Economic Development

This is Article gec of the Code of State, titled “Economic Development.” It’s comprised of the following 931 sections.

§ gec-1-101
§ gec-1-101
§ gec-10-101
Rules and regulations to the Board of Directors of the Corporation regarding Bonds
§ gec-10-102
Please construe this subtitle as accomplishing its purpose
§ gec-10-103
Bonds issued by educational & healthcare entities are not eligible securities for funding projects.
§ gec-10-104
Establishment Of Corporation For Economic Development.
§ gec-10-105
The Maryland Economic Development Corporation is an entity of the State.
§ gec-10-106
Board of directors to manage corporation and exercise powers on its behalf.
§ gec-10-107
State Board Member Election Requirements
§ gec-10-108
The Board are a quorum are Seven members is affirmative vote of at least seven members is needed for the Board to act.
§ gec-10-109
The Board shall appoint an Executive Director
§ gec-10-110
Board's ability to receive assistance under Economic Development
§ gec-10-111
Origins of Corporation
§ gec-10-112
US National Law Takes a new level
§ gec-10-113
Maryland corporate accounting regulations.
§ gec-10-114
Corporation Administration Allowances
§ gec-10-115
The Corporation may adopt bylaws for the conduct of its business
§ gec-10-116
A corporation may acquire property and conduct other business in the state if approved by the legislature.
§ gec-10-117
The Corporation may borrow money and issue bonds to finance any part of the cost of a project.
§ gec-10-118
The Corporation authorize revenue by resolution
§ gec-10-119
Origins of Bonds
§ gec-10-120
Origins of Corporation Pledging
§ gec-10-121
The trust agreement or the resolution that provides for the issuance of a bond for any Corporation
§ gec-10-122
Origins of proceeds of bonds
§ gec-10-123
Rules for Bond Issuance to Repay Bonds
§ gec-10-124
Protect and enforce rights under the laws of the State, the resolution, or the trust agreement
§ gec-10-125
Corporation can:
§ gec-10-126
Corporation Allowances Regarding Services Rendered
§ gec-10-127
the corporation may pledge any of its money
§ gec-10-128
Land Under Private Ownership Immune To Subtitle
§ gec-10-129
The Corporation is exempt from any requirement .
§ gec-10-130
Definition and operation of the fund
§ gec-10-131
Annual audit requirement for corporations
§ gec-10-132
Submitting a Report
§ gec-10-201
ABC of Maryland Food Center Authority
§ gec-10-202
The establishment of projects is for the benefit of residents.
§ gec-10-203
Exclusion of Aquaculture Developments in Maryland State
§ gec-10-204
General Assembly Food Health Findings
§ gec-10-205
maryland food center authority
§ gec-10-206
Employment and Compensation of Individuals by the Authority
§ gec-10-207
Exemptions From and Compliance With State and Local Law
§ gec-10-208
The Authority will be get the income for the invested money.
§ gec-10-209
The Authority May Carry Out Necessary Powers
§ gec-10-210
Scope of authority concerning the Maryland Economic Development Corporation.
§ gec-10-211
Acquirement of Businesses by the Authority.
§ gec-10-212
Duties of The Authority
§ gec-10-213
the authority can help you move your business
§ gec-10-214
rate and facilities of development project
§ gec-10-215
Political subdivision Law Of Maryland
§ gec-10-216
Maryland Political Subdivision law
§ gec-10-217
Financing state property purchase
§ gec-10-218
Federal Tax Exempt Bonds Can Be Issued By Authorities.
§ gec-10-219
Bond and Security Regulations
§ gec-10-220
State Debtors Law & Bond Payments
§ gec-10-221
The Authority may secure a bond by issuing a trust agreement.
§ gec-10-222
Applying Proceeds Of Bonds
§ gec-10-223
Issuance of Revenue Bonds
§ gec-10-224
Duties to Protect and Enforce Rights Under Law
§ gec-10-225
Pledging or Assignment of revenue, securities, or interest
§ gec-10-226
Tax laws related to the Maryland Economic Development Corporation.
§ gec-10-227
Term Of Legislative Auditor.
§ gec-10-228
The Authority Shall Report to the Governor Annually
§ gec-10-229
Articles of the State Code of Maryland
§ gec-10-301
"The following words have the indicated meaning."
§ gec-10-302
Supplemental Powers can Be Used for State Welfare.
§ gec-10-303
Educational and Health Care Institutions Authorized to Procure Funds
§ gec-10-306
Maryland Health and Higher Education Facilities Authority
§ gec-10-307
Origins of The Authority members
§ gec-10-308
Requirements for a Quorum
§ gec-10-309
The Maryland Health and Higher Education Facilities Shall Appoint a Director.
§ gec-10-310
Authority Authorization to Appoint a Full or Part-Time General Counsel
§ gec-10-311
The Authority shall determine the compensation of the additional officer
§ gec-10-312
The Authority may hire various professionals in order to use their expertise.
§ gec-10-313
What the Authority shall follow
§ gec-10-314
Powers and abilities of The Authority under the Economic Development title.
§ gec-10-315
The Authority's Rules and regulations to make a loan to a participation institution
§ gec-10-316
Expenses incurred under this subtitle are payable only from money obtained under this subtitle
§ gec-10-317
Certified Records Of The Authority
§ gec-10-318
Authority annual book audit.
§ gec-10-319
On or before October 1 of each year, the Authority shall report to the Governor on its activities
§ gec-10-320
Section 10-320 Authority Termination Legislation.
§ gec-10-323
Authorities authorization with bonds
§ gec-10-324
Trust Agreement Bonds
§ gec-10-325
Investment of Money
§ gec-10-326
rules defining the meaning of a bond
§ gec-10-327
The right of the Authority
§ gec-10-328
Sinking Fund Revenue Requirements
§ gec-10-329
Requirements for a sinking fund in Economic Development
§ gec-10-330
Management of the proceeds from the sale of bonds.
§ gec-10-331
The Authority's Powers for The Issuance of Bonds
§ gec-10-332
Section 10-332 Refunding Bond Proceeds Legislation.
§ gec-10-333
Limits of Bond investing
§ gec-10-334
The Authority and the Distribution of Negotiable Bonds
§ gec-10-335
This is Article gec of the State Code of Maryland, titled Economic Development. Its comprised of the following 931 sections.
§ gec-10-336
Bondholders Can Sue If Trust Agreement Is Violated.
§ gec-10-337
Rules for non payment of tax by authority
§ gec-10-340
§ gec-10-341
Regarding closure and delicensure of hospitals.
§ gec-10-342
General Assembly's opinion for payment of public obligations
§ gec-10-343
Requirements and Scope of Maryland Hospital Bond Program
§ gec-10-344
§ gec-10-345
Maryland Health Care Commission Law
§ gec-10-346
Necessary Notifications for Closing Hospitals
§ gec-10-347
Health Services Cost Review Commission Powers and Requirements
§ gec-10-348
Scheduling Payments to Meet Public Obligations of Hospital
§ gec-10-349
Issuance of Bonds by the Authority to provide payment for public obligations
§ gec-10-350
Health Services Cost Review Commission Can Charge Fees On Hospitals.
§ gec-10-351
Section 10-351 Public Payment Obligation Directives.
§ gec-10-352
Validity And Enforceability Of Bonds Are Determined By Authorities.
§ gec-10-353
§ gec-10-356
Formal Name of Subtitle
§ gec-10-401
§ gec-10-402
Establishment and Purpose of Maryland Technology Development Corporation
§ gec-10-403
A Board of Directors shall manage the Corporation and exercise its powers
§ gec-10-404
The Corporation Shall Employ a Qualified Executive Director
§ gec-10-405
Approval of necessary lawyers by Attorney General in the Corporation
§ gec-10-406
Corporations Rights to Retain Counsel.
§ gec-10-407
Corporation subjection's and exemptions.
§ gec-10-408
The Maryland Economic Development Corporation Holds Various Powers and Responsibilities.
§ gec-10-409
The Corporation may give financial assistance to technology-based businesses.
§ gec-10-410
The corporation may enter into a project with a manufacturer to carry out its purposes
§ gec-10-411
Claims, Obligations, Debts and Liabilities of the State
§ gec-10-412
Operations of Colleges and Universities
§ gec-10-413
Tax exemptions for corporations
§ gec-10-414
Records are subject to State or independent auditors.
§ gec-10-415
Corporation's financial statement return
§ gec-10-418
Meaning of the following words are indicated in this part.
§ gec-10-419
§ gec-10-420
Promoting entrepreneurship and the creation of jobs
§ gec-10-421
Financial Assistance
§ gec-10-422
Board Financial Assistance Award Funding Origins
§ gec-10-423
The standards shall authorize the award of financial assistance
§ gec-10-424
awarding financial assistance
§ gec-10-425
Rules to be followed by recipient of financial assistance under 10-423(b)(3)
§ gec-10-426
The Board may not offer financial assistance without approval of two-thirds of board.
§ gec-10-429
"Adult stem cell" means a stem cell that is derived from human tissue
§ gec-10-430
nothing is prohibiting stem cell research
§ gec-10-431
The makeup and governance of the Stem Cell Research Committee in Maryland.
§ gec-10-432
Commission's Responsibilities on Stem-Cell Research
§ gec-10-434
§ gec-10-435
A grant or loan awarded under this part is contingent on the recipient.
§ gec-10-436
The scientific review committee must consist of scientists.
§ gec-10-437
State-Funded Stem Cell Research Must Be Ethical
§ gec-10-438
Maryland's Guidelines For Infertility Practitioners.
§ gec-10-439
Limits of dealing with donations: 10-438
§ gec-10-440
conviction for human cloning is imprisonment not exceeds 10 years fine not exceeds $200,000 or both
§ gec-10-441
Monies paid contingent on board approval
§ gec-10-442
Corporations and Commissions regulations
§ gec-10-445
§ gec-10-446
The General Assembly finds and declares that nanobiotechnology offers tremendous potential
§ gec-10-447
The existence of the Coordinating Emerging Nanobiotechnology Research in Maryland program.
§ gec-10-448
"There is a Coordinating Emerging Nano biotechnology Research in Maryland Fund."
§ gec-10-449
Who to award Capital in the CENTR Maryland Program.
§ gec-10-450
Higher Education Grant Requirements and Restrictions
§ gec-10-451
Inclusion of corporation in report to Governor.
§ gec-10-454
Definitions for Following Subsections
§ gec-10-455
§ gec-10-456
Assessing the viability and value of the technology
§ gec-10-457
§ gec-10-458
§ gec-10-459
Laws concerning grant proposals under the Maryland Economic Development Corporation.
§ gec-10-460
Contents of Annual Report by the Corporation to Superiors.
§ gec-10-501
§ gec-10-502
Developmental opportunities given by State Government to private enterprises and agriculture
§ gec-10-503
This subtitle shall be carried out liberally.
§ gec-10-504
Maryland's Agricultural Development Corporation
§ gec-10-505
§ gec-10-506
The Corporation shall employ an Executive Director with experience and qualifications
§ gec-10-507
Attorney General serves as legal advisor
§ gec-10-508
Corporation Exemptions
§ gec-10-509
Job Duties of The Corporation
§ gec-10-510
providing grants or equity investment financing for agriculture based businesses.
§ gec-10-511
A corporation's rights to carry out business in the State.
§ gec-10-512
Corporation rights and responsibilities
§ gec-10-513
the interest rates of the bonds
§ gec-10-514
Corporation pledging its full faith and credit
§ gec-10-515
Corporations, Bonds, and Trust Agreements
§ gec-10-516
Bonds may be bought for projects if they mature in time to be used.
§ gec-10-517
State Corporation Bond Issuing Laws
§ gec-10-518
§ gec-10-519
Financial law for loan to corporation.
§ gec-10-520
Rules for the Corporations to buy and sell agricultural loans.
§ gec-10-521
The Corporation can study and publicize information on agriculture
§ gec-10-522
Units That Can Support The Corporation.
§ gec-10-523
State involvement with Corporations
§ gec-10-524
Obligations Belonging to the Corporation Belong to the State
§ gec-10-525
Corporate Taxes Exemptions
§ gec-10-526
Corporate Audits
§ gec-10-527
The Agricultural and Resource-Based Corporation Reports Its Status to the Governor Each Year.
§ gec-10-601
Definition of terms and properties
§ gec-10-604
The Maryland Stadium Authority
§ gec-10-605
The Maryland Stadium Authority Has Seven Appointed Members With Staggered Terms.
§ gec-10-606
Designation of a chair by the Governor.
§ gec-10-607
State Authority Meeting Determination
§ gec-10-608
The authority is exempt from most taxes.
§ gec-10-609
About Executive Director and his work
§ gec-10-610
Authority May Employ Consultants
§ gec-10-613
Adopt regulations to carry out this subtitle in accordance with the Administrative Procedure.
§ gec-10-614
Directions for borrowing and lending of money under state law
§ gec-10-615
Rules for sports authority.
§ gec-10-616
Camden Yards Growth and Development
§ gec-10-617
Pending general assembly Camden yard gets dome.
§ gec-10-618
§ gec-10-619
Authority may hold an ownership interest prior to the approval of the board.
§ gec-10-620
authority acquiring own name
§ gec-10-621
Proceeds uses of personal or permanent seat license.
§ gec-10-622
Costs of Estimates
§ gec-10-623
The operating and capital program budget must be submitted to the board.
§ gec-10-624
End of Year Account Audits
§ gec-10-625
Authority Financial Report Requirements
§ gec-10-628
Board of Public Works General Assembly Exceptions & Laws
§ gec-10-629
Payments in accordance with letters of credit
§ gec-10-630
Issuing of bonds authorize by the Authority
§ gec-10-631
Provisions regarding debt service reserves and pledging.
§ gec-10-632
§ gec-10-633
How the Authority can reinforce its Bonds
§ gec-10-634
A Pledge Of Revenues As Security For Bonds is Binding When The Pledge Is Made
§ gec-10-635
A bondholder or trustee may enforce their rights under Maryland law.
§ gec-10-636
The government can restructure its debt through bonds.
§ gec-10-639
Governing the sale of bonds
§ gec-10-640
Authority Powers and Requirements
§ gec-10-641
Maryland Law Of Finance
§ gec-10-642
Improving the Montgomery County Conference facility requires submitting plans.
§ gec-10-643
Ocean City agrees to bond financing loan terms
§ gec-10-644
Duties of the Authority Regarding Professional Sports Facilities
§ gec-10-647
Financial Institutions May Invest Their Money
§ gec-10-648
Principal and Interest on Bonds is Not Taxable
§ gec-10-651
Baltimore Convention Financing Fund
§ gec-10-652
§ gec-10-653
§ gec-10-654
Montgomery County Conference Fund Legislation
§ gec-10-655
Ocean City Convention Financing Fund
§ gec-10-658
maryland authority act describes this article.
§ gec-10-701
Definition of "Board," "Investor," "Seed Capital Financing," "Trust," and "Venture Capitalist Fund"
§ gec-10-702
General assembly wants to promote commercialization, improving economy.
§ gec-10-703
Purposefully construed subtitles
§ gec-10-704
Anne Arundel county under the second congressional district
§ gec-10-705
§ gec-10-706
Trust Law Provisions
§ gec-10-707
§ gec-10-708
Board preferences regarding funds
§ gec-10-709
"Seed capital financing may not exceed $1,000,000 for a single business."
§ gec-10-710
State does not have liability over the trust
§ gec-10-711
§ gec-10-712
The Trust will pay to be audited annually.
§ gec-10-713
Trust Must Give Yearly Report of Finances
§ gec-10-801
Meaning of words for this subtitle
§ gec-10-802
"General Assembly finds that USA is facing increased energy costs."
§ gec-10-803
Liberally construed unless interfering with Maryland Energy Administration
§ gec-10-806
Maryland Clean Energy Center
§ gec-10-807
Requirements of the Board of Directors leading the Economic Development Corporation.
§ gec-10-808
The board is required to appoint a chair,a vice-chair and a treasurer.
§ gec-10-809
The Board shall determine the times and places of its meetings.
§ gec-10-810
State Board Advisory Committee Establishment
§ gec-10-811
"Board shall appoint an Executive Director with approval of Governor."
§ gec-10-812
power and position attorney general
§ gec-10-813
Retention of Key Workers
§ gec-10-814
Center Exceptions titles
§ gec-10-815
Agreement of the Center
§ gec-10-816
The Center Financial Reporting
§ gec-10-817
Center may designate the trust department of a State bank, national bank, or savings
§ gec-10-818
Executive Director Record Certification Rules
§ gec-10-819
State Procedures of The Center
§ gec-10-820
The Center may financially support clean energy businesses
§ gec-10-821
Actions to be Taken by the Center
§ gec-10-822
Powers Allotted to the Center
§ gec-10-823
The Center is Home to Lots of Info on Clean Energy
§ gec-10-824
Exemptions of the Center
§ gec-10-825
The State May Audit Books and Records from the Center
§ gec-10-826
The Center provides yearly summary by October 1.
§ gec-10-829
Definitions of the applicable phrases "financial assistance" and"program">
§ gec-10-830
Maryland Clean Energy Technology Incubator Program
§ gec-10-831
How Effect Energy Technology In Maryland State Government
§ gec-10-832
Award of Financial Assistance for the Program
§ gec-10-833
Financial Assistance Award Funding Information
§ gec-10-834
State Director Consultation Procedure
§ gec-10-835
Awards of financial assistance.
§ gec-10-836
Financial assistance matching
§ gec-10-837
§ gec-10-840
Duties of The Center
§ gec-10-841
"The Center may secure bonds by a trust agreement."
§ gec-10-842
People and companies allowed to invest money
§ gec-10-843
Requirements and Definition of Bonds
§ gec-10-844
Duties And Regulations For The Center
§ gec-10-845
Pledges of Revenue
§ gec-10-846
Bank Guidelines For Using Bond Proceeds.
§ gec-10-847
The Center can Refund Outstanding Bonds by Issuing Bonds
§ gec-10-848
Centers may issue bond anticipation notes if they follow same rules as bond issuance.
§ gec-10-849
The Center shall convey title to a project and release collateral
§ gec-10-850
rules related to A bondholder, a holder of any coupons attached to bonds
§ gec-10-851
The Center pays no Tax or Assessment Under Certain Circumstances
§ gec-10-854
Maryland Clean Energy Center Act
§ gec-11-201
§ gec-11-202
§ gec-11-203
Constitution of The Council Members and the terms
§ gec-11-204
§ gec-11-205
Department Provides Support Staff to Council
§ gec-11-206
Efforts of the Council for Military Installations
§ gec-11-207
Code of ethics and conducts in Maryland Criminal Law
§ gec-11-301
meaning of the law subtitles
§ gec-11-302
The regulations and duties of the general Assembly
§ gec-11-303
Self-Executing Local Redevelopment Authority
§ gec-11-304
§ gec-11-305
Economic Development Law state department of Assessment and taxation accept.
§ gec-11-306
Regulations applicable to the members of Board of Directors
§ gec-11-307
Board Members Elect Positions
§ gec-11-308
Majority of the voting Board members serving at the time is a quorum.
§ gec-11-309
Board Can Establish Committees to Oversee Finances.
§ gec-11-310
What the Board shall appoint
§ gec-11-311
Board Can Hire Professional Staff to Perform Duties.
§ gec-11-312
Corporate Purposes Carried Out by the Authority
§ gec-11-313
The authority is required to have an accounting system.
§ gec-11-314
establishment of the accounts of the authority
§ gec-11-315
Authorities Can Adopt Bylaws, Seals, and Assistance To Perform Duties.
§ gec-11-316
Acquisitions of Property and Projects
§ gec-11-317
Different methods to finance a project
§ gec-11-318
The Maryland Economic Development Corporation can Issue Project Bonds
§ gec-11-319
Authority Obligations
§ gec-11-320
Authorities Can Lend, Lease, Or Finance Projects.
§ gec-11-321
Subject to any agreement, the authority may apply its revenues to any lawful purpose.
§ gec-11-322
taxes related to property
§ gec-11-323
rules related to audit financial books, records by an independent certified public accountant
§ gec-11-324
Laws concerning the reporting duties of the Economic Development Corporation.
§ gec-11-325
Maryland Local Military Installation Redevelopment Authority Act.
§ gec-11-401
§ gec-11-402
§ gec-11-403
Term of a member of the Board appointed under subsection (b)(1) of this section is 4 years.
§ gec-11-404
Board Positions to Elect
§ gec-11-405
Five people need to vote for the board to act.
§ gec-11-406
What the Board shall appoint
§ gec-11-407
The Board's employment privileges as per the necessity
§ gec-11-408
"Corporate rules and guidelines."
§ gec-11-409
How the Corporation shall establish a system of financial accounting, controls, audits, and reports
§ gec-11-410
Authority of the commission to establish accounts it require
§ gec-11-411
powers of the corporation to adopt bylaws for the conduct of its business
§ gec-11-412
Regulations for the Bainbridge Naval Training Center
§ gec-11-413
Corporations may borrow money.
§ gec-11-414
Bond issuing from the Maryland Economic Development Corporation
§ gec-11-415
an obligation of the Corporation is not a debt, liability, or pledge of the full faith and credit of the State
§ gec-11-416
Corporations may loan and be loaned money.
§ gec-11-417
Corporation Can Charge for their Services.
§ gec-11-418
Exemption to the Corporation from payment of Taxes
§ gec-11-419
Establishment of the Bainbridge Development Advisory Board
§ gec-11-420
Audit Corporation
§ gec-11-421
The Corporation Shall Make an Annual Report to the Governor
§ gec-11-501
§ gec-11-502
The General Assembly Will Establish corporation To Develop Fort Ritchie.
§ gec-11-503
§ gec-11-504
Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Corporation
§ gec-11-505
Election of a Board Chair
§ gec-11-506
Quorum Members of the State Board
§ gec-11-507
Executive Directors Can Be Appointed to Serve the Board.
§ gec-11-508
Board May Hire Professional Staff to Perform Duties.
§ gec-11-509
Corporations and corporate powers subject to state articles.
§ gec-11-510
Corporation shall establish a system of financial accounting
§ gec-11-511
the trust department of a State or national bank
§ gec-11-512
Corporation Adoption Of Business Instruments
§ gec-11-513
powers of the cooperation to acquire, improve, develop, manage any project at Fort Ritchie
§ gec-11-514
Projects for financing control by Corporation
§ gec-11-515
Bond Issuance to Cover Costs
§ gec-11-516
Companies can lend money or lease property for projects.
§ gec-11-517
Corporations of Washington County, their Revenues and Conditions
§ gec-11-518
Corporate Tax Info
§ gec-11-519
End of fiscal year audit requirements
§ gec-11-520
Responsibilities related to the Maryland Economic Development Corporation.
§ gec-12-101
§ gec-12-102
Subtitle To Accomplish Its Purposes
§ gec-12-103
General Assembly Findings
§ gec-12-104
§ gec-12-105
Maryland can create an industrial management authority if needed.
§ gec-12-106
The board of directors consists of five members
§ gec-12-107
The Board of Directors Governance Authority
§ gec-12-108
Net earnings may only benefit county or municipal organization and may benefit no person
§ gec-12-109
Powers of Authority
§ gec-12-110
§ gec-12-111
State Municipal Corporation Law
§ gec-12-112
Competitive or negotiated bonds for sale.
§ gec-12-113
Regulations for Bonds & Interest in Maryland State
§ gec-12-114
Details about Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority
§ gec-12-115
amendment is adopted by the municipal corporation instead of the subtitle.
§ gec-12-116
§ gec-12-117
Facility financed by bonds issued and course of usage of facility by State or State Unit
§ gec-12-118
Subtitle is maryland economic development revenue bond act.
§ gec-12-201
§ gec-12-202
A political subdivision need not amend its charter to exercise the powers granted by this subtitle
§ gec-12-203
Governing body bond issuing regulations
§ gec-12-204
§ gec-12-205
A bond is in bearer form.
§ gec-12-206
Bonds Payable From Special Fund
§ gec-12-207
Use of Bond Funds
§ gec-12-208
Special funds may be created for a development district.
§ gec-12-209
How the special fund for the development district may be used
§ gec-12-210
How the governing body shall be paid
§ gec-12-211
§ gec-12-212
Eminent Domain Acquisition
§ gec-12-213
Citation of Maryland State's Tax Increment Financing Act
§ gec-12-301
§ gec-12-302
Political Subdivision Ordinance or Resolution Bond Issuance Regulations
§ gec-12-303
"An ordinance must be paced before a bond."
§ gec-12-304
Bonds Can Be Issued to Pay Debts.
§ gec-12-305
Bond Secured and made payable
§ gec-12-306
Bonds may be spent on blighted area redevelopment.
§ gec-12-307
Bond use in blighted areas
§ gec-12-308
Maryland traffic mandate laws
§ gec-12-309
Bond Laws
§ gec-12-310
Bond Security Regulations
§ gec-12-311
Political subdivisions must not obtain private property for public use
§ gec-12-312
Redevelopment Bond Act
§ gec-12-401
§ gec-12-402
Business improvement districts are created to help local economies.
§ gec-12-403
Adoption of Business Improvement Laws
§ gec-12-404
Three voting members of the board are a quorum
§ gec-12-405
§ gec-12-406
Rights of a district corporation
§ gec-12-407
§ gec-12-408
Notice of public hearing publication
§ gec-12-409
Business improvement district tax implementation
§ gec-12-410
Expansion of Districts
§ gec-12-411
§ gec-12-501
Regulations for Montgomery County to make an equity investment.
§ gec-13-1001
§ gec-13-1002
Upper Shore Regional Council
§ gec-13-1003
Who Are The Members of The Council
§ gec-13-1004
Members elect the Council
§ gec-13-1005
"A member of the Council is not entitled to compensation."
§ gec-13-1006
Council may employ an Executive Director
§ gec-13-1007
power of council to select and retain its own legal counsel
§ gec-13-1008
§ gec-13-1009
The Council May Adopt Bylaws and Rules
§ gec-13-101
§ gec-13-1010
The Council Shall Cooperate with State and Local Units
§ gec-13-102
The Department with federal government do all things necessary to carry out the Act in the State
§ gec-13-103
Governor as Member of the Commission
§ gec-13-1101
§ gec-13-1102
§ gec-13-1103
Laws concerning the composition of the economic Advisory Committee.
§ gec-13-1104
Advisement on the Maryland Lower Eastern Shore Tourism Centet
§ gec-13-201
§ gec-13-202
§ gec-13-203
§ gec-13-204
"board shall submit its budgets of estimated expenditures."
§ gec-13-205
rules related to supplementary agreement not becoming effective, if all requirements are fulfilled
§ gec-13-206
§ gec-13-301
§ gec-13-302
§ gec-13-303
County Executive of Anne Arundel County
§ gec-13-304
Electing a Council Chairman
§ gec-13-305
The Council should meet at least quarterly.
§ gec-13-306
Council Has Rights to Employ Workers.
§ gec-13-307
Adopt a charter, bylaws, rules, and guidelines to carry out its purposes
§ gec-13-308
Acceptance of financial contribution by The Council
§ gec-13-309
Conditions for detectives license renewal
§ gec-13-401
§ gec-13-402
§ gec-13-403
State Rural Development Council
§ gec-13-404
Council is Independent in Executive Branch
§ gec-13-405
Public Council Membership
§ gec-13-406
Chairman Should Be Elected By Council Every Year.
§ gec-13-407
The Council shall establish an Executive Board.
§ gec-13-408
University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service
§ gec-13-409
Executive Board Can Make Recommendations After Consensus Opinion.
§ gec-13-410
Establishing Subcommittees and Working Committees.
§ gec-13-411
rules in respect to employ an executive director by the council
§ gec-13-412
§ gec-13-413
Exemptions to the Council
§ gec-13-414
§ gec-13-415
Powers of the Council
§ gec-13-416
rules regarding the submission of annual report to the governor
§ gec-13-501
Here Board means the Maryland Rural Broadband Coordination Board.
§ gec-13-502
Presence of Maryland coordination Board notification
§ gec-13-503
Effectiveness dates secretary rights
§ gec-13-504
Details about broadband communication services in rural and underserved areas
§ gec-13-505
gec-13-505 Effective Until June 30, 2020
§ gec-13-506
Reports and Staffing Support to the Board
§ gec-13-601
§ gec-13-602
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
§ gec-13-603
A counsel will consist of the general assembly and voting members
§ gec-13-604
The Council shall elect a chair from among its members
§ gec-13-605
The Council Establishes Committees For Their Work
§ gec-13-606
Member of the Council is not entitled to compensation as a member of the Council.
§ gec-13-607
§ gec-13-608
The Attorney General is the legal advisor
§ gec-13-609
Council may employ a staff and retain professional consultants
§ gec-13-610
The Council's suit immunity.
§ gec-13-611
§ gec-13-612
rules regarding the authorization to council to operate in the region
§ gec-13-613
Preparation and reporting of regional planning studies
§ gec-13-614
"The Council shall cooperate with other units of State government."
§ gec-13-618
The Council will prepare and maintain a region development plan.
§ gec-13-619
An economic development plan aimed at increasing the quality of life within the area in question.
§ gec-13-620
§ gec-13-621
Maryland State Government holds a hearing for development plans.
§ gec-13-622
Maryland allows the Council to revise plans entirely
§ gec-13-623
The Council may not establish a policy or take an action that does not conform to the plan.
§ gec-13-624
rules regrading the review of an application for a loan or grant for a project by the council
§ gec-13-625
Rules for plan for the region after adopted by Council.
§ gec-13-701
§ gec-13-702
Western Maryland has a Tri-County Council.
§ gec-13-703
The Tri-County Council for Western Maryland has 26 members from various areas.
§ gec-13-704
The Council Has an Executive Committee With Officers.
§ gec-13-705
The Council's Ability To Establish Committees to Conduct Its Work
§ gec-13-706
"A member of the Council is not entitled to compensation as a member of the Council."
§ gec-13-707
The Council Appoints the Executive Director
§ gec-13-708
Counsel for the Council
§ gec-13-709
The Council may employ a staff and retain professional consultants.
§ gec-13-710
Courts Article 506 provide immunity suit to Council
§ gec-13-711
Allocating Funds to the State Budget
§ gec-13-712
Rights and Responsibilities of Councils in Maryland
§ gec-13-713
units and instrumentalities of the federal, State, and local governments
§ gec-13-714
The Council Shall Cooperate With the State Government
§ gec-13-718
Procedures for development plans of councils
§ gec-13-719
Objectives of the Plan
§ gec-13-720
§ gec-13-721
Department of Planning
§ gec-13-722
Council procedures for amendments and revisions to the plan.
§ gec-13-723
Plan Adoption by Council
§ gec-13-724
to a unit of the State or federal government for a loan or grant for projects.
§ gec-13-727
§ gec-13-728
western maryland regional tourism bureau
§ gec-13-729
Executive Board of the Bureau Members Definition
§ gec-13-730
Entitlements of Members of the Executive Board
§ gec-13-731
Entitlements of the Western Maryland Regional Tourism Bureau
§ gec-13-732
Budget of the Bureau contributions and memberships
§ gec-13-733
Roles And Duties of The Bureau
§ gec-13-801
§ gec-13-802
Law About Tri-County Council Of Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore
§ gec-13-803
Members of the council
§ gec-13-804
The Council shall elect a chair from among its members
§ gec-13-805
A member of the Council is not entitled to compensation as a member of the Council
§ gec-13-806
Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the Council
§ gec-13-807
The Council right to retain legal counsel
§ gec-13-808
§ gec-13-809
Conduct rules of The Council
§ gec-13-810
The Council cooperates with state and local units.
§ gec-13-901
§ gec-13-902
§ gec-13-903
The council consists of the following members.
§ gec-13-904
The Council shall elect a chair from among its members.
§ gec-13-905
Council Members Compensation Eligibility
§ gec-13-906
The Council employs an Executive Director.
§ gec-13-907
A council may use the attorney general of the state as its legal defense
§ gec-13-908
The State & certain counties may finance Counsel activities
§ gec-13-909
The council may adopt various rules for the conduct of its business.
§ gec-13-910
rules regarding the cooperation with State and local units by the council
§ gec-14-101
State Joint Economic Committee Procedures
§ gec-14-102
Annual Reports on Promotion of Enterprise in Business
§ gec-14-103
Minority Business Enterprise Directives
§ gec-14-104
Broadened Ownership Act
§ gec-15-101
Financial assistance means a grant or loan from the Fund
§ gec-15-102
Findings of the The General Assembly
§ gec-15-103
Title applies to Baltimore City only.
§ gec-15-104
The Baltimore Transit-Oriented Development Fund is non-lapsing.
§ gec-15-105
§ gec-15-106
Mayor & City Council of Baltimore City Fund Operations
§ gec-15-107
State Treasurer Investment Rule
§ gec-2-101
Department of Business and Economic Development
§ gec-2-102
§ gec-2-103
§ gec-2-104
The secretary is required to have a seal.
§ gec-2-105
Appointment of Maryland State Deputy Secretary
§ gec-2-106
State Budget Secretary Staff Employment Law
§ gec-2-107
Personnel Appointment and Removal Jurisdiction
§ gec-2-108
§ gec-2-109
The Secretary is not only responsible for its own budget but for those units under it as well.
§ gec-2-110
The secretary is responsible for planning
§ gec-2-111
§ gec-2-112
§ gec-2-113
Powers of the Maryland Economic Development Commission
§ gec-2-114
The role of the secretary in overseeing Economic development.
§ gec-2-115
§ gec-2-116
Rights of Attorney General in Department assigned by Maryland Economic Development Commission
§ gec-2-117
Secretary Duties and Rights
§ gec-2-118
The department shall use natural resources in an appropriate way in its business.
§ gec-2-119
Department Duties and Obligations
§ gec-2-120
The Department will support industry-led technology councils.
§ gec-2-121
Collecting and Assembling Data When Pertinent
§ gec-2-122
Consolidated Account May be Opened for Excess Revenue
§ gec-2-201
What Commission Means In This Subtitle.
§ gec-2-202
§ gec-2-203
Commission voting member limits
§ gec-2-204
How governors select chairs
§ gec-2-205
The Commission shall meet as often as its duties require, but not less than quarterly
§ gec-2-206
The Commission of Economic Development Charter.
§ gec-2-207
To whom the Commission shall report
§ gec-3-101
§ gec-3-102
Seven Principles to Support Manufacturing in Maryland
§ gec-3-103
§ gec-3-104
Terms and Membership in the Commission
§ gec-3-105
The Secretary Shall Designate A Chair For the Commission
§ gec-3-106
Meeting Times per Year for Commission
§ gec-3-107
General Assembly Members Cannot Vote on Sovereign Power Use
§ gec-3-108
The commission and Secretary Shall Encourage Manufacturing Enterprises
§ gec-3-109
Commission Reporting Requirements
§ gec-3-201
Advisory Board means the Maryland Life Sciences Advisory
§ gec-3-202
In the department exists a Maryland Life Sciences Advisory Board.
§ gec-3-203
Laws concerning the composition of the economic Advisory Board.
§ gec-3-204
The advisory board has authority to help develop a life sciences board.
§ gec-3-205
Governor State Advisory Board Law
§ gec-3-301
Definition Of Office Pertaining To Subtitle
§ gec-3-302
Office of International Trade Promotes International Business Opportunities
§ gec-3-303
§ gec-3-304
Office must channel trade leads and provide list of approved foreign intermediaries.
§ gec-3-305
Office of Economic Development Charter
§ gec-3-306
The State Economic Development Office Coordinates Programs with Various Other Offices.
§ gec-3-307
State Office Regional Facilitation Efforts
§ gec-3-308
§ gec-3-309
§ gec-3-401
The definitions of the words "Board", "Fund" and "Program" as they apply to the particular law.
§ gec-3-402
§ gec-3-403
Training Services The Program Provides
§ gec-3-404
Secretary or Secretary's Designee Shall Direct Program
§ gec-3-405
rules related to An employer receiving assistance under the Program
§ gec-3-406
Business assistance services provided by the program
§ gec-3-407
Secretary may award grant scholarships for job training
§ gec-3-408
There is a Partnership for Workforce Quality Advisory Board
§ gec-3-409
There are 15 Members in the Board.
§ gec-3-410
Responsibilities Of The Board Concerning Performance Of The Program.
§ gec-3-411
Workforce Quality Fund - Description and Proper Use
§ gec-3-412
§ gec-4-101
§ gec-4-102
There is a department of tourism, film and the arts within the department in question.
§ gec-4-103
Appointment of Tourism Director
§ gec-4-104
Division Director's Entitlement
§ gec-4-105
§ gec-4-106
Duties of The Division
§ gec-4-201
Meanings of the following words are indicated in his subtitle.
§ gec-4-202
Maryland State Government Guides and Promotes Travel and Tourism
§ gec-4-203
Maryland's Departments Tourism Development Board
§ gec-4-204
A member appointed by the Governor may be removed by the Governor with or without cause.
§ gec-4-205
Board Chairs and Vice Chairs Are Elected Yearly
§ gec-4-206
Directors of Offices can Serve as Executive Directors
§ gec-4-207
Standard State Travel Regulations
§ gec-4-208
Office Must Provide Staff and Facilities for the Board
§ gec-4-209
secretary's approval for exercising powers and duties by board
§ gec-4-210
State Duties of The Board
§ gec-4-211
Responsibilities of the Board of Economic Development
§ gec-4-212
submitting Marketing plan to Maryland Economic Development Commission
§ gec-4-213
Responsibilities of the Economic Development Board
§ gec-4-214
Rights and Responsibilities of the Board
§ gec-4-215
§ gec-4-216
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ gec-4-301
"Office" means Maryland Film Office.
§ gec-4-302
There is a Maryland Film Office in the Department.
§ gec-4-303
Office powers to carry out the subtitle.
§ gec-4-304
promotion of motion pictures and television programs act
§ gec-4-305
Section 4-305 Office Coordination Directive
§ gec-4-501
§ gec-4-502
the practice and enjoyment of the arts are of increasing importance.
§ gec-4-503
Maryland State Arts Council
§ gec-4-504
Section 4-504 Council Memberships
§ gec-4-505
Council selects a chair, vice chair, and secretary treasurer
§ gec-4-506
A member of the Council may not receive compensation but may receive travel reimbursement.
§ gec-4-507
Council Shall Meet Quarterly, At Minimum
§ gec-4-508
secretary's approval required to exercise council's powers
§ gec-4-509
With the approval of the Secretary, the Council shall appoint an Executive Director of the Council and the Executive Director
§ gec-4-510
Council responsibilities and authorities.
§ gec-4-511
What The Council Can Not Interfere In.
§ gec-4-512
State Budget Council Accordances
§ gec-4-601
meaning of the words under this title
§ gec-4-602
Purpose of Maryland Public Art Initiative Program
§ gec-4-603
Maryland's public art Commission
§ gec-4-604
Installation of new public facilities
§ gec-4-605
The existence of the Maryland Public Art Fund.
§ gec-4-606
Awarding of Grant Funds
§ gec-4-607
The Maryland State Arts Council Powers to Adopt
§ gec-4-608
Maryland Historical Trust Law
§ gec-4-701
Term Definitions and Descriptions
§ gec-4-702
Artistic work, tailoring services, or jewelry repair are excluded
§ gec-4-703
Application and Designation of Arts and Entertainment Districts
§ gec-4-704
Designation of Arts and Entertainment District
§ gec-4-705
Political subdivisions can apply to expand or create arts districts.
§ gec-4-706
Taxation in Arts and Entertainment Districts
§ gec-4-707
The Secretary Adopts Regulations on Designating Arts and Entertainment Districts.
§ gec-4-801
Fund and Fund regulation policy
§ gec-5-1001
Definition of Servicedisabled veteran and Small business employer
§ gec-5-1002
Section 5-1002 Military Veterans Business Legislation.
§ gec-5-1003
§ gec-5-1004
Loans to Active Military Personnel or Veterans
§ gec-5-1005
Administration of Loan Program
§ gec-5-1006
VA shall adopt regulations regarding loan criteria
§ gec-5-101
State Department & Economic Growth Law
§ gec-5-102
Economic & financial assistance programs administered by the Department.
§ gec-5-103
Transferring of Money
§ gec-5-104
The secretary is allowed to invest in a small business investment company.
§ gec-5-105
Department should decide on providing financial assistance for financial project.
§ gec-5-106
§ gec-5-107
Protection of the departments financial interests
§ gec-5-1101
Here Board means the Maryland Rural Broadband Coordination Board
§ gec-5-1102
State Rural Broadband Assistance Fund Regulations
§ gec-5-1201
§ gec-5-1202
§ gec-5-1203
§ gec-5-1204
Non Profit Development Center Fund in Department.
§ gec-5-1205
Profit Development Center Program Fund to implement the Program
§ gec-5-1301
c0-3 - Powers not defined by Constitution reserved to State
§ gec-5-1302
To designate a BRAC Revitalization and Incentive Zone
§ gec-5-1303
Criteria for Brac Designation
§ gec-5-1304
BRAC Revitalization and Incentive Zones Designation
§ gec-5-1305
State Secretary BRAC Revitalization & Expansion
§ gec-5-1306
Benefit regulations for BRAC Revitalization and Incentive Zones.
§ gec-5-1307
State BRAC Revitalization & Incentives
§ gec-5-201
§ gec-5-202
Departmental Approval of Financial Assistance
§ gec-5-203
§ gec-5-204
regulations subtitle
§ gec-5-205
Rules to apply for a loan to the Department.
§ gec-5-206
Origins of Loans and grants
§ gec-5-207
required details in the loan document
§ gec-5-208
Loan Document Provisions for Economic Development
§ gec-5-209
False statement unknowingly
§ gec-5-301
§ gec-5-302
County develops plan for Economic Development.
§ gec-5-305
Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority in present
§ gec-5-306
the individuals serving as members of the Maryland Industrial Development Financing .
§ gec-5-307
Rights and Responsibilities of Members of the Authority
§ gec-5-310
Maryland Law Regarding Economic Development Assistance Fund
§ gec-5-311
Purpose of funds
§ gec-5-312
Secretary administering the funds
§ gec-5-313
Origins of what the fund consist of
§ gec-5-314
Department's use of Money in the Fund
§ gec-5-315
The Department shall report to the Governor
§ gec-5-316
Financial assistance is approved by certain groups
§ gec-5-319
The Secretary May Approve Financial Assistance From The Fund Not Exceeding $2,500,000.
§ gec-5-320
the people eligible for financial assistance from the Fund,
§ gec-5-321
How to evaluate the potential employment.
§ gec-5-322
Fund's Financial Assistance Use Restrictions
§ gec-5-323
Financial assistance may not exceed lessor of 20%
§ gec-5-324
Department or Authority Determines Fundings
§ gec-5-325
the Departmentmay impose the terms and conditions on financial .
§ gec-5-326
The financial assistance that exceeds the law.
§ gec-5-329
A local government may apply to the Department
§ gec-5-330
State Grant Fund Qualification Law
§ gec-5-331
$2,000,000 Grant Limit Per Year
§ gec-5-332
Local Government Grant Use Allowances
§ gec-5-335
Department will develop a program of assistance
§ gec-5-336
Brownfields Revitalization Act
§ gec-5-337
loan eligibility rules for person
§ gec-5-338
Qualifications for Determination of Brownfields Site
§ gec-5-339
Planning and zoning authority section
§ gec-5-342
Money that made available for child care loans.
§ gec-5-343
Origins of child care special loans
§ gec-5-344
Requirements for a request of a child care special loan
§ gec-5-345
How to qualify for a Child Care Special Loan.
§ gec-5-346
Terms and conditions for child care special loans
§ gec-5-347
Child care special loan
§ gec-5-348
Usage of a child care special loan
§ gec-5-349
A public mortgage may be foreclosed on using same rules as a private mortgage.
§ gec-5-401
How Maryland Law Defines Words.
§ gec-5-402
Liberally Altering Subtitles
§ gec-5-403
general assembly view towards employment
§ gec-5-406
Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority
§ gec-5-407
§ gec-5-408
Expectations of members of the Authority
§ gec-5-409
The Executive Director serves as secretary of the Authority.
§ gec-5-410
Authority Members
§ gec-5-411
duties of the executive director
§ gec-5-412
The Authority may employ a staff
§ gec-5-413
Powers of the State Authority
§ gec-5-414
The Authority may adopt regulations
§ gec-5-415
Maryland Law of agreement
§ gec-5-416
Details regarding a finding by the Authority
§ gec-5-417
Financial assistance Law Of Maryland
§ gec-5-418
subject to personal liability for many people.
§ gec-5-419
The Authority Must Report To The Governor
§ gec-5-420
Dissolvation of Authority
§ gec-5-423
Industrial Development Fund
§ gec-5-424
limitations to use Fund
§ gec-5-425
The Fund is a continuing, nonlapsing fund
§ gec-5-426
Directions for investment of Treasurer
§ gec-5-427
Request and disbursal of money
§ gec-5-428
With Consenting Secretarty, Authority May Pay Treasurer
§ gec-5-429
Treasurer Reports
§ gec-5-430
Usage of the Fund
§ gec-5-431
Fund Uses Once Requirements Are Met
§ gec-5-432
Amount of bonds Law Of Maryland
§ gec-5-435
Financial assistance Law Of Maryland
§ gec-5-436
Issue And Sell Bonds Without Consent
§ gec-5-437
State Executive Authority & Financial Law
§ gec-5-438
Financial assistance
§ gec-5-439
The Authority sets premiums & fees for financial assistance
§ gec-5-440
The Authority may not charge a premium
§ gec-5-441
Deposit agreements between the Department and a lender.
§ gec-5-444
participation of the Authority in financial assistance programs
§ gec-5-445
Definition of Renewable Fuel Pertaining To This Section
§ gec-5-446
conditions to avail financial assistance under this title
§ gec-5-447
State Law Regarding Home Weatherization Procedures
§ gec-5-448
Solar Energy Project Requirements
§ gec-5-451
The following words have the meanings indicated
§ gec-5-452
Linked Deposit Program in the Department
§ gec-5-453
Purpose is to solve unemployment problem
§ gec-5-454
Placing a linked deposit
§ gec-5-455
Origins of fixed asset financing
§ gec-5-456
State Fixed Asset & Financial Funding Law
§ gec-5-457
Way to get the financial feasibility of the loan.
§ gec-5-458
How to schedule for payment of the principal of interest.
§ gec-5-459
Loan Commitment Information
§ gec-5-460
Fixed asset financing loan is not the debt of State.
§ gec-5-463
Factors of A False statement
§ gec-5-466
Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority Act
§ gec-5-501
Definitions Of Financial Situations
§ gec-5-502
Assisting Disadvantaged People in Obtaining Government Contracts
§ gec-5-505
Small Business Development Financing Authority
§ gec-5-506
The Authority is a committee of nine members
§ gec-5-507
Law Of Authority
§ gec-5-508
Instructions to the Authority
§ gec-5-509
State Executive Director Duties & Authority Laws
§ gec-5-510
Participation in financial decisions.
§ gec-5-511
Authority staff
§ gec-5-512
The Authority may maintain offices in the State.
§ gec-5-513
Service of process on authority made by service
§ gec-5-514
The Monies that Will Be Paid
§ gec-5-517
"Fund" is Small Business Development Contract Financing Fund
§ gec-5-518
Small Business
§ gec-5-519
Usage of the Fund
§ gec-5-520
The Fund should be administered by the Authority
§ gec-5-521
The fund to be invested by the Treasurer.
§ gec-5-522
Source of the Fund
§ gec-5-523
Law of General Emergency Fund
§ gec-5-524
Using fund for loans, administrative expenses
§ gec-5-525
Origins of using the Fund to guarantee a loan
§ gec-5-526
The General Assembly of Maryland may grant to the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore any and all additional power and authority necessary or properV
§ gec-5-527
Application for Financial Assistance for Economic Development
§ gec-5-528
Authority may Set terms and Conditions
§ gec-5-529
Treasurer reports to Authority
§ gec-5-530
Penalties for Knowingly Making a False Statement
§ gec-5-533
Small Business Development Fund & Legal Definition
§ gec-5-534
Small Business Development Guaranty Fund
§ gec-5-535
The Authority may use the Fund to implement the program in Maryland.
§ gec-5-536
The Authority shall administer the Fund
§ gec-5-537
Treasurer shall credit earnings of investment into Fund.
§ gec-5-538
Origins of The Fund
§ gec-5-539
Fund Use Prohibitions
§ gec-5-540
§ gec-5-541
satisfy the Authority
§ gec-5-542
Details required to avail financial assistance from the Fund
§ gec-5-543
Appropriate Terms for Guaranty
§ gec-5-544
Treasurer Reports
§ gec-5-545
imprisonment not exceeds 5 years or fine not exceeds $50,000 ,both for submitting false statement
§ gec-5-546
violating loan documents under this title
§ gec-5-549
Origins Of Business Meanings
§ gec-5-550
Investment program to help socially or economically disadvantaged.
§ gec-5-551
Maryland Law Regarding Equity Participation Investment Program
§ gec-5-552
Program Is Administered By Authority
§ gec-5-553
Authority Provides Finance to help disadvantaged Individuals.
§ gec-5-554
Equity Participation Investment Program Fund
§ gec-5-555
The Fund shall be administered by The Authority
§ gec-5-556
Authority can contribute equity to an enterprise only on receipt of acceptable business plan.
§ gec-5-557
The Authority may not hold controlling interest in any company.
§ gec-5-558
Limits of liability for equity participation financing.
§ gec-5-561
Word meanings.
§ gec-5-562
State Small Business Bond Funding Law
§ gec-5-563
Fund's Special Exemptions
§ gec-5-564
What the Fund Has
§ gec-5-565
fund usage for program
§ gec-5-566
Jurisdiction of the Authority in Administering the Program
§ gec-5-567
Authority of the Program
§ gec-5-568
Authority may use bonds to guarantee a surety.
§ gec-5-568
Authority may use bonds to guarantee a surety.
§ gec-5-569
Authority executes a bond as a surety for the Contract.
§ gec-5-569
Authority executes a bond as a surety for the Contract.
§ gec-5-570
Approving a guaranty or a bond
§ gec-5-571
The Authority may establish a surety bonding line
§ gec-5-572
Financial Assistance Qualification
§ gec-5-573
Financial Assistance Application Procedures
§ gec-5-574
Authority Sets Premiums and Fees For Bonding Assistance
§ gec-5-575
rules related to a false statement not knowingly made by a person
§ gec-5-601
"Fund" means the Enterprise Fund under 5-602
§ gec-5-602
The Enterprise Fund exists in the Department
§ gec-5-603
Method of granting/investing in enterprises by Department and return of its monies.
§ gec-5-701
The following words indicate this meanings from article
§ gec-5-702
Residential property is exempt from benefits in this subtitle.
§ gec-5-703
Political subdivisions
§ gec-5-704
"Secretary may only designate an area as an enterprise zone if the area is priority funding."
§ gec-5-705
Zone expansion law
§ gec-5-706
A political subdivision may request the Secretary
§ gec-5-707
Tax and Other Financial Incentives for Business Entities
§ gec-5-708
Enterprise and Empowerment Zones Have To Be Designated By State.
§ gec-5-709
Assessment Laws for Effectiveness of Tax Credits
§ gec-5-801
Private & Public corporation
§ gec-5-802
Establishment Of Foreign Trade Zones
§ gec-5-803
subject to the conditions of the federal Foreign Trade Zones Act.
§ gec-5-804
Foreign Trade Zone Designation
§ gec-5-901
meanings of the words related to Dredged Material
§ gec-5-902
Dredged Material Disposal Alternatives Program
§ gec-5-903
Origins of The Program
§ gec-5-904
The Department Law of Maryland
§ gec-5-905
The Program Guidelines
§ gec-5-906
Financial Assistance from Program
§ gec-5-907
Funding Derives From The Maryland Department of Transportation
§ gec-6-101
Meanings of the words relating to Company Management.
§ gec-6-201
Tax Exemption For Film Production In The State
§ gec-6-202
Film producers shall first have a eligibility certification
§ gec-6-203
The Department & Comptroller both adopt policies regulating film production
§ gec-6-301
meanings for certain words used in government
§ gec-6-302
Purpose of the Job Creation Tax Credit Authorization
§ gec-6-303
Origins of A tax credit
§ gec-6-304
Business Entity Tax Claim Credits
§ gec-6-305
The number of qualified positions falls more than 5%
§ gec-6-306
the comptroller duties
§ gec-6-307
prior to December 31st Department should report to Governor
§ gec-6-308
Adopting Regulations
§ gec-6-309
Eligibility Requirements for Business Tax Credits
§ gec-6-401
Words have the meanings indicated in this article
§ gec-6-402
State Tax Credit Qualification Law
§ gec-6-403
eligibilites to claim project tax credit
§ gec-6-404
Origins of A start-up tax credit
§ gec-6-405
Application of Subtitle based on Percentage of Minimum Wage
§ gec-6-406
Business Entities Subject to Income Tax
§ gec-6-407
Secretary adopts rules to approve Tax credit Projects.
§ gec-6-501
Definition of specific terms
§ gec-6-504
A Maryland Venture Fund Authority Exists Within The Department
§ gec-6-505
The Authority consists of seven members appointed by the Governor and one member appointed by the President
§ gec-6-506
Details about appointing a chair from among the members
§ gec-6-507
Regulations related to the member of the Authority
§ gec-6-508
Authority's Response Regarding Program Administration To Department Of Economic Development
§ gec-6-511
Rules for distribution of designated capital.
§ gec-6-512
Third Party Conducting Bidding Process
§ gec-6-513
Enterprise Fund payments are due three times a year.
§ gec-6-514
Premium tax Law of Maryland
§ gec-6-517
Establishment of third party for certification of venture firm.
§ gec-6-518
Venture firm certification
§ gec-6-519
A follow-on investment will be deemed valid if the business originally qualified
§ gec-6-520
Insurance Company Ownership or Management Prohibitions
§ gec-6-521
Financing Authority reports to the Department
§ gec-6-522
Venture Firm Qualified Distributions
§ gec-6-523
Investment Returns Procedure
§ gec-6-526
Requirements for any case under the insurance law of the State.
§ gec-6-527
Applications of the State Finance and Procurement Article
§ gec-6-528
The department has to administer and regulate this subtitle
§ gec-6-529
Origins of reporting on the implementation
§ gec-9-101
Meaning of Words in This Division