Economic Development

This is Article ged of the Code of State, titled “Economic Development.” It’s comprised of the following 1214 sections.

§ ged-1-101
Definition of specific terms
§ ged-1-201
Free Public Schools
§ ged-1-202
Baltimore City Law
§ ged-10-101
Legal definitions for various types of schools.
§ ged-10-201
Maryland Charter for Higher Education
§ ged-10-202
What public higher education in Maryland should be based on
§ ged-10-203
§ ged-10-204
Origins of Public institutions
§ ged-10-205
Institutions of higher education Law of Maryland
§ ged-10-206
Duties of Government and General Assembly
§ ged-10-207
Maryland Higher Education Commission Responsibilities
§ ged-10-208
Governing Boards Of Public Higher Education
§ ged-10-209
University System of Maryland Expectations
§ ged-10-210
Community colleges of Maryland expectations
§ ged-10-211
Aid for Private Non Profit Institutions of Higher Education
§ ged-10-212
Origins of Regional higher education center
§ ged-10-213
Definition of Business Entity and Partnerships Program
§ ged-11-1001
Provision of Brokerage and Investment Management Services
§ ged-11-101
Existence of Maryland Higher Education Commission
§ ged-11-102
The Commission consists of 12 members appointed by the Governor
§ ged-11-103
Yearly In-House Duties Of The Commission
§ ged-11-104
Governor to appoint Secretary of higher education with approval of Senate. Procedure thereof.
§ ged-11-105
The Commission Authorities
§ ged-11-106
Commission Establishes Advisory Councils
§ ged-11-106.1
Origins of Student Transfer Advisory Committee
§ ged-11-107
Authorization by the Commission
§ ged-11-201
Commission can establish requirements for degrees and certifications.
§ ged-11-202
institution of post secondary education may not continue.
§ ged-11-202.1
Approval of Commission
§ ged-11-202.2
Specific meanings
§ ged-11-203
Commission Requirements for Post-secondary Education Institutions
§ ged-11-203
Commission Requirements for Post-secondary Education Institutions
§ ged-11-204
The notice shall specify the alleged deficiencies, and direct the institution to correct them
§ ged-11-205
Revocation or suspension of a certificate Law of Maryland
§ ged-11-206
Programs and Proposal
§ ged-11-206.1
Public institution of higher education
§ ged-11-206.2
Graduate Professional Certificate Program means completion of necessary courses.
§ ged-11-207
The Commission's Responsibility In Promoting Postsecondary Education
§ ged-11-208
Teachers Education
§ ged-11-301
governing board
§ ged-11-302
Development of Mission Statements by Presidents of Public Institutions of Higher Learning
§ ged-11-303
The Commission s required to develop mission statements under this subtitle.
§ ged-11-304
Performance accountability plan should be prepared by the president.
§ ged-11-305
Performance accountability plans
§ ged-11-306
Annul Written Report
§ ged-11-307
duties of the commission.
§ ged-11-308
Regulations that the Commission Can Put in Place
§ ged-11-401
Historical record maintenance requirements for postsecondary education institutions
§ ged-11-402
Applying for Solicitor's License
§ ged-11-402.1
No Payments Based On Enrollments or Financial Aid
§ ged-11-403
Commission Rules for Maryland National Guard Tuition Waivers
§ ged-11-404
"Exemption of the state region on Higher education"
§ ged-11-405
Fund Refers To Nurse Support Program Assistance Fund
§ ged-11-406
How the Public Education in the State functions.
§ ged-11-407
Requirement of Reasonable Annual Reports for the Commission
§ ged-11-501
Definition of Commission, Emergency Services, and Schools
§ ged-11-502
The Maryland Fire-Rescue Education and Training Commission
§ ged-11-503
Rules and duties of the Commission.
§ ged-11-601
Regulations to the governing boards of all institutions of higher education
§ ged-11-701
College Preparation Intervention Program Law of Maryland
§ ged-11-702
The state has created a College Preparation Intervention Program to increase college preparedness.
§ ged-11-703
Scope of Activites in College Preparation Intervention Program
§ ged-11-704
Commissioner's submission of a report to the Governor
§ ged-11-705
§ ged-11-801
Maryland Digital Library structure & purpose.
§ ged-11-802
Origins of recommendations from the Maryland Digital Library
§ ged-11-803
Maryland Digital Library
§ ged-11-804
Digital Library Advisory Council's Yearly Report
§ ged-11-901
Definitions for Terms Regarding Textbooks
§ ged-11-902
Guidelines for the Instructional Materials Access Guidelines Committee.
§ ged-11-903
Government rights are given by the people
§ ged-11-904
Student Disability Use of Electronic Instructional Material
§ ged-11-905
Inclusion of Budget for Library Obligations
§ ged-11-906
Items not Required Under this Subtitle
§ ged-12-101
Maryland Government's new order to improve public higher education
§ ged-12-102
Selection of regents for the University System of Maryland
§ ged-12-103
Requirements For electing Board of Regents
§ ged-12-104
Powers of the UoM Board of Regents.
§ ged-12-104.1
University System of Maryland Act
§ ged-12-105
Origins of Funds For University System of Maryland
§ ged-12-106
Chancellor Overall Plan Development
§ ged-12-107
Consulting With Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Chancellor
§ ged-12-108
Duties of Chancellor of University System
§ ged-12-109
Board Shall Appoint Qualified Person as President
§ ged-12-110
Establishment of General Guidelines for University System of Maryland Faculty and Administrative Personnel
§ ged-12-111
University System Not Subject to Personnel Provisions
§ ged-12-112
Sets forth requirements for UoM's IT system.
§ ged-12-113
Establishment of Business Entities for the University
§ ged-12-114
University Textbook Consortium
§ ged-12-115
What are the restrictions for the Board of Regents
§ ged-12-116
University of Maryland Agriculture and Natural Resources Internship Program
§ ged-12-201
Board Establishment of Various University System Councils
§ ged-13-101
Operation of University of Maryland University College
§ ged-13-102
Maryland Medical Education
§ ged-13-103
Establishment and Duties of Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute in the University of Maryland
§ ged-13-104
Small Business Development Center Network Fund
§ ged-13-201
Definition of Day and Grievance Pertaining To Subtitle
§ ged-13-202
Rights of nurses and graduates of registered nurse education programs
§ ged-13-203
Steps in the grievance procedure
§ ged-13-204
Complaint resolutions cannot violate existing University policies
§ ged-13-205
Conditions For A Suspended Employee To Request For His Defense
§ ged-13-206
In an arbitration suit each party is responsible for their own expenses.
§ ged-13-207
Sovereign immunity not applicable except by law/judicial grant.
§ ged-13-301
Definition of Terms Used in this Subtitle
§ ged-13-302
Origins of medical care
§ ged-13-303
"The new board of directors responsibility towards new organisation"
§ ged-13-304
Medical System Corporation Regulations
§ ged-13-305
The Medical system will serve as University students' clinical setting.
§ ged-13-306
How does the Board approve Annual Contract.
§ ged-13-307
Origins of transferring medical system assets
§ ged-13-308
Medical System Corporation Liabilities and Claims at Date of Transfer
§ ged-13-309
Reserve Fund for the Medical System Corporation
§ ged-13-310
Obligations of the Medical System Corporation
§ ged-13-311
Origins of Medical System Corporation
§ ged-13-312
Health and Welfare of Maryland
§ ged-13-313
Severable Provisions
§ ged-13-401
Definitions Of Terms And Meanings
§ ged-13-402
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Law of Maryland
§ ged-13-403
Medical System Corporation Law of Maryland
§ ged-13-404
Official Employee Transfer
§ ged-13-405
The lease may only be authorized by this subtitle.
§ ged-13-501
§ ged-13-502
The State of Maryland has been a national pioneer in the development of emergency medical services
§ ged-13-503
Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems
§ ged-13-504
Responsibilities of State Administrative Agency
§ ged-13-505
List of official appointments to the EMS Board
§ ged-13-506
Executive director
§ ged-13-507
Requirements of the EMS Board
§ ged-13-508
EMS Board Additional Powers
§ ged-13-509
Requirements Of the Emergency Medical System plan
§ ged-13-510
Developed emergency medical services of maryland
§ ged-13-511
Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council
§ ged-13-512
The power of the Board of Regents over plans, proposals, and projects of units in the University
§ ged-13-513
Primary Mission of the Study Center
§ ged-13-514
Guidelines for Director of the Clinic.
§ ged-13-515
meaning related to Ambulance Service under this title
§ ged-13-516
Definition of specific terms
§ ged-13-517
Definition of Following Words Pertaining To This Section
§ ged-13-601
University of Maryland Police Force is there.
§ ged-13-701
Senior Citizens Law of Maryland
§ ged-13-702
How to claim or unclaim the property of the University System of Maryland
§ ged-13-703
Recyclable material laws at UoM College Park.
§ ged-13-801
Definition of "College" and "Board"
§ ged-13-802
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Agreement
§ ged-13-803
Budget and Program Review Board
§ ged-13-804
What is Included in Costs for the College and How it is Funded
§ ged-14-101
Morgan State University mission
§ ged-14-102
Information of the Board of Regents
§ ged-14-103
Board of Regents Aunual Doings
§ ged-14-104
Responsibilities of Board of Regents
§ ged-14-104.1
Definition and Goals of High Impact Economic Development Activities
§ ged-14-105
Investments & Interest University Funds
§ ged-14-106
Situations Where The Powers Of University Police Officer Should Be Exercised
§ ged-14-107
Tuition for Senior Citizens in Institution
§ ged-14-108
Establishment of Clarence W. Blount Chair of Public Policy and Urban Politics
§ ged-14-109
University Operation Procedures
§ ged-14-110
Board of Regents Business Operations
§ ged-14-201
Definition Of The Terms "President" and "University".
§ ged-14-202
(Education) school board and what it can do
§ ged-14-203
Certain classified state employees will be entitled to a hearing as needed.
§ ged-14-204
An economic development employee may be rejected any time during the probation period.
§ ged-14-205
Removal of A Classified Employee
§ ged-14-206
rules regarding suspending a classified employee by a vice president
§ ged-14-207
Origins of a Suspension
§ ged-14-208
Classified employee is transferred involuntarily to a different class that has a lower maximum rate of pay
§ ged-14-209
Awards for Employee Grievance
§ ged-14-301
Definition of Grievance
§ ged-14-302
Process for Grievance Proceedings
§ ged-14-303
Classified employee shall present the matter orally to the supervisor.
§ ged-14-304
Grievant Law of Maryland
§ ged-14-305
Appealing By Grievants
§ ged-14-306
Grievant & a grievants Law of Maryland
§ ged-14-307
Rules relating to conduct of grievance proceedings.
§ ged-14-308
Conflicting Decisions
§ ged-14-401
St. Mary's College of Maryland
§ ged-14-402
Board of Trustees Law of Maryland
§ ged-14-403
Board Election Requirements
§ ged-14-404
The Board of Trustees
§ ged-14-405
Management of the College
§ ged-14-406
Section Terminology of Senior Citizen, Institution, and Tuition
§ ged-14-407
St. Mary's college must submit yearly financial reports
§ ged-14-408
Personnel system Law of Maryland
§ ged-14-409
Computer-based instructional technology.
§ ged-15-101
Higher education Law of Maryland
§ ged-15-102
Origins of Credit cards usage for higher education
§ ged-15-103
Public institution of higher education Law of Maryland
§ ged-15-104
§ ged-15-105
Establishing the Governing Board
§ ged-15-106
Each governing board shall develop a policy for the waiver of tuition
§ ged-15-106.1
tuition rules for foster children
§ ged-15-106.2
Regulations of a residency requirement of a student of a public senior higher education institution
§ ged-15-106.3
Protected academic standing for students enlisted in Nat'l Guard.
§ ged-15-106.4
United Armed Forces
§ ged-15-106.5
Terms of colleges in the state of Maryland
§ ged-15-106.6
Origins of Higher Education Investment Fund
§ ged-15-106.7
Origins of nonresident tuition rate
§ ged-15-106.8
college tuition rate rules
§ ged-15-107
Origin of Public senior higher educational institutions
§ ged-15-108
Employee leave time Law of Maryland
§ ged-15-109
Public institution of higher education public institution of higher education
§ ged-15-110
Social Security number Law of Maryland
§ ged-15-111
Higher educations credit card marketing & merchandising policy
§ ged-15-112
Terms for textbooks for higher education
§ ged-16-101
Rules Governing County Board's of Community College Trustees
§ ged-16-102
The Board of Trustees Elects it's Officers
§ ged-16-103
Powers And Duties Set For Each Board Of Community College Trustees
§ ged-16-104
Duties of the president of community colleges
§ ged-16-105
Provisions Applicable to Baltimore County
§ ged-16-106
Community colleges -- tuition exemptions for certain persons
§ ged-16-107
Board of trustees carry liability insurance to protect Board.
§ ged-16-108
Board of trustees may submit proposals for new baccalaureate degrees.
§ ged-16-201
Provisions of this title apply to regional community colleges.
§ ged-16-202
Agreement to Establish Regional Community College Between Counties
§ ged-16-203
§ ged-16-301
Budget submission by college to the Department of Budget and Management
§ ged-16-302
Community Colleges Borrowing Money To Acquire Interest
§ ged-16-302.1
Regulations of Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority
§ ged-16-303
Requirements of lease purchase agreement for Schools
§ ged-16-304
County governing bodies may take money to run community colleges by functions set by Commission.
§ ged-16-305
Terms used for colleges in Maryland
§ ged-16-306
Origins of comumminy College Reimbursing the State
§ ged-16-307
Commission's budget request shall be submitted before 10 October annually.
§ ged-16-308
comptroller's certification for state community colleges
§ ged-16-309
Half yearly (30/9 & 31/3) Commission to certify Treasurers 1/2 amount estimated as county's share.
§ ged-16-310
Requirements of Non resident attending community college in Maryland
§ ged-16-311
Bid Instructions for building, equipment, improvement or supplies
§ ged-16-312
Business definitions for the state of Maryland
§ ged-16-313
Competitive sealed proposals Law of Maryland
§ ged-16-314
Origins of procurement contracts
§ ged-16-314.1
procurement contracts not exceeding $100,000
§ ged-16-315
Commission Guidelines For Community Colleges
§ ged-16-316
Law regarding sick pay
§ ged-16-317
Here Base year means July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002.
§ ged-16-318
Technology Law of Maryland
§ ged-16-319
supplemental services and supports for students with disabilities in community colleges and guidelines to the commission
§ ged-16-401
The Board of Community College Trustees for Anne Arundel County
§ ged-16-402
Board of Community College Trustees for Baltimore County
§ ged-16-403
establishment rule by Board of Community College Trustees for Baltimore County for employees
§ ged-16-406
Board of Trustees of Chesapeake college
§ ged-16-407
Components of The Board of Community College Trustees for Frederick County
§ ged-16-407.1
Authority of a Hagerstown Community College Police Officer
§ ged-16-408
Board of Community College Trustees for Harford County Components
§ ged-16-409
Origins of Harford Community College Foundation, Inc.
§ ged-16-410
Duties of The Board of Community College Trustees for Howard County
§ ged-16-411
Origins of the Board of Community College Trustees for Montgomery County
§ ged-16-412
Terms and Definitions
§ ged-16-413
Board of Community College Trustees regulations
§ ged-16-414
The makeup of the Prince Georges County Community College Trust.
§ ged-16-414.1
Meanings of Words
§ ged-16-415
The Board of Trustees of Prince Georges Community College
§ ged-16-416
County Scholarships for Prince Georges Community College Students
§ ged-16-417
Maryland's law of minority employees of Prince Georges Community College
§ ged-16-418
Prior to any capital budget request by Wor-Wic Community College all supporting counties to assent.
§ ged-16-419
Board of Community College Trustees for Washington County
§ ged-16-501
Baltimore City Community College provides access to College.
§ ged-16-502
Components of Baltimore City Community College
§ ged-16-503
Baltimore City Community College -- establishment and classification
§ ged-16-504
Powers of the Board of Trustees
§ ged-16-505
College Oversight by Board of Trustees.
§ ged-16-506
The president of any college shall report to board of trustees.
§ ged-16-507
Approval of operating budget for college
§ ged-16-508
Governor's annual appropriation for Baltimore City Community College
§ ged-16-509
Provisions of Subtitles
§ ged-16-510
Rules for employees of the College.
§ ged-16-511
College components of Maryland
§ ged-16-512
State operating fund for Baltimore City Community College
§ ged-16-513
Baltimore City Community College Police Force
§ ged-16-601
Outline of Charles County Community College
§ ged-16-602
Definition of key terms.
§ ged-16-603
Articles of the State Code of Maryland
§ ged-16-604
§ ged-16-605
Election of Board Chairman and Officers
§ ged-16-606
Powers of the Board of Trustees
§ ged-16-607
power of board of trustees and hearing examiner
§ ged-16-608
Selection of The president of College under College administration and by board of Trustees
§ ged-16-609
Applicability of Provision to the College
§ ged-16-610
Required Board of Trustees Submissions
§ ged-17-101
Private Education State Funding
§ ged-17-102
Aid applications.
§ ged-17-103
Maryland Higher Education Commission Determination for Aid Eligiblity
§ ged-17-104
Maryland Higher Education Commission Annual Apportionment Computation
§ ged-17-105
Financial Aid Amount Determination
§ ged-17-106
Qualifying institution for aid
§ ged-17-107
rules related to an institution regarding money payable
§ ged-17-201
Eminent Scholar Program Helps Attract Distinguished Professors to Colleges.
§ ged-17-202
Eminent Scholar Program of Maryland
§ ged-17-203
Full Endowment For Each Eminent Scholar Position
§ ged-17-301
Subtitle including meaning indications.
§ ged-17-302
Distribution of State donations, including private donations, to eligible institutions shall be made as follows:
§ ged-17-303
Annual audit required for state funded institutions
§ ged-17-304
Economic Development Amounts Paid by the State
§ ged-17-305
Maryland's General Fund or Capital Fund
§ ged-17-306
submission of fundraising data
§ ged-18-101
Meaning of Key Terms
§ ged-18-102
Provision Application to All Student Financial Assistance
§ ged-18-103
Grants can only go to Colleges within Maryland
§ ged-18-103
Grants can only go to Colleges within Maryland
§ ged-18-104
Powers of Institutions Not Affected Under this Subtitle
§ ged-18-105
§ ged-18-106
Financial assistance award Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-107
Student Financial Assistance Program's Inclusion In State Budget
§ ged-18-108
Age Eligibility to receive benefits
§ ged-18-110
Nurses education and its licensing procedure
§ ged-18-1101
Distinguished Scholar Program of Maryland
§ ged-18-1102
Academic success Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-1103
Scholarship awards Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-1104
School costs and supplies.
§ ged-18-1105
Scholarship awards
§ ged-18-1106
The Distinguished Scholar Program for Community College Transfer Students.
§ ged-18-1107
No new scholarships
§ ged-18-111
Student Financial Assistance Recipient Drug-Free Pledge
§ ged-18-112
Student financial assistance Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-113
Origins of student financial assistance
§ ged-18-1201
Private Career School Grants.
§ ged-18-1202
The Office shall administer the program of private career school student financial aid grants.
§ ged-18-1203
Private School Student Grants
§ ged-18-1204
Maximum award of private career student grant
§ ged-18-1205
A private career school student grant may be used at a private career school is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission
§ ged-18-1206
Grant recipients awarded for 2nd year; must show satisfactory academic progress and financial need.
§ ged-18-1207
$200,000+ Will Be Appropriated To The Program Yearly
§ ged-18-1401
Commission grant program for part-time undergraduate students.
§ ged-18-1402
Origins of the PartTime Grant Program
§ ged-18-1403
Duties of the Commission
§ ged-18-1404
Institution of higher education Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-14A-01
Dual Enrollment Students
§ ged-18-14A-02
College Grant Funds
§ ged-18-14A-03
Awarding of Early College Access Grants
§ ged-18-14A-04
Institution of higher education receiving State funds
§ ged-18-1501
Definition of the Following Words Pertaining to Subtitle
§ ged-18-1502
Loan assistance program rules for students.
§ ged-18-1503
Student aide office must establish eligibility guidelines
§ ged-18-1504
Funding of Hoffman Loan Assistance Repayment Program
§ ged-18-1505
Maryland's law of Student Financial Assistance
§ ged-18-1601
Legal definitions pertaining to student loans.
§ ged-18-1602
Math/Science Student Corps
§ ged-18-1603
§ ged-18-1604
Math/Science Student Corps Funds
§ ged-18-1701
Definition of Following Words Pertaining to Subtitle
§ ged-18-1702
Purpose of a Scholarship Program
§ ged-18-1703
Shriver Center Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-1704
Money for Walter Sondheim Public Service Summer Internship provided yearly
§ ged-18-1705
reporting to General assembely regarding implementation of Program
§ ged-18-1801
Word meanings in subtitle
§ ged-18-1802
The Department of Labor and school superintendents can create apprenticeship programs.
§ ged-18-1803
Grant may be awarded under subtitle
§ ged-18-1804
Guidelines for Review and Evaluation of Grant Proposals
§ ged-18-1805
§ ged-18-1806
grant recipient maay be required to have matching grant
§ ged-18-1807
§ ged-18-1808
Department of Labor's Youth Training Program
§ ged-18-1809
Secretary of Labor may implement provisions to subtitle
§ ged-18-1901
Origins of an account holder
§ ged-18-1902
Establishing a method for prepayment of tuition at institutions of higher education in Columbia
§ ged-18-1902.1
College Savings Plans of Maryland and it's Purposes
§ ged-18-1903
Maryland Prepaid College Trust and it's Purposes
§ ged-18-1904
Origins of Maryland College Savings Plans
§ ged-18-1905
Election of Board Chairman and Officers
§ ged-18-1906
Board will invest in administration of a Trust.
§ ged-18-1906.1
State Trust Prepaid Contract Obligation Guidelines
§ ged-18-1907
Fiduciary meaning and duties
§ ged-18-1908
Board shall purchase a bond for each fiduciary
§ ged-18-1909
Establishment of Prepaid Contracts Under Trust
§ ged-18-1910
State Board Issuance of Refunds
§ ged-18-1911
Provisions of this subtitle exempt from the Insurance Article
§ ged-18-1912
The assets and income of the Trust are exempt from State and local taxation
§ ged-18-1913
Prepaid contract Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-1914
No Guarantees of Service
§ ged-18-1915
Remit payments law of Maryland
§ ged-18-1916
Operating and Administrative budget annual audit.
§ ged-18-19A-01
Terms for Internal Revenue Code
§ ged-18-19A-02
College Investment Plan in Maryland
§ ged-18-19A-03
Requirements of requests for proposals
§ ged-18-19A-04
Participation in Plan Benefits
§ ged-18-19A-05
State Exemption From Fund Debts and Obligations
§ ged-18-19A-05.1
Exceptions to the provisions of the Insurance Article.
§ ged-18-19A-06
The assets/income of Maryland College Investment Plan are tax exempt
§ ged-18-19A-06.1
"Person does not include the State may not attach, execute or otherwise seize any current or future benefit under an investment account
§ ged-18-19A-07
Requirements for Audits and Financial Reports for the Plan
§ ged-18-19B-01
Origins of Internal Revenue Code
§ ged-18-19B-02
Components of Maryland BrokerDealer College Investment Plan
§ ged-18-19B-03
Origins of the BrokerDealer Plan
§ ged-18-19B-04
§ ged-18-19B-05
Origins of the BrokerDealer Plan
§ ged-18-19B-06
Investment accounts Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-19B-07
A person does not include the State.
§ ged-18-19B-08
Auditing the Broker-Dealer Plan
§ ged-18-2001
student financial aid law office
§ ged-18-2002
Maryland Science and Technology Scholarships Requirements
§ ged-18-2003
Maryland Science and Technology Scholarship
§ ged-18-2004
The Maryland Science and Technology Scholarship Program
§ ged-18-2005
MD Sci/Tech program funds in Gov's annual Commission Budget.
§ ged-18-2006
Senators and Delegates Are Notified of the Maryland Science and Technology Scholarship Recipients on May 1st
§ ged-18-2007
Publicizing the Availability of Maryland Science and Technology Scholarships
§ ged-18-201
Office of Student Financial Assistance
§ ged-18-202
Executive Director
§ ged-18-203
Employment of Additional Staff by the Office
§ ged-18-204
The Commissioner of economic development has the authority to administer student financial assistance programs.
§ ged-18-205
Military duty Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-2201
Definition of "office" and "service obligation"
§ ged-18-2202
Maryland Teacher Scholarships Available
§ ged-18-2203
Office Shall Annually Award Scholarships
§ ged-18-2204
Stipulations of Maryland Teacher Scholarship
§ ged-18-2205
annual scholarship award
§ ged-18-2206
Regulations to the recipient to renew the Maryland Teacher Scholarship
§ ged-18-2207
Use of A Maryland Teacher Scholarship
§ ged-18-2209
Funds for the Maryland Teacher Scholarship
§ ged-18-2210
Financial Assistance
§ ged-18-2301
Economic development involving higher education.
§ ged-18-2302
HOPE Scholarship
§ ged-18-2303
Requirements of Maryland HOPE Scholarship recipients
§ ged-18-2304
Annual Scholarship Award
§ ged-18-2305
Maryland HOPE Scholarship Usage
§ ged-18-2306
Stipulations of Maryland HOPE Scholarship
§ ged-18-2307
Disclosure of Maryland HOPE Scholarship Recipients
§ ged-18-2308
HOPE Scholarship may be used for tuition and mandatory fees
§ ged-18-2309
Maryland Hope Scholarship Funds
§ ged-18-2310
Maryland Higher Education Commission
§ ged-18-2311
Specific Date of Action
§ ged-18-2401
Legal Definition For Higher Education Loan
§ ged-18-2402
Maryland Dent-Care Program and its Purpose
§ ged-18-2403
Requirements of Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ ged-18-2404
Requirements For Higher Education Loan Assistance Grant
§ ged-18-2405
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
§ ged-18-2406
Higher Education Loan Assistance Grant
§ ged-18-2407
Office and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene legal requirements
§ ged-18-2408
Mention Of Funds For The Program In The State Budget As Per Maryland State Law
§ ged-18-2501
Community College Transfer Scholarship Program Law
§ ged-18-2502
Community College Transfer Scholarship Directives.
§ ged-18-2503
Qualification for a Community College Transfer Scholarship
§ ged-18-2504
Community College Transfer Scholarship Requirements
§ ged-18-2505
Annual Notification of Community College Transfer Scholarships
§ ged-18-2506
§ ged-18-2507
Community College Transfer Scholarship Program
§ ged-18-2601
Graduate and Professional Scholarship Guidelines
§ ged-18-2801
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene definitions.
§ ged-18-2802
Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment Program Fund
§ ged-18-2803
Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Physicians
§ ged-18-2804
Maryland State Employment Law
§ ged-18-2805
Physician Education Loan Assistance
§ ged-18-2806
regulations to implement the provision
§ ged-18-301
Awards under the State
§ ged-18-302
§ ged-18-303
Origins of Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Award
§ ged-18-303.1
Purpose of Maryland's College Readiness Outreach Program
§ ged-18-304
Criteria for Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Award (financial need)
§ ged-18-305
Origins of Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Award
§ ged-18-306
Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Award Requirements
§ ged-18-307
Fund Provision for the Educational Excellence Awards
§ ged-18-308
Reciprocal scholarship agreement Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-309
Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Award Program Requirements
§ ged-18-310
Provision of Funds for Educational Excellence Award
§ ged-18-401
Senatorial scholarships in Maryland
§ ged-18-402
Requirements for Senatorial Scholarship
§ ged-18-403
Scholarship units Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-404
Senatorial scholarships
§ ged-18-405
Requirements of A senatorial scholarship
§ ged-18-406
Who can hold and for how long a undergraduate or graduate senatorial scholarship
§ ged-18-407
Rules for awarding of senatorial scholarships
§ ged-18-408
§ ged-18-501
§ ged-18-502
Scholarships Are Awarded Based on Delegates Own Desecration
§ ged-18-503
Payment of Scholarship By delegate
§ ged-18-504
Origins of Receiving A Scholarship
§ ged-18-505
Delegate Scholarship
§ ged-18-506
Scholarship awards Law of Maryland
§ ged-18-507
Authorization of the Office of Student Financial Assistance
§ ged-18-601
Definition of Terms Related to Scholarship Programs
§ ged-18-602
§ ged-18-603
Firefighters and Ambulance Workers Tuition Reimbursement Program
§ ged-18-604
Scholarship application, Veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq
§ ged-18-708
Definition of specific terms
§ ged-18-801
County scholarships for medicine, dentistry, or nursing students
§ ged-18-802
Meanings of various terms used in Medical institution
§ ged-18-803
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this section.
§ ged-18-901
Issuance of Judith A. Resnik Fellowships
§ ged-19-101
Title words and meanings.
§ ged-19-102
To make available auxiliary and academic facilities premises may be acquired or funded.
§ ged-19-103
Framework for issuing bonds and the regulations and obligations around that
§ ged-19-104
Origins of a trust agreement
§ ged-19-105
Contracting The Use Of A Facility
§ ged-19-106
Sale of Bonds Act
§ ged-19-107
List of powers given by the provisions of this title.
§ ged-19-108
Guidelines For Redemption And Refunding Of Bonds
§ ged-19-109
Origins of bonds
§ ged-19-110
Lands Law of Maryland
§ ged-19-111
Provisions of Title are Construed and Severable
§ ged-19-112
Auxiliary and Academic Facilities Bond Authority
§ ged-2-101
State Department of Education is a department of the State government
§ ged-2-102
State Board of Education Heads Department
§ ged-2-103
Superintendent responsibilities
§ ged-2-104
Professional assistants Law of Maryland
§ ged-2-105
Removal of nonprofessional personnel in the department
§ ged-2-106
Authority of the Department
§ ged-2-201
State Board of Education in the Department
§ ged-2-202
The state board members are appointed by the Governor.
§ ged-2-203
Removal of State Board Members by Governor
§ ged-2-204
Operation of the state board
§ ged-2-205
Powers and Duties of the State Board
§ ged-2-205
Powers and Duties of the State Board
§ ged-2-206
Definitions of Noncollegiate Educational Institution
§ ged-2-206.1
Nonpublic school Restrictions For Hiring
§ ged-2-207
§ ged-2-301
State Superintendent of Schools in the Department
§ ged-2-302
Board duties relating to the State Superintendent.
§ ged-2-303
The State Superintendents responsibilities to state schools.
§ ged-2-304
Records shall be prepared to present as a separate document
§ ged-2-305
Meaning of Words in This Section
§ ged-20-101
Maryland law has authorized a Maryland College Savings Advisory Board.
§ ged-20-102
Recommendations From the Maryland College Savings Bond Advisory Board
§ ged-21-101
county advisory council
§ ged-21-201
Meanings of federal acts
§ ged-21-202
State treasurer should oversee federal acts.
§ ged-21-203
Mandates for Career and Technology Programs in Schools
§ ged-21-301
Definition of Terms Used in this Subtitle
§ ged-21-302
The state treasurer shall be responsible for any moneys received by the federal government.
§ ged-21-303
Division of Rehabilitation Services Employment Program Fund
§ ged-21-304
Requirements of State Board of Education
§ ged-21-305
Duties of Maryland State Department of Education.
§ ged-21-306
Eligibility for Rehabilitation
§ ged-21-307
MD Board of Education & Work. Comp. Commission administrate this program.
§ ged-21-308
Division of Rehabilitation Services
§ ged-21-309
Business Entity means businesses or trade operations in Maryland
§ ged-21-310
Definition of Terms in Division of Rehabilitation Services
§ ged-21-401
Community rehabilitation program & Individual with disabilities definitions
§ ged-21-402
Maryland Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Guidelines
§ ged-21-403
Division of Rehabilitation Services
§ ged-21-404
Division of Rehabilitation Services
§ ged-21-501
Qualifications under certain terminologies.
§ ged-22-201
Secretary Health shall appoint a Director of educational programs.
§ ged-22-202
Funding Guidelines For Education Programs In State Hospitals
§ ged-22-203
Jurisdiction under Educational dignitaries.
§ ged-22-301
Words and meanings
§ ged-22-302
Juvenile Services Education Program Law of Maryland
§ ged-22-303
Responsibilities of the Department by 2014
§ ged-22-304
Responsibilities of The Director
§ ged-22-305
Juvenile Services Educational Programs counceling
§ ged-22-306
Duties of the Council
§ ged-22-306.1
Defines the Basic Cost of Educating a Non-disabled Student
§ ged-22-307
Department Will Submit Annual Report
§ ged-22-308
Implementation by the Department
§ ged-22-309
Department and the Department of Juvenile Services regulation.
§ ged-22-310
Adoption of Regulations
§ ged-23-101
General Assembly Findings and State Policies Regarding Public Libraries
§ ged-23-102
There is a division in the central State library agency.
§ ged-23-103
Assistant Superintendent for Libraries
§ ged-23-104
Additional Powers and Duties Of The State Board
§ ged-23-105
Powers and Duties of Library Development Services
§ ged-23-106
The state of Maryland has established a Maryland Advisory Council on Libraries.
§ ged-23-107
Inspection For free association, school, college, or university library
§ ged-23-201
Efficient and economical library Service in the State
§ ged-23-202
Service provide by a Regional Resource Center.
§ ged-23-203
Rules for Library Trustees Participating in Service Programs
§ ged-23-204
Evaluation of Effectiveness of Services
§ ged-23-205
Dept. funds include libraries and resource centers.
§ ged-23-206
Two or more boards of library trustees acting as incorporate under this section and the non stock corporation laws
§ ged-23-301
Subtitle Defines Depository Library, Program and State Agency
§ ged-23-302
Origins of State Publications Depository and Distribution Program
§ ged-23-303
Requirements of the State agency
§ ged-23-304
Rules regarding publications of bicounty agencies.
§ ged-23-401
Each County Government can Set Up Library
§ ged-23-402
Powers of Trustees
§ ged-23-403
Composition of Board of Library Trustees
§ ged-23-404
Annual expectations of library trustees
§ ged-23-405
Powers and duties granted
§ ged-23-406
Duties of Trustees & Directors
§ ged-23-407
Any Library board of trustees may use volunteers
§ ged-23-408
Damage To Library Items Is Forbidden
§ ged-23-501
meaning of finanicial related words under this title
§ ged-23-502
Statement of state and county funding to public libraries that meet a minimum requirement
§ ged-23-503
State Will Pay Portion of Library Program
§ ged-23-504
Section 23-504 Public Library Reimbursement Guidelines.
§ ged-23-505
Annual tax amount for libraries.
§ ged-23-506
The State Superintendent shall authorize the payment of funds under this subtitle
§ ged-23-506.1
Internet Policies and Procedures
§ ged-23-507
Withholding State Funds for Libraries
§ ged-23-508
The State Department of Education must make all payments.
§ ged-23-509
Remuneration of an employee on account of sickness or accident.
§ ged-23-510
State grant program
§ ged-24-101
Education Coordinating Committee
§ ged-24-102
Composition of the Education Coordinating Committee.
§ ged-24-103
Responsibilities of the Education Coordinating Committee
§ ged-24-104
Education Coordinating Committee Policy and Activity Coordination
§ ged-24-105
Staff assistance should be provided The State Department of Education and commission.
§ ged-24-106
Lida Lee Tall Learning Resources Center
§ ged-24-201
§ ged-24-202
Structure of the Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission.
§ ged-24-203
Governor designate chairman rights
§ ged-24-204
Commission compensation and annual budget request.
§ ged-24-205
Commission Responsibilities
§ ged-24-206
Facilities for the commission cannot be used for any bias.
§ ged-24-207
State fundraising and the Commission
§ ged-24-301
Board, Center, and Commission, all equal a higher education.
§ ged-24-302
The existence of the Southern Maryland higher education center.
§ ged-24-303
Rules for Appointment by the Governor to the Board
§ ged-24-304
Board to set academic and financial policies
§ ged-24-305
Budgets and Appropriations for Public Universities
§ ged-24-306
Budget submissions, request, and proposals.
§ ged-24-307
Monetary Appropriation Allowance
§ ged-24-308
Any real property proceeds made in St. Mary's county shall be divided between state and county.
§ ged-24-309
Comprehensive Liability Insurance for the Board
§ ged-24-401
Understanding the States Violence Prevention Program
§ ged-24-501
St. Marys City Commission
§ ged-24-502
St. Mary's City Is Historic and Important
§ ged-24-503
Historic St. Mary's City Commission Documents History of Maryland's First Colonial Capital
§ ged-24-504
The instrumentality of The Historic St. Mary's City Commission
§ ged-24-505
Makeup of the Historic St. Mary's City Commission
§ ged-24-506
Election of Officers by the Commision and Duties
§ ged-24-507
Powers and Duties of the Commission
§ ged-24-508
The College and Commission may by contract or mutual agreement perform administrative tasks
§ ged-24-509
The commission can have insurance to protect it's self.
§ ged-24-510
Appointing executive director to The Commission, and guidelines.
§ ged-24-511
§ ged-24-512
Financial Regulations for the Commission.
§ ged-24-513
The State Must Offer Homeowners a Life Estate in Property Acquired From Those Homeowners.
§ ged-24-514
How the Commission acquires property
§ ged-24-515
Transferring property from state to the Commission
§ ged-24-516
Commission Bond Issuance and Allocation.
§ ged-24-517
Bonds of Any Issue Are Payable from Property or Receipts of the Commission
§ ged-24-518
Subjection and Issuance of Bonds by Commission
§ ged-24-519
Acceptable provisions of resolutions or trust agreements adopted by the Commission
§ ged-24-520
rules related to a pledge by the Commission of revenues
§ ged-24-521
execution of bonds
§ ged-24-522
Maryland can sell bonds to pay previous bonds.
§ ged-24-523
Commission May Invest Bonds
§ ged-24-524
Requirements of Bonds of the Commission
§ ged-24-525
Historic St. Marys City Commission Act
§ ged-24-701
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ ged-24-702
The Department of Education Must Develop a Data System to Organize and Analyze Student Data.
§ ged-24-703
Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center Statutes and limitations
§ ged-24-704
The makeup of the governing board of the center.
§ ged-24-705
Governing Board Shall Meet the Governor Anually
§ ged-24-706
"The Center shall adopt regulations to implement the provisions of this subtitle."
§ ged-24-707
Data Requirements Of and Transfers Between Schools and Education Agencies
§ ged-24-801
The Council Works to Improve Education and Economic Competitiveness.
§ ged-24-901
Section 24-901 Terminologies
§ ged-24-902
§ ged-24-903
State Board Members Information
§ ged-24-904
Board Powers and Job Requirements
§ ged-25-101
The Compact for Education : Enacting into law and subtitle
§ ged-25-102
The definition of "state" as it applies to a particular compact.
§ ged-25-103
Maryland Education Council Legislation.
§ ged-25-104
powers of commission with respect to education council
§ ged-25-201
The Governor Signs Engrossed Copy of Compact Upon Approval
§ ged-25-202
§ ged-25-203
Southern Regional Education Compact
§ ged-25-204
Origins of Admission of the states
§ ged-25-205
Maryland Higher Education Commission Program Administration
§ ged-25-301
Enactment of Interstate Library Compact
§ ged-25-302
State Library Agreement Rules
§ ged-25-303
Public Library Services
§ ged-26-101
State Law Against Unlawful Activity
§ ged-26-102
Rights and Responsibility of the School Resource Officer
§ ged-26-103
Law against consuming alcoholic beverage in premises of any public school for person under 18 years
§ ged-26-104
School bus driver employed by local school contract
§ ged-26-201
State Academic Paper Definition
§ ged-26-301
Counterfeit, Altered & Forged Postsecondary Education Documents are Prohibited
§ ged-3-1001
School district boundaries as related to election districts and precincts.
§ ged-3-1002
§ ged-3-1003
Annual Compensation Availability
§ ged-3-1004
Election of county board members
§ ged-3-1005
Purpose of Shared Space Council for PG County
§ ged-3-1006
Schooling Law Of Maryland
§ ged-3-1007
The St. George's County Board of Education can implement school uniforms.
§ ged-3-101
Title applicability for all county boards
§ ged-3-102
Geographical Boundaries of County School System
§ ged-3-103
County Board of Education Establishment Law
§ ged-3-104
Board of each county is politic.
§ ged-3-105
"Subsections do not apply to a county if the number of members of the county board is regulated."
§ ged-3-108
How the Governor appoints county board members
§ ged-3-108.1
Consistence and Purpose of Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners
§ ged-3-109
Baltimore County Board Member Appointment Guidelines
§ ged-3-10A-01
Queen Anne's County Board and Selection of members
§ ged-3-10A-02
How and Why to Remove a County Board Member
§ ged-3-10A-03
the county board will be election with board member.
§ ged-3-10A-04
President/staff of County Board entitled to Compensation
§ ged-3-110
§ ged-3-1101
Composition of The St. Mary's Board
§ ged-3-1102
Election of county board chairman
§ ged-3-1103
Expenses of the county board paid by St. Mary's.
§ ged-3-1104
Monthly County Board Meetings
§ ged-3-114
Counties with Board Elections
§ ged-3-1201
Election of Members for The Somerset County Board
§ ged-3-1202
Chairman of County Board elected every new year
§ ged-3-1203
Compensation for Economic Development Board
§ ged-3-1204
State County Board Public Action Meeting
§ ged-3-12A-01
Rules for the Talbot County Board.
§ ged-3-12A-02
A member of the county is removed by the state board.
§ ged-3-12A-03
County Board President Election
§ ged-3-12A-04
The President of the County Board's Salary Will be at Least $3,600, and Each Member at least $3,200.
§ ged-3-12A-05
County Board meets at least once a month
§ ged-3-12A-06
Always one non-voting student Board of Education
§ ged-3-1301
The Washington County Board consists of seven elected members.
§ ged-3-1302
Compensation for the President of the County Board
§ ged-3-1303
Public meeting required for the actions of County Board
§ ged-3-1401
Election of Worcester County Board and Student Member
§ ged-3-1402
State Board Member Removal Requirements and Procedure
§ ged-3-1403
County board elect__s president at first yearly meeting
§ ged-3-1404
Establishing County Officers' Salaries
§ ged-3-1405
Once a month County board should meet
§ ged-3-201
The definitions and power of an elected member.
§ ged-3-202
County Board President and Vice President Member Elections
§ ged-3-203
Salaries And Rebates For County Board Members
§ ged-3-204
Actions going to public
§ ged-3-301
Composition and election of the Calvert County Board.
§ ged-3-302
"State Board may remove a member of the county board for for the following reasons."
§ ged-3-303
President and vice president are elected at first meeting
§ ged-3-304
Country boards to meet once a month and all actions to be taken in public meeting except specified.
§ ged-3-3A-01
Defining roles in Caroline County Board of Education.
§ ged-3-3A-02
"The Caroline County Board of Education consists of seven members."
§ ged-3-3A-03
Removal of County Board Officials
§ ged-3-3A-04
Electing a President and Vice President
§ ged-3-3A-05
compensation of president of county board
§ ged-3-3A-06
The county board needs to meet at least once a month.
§ ged-3-401
The makeup of the Carroll County Board.
§ ged-3-402
County board presidential and vice-presidential elections.
§ ged-3-403
President of board is entitled to $7,500 annually
§ ged-3-404
All Actions of a County Board Should Be Taken After a Meeting
§ ged-3-4A-01
How the Cecil County Board Obtains Members
§ ged-3-4A-02
State Board Member Removal Procedures & Laws
§ ged-3-4A-03
County Board to elect officers at December meeting
§ ged-3-4A-04
Compensation For Serving On The County Board
§ ged-3-501
Charles County Board Member Information
§ ged-3-502
Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman by Country Board
§ ged-3-503
State Chairman of the County Board Salary
§ ged-3-504
County Board Public Meeting Actions
§ ged-3-5A-01
Composition and Selection of Dorchester County Board
§ ged-3-5A-02
State Board Removal Procedures & Laws
§ ged-3-5A-03
County board elections of president and vice president.
§ ged-3-5A-04
Board Members salary is at least $3,200 and Benefits
§ ged-3-5A-05
County Board Should Conduct Meetings Monthly.
§ ged-3-5B-01
Regulations for The Frederick County Board members.
§ ged-3-5B-02
County Board's President Election during first meeting
§ ged-3-5B-03
Frederick County Board Annual Compensation Of The President
§ ged-3-5B-04
Guidelines for Actions of the County Board
§ ged-3-601
_Elected member_ means a member of the county board elected under subsection."
§ ged-3-602
President and Vice President Elections
§ ged-3-603
Each member of the board is entitled to a specific salary and travel allowance.
§ ged-3-604
County Board Takes All Actions in Public
§ ged-3-6A-01
Rights and Responsibilities of an "Elected Member"
§ ged-3-6A-02
Limitations of State Boards to remove members
§ ged-3-6A-03
Selection of President and Vice President
§ ged-3-6A-04
Harford Board Travel Allowance
§ ged-3-6A-05
Rights and Responsibilities for School Shared Space Council
§ ged-3-701
Howard County Board Election and Fulfillment Requirements
§ ged-3-702
Chairman Shall Be Elected at First December Meeting
§ ged-3-703
County Board Chairman Compensation
§ ged-3-704
Meeting Rules of the County Board
§ ged-3-801
Five members are there in kent county.
§ ged-3-802
Election of President and Vice President
§ ged-3-803
State Chairman County Board Compensation
§ ged-3-804
The county board holds monthly public meetings.
§ ged-3-901
Montgomery County Board
§ ged-3-902
Reimbursement, salary and benefits of Elected County Members
§ ged-3-903
Records of the meetings of the County Board shall be public
§ ged-4-101
A County Board Of Education is Required
§ ged-4-102
Financial assistance awarded by board
§ ged-4-103
Authority to Appoint School Personnel and Set Salaries
§ ged-4-104
Legal Representation for County Boards
§ ged-4-105
Insurance requirements for the county boards.
§ ged-4-106
A county board employee will have liability immunity.
§ ged-4-107
County board annual meeting dates for Economic Development
§ ged-4-108
Duties of the County Board
§ ged-4-109
A county board may appoint a school district subject to approval by the Board.
§ ged-4-111
County Board guidelines for establishment of curriculum guides.
§ ged-4-111.1
December 1, 2012 on & every 5 years Department to report summary information on COMAR to Governor.
§ ged-4-111.2
Department Law Of Maryland
§ ged-4-111.3
The state board shall create a task force force for educational purposes.
§ ged-4-112
Each county will provide representatives to advise on matters pertaining to schools.
§ ged-4-113
the county school board may take a census of all children in school.
§ ged-4-114
Baltimore City Property Granted & Investments Law
§ ged-4-115
§ ged-4-116
How the County decides to use land
§ ged-4-117
The county board can hire architects to prepare plans
§ ged-4-118
A county board has the authority to accept donated land.
§ ged-4-119
Chair may be elected by local board member minority vote.
§ ged-4-120
county board statutes for combining schools
§ ged-4-121
§ ged-4-122
Definitions and meanings
§ ged-4-122.1
Sectional Glossary
§ ged-4-123
County Board Collaboration Agreement
§ ged-4-124
rules related to the adoption of regulations requiring the posting of signs designating the areas by county board
§ ged-4-125
Current Maryland definitions for Economic Development and standard procedures.
§ ged-4-126
Understanding Alternative Financing Methods
§ ged-4-127
Sectional Glossary
§ ged-4-201
Terms of County Superintendent, Except Baltimore
§ ged-4-202
County Superintendent Compensation Law
§ ged-4-203
County board support for the County Superintendent.
§ ged-4-204
County superintendent responsible for school laws, State/county board policies
§ ged-4-205
§ ged-4-206
Responsibilities of county superintendents.
§ ged-4-301
Basic Terms Regarding the Baltimore City Public School System
§ ged-4-302
A master plan is adopted by the board.
§ ged-4-303
Requirements of New Partnership Business
§ ged-4-304
"There is a chief executive officer of the board."
§ ged-4-305
The duties of the Chief Academic and Executive officers.
§ ged-4-306
§ ged-4-306.1
§ ged-4-306.2
Bonds for Financing
§ ged-4-306.3
Public School Board Taxes and Assessments
§ ged-4-306.4
meaning of the bond
§ ged-4-306.5
§ ged-4-306.6
§ ged-4-307
§ ged-4-308
§ ged-4-309
Submission of a 5 Year Comprehensive Master Plan
§ ged-4-310
Baltimore City Public School System : Rules and regulations on adoption of Minority and women business Enterprises
§ ged-4-311
rules regarding establishment of a personnel system governing certificated and noncertificated employees
§ ged-4-312
entering agreements with the employee organizations by Board
§ ged-4-314
§ ged-4-315
§ ged-4-316
What the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners may
§ ged-4-317
Decision Following School Closing Study
§ ged-4-318
§ ged-4-319
§ ged-4-319
§ ged-5-101
rules regarding preparation of annual budget by state board
§ ged-5-102
§ ged-5-103
Funds for County Boards
§ ged-5-104
rules related to levy and collection of tax by county council
§ ged-5-105
Any that that the county board receives must be spent within the guidelines of the law.
§ ged-5-106
Submission of Budget Expenditures
§ ged-5-107
§ ged-5-109
Annual County Board Financial Audits
§ ged-5-110
§ ged-5-111
rules related to make the reports required by state board by county board
§ ged-5-112
Terms of issues that do not apply.
§ ged-5-113
The county board may not make a category expenditure.
§ ged-5-114
§ ged-5-115
§ ged-5-116
§ ged-5-117
§ ged-5-118
§ ged-5-118
§ ged-5-201
Appropriation of Funds for School System Support
§ ged-5-202
§ ged-5-202
§ ged-5-203
School and teacher retirement system chapter
§ ged-5-205
§ ged-5-206
Aging Schools Program : Grant payment and funding level to the counties
§ ged-5-207
§ ged-5-208
Education Of Students With Limited English Proficiency
§ ged-5-209
§ ged-5-210
§ ged-5-211
§ ged-5-212
Superintendent Must Certify Payment Dues to State Comptroller.
§ ged-5-213
Withholding Funds Due to Noncompliance
§ ged-5-213.1
Notification Of Superintendent To The County Regarding Noncompliance
§ ged-5-214
§ ged-5-215
§ ged-5-217
Functions of the program under Maryland Law
§ ged-5-301
§ ged-5-301.1
The Interagency Committee and their solar energy program.
§ ged-5-302
What the Board of Public Works shall establish
§ ged-5-303
Origins of a replacement cost
§ ged-5-304
§ ged-5-305
County boards shall keep money for construction of public buildings in an independent account.
§ ged-5-305.1
Anne Arundel County Board Law of Maryland
§ ged-5-306
Section supplements provisions 5-101 through 5-107
§ ged-5-307
§ ged-5-308
Debt Service Reimbursement Not Required For Schools Constructed Before 1971.
§ ged-5-309
§ ged-5-310
Surveying Condition of School Buildings
§ ged-5-311
What the Department of General Services shall provide
§ ged-5-312
§ ged-5-401
§ ged-5-402
Department Evaluations of State Aid for Local School Systems
§ ged-5-501
Educational Institution Qualification and Submission Guidelines
§ ged-5-502
Qualifications for a state aided educational institute.
§ ged-5-503
Review of application for qualification as a State-aided educational institution
§ ged-5-504
§ ged-5-505
Requirements of State Board submissions.
§ ged-5-506
regulations to implement the subtitle.
§ ged-5-601
§ ged-5-602
§ ged-5-603
Outstanding Bonds Issued
§ ged-5-604
Bond Issuance Regulations
§ ged-6-101
State superintendent certificates
§ ged-6-102
Teacher Certification
§ ged-6-103
§ ged-6-104
Public School Employee Changes in the State
§ ged-6-105
Each teacher is entitled to a work-free lunch
§ ged-6-106
County Volunteer Aides
§ ged-6-107
County board arrangements for student teachers and interns.
§ ged-6-108
Courts and Judicial proceedings article
§ ged-6-109
rules related to A county superintendent and any other employee of a county board who handles funds of the school system
§ ged-6-110
As what are the teachers professional organizations recommended
§ ged-6-111
Physical Disability Abscenses
§ ged-6-112
Teachers Can Apply For Local Aid Program.
§ ged-6-112.1
§ ged-6-113
An offense under the laws of another state would be a violation of the Criminal Law
§ ged-6-114
§ ged-6-115
Subject to the requirements of this section, the Department may assign a unique identification number.
§ ged-6-116
§ ged-6-117
Student Athlete Contract Notification Timeline
§ ged-6-118
§ ged-6-119
§ ged-6-120
§ ged-6-121
a. The Department shall establish teacher certification for career professionals in specialized fields.
§ ged-6-201
The appointment of individuals by the County Board for the operation of the public schools.
§ ged-6-201.1
How to gain information regarding obtaining a certification.
§ ged-6-202
suspending employees of a county board
§ ged-6-203
County Board Proceedings
§ ged-6-204
Establishment of Compensation Rates for Transfer Employees
§ ged-6-301
rules related to A teacher or principal whose certificate is rated by a county superintendent as second class
§ ged-6-302
Salary Rules for Educators
§ ged-6-303
Institutional Educator Pay Plan Advisory Committee
§ ged-6-304
Teachers must be paid once per month.
§ ged-6-305
Sick Pay of Workers Is Different From Salary.
§ ged-6-306
§ ged-6-401
§ ged-6-401
§ ged-6-401
§ ged-6-402
Formation of Employee Organizations
§ ged-6-403
Allows public school employees to refuse participation in activities of employee organizations.
§ ged-6-404
There will be a group organized of public school employees that will represent the school in any legal or political affairs.
§ ged-6-404
There will be a group organized of public school employees that will represent the school in any legal or political affairs.
§ ged-6-405
6-405 allows for school employees to make employee organizations if 30% of the employees join
§ ged-6-405
6-405 allows for school employees to make employee organizations if 30% of the employees join
§ ged-6-406
rules related to the designation of an exclusive representative
§ ged-6-407
Employee Representation
§ ged-6-407
Employee Representation
§ ged-6-408
§ ged-6-408
§ ged-6-408.1
Public School Negotiations and Funds Available
§ ged-6-409
discrimination against any employee by a public school employer
§ ged-6-410
Employee organization strike regulations
§ ged-6-411
This code does not supersede rules for public educators
§ ged-6-501
§ ged-6-501
§ ged-6-503
Public School Employees Activities Law
§ ged-6-504
Public School Employee's Organization Rights
§ ged-6-505
Information regarding public school employee organizations
§ ged-6-505
Information regarding public school employee organizations
§ ged-6-506
Guidelines for designating an employee organization as exclusive representative
§ ged-6-506
Guidelines for designating an employee organization as exclusive representative
§ ged-6-507
Representatives Term of Office.
§ ged-6-508
Employee organizations.
§ ged-6-509
Employment Organization Representation
§ ged-6-510
§ ged-6-510
§ ged-6-511
Funds are approved by the fiscal authority.
§ ged-6-511
Funds are approved by the fiscal authority.
§ ged-6-512
Public school employer interference
§ ged-6-513
No Strike Provision
§ ged-6-514
State Labor Laws & Public School Employment Exemptions
§ ged-6-601
§ ged-6-602
What the designated state official for this State is
§ ged-6-603
Copies of Contracts
§ ged-6-604
Agreement and Contract pursuant to schools
§ ged-6-701
§ ged-6-702
§ ged-6-703
Board Member Requirements
§ ged-6-704
§ ged-6-705
Who the State Superintendent may make an agreement with
§ ged-6-706
§ ged-6-707
What The Review Board consist of
§ ged-6-708
§ ged-6-801
Board means the Public School Labor Relations Board
§ ged-6-802
§ ged-6-803
What the Board shall consist of
§ ged-6-804
Board Member Benefits
§ ged-6-805
Executive director of Board : Higher Education and state labor relation boards.
§ ged-6-806
Adopting regulations, guidelines and policies of the Board
§ ged-6-807
§ ged-7-1001
§ ged-7-1002
Department Shall Provide Virtual Learning Opportunities
§ ged-7-101
Education Costs;Public School Exemption Children 5-21;Definitions
§ ged-7-101.1
Reduced price lunches for economically disadvantaged children
§ ged-7-102
§ ged-7-103
Regulation of School attendance and holidays
§ ged-7-103.1
§ ged-7-104
Principles and teachers want students to participate in opening exercises .
§ ged-7-105
Maryland Law Concerning American Flags in Public Schools
§ ged-7-106
County Board Can Adopt Procedures To Buy Public School Supplies.
§ ged-7-107
Television Systems for Schools
§ ged-7-108
Public School Buildings To Be Used For Community Activities.
§ ged-7-109
§ ged-7-10A-01
§ ged-7-10A-02
Education Technology Pilot Program
§ ged-7-10A-03
§ ged-7-10A-04
§ ged-7-10A-05
Implementing a Pilot Program
§ ged-7-10A-06
School System Pilot Program Approval
§ ged-7-10A-07
Who provides the State Superintendent's Funding?
§ ged-7-10A-08
§ ged-7-10B-01
§ ged-7-10B-02
Council for Virtual Learning Placement in Maryland Advisory Council
§ ged-7-10B-03
§ ged-7-10B-04
Appointment and Terms of Members of the Council
§ ged-7-10B-05
Council shall meet at least 4 times during each academic year
§ ged-7-10B-06
Recommendation Policies of the Council
§ ged-7-110
The person who applies for the use of school facilities shall be responsible for all damage to the property, other than ordinary wear and tear.
§ ged-7-1101
§ ged-7-1102
§ ged-7-1103
All school systems must be compliant with this subtitle.
§ ged-7-1104
The State Supervisor's Role To Maintain Updated Practices.
§ ged-7-111
Armed Services recruiting reps access to public schools
§ ged-7-112
Publishing of alternative course activities for students
§ ged-7-112.1
Facilitating the collection of data : Development of standardized course and numbering system
§ ged-7-113
Public schools use of a students Social Security number.
§ ged-7-114
§ ged-7-115
Transfer Requirements for Military Personnel Dependents to Public School
§ ged-7-116
Understanding Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
§ ged-7-119
Student Classroom Participation Reporting
§ ged-7-120
Education Law Regarding "Multiple-birth Children"
§ ged-7-1301
Article Definitions Do Not Apply to Interstate Compact
§ ged-7-1302
Execution of the Interstate Compact
§ ged-7-1303
Maryland Provisions for Military Families
§ ged-7-1401
Education Via internet schooling
§ ged-7-1402
Virtual school Law
§ ged-7-1403
rules for suspension of a physical assistant
§ ged-7-1404
A virtual school shall provide certain documents to parents.
§ ged-7-1405
employment of teacher
§ ged-7-1406
Virtual School Administrative Office Requirements
§ ged-7-1407
Annual Virtual School Evaluation Criteria
§ ged-7-1408
The state board shall set minimum criteria for a virtual school.
§ ged-7-201
Implementation of Programs to Determine Learning Disabilities
§ ged-7-202
Child Reading Level Requirements
§ ged-7-203
Educational accountability shall be the responsibility of various boards.
§ ged-7-203.1
Grants during fiscal years
§ ged-7-203.2
Definitions and Data Collection Related to High School Retention and Graduation Rates.
§ ged-7-204
Origins of Test
§ ged-7-205
Promotion and graduation of students must be in accordance with county law.
§ ged-7-206.1
Schooling For honorably discharged Military Personnel
§ ged-7-207
Merit Scholastic Awards Law Of Maryland
§ ged-7-301
Children must attend public school except in these cases
§ ged-7-301
Children must attend public school except in these cases
§ ged-7-301
Children must attend public school except in these cases
§ ged-7-302
Teachers must report to superintendent
§ ged-7-302.1
County Rep shall provide education alternatives information
§ ged-7-303
Criminal Gang, Local School System Meanings
§ ged-7-304
Minimizing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom
§ ged-7-304.1
Defining the Program
§ ged-7-305
Procedures Regarding the Suspension and Expulsion of Students
§ ged-7-305
Procedures Regarding the Suspension and Expulsion of Students
§ ged-7-306
Standards of conduct and punishment in public schools
§ ged-7-307
Ability of School System Personnel to prevent violence
§ ged-7-308
Public School Principals May Make Reasonable Searches of Students
§ ged-7-309
Origins Of residential child care program
§ ged-7-310
Law About Community Resources List Disseminated To Public Schools Within The County Board's Limit
§ ged-7-401
County boards shall provide these services and programs
§ ged-7-402
Physical Examinations for Children Entering the Maryland Public School System
§ ged-7-403
The Department must create rules regarding blood tests.
§ ged-7-404
Hearing And Vision Screening For Public Schools
§ ged-7-406
Restrictions for individuals who have tuberculosis
§ ged-7-407
Maryland Law Of quality device
§ ged-7-408
Maryland superintendent
§ ged-7-409
Public schools Law Of Maryland
§ ged-7-410
Rule for public school to adopt program of safety education.
§ ged-7-411
Maryland Law Of Drug Free Schools
§ ged-7-411.1
Encouragement of county board health education curriculum
§ ged-7-412
To overcome drug from a certified educational institution.
§ ged-7-413
Health education preventing abuse of alcohol offered here
§ ged-7-414
Origins Of Vehicle Operation For High School Students
§ ged-7-415
Maryland School Health Program Outline in Baltimore City and Caroline County.
§ ged-7-416
Services and Duties of Medical Official in Baltimore City
§ ged-7-417
Caroline County Healthcare provider law
§ ged-7-419
County Boards Required To Keep Asbestos Reports.
§ ged-7-420
The Department must create rules for disease control.
§ ged-7-421
Meaning of Words in This Section
§ ged-7-422
"Schools notified about contaminated drinking water must notify the students parents."
§ ged-7-423
Certain types of vending machines may have regulations placed on them.
§ ged-7-424
Indication of Meanings
§ ged-7-424.1
What can be in a model 'anti bullying, intimidation etc' policy in the the state.
§ ged-7-424.2
The definition of a "school security officer" under Maryland law.
§ ged-7-424.3
nonpublic school prohibition policy of bullying, harassment, and intimidation
§ ged-7-425
county board's responsibility to create external defibrillator program
§ ged-7-426
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Law
§ ged-7-426.1
Definitions of Allergies and Employees for this Section.
§ ged-7-426.2
Nurses can administer auto-injectable epinephrine to students having Anaphylaxis.
§ ged-7-427
awareness in local education
§ ged-7-428
Department Shall Provide Training For Inhalant Abuse
§ ged-7-429
harris county must test the water for bacteria in area schools
§ ged-7-430
Police training commission
§ ged-7-431
Telephone number requirements for jr. and high schoolers
§ ged-7-432
Providing Awareness of Human Trafficking.
§ ged-7-433
Concussion Procedures
§ ged-7-434
Meanings of words indicated
§ ged-7-4A-01
Benefits designated to members of the board of education.
§ ged-7-4A-02
Maryland School-Based Health Center Policy Advisory Council
§ ged-7-4A-03
Council members and Governor appointee council members
§ ged-7-4A-04
A majority of the members then serving on the Council is a quorum.
§ ged-7-4A-05
The Council is Charged With Developing and Promoting School-Based Health Centers
§ ged-7-4B-01
subtitle glossary: ged-7-4B-01
§ ged-7-4B-02
Origins Of the State Board
§ ged-7-4B-03
Duties for a county board
§ ged-7-4B-04
Rights of Department to Monitor Compliance
§ ged-7-4B-05
How country boards regulate school compliance
§ ged-7-4B-06
Department Regulation Adoption and Enforcement
§ ged-7-501
Importance of Youth Suicide Prevention Programs.
§ ged-7-502
Definitions of words related to youth suicide prevention
§ ged-7-503
Scope of Youth Suicide Prevention School Program
§ ged-7-504
adoption of regulations that set eligibility guidelines for State funding of Youth Suicide Prevention School Programs
§ ged-7-505
Monitoring and evaluation of departments receiving state funding
§ ged-7-506
Programs Law Of Maryland
§ ged-7-601
Eligibility provides a reduced price lunch from State.
§ ged-7-602
Contents of State Free Feeding Program
§ ged-7-603
Subsidized and Free School Lunch Programs
§ ged-7-604
Feeding Program Law Of Maryland
§ ged-7-605
General Assembly Favored School Food Programs
§ ged-7-701
State Board Law
§ ged-7-702
Exemption Conditions for Elementary Schools
§ ged-7-703
Suspension and Reimbursement of Free and Reduced Breakfast Program
§ ged-7-704
Meaning of Word 'Program' in This Section
§ ged-7-801
School bus Law Of Maryland
§ ged-7-802
Sewage Land Standing Issues
§ ged-7-803
School buses may be used for various purposes.
§ ged-7-804
Meaning of School Vehicle As It Pertains To This Section
§ ged-7-805
School bus transportation for students within the school mileage limit
§ ged-7-806
Origins of Baltimore County Schools Transportation
§ ged-7-807
Baltimore County school bus drivers must drop of children where they will not cross the street.
§ ged-7-808
Understanding rules and regulations concerning school buses
§ ged-7-901
Definitions Of Technology Used In School
§ ged-7-902
"The General Assembly finds that Technology applications can propel the States school systems."
§ ged-7-903
Origins Of Education
§ ged-7-904
Things that a superintendent can do.
§ ged-7-905
The State Superintendent Law Of Maryland
§ ged-7-906
Profits in Maryland school system recirculated for education
§ ged-7-907
Assistance to Consortium Promoting Use of Technology
§ ged-7-908
Education Law Of Maryland
§ ged-7-909
Research Grants from State Superintendents
§ ged-7-910
Assurement of equality for technology grants and contracts
§ ged-7-9A-01
Subtitle Defines Digital Content
§ ged-7-9A-02
The General Assembly Decided
§ ged-7-9A-03
Existence of a MDK12 Digital Library
§ ged-7-9A-04
Responsibilities of the MDK12 Digital Library
§ ged-7-9A-05
Digital Library Consortium
§ ged-8-101
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this subtitle.
§ ged-8-102
teacher training is provided for in the state budget
§ ged-8-103
The power of the state superintendent in Maryland.
§ ged-8-104
Standards to Guide County Boards
§ ged-8-105
County Board State Funds
§ ged-8-106
State funds to assist in developing and implementing the programs authorized under this subtitle.
§ ged-8-107
Benefits for children in a compensatory education program
§ ged-8-201
§ ged-8-202
a gifted and talented student can take different classes
§ ged-8-203
Each county board should be encouraged by the board to implement programs.
§ ged-8-204
State Discretionary Fund Allotment Allowances
§ ged-8-301
Blind and Deaf children
§ ged-8-302
Application rules for disabled children
§ ged-8-303
The educational needs of deaf and blind children
§ ged-8-304
Maryland School for the Deaf
§ ged-8-305
Parental Notification Of The Maryland School for the Deaf
§ ged-8-306
Origins Of School for the Blind
§ ged-8-307
School for the Blind Law Of Maryland
§ ged-8-307.1
Requirements for Notification of Blind Educational Programs
§ ged-8-308
Any schools for the deaf or the blind in Maryland should keep school board up to date on academics.
§ ged-8-309
Regulations regarding the salaries of the teacher of Maryland School for the Blind
§ ged-8-310
Each County Pays Share to School of Blind
§ ged-8-310.1
The Maryland School for the Deaf Law
§ ged-8-310.2
School For Death Law Of Maryland
§ ged-8-310.3
The law followed by Maryland School for enrollment.
§ ged-8-311
Deaf or blind child school evaluation provisions
§ ged-8-313
Maryland School for the Deaf Uniform Pay Plan
§ ged-8-314
Basic Terminology Regarding the Maryland School for the Blind
§ ged-8-315
Maryland School for the Blind
§ ged-8-316
Maryland School for the blind and written agreements
§ ged-8-317
Meanings of the following words are indicated in this section.
§ ged-8-318
Origins Of the budget By the Governor
§ ged-8-319
Public School Construction Program
§ ged-8-401
subtitle glossary: ged-8-401
§ ged-8-402
Disabled Child Law Of Maryland
§ ged-8-403
Free Special Education for Children With Disabilities
§ ged-8-404
Board State Education Provisions
§ ged-8-405
This Section Defines Accessible Copy and Extenuating Circumstances
§ ged-8-406
Wraparound services
§ ged-8-407
All proceedings and decisions hall be in conformance with applicable federal law.
§ ged-8-408
Visual impairment definition of terms
§ ged-8-410
Transportation requirements for school systems
§ ged-8-411
Power given to governors relating to education of disable children.
§ ged-8-412
Meaning of following words are indicated in section
§ ged-8-412.1
If a handicapped child is capable when they come of age then they shall retain rights.
§ ged-8-413
Section glossary: ged-8-413
§ ged-8-414
Funding for Special Education
§ ged-8-415
"Basic Cost"
§ ged-8-416
Maryland Infants and Toddlers Program
§ ged-8-417
Meaning of words involving children's education.
§ ged-8-501
Meanings relating to Child in State Supervised Care.
§ ged-8-502
The intent of the general assembly is to promote education of children.
§ ged-8-503
Placement Agency Shall Notify School of Enrollment
§ ged-8-504
School Enrollment Notices for State Supervised Children
§ ged-8-505
Educational rights provided for youths in the care of the state.
§ ged-8-506
Origins of county boards
§ ged-8-507
Reimbursements by the board for a non-disabled child
§ ged-8-601
Subtitle glossary
§ ged-8-602
Department Contains Hearing Aid Loan Bank Program
§ ged-8-603
Details of permanent Hearing Aid Loan Bank in the Department
§ ged-8-604
Maryland State Rules For Child Hearing Aid Assistance
§ ged-8-605
Board Regulations Regarding Child Eligibility for Hearing Aids
§ ged-8-606
Tracking loaned hearing aids to children
§ ged-8-701
Troubled Youth Law Of Maryland
§ ged-8-702
Department to operate residential boarding education program for at-risk youth.
§ ged-8-703
When a child can participate in a program.
§ ged-8-704
At-Risk Youth Programs Operator Requirements and Duties
§ ged-8-705
Maryland State Law Regarding The Number Of Members In The Board Governing A Program
§ ged-8-706
Maryland Programs Abide No Child Left Behind Act Mandates.
§ ged-8-707
Salaries shall be comparable to public counterparts.
§ ged-8-708
Information for each student should be submitted.
§ ged-8-709
Origins Of county board Spendings
§ ged-8-710
Governor's Per Pupil Allocation of Education Funds
§ ged-9-101
Maryland Public Charter School Program
§ ged-9-102
Public charter school Law
§ ged-9-102.1
Origins of public charter school
§ ged-9-103
Maryland Law Of chartering authority
§ ged-9-104
An application for a charter school must be submitted in the county where it exists.
§ ged-9-105
Mandatory Maryland Certification for Public Charter School Professional Staff.
§ ged-9-106
Public School Charter Requirements
§ ged-9-107
Restrictions on Public Chartering Agreements for Public Schools
§ ged-9-108
The status of employees of a charter school.
§ ged-9-108
The status of employees of a charter school.
§ ged-9-109
Federal monetary disbursement law for boards
§ ged-9-110
rules related to the development of a public charter school policy by county board
§ ged-9-111
The status of empty school buildings and the use by charter schools.
§ ged-9-112
Exemption of Property Taxes for Public Charter Schools