Correctional Services

This is Article gcs of the Code of State, titled “Correctional Services.” It’s comprised of the following 537 sections.

§ gcs-1-101
Defining words and terms used in correctional system.
§ gcs-1-201
Documents must be verified
§ gcs-10-101
Board of Public works
§ gcs-10-102
Maryland Correctional Facility Construction/Modification Department Approval Guidelines
§ gcs-10-103
Secretary's powers regarding contract approval.
§ gcs-10-104
State Inspections
§ gcs-10-105
Maryland Correctional Facility Contract Bids
§ gcs-10-106
State Finance and Procurement Rules
§ gcs-10-107
When Board can approve construction or renovation of a State correctional facility.
§ gcs-10-201
The term office relating to Inmate Grievance Office.
§ gcs-10-202
Maryland Intimate Grievance Office
§ gcs-10-203
How to appoint Executive Director.
§ gcs-10-204
Office may adopt regulations governing
§ gcs-10-205
§ gcs-10-206
If an individual confined in a correctional facility
§ gcs-10-207
Executive Director must conduct a a preliminary review of each complaint.
§ gcs-10-208
Administrative Hearings's Office may conduct hearings under subtitle
§ gcs-10-209
Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings Complaints with and without Merit.
§ gcs-10-210
Court to hear grievances only when administrative options are over.
§ gcs-10-301
Definitions for section 10-3.
§ gcs-10-302
Presence Of Sundry Claims Board in the Department According To Maryland State Law
§ gcs-10-303
There are three members in the board.
§ gcs-10-304
Inmates Disabled by Prison Employment Will Receive Benefits
§ gcs-10-305
Injured Inmate Rights
§ gcs-10-306
new claim and petition respect for the board member
§ gcs-10-307
The Board investigates certain claims.
§ gcs-10-308
Board Consideration of Claimant Compensation
§ gcs-10-309
A claimant may file a petition for judicial review
§ gcs-10-310
Adoption of regulations to govern claims.
§ gcs-10-401
Citizens Advisory Committee
§ gcs-10-402
State Correctional Facilities Locations with Citizens' Advisory Committees.
§ gcs-10-403
Committee Appointment Rules
§ gcs-10-404
Each Committee Will Select A Chairperson
§ gcs-10-405
a quorum of serving in a committee
§ gcs-10-406
Department follows state budget for committee staffing.
§ gcs-10-407
Rights of a State Correctional Facility Committee
§ gcs-10-501
Meaning of "Fund" in the subtitle.
§ gcs-10-502
Existence of inmate welfare fund in each State correctional facility.
§ gcs-10-503
Components and functions of specified funds in State Finance and Procurement.
§ gcs-10-504
Comptroller Usage of State Fund Budgets
§ gcs-10-601
What the term "Facility" entails in this code.
§ gcs-10-701
Internal Investigative Unit
§ gcs-10-801
Meaning of Contraband by the Commissioner of Correction.
§ gcs-10-901
Correctional Officer Definitions
§ gcs-10-902
Discipline of a Corrections Officer
§ gcs-10-903
supersede any inconsistent provisions
§ gcs-10-904
Correctional officer not required to disclose personal property
§ gcs-10-905
§ gcs-10-906
It offer circuit court country employed order show
§ gcs-10-907
The appointing authority will bring charges only for 9 days.
§ gcs-10-908
discipline against a correctional officer
§ gcs-10-909
Correctional Officer Charged With Felony May Request Stay Order.
§ gcs-10-910
The findings of fact shall consist of a concise statement on each issue in the case.
§ gcs-10-911
How An Appeal Could Be Taken To The Circuit Court As Per Maryland State Law
§ gcs-10-912
Correction Records
§ gcs-10-913
Suspension with pay of a correctional officer is not permitted.
§ gcs-11-1001
Defining "correctional officer", "hearing board", "hearing" & "internal investigational unit"
§ gcs-11-1002
Cecil County, Garrett County, and St. Marys County applied subtitle
§ gcs-11-1003
Provisions of this subtitle takes precedence over any other.
§ gcs-11-1004
A correctional officer has every right to engage in politics.
§ gcs-11-1005
Conditions for investigating a correctional officer
§ gcs-11-1006
right granted denied officer may apply to this
§ gcs-11-1007
1 year limitation filing charges after internal investigation, excludes crime.
§ gcs-11-1008
Disciplinary Hearings of a Correctional Officer
§ gcs-11-1009
The findings of fact shall consist of a concise statement on each issue in the case.
§ gcs-11-101
Restrictions on Applicability to Baltimore City
§ gcs-11-1010
Appeals Shall Be Taken to Circuit Court.
§ gcs-11-1011
Correctional Officer Charges Can Be Dismissed After Examination.
§ gcs-11-1012
Rights of Summary Punishment
§ gcs-11-1013
Correctional Officer Guidelines
§ gcs-11-1014
A person may not knowingly make a false statement, report, or complaint during an investigation or proceeding conducted under this subtitle.
§ gcs-11-102
maintain a local correctional facility
§ gcs-11-102.1
government approval needed for local correctional facility.
§ gcs-11-103
local correctional facility is managing
§ gcs-11-104
This code specifies the actions taken by county/counties regarding correctional facilities.
§ gcs-11-105
When and how the capacity of the local correctional facility be augmented.
§ gcs-11-106
State financial assistance
§ gcs-11-107
Board of Public Works approval for execution of contract by the secretary
§ gcs-11-1101
Maryland Correctional Officer and Hearing Board Definitions
§ gcs-11-1102
Subtitle Applying to Charles County
§ gcs-11-1103
The Sheriff can transfer people in their office.
§ gcs-11-1104
correctional officer has the same rights
§ gcs-11-1105
Procedure of Internal Investigations of Correctional Officers.
§ gcs-11-1106
This section does not apply to charges that relate to criminal activity or brutality
§ gcs-11-1107
Correctional officers entitled to hearings if demoted or terminated
§ gcs-11-1108
Procedures for Correctional Officers Found Guilty of Crimes
§ gcs-11-1109
Correctional officer Law of Maryland
§ gcs-11-1110
Sheriff may suspend corrections officers with pay
§ gcs-11-1111
Assistant Sheriffs resolve subtitle disputes
§ gcs-11-201
County Sheriff Guidelines
§ gcs-11-202
Court Conviction Procedures
§ gcs-11-203
Provisions Provided to Inmates
§ gcs-11-204
Managing official not responsible for inmate treatment costs.
§ gcs-11-205
Intended Meaning of Key Terms
§ gcs-11-301
§ gcs-11-302
Subtitles apply to center and regional center
§ gcs-11-303
General Assembly findings
§ gcs-11-304
The authority granted for a work release program in Government of maryland
§ gcs-11-305
Maryland standards for centers
§ gcs-11-306
Commissioner Advice
§ gcs-11-307
§ gcs-11-310
A county may accept and utilize federal funds sonly in order to finance programs/staff in excess of the minimum State standards
§ gcs-11-311
County Assumption of Centers
§ gcs-11-312
Community Advisory Board
§ gcs-11-313
How centers operated by a county appoint directors.
§ gcs-11-314
Contract Rights Concerning State Or County Bodies
§ gcs-11-315
Regulations regarding community centers.
§ gcs-11-316
Reasons for placing an inmate in a center
§ gcs-11-317
Requirements of inmates being transferred
§ gcs-11-318
Thecenter director shall establish the terms and conditions of the center.
§ gcs-11-319
Temporary Center Release Qualifications
§ gcs-11-320
Personal information for inmate
§ gcs-11-401
Definition of governing body:
§ gcs-11-402
Counties not under this law
§ gcs-11-403
Establishing Correctional Farms Under Governing Body
§ gcs-11-404
Correctional farm property Law of Maryland
§ gcs-11-405
Jurisdiction Over a Correctional Farm
§ gcs-11-406
Law for local correctional farm
§ gcs-11-407
Inmate Compensation
§ gcs-11-501
Local correctional facility component
§ gcs-11-502
Deductions Are Allowed For Jail Inmates.
§ gcs-11-503
Inmate Confinement Term Modifications
§ gcs-11-504
Inmate sent to local correctional facility is allowed a reduction of term at 5 days per month.
§ gcs-11-505
Allowable Inmate Deductions
§ gcs-11-506
inmate will get deduction
§ gcs-11-507
Inmates requiring discipline may lose compensation
§ gcs-11-508
Inmate Transfers
§ gcs-11-509
Diminution of inmates confinement by hospitalization.
§ gcs-11-601
Montgomery county excluded
§ gcs-11-602
Penalty for individual
§ gcs-11-603
Local Correctional facility usage guidelines.
§ gcs-11-604
Department Right To Collect Inmate's Earnings
§ gcs-11-605
Reducing of Inmates Term
§ gcs-11-606
Inmates who Break the Rules Can Be Further punished in Court.
§ gcs-11-607
Managing facilities policies
§ gcs-11-701
Maryland Legal Terms Defined
§ gcs-11-702
Special Rules Regarding the Sherrif Department in Allegany County
§ gcs-11-703
The meanings of the words 'Administrator', 'Participant' and 'Progaramme' and the duties of Administrator.
§ gcs-11-704
Commissioner Relations with Baltimore Detention Center
§ gcs-11-705
Origins of The Administrator in Baltimore County
§ gcs-11-706
Calvert County work release program
§ gcs-11-707
Caroline County jail guidelines
§ gcs-11-708
Programs available for violent offenders in Carroll County
§ gcs-11-709
Duties of a sheriff of Cecil County
§ gcs-11-711
Dorchester County, Maryland Warden Laws
§ gcs-11-712
section applicable only in Frederick County.
§ gcs-11-713
Home detention program For Garrett County
§ gcs-11-714
Harford County Prison Inmate Activity Assignments
§ gcs-11-715
Definition of Maryland State Departmental Terms
§ gcs-11-716
Origins of Wardens of the Kent County Detention Center
§ gcs-11-717
Definition of "Director"
§ gcs-11-718
Administrator's guideline for establishing Inmate work rules
§ gcs-11-719
Inmates of Queen Annes County Jail
§ gcs-11-720
Section Applicability to St. Mary's County Only
§ gcs-11-722
Talbot County only
§ gcs-11-723
The Sheriff Establishes Certain Programs in Washington County
§ gcs-11-724
Origins of the Director of Wicomico County Department of Corrections
§ gcs-11-725
Worcester County Commission Restitution Law
§ gcs-11-726
Violation of Restriction of Movement
§ gcs-11-801
Fees Imposed on Weekend Inmates
§ gcs-11-802
Correctional Facility officers may make arrests
§ gcs-11-803
Duties of managing official of a local correctional facility
§ gcs-11-901
Definition of Fund Pertaining to This Subtitle
§ gcs-11-902
Allowance of Establishment of Inmate Welfare Fund
§ gcs-11-903
Each correctional facility shall maintain a special fund financed by vending operations.
§ gcs-11-904
Chief Financial Officer Responsible To Pay Out Money
§ gcs-2-101
Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
§ gcs-2-102
Origins of The Secretary
§ gcs-2-103
Secretarial responsibilities.
§ gcs-2-104
Secretary of Maryland Shall have a Seal
§ gcs-2-105
Secretary Shall Appoint Two Deputy Secretaries
§ gcs-2-106
The Secretary of State may hire staff
§ gcs-2-107
Designate employees of the Department
§ gcs-2-108
Secretary's Power to Appoint or Remove Department Personnel
§ gcs-2-109
Secretary Adoption of Regulations for Office
§ gcs-2-110
Office of the Secretary Budget
§ gcs-2-111
The Secretary Duty
§ gcs-2-112
Authorization of Studies by the State Secretary
§ gcs-2-113
Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, the Secretary, or the Deputy Secretary with the approval of the Secretary
§ gcs-2-114
The Secretary may move staff or programs around following regulations to increase efficiency.
§ gcs-2-115
Maryland Law of advisory units
§ gcs-2-116
Origins of assistant Attorneys General
§ gcs-2-117
Correctional Training Commission Law of Maryland
§ gcs-2-118
Healthcare fees for inmates in a State correctional facility
§ gcs-2-201
Classification of the units of the Department.
§ gcs-2-401
Meaning of words in subtitle
§ gcs-2-402
Subtitle Shall Be Liberally Construed for Maximum Effect
§ gcs-2-403
Provisions Regarding Renewal of Mutual Aid Agreements With Other Correctional Units
§ gcs-2-404
Secretary of Juvenile Services may function upon request
§ gcs-2-405
Worker's Compensation
§ gcs-2-406
Necessary Expenditures from State or Local Appropriations
§ gcs-3-101
Meaning of commissioner and division.
§ gcs-3-201
Establishment of the Division of Correction
§ gcs-3-202
Corrections commissioner appointed by governor
§ gcs-3-203
Role and responsibility of the Commissioner
§ gcs-3-204
The commissioner may issue subpoenas when it is necessary to conduct their duties.
§ gcs-3-205
Regulations of operation and maintenance
§ gcs-3-206
Commissioner Duties to the Secretary of the State
§ gcs-3-207
Annual Report for the State Secretary
§ gcs-3-208
Appointment of Deputy Commissioner
§ gcs-3-209
Deputy Commissioner shall be acting Commissioner
§ gcs-3-210
appointment of a warden for correctional facilities
§ gcs-3-211
Warden or Administrators Direct Responsibility To Correctional Facility
§ gcs-3-212
Submission of reports to the Commissioner
§ gcs-3-213
Commissioner Appointing Warden
§ gcs-3-214
State Escaped Prisoner Law
§ gcs-3-215
Division appointment of officers and employees
§ gcs-3-216
Designation of correctional officers
§ gcs-3-217
Surety Bond Details
§ gcs-3-218
Don'ts of an officer or other employee of the Division
§ gcs-3-219
Acquisition of Property
§ gcs-3-220
Division controls the accounts of the division
§ gcs-3-221
May receive grant money to establish or maintain correctional facilities
§ gcs-3-222
Payment of Inmate Upkeep Fees
§ gcs-3-301
Commissioner May Open Prerelease Unit for Women
§ gcs-3-302
Commissioner Powers
§ gcs-3-303
The Commissioner of Correctional services shall plan for pre-release rehabilitation Services
§ gcs-3-304
Service agreement Law of Maryland
§ gcs-3-305
Inmates granted leave for possible reasons
§ gcs-3-401
Meaning of program
§ gcs-3-402
Maryland's home detention program
§ gcs-3-403
Supervision of Inmates
§ gcs-3-404
Inmate Shortened Term Eligibility
§ gcs-3-405
Inmate Program Guidelines
§ gcs-3-406
Requirements of inmates on the program
§ gcs-3-407
Inmate's Responsibility
§ gcs-3-408
Court Ordered Restitution Requirements
§ gcs-3-409
Inmates violations of program conditions.
§ gcs-3-410
Inmates in the program are not agent nor Employee
§ gcs-3-411
An inmates participation in the program does not affect the inmates eligibility for parole, diminution credits
§ gcs-3-412
Hiring of correctional employees
§ gcs-3-413
Removal of an Inmate from the Program
§ gcs-3-414
Commissioner Shall Adopt Regulations for Program Implementation
§ gcs-3-415
Procedure required for inmate search at residence.
§ gcs-3-501
Definition of Business Terms
§ gcs-3-502
Origins of the Maryland Correctional Enterprises program
§ gcs-3-503
Maryland Correctional Enterprises Division
§ gcs-3-504
The exercise of the authority of the Division of Correctional services.
§ gcs-3-505
Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
§ gcs-3-506
CEO of Maryland Correctional Enterprises Personnel Hiring and Appointing Authroity
§ gcs-3-507
Maryland Correctional Enterprises Budget
§ gcs-3-508
Correctional Facility Record Keeping
§ gcs-3-509
Maryland divisional departments financial reporting policy
§ gcs-3-510
Legislative Auditor shall conduct audits
§ gcs-3-511
Program development by commissioner or CEO
§ gcs-3-512
uniform standards for quality, quantity, style, design, delivery, scheduling, and pricing.
§ gcs-3-513
Occupational experience for inmates.
§ gcs-3-514
Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer establish compensation rate
§ gcs-3-515
Maryland Correctional Enterprises Can't Overcharge & Can Provide For State Government
§ gcs-3-516
Rules for Selling Goods and Services
§ gcs-3-517
Maryland Correctional Facilities
§ gcs-3-518
Makeup of the Management Council
§ gcs-3-519
The Management Council annually shall elect a Chairperso
§ gcs-3-520
Determination of Council Meetings
§ gcs-3-521
Responsibilities of the Management Council
§ gcs-3-522
Management Council's Annual Report to the Governor
§ gcs-3-523
rules related to cooperate with the Management Council by State and local governmental units
§ gcs-3-524
Customer Council Responsibilities
§ gcs-3-525
The Customer Council shall consist of the 11 members are the Chief Executive Officer, Business and Economic Development
§ gcs-3-526
Chief Executive Officer as Chair Person
§ gcs-3-527
Customer Council Meets Quarterly
§ gcs-3-528
Duties of Customer Council
§ gcs-3-601
case record of sentenced inmate under divisional jurisdiction
§ gcs-3-602
Disclosure of Court Case Records
§ gcs-3-603
Inmate Record Maintenance
§ gcs-3-604
Granting Inmates New Trials
§ gcs-3-605
Admissibility of Previous Conviction
§ gcs-3-606
Confidentiality of records in criminal Facilities
§ gcs-3-607
Case record copies maintained by the Division
§ gcs-3-608
Inmate Rehabilitation
§ gcs-3-609
Correctional Facility Financial Reserves
§ gcs-3-701
Meaning of Term of Confinement
§ gcs-3-702
Diminution of inmate term of confinement
§ gcs-3-703
Inmates serving concurrent sentences in non-Maryland jurisdicitons
§ gcs-3-704
Inmate Allowance of Deduction in advance
§ gcs-3-705
Regulations regarding inmate term deductions.
§ gcs-3-706
Origins of deduction of an Inmate's Time
§ gcs-3-707
An inmate may be allowed a deduction of up to 10 days from the inmates term of confinement
§ gcs-3-708
Inmate Deduction Prohibition Over 20 Days
§ gcs-3-709
Revoking Inmate Credits
§ gcs-3-710
Rules regarding what inmates may be allowed if put into a mental institution
§ gcs-3-711
Inmate conviction and crime committed under parole
§ gcs-3-801
Establishment of Work-Release Program
§ gcs-3-802
Rules for weekend release for inmates
§ gcs-3-803
Designation of Correctional Facilities for Work-Release
§ gcs-3-804
Work-Release Prisoners Wage Surrender
§ gcs-3-805
Work-release program
§ gcs-3-806
This subtitle doesn't affect
§ gcs-3-807
Details about an extended work-release program
§ gcs-3-808
Origins of Commissioners
§ gcs-3-809
Inmate special leave allowances.
§ gcs-3-810
Special Circumstances For Prisoner Leave of Absence
§ gcs-3-811
The commissioner may grant qualified inmates family leave under certain circumstances.
§ gcs-3-901
The court judge shall cause the individual
§ gcs-3-902
Section Of Definitions
§ gcs-3-903
How the Governor can give a stay of execution.
§ gcs-3-904
How can a petition be filed by an inmate.
§ gcs-3-905
Administering the Death Penalty
§ gcs-3-906
Execution Procedure
§ gcs-3-907
Individuals who partake in an execution.
§ gcs-3-908
Commissioner Law Of Maryland
§ gcs-3-909
Relatives Application For Body Of Executed Inmate
§ gcs-4-101
Eligible Persons and Evaluation team Meanings
§ gcs-4-201
Patuxent Institution
§ gcs-4-202
Maryland Institution To Provide Programs For Youthful Offenders.
§ gcs-4-203
The Director's role and duties
§ gcs-4-204
Maryland decides the eligibility of institution staff members
§ gcs-4-205
The Board of Review Membership and Term Limits.
§ gcs-4-206
In what the Member of the Board of institution is interested.
§ gcs-4-207
Appointment of a Citizens Advisory Board.Governor appointed on recommendations of Secretary.
§ gcs-4-208
Adoption of Regulations by the Secretary
§ gcs-4-209
Instructions to maintain records of inmate transfer
§ gcs-4-210
Authorization of Medical Treatment for Juvenile Inmates
§ gcs-4-211
Law of inmates Producing Goods
§ gcs-4-212
Rules to a Director regarding loan or funds or goods to be used in maintenance of the Institution
§ gcs-4-213
Inmate Mandatory Release Supervision Rules
§ gcs-4-301
Inmates may be evaluated by the institution at the request of the director or commissioner.
§ gcs-4-302
How Evaluation Team determines that an inmate is not an eligible person.
§ gcs-4-303
Regulations to The Board of Review regarding inmates joined in Institution for treatment
§ gcs-4-304
Releasing inmates on an expired sentence
§ gcs-4-305
Transferring an inmate
§ gcs-4-306
a board can review the inmate between transfers
§ gcs-4-307
Court Orders for Restitution
§ gcs-4-308
Origins of a transferred inmate
§ gcs-4-401
Meaning of "Youth Program" in This Section
§ gcs-5-101
§ gcs-5-102
Based on the findings the division is created.
§ gcs-5-201
The Division consists of a Pretrial Release Services Program
§ gcs-5-202
Duties of Commissioner of Pretrial Detention and Services
§ gcs-5-203
With the approval of the Secretary, the Commissioner shall appoint a Deputy Commissioner of Pretrial
§ gcs-5-301
§ gcs-5-302
Director for Pretrial Release Services program
§ gcs-5-401
§ gcs-5-402
Selection and approval of a warden of the Baltimore City Detention Center the Secretary, the Commissioner
§ gcs-5-403
Commissioner may appoint assistant wardens within state funds.
§ gcs-5-404
The Division shall operate a centralized booking facility for Baltimore City
§ gcs-5-405
Inmate in the Baltimore City Detention Center is sick
§ gcs-5-406
Baltimore Detention Center Warden Can Authorize Treatments to Juvenile inmate.
§ gcs-6-101
Definitions of words under the subtitle
§ gcs-6-102
Inmates and Juveniles Under Custody Are Exempt From Subtitle
§ gcs-6-103
Division of Parole and Probation in the Department
§ gcs-6-104
supervise the conduct of parolees
§ gcs-6-105
Process for Selecting Secretary
§ gcs-6-106
§ gcs-6-107
Probation employees, Sheriff or Police officers process of criminal serving of alleged violators
§ gcs-6-108
Secretary may approve director established detention program
§ gcs-6-109
Application and Issuance of Warrants by District Court Judges
§ gcs-6-110
Powers of Parole Agents
§ gcs-6-111
Responsibilities of officer during probation or suspension of a person's sentence.
§ gcs-6-112
Probation agent may share or perform investigations if the court orders it.
§ gcs-6-113
Division of Correction and the Criminal Procedure Article
§ gcs-6-114
Origins of GUIDE
§ gcs-6-115
Fees and exemption from fees for the Drinking Driver Monitor Program.
§ gcs-6-116
There is a Drinking Driver Monitor Program Fund
§ gcs-6-117
Department needs to establish a program for compliance
§ gcs-6-118
Disciplinary action against a parole employee shall consider their caseload.
§ gcs-6-201
This subtitle may be cited as the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
§ gcs-6-202
Interstate Commission Law Of Maryland
§ gcs-6-203
A Glossary of Terms Relating to Correctional Services
§ gcs-6-204
creation of Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision
§ gcs-6-205
Each state to create State Council for Adult Offender Supervision
§ gcs-6-206
The Interstate Commission shall have the following powers
§ gcs-6-207
The Interstate Commission within 12 months of the first Interstate Commission meeting, adopt bylaws
§ gcs-6-208
The Interstate Commission shall meet and take such actions as are consistent
§ gcs-6-209
§ gcs-6-210
The Interstate Commission Will Oversee Judgment of adult offenders
§ gcs-6-211
Financial responsibilities of the Interstate Commission.
§ gcs-6-212
All states are eligible to be a compact state.
§ gcs-6-213
Origins of the Compact
§ gcs-6-214
Compact Severability
§ gcs-6-215
How the laws conflicting with Compact are affected.
§ gcs-7-101
The following words have the meanings indicated
§ gcs-7-102
inmate and juvenile exclusions for subtitle gcs-7-102
§ gcs-7-201
There is a Maryland Parole Commission in the Department
§ gcs-7-202
A commission shall be made up of ten members
§ gcs-7-203
Commissioners Entitled to Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses
§ gcs-7-204
Provisions of Corrections Commission staff appointments.
§ gcs-7-205
Exclusive powers of commission for hearing parole cases.
§ gcs-7-206
The Maryland State Commission has Several Important Responsibilities
§ gcs-7-207
The Commission Will Devise Its Own Regulations
§ gcs-7-208
Commission Duties
§ gcs-7-301
The Procedure of Granting Parole for Inmates by The Commission.
§ gcs-7-302
How often Commission hears Parole release cases.
§ gcs-7-303
hearing on parole release Commission
§ gcs-7-304
Who May Attend a Parole Hearing
§ gcs-7-305
What to Consider When Deciding Parole.
§ gcs-7-306
The chairperson of the Commission shall assign hearing examiners
§ gcs-7-307
assignment of commissioners for parole release
§ gcs-7-308
Regulations for Parole Orders & Parolees in Maryland State
§ gcs-7-309
Conditions for medical parole of an inmate
§ gcs-7-401
Hearing Of Parole Violation.
§ gcs-7-401
Hearing Of Parole Violation.
§ gcs-7-402
Division of Parole and Probation Law Of Maryland
§ gcs-7-403
If a parolee convicts a crime while on parole he is sentenced to an additional term of imprisonment.
§ gcs-7-403
If a parolee convicts a crime while on parole he is sentenced to an additional term of imprisonment.
§ gcs-7-501
Regulations to the Division of Correction to grant a conditional release to an inmate
§ gcs-7-502
individual on mandatory supervision laws
§ gcs-7-503
Mandatory Supervision of Inmate Release Notification
§ gcs-7-504
The Commissioner May Revoke Diminution Credits.
§ gcs-7-505
Inmate mandatory supervision regulations
§ gcs-7-506
Does Not Prevent the Delivery of an Inmate to the State
§ gcs-7-601
Ways the Governor may give notice when the Maryland Constitution requires it.
§ gcs-7-602
Origins of pardon
§ gcs-7-603
rules regarding the revocation of conditional pardon by the governor
§ gcs-7-701
§ gcs-7-702
Assessment of Fees for Supervision of Supervisees
§ gcs-7-801
victim means an individual who suffers personal physical injury or death as a direct result of a crime
§ gcs-7-802
In Division of Correction, judge makes written request for notification.
§ gcs-7-803
Victim should be notified of a filed notification
§ gcs-7-804
§ gcs-7-805
Victim Impact Statement
§ gcs-8-101
Approved standards means the standards described in _ 8-103(b) of this subtitle
§ gcs-8-102
Standard improvement regulations.
§ gcs-8-103
Secretary's adoption of regulations
§ gcs-8-104
Regulation on Maryland State budget
§ gcs-8-105
§ gcs-8-106
There is a state commission on correctional standards
§ gcs-8-107
12 Members of the Commission
§ gcs-8-108
The Commission shall elect annually a chairperson and vice chairperson from among its members
§ gcs-8-109
Majority Of The Commission Is Called A Quorum
§ gcs-8-110
Annual reporting required by the Commission
§ gcs-8-111
Appointment of Executive Director in the State Personnel Management System
§ gcs-8-112
Duties of the commission
§ gcs-8-113
Commission Shall Perform Correctional Facility Inspections
§ gcs-8-114
Correctional facility standards violations and compliance standards investigations
§ gcs-8-115
Cessation of Operations at Correctional Facilities
§ gcs-8-116
The Commission shall establish advisory boards to assist the Commission in carrying out its power
§ gcs-8-117
Commission performs necessary Acts to carry out powers.
§ gcs-8-201
§ gcs-8-202
General Assembly Findings
§ gcs-8-203
Law to the Correctional Service through Training commission Department.
§ gcs-8-204
The Secretary of Public Safety and Correctional Services
§ gcs-8-205
Secretary of Public Safety and Correctional Services
§ gcs-8-206
Executive Director Appointed with Approval of the Secretary
§ gcs-8-207
Commission Meeting Times Will Be Determined By Members.
§ gcs-8-208
The power of the commission to license, provide, and pay for correctional training schools in Maryland.
§ gcs-8-209
Qualification Requirements For Correctional Employees
§ gcs-8-209.1
Regulations regarding revoking the certification of a correctional officer
§ gcs-8-210
No limitation on the powers or duties of municipal or county government.
§ gcs-8-401
"Agreement" means the Interstate Agreement on Detainers, which is set forth in $$ 8-402
§ gcs-8-402
The contracting states solemnly agree that:
§ gcs-8-403
§ gcs-8-404
The Sending and Receiving State
§ gcs-8-405
There is pending in any other party state
§ gcs-8-406
Prisoner and Officer Regulations
§ gcs-8-407
§ gcs-8-408
§ gcs-8-409
Each party to this agreement may appoint officers to execute the terms of the agreement.
§ gcs-8-410
Entering into Full Force
§ gcs-8-411
Agreement is liberally construed and effect as to the remaining states
§ gcs-8-412
Enforcing the Agreement
§ gcs-8-413
§ gcs-8-414
The managing official of a correctional institution in this State shall transfer an inmate as required by operation of the Agreement
§ gcs-8-415
Attorney General is Designated Officer
§ gcs-8-416
an individual confined in another party state for trial in this State.
§ gcs-8-417
diminution of the individuals term of confinement
§ gcs-8-501
Outstanding charges against inmates shall be avoided in order to avoid rehab interference.
§ gcs-8-502
In case of Untried Indictment of Current Inmates
§ gcs-8-503
correctional services code
§ gcs-8-601
Application of 'Correctional Facility' Definition
§ gcs-8-602
Offender Rehabilitation
§ gcs-8-603
The following words have the meanings indicated
§ gcs-8-604
How prison contracts may be transferred between states.
§ gcs-8-605
Adequate confinement should be provided to inmates
§ gcs-8-606
Decisions regarding inmates transfers and escape cases in Correctional Facilities.
§ gcs-8-607
Correctional institutions may accept federal funds under appropriate circumstances.
§ gcs-8-608
This Compact shall enter into force and become effective and binding upon the states so acting
§ gcs-8-609
Written notice of withdrawal.
§ gcs-8-610
Compact Shall Not Impair Arrangements for Treatment of Inmates
§ gcs-8-611
The Secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
§ gcs-8-701
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ gcs-8-702
Community service program for a County
§ gcs-8-703
Juvenile Law of Maryland
§ gcs-8-704
Community service for non-violent offenders in Maryland.
§ gcs-8-705
How Charities May Provide Community Service Projects
§ gcs-8-706
community service program
§ gcs-8-707
Counties May Monitor Community Service Programs
§ gcs-8-708
List of services for which A county should be paid for
§ gcs-8-709
Defines county reporting requirements for community service programs.
§ gcs-8-710
Agencies Requesting Assignment Of Community Service Worker
§ gcs-8-711
How to get rubbish moved off your property in Maryland.
§ gcs-8-801
An inmate may not falsely imprison an individual who is employed by a correctional facility
§ gcs-8-802
Employee may not raise or take part in the raising of perishable vegetable produce for sale.
§ gcs-8-803
Indecent Exposure of an Inmate
§ gcs-9-101
"Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Correction
§ gcs-9-102
This subtitle applies to any judge of the circuit court for a county or of the District Court
§ gcs-9-103
Maryland State Regulations for Imprisonment of Individuals
§ gcs-9-104
Exceptions to section 9
§ gcs-9-105
Sentencing To Local Correctional Facility.
§ gcs-9-106
Individual pretrial and imprisonment custody.
§ gcs-9-201
Maryland Sentencing Guidelines For Inmates Convicted Of Sexual Assault
§ gcs-9-202
Definitions: Sentencing and Confinement.
§ gcs-9-301
County Transfers Of A Defendant And His Case
§ gcs-9-302
If Given Imprisonment, Individual will be Imprisoned Locally
§ gcs-9-303
Regulations of Maryland corrections transfers.
§ gcs-9-304
Some inmates can be transferred to other facilities.
§ gcs-9-305
Rules and Regulations for the transfer of Maximum or Medium Security Inmates
§ gcs-9-306
Commissioner of Correction contracts with Federal Government.
§ gcs-9-307
The Division of Correction may accept custody of any individual who is sentenced to the jurisdiction.
§ gcs-9-308
How to exchange of offenders and take any other action .
§ gcs-9-402
County grants paid by the state for inmates
§ gcs-9-405
State to reimburse county for inmate medical expenses.
§ gcs-9-501
government's responsibilities of maintaining the roads
§ gcs-9-502
Inmates working proactively with inside boundary.
§ gcs-9-503
County Roads Authority Male Prisoner Employment
§ gcs-9-504
A county roads authority may request that the Division of Correction furnish inmates
§ gcs-9-505
State Highway Can Apply For Inmate Work On Highways.
§ gcs-9-506
Division of Correction may adopt regulations
§ gcs-9-507
Exemptions of the Subtitle
§ gcs-9-508
Commissioner of correction certifies the number of inmates.
§ gcs-9-509
Governor assignment of inmates for public road employment
§ gcs-9-510
Rules for requesting number of inmates from Governor
§ gcs-9-511
Responsibilities of the Division of Corrections while employing prisoners for roadwork
§ gcs-9-512
The State Highway Administration or a county or municipal corporation are employed agreed on with the Division of Correction
§ gcs-9-513
Inmates Working on Roads Subject to Same Rules
§ gcs-9-514
Regulations to the Division of Correction to pay the expenses of inmates
§ gcs-9-515
Section Applicability To The Following Inmates
§ gcs-9-516
Board of County Commissioners of Carroll County
§ gcs-9-517
Division of Correction Shall Supply Inmates with Work
§ gcs-9-518
In Frederick, Criminals May Be Sentenced to Work on Public Roads
§ gcs-9-519
Existence and Abilities of the Warrant Apprehension Unit.
§ gcs-9-520
Property entitlement law
§ gcs-9-601
Steps taken by the Managing official if an inmate is pregnant.
§ gcs-9-602
The Division may direct the managing official
§ gcs-9-602.1
Responsibilities Regarding Investigation Of Homicide For Inmate Deaths
§ gcs-9-603
Determining an inmate in a State for the Supervising program.
§ gcs-9-604
The state shall bury indigent inmates who die within state custody
§ gcs-9-605
Personal Property As Payment for Damages and Fees
§ gcs-9-606
Laws concerning the medical treatment of juvenile offenders.
§ gcs-9-607
Circuit Court Responsibilities
§ gcs-9-608
visit each local correctional facility in the county inquire into the condition of the correctional
§ gcs-9-609
The inmate shall be released on the first preceding day that is not o legal holiday.
§ gcs-9-609.1
All released inmates to get an identification card from the Commissioner of Correction.
§ gcs-9-610
Three months in jail is defined as ninety days.
§ gcs-9-611
Rights of individuals who have been committed or detained
§ gcs-9-612
The Department or the managing official shall provide an inmate.
§ gcs-9-613
Management of Hepatitis C for the inmates