This is Article gel of the Code of State, titled “Education.” It’s comprised of the following 392 sections.

§ gel-1-101
§ gel-1-201
§ gel-1-301
Time of Process Completion
§ gel-1-302
electronic facsimile transmittal required signed affidavit
§ gel-1-303
§ gel-1-304
Article Does Not Preempt Political Restrictions
§ gel-10-101
Requirements for polling places.
§ gel-10-102
§ gel-10-201
Providing Election Judges
§ gel-10-202
Requirements of An election judge
§ gel-10-203
How election judges are appointed.
§ gel-10-204
rules related to the oath taken by election judge
§ gel-10-205
power of the local board to fix the compensation of election judges
§ gel-10-206
Establishment of a program of instruction for election judges.
§ gel-10-207
Law regarding board investigations for individuals appointed to be an election judge.
§ gel-10-301
polling places will be open from 7am till 8pm on election days
§ gel-10-301.1
Election Day Guidelines
§ gel-10-302
Voting Equipment Provided in Timely Manner
§ gel-10-303
Duties of Election Judges
§ gel-10-304
Police Officers Obey Election Judges at Polling Places
§ gel-10-305
"polling place staff vacancy protocol."
§ gel-10-306
§ gel-10-307
§ gel-10-308
Voters rights in Voting Room
§ gel-10-309
§ gel-10-310
Instructions for Voting by Individuals
§ gel-10-311
Right to designate a registered voter as a challenger or a watcher
§ gel-10-312
Conditions for challenging someone's right to vote.
§ gel-10-313
§ gel-10-314
§ gel-10-315
Registered Voters receive two hours pay to vote
§ gel-11-101
Board of Elections canvassing definitions
§ gel-11-201
"The State Board Shall Adopt Regulations"
§ gel-11-202
Voter poll registration and regulation
§ gel-11-301
Responsibilities of a board of canvassers
§ gel-11-302
Local Boards Meet at Counting Center Following Election
§ gel-11-303
Regulations of Provisional Ballots
§ gel-11-304
Decisions by voters for possible local board rejections.
§ gel-11-305
Violations by Elected Officials
§ gel-11-306
§ gel-11-307
Investigation of Error in Polling Documents
§ gel-11-308
"each board of canvassers shall verify the vote within regulation."
§ gel-11-401
Certified Election Results Are Sent to Designated Parties
§ gel-11-402
alcohol zoning laws
§ gel-11-403
Origins of A voting system
§ gel-11-501
How To Fill Vacancies In Congress Office Of Representatives?
§ gel-11-502
The makeup of the board of state canvassers.
§ gel-11-503
The Board of State Canvassers rules concerning meetings and procedures.
§ gel-11-601
Governor's duties in certifying elections.
§ gel-11-602
§ gel-11-603
Certification of Election Results
§ gel-11-604
A certificate issued by the state board is considered prima facie evidence
§ gel-11-605
§ gel-12-101
Rules regarding vote recounts
§ gel-12-102
rules related to the filing of counter petition by opponent
§ gel-12-103
Registered Voters Can File a Ballot Recount Petition.
§ gel-12-104
On completion of the recount, the outcome of the election is changed
§ gel-12-105
If the recount is being conducted in more than one county.
§ gel-12-106
§ gel-12-107
§ gel-12-201
Article Regulations for Issues Occurring During an Election
§ gel-12-202
§ gel-12-203
Non-Jury trials may be passed to three judge pannels
§ gel-12-204
remedy to be provided by the court in case alleged act or omission materially affected the rights of interested parties
§ gel-13-101
This section covers each election held under Title 13-101 of the Maryland Code.
§ gel-13-102
Rights of an Independent Individual
§ gel-13-103
§ gel-13-104
§ gel-13-201
subtitle applies to all campaign finance activity
§ gel-13-202
Requirement for a campaign finance entity.
§ gel-13-203
Campaign finance reporting compliance
§ gel-13-207
Political Committee
§ gel-13-208
Political Committees
§ gel-13-209
Candidates Running For Election Can Pool Resources
§ gel-13-210
A Lobbyist financial activity may be regulated.
§ gel-13-212
Conditions to follow before appointing a campaign manager.
§ gel-13-214
§ gel-13-215
Campaign members must be registered voters of the state
§ gel-13-218
All campaign donations must be handled/maintained by the treasurer.
§ gel-13-220
Number of obligatory campaign accounts for each campaign finance entity
§ gel-13-221
§ gel-13-222
Contributors will be given receipts for campaign donations
§ gel-13-225
Contributions by the Law
§ gel-13-226
Exceptions to limits on contributions.
§ gel-13-227
§ gel-13-228
Political Action Committee (PAC) Campaign Contributions
§ gel-13-229
All educational fund transfers must be transparent
§ gel-13-230
Campaign Finance Loans Constitute Contributions
§ gel-13-231
Personal Campaign Contributions Not Subject to Limits
§ gel-13-232
Contributions During Election Cycles
§ gel-13-233
volunteer of time
§ gel-13-234
Acceptable Forms of Monetary Contributions
§ gel-13-235
details about this section applicable to whom
§ gel-13-236
Subtitle Limiting Contribution of State-Funded Entities
§ gel-13-237
§ gel-13-239
Campaign Finance Contributions
§ gel-13-240
Regulation of Wheel of Fortune games
§ gel-13-241
Payroll Tax Collections
§ gel-13-242
§ gel-13-243
§ gel-13-245
Meaning of 'Walk-Around Services'
§ gel-13-246
Elections; Reimbursement for Campaign Finances; Time Limitation to Submit.
§ gel-13-247
Procedure for Campaign Finance Entities
§ gel-13-301
§ gel-13-304
State Campaign Financing & Regulation Laws
§ gel-13-305
§ gel-13-306
§ gel-13-307
§ gel-13-309
filing of reports of the campaign finance entity
§ gel-13-310
Applicability of Campaign Finance Entities
§ gel-13-311
Before final campaign report, entity must pay all outstanding obligations
§ gel-13-312
Reporting periods for campaign finance reports
§ gel-13-313
§ gel-13-316
A campaign finance report required by 13-304 of this subtitle shall be filed
§ gel-13-320
§ gel-13-321
§ gel-13-322
A campaign finance report is timely if regardless of when it is received and it is received by the State Board
§ gel-13-323
Receipt for campaign finance
§ gel-13-324
Specified document preparation of Finance Campaign Report
§ gel-13-327
Any Campaign Financial reports not filed or filed incorrectly may be subject to any penalties.
§ gel-13-328
Incomplete campaign finance reports will be deemed failure 10 days after deadline.
§ gel-13-331
§ gel-13-332
Political Office Eligibility
§ gel-13-333
Campaign Finance Reports due before any action in office can take place.
§ gel-13-334
Rules for Investigation by State Board: Public Officeholders
§ gel-13-335
§ gel-13-336
Campaign Finance Report Filing Is Mandatory.
§ gel-13-337
Sanctions on Failing to File a Campaign Finance Report
§ gel-13-340
How fees relating to campaign finance reports shall be paid
§ gel-13-341
The responsibility of the board concerning campaign finance reports.
§ gel-13-401
Campaign Regulations
§ gel-13-402
Newspapers Cannot Charge Political Candidates More for an Advertisement
§ gel-13-403
How Long Campaign Material Needs To Be Maintained For Review
§ gel-13-404
Meaning and Regulation of Electronic Media
§ gel-13-406
§ gel-13-407
General Assembly can use any funds of the State Budget.
§ gel-13-408
Public Funds Cannot Be Used for Publication Expenses.
§ gel-13-409
Late Fees for Campaign Finance Reports
§ gel-13-501
Prince Georges County Executive
§ gel-13-502
Montgomery County Council
§ gel-13-503
"contributions to the Howard County Executive."
§ gel-13-504
rules regarding contributions to the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners
§ gel-13-601
False information in a campaign finance report may considered a criminal offense.
§ gel-13-602
Gifting During an Election in Promise of a Vote is Prohibited
§ gel-13-603
Willful Violation of Subtitles
§ gel-13-604
Violations Due to Ignorance Are Civil Offenses
§ gel-13-605
§ gel-14-101
§ gel-14-102
Elected Office Members
§ gel-14-103
Contributions to Campaign Finance Entities are Contributions to Candidates
§ gel-14-104
Person shall file a semi-annual statement
§ gel-14-105
Business Contributions
§ gel-14-106
"total ascertainable consideration shall be attributable."
§ gel-14-107
Partner of business entity : penalty under the section
§ gel-14-108
Full Disclosure
§ gel-15-101
Recognition of representative system by General Assembly
§ gel-15-102
Definitions for terms pertaining to gubernatorial election funds.
§ gel-15-103
§ gel-15-104
Law regarding gubernatorial ticket receiving contributions.
§ gel-15-105
any population estimate prepared for the State by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
§ gel-15-106
§ gel-15-107
Requirements for spending educational public contributions
§ gel-15-108
rules related to the balance lying in the fund after a gubernatorial election
§ gel-15-109
Regulations by State Board to administer the title
§ gel-15-110
Establishes penalties for violating related title.
§ gel-15-111
The content of the public financing act.
§ gel-16-1001
A fine or time not served for a misdemeanor restricts or limits the ability to run for office
§ gel-16-1002
Violation of the rule by ignorance : Civil penalty
§ gel-16-101
Motor Vehicle,and Moped Licensing,Exemptions
§ gel-16-201
Sets definitions for voting security.
§ gel-16-202
Voting Ineligibility of Convicted Felons
§ gel-16-203
the command of an election official can not be disobeyed.
§ gel-16-204
You can not impede normal electoral activities
§ gel-16-205
It is unlawful to interfere with an election official
§ gel-16-206
Individual voting rights maryland
§ gel-16-207
§ gel-16-301
Penalty for neglect of official duties
§ gel-16-302
Person who violates this section is guilty of a felony and is subject to imprisonment
§ gel-16-303
Restrictions on an election judge's actions during official duties.
§ gel-16-304
§ gel-16-401
Punishment and penalties for violating the law unknowingly
§ gel-16-501
Willfully and Falsely Taking an Oath
§ gel-16-601
Restrictions of Elected Individuals
§ gel-16-701
Duties of a person with custody of election records
§ gel-16-801
Election Day Vandalism Punishment
§ gel-16-802
A Person Cannot Tamper With or Damage Voting Equipment
§ gel-16-803
Removal or Damage to Polling Place Supplies
§ gel-16-804
electronic voting systems
§ gel-16-901
Person may not fraudulently defile
§ gel-16-902
persons may not make bet on the outcome of election
§ gel-16-903
Regulations for firearms and uniforms during election activities.
§ gel-2-101
State Board of Elections Rules
§ gel-2-102
§ gel-2-103
Tasks of the State Administrator
§ gel-2-104
State Primary and General Election Law
§ gel-2-105
State Board Judicial Proceedings Law
§ gel-2-106
State board keeps and disposes of public records
§ gel-2-107
Maryland funds the Election Modernization Fund to facilitate voting.
§ gel-2-201
County Board Staff Responsibilities
§ gel-2-201
County Board Staff Responsibilities
§ gel-2-202
Duties carried on by each Local Board of State.
§ gel-2-203
County Funds & Appropriations Procedures
§ gel-2-204
Salary and Compensation policy for County or Board members
§ gel-2-205
Retainment of Counsel for Local Boards by County
§ gel-2-206
Requirements For Elections
§ gel-2-207
employees of a local board
§ gel-2-301
Limitations of elected and appointed officials
§ gel-2-302
Local and State business hours
§ gel-2-303
State Expedient Voter Convenience Law
§ gel-3-101
Voter Registration for Maryland
§ gel-3-102
Voter Registration Rules
§ gel-3-201
Steps to Become a Registered Voter in Maryland
§ gel-3-202
The statewide voter registration application shall require the signature of the applicant
§ gel-3-203
Voting registration will occur through the motor vehicle administration.
§ gel-3-204
The appointment of various agencies to conduct voter registration.
§ gel-3-204.1
Online Voter Registration
§ gel-3-205
Information a voter registration volunteer may collect.
§ gel-3-301
The local board recieives the application for voter registration.
§ gel-3-302
Acceptance of Voter Registration Applications
§ gel-3-303
Vehicle Registration Law Of Maryland
§ gel-3-304
Notification of a change of address or a name
§ gel-3-401
Subtitle glossary _ gel-3-401
§ gel-3-402
Subtitle Application Restrictions
§ gel-3-403
How voters know they're registered
§ gel-3-501
Origins of An election director
§ gel-3-502
Meaning of Words in This Section
§ gel-3-503
State Voter Conformation Failure Law
§ gel-3-504
State board keeps checks on health, no dead voters.
§ gel-3-505
Adoption of regulations for retention and storage by State Board
§ gel-3-506
Registered voters can see list of Maryland voters.
§ gel-3-601.1
Clerical Error Definitions and Correction Guidance
§ gel-3-602
Voter Registration Complaints
§ gel-4-101
Origins Of constitution and bylaws
§ gel-4-102
"Any group of registered voters may form a new political party/"
§ gel-4-103
Retaining status as a political party.
§ gel-4-201
State Central Committee
§ gel-4-202
Political Party Central Committees
§ gel-4-203
Election of Political Party Committees in Anne Arundel County
§ gel-4-204
Unless otherwise stated within this code, everyone shall accept and be ruled by the state constitution.
§ gel-4-205
Political Parties May Not Incorporate
§ gel-5-1001
Origins of a certificate of designation
§ gel-5-1002
Nomination Process for Statewide Office due to Death
§ gel-5-1003
"Applies to a vacancy in nomination for Representative in Congress."
§ gel-5-1004
Vacant office positions will be filled by central committee.
§ gel-5-1005
What happens in case of a death of a governor or lieutenant governor candidate.
§ gel-5-101
Requirements for Becoming a Candidate for Office
§ gel-5-1101
Petition Candidates for Governor & Lieutenant Governor
§ gel-5-1201
Procedure for Governor Voting in Case of Death
§ gel-5-1202
Candidate and Nomination Vacancy Fulfillment Requirements and Fees
§ gel-5-1203
Submittal of Candidate Names in General Elections
§ gel-5-1204
Vacancy Candidacy Filler
§ gel-5-1301
Laws concerning Governor vacancy nominees.
§ gel-5-1302
Nominees must declare 10 days prior to election
§ gel-5-1303
Law Of Nominee Death
§ gel-5-201
Basic qualification for elected office
§ gel-5-202
Candidate Running for Office Must Be Registered Voter
§ gel-5-203
Subsection Application Restrictions
§ gel-5-204
You can't run for multiple parties or offices simultaneously.
§ gel-5-205
All candidates for governor must select a lieutenant governor
§ gel-5-301
Rules to an individual to become candidate of public office
§ gel-5-302
Origins of certificate of candidacy
§ gel-5-303
State Certificate of Candidacy Law
§ gel-5-304
Candidacy Law Of Maryland
§ gel-5-305
You can challenge the residency of a candidate.
§ gel-5-401
Fee Structure As Per US & Maryland Law
§ gel-5-402
Returning filing fee to a candidate
§ gel-5-403
Candidates Filing Fees
§ gel-5-501
Origins Of certificate of candidacy
§ gel-5-502
Withdrawing a certificate of candidacy
§ gel-5-503
Certificates of Withdrawal from Candidacy for Special Elections
§ gel-5-504
Certificate of withdrawal subtitle
§ gel-5-601
State Candidate Ballot Names
§ gel-5-701
Election Nomination For Public Offices
§ gel-5-702
Details about nomination of a candidate for public office
§ gel-5-703
Public Office Candidate Nomination Procedures
§ gel-5-703.1
Board of Education candidate
§ gel-5-704
Write-In Candidates
§ gel-5-705
State Certificate of Nomination Law
§ gel-5-706
"This section does not apply to numerous people."
§ gel-5-801
How to Decline a Nomination
§ gel-5-901
Understanding Vacancies in Candidacy: Excluding Governor Rankings
§ gel-5-902
Candidacy for Governor and Lieutenant Governor
§ gel-5-903
What to do when a Governor candidate dies.
§ gel-5-904
Governor Candidate Succession
§ gel-5-905
Choosing Party Gubernatorial Candidate When Sole Candidate is Unavailable
§ gel-6-101
Meanings of Words Used in Subtitle
§ gel-6-102
"This title applies to any petition authorized by law to place the name of an individual."
§ gel-6-103
State Board Shall Adopt Regulations for This Title
§ gel-6-201
Petition Formatting Requirements
§ gel-6-202
The format of the petition prepared by a sponsor may be submitted to the chief election official
§ gel-6-203
A violation of _ 7-315 have been committed.
§ gel-6-204
Adult Witness Affidavits Required for Signature Pages
§ gel-6-205
Education petition requirements for filing
§ gel-6-206
Chief election official of the election authority should review the petition.
§ gel-6-207
Verification of signature upon the filing of a petition.
§ gel-6-208
Rights and responsibility of the chief election official
§ gel-6-209
Person may ask for review via court of a decision made under 6-202, 6-206, or 6-208(a)(2).
§ gel-6-210
The appropriate procedure for a request for an advance determination.
§ gel-6-211
rules regarding the Offenses and penalties relating to the petition process
§ gel-7-101
Circumstances in which constitutional amendments may be changed.
§ gel-7-102
"Questions relating to the holding of a constitutional convention qualify for the ballot."
§ gel-7-103
_ gel-7-103 In this section means county attorney.
§ gel-7-104
Charter Board Election Petition Submission Requirements
§ gel-7-105
Notices for Submissions for Voting Ballots
§ gel-8-101
Uniform Elections Within County
§ gel-8-102
Local Board Shall Provide Election Notices
§ gel-8-103
"The emergency proclamation may act in the event of a state emergency."
§ gel-8-201
Statewide Election Frequency Requirements
§ gel-8-202
A principal political party, as determined by the statement of registration issued by the State Board
§ gel-8-203
Required State Board Certification of Local Primary Candidates
§ gel-8-204
Unopposed Ballot Label for Candidates Running Unopposed
§ gel-8-205
Primary Election Write-in Vote Rules
§ gel-8-301
Statewide General Election Legislation
§ gel-8-401
Primary & General Special Elections Law
§ gel-8-501
Selection of political delegates must follow party rules.
§ gel-8-502
Maryland's Presidential Ballot Placement.
§ gel-8-503
Nominating Electors
§ gel-8-503
Nominating Electors
§ gel-8-504
Candidate for titles of America
§ gel-8-504
Candidate for titles of America
§ gel-8-505
Duties and Procedure of Presidential Electors
§ gel-8-505
Duties and Procedure of Presidential Electors
§ gel-8-5A-01
Maryland's Presidential Electoral by Popular Vote Agreement.
§ gel-8-601
The time frame for the elections of United States Senators.
§ gel-8-602
Filling a Vacancy in the US Senate
§ gel-8-701
The election of State Representatives to Congress.
§ gel-8-702
Counties in the First Congressional District
§ gel-8-703
Second congressional district consists of counties and cities.
§ gel-8-704
Anne Arundel County's congressional parts are listed in this section.
§ gel-8-705
Composition Of The Fourth Congressional District
§ gel-8-706
Boundaries of the Fifth Congressional District
§ gel-8-707
Areas Included In the Sixth Congressional District
§ gel-8-708
Seventh Congressional Layout
§ gel-8-709
Boundaries of the Eighth Congressional District
§ gel-8-710
Governor shall issue a proclamation if there is a vacancy.
§ gel-8-711
State Board Certifies Candidates Prior to Election
§ gel-8-801
Article Provisions Shall Govern Nomination and Election
§ gel-8-802
Board of Education Elections Are Non-Partisan
§ gel-8-803
Board Candidate Eligibility Determined Prior to Ballot Listing
§ gel-8-804
Annual Election of one or more members of a Board of Education
§ gel-8-805
Disqualified Nominees May Not Appear on Ballot
§ gel-8-806
§ gel-9-101
State county boards responsibility to certify voting system
§ gel-9-101
State county boards responsibility to certify voting system
§ gel-9-102
Any election must include a "voter verifiable paper record".
§ gel-9-102
Any election must include a "voter verifiable paper record".
§ gel-9-103
Voting System Decertification
§ gel-9-104
"In this section, _bonds_ means individual notes, bonds, or other evidences of indebtedness."
§ gel-9-105
Acquiring a voting system
§ gel-9-201
Voting in Elections by Ballot
§ gel-9-202
Role of a State Board in an election.
§ gel-9-203
Voter Ballot Requirements
§ gel-9-204
Election ballots must be uniform.
§ gel-9-205
The contents of a ballot
§ gel-9-206
State of Maryland Subject Heading Exceptions
§ gel-9-207
Timeframe for Ballot Creation
§ gel-9-208
§ gel-9-209
Registered Voters May Seek Judicial Review
§ gel-9-210
The order of political offices on the ballot.
§ gel-9-211
Ballot Question Ordering Requirements
§ gel-9-212
Additional Ballot Information Locations
§ gel-9-213
Treatment of absentee and provisional ballots.
§ gel-9-214
Voters Law Of Maryland
§ gel-9-215
Ballot Printing Info
§ gel-9-216
Local Boards Must Maintain Control of Ballots
§ gel-9-217
Use or Possession of Ballot Prohibited
§ gel-9-301
The state board needs to comply with any applicable federal law.
§ gel-9-302
Information Required in Board Records of Absentee Ballots
§ gel-9-303
Guidelines should be set and followed for absentee voting.
§ gel-9-304
Voting by absentee ballot.
§ gel-9-305
Absentee Ballot Application
§ gel-9-306
Obtaining an absentee ballot
§ gel-9-307
Absentee Ballot Rules
§ gel-9-308
Voting procedure of voters who need assistance.
§ gel-9-309
Absentee Ballots Contain Instructions from the State Board
§ gel-9-310
Absentee ballots shall be enclosed in special envelopes
§ gel-9-311
State Members of The Board Compensation Law
§ gel-9-312
Penalties to Violators of Subtitle
§ gel-9-401
Application of Subtitle to Elections and Budgets
§ gel-9-402
Each county must have a provisional voting system
§ gel-9-403
Maryland state board required voting ballot guidelines.
§ gel-9-404
Issuance and Eligibility of Provisional Ballots
§ gel-9-405
Individual procedure for casting a provisional ballot.
§ gel-9-406
Ballot Casting Assistance to Disabled People
§ gel-9-407
Provisional Ballot
§ gel-9-408
Section 9-408 Violation Punishments
§ gel-9-501
Special Application WIth Regards to Montgomery County Council Elections
§ gel-9-502
Regulations to the Local Board regarding vote-by-mail ballot
§ gel-9-503
The establishment of voting centers
§ gel-9-504
Vote by mail voting process
§ gel-9-505
"A vote-by-mail ballot is considered timely and may be counted."
§ gel-9-506
Regulations for Subtitle Implementation