Criminal Procedure

This is Article gcp of the Code of State, titled “Criminal Procedure.” It’s comprised of the following 534 sections.

§ gcp-1-101
Meaning Of Charging Document And Terms Related To It As Per Maryland Law
§ gcp-1-201
Recording Or Broadcasting Criminal Matters Is Punishable.
§ gcp-1-202
powers of the court to appoint a qualified interpreter to help a defendant in a criminal proceeding
§ gcp-1-203
Issuance of Search Warrants
§ gcp-1-205
Court May Issue Process Against Charged Person
§ gcp-1-206
if a defendant in a criminal case, the process server must leave a copy of the papers
§ gcp-1-207
The Governor can cancel or clear any debt.
§ gcp-1-208
§ gcp-1-209
Meaning of 'Department' in this Section
§ gcp-1-210
How the act of seeking medical assistance may be used
§ gcp-10-101
Definitions of Terms in this Subtitle
§ gcp-10-102
Expungement of Court Records
§ gcp-10-103
The Person can empugement
§ gcp-10-103.1
arrests & confinements on & after October
§ gcp-10-104
Maryland Expunged Case Guidelines
§ gcp-10-105
Criminals May File Petitions For Expungement
§ gcp-10-106
Petition for expungement of a criminal
§ gcp-10-107
Multiple Charges during a Minor Traffic Incident
§ gcp-10-108
Procedure for reviewing/disclosing anything from an expunged court record.
§ gcp-10-109
Disclosure of expunged criminal records may not be required in certain situations
§ gcp-10-201
Definitions of key words used in this section.
§ gcp-10-202
central repository for criminal history record
§ gcp-10-203
criminal justice
§ gcp-10-204
A person may not possess criminal history record information.
§ gcp-10-207
Criminal Justice Advisory Board
§ gcp-10-208
Members of the Advisory Board
§ gcp-10-209
A majority of the members of the Advisory Board
§ gcp-10-210
What shall Advisory Board Do
§ gcp-10-213
Criminal Justice Information
§ gcp-10-214
Reporting Requirements for Criminal History
§ gcp-10-215
reportable events
§ gcp-10-216
law enforcement unit
§ gcp-10-217
Laws of Court of Appeals
§ gcp-10-218
§ gcp-10-219
Dissemination of information
§ gcp-10-220
A criminal justice unit may not use criminal history records other than as described in 3-8A-27
§ gcp-10-221
Secretary shall adopt the following regulations.
§ gcp-10-222
A person with the right to inspect criminal history
§ gcp-10-223
People may request audits of criminal records.
§ gcp-10-224
If criminal history record information is valid the Central Repository shall correct its records
§ gcp-10-225
criminal history record information
§ gcp-10-226
Criminal History Record
§ gcp-10-227
Submitting an Administrative Appeal
§ gcp-10-228
How to qualify for employment, violation leads to fine.
§ gcp-10-229
RAP Sheet Access for Sex Offenders
§ gcp-10-231
§ gcp-10-231.1
§ gcp-10-231.2
Central Repository Criminal History Check Procedures
§ gcp-10-232
the Comptroller of carroll country.
§ gcp-10-232.1
Central Repository Definition
§ gcp-10-233
Criminal History Searches for Potential Employees
§ gcp-10-233.1
Definition of Message, Pawn, and Taxicab Businesses
§ gcp-10-234
Taxi Cab License Classification
§ gcp-10-234.1
St. George's County may request background checks for any and all employees.
§ gcp-10-234.2
It centrol Repository in cirminal jutics information system
§ gcp-10-235
Definition and Purpose of Central Repository.
§ gcp-10-236.1
Access to Criminal Justice Information System in Maryland
§ gcp-10-236.2
Frederick taxi applicant criminal history records checks.
§ gcp-10-236.3
Criminal Justice Repository
§ gcp-10-237
It Shows the National Crime Prevention and Policy
§ gcp-10-238
Electronic information sharing exchanges criminal records.
§ gcp-10-239
Defining words pertaining to federal law enforcement and case files
§ gcp-10-240
legal framework for the establishment of a cooperative federal-state system
§ gcp-10-241
The Relationship Between the FBI and Maryland
§ gcp-10-242
To the extent authorized by Section 552A of Title 5.
§ gcp-10-243
Request for Criminal History Records
§ gcp-10-244
Compact Council Authority
§ gcp-10-245
Compact take effect for two or more states.
§ gcp-10-246
Gives FBI Control Over Criminal Records
§ gcp-10-247
Terms by which a state may back out of sharing criminal history.
§ gcp-10-248
Terms of Severability for the Compact
§ gcp-10-249
FBI exercise immediate action to preserve integrity of III System
§ gcp-10-250
§ gcp-11-1001
Crime means conduct that is a crime
§ gcp-11-1002
Criminal Justice Unit Guidelines for Victims of Crime
§ gcp-11-1003
juvenile services says about victim of delinquent act
§ gcp-11-1004
No state official owes victims anything
§ gcp-11-1005
Victims not responsible for health cost to perpetrator.
§ gcp-11-101
Child respondent
§ gcp-11-102
§ gcp-11-103
Representation and Rights of Violent Crime Victims in Maryland.
§ gcp-11-104
§ gcp-11-107
Specific Definitions Of Words Are As Follows
§ gcp-11-108
Right to file Plea by a convicted person to the court
§ gcp-11-109
Maryland Health General Article prohibits victims exposure to HIV through the "Body fluids" by the charged person.
§ gcp-11-110
Prohibited Exposure Charging Regulations
§ gcp-11-111
Rights of the victim regarding court hearings
§ gcp-11-112
State Attorney requires HIV/AIDS testing after exposure
§ gcp-11-113
Prohibited Exposure Prosecution and Testing Requirements
§ gcp-11-114
the victim convition person.
§ gcp-11-115
The results of a test held under Part II of this subtitle are not admissible as evidence of guilt
§ gcp-11-116
Health and Mental Hygiene Department of Maryland
§ gcp-11-117
Healthcare Procedures
§ gcp-11-201
Assault victim rights.
§ gcp-11-202
Definition of Victims
§ gcp-11-203
Safety of Alleged Juvenile Victim
§ gcp-11-204
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shall notify victims of a violent crime.
§ gcp-11-205
Privacy Rights for Victims of or Witnesses to Felonies
§ gcp-11-301
the State during a criminal trial
§ gcp-11-302
Types of Court Trials
§ gcp-11-303
Case Of Abuse Of A Cild Section
§ gcp-11-304
Permitted statements in juvenile court proceedings
§ gcp-11-401
Definition of "Victim's Representative"
§ gcp-11-402
Presentence Investigations by the Division of Parole and Probation
§ gcp-11-403
Definition of "Sentencing or Disposition Hearing"
§ gcp-11-404
The Rights Of A Victim's Representative To Address The Jury On Death Penalty As Per Maryland Law
§ gcp-11-501
Definition Of Victim And Victim's Representative As Given In Maryland State Law
§ gcp-11-502
Subtitle applicability to a defendant.
§ gcp-11-503
subsequent proceeding
§ gcp-11-504
Review for Patuxent Institution grants
§ gcp-11-505
Victim and victim representative how to apply for Correctional Services Article.
§ gcp-11-506
Maryland Victim Rights & Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
§ gcp-11-507
victim notify by the Department of Juvenile Services
§ gcp-11-508
Communicating About Custody of Children
§ gcp-11-601
Words & Their Meanings
§ gcp-11-602
delinquent act
§ gcp-11-603
Conditions Related To Judgement Of Restitution As Per Maryland State Law
§ gcp-11-604
A Child can pay restitution if the child is responsible
§ gcp-11-605
the people is respect judgment.
§ gcp-11-606
Law applicable for a Victim to claim the compensation for loss
§ gcp-11-607
Paying for your crime
§ gcp-11-608
A justmental of the persons governmental units
§ gcp-11-609
Recording the Judgement of a Maryland Circuit Court.
§ gcp-11-610
Judgement of Restitution
§ gcp-11-611
A court may not assess costs or fees on a person to whom restitution is owed
§ gcp-11-612
Termination of Judgement of Restitution
§ gcp-11-613
Part I of subtitle except as provided
§ gcp-11-614
State Attorney Responsibilities
§ gcp-11-615
Written Statements or Bills Are Legally Sufficient Evidence of the Reasonableness of Charges.
§ gcp-11-616
Rules for restitution and Juvenile Services.
§ gcp-11-617
Judgements of Restitution
§ gcp-11-618
Certification of arrearage
§ gcp-11-619
restitution made by a court
§ gcp-11-621
Definitions of Common Terms Used in Maryland Court Trials
§ gcp-11-622
Notoriety of Crimes Contracts
§ gcp-11-623
Notoriety of crimes contract : Procedures for decision making and notifications by Attorney General
§ gcp-11-624
Deposits from Court Cases
§ gcp-11-625
Attorney General shall pay the defendant from the escrow account
§ gcp-11-626
Maryland Wrongful Death Cases
§ gcp-11-627
Actions Taken By The Defendant
§ gcp-11-628
priorities for money in the escrow account
§ gcp-11-629
Attorney General has exclusive jurisdiction an escrow agent
§ gcp-11-630
A person aggrieved by a final determination and order of the Attorney General.
§ gcp-11-631
Requirements for a Notoriety of Crimes Contract
§ gcp-11-632
The Attorney General may bring a proceeding in a court.
§ gcp-11-633
A person may not conceal the existence of a notoriety of crimes.
§ gcp-11-701
Legal meanings of some words mentioned below.
§ gcp-11-702
A Person Is Convicted When Found Guilty
§ gcp-11-702.1
Section 11-702.1 Can Be Retroactively Applied to Individuals Under Custody.
§ gcp-11-703
Sexually Violent Offense Subsections
§ gcp-11-704
Sex Offenders Must Register With Supervising Authority.
§ gcp-11-704.1
Juvenile Registrant
§ gcp-11-704.2
Sex Offender Requirements
§ gcp-11-705
Meaning of the word "resident" and registration procedures.
§ gcp-11-706
Maryland Sex Offender Registration Law & Guidelines
§ gcp-11-707
The Registration of Sex Offenders.
§ gcp-11-708
Resident Registration
§ gcp-11-709
Registration and Notice of Sex Offenders
§ gcp-11-710
Requirements on who to inform of a change of address for felons and sex offenders.
§ gcp-11-712
Procedures To Follow If A Prisoner Escapes
§ gcp-11-713
The Department of gcp-11-713
§ gcp-11-714
Section 11-714 Registration Statement Guidelines
§ gcp-11-715
Requesting a Registration Statement.
§ gcp-11-716
Registration statement copies and requests.
§ gcp-11-717
Publication of Registration Statements and what they entail by the department.
§ gcp-11-718
§ gcp-11-719
Immunity of public employees
§ gcp-11-720
Regulations for Carrying Out Subtitle
§ gcp-11-721
Failing to register for probation is a crime.
§ gcp-11-722
Guidelines for non-applicability for real property registrants.
§ gcp-11-723
Except where a term of natural life without the possibility of parole is imposed.
§ gcp-11-724
Lifetime Supervision of Sexual Offenders
§ gcp-11-725
How the lifetime sexual offender supervision should be done.
§ gcp-11-726
Adoption of lifetime sexual offender supervision regulations.
§ gcp-11-727
The power of court over actions and rights of defendant.
§ gcp-11-801
How to get compensation for criminal injuries.
§ gcp-11-802
It physicially injuired approach person need financial assistance
§ gcp-11-803
The Maryland State Secretary Selects Who Handles Secretary Duties
§ gcp-11-804
Guidelines for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.
§ gcp-11-805
Powers of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
§ gcp-11-806
Public Availability of Board Records.
§ gcp-11-807
Defining "law enforcement unit" & noting that such units must inform victims of compensation
§ gcp-11-808
eligible persons for award
§ gcp-11-809
Time Limit for Filing Claims
§ gcp-11-810
The board will make an award if it finds a crime.
§ gcp-11-811
An award must be made in accordance with the schedule of benefits.
§ gcp-11-812
the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund for involve people
§ gcp-11-813
Emergency Award Rules and Claims
§ gcp-11-814
Time Period Board Has to Request Additional Information
§ gcp-11-815
Claims that fall under this article, are subject to Provisions of the Administrative Procedure.
§ gcp-11-816
Board to specify the manner in which award is to paid/completed.
§ gcp-11-817
Claimants Receiving An Award Can't Get Restitiution
§ gcp-11-818
False claims illegal, penalties for
§ gcp-11-819
There is a criminal injuries compensation fund.
§ gcp-11-901
Meaning of the words "fund" and "program" in Part I.
§ gcp-11-902
A program to protect witnesses and victims.
§ gcp-11-903
§ gcp-11-904
Usage Of Money Money appropriated To The Program
§ gcp-11-905
Victim and Witness Relocation Program
§ gcp-11-906
The Fund special saving comptroller.
§ gcp-11-907
Auditing of Program and Fund
§ gcp-11-910
Definitions of Crime and Crime Fund Terms
§ gcp-11-911
Victim services board handled by Crime control office
§ gcp-11-912
Who Shall Sit On The Board In A Criminal Proceeding
§ gcp-11-913
A Quorum is the Majority of the Members Serving on the Board
§ gcp-11-914
Executive Director must report information about victims needs to the governor.
§ gcp-11-915
Executive Director shall appoint a Victim Services Coordinator
§ gcp-11-916
Uses of State Victims of Crime Fund.
§ gcp-11-917
Special fund investment, funding sources, and control
§ gcp-11-918
Crime victim assistance fund
§ gcp-11-919
§ gcp-11-922
meaning of "Sexual assault"
§ gcp-11-923
Awareness programs by The General Assembly regarding Sexual assault victims
§ gcp-11-924
§ gcp-11-925
Health Care Services for Sexual abuse Victims
§ gcp-12-101
§ gcp-12-102
All items that an enforcement agency can take from an individual.
§ gcp-12-103
Property forfeiture under state criminal law.
§ gcp-12-201
Schedule One Substances shall be seized
§ gcp-12-202
Rules to seize the property
§ gcp-12-203
custody of the seized property
§ gcp-12-204
§ gcp-12-205
Motor Vehicle Violations in Maryland
§ gcp-12-206
The authority of the chief law enforcement officer concerning car forfeitures.
§ gcp-12-207
rules related to the forfeiting authority to surrender motor vehicle
§ gcp-12-208
Siezure of Property
§ gcp-12-209
How to Seize Real Estate Property?
§ gcp-12-210
Removal of Owner or Tenants During the Foreclosure Process.
§ gcp-12-211
Exclusions to this Section
§ gcp-12-301
Forfeiture Proceedings Are Filed for Property Seizure
§ gcp-12-302
conditions to be fulfilled in respect to apply for the forfeiture of money
§ gcp-12-303
Forfeiting Authorities Can File Proceedings In Circuit Court.
§ gcp-12-304
Maryland Time Limits on Forfeiture Complaints
§ gcp-12-305
A forfeiture complaint must contain the following
§ gcp-12-306
Regarding Liens and Property Forfeiture
§ gcp-12-307
contents of the answer described under this section
§ gcp-12-308
§ gcp-12-309
Owner's Interest In Real Property Foreiture
§ gcp-12-310
Forfeiture Proceedings for Real Property
§ gcp-12-311
§ gcp-12-312
Forfeiting of Property
§ gcp-12-401
§ gcp-12-402
rules related to property should not be forfeited After a full hearing, if required by the court
§ gcp-12-403
Uses for Forfeited Property
§ gcp-12-404
Sale of property : Purpose and benefit
§ gcp-12-501
Guidelines for Selling Property
§ gcp-12-502
Lienholder Rights
§ gcp-12-503
Part of Proceeds from sale of seized goods divination
§ gcp-12-504
Seizure of Property
§ gcp-12-505
Rights to Lienholders
§ gcp-13-101
§ gcp-13-102
§ gcp-13-103
§ gcp-13-104
Financial Authority Owns or Deposits Seized Money
§ gcp-13-105
Forfeiture of money or contraband must be approved by the court
§ gcp-13-106
How to Return Seized Funds?
§ gcp-13-107
§ gcp-13-108
Complaint Law of Maryland
§ gcp-13-109
Property Seizure Law
§ gcp-13-201
Why a handgun, or handgun related items, can be seized
§ gcp-13-202
Enforcement officer seizure of property rights
§ gcp-13-203
Siezure of Hand Guns
§ gcp-13-204
What the seizing authority shall hold
§ gcp-13-205
§ gcp-13-206
forfeited property
§ gcp-13-301
Travelling in Vehicles With Explosives
§ gcp-13-401
§ gcp-13-402
Property Violation of Mortgage Fraud Subject to Forfeiture
§ gcp-13-403
Forfeiture of an interest in property in regards to Mortgage Fraud law.
§ gcp-13-404
Property violating the Mortgage Fraud Law can be seized.
§ gcp-13-405
Property Forfeiture Shall Be Conducted In Accordance With Section 12-308.
§ gcp-13-406
Forfeiture on Real Property and Mortgage Fraud
§ gcp-13-407
Disposition of Property
§ gcp-13-408
Anyone holding any collateral has certain rights, and duties that can be found in Title 12 subtitle 5.
§ gcp-14-101
Meaning of Commission
§ gcp-14-102
State prosecutor guidelines and definition
§ gcp-14-103
members of State Prosecutor Selection and Disabilities Commission
§ gcp-14-104
State prosecutor selection conducted by the Prosecutor Selection Commission.
§ gcp-14-105
If necessary the Commission can recommend to the Governor if the state prosecutor be removed from office.
§ gcp-14-106
Powers and Duties of State Prosecutor
§ gcp-14-107
Investigation By State Prosecutor
§ gcp-14-108
Report of Findings to State Prosecutor Requirements
§ gcp-14-109
§ gcp-14-110
§ gcp-14-111
§ gcp-14-112
State and law enforcement units
§ gcp-14-113
State Prosecutor's Responsibilities
§ gcp-14-114
The necesity of an annual report from the state prosecutor.
§ gcp-15-101
§ gcp-15-102
Scope of State Attorney's Office
§ gcp-15-104
State attorney surety bond requirements
§ gcp-15-105
Duties of The State Attorney
§ gcp-15-108
Criminal Investigations
§ gcp-15-109
On necessity a State Attorney can be replaced.
§ gcp-15-201
States Attorneys Coordination Council.
§ gcp-15-202
The council consists of the attorney general's of the state of Maryland
§ gcp-15-203
A chair and vice chair must be nominated for two year terms
§ gcp-15-204
Rules regarding council meetings.
§ gcp-15-205
Regulations for witnesd programs
§ gcp-15-301
Employment & Role of the State's Attorneys' Coordinator
§ gcp-15-302
establishment and implementation of legal education and training programs by States Attorneys
§ gcp-15-401
States Attorney salary and gift acceptance regulations.
§ gcp-15-402
State attorney duties in Allegany County
§ gcp-15-403
Information applicable,in Anne Arundel County only,to State's Attorney.
§ gcp-15-404
Baltimore State Attorney Salary Law
§ gcp-15-405
Calvert County Section
§ gcp-15-406
Caroline County Attorney Specifications
§ gcp-15-407
state's attorney salary in carroll county
§ gcp-15-408
State Attorney in Cecil County
§ gcp-15-409
Charles County State Attorney Specifications
§ gcp-15-410
This section applies only in Dorchester County
§ gcp-15-411
Frederick County State Attorney Rules and Regulations
§ gcp-15-412
Maryland State Attorney Regulations in Garrett County
§ gcp-15-413
State Attorneys salary and privileges in Harford County.
§ gcp-15-414
Salary Regulations for State Attorney and Staff
§ gcp-15-415
The State Attorney's salary in Kent County
§ gcp-15-416
state's attorney in montgomery county
§ gcp-15-417
State Attorney in Prince George County
§ gcp-15-418
Maryland Code Legislative Department
§ gcp-15-419
The States Attorneys salary is 90% of the salary of a judge of the District Court
§ gcp-15-420
Somerset County State Attorney Specifications
§ gcp-15-421
For Talbot County a attorney salary is 80% of a judges
§ gcp-15-422
state's attorney salary in washington co.
§ gcp-15-423
Maryland on the state attorney's salary
§ gcp-15-424
Worcester County Attorney
§ gcp-16-101
§ gcp-16-102
Section 16-102 Courts Representation Legislation.
§ gcp-16-201
§ gcp-16-202
The existence of an office of the public defender in the executive branch.
§ gcp-16-203
§ gcp-16-204
Public Defender Can Represent An Indigent Individual.
§ gcp-16-205
Representation of an indigent individual by Office or panel attorney.
§ gcp-16-206
A Defender for Federal Representation is Possible Regardless of Pending Action in Criminal Court
§ gcp-16-207
§ gcp-16-208
Each public defender shall maintain a list of private attorneys to act for indigent clients.
§ gcp-16-209
Attorney/Client privilege with State Provided Attorneys.
§ gcp-16-210
Applying for Services of the Office
§ gcp-16-211
§ gcp-16-212
§ gcp-16-213
Subtitle 16-213 does not prohibit appointment of a attorney
§ gcp-16-301
§ gcp-16-302
Coordinate the activities of the regional advisory boards.
§ gcp-16-303
§ gcp-16-304
regional advisory board must advise public defenders
§ gcp-16-401
To who the Public Defender shall submit a report
§ gcp-16-402
State budget of Maryland
§ gcp-16-403
§ gcp-2-101
§ gcp-2-102
Department of state police employee
§ gcp-2-103
§ gcp-2-104
What is a federal law officer and what is his jurisdiction
§ gcp-2-104.1
Criminal Procedure; National Park Police Authority.
§ gcp-2-105
Governing Body Law Determination
§ gcp-2-106
"A peace officer may keep custody of arrested person."
§ gcp-2-107
Law Enforcement Officer Charges
§ gcp-2-108
A law enforcement officer who charges a minor with a criminal offense has reasonable attempt for parent or guardian in the minor.
§ gcp-2-201
Citation for Traffic and Criminal Vioations
§ gcp-2-202
Rules for police officers to arrest without warrant.
§ gcp-2-203
Police officers may arrest someone without warrant with probable cause.
§ gcp-2-204
Arrest Without Warrant Stipulations
§ gcp-2-204.1
Powers of Police Officers to Make Arrests
§ gcp-2-205
the police officer has reason to believe that the alleged stalking victim or another person is in danger of imminent bodily harm or death.
§ gcp-2-206
During public emergency where safety is imperiled, law enforcement is granted more authority.
§ gcp-2-207
Powers of correctional, parole, and probation employees.
§ gcp-2-208
§ gcp-2-208.1
§ gcp-2-208.2
§ gcp-2-208.3
Requirements and Duties of Prince Georges County Fire and Explosive Investigator
§ gcp-2-208.4
§ gcp-2-208.5
the Public Safety and the City of Hagerstown Fire Department .
§ gcp-2-210
Origins of trespassing on posted property
§ gcp-2-301
"Law enforcement engages in fresh pursuit."
§ gcp-2-304
§ gcp-2-305
Authority to arrest and hold the person in custody
§ gcp-2-306
Out of Jurisdiction Arrests
§ gcp-2-307
Certified Copies Sent to Other States
§ gcp-2-308
§ gcp-2-309
Maryland Uniform Act Part II
§ gcp-2-401
In this subtitle, custodial interrogation retains its judicially determined meaning.
§ gcp-2-402
§ gcp-2-403
rules related to An audio or audiovisual recording exempt from the Maryland Wiretapping
§ gcp-2-404
Executive office hierarchy in criminal law procedures.
§ gcp-3-101
§ gcp-3-102
§ gcp-3-103
Selection of qualified interpreter to help defendants
§ gcp-3-104
§ gcp-3-105
Right to an Examination for Competency Prior to Trial
§ gcp-3-106
mental retardation or a mental disorder of defendant
§ gcp-3-107
Rules for Dismissing Charges Against Incompetent Defenders
§ gcp-3-108
Additional Reporting Duties of the Board of Health
§ gcp-3-109
A defendant is not responsible if he is deemed to be mentally unfit at the time of the offense.
§ gcp-3-110
Duties of Defendant Making Not Criminally Responsible Plea
§ gcp-3-111
Criminally Responsible Plea
§ gcp-3-112
Court Should Release Individuals Who Are Not Criminally Responsible.
§ gcp-3-113
within 10 days of commitment to a hospital a form must be filed on the patient
§ gcp-3-114
Committed person is eligible for discharge only if that person would not be a danger
§ gcp-3-115
Procedures for release hearings with the Health Department.
§ gcp-3-116
Within 10 days of a hearing a report must be made on the events and outcome
§ gcp-3-117
Timeline Regulations Concerning Court Hearings
§ gcp-3-118
The court decides eligibility for release fifteen days after a hearing.
§ gcp-3-119
Applying For Release After Initial Release Hearing
§ gcp-3-120
Health Department
§ gcp-3-121
conditional release
§ gcp-3-122
Application for change in conditional release of a committed person
§ gcp-3-123
Provisions for Eliciting Information From Mentally Incompetent Defendants
§ gcp-4-101
Rules and Definitions of Who May Issue Citations.
§ gcp-4-101.1
Details of law enforcement officers
§ gcp-4-102
Charging Defendants
§ gcp-4-103
Rights of felony defendants to a preliminary hearing.
§ gcp-4-104
Document Changes Making Misdemeanor a Felony.
§ gcp-4-105
Use of Charging Documents
§ gcp-4-106
Constitution of a charging document.
§ gcp-4-107
Charging document for the violation of an ordinance
§ gcp-4-108
Rules and Regulations For Instruments in Maryland State
§ gcp-4-109
Petitions to have a warrant, summons, or other criminal process invalidated.
§ gcp-4-201
Prosecution of crime in the district.
§ gcp-4-202
"Victim and "Victim's Representative have the same Meaning as Stated in Section 11-104 of this article.
§ gcp-4-202.1
Child is a defendant under 18 years and treatment in custody after bail review.
§ gcp-4-202.2
rules regarding exercise of criminal jurisdiction in a case involving a child
§ gcp-4-203
§ gcp-4-204
§ gcp-4-205
The child and Parent jurisdiction.
§ gcp-5-101
Maryland Criminal Sanctions Rules for Defendant Awaiting Trial.
§ gcp-5-102
Release on Bail of Crimes with Life Imprisonment
§ gcp-5-201
pretrial release of defendant and victims safety
§ gcp-5-202
When pretrial releases can be ordered by District Court commissioner.
§ gcp-5-203
Reliance of The Rules enacted by circuit court on Paragraph (2).
§ gcp-5-204
Bail Regulations In A Circuit Court
§ gcp-5-205
District Court judge
§ gcp-5-206
§ gcp-5-207
A Defendant Sentenced After Trial, Results in Termination of the Bond and Allows a Notice of Appeal.
§ gcp-5-208
The meaning of return in this section is place in the custody of a police officer.
§ gcp-5-209
property bondsman
§ gcp-5-210
meaning of certain words
§ gcp-5-211
Consequences of Failing to Surrender After Paying Bail.
§ gcp-5-212
Failure to Appear in Court for Citations
§ gcp-5-213
Violates of pretrial release conditions.
§ gcp-5-213.1
Persons Charged May Not Contact a Minor Victim
§ gcp-5-214
defendant has appeared in person
§ gcp-5-215
Defendant Pretrial Release Guidelines.
§ gcp-6-101
Criminal cases have no right to a jury trial
§ gcp-6-102
Criminal case
§ gcp-6-103
Date Restrictions for Criminal Trial
§ gcp-6-104
Rules for defendants moving for a judgement for acquittal
§ gcp-6-105
Except as provided in subsection a court in which a motion for a new trial in a criminal case
§ gcp-6-106
Rights of a Crime Victim
§ gcp-6-201
Criminal Sentencing Policy is a commission of sate..
§ gcp-6-202
Criminal sentencing to be fair and at judge's discretion
§ gcp-6-203
State Commission on Criminal Sentencing
§ gcp-6-204
Members And Terms of Service of the Commission
§ gcp-6-205
Commission Meetings
§ gcp-6-206
Additional Powers of the Commision
§ gcp-6-207
Cooperation with the Commission
§ gcp-6-208
Commission will adopt and correct sentencing guidelines by law.
§ gcp-6-209
Criminal Sentencing Guidelines and Compliance Are Reviewed Yearly
§ gcp-6-210
Commission Responsibilities Concerning Sentencing Guidelines
§ gcp-6-211
How sentencing guidelines should be adopted.
§ gcp-6-212
Works performed by the Commission.
§ gcp-6-213
Maryland shall use simulations to help plan for prison population needs
§ gcp-6-214
worksheet includes an entry location
§ gcp-6-216
§ gcp-6-217
A person sentenced for violent crime will be eligible for parole.
§ gcp-6-218
Credit For Time Served.
§ gcp-6-219
§ gcp-6-220
Custodial Confinement Definition
§ gcp-6-221
The court can suspend the execution on a judgment.
§ gcp-6-222
Sentences a Circuit or District Court Can Impose.
§ gcp-6-223
When and how can a A circuit court or the District Court end probation time.
§ gcp-6-224
defendants convicted of a crime
§ gcp-6-225
Confined to Your Home
§ gcp-6-226
supervisee means a person that the court places under the supervision
§ gcp-6-228
An Approver May Not Be Admitted In A Case
§ gcp-6-229
Drug & Alcohol Treatments
§ gcp-6-230
Application of Subsection Except in Subsection D
§ gcp-6-231
rehabilitation of drugs abuse
§ gcp-6-232
Expungement option, court required to inform defendant if all charges dismissed
§ gcp-6-232
Expungement option, court required to inform defendant if all charges dismissed
§ gcp-6-233
§ gcp-7-101
regarding convicted persons under sentence of death or imprisonment; or on parole or probation
§ gcp-7-102
Court Sentencing Guidelines
§ gcp-7-103
You can petition a death sentence only once.
§ gcp-7-104
Reopening of a Postconviction Proceeding
§ gcp-7-105
victim or victim's representative
§ gcp-7-106
allegation of error
§ gcp-7-107
Secondary rules for appeals and challenging convictions.
§ gcp-7-108
Right to Council in an Appeal
§ gcp-7-109
Applying for a leave to appeal the order
§ gcp-7-201
Subject to subsection (b) of this section, in a case in which a sentence of death has been imposed
§ gcp-7-202
The United States Supreme Court as regards criminal procedure.
§ gcp-7-203
a sentence of death has been imposed may waive the right to a petition
§ gcp-7-204
Time for Hearing Date on Death Sentence Petition.
§ gcp-7-301
Details on the Uniform Post conviction Procedure Act!
§ gcp-8-101
8.101 Subtitle Definitions
§ gcp-8-102
When a single sentence review is tenable ,for sentences exceeding two years,by a Circuit Court.
§ gcp-8-103
Rules regarding a person's rights to file an application for sentence review.
§ gcp-8-104
The execution of a sentencing is not delayed by the request for sentence review
§ gcp-8-105
Maryland atestation laws
§ gcp-8-106
A review panel may alter a sentence only after notice to all concerned.
§ gcp-8-107
Rules Regarding The Decisions of a Review Panel.
§ gcp-8-108
The review of a sentence of death is governed
§ gcp-8-109
Rules will be adopted by the Court of Appeals to carry out this subtitle.
§ gcp-8-201
Definition of Scientific Identification Evidence and Related Terms
§ gcp-8-201
Definition of Scientific Identification Evidence and Related Terms
§ gcp-8-301
A person convicted of a crime may file a writ of innocence.
§ gcp-8-302
11-306 of the Criminal Law for prostitution
§ gcp-8-401
Failure to Submit Criminal Case Appeal & Writ of Error in Maryland.
§ gcp-9-101
Definitions of "State"
§ gcp-9-102
Governor Responsible for Capturing Escaped Criminals
§ gcp-9-103
jurisdiction criminal act
§ gcp-9-104
Rules for Demands Made on Governor
§ gcp-9-105
Extradition of persons charged with a crime.
§ gcp-9-106
The Governor of Maryland State Has the Right to Release Any Detained Person
§ gcp-9-107
Governor shall sign a warrant of arrest and will direct it to any law enforcement officer
§ gcp-9-108
How and when law enforcement officer can arrest accused.
§ gcp-9-109
Law enforcement officer empowered to make the arrest
§ gcp-9-110
A arrested person may not be delivered over
§ gcp-9-111
An officer should not release for extradition if governor's warrant bans it.
§ gcp-9-112
An officer may confine a person under arrest when necessary.
§ gcp-9-113
How to treat fleeing criminal of another state.
§ gcp-9-114
Requirements of a Lawful Arrest
§ gcp-9-115
The judge or court can commit a person to local correctional facility not more than 30 days.
§ gcp-9-116
Admittance of a person arrested to bail by bond.
§ gcp-9-117
Discharging Following an Arrest Outside of the Warrant
§ gcp-9-118
Failing to follow bond rules leads to arrest.
§ gcp-9-119
Institution of criminal prosecution guidelines.
§ gcp-9-120
§ gcp-9-121
Issuing Of Warrant Of Arrest By The Governor
§ gcp-9-122
A person charged with crimes must have warrant by Governor.
§ gcp-9-123
Manner of returning a person charged in Maryland for a crime done in Maryland.
§ gcp-9-124
State Crime Related Arrests
§ gcp-9-125
§ gcp-9-126
The person may be tried in this State for other crimes that the person may be charged with
§ gcp-9-127
the uniform is good
§ gcp-9-128
The Uniform Criminal Extradition Act.