This is Article gen of the Code of State, titled “Environment.” It’s comprised of the following 1407 sections.

§ gen-1-101
Definitions of terms for the following article
§ gen-1-201
Document verification laws and regulations
§ gen-1-202
Compliance with Maryland Workers Compensation Act
§ gen-1-203
Issuing Licenses and Permits
§ gen-1-204
"service of show cause orders."
§ gen-1-301
§ gen-1-302
Falsification Constitutes Misdemeanor
§ gen-1-303
Suit for a civil penalty by a political subdivision for violation of any provision .
§ gen-1-304
Environmental Health Monitoring
§ gen-1-401
"There is a Department of the Environment."
§ gen-1-402
§ gen-1-403
Staff and Deputy Secretary for the Secretary
§ gen-1-404
§ gen-1-405
The Secretary's Powers to Investigate
§ gen-1-406
Advisory Council Department
§ gen-1-407
Legal Adviser Of Department is Attorney General.
§ gen-1-501
§ gen-1-502
Confidential records are kept by secretary
§ gen-1-503
Punishments for Provision Violations
§ gen-1-601
Maryland Law permit requirements when it comes to building and installing.
§ gen-1-602
subtitle department must publish notice
§ gen-1-603
Applications for permits Law of Maryland
§ gen-1-604
Tentative Determination of Permit Applications
§ gen-1-605
the petition in accordance with the Maryland Rules.
§ gen-1-606
Origins of permit & license
§ gen-1-607
Driving Programs
§ gen-1-701
Details of the Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities.
§ gen-1-801
Definitions Pertaining to Real Property
§ gen-1-802
Environmental Covenants
§ gen-1-803
Ownership Requirements for Environmental Covenants
§ gen-1-804
Under Environmental Covenant
§ gen-1-805
Use of Zoning Property
§ gen-1-806
Environmental covenant Law of Maryland
§ gen-1-807
Environmental Covenant Record Keeping
§ gen-1-808
Environment Covenants
§ gen-1-809
amendment or termination of an environmental covenant
§ gen-1-810
Injunctive or other equitable relief for violation will be taking civil action.
§ gen-1-811
Origins of covenants
§ gen-1-812
Subtitle doesn't supercede notices described in 7003(b) of ESiGaNCA.
§ gen-1-813
Uniforming the law
§ gen-1-814
Environmental Covenants Act
§ gen-1-815
Invalidity of This Subtitle Doesn't Affect Other Provisions
§ gen-10-101
The Secretary's Duties
§ gen-10-102
Public Health Nuisances
§ gen-10-103
Maryland Law of Secretary Rules
§ gen-10-104
Secretary inspections
§ gen-10-105
Secretary May Sue to Cease Commission of a Nuisance
§ gen-10-201
Duties of a Health Officer
§ gen-10-202
actions imposed on persons who affect human health
§ gen-10-203
§ gen-10-301
Penalty for refusing or non compliance of requirements under the title
§ gen-10-302
Penalty for person who fails to exercise due diligence under a court order to abate a condition
§ gen-10-303
§ gen-10-304
Violation of Rule or Regulation Adopted by Secretary
§ gen-10-305
§ gen-12-101
§ gen-12-102
The General Assembly protects the people from pollution
§ gen-12-103
An Individual's Health Occupation Practice
§ gen-12-201
State Boards in the Department
§ gen-12-202
The Board of members : Rules and regulations on member selection and validity
§ gen-12-203
Election of a Board Chairman
§ gen-12-204
The Board Shall Meet Once a Year
§ gen-12-205
§ gen-12-206
"The board may set issuance and renewal fees"
§ gen-12-301
Certification by the State Board
§ gen-12-302
§ gen-12-303
Application Procedures
§ gen-12-304
§ gen-12-305
Applicant meeting the boards requirements
§ gen-12-306
Maryland Water Management
§ gen-12-307
§ gen-12-308
Denial of Certification under 12-309
§ gen-12-309
Board Must Give Notice and Hold Hearings Before Filing Lawsuit.
§ gen-12-310
Anyone that is aggrieved by a final decision of the Board has different options to appeal.
§ gen-12-401
§ gen-12-402
Wastewater Works Must Be Under Supervision Of Superintendent.
§ gen-12-403
§ gen-12-404
Department provide training throughout State to carry out provisions of title
§ gen-12-501
Regulations for Wastewater Operation by Companies, Individuals, or Municipalities
§ gen-12-504
Maryland ethical codes
§ gen-12-601
Maryland Waterworks and Waste Systems Operators Act
§ gen-12-602
Subject to the evaluation the title shall terminate and be of no effect after July 1, 2021.
§ gen-13-101
§ gen-13-102
Limits on Health and Plumbing Work
§ gen-13-201
about State Board of Well Drillers
§ gen-13-202
Regulations for appointing Board members.
§ gen-13-203
§ gen-13-204
Executive Director Employment
§ gen-13-205
Reimbursement for expenses under the Standard State Travel Regulations
§ gen-13-206
§ gen-13-207
The Board Can Set Fees For Issuance And Renewal Of Licenses.
§ gen-13-301
License Is Required To Practice Well Drilling.
§ gen-13-302
State Board of Well Drillers responsibilities towards license applicants.
§ gen-13-303
license submissions
§ gen-13-304
§ gen-13-305
Out-of-State Well Drillers
§ gen-13-306
If fees are paid and requirements met, the board must issue a license
§ gen-13-307
Licenses allow licensees to drill under conditions set up the Board
§ gen-13-308
License expiration guidelines and obligations.
§ gen-13-309
Temporary License Can Be Issued by Board to Applicants.
§ gen-13-310
Board Can Suspend License for Gross Negligence Or Misconduct.
§ gen-13-311
Board Hearings Prior to Action by the Board
§ gen-13-312
Appealing State Board Decisions
§ gen-13-313
Suspended Licenses Reinstated by A Vote of 5
§ gen-13-401
This doesn't impact how well water is governed.
§ gen-13-402
Limitations on additional requirements for well drilling.
§ gen-13-403
civil action for an immediate injunction to stop any pollution
§ gen-13-404
The State Will Be Represented By Attorney General.
§ gen-13-501
No person shall drill a well in Maryland without license.
§ gen-13-502
Authorization for Well Drilling
§ gen-13-505
Violation of provision or practicing well drilling without license and regulation
§ gen-13-506
§ gen-13-601
maryland well drillers act
§ gen-13-602
Section 13-602 Is Valid Till July 1, 2021.
§ gen-14-101
Rules Regarding the Production and Development of Oil and Gas Resources
§ gen-14-102
§ gen-14-103
Gas or oil well output cannot be limited
§ gen-14-104
Drilling permits for gas or oil.
§ gen-14-105
Department Can Collect Fees From Licensed Drill Operators.
§ gen-14-106
The Department May Refuse an Application for Oil or Gas Drilling
§ gen-14-107
§ gen-14-108
Provisions for denial of permits by the State Department
§ gen-14-109
§ gen-14-110
The Department may place in a permit conditions which the Department
§ gen-14-110.1
§ gen-14-111
Drilling for Gas or Oil Regulations
§ gen-14-112
rule and regulation for gas or oil production
§ gen-14-113
Royalties from the producing well shall be paid on all lands.
§ gen-14-114
Public Hearing Requirement for Rules, Regulations, and Orders
§ gen-14-115
A Citizen's Duty in regards to a Subpoena
§ gen-14-116
Applying for Departmental Rehearing
§ gen-14-117
Appealing Departmental Decisions
§ gen-14-118
Compliance Enforcement for Wells
§ gen-14-119
Gas taken from wells has to be metered.
§ gen-14-120
Punishment for Violating Subtitle
§ gen-14-121
The commission is allowed to make inspections to make sure rules are followed
§ gen-14-122
Oil and Gas Fund
§ gen-14-123
The Department must oversee oil and gas wells.
§ gen-14-124
Annual Reporting to the General Assembly
§ gen-14-125
Why The Department Adopts Regulations
§ gen-14-201
§ gen-14-202
Gas Storage Company Limitations and Provisions.
§ gen-14-203
§ gen-14-204
§ gen-14-205
§ gen-14-206
Prince George County Gas Regulations
§ gen-14-207
Underground Gas Storage in Prince County
§ gen-14-208
§ gen-14-209
The State and its Political Subdivisions Cannot Interfere with Underground Storage of Gas or Pollution of Waters
§ gen-14-301
"Department means the Department of the Environment
§ gen-14-302
§ gen-14-303
Water Protection In Regards to Drilling For Natural Gas
§ gen-14-304
Department's additional regulations to the earlier
§ gen-14-305
Nothing in this subtitle shall be construed to apply to the installation of underground tanks
§ gen-14-306
Two copies of all paperwork shall be set to the department for acceptance or denial of application.
§ gen-14-307
§ gen-14-308
Violations of this provision will be fined at most $500.
§ gen-14-401
§ gen-14-402
§ gen-14-403
§ gen-14-404
Pertains to oil wells and oil to gas ratios
§ gen-14-501
§ gen-14-502
§ gen-14-503
Permits must be obtained before building structures on the coast line
§ gen-14-504
Construction of facility in coastal area requirements
§ gen-14-505
§ gen-14-506
Statement on Proposed Impact of New Facility
§ gen-14-507
Departmental Public Hearings
§ gen-14-508
Permits meeting the requirements granted within 90 days
§ gen-14-509
rules related to A request for judicial review of the Secretarys action on any application
§ gen-14-510
Provision Penalty
§ gen-14-511
Intents and Purpose of Law and Effect on Past Law
§ gen-15-1001
Violation of this code is a misdemeanor and its punishments.
§ gen-15-101
Various legal definitions as they pertain to the Bureau of Mines.
§ gen-15-1101
§ gen-15-1102
"General Assembly shall promote the reclamation of mined areas."
§ gen-15-1103
Acid Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment Fund
§ gen-15-1104
The department must enforce rules for the subtitles
§ gen-15-1105
Reclamation plan in accordance with the provisions of the federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
§ gen-15-1106
Requirements for the Expenditure of Funds
§ gen-15-1107
Natural resource utilization and reclamation policy
§ gen-15-1108
Reclaiming Land from Adverse Coal Mining Practices
§ gen-15-1109
The right to enter upon any property
§ gen-15-1201
Mineral legal definitions and umbrella terms
§ gen-15-1202
Mineral Interest Regulations
§ gen-15-1203
Mineral interest of surface owner : Rules and regulations
§ gen-15-1204
Mineral Interest Ownership
§ gen-15-1205
§ gen-15-1206
§ gen-15-201
The Bureau of Mines has its main office in Garrett or Allegany County.
§ gen-15-202
The appointment of the director of the bureau of mines at the discretion of the secretary.
§ gen-15-203
The Bureau regulates coal mining and laws pertaining to it.
§ gen-15-204
Land Reclamation Committee has thirteen members
§ gen-15-205
"Obtain committees approval before mining."
§ gen-15-301
§ gen-15-302
Examining authority inquire background and qualifications of each applicant
§ gen-15-303
Requirements for a first-class mine foreman certificate
§ gen-15-304
Bureau may establish a place within the mining area
§ gen-15-305
Applicants must pass a test on mining knowledge
§ gen-15-306
The examining authority will keep all supporting documents for certificates.
§ gen-15-307
Court determine the Foreman certificate and issue order.
§ gen-15-308
Certificate Regulations and Dues According to Maryland State
§ gen-15-309
Counterfeiting a Document is Illegal.
§ gen-15-310
Law regarding people holding a certificate or permit of competence.
§ gen-15-311
§ gen-15-312
Establishes continuing education requirement for mine foreman and fire-bosses.
§ gen-15-313
Mining Certification Agreements with the Director
§ gen-15-401
State Bureau Prescribes Manor Of Law
§ gen-15-402
"Mine foreman required for safe mine management."
§ gen-15-403
§ gen-15-404
Mine Worker Requirements
§ gen-15-405
Notification of Authorities in Mine Disaster Situation
§ gen-15-406
Fatal mining accidents -- reporting and investigation
§ gen-15-407
Restrictions on use of coal by-products.
§ gen-15-501
Terms and Definitions
§ gen-15-502
wildlife protection and land restoration
§ gen-15-503
Bureau Makes Rules to Protect Land/Natural Resources
§ gen-15-504
The application shall contain information concerning the applicant as required by the Department.
§ gen-15-505
Open-Pit Mining Requirements
§ gen-15-506
rules and regulations for establishment of Real Estate Appraisal Hearing Board
§ gen-15-507
§ gen-15-508
Strip mines must keep good, detailed records.
§ gen-15-509
State surcharges and fees related to mining activity.
§ gen-15-510
Land reclamation Policy
§ gen-15-511
Filing of coal completion reports.
§ gen-15-512
Committee recommendations to achieve optimum revegetation
§ gen-15-513
§ gen-15-514
Director determines that an operator has failed
§ gen-15-514.1
§ gen-15-515
Rules for Depositing Funds
§ gen-15-516
Establishment Of Reserve In The Mining Reclamation Fund
§ gen-15-517
Origins of Bituminous Coal Open-Pit Mining Reclamation Fund
§ gen-15-518
Prospecting And Reclamation Requirements
§ gen-15-519
State Department Coal Limitations & Laws
§ gen-15-520
punishment for mining without a license
§ gen-15-521
Permit Law of Maryland
§ gen-15-522
Corporation and LLC violations
§ gen-15-523
Mining Operations
§ gen-15-524
Law regarding open-pit mining water supply rules
§ gen-15-525
open-pit mining operations not allowed without certificate
§ gen-15-526
The Department is authorized to administer oaths
§ gen-15-527
State of Maryland Employee Duties Law
§ gen-15-528
Satisfaction of Council Acts
§ gen-15-529
Invalid provisions don't apply to the remainder of this subtitle under Environment.
§ gen-15-601
Definition of Common Words Used Herein
§ gen-15-602
General Assembly Intends to Provide for Land Reclamation
§ gen-15-603
State Secretary Environmental Pollution Laws
§ gen-15-604
Deposits to the credit of the Deep Mining Fund
§ gen-15-605
Deep Mine Operators must be licensed
§ gen-15-606
A person may not continue or commence operation
§ gen-15-607
The Department Must Plan to Protect Against Subsidence
§ gen-15-608
Enforcement Of Person's Interest In Water Resources Protected
§ gen-15-609
In abandoned land project a contractor may assume work of other if both complied subtitle.
§ gen-15-610
Written Notice Of Failure To Achieve Plans
§ gen-15-611
State Department Permit Regulation & Violation Laws
§ gen-15-612
With regard to deep mining operations, when an operator receives a permit they must still file a bond with the department.
§ gen-15-613
Operator Forfeiture Of Bonds And Deposits
§ gen-15-614
Deep Mining Prohibited To Operators Owing Related Bond
§ gen-15-615
State Monthly Mining Progress Report Law
§ gen-15-616
the operator shall file with the Department a completion report .
§ gen-15-617
Circuit court enforces mining laws.
§ gen-15-618
Penalties For Deep Mining Without Permit
§ gen-15-701
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ gen-15-702
State General Assembly Water Restoration Law
§ gen-15-703
§ gen-15-704
Purposes of State Mining Funds and Associated Property Rights
§ gen-15-705
Department Cooperation
§ gen-15-706
Advantages of the Department
§ gen-15-801
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ gen-15-802
Conventions to be followed on mining of minerals
§ gen-15-803
department may adopt regulations
§ gen-15-804
Review mineral resources plan elements developed by local planning commissions under section 1411 or section 3107 of the Land
§ gen-15-805
Disposition of Collected Department Fees
§ gen-15-806
Surface mine inspectors will be hired according to certain standards
§ gen-15-807
State license for surface mining.
§ gen-15-808
Limitations on Surface Mining Licensees
§ gen-15-809
procedure followed by department after receiving application.
§ gen-15-810
Land and Zoning Permit Application Grant or Denial
§ gen-15-811
Permits Conditional Upon Compliance With Requirements
§ gen-15-812
Removing water from surface mines
§ gen-15-813
Section of Definitions
§ gen-15-814
State Surface Mining Law & Permutations
§ gen-15-815
Modification of Surface Mining Permits
§ gen-15-816
§ gen-15-817
A renewal of a mining and reclamation permit may not become effective until needed changes are made.
§ gen-15-818
New, Modified or Renewed Permit
§ gen-15-819
Liabilities Upon Selling Of Mining Lease
§ gen-15-820
A person with a mines and reclamation permit must substantially achieve intended purpose.
§ gen-15-821
Violations of environmental regulations will be met with a written notice.
§ gen-15-822
Application for a surface mining permit a proposed mining and reclamation plan
§ gen-15-823
The applicant shall file with the Department
§ gen-15-824
Bond Release Upon Completion Of Mining Operations
§ gen-15-825
Bond Or Deposit Forfeiture Caused By Permittee Incompetence
§ gen-15-826
Surface Mining Prohibited Guidelines
§ gen-15-827
The permittee shall file an operations & progress report
§ gen-15-828
Department Shall Perform Mining and Reclamation Inspections
§ gen-15-829
An operation is considered abandoned if no mineral has been produced .
§ gen-15-830
Steps Taken After Completion of Reclamation
§ gen-15-831
Persons as architects, engineers, shall include within the specifications
§ gen-15-832
Civil Liability of Mining Operations Under this Subtitle
§ gen-15-833
Subtitle Does Not Apply to Surface Mining Regulations
§ gen-15-834
State Highway Administration Legal Provisions
§ gen-15-901
Interstate Mining Compact Enforcement
§ gen-15-902
The Commission shall file copies
§ gen-16-101
Board means the Board of Public Works.
§ gen-16-102
State Wetland Regulatory Laws & Adverse Effects
§ gen-16-103
riparian owner rights
§ gen-16-104
Section Exemptions
§ gen-16-105
The Department and Commissions' Duties and Jurisdiction
§ gen-16-106
License or permit requirements for marine contractor services.
§ gen-16-107
The Board may not issue a license
§ gen-16-201
Law regarding land erosion issues
§ gen-16-202
Conditions of Dredging and Filling
§ gen-16-203
Landowner Exemptions From Local Permit Maintenance Requirements
§ gen-16-204
Petitioning Of The Circuit Court
§ gen-16-205
Wetlands License
§ gen-16-301
Secretary must describe boundaries of the Wetlands
§ gen-16-302
Wildlife and Environmental Regulations For General Welfare
§ gen-16-303
Secretary Duties
§ gen-16-304
Scope of Secretary's Responsibilities Pertaining to Conservations
§ gen-16-305
Landowner exempt from permit requirements
§ gen-16-306
Appeal Of Regulation Affecting Property
§ gen-16-307
permit for un authorized activity in a wetland
§ gen-16-309
Law About Possibility Of The Court To Order The State In Paying Court Costs Of Any Appeal
§ gen-16-310
Court jurisdiction may restrict Department from violating subtitle in any land in the county.
§ gen-16-401
Private Ownership Of Land Immune To Subtitle
§ gen-16-402
Dumping of excavated material regulations.
§ gen-16-403
What the Department May Use Land For
§ gen-16-501
Penalty for first & second violations are respectively up to $10000 & $25000 (with jail up to 1 year)
§ gen-16-502
Persons Who Violate Section 16-502 Provisions Will Be Fined.
§ gen-16-503
violator of A provision
§ gen-17-101
Word meanings of the title
§ gen-17-201
§ gen-17-202
consisting of the Board
§ gen-17-203
Electing board chair, vice chair, secretary
§ gen-17-204
The Maryland Marine Contractors Licensing Board Meets Bianually
§ gen-17-205
Duties of The Board
§ gen-17-206
Renewal Fees of License
§ gen-17-301
Marine Contractor Licensing Requirements
§ gen-17-302
License Qualification Requirements For Marine Contractors
§ gen-17-303
To apply for a license Submit the documents required under this section.
§ gen-17-304
Board may not issue a license applicants
§ gen-17-305
Board License Issuance Requirements
§ gen-17-306
The license authorizes the entity.
§ gen-17-307
display of contractor license number
§ gen-17-308
Origins of an Expiring license
§ gen-17-309
within 5 days of a changed address or number, the individual needs to renew license
§ gen-17-310
Notice to hearing
§ gen-17-401
Marine contractor services Law of Maryland
§ gen-17-402
Only authorized marine contractors can work or represent as such.
§ gen-17-403
Misdemeanor Conviction and Penalties
§ gen-2-1001
Definitions of Terms Pertaining to Heating/Cooling Environmental Laws
§ gen-2-1002
Facility Emissions
§ gen-2-1003
Affected Facilities Reporting Requirements
§ gen-2-1004
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ gen-2-1005
Emissions toxin levels
§ gen-2-101
State Legal Definitions & Standard Emission Laws
§ gen-2-102
air pollution policy
§ gen-2-103
Department powers for political subdivisions
§ gen-2-103.1
Clean Air Act
§ gen-2-103.2
measured concentrations of air pollutants.
§ gen-2-104
Political subdivision Law of Maryland
§ gen-2-105
What Proclaims an air pollution emergency.
§ gen-2-106
Maryland's Law Of Determination By The Department Regarding Air Pollution
§ gen-2-107
Maryland Clean Air Fund
§ gen-2-1101
§ gen-2-1102
Low Emissions Vehicle Guidelines
§ gen-2-1103
The State May Cooperate With Other states To Minimize Vehicle Emissions.
§ gen-2-1104
registration of a motor vehicle for transfer, procurement under Title 13 Transportation Article
§ gen-2-1105
exemption of motor vehicles from the program
§ gen-2-1106
Enforcement and Penalty Provisions Apply to This Subtitle
§ gen-2-1107
Before October 1 each year department to submit to AELRC all changes in California motor vehicle emissions standards.
§ gen-2-1201
Greenhouse gas Law of Maryland
§ gen-2-1202
Origins of Manufacturing
§ gen-2-1203
gas emissions Law of Maryland
§ gen-2-1204
Greenhouse Gas Level Reduction Target
§ gen-2-1205
The state shall develop a plan to reduce green house emissions.
§ gen-2-1206
Considerations for developing the plan.
§ gen-2-1207
Economic Impact Study
§ gen-2-1208
Greenhouse gas emissions Law of Maryland
§ gen-2-1209
Department shall submit a report to the Governor
§ gen-2-1210
Law About General Assembly's Control Over The Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
§ gen-2-1211
Emissions Regulations
§ gen-2-201
Air Quality Control Advisory Council
§ gen-2-202
Origins of Council members
§ gen-2-203
The environmental committee shall have a chair and a vice-chair.
§ gen-2-204
Secretary of the Environment to appoint a Secretary to council who may or may not be a member.
§ gen-2-205
Determination of Council Meeting and Compensation
§ gen-2-206
Requirements of Board for Adoption of Regulations
§ gen-2-301
The department which oversees environmental affairs may create rules and regulations to control air pollution levels.
§ gen-2-302
Regulation of Air Quality Control Areas
§ gen-2-303
Adopting rules and regulations by the Department
§ gen-2-303.1
Department Circumstances Where Beholden To The EPA
§ gen-2-303.2
Regarding Reductions of Vehicle Miles Between Worksites
§ gen-2-303.3
The Maryland Department of Environment Inspects Gas Stations
§ gen-2-304
Agencies Consultation Requirements Prior To Rule Change
§ gen-2-401
State Department Regulation Adoption Law
§ gen-2-402
A permit will not be required for mobile equipment and parking garages.
§ gen-2-403
Department shall collect a fee for each permit.
§ gen-2-404
Section Applicability To The Following Activities
§ gen-2-404.1
Department Decisions are Subject to Judicial Review
§ gen-2-405
Anytime there is an application for public convenience presented to the Secretary, they must prepare a recommendation pertaining to this application.
§ gen-2-406
Rules for incinerator operators
§ gen-2-501
Temporary fuel variance granted by the Department
§ gen-2-502
Temporary Fuel Variance Petitions
§ gen-2-503
publication of a petition for a temporary fuel variance
§ gen-2-504
Granting Extentions For Temporary Fuel Variance
§ gen-2-505
fuel variance compliance conditions
§ gen-2-601
The Department's use of facilities and services to enforce standards under the Environment title.
§ gen-2-602
under this section board issues a show cause order.
§ gen-2-603
Show Cause Order Applicability
§ gen-2-604
Guidelines For Corrective Orders
§ gen-2-605
Department Shall Give Hearing Notice
§ gen-2-606
Exceptions and Charges of Rules and Regulations
§ gen-2-607
Information About Direct Judicial Appeals
§ gen-2-608
Show Cause and Corrective Orders
§ gen-2-609
Right to bring civil action against violations
§ gen-2-609.1
approval for prevention of significant deterioration
§ gen-2-610
Punishment for violating this title.
§ gen-2-610.1
Penalty for violation Law of Maryland
§ gen-2-611
Violation Act of Maryland
§ gen-2-612
Noncompliance Regulations and Penalties Set by Secretary
§ gen-2-613
Uncontrollable Law of Maryland
§ gen-2-614
Duties of The Attorney General
§ gen-2-901
§ gen-3-101
Meanings Of Terms Used
§ gen-3-102
Maryland Noise Standards
§ gen-3-103
Department shall revise the noise standards as necessary
§ gen-3-104
No funds and federal obtained by Department
§ gen-3-105
This Title Does Not Limit Noise Ordinance Regulations
§ gen-3-401
Information About Environmental Noise Standards
§ gen-3-403
Political subdivision Law of Maryland
§ gen-3-404
A political subdivision may issue a corrective order when it comes to a noise violation.
§ gen-3-405
political subdivision timeframe guidelines
§ gen-3-406
Willful Violation Of Provisions In Title
§ gen-3-407
Person not subject to rule violation
§ gen-3-408
Which condition a violator has no control over
§ gen-3-501
The meaning of unit
§ gen-3-502
Jeopardizing the General Welfare
§ gen-3-503
A entity shall comply with all applicable laws when it comes to the emission of noise.
§ gen-4-101
Lands and Waters comprising the watersheds of the State
§ gen-4-101.1
§ gen-4-102
Exceptions to whom this subtitle is inapplicable.
§ gen-4-103
County and Municipality Issuance of Grading and Building Permits
§ gen-4-104
Information on Responsible Personnel and Sediment Control
§ gen-4-105
Definition of the term "Construction"
§ gen-4-106
Department of the Environment Review Of Construction Undertaking
§ gen-4-107
Department of the Environment
§ gen-4-108
Act of municipal unit in place of soil conservation district
§ gen-4-109
Written complaints by the Department
§ gen-4-110
Violations of Earth Moving Activity
§ gen-4-111
Filing Of A report By The Person Mailing The Document With Department's Proof Of Mailing
§ gen-4-112
Maryland State Department Hearings
§ gen-4-113
Final Order Barring Request
§ gen-4-114
Department Notification Requirements
§ gen-4-115
Aggrieved Persons are Permitted Judicial Appeal
§ gen-4-116
Violations of Subtitle Provisions Constitute Misdemeanors
§ gen-4-201
The General Assembly Controls Rain Water to Protect from Flooding
§ gen-4-201.1
Meanings for 'Environmental site design' indicated
§ gen-4-202
Maryland's storm water management programs.
§ gen-4-202.1
Watershed Protection and Restoration Requirements
§ gen-4-203
Department of the Environment
§ gen-4-204
Development of Land Regulations
§ gen-4-205
Dept. of Environment construction rules.
§ gen-4-206
Department inspect and review stromwater management and municipalities every 3 years.
§ gen-4-207
Provisions That Are Not Added To The Department Of Natural Resources
§ gen-4-208
Environmental Department can make a Written Complaint
§ gen-4-209
Disposition of Environmental Complaints
§ gen-4-210
rules related to filing of any complaint issued by the department
§ gen-4-211
Requirements of the Department Under the Administrative Procedure Act
§ gen-4-212
Processes Leading to Final Corrective Orders
§ gen-4-213
Enforcement Action Under Section 4-208 or 4-209
§ gen-4-214
Judicial Appeal Under the Administrative Procedure Act
§ gen-4-215
Stormwater Management Plan Violations
§ gen-4-301
Watershed definitions and classifications.
§ gen-4-302
Pollution Information on the Patuxent and Sivern Rivers
§ gen-4-302.1
Timeline for upgrading wastewater treatment plants.
§ gen-4-303
Watershed Law of Maryland
§ gen-4-304
If Sewage Disposal Plants do not meet Standards
§ gen-4-305
Sewage disposal Plant owner
§ gen-4-306
Health departments must take water samples each month.
§ gen-4-307
No raw sewage in the Patuxent or Severn River
§ gen-4-308
A State, county, or municipal road may not be constructed until the plan is submitted.
§ gen-4-309
A permit may not be issued for grading or construction unless it is approved in subititle 4-308
§ gen-4-310
Soil Conservation Regulations
§ gen-4-311
Severn River Watershed Law of Maryland
§ gen-4-312
Any lien created in favor of a county or governmental unit pursuant to this subtitle is effective
§ gen-4-313
These are the rules and regulations of Baltimore
§ gen-4-313.1
Penalities for Sewer Treatment Plan Violations
§ gen-4-314
Warnings regarding violating laws
§ gen-4-401
Oil discharge and damages definitions.
§ gen-4-402
Protection of State Waters Against Pollution
§ gen-4-403
This subtitle may not be construed as repealing any State law relating to water pollution
§ gen-4-405
Powers and Duties of the Department of the Environment.
§ gen-4-406
Oil Spillage Training Program Requirements
§ gen-4-407
Bulk Oil Cargo Bond Post
§ gen-4-408
Department of Environment Fees
§ gen-4-409
Oil spillage Law of Maryland
§ gen-4-410
Establishment of laws and authority to protect State waters from illegal oil-dumping.
§ gen-4-411
§ gen-4-411.1
Registration of an Underground Oil Storage Facility
§ gen-4-411.2
High-risk Groundwater Use Area
§ gen-4-412
Require the alleged violator to file a written report regarding the alleged violation
§ gen-4-413
Information About Soil or Sediment Emissions.
§ gen-4-414
Evaluation and Monitoring of Dumped Dredged Operations
§ gen-4-415
Violating A Provision
§ gen-4-415.1
rules related to entering in any oil storage facility carry out the duties by department
§ gen-4-416
The attorney general has the authority to enforce environmental laws.
§ gen-4-417
Violation of Provisions
§ gen-4-418
Discharge of oil in violation Law of Maryland
§ gen-4-419
Origins of containment
§ gen-4-420
Heating oil tanks
§ gen-4-501
Misdemeanor charges for any of those who violate title provisions.
§ gen-4-502
Scope of Prosection and Defense for Attorney General
§ gen-4-601
The Use and Existence of an Underground Storage Tank Upgrade and Replacement Fund.
§ gen-4-602
Underground Storage Tank Fees
§ gen-4-603
Award for the people
§ gen-4-604
Origins of receiving a Loan
§ gen-4-605
Loan agreement Law of Maryland
§ gen-4-606
Eligibility of the applicants to avail this loan.
§ gen-4-607
After June '96, no fees/loans under this subtitle.
§ gen-4-701
Definitions of Cleanup, Fund, Oil, and Site Rehabilitation
§ gen-4-702
Maryland General Assembly protection of underground water
§ gen-4-703
Discharge of oil
§ gen-4-704
Dispersion of Oil Contaminated Site Cleanup Funds
§ gen-4-705
§ gen-4-706
Departmental Reimbursements for Site Rehabilitation
§ gen-4-707
Funds may not pay for third party claims.
§ gen-4-708
Adopt for requirements
§ gen-5-1001
Definition of "used oil" and "recycle"
§ gen-5-101
Words Have the Following Meanings in this Title.
§ gen-5-102
Domestic Use of Well on Farm
§ gen-5-10A-01
Definition of specific terms
§ gen-5-10A-02
Manufacturing Requirements for Bodies of Water
§ gen-5-10A-03
Operator of a Junkyard
§ gen-5-1101
Meaning of words in subtitle
§ gen-5-1102
Do not take anything from Chesapeake Bay or Baltimore Harbor Water systems
§ gen-5-1102.1
Structure and duties of Cox Creek Oversight Committee.
§ gen-5-1103
Dredge spoil Act of Maryland
§ gen-5-1104
Oversight Committee Composition
§ gen-5-1104.1
The Oversight Committee Requirements
§ gen-5-1104.2
Maryland State Material Management
§ gen-5-1105
Attorney General of Maryland
§ gen-5-1106
Chesapeake Bays tributaries Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-1107
Violators receive a $5000 fine and/or 1 year imprisonment.
§ gen-5-1201
Watershed Association Commission
§ gen-5-1202
Components of Herring Run Public Watershed Association
§ gen-5-1203
There is a Herring Run Public Watershed Association Commission
§ gen-5-1204
Selection of the chairman of the Commission
§ gen-5-1205
Commission Role in Baltimore Metropolitan Water Quality
§ gen-5-1206
Commission Funding and Staffing Apportions
§ gen-5-1301
Violation of provision
§ gen-5-1302
Rule of Attorney General
§ gen-5-201
Rules And Regulations Regarding Water Management Administration In The Department
§ gen-5-203
Powers of The Department
§ gen-5-203.1
Definition of specific terms
§ gen-5-204
Consolidated Procedures/ Notice and Hearing requirements for Applicants
§ gen-5-301
Water planning for Susquehanna River Basin
§ gen-5-303
Pollution Control
§ gen-5-304
Authority of Governor to Appoint State Commissioner Alternates
§ gen-5-401
Definition of indicated terms
§ gen-5-402
Purpose of the Maryland Potomac Water Authority
§ gen-5-403
Authority Member Makeup
§ gen-5-404
A Unanimous Vote Is Required To Approve Action By The Authority.
§ gen-5-405
Authority Subcommittee Appointments
§ gen-5-406
Regulation of the Bloomington Dam will be negotiated between the State and the Federal Government
§ gen-5-407
The Authority May Not Pledge or Obligate State
§ gen-5-408
Authority Assessment and Collection of Payments
§ gen-5-409
Appropriation of water Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-410
The Authority can make rules as long as they follow the Administrative Procedure Act.
§ gen-5-411
Assessment satisfaction Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-412
Acceptable Sources Of Funds For Authority Towards It's Obligations
§ gen-5-413
Authority budget Limitation Act
§ gen-5-414
Preparing A budget
§ gen-5-501
The state may control surface water to the extent necessary for citizen well being.
§ gen-5-502
Permit Requirement For Plant Construction
§ gen-5-503
Departmental permission in accordance with rule for major project work
§ gen-5-504
permit required for wires near Potomac River
§ gen-5-505
Each application for a permit required by this subtitle shall be accompanied by maps, drawings
§ gen-5-506
Permit application Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-507
Department shall weigh factors before deciding on permits.
§ gen-5-508
Use of any waters of the State
§ gen-5-509
Waterway constructions stability monitoring and taking actions on the same
§ gen-5-510
Length Restrictions for Permits
§ gen-5-511
Water Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-512
law relating to the Public Service Commission or to water and water structures can not repeal
§ gen-5-513
On application of the Department regulation made under this subtitle.
§ gen-5-514
Terms of Water in the State
§ gen-5-515
Service of Complaint Related to Water Appropriation
§ gen-5-516
When allocating water, the Department will give notice and hold a public hearing.
§ gen-5-5B-01
New meanings indicated:
§ gen-5-5B-02
public water systems
§ gen-5-5B-03
§ gen-5-5B-04
Management of system pressure to reduce usage
§ gen-5-5B-05
§ gen-5-601
Terms Defined Construction, Department, Exploratory Activities
§ gen-5-602
Use and Development of Geothermal Resources
§ gen-5-603
Responsibilities of The Department
§ gen-5-604
Application for Geothermal Resource Exploratory Activities
§ gen-5-605
A person must obtain a permit from environmental department in order to construct a well.
§ gen-5-606
Origins of filing a bond
§ gen-5-607
How to Request for Judicial Review of The Secretary's Actions.
§ gen-5-608
Violation of Subtitles and Fines
§ gen-5-609
This subtitle shall be liberally construed to effectuate its intents and purposes
§ gen-5-701
The Department is responsible for developing and carrying out a long range program for controlling flood waters in the State.
§ gen-5-702
Water-supply storage Act
§ gen-5-703
Water resources planning Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-704
The State of Maryland may:
§ gen-5-801
Specified terms and definitions
§ gen-5-802
The General Assembly finds and declares
§ gen-5-803
Department of Agriculture and the Department of Planning Act
§ gen-5-804
State construction projects and State-assisted construction projects
§ gen-5-805
Penalties for an Enforcement of this Subdivision within Jurisdictions
§ gen-5-806
"The department may delegate to a subdivision if it is competent technically and financially.
§ gen-5-807
§ gen-5-808
Engineering for environmental projects will be funded by Maryland State
§ gen-5-809
Flood Hazard Management Act
§ gen-5-901
Agricultural activity means aquaculture and farming activities in Maryland
§ gen-5-902
The General Assembly Intends to Protect and Preserve Nontidal Wetlands As Vital Parts of the Chesapeake Bay
§ gen-5-903
Statewide program for nontidal wetlands
§ gen-5-904
Delegation of authority
§ gen-5-905
Agricultural and forestry activities Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-906
Exempt activities from permit requirements
§ gen-5-907
Special Exceptions for Wetlands.
§ gen-5-908
Watershed Management Plans
§ gen-5-909
Wetlands Law of Maryland
§ gen-5-910
Origins of The Secretary
§ gen-5-911
Enforcement Provisions
§ gen-6-1001
Legal definitions regarding lead-based paints.
§ gen-6-1002
Department Accreditation
§ gen-6-1003
Regulations adopted by the Department
§ gen-6-1004
Funds come under Lead Accreditation Fund and purposes for which this fund is used
§ gen-6-1005
Regulation and Conditions of Accreditation
§ gen-6-1101
Legal definitions for terms about batteries.
§ gen-6-1102
After December 31, 1994, each unit sold by a marketer must be covered by one or more unit management programs
§ gen-6-1103
Customers be able to access rechargeable batteries
§ gen-6-1104
Information Disclosure Requirements Relating to Manufactured Unites
§ gen-6-1105
Marketers Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-1106
A Person Has To Meet Certain Requirements for the Disposal of a Unit
§ gen-6-1107
Regulating the production and distribution of units and removable rechargeable batteries in products
§ gen-6-1108
Marketer's Responsibilities
§ gen-6-1109
Laws of a cell manufacturer
§ gen-6-1110
Institutional user should collect and return spent units and it is recycled or disposed of properly.
§ gen-6-1111
Responsible Entities and Management Programs
§ gen-6-1112
Bearing responsibility Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-1113
Unit Management Program Liability Immunity Legislation
§ gen-6-1114
Violation of Maryland title gen-6-1114
§ gen-6-1201
Technical Terms Defined
§ gen-6-1202
This section doesn't apply to certain recyclable materials.
§ gen-6-1202.1
§ gen-6-1203
Departments Have Numerous Methods of Enforcing Guidelines
§ gen-6-1204
Law violation consequences of regulations set
§ gen-6-1205
Department may adopt regulations for the implementation
§ gen-6-1301
meaning of words under this section
§ gen-6-1302
Non inclusion of clauses in gen-6-1302
§ gen-6-1303
Department determines that a person has violated.
§ gen-6-1304
Testing of Children's Products by Manufactuters
§ gen-6-1305
Department Penalties for Violations
§ gen-6-1306
details of violation of _ 61303 regarding children's products
§ gen-6-1307
Punishment for violating this subtitle.
§ gen-6-1308
Fees The Comptroller May Asses.
§ gen-6-1309
Penalties for Deceptive Trade Practices
§ gen-6-1310
The Secretary may adopt regulations to carry out the provisions of this subtitle.
§ gen-6-1311
Exclusions for Local Laws
§ gen-6-1401
Meanings of the words _Cadmium_, . _Children__s jewelry_.
§ gen-6-1402
Law on Manufacturer for Jewelry that contains Cadmium
§ gen-6-1403
Regulations and The Department of The Environment
§ gen-6-1404
not applicable to toy regulated for cadmium exposure
§ gen-6-301
Lead based paint not allowed.
§ gen-6-302
Misdemeanor Violation
§ gen-6-303
Medical facilities drawing blood from minors must obtain department information
§ gen-6-304
When The Secretary Assists Local Governments
§ gen-6-401
meanings under this section
§ gen-6-402
Maryland general assembly - asbestos
§ gen-6-405
Emergencies Allow for Waiving of License Waiving
§ gen-6-406
Necessary rules and regulations to carry out provisions
§ gen-6-409
business entity law
§ gen-6-410
Qualifications for Business Licenses
§ gen-6-411
How to Apply License for Business Entity
§ gen-6-412
An active license authorizes the removal or encapsulation of asbestos.
§ gen-6-413
When a license expires
§ gen-6-414
Characteristics of Licenses
§ gen-6-414.1
Asbestos Removal Mandates
§ gen-6-415
When The Department May Reprimand the Licensee
§ gen-6-416
A hearing will be held before the Department takes action.
§ gen-6-417
Terms are defined for this section under Environment.
§ gen-6-419
Encapsulate asbestos Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-420
Issuing of Complaint by Department
§ gen-6-421
Filing a Complaint
§ gen-6-422
Liability for violation of any provision under this subtitle.
§ gen-6-425
Monetary regulations on the Asbestos Worker Protection Fund.
§ gen-6-501
Definition of the term _Hazardous or Toxic Chemical_
§ gen-6-502
Access to Information About Environmental or Consumer Organizations
§ gen-6-503
chemical information list and material safety
§ gen-6-504
The Department may adopt rules and regulations to provide for access by the public
§ gen-6-701
Occupational Disease Reporting and Control
§ gen-6-702
About Physician cares for patients
§ gen-6-801
meaning of _Affected property" under this section
§ gen-6-802
Childhood Lead Poisoning
§ gen-6-803
Maryland Law of property
§ gen-6-804
Property is exempt from the provisions of Part IV.
§ gen-6-807
Working of Lead Poisoning Prevention Commission
§ gen-6-808
Meetings of the commission in accordance with the Standard State Travel Regulations.
§ gen-6-809
Secretary of Housing and Community Development Replacing Windows
§ gen-6-810
The Commission Will Study and Help Combat Lead Poisoning.
§ gen-6-811
What the owner of an affected property shall do
§ gen-6-812
Update Property in Maryland
§ gen-6-813
Failing to register or renew registration for property
§ gen-6-815
Affected property Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-816
Leadcontaminated dust testing Law
§ gen-6-817
Affected Properties
§ gen-6-818
Requirements of Performing Lead-Contaminated Testing
§ gen-6-819
Lead-Contaminated Dust and Hazard Treatments
§ gen-6-820
Notification for Affected Properties
§ gen-6-821
Procedures for owners to protect tenants and others when disturbing interior paint.
§ gen-6-822
Maryland Environment Law not Affected by Provisions
§ gen-6-823
Law of affected property
§ gen-6-824
Origins of disclosing an obligation for risk treatment
§ gen-6-825
Occupied Properties and Compliance Plans.
§ gen-6-826
Commissioner Regulations
§ gen-6-827
Alleged injury or loss Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-828
rights of an owner of an affected property
§ gen-6-829
Maryland blood lead tests and affected properties
§ gen-6-830
Concentration of lead Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-831
Origins of a qualified offer
§ gen-6-832
Person at risk Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-833
Guidelines for Legal guardians of at risk minors
§ gen-6-834
Origins of a person at risk
§ gen-6-835
person at risk Law of Maryland
§ gen-6-836
Owner Liability in Ingestion of Lead
§ gen-6-836.1
Origins of owners immunity from liability
§ gen-6-837
Qualified Offers Used As Evidence.
§ gen-6-838
Actions Seeking Damage From The Ingestion Of Lead.
§ gen-6-839
Making Offers on Housing
§ gen-6-840
Relocation and Medical Expense Allotments
§ gen-6-841
Relocation Expense Allotments
§ gen-6-842
Failure to Comply With Qualified Offer Terms
§ gen-6-843
Collection Of State's Affected Party Annual Rental Dwelling Unit Fee
§ gen-6-844
Uses of Maryland's Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund
§ gen-6-845
Statewide Property Database Establishment and Maintenance
§ gen-6-846
Health department responsibilities for blood lead tests
§ gen-6-847
"Blood lead test"
§ gen-6-848
Develop and establish community outreach programs to high lead risk areas.
§ gen-6-848.1
Maryland laws on reused paint awareness.
§ gen-6-848.2
Department shall report non complaince
§ gen-6-849
An affected property must be registered by the owner.
§ gen-6-850
This article is here to apply punishments for violations of this subtitle.
§ gen-6-851
"The Department one of the most integral part"
§ gen-6-852
Spot Check May Be Done By Department To Reduce Risk.
§ gen-6-901
Disposal procedures of mercuric oxide batteries.
§ gen-6-902
Persons Allowed to Sell Mercuric Oxide Batteries
§ gen-6-903
Violators Receive Misdemeanors
§ gen-6-904
Mercury is a persistent and toxic pollutant that bioaccumulates in the environment
§ gen-6-904
Mercury is a persistent and toxic pollutant that bioaccumulates in the environment
§ gen-6-905
Word definitions under Maryland gen-6-905
§ gen-6-905
Word definitions under Maryland gen-6-905
§ gen-6-905.1
Regulations of thermometer & its sales
§ gen-6-905.2
selling thermostat containing mercury is banned
§ gen-6-905.3
Items Exempted From the Section
§ gen-6-905.4
Vehicle Manufacturer Mandates
§ gen-6-905.5
Implementation of mercury minimization plan
§ gen-6-905.6
Violation and penalty for Maryland gen-6-905.6
§ gen-6-906
elemental or chemical mercury not to be used
§ gen-6-907
Establishment of Mercury Awareness Programs
§ gen-7-101
Interpretation of certain words.
§ gen-7-102
Transfer of hazardous material
§ gen-7-103
Facility permit Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-104
Permitting Procedures
§ gen-7-105
Requirements of Applying for a facility permit
§ gen-7-106
details required to get facility permit
§ gen-7-107
Hazardous Materials
§ gen-7-108
facility permit expiry
§ gen-7-109
Granting Facility Permits
§ gen-7-110
The Department may deny applications based on hazardous material issues.
§ gen-7-111
Requirements for keeping a facility permit
§ gen-7-112
enforcing this title by Secretary
§ gen-7-113
State Hazardous Substance Control Fund collections stipulations.
§ gen-7-114
Maryland Does Not Allow the Submission of False Information to the Department
§ gen-7-201
Word definitions in subtitle gen-7-201
§ gen-7-202
Conferred by statute law
§ gen-7-203
addtional remedies to prevent water pollution
§ gen-7-204
Not Taking Away The Rights of Riparian Owners
§ gen-7-205
Generator disposal of hazardous substance
§ gen-7-206
Who The Secretary has Guard Hazardous Materials
§ gen-7-207
Require prior submission of plans, specifications, and other information that is relative
§ gen-7-208
Procedures for adopting rules and regulations
§ gen-7-209
Regulations on controlled hazardous substances from generators
§ gen-7-211
Controlled Hazardous Substance Advisory
§ gen-7-212
Components of The Council
§ gen-7-213
The Council must elect a chairperson.
§ gen-7-214
Council Member Job Tasks
§ gen-7-215
Council will advise & assist the Department
§ gen-7-218
Maryland State Hazardous Substance Control Fund
§ gen-7-219
State Hazardous Substance Control Fund
§ gen-7-220
Regulations to use State Hazardous Substance Control Fund
§ gen-7-221
State Hazardous Substance Control Fund Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-222
Sites can respond to threat of hazardous substances.
§ gen-7-223
List of all sites of controlled hazardous substances.
§ gen-7-224
How to Not Dispose Of A Controlled Hazardous Substance.
§ gen-7-225
High-level nuclear waste Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-226
Origins of controlled hazardous substance
§ gen-7-227
Regional Storage of Low-Level Nuclear Waste
§ gen-7-228
Acquiring Condemned Property
§ gen-7-229
A person who is called on for assistance in an emergency has the immunity from civil liability.
§ gen-7-232
Facility permit before the person may own, establish, operate, or maintain a controlled hazardous.
§ gen-7-233
Low-level nuclear waste facility permit.
§ gen-7-234
Issuance of Low-Level Nuclear Waste Facility Permits
§ gen-7-235
How to Apply for a Faculty Permit
§ gen-7-236
The Issuance of Faculty Permits
§ gen-7-237
fixing facility permit fee by Department
§ gen-7-238
The Expiration of Facility Permits
§ gen-7-239
Guidelines on how a controlled hazardous substance permit can be issued
§ gen-7-239.1
Details about Chemical warfare material and Monitoring data
§ gen-7-239.2
Provisions for disposal and destruction of chemical warfare agents.
§ gen-7-239.3
Hazardous Substance Facilities.
§ gen-7-239.4
Controlled Hazardous Substance Facilities
§ gen-7-240
Hazardous substances can't be handled in a way that would damage the environment,
§ gen-7-241
Cannot permit Low-level nuclear waste facility.
§ gen-7-242
Facility Permit Holder Requirements
§ gen-7-243
Radiation Notification Procedures
§ gen-7-244
Low-level nuclear report Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-245
Origins of inspection of controlled hazardous substance
§ gen-7-246
Health officer for a county receives a complaint.
§ gen-7-249
Controlled hazardous substance Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-250
Low-level nuclear waste Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-251
Hauler Certificates allow the Transport of Hazardous Materials.
§ gen-7-252
Rules Governing the Hauling of Hazardous Substances
§ gen-7-253
Stipulations for Transporting a Controlled Hazardous Material
§ gen-7-256
Maryland Department of Health
§ gen-7-256.1
How Authorized Officials Apply for Search Warrants
§ gen-7-257
The Department may revoke permits for controlled hazardous substances.
§ gen-7-258
How The Department Issues Complaints
§ gen-7-259
Department orders, notices, and compliance
§ gen-7-260
Certified mail Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-261
Notice should be issued before any hearing.
§ gen-7-262
Hearing information
§ gen-7-263
Injunction against any person who violates any provision.
§ gen-7-264
Aggrieved Persons May Appeal Some Final Department Decisions
§ gen-7-265
Guilty of a felony Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-266
Person who violates any provision of subtitle or of any rule, regulation, order.
§ gen-7-266.1
People in noncompliance are subject to punitive damages.
§ gen-7-267
Fines and punishments regarding violations of this specific subtitle.
§ gen-7-268
The Attorney General's responsibilities under the provision of this subtitle
§ gen-7-301
Sanitation: Definitions of Terms
§ gen-7-302
Creation of the Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission.
§ gen-7-303
Regional Disposition of Low-Level Waste
§ gen-7-304
Person cannot dispose unlawful waste.
§ gen-7-305
Section 7-305 Compact Legislative Enactment
§ gen-7-306
This compact shall be carried out un-infringed.
§ gen-7-401
meaning of words under this section
§ gen-7-402
Origins of protecting the public health and the environment
§ gen-7-403
Details of Hazardous Waste Facilities Siting Board
§ gen-7-404
Board may adopt rules outside the subtitles
§ gen-7-405
A certificate is not required for a facility used for recovery, or disposal of nonhazardous.
§ gen-7-406
Application Requirements and Application Process for Facility Certificates
§ gen-7-407
State Health Requirements Remain Applicable
§ gen-7-408
About null and void certificates.
§ gen-7-409
Purpose of The Board Being a Department Unit
§ gen-7-410
inventory and program for waste disposal sites
§ gen-7-411
Regulations regarding Natural Resources services.
§ gen-7-412
Hazardous or low-level nuclear Law of Maryland
§ gen-7-413
What the Subdivision is not Liable for
§ gen-7-501
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this subtitle.
§ gen-7-502
Powers of the Department
§ gen-7-503
Voluntary Cleanup Program cleans contaminated properties
§ gen-7-504
Existence and Usability of Voluntary Cleanup Fund
§ gen-7-505
Department Approval of Individual Status as Inculpable
§ gen-7-506
Requirements of Applicants to Participate in the Program
§ gen-7-506.1
A certificate of completion may require a fee of $2000.
§ gen-7-507
Financial Incentives Qualifications
§ gen-7-508
Department Application Approval
§ gen-7-509
Action of Participant in Maryland
§ gen-7-510
Approval of Response Action Plans
§ gen-7-511
up to 75 days for a action plan
§ gen-7-512
Program Guidelines
§ gen-7-513
Completion of response action plan
§ gen-7-514
Response Action Plan Approval Letter Restrictions, Limitations
§ gen-7-515
Enforcing violations of this provisions
§ gen-7-516
Subtitles in Planning/ Zoning
§ gen-7-601
Section Terms Defined
§ gen-7-602
Information Repository for the State Emergency Response Commission
§ gen-7-603
Can't Submit false information in this section
§ gen-7-604
Community Right-to-Know fund provides living condition and emergency information on facilities.
§ gen-7-605
How to enforce violations of this subtitle and regulations.
§ gen-7-701
Hazardous Waste Materials
§ gen-7-702
Persons Must Conform to Hazardous Material Security Standards
§ gen-7-703
Origins of adopt hazardous material security standards
§ gen-7-704
Business Facility Audits
§ gen-7-705
New enforcement powers to the State Police regarding hazardous materials
§ gen-7-706
Community Right-to-Know Fund shall be used under this subtitle.
§ gen-7-707
Persons May Not Knowingly Submit False Information
§ gen-7-708
Civil Penalty per Violation
§ gen-7-709
Rule Not Relieving A Facility From Local Or State Law Or Ordinance Reporting To The Same
§ gen-8-101
Explanation of Board Licenses
§ gen-8-102
Responsibility of Radiation Use
§ gen-8-103
Exemption list under this title
§ gen-8-104
Roles and Responsibilities of the Secretary
§ gen-8-105
Components of the Secretary issuing an order
§ gen-8-106
Secretary rules for creating radiation regulations
§ gen-8-107
Adoption Of Regulations
§ gen-8-108
The Governor can make agreements with Federal Government
§ gen-8-201
§ gen-8-202
Organization of the Air Quality Control Advisory Council
§ gen-8-203
Secretary May Appoint the Chairman
§ gen-8-204
Determination of Board Meeting Locations and Times
§ gen-8-205
Radiation programs and policies are periodically debated and reviewed.
§ gen-8-301
Secretary's duties concerning rules and licenses
§ gen-8-302
Secretary May Order Impoundment in These Conditions
§ gen-8-303
Radiation violations must be remedied quickly.
§ gen-8-304
In this section, radiation machine is defined as follows:
§ gen-8-305
Origins of Radon testing device
§ gen-8-306
State Radiation Control Fund Usage
§ gen-8-401
Nuclear waste terms
§ gen-8-402
Rules regarding applications for low-level nuclear waste disposal.
§ gen-8-403
The state maintains the responsibility for disposing of low-level nuclear waste.
§ gen-8-404
The constitution will be the supreme law.
§ gen-8-406
Governor's Recourse if Concerned About Nuclear Waste Storage or Disposal
§ gen-8-501
The Department may suspend any license for the following reasons:
§ gen-8-502
the department shall issue a written complaint if they feel a person is in violation of a contract.
§ gen-8-503
Department Response Options To Service of a Complaint
§ gen-8-504
Affidavit Law of Maryland
§ gen-8-505
Department hearings
§ gen-8-506
Persons subject to an environmental order must make a timely request for a hearing.
§ gen-8-507
Actions for an Injunction
§ gen-8-508
Judicial appeal Law of Maryland
§ gen-8-509
Origins of criminal penalty in this Section
§ gen-8-510
§ gen-8-511
Attorney General Can Defend and Prosecute For the State.
§ gen-8-512
Department or the Attorney General Remedies
§ gen-8-601
Title may call also Maryland Radiation Act
§ gen-9-1001
Safe Drinking Water Law of Maryland
§ gen-9-1002
There is no certification or renewal fee to any county or municipal corporation in maryland.
§ gen-9-1003
Department shall set standards
§ gen-9-1006
A water quality board must be certified before conducting business with the state.
§ gen-9-1007
Water Laboratory Must Meet Department Standards and Rules for Certification
§ gen-9-1008
Water quality laboratory application requirement
§ gen-9-1009
Water Quality Laboratories Are Inspected Before Being Certified
§ gen-9-101
Definition of Environmental Terms like Pollutant and Discharge.
§ gen-9-1010
Water Quality Laboratory Certification
§ gen-9-1011
Water quality certification
§ gen-9-1012
Renewal Of The Certification Of A Water Quality Laboratory.
§ gen-9-1013
Renewal of Water Quality Lab Certification
§ gen-9-1014
Each Water Quality Lab Must Have a Non-Transferable Certificate
§ gen-9-1015
Certification of out of state water quality laboratories
§ gen-9-1016
Failure to Meet Secretary Assigned Standards
§ gen-9-1017
Water Quality Laboratory Notice of Action
§ gen-9-1018
Direct judicial appeal Law of Maryland
§ gen-9-102
Montgomery County Health Officer Duties
§ gen-9-1021
State Certification Requirement for Water Quality Laboratories
§ gen-9-1022
Water Quality Lab Certification
§ gen-9-1023
Required Certifications
§ gen-9-1026
Penalties for Water Contamination
§ gen-9-1027
Maryland law includes a "Maryland Quality Water Laboratory Certification Act"
§ gen-9-103
Orders Prohibiting Use of Septic Tanks Must Contain a Solution
§ gen-9-1101
New construction requires septic tank in Garrett County.
§ gen-9-1102
Worcester County Sewage And Solid Waste Disposal Fees
§ gen-9-1103
Origins of public agency
§ gen-9-1104
Privatization Program for performing Soil Percolation Tests
§ gen-9-1105
Section for the Carroll County Only
§ gen-9-1106
Ability of Howard County to enact law related to sewerage systems
§ gen-9-1107
What Howard County may Mandate on Sewer System
§ gen-9-1108
§ gen-9-1108.1
Origins of sewage disposal systems
§ gen-9-1109
Rules Regarding Installation Of An Individual Sewerage System In The State
§ gen-9-1110
Origins of a sewerage system
§ gen-9-1111
Montgomery County Zoning Guidelines
§ gen-9-1301
Definition Of Following Words For This Section
§ gen-9-1302
Water Control under Maryland
§ gen-9-1303
Supervision of state units over public water not limited.
§ gen-9-1304
The rules regarding well construction by the state.
§ gen-9-1305
Rules and Regulations Regarding the Construction of Wells
§ gen-9-1305.1
Origins of Water Testing in Maryland
§ gen-9-1306
Procedure for drilling a well
§ gen-9-1307
In applying for a permit to drill a well, As a condition to issuing a permit to drill a well.
§ gen-9-1308
Well drillers need to file report after well complete
§ gen-9-1309
Well owners must follow regulations
§ gen-9-1310
A owner of a pumping well may not allow water to go to waste.
§ gen-9-1311
Penalties for Violations
§ gen-9-1401
Innovative and alternative septic system
§ gen-9-1402
There is an innovative septic system grant program
§ gen-9-1403
Purpose is to make State grant political subdivisions.
§ gen-9-1404
Department Grants to Political Subdivisions
§ gen-9-1405
Roles of the Secretary of the State of Maryland
§ gen-9-1406
Eligibility for State funds
§ gen-9-14A-01
Provision for Waterless Toilets
§ gen-9-1501
Laundry detergent
§ gen-9-1502
Cleaning Agents This Subtitle Does Not Apply To
§ gen-9-1503
Restrictions on Selling Cleaning Agents
§ gen-9-1504
The departments must adopt rules to carry out the subtitles
§ gen-9-1505
Penalties for Cleaning Agents In Violation of Subtitle
§ gen-9-1601
The Following Words:
§ gen-9-1602
Maryland Water Quality Financing Administration
§ gen-9-1603
Director of Administration approved by secretary
§ gen-9-1604
Additional powers of the Maryland Water Quality Financing Administration
§ gen-9-1605
Details of Water Quality Fund
§ gen-9-1605.1
Maryland Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund
§ gen-9-1605.2
Description of Bay Restoration Fund
§ gen-9-1605.2
Description of Bay Restoration Fund
§ gen-9-1605.3
Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Nonpoint Source Fund Adminitration
§ gen-9-1606
Loans made from the Water Quality Fund shall include proper documentation.
§ gen-9-1606.1
Definitions of words in article 9-1605(d)(6) or 9-1605.1
§ gen-9-1607
Origins of issuing a bond
§ gen-9-1608
Bond Signatures
§ gen-9-1609
Regulations regarding the issuance of bonds by the Administration.
§ gen-9-1610
Rights of Administration to issue and sell Bonds
§ gen-9-1611
Trust agreement to secure bonds.
§ gen-9-1612
bond resolution by Administrator
§ gen-9-1613
Origins of bonds
§ gen-9-1614
Characteristics of Bonds
§ gen-9-1615
Tax exemption for The Administration revenue
§ gen-9-1616
Administration's Right To Refuse Bond For Security
§ gen-9-1617
Financial Systems Control
§ gen-9-1617.1
Provisions For A General Financial Accounting System
§ gen-9-1618
When administration terminated all rights pass to state
§ gen-9-1619
The Court's Affect on Provisions
§ gen-9-1620
Supplemental and additional to powers conferred by other laws.
§ gen-9-1621
Laws pertaining to the environment are meant to be liberally interpreted.
§ gen-9-1622
The Maryland Water Quality Financing Administration Act.
§ gen-9-1701
"Glossary to certain words"
§ gen-9-1702
Creation of an Office of recycling within the department.
§ gen-9-1703
Counties Must Submit Recycling Plan to Secretaries
§ gen-9-1703
Counties Must Submit Recycling Plan to Secretaries
§ gen-9-1704
Counties that are Unable to Achieve Required Waste Reduction
§ gen-9-1705
Reporting requirements for counties not meeting solid waste reductions.
§ gen-9-1706
The Office of Recycling
§ gen-9-1706.1
Waste Diversion and Recycling Goals
§ gen-9-1707
§ gen-9-1707
§ gen-9-1708
Operators of natural wood recycling must abide by the following rules
§ gen-9-1709
Terms as defined in this section under the Environment title.
§ gen-9-1710
Labeling for Plastic Resin Containers
§ gen-9-1711
For property owners only
§ gen-9-1721
Maryland's Law of production of safe compos
§ gen-9-1722
Maintaining information on the website about composting
§ gen-9-1723
Details about the Composting Facilities
§ gen-9-1724
Disposal System Owners May Not Accept Yard Waste
§ gen-9-1727
Rules regarding the sale of electronic devices
§ gen-9-1728
The brand names under which the manufacturer sells or offers for sale covered electronic devices in the State.
§ gen-9-1728.1
Electronic device Law of Maryland
§ gen-9-1728.2
Electronic return programs require data cleaning methods to be provided.
§ gen-9-1729
Implementing Electronic Device Takeback
§ gen-9-1730
penalties based off of assessment
§ gen-9-1801
§ gen-9-1802
Each county must establish a program for disposing of household disposable waste.
§ gen-9-1803
Secretary Responsibilities For This Subtitle
§ gen-9-1901
§ gen-9-1902
Manufacturers may not intentionally offer for sale lead,cadmium,mercury or hexavalent chromium.
§ gen-9-1903
§ gen-9-1904
Guidelines for a manufacturer or distributor of a package or packaging component
§ gen-9-1905
Package compliance process of certification, exemption, and injunction
§ gen-9-1906
Violation of Provisions
§ gen-9-1907
The Department may adopt regulations to administer provisions
§ gen-9-201
Definition of "First Sale," "Local Health Official," "Person," and "Refuse Disposal System"
§ gen-9-204
Secretary to form regulations to vet water and sewerage systems' maintenance applications.
§ gen-9-204.1
Soli Waste Stream Modification Restrictions
§ gen-9-204.2
Origins of applying for a permit
§ gen-9-205
water, sewerage, or sanitary district authority
§ gen-9-206
The definition of various property terms as they pertain to sewage installation.
§ gen-9-207
Definition Of Basic Main Facility
§ gen-9-208
Requesting & Advising an Owner Law
§ gen-9-209
Regulations to the applicant regarding to whom the notice should be given
§ gen-9-210
Refuse disposal system permits
§ gen-9-211
Permit process for a landfill, incinerator or transfer station
§ gen-9-211.1
regulations for landfills
§ gen-9-212
Maryland Counties Can Purchase Landfill Space for Recreation
§ gen-9-212.1
if found any violations permit for a sanitary landfill system can be denied by the department.
§ gen-9-213
Landfill Permit Expiration Dates And Exemptions
§ gen-9-214
Refusal to renew landfill permit.
§ gen-9-215
What happens when Landfill Operations end.
§ gen-9-216
Directions to persons of State to use services of sewage disposal systems
§ gen-9-217
Any lot established before 11-17-85 may request an evaluation for an onsite sewage disposal system.
§ gen-9-217.1
On-site sewage disposal system inspection requirements
§ gen-9-218
Details of Sanitary Facilities Fund
§ gen-9-219
Department Shall Use Funds for Sewage Projects
§ gen-9-220
Secretary Authority To Enforce Correction Of Conditions
§ gen-9-221
Department Water Supply Investigation Findings And Actions
§ gen-9-222
Secretary Can Issue Order Upon Investigation
§ gen-9-223
Secretary Rights for Water Supply Systems
§ gen-9-224
The secretary may deem tasks unable to be completed if there is a hazard at hand.
§ gen-9-225
A new landfill may not be within one-half mile of a hospital.
§ gen-9-226
Secretary may not issue a permit if a landfill system for hazardous wastes does not qualify.
§ gen-9-227
Word meanings
§ gen-9-228
State mandated Scrap tire recycling procedures
§ gen-9-228.1
Requirements to Make a Document Be Under Oath
§ gen-9-229
Proper disposal of used tires
§ gen-9-230
For carrying out Part III of this subtitle the department shall have some regulations.
§ gen-9-231
A person to have permit before using sewage sludge at any site in State.
§ gen-9-232
Sewage sludge utilization permit
§ gen-9-233
Requirements To Issue A Sewage Sludge Permit
§ gen-9-234
department steps after an application to permit sludge.
§ gen-9-234.1
Material alteration in sewage sludge storage structure possible only after public hearing.
§ gen-9-235
Local Health and Soil Conservation Regulations
§ gen-9-236
Department shall issue a sewage sludge utilization permit to an applicant who meets the requirem .
§ gen-9-237
the permit holder is authorized to utilize sewage sludge.
§ gen-9-238
A sewage sludge utilization project expires on the date that is stated in the issuing permit.
§ gen-9-239
Sewage permit effective until expiration.
§ gen-9-240
Sewage sludge permit requirements
§ gen-9-241
Permanent Public Records For Sewage Sludge Utilization Permits
§ gen-9-242
holder of a sewage sludge utilization required to Keep records for each truckload delivered to the site
§ gen-9-243
sewage sludge utilizer
§ gen-9-244
deadline for report submission is December 31
§ gen-9-245
reasons for denying sewage sludge utilization permit application
§ gen-9-246
Sewage Sludge Utilization Permit Suspension & Revocation
§ gen-9-247
Appeal Of Adjacent Land To Sewage Sludge Application
§ gen-9-248
That the Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers of Government ought to be forever separate and distinct from each other
§ gen-9-249
Sewage sludge Law Of Maryland
§ gen-9-252
The power of the secretary to monitor public water and refuse disposal systems.
§ gen-9-253
Secretary Heads The State Water Control Agency
§ gen-9-254
the limits in the State budget.
§ gen-9-255
The Environment Department must create tests for performance.
§ gen-9-256
§ gen-9-257
Regulations to the Secretary regarding water supply system, sewerage system
§ gen-9-260
Size Requirements For Specified Units In Garrett County
§ gen-9-261
Extended Powers of A Political Subdivision.
§ gen-9-262
Expiration of sewage permits is not covered.
§ gen-9-263
Any county, body, etc. can seek vacation of any order of Secretary if it is unreasonable within 10 days.
§ gen-9-267
Provisions used to enforce violations of 9-227(b)
§ gen-9-268
Provisions Regarding Subtitle And Associated Regulations and Permits
§ gen-9-268.1
Person violating this subtitle should be penalized
§ gen-9-269
Penalties of Violations part III of the subsection
§ gen-9-270
Penalties For Violations Of Sewage Treatment Plants
§ gen-9-273
How a state Used Tire Cleanup and Recycling Fund.
§ gen-9-274
regulations regarding the State Used Tire Cleanup and Recycling Fund
§ gen-9-275
Use of State Tire Fund
§ gen-9-276
State Used Tire Cleanup and Recycling Fund Expenditures
§ gen-9-277
Regulations for Applications to Obtain Financial Assistance
§ gen-9-278
Agreement shall contain conditions that the Secretary requires
§ gen-9-281
Definitions For Coal Combustion By-Products & Generator.
§ gen-9-282
State Coal Combustion Fund Management Law
§ gen-9-283
§ gen-9-284
Department uses fund money for various Social activities.
§ gen-9-285
The governance of the regulatory program in Maryland.
§ gen-9-286
Department Regulations.
§ gen-9-289
Coal combustion by__product
§ gen-9-290
Department not to allow coal combustion by-products in any permit.
§ gen-9-301
Meanings related to Water Science Advisory Board.
§ gen-9-302
Establishment of Programs and Remedies for Pollution Control
§ gen-9-303
Riparian Owner Rights
§ gen-9-303.1
Encouraging the use of reclaimed water
§ gen-9-305
The Water Science Advisory Board exists
§ gen-9-306
Number of Board Members and their duties.
§ gen-9-307
The governor shall appoint a chairman and a vice-chairman among the board members.
§ gen-9-308
The Board Secretary is appointed by the Governor
§ gen-9-309
Compensation/Reinbursement Rules For The Board
§ gen-9-310
Governance of State Water Pollution Control Programs
§ gen-9-313
Basis for adopting rules and regulation by the department
§ gen-9-314
Water Quality Standards Set Forth By The Department
§ gen-9-315
Department Can Adopt Regulations To Perform Duties.
§ gen-9-316
State Administrative Procedure Act Regulations & Adaptations
§ gen-9-318
Department Intra-Agency Cooperation For Training Personnel
§ gen-9-319
Additiional Powers And Duties Of The Department
§ gen-9-320
Maryland Clean Water Fund and its uses
§ gen-9-321
Duties of Secretary of the Environment & Natural Resources.
§ gen-9-321.1
Definitions in the Agriculture Article
§ gen-9-322
Illegal To Pollute Maryland Waters.
§ gen-9-323
A person shall hold a discharge permit issued by the Department before some operation
§ gen-9-324
Maryland Grounds For Discharge Of Permit By Department.
§ gen-9-325
The Department's Right to Regulate Application, Revocation & Discharging of Permits.
§ gen-9-326
Government laws concerning discharge permits.
§ gen-9-327
Department Right To Refuse Discharge Permit
§ gen-9-328
Discharge Permit Expiration and Renewal
§ gen-9-329
Deals with permitting use of chlorine in waste-water.
§ gen-9-329.1
Sewage Treatment Facilities And Chlorine Products Exemptions
§ gen-9-329.2
How to determine the allowable concentrations of chlorin.
§ gen-9-330
Department revokes a permit on providing false information.
§ gen-9-331
Department may require the owner or operator
§ gen-9-331.1
Information regarding the regulation of sanitary sewer systems.
§ gen-9-332
Treatment Works Pollutant Introduction Ban
§ gen-9-333
State Legal Definitions for Pollutants & Waste Facilities
§ gen-9-334
Regulations to the Department to issue a written complaint
§ gen-9-335
Consequences of Disregarding the Subtitle
§ gen-9-336
State Department Complaint Law
§ gen-9-337
Administrative Procedure Act
§ gen-9-338
Unless a person requests a hearing pertaining to the order then the order is final.
§ gen-9-339
The Department may bring an action for an injunction
§ gen-9-340
Any party aggrieved by the Department may seek direct judicial appeal.
§ gen-9-341
How the Department of the Publicly owned Treatment works.
§ gen-9-342
Origins of injunctive action
§ gen-9-342.1
Penalties Imposed for Sewage Treatment Plants
§ gen-9-342.2
claims from the person who violates the rule
§ gen-9-343
Violations and Fines under this subtitle
§ gen-9-344
Responsibilities of the Attorney General
§ gen-9-345
Water Pollution Control Fund
§ gen-9-346
Board of Public Works Loan Agreement Regulations
§ gen-9-347
Grants or loans For Sewage Systems
§ gen-9-348
provision of loan for sewerage system/project
§ gen-9-349
Regulations to award loan or loan assistance by the Secretary of Business and Economic Development
§ gen-9-350
Grants Issued to Reduce Pollution from Stormwater Runoff
§ gen-9-351
Each year,before January 15,Secretary to report to Governor status of Water Pollution Control Fund.
§ gen-9-401
Meaning of Indicated Words
§ gen-9-402
The state is responsible for clean drinking water
§ gen-9-403
Powers of the Department under this subtitle supplement and are ancillary to any other
§ gen-9-404
Regulations in enforcing State primary drinking water regulations
§ gen-9-405
Definition Of Dangerous Contaminant In This Section
§ gen-9-406
Secretary to adopt safe drinking water plans if he thinks there is an emergency.
§ gen-9-407
Regulations to Secretary regarding State primary drinking water regulations
§ gen-9-408
State primary drinking water regulations shall apply to every public water system in this State.
§ gen-9-409
Secretarial Variances or Exceptions
§ gen-9-410
Rules and Regulation for the water supplier
§ gen-9-411
The Secretary has authority to change any rule, regulation or order adopted or issued.
§ gen-9-412
Origins of A water Supplier
§ gen-9-412.1
A person may not tamper, attempt to tamper, or make a threat to tamper with a public water system.
§ gen-9-413
Person who violates this subtitle should be penalized
§ gen-9-414
Criteria for Department to Issue Orders
§ gen-9-415
powers of department
§ gen-9-416
Department can seek injunction order against a person violating subtitle or any other rule or law.
§ gen-9-417
Noncommunity Water Supply System Proof Of Competence
§ gen-9-420
Water supply facility
§ gen-9-421
How loans are granted for Water Supply Systems by law.
§ gen-9-422
details for applicant applying for a loan
§ gen-9-423
Procedures and criteria for award of financial assistance.
§ gen-9-424
Needed authority to operate a health maintenance organization
§ gen-9-425
Cost of a project for State financial assistance under this subtitle.
§ gen-9-426
regulations to the project to receive financial assistance from the Fund
§ gen-9-501
meanings for phrases/words used in governing bodies
§ gen-9-502
Origins of installation and operation water supply system
§ gen-9-503
Instituting County Plans with Adjoining Counties
§ gen-9-504
County Plans Must Include Subsidiary Plans of All Applicable Governments
§ gen-9-505
Additional Requirements Of Each County Plan
§ gen-9-506
Procedures For Adopting Or Revising County Plans
§ gen-9-507
department's actions taken on submitted county plan
§ gen-9-508
If the Department disapproves, in whole or in part, a proposed county plan or a proposed revision.
§ gen-9-509
A county may finance the cost of preparing
§ gen-9-510
Department has other powers other than from subtitle
§ gen-9-511
County Environmental Waste Law
§ gen-9-511.1
solid waste acceptance facility removal from county plan
§ gen-9-512
Regulations to a State or Local authority in issuing Building Permits
§ gen-9-513
The county approving authority may grant an exception
§ gen-9-514
Origins of Harford County subsidiary plan
§ gen-9-515
County Council Rules for Prince George and Montgomery Counties
§ gen-9-516
Duties of The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
§ gen-9-517
Montgomery County requires the comprehensive plan for water
§ gen-9-518
What do the phrase Commission means.
§ gen-9-521
Violations leading to Civic Penalty
§ gen-9-601
In this subtitle the following words have this meaning
§ gen-9-602
Places where subtitle does not apply. Gives out names of such places.
§ gen-9-603
Sanitary Commission adopts rules to carry Provisions.
§ gen-9-604
Powers of the Department of Natural Resources
§ gen-9-605
Validity of actions Law of Maryland
§ gen-9-606
Rights of Sanitary Professionals
§ gen-9-607
Each district is a corporate,governmental administrative body.List of things it can do.
§ gen-9-608
District income details submission alongwith prescribed fees
§ gen-9-611
power of governing body to create district
§ gen-9-612
The articles of incorporation of a district must include the following
§ gen-9-613
Requirements on submission of Articles of Incorporation for Officials.
§ gen-9-614
rules for adoption of amendments of a district
§ gen-9-615
How a Non-Member County Becomes a Member County
§ gen-9-616
How a district can withdraw from County
§ gen-9-617
Regulations to the State Department of Assessments regarding corporate document
§ gen-9-618
Each district shall notify the State Department
§ gen-9-621
sanitary commission power
§ gen-9-622
the sanitary commission has members in each county
§ gen-9-623
2 member sanitary commission consists of member county commissioner
§ gen-9-624
rights of sanitary commissioner to appoint officials
§ gen-9-625
Sanitary Commissioners not attending meetings should compensate.
§ gen-9-626
policy rights of secretary-treasurer, Sanitary commission
§ gen-9-627
A sanitary commission may appoint a sanitary commissioner to any office of the district
§ gen-9-628
§ gen-9-629
Jurisdiction over the county sanitary commission in Allegany County and Garrett County by their County Commissioners
§ gen-9-632
All Districts and Corporations Have Powers From The State
§ gen-9-633
Adistrict may acquire rights in land & water rights
§ gen-9-634
finances Law Of Maryland
§ gen-9-635
"Contracting Party" is the other Party to a Contract.
§ gen-9-636
Sanitary Commission for Approval of Construction
§ gen-9-637
Public street, road, alley, highway is all public
§ gen-9-638
District's Allowances Regarding Received Gifts
§ gen-9-639
Continuation and Expiring of Powers of a District
§ gen-9-640
Origins of governmental agency
§ gen-9-641
Districts may borrow money if they own territory in the constructed area.
§ gen-9-642
District Duties
§ gen-9-643
The sanitary commission may find that a utility is unfit for incorporation.
§ gen-9-644
county creating a district
§ gen-9-647
responsibilities of district's member counties of governing bodies
§ gen-9-648
How To Change A Sanitary Service Area.
§ gen-9-649
The proper percentage of petitioning property owners when a boundary is in dispute.
§ gen-9-650
Power of Advances
§ gen-9-651
Administrative Matters May Be Consolidated by a District If They Meet Certain Standards
§ gen-9-652
Sanitary commission Law Of Maryland
§ gen-9-655
How the Sanitary commission approves the construction project.
§ gen-9-656
Payment on the principal and interest on bonds
§ gen-9-657
Ability of the Sanitary Commission to classify property
§ gen-9-658
Sanitary Commission's ability to levy a benefit assessment
§ gen-9-659
Sanitary Commission Regulations of Water and Sewage Connections.
§ gen-9-660
Origins of district account
§ gen-9-661
Sanitary Commission of Worcester County
§ gen-9-662
Charges Imposed By A District On The Owners Of Parcels And The Usage Of Funds From Received Charges
§ gen-9-663
Sanitary commission jurisdiction
§ gen-9-664
Constructing An Independent System.
§ gen-9-665
District Purchase of an Existing Municipal System
§ gen-9-666
The sanitary commission may extend the project on the request of the project owners.
§ gen-9-666.1
§ gen-9-667
Sanitary commission determines unfit parts for independent systems
§ gen-9-668
What a district requires for operation of projects.
§ gen-9-669
A person who owns any structure that is on, over, or under a way shall promptly move that structure.
§ gen-9-672
The definition of a shared facility.
§ gen-9-673
Section 9-673 Is Valid Only In Dorchester County.
§ gen-9-674
The Dorchester County Sanitary District, Inc. may be build facility
§ gen-9-675
§ gen-9-676
How the Sanitary Commission decides on a petition.
§ gen-9-677
§ gen-9-678
Dorchester County Sanitary District shared facility funding
§ gen-9-679
The Dorchester County Commissioners rules and regulations
§ gen-9-682
Bonds issued to pay project costs
§ gen-9-683
Procedure of bonds issue for a service area.
§ gen-9-684
Procedure for Issue of Bonds
§ gen-9-685
Prerequisites For District Bond Issues
§ gen-9-686
Regulations For Issued Bonds.
§ gen-9-687
A district officer must sign district bonds
§ gen-9-688
A sanitary district may only sell bonds under the rules of the sanitary commission.
§ gen-9-689
Issuance of Bonds
§ gen-9-690
rules for receipts, payments for temporary bonds
§ gen-9-691
Bonds that are mutilate or destroyed will be replace by the sanitary commission.
§ gen-9-692
How to use proceeds from bonds issued.
§ gen-9-693
Bond Law Of Maryland
§ gen-9-694
Sanitary commission actions
§ gen-9-695
Interest payments from bond sales
§ gen-9-696
Liability Of Each Member County That Guarantees The Bonds Issued
§ gen-9-697
Requirements of bonds
§ gen-9-698
Origins of construction
§ gen-9-699
Laws concerning public water interaction.
§ gen-9-701
Definitions Municipal authority and System
§ gen-9-704
Repeal of Inconsistent Parts
§ gen-9-705
A municipal authority may make, extend, maintain, or operate a system, or contract an agreement with another municipal authority.
§ gen-9-706
A Municipal Authority Must Follow These Guidelines
§ gen-9-707
Treatment fairness of Municipal authority for the Privately owned system
§ gen-9-708
Municipal Authority Responsibilities Towards Water and Sewer Establishment.
§ gen-9-709
you must not be where there is work being done
§ gen-9-710
Municipal permit is required before laying conduits.
§ gen-9-711
Guidelines for the issuance of Bonds
§ gen-9-712
some united forms can't conform
§ gen-9-713
Levying assessment against property abutting municipal property.
§ gen-9-714
Municipal Allowances Regarding Altering Service Rates
§ gen-9-715
Representatives may enter onto any private property within Municipal Jurisdiction for official duty.
§ gen-9-716
Municipal authority adopting rules and regulations
§ gen-9-717
Punishment for Violation of Provision
§ gen-9-720
§ gen-9-721
The powers granted to political subdivisions by Part III of this subtitle are supplementary
§ gen-9-722
Methods for a Political Subdivision to Finance Water or Sewerage Systems
§ gen-9-723
Subject to any charter provisions.
§ gen-9-724
Factors for determining water service rates
§ gen-9-725
Upkeep on sewers Law Of Maryland
§ gen-9-726
Political subdivision sewer charge.
§ gen-9-726.1
Unpaid Sewage Bills
§ gen-9-727
rates, charges, assessment for sewerage systems
§ gen-9-801
State Environmental Legal Definitions
§ gen-9-802
Subtitle Grants The Following Powers
§ gen-9-803
Promotion of Health and Welfare
§ gen-9-804
§ gen-9-805
Authorization and issuance of municipal bonds
§ gen-9-806
Laws governing the issuing of bonds in Maryland.
§ gen-9-807
The disposition of the proceeds of sale of the bonds
§ gen-9-808
Bond Issuance Regulations
§ gen-9-809
Origins of bond
§ gen-9-810
Municipal General Credit and Taxing Powers
§ gen-9-811
Sewerage Facility Assurance by the Governing Body.
§ gen-9-812
rules related to power of municipality corporation to appropriate or expend the revenue from the sewerage facility
§ gen-9-813
Refunding Bonds Can Be Used To Pay Outstanding Bonds
§ gen-9-814
About The Sewerage Facilities Bond Act.
§ gen-9-901
Reference Section - Index
§ gen-9-902
This Article Attributes Additional Legal Powers to Subtitle
§ gen-9-903
This subtitle does not apply to Montgomery County or Prince George's Count
§ gen-9-905
Essential Functions of a Government Authority.
§ gen-9-906
Governing Bodies Of Political Subdivisions Can Create An Authority.
§ gen-9-907
Political subdivisions articles of incorporation and taxation
§ gen-9-908
§ gen-9-909
Functionalities Of The Secretary In An Organized Authority
§ gen-9-910
Authority Member Withdrawal
§ gen-9-911
reasons for termination of existence of an authority
§ gen-9-914
This section applies to any authority that is incorporated or continued by only 1 political
§ gen-9-915
Special Rules Apply to Parties With 2 or More Political Sub-divisions
§ gen-9-916
A majority of the full authorized membership of the board of directors of an authority is a quorum to do business.
§ gen-9-917
Additional Powers of an Authority
§ gen-9-918
Restrictions on Authority Concerning Utilities
§ gen-9-919
the water and sewage can be one project to save money
§ gen-9-920
The board of directors of an authority
§ gen-9-921
Authority's use of land to maintain a project
§ gen-9-922
Authority May Charge Tapping Fee to Connected Property-Owner
§ gen-9-923
An authority may accept: From a federal agency, any grant to aid in the operation of a project.
§ gen-9-924
Rules for Annexation of Property By Political Subdivisions
§ gen-9-925
Duties of Authorities
§ gen-9-928
Bond issuance authority
§ gen-9-929
§ gen-9-930
Obligations and pledge of faith and credit.
§ gen-9-931
Bonds Issued Under This Subtitle Are Securities
§ gen-9-932
Bond usage by an authority
§ gen-9-933
The Authority can sell bonds
§ gen-9-934
This section applies only in Allegany County, Dorchester County, and the town of Middletown
§ gen-9-935
n authority may issue interim receipts .
§ gen-9-936
Limitations on Bonds
§ gen-9-937
Environmental projects may be funded by refunding bonds.
§ gen-9-938
to get a bond you must enter a trust agreement
§ gen-9-939
Resolution or trust agreement : Regulations for securing bonds
§ gen-9-940
The power of the State to enforce it's laws.
§ gen-9-941
Procedures set by the authority for bonds
§ gen-9-942
Origins of authority
§ gen-9-945
Provision to the authority to sign contract with others
§ gen-9-946
Ability to Set Rates & Fees in Accordance with Projects
§ gen-9-947
charges to impose on industries evolving polluting substances
§ gen-9-948
laws regarding authorities using data
§ gen-9-949
An authority has a lien on real estate
§ gen-9-950
The Definition and Regulation of "Abutting Lots"
§ gen-9-951
Right to shut off water by subdivision for unpaid bills
§ gen-9-952
Regulations to the governing body of a political subdivision in transferring jurisdiction
§ gen-9-953
Payment of Project Secured Bonds
§ gen-9-956
Financial Powers of Political Subdivisions
§ gen-9-957
Regulations to an Authority to not pay any tax or assessment
§ gen-9-958
The revenue from bonds must be used based on the agreement.