Family Law

This is Article gfl of the Code of State, titled “Family Law.” It’s comprised of the following 760 sections.

§ gfl-1-101
Article words and meanings.
§ gfl-1-201
Rights and Jurisdictions of Equity Courts
§ gfl-1-202
Origins Of Custody and Visitation Rights
§ gfl-1-203
Role of Equity Court in Divorce, Annulment and Alimony
§ gfl-10-101
§ gfl-10-102
Contempt Proceedings For Child/Spousal Support
§ gfl-10-103
The Government's authority to enforce a support order
§ gfl-10-106
Child Support Enforcement Administration
§ gfl-10-106.1
Scope and Purpose of Child Support Reinvestment Fund
§ gfl-10-107
Administration subject to Secretary of Human Resources authority.
§ gfl-10-108
Administration Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-10-108.1
Businesses providing reports on creditworthiness are "consumer reporting agencies"
§ gfl-10-108.2
Meanings and rules of financial words.
§ gfl-10-108.3
Attachment of Seizure of Child Support Obligations
§ gfl-10-108.4
The people recieve interest earned after an account is unseized.
§ gfl-10-108.5
Using Support enforcement agency to make support payments
§ gfl-10-108.6
Origins Of duty of support
§ gfl-10-108.7
State disbursement unit for collection and disbursement
§ gfl-10-109
How an administration approves Child Support Services.
§ gfl-10-110
Fee Charged by Administration for Support Services.
§ gfl-10-110
Fee Charged by Administration for Support Services.
§ gfl-10-111
cooperative agreement establishing private or public agency
§ gfl-10-112
Administration approves an amount for the Child Support.
§ gfl-10-112.1
Origins Of "The Program"
§ gfl-10-113
Administrator certifies any obligor to state comptroller
§ gfl-10-113.1
What the Administration may certify
§ gfl-10-113.2
A person may be held in arrears if they do not follow certain rules in regards to child support payments.
§ gfl-10-114
Set of powers given to the Secretary of Human Resources.
§ gfl-10-115
Legal proceedings relating to Child Support.
§ gfl-10-116
Loocal Support Enforcement Office and Funds
§ gfl-10-117
Stipulations for transfer requests: support enforcement office
§ gfl-10-118
Promotion of Child's Best Interests
§ gfl-10-119
Meaning of Words in This Section
§ gfl-10-119.3
State May Revoke Any State-Issued License for Nonsupport
§ gfl-10-120
Definitions of Terms Regarding Wage Garnishment
§ gfl-10-121
Withholding Orders Passed On Or After 7/1/1985
§ gfl-10-122
Requirements for Arrearage Payments Withheld
§ gfl-10-123
Courts May Garnish Earnings To Pay Child Support
§ gfl-10-124
Service of a withholding notice on an employer.
§ gfl-10-125
Providing earnings withholding filings
§ gfl-10-126
Accruing Support Payments
§ gfl-10-127
Delivery of the Earnings Withholding Order
§ gfl-10-128
Requirements for earning withholding notices
§ gfl-10-129
Child support obligation and employer withholdings information
§ gfl-10-130
Fulfilling obligatory firing notices
§ gfl-10-131
Anyone involved in withholding actions has an obligation to notify all relevant entities within ten days of moving from one address to another.
§ gfl-10-132
Notification of Change of Address by Obligor
§ gfl-10-133
Obligor May Contest Withholding Order
§ gfl-10-134
Obligor Withholding Termination Guidelines
§ gfl-10-135
Earnings Withholding Orders Directive
§ gfl-10-136
Out of state support orders can be enforced in the state of Maryland.
§ gfl-10-137
State Shall Cooperate With Out-of-State Obligators
§ gfl-10-138
"An obligor can request an official withholding of all earnings."
§ gfl-10-140
Property Liens for Unpaid Child Support
§ gfl-10-141
Notice of Child Support Lien
§ gfl-10-142
Administration Can Sue If Child Support Lien Is Not Released.
§ gfl-10-143
Recording out of state child support liens
§ gfl-10-144
Addition of Remedies in Part IV
§ gfl-10-1A-01
Definitions of Terms Regarding Child Support Hearings
§ gfl-10-1A-02
Child Support Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-10-1A-03
Administration Shall Enforce and Collect Support Obligation
§ gfl-10-201
On failure to provide spousal support
§ gfl-10-202
Mary State Family Law Spousal Support Considerations
§ gfl-10-203
Parents Must Support Children
§ gfl-10-204
The court may order the individual to pay child support before trial
§ gfl-10-205
Requirements for a recognizance ordered by the court.
§ gfl-10-206
Certification of Liens on Earnings to Pay Support
§ gfl-10-207
Support for dependents while incarcerated
§ gfl-10-208
An individual may be prosecuted in the jurisdiction
§ gfl-10-209
Maryland Child Support Action Effect on Desertion Action
§ gfl-10-212
Applicable Only to Baltimore City
§ gfl-10-213
State Attorney's Office May Hold A Pretrial Inquiry
§ gfl-10-214
Agreement's Required by State's Attorney
§ gfl-10-215
Charging With Nonsupport
§ gfl-10-216
"The court shall keep a docket known as the domestic information docket.
§ gfl-10-219
Desertion of a minor child.
§ gfl-10-301
Subtitle glossary
§ gfl-10-302
The circuit courts and administration are tribunals of the State.
§ gfl-10-303
Section 10-303 Remedies
§ gfl-10-304
Conditions for determining parentage for a non-resident
§ gfl-10-305
Acquisition of Personal Jurisdiction
§ gfl-10-306
"Tribunal of this State may serve as an initiating tribunal to forward proceedings to another state."
§ gfl-10-307
State tribunal support order jurisdiction
§ gfl-10-308
Modifications of Child Support Orders
§ gfl-10-309
Tribunal Child Support Legislation
§ gfl-10-310
Recognition Of Tribunals For Child Support Orders
§ gfl-10-311
Enforcing Child Support Orders From Another State
§ gfl-10-312
State Tribunal Law
§ gfl-10-312.1
Regulations of a tribunal of this State.
§ gfl-10-312.2
"A tribunal issuing a spousal support order has exclusive jurisdiction."
§ gfl-10-313
Initiation of proceedings authorized under this subtitle.
§ gfl-10-314
Those Who May Advocate for a Minor's Child
§ gfl-10-315
Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, a responding tribunal of this State have apply the procedural and substantive law
§ gfl-10-316
Procedures upon the filing of a complaint.
§ gfl-10-317
Options Available to a Responding Tribunal
§ gfl-10-318
Complaints Directed to the Correct Department
§ gfl-10-319
Guidelines for support enforcement agency service for the plaintiff.
§ gfl-10-320
Attorney General's Rights for Individuals
§ gfl-10-321
Private Counsel Employment Proceedings Authorizations
§ gfl-10-322
Child Support Enforcement Administration as Record Keeper
§ gfl-10-323
"A plaintiff seeking to establish a support order must file a complaint."
§ gfl-10-324
Circumstances under which an identity may be sealed.
§ gfl-10-325
The plaintiff may not be required to pay certain fees if they prevail in a case.
§ gfl-10-326
Participating in a proceeding by plaintiff, direct or via agent, cannot impose 2nd proceeding.
§ gfl-10-327
rules related to a party whose parentage of a child has been previously determined
§ gfl-10-328
Section 10-328 Nonresident Party Directives
§ gfl-10-329
Maryland Tribunal Can Communicate With Another State Tribunal.
§ gfl-10-330
Maryland State Can Request Tribunal Of Another State.
§ gfl-10-331
A support enforcement agency or tribunal shall disburse promptly any amounts received
§ gfl-10-332
The state may issue a support order if one is not already in effect.
§ gfl-10-333
Maryland Acceptance of Out of State Income Withholding Orders.
§ gfl-10-334
Regulations Regarding Income Withholdings
§ gfl-10-335
How Employers Should Handle Multiple Child Support Garnishment Orders
§ gfl-10-336
Employer Incoming Withholding
§ gfl-10-337
Compliance with income withholding orders from other states.
§ gfl-10-338
Contesting the Validity or Enforcement of an Income Withholding Order from Another State
§ gfl-10-339
a support enforcement office can send papers between states
§ gfl-10-340
Enforcement in Maryland of Support Order
§ gfl-10-341
Support Order and Income Withholding Order Law
§ gfl-10-342
Handling Of Out Of State Support Orders
§ gfl-10-343
The laws of the state renders the amount of a child or spousal support order
§ gfl-10-344
Income Withholding Order Notices
§ gfl-10-345
rules related to A nonregistering party seeking to contest the validity
§ gfl-10-346
Origins Of Vacating Registration
§ gfl-10-347
Orders can't be contested after time of registration
§ gfl-10-348
Child Support order registered in another state.
§ gfl-10-349
Enforcement of Child Support Orders by Tribunals
§ gfl-10-350
Modifying child support orders from another state
§ gfl-10-351
guardianship rights
§ gfl-10-352
Modification of child support orders for non-resident children.
§ gfl-10-353
Timeline for filing a modified child support order.
§ gfl-10-353.1
Modifications of Child Support Orders with Foreign Countries or States
§ gfl-10-354
Court Determining Parentage as Responding Tribunal
§ gfl-10-355
Extradition for Nonpayment of Child Support
§ gfl-10-356
Surrender of an individual in another state for failure to support.
§ gfl-10-357
consideration shall be given to the need to promote uniformity for constructing this subtitle.
§ gfl-10-358
Regulations for the validity of this subtitle.
§ gfl-10-359
Maryland Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
§ gfl-11-101
Situations in Which the Court May Award Alimony
§ gfl-11-102
Alimony can be awarded to either party in a divorce
§ gfl-11-103
Ground for Divorce Not an Automatic Bar
§ gfl-11-104
Maryland awarding alimony for limited or absolute divorce
§ gfl-11-105
Divorces in other jurisdictions shall be held as valid.
§ gfl-11-106
"The court shall determine the amount of and the period for an award of alimony."
§ gfl-11-107
Alimony Award Period Extensions
§ gfl-11-108
Reasons for Which Alimony Will Be Terminated
§ gfl-11-109
Procedures for Alimony Payments as Applying to Designees
§ gfl-11-110
§ gfl-11-111
§ gfl-11-112
Limited or absolute divorce or annulment pay alimony
§ gfl-12-101
The applicable rules concerning child support payments.
§ gfl-12-102
Inclusion of Requirement to Insure Child in Support Order
§ gfl-12-102.1
Notice of support for medical care
§ gfl-12-102.2
Health insurance from other states may be accepted
§ gfl-12-102.3
Employee conditions for contesting a withholding
§ gfl-12-103
Court Ordered Legal Fee Payments in Custody Cases
§ gfl-12-104
Modification of child support due to change of circumstance.
§ gfl-12-104.1
Meanings of words in this section
§ gfl-12-105
Child Support Enforcement Administration Records
§ gfl-12-201
Sources of income that can be used to determine child support payments.
§ gfl-12-202
Modification of Child Support using Child Support Guidelines.
§ gfl-12-203
The Court of Appeals shall issue uniform child support documents.
§ gfl-12-204
"Child support obligation shall be determined in this subsection."
§ gfl-13-101
This title's words' definitions
§ gfl-13-102
Provisions of food, shelter, care, and clothing in regards to destitute parents.
§ gfl-13-103
Parent Support & Adult Child Support Complaints
§ gfl-13-104
Section 13-104 Pretrial Inquiry Guidelines
§ gfl-13-105
Individual rights prior to a State Attorney inquiry.
§ gfl-13-106
Nonsupport of a destitute parent or destitute adult child.
§ gfl-13-107
Section 13-107 Individual Conviction Guidelines
§ gfl-13-108
Bond Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-13-109
Conditions for Releasing Individuals Ordered to Pay Support
§ gfl-14-101
Definitions of Terms Regarding Adult Abuse & Exploitation
§ gfl-14-102
Incompetent Adults Entitled to Care
§ gfl-14-103
Exclusions to the title
§ gfl-14-104
Additional funds for adult protective services not limited
§ gfl-14-201
Local Departments Must Implement Adult Protective Services
§ gfl-14-202
Things Supplied For Adult Protective Services Program.
§ gfl-14-203
Protective Service Provisions for Disabled Individuals
§ gfl-14-204
Establishment of a fee schedule based on financial ability.
§ gfl-14-205
Adult Protective Services Program Funding
§ gfl-14-301
Police Responsibility is Not Limited
§ gfl-14-302
Who Has to Report Abuse of Alleged Vulnerable Adults and How
§ gfl-14-303
Vulnerable adult Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-14-304
Local police may be called if a representative feels there is an emergency.
§ gfl-14-305
Assisting Vulnerable Adults and Reporting Abuse
§ gfl-14-307
Individuals in Need of Protective Services
§ gfl-14-308
Confidentiality regarding reporting.
§ gfl-14-309
Any person providing a judicial report shall have immunity.
§ gfl-14-401
Review Board Required
§ gfl-14-402
Review Board Membership Guidelines
§ gfl-14-403
A member of a review board may not receive compensation but may receive travel expenses.
§ gfl-14-404
Guardianship to be reviewed by board bi-yearly.
§ gfl-2-101
Indicating Meanings Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-2-201
"Marriage between two individuals who are permitted is valid in this state."
§ gfl-2-202
Prohibited types of marriages.
§ gfl-2-301
"16 or 17 years old may not marry unless meet certain criteria."
§ gfl-2-302
Judgements and Fines for Violations
§ gfl-2-401
An individual may not marry without a license
§ gfl-2-402
Marriage license applicant procedures.
§ gfl-2-403
Statements on license under Maryland
§ gfl-2-404
License Fee is $10
§ gfl-2-404.1
Marriage license discount and premarital preparation courses.
§ gfl-2-405
Law for Clerks Issuing Marriage Licenses
§ gfl-2-406
Maryland Elected Judges
§ gfl-2-407
Noone may lie to help another get a license
§ gfl-2-408
Offering or giving rewards in regards to marriage.
§ gfl-2-409
What must be included in a marriage certificate
§ gfl-2-410
Wedding Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-2-501
Marriage License Book
§ gfl-2-502
The definition of a "foreign marriage" as it pertains to Maryland law.
§ gfl-2-503
Change in Marriage Status Reporting
§ gfl-3-101
deliberate ways of the law
§ gfl-3-102
Offense of Breaching The Promise To Marry
§ gfl-3-103
Lack of Affection is Not a Valid Complaint
§ gfl-3-104
Prohibited Claim Contract
§ gfl-4-101
Meaning of Secretary
§ gfl-4-201
Domicile Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-4-202
Surviving spouses accrued deceased spouse's debt from marriage.
§ gfl-4-203
Married women hold their own rights to property.
§ gfl-4-204
marriage women's actitivites
§ gfl-4-205
Defining the obligations to stick to a contract for a woman - depending on her marital status
§ gfl-4-206
Spousal Property Sales
§ gfl-4-301
Debt liability for spouses
§ gfl-4-401
powers of the general assembly related to the family crisis.
§ gfl-4-402
Services for Families With Children
§ gfl-4-403
Origins Of Maryland Local Departments
§ gfl-4-501
The following definitions for the terms listed below will apply to section 4-501
§ gfl-4-502
Requirements for law enforcement officers responding to calls.
§ gfl-4-503
Information for victims of domestic violence
§ gfl-4-503.1
Law Enforcement Shall Provide Incident Report Copies
§ gfl-4-504
Petitioner Make Seek Abuse Relief From Court
§ gfl-4-504
Petitioner Make Seek Abuse Relief From Court
§ gfl-4-504.1
Rules and regulations for interim protective orders.
§ gfl-4-504.1
Rules and regulations for interim protective orders.
§ gfl-4-505
a temporary protective order to protect any person
§ gfl-4-505
a temporary protective order to protect any person
§ gfl-4-506
Issuance of protective orders
§ gfl-4-506.1
Law enforcement respond to firearm surrender.
§ gfl-4-507
Modifying or rescinding a protective order.
§ gfl-4-508
A protective order requires a statement of penalties for violating the order.
§ gfl-4-508.1
Definition Of Order For Protection In This Section
§ gfl-4-509
Failure to comply with relief granted in an interim protective order
§ gfl-4-510
Petitioners May Pursue Legal Remedy
§ gfl-4-511
Maryland Law Of Responding To domestic violence
§ gfl-4-512
Meanings of the Words Indicated
§ gfl-4-512.1
Meaning of 'Central Repository' in This Section
§ gfl-4-513
Definition of "Victim of Domestic Violence"
§ gfl-4-514
General Assembly statements on domestic violence
§ gfl-4-515
Office of Crime Control and Prevention Program Establishment
§ gfl-4-516
Maryland's Executive Director
§ gfl-4-519
Definition for usage of words, "Actual Address", "Disabled Person", "Program Participant" and "Program"
§ gfl-4-520
Maryland State Protection of the Victims of Domestic Violence
§ gfl-4-521
Secretary Of State Will Administer The Address Confidentiality Program
§ gfl-4-522
Maryland Domestic Abuse Program Entry Guidelines.
§ gfl-4-523
In a family law case a person giving false statements about location and safety may be guilty of a crime.
§ gfl-4-524
Notification if Program Participant Legally Changes Their Name
§ gfl-4-525
On what basis the Participation of Program is cancelled.
§ gfl-4-526
Substitue address requests
§ gfl-4-527
People must use their real address to participate in elections.
§ gfl-4-528
Regulations for Program Participant Privacy in Maryland State
§ gfl-4-529
Privacy Protection for Program Participants' Address & Telephone Number
§ gfl-4-530
The Secretary of State Has Power Through This Part
§ gfl-4-601
§ gfl-4-602
State help for displaced homemakers
§ gfl-4-605
Secretary establishes Multipurpose Service Center.
§ gfl-4-606
Assistance for displaced homemakers in gaining employment.
§ gfl-4-607
The Center's Employment Provision Allowances
§ gfl-4-608
Person capable of working but choose to be home.
§ gfl-4-609
For developing training jobs the staff of the center shall work with local government agencies.
§ gfl-4-610
The Secretary Shall Explore Funding to Establish Training Programs.
§ gfl-4-611
Secretary Shall Adopt Homemaker Regulations
§ gfl-4-612
evaluation of employment program of displaced homemakers
§ gfl-4-613
§ gfl-4-701
Following words have this meaning in this subtitle
§ gfl-4-702
Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team Authorization
§ gfl-4-703
The members of a local team shall be drawn
§ gfl-4-704
Local teams prevent domestic violence.
§ gfl-4-705
of information and records by a provider of medical care for many people
§ gfl-4-706
Regulations to the local teams regarding Meetings
§ gfl-4-707
Information and records acquired should be like this
§ gfl-5-1001
Administration and Complaint
§ gfl-5-1002
Directions to the State regarding children born out of wedlock
§ gfl-5-1005
Child legitimacy of the Estates and Trust Article
§ gfl-5-1006
paternity of child
§ gfl-5-1007
Court Rulings Subject to Terms of This Subtitle
§ gfl-5-101
What does a disability means.
§ gfl-5-1010
Filing a complaint starting paternity proceedings
§ gfl-5-1011
The administration may act as a complainant in applicable child support cases.
§ gfl-5-1012
Procedures Following a Defendants Written Answer to a Complaint
§ gfl-5-1013
Regulations bound to a party under legal disability
§ gfl-5-1014
Court Requested Documentation for Appearance Assurance.
§ gfl-5-1015
Process for Persons - Non-Disabled
§ gfl-5-1016
Regulations to a settlement proposed by an alleged father
§ gfl-5-1019
State's attorney may hold pretrial before or after any complaint is filed.
§ gfl-5-1020
State attorney's pretrial in paternity should be done only with proper notice to all father etc.
§ gfl-5-1021
On necessity State Attorney may request individual for a test.
§ gfl-5-1024
If defendant fails to appear after summon/bond then complaint may be heard ex parte.
§ gfl-5-1025
The Trial Must Occur After The Child's Birth.
§ gfl-5-1026
Court may allow jury-less complaint and comment disallowed on alleged father's failure to testify.
§ gfl-5-1027
Paternity at trials in Maryland courts
§ gfl-5-1028
Unmarried Parents Guidelines
§ gfl-5-1029
For genetic tests the mother child and the alleged father have to give their bloods.
§ gfl-5-1032
§ gfl-5-1033
Payment Orders In Paternity Proceedings
§ gfl-5-1034
Payment For A Troubled Child
§ gfl-5-1035
Court Ordered Provisions Regarding Child Custody And Visitations
§ gfl-5-1036
According to the Maryland rules cost are paid by County.
§ gfl-5-1037
Restrictions on Entering Orders by Court
§ gfl-5-1038
Declaration of paternity and applicability in terms of its modifications
§ gfl-5-1039
Find Out the father isn't the father
§ gfl-5-1040
On completion of a paternity proceeding, the court may order the clerk of court
§ gfl-5-1041
Court Order Under This Subtitle Equal In It's Enforcement
§ gfl-5-1042
§ gfl-5-1044
People maintain the right to appeal from an order
§ gfl-5-1047
The clerk of the circuit court shall keep a docket known as the paternity docket .
§ gfl-5-1048
Paternity Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-5-1101
§ gfl-5-1102
Selection committee to review proposals for abuse programs
§ gfl-5-1103
rules related to the proposal for funding
§ gfl-5-1104
Maryland State Proposals
§ gfl-5-1201
Origins of Bad Parenting & Definitions
§ gfl-5-1202
Steps After consultation with Welfare professionals
§ gfl-5-1203
Juvenile courts may issue order for substance abuse assessment or parental testing
§ gfl-5-1204
Based on the funds each at-risk parent receives treatment.
§ gfl-5-1205
department of health and mental hygiene
§ gfl-5-1206
Mandate for Annual Report to the Governor
§ gfl-5-1207
Secretaries Must Consider Recommendations From Maryland Task Force.
§ gfl-5-1208
Department of Human Resources and Health adopt regulations
§ gfl-5-1209
Integration of Child Welfare & Substance Abuse Treatment article
§ gfl-5-1301
Definition of terms
§ gfl-5-1302
Measurement of effectiveness of child welfare services for children
§ gfl-5-1303
Measurements Of Child Abuse And Neglect Efforts
§ gfl-5-1304
Evaluation on the effectiveness of foster care
§ gfl-5-1305
Effectiveness Of Foster Children Living Situation Efforts
§ gfl-5-1306
Maryland State Childcare Laws
§ gfl-5-1307
the Maryland child and family services review
§ gfl-5-1308
Assessments Of Child Casework Services
§ gfl-5-1309
Mutual Understanding Regarding Child Welfare Expertise
§ gfl-5-1310
Ensuring Enough Child Welfare Workers Are Hired
§ gfl-5-1311
Trainings provided by Child Welfare Academy.
§ gfl-5-201
Maryland Law of unsuitable Parents
§ gfl-5-202
Criminals and Marriage Annulment
§ gfl-5-203
Parents Legal Status In Regards To Children
§ gfl-5-204
State residence of children
§ gfl-5-205
One parent, to the exclusion of the other parent, is entitled to the services and earnings
§ gfl-5-206
The governing body of any county, by a vote of at least two-thirds of the members elected thereto may propose
§ gfl-5-301
Meanings of the words relating to Welfare of the Child.
§ gfl-5-302
Guardianship of a person who is committed to a local department as a child in need of assistance.
§ gfl-5-303
Adoption is for fit individuals with good homes.
§ gfl-5-304
This Relates to Subtitle 5 of This Title
§ gfl-5-305
Rights of State in Determining Adoption and Guardianship
§ gfl-5-306
Court's Definition of a Father
§ gfl-5-307
Criminal Procedure article
§ gfl-5-308
adoptive parent and parent of a prospective adoptee may enter into an agreement.
§ gfl-5-309
Assignment Of Counsel Costs In Juvenile Court
§ gfl-5-310
Party To Case Applicable To Subtitle May Appeal
§ gfl-5-313
State Legal Guardianship Procedures & Laws
§ gfl-5-314
Keeping Parental Addresses for Juveniles in Court
§ gfl-5-315
Clerk Must Send Child Guardianship Petition Copies to Following Authorities.
§ gfl-5-316
The United States Constitution is the ruling authority.
§ gfl-5-317
§ gfl-5-318
Law regarding that juvenile court may hold for hearing a guardianship order.
§ gfl-5-319
Maryland laws for juvenile guardianship.
§ gfl-5-320
Granting Guardianship for child by juvenile court
§ gfl-5-321
Conditions related to consent and petition of guardianship
§ gfl-5-322
Regulations to juvenile court regarding an order of guardianship of a child
§ gfl-5-323
drug means cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine.
§ gfl-5-324
guardianship of a child
§ gfl-5-325
An order for guardianship of an individual
§ gfl-5-326
A juvenile court shall hold an initial guardianship review hearing as scheduled
§ gfl-5-327
Requisites after grant of guardian by juvenile court
§ gfl-5-328
guardianship of a minor child
§ gfl-5-331
Regulations regarding termination of parental rights
§ gfl-5-332
A clerk of a juvenile court shall keep a listing of each address given to the juvenile court
§ gfl-5-333
Terms for petition for adoption of a child
§ gfl-5-334
Petition for adoption
§ gfl-5-335
Juvenile Courts Will Hold Hearings for Adoptions
§ gfl-5-336
Petition for adoption
§ gfl-5-337
all factors necessary to determine the childs best interests
§ gfl-5-338
Regulations regarding a childs adoption
§ gfl-5-339
Parental Consent in Adoptions
§ gfl-5-340
Juvenile court petition regulation.
§ gfl-5-341
director reports to secretary
§ gfl-5-342
This Law is Protected from Contest After One Year
§ gfl-5-345
Any adult may petition a juvenile court for an adoption under this Part IV of this subtitle
§ gfl-5-346
petition for adoption of a child
§ gfl-5-347
Rules regarding adoption in juvenile court.
§ gfl-5-348
Adoption Petition : Rules to be followed a juvenile court
§ gfl-5-349
Child Adoption Petition Ruling Procedures
§ gfl-5-350
Court juvenile adoption orders and consent guidelines.
§ gfl-5-351
Consent to an adoption is not valid
§ gfl-5-352
Consequences of an Order for Adoption From a Juvenile Court
§ gfl-5-353
Petitions To Invalidate An Adoption Must be Submitted Within One Year.
§ gfl-5-356
Origins of an adoptive parent
§ gfl-5-357
Origins of an adoptee
§ gfl-5-358
Adoptee or former parent Law of Maryland
§ gfl-5-359
Definition Of Terms Pertaining To This Section
§ gfl-5-360
Dental And Medical Record Access To Adopted Parents
§ gfl-5-362
rules related to compensation for a service charged by a person from a parent
§ gfl-5-3A-01
The following words have the meaning indicated in the subtitle
§ gfl-5-3A-02
regulations to a child placement agency to provide the guardianship to a child
§ gfl-5-3A-03
safeguarding chidren is the purpose of this title
§ gfl-5-3A-04
Subtitle Should Be Read in Accordance With Subtitle 5
§ gfl-5-3A-05
Details about any Order under Laws and Jurisdiction of the State
§ gfl-5-3A-06
The basis of genetic testing Over Maryland State Law.
§ gfl-5-3A-07
Appointment of an Attorney
§ gfl-5-3A-08
Written agreement for a Prospective adoptive Parent.
§ gfl-5-3A-09
A court may assign among the parties to a case under this subtitle, as the court considers appropriate.
§ gfl-5-3A-10
Special appeals made to the court by a party.
§ gfl-5-3A-13
Only a child placement agency can apply for guardianship.
§ gfl-5-3A-14
Required actions by the court clerk when petition for guardianship is filed.
§ gfl-5-3A-15
On issuance of a show cause order as to guardianship of a child, a petitioner shall serve the order.
§ gfl-5-3A-16
Directions to a court regarding guardianship petition
§ gfl-5-3A-17
guardianship petition
§ gfl-5-3A-18
When does a court provide Guardianship of a Child.
§ gfl-5-3A-19
Consent of a parent may include a waiver of the right to notice of petition under this subtitle.
§ gfl-5-3A-20
Procedure For Entering An Order Of Guardianship
§ gfl-5-3A-21
All orders under this subtitle should be documented
§ gfl-5-3A-22
Guardianship Order Stipulations
§ gfl-5-3A-23
Situations Where A Child Placement Agency Must File A Written Report With The Court
§ gfl-5-3A-24
What someone should do if they become aware of something after the court rules on a petition.
§ gfl-5-3A-25
regulations to a court's jurisdiction over a child
§ gfl-5-3A-29
How an adult can petition a court for an adoption.
§ gfl-5-3A-30
The petitioner for adoption gives notice to required person.
§ gfl-5-3A-31
policy on adoption of a child
§ gfl-5-3A-32
No court hearing can be held before entering an adoption order.
§ gfl-5-3A-33
Notice of filing petition for adoption of a child
§ gfl-5-3A-34
Regulations to the court in ruling on a petition for a childs adoption
§ gfl-5-3A-35
Child Adoption Guidelines and Provisions.
§ gfl-5-3A-36
Adoption made with no claims of natural parents then adopted one is eligible for inheritance.
§ gfl-5-3A-37
How one may invalidate an adoption order.
§ gfl-5-3A-39
Child placement agency prospective parent guidelines
§ gfl-5-3A-40
On what basis Child Placement agency accepts or denies request.
§ gfl-5-3A-41
On Necessity Intermediary is appointed to contact adoptee.
§ gfl-5-3A-42
Definition Of Terms Pertaining To This Section
§ gfl-5-3A-43
Adoptive Parent's Right To Access To Medical Records
§ gfl-5-3A-45
In ordinary circumstances a person can not charge for pre-adoption services.
§ gfl-5-3B-01
Meanings relating to adoption.
§ gfl-5-3B-02
Subtitle for adoption byway of adoption agency
§ gfl-5-3B-03
rules to safeguard Children
§ gfl-5-3B-04
Adoption and guardianship Law Of Maryland
§ gfl-5-3B-05
cicumstances under Exclusuion of court a man as the father of a child
§ gfl-5-3B-06
Court-appointed attorney
§ gfl-5-3B-07
Adoper and the parent of adoptee should enter an agreement.
§ gfl-5-3B-08
Adoptive Parent Court Order To Pay Former Parent
§ gfl-5-3B-09
Party under this subtitle may appeal to court
§ gfl-5-3B-12
Petition For Adoption Filing In Court
§ gfl-5-3B-13
How can any Adult or Minor be adopted.
§ gfl-5-3B-14
Notices to unwaived Individuals for adoption petitions.
§ gfl-5-3B-15
Spouse adoption of adoptees
§ gfl-5-3B-16
"A court may order an investigation before ruling on consensual adoption petitions."
§ gfl-5-3B-17
Court hearing necessary before adoption
§ gfl-5-3B-18
Court order for adoption not possible till end of revocation period.
§ gfl-5-3B-19
Regulations for petitions of adoptions.
§ gfl-5-3B-20
Prospective adopte takes Predence Over Maryland State Law.
§ gfl-5-3B-21
Obtaining Consent of Parent for Adoption
§ gfl-5-3B-22
Applying only to parents filing objection to withholds of consent.
§ gfl-5-3B-23
A court may not grant a petition under _ 5-3B-22.
§ gfl-5-3B-24
Adoption Clause
§ gfl-5-3B-25
distribution of property
§ gfl-5-3B-26
dismissal of petition filed to invalidate the order
§ gfl-5-3B-28
A birth parent may get medical records pertaining to child under certain circumstances.
§ gfl-5-3B-29
Rights Of Adoptees And Biological Parents
§ gfl-5-3B-30
Medical Record of Minor Cannot Be Denied to Parent.
§ gfl-5-3B-32
Section 5-3B-32 Adoptive Parent Guidelines
§ gfl-5-401
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gfl-5-402
Adoption of Eligible Child
§ gfl-5-403
Child Adoption Subsidy Requirements
§ gfl-5-406
Adoption Programs are to be Established by Local Departments.
§ gfl-5-407
Origins of adoption subsidy
§ gfl-5-408
Child Adoption Subsidy Continuation and Cancellation Restrictions
§ gfl-5-409
An adoptive parent filing for a subsidy may submit appropriate application.
§ gfl-5-410
Prospective Adoptive Parent Subsidies
§ gfl-5-410.1
Rights of reimbursement for adoption parents
§ gfl-5-411
A final decision of the Board may be appealed by the Administrative Procedure Act.
§ gfl-5-412
The Administration Director shall adopt the regulation
§ gfl-5-415
Maryland Adoption Subsidy Act
§ gfl-5-4A-01
§ gfl-5-4A-02
General Assembly responsibility for protection of children
§ gfl-5-4A-03
The Administration's right on behalf of the state
§ gfl-5-4A-04
Compact Protections Defined
§ gfl-5-4A-05
Adoption of Special Needs Children in Maryland State
§ gfl-5-4A-06
Forgery of claim will be punished to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or both.
§ gfl-5-4A-07
Administration Regulation Enforcement
§ gfl-5-4A-08
Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Law
§ gfl-5-4B-01
State Legal Definitions
§ gfl-5-4B-02
Adopted Individual Reunion Services
§ gfl-5-4B-03
List of Confidential Intermediaries
§ gfl-5-4B-04
Director will provide the list of confidential intermediaries.
§ gfl-5-4B-05
Confidentiality of search, contact, and reunion services
§ gfl-5-4B-06
Director or the Adoption Program Manager Tasks
§ gfl-5-4B-07
Date regulations for report on reunion services.
§ gfl-5-4B-08
Confidential Information Disclosure Policy
§ gfl-5-4B-09
Shall refrain from further and subsequent inquiry with the individual contacted
§ gfl-5-4B-10
A confidential intermediary shall make continued attempts to contact person.
§ gfl-5-4B-11
Non-disclosure of Identity and Confidential Intermediary Policy
§ gfl-5-4B-12
Director may implement regulations
§ gfl-5-4C-01
Definition of words used in this subtitle
§ gfl-5-4C-02
State Mutual Consent Voluntary information Law
§ gfl-5-4C-03
Director follows regulation/pay fees for child placement.
§ gfl-5-4C-04
Administration may not disclose information in registry
§ gfl-5-4C-05
State Individual Registration Law
§ gfl-5-4C-06
Notarized Affidavit needed to register with the registry
§ gfl-5-4C-07
"On receipt of an affidavit, the Administration shall do many things."
§ gfl-5-501
Section 5-501 Definitions and Terminologies
§ gfl-5-502
Declarations of General Assembly on Minor Children
§ gfl-5-503
An officer in charge of the welfare of a juvenile has the same powers as an officer of the law.
§ gfl-5-504
Rights of Foster Parents
§ gfl-5-505
Window cover terms and regulations
§ gfl-5-506
Regulations for child placement and care agencies.
§ gfl-5-507
Child Placement
§ gfl-5-508
State Administration Licensing Exceptions
§ gfl-5-509
Licensed child care institutions.
§ gfl-5-509.1
Individuals must be licensed before operating education facility
§ gfl-5-510
Applying for Licenses
§ gfl-5-511
Employer Licensing Requirements
§ gfl-5-512
With state recognition certain parties may act on the behalf of children.
§ gfl-5-513
State Administration Application Time Limit
§ gfl-5-514
Out of State Enforcement
§ gfl-5-515
Violating provisions may result in license suspension
§ gfl-5-516
Suspension or Revocation of a license
§ gfl-5-517
Right to Appeal Child Placement Agency Decisions
§ gfl-5-518
Protection of Individual and Administrative Procedure Act.
§ gfl-5-519
"Administration may investigate In connection with the issuance of a license."
§ gfl-5-520
Parents provide religious and health needs of adoptee
§ gfl-5-521
Criminal Sentencing Guidelines for Violations of Part II
§ gfl-5-524
Responsibility of Administrations: provide child welfare services
§ gfl-5-525
Disability and state child care are established.
§ gfl-5-525.1
Termination of Parental Rights
§ gfl-5-525.2
Out-of-home siblings shall be placed together
§ gfl-5-526
How The Department Protects Children (Housing)
§ gfl-5-527
Payment Guidelines for Foster Care of Children needing Special Care
§ gfl-5-528
Additional Medical Expenses
§ gfl-5-529
Reimbursement of Foster Parents
§ gfl-5-530
The Department May Contribute to the Support of a Child
§ gfl-5-531
Foster Child Funeral Expenses
§ gfl-5-532
Children in need of guardianship
§ gfl-5-533
Defining "residential facility for children"
§ gfl-5-534
§ gfl-5-535
Maryland State Citizens Review Board For Children.
§ gfl-5-536
State Board Terms and Memberhship
§ gfl-5-537
State Board Chair and Vice Chair Election Terms
§ gfl-5-538
State Board Mandatory Meeting Law
§ gfl-5-539
The state board is allowed to create ordinances that directly affect smaller areas within the state.
§ gfl-5-539.1
How the State Board Governs
§ gfl-5-539.2
Local Citizens may advise state on child abuse
§ gfl-5-539.3
State Board Staff Designation
§ gfl-5-540
"There shall be at least 1 local board of review for minor children/"
§ gfl-5-541
Makeup of Local Boards
§ gfl-5-542
Electing the Chair of a local Board
§ gfl-5-543
Compensation and Confidentiality Standards
§ gfl-5-544
Each local board have certain goals.
§ gfl-5-545
Children Out of Home Care Laws
§ gfl-5-546
Required Board requests submissions
§ gfl-5-547
Maryland Restrictions on Institutions Dealing with Adoption Etc
§ gfl-5-550
Part V of the subtitle words and meanings.
§ gfl-5-550.1
Reasons and Benefits of Registering Family Childcare Homes
§ gfl-5-551
Regulations for Child Care Facilities
§ gfl-5-552
Family Child Care Home Registration Requirements
§ gfl-5-553
Regulations for in home child care.
§ gfl-5-554
Revocation of a Childcare Provider
§ gfl-5-554.1
"The State Superintendent may apply to a judge of the District Court."
§ gfl-5-555
Informational Requirements of the Childcare Pamphlet
§ gfl-5-556
State Child Abuse & Neglect Law Continuation
§ gfl-5-556.1
Child Home Lead Poisoning Reporting Requirements
§ gfl-5-557
Fines for Violation of this Law
§ gfl-5-557.1
Civil Penalties for Violation
§ gfl-5-558
Department info on Part V
§ gfl-5-559.1
Origins Of the Grant Fund
§ gfl-5-559.2
State Superintendent Delegation Powers and Grants
§ gfl-5-559.3
Use and Consistence of Direct Grant Funds
§ gfl-5-559.4
The Department may make a grant to an applicant only if the applicant meets the qualifications
§ gfl-5-559.5
Financial aid application requires submission to department along with ID, personal financial info, etc.
§ gfl-5-559.6
Direct Grant Terms and Conditions
§ gfl-5-559.7
Consequences for Knowingly Making False Statements
§ gfl-5-559.8
Necessary rules shall be made by the Department
§ gfl-5-560
"The following words have the indicated meanings."
§ gfl-5-561
The Southern Maryland Education Center is governed by a Board of Directors.
§ gfl-5-562
Criminal History Records Check Application Guidelines
§ gfl-5-563
The Signing of Statements of Criminal Record Disclosure
§ gfl-5-564
Department will conduct background checks and provide printed statements.
§ gfl-5-565
Options for appealing convictions and dispositions under Maryland law.
§ gfl-5-566
Individuals must disclose criminal history
§ gfl-5-567
Units or persons immune to civil or criminal liability.
§ gfl-5-568
Requests for criminal background checks shall be made in a uniform manner.
§ gfl-5-569
Child Emergency Out-of-home Placement
§ gfl-5-570
Child means an individual under the age of 16 years."
§ gfl-5-571
Children of Maryland
§ gfl-5-572
Any school age day care center must meet safety standards.
§ gfl-5-573
"State Superintendent shall adopt rules for licensing and operating child care centers."
§ gfl-5-574
License Required To Operate a Child Care Facility
§ gfl-5-575
"An applicant shall submit an application to the Department on the form that the State."
§ gfl-5-576
Follow part seven to receive a license.
§ gfl-5-577
What a Child Care Center License Grants
§ gfl-5-578
Expiration and Grant of Child Care Center Licenses
§ gfl-5-579
License issued under Part VII is not transferable.
§ gfl-5-580
Child Care Center Licensing
§ gfl-5-580.1
Application for administrative search warrant procedure.
§ gfl-5-580.2
Child Care Providers Must Screen for Lead Poisoning
§ gfl-5-580.3
The requirements of this subsection is only for employees hired after October 1.
§ gfl-5-581
Appealing Superintendent Decisions
§ gfl-5-582
Operation of child care center
§ gfl-5-583
Fines for violation of the subtitle.
§ gfl-5-583.1
Consequences for violating subsection VII
§ gfl-5-584
Child Abuse and Neglect Directives
§ gfl-5-585
rules related to the All restrictions imposed by the laws
§ gfl-5-586
General Definitions
§ gfl-5-587
Childcare for state employees.
§ gfl-5-588
The Department of General Services shall cooperate with Mental health & Hygiene departments.
§ gfl-5-589
Maryland's Pilot Program Explained.
§ gfl-5-589.1
Timeframe for Evidence of Lead Poisoning Screening
§ gfl-5-590
State PART IX Law Meanings
§ gfl-5-591
Early Childhood Development Advisory Council Shall Be Formed
§ gfl-5-592
Requirements of Members of Council
§ gfl-5-593
Rights and Responsibilities of the Council
§ gfl-5-594
Part words and meanings.
§ gfl-5-594.1
Child Care Quality Incentive Grant Program
§ gfl-5-594.2
Delegation of Authority and Grants by State Superintendent
§ gfl-5-594.3
Grants intended for the Child Care Quality incentive grant.
§ gfl-5-594.4
Qualifications for Direct Incentive Grants
§ gfl-5-594.5
How To Apply for a Direct Incentive Grant
§ gfl-5-594.6
Ability of the State Department of Education to set terms, conditions, and priorities for grants.
§ gfl-5-594.7
A person shall not offer false information on an application.
§ gfl-5-594.8
The state superintendent shall adopt appropriate regulations.
§ gfl-5-595
Child Care Provision
§ gfl-5-595.1
Family Child Care Providers Are Protected By Federal Antitrust Laws
§ gfl-5-595.2
Election of Family Child Care Provider Organization
§ gfl-5-595.3
The state shall appoint persons to participate in collective bargaining.
§ gfl-5-595.4
Representation of child care from communication with the state.
§ gfl-5-595.5
Provider Organizations May Not Direct Strikes
§ gfl-5-595.6
Family Child Care Providers Are Not State Employees
§ gfl-5-601
The Interstate Compact on Placement of Children definitions
§ gfl-5-602
Placement of Children
§ gfl-5-603
Compact Guidelines
§ gfl-5-604
Foster Care and Adoption Agency Rules
§ gfl-5-605
Sending or receiving child in violation is punishable in both states involved in transfer.
§ gfl-5-606
Sending agency has jurisdiction over the child
§ gfl-5-607
State Child Delinquency Adjudication & Jurisdictions
§ gfl-5-608
General Coordinator Designation Guidelines
§ gfl-5-609
Exceptions of Application of Compact
§ gfl-5-610
Joining and Withdrawal regulations for this agreement.
§ gfl-5-611
Severability of This Compact
§ gfl-5-701
Definition of Terms Used in Subtitle
§ gfl-5-702
§ gfl-5-703
Applications of this Subtitle
§ gfl-5-704
Persons filing child neglect
§ gfl-5-704.1
Guidelines for reporting child abuse
§ gfl-5-705
Any Person who Suspects Child Abuse Shall Notify Law Enforcement.
§ gfl-5-705.1
Reporting suspected abuse or neglect.
§ gfl-5-706
Child Protective Services Alternative Response Definitions
§ gfl-5-706.1
"A written notification must be given to the accused child abuser."
§ gfl-5-706.2
Law Enforcement Response to Report of Child Sexual Abuse
§ gfl-5-706.3
intervention systems
§ gfl-5-707
A procedure for securing confidential documents in family court shall be established.
§ gfl-5-708
Report of abuse or negligence
§ gfl-5-709
Home entry during an investigation
§ gfl-5-710
The local department shall render the appropriate services
§ gfl-5-711
The local department shall receive copies
§ gfl-5-712
State Legal Definitions & Medical Terminology
§ gfl-5-713
Juvenile Custody
§ gfl-5-714
Social Services Administration Abuse & Neglect Registry
§ gfl-5-715
State Executive Director & Parental Rights Determination Law
§ gfl-5-7A-01
There is a State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect.
§ gfl-5-7A-02
Constitution of council with each member serving 3 years term and allowed two consecutive terms.
§ gfl-5-7A-03
Selecting a chairperson
§ gfl-5-7A-04
Council Minimum Meeting Requirements
§ gfl-5-7A-05
State Council Operation Requirements & Regulation Laws
§ gfl-5-7A-06
"The counsel shall evaluate the effectiveness of state and local agencies."
§ gfl-5-7A-07
Disclosure of Identifying Information by the Council
§ gfl-5-7A-08
Council requests from State or local government
§ gfl-5-7A-09
Reports from the State Council
§ gfl-5-801
Child Care Confinement Prohibition Under 8 Years
§ gfl-7-101
Criteria for Divorce Filings Based on Residency and Testimony
§ gfl-7-102
Grounds for limited divorce.
§ gfl-7-103
The court may decree an absolute divorce on adultery and desertion
§ gfl-7-103.1
In a proceeding under this title, a court may not consider compliance with an order issued .
§ gfl-7-103.2
Divorce and child support, custody, or visitation
§ gfl-7-104
Unaccepted offer or rejected claim for reconciliation by either spouse cannot bar divorce process.
§ gfl-7-105
Changing a Party's Name Upon Decree of Divorce
§ gfl-7-106
Recording of final divorce decrees
§ gfl-7-107
In a family law case the judge may require either party to pay "Reasonable and necessary expense."
§ gfl-8-101
A husband and wife should make an acceptable enforceable agreement & settlement.
§ gfl-8-102
Deeds Between Spouses
§ gfl-8-103
Origins of A Divorce
§ gfl-8-104
Regulations for Divorce on Grounds of Voluntary Separation
§ gfl-8-105
Power of Contempt in Divorce
§ gfl-8-201
Section Of People Definitions
§ gfl-8-202
Court May Resolve Property Disputes in a Divorce
§ gfl-8-203
the court shall determine which property is marital property in case of a dispute.
§ gfl-8-204
Court Valuation of Material Property
§ gfl-8-205
Divorce property laws and application.
§ gfl-8-206
In a family law case property may be used for the benefit of a minor child.
§ gfl-8-207
Family Property Determination In An Annulment Or Absolute Divorce
§ gfl-8-208
Court Granted Annulments and Divorces
§ gfl-8-209
Provisions for Families or Home Family Use
§ gfl-8-210
Property rights and limits impacted by a divorce.
§ gfl-8-211
Evidence of Constructive Desertation
§ gfl-8-212
Recognition Of Divorce And Annulment In Foreign Jurisdiction
§ gfl-8-213
Everything Applicable To Subtitle Enforced By Maryland Rules
§ gfl-8-214
The responsibility for "reasonable and necessary expense" in a family court case.
§ gfl-9-101
Grounds limiting custody or visitation for child abuse.
§ gfl-9-101.1
Arrangements For Custody Or Visitation That A Court Can Make In Cases Of Abuse
§ gfl-9-101.2
Awarding of Child Custody
§ gfl-9-102
An equity court consider a petition.
§ gfl-9-103
A child who is 16 years old who is subject to a custody order can change custody.
§ gfl-9-104
Access to medical, dental, and educational records odf a child may not be denied.
§ gfl-9-105
Guidelines of custody Proceeding
§ gfl-9-106
Custody Proceedings
§ gfl-9-107
Definition of Disability and Impact on Custodial Rights
§ gfl-9-108
Military Deployment Act of Maryland
§ gfl-9-301
Definitions of Terms Pertaining to Guardianship and Custody
§ gfl-9-302
Equity Court Jurisdiction over Custody
§ gfl-9-303
custody orders of the state
§ gfl-9-304
Lawful Custodians Standards for Children Under 16
§ gfl-9-305
Obstruction of Lawful Custodian of Children Under 16
§ gfl-9-306
Violation of Provisions
§ gfl-9-307
Child Custody Laws
§ gfl-9-401
Defining Law Enforcement Agency & Missing Child
§ gfl-9-402
Law enforcement agencies must process missing child reports in a timely and urgent manner.
§ gfl-9-403
State Clearinghouse for Missing Children And It's Purposes
§ gfl-9.5-101
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this title.
§ gfl-9.5-102
Emergency Medical Care for a Child
§ gfl-9.5-103
A child custody proceeding is defined in the Indian Child Welfare Act.
§ gfl-9.5-104
A court of this State need not apply this title if the child custody law of a foreign country
§ gfl-9.5-105
Child custody decisions are binding
§ gfl-9.5-106
Questions of Exercise of Jurisdiction in Child Custody
§ gfl-9.5-107
Jurisdiction notice be served on a person outside State according to law of either of the States.
§ gfl-9.5-108
A person who is subject to personal jurisdiction on a basis other than physical presence
§ gfl-9.5-109
the parties to participate in the communication.
§ gfl-9.5-110
Right To Testimony Of Witnesses Outside Of State
§ gfl-9.5-111
Types of Court Proceedings
§ gfl-9.5-201
court's jurisdiction to make an initial child custody determination
§ gfl-9.5-202
The original court in a family law case holds jurisdiction unless superseded by a higher court.
§ gfl-9.5-203
the court has no control over a child/child's parent if they live in another state
§ gfl-9.5-204
Temporary State Care for Children
§ gfl-9.5-205
Notice and Opportunity Requirements for Child Custody
§ gfl-9.5-206
Regulations on Custody Rulings Previously Ruled Upon Out-Of-State
§ gfl-9.5-207
declining to exercise jurisdiction
§ gfl-9.5-208
Circumstances under which court jurisdiction is applicable
§ gfl-9.5-209
Information in an Affidavit
§ gfl-9.5-210
Court May Order Appearance of Child Custodians
§ gfl-9.5-301
Meanings Of Petitioner And Respondent As Per Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
§ gfl-9.5-302
International Abduction Returns Are Ruled as Custody Cases
§ gfl-9.5-303
Child Custody Decisions From Other States Are Upheld
§ gfl-9.5-304
Modifying Custody Without Jurisdiction
§ gfl-9.5-305
Registration of Out-of-state Child Custody Decisions
§ gfl-9.5-306
Maryland shall recognize and enforce, but not modify, child custody arrangements.
§ gfl-9.5-307
Enforcement Proceeding Commenced In Court
§ gfl-9.5-308
Verification of Petitions
§ gfl-9.5-309
Service Requirements for Service of the Petition
§ gfl-9.5-310
Regulations for Determining Custody, Assistance, and Self-Incrimination
§ gfl-9.5-311
Child Custody Petition Laws
§ gfl-9.5-312
The court shall award the prevailing party
§ gfl-9.5-313
A child custody determined by a court cannot be altered by another state court directly.
§ gfl-9.5-314
Expedited appellate procedures
§ gfl-9.5-315
Children and the Attorney General
§ gfl-9.5-316
Law Enforcement Assisting the Attorney General
§ gfl-9.5-317
respondent to bear expenses if not prevailing party
§ gfl-9.5-318
Uniform Child Custody Law