Criminal Law

This is Article gcr of the Code of State, titled “Criminal Law.” It’s comprised of the following 823 sections.

§ gcr-1-101
§ gcr-1-201
§ gcr-1-202
§ gcr-1-203
Conspiracy Warrants
§ gcr-1-301
Unless indicated by law, persons convicted of being accessory cannot exceed 5 years imprisonment.
§ gcr-1-401
Counterfeiting Trial Guidelines
§ gcr-10-101
The meaning of "distribute" and "tobacco product" as per Maryland law
§ gcr-10-102
Advertising Protocols for Venereal Disease Medicines
§ gcr-10-103
Ordinance on drugs with exceptions to certain communities!
§ gcr-10-104
A person may not sell or offer for sale a nonlatex condom by means of a vending machine
§ gcr-10-105
Sale of a Contraceptive
§ gcr-10-106
Sale of Clove Cigarettes is Illegal
§ gcr-10-107
Distribution of tobacco (or) tobacco paraphernalia for minors
§ gcr-10-108
Possession of a tobacco product by a minor.
§ gcr-10-109
dwelling an abandoned
§ gcr-10-110
Section words and meanings.
§ gcr-10-111
Penalties for attempting to defraud a drug test
§ gcr-10-112
The Good Work in the Economic Development
§ gcr-10-113
misrepresentation or false statement
§ gcr-10-114
Maryland Alcohol Consumption of Persons Under the Age of 21.
§ gcr-10-115
False ID Possesion
§ gcr-10-116
You May Not Purchase Alcohol for Minors
§ gcr-10-117
Persons may not furnish an alcoholic beverage
§ gcr-10-118
Alcoholic beverage kegs must be registered with tag intact
§ gcr-10-119
Issuance of citations to minors and adults.
§ gcr-10-120
10-113 through 10-119 of this part is a citation
§ gcr-10-121
This section doesn't apply to certain people with specific licensee violations.
§ gcr-10-123
Words and meanings of this part.
§ gcr-10-124
Laws That Must Be Followed By a Stopped Motor Vehicle
§ gcr-10-125
occupant of a motor vehicle
§ gcr-10-126
Citation of a crime by the police officer : Punishments and penalties the court
§ gcr-10-127
Regulations for Court Process and Findings
§ gcr-10-130
Definition of Salvia divinorum and research on it.
§ gcr-10-131
Salvia Divinorum May Not Be Provided to Minors
§ gcr-10-132
People Under 21 Can't Have Salvia
§ gcr-10-133
Citations for Violations of 10132
§ gcr-10-201
Definition of "Public" and Phrases Related
§ gcr-10-202
A person who keeps a disorderly house is guilty
§ gcr-10-203
Definition of Commercial Athletic Contest
§ gcr-10-204
§ gcr-10-205
Regulations for Protesting Burials or Funerals
§ gcr-10-301
§ gcr-10-302
Restrictions of Defacing Religious Property
§ gcr-10-303
A person may not, by force or threat of force
§ gcr-10-304
Committing crime on people : rules for punishment and penalty
§ gcr-10-305
Defacing Property
§ gcr-10-306
Misdemeanor Penalties for Violating This Subtitle
§ gcr-10-307
Sentencing For a Committed Crime
§ gcr-10-308
This subtitle does not infringe on religious speech
§ gcr-10-401
Funeral Services Guidelines
§ gcr-10-402
Removal of Human Remains
§ gcr-10-403
It Is Illegal to Traffic Human Remains.
§ gcr-10-404
What a person may not willfully destroy
§ gcr-10-501
may not commit person
§ gcr-10-502
Lawfully married persons
§ gcr-10-601
Indicated meaning of words under the law
§ gcr-10-602
General Assembly
§ gcr-10-603
Exceptions to Sections 10-601 through 10-608 of this subtitle.
§ gcr-10-604
Responsibilities of Animal Ownership.
§ gcr-10-605
Laws aimed at dog-fighting spectators.
§ gcr-10-606
Cruelty to Animals Act
§ gcr-10-607
Involvement with dog fighting is illegal.
§ gcr-10-608
Definitions and Penalties of Cockfighting.
§ gcr-10-609
officer of a humane society
§ gcr-10-610
Rules for Giving Away Animals
§ gcr-10-611
Law to protect pets being killed
§ gcr-10-612
An owner of an animal will be fined if he leaves it in certain places.
§ gcr-10-613
Maryland Law Pertaining to Out of State Pets.
§ gcr-10-614
Sales Requirements for Chicks (Young Chickens)
§ gcr-10-615
§ gcr-10-616
Section Exclusions
§ gcr-10-617
Local Governments Control Animal Control Units
§ gcr-10-618
Giving poison or ground glass to a dog.
§ gcr-10-619
Definitions of Terms Concerning Dangerous Dogs.
§ gcr-10-620
willfully and maliciously
§ gcr-10-621
Restrictions on Live Animal Transportation
§ gcr-10-622
It is a Misdemeanor to Harm or Detain a Carrier Pigeon.
§ gcr-10-623
Maryland Department of Juvenile Services will consider victims statement.
§ gcr-10-701
Definition of the Term Flag
§ gcr-10-702
Applicability of the subtitle.
§ gcr-10-703
United States Flag Display Violations
§ gcr-10-704
Person may not mutilate, deface, destroy, burn a flag
§ gcr-10-705
subtitle for the purpose of uniform laws
§ gcr-10-706
Maryland Uniform flag law
§ gcr-11-101
§ gcr-11-102
selling of sexual excitement images to a minor
§ gcr-11-103
This section applies to a motion picture show or other presentation, whether animated or live
§ gcr-11-104
permitting minor is offence
§ gcr-11-104.1
§ gcr-11-105
Law regarding displays involving certain human acts or body parts.
§ gcr-11-106
Employee Term Defined
§ gcr-11-107
Indecent exposure possible imprisonment and fines.
§ gcr-11-201
§ gcr-11-202
Distribution, Publication and Possession of Obscene Material is Illegal
§ gcr-11-203
§ gcr-11-204
Applying to the certain counties in regards to the prohibition of obscene public display.
§ gcr-11-205
Creating, advertising, or soliciting obscene matter.
§ gcr-11-206
A person may not knowingly require a purchaser or consignee to receive obscene matter
§ gcr-11-207
Filming A Minor In An Obscene Act Is Punishable.
§ gcr-11-208
Nothing in this section may be construed to prohibit a parent from visual representations
§ gcr-11-208.1
§ gcr-11-209
A person cannot knowingly hire a minor
§ gcr-11-210
Educational or Scientific learning methods distributed will not receive an legal punishments.
§ gcr-11-211
Conviction of person allows court to order removal of matter/advertisement of person's conviction.
§ gcr-11-301
§ gcr-11-302
Criminal Consequences
§ gcr-11-303
Section 11-303 Prostitution Legislation.
§ gcr-11-304
rules regarding A person to not receive or acquire money or proceeds from the earnings of a person engaged in prostitution
§ gcr-11-305
Prostitution or committing a crime in the state of Maryland
§ gcr-11-306
procure or solicit or offer to procure or solicit for prostitution or assignation.
§ gcr-12-101
§ gcr-12-102
betting and gambling by a person
§ gcr-12-103
That all Government of right originates from the People, is founded in compact only, and instituted
§ gcr-12-104
persons may not keep a gaming device for gambling
§ gcr-12-105
Guidelines for operating/keeping gaming (betting, lottery) devices.
§ gcr-12-106
Bonafide Charitable Organizations Can Conduct Raffles.
§ gcr-12-107
Prohibitions for certain pari-mutuel betting
§ gcr-12-108
Organization wont allow person to play gaming device.
§ gcr-12-109
Horse Race Rigging and Punishment
§ gcr-12-110
Monetary Loss and Recovery due to Gaming Devices
§ gcr-12-111
Unlawful Gaming Devices
§ gcr-12-112
Gaming Device Violations
§ gcr-12-113
§ gcr-12-114
The fantasy competition includes any online fantasy or simulated game or contest such as fantasy sports.
§ gcr-12-201
§ gcr-12-202
Lottery Regulations
§ gcr-12-203
State Lottery and devices are illegal and punishable
§ gcr-12-204
A persons rights regarding selling or bartering a lottery device
§ gcr-12-205
Lottery Devices Are Prohibited in the State.
§ gcr-12-206
Non-governmental Lotteries
§ gcr-12-207
insure or receive consideration for insuring for or against the drawing of a lottery ticket or part of a lottery ticket.
§ gcr-12-208
rules related to interpretation of court to treat as a lottery ticket any ticket
§ gcr-12-209
Lottery Participation and Property
§ gcr-12-210
Provision Violation Penalties
§ gcr-12-211
Indictments for drawing lotteries or selling lottery devices.
§ gcr-12-212
Good Trading Regulations
§ gcr-12-301
Definition of the term slot machine
§ gcr-12-301.1
§ gcr-12-302
Slot Machine Operation
§ gcr-12-303
§ gcr-12-304
§ gcr-12-305
A person may move a slot machine in order to show the slot machine.
§ gcr-12-306
"improved or unimproved parcel is called "premises."
§ gcr-12-307
"Acts of God constitute slot machine transfer."
§ gcr-12-308
Bingo Machine Licensing
§ gcr-13-1001
§ gcr-13-1002
This subtitle only applies in Cecil County
§ gcr-13-1003
Reasons to conduct bingo by a qualified organization.
§ gcr-13-1004
awarding of prize money of gaming event by qualified organizations
§ gcr-13-1005
Management of Bingo or Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-101
Issuance of Commercial Bingo License
§ gcr-13-1101
§ gcr-13-1102
Charles County Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-1103
designate the types of gaming devices that may be operated in the county.
§ gcr-13-1104
There is a Charles County Gaming Permit Review Board
§ gcr-13-1105
restrictions to conduct bingo or game
§ gcr-13-1106
Conducting Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-1107
Gaming Permit and Regulation
§ gcr-13-1108
A gaming event may be conducted only in accordance with this subtitle.
§ gcr-13-1109
A fundraising organization may not conduct bingo at one location for more than 4 hours
§ gcr-13-1110
Fundraising Guidelines
§ gcr-13-1111
Restrictions for Proceeds of Bingo and Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-1112
What a fundraising organization & educational organization may donate
§ gcr-13-1113
rules related to A person who violates this subtitle is guilty of a misdemeanor
§ gcr-13-1114
§ gcr-13-1115
No Restrictions
§ gcr-13-1201
Definition of "gaming event."
§ gcr-13-1202
"Only applies in Dorchester County."
§ gcr-13-1203
A person must have a license for each day for conducts bingo unless conducted in a licensed gaming event.
§ gcr-13-1204
A game license can not include games on Sundays.
§ gcr-13-1205
No authorization of electronic gambling devices.
§ gcr-13-1206
Peace officers responsible for subtitle enforcement
§ gcr-13-1207
Fees For License For A Raffle Or Carnival.
§ gcr-13-1301
§ gcr-13-1302
This law is applicable only in Frederick County
§ gcr-13-1303
Criminal laws specific to Frederick County.
§ gcr-13-1304
An organization must obtain a permit for a gaming event from the county agency
§ gcr-13-1305
Rules Regarding Tip Jars
§ gcr-13-1306
Addresses requirements for bingo licenses.
§ gcr-13-1307
Individuals Who Violate Section 13-304 Is Guilty.
§ gcr-13-1401
§ gcr-13-1402
Subtitle Applies in Garrett County
§ gcr-13-1403
Conducting Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-1404
§ gcr-13-1405
Bingo Permitting Process
§ gcr-13-1406
The county commissioner : Rules on carrying out the subtitle
§ gcr-13-1501
Definition of terms pertaining to gaming.
§ gcr-13-1502
Subtitle only applies to Harford County.
§ gcr-13-1503
Organization gaming start up rules and regulations
§ gcr-13-1504
§ gcr-13-1505
Instant Bingo License
§ gcr-13-1506
§ gcr-13-1507
§ gcr-13-1508
You don't always need a license to play 50/50.
§ gcr-13-1508.1
Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, a political committee.
§ gcr-13-1509
Authorization of License Application
§ gcr-13-1510
Requirements for Conducting Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-1511
Warning against not filing reports
§ gcr-13-1512
§ gcr-13-1601
Subtitle applies only in Howard county
§ gcr-13-1602
"Bingo conducted to benefit charity."
§ gcr-13-1603
Prizing the award by a qualified organization
§ gcr-13-1604
Persons Not Conducting Gambling Business
§ gcr-13-1701
§ gcr-13-1702
Kent County Gambling Rules
§ gcr-13-1703
rules regarding use of gaming devices on the permission of the county commissioner
§ gcr-13-1704
Rules on issuing the raffle permit.
§ gcr-13-1705
charity benefits
§ gcr-13-1706
Provision Violators are Guilty of a Misdemeanor
§ gcr-13-1801
Qualified Organization Definition Umbrella
§ gcr-13-1802
This subtitle applies only in Montgomery County
§ gcr-13-1803
Bingo Licensing Law
§ gcr-13-1804
A Bingo Organization Must Be Licensed By The County
§ gcr-13-1805
Location of Qualified Bingo Organizations
§ gcr-13-1806
Legal procedure to conduct bingo by qualified organization.
§ gcr-13-1807
Bingo licensing restrictions
§ gcr-13-1808
Issue of temporary bingo license
§ gcr-13-1809
Adoption , establishment and licensing of bingo in county
§ gcr-13-1810
conduction of raffle in the county by qualified organizations
§ gcr-13-1811
Conducting a raffle in Maryland
§ gcr-13-1812
Conduction Of A Raffle By The Qualified Organization
§ gcr-13-1813
County Raffle Permit Application
§ gcr-13-1814
regulations necessary for the conduct of a raffle
§ gcr-13-1815
Violation of Subtitle
§ gcr-13-1901
§ gcr-13-1902
Subtitle Applies to Prince George's County Only
§ gcr-13-1903
Public Benefit Performance conducted by a qualified Organization
§ gcr-13-1904
rules related to A benefit performance managed and conducted only by members of the qualified organization
§ gcr-13-1905
Written Permit Required for Governing Body
§ gcr-13-1906
"Qualified organizations may award prizes."
§ gcr-13-1907
Benefit Performance in Violation of gcr-13-1907
§ gcr-13-1908
Conduction of Raffles in Maryland
§ gcr-13-1909
Raffle Conduction Rules
§ gcr-13-1910
rules related the qualified organization shall obtain a written permit from the Department of Environmental Resources
§ gcr-13-1911
Raffle Prizes Cannot Exceed $5000
§ gcr-13-1912
§ gcr-13-2001
§ gcr-13-2002
Coin, slot machines not allowed - Queen Anne's county
§ gcr-13-2003
Obtaining Permits
§ gcr-13-2004
Raffle Permit Regulations
§ gcr-13-2005
charities may run BINGO in order to raise money
§ gcr-13-2006
Violation of 13-2002, 13-2003, or 13-2004 Conditions
§ gcr-13-201
List of qualified Organisation to conduct Gaming Event
§ gcr-13-202
Applicable Subtitles by County
§ gcr-13-203
benefits of gaming events
§ gcr-13-204
How Qualified Organizations Award Prize Money
§ gcr-13-205
Organizations That Conduct Gaming Events Is Responsible For Managing Event.
§ gcr-13-2101
§ gcr-13-2102
St. Mary's County
§ gcr-13-2103
Bingo Licensing
§ gcr-13-2104
Maryland State Bingo License Eligibility Requirements
§ gcr-13-2105
Bingo License Application
§ gcr-13-2106
Bingo license fee regulations
§ gcr-13-2107
§ gcr-13-2108
A license issued under this subtitle is valid for 1 year.
§ gcr-13-2109
Gaming Professional Rules
§ gcr-13-2110
Organization License
§ gcr-13-2111
Restrictions on the use of profits from a gaming device.
§ gcr-13-2112
§ gcr-13-2113
Operation of Gaming Devices
§ gcr-13-2114
Operations of a gaming device : Usage guide and benefits
§ gcr-13-2115
Accurate Record Keeping Regarding Gaming Devices
§ gcr-13-2201
Somerset County
§ gcr-13-2202
To encourage the aim of religious and other charitable organizations.
§ gcr-13-2301
Section 13-2301 Subtitle 2 Is Valid Only In Talbot County.
§ gcr-13-2401
§ gcr-13-2402
Applicability of Subtitle: Washington County
§ gcr-13-2403
Subtitle 2 is applied for washington country.
§ gcr-13-2404
Volunteer rescue company : Profit making operations
§ gcr-13-2407
Bingo regulations
§ gcr-13-2408
Receiving a Bingo Permit
§ gcr-13-2409
Rules Not Applicable To Bingo Permit
§ gcr-13-2410
Limit of prize money in a single bingo game
§ gcr-13-2411
Defines penalties for conducting bingo in violation of part II of subtitle.
§ gcr-13-2414
§ gcr-13-2415
Washington County has a Gaming Commission.
§ gcr-13-2416
The Members of The Gaming Commission
§ gcr-13-2417
Gaming Commission Chair Person
§ gcr-13-2418
County commissioners shall assign appropriate professional staff to the gaming commission
§ gcr-13-2419
County Commissioners Duties to Adopt Regulations
§ gcr-13-2420
rules related to a person having license by the agency before operating a tip jar
§ gcr-13-2421
Tip jar license applicant law
§ gcr-13-2422
rules to the agency issuing tip jar license
§ gcr-13-2423
Tip jars must operate during business hours and under licensee's premises.
§ gcr-13-2424
"Tip jar license must submit a report."
§ gcr-13-2425
Tip Jar License Terms
§ gcr-13-2426
Nonprofit organization tip jar license regulations
§ gcr-13-2427
Licensing and Selling of Tip Jar Packets
§ gcr-13-2428
Origins of an applicant for a wholesalers license
§ gcr-13-2429
Wholesale License Applicants
§ gcr-13-2430
Section 13-2430 Tip Jar License Guidelines
§ gcr-13-2431
expiration of wholesaler's license
§ gcr-13-2432
Auditing and Tip Jars and Their Licensees
§ gcr-13-2433
Tip jar license/wholesaler__s license
§ gcr-13-2434
Rules for the agency before it takes action.
§ gcr-13-2435
§ gcr-13-2436
Making Tip Jar Offers
§ gcr-13-2437
Fines for Violation of Subtitles
§ gcr-13-2438
Liquor License Violation
§ gcr-13-2439
Gaming commission must submit report to Comptroller every year
§ gcr-13-2501
Definition of Applicable Terms
§ gcr-13-2502
The prohibition of slot machines in Wicomico County.
§ gcr-13-2503
Licenses Sheriffs Can Issue
§ gcr-13-2504
principal officer to file report
§ gcr-13-2505
"Gaming Advisory Committee"
§ gcr-13-2506
Suspension of license and its requirement under _ 13-2504 by Sheriff
§ gcr-13-2507
When to Seek Judicial Review as a Party
§ gcr-13-2508
List of officials to enforce this title
§ gcr-13-2601
Board of County Commissioners of Worcester County.
§ gcr-13-2602
Worcester County
§ gcr-13-2605
In this part, board means the Worcester County Bingo Board.
§ gcr-13-2606
Application procedure for a bona fide religious organization
§ gcr-13-2607
Worcester County Bingo Board
§ gcr-13-2608
"The board may choose reasonable regulations to administer and enforce this subtitle."
§ gcr-13-2609
control and supervision over all games of bingo
§ gcr-13-2610
license to conduct Bingo under this title
§ gcr-13-2611
Bingo Game Admission Charges and Rules
§ gcr-13-2612
Advertising for bingo is allowed
§ gcr-13-2613
Bingo Licensee Monthly Obligations
§ gcr-13-2614
Amount payable to bingo commissioners
§ gcr-13-2615
Books and reports Law of Maryland
§ gcr-13-2616
Proper Payout of Bingo Winnings
§ gcr-13-2619
Gaming Defenitions
§ gcr-13-2620
Law for gambling using slot or coin machine
§ gcr-13-2621
Organizations to Issuing a permit
§ gcr-13-2622
Adopt regulations concerning the permit application
§ gcr-13-2623
Multiple gaming device permits Law of Maryland
§ gcr-13-2624
Half The Money Earned From Gaming Deevice Permits Must Go To Charity Or Education
§ gcr-13-2625
Raffle Law of Maryland
§ gcr-13-2626
Fundraiser Law of Maryland
§ gcr-13-2627
Reporting of Fundraiser Proceeds
§ gcr-13-2628
Violation of section is subject to imprisonment.
§ gcr-13-301
Allegany County
§ gcr-13-302
Taxation on gambling.
§ gcr-13-401
State definitions of a casino event.
§ gcr-13-402
Subtitle Applies to Anne Arundel County
§ gcr-13-403
Definition of a qualified member
§ gcr-13-404
A person may not conduct a casino event in the county
§ gcr-13-405
Raffle Rules
§ gcr-13-406
Guidelines for Fundraising.
§ gcr-13-407
Instant Bingo Game Legislation
§ gcr-13-408
Illegal to operate gaming event
§ gcr-13-501
meaning of words under this title
§ gcr-13-502
Applies in Baltimore City
§ gcr-13-503
Permits for Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-504
Gaming events and awards
§ gcr-13-505
Number of raffles a permit holder can conduct in a calender year and the amount of prizes.
§ gcr-13-506
Fundraising Rules for Political Committees
§ gcr-13-507
Origins of bingo
§ gcr-13-508
conditions to conduct Bingo under this title
§ gcr-13-509
regulations adopted by Commissioner under this title
§ gcr-13-510
Penalty of Conducting a Bazaar or Raffle in Violation of Current Code
§ gcr-13-601
§ gcr-13-602
This section applicable only in Baltimore County
§ gcr-13-603
Requirements of operating a gaming event or casino event
§ gcr-13-604
Things that an organization may conduct
§ gcr-13-605
Autorithy of political committee
§ gcr-13-606
Pre work of bringing bingo in the county
§ gcr-13-607
Unauthorized Gaming Facilities or Casinos
§ gcr-13-701
"words with meanings "
§ gcr-13-702
Calvert County
§ gcr-13-703
Guidelines for Organizations Holding Gaming Events
§ gcr-13-704
About Gambling Permit Review Committee
§ gcr-13-705
The Circumstances Under Which a Gaming License is Issued
§ gcr-13-706
list of organisations not to require license
§ gcr-13-707
power of the license holder to issue a prize or award to the patron of licensed bingo
§ gcr-13-708
"Laws against license holder by the county commissioners"
§ gcr-13-709
County Regulations Governing Bingo
§ gcr-13-801
this subtitle applicable only in Caroline County
§ gcr-13-901
Definition of Applicable Terms
§ gcr-13-902
Carroll County Law
§ gcr-13-903
Permit required for gaming event
§ gcr-13-904
Regulation of Raffles
§ gcr-13-905
Prize Rules for gaming events
§ gcr-13-905.1
Senior Center Site Council Billiards Regulations
§ gcr-13-906
RULES TO CONDUCT card game, dice game, roulette, or casino night
§ gcr-13-907
Obtaining a Permit as an Organization
§ gcr-13-908
Limitations for Gaming Permit Holders
§ gcr-13-909
A person will be fined if they run a gaming event that's against this subtitle.
§ gcr-14-101
Definition of Crime of Violence Under Maryland State Law.
§ gcr-14-102
Maximum and Minimum Penalties for Crimes
§ gcr-14-103
Any claim to dispensation from punishment by benefit of clergy is abolished
§ gcr-2-101
Definition of "Vessel"
§ gcr-2-102
Law of murder, manslaughter, or unlawful homicide
§ gcr-2-103
Persecution and abortion
§ gcr-2-201
Definition of Murder in The First-Degree
§ gcr-2-202
voluntary interrogation and confession of the defendant
§ gcr-2-203
First degree murder Law of Maryland
§ gcr-2-204
Second-Degree Murder
§ gcr-2-205
Imprisonment Terms for Murders
§ gcr-2-206
Second-degree murder will bring about up to 30 years in prison.
§ gcr-2-207
committing manslaughter punishable under this title
§ gcr-2-208
Indictment for murder or manslaughter
§ gcr-2-209
Origins of a vehicle
§ gcr-2-210
Definition of "Vehicle"
§ gcr-2-301
Intent to seek or withdraw a sentence of death
§ gcr-2-302
Law of degree of Murder
§ gcr-2-303
Definition of Penal Words
§ gcr-2-304
Imprisonment for life Law of Maryland
§ gcr-2-305
Court of Appeals Sentencing Determinations and Proceedings
§ gcr-2-401
Origins of a death sentence
§ gcr-2-501
Definition of "under the influence" for alcohol
§ gcr-2-502
Determining Alcohol Concentration
§ gcr-2-503
Negligent Driving and Operating of a Motor Vehicle
§ gcr-2-504
Negligent Driving Deaths and Criminal Consequences
§ gcr-2-505
Penalties for Causing a Death While Driving Negligently or Under the Influence
§ gcr-2-506
It Is Illegal Within the State of Maryland to Kill Someone Due to Negligent Driving
§ gcr-2-507
Origins of indictment, information, or other charging document
§ gcr-2-508
Motor Vehicle Administration
§ gcr-3-101
Definition of "Licensed health care professional" and "suicide."
§ gcr-3-102
The Rules of Suicide
§ gcr-3-103
Origins of A licensed health care professional
§ gcr-3-104
An individual violating this subtitle is termed as guilty of a felony
§ gcr-3-201
Definitions of assault, injury and law enforcement officer
§ gcr-3-202
Origins of physical injury to another
§ gcr-3-203
Details of imprisonment or fine for the one who commit an assault.
§ gcr-3-204
Punishments to a person who is guilty of the misdemeanor of reckless endangerment and on conviction
§ gcr-3-205
Employee protection from inmates
§ gcr-3-206
Reckless Endangerment Laws and Specifications
§ gcr-3-207
Court may dismiss the charge of assault if...
§ gcr-3-208
Expert testimony is admissible to prove, but is not required to prove, serious physical injury
§ gcr-3-209
Person charged with crime may assert judicially recognized defense.
§ gcr-3-210
Origins of inmate convicted of assault
§ gcr-3-211
Definition of Under the influence of alcohol per se and "Vessel"
§ gcr-3-212
necessary information required under this title
§ gcr-3-213
Punishment for Attempted Poisoning of Another Individual
§ gcr-3-214
Conspire to contaminate the water of a source
§ gcr-3-215
Meaning of "Bodily Fluid"
§ gcr-3-301
Sexual activities with a mentally incapacitated person shall carry heavy penalties.
§ gcr-3-302
Definition of an undefined word about common law rape
§ gcr-3-303
Definitions of Rape and Statutory Rape.
§ gcr-3-304
Explanations and punishments for rape.
§ gcr-3-305
Sexual Act Threats and Violations
§ gcr-3-306
Criminal laws concerning sexual conduct and behavior.
§ gcr-3-307
Restriction to person about sexual contact and crime.
§ gcr-3-308
MEANING OF THE TERM person in a position of authority
§ gcr-3-309
First-Degree Rape
§ gcr-3-310
Maryland Laws Against A Person Committing Rape In The Second Degree
§ gcr-3-311
A person may not attempt to commit a sexual offense in the first degree.
§ gcr-3-312
Sexual offense Law of Maryland
§ gcr-3-313
Punishment For Conviction of Violation.
§ gcr-3-314
definition of Correctional employee and Inmate and rules for them
§ gcr-3-315
Results of a Continuing Course of Conduct
§ gcr-3-316
Transported Law of Maryland
§ gcr-3-317
Requirements of a Valid Indictment
§ gcr-3-318
Subtitle Prosecution Guidelines
§ gcr-3-319
Criminal Case Proceedings
§ gcr-3-320
"In a criminal prosecution testimony of the prosecuting witness will be examined,..."
§ gcr-3-321
"Against A person convicted of sodomy"
§ gcr-3-322
"Act against some criminal offences"
§ gcr-3-323
Vaginal Intercourse Restrictions
§ gcr-3-324
What does "solicit" imply in this section.
§ gcr-3-401
Definitions of "Deprive," "Obtain," "Property," "Robbery," and "Service"
§ gcr-3-402
Robbery and Attempted Robbery
§ gcr-3-403
A person may not commit or attempt to commit robbery
§ gcr-3-404
Information On Indictments and Warnings
§ gcr-3-405
What "motor vehicle" means in this section
§ gcr-3-501
MEANING OF home or usual place of abode
§ gcr-3-502
person not to be forced with the intent to have the person carried or concealed in or outside the State
§ gcr-3-503
Child Abduction and Punishment
§ gcr-3-601
"certain words with the meanings "
§ gcr-3-602
Meaning of Family and Sexual Abuse Terms
§ gcr-3-602.1
Definition of Family and Injury-Related Words
§ gcr-3-603
Selling to minor is Forbidden.
§ gcr-3-604
Definition of "Abuse," "Caregiver," "Family Member," and "Household"
§ gcr-3-605
Specifying the Definition of Sexual Abuse
§ gcr-3-606
Maryland Abuse Law on Vulnerable Adult
§ gcr-3-607
Definition of Reckless Behavior
§ gcr-3-701
Exception rules of employees and their representatives
§ gcr-3-702
"political subdivision"
§ gcr-3-703
State Employees Cannot Threaten Other State or Federal Employees
§ gcr-3-704
A person with the intent to Extort anything of Value cannot Accuse another of the Disreputable dealings.
§ gcr-3-705
Maryland money extortion and violation
§ gcr-3-706
Extortion Law of Maryland
§ gcr-3-707
Labor Disputes
§ gcr-3-708
Meanings of certain words in this section.
§ gcr-3-801
Definition of "course of conduct"
§ gcr-3-802
Details and regulations of Stalking
§ gcr-3-803
Harassing A Stranger In A Public Place Is Punishable.
§ gcr-3-804
Telephone Misuse
§ gcr-3-805
Meaning of "Electronic Communication"
§ gcr-3-805.1
Definitions of Internet and Online Communication Terms
§ gcr-3-806
laser pointer law
§ gcr-3-901
§ gcr-3-902
Meaning of Sexual Abuse Terms
§ gcr-3-903
Definition of a "camera".
§ gcr-3-904
The General Assembly's Declarations on the Home
§ gcr-3-905
A Person May Not Open Mail Addressed to Another Person
§ gcr-3-906
Employee of a telegraph company may not_
§ gcr-3-907
"explanations to certain words"
§ gcr-4-101
Definitions of special weapons that are prohibited by law.
§ gcr-4-102
handgun rules and regulations
§ gcr-4-103
Law Enforcement Officer Definition In This Section
§ gcr-4-104
A Definition of Legal Terms Used Throughout Maryland Law
§ gcr-4-105
It is illegal to sell or trade switchblade knives and shooting knives.
§ gcr-4-106
§ gcr-4-107
Bulletproof Body Armor Purchase Requirements
§ gcr-4-108
Regulations of Target Practicing
§ gcr-4-109
meaning of words under this section
§ gcr-4-201
§ gcr-4-202
additional regulations required on handling hand guns
§ gcr-4-203
Handgun carrying procedure and regulations
§ gcr-4-204
§ gcr-4-205
The court may not enter a sentence less than the mandatory amount.
§ gcr-4-206
Law enforcement officer rights to inquiry
§ gcr-4-208
§ gcr-4-209
Regulation for holding ammunition and transportation of items.
§ gcr-4-301
§ gcr-4-302
Firearm purchases
§ gcr-4-303
Transporting Harmful Materials
§ gcr-4-304
Rules for seizures and disposal of contraband
§ gcr-4-305
Firearms -- Detachable magazines exceeding 20 rounds prohibited; exceptions
§ gcr-4-306
Standards of punishment for using an assault pistol.
§ gcr-4-401
Definitions of Words in the Subtitle
§ gcr-4-402
§ gcr-4-403
Machine Gun Manufacturing
§ gcr-4-404
Possession of machine guns during crime results in felony charge.
§ gcr-4-405
How Maryland treats machine guns.
§ gcr-4-406
General Purpose of Uniformity of Law
§ gcr-4-407
uniform machine gun act
§ gcr-4-501
§ gcr-4-502
"Subtitle does not apply to numerous people."
§ gcr-4-503
Guidelines and punishments in regards to destructive devices.
§ gcr-5-1001
§ gcr-5-1002
The Maryland Drug and Alcohol Grants Program Fund
§ gcr-5-101
§ gcr-5-102
Dangerous Substances Can Be Used For Legitimate Medical Research.
§ gcr-5-103
The Exemptions and Non-application of The Certain Sales of Prescription Drugs.
§ gcr-5-1101
Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substances Act
§ gcr-5-201
Controlled substance enforcement
§ gcr-5-202
Classification of controlled substances
§ gcr-5-203
The power of the department of Criminal Law in Maryland.
§ gcr-5-204
Dangerous Goods Manufacturer Registration Fee Charged By The State
§ gcr-5-301
Control over the possession of dangerous substances by the concerned
§ gcr-5-302
Registration Expiration Dates are Set By the Department
§ gcr-5-303
Registering for the manufacture and distribution of controlled substances
§ gcr-5-304
Registration requirements for research with controlled dangerous substances.
§ gcr-5-305
§ gcr-5-306
dispersion of controlled dangerous substances
§ gcr-5-307
the Department may deny a registration to any applicant, suspend or revoke a registration.
§ gcr-5-308
Registration Denial Procedures
§ gcr-5-309
§ gcr-5-310
The department must notify the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration of drugs confiscated
§ gcr-5-401
§ gcr-5-402
Substance Abuse Control Schedules.
§ gcr-5-403
Controlling of dangerous substances : Substances listed under Schedule II
§ gcr-5-404
schedule III controlled dangerous substances
§ gcr-5-405
Schedule IV substances, definitions, and descriptions
§ gcr-5-406
Schedule V consists of each controlled dangerous materials
§ gcr-5-501
Control over the drug dispensing
§ gcr-5-502
No methadone dispensing by its authorized providers.
§ gcr-5-503
§ gcr-5-504
Prescription Drug Refill Requirments
§ gcr-5-505
Laws concerning distribution of Schedule V substances.
§ gcr-5-601
Use or possession of marijuana is subject to imprisonment
§ gcr-5-602
Distribution and Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances
§ gcr-5-603
A person may not be manufacturer.
§ gcr-5-604
counterfeit substance means a controlled dangerous substance."
§ gcr-5-605
Definitions of terms used in state criminal law.
§ gcr-5-606
Dangerous Substances
§ gcr-5-607
provision of 5-602 through 5-606 is guilty of a felony
§ gcr-5-608
Violation of Provisions
§ gcr-5-609
Violation of Provisions Fines
§ gcr-5-610
Order to pay restitution for actual costs for committing delinquent acts.
§ gcr-5-612
Sets limits and penalties for the manufacture of controlled substances.
§ gcr-5-613
§ gcr-5-614
List of illicit substances that cannot be brought into the State
§ gcr-5-617
Distribution of noncontrolled substance
§ gcr-5-618
Conventions on possession of controlled dangerous substance!
§ gcr-5-619
Determining if Something is Drug Paraphenelia
§ gcr-5-620
You cannot obtain or specifically control paraphernalia by any means.
§ gcr-5-621
§ gcr-5-622
§ gcr-5-623
§ gcr-5-624
§ gcr-5-627
Distribution of Controlled Substances
§ gcr-5-628
Handling of Dangerous Substances
§ gcr-5-701
sale of prescription drugs
§ gcr-5-702
The Selling of Prescription Drugs
§ gcr-5-703
Illegal to mail non requested prescription drugs
§ gcr-5-704
adoption of regulations by department to administerand enforce 5-701
§ gcr-5-705
Prescription Counterfeiting Authorized Provider Affidavit Requirements
§ gcr-5-708
substances that cause intoxication when inhaled
§ gcr-5-709
Distribution of unlawful inhaling substances
§ gcr-5-710
§ gcr-5-801
§ gcr-5-802
§ gcr-5-803
Secretary Of Police May Pay Citizens For Info On Crimes
§ gcr-5-804
§ gcr-5-805
§ gcr-5-806
Maryland state Law : Adequate remedy and titles
§ gcr-5-807
§ gcr-5-808
State Enforcement of Prosecution Law
§ gcr-5-809
A hearing relating to bail
§ gcr-5-810
meaning of words under this section
§ gcr-5-901
§ gcr-5-902
manufacturing of controlled dangerous substance drug
§ gcr-5-903
manufacturing dangerous substance,unregistered number cannot be used
§ gcr-5-904
Defines restrictions and penalties on registrants.
§ gcr-5-905
Defines additional penalties for repeat offenders.
§ gcr-5-906
§ gcr-5-907
A penalty imposed for violation of this title is in addition to, and not instead of, any other civil or administrative penalty.
§ gcr-6-101
Meanings of Words
§ gcr-6-102
a person who commits arson will be jailed or fined
§ gcr-6-103
rules related to the burning a structure by a person wilfully
§ gcr-6-104
Property damage of $1000+, willful burning of property, and conviction of malicious burning felony.
§ gcr-6-105
Misdemeanor of Burning less than $1000 of Property
§ gcr-6-106
Penalty for Burning Property with Intent to Defraud
§ gcr-6-107
Arson and Bomb Threats
§ gcr-6-108
Setting Fire to a Dumpster or Trash Receptacle
§ gcr-6-109
Placing explosive is an attempt to burn the structure.
§ gcr-6-110
§ gcr-6-111
Indictment or information to charge a crime in the circuit court
§ gcr-6-201
§ gcr-6-202
Breaking and entering is a crime.
§ gcr-6-203
Person who violates this section is guilty of the felony of burglary
§ gcr-6-204
Home Breaking and Entering Sentence
§ gcr-6-205
Consequences of Breaking and Entering into The Dwelling of Another Individual
§ gcr-6-206
A Person Cannot Have Burglar's Tools
§ gcr-6-207
Opening of a Vault, Safe or Other Secure Repository by Destructive Means
§ gcr-6-208
§ gcr-6-209
Building Owner Disputes
§ gcr-6-210
An indictment or warrant for burglary must state the specifics of the crime
§ gcr-6-301
Crime of the personal property of another : Rules and punishment on violation of the law
§ gcr-6-302
It's illegal to throw or shoot things at occupied vehicles.
§ gcr-6-303
§ gcr-6-304
§ gcr-6-305
§ gcr-6-306
Removal, Defacing, or Obliterating Manufacturer's Serial Number
§ gcr-6-307
Penalty for the possession of stolen serial number or vehicle identification plate
§ gcr-6-401
§ gcr-6-402
Rule Against Trespassing Properties
§ gcr-6-403
Entering Private Property
§ gcr-6-404
Prohibition of Operation of Motor Vehicles on Private Properties
§ gcr-6-405
§ gcr-6-406
Cultivated land means land that has been cleared of its natural vegetation and is currently planted with a crop or orchard.
§ gcr-6-407
People cannot remain in the stable area of racetrack.
§ gcr-6-408
Invasion of Property
§ gcr-6-409
State Public Grounds After Hours Law
§ gcr-6-410
A person may not commit wanton trespass on the property of Government House.
§ gcr-6-501
§ gcr-6-502
§ gcr-6-503
§ gcr-6-504
Person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and is subject to imprisonment
§ gcr-6-505
§ gcr-6-506
Limit of sale and transfer of railroad tickets
§ gcr-7-101
§ gcr-7-102
Criminal Conduct Defined
§ gcr-7-103
Meaning of Value
§ gcr-7-104
Unauthorized Control Of Real Estate Properties Is Punishable.
§ gcr-7-105
§ gcr-7-105.1
How an affidavit may be introduced
§ gcr-7-106
§ gcr-7-107
Prosecution of Persons Using Bad Checks
§ gcr-7-108
Theft statement declarations
§ gcr-7-109
Rule for a charge of theft
§ gcr-7-110
§ gcr-7-113
secrete money or a thing of value that the fiduciary holds in a fiduciary capacity with a fraudulent intent to use the money.
§ gcr-7-114
§ gcr-7-115
Violation Of A Contract or Pledge Will Yield Harsh Punishments
§ gcr-7-116
Money Entrusting for Elevator Storage
§ gcr-7-201
Applicability of Section: Wheeled Carts
§ gcr-7-202
any property that is the subject matter of the bailment without the consent of the owner of that property.
§ gcr-7-203
vehicles and live stock may not be removed from ones property without permission of the owner
§ gcr-7-204
Prohibited Uses; Duplication of Keys,State Owned Real Estate;Penalties
§ gcr-7-205
Prosecution and Violation of Those Renting Vehicle
§ gcr-7-301
Possession of Code Grabbing and Merchandise Shielding Devices
§ gcr-7-302
meanings of the words specified under this section
§ gcr-7-303
§ gcr-7-304
§ gcr-7-306
Excludes Certain Radio and Television Broadcasters
§ gcr-7-307
Parties in Private Litigation Have Full Rights
§ gcr-7-308
§ gcr-7-309
Misdemeanor and Prison Time Sentence
§ gcr-7-310
Illegally Made Recordings and Associated Equipment May Be Seized
§ gcr-7-313
§ gcr-7-314
Exceptions to the Law
§ gcr-7-315
Illegal Use and Distribution of Telecommunication Devices and Codes
§ gcr-7-316
Establishes penalties for gcr-7-316 violations.
§ gcr-7-317
The violation of _ 7-315 have been committed.
§ gcr-7-318
How the injured's rights are protected..
§ gcr-8-101
§ gcr-8-102
Check dishonoured for insufficient funds
§ gcr-8-103
Do Not accept bad checks
§ gcr-8-104
rules related to cover the check in case of insufficient funds
§ gcr-8-105
Grounds for Prosecution of Bounced Checks
§ gcr-8-106
Punishment for issuing or passing a check.
§ gcr-8-107
Consequences For Property Not Properly Restored
§ gcr-8-108
You Cannot Knowingly Pay Court Costs With Bad Checks
§ gcr-8-201
§ gcr-8-202
Determination of Penalty for Violation of 8-203-8-209
§ gcr-8-203
No False Statements for Issuance of a Credit Card
§ gcr-8-204
violation against stealing or possession of others credit card
§ gcr-8-205
§ gcr-8-206
misusing credit cards
§ gcr-8-207
Furnishing of Funds and Goods
§ gcr-8-208
§ gcr-8-209
Voting issuance laws
§ gcr-8-210
§ gcr-8-211
State Criminal Defense Law
§ gcr-8-213
§ gcr-8-214
Disclosure of Credit Card Numbers
§ gcr-8-214.1
Credit Card Numbers Can Be Used In Court As Proof Of Criminal Misuse
§ gcr-8-216
Penalties for a person who violates this part.
§ gcr-8-217
Maryland on the rights of the Attorney General
§ gcr-8-301
Definition of Maryland Law Terms
§ gcr-8-302
Issuing identification card.
§ gcr-8-303
meaning of government identification document
§ gcr-8-304
Identity theft victims may report the crime to county law enforcement.
§ gcr-8-305
§ gcr-8-401
Fraudulent intent by your partner.
§ gcr-8-402
Manipulating stocks is illegal
§ gcr-8-403
Debtors and Personal Property; Rules and Regulations.
§ gcr-8-404
The following words have indicated meanings here
§ gcr-8-405
Rules About Operating Vessels on Water
§ gcr-8-406
Person accepting a delivery receipt must fullfill conditions.
§ gcr-8-407
Written contract or lease requirements
§ gcr-8-408
Rules for Buying a Car in Maryland.
§ gcr-8-501
Definition of Fraud for this Subtitle
§ gcr-8-502
Laws Non-Applicable to Certain Entities
§ gcr-8-503
Penalties Associated with Wrongful use of Government Support
§ gcr-8-504
Proper Documentation of Applications by departments involoved regarding basic needs of applicants.
§ gcr-8-505
Rules regarding a food defrauder in a Federal Government Program.
§ gcr-8-508
Definitions Relating to False Health Care Representation
§ gcr-8-509
People may not Defraud the State Health Plan
§ gcr-8-510
rules regarding an applicant who has applied for or received a benefit or payment under a State health plan
§ gcr-8-511
You cannot pay for anything with State health plan funds.
§ gcr-8-512
Conditions of Rebates of Fees and Charges
§ gcr-8-513
Person cannot make false representation to State Health Plan.
§ gcr-8-514
product price manipulation
§ gcr-8-515
Medical assistance card possession must be authorized by original recipient.
§ gcr-8-516
Penalties in the event of death of an individual
§ gcr-8-517
Health care provider violations.
§ gcr-8-520
public safety officer means: 1. a police officer; 2. a paid or volunteer fire fighter;
§ gcr-8-521
Regulations for Procuring Public Defense
§ gcr-8-522
It denotes legal privacy for indivual
§ gcr-8-523
Housing agency
§ gcr-8-601
Counterfeiting and Possession of Counterfeit Items
§ gcr-8-602
Procedures for Handling Fraud
§ gcr-8-603
Possession of a counterfeit title to a motor vehicle.
§ gcr-8-604
Penalties for those with intent to defraud.
§ gcr-8-604.1
Counterfeit United States Currency
§ gcr-8-605
Counterfeiting A Document Or Public Security Is Punishable.
§ gcr-8-606
Maryland Access of Public Records and Willful Fraud by Unauthorized Persons
§ gcr-8-606.1
counterfeit the signature the state
§ gcr-8-607
Non Governmental Organization helping people .
§ gcr-8-608
Improper use of the Comptroller stamp.
§ gcr-8-609
Laws Regarding Fraud
§ gcr-8-610
What a "Prescription" entails and rules surrounding it.
§ gcr-8-611
Contradictory usage of Counterfeit mark or other intellectual property
§ gcr-8-612
Regulations of Tokens and Currency
§ gcr-8-613
Unlawful misuse of vending machine by the defraud owner, lessee, licensee
§ gcr-8-701
Consequences For Willful Corruption and Embezzlement
§ gcr-8-702
Restrictions on Receiving a Will for Safe Keeping
§ gcr-8-801
Legal Terms Defined
§ gcr-8-901
Furnishing Proof of Purebread Documentation
§ gcr-8-902
Drug-Related Terms and Meanings
§ gcr-8-903
Guidelines for ticket issuance
§ gcr-8-904
Jockey Club Horse Racing Restrictions
§ gcr-8-905
Presenting fake winning lottery tickets for payoff is a misdemeanor
§ gcr-9-101
Falsifying Facts to Officials
§ gcr-9-102
A Person May Not Procure Another to Commit Perjury
§ gcr-9-103
Actions that Constitute Perjury
§ gcr-9-201
Definitions of Legal Terms Used in Maryland State Law
§ gcr-9-202
A person cannot bribe a juror before verdict nor juror accept it.
§ gcr-9-203
Regulations for Paying of Voters
§ gcr-9-204
Restriction for Bribing in Athletic Contests
§ gcr-9-205
Maryland's Stance and Punishments on Bribes
§ gcr-9-301
Meanings of the following words are indicated in the subtitle.
§ gcr-9-302
It damages destory victom witness
§ gcr-9-303
A person may not intentionally harm another
§ gcr-9-304
Witness evidence of good cause policy
§ gcr-9-305
Restriction on Jury Tampering
§ gcr-9-306
Penalties For Obstructing or Impeding The Administration in Court
§ gcr-9-401
Definitions and Explanations of Legal Terms Used in Maryland State Law
§ gcr-9-402
Harboring a Fugitive
§ gcr-9-403
Maryland laws involving harboring fugitives
§ gcr-9-404
Penalties For Escaping Confinement.
§ gcr-9-405
Law applied for the illegal escape from custody to be penalised.
§ gcr-9-406
Defining voluntary intoxication as no defense.
§ gcr-9-407
the person confinment
§ gcr-9-408
Definition of Police Officer.
§ gcr-9-410
Maryland Code Definitions
§ gcr-9-411
Caveat for Prescribed Drugs
§ gcr-9-412
Delivering Contraband To An Individual Is Punishable.
§ gcr-9-413
Law considers contraband in confinement a felony subject to not more than 10 years in prison and a fine of no more than $5000.
§ gcr-9-414
You May Not Give Weapons to Inmates
§ gcr-9-415
a person that is in jail may not have alcohol and no one can bring it into the jail.
§ gcr-9-416
Delivery and Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances to Confined Individuals
§ gcr-9-417
Telecommunication Devices May Not Be Delivered to Detained People
§ gcr-9-418
This act for crime
§ gcr-9-501
The Person may not do against this Policy
§ gcr-9-502
Individuals Who Are Arrested By Law Enforcement
§ gcr-9-503
statement or report
§ gcr-9-504
It Is Illegal to Lie About A Bomb Location
§ gcr-9-505
A person may not manufacture, possess, transport
§ gcr-9-506
Persons may not knowingly falsify a material fact
§ gcr-9-507
Criminal Defamation is Repealed.
§ gcr-9-508
Financing Statement False Information Amendment
§ gcr-9-601
"Emergency services"
§ gcr-9-602
Rules as per Maryland law regarding the monitoring or recording of a phone conversation
§ gcr-9-603
Unauthorized Use of Dialing Devices
§ gcr-9-604
Penalty on raising false fire alarm
§ gcr-9-607
Definition of Various Alarm-Related Terms and Concepts
§ gcr-9-608
Regulations for Activating Emergency Signals
§ gcr-9-609
Alarm System Use and Penalties
§ gcr-9-610
Definition of Defective Alarm
§ gcr-9-611
§ gcr-9-701
three words and their definitions. ID card, id badge, and basically self defense moves.
§ gcr-9-702
A person may not destroy, impair, damage, or interfere or tamper with real or personal property
§ gcr-9-703
omit to note on inspection
§ gcr-9-704
Regulations for Issued Identification Cards
§ gcr-9-705
Any identification badge or card that is found must be turned over to police immediately.
§ gcr-9-706
identification badge
§ gcr-9-706.1
Contractual Security Officer
§ gcr-9-707
The Rights of Employees and Those Who Represent Them
§ gcr-9-708
§ gcr-9-801
Relevant Terminology For This Subtitle
§ gcr-9-802
Person may not threaten an individual, friend, family member
§ gcr-9-803
A person may not threaten an individual
§ gcr-9-804
A Person is Not Permitted to Participate in Gang Activities
§ gcr-9-805
Punishment for an individual guilty of felony.
§ gcr-9-806
juvenile jurisdictions may not be construed inconsistently