Financial Institutions

This is Article gfi of the Code of State, titled “Financial Institutions.” It’s comprised of the following 918 sections.

§ gfi-1-101
Intended meaning of Key Words
§ gfi-1-201
Maryland General Corporation Law applicable to financial institution
§ gfi-1-202
Acknowledgement of Documents
§ gfi-1-203
Procedures for procuring Licenses and Permits
§ gfi-1-204
Definitions for Account Agreements for Transfers on Death
§ gfi-1-205
Meaning of Depository institution,Compliance review committee and documents & Loan review committee
§ gfi-1-206
§ gfi-1-208
responsibilities of the directors and officers of the financial institution.
§ gfi-1-209
Credit Regulations Can Be Created Only by State.
§ gfi-1-210
financial definitions and relevence according to maryland law
§ gfi-1-211
Description for indicated terms.
§ gfi-1-301
Meaning of the words under this title
§ gfi-1-302
The employees of a fiduciary institution May not disclose to any person any financial record relating to a customer.
§ gfi-1-303
Maryland Requirements For Financial Record Examination And Disclosure
§ gfi-1-304
subpoena can refer to summons, warrant or court order, contains certification by court
§ gfi-1-305
Disclosure and Non-Disclosure violations for fiduciary institution employees
§ gfi-1-306
Legal Meaning Of The Following Terms
§ gfi-1-401
Automated teller machine
§ gfi-1-402
Electronic fund transfer Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-1-402.1
Applies to the Installation of Automatic Teller Machine.
§ gfi-1-403
Banking institutions may have an automated teller machine
§ gfi-1-404
Regulations to the operator of an automated teller machine
§ gfi-1-405
The meaning of Foreign banking corporation is stated.
§ gfi-1-406
enacting laws related to ATM only by State
§ gfi-10-101
§ gfi-10-102
The State of Maryland Deposit Insurance Fund Corporation
§ gfi-10-103
§ gfi-10-103.1
The Board gives impartial fiscal advice.
§ gfi-10-104
Fund Director State Budget Law
§ gfi-10-105
Fund Director Must Follow Licensing Regulations While Performing Duties.
§ gfi-10-106
The Fund Director will adopt an official seal.
§ gfi-10-107
Fund director takes care of the Fund.
§ gfi-10-108
Conflict of interest in the Fund Director Position
§ gfi-10-109
Fund Director and Employees Loan Exemptions
§ gfi-10-110
§ gfi-10-110.1
Responsibilities of Fund Director Upon Final Liquidation
§ gfi-10-110.2
rules regarding any advances from state to the Fund from general or special funds
§ gfi-10-111
Apply to Fund Director to become member association
§ gfi-10-112
An association becomes a member when its application is approved by the Fund Director.
§ gfi-10-113
The powers granted to the Fund Director.
§ gfi-10-114
Maryland allows contact between Division and Fund Directors
§ gfi-10-115
The Fund is not subject to the Insurance Article.
§ gfi-10-116
Policies Of Maryland State Government Funds
§ gfi-10-117
Fund Membership and Continuation Eligibility.
§ gfi-10-118
rules related to eligibility of An association for new or continued membership in the Fund
§ gfi-10-119
Submitting False Information to the Fund - Sentencing Guidelines
§ gfi-10-120
Fund holds claim and right to Maryland Savings
§ gfi-10-121
immunity to the fund from the liability related to the Courts and Judicial Proceedings
§ gfi-11-101
Terminology Definitions for Financial Institutions
§ gfi-11-201
§ gfi-11-202
§ gfi-11-203
rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of subtitle
§ gfi-11-204
consumer loan law
§ gfi-11-205
License approval depends on liquid assets, worth to community, and character of business.
§ gfi-11-206
Application for License
§ gfi-11-207
when a application is filed and fees paid the commissioner must investigate the claim
§ gfi-11-208
State Commissioner License Information
§ gfi-11-209
License expiration and renewal procedure
§ gfi-11-210
License Is Not Transferable and Must Be Displayed at Business
§ gfi-11-211
Changes to a licensed place of business.
§ gfi-11-213
"Licensee shall keep records in compliance with the Maryland Consumer Loan Law."
§ gfi-11-214
Conventions to discover violations of the Maryland Consumer Loan Law!
§ gfi-11-215
A cease and desist order can be issued if a licensee is in violation of the law.
§ gfi-11-216
Guidelines for board to revoke or suspend license
§ gfi-11-217
opportunity of being heard should be given to licensee by commissioner before giving his decision
§ gfi-11-218
rules related to appeal by the aggrieved party in against the decision of commissioner
§ gfi-11-219
Only licensed people can collect on sold loan accounts.
§ gfi-11-220
Commissioner and violations of Maryland Consumer Loan Law
§ gfi-11-221
This Subtitle Effects Remedial Purpose
§ gfi-11-222
any person guilty of a misdemeanor is subject to imprisonment
§ gfi-11-223
Maryland Consumer Loan Law-Licensing Provisions
§ gfi-11-301
loan or extensions of credit
§ gfi-11-302
Installment Loans
§ gfi-11-303
the licensing and investigatory provisions of Subtitle 2 of this title, the Maryland Consumer Loan Law Licensing Provisions.
§ gfi-11-304
Subtitle Violators are Guilty of a Misdemeanor
§ gfi-11-401
§ gfi-11-402
Banks are excluded from this licensing provisions subtitle
§ gfi-11-403
Individual Business License
§ gfi-11-404
Application for License
§ gfi-11-405
The commission may deny an application
§ gfi-11-406
§ gfi-11-407
The Commissioner shall issue a license to any applicant who meets the requirements of this subtitle.
§ gfi-11-408
Name and Address Will Be Included In Every License.
§ gfi-11-409
Depending on the date and year a license is issued will depict the time and year it's expired.
§ gfi-11-410
Every business must have their license on display.
§ gfi-11-411
Origins of an licensee changig the place of business
§ gfi-11-412
How to Surrender a License.
§ gfi-11-413
Restrictions on The Commissioner's Power To Examine or Audit Licensees
§ gfi-11-414
What qualifies a licensee to have their license revoked.
§ gfi-11-415
"Commissioner shall give the licensee an opportunity before the commissioner takes action."
§ gfi-11-416
rules related to the appeal against the decision of commissioner to deny an application for a license
§ gfi-11-417
Obligations after loss of license
§ gfi-11-418
Intentionally Making An Incorrect Statement Is Punishable.
§ gfi-11-419
Violation of any Provision May Result as:
§ gfi-11-501
§ gfi-11-502
§ gfi-11-503
Rules and Regulations May Be Adopted
§ gfi-11-503.1
The Commissioner Is Responsible For Setting Fees
§ gfi-11-504
Licensed Persons Acting as Mortgage Lenders
§ gfi-11-505
Only 1 place of business may be maintained under any 1 license.
§ gfi-11-506
Commissioner determinations of applicants
§ gfi-11-506.1
§ gfi-11-507
How to apply for a mortgage license
§ gfi-11-508
Requirements for a banking license and license renewal in the state of Maryland.
§ gfi-11-508.1
Rules and regulations to get new license, renewal
§ gfi-11-509
Maryland License application fees and investigation
§ gfi-11-510
License Denials
§ gfi-11-511
Laws related to the licensing of financial institutions.
§ gfi-11-511.1
Continuing education is required to renew such licenses.
§ gfi-11-512
§ gfi-11-513
Availability of license to commissioner.
§ gfi-11-513.1
A mortgage lender who is exempt from licensing under this subtitle shall submit the call reports required under subsection.
§ gfi-11-514
rules related to the surrender of a license by the licensee
§ gfi-11-515
Examination of business by commissioner.
§ gfi-11-516
Commissioner duties towards companies violating mortgage loan lending
§ gfi-11-517
Rules regarding the commissioner's right to revoke licenses.
§ gfi-11-518
What Should Commissioner Do Before Taking Any Action Under 11-516 or 11-517 of This Subtitle
§ gfi-11-519
The Committee may reinstate a license after a favorable inspection.
§ gfi-11-520
Mortgage lender may not do business under any trade name that misrepresents
§ gfi-11-521
§ gfi-11-523
Individual May be Fine if a Provision is Violated
§ gfi-11-524
Maryland Mortgage Lender Law
§ gfi-11-601
§ gfi-11-602
§ gfi-11-603
"This subtitle authorizes the licensee to act as a mortgage loan originator."
§ gfi-11-603.1
§ gfi-11-604
§ gfi-11-605
Mortgage loan originator license issue and related terms and condition
§ gfi-11-606
Mortgage Prelicensing Education Regulations in Maryland State
§ gfi-11-606.1
written test to qualify for an initial license
§ gfi-11-607
Commissioner Shall Investigate License Applications
§ gfi-11-608
§ gfi-11-609
Transition to Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry
§ gfi-11-610
Mortgage Lender-Originator Fund Definitions and Restrictions
§ gfi-11-611
Funding of the Division of Financial Regulation
§ gfi-11-612
Renewal of a license to be a mortgage lender
§ gfi-11-612.1
Who Establishes Fees And In What Manner
§ gfi-11-613
Filing and Conduct of Mortgage Loan Complaints
§ gfi-11-614
§ gfi-11-615
Commissioner may suspend or revoke the license of any licensee
§ gfi-11-616
State Commissioner Administrative Procedure Act
§ gfi-11-617
Willful Violation of Provisions
§ gfi-11-618
Licensing and employment of mortgage lender under subtitle 5
§ gfi-11-619
Mortgage loan originator coverage and regulations
§ gfi-11-620
Origins of Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System
§ gfi-11-621
§ gfi-11-622
Commissioner Reports to Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry
§ gfi-11-623
§ gfi-11-624
Threats and bribery of appraisals prohibited in mortgage loans.
§ gfi-12-1001
Debt Settlement
§ gfi-12-1002
Debt Settlement Payments
§ gfi-12-1003
Section 12-1003 Revisions and Definitions
§ gfi-12-1004
Registration of this subtitle is effective until June 30th, 2015.
§ gfi-12-1005
Debt Settlement Provisions are Effective until 2015.
§ gfi-12-1006
Registration Issuance/Renewal Chapter 280, 281 of 2011
§ gfi-12-1007
Debt Management Services Fund Origins
§ gfi-12-1008
To register application in format giving details is to be applied to Commissioner.
§ gfi-12-1009
Registration Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-12-101
Laws and terminology of check cashing services.
§ gfi-12-1010
Registrant Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-12-1011
Misrepresentation of Material Aspect of Debt Settlement Services
§ gfi-12-1012
Debt Settlement Service Agreements As Of June 30, 2015
§ gfi-12-1013
Adverse affects on the Consumer
§ gfi-12-1014
Rights of accountants: filing surety bond
§ gfi-12-1015
Origins Of registrant Reporting
§ gfi-12-1016
Trade Practice Rules for Commercial Law Article
§ gfi-12-1017
Maryland Debt Settlement Services Act
§ gfi-12-102
Governing Rules for payment instruments
§ gfi-12-103
Origins Of Funds
§ gfi-12-104
Duties of the Commissioner
§ gfi-12-105
Origins of check cashing services
§ gfi-12-106
A potential licensee must show fitness to operate a business.
§ gfi-12-107
Why you must submit to a background check in order to get a job.
§ gfi-12-108
Obtaining a license
§ gfi-12-109
Origins of filing for a license
§ gfi-12-110
Check cashing services license terms
§ gfi-12-111
Terms under which a license expires and may be renewed.
§ gfi-12-112
License Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-12-113
Licensed Persons Cannot Change Business Location Without Prior Permission
§ gfi-12-114
Compliance Of licensee Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-12-115
Commissioner Records and Operations Investigation
§ gfi-12-116
Endorsement of Checks or other payments
§ gfi-12-117
Federal and State Licensee Compliance Against Money Laundering
§ gfi-12-118
When providing check cashing services notices must be posted in 48 point font.
§ gfi-12-119
A licensee shall pay a customer in US dollar.
§ gfi-12-120
"A licensee may not charge any other fee for accepting or cashing a payment instrument."
§ gfi-12-121
Cease and desist orders
§ gfi-12-122
Reasons For License Suspension Or Revocation
§ gfi-12-123
Licensee's Have an Opportunity for a Hearing with the Commissioner
§ gfi-12-124
Alleged Criminal Violations Are Reported By The Commissioner.
§ gfi-12-125
Violation of This Subtitle Constitutes a Misdemeanor
§ gfi-12-126
charge imposed by commissioner for violating rules
§ gfi-12-127
Aggrievement For Injury From Violation Of Subtitle
§ gfi-12-201
Intended Meaning of Key Terms
§ gfi-12-207
Foreign banking Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-12-208
Application guidelines for permits for foreign banks.
§ gfi-12-209
Origins Of A Commissioner
§ gfi-12-210
Expiration of Permits
§ gfi-12-211
The Commissioner will decide the fees that related to the cost of processing the applications.
§ gfi-12-401
The following meanings are associated with these subtitles
§ gfi-12-402
Provisions of Subtitle to Banking and Credit Unions
§ gfi-12-403
Overseeing money and funds
§ gfi-12-404
What is Monet Transmission Fund and what goes in it or used from it.
§ gfi-12-405
Money Transmission Restrictions
§ gfi-12-406
Origins of qualifying for a license
§ gfi-12-407
How To Get A Bank License.
§ gfi-12-408
Central Repository
§ gfi-12-408.1
providing materials for nationwide licensing system
§ gfi-12-409
Applicants for Licenses will be Investigated by the Commissioner.
§ gfi-12-410
Mandatory information for business licenses.
§ gfi-12-411
Terms of the Nationwide Licensing System.
§ gfi-12-412
Origins of a trust company
§ gfi-12-413
Designated Agent Of Licensee
§ gfi-12-414
Regulations to An authorized delegate with respect to a licensee
§ gfi-12-415
How to change the place of a licensed business.
§ gfi-12-416
Licensee Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-12-417
License must be in accordance federal and state laws.
§ gfi-12-418
Licensee General Requirements
§ gfi-12-419
Requesting duplication of a payment instrument
§ gfi-12-420
Service fee for redemption of unused payment instrument
§ gfi-12-421
§ gfi-12-422
Surrendering Of A License
§ gfi-12-423
Power of the Commissioner
§ gfi-12-424
Commissioners' duties under the state law
§ gfi-12-425
Required record keeping
§ gfi-12-426
Commissioner Grounds for License Suspensions and Revocations.
§ gfi-12-427
Unlicensed money transmissions are punishable by law
§ gfi-12-428
Origins of Administrative Procedure Act
§ gfi-12-429
State Attorney's Rights to prosecute in their counties
§ gfi-12-430
Penalty of a Violation this Subtitle
§ gfi-12-430.1
Commissioner's Responsibilities In Regards To The Nationwide Licensing System
§ gfi-12-431
This Subtitle Constitutes Maryland Money Transmission Act
§ gfi-12-601
Meanings of Safe-Deposit Box & Safe-Deposit Company.
§ gfi-12-602
fiduciary is included in this section.
§ gfi-12-603
If the lessee of a safe-deposit box dies a person wishes to open the safe-deposit box cannot open.
§ gfi-12-604
Laws for Safe Deposit Boxes
§ gfi-12-701
Rights of financial institutions to apply for Commissional Support
§ gfi-12-702
Origins Of Qualifying For supervision and examination
§ gfi-12-703
Origins of applying for supervision and examination
§ gfi-12-704
rules related to fulfillment of same reporting requirements as bank by financial institution
§ gfi-12-705
Commissioner's penalties for unsafe/unsound financial practices
§ gfi-12-706
Commissioner Taking action Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-12-707
Origins of finding of the Commissioner
§ gfi-12-708
Annual assessments for financial institution supervision
§ gfi-12-709
Duties of the Commissioner
§ gfi-12-801
Transactional Records Required In Criminal Proceedings When Useful
§ gfi-12-802
Legal Definitions
§ gfi-12-803
Financial Institution Currency Transaction Record Keeping
§ gfi-12-804
Any person by a final decision of the Board under _ 8-6A-10 may take a direct judicial appeal.
§ gfi-12-805
Civil penalties for violations by Financial Institutions
§ gfi-12-806
§ gfi-12-901
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ gfi-12-902
course for business professions and license
§ gfi-12-903
Provisions Commissioner may carry out.
§ gfi-12-904
Fees for applicants annual gross revenue
§ gfi-12-905
Origins of Debt Management Services Fund
§ gfi-12-905
Origins of Debt Management Services Fund
§ gfi-12-906
Person cannot provide debt management unless they have approved licenses.
§ gfi-12-907
license approval or disapproval
§ gfi-12-908
A financial institution seeking a license must submit an appropriate application.
§ gfi-12-909
Law For The Applicant Or Licensee To Provide Finger Prints During Criminal History Record Checks
§ gfi-12-910
Commissioner oversees license applications and checks for correctness.
§ gfi-12-911
debt management services license
§ gfi-12-912
When the license expires and can be filed for renewal.
§ gfi-12-913
A licensee may surrender a license by sending to the Commissioner
§ gfi-12-914
Applicant may file a surety bond when applying for a license renewal
§ gfi-12-915
Licensee's Must Keep Info Up-to-date with the Commissioner.
§ gfi-12-916
A licensee may not conduct debt management services unless certain conditions are met.
§ gfi-12-917
Escrow requirements for licensees
§ gfi-12-918
Origins Of debt management
§ gfi-12-919
rules to provide licensee to a consumer
§ gfi-12-920
Licensed Debt Management Officer Regulations in Maryland State
§ gfi-12-921
Licensee Reporting Requirements To Debt Management Services
§ gfi-12-922
A licensee shall make and preserve books, accounts and ledgers for at least 7 years.
§ gfi-12-923
Commissioner investigation
§ gfi-12-924
licensee requirements
§ gfi-12-925
Law of licensee
§ gfi-12-926
Commissioner License Denial, Reprimand, Revocation, and Suspension
§ gfi-12-927
Before denial of a license the Commissioner shall give a chance to hearing to denied party.
§ gfi-12-928
regulations about violators, asset and history of violators
§ gfi-12-929
Fine not exceeding $1000 for violating subtitle
§ gfi-12-930
Consumers May Bring Civil Action to Recover Damages
§ gfi-12-931
Maryland Debt Management Services Act
§ gfi-13-1001
Defining subtitles for Maryland Law.
§ gfi-13-1002
General Assembly Findings
§ gfi-13-1003
Subtitle Is Loose In It's Terminology For Effect
§ gfi-13-1004
Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority
§ gfi-13-1005
Appointment of Representative and Members of Authority
§ gfi-13-1006
Authority Members And Procedures
§ gfi-13-1007
Duties of The Executive Director
§ gfi-13-1008
Additional Powers Of The Authority
§ gfi-13-1008.1
Authority may adopt and enforce regulations for parking
§ gfi-13-1009
Authority's Right To Condemnation and Acquisition of Property
§ gfi-13-1010
Origins of Authority
§ gfi-13-1011
Within 18 months after the date the Authority conducted specifies the management of heritage area.
§ gfi-13-1012
Mandatory Public Hearing Prior to Management Plan Submission.
§ gfi-13-1013
Approval or Disapproval by the Maryland Historical Trust
§ gfi-13-1014
Authority Expenditure Caveats
§ gfi-13-1015
City of Cumberland shall submit to the Authority
§ gfi-13-1016
Authority Representative Allotment
§ gfi-13-1017
Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority Financing Fund
§ gfi-13-1018
The authority may issue bonds for corporate purposes.
§ gfi-13-1019
Bonds of any issue
§ gfi-13-1020
Values of the bonds issued by the authority.
§ gfi-13-1021
Resolution and Trust Agreement Provision Allowances
§ gfi-13-1022
Authority Pledges of Revenues Are Legal and Binding
§ gfi-13-1023
The Authority is not personally liable for bonds
§ gfi-13-1024
Authority May Issue Repayment Bonds
§ gfi-13-1025
Authority entering agreements for its bonds
§ gfi-13-1026
Authority Bonds Are Exempt From Taxation
§ gfi-13-1027
The Authority is exempt from payment of taxes or assessments unless provided in this Subsection.
§ gfi-13-1028
Authority's Legal Standing In Relation To Financial Dealings
§ gfi-13-1029
Affecting the Heritage Area
§ gfi-13-1030
Board of Public Works
§ gfi-13-1031
Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority Act.
§ gfi-13-1101
Definitions of Terms Pertaining to Maryland Heritage Areas Authority
§ gfi-13-1102
Federal institutions shall comply with federal law.
§ gfi-13-1103
Maryland Heritage Areas Authority
§ gfi-13-1104
The authority consists of the following members.
§ gfi-13-1105
Nine voting members of the Authority are a quorum
§ gfi-13-1106
Maryland Historical Trust Dedicates Administrative Staff.
§ gfi-13-1107
Rules for Heritage Areas
§ gfi-13-1108
Duties and Responsibilities of The Authority
§ gfi-13-1109
Maryland State heritage and certified areas and purposes
§ gfi-13-1110
Heritage Area Designations
§ gfi-13-1111
Submitting proposal for certified heritage areas
§ gfi-13-1112
State officials Responsibilities
§ gfi-13-1113
Authority Grants and Loans Allowances
§ gfi-13-1114
Regulations to use Maryland Heritage Areas Authority Financing Fund
§ gfi-13-1115
Origins of issue of bonds
§ gfi-13-1116
Sources of Bond Repaymemt
§ gfi-13-1117
Bonds Issued by the Authority
§ gfi-13-1118
resolution to trust agreement amendments
§ gfi-13-1119
Authority Pledge Of Revenue Deemed Valid And Binding
§ gfi-13-1120
Authority not liable for issuance of bonds
§ gfi-13-1121
Regulations on bonds
§ gfi-13-1122
The authority may engage with various corporate partners in order to have a favorable outcome on bonds.
§ gfi-13-1123
bonds of the Authority
§ gfi-13-1124
Origins of an aggrieved person
§ gfi-13-801
Definitions Of Following Words Pertaining To This Section
§ gfi-13-802
State ceiling Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-13-803
allocation Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-13-804
Secretary request Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-13-805
Except under certain circumstances, allocations of the Maryland state ceiling shall revert to the secretary.
§ gfi-13-806
Recipients of the proceeds of bonds
§ gfi-13-807
Secretary Responsible For All Requirements Or Permissions
§ gfi-2-101
Details of Commissioner of Financial Regulation in Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
§ gfi-2-102
Origins of The Commissioner
§ gfi-2-103
deputy commissioner
§ gfi-2-104
Word Meanings, Commissioner Duties, Central Repository, Records Check
§ gfi-2-105
The Commissioner is Beholden to The Secretary of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
§ gfi-2-105.1
meaning of the words under this section
§ gfi-2-106
Official Seal of Commissioner
§ gfi-2-107
Reports Submitted By The Commissioner To The Governer
§ gfi-2-108
The Commissioner will collect certain fees from banks.
§ gfi-2-109
Payment of Funds by State Commissioner
§ gfi-2-110
The Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner may not be associated with a bank or financial institution.
§ gfi-2-111
Stock Ownership By State Employees
§ gfi-2-112
Limitations of Employees of the Commissioner
§ gfi-2-113
meaning of affiliate under this title
§ gfi-2-114
Commissioner makes public or private investigations as he deems necessary.
§ gfi-2-115
Cease and Desist Order in Violation of a Law
§ gfi-2-116
commissioner is able to prevent potential law-breaking
§ gfi-2-117
Information about financial institutions may be shared with federal agencies
§ gfi-2-118
meaning of "Fund" under this title
§ gfi-2-119
Annual State budget funds Law of Maryland
§ gfi-2-401
Program Evaluation Act Expiration Date
§ gfi-3-101
Definitions for investment and banking.
§ gfi-3-102
Affects trust companies established after 4/8/1910
§ gfi-3-103
commercial banks defined in 5-509 comply with all requirements
§ gfi-3-201
Individuals may act as incorporators to State Banks.
§ gfi-3-202
The filing of copies of articles of incorporation.
§ gfi-3-203
General rules that a bank must submit to be able to engage in business in the state
§ gfi-3-203.1
Meaning of Executive Officer in This Section
§ gfi-3-204
Submitting Articles of Incorporation
§ gfi-3-205
Filing articles of incorporation for a commercial bank.
§ gfi-3-206
Granting of Powers to Commercial Banks
§ gfi-3-207
Power of a trust company
§ gfi-3-208
commercial bank requires certificate of authority before opperating
§ gfi-3-209
Regulations to a commercial bank to get a certificate from commissioner
§ gfi-3-211
Capital Stock Payment Restrictions
§ gfi-3-211.1
Regulations and terminology regarding receiverships.
§ gfi-3-212
Necessary Notices from Banks After Incorporation
§ gfi-3-213
Commercial Band Charters
§ gfi-3-301
Regulations for subscription commercial bank capital stock.
§ gfi-3-302
Commercial bank can issue prefferred stock with Commissioners approval.
§ gfi-3-303
rules related to the loan by the commercial bank
§ gfi-3-304
Commercial Bank Regulations
§ gfi-3-305
Rules governing reduction in stock of commercial banks
§ gfi-3-306
surplus bank is less than 100 percent of its capital stock.
§ gfi-3-307
Rules of Cash Dividend
§ gfi-3-308
conditions to declare stock dividend by Board Directors
§ gfi-3-309
Commercial banks shall keep a ledger of stock holder information.
§ gfi-3-310
Annual stockholders meeting for commercial banks regulations
§ gfi-3-311
Capital stock Law of Maryland
§ gfi-3-312
Regulations for the sale of commercial bank debt instruments.
§ gfi-3-314
Defining words in this certain article.
§ gfi-3-315
Report by Bank Officer of Loans Requiring More than 25% of the Bank's Voting Stock
§ gfi-3-316
Regulations regarding the preemptive rights of stockholders.
§ gfi-3-401
Board of Directors required for commercial banks.
§ gfi-3-402
Commercial Bank Charter or Bylaw Guidelines for Number of Directors
§ gfi-3-403
Issuance of Capital Stock in Maryland
§ gfi-3-404
Mandatory duties of the director of a commercial bank.
§ gfi-3-405
Commercial Bank Board of Directors
§ gfi-3-407
Regulations for board meetings of commercial bank stockholders.
§ gfi-3-408
Regulation for mandatory board meetings for commercial banks directors.
§ gfi-3-409
Prerogative of Board in filling temporary vacancy
§ gfi-3-410
Majority Of State Bank Serving in Maryland State
§ gfi-3-411
conditions to elect officers of Commercial Bank
§ gfi-3-501
Words and meanings of a Trust
§ gfi-3-502
Administration of common trust bonds by a trust company.
§ gfi-3-503
Fiduciary Capacities of Trust Companies
§ gfi-3-504
Trusts are managed based on fund plans
§ gfi-3-505
Criteria regarding fund plans.
§ gfi-3-506
Fund Plan Providings
§ gfi-3-507
Trust company method of administering fund plan
§ gfi-3-508
Copy of Fund Plan
§ gfi-3-509
amendments should be approved by reolution of Board
§ gfi-3-510
Legal investments by a trust company.
§ gfi-3-511
Common Trust Fund
§ gfi-3-512
Regulations for trust companies.
§ gfi-3-513
Entry in and withdrawal from a common trust fund
§ gfi-3-514
accounts in common trust may receive participation certificate
§ gfi-3-515
Companies establishing trust funds control them
§ gfi-3-516
Trust company timeframe for trust fund valuation and audits
§ gfi-3-517
Ownership of and title to trust fund assets.
§ gfi-3-518
Company Registration Terms & Conditions In Maryland State
§ gfi-3-519
Investment Options for Maryland Common Trust Fund Assets
§ gfi-3-520
A transfer agent of a trust is not chargable
§ gfi-3-601
Exemptions for This Section
§ gfi-3-604
Commercial Bank Late Payment
§ gfi-3-605
Percentage of personal property investments by commercial banks.
§ gfi-3-606
Certifying Drafts
§ gfi-3-607
Reserve Requirements for Banks
§ gfi-3-701
Terms as defined in this subtitle
§ gfi-3-702
Bank merger and transfer of asset regulations.
§ gfi-3-703
Conditions of Agreement for Consolidation, Merger, or Transfer of Assets
§ gfi-3-704
Agreement Law of Maryland
§ gfi-3-705
Agreements will be Approved or Disapproved within 6 Months
§ gfi-3-706
Conditions for approving the agreement by The Commissioner
§ gfi-3-707
Bank Agreement Disapproval
§ gfi-3-708
Agreements between banks and stockholders.
§ gfi-3-709
Executed agreements from banks after commissioner approval
§ gfi-3-710
Filing and Recording of Successor Agreement
§ gfi-3-711
Merger Agreement
§ gfi-3-712
Origins of Consummation of a consolidation/merger
§ gfi-3-713
Consummation of Assets in Corporations and Associations Article
§ gfi-3-718
The successor in a consolidation, merger, or transfer of assets may offer to pay in cash.
§ gfi-3-719
§ gfi-3-720
Stock values determined by shareholders meeting date.
§ gfi-3-721
Any stockholder who objects to the action in question is owed money by the next majority shareholder.
§ gfi-3-801
meaning of the words under this title
§ gfi-3-802
Regulations for commercial banks converting to national banks.
§ gfi-3-803
Proper dissolution of commercial banks.
§ gfi-3-804
Trust Company Successor Has Preference
§ gfi-4-101
meanings indicated under this title
§ gfi-4-201
The necessary citizenship status for the formulation of a savings bank.
§ gfi-4-202
The list of articles that the incorporators should sign and acknowledge
§ gfi-4-203
Financial Institution incorporators requirements
§ gfi-4-204
Regulations regarding approval of the articles of incorporation.
§ gfi-4-205
Savings banks as corporations
§ gfi-4-206
Savings banks have same powers as other corporations.
§ gfi-4-207
Certificate of Authority Required for a Bank
§ gfi-4-208
Minimum Savings Funds for New Business Certification
§ gfi-4-209
payment to guarantee fund shall be made in money
§ gfi-4-210
savings bank may amend its charter consistent with the law.
§ gfi-4-301
Guaranty fund Law of Maryland
§ gfi-4-302
Savings Bank May Not Reduce Guaranty Fund
§ gfi-4-303
Savings accounts' interest is paid after its expenses
§ gfi-4-401
Savings Banks May Not Have Capital Stock
§ gfi-4-402
Laws of Saving Banks
§ gfi-4-501
Board of Directors and Banks
§ gfi-4-502
Banks Must Have Between 5 and 30 Directors
§ gfi-4-503
Savings Bank Members
§ gfi-4-504
What directors of banks must do when they take their jobs.
§ gfi-4-505
Individuals identified as the board of directors of a savings bank
§ gfi-4-507
Attendance requirements for the director of a savings bank
§ gfi-4-508
Elections of Bank Board of Directors
§ gfi-4-509
Savings Bank Bylaws
§ gfi-4-601
Rules for Savings Bank Depositors
§ gfi-4-603
Bank debt limitations
§ gfi-4-604
"federal act" definition
§ gfi-4-701
Transfer Assets Definition
§ gfi-4-701.1
Rights of Federal Mutual Savings Banks
§ gfi-4-702
Bank voluntary dissolution process
§ gfi-4-703
A savings bank may convert to a stock commercial bank with approval.
§ gfi-4-801
Definition of a savings and loan association.
§ gfi-4-802
"subsidiary savings"
§ gfi-4-803
Requirements for savings banks
§ gfi-4-804
Guidelines for the Reorganization of a Savings Bank
§ gfi-4-805
Mutual holding Company Provisions
§ gfi-4-805.1
Mutual Holding Companies barred from owning capital stock
§ gfi-4-806
Commissioner May Adopt Regulations to Carry Out Provisions
§ gfi-4-807
Mutual holding company limitations
§ gfi-4-901
Five Individuals May Be Incorporators to Form a Subsidiary Savings Bank
§ gfi-4-902
Regulations to incorporators of a subsidiary savings bank
§ gfi-4-903
Regulations of subsidiary savings banks.
§ gfi-4-904
Savings banks can become corporations under the following guidelines
§ gfi-4-905
Savings Bank Powers
§ gfi-4-906
A savings bank requires a certificate of authority and shall have it's stock paid in full.
§ gfi-4-907
Stocks and Savings Bank Rules
§ gfi-4-908
Board of Directors' Financial Duties
§ gfi-4-909
Federal methods used for evaluation of subsidiary savings bank assets
§ gfi-4-910
Dissolving a subsidiary savings bank
§ gfi-5-1001
Official definitions
§ gfi-5-1002
The Forth Conditions of Maryland State Government
§ gfi-5-1003
Branch opening by banking institution under this title
§ gfi-5-1004
Banks May Create Branches in Other States
§ gfi-5-1005
Requirements of a banking institution to establish another branch
§ gfi-5-1006
Considerations for approval of a banking institution branch
§ gfi-5-1007
establishment of a branch of a banking institution
§ gfi-5-1008
Regulations for Banks with Out-Of-State Branches
§ gfi-5-1009
Examinations and supervision of financial institutions
§ gfi-5-101
Definitions listed under the Financial Institutions title
§ gfi-5-1010
The Commisioner Can Take Action Against Law-Breaking Other-State Banks In Maryland
§ gfi-5-1011
Commissioner may require banks to submit report of condition and income.
§ gfi-5-1012
Commissioner Cooperation
§ gfi-5-1013
How Commissioner Look Into Transactions in Maryland State
§ gfi-5-1014
Requirements of an out-of-state bank to establish a state branch
§ gfi-5-1015
One Invalid Part Does Not Make Rest Invalid
§ gfi-5-1101
Definitions of words associated with bank holding companies.
§ gfi-5-1101.1
out-of-state bank holding company acquisition expiration dates
§ gfi-5-1102
When out-of-state banks holdings can acquire loans and savings
§ gfi-5-1103
When an out-of-state bank can acquire savings and loans.
§ gfi-5-1104
How to Consummate Acquisition in Maryland State Government
§ gfi-5-1105
How Many Subsections in Maryland State Law
§ gfi-5-1106
Powers of the Commissioner
§ gfi-5-1107
Origins of acquisition of each savings and loan association
§ gfi-5-201
Examination Duties
§ gfi-5-202
Regulations regarding questioning the witnesses of institutions.
§ gfi-5-203
Annual assessments for banking institutions
§ gfi-5-204
Acceptance of another recent examination in lieu of Commissioner examination
§ gfi-5-205
Auditing Banking Institutions: Who & How Often
§ gfi-5-206
Banking Institute Financial Reports
§ gfi-5-206.1
Submission of the Community Reinvestment Act performance evaluation
§ gfi-5-207
State banks may be subject to provide a special finance report at the request of the commissioner.
§ gfi-5-208
Banking Fines Non-Reporting
§ gfi-5-209
Disclosure of private and confidential information
§ gfi-5-210
Authority of an examiner
§ gfi-5-301
Offering time account services by Bank
§ gfi-5-302
Requirements of Interest-Earning Bank Accounts
§ gfi-5-305
deposit in a banking institution should be in the name of a minor
§ gfi-5-306
"Financial Institutions-918 sections"
§ gfi-5-307
A bank must pay customers for lost checks
§ gfi-5-308
Banking service charge Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-309
Financial institutions shall give customers notice as it applies to fund availability.
§ gfi-5-310
Checks Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-401
Affliate and related terms definitions
§ gfi-5-402
Unimpaired capital and surplus Act of Maryland
§ gfi-5-403
affiliation of banking institution.
§ gfi-5-404
authority of commissioner to examine the business of an affiliate of banking institution
§ gfi-5-405
How Maryland State Law Function in Banking Sector
§ gfi-5-406
Authority of The Commissioner
§ gfi-5-407
restriction on a banking institution not to permit any bank services to be performed for it
§ gfi-5-503
Rules regarding property purchasable by banking institutions.
§ gfi-5-504
Power of the Commissioner
§ gfi-5-506
Unsecured loan Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-507
evidence of rejection for purposes of the Maryland Home Financing Program
§ gfi-5-508
First mortgage Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-509
Regulations to a banking institution to accept deposits or retaining funds in a deposit account
§ gfi-5-511
Banking institutions may not have common directors unless advised by Commissioner.
§ gfi-5-512
Origins of a loan
§ gfi-5-513
Terms normally used at a Bank
§ gfi-5-601
"Authority of financial regulator"
§ gfi-5-602
Commercial bank Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-602.1
§ gfi-5-603
Attachment, lien, execution, & distraint Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-604
Commissioner takes possession of a banking institution
§ gfi-5-604.1
Commissioner Expenses Payment
§ gfi-5-605
Rules After Commission Takes Possession of Banking Institution
§ gfi-5-606
Responsibilities of The receiver
§ gfi-5-607
Directions to the receiver of money in choosing a bank to deposit in to his credit
§ gfi-5-608
§ gfi-5-609
Commission Taking banking institution Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-610
Maryland's Law of Reopening an banking Institution
§ gfi-5-611
Regulations to the board of directors of any banking institution
§ gfi-5-612
Plan of reorganization Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-613
Political subdivision Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-614
Powers and rights of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
§ gfi-5-615
Distribution of general assets of a trust company Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-701
Desription of Term Used in this Subtitle
§ gfi-5-702
" The Law and instruction and guide for Automated teller machines "
§ gfi-5-703
Regulations for banking institution
§ gfi-5-704
Banking Institutions Are Closed on Sunday
§ gfi-5-705
Regulations to any banking institution regarding the legal holidays
§ gfi-5-706
Optional bank holiday of Maryland
§ gfi-5-707
Emergency Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-708
Opening And Closing Of A Banking Institution As Specified By Resolution
§ gfi-5-801
Unsafe/unsound banking Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-802
Possible Violations
§ gfi-5-803
Employees of bank cannot falsify statements or records.
§ gfi-5-804
A bank employee can't accept a deposit knowing that the institution is insolvent.
§ gfi-5-805
Protection of Banks and Other Financial Institutions from Untrue Statements
§ gfi-5-806
Authorization to do business in Maryland
§ gfi-5-807
Prohibited Actions of a Banking Institution
§ gfi-5-808
Banking institution Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-808.1
Civil penalty and banking
§ gfi-5-808.2
§ gfi-5-809
Commissioner's Jurisdiction and power
§ gfi-5-901
Subtitle definitions
§ gfi-5-902
Bank holding company regulation.
§ gfi-5-903
Acquisition of a Marland Bank Entity
§ gfi-5-904
Bank holding company Law of Maryland
§ gfi-5-905
Commissioner Regulations for Approving Acquisitions
§ gfi-5-906
an application is approved if the commission does not act in a reasonable amount of time
§ gfi-5-907
Each bank holding company must submit business copies and reports to state commissioner.
§ gfi-5-908
Injunctive relief and for divestment
§ gfi-5-909
Directions to the Commissioner in adopting regulations to a bank supervisory agency
§ gfi-5-910
Provisions for Invalidity.
§ gfi-6-101
Here Board means the board of directors of a credit union.
§ gfi-6-201
Application of Subtitle
§ gfi-6-202
Credit Union Supervision
§ gfi-6-203
Credit Union Tax Exemption Status
§ gfi-6-204
Credit union Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-205
Construed liberally Act
§ gfi-6-206
Law Of Maryland Credit Union Act
§ gfi-6-301
Common bond Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-302
Immediate family relative meanings
§ gfi-6-303
Common bond credit union Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-304
§ gfi-6-305
Copies of Articles of Incorporation Must Be Signed.
§ gfi-6-306
Origins of bylaws of the credit union
§ gfi-6-307
Requirements of Incorporators
§ gfi-6-308
The incorporaters should file the record only after getting the approval of commisioner
§ gfi-6-309
Components of filing the articles of incorporation and bylaws
§ gfi-6-312
Credit Union Functions.
§ gfi-6-313
Maryland Commissioner Responsible For Approval Of Credit Unions
§ gfi-6-314
Rights of A Credit Union To Impose a Lien
§ gfi-6-317
Annual meeting requirement of Maryland
§ gfi-6-318
Origins of credit union votes
§ gfi-6-319
Guidelines for the Expulsion of Credit Union Members
§ gfi-6-320
Steps to Amend the Articles of Incorporation
§ gfi-6-321
Ballot Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-324
Authorities and responsibilities of the Board
§ gfi-6-325
Regulations of Directors of Credit Unions
§ gfi-6-326
Regulations for The office of a director
§ gfi-6-327
Requirements for a director emeritus
§ gfi-6-328
§ gfi-6-329
Rules for Elections of Executives
§ gfi-6-330
15 days after the annual meeting Law
§ gfi-6-331
'Compensation' means anything valuable given to a official.
§ gfi-6-332
Report or recommendation
§ gfi-6-333
State Financial Institution Education Law
§ gfi-6-401
Credit Union supervisory committee Law
§ gfi-6-402
Responsibilities of the supervisory committee
§ gfi-6-403
Commissioner and Examiner responsibilities.
§ gfi-6-404
Regulations to the Credit Union in reporting its business during the preceding calendar year
§ gfi-6-405
The Commissioner can audit a poorly performing credit union.
§ gfi-6-406
Directions to the Board regarding unsafe or unauthorized practices of the credit union
§ gfi-6-407
§ gfi-6-501
Bearing or share account Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-502
Paying dividends based off of earnings.
§ gfi-6-503
Any share check from a credit union in connection with a personal account must have date on face.
§ gfi-6-601
Regulations to the credit unions in making loans to its members
§ gfi-6-602
Components of an credit committee
§ gfi-6-603
Regulations of a loan made to any member of a credit union
§ gfi-6-604
Loans made by a credit union to any one member may not exceed 10 percent of the total assets.
§ gfi-6-605
Credit union Authority in Maryland
§ gfi-6-606
A credit union can make a loan for collateral.
§ gfi-6-607
Credit union Loan Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-608
Credit Unions permitted to make government backed loans.
§ gfi-6-609
Credit union Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-610
Loan Allowance To Credit Union Official Stipulations
§ gfi-6-611
Persons eligible for credit union loan
§ gfi-6-701
Requirements of credit union
§ gfi-6-702
Credit unions subject to following below provisions
§ gfi-6-703
Rules For a Credit Union's Reserve Fund.
§ gfi-6-704
Credit Union Allowance
§ gfi-6-705
Assets of a credit union Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-706
Procedure for Credit Union to organize credit union service organization
§ gfi-6-707
Credit union Authority
§ gfi-6-708
Credit union may use loans under some restriction
§ gfi-6-709
Credit union's right to change place of business
§ gfi-6-710
Credit union ending date
§ gfi-6-711
Credit Union Hours of Operation
§ gfi-6-712
High Value Credit Union Regulations
§ gfi-6-713
Credit unions will notify the Commissioner of applications to provide insurance.
§ gfi-6-714
Credit unions are allowed to market with people
§ gfi-6-715
Record Keeping Requirements for Credit Unions
§ gfi-6-716
Member Eligibility
§ gfi-6-801
Conversion from State Credit Union to Federal Credit Union
§ gfi-6-802
Origins of a credit union in Maryland
§ gfi-6-803
Credit union word meanings in this section
§ gfi-6-804
Any credit union may dissolve voluntarily, if the board, the members of the credit union, and the Commissioner approve the dissolution as provided in this section
§ gfi-6-805
Provisions for a Credit Union Voluntarily Placing its Business With The Commissioner
§ gfi-6-806
§ gfi-6-807
Establishment of Credit Union Branch
§ gfi-6-808
§ gfi-6-809
Credit Unions Time Requirements for Withdrawal from Share or Deposit Account
§ gfi-6-901
Credit union Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-902
Defaming credit unions constitutes a misdemeanor.
§ gfi-6-903
Protection against officials from gaining entry to credit union records on individuals
§ gfi-6-904
Loan violation Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-905
The Commissioner may order a credit union to take corrective action.
§ gfi-6-906
commissioner may order credit unions to stop unsafe practices
§ gfi-6-906.1
Conditions a commissioner may levey civil penalty against a credit union.
§ gfi-6-906.2
Extraordinary circumstances Law of Maryland
§ gfi-6-907
A commissioner can send a warning to an unsafe officer.
§ gfi-6-908
Violations of this title: procedure for investigation
§ gfi-6-909
Commissioners office may not disclose information of debtor
§ gfi-7-101
Corporation & Credit Union Definitions
§ gfi-7-102
Purpose of the Credit Union Insurance Corporation
§ gfi-7-103
Purposes of the Corporation in maryland
§ gfi-7-104
Authority of A Corporation in the state of Maryland
§ gfi-7-105
Duties of The Corporation
§ gfi-7-106
Credit Unions may apply to become Corporation Members
§ gfi-7-107
Credit union membership in the Corporation.
§ gfi-7-108
Corporation Members' Roll Call and Rules
§ gfi-7-109
Origins of Board of Directors
§ gfi-7-110
Duties of The Board of Directors
§ gfi-7-111
Corporation's Bylaws Shall Be Adopted By Board Of Directors
§ gfi-7-112
The Corporation may require independent financial member audits.
§ gfi-7-113
§ gfi-7-114
§ gfi-7-115
Exemption of Corporation and agents from Insurance Article
§ gfi-7-116
Corporation exempt from taxes
§ gfi-7-117
Corporations and State Credit
§ gfi-7-118
Acceptance of New Credit Union Members
§ gfi-7-119
Insurance requirements for credit unions as corporation members
§ gfi-7-120
§ gfi-7-121
Commissioner Request For Corporation Information
§ gfi-7-201
The term credit union has the following meanin in this section.
§ gfi-7-202
Provisions Do Not Apply to the Credit Union Insurance Corporation
§ gfi-7-203
authorization to operate a credit union
§ gfi-7-204
Credit union shares guaranty corporation
§ gfi-7-205
Any potential financial institutions shall conduct their business in good faith in order to operate.
§ gfi-7-206
Applications for a Certificate of Authority
§ gfi-7-207
Commissioner Response to Filed Application For Authority Certificate
§ gfi-7-208
Notification of denied application for a certificate of authority.
§ gfi-7-209
Revoking a Certificate of Authority
§ gfi-7-210
The Commissioner must examine Credit Unions periodically.
§ gfi-7-211
Credit unions will pay for all reasonable expenses
§ gfi-7-212
Annual Credit Union Report Schedule and Contents
§ gfi-7-213
Credit union share Law of Maryland
§ gfi-7-214
Share Guaranty Corporation needs Contract with Participating Credit Unions
§ gfi-7-215
The receipt from a credit union of an application for participation in the credit union share guaranty corporation.
§ gfi-7-216
Origins of credit union share guaranty corporation
§ gfi-7-217
Credit Union Guarantees
§ gfi-7-218
Commissioner Will Notify Credit Unions of Seized/ Liquidated Properties.
§ gfi-7-219
Credit Union Termination Regulations
§ gfi-7-220
A person who violates any provision of this subtitle is guilty
§ gfi-7-221
The State has no liability to cover credit unions' debts
§ gfi-7-222
Credit Union Exemptions From the Insurance Article
§ gfi-7-223
Credit Union Exemption From Federal Taxation
§ gfi-7-224
Commissoner Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-8-101
This Title Provides Definitions Related to Ownership.
§ gfi-8-102
Policy Of Maryland Regarding The Business Of Savings And Loan Associations
§ gfi-8-103
Subtitle has no Affect After July 1, 1992
§ gfi-8-301
Loan Associations and Savings Division for the Department.
§ gfi-8-302
Secretary Appointment Of Division Director
§ gfi-8-303
Division Directors Shall Adopt Necessary Regulations
§ gfi-8-305
Division Director
§ gfi-8-306
The Division Director shall take the Oath
§ gfi-8-307
Duties of the Division Director and staff
§ gfi-8-308
The division director may take legal actions with the permission of the secretary.
§ gfi-8-309
Division Director Yearly Written Report
§ gfi-8-310
Maryland Program Evaluation Act Regarding Division of Savings and Loan Associations.
§ gfi-8-401
Orders that the Division Director may issue
§ gfi-8-402
Savings and loan association
§ gfi-8-403
Appealing Division Director Decisions
§ gfi-8-404
Subject To Re-Approval, Until When The Regulations Apply.
§ gfi-9-1001
Definitions for Some Financial Institutions
§ gfi-9-1002
Origins of Loan Laws
§ gfi-9-1003
Out-of-state Savings and loan Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-1004
Required to hold a Maryland Association
§ gfi-9-1005
Non-Maryland Savings and Loan Associations Restrictions
§ gfi-9-1006
State Savings and Loan Holding Company
§ gfi-9-1007
Division Director May Enter Savings and Loans Agreement
§ gfi-9-1008
Subtitle only applies to intrastate/regional S&Ls; director's duties
§ gfi-9-1009
Effect of Charter Conversion by an Out-of-State Association
§ gfi-9-101
Definition of Terms
§ gfi-9-102
Origins of A Corporation
§ gfi-9-1101
Maryland Law Of Savings and Loans
§ gfi-9-1102
Mutual association may convert to a credit union.
§ gfi-9-1103
Origins of Conversion to a Credit Union
§ gfi-9-1104
Associations Can Become Credit Unions.
§ gfi-9-1105
Origins Of Converting to a Credit Union
§ gfi-9-1106
Review Procedure for Application for Conversion
§ gfi-9-1107
Process for filing applications for conversion
§ gfi-9-1108
Necessary changes can be made by the Commissioner
§ gfi-9-1109
Current Members of Credit Unions Retain Membership
§ gfi-9-201
Receiving funds and making loans
§ gfi-9-202
Requirements to Form a Savings a Loan Association
§ gfi-9-203
Names of Savings and Loan Associations
§ gfi-9-204
Statutes and limitations: incorporating savings and loan associations
§ gfi-9-205
Origins Of savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-206
Notice Publishing Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-207
Origins Of Funds
§ gfi-9-208
Division Director requirements
§ gfi-9-208.1
Division Director may not approve any applications seeking incorporation
§ gfi-9-209
Filing of Final Articles of Incorporation
§ gfi-9-210
Operating a Valid Savings and Loan
§ gfi-9-211
Savings and Loan Association Charter Amendments
§ gfi-9-212
Revival of Savings and Loan Association Charters
§ gfi-9-213
Savings and Loan Bylaw Requests
§ gfi-9-216
Meaning of Words in This Section
§ gfi-9-216.1
Maryland Law Of Savings and Loans
§ gfi-9-217
Surety Bond Must Be Given To Divisional Director.
§ gfi-9-218
Incorporators of a savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-220
Savings & Loan Association Cash Requirements
§ gfi-9-221
Capital Stock Association Insurance Amount
§ gfi-9-222
Capital Stock Associations Use of Paid-In Surplus
§ gfi-9-223
Unsuccessful incorporating of a savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-224
Savings and Loans Issuance of Net Worth Statements
§ gfi-9-301
A holder has a checking account or capital stocks
§ gfi-9-302
Law of affairs of a savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-303
Voting Capacities of Associations
§ gfi-9-304
The notice shall be given by mail or by publication in a newspaper of general circulation
§ gfi-9-305
How the meetings of savings and loan association operate.
§ gfi-9-306
Savings and Loan Association Financial Condition Statements
§ gfi-9-307
Origins of Savings And Loans
§ gfi-9-308
Fidelity Bond Issuance to Persons in Control of Securities
§ gfi-9-309
Savings and loan association Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-310
Electronic Terminal Definition and Guidelines
§ gfi-9-311
Origins Of savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-312
statutes for board of directors designing officer compensation
§ gfi-9-313
Issuance of Savings Share Accounts
§ gfi-9-314
Deposit association Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-315
§ gfi-9-316
Rules Regarding Savings And Loans Becoming Deposit Associations
§ gfi-9-319
Associations may issue capital stock
§ gfi-9-320
Capital stock association
§ gfi-9-321
§ gfi-9-322
Rules regarding capital stock.
§ gfi-9-323
a company has to keep a list of stockholders
§ gfi-9-324
How Net Worth Is Defined & Minimum Requirement.
§ gfi-9-328
Board of loan & Savings entities to allocate profits annually,allowing exclusions,as per regulations.
§ gfi-9-329
Origins Of Distribution
§ gfi-9-401
Savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-402
Division Director Issuing savings Certificate Account
§ gfi-9-403
Financial institutions must inform depositors of any and all changes made that affect their account.
§ gfi-9-404
Origins of savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-405
Dividends/interest on a savings certificate account must be approved by Division Director and within the guidelines of the Division Director
§ gfi-9-406
Circumstances under which dividends and/or interest may not be paid.
§ gfi-9-407
"No charge or penalty for and withdrawal under $25."
§ gfi-9-408
Savings account holders may request a withdrawal at any time, except if the request is over $100000
§ gfi-9-412.1
Regulations for Personal Checking Accounts
§ gfi-9-416
Liabilities Of A Savings And Loan Association.
§ gfi-9-419
Maryland state government investment regulations
§ gfi-9-420
Limitations of lending: Associations
§ gfi-9-421
Savings and loan association Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-422
savings and loan association shall take title
§ gfi-9-423
Investment Acquisition and Holding
§ gfi-9-424
Savings and Loans May Require Charges from Borrowers
§ gfi-9-425
Rights of Savings and Loans Associations
§ gfi-9-426
Savings and Loan May Take on Several Roles
§ gfi-9-428
Division Director approval Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-501
Meaning of 'Savings and Loan Association'
§ gfi-9-502
Division Director Shall Examine Savings and Loans Organizations
§ gfi-9-503
Savings and Loan Associations Record Access
§ gfi-9-504
Division Director Shall Keep Information Confidential
§ gfi-9-505
The federal association for loan or savings within 30 days
§ gfi-9-601
A mutual association may be converted to a capital stock association under certain circumstances.
§ gfi-9-602
To convert to a capital stock association, a mutual association shall deliver to the Division
§ gfi-9-603
Savings Account Rules and Regulations
§ gfi-9-604
Division Director's Role in Capital Stock Association Conversion
§ gfi-9-605
Application Filing Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-606
The board of directors of a converting association must call a meeting when receiving approval.
§ gfi-9-607
Plan of conversion Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-608
directors charter amendments to a capital stock association
§ gfi-9-609
Court Appeal Act
§ gfi-9-610
Board of directors Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-611
Bond Allocation and Issuance for the State of Maryland.
§ gfi-9-612
Savings and loan association Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-613
Converting to a Federal Savings and Loan Association
§ gfi-9-614
converting to federal association
§ gfi-9-615
Voter Requirements for Change in Bank Status
§ gfi-9-618
Federal Conversion To Maryland Savings and Loan Association
§ gfi-9-619
Approval of a proposal to convert Maryland savings and loan association.
§ gfi-9-620
Conversion To Maryland Savings and Loans Association
§ gfi-9-621
Origins Of A Division Director
§ gfi-9-622
Federal association be converted to loan & savings if conditions for making L&S entity are met.
§ gfi-9-623
Appeal Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-624
Final Approval For Incorporation By Division Director
§ gfi-9-627
Savings and Loans Merges, Transfers, and Consolidations
§ gfi-9-628
Merger Requirements for Savings and Loan Associations
§ gfi-9-629
A Savings and Loan Corporation may reorganize
§ gfi-9-630
Savings and Loans and the Division Director
§ gfi-9-631
How to Convert to a Commercial Bank
§ gfi-9-632
Conversion to a commercial bank requires certain documents to be filed.
§ gfi-9-633
The Commissioner and Commercial Banks
§ gfi-9-634
Within 60 days of a stock association filing a petition for conversion the commissioner may issue an approval.
§ gfi-9-635
Conversion Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-636
conversion to a commercial bank require approval by the stockholders
§ gfi-9-637
Board of Directors Requirements for Conversion
§ gfi-9-638
Origins Of An Applicant
§ gfi-9-639
The directors of a converting association must file amendments with the state.
§ gfi-9-640
Origins of capital stock savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-701
Savings And Loan Association Circuit Court Proceedings
§ gfi-9-702
Basic Duties of a Savings and Loan Association Conservator
§ gfi-9-703
Employee of a savings and loan association may remain in the office if the board appoints a conservator.
§ gfi-9-704
Operating Expenses For Savings and Loan Associations
§ gfi-9-708
Origins Of approval of the Secretary
§ gfi-9-709
Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Law Of Maryland
§ gfi-9-710
The circuit court shall have normal jurisdiction when it comes to conservator ships.
§ gfi-9-711
Maryland Law of conservatorship And receivership
§ gfi-9-712
In this section, loan association includes its affiliates, subsidiaries, or a holding company.
§ gfi-9-801
Details about the incorporation of A savings and loan association
§ gfi-9-802
Restrictions of Foreign Associations
§ gfi-9-803
Office Relocation
§ gfi-9-804
These Activities Do Not Constitute Doing Business in This State
§ gfi-9-805
Rights and responsibilities of Division Director: Foreign associations
§ gfi-9-901
Association membership
§ gfi-9-902
Residential mortgage rejection
§ gfi-9-903
Savings And Loan Association Residential First Mortgage Rules
§ gfi-9-904
Maryland Sale of Securities in State.
§ gfi-9-905
Division director responsibilities
§ gfi-9-906
Loan Denial Law
§ gfi-9-908
Provisions of the Program Evaluation Act
§ gfi-9-909
Definition of "payer institute"
§ gfi-9-911
Head of Association Breach of Trust Clause
§ gfi-9-912
savings and loan association staff
§ gfi-9-913
Violation of This Title's Provisions Is Punishable
§ gfi-9-914
Imminent Danger and Controlling Officer's Restrictions on Funds
§ gfi-9-915
The Division director has the right to appeal an adverse decision.
§ gfi-9-916
Savings and Loans Barred From Indemnifying People
§ gfi-9-917
Meaning of This Title and Title 8
§ gfi-9-918
Savings and loan association Law Of Maryland