18-220
Counties may impose stricter possession requirements
§ ghg-18-221
Harmful animal prohibition regulations.
§ ghg-18-222
Regulations of Domesticated Animals
§ ghg-18-301
What a person may not
§ ghg-18-302
Hospitals/health facilities cannot restrict prescription of amygdalin.
§ ghg-18-303
Maryland Statewide Public Information Campaign On Diethylstilbestrol(DES)
§ ghg-18-304
Fines and imprisonment for violating provisions 18-301 and 18-302.
§ ghg-18-307
serological syphilis testing exceptions
§ ghg-18-308
Directions to a Physician regarding new born child
§ ghg-18-309
"An Education campaign on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome "
§ ghg-18-312
public health veterinarian meaning under this subtitle
§ ghg-18-313
Regulations to the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ ghg-18-314
Preexposure immunization law of Maryland
§ ghg-18-315
County clinics to provide antirabies shots
§ ghg-18-316
An individual immediately shall report
§ ghg-18-317
Department pays treatment if individual can not.
§ ghg-18-318
Requirements For Owning a Dog, Ferret, or Cat Under 4 Months of Age
§ ghg-18-319
A licensed veterinarian that offers vaccines may choose the vaccine to be used.
§ ghg-18-320
Guidelines for The Vaccinations of Healthy Dogs and Cats
§ ghg-18-322
Tuberculosis Registry
§ ghg-18-323
Tuberculosis prevention regulations.
§ ghg-18-324
Mandatory health examination for suspected Tuberculosis infection
§ ghg-18-325
Compliance with Placement Orders for Patients
§ ghg-18-328
Meaning of the Following Words Pertaining to Subtitle
§ ghg-18-329
Pertussis vaccine written requirements
§ ghg-18-330
Administration of pertussis vaccine to an individual.
§ ghg-18-331
Establishing a System for Private Health Care Providers
§ ghg-18-332
Pertussis vaccination guidelines
§ ghg-18-333
Public Information Program on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
§ ghg-18-334
Test for HIV for donors.
§ ghg-18-335
confirming quality and effectiveness of Condoms
§ ghg-18-336
Doctors must ask before testing fluid for HIV
§ ghg-18-337
"health care provider" meaning for this section
§ ghg-18-338
Imprisonment Terms Defined
§ ghg-18-338.1
Meaning of the Following Words in this Section
§ ghg-18-338.2
Health Care Terms and Definitions
§ ghg-18-338.3
§ ghg-18-339
Educational Programs on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
§ ghg-18-401
Drug administration liability
§ ghg-18-402
Authorized Human Blood Distributor Liability Immunity
§ ghg-18-403
Regulations to the department regarding immunization of an individual
§ ghg-18-404
Maryland Legal Terms Defined
§ ghg-18-4A-01
Definition of "Parent"
§ ghg-18-4A-02
How a parent may delegate the parents authority.
§ ghg-18-4A-03
"Immunization of a minor"
§ ghg-18-4A-04
providing informations by healh care provider
§ ghg-18-4A-05
How To Resolve Willful Misconduct In Maryland State
§ ghg-18-501
Details of awareness regarding homozygous sickle cell anemia
§ ghg-18-502
The person in charge shall have administered a test
§ ghg-18-503
What the Department shall
§ ghg-18-504
How to Handle Testing Information
§ ghg-18-505
"Supply of Blood by the Department"
§ ghg-18-506
Steering committees.
§ ghg-18-601
What individuals who have an infectious disease may not
§ ghg-18-601.1
Restrictions for HIV-Infected Individuals
§ ghg-18-602
Rules For Sick Person In Maryland State
§ ghg-18-604
A person who violates any rule is guilty
§ ghg-18-701
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ ghg-18-702
§ ghg-18-703
The Chief Medical Examiner
§ ghg-18-704
Duties of the Center following certain events.
§ ghg-18-705
Collection of Information
§ ghg-18-706
Advisory Council for Fire Studies
§ ghg-18-707
details about the Advisory Council
§ ghg-18-708
Election of chairperson
§ ghg-18-709
What the Advisory Council shall determine
§ ghg-18-710
Duties of The Advisory Council
§ ghg-18-711
The Secretary may adopt regulations
§ ghg-18-801
Oral Health Program
§ ghg-18-802
Implementing Ongoing Dental Care Programs
§ ghg-18-901
meaning of words under this subtitle
§ ghg-18-902
Secretary Powers to Exercise Authority
§ ghg-18-903
Health care facilities must develop and implement contingency plans.
§ ghg-18-904
meaning of "information" under this section
§ ghg-18-905
Exposure to Deadly Agents
§ ghg-18-906
Secretarial powers regarding isolation and quarantine of individuals
§ ghg-18-907
Consequences for Failing to Comply
§ ghg-18-908
Catastrophic Health Emergency Reports
§ ghg-19-101
Definition of Commission
§ ghg-19-102
The regulatory system in the state of Maryland will constantly be reevaluated.
§ ghg-19-103
Origins of Maryland Health Care Commission
§ ghg-19-104
State Commission Makeup
§ ghg-19-105
Appointing Chairman of the Commission
§ ghg-19-106
Appointment of an Executive Director for the Commission
§ ghg-19-107
A majority of the full authorized membership of the Commission is a quorum and decision of the Commission
§ ghg-19-108
Adoption of Subtitles by the State Commission
§ ghg-19-108.1
Origins of Comparing premiums of health benefit plans
§ ghg-19-108.2
Health Insurance Terms Defined
§ ghg-19-109
Commission Powers Pertaining to This Subtitle
§ ghg-19-110
The power of the Secretary over plans, proposals.
§ ghg-19-111
Origins of Healthcare Facilities
§ ghg-19-114
Definition of Terms as Applied
§ ghg-19-115
Additional Commission Duties
§ ghg-19-116
Study of Systems Capacity in Health Services
§ ghg-19-117
§ ghg-19-118
State Health Plan
§ ghg-19-119
Adoption and Development of a Capacity Reduction Plan
§ ghg-19-120
Consolidation Related Words Defined
§ ghg-19-120.1
Origins of PCI services or elective PCI services
§ ghg-19-1201
"Comprehensive physical rehabilitation services" means rehabilitation involving doctors
§ ghg-19-1202
Rehabilitation Center Requirements
§ ghg-19-1203
Physical Rehabilitation
§ ghg-19-1204
Comprehensive rehabilitation facility requirement
§ ghg-19-1205
The Secretary may inspect a comprehensive rehabilitation facility to assure that the facility meets the requirements
§ ghg-19-1206
Revoking of Operation Licenses
§ ghg-19-1207
Requirements for Providers of Physical Rehabilitation Services
§ ghg-19-1208
Violation of Subtitle Consequence
§ ghg-19-121
Certificates of Need
§ ghg-19-122
Certificate of need Law of Maryland
§ ghg-19-123
Continuing Care Community Joint Contract
§ ghg-19-124
Origins of Comprehensive care nursing beds
§ ghg-19-125
Ambulatory Care Facility Requirement
§ ghg-19-126
Changes in Healthcare Facilities
§ ghg-19-127
Healthcare Project Violations
§ ghg-19-128
"aggrieved party" means an interested party who had written comments
§ ghg-19-129
Hospital Merger Regulations
§ ghg-19-130
Word meanings for Maryland section 19-130
§ ghg-19-130
Word meanings for Maryland section 19-130
§ ghg-19-132
Origins of Coverage for insurance
§ ghg-19-133
The following codes have been adopted
§ ghg-19-134
Must establish standards for a medical database
§ ghg-19-135
Commission May Implement Health Care Cost Controls
§ ghg-19-136
Hearings and investigations regarding the utilization of health care.
§ ghg-19-137
Commission Can Perform Further Investigation If Necessary.
§ ghg-19-1401
Definition for the Following Words Pertaining to Subtitle
§ ghg-19-1401.1
Guidelines for Owning a Nursing Home
§ ghg-19-1401.2
Applying for a District Court Administrative Search Warrant
§ ghg-19-1401.3
Financial condition Law of Maryland
§ ghg-19-1402
Handling Budget Deficiencies
§ ghg-19-1403
Secretary Shall Issue Order for Civil Money Penalty
§ ghg-19-1404
Civil Money Penalties
§ ghg-19-1405
Department Determination of Deficiency In A Nursing Home
§ ghg-19-1406
If a civil case is filed against a nursing home the funds must be put in escrow within 15 days
§ ghg-19-1407
Health Care Quality Account
§ ghg-19-1408
Nursing home inspections
§ ghg-19-1409
Measuring Quality of Nursing Homes
§ ghg-19-1410
Nursing Home Regulations
§ ghg-19-1410.1
Maryland law protect patients that require lifting.
§ ghg-19-1411
Nursing home medical director guidelines.
§ ghg-19-1412
The Secretary Has Many Duties
§ ghg-19-1413
Nursing Home Requirements
§ ghg-19-1413.1
Repercussions of Nursing home violating subtitle
§ ghg-19-1414
Verification of records for the applicant of licence
§ ghg-19-1415
Physical changes with nursing home residents
§ ghg-19-1416
§ ghg-19-1417
Maryland Nursing Home Quality Assurance Act
§ ghg-19-142
Health Care definitions.
§ ghg-19-143
Health Services Cost Review Commission Law of Maryland
§ ghg-19-146
Clarification of Meanings
§ ghg-19-147
Commission Approval for Ratings Examiner
§ ghg-19-14A-01
Final report means the third party liability audit report issued to a nursing home
§ ghg-19-14A-02
Medical Assistance Program Compliance
§ ghg-19-14A-03
Nursing Homes May Repeal Finals Reports of Departments
§ ghg-19-14A-04
Implementation by Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ ghg-19-14B-01
Nursing facilities will get some revenue based on assessments.
§ ghg-19-1801
Origins of Assisted living program
§ ghg-19-1802
Maryland State Supervises Establishment & Operation of Assisted Living Programs
§ ghg-19-1803
What assistant living companies must provide their clients.
§ ghg-19-1804
Point of Entry for Assisted Living Program Information
§ ghg-19-1804.1
Procedures Pertaining to Assisted Living Program Licenses in the State
§ ghg-19-1805
Department Requirements Regarding Assisted Living Program Reviews
§ ghg-19-1806
Meaning of Words in This Section
§ ghg-19-1807
The Extent of Manager Training Course
§ ghg-19-1808
Assisted living standards
§ ghg-19-1809
Requirement For Licensure To Run Assisted Living Programs
§ ghg-19-1810
Assisted living program appeal process.
§ ghg-19-1811
Health Care Quality Account For Departmental Assisted Living Programs
§ ghg-19-1812
Emergency generator power required except where specified below.
§ ghg-19-1901
Definitions of word meanings
§ ghg-19-1902
Pre-Employment Regulations
§ ghg-19-1903
Regulations for Employment in an Adult Care Program
§ ghg-19-1904
Application for the Law
§ ghg-19-1905
Disclosure statement Law of Maryland
§ ghg-19-1906
Adult Dependent Care Program
§ ghg-19-1907
Background Checks of State Employees
§ ghg-19-1908
Eligible Employee Rights
§ ghg-19-1909
You must tell employers you have criminal charges
§ ghg-19-1910
State agencies and Adult Care are immune from Liability
§ ghg-19-1911
Employee References Rules
§ ghg-19-1912
How to obtain criminal history records or background check.
§ ghg-19-1A-01
Defining words and what they mean for in the Insurance article
§ ghg-19-1A-02
Maryland Patient Centered Medical Home Program
§ ghg-19-1A-03
Commission may establish the Maryland Patient Centered Medical Home Program.
§ ghg-19-1A-04
Establishment of Patient Centered Medical Home Program
§ ghg-19-1A-05
The Maryland Patient Centered Medical Home program shall be monitored by an independent party.
§ ghg-19-2001
Healthcare and nursing words
§ ghg-19-2002
Health inspections of nursing facilities will include verification of professional licenses.
§ ghg-19-201
Specifically Defined
§ ghg-19-202
Maryland's Health Services Cost Review Commission
§ ghg-19-203
Makeup of the Commission
§ ghg-19-204
A chairman and vice chairman are appointed annually.
§ ghg-19-205
Appointment of the Executive Director
§ ghg-19-206
Commission May Not Act Without Four Members Concurrence
§ ghg-19-207
The Commission powers
§ ghg-19-208
secretary's role in departmental changes
§ ghg-19-2101
Included Word Meanings
§ ghg-19-2102
Maryland leverages community through Health Resources Commission.
§ ghg-19-2103
Eleven members of the Commission
§ ghg-19-2104
Governor may appoint a chair and vice chair
§ ghg-19-2105
Effective until June 30, 2015.
§ ghg-19-2106
Majority ruling until June of 2015
§ ghg-19-2107
Commission rights and privileges
§ ghg-19-2108
The Maryland State Secretary Has Certain Powers Until June 30, 2015
§ ghg-19-2109
Commission Health Resources Responsibilities
§ ghg-19-211
Commission's conditions on operating physical health facility
§ ghg-19-2111
Laws That Take Effect on June 30, 2013
§ ghg-19-212
Requirements of the Commissioner
§ ghg-19-213
Health Institution Fees
§ ghg-19-214
Uncompensated Medical Care
§ ghg-19-214
Uncompensated Medical Care
§ ghg-19-214.1
Financial assistance income threshold.
§ ghg-19-214.2
Hospital Patient Fee
§ ghg-19-214.3
Fine on Hospital for Knowingly Violating Rules
§ ghg-19-215
commission Shall Adopt Uniform Accounting System
§ ghg-19-216
Yearly Expectations of a facility
§ ghg-19-217
Facility Notification to Commission of Financial Transactions
§ ghg-19-218
Origins of Facility requirements
§ ghg-19-219
The Commission's power to review costs and rates of healthcare facilities.
§ ghg-19-219
The Commission's power to review costs and rates of healthcare facilities.
§ ghg-19-220
Compilation of Financial Information
§ ghg-19-2201
Meaning of "Fund" in This Section
§ ghg-19-221
Commission's powers regarding the determination of reasonable rates.
§ ghg-19-222
A change in the rate schedule or charge is effective on the date that the notice specifies.
§ ghg-19-223
Delicensed Hospital Closure
§ ghg-19-224
Non-profit Regulations
§ ghg-19-225
Cost of Services in Facilities
§ ghg-19-226
Commission Guidelines Concerning Information Authentication
§ ghg-19-227
Direct Judicial Appeal.
§ ghg-19-2301
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ ghg-19-2302
Origins of approval from Secretary
§ ghg-19-301
Health care Facility descriptions and accreditation.
§ ghg-19-302
Exemption for Dispensaries or First Aid Treatment Facilities
§ ghg-19-303
State Commission Terminology Explained
§ ghg-19-304
Hospital reporting of unexpected occurrences or incidents
§ ghg-19-305
Guidelines for Medical Personnel during Adverse Event
§ ghg-19-307
How hospitals should be classified
§ ghg-19-307.1
Adoption of Regulations for Limited Service Hospital
§ ghg-19-307.2
Management of Bed Space in Hospitals
§ ghg-19-308
Rules and Regulations that Secretary Should Adopt
§ ghg-19-308.1
Patient Care Personal
§ ghg-19-308.2
Guidelines and Penalties for Hospitals in Transferring Patients.
§ ghg-19-308.3
Defines: Facility as a comprehensive care facility or an extended care facility
§ ghg-19-308.4
State Hospital/Nursing Home Employees Must Wear Name Tags
§ ghg-19-308.5
Establishment of Newborn Screening Services
§ ghg-19-308.6
Uniform set of emergency security codes Law of Maryland
§ ghg-19-308.7
Hospital Rights
§ ghg-19-308.8
A hospital may discharge a patient under legal guidelines.
§ ghg-19-309
Inspections of Medical Facilities
§ ghg-19-310
Each hospital must have a designated requester when it comes to organ donation.
§ ghg-19-310.1
Applicable to nursing facilities
§ ghg-19-311
Requirement of Secretarial Approval
§ ghg-19-312
Qualification for approval under Part II
§ ghg-19-313
Requirements for Part II applicants are listed as follows:
§ ghg-19-314
The secretary shall review each application and information submitted under this subtitle
§ ghg-19-315
Purpose of the Maryland Health and Higher Authoriy
§ ghg-19-318
Hospital Operation License
§ ghg-19-319
Hospital License Qualifications
§ ghg-19-319.1
Long-Term Care Program Regulations
§ ghg-19-319.2
Facility may refer to psychiatric hospital
§ ghg-19-320
Procedure for Applying for a License
§ ghg-19-321
Rules for Issuance of License by the secretary
§ ghg-19-322
Licenses Authorize Hospital Operations
§ ghg-19-323
How licensing is handled for hospitals and nursing homes.
§ ghg-19-324
Licenses are non transferable
§ ghg-19-325
Requirements for revoking hospital licenses to reduce costs
§ ghg-19-326
Commission Shall Help Determine Alternate Business Uses
§ ghg-19-326.1
Guidelines for Hospital Emergency Situation
§ ghg-19-327
Reasons Why you might be Denied a License in Maryland.
§ ghg-19-328
Life-threatening, Health, or Fire Safety Deficiencies
§ ghg-19-329
Licensing Rules
§ ghg-19-330
Any person that disagrees with a decision of the Commissioner of Health may appeal to the board of review.
§ ghg-19-333
The following words have the meanings indicated.
§ ghg-19-334
Health Occupations Information
§ ghg-19-335
If a nursing home is subject to a hearing then appropriate notice must be given
§ ghg-19-336
nursing home management appointee process
§ ghg-19-337
Mandatory duties of a receiver.
§ ghg-19-338
Receivership requirements for community programs
§ ghg-19-339
§ ghg-19-342
Availability of the Patient__s Bill of Rights
§ ghg-19-343
The interests of residents of a comprehensive care facility will be a priority of the state of Maryland.
§ ghg-19-344
Procedures for all services provided to residents of a facility.
§ ghg-19-345
Exception of being transferred/discharged from a facility involuntarily
§ ghg-19-345.1
Facilities will provide notice to residents to be discharged.
§ ghg-19-345.2
Facilities Must Follow Procedure to Discharge/ Transfer Medical Residents
§ ghg-19-345.3
Civil money penalty Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-346
Origins of facilities
§ ghg-19-347
Definition of abuse and reporting procedures
§ ghg-19-348
Hospital Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-349
Fee Or Service Hike Advanced Written Notice
§ ghg-19-350
Issuing Hospital Financial Statements
§ ghg-19-350.1
This Section Defines Uniform Claims Form and Third Party Payor
§ ghg-19-351
Health Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-352
itemized statement of the charges from nursing home
§ ghg-19-353
Right of patient in respect of health care facility
§ ghg-19-354
Charitable Hospitals and Institutions are not Liable Accordingly
§ ghg-19-355
Personal Care According to Maryland State Government
§ ghg-19-356
Hospital institutions cannot partner with referral services
§ ghg-19-357
Regulations Regarding Hospital Rebates and Commissions
§ ghg-19-358
Healthcare Facility operation permits and violations
§ ghg-19-359
Penalties for operating health institutions in violation of Maryland law.
§ ghg-19-360
Hospitals and Health Care Corrections
§ ghg-19-361
Maryland's Meanings of Hazardous condition & Intermediate sanction
§ ghg-19-362
Imposition of Sanctions On Sections With Hazardous Conditions
§ ghg-19-363
Rules and Regulations for escrow accounts usage
§ ghg-19-364
The institution can appeal for a hearing on the sanction.
§ ghg-19-365
Origins Of Escrowing Funds Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-366
Rights of Secretary: appeal to court for escrow
§ ghg-19-367
Aggrieved Parties Have The Right To Appeal.
§ ghg-19-370
Definitions Regarding Health Advising
§ ghg-19-371
Each Hospital Shall Establish Advisory Committee
§ ghg-19-372
appointing members for advisory committee
§ ghg-19-373
Rights and Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee
§ ghg-19-374
What an advisory committee shall give
§ ghg-19-377
Intended Meaning of Patient Lifting Related Terms
§ ghg-19-3A-01
Maryland State Definition of "Freestanding Medical Facility"
§ ghg-19-3A-02
Compliance Of Medical License Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-3A-03
How a freestanding medical facility receives a licence
§ ghg-19-3A-04
Adopting rules and regulations governing freestanding medical facilities
§ ghg-19-3A-05
Violating This Law Results In These Penalties.
§ ghg-19-3A-06
freestanding medical facility law
§ ghg-19-3A-07
Freestanding Medical Facility Pilot Projects
§ ghg-19-3A-08
Payers Subject to Pay Rates Laws
§ ghg-19-3B-01
The legal definition of "ambulatory surgical facility".
§ ghg-19-3B-02
Origins Of Secretary Issuing A License
§ ghg-19-3B-03
Origins of representatives of payors
§ ghg-19-3B-04
The application fee set by the Secretary for regulation in Maryland state.
§ ghg-19-3B-05
law about the renewal of license
§ ghg-19-3B-06
Secretary Regulation Powers With Acquisitions Of Health Practitioners
§ ghg-19-3B-07
Secretary May Investigate Care Facility Complaints
§ ghg-19-3B-08
Conditions in which a licence is revoked.
§ ghg-19-3B-09
$1000 penalty will apply
§ ghg-19-401
§ ghg-19-402
Home Health Care Stated Purposes
§ ghg-19-403
This Subtitle Doesn't Limit These Health Care Rights.
§ ghg-19-404
Rules and Regulations for home care health agencies
§ ghg-19-405
Need A License For Home Health Agency Employment.
§ ghg-19-406
How To Qualify for a Home Nursing License.
§ ghg-19-407
Inspection of each home health agencies
§ ghg-19-408
Rules for operating a home health agency
§ ghg-19-409
Operators of home health agencies
§ ghg-19-410
Therapy Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-4A-01
Insurance coverage under Maryland medical care
§ ghg-19-4A-02
Powers of political subdivisions in collection and lending
§ ghg-19-4A-03
Department Shall Adopt Regulations for Health Care Services
§ ghg-19-4A-04
license to operate a residential service agency.
§ ghg-19-4A-05
License Requirements
§ ghg-19-4A-06
The Department obligations
§ ghg-19-4A-07
Residential service agency Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-4A-08
Unlicensed Operation of a Residential Service Agency is a Misdemeanor
§ ghg-19-4A-09
Residential Service Agency Violations Constitute Misdemeanors
§ ghg-19-4A-10
Non-reimbursement to a residential service agency
§ ghg-19-4B-01
Origins of definitions
§ ghg-19-4B-02
Rights of any person who holds a license
§ ghg-19-4B-03
Nursing Referral Service Agency Requirements for Practice
§ ghg-19-4B-04
Department Regulation Implementation As It Pertains To This Subtitle
§ ghg-19-4B-05
Anyone operating a nursing service referral agency must hold appropriate license.
§ ghg-19-4B-06
The granting of this license does not verify any facts on why it was given.
§ ghg-19-501
Definition Of The Terms "Board" and "Center".
§ ghg-19-502
Chronic disease centers
§ ghg-19-503
Secretary and services, admission and discharge of centers
§ ghg-19-504
Medical center Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-505
Origins of individuals
§ ghg-19-506
Mandatory Medical Discharge
§ ghg-19-507
State Bearing Cost and Transfer Authority
§ ghg-19-508
Center Advisory Board Statement
§ ghg-19-509
qualities needed for board members
§ ghg-19-510
Each board will elect its own chairman
§ ghg-19-511
Law concerning Health department board meetings.
§ ghg-19-512
Every board must submit the needs of chronically ill individuals, and how they are being met.
§ ghg-19-513
Penalties and Prohibition of Alcohol on Premises.
§ ghg-19-701
Legal definition of various terms involving health care services.
§ ghg-19-702
Methods for the Delivery of Health Care Services
§ ghg-19-703
Subtitle Exceptions And Disclaimers
§ ghg-19-703.1
Meaning of Terms in This Section
§ ghg-19-704
Governance and Procedures of Health Maintenance Organizations
§ ghg-19-705
Rights of Secretary: Adopting rules regulations and standards
§ ghg-19-705.1
Regulations that set out reasonable standards of quality should be adopted by the secretary.
§ ghg-19-705.2
Complaints about health maintenance organizations may be filed with the commissioner.
§ ghg-19-705.3
Regulations adopted to a health maintenance organizations
§ ghg-19-705.4
Health Maintenance Organization Covered Services Limitations Protections
§ ghg-19-705.5
What do an inherited metabolic disease means.
§ ghg-19-705.6
Authorization of Emergency Service Provisions for Unassigned Patients.
§ ghg-19-705.7
Origins Of Primary Health Care Provider
§ ghg-19-705.8
The meanings of the following words in this section are indicated below.
§ ghg-19-706
Origins of health maintenance organization
§ ghg-19-706
Origins of health maintenance organization
§ ghg-19-706
Origins of health maintenance organization
§ ghg-19-706.1
Provisions Of Insurers Applicable To Health Maintenance Organizations.
§ ghg-19-707
Health Maintenance Organizations must obtain certificate from Commissioner
§ ghg-19-708
Applying to operate as a health maintenance organization
§ ghg-19-709
Health Maintenance Organizations Owe a $300 Application Fee for Authority Certification.
§ ghg-19-710
Qualifying to operate a health maintenance organization
§ ghg-19-710.1
Meanings relating to Health Maintenance Organization.
§ ghg-19-710.1
Meanings relating to Health Maintenance Organization.
§ ghg-19-710.2
Maryland Health Care Commission for the small group
§ ghg-19-711
Origins Of certificate of authority
§ ghg-19-711.3
Origins of health maintenance organization
§ ghg-19-712
Powers Granted by Certificate of Authority
§ ghg-19-712.2
Notification Requirements for Health Maintenance Organizations
§ ghg-19-712.4
§ ghg-19-712.5
The HMO Is Responsible For Reimbursement To Hospital Emergency Facility.
§ ghg-19-712.6
A primary physician shall refer their patient to a qualified physician in their establishment.
§ ghg-19-712.7
HMO reimbursement of community health resource for covered services
§ ghg-19-713
Maryland Health maintenance organization Registration requirements & process.
§ ghg-19-713.1
A contract between a health maintenance organization and its subscribers
§ ghg-19-713.2
Health Maintenance Organization administrative service provider contract compliance
§ ghg-19-713.3
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ ghg-19-713.4
Health maintenance organization
§ ghg-19-713.5
The Health Maintenance Organization Consultation Law.
§ ghg-19-713.6
Definitions of health terms in this section
§ ghg-19-714
Each marketing document sets forth the health care services of a health maintenance organization.
§ ghg-19-715
Health maintenance organization norms
§ ghg-19-716
"Health maintenance organizations needs to provide annual reports"
§ ghg-19-717
Health Maintenance Organization Filing Requirements
§ ghg-19-719
Directions to the Health Maintenance Organizations
§ ghg-19-720
Cost Review Commission Shall Submit Financial Information To Secretary.
§ ghg-19-721
Renewal Certificate of Authority Expiration Dates
§ ghg-19-722
Refusal to renew a certificate of authority Procedure.
§ ghg-19-723
All contracted health maintenance organizations would be supervised by Commissioner/Deptt.
§ ghg-19-724
Health maintenance organization Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-725
Rules regarding discrimination of health maintenance organizations.
§ ghg-19-726
Naming Rules for Health Maintenance Organizations
§ ghg-19-727
Health maintenance organization Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-728
commissioner responsible for health maintenance fiscal operations
§ ghg-19-729
Health organization may not violate provision of subtitle
§ ghg-19-730
HMO Violation Orders
§ ghg-19-731
Secretary may Issue an administrative order if a person violates any provision in this subtitle.
§ ghg-19-732
A party aggrieved by an order of the Secretary may appeal that order to the Board
§ ghg-19-734
Maryland Health Maintenance Organization Act_
§ ghg-19-735
A foreign health maintenance organization may become a domestic one if they follow applicable laws.
§ ghg-19-7A-01
rules of health care services Insurance Commissioner.
§ ghg-19-7A-02
Medicare State License Organizations Serve Beneficiaries Only
§ ghg-19-7A-03
Guidelines for entities to run as a provider of Medicare.
§ ghg-19-7A-04
Commissioner Shall Adopt Regulations to Implement Provisions
§ ghg-19-801
Problem gambler means an individual Who is preoccupied chronically.
§ ghg-19-802
Review of a program of treatment for problem gamblers.
§ ghg-19-803
Problem gamblers Law Of Maryland
§ ghg-19-804
The secretary has the authority to make grants from state funds.
§ ghg-19-901
Hospital Rights
§ ghg-19-902
Hospice care program
§ ghg-19-903
Regulations to the Secretary regarding hospice care program
§ ghg-19-904
Hospice Facility Building Regulations
§ ghg-19-905
Maryland State License Requirement for Hospice Care Programs
§ ghg-19-906
What applicants need for a medical license.
§ ghg-19-907
Hospice license application process
§ ghg-19-908
Hospice care program Law of Maryland
§ ghg-19-909
Licenses for Hospice Care Programs
§ ghg-19-910
Origins Of expiring license
§ ghg-19-911
The Secretary shall deny a license to any applicant who is convicted of a felony.
§ ghg-19-912
License is required to operate a Hospice Care program.
§ ghg-19-913
Hospice facility admittance
§ ghg-2-101
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Maryland
§ ghg-2-102
Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene be the head of the department appointed by governor.
§ ghg-2-103
Upon governor approval, secretary may appoint 4 distinct secretaries.
§ ghg-2-104
Budget under the control of the Secretary
§ ghg-2-105
The secretary shall maintain the health care system.
§ ghg-2-106
Units That Are Part of the Department
§ ghg-2-107
Attorney General of Maryland
§ ghg-2-108
Survey Identification of Deficient Health Care
§ ghg-2-201
'Board' is the Dept. Review Board.
§ ghg-2-202
About the Board of Review of the Department
§ ghg-2-203
Requirements for Board Members
§ ghg-2-204
Designation of Chairman
§ ghg-2-205
Reimbursement for expenses under the Standard State Travel Regulations
§ ghg-2-206
Duties and Responsibilities of The Board.
§ ghg-2-207
Appealing Secretary Decisions
§ ghg-2-301
The governor shall provide funds in the budget for local health services.
§ ghg-2-302
Local Health Services State Funding Requirement By County
§ ghg-2-303
Distribution to a subdivision Act
§ ghg-2-304
Appropriations Uses
§ ghg-2-305
Utilization of funds for the purpose intended for.
§ ghg-2-401
Local health planning agencies shall assess and address the health needs of those in their area.
§ ghg-2-501
Definition of Maryland Financial Terms
§ ghg-2-502
Office of the Inspector General
§ ghg-2-503
Powers Vested in Inspector General
§ ghg-2-504
Inspector General's Rights To Recover Funds
§ ghg-2-505
No Civil Liability for Whistle-blower Complaints
§ ghg-2-601
Definitions of "Claim"
§ ghg-2-602
"A person may not present a fraudulent claim for payment or approval."
§ ghg-2-603
Civil Fine for Subtitle Violations
§ ghg-2-604
Origins of filing a civil action
§ ghg-2-605
Stipulations for Award for Person Initiating Action
§ ghg-2-606
No court in this State shall have jurisdiction over r _ 2-604
§ ghg-2-607
Retaliatory action Act
§ ghg-2-608
Protection Provided to Employees Should be Displayed
§ ghg-2-609
Filed civil action Law
§ ghg-2-610
Coordination of State and Federal Investigative Efforts
§ ghg-2-611
Inspector General Annual Report To General Assembly
§ ghg-20-1001
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ ghg-20-1002
Department has an office of Minority Health and disparities
§ ghg-20-1003
The Director shall report to the Secretary
§ ghg-20-1004
Mandatory duties of the Health Office.
§ ghg-20-1005
Promote health and the prevention of disease among members of minority groups
§ ghg-20-1006
By 15th day of general assembly Deptt to submit to Governor an annual report on OMHHD to Governor.
§ ghg-20-1007
The health office shall be funded from federal and special funding.
§ ghg-20-101
Conditions for Giving Blood for Minors
§ ghg-20-102
Medical Treatment and Minor Consent Allowances
§ ghg-20-103
physicians performing abortions
§ ghg-20-104
Capacity of a minor to seek medical help
§ ghg-20-105
Definitions Of Following Words Pertaining To This Section
§ ghg-20-106
Tanning Facility rules and regulations.
§ ghg-20-108
Regulations regarding the Reports of the Reportable condition of a Disabled individual
§ ghg-20-109
how the Alzheimer__s disease special care unit is precauted
§ ghg-20-110
course of duties at a licensed hospital
§ ghg-20-111
Rights for human sperm or egg donations
§ ghg-20-113
rules regarding the treatment of breast cancer by a physician
§ ghg-20-114
Breast implantation
§ ghg-20-115
Guidelines and definitions of Mammography center
§ ghg-20-116
Breast Cancer Program of Maryland
§ ghg-20-117
Definitions of words under the General Health section
§ ghg-20-1301
Meanings Of Following Words Pertaining To This Section
§ ghg-20-1302
Cultural and Linguistic Health Care Professional programs for the public in Maryland
§ ghg-20-1303
Composition and Standards of State Medical Facilities
§ ghg-20-1304
The development of a method to train professionals.
§ ghg-20-1401
Definitions of Zones and related items involving health.
§ ghg-20-1402
Health Enterprise Zones Purposes
§ ghg-20-1403
Rules regarding designation as a Health Enterprise Zone, effective until June 30, 2016
§ ghg-20-1404
Commission Recommendations For Health Enterprise Zones
§ ghg-20-1405
Health Enterprise Zone Practitioners Financial Aid
§ ghg-20-1406
Health Enterprise Zone Reserve Fund
§ ghg-20-1407
Pertinent Dates for Health Enterprise Zone
§ ghg-20-207
Physician meaning
§ ghg-20-208
Only licensed physicians can perform abortions.
§ ghg-20-209
Fetus Law of Maryland
§ ghg-20-214
Medical procedures Law of Maryland
§ ghg-20-301
Nuisance guidelines
§ ghg-20-301.1
Secretary Is Responsible for Sanitary Interests of State.
§ ghg-20-302
Investigation by a The Secretary or a local health officer
§ ghg-20-303
Origins of the Secretary Adopting rules
§ ghg-20-304
§ ghg-20-305
A local health officer may bring an action if they deem something to be a nuisance.
§ ghg-20-306
Health Officer Duties
§ ghg-20-307
Secretary May Investigate Suspected Nuisances
§ ghg-20-308
Investigation of a Nuisance by the Department of Health
§ ghg-20-309
Noncompliance with SS20-306/SS20-307 notices warrants misdemeanor, fine.
§ ghg-20-310
Prosecution and fines for court defying court rulings
§ ghg-20-311
§ ghg-20-312
Regulations adopted by Secretary
§ ghg-20-313
Compliance Refusal in Cecil or Allegany County
§ ghg-20-314
Equitable or legal right Law of Maryland
§ ghg-20-401
Legal definitions for terms on issuing birth certificates.
§ ghg-20-402
Newborn Procedures
§ ghg-20-601
Female Genital Mutilation of Child of 18
§ ghg-20-602
Surgical Operation Violations
§ ghg-20-603
Violations of Provisions
§ ghg-20-701
Counties Where Section Is Applicable
§ ghg-20-702
Moving vessel Law of Maryland
§ ghg-20-703
doctor should report to police on individual injury are else he will be fined
§ ghg-20-801
Public breast-feeding of a child is allowed.
§ ghg-20-901
Curriculum courses Law of Maryland
§ ghg-20-902
Identification and eliminating minority disparities health care services
§ ghg-20-903
Hospitals may require employees to attend continuing education classes.
§ ghg-20-904
Each higher education institution that offers health care licensing must report to the Governor by December 1st of each year
§ ghg-21-101
The Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ ghg-21-102
Provision applicability & enforcement.
§ ghg-21-1110
Exceptions Related to Cosmetics, Infant formula, or Baby Food
§ ghg-21-1111
list of equipments waived under this title
§ ghg-21-1112
Equipment This Section Is Not Applicable To
§ ghg-21-1113
Specified terms and definitions
§ ghg-21-1114
Action brought upon by Attorney General under 11-209
§ ghg-21-1202
fines for the voilation of any provision
§ ghg-21-1203
Subtitle 4 Violation Information
§ ghg-21-1204
Criteria for Misdemeanor Violations
§ ghg-21-1205
Fine and Penalities for Violator of the Title
§ ghg-21-1206
Violations of This Provision Constitute Misdemeanors
§ ghg-21-1210
Punishment for Violation of 21-425
§ ghg-21-1212
Violation of provision
§ ghg-21-1214
Penalties for violating Subtitle 3.
§ ghg-21-1215
Violation of Provision
§ ghg-21-201
Kinds and meanings of different prescription drugs
§ ghg-21-202
Controlled Dangerous Substances are Controlled by Law
§ ghg-21-203
Labels Must Be Visible and Legible from Outside
§ ghg-21-204
Law of antiseptic
§ ghg-21-205
Act of omission of a person to be the act of the organization he represents or belongs to.
§ ghg-21-207
Adulterated Foods
§ ghg-21-208
Food Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-209
Confectionery adulterated if contains nonnutritive products or alcohol.
§ ghg-21-210
Misbranding of Foods
§ ghg-21-211
Regulation of Contaminated Food Classes
§ ghg-21-212
Food labeling requirements
§ ghg-21-213
Federal Government Dietary Regulations Automatically Adopted By Maryland
§ ghg-21-216
Legal description of adulterated drugs.
§ ghg-21-217
A drug or device is misbranded is the purpose
§ ghg-21-218
An antibiotic may be deemed as illegal if false statements are made on the package.
§ ghg-21-219
Drug or Device Labeling
§ ghg-21-220
A drug that is intended for use by human beings dispensed by a pharmacist only on a written or oral prescription from a health practitioner
§ ghg-21-221
Origins of drugs dispensed under a prescription
§ ghg-21-222
The state health code does not excuse people from following controlled substance laws.
§ ghg-21-223
Rules and regulations to sell drugs
§ ghg-21-224
Various exemptions to SS21-223 for research drugs.
§ ghg-21-225
Secretary May Access and Verify Records at Any Time.
§ ghg-21-226
Drug manufacturers must maintain drug information copies.
§ ghg-21-227
Medical Drug Distribution
§ ghg-21-230
Use of Hair Dye
§ ghg-21-231
"A cosmetic is considered misbranded if its labeling or packaging is false or misleading in any way."
§ ghg-21-234
Adoption of Rules and Regulations To Enforce Provisions
§ ghg-21-235
Secretary's ability to adopt rules or regulations
§ ghg-21-236
Secretary Duties for the Administrative Procedure Act
§ ghg-21-237
Rules for identity of foods and quality for foods.
§ ghg-21-238
temporary permit under the federal act
§ ghg-21-239
Regulations and Restrictions of Additions to Food Additives
§ ghg-21-240
Conditions of Protests of New Rules and Regulations
§ ghg-21-241
Federal Rules or Regulations Adopted Unless Protest Filed
§ ghg-21-242
Origins of a written protest
§ ghg-21-243
Secretary shall Act on the protest by issuing an order.
§ ghg-21-244
§ ghg-21-247
Legally defines false advertising in some contexts.
§ ghg-21-248
Advertisement for a drug or device Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-249
Provisions Relating to the Inspection of Commercial Property by the Secretary
§ ghg-21-250
Carrier Records Law
§ ghg-21-251
Regulations to the Secretary with respect to food or drug samples collected during an inspection
§ ghg-21-252
Actions to be undertaken by the Secretary
§ ghg-21-253
The Secretary shall mark dangerous articles for inspection.
§ ghg-21-254
Spoiled meat, seafood, poultry, vegetable, fruit are an "Immediate Threat."
§ ghg-21-255
Reporting Requirements for Violations
§ ghg-21-256
adulterated or misbranded sale of food, drug or device.
§ ghg-21-257
Distributing a consumer commodity in commerce.
§ ghg-21-258
Counterfeiting drug labels & interfering with drug sales illegal.
§ ghg-21-259
Written report restrictions.
§ ghg-21-259.1
Guidelines for Opening Food Packages
§ ghg-21-260
Exceptions to the dangerous articles law.
§ ghg-21-261
Written orders for violating any provision under the Health-General title.
§ ghg-21-263
Maryland Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
§ ghg-21-2A-01
Definitions of pharmaceutical terms.
§ ghg-21-2A-02
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
§ ghg-21-2A-03
Secretary may Contract and Assign Responsibility for Operations
§ ghg-21-2A-04
Secretary Regulation Adoption
§ ghg-21-2A-05
members of Advisory Board for Monitoring pediatrician physician and nurse
§ ghg-21-2A-06
Rules regarding Prescription monitoring data and its distribution.
§ ghg-21-2A-07
Program Technical Advisory Committee Guidelines
§ ghg-21-2A-08
Liability Exclusions
§ ghg-21-2A-09
$500 fine for failing to submit prescription monitoring data.
§ ghg-21-2A-10
Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ ghg-21-301
Definitions of Various Food Products
§ ghg-21-302
This subtitle inapplicable to milk & frozen desserts.
§ ghg-21-303
Food establishments Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-304
Food Safety Guidelines
§ ghg-21-304.1
Origins of Written notice For a volunteer fire company
§ ghg-21-304.2
rules related to allowing a a patrons dog to accompany the patron by a restaurant
§ ghg-21-305
Regulations Regarding the Operation of Food Establishments by Individuals
§ ghg-21-306
How to Apply For a License
§ ghg-21-307
How To Qualify For a License?
§ ghg-21-308
Licensing for on-farm home processing facilities.
§ ghg-21-309
Food Service license renewal process.
§ ghg-21-309.1
Fee for Producer Market License in Maryland
§ ghg-21-309.2
A county may establish a seasonal farmers market producer sampling license to be required
§ ghg-21-310
licenses must be issued within 30 days of application
§ ghg-21-311
Denial of food establishment license
§ ghg-21-312
Licensee should display license in food establishment.
§ ghg-21-312.1
Catering and Catering Service Legal Definition
§ ghg-21-312.2
Requirements of Semi-permanent Food Service Facilities
§ ghg-21-313
Food Handling Inspections
§ ghg-21-314
If the licensee fails to correct the conditions the department may suspend the licence.
§ ghg-21-315
Suspension or Revocation of a License
§ ghg-21-316
Department Responsibilities Prior to Taking Final Action as Prescribed Under this Subtitle
§ ghg-21-317
Board of Review Appeal
§ ghg-21-318
Prosecution of violating any provision
§ ghg-21-321
Food establishments should submit plans if they construct, remodeled, or materially altered
§ ghg-21-322
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the State Department of Agriculture
§ ghg-21-323
Requirements of a group home
§ ghg-21-323.1
Legal definition of a bed & breakfast.
§ ghg-21-324
rules in respect to keep floors, walls, ceilings, sidewalks, furniture,etc. in a clean and sanitary condition
§ ghg-21-324.1
Origins of A food service facility
§ ghg-21-325
Rules pertaining to required facilities at food service locations.
§ ghg-21-326
Each food service facility which prepares food and provides seating for patrons shall post a diagram.
§ ghg-21-327
Where a person may not sleep in
§ ghg-21-328
communicable disease and employing in any area of food establishment
§ ghg-21-329
Manadatory labeling of food products containing surimi
§ ghg-21-330
Frozen Desserts that do not require repasteurization.
§ ghg-21-330.1
The rules and regulations for Maryland cottage businesses
§ ghg-21-332
Soft drink registration Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-333
Sale of Soft Drinks Manufactured Outside the State
§ ghg-21-334
Soft drink or bottled water Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-335
A person may not sell or offer for sale at retail in this State any metal soft drink container
§ ghg-21-336
"Approved Source" Definition As It Pertains To This Section
§ ghg-21-336.1
Standards of Bottled Water
§ ghg-21-339
Repack crab meat Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-340
All crab meet sold within Maryland must meet standards.
§ ghg-21-341
A person may only sell crab meat that is safe and actual crab meat.
§ ghg-21-342
persons may not keep for sale crabs or crab meat
§ ghg-21-343
The Secretary shall seize and condemn any crab meat that does not comply with this subtitle
§ ghg-21-346
shellfish are regulated by products
§ ghg-21-347
Shellfish Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-348
Shellfish Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-349
The Department may if the shellfish involved is from an unknown or uncertified source
§ ghg-21-350
transportation of marine animals
§ ghg-21-401
Glossary related to Dairy Farming.
§ ghg-21-402
The General Assembly findings
§ ghg-21-403
The applies only to milk products that are intended for sale for immediate or eventual human consumption
§ ghg-21-404
Milk products that are produced legally can be sold anywhere.
§ ghg-21-405
Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-406
rules and regulations to carry out the provisions adopted by the Secretary
§ ghg-21-407
The Secretary shall pay all funds collected under this subtitle into the General Fund
§ ghg-21-410
condition to sell milk products
§ ghg-21-411
Qualifying for an industry dairy farm inspector
§ ghg-21-412
requirements to be fulfilled by a person to have permit
§ ghg-21-413
Departmental inspection area Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-414
Dairy farm inspector Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-415
The secretary permits the applicant based on rules.
§ ghg-21-416
A bobtailer permit allows for Grade A milk distribution.
§ ghg-21-416.1
Farmstead cheese program Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-417
Origins of milk producer permit
§ ghg-21-418
Permit violations regulations.
§ ghg-21-419
A person has the right to a hearing if their application for a permit is going to be denied.
§ ghg-21-422
§ ghg-21-424
Rules and Regulation for Milk Product
§ ghg-21-425
Definition of specific terms
§ ghg-21-426
The Secretary shall adopt rules and regulations that establish a method for conspicuously marking
§ ghg-21-427
Milk Product Cannot Change Containers In Transit.
§ ghg-21-428
Milk product Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-429
Dairy Product Regulations
§ ghg-21-430
The Detailing and Definition of a "Milk Emergency".
§ ghg-21-433
Violation of any provision.
§ ghg-21-434
Regulations regarding mandatory licensing for raw milk sale.
§ ghg-21-435
Health laws governing the production, handling, storage, and transportation of milk in Maryland.
§ ghg-21-436
Labeled milk can means any milk can, cream can, or case that belongs to an owner, dealer, or shipper of milk or cream
§ ghg-21-801
The terms "Frozen desert" and "License" have been broadened in this subtitle
§ ghg-21-802
What are the requirements for labeling desserts in industrial kitchens
§ ghg-21-803
§ ghg-21-804
Rules Regarding the Identification of Frozen Desserts
§ ghg-21-807
Obtaining a license
§ ghg-21-808
Requirements for Maryland Frozen Dessert License
§ ghg-21-809
Manufacturing plant Law of Maryland
§ ghg-21-810
Issue of a License by the Secretary
§ ghg-21-811
licensee to manufacture frozen desserts and mixes
§ ghg-21-812
Expiration of License
§ ghg-21-813
The Secretary may Revoke, Suspend or Give Notice regarding a Violation of the Subtitle.
§ ghg-21-814
The Secretary shall give notice and hold a hearing for the Suspension or Revocation of a Licence.
§ ghg-21-815
An Applicant can Appeal a License Denial
§ ghg-21-818
Requirements For Selling frozen dessert or a frozen dessert mix
§ ghg-21-819
Selling Frozen Desert Prohibited When License Inactive
§ ghg-21-820
Frozen dessert manufacturing licenses
§ ghg-21-821
Authorization Required for Frozen Dessert Manufacturers
§ ghg-22-201
limits to the sale of Bichloride mercury tablets
§ ghg-22-202
Meaning of caustic or corrosive substance and "Poison".
§ ghg-22-301
Packaging Law of Maryland
§ ghg-22-302
The state of Maryland must comply with the federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act.
§ ghg-22-303
Any Regulation adopted by Federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act the state follows
§ ghg-22-304
The nature and use of the dangerous household substance
§ ghg-22-305
Child-Resistant Packaging for Dangerous Household Substances
§ ghg-22-306
Protesting A State Adopted Federal Regulation.
§ ghg-22-307
Regulation proposed by the Secretary Law of Maryland
§ ghg-22-308
The Secretary will provide notice of hearings under this subtitle.
§ ghg-22-309
Secretary's Responsibilities After A Hearing
§ ghg-22-310
Child-resistant packaged products may be sold in single-size packages.
§ ghg-22-311
Dangerous Household Substances Guidelines
§ ghg-22-312
At any reasonable time, a representative of the Secretary may enter and inspect any establishment
§ ghg-22-401
Guaranty Coverage
§ ghg-22-402
The department of Health shall adopt provisions in the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act of 1967.
§ ghg-22-403
Inspection Law of Maryland
§ ghg-22-404
Carcinogen Law of Maryland
§ ghg-22-405
Violation of Good Packaging
§ ghg-22-406
A separate guaranty for product, fabric, or related material
§ ghg-22-407
Willful Violation of Subtitle ghg-22-407
§ ghg-22-501
hazardous material
§ ghg-22-502
The public's health and safety laws are protected under the Administrative Procedure Act.
§ ghg-22-503
Misrepresentation of Hazardous Materials
§ ghg-22-504
Administrative Procedure Act
§ ghg-22-505
Appeal and Judicial Review Under the Administrative Procedure Act
§ ghg-22-506
Maryland Secretary or representative right to inspect warehouses
§ ghg-22-507
"Secretary may collect the results of any investigation that relates to hazardous material."
§ ghg-22-508
Departmental investigations
§ ghg-22-601
Sale of Coolant and Antifreeze
§ ghg-24-1001
§ ghg-24-1002
Board of Public Works
§ ghg-24-1003
Grants for Sponsored Projects
§ ghg-24-1004
Terms for Allocation And Use of State Funds
§ ghg-24-1005
§ ghg-24-1006
§ ghg-24-1007
Provisions of this subtitle shall be adopted by the department.
§ ghg-24-101
Indicates Word Meanings
§ ghg-24-102
A separate permit is required for each facility where a person keeps an exotic bird.
§ ghg-24-103
Permit Expiration Dates
§ ghg-24-104
Conspicuous Permit Display
§ ghg-24-105
Permit Holder's Responsibility For Sanitary Facility Conditions
§ ghg-24-106
Documentation Record Requirements for Exotic Bird Permit Holders
§ ghg-24-107
Bird Death Guidelines
§ ghg-24-108
Permission for Secretary to Inspect Facilities and Records
§ ghg-24-109
Exotic Bird Restrictions
§ ghg-24-110
Violating Health Provision Laws is a Misdemeanor
§ ghg-24-1101
Definitions of Proceeds and Trust Fund
§ ghg-24-1102
Community Services Trust Fund
§ ghg-24-1103
Trust fund conditions
§ ghg-24-1104
Maryland Trust Fund Consists of Two Accountss
§ ghg-24-1105
The comptroller will oversee financial transfers with regard to the trust fund.
§ ghg-24-1201
Here Board means the Health and Human Services Referral Board.
§ ghg-24-1202
Origins of Maryland Government covering health and human services
§ ghg-24-1203
Approval and Provisions Relating to 2-1-1 Maryland Call Centers
§ ghg-24-1204
Offices Within the Department of Health
§ ghg-24-1205
Guidelines of The Board
§ ghg-24-1206
Availability of Funds for the State Board
§ ghg-24-1301
§ ghg-24-1302
Health Centers Grant Program and It's Reach
§ ghg-24-1303
Secretary responsibilities and application procedures for the projects to be carried out
§ ghg-24-1304
Terms And Conditions For Fund Allocation And Use
§ ghg-24-1305
Board of Public Works
§ ghg-24-1306
Recovery of Property by the State
§ ghg-24-1307
Department Authority To Implement Provisions Of Subtitle
§ ghg-24-1401
Healthcare and Non-Profit Organizations
§ ghg-24-1402
Grants for converting nursing homes to other purposes
§ ghg-24-1403
Application for State Grant
§ ghg-24-1404
Allocation Of State Funds.
§ ghg-24-1405
The Board of Public Works shall make allocations from funds available
§ ghg-24-1406
Right of the State to Recover Funds
§ ghg-24-1407
Temporary delicensure of licensed bed capacity
§ ghg-24-1408
Healthcare Provisions
§ ghg-24-1501
Baby Boomer and Council Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ ghg-24-1502
Law Effective Until May 31, 2015
§ ghg-24-1503
Department Laws in Effect Until May 31, 2015
§ ghg-24-1504
Appointment of Council
§ ghg-24-1505
Council Reports Findings to Council and General Assembly
§ ghg-24-202
Racket Sports Facilities Must Have Medical Personnel
§ ghg-24-205
Definition of "Smoking"
§ ghg-24-206
Public places with strobe lights should know that they may be harmful to some people.
§ ghg-24-207
The department adopts any rules under this title
§ ghg-24-208
Regulation of Free Toilets
§ ghg-24-209
Customer Law of Maryland
§ ghg-24-210
retail establishment
§ ghg-24-211
"Place of public entertainment" means any establishment
§ ghg-24-212
Proprietor Responsibilities for Buildings With Elevators
§ ghg-24-301
Eye Wear Safety Requirements
§ ghg-24-301.1
Regulating the Sale of Contact Lenses
§ ghg-24-302
Persons May Not Manufacture Toys Depicting Torture
§ ghg-24-303
methyl methacrylate liquid not to be sold to Salon
§ ghg-24-304
Child Care Articles
§ ghg-24-305
Penalties for Electronic Nicotine and Cigarettes
§ ghg-24-501
Definition of terms
§ ghg-24-502
State Intention To Protect Public From Tobacco Smoke
§ ghg-24-503
Limiting of Exposure to Tobacco Smoke
§ ghg-24-504
Smoking Location Rules
§ ghg-24-505
Does not apply to private homes, residences, including residences used as a business or place of employment.
§ ghg-24-506
Signs that state "Smoking Permitted in This Room" shall be prominently posted and properly
§ ghg-24-507
regulations to prohibit environmental tobacco smoke in indoor areas
§ ghg-24-508
Individuals Who Violate Section 24-508 Will Be Reprimanded and Fined.
§ ghg-24-509
Origins of a receipt of an application for a waiver
§ ghg-24-510
No Maryland State Law Shall be Misused or Misconstrued
§ ghg-24-511
Clean Indoor Air Act
§ ghg-24-601
§ ghg-24-602
The Board of Public Works Gives Grants
§ ghg-24-603
Approval and Sponsoring of Projects
§ ghg-24-604
Allocation and Use of Funds
§ ghg-24-605
Board of Public Works Dishes out Funds
§ ghg-24-606
In accordance with this section, the State shall have the right to recover funds disbursed
§ ghg-24-607
Annual Financial Statements are Required for Facility Projects
§ ghg-24-701
Facility Definitions
§ ghg-24-702
Board of Public Works Granting Powers
§ ghg-24-703
Project Sponsorship Regulations
§ ghg-24-704
State Fund Allocation Terms and Conditions
§ ghg-24-705
Allocation of State Funds
§ ghg-24-706
Selling of Assigned Projects Within 30 Years
§ ghg-24-707
Departmental Regulation Implementation
§ ghg-24-801
Meanings of Words Used in Subtitle
§ ghg-24-802
Baltimore City AIDS Prevention and Syringe Exchange Program.
§ ghg-24-803
Hypodermic needle and syringe exchange guidelines.
§ ghg-24-804
Mayor Responsible For Appointment Of Oversight Committee
§ ghg-24-805
Commissioner of Health Director Appointment
§ ghg-24-806
Baltimore City Health Department Operating Procedures Measures
§ ghg-24-807
Program Participant Identification
§ ghg-24-808
Criminal Law Article for possessing or distributing controlled paraphernalia
§ ghg-24-809
Drug Related Crimes
§ ghg-24-901
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ ghg-24-902
AIDS Prevention Sterile Needle and Syringe Exchange Program
§ ghg-24-903
Awareness on dispersal of Needles and Syringes.
§ ghg-24-904
County Executive Shall Appoint Advisory Committee
§ ghg-24-905
Prince George County Health Officer decides Director
§ ghg-24-906
The local health officer for Prince Georges County shall collect the number and length of participants served by the Program
§ ghg-24-907
Program Identification Procedures
§ ghg-24-908
Program participants not exempt from drug paraphernalia laws.
§ ghg-24-909
No Immunity for Possession or Distribution of Controlled or Dangerous Substances
§ ghg-3-101
Definitions of "Country" and "Health Officer"
§ ghg-3-201
Governing Body is Ex Officio of Health Board
§ ghg-3-202
Board of health Expectations
§ ghg-3-301
One Health Officer Per County
§ ghg-3-302
§ ghg-3-303
Regulations of Health Officers
§ ghg-3-304
The health officer of a county is entitled to a state salary.
§ ghg-3-305
Establishment of governing body for evaluation of health officer
§ ghg-3-306
Powers and Duties of Health Officers
§ ghg-3-306.1
Applications for Li-censure in Howard County
§ ghg-3-307
Rules for health officer in the performance of official duties
§ ghg-3-308
Secretary May Assign Health Officer in Emergency
§ ghg-3-309
The State Secretary Can Call Medical Conferences
§ ghg-3-310
The Code applies to mean the Montgomery County government unless otherwise Stated.
§ ghg-4-101
Confidential record Law
§ ghg-4-102
Confidential records held by the Drug Abuse Administration or AIDS Administration may not be disclosed to those not engaged in research.
§ ghg-4-103
Punishment for Violation of Provisions
§ ghg-4-201
Birth and Death Records
§ ghg-4-202
Secretary Law of Maryland
§ ghg-4-203
Secretary Duties for Administering State Subtitle
§ ghg-4-204
Regulations to Secretary in registration of a completed birth, death, or fetal death certificate
§ ghg-4-205
Keeping of Death and Fetal Death Records
§ ghg-4-206
Secretary Authorities
§ ghg-4-207
Record of All Deaths act
§ ghg-4-208
Within 72 hours after a birth occurs in an institution,birth certificate should be formed.
§ ghg-4-209
The guidelines for taking custody of child with unknown parentage
§ ghg-4-210
Origins of Filing of a record of birth
§ ghg-4-211
New Birth Certificates
§ ghg-4-212
Origins of certificate of death
§ ghg-4-213
Fetal Death Certification Filing
§ ghg-4-213.1
Issuance of a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth
§ ghg-4-214
Amendments to Birth, Death, and Fetal Death Certificates
§ ghg-4-215
Mortician Requirements
§ ghg-4-216
Reporting of Births and Deaths
§ ghg-4-217
secretary shall provide a birth or death certificate
§ ghg-4-217
secretary shall provide a birth or death certificate
§ ghg-4-218
Population Estimates
§ ghg-4-219
Maryland Annual, Medical, and Mortality Report Requirements of Secretary.
§ ghg-4-220
The Secretary may provide certain health-related documents to the United States Department of Health for vital statistics purposes.
§ ghg-4-221
The Secretary Law of Maryland
§ ghg-4-222
Executive Director of SSA Gets Birth Record Info From the Secretary
§ ghg-4-223
Documentation of All Deaths
§ ghg-4-224
Vital Record Integrity Protections
§ ghg-4-225
The Secretary may investigate any irregularity or violation of each registrar in the investigation to the States Attorney
§ ghg-4-226
Certificates of Birth and Death Are Non-Refusable
§ ghg-4-227
Misdemeanor Fines and Punishments for Violators
§ ghg-4-301
Specific Definitions
§ ghg-4-302
Tasks of a health care provider
§ ghg-4-302.1
The Maryland Health Care Commission : Regulations on electronic clearing
§ ghg-4-302.2
Privacy and security regulations for health information.
§ ghg-4-302.3
Maryland Health Care Act
§ ghg-4-302.4
No Cause of Action in Health Information Exchange
§ ghg-4-303
Medical Record Release Regulations
§ ghg-4-304
Compliance of health care providers
§ ghg-4-305
Medical record Law of Maryland
§ ghg-4-306
Laws for disclosing medical records.
§ ghg-4-307
Maryland Mental Health Privacy Definitions and Laws.
§ ghg-4-308
Health Care Good Faith Disclosure Immunity
§ ghg-4-309
Health care provider Law of Maryland
§ ghg-4-401
Definition of provider
§ ghg-4-402
Regulations of Healthcare Facilities
§ ghg-4-403
health care provider
§ ghg-5-101
dead human body
§ ghg-5-201
Death pronouncement used for all purposes in State
§ ghg-5-202
Definition of Death
§ ghg-5-301
Medical examiners case & Commision Meanings
§ ghg-5-302
Postmortem Examiners
§ ghg-5-303
Members of the Commission
§ ghg-5-304
Power of The Commission
§ ghg-5-305
Operation of the Commission
§ ghg-5-306
Medical examiner Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-307
commission rule adoption
§ ghg-5-308
The power of the Secretary does not include the power to disapprove decision.
§ ghg-5-309
When the Medical Examiner Investigates a Death
§ ghg-5-310
Medical Examiner Procedures
§ ghg-5-310
Medical Examiner Procedures
§ ghg-5-311
The records of each medical examiner's cases shall be kept in a central state location.
§ ghg-5-312
Medical Examiner Oaths
§ ghg-5-401
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ ghg-5-402
About State Anatomy Board
§ ghg-5-403
The Board components
§ ghg-5-404
Maryland State Board Meetings
§ ghg-5-404.1
Law Regarding Adoption Of Regulations By The Board Apart From Its Powers And Duties
§ ghg-5-405
The power of the Secretary over plans, proposals, and projects of units in the Department can disapprove or modify any decision
§ ghg-5-406
Notification of Public Officers Regarding Unclaimed Bodies
§ ghg-5-406.1
Chairman should be notified immediately about the donated body.
§ ghg-5-407
Anatomy Board -- cadaver distribution; purpose and priorities
§ ghg-5-408
Regulation of Selling a body
§ ghg-5-408.1
Donors Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-409
Fine Or Imprisonment Charged On A Person, Officer Or Employee Neglecting To Obey The Provisions
§ ghg-5-501
How Consent May be Gained for a Postmortem Examination of a Body
§ ghg-5-502
Disposition of a body is not included in this section.
§ ghg-5-503
When can a dead body be cremated.
§ ghg-5-504
Transportation of a body to crematory procedure
§ ghg-5-505
Casket Not Required for Cremation
§ ghg-5-506
Body that is being kept in a room will be taken care of by the health officer.
§ ghg-5-507
Penalties for violating any provisions of this subtitle.
§ ghg-5-508
§ ghg-5-509
People can Pre-Plan for Body Disposition after Death
§ ghg-5-510
Arrangement rights for deceased individuals family
§ ghg-5-511
Crematory Operators Have No Rights To Investigate Decedent Relatives.
§ ghg-5-512
Operator of a crematory may not require an authorizing agent.
§ ghg-5-513
Maryland Code for Embalming, Funerals and Cremations
§ ghg-5-601
Glossary related to Medical Science.
§ ghg-5-601.1
Electronic signature Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-602
Guidelines for the Creation of Health Care Advanced Directives
§ ghg-5-602.1
Mental health services has the meaning stated in individual making an advance directive for mental health services
§ ghg-5-603
Healthcare Planning Form
§ ghg-5-604
Law Stating The Situations In Which An Advance Directive May Be Revoked By A Declarant
§ ghg-5-604.1
Leaving your body or body parts to others in your will
§ ghg-5-605
Surrogate Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-606
Certification of patients by physicians regarding an unconscious patient.
§ ghg-5-607
Decisions on Behalf of Patients
§ ghg-5-608
Specific rules to the legal limitations of emergency medical services.
§ ghg-5-608.1
Medical Orders for LifeSustaining Treatment Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-609
Health care provider exemptions from criminal prosecution.
§ ghg-5-610
Advance Directive Violations
§ ghg-5-611
Rendering medical treatment by Physician to a Patient
§ ghg-5-612
Individual incapable of making an informed decision Act
§ ghg-5-613
Non-compliant Health Care Instructions
§ ghg-5-614
Withholding and Withdrawing Rules.
§ ghg-5-615
Origins of health care facility
§ ghg-5-616
Medical treatment Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-617
Previous Medical Instructions Valid in Maryland
§ ghg-5-618
Health Care Decisions Act of Maryland
§ ghg-5-619
Definitions of Common Terms
§ ghg-5-620
Acknowledgement of the Department's Advance Directive Registry
§ ghg-5-621
Secretary adopts regulations
§ ghg-5-622
By regulation the Secretary may set a fee for any service
§ ghg-5-623
Requirements of registering for an advance directive
§ ghg-5-624
Health care facility Registry access
§ ghg-5-625
Review and Verification by the Department
§ ghg-5-626
Failure to access the Registry Relying on information provided by the Registry.
§ ghg-5-701
Child death review Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-702
Purpose of State Child Fatality Review Team.
§ ghg-5-703
members list of multidisciplinary and multiagency review team
§ ghg-5-704
How to Prevent Child Deaths.
§ ghg-5-705
Child fatality review team Law of Maryland
§ ghg-5-706
preventing child death is purpose of local team
§ ghg-5-707
Local Team Access to Records and Information
§ ghg-5-708
Team meeting law and punishment for its violation.
§ ghg-5-709
Disclosure of information and reports by State Team
§ ghg-5-801
Committee means Mortality Review Commitee
§ ghg-5-801
Committee means Mortality Review Commitee
§ ghg-5-802
Maryland Mortality Review Committee to prevent avoidable deaths
§ ghg-5-802
Maryland Mortality Review Committee to prevent avoidable deaths
§ ghg-5-803
Tasks performed by the Committee
§ ghg-5-803
Tasks performed by the Committee
§ ghg-5-804
State Committee Members Appointment
§ ghg-5-805
The Office of Health Care Quality may not review the care or services
§ ghg-5-806
Request from the Chairman of the Committee
§ ghg-5-806.1
Health care regulations
§ ghg-5-807
For any action person should have immunity from liability.
§ ghg-5-808
There is a publicly available annual report on death statistics.
§ ghg-5-808
There is a publicly available annual report on death statistics.
§ ghg-5-809
Maintainence of the records of its deliberations under the Health Occupations Article.
§ ghg-5-810
Meetings of the Committee and subcommittees Law
§ ghg-6-101
meaning of domestic partnership under this title
§ ghg-6-201
Rules about visitation of hospitalized persons.
§ ghg-6-202
Medical Emergencies Among Adults
§ ghg-6-203
Domestic partner Law of Maryland
§ ghg-7-1001
Meaning Of "licensee" Under The Context Of General Health Of Maryland Law
§ ghg-7-1002
definition of Qualified developmental disability professional
§ ghg-7-1003
list of procedures to carry out policy
§ ghg-7-1004
Right to vote of an individual should not be deprived.
§ ghg-7-1005
meaning of "abuse" under this title
§ ghg-7-1006
meaning of "resource coordinator" under this title
§ ghg-7-1007
Licensee shall give any information if requested.
§ ghg-7-1008
Requirements of Licensee completing records
§ ghg-7-1009
Licensee Can Advise Individuals With Developmental Disabilities.
§ ghg-7-101
Meanings of the following words are indicated .
§ ghg-7-1010
Licensee Law of Maryland
§ ghg-7-1011
Rights of Developmentally Disabled to Contest Records
§ ghg-7-102
Public Interest State Policy
§ ghg-7-103
Entitlement of services among people with developmental disabilities.
§ ghg-7-1101
Prohibited Service without a license
§ ghg-7-1102
Nobody can mess with someone under this title
§ ghg-7-1103
meaning of "custodian" under this title
§ ghg-7-1104
State employees providing services under this section may not accept or ask for payment other than as stated below:
§ ghg-7-1201
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Law
§ ghg-7-1201
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Law
§ ghg-7-1301
Effective Date of the "Maryland Developmental Disabilities Law"
§ ghg-7-201
§ ghg-7-202
Director,appointed by Secretary, is heading administration and he can appoint staff as per budget
§ ghg-7-203
Secretary may delegate any of the powers that are vested in him under this subtitle.
§ ghg-7-204
Direct Care Staff Have Varying Medical Responsibilities in the State of Maryland
§ ghg-7-205
Restrictions of Equity Fund of Maryland
§ ghg-7-206
Reporting deaths in Administration facilities
§ ghg-7-301
State plan Definition
§ ghg-7-302
§ ghg-7-303
Developmental Disabilities Administration Law of Maryland
§ ghg-7-305
The state must provide services for the disabled
§ ghg-7-306
implementing the State plan
§ ghg-7-306.1
Regulations of the funding system of Maryland
§ ghg-7-307
Definition of Terms Used in this Section
§ ghg-7-401
Individual support services
§ ghg-7-402
Eligible Applicants for Services as Provided under this Subtitle
§ ghg-7-403
Procedure when Applying for Services
§ ghg-7-404
Approval of the application for service by the Secretary.
§ ghg-7-405
this title not affect individual's eligibility
§ ghg-7-406
Denial of Medicade-waiver
§ ghg-7-407
Rights to Appeal a contested case
§ ghg-7-501
Intellectual Disability Care Facilities
§ ghg-7-502
State Residential Center Admission
§ ghg-7-503
Rules for admission to state residential center
§ ghg-7-504
Board of Review
§ ghg-7-505
eligibility to be verified for intellectual disability individual
§ ghg-7-506
A person has the right to know why they were admitted to a State residential center.
§ ghg-7-507
Petition for the release of an individual
§ ghg-7-508
individual released from the State residential center on the direction of secretary
§ ghg-7-509
Respite care Law of Maryland
§ ghg-7-510
State residential center Meaning
§ ghg-7-511
Citizen advisory board requirement
§ ghg-7-512
qualifications to become member of the Board
§ ghg-7-513
Regulations to the Board in electing chairperson and other necessary officers
§ ghg-7-514
Board to meet at least 4 times a year; members entitled to attending compensation.
§ ghg-7-515
Responsibilities of Advisory Boards for Residential Care Facilities
§ ghg-7-516
Appointment Or Return Of An Indivitual By The Administrative Head For State Residential Center
§ ghg-7-517
Key Words Defined as Needed
§ ghg-7-601
Community-based residential programs
§ ghg-7-602
meaning of Public group home under this title
§ ghg-7-603
Description of a Public Group Home
§ ghg-7-604
The secretary of health shall make decisions about the existence of group homes in each county.
§ ghg-7-605
Choosing a Site for a Public Group Home.
§ ghg-7-606
Board of Public Works Approval
§ ghg-7-607
Adoption of rules by the Secretary
§ ghg-7-608
Additional Licensing Requirements.
§ ghg-7-609
Group Home Qualifications for certificate of approval
§ ghg-7-610
Applicant shall submit an application to the department.
§ ghg-7-611
investigation for approval of certificate in maryland
§ ghg-7-612
§ ghg-7-701
Definition of Terms for Family Support Services
§ ghg-7-702
Disabled children Law of Maryland
§ ghg-7-703
Family Support Services Program
§ ghg-7-704
Fiscal Year Budget Support Request Secretary Law
§ ghg-7-705
The Administration can use local funds for day habilitation and vocational services.
§ ghg-7-706
Components of Individual support services
§ ghg-7-707
General Assembly findings
§ ghg-7-708
Support programs for eligible individuals
§ ghg-7-709
Arrangements Services Program of Maryland
§ ghg-7-710
Developmental Disability Findings
§ ghg-7-711
regulations for the licensing of persons who provide community supported living arrangements
§ ghg-7-712
Quality Assurance Program
§ ghg-7-713
Supported living arrangements services of Maryland
§ ghg-7-714
rules related to the adoption of regulation by the secretary necessary to implement the provisions
§ ghg-7-717
low intensity support services" meaning.
§ ghg-7-801
developmental disability Law of Maryland
§ ghg-7-802
Mental Hygiene Administration will be asked by Developmental Disabilities Administration.
§ ghg-7-803
meaning of "facility" under this title
§ ghg-7-901
an individual receiving support services defined
§ ghg-7-902
Practicing a health occupation
§ ghg-7-903
Services a person must be Licensed before doing
§ ghg-7-904
Rules and Regulations of Licensing
§ ghg-7-905
applying license on prescribed form to the Administration
§ ghg-7-906
investigating application to grant license
§ ghg-7-907
Licenses Must Be Issued if Applicants Meet the Requirements
§ ghg-7-908
Licence authorization
§ ghg-7-909
The The Administration services of maryland
§ ghg-7-910
Doctor License Denial or Suspension
§ ghg-8-1001
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Guidelines
§ ghg-8-101
Definition of the Following Words Pertaining to Title
§ ghg-8-201
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration
§ ghg-8-202
Duties of The Director
§ ghg-8-203
Director Exercises Power of Office Subject to Secretary
§ ghg-8-204
Duties of The Director
§ ghg-8-205
An authorized administer use professionally, or dispense a drug .
§ ghg-8-206
Secretary of Budget and Management Approval
§ ghg-8-401
Powers of the Administration
§ ghg-8-402
Administration to foster care and rehabilitation of drug & alcohol abusers by programs & funding.
§ ghg-8-403
Regulations for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Programs
§ ghg-8-403.1
Office of Maternal Health and Family Planning Requirements
§ ghg-8-404
Regulations should be adopted for alcohol abuse.
§ ghg-8-405
Drug abuse treatment program
§ ghg-8-501
In health concerns the state prefers an authority other than the police to take care of actions as needed.
§ ghg-8-502
Chronic Alcoholics and Drug Addicts Can Be Admitted By Administrators.
§ ghg-8-502.1
Rules and guidelines of "Drugs and alcohol abuse" treatement
§ ghg-8-503
Police arrest laws and conduct.
§ ghg-8-504
police or other authorized personnel shall make effort to protect the health and safety .
§ ghg-8-505
Court may order the Department to evaluate a defendant during trial.
§ ghg-8-506
Inpatient evaluation Law of Maryland
§ ghg-8-507
Criminal Case defendant sentence for alcohol abuse
§ ghg-8-508
Origins of outpatient treatment
§ ghg-8-509
Hospitals should not discriminate against drunks and alcoholics.
§ ghg-8-601
Outcomes When Individuals Seek Drug Or Alcohol Counseling
§ ghg-8-6A-01
Rules for the Maryland Substance Abuse Fund
§ ghg-8-6C-01
Meaning of these words
§ ghg-8-6C-02
substance abuse treatment outcomes partnership fund
§ ghg-8-6C-03
Department establishment of guidelines
§ ghg-8-6C-04
county includes baltimore city
§ ghg-8-701
Persons may not attempt to have an individual
§ ghg-8-702
Operation of Rehabilitation Facilities
§ ghg-8-703
public activity benefits not available for Drug ubuser
§ ghg-8-801
Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Act
§ ghg-8-901
Section Of definitions
§ ghg-8-902
The Baltimore City Health Department May: