Estates and Trusts

This is Article get of the Code of State, titled “Estates and Trusts.” It’s comprised of the following 541 sections.

§ get-1-101
Estates of Decedents meaning of terms
§ get-1-102
When is verification of writing sufficient?
§ get-1-103
Mail Law Of Maryland
§ get-1-104
Roger D. Redden, Esquire
§ get-1-105
Details of the estates of decedents law
§ get-1-201
Rules Of Construction Apply Where Express Language Does Not
§ get-1-202
the decedent has been validly annulled is a surviving spouse.
§ get-1-203
Definition of degrees of relationship
§ get-1-204
Half relatives are the same as whole relatives
§ get-1-205
Legal definition of what constitutes a child.
§ get-1-206
A child is the both spouses legitimate child
§ get-1-207
An adopted child should always be treated as a natural child by the adopting parent or parents.
§ get-1-208
if parents are not participated in a marriage ceremony with each other, the child will be of his mom.
§ get-1-209
Lineal Descendent Definition and Considerations
§ get-1-210
Requirements for Provisional Changes Made in this Article.
§ get-1-210.1
Property Distribution Policy
§ get-1-301
Maryland estate law and inheritance of property.
§ get-1-401
Financial stipulations concerning fund transfer upon death
§ get-10-101
final account and terminating representative.
§ get-10-102
power of heir regarding estate
§ get-10-103
§ get-10-104
Estate Law Of Maryland
§ get-10-105
Subtitle doesn't affect personal representative after estate closed.
§ get-11-101
appointing trustees for contingent
§ get-11-102
"Usufructuary" is a person who can enjoy something without a property interest.
§ get-11-102.1
Section words and meanings.
§ get-11-103
Rules against perpetuities to legal and equitable interests
§ get-11-104
A remainder is limited, mediately or immediately
§ get-11-105
Definition of Death benefits
§ get-11-106
Surviving Spouse Benefits Unless Specified in a Will
§ get-11-107
Distribution of state property under a will.
§ get-11-108
How to release power of assets.
§ get-11-109
Ownership of Estate After Suicide
§ get-11-110
Descendent will or trust finances
§ get-11-111
Unlawfully Obtaining Property
§ get-12-101
Effective date of the "Estates of Decedents Law."
§ get-12-102
Provided is the Provisions of the Estates of Descendants Law.
§ get-12-103
Administration Determination for Governing Estates & Trusts
§ get-13-101
Meanings of the word relating to Health General Article.
§ get-13-102
How to reduce the expenses of administration.
§ get-13-103
Sufficient Verification Requirements
§ get-13-104
Sufficient Notice is Given in Accordance With Laws
§ get-13-105
Jurisdiction of courts in guardianship and protective proceedings
§ get-13-106
Orphans' Court's Power To Secure Rights Of Minor
§ get-13-107
The power of the register of wills.
§ get-13-201
Court Appointed Guardians for Minors and the Disabled.
§ get-13-202
Venue in proceedings to be decided by Maryland rules.
§ get-13-203
Pending Petition for appointment of a guardian
§ get-13-204
Property Transfers
§ get-13-205
An adjudication shall have no bearing on the issue
§ get-13-206
The court may appoint a guardian Subject to the provisions of _ 13-207.
§ get-13-207
Provisions for Appointment as Guardian of a Minor
§ get-13-208
Corporate Vs Noncorporate Bond Filing Rules
§ get-13-209
Inventory and accounting Law Of Maryland
§ get-13-210
A person may file a petition to require a bond on an estate.
§ get-13-211
No Jury Trials In Protective Proceedings
§ get-13-212
Duties and responsibilities of a guardian
§ get-13-213
All Article Provisions Applicable To Guardian
§ get-13-214
How a Guardian Distributes Property without court authority.
§ get-13-215
Guardian power limitations.
§ get-13-216
Inappropriate use of a fiduciary account shall result in a penalty.
§ get-13-217
§ get-13-218
Origins Of Compensation
§ get-13-219
§ get-13-220
Death and disability may relieve a guardian.
§ get-13-221
Termination of guardianship proceedings.
§ get-13-222
Guardianship of Property
§ get-13-301
The definitions of various phrases involved in the welfare of a child according to Maryland law.
§ get-13-302
Origins of transfer
§ get-13-303
Origins of transferring Property
§ get-13-304
Irrevocable Gift Of A Power Of Appointment Of A Minor
§ get-13-305
Governing authorized in minor transfer pursuant
§ get-13-306
Transfers for The Benefits Of a Minor.
§ get-13-307
A person who owes a debt to a minor may pay the debt to a conservator of the minor.
§ get-13-308
Acceptable receipt and discharge by a custodian
§ get-13-309
Laws of Custodial Property
§ get-13-310
Property may be transferred to 1 minor with 1 custodian
§ get-13-311
Transfer is unaffected by death, possession, and custodial-ship.
§ get-13-312
The custodian shall take control of the custodial property.
§ get-13-313
A custodian have all the rights and powers of custodial property.
§ get-13-314
Custodial property Law Of Maryland
§ get-13-315
Custodians are permitted reimbursement for duties performed
§ get-13-316
Third persons acting in good faith of deceased
§ get-13-317
Liability of Custodian
§ get-13-318
Person Nominated May Decline to Serve
§ get-13-319
An accounting by the custodian or the custodians legal representative.
§ get-13-320
Transfers to a Minor
§ get-13-321
Application to Transfer
§ get-13-322
Custodial Property Transfers to Minors
§ get-13-323
Purpose of this subtitle
§ get-13-324
Maryland Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
§ get-13-401
Definition of key terms
§ get-13-402
How To Handle Settlement Funds Owed To A Minor.
§ get-13-403
Make Payment by:
§ get-13-404
The Trustee Has Financial Obligations When Receiving Funds.
§ get-13-405
Non-Allowance Of Withdrawal Of Money
§ get-13-406
Origins Of A Trustee
§ get-13-407
Trustee Does Not Need to File
§ get-13-501
People must pay the parent or guardian of a child rather than the child directly
§ get-13-502
Distributable Trust money and building interest for minor
§ get-13-503
Estates, Interests, and Other Contracts Involving Minors
§ get-13-504
Minors' rights to account funds
§ get-13-701
The surviving parent of a minor may appoint by will one or more guardians
§ get-13-702
Court appointment of a guardian for unmarried minors.
§ get-13-703
Guardian is not required to post bond
§ get-13-704
Origins of A Disabled Person
§ get-13-705
Guardianship of Disabled Persons
§ get-13-706
Commitment to a mental institution cannot be based on guardianship
§ get-13-707
Conditions for Appointment as Guardian
§ get-13-708
disabled persons and powers of guardians
§ get-13-709
Law of emergency order
§ get-13-710
Civil or criminal immunity in petitioning or good-faith reporting
§ get-13-711
"Part III of this subtitle, the following words have the indicated meanings."
§ get-13-712
Courts can withdrawal or withhold life sustaining procedures
§ get-13-713
"If the court cannot make a judgement they may request a life-sustaining procedure for the disabled."
§ get-13-801
"Administrator of Veterans Affairs will be concerned with veterans receiving money."
§ get-13-802
Rules pertaining to minors that are veterans Administration beneficiaries.
§ get-13-803
Requirements for benefits paid by Veterans Administration
§ get-13-804
The constitution is supreme law in maryland unless state law contradicts.
§ get-13-805
Veterans Administration beneficiary Law Of Maryland
§ get-13-806
Veterans Administration Beneficiary Restrictions
§ get-13-901
Definitions of the words in this subtitle
§ get-13-902
Origins Of A guardian
§ get-13-903
Rules for petitions for judicial appointments of standby guardians
§ get-13-904
Origins Of designated guardian
§ get-13-905
Standby guardian rights
§ get-13-906
Determinations of incapacity or debilitation.
§ get-13-907
Having a standby guardian does not negate parental rights.
§ get-13-908
Bonds Furnished By Guardians Will Be Governed By Section 13-208.
§ get-13.5-101
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this title.
§ get-13.5-102
Foreign countries may be treated as states for the purpose of this title
§ get-13.5-103
Court communicating out of state with another court
§ get-13.5-104
§ get-13.5-105
Out Of State Testimonies Accepted In Guardian Hearings.
§ get-13.5-201
How much jurisdiction does the court have in assigning guardians and protection
§ get-13.5-202
Court lacking jurisdiction has special jurisdiction
§ get-13.5-203
The court has the total control over the proceedings until the proceeding ends.
§ get-13.5-204
A court may decline to exercise jurisdiction
§ get-13.5-205
Revoking An Appointed Guardian.
§ get-13.5-206
Guardian appointment or protective orders of non residents
§ get-13.5-207
Petitioning To Stay Court Decision.
§ get-13.5-301
Guardian Conservatorship
§ get-13.5-302
Transfer of Guardianship or Conservatorship
§ get-13.5-401
Petition for the appointment of a guardian is not pending in this State and the guardian is not appointed.
§ get-13.5-402
In the absence of a local conservator a foreign conservator can take protective order.
§ get-13.5-403
Out Of State Guardianship Registration
§ get-13.5-501
Origins of uniform act
§ get-13.5-502
Electronic Signature
§ get-13.5-503
This title applies to guardianship and protective proceedings
§ get-13.5-504
Maryland Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
§ get-14-101
Certain state courts have jurisdiction in trusts cases.
§ get-14-102
The rules in this subsection apply to the interpretation of the rules of an inter vivos trust, with some exceptions.
§ get-14-103
Collection and distribution of the income from property : Conditions and regulations for trustee and various commissions
§ get-14-104
Circumstances under which a judge can serve as a trustee.
§ get-14-105
The Good Faith Assumption of Trustee Practices and Applications of Power.
§ get-14-106
Division & Consolidation of Trusts
§ get-14-107
§ get-14-108
Rights of Trustees to Comply With Environmental Law
§ get-14-109
Origins of a trustee
§ get-14-110
Persons Who May Exercise Trust and Fiduciary Rules
§ get-14-111
Beneficiary means an ascertainable person who has a present or future interest in the trust."
§ get-14-112
The creation of an animal care trust.
§ get-14-113
The Term Proceeds Defined
§ get-14-114
Transfer Taxes and Definitions Associated With It
§ get-14-115
Special needs and supplemental needs trust
§ get-14-301
Jurisdiction for enforcement of trusts for charitable purposes.
§ get-14-302
If a trust for a charity becomes illegal then the secretary may distribute funds from the trust.
§ get-14-303
Defined unlawful acts are prohibited for private foundations.
§ get-14-304
The governing instrument
§ get-14-305
In the administration of any trust which is a private foundation
§ get-14-306
A court of competent jurisdiction may decide that an application is inappropriate.
§ get-14-307
"This subtitle does not impair the rights and powers of the court."
§ get-14-401
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ get-14-402
Trustees and Title Property
§ get-14-403
Maryland Law Of Transferring Property
§ get-14-404
Creation of trusts
§ get-14-405
Trustee Law Of Maryland
§ get-14-406
Termination of a trust.
§ get-14-407
Use of Following Form
§ get-14-408
Maryland Discretionary Trust Act
§ get-15-101
Current legal definitions and expected functions associated with Estates and Trusts in Maryland.
§ get-15-102
Orgins Of Beneficiary & Fiduciary
§ get-15-103
Securities Altered
§ get-15-104
Provisions of Law on Securities
§ get-15-105
Agreements for General or Special Deposits
§ get-15-106
Lawful Investments Available to Maryland Residents
§ get-15-107
The power of dealing with a property is with a trusted person.
§ get-15-108
Fiduciary protection while making distributions or property delivery under a decree or order
§ get-15-109
Receipt of Foreign Fiduciary
§ get-15-110
If the fiduciary fails courts may give countersecurity.
§ get-15-111
Rules Regarding A Discharged Fiduciary
§ get-15-112
Remove a Fiduciary Law Of Maryland
§ get-15-113
Requirements For Entities Under Trust Companies
§ get-15-114
Law Regarding Fiduciary in Maryland
§ get-15-115
Corporate Liability
§ get-15-116
Ability to alter and change life insurance.
§ get-15-1A-01
Definitions of Words Used Throughout
§ get-15-1A-02
Origins Of successor fiduciary
§ get-15-1A-03
Fiduciary title requirements
§ get-15-1A-04
Mandatory Rules for Successor Fiduciary
§ get-15-1A-05
Maryland State Law Applies to Removal of Corporate Fiduciaries
§ get-15-201
Financial term meanings
§ get-15-202
Origins Of transfers to a fiduciary
§ get-15-203
The indorsee is not bound to inquire
§ get-15-204
Regulations for bill of exchange: fiduciaries
§ get-15-205
Maryland Law Of iduciary
§ get-15-206
Bank Liability with Check Deposits
§ get-15-207
financial laws and terms of transactions
§ get-15-208
Law Of A fiduciary Making Deposit
§ get-15-209
All laws on trusts, agency, negotiable instruments, and banking etc to apply even if unstated.
§ get-15-210
Maryland Uniform Fiduciaries Act
§ get-15-211
Under the Act for Maryland
§ get-15-301
Definitions of the Words Used in Maryland Law.
§ get-15-302
Corporate security transfer terms
§ get-15-303
Origins of Injuries
§ get-15-304
Origins Of Agent/Corporation Making A Transfer
§ get-15-305
Asserting of claim
§ get-15-306
transfer agent incurs no liability
§ get-15-307
Immunity of Persons Participating in Transfers
§ get-15-308
§ get-15-309
"Subtitle does not affect any obligation of a corporation or transfer agent."
§ get-15-310
Maryland Uniform Law
§ get-15-311
"This subtitle may be cited as the Maryland Uniform Act."
§ get-15-401
§ get-15-402
Donor Info as Gift,Institution, and Managing Funds
§ get-15-403
Restrictions on Assets in Endowment Funds
§ get-15-404
Management Delegation Of Institutional Fund
§ get-15-405
Gift Restriction Information Release Subject To Donor Consent
§ get-15-406
"Subtitle compliance shall be determined in light of the facts."
§ get-15-407
Institutional funds Law of Maryland
§ get-15-408
Electronic signatures may be superseded in certain circumstances.
§ get-15-409
Consideration Given to Law Uniformity in This Subtitle
§ get-15-410
Provisions of the "Maryland Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act"
§ get-15-501
Fiduciary Law Of Maryland
§ get-15-502
Proper Discharge of Fiduciary Duties
§ get-15-502.1
A trust may be converted to a unitrust by a trustee.
§ get-15-502.2
Trustees May Adjust Between Principal and Income
§ get-15-502.3
Defining the term
§ get-15-503
Estate taxes must be paid from money off the sale of property of the deceased
§ get-15-504
Each beneficiary described in this subtitle will receive income in a proportional amount.
§ get-15-505
Income beneficiary interest start & end period
§ get-15-506
Rules for trustee to allocate an income receipt or disbursement.
§ get-15-507
Undistributed income is defined and stipulations of trustee and undistributed income relationship.
§ get-15-508
What all items can a trustee allocate as receipts,as received from various entities.
§ get-15-509
Trustee shall allocation
§ get-15-510
Origins Of an entrepreneur trustee
§ get-15-511
"A trustee shall allocate to principal for many reasons."
§ get-15-512
Rules of rented property
§ get-15-513
Allocation to Income in Interest Amounts
§ get-15-514
Trustees Shall Allocate Trust to Trust Asset
§ get-15-515
The trustee may allocate the entire amount to principal
§ get-15-516
Origins Of Funds
§ get-15-517
The definition of "liquidating asset" as it applies Maryland law.
§ get-15-518
Trustee Allocation of Receipts From Natural Resource Interest
§ get-15-519
Rules pertaining to the receipts of lumber sales.
§ get-15-520
marital deduction Law Of Maryland
§ get-15-521
The definition of derivative in Maryland State
§ get-15-522
Definition of "Asset Backed Security"
§ get-15-523
Regulation on income
§ get-15-524
Disbursements from principal by trustee
§ get-15-525
Depreciation Law Of Maryland
§ get-15-526
Principal disbursements from trusts
§ get-15-527
tax to be paid by trustee only out of income or principal or proportionately
§ get-15-528
principal and income Law Of Maryland
§ get-15-529
"This subtitle shall be enacted to make law uniform."
§ get-15-530
Acts of Maryland
§ get-16-101
Meaning of Terms in This Article
§ get-16-102
how owner and tenent survivorship works
§ get-16-103
Security May Be Registered in Beneficiary Form
§ get-16-104
"A beneficiary takes over the security upon death of owner."
§ get-16-105
Registration in Beneficiary Form May Be Shown By The Words _Transfer-On-Death_
§ get-16-106
The designation of beneficiary on certain forms does not impact certain aspects of ownership.
§ get-16-107
Beneficiaries Upon Death
§ get-16-108
Registration entity
§ get-16-109
Transfer-On-Death Effective By Contract
§ get-16-110
Beneficiary Terms
§ get-16-111
Formal Title of Current Act
§ get-16-112
The Registrations to the Securities
§ get-17-101
Terms as defined under the Estates and Trusts title.
§ get-17-102
Agent disclosure
§ get-17-103
the following persons may petition the court to construe the power of attorney
§ get-17-104
Origins of a power of attorney
§ get-17-105
durable power of attorney
§ get-17-106
Power of Attorney Non-Dissolution For Death, Disability, Incompetence
§ get-17-107
member of the armed services of the United States has executed a power of attorney
§ get-17-108
State Power of Attorney Laws & Authority
§ get-17-109
title applies to power of attorney
§ get-17-110
After October 2010 all Power of Attorney documents must be written and notarized.
§ get-17-111
the occurrence of a future event or contingency.
§ get-17-112
cases in which Power of Attorney can be terminated
§ get-17-113
Rights and Responsibilities of Agents in Estate Law
§ get-17-114
Reasonable Agent Reimbursement Of Expenses
§ get-17-115
This title takes precedent over no applicable law.
§ get-17-116
The Maryland General and Limited Power of Attorney Act with an cities for every rules should be followed
§ get-17-201
Law regarding power of attorney
§ get-17-202
Contract with another person, on terms agreeable to the agent
§ get-17-203
Power of attorney gives someone the ability to make legal decisions on your behalf.
§ get-17-204
Optional Form for Power of Attorney
§ get-2-101
Definition of Court for Orphans in Estate Cases
§ get-2-102
Powers of the Judicial Court
§ get-2-103
State Court Legal Jurisdictions & Authority Laws
§ get-2-104
State rules for summoning a witness & for depositions and discovery apply
§ get-2-105
If determination of an issue is required.
§ get-2-106
Time and Place For Court
§ get-2-107
Commissioning of judges of court.
§ get-2-108
Judges will be compensated in the following ways, except in Montgomery & Harford counties
§ get-2-109
A judge may not act as an attorney during their term in office.
§ get-2-201
"Register" is defined as registering wills for the county
§ get-2-202
register should devote time to office and not practice law
§ get-2-202.1
Followings shall take and subscribe the following oath
§ get-2-203
Estate Administration Personal Fee Prohibition
§ get-2-204
Register Bond Assumption To The State
§ get-2-205
Each Register Shall Receive Fair Compensation
§ get-2-206
Assessment and Collection of Fees by Registers of Wills.
§ get-2-207
full and accurate account of the fees shall be returned annually.
§ get-2-208
Power and Duties of Register
§ get-2-209
rules regarding will or any paper filed in the office of the register which is probated
§ get-2-210
this article, directed according to the information received from the personal representative.
§ get-2-211
Origins of the register
§ get-2-212
The attorney general shall order the register to make public estates and trusts.
§ get-2-301
Appraisal Law of Maryland
§ get-2-302
The register shall designate general appraisers
§ get-2-303
Appraiser Duty Expectations
§ get-3-101
If a will does not distribute assets, then they will be distributed by personal representative.
§ get-3-102
Money entitled to a surviving spouse
§ get-3-103
§ get-3-104
List of net estate shares to survivors.
§ get-3-105
Handling of Entitlements
§ get-3-106
Interstate Deaths
§ get-3-107
After-born relation entitlements
§ get-3-108
Property of an Illegitimate Person
§ get-3-109
Ability to Claim A Single Share Based on Lineage
§ get-3-110
Heirs Must Survive Ancestors/Descendants by 30 Days
§ get-3-111
Criminal Law Article : Conviction terms for the parent
§ get-3-112
A surviving parent is not entitled under 3-104
§ get-3-201
In a will or trust surviving spouse and children are entitled to allowance.
§ get-3-202
Dower & Curtesy
§ get-3-203
Optional Electable Share of Estate by Surviving Spouse
§ get-3-204
Right of Election of the Surviving spouse
§ get-3-205
§ get-3-206
A time limit exists for a surviving spouse to make trust claims.
§ get-3-207
election to take an elective share of an estate of a decedent
§ get-3-208
Rights of Beneficiaries
§ get-3-301
Revocation of Wills By Birth, Adoption, or Legitimation
§ get-3-302
Right of Child of a Descendent
§ get-3-303
Property distributed shall be paid by the representative
§ get-4-101
Will Law of Maryland
§ get-4-102
Wills shall be signed by a testator and two credible witnesses
§ get-4-103
Violation of this Subtitle is a Misdemeanor
§ get-4-104
The state will recognize an out of state will if properly executed.
§ get-4-105
Manner to revoke a will.
§ get-4-106
A will to revoke prior will, if destroyed, cannot make prior will good unless republished properly.
§ get-4-107
Writings Pertaining to Wills/Trusts Count as Attached Documents
§ get-4-201
Wills May Be Deposited For Safekeeping
§ get-4-202
Maryland State Law on Wills
§ get-4-203
punishment for robbery
§ get-4-301
Legatee Law of Maryland
§ get-4-401
Implications of Predeceasing the Testator
§ get-4-402
State Will Property Procedures & Law
§ get-4-403
Unless previously noted a will may not be argued before the death of the person.
§ get-4-404
Property will fail to pass if a contrary intent is not indicated.
§ get-4-405
Securities Distributed After Passing of Testator Apply to Will
§ get-4-406
Property Acquisitions
§ get-4-407
Residuary Clause in a Will
§ get-4-408
Passing of a Legacy
§ get-4-409
Legacy for charitable use is not void due to uncertainty about donee; to be executed in 12 months.
§ get-4-410
State Untimely Death Law & Issues
§ get-4-411
Legal Origins of Legacies
§ get-4-412
Valid Legacy and Wills
§ get-4-413
If probable cause exists for instituting proceedings he will be penalized.
§ get-4-414
Inheritance Rights of Adoptees
§ get-4-501
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ get-4-502
Anatomical gift
§ get-4-503
Anatomical Gifts
§ get-4-504
How Organ Donors Can Change or Revoke Donations
§ get-4-505
People are not required to donate organs
§ get-4-506
A person who is not the original donor may not revoke an anatomical gift.
§ get-4-507
Who May Decide to Donate an Anatomical Gift
§ get-4-508
an anatomical gift
§ get-4-509
Anatomical gifts may be made to following persons
§ get-4-510
Reasonable search Law of Maryland
§ get-4-511
Posthumous Document And Gift Decision Making
§ get-4-512
Rules for Donor Search Upon Imminent Death
§ get-4-513
Removal Of Organs For Transplantation.
§ get-4-514
Liability Relief of Donors When Giving Anatomical Gifts
§ get-4-515
document of gift is valid under this section,
§ get-4-516
"A qualified nonprofit entity means a procurement organization exempt from taxation."
§ get-4-517
advance health care directive
§ get-4-518
OCME and procurement organizations to cooperate to get maximum anatomical donations to help donations.
§ get-4-519
part of a decedent is medically suitable for transplantation,
§ get-4-520
Consideration of Law Uniformity Given to This Subtitle
§ get-4-521
Electronics Signitures
§ get-4-522
Citation of the Maryland Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
§ get-4-601
Definitions Regarding Terminology Pertaining to International Wills
§ get-4-602
Will Validity Guidelines
§ get-4-603
Origins of international wills
§ get-4-604
Will Requirements And Procedures
§ get-4-605
Attachment For Valid Execution Of Will
§ get-4-606
The certificate of a valid person is considered valid in an estate or trust.
§ get-4-607
An international will be subject to ordinary revocation rules.
§ get-4-608
Annex to Convention of October 26, 197
§ get-4-609
State Individual Attorney & Legal Practicing Law
§ get-5-101
"Body" Means a Dead Human Body
§ get-5-102
For transfer of property and personal representation a will is to be probated or recorded.
§ get-5-103
Origins of determining venue for administrative
§ get-5-104
Probate granting letters of administrative successor.
§ get-5-105
Granting of Letters by the Court
§ get-5-106
Administration Of Estate And Multiple Persons Eligibility
§ get-5-201
Contents of petition for probate.
§ get-5-202
Estate & Trust Lack of Information Petition
§ get-5-203
The choice of judicial or administrative probate shall be indicated by the petitioner.
§ get-5-204
Petition should contain request for one or more acts.
§ get-5-205
Request for Acts
§ get-5-206
Petition For Probate Must Be As Follows
§ get-5-207
A petition to caveat a will may be filed regardless of probate status.
§ get-5-301
Filing petition for probate.
§ get-5-302
Register of Wills' Authority - Requests for Administrative Probate
§ get-5-303
State Legal Will Verification & Execution Law
§ get-5-304
Administrative Probate Rules and Agreement
§ get-5-401
Judicial probate LAw
§ get-5-402
Proceeding For Judicial Probate At The Interested Person's Request Or If The Will Is Torn Or Lost
§ get-5-403
Notice of judicial probate by register
§ get-5-404
Judicial probate hearing.
§ get-5-406
Judicial probate decisions are final except for in these two cases
§ get-5-407
Judicial probate may be reopened and proceeded within 18 months of death of person making it.
§ get-5-501
A foreign personal representative is not required to take out letters in the State.
§ get-5-502
Rights of Foreign Personal Representatives Within the State
§ get-5-503
Leasehold property
§ get-5-504
Rules for foreign personal representatives administering property in MD.
§ get-5-505
Payment of Inheritance Tax By Foreign Personal Representative
§ get-5-506
Foreign personal representative Law of Maryland
§ get-5-601
The estate may be administered
§ get-5-602
Administration Petitions For Small Estates
§ get-5-603
register finds that the petition filed is accurate
§ get-5-604
Requirements to give bond.
§ get-5-605
Posthumous Discovery Of Property
§ get-5-606
register fees and provisions
§ get-5-607
Grouping of Estates
§ get-5-701
"Date of Appointments" Refers to the Personal Representative
§ get-5-702
Limitations of who may be a legatee or heir of an interstate decedent
§ get-5-703
Initial time period for final report is extended for 90 days
§ get-5-704
Personal Representative Files Inventory/Account Within 10 Months
§ get-5-705
Elections for a Modified Administration Requirements
§ get-5-706
Alternative Administration of an Estate
§ get-5-707
A modification report should include all those listed under subtitle.
§ get-5-708
How Administration will be Revoked
§ get-5-709
Estate under modified administration to close within 13 months of modification if no dues are left.
§ get-5-710
Must apply to a modified administration.
§ get-5-801
State Executed Will Petitioning Law
§ get-5-802
Petitions for a copy of a will.
§ get-5-803
Consent Form
§ get-5-804
Maryland Law Regarding The Issue Of An Order Without Hearing
§ get-6-101
Conditional Duties Upon Appointment
§ get-6-102
Execution Of Bond To All Interested Parties
§ get-6-103
Content of Letters to Personal Representatives
§ get-6-104
Letters Of Administration Need To Be As Follows
§ get-6-105
Duties and powers of a personal representative
§ get-6-201
Exclusive Authority of Letters
§ get-6-202
Powers of a successor personal representative.
§ get-6-203
Two or more personal representatives.
§ get-6-204
Exercising Power on Will Unless Otherwise Stated
§ get-6-301
Suspension of Powers
§ get-6-302
Termination of Personal Representative
§ get-6-303
Personal Representatives Lose Rights, Not Responsibilities When Terminated
§ get-6-304
Directions for appointment of a personal representative
§ get-6-305
Resignation of a Personal Representative
§ get-6-306
Removal of a Personal Representative by the Court
§ get-6-307
A personal representative in administrative probate will not be able to serve in the same capacity in judicial probate without special application.
§ get-6-308
Compensation for Cancelled Services
§ get-6-401
court's power to appoint an administrator for petition
§ get-6-402
Bond Filing Requirements
§ get-6-403
Property and account to the personal representative should be managed by the special administrator.
§ get-6-404
When a representative leaves his job his assistant must also go behind him.
§ get-7-101
Fiduciary Representative
§ get-7-102
Possessing an Estate for Administrative Purposes
§ get-7-103
Appointment of personal representation
§ get-7-103.1
Personal representative of a decedent's estate shall meet followings
§ get-7-104
Published Newspaper Notice Of Appointment
§ get-7-105
if someone files a false petition they must fix errors as soon as possible
§ get-7-201
Assets Included in Wills As Pertaining to Representative
§ get-7-202
The personal representative may select one of the methods specified in this section.
§ get-7-203
Responsibilities of the personal representative
§ get-7-204
Petitioning the Court in estate hearings
§ get-7-205
Replacement of Inventory by Successor Personal Representatives
§ get-7-301
A personal representative shall file written accounts of his management and distribution of property at the times.
§ get-7-302
Financial Information Required on Property Transaction Documents
§ get-7-303
Obligations About The Subsequent Account
§ get-7-305
rules related to Accounts rendered by the personal representative
§ get-7-306
Representative consequences for failure to file required certificate
§ get-7-307
§ get-7-401
§ get-7-402
§ get-7-403
§ get-7-404
§ get-7-501
State Personal Representative Notification Law
§ get-7-502
§ get-7-601
rules related to compensation of service by a personal representative
§ get-7-602
Eligibility to receive compensation for legal services
§ get-7-603
Personal Representative Defense and Prosecution
§ get-7-604
Attorneys and Payment
§ get-8-101
Claims Against Estates
§ get-8-102
Claims Are Not Allowed Upon Decedent's Death
§ get-8-103
Deceased claims and debts
§ get-8-104
Estate Claim Proceedings
§ get-8-105
§ get-8-106
§ get-8-107
Disallowal of claims by the personal representative
§ get-8-108
Paying Claims Against Estate of Deceased
§ get-8-109
Liability of Personal Representatives to Third Parties
§ get-8-110
direction by the court to invest the amount providing for the payment of the claim
§ get-8-111
If creditors surrender security, they get their claim.
§ get-8-112
Contingent Claims Prior to Resolution of an Estate
§ get-8-113
§ get-8-114
Cannot levy against the estate's property.
§ get-8-115
§ get-9-102
An Appointed Trustee May Decline the Appointment
§ get-9-103
rules related to the meaning of legacy or legacies
§ get-9-104
How the assets of the estate shall be distributed
§ get-9-105
Duties of personal representative
§ get-9-106
Property Distribution Provision
§ get-9-107
The court may direct the representative to sell property which can't be partitioned without prejudice to owners
§ get-9-108
§ get-9-109
Personal representative can distribute money to a guardian less minor only in a bank or loan/saving.
§ get-9-111
Verified Release for Distribution
§ get-9-112
§ get-9-201
Meanings associated with the terms!
§ get-9-202
Regulations for Persons Disclaiming Whole or Part Interest in Property
§ get-9-203
Origins of disclaimed interest
§ get-9-204
death for joint property holder survivor rights
§ get-9-205
§ get-9-206
Power of Appointment Disclaimers
§ get-9-207
rules related to A disclaimer of an interest in property by an appointee
§ get-9-208
Disclaiming of Power
§ get-9-209
By who the delivery of a disclaimer may be effected
§ get-9-210
Property Disclaimers Can Be Barred Through a Written Waiver.
§ get-9-211
Transference of Disclaimed and Interest
§ get-9-212
Disclaimers in Property Transfers Should be Filed, But are Valid Regardless
§ get-9-213
Power over Property legality end time
§ get-9-214
§ get-9-215
Property Rights Clarification
§ get-9-216
Maryland Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act