Commercial Law

This is Article gcl of the Code of State, titled “Commercial Law.” It’s comprised of the following 1611 sections.

§ gcl-1-101
General Provisions of the Maryland Uniform Commercial Code.
§ gcl-1-102
This title applies to Maryland Uniform Commercial Code
§ gcl-1-103
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code rules and terms.
§ gcl-1-104
Stipulations of The Maryland Uniform Commercial Code
§ gcl-1-105
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Validity Provisions
§ gcl-1-106
What the context requires in Maryland Uniform Commercial code.
§ gcl-1-107
Uniform Commercial Code of Maryland forms a part of the caption
§ gcl-1-108
Modification of the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.
§ gcl-1-201
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Of Judicial Proceeding
§ gcl-1-202
Organization's Notice or Notification for conducting Business
§ gcl-1-203
Transactions in the form of a lease.
§ gcl-1-204
Credit Extension Legislations
§ gcl-1-205
When to take action as required by the Maryland Uniform Commercial Code.
§ gcl-1-206
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Must Find Facts
§ gcl-1-301
Origins of transactions bearing an appropriate relation
§ gcl-1-302
Maryland Uniform commercial code agreement.
§ gcl-1-303
Express terms prevail over course of performance, course of dealing, and usage of trade
§ gcl-1-304
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Defined
§ gcl-1-305
§ gcl-1-306
Claims or rights arising out of an alleged breach.
§ gcl-1-307
Law regarding bill of lading policy or certificate of insurance.
§ gcl-1-308
A party that with explicit reservation of rights performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded.
§ gcl-1-309
Legality of Accelerated Payments by Successor
§ gcl-1-310
Certain obligations may legally take precedence over others.
§ gcl-10-101
Legal Section Index
§ gcl-10-102
Valid Transactions
§ gcl-10-103
Handling Inconsistent Laws
§ gcl-10-104
Title 7 Document Limitations in Maryland State
§ gcl-10-106
Stability of the provisions of subsection 10-106.
§ gcl-10-107
Transactions Valid After Effective Date
§ gcl-10-108
Perfection Permits
§ gcl-10-109
Explanation of Financial Statements
§ gcl-10-110
Perfections of security interest and the priorities referring thereto.
§ gcl-10-111
gcl-10-111 act
§ gcl-10-112
Section 10-112 Declaratory Provisions
§ gcl-11-1001
Section words and meanings.
§ gcl-11-101
Maryland opposes unfair and restrictive trade practices from foreign countries.
§ gcl-11-102
Description of terms used in this section
§ gcl-11-103
Participation in a Discriminatory Boycott.
§ gcl-11-104
Obligation to report violations of subtitle.
§ gcl-11-105
Attorney General Case Procedures
§ gcl-11-106
Acceptance of a discontinuance from various parties involved.
§ gcl-11-107
Responsibilities of the Attorney General Regarding This Subtitle
§ gcl-11-108
State and Attorney General Enforcements
§ gcl-11-109
Removal of Violation Effects
§ gcl-11-110
Cumulative remedies are provided in this subtitle.
§ gcl-11-1101
Advertising & Business
§ gcl-11-1102
Distress sale can be conducted only under the provisions of the subtitle.
§ gcl-11-1103
Quickly sell 60 days after first saleCombine goods in order to sell quicklySell goods quickly that are not on list
§ gcl-11-1104
Required Records of Sale
§ gcl-11-1105
Consumer Protection Standards
§ gcl-11-1106
Title 13 subjects any violation to penalty
§ gcl-11-111
Violations of Provisions
§ gcl-11-112
Subtitle 11-103 Takes Precedence Over This Subtitle
§ gcl-11-113
The Attorney General Implemented Jurisdictions Rules And Regulations
§ gcl-11-114
State of Maryland's antitrust laws shall not be deemed.
§ gcl-11-115
Maryland Foreign Discriminatory Boycotts Act
§ gcl-11-1201
Guidelines of Theft
§ gcl-11-1202
Misappropriation is Punishable by Law.
§ gcl-11-1203
Definition of Misappropriation
§ gcl-11-1204
The prevailing party will get a reasonable fees from the court.
§ gcl-11-1205
Laws on Communication
§ gcl-11-1206
An action for misappropriation must be brought within 3 years.
§ gcl-11-1207
Civil remedies for misappropriation of a trade secret.
§ gcl-11-1208
Uniform Law applied for states general purpose
§ gcl-11-1209
Citation of The Maryland Uniform Trade Secrets Act
§ gcl-11-1301
Definitions Of Terms Within Commercial Law
§ gcl-11-1302
Conditions for distributing a Grantor's merchandise.
§ gcl-11-1302.1
Cancellation of agreement, grantor provides notice.
§ gcl-11-1303
Grantor Notification Of Distributor Agreement Renewal
§ gcl-11-1304
Defective Merchandise Procedures
§ gcl-11-1305
the distributor identified deficiencies
§ gcl-11-1306
Business Disputes
§ gcl-11-1307
This subtitle covers the minimum rights of grantors and distributors based in Maryland
§ gcl-11-1401
Maryland Law Financial Terms
§ gcl-11-1402
Guidelines for Performing Rights Society
§ gcl-11-1403
Actions required by an agent before making any contract.
§ gcl-11-1404
This subtitle is for rights societies.
§ gcl-11-1405
gcl-11-1405 provision violation responsibilities.
§ gcl-11-1501
Definitions of musical group terms in this section.
§ gcl-11-1502
Program Conduction Of A Performing/Recording Group
§ gcl-11-1503
Rights allotted to Attorney general over ambiguous person's identity.
§ gcl-11-1504
Maryland State's "Truth in Music Advertising Act"
§ gcl-11-201
Indicate the Meanings of the words in the Subtitle.
§ gcl-11-202
Unfair Trading Practices Rules
§ gcl-11-203
Illegal Activities
§ gcl-11-204
Personal Responsibilities in Trade or Commerce
§ gcl-11-205
Possession of material relevant to the subject matter of an investigation.
§ gcl-11-206
Guidelines regarding an assurance of discontinuance.
§ gcl-11-207
Attorney General powers regarding suspected criminal violations.
§ gcl-11-208
Attorney General May Collaborate to Enforce Subtitle
§ gcl-11-209
Equity Proceedings to be Initiated by Attorney General
§ gcl-11-210
Section 11-210 Final Judgement Directives
§ gcl-11-211
Cumulative remedies of this subtitle.
§ gcl-11-212
Violations of the provisions of this subtitle.
§ gcl-11-213
The Maryland anti-trust act.
§ gcl-11-301
The meanings of the following words are indicated in the subtitle.
§ gcl-11-302
Need To Define Relations And Responsibilities In Marketing Arrangements As Given In Maryland Law
§ gcl-11-303
Marketing Agreement Law
§ gcl-11-304
Provisional Article for marketing agreements
§ gcl-11-305
Circumstances under which a dealer or distributor may rescind a mutual agreement.
§ gcl-11-306
Written notice to raise defense under the agreement.
§ gcl-11-307
Violators have to pay damages from violations to injured parties.
§ gcl-11-308
Maryland Gasohol and Gasoline Products Marketing Act.
§ gcl-11-401
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gcl-11-402
Circumstances where this subtitle does not apply.
§ gcl-11-403
Cost Governance Of Sales Of Advertised Items
§ gcl-11-404
Law allowed to advertise merchandise by retailer/wholesaler
§ gcl-11-405
Complaints of injury as referring to the circuit court and retailers or wholesalers.
§ gcl-11-406
Maryland Sales Below Cost Act is the subtitle.
§ gcl-11-501
Maryland Legal Terms Defined
§ gcl-11-502
Cigarette Sale Exemptions
§ gcl-11-503
State Rules For Wholesale Of Cigarettes
§ gcl-11-504
Intentional destruction to competition repercussions.
§ gcl-11-505
Competition Struggle among Retailers or Wholesalers and competitors.
§ gcl-11-506
No selling cigarettes below retail cost
§ gcl-11-507
State Comptroller Must Enforce This Subtitle
§ gcl-11-508
Circuit court has jurisdiction On complaint of the State Comptroller.
§ gcl-11-509
Cigarette sales below cost
§ gcl-11-510
Maryland Cigarette Sales Below Cost Act
§ gcl-11-5A-01
Retail Terms Defined
§ gcl-11-5A-02
New Laws for wholesalers in cigarette manufacturing
§ gcl-11-5A-03
State Comptroller Duties
§ gcl-11-601
Definitions for Purposes of 601: Container, Liquified Petroleum, Marked Container, Owner & Person
§ gcl-11-602
Container Size Exception in Maryland State
§ gcl-11-603
any person who is not the owner of an object must get permission from the owner before filling it trading it or selling it
§ gcl-11-604
Use, Possession, And Purchase of Liquid Petroleum Gas
§ gcl-11-605
Violation of Container Law
§ gcl-11-606
Penalties for Violating the Subtitle
§ gcl-11-701
Legal meanings of Advertise falsely , Person & Telephone company.
§ gcl-11-702
Which advertising studios do not have this subtitle applied to.
§ gcl-11-703
A person cannot give any false advertisement of any business.
§ gcl-11-704
Advertisement Representation Appropriateness
§ gcl-11-704.1
Intended Meaning of Key Terms
§ gcl-11-705
Any violation will be penalized up to $500.
§ gcl-11-706
Rules And Regulations Concerning Advertisement
§ gcl-11-707
Rights of Person(s) in Private Litigation
§ gcl-11-801
Legal Terms Defined
§ gcl-11-802
Entitlement to goods under Maryland law
§ gcl-11-803
consignee entrusted with and in possession of a possessory document is considered the true owner
§ gcl-11-804
Validity of Contracts for Sale of Goods
§ gcl-11-805
Rules for third person possessing confidential document of some other person.
§ gcl-11-806
Claims and demands of setoff of debts.
§ gcl-11-807
Subtitle Doesn't Deprive Owners of Remedies Against Cosignees
§ gcl-11-808
Title and rights to the consignment of agricultural products.
§ gcl-11-809
Sale of Agricultural Products
§ gcl-11-810
What to do after selling goods to someone else who sells them on consignment.
§ gcl-11-8A-01
Definition of words for this section of law
§ gcl-11-8A-02
Definition of "bailee" and "bailment property" in regards to art.
§ gcl-11-8A-03
Notwithstanding the subsequent purchase of the work of fine art by the art dealer directly or indirectly for the art
§ gcl-11-8A-04
Property under this subtitle is bailment property .
§ gcl-11-901
Business Trust And Common Interest Of A Commercial Entity
§ gcl-11-902
Meaning of "Attached," "Battery," "Identification Mark," and "Rental"
§ gcl-11-903
Goods includes wares or merchandise in this section.
§ gcl-11-905
Animals Must Be Supervised 24/7 at Veterinarian's Office
§ gcl-12-1001
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gcl-12-1002
rules related to offer and extend closed end credit by credit grantor
§ gcl-12-1003
Creditor grantor collect interest at any rate.
§ gcl-12-1004
§ gcl-12-1005
Mortgage Broker Standard Interest Rates
§ gcl-12-1006
Creditors can make deferrals if they choose, and charge fees for deferrals.
§ gcl-12-1007
Meaning of the words under section gcl-12-1007
§ gcl-12-1007.1
§ gcl-12-1008
§ gcl-12-1009
Loan prepay conditions.
§ gcl-12-101
§ gcl-12-1010
The relationship between consumer borrowers and credit grantors.
§ gcl-12-1011
Consumer Defaults
§ gcl-12-1012
Paying for Mechanical Repair
§ gcl-12-1013
Application of Extension for Closed End Credit
§ gcl-12-1013.1
§ gcl-12-1013.2
Credit Grantor Loan Copy Provisions To The Borrower
§ gcl-12-1014
Invalid provision of a subtitle should not affect any other subtitle.
§ gcl-12-1015
Defines license requirements for creditors.
§ gcl-12-1016
§ gcl-12-1017
Credit Grantor Regulations
§ gcl-12-1018
§ gcl-12-1018.1
Exceptions to credit granter penalty
§ gcl-12-1019
Individuals Must Sue Within 6 Months Of Violation Section 12-1019.
§ gcl-12-102
Standard Interest Rate Charges
§ gcl-12-1020
Credit grantor is not liable for any failure to comply with a provision of this subtitle
§ gcl-12-1021
Property repossession by creditors and property redemption rights for consumers
§ gcl-12-1022
Maryland State Definitions of Mortgage Terms
§ gcl-12-1023
Credit Grantor Loan Provisions
§ gcl-12-1023.1
Characterization of loan stipulaitons
§ gcl-12-1024
Lender Must Furnish Statement to Consumer After Debt Is Paid.
§ gcl-12-1025
Credit grantor receives payment in more than 5 loans.
§ gcl-12-1026
§ gcl-12-1027
Lenders Inspection Fee For A Visual Inspection Of Properties
§ gcl-12-1028
Loan Permitted To Consumer Borrower Secured By First Mortgage
§ gcl-12-1029
Relevant Terms in This Section
§ gcl-12-103
Guidelines for Lenders
§ gcl-12-104
Interest Rate Rules For Periods Under One Year
§ gcl-12-105
§ gcl-12-106
Lender Disclosures and Loan Contracts
§ gcl-12-106.1
rules related to receive loan from the borrower
§ gcl-12-107
Provisions of the law concerning loan interest paid up front.
§ gcl-12-108
all loans must abide by the agreement or contract they are under
§ gcl-12-109
§ gcl-12-109.1
Loan restrictions are outlined by the following provisions.
§ gcl-12-109.2
Section terms and meanings.
§ gcl-12-110
An assignment of wages is void if given as security for the payment .
§ gcl-12-1101
Definitions for rental property sales terms
§ gcl-12-1102
Rental-Purchase Agreement Law
§ gcl-12-1103
A lessor shall disclose to a consumer the information required
§ gcl-12-1104
Maryland Law Governing Rental Property Agreements
§ gcl-12-1105
There are various terms and conditions regarding a legal rental-purchase agreement.
§ gcl-12-1106
Rental agreement policies and procudures
§ gcl-12-1106.1
"A teanant should keep a copy of there rental-purchase contract for 3 years after final payment."
§ gcl-12-1107
A receipt should be given with each payment to the consumer.
§ gcl-12-1108
Lessor and consumer must make new rental purchase agreement when previous agreement is satisfied.
§ gcl-12-1109
Advertisement guidelines for a rental-purchase agreement.
§ gcl-12-111
Time Limit for action on usury
§ gcl-12-1110
Violation of rental-purchase agreement is subject to penalty
§ gcl-12-1110.1
Restrictions on lessor on report filing for property recovering.
§ gcl-12-1111
Disclosure Of Requirements Form
§ gcl-12-1111.1
The Attorney Generals Web Site Requirements
§ gcl-12-1112
Maryland Rental-Purchase Agreement Act
§ gcl-12-112
Claims of Usury in Court Cases
§ gcl-12-113
A lender cannot refuse based on prejudices.
§ gcl-12-114
Violations of the usury provisions.
§ gcl-12-115
§ gcl-12-116
Borrower Rights Regarding the Grandfather Clause of July 1, 1982
§ gcl-12-117
Loan rate modification - lender to comply
§ gcl-12-118
Regulations for Adjustable Rate Loans
§ gcl-12-119
Maryland State Financial Applications
§ gcl-12-120
Attorney fees regarding lenders and loans.
§ gcl-12-1201
Subtitle word meaning indications
§ gcl-12-1202
This subtitle is applied to a reverse mortgage loan .
§ gcl-12-1203
Reverse Mortgage Loan Requirements
§ gcl-12-1204
Reverse Mortgage Loan Regulations
§ gcl-12-1205
Reversal of mortgage plan : regulations and guidance udner 12 USC 1715z-20
§ gcl-12-1206
Lender's Norms Of Provision Of Reverse Mortgage Loan
§ gcl-12-1207
Lender requirements and responsibilities for a reverse mortgage loan
§ gcl-12-1208
Consequences of Unfair or Deceptive Lending
§ gcl-12-121
Sate of Maryland Lender's Fees
§ gcl-12-122
Provision Violation Of A Lender Knowingly Or Willfully
§ gcl-12-123
binder means temporary contract of insurance
§ gcl-12-124
The definitions of terms involving property and the insurance thereof.
§ gcl-12-124.1
Definitions for Purposes of gcl-12-124: Credit Health Insurance, Mortgage Loans, and Unemployment
§ gcl-12-125
Borrower means a person who makes an application for a loan.
§ gcl-12-126
Loan Regulations
§ gcl-12-127
In this part the following phrases have the meanings indicated
§ gcl-12-1301
Definition of Home Owner Terms
§ gcl-12-1302
Owner-occupied Property Against Loans And Mortgages
§ gcl-12-1303
Unless the lender is otherwise required by federal or State law to refer the borrower to housing counseling.
§ gcl-12-1304
To close mortgage lender must first notify borrower
§ gcl-12-301
Meanings Of Loan Related State Legal Terms
§ gcl-12-302
Licensing required to do business of making loans.
§ gcl-12-303
Loans applicable to the subtitle in amounts of less than $6,000.
§ gcl-12-304
Lenders are not allowed to be deceitful.
§ gcl-12-305
When granting loans, comply with Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
§ gcl-12-306
Interest Rate Limits for Loans
§ gcl-12-307
Lender collects loan from the borrower.
§ gcl-12-307.1
If balance exceeds an amount, penalties are received.
§ gcl-12-308
Lenders Must Provide Clients With Contract and Balances
§ gcl-12-309
Maryland Lender Guidelines
§ gcl-12-310
The definition of a loan as well as exemptions for insurance.
§ gcl-12-311
Area where meaning of words are shown
§ gcl-12-312
Covered loan and rules of Credit life insurance
§ gcl-12-313
Respect to any loan, a lender may not directly or indirectly contract for, charge, or receive any interest, discount in excess of that permitted
§ gcl-12-314
Financial lenders obligations to state regulation.
§ gcl-12-315
Subtitle remedial purpose of effective communications.
§ gcl-12-316
The legality of a licensee that violates various provisions of the law.
§ gcl-12-316.1
Exceptions for Subjection to Penalties of Interest and Principal
§ gcl-12-317
Maryland Consumer Loan Law Credit Provisions
§ gcl-12-401
Relevant Terminology for this Subtitle
§ gcl-12-402
Conditions for making loan under this subtitle.
§ gcl-12-403
Lender's Misleading Direct Or Indirect Advertisement Of Mortgages
§ gcl-12-403.1
Granting or denying application loans.
§ gcl-12-404
The legal provisions concerning loans.
§ gcl-12-404.1
Interest rate and Loan laws of Maryland
§ gcl-12-405
A lender may charge a commission
§ gcl-12-406
Restrictions for Real Estate Commissions and Points
§ gcl-12-407
Section words and meanings.
§ gcl-12-407.1
Secondary mortgage forms and forfeiture of rights.
§ gcl-12-408
A lender cannot give loan only once in an year.
§ gcl-12-409
Details of Loan
§ gcl-12-409.1
Meanings Of Terms Related To The State's Covered Loans
§ gcl-12-410
Meanings of the words relating to "credit".
§ gcl-12-411
Maryland State Lender Restrictions
§ gcl-12-412
A lender must follow the law when offering a second mortgage.
§ gcl-12-413
Lender violations of provisions of this subtitle.
§ gcl-12-414
Violations of the provisions of this subtitle.
§ gcl-12-415
The Maryland Secondary Mortgage Loan Law.
§ gcl-12-501
specified meanings under this section gcl-12-501
§ gcl-12-502
Retail Credit Account Contract Specifications
§ gcl-12-503
Sellers Can Only Establish Credit Accounts With Buyer Permission
§ gcl-12-504
Regulations of retail finance charges according to Maryland State Law.
§ gcl-12-505
Rules pertaining to finance charge calculations.
§ gcl-12-505.1
Closed end Account
§ gcl-12-505.2
Rate for Closed End Credit Accounts Cannot Change
§ gcl-12-505.3
No Balloon Payment For Closed End Retail Credit
§ gcl-12-506
Requirements of Open End Accounts
§ gcl-12-506.1
Balance on an open end retail credit account is known as credit balance.
§ gcl-12-506.2
Grandfather Clauses for Interest Rate Calculations
§ gcl-12-507
Promissory Notes
§ gcl-12-508
Attorney Fees May Be Paid By Retail Credit
§ gcl-12-509
Cash Discounts
§ gcl-12-510
Buyer account in Maryland Laws
§ gcl-12-511
if you see any errors on your credit card bill, or debit bill you have to notify the credit company within 60 days.
§ gcl-12-511.1
Holder and Buyer laws
§ gcl-12-512
Valid Waiver or Protection Restrictions
§ gcl-12-513
Burden to Follow the Subtitle on the Holder
§ gcl-12-514
Notices, Appeals and orders for Complaints to Commissioner of Financial Regulation.
§ gcl-12-515
Violation to any provision - Fine imposed for the convicted
§ gcl-12-601
Definitions concerning business and the functions of that business.
§ gcl-12-602
Sales Finance Company Public Advertising Guidelines
§ gcl-12-603
Buyer Discrimination in Finance
§ gcl-12-604
Written Agreements Between Buyers and Sellers
§ gcl-12-605
Seller must give buyer copy of Installment Agreement
§ gcl-12-606
Sale agreement should have the full name.
§ gcl-12-607
Provisions for Installment Sales
§ gcl-12-608
Requirements for Sales Negotiations and Agreements
§ gcl-12-609
Motor vehicle finance charge interest rate
§ gcl-12-610
Financing Regulations For Motor Vehicles
§ gcl-12-610.1
Refinancing Disclosures
§ gcl-12-610.2
Someone can not go into a retail sales contract and change the rates of charges on a client.
§ gcl-12-611
Installment sale agreement is related to consumer goods .
§ gcl-12-612
Lender and Consumer Relations
§ gcl-12-613
Insurance information on purchased goods.
§ gcl-12-614
A holder may not directly or indirectly contract for, charge, or receive from a buyer or a surety for a buyer on account
§ gcl-12-615
Buyer's Right to Cancel Sale
§ gcl-12-616
The buyer should receive credit for the amount so charged to him and not paid out.
§ gcl-12-617
Buyer Payment On Account Of An Agreement
§ gcl-12-618
Addendum on Installment sale agreement on security interest
§ gcl-12-619
The holder of an installment sale agreement can extend the scheduled due date.
§ gcl-12-620
Buyer sale agreement, refund, prepay, of property provisions.
§ gcl-12-621
Buyer and holder agreement statement obligations.
§ gcl-12-622
Collateral Security Compliance Guidelines
§ gcl-12-623
Penalty for late payment
§ gcl-12-624
Rules for Repossession of Goods Sold Under an Agreement
§ gcl-12-625
Repossessed Goods
§ gcl-12-626
Sales of repossessed items.
§ gcl-12-627
if there is no resale the orginial owner may take back possession
§ gcl-12-628
Provision relates Promissory Note by the seller / Finance Company
§ gcl-12-629
No act, agreement, or statement of a buyer is provided to him under this subtitle.
§ gcl-12-630
Holders rights regarding finance, delinquency, or collection charges.
§ gcl-12-631
Handling filed complaints of violation of Part II of this subtitle
§ gcl-12-632
Sales finance companies and their installment sales agreements.
§ gcl-12-633
Finance Company Agreement Of Renewal, Extension, Or Refund
§ gcl-12-634
Sales Finance Company Fees, Renewals, and Refunds
§ gcl-12-635
Condiition to the Sales Financial company
§ gcl-12-636
Maryland Part III of gcl-12-636 Violation Misdemeanor Fees
§ gcl-12-701
Maryland Definition of Creditor and Applicant.
§ gcl-12-702
financial institutes must not deny credit to any person because of anything not related to their credit history
§ gcl-12-703
Filing A Violation Of Protocol To The Commissioner
§ gcl-12-704
Creditor Responsibilities in Credit Transactions
§ gcl-12-705
prohibited discriminatory practices
§ gcl-12-706
Right to Provision granted to the Commissioner
§ gcl-12-707
Provision statutes of 12-703.
§ gcl-12-708
Maryland Equal Credit Opportunity Act
§ gcl-12-801
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gcl-12-802
Loans to which the subtitle does not apply
§ gcl-12-803
A mortgage broker may not be a director, officer, or employee.
§ gcl-12-804
8% Limit on Mortgage Finder's Fee
§ gcl-12-805
Mortgage brokers and finders fees.
§ gcl-12-806
refund money to mortgage broker
§ gcl-12-807
Punishment for Violation by Mortgage Broker
§ gcl-12-808
A licensed real estate broker, insurer, salesman, attorney-at-law, or agent thereof who arranges or procures a mortgage
§ gcl-12-809
Provisions of Maryland Laws
§ gcl-12-901
Maryland Government - Definition of Financial Terms
§ gcl-12-902
Stipulations for credits granted.
§ gcl-12-903
Lender Interest Collection
§ gcl-12-904
The periodic percentage rate of interest or finance charges under the plan may vary.
§ gcl-12-905
Customer should not be imposed of fees for unsecured credit plan.
§ gcl-12-906
Agreement governing Credit Process and rate of interest
§ gcl-12-907
Stipulations for credit under a revolving credit plan
§ gcl-12-908
Deferment of Scheduled Payments Under a Revolving Credit Plan
§ gcl-12-909
Consumer borrowing options.
§ gcl-12-909.1
gcl-12-909 definitions & credit grantor, binder obligation.
§ gcl-12-910
A credit grantor may charge a higher periodic percentage rate of interest if the agreement permits.
§ gcl-12-911
Consequences of Default: Collection Costs and Attorney Fees
§ gcl-12-912
Amending Credit Agreements
§ gcl-12-913
Extension of Credit
§ gcl-12-913.1
About plans from Creditors after October 1st, 1993
§ gcl-12-913.2
Credit Grantors Must Deliver Borrower Agreements by Deadline
§ gcl-12-914
The invalidity of one subtitle shall not affect any other subtitles.
§ gcl-12-915
Credit Granters Subject to Title 11 Provisions
§ gcl-12-916
Written Complaints and Investigation
§ gcl-12-917
Credit Grantor Wilful Violation Of Provision
§ gcl-12-918
An notice means when the credit grantor receives a written notice from the borrower and the Commissioner of Financial Regulation
§ gcl-12-918.1
Definition of Commissioner of Financial Regulation position.
§ gcl-12-919
Statute of Limitation for Credit Extensions
§ gcl-12-920
Credit Grantor Protected from Errors
§ gcl-12-921
Rights of a creditor under state commercial law.
§ gcl-12-922
§ gcl-12-923
Borrower of Payment
§ gcl-12-923.1
The borrower intends to use a plan to obtain loans or credits.
§ gcl-12-924
"Applies to a plan between a credit grantor and a consumer borrower."
§ gcl-12-925
§ gcl-13-101
State Legal Definitions
§ gcl-13-101.1
Applications of provisions for consumer contracts.
§ gcl-13-102
The protection of consumers as regarding state and federal laws.
§ gcl-13-103
"Minimum standards given for the protection of consumers in the State."
§ gcl-13-104
Title Exclusions
§ gcl-13-105
Section 13-105 Unfair Trade Practices
§ gcl-13-201
Division of Consumer Protection
§ gcl-13-202
The consumer council shall advise the division in the matter of development of programs.
§ gcl-13-203
Additional powers of the Attorney General.
§ gcl-13-204
Additional Maryland Division Powers and Duties
§ gcl-13-205
Legal Assistance Organization Regulations
§ gcl-13-206
Legal Assistance Organization Reports
§ gcl-13-301
Unlawful Trade Practices
§ gcl-13-301
Unlawful Trade Practices
§ gcl-13-302
During transfer resident of state must be present
§ gcl-13-303
Activities Where Deceptive Practices Outlawed
§ gcl-13-304
Salesman Bribery
§ gcl-13-305
Prohibition Upon Offering Prizes Within Advertisements
§ gcl-13-306
If customer is not paid, business must comply with terms of certificate/provide item with equal value.
§ gcl-13-307
Home appliance means any device the retail cost of which exceeds $100."
§ gcl-13-308
Electrical Lab Testing Required for Consumer Devices
§ gcl-13-309
An electrical extension cord Law of Maryland
§ gcl-13-310
Seat chart required for selling tickets, not nonprofits
§ gcl-13-311
Vendor Law Of Maryland
§ gcl-13-312
Subpoena service on credit card issuers.
§ gcl-13-313
Insulation Sold In-State Must Be Fire Retardant
§ gcl-13-314
Protection and Compensation of Workers Distributing Marketing Materials
§ gcl-13-315
Firestat Required for Temperature Controlled Attic Fans
§ gcl-13-316
Here Mortgage includes a mortgage, deed of trust, security agreement
§ gcl-13-317
A person may not record the address of a person presenting a credit card.
§ gcl-13-318
Section words and meanings.
§ gcl-13-319
Advertisement for rebates regarding consumer goods.
§ gcl-13-401
Maryland resource for consumers to report title gcl-13-401 violations.
§ gcl-13-402
Conciliation shall be the first attempt to resolve a violation.
§ gcl-13-403
Public Hearings on Violations of This Title
§ gcl-13-404
Disputes May Be Settled Through Arbitration
§ gcl-13-405
Attorney General power of office & informant rights
§ gcl-13-406
Injunctions by Attorney General to Persons in Violation
§ gcl-13-407
Directions to the person aggrieved by an order or decision of the Division
§ gcl-13-408
§ gcl-13-409
Legal compensation for the Attorney General
§ gcl-13-410
Mechants Who Violate this Law Will...
§ gcl-13-411
Guilty of misdemeanor
§ gcl-13-4A-01
Health Education and Advocacy Unit in the Division
§ gcl-13-4A-02
Unit powers in regards to the healthcare marketplace.
§ gcl-13-4A-03
"Attorney Generals Office will include the administration and operation of the Unit in it's budget."
§ gcl-13-4A-04
Requirement regarding annual and quarterly reports.
§ gcl-13-501
Consumer Protection
§ gcl-14-1001
Automotive terms
§ gcl-14-1002
Preliminary Tasks for Auto Repair Establishments
§ gcl-14-1003
Automotive Repair Invoices
§ gcl-14-1004
"An automotive repair facility shall tender return of all replaced parts to the customer."
§ gcl-14-1005
Subtitle Does Not Inhibit Individual Rights To File Suit
§ gcl-14-1006
Protection of Consumers Using Mechanic Shops
§ gcl-14-1007
Aggrieved Persons May Take Action Under Consumer Protection
§ gcl-14-1008
Customers' Rights at Automotive Repair Faci lities
§ gcl-14-1009
Violation terms
§ gcl-14-101
Meaning Of Consumer Commodity, Division, Person And Unit Price
§ gcl-14-102
Food Law Of Maryland
§ gcl-14-103
Disclosures for retail commodity sales
§ gcl-14-104
Sellers are required to tag each item conspicuously for pricing.
§ gcl-14-105
The Attorney General May Create Or Grant Exceptions To Rules As Appropriate
§ gcl-14-106
The Attorney General May Institute a Proceeding If A Sales Agency Violates Provisions
§ gcl-14-107
Consumer Protection Division disputes by arbitration
§ gcl-14-1101
Definitions of Terms Regarding Retail Transactions
§ gcl-14-1102
Law Of Agreements
§ gcl-14-1103
Layaway Agreements
§ gcl-14-1104
Layaway agreement laws for buyers and sellers
§ gcl-14-1105
"Sellers may not increase layaway prices under the layaway agreement."
§ gcl-14-1106
Regulations for layaway defaults.
§ gcl-14-1107
Seller's Remedies When a Buyer Defaults Under Special Order Transactions
§ gcl-14-1108
Title 12, Subtitle 6 of this article, does not apply to any sale of consumer goods regulated by this subtitle.
§ gcl-14-1109
Origins Of Layaway Agreement
§ gcl-14-1110
Maryland layaway sales act
§ gcl-14-1201
State definitions of terms relating to consumer reporting.
§ gcl-14-1202
People to whom a consumer reporting agency may furnish a consumer report.
§ gcl-14-1203
Regulations for Consumer Reports
§ gcl-14-1204
A person may not procure a consumer report without the consumer's permission.
§ gcl-14-1205
Procedures to avoid violations
§ gcl-14-1206
Consumer Requests To Consumer Reporting Agency
§ gcl-14-1207
Consumer Reporting Agencies Must Make Information Available to Consumers
§ gcl-14-1208
Disputes On Accuracy of Consumer Items Guidelines.
§ gcl-14-1209
Consumer Reporting Agency Fee Guidelines
§ gcl-14-1210
"Consumer reporting agencies who finish consumer reports must notify the consumers."
§ gcl-14-1211
Dealing with adverse information in consumer reports.
§ gcl-14-1212
Credit Denial Requires Explanation in Writing
§ gcl-14-1212.1
Consumer Reporting Agencies definitions and security freezes
§ gcl-14-1212.2
Security Freezes
§ gcl-14-1213
Consumer reporting Law Of Maryland
§ gcl-14-1214
Origins of Liability
§ gcl-14-1215
Punishment for Illegitimately Obtaining Consumer Information
§ gcl-14-1216
Details of fine for leaking of information of a consumer reporting agency to an unauthorized person
§ gcl-14-1217
Identity and Credit Protection
§ gcl-14-1218
Commissioner duties and responsibilities
§ gcl-14-12A-01
Definition Of Terms Pertaining To This Section
§ gcl-14-12A-02
Certain types of basement weatherproofing may be considered illegal.
§ gcl-14-12A-03
"Violators of this subtitle are subject to penalties."
§ gcl-14-12A-04
When Attorney Fees Are Awarded
§ gcl-14-12B-01
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gcl-14-12B-02
Registration & Bonding of Health Clubs
§ gcl-14-12B-03
The Health Club Administration Fund.
§ gcl-14-12B-04
Health club membership closure and disability provisions.
§ gcl-14-12B-05
Buyer Cancellations and Refunds for Health Club Facilities
§ gcl-14-12B-06
Automatic Renewal Clause code for health clubs
§ gcl-14-12B-07
Documents Provided Upon Sale of Health Club
§ gcl-14-12B-08
A person must follow applicable laws when selling health club memberships.
§ gcl-14-1301
Meanings of Words in Subtitle
§ gcl-14-1302
Section words and meanings.
§ gcl-14-1303
"The term consumer transaction has a given definition."
§ gcl-14-1304
sale of merchandise without order or request
§ gcl-14-1305
Credit Cards Are Not Considered Accepted Without Signature
§ gcl-14-1306
Definitions and Regulations for Service Contracts
§ gcl-14-1307
How ladders must be labeled prior to sale
§ gcl-14-1308
Film Manufactured after 1977 That is Sold Must Be Labeled
§ gcl-14-1309
Any stove or heater must come with complete instructions.
§ gcl-14-1310
Kerosene heaters in single family dwellings and commercial establishments
§ gcl-14-1311
Explains that Extended Warranties Cannot Replace Original Warranties of Consumer Goods
§ gcl-14-1312
§ gcl-14-1313
May Not Transmit to Facsimile Devices for Commercial Solicitation
§ gcl-14-1314
Security Systems May Not Claim Reduced Response Times
§ gcl-14-1315
Section words and meanings.
§ gcl-14-1317
Rights to Properties and Fines
§ gcl-14-1318
Receipt guidelines for purchases with payment device numbers.
§ gcl-14-1319
Definition and Regulations Regarding Gift Certificates
§ gcl-14-1320
Gift cards purchased through national credit or debit service.
§ gcl-14-1321
Definition Of Terms Pertaining To This Section
§ gcl-14-1322
§ gcl-14-1323
The meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ gcl-14-1401
Meanings of Words Written In This Law.
§ gcl-14-1402
Motor vehicle manufacturer adjustment program procedures
§ gcl-14-1403
Unfair or deceptive trade practices violate this subtitle.
§ gcl-14-1501
§ gcl-14-1502
Motor Vehicle Warranty Disclosures
§ gcl-14-1502.1
Motor Vehicle Consumer Rights
§ gcl-14-1503
Recovering Excise Taxes from the Motor Vehicle Administration
§ gcl-14-1504
Possible punishments for acting in bad faith.
§ gcl-14-1601
Definitions of "Official Rating", "Person" and "Video Movie"
§ gcl-14-1602
Maryland State Law Video Movie Ratings Requirement
§ gcl-14-1602.1
Fines for Illegal Sale or Rental of Videos
§ gcl-14-1603
any person that sells or rents video in violation of the Maryland code will receive a $25 fine
§ gcl-14-1701
Subtitle Terms Have The Following Meanings.
§ gcl-14-1702
Lender Has 30 Days to Respond Credit Applications
§ gcl-14-1703
Right of Applicant and Written Statement
§ gcl-14-1704
Specific Reasoning
§ gcl-14-1705
Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act compliance
§ gcl-14-1706
The Commissioner May Investigate Written Complaints Regarding Violations Of This Subtitle
§ gcl-14-1801
Meaning of words in this subtitle
§ gcl-14-1802
Dealer Provision For Consumer Orders Of A Household Good
§ gcl-14-1803
Customers May Cancel Contract If Delivery Date Absent
§ gcl-14-1804
Definition of unfair or deceptive trade practice.
§ gcl-14-1805
§ gcl-14-1806
Limitations on Otherwise Available Remedies
§ gcl-14-1901
Definitions of words in this subtitle
§ gcl-14-1902
Make or use any false or misleading representations in the offer or sale of the services of a credit services business.
§ gcl-14-1903
Contracts for credit services businesses
§ gcl-14-1903.1
Licenses for Advertisers
§ gcl-14-1904
Written Information Statement Prior to Contract Execution
§ gcl-14-1905
Rights of Consumers Regarding Consumer Reporting Agencies
§ gcl-14-1906
Written Requirements of Contracts
§ gcl-14-1907
Breache of credit services under contract.
§ gcl-14-1908
Requirements for a surety bond
§ gcl-14-1909
surety bond issued by a surety company
§ gcl-14-1910
Claiming against the surety bond for a violation
§ gcl-14-1911
Consumers may report violations by filing a complaint
§ gcl-14-1912
Compliance Failure By Credit Service Business Company
§ gcl-14-1913
Two year time-limit to enforce liability
§ gcl-14-1914
Title 13 Determines Which Credit Practices are Unlawful
§ gcl-14-1915
Consequences for violating this section
§ gcl-14-1916
About the Maryland Credit Services Businesses Act
§ gcl-14-2001
Definitions of Terms Regarding Commercial Leasing
§ gcl-14-2002
State lease guidelines and requirements.
§ gcl-14-2003
A person offering a car for lease may not mislead a potential customer.
§ gcl-14-2004
Articles Applicable to Lease of Vehicle
§ gcl-14-2005
Codes Regarding Automobile Warranties and Leases
§ gcl-14-2006
Subtitle Applies to Lease Offered in the State
§ gcl-14-2007
Penalties associated with violating Commercial Law in Maryland.
§ gcl-14-2008
Repossession of a leased motor vehicle.
§ gcl-14-2009
Debtors have to pay for repossessed car balance
§ gcl-14-201
Definitions of collector, consumer transaction, person
§ gcl-14-2010
penalties/charges Law Of Maryland
§ gcl-14-202
Prohibited Collection Activities as per Maryland State Law
§ gcl-14-203
collector who violates emotional stress can be punish.
§ gcl-14-204
Maryland Debt Collection Law
§ gcl-14-2101
"The following words have the indicated meanings."
§ gcl-14-2201
Definition of terms related to goods and services
§ gcl-14-2202
Transaction Exceptions to Subtitle
§ gcl-14-2203
Validation of Telephone Solicitation
§ gcl-14-2204
Terms for telephone solicitation accepting charges.
§ gcl-14-2205
A Violation of This Subtitle is a Violation of the MCSBA.
§ gcl-14-2301
Maryland State Law Vehicle Definitions
§ gcl-14-2302
Body shop must notify owner of parts to be replaced and if parts were in crash before repair.
§ gcl-14-2303
Allows for filing for action against a body shop.
§ gcl-14-2304
Violations Constitute Unfair & Deceptive Practices
§ gcl-14-2401
Purchaser, sales agent, vacation accomodation/membership are defined.
§ gcl-14-2402
Cancellation of Contracts After 10 Days
§ gcl-14-2403
Buyers Rights if Involved in Scam
§ gcl-14-2501
A Hearing Aid Is Defined As a Device Used To Improve Human Hearing
§ gcl-14-2502
The provisions of the subtitle do not supersede other provisions of the law.
§ gcl-14-2502.1
Rules regarding sale and fitting of hearing aids.
§ gcl-14-2503
Allowing for the Return of Hearing Aids
§ gcl-14-2504
"A seller of hearing aids can't misrepresent or fail to inform the purchaser."
§ gcl-14-2505
Seller Violations
§ gcl-14-2506
Violation of trade practice under the provisions for title 13
§ gcl-14-25A-01
May not distribute phones interfering with hearing aids.
§ gcl-14-2601
Definitions of Disclosure Statement and Consumer
§ gcl-14-2602
Door-To-Door Solicitation Compliance
§ gcl-14-2603
Rules And Regulations While Making A Door-To-Door Solicitation
§ gcl-14-2701
Financial Terms Explained
§ gcl-14-2702
Motor Wheelchair Warranty Requirement
§ gcl-14-2703
Warranty Guidelines of Motorized Wheelchairs
§ gcl-14-2704
Consumer's rights can't be limited be limited by Subarticles
§ gcl-14-2705
Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practice Violations
§ gcl-14-2706
Subtitle is called "Motorized Wheelchair Warranty Enforcement Act."
§ gcl-14-2801
Definition of "Product Made by the Blind"
§ gcl-14-2802
Direct Labor Performed By blind Individuals
§ gcl-14-2803
False Sale Of Products Made By The Blind
§ gcl-14-2804
Definition of blind
§ gcl-14-2805
Products of Self-employed People Who Are Blind
§ gcl-14-2806
Solicitation and Sales of Products Manufactured by the Blind
§ gcl-14-2807
Subtitle Violation
§ gcl-14-2901
Definition of Terms Used in Subtitle
§ gcl-14-2902
Truth and Disclosure in Selling and Reselling
§ gcl-14-2903
Fraudulent Advertising
§ gcl-14-3001
Computer Service Terms Defined
§ gcl-14-3002
Guidelines of Commercial Electronic Mail
§ gcl-14-3003
Certain violators of electronic laws may be subject to monetary fines.
§ gcl-14-301
A business day includes any days other than Saturday, Sunday or nationally recognized holidays.
§ gcl-14-302
Deceptive Trade Practice
§ gcl-14-303
Buyer Can Cancel A Sale If Seller Violates Section 14-302.
§ gcl-14-304
Liability For Violating Subtitles
§ gcl-14-305
Those those who violate this subtitle will be guilty of a misdemeanor when convicted.
§ gcl-14-306
Maryland Door-to-Door Sales Act
§ gcl-14-3101
What household goods and moving services is
§ gcl-14-3102
Law Regarding a Household Goods Mover
§ gcl-14-3103
Guidelines for Estimates of Work done on Households
§ gcl-14-3104
Household Goods Moving Services Stipulations
§ gcl-14-3105
Unfair Trade Practice Violation
§ gcl-14-3106
Section of Maryland Household Goods Movers Act
§ gcl-14-3201
Some person may not violate the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention and Telephone Consumer Protection Act
§ gcl-14-3202
Violation and Penalty for Telemarketing
§ gcl-14-3301
Definition of terms
§ gcl-14-3302
Who this subtitle does not apply to
§ gcl-14-3303
Regulations of Immigration Consultants
§ gcl-14-3304
immigration consultant provides services
§ gcl-14-3305
An Immigration Consultant Must Identify Himself as Such.
§ gcl-14-3306
§ gcl-14-3401
Maryland Technology
§ gcl-14-3402
Transmitting an Individual's Social Security Number
§ gcl-14-3501
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ gcl-14-3502
§ gcl-14-3503
Implementation of Procedure to Protect Personal Information
§ gcl-14-3504
Breach of the security of a system
§ gcl-14-3505
§ gcl-14-3506
Notification if a breach has possibly happened
§ gcl-14-3507
Affiliate means a company that controls, or is under common control with a business."
§ gcl-14-3508
Violation of Subtitle
§ gcl-14-3601
Definitions of Various Terms
§ gcl-14-3602
Unpackaged Halal Food Regulations
§ gcl-14-3603
Halal Labeling
§ gcl-14-3604
Criteria for Violation of this Subtitle
§ gcl-14-3701
Definitions relating to the Internet for this subtitle.
§ gcl-14-3702
The appropriate parental controls need to be followed for the children of the state.
§ gcl-14-3703
Section On Resident Subscribers
§ gcl-14-3704
Availability and Requirements of Parental Controls For Subscribers From Internet Access Providers.
§ gcl-14-3705
Parental Control Services
§ gcl-14-3706
Online Child Safety Act is cited in this subtitle.
§ gcl-14-3801
Indicated Word Meanings
§ gcl-14-3802
A facilitator must follow laws in regards to Refund Anticipation Loans.
§ gcl-14-3803
A facilitator must post fee charges where people can easily see them
§ gcl-14-3804
Tax Refund Regulations
§ gcl-14-3805
refund anticipation loan
§ gcl-14-3806
Facilitator Prohibitions
§ gcl-14-3807
Violations Of Subtitle
§ gcl-14-3901
§ gcl-14-3902
Arbitration Organizations Performing Over 50 Arbitrations
§ gcl-14-3903
Arbitration organization shall collect, publish, and make available to the public in the non consumer party
§ gcl-14-3904
Arbitration Organizations
§ gcl-14-3905
Arbitration Organization Liabilities
§ gcl-14-401
§ gcl-14-402
Liberal Construction of Subtitle To Promote It's Purposes
§ gcl-14-403
Written Information to the Guaranteed
§ gcl-14-404
Terms for Guaranties
§ gcl-14-405
If guarantor caused product to malfunction then they will be responsible for damages.
§ gcl-14-406
Laws in Case of a Provision Violation
§ gcl-14-407
Settlement procedures
§ gcl-14-408
Guarantor Entrance Into Service Contract
§ gcl-14-409
Exclusive Remedy For Breach Of Contract Services
§ gcl-14-410
Maryland Service Contracts and Consumer Products Guaranty Act
§ gcl-14-4A-01
Here Division means the Division of Consumer Protection of the Office of the Attorney General.
§ gcl-14-4A-02
Subtitle Applicability Exemptions
§ gcl-14-4A-03
Commercial Sale;Compliance Requirements for Vehicle Protection Product;Disclaimer.
§ gcl-14-4A-04
Vehicle Warrantor Laws
§ gcl-14-4A-05
Except for 14-4A-04(b)(5)(ii) all other subtitle shall be made available.
§ gcl-14-4A-06
Vehicle protection product Law of Maryland
§ gcl-14-4A-07
Requirements of Warrantors of Vehicle Protection Products
§ gcl-14-4A-08
Expectations of vehicle protection product warranty
§ gcl-14-4A-09
Maryland Insurance Commissioner's Insurance Business Authorization Needed
§ gcl-14-4A-10
Product seller or a warrantor may not require, as a condition of the sale.
§ gcl-14-4A-11
Warrantor Authorities
§ gcl-14-4A-12
Legal Definition Of Warrantor
§ gcl-14-4A-13
Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices
§ gcl-14-4A-14
Vehicle Protection Products Act
§ gcl-14-501
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ gcl-14-502
Application of Subtitle gcl-14-502
§ gcl-14-503
Publications of Catalog Guidelines
§ gcl-14-504
Fine Print Sellers Must Include the Following Information
§ gcl-14-505
Will-full Violation of Fine Print
§ gcl-14-601
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ gcl-14-602
Regulation of the Selling of Gold Merchandise
§ gcl-14-603
Inferior Metal Sale Prohibitions
§ gcl-14-604
Restrictions On Selling Silver Items.
§ gcl-14-605
Selling unfit merchandise
§ gcl-14-606
The Selling of Silver
§ gcl-14-607
Selling of silver
§ gcl-14-608
Provision Violation Penalties
§ gcl-14-701
§ gcl-14-702
This doesn't apply to used watches in some cases.
§ gcl-14-703
"Any person with intent to sell a secondhand watch must affix a tag with secondhand written on it."
§ gcl-14-704
Invoice Requirements For Selling A Second Hand Watch
§ gcl-14-705
Law of A secondhand watch
§ gcl-14-706
Violation of provisions
§ gcl-14-801
Used radio or television set & Persons Meaning
§ gcl-14-802
Used Merchandise for Sale must be Labeled "Used".
§ gcl-14-803
Intention of Deceiving A Purchaser Act
§ gcl-14-901
Consumable Goods Defined
§ gcl-14-902
Terms and conditions for the disclosure statement by the division
§ gcl-14-903
Food Services Supervision
§ gcl-14-904
Definition and Law regarding _packaged food product_
§ gcl-14-905
Proper Labeling Required for Imported Kosher mezuzahs or tefillins.
§ gcl-14-906
Violation of Provisions Under Subtitle
§ gcl-14-907
People who disobey this subtitle will be jailed or fined as punishment.
§ gcl-15-101
Assignees in commercial bankruptcy cases shall have all powers that original designee has.
§ gcl-15-102
The assignment of forfeited assets in a bankruptcy must be in a certain order.
§ gcl-15-103
"Property titles may not pass to a assignee until they file a bond."
§ gcl-15-201
Definition of Terms in Subtitle
§ gcl-15-202
How To Determine If An Individual Is Insolvent?
§ gcl-15-203
faith full consideration will be given for property.
§ gcl-15-204
Fraudulent Financial Activity
§ gcl-15-205
Fraudulent Conveyances
§ gcl-15-206
Taking on Implausible Debt
§ gcl-15-207
Fraudulent Activities
§ gcl-15-208
Fraud to Creditors
§ gcl-15-209
Creditor Regulations
§ gcl-15-210
Origins of a claim
§ gcl-15-210.1
Sales of the State
§ gcl-15-211
rules of law and equity
§ gcl-15-212
Subtitle Shall Be Interpreted For Effect
§ gcl-15-213
Subtitle Does Not Repeal The Following
§ gcl-15-214
Maryland Uniform Fraudulent Conveyance Act
§ gcl-15-301
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Subtitle
§ gcl-15-302
Requirements for valid assignment of wages.
§ gcl-15-303
Written admission Law of Maryland
§ gcl-15-304
Assignor Acknowledgement of Assignment
§ gcl-15-305
An assignee that does not follow wage garnishment may be subject to criminal prosecution.
§ gcl-15-401
Endorsers Are Entitled to Assignment of Surety
§ gcl-15-402
Subjected Provisions of the Subsection
§ gcl-15-501
Outlines unlawful creditor jurisdictions
§ gcl-15-502
Assignment and Transfer of Debt
§ gcl-15-503
Creditor Provision Violations
§ gcl-15-601
Definition of "Employee" and "Wages"
§ gcl-15-601.1
Deductions from wages must follow legal provisions.
§ gcl-15-602
Debtor wage attachment regulations.
§ gcl-15-603
Employee/Garnishee Wage Withholding Requirements
§ gcl-15-604
Attachment Shall:
§ gcl-15-605
Wage Garnishments
§ gcl-15-606
Employee wage rights in Maryland.
§ gcl-15-607
Origins of political subdivision
§ gcl-15-701
Definition of "consumer debt" and "offset"
§ gcl-15-702
Banking Institution Offsets
§ gcl-15-801
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ gcl-15-802
Invalid Check Law of Maryland
§ gcl-15-803
Bad Check Notice Compliance
§ gcl-15-804
15-802,15-803 inapplicable to checks for Title 12 debts.
§ gcl-16-101
Property Related Terms Defined
§ gcl-16-201
Vehicle Types Defined
§ gcl-16-202
Aircraft Liens
§ gcl-16-203
Property Liens and Lienors
§ gcl-16-204
delivery of lien conditions and discharge
§ gcl-16-205
Mortgages, Liens, Security Interests
§ gcl-16-206
Lien Disputes
§ gcl-16-207
The lienor shall publish notice of the time and terms of the sale
§ gcl-16-208
Issuance of Writs by the Court
§ gcl-16-209
No Preclusion Or Barring
§ gcl-16-301
In this subtitle, the term artisan includes any laborer, mechanic, repairman, tradesman, dry cleaner, and launderer.
§ gcl-16-302
Artisian Regulations
§ gcl-16-401
Permission to Sell Unclaimed Livestock
§ gcl-16-501
Section of Hotel Meaning
§ gcl-16-502
Hotel Keepers Have Rights to Guests Property if Payment is Due
§ gcl-16-503
Furniture Liens For Boarders and Lodgers
§ gcl-16-601
Hospitals Have Liens on 50% of Patients Recovery Sums
§ gcl-16-602
How a lein becomes effective
§ gcl-16-603
Medical Care Financial Obligations
§ gcl-16-604
Permittance of Inspection of Hospital Records
§ gcl-16-605
Clerk of Circuit Court Must File Lien Docket
§ gcl-16-701
qualified veterinarian
§ gcl-17-101
Maryland State Business Terms Defined
§ gcl-17-102
Duties of The Administrator
§ gcl-17-103
State Administrator Provisions
§ gcl-17-104
Abandoned property
§ gcl-17-105
rules defining the meaning of a document be under oath
§ gcl-17-201
Abandoned Property In Federal Custody Can Be Discovered by Administrator.
§ gcl-17-202
agreement with the federal government concerning abandoned property
§ gcl-17-203
Broken Obligation Court Cases
§ gcl-17-204
The Governor Certifies an Agreement to Federal Government
§ gcl-17-205
Abandoned buildings must be published by clerk
§ gcl-17-206
Obtaining Abandoned Property
§ gcl-17-207
Claimant of abandoned property in federal custody after judicial determination
§ gcl-17-208
Expiration of any limitations period.
§ gcl-17-209
Uniformity of the law within applicable states.
§ gcl-17-301
rules regarding presumption of banking or financial organization as abandoned
§ gcl-17-302
Fund abandonment & endowment accordance.
§ gcl-17-303
The utility that have the following funds will be abandoned.
§ gcl-17-304
Any stock or other certificate of ownership, or any dividend, profit, distribution, interest, or other sum held by a business association
§ gcl-17-305
Property Considered Abandoned After 30 Days from Closed Businesses
§ gcl-17-306
Intangible Property Limitations
§ gcl-17-307
Intangible Property Must Be Claimed Within 3 Years From Court.
§ gcl-17-308
Unclaimed Wages Are Considered Abandoned After 3 Years
§ gcl-17-308.1
Payment impose regulations
§ gcl-17-308.2
The filing of the report requires not more than 120 days.
§ gcl-17-309
§ gcl-17-310
Persons holding funds deemed abandoned must file a petition
§ gcl-17-310.1
§ gcl-17-311
publishing persons named in the notice in
§ gcl-17-312
Every person who has filed a report as provided in 17-310
§ gcl-17-313
Abandoned Property Custody Guidelines
§ gcl-17-315
Money or property can be presumed abandoned if a certain amount of time has passed to claim such things
§ gcl-17-316
Except as provided in this subsection, all abandoned property under this title:
§ gcl-17-317
Special Fund
§ gcl-17-318
rules related to filing a claim to property by a person claiming a legal interest in property
§ gcl-17-319
An administrator should hold a hearing under any claims.
§ gcl-17-320
Grievance actions for decisions made by the administrator.
§ gcl-17-321
Administrator Discretion in Listing of Property Presumed Abandoned
§ gcl-17-322
Examination of records regarding a failure to report property.
§ gcl-17-323
Failure in delivering abandoned property to Administration.
§ gcl-17-324
Administrator's Duties and Roles
§ gcl-17-325
Abandoned Property Recovery
§ gcl-17-326
Maryland Uniform Disposition of Abandoned Property Act.
§ gcl-18-101
§ gcl-18-201
Bill of Lading Violations
§ gcl-18-202
Officers, Agents and Carrier Employees cannot assist in fraudulent activity
§ gcl-18-203
Bills of Lading; Fraudulent Negotiation or Transfer;
§ gcl-18-204
Securing the issuance by a carrier of lading
§ gcl-18-205
Defraud intent disqualifies issuing nonnegotiable bill of landing
§ gcl-18-206
instructions to Officers issuing a bill of lading
§ gcl-18-207
Limits to shipping goods without title or lien.
§ gcl-18-301
Can issue Warehouse receipt only if goods are on hand.
§ gcl-18-302
Duplication of Receipts
§ gcl-18-303
False Statement law
§ gcl-18-304
A warehouseman ownership must be declared on receipts.
§ gcl-18-305
Maryland Negotiable Warehouse Receipt
§ gcl-18-306
Depositing of goods and fraud
§ gcl-18-307
distillery warehouse subject to the Tariff Act
§ gcl-18-401
Fines for violating provisions.
§ gcl-18-501
§ gcl-18-502
Self Service Storage Facility Lease Directives
§ gcl-18-503
Operator of a self-service storage facility has a lien on all personal property.
§ gcl-18-504
§ gcl-18-505
Care and Control of Objects in Self-Service Storage
§ gcl-18-506
Rental Agreements Prior to July 1, 1983
§ gcl-19-101
People of Maryland, not government are in charge.
§ gcl-19-102
Example of good cause in filing suit.
§ gcl-19-103
A supplier directly or indirectly change the competitive circumstances of a contract without good cause.
§ gcl-19-201
The relationship between dealers and suppliers when a contract expires.
§ gcl-19-202
within 90 days of contract termination the supplier must purchase all unsold merchandise
§ gcl-19-203
Requirements for Repurchasing from Dealers
§ gcl-19-204
Title does't affect supplier security interests.
§ gcl-19-205
Warranties for Supplier-Dealer Contracts
§ gcl-19-301
Maryland laws against what suppliers may not do
§ gcl-19-302
§ gcl-19-303
Recovery of damages due to violations of title agreements.
§ gcl-19-304
Sets 4 year statute of limitations for related title.
§ gcl-19-305
§ gcl-2-101
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Sales Title
§ gcl-2-102
Law Applicable To Transactions In Goods
§ gcl-2-103
§ gcl-2-104
What it means to be a merchant, financing agency, or to be between merchants.
§ gcl-2-105
Movable Goods Terminologies
§ gcl-2-106
§ gcl-2-107
Guidelines for Selling of Minerals
§ gcl-2-201
Sales and customs law
§ gcl-2-202
confirmatory memoranda of parties agreement
§ gcl-2-203
Section 2-203 Sealed Instrument Legislation.
§ gcl-2-204
A contract for sale of goods should be sufficient to show agreement
§ gcl-2-205
Laws of merchants buying and selling goods.
§ gcl-2-206
contract offers
§ gcl-2-207
Notification of objection to them has already been given or is given within a reasonable time.
§ gcl-2-209
requirements of the statute of frauds section : signed agreement between merchants
§ gcl-2-210
Assigning Delegates to Contracts
§ gcl-2-301
Obligations regarding the buyer and seller in a contract.
§ gcl-2-302
§ gcl-2-303
Risk or Burden Allocation Agreements in Maryland State
§ gcl-2-304
§ gcl-2-305
§ gcl-2-306
Terms Measuring the Quantity of Outpu
§ gcl-2-307
Goods delivery terms
§ gcl-2-308
delivery of goods
§ gcl-2-309
§ gcl-2-310
Payment of Goods
§ gcl-2-311
Agreement of a sale cannot be made invalid
§ gcl-2-312
Purchases & Warranty Regulations In Maryland State
§ gcl-2-313
Creation of Express Warranties
§ gcl-2-314
Implied warranty for merchantable goods
§ gcl-2-315
Goods Must Be Fit For the Intended Purpose
§ gcl-2-316
Remedies for breach of warranty can be limited in accordance with the provisions of this title
§ gcl-2-316.1
§ gcl-2-317
Law Regarding Inconsistent Sample Or General Language Of Description
§ gcl-2-318
Seller's Warranty Extends To Natural Persons In Family
§ gcl-2-319
free on board shipping rules between seller and buyer
§ gcl-2-320
§ gcl-2-321
Rules and regulations for estimated price for goods for seller and buyer
§ gcl-2-322
Seller of Shipped Goods Has Responsibility Until They Are Unloaded.
§ gcl-2-323
Law About Obtaining Bill of Lading For Overseas Shipment
§ gcl-2-324
"Seller must ship conforming goods."
§ gcl-2-325
Origins of an agreed letter of credit
§ gcl-2-326
Right to return goods bought for use
§ gcl-2-327
Rules About Sale on Approval
§ gcl-2-328
"Each separate auction lot is the subject of separate sale."
§ gcl-2-401
Title provisions and rights with the seller
§ gcl-2-402
The rights of unsecured creditors are subject to the rights of the buyer.
§ gcl-2-403
A Purchaser of Goods Receives the Title to Them
§ gcl-2-501
Insurable Interest In Goods By Identification Of Existing Goods
§ gcl-2-502
The identification creating his special property has been made by the buyer.
§ gcl-2-503
Seller Must Give Reasonable Time to Buyer for Taking Delivery.
§ gcl-2-504
If you sell something, you have to ship it.
§ gcl-2-505
State Identified Goods Contract Law
§ gcl-2-506
Financer's Rights to shipped goods
§ gcl-2-507
Payment Upon Delivery Conditions
§ gcl-2-508
Tenders and Delivery by Seller
§ gcl-2-509
If a seller ships a product to a buyer they are not responsible if it is lost in transit
§ gcl-2-510
Buyer protection.
§ gcl-2-511
tender of payment
§ gcl-2-512
Good Inspection and Payment for Goods With Nonconformities
§ gcl-2-513
tendered or delivered goods
§ gcl-2-514
Agreed Documents To Be Delivered Only On Payment
§ gcl-2-515
§ gcl-2-601
In a breach of an installment contract the harmed party must either accept or reject in whole.
§ gcl-2-602
Rejection of goods must be within a reasonable time.
§ gcl-2-603
Buying and selling of the goods : merchant and buyer benefits
§ gcl-2-604
State Perishable Item Provisionary Law
§ gcl-2-605
The buyer must point out an obvious defect.
§ gcl-2-606
Conditions of Acceptance of Goods
§ gcl-2-607
Buyer must pay a fair rate to a seller for goods under contract
§ gcl-2-608
Revocation of Acceptance of Commercial Lots and Units
§ gcl-2-609
Regulations for unfulfilled sales contracts.
§ gcl-2-610
You can reject a work contract if they do poorly.
§ gcl-2-611
Repudiating Party Retraction Regulations in Maryland State
§ gcl-2-612
That the People of this State have the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal government
§ gcl-2-613
Damaged and incomplete goods
§ gcl-2-614
Agreed manner of delivery becomes commercially impracticable but a substitute is available.
§ gcl-2-615
Seller delivery delay and Supply procedure
§ gcl-2-616
Rules for Contract Delays and Allocation
§ gcl-2-701
Remedies for Breach of Obligation or Promise Unaffected
§ gcl-2-702
Seller discoveries
§ gcl-2-703
Wrongful Rejection or Revocation of Purchased Goods
§ gcl-2-704
Aggrieved sellers have certain rights granted to them.
§ gcl-2-705
§ gcl-2-706
"Buyer's Breach Allows For Seller's Resale of the Balance According to 2-703."
§ gcl-2-707
A person in the position of a seller includes as against a principal
§ gcl-2-708
Providing Proof of Market Price
§ gcl-2-709
Buyer failing to purchase at price allows seller to recover cost legally.
§ gcl-2-710
§ gcl-2-711
Buyer-Seller Repudiation
§ gcl-2-712
Good Faith Substitute Products
§ gcl-2-713
Measurement of Damages for Nondelivery and Repudiation
§ gcl-2-714
Buyer May Recover Damages if Reasonable
§ gcl-2-715
§ gcl-2-716
Performance of Unique Goods
§ gcl-2-717
The Buyer May Deduct Damages Due To Breach of Contract
§ gcl-2-718
Damages due to breach by either party may be liquidated at a reasonable amount.
§ gcl-2-719
State Subject Provisions & Laws
§ gcl-2-720
cancellation or rescission of a contract
§ gcl-2-721
What remedies for material misrepresentation or fraud include
§ gcl-2-722
Action can be taken if damage is suffered
§ gcl-2-723
§ gcl-2-724
Reporting Discrepancies In The Price Of Goods
§ gcl-2-725
Lawsuit Must Be Filed Within 4 Years of Breach Of Contract.
§ gcl-20-101
A contract, conveyance, release, or sale may be made to or by two or more persons acting jointly.
§ gcl-20-102
§ gcl-20-103
§ gcl-20-104
Exempt If Made Prior To June 1, 1931.
§ gcl-20-105
Making the laws of Maryland
§ gcl-20-106
This act is to serve as the Maryland Uniform Interparty Agreement Act
§ gcl-21-101
§ gcl-21-102
The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act for electronic signatures
§ gcl-21-103
electronic record or signatures
§ gcl-21-104
Signature not required for electronic transactions
§ gcl-21-105
Electronic Transactions
§ gcl-21-106
Contract Validity : electronic record and signature
§ gcl-21-107
§ gcl-21-108
rules related to attribution of An electronic record or electronic signature to a person
§ gcl-21-109
change or error in an electronic record in a transmission
§ gcl-21-110
Legal Verification Guidelines
§ gcl-21-111
Electronic Records of Information
§ gcl-21-112
§ gcl-21-113
§ gcl-21-114
Electronic Records
§ gcl-21-115
§ gcl-21-116
A Government Agency's Ability To Create and Retain Electronic Records
§ gcl-21-117
"Governmental Agencies Control Electronic Records"
§ gcl-21-118
Law regarding Maryland adopting standards in accordance with 21-117.
§ gcl-21-118.1
§ gcl-21-119
§ gcl-21-120
Maryland Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.
§ gcl-22-101
Uniform Computer Information Transactions act
§ gcl-22-102
§ gcl-22-103
Computer Information Transaction (CIT)
§ gcl-22-104
§ gcl-22-105
contract violates a fundamental public policy is unenforceable
§ gcl-22-106
computer transactions
§ gcl-22-107
electronic record or authentication may not be denied legal effect
§ gcl-22-108
Authentication : access to the information and compliance to the attributions
§ gcl-22-109
§ gcl-22-110
Dispute Resolution Processes
§ gcl-22-111
Contract or term Law of Maryland
§ gcl-22-112
Engages in operations that in the circumstances indicate acceptance of the record or term.
§ gcl-22-113
a written agreement is enforceable to the contract terms unless agreed upon by both parties
§ gcl-22-114
Supplementation Of Principles Of Law And Equity
§ gcl-22-201
Contract Payments
§ gcl-22-202
Law regarding formation of contracts of agreements.
§ gcl-22-203
Ambiguous Contract Law
§ gcl-22-204
§ gcl-22-205
An offer or acceptance is conditional if it is conditioned on agreement by the other party to all the terms of the offer or acceptance
§ gcl-22-206
Contract formed through electronic agents
§ gcl-22-207
Consideration of Effective Release
§ gcl-22-208
Contract Regulations
§ gcl-22-209
adoption of the terms of a mass-market license by a party
§ gcl-22-210
Terms of Contract
§ gcl-22-211
Makes the standard terms of a license available for review.
§ gcl-22-212
The Efficacy Of An Attribution Procedure Between Parties
§ gcl-22-213
Authors of electronic messages must establish attribution
§ gcl-22-214
§ gcl-22-215
Receipt of an electronic acknowledgment of an electronic message.
§ gcl-22-216
Maryland Law for Submitting a Creation or Idea
§ gcl-22-301
Origins of confirmatory records
§ gcl-22-302
The express terms of an agreement
§ gcl-22-303
rules related to an agreement modifying a contract, needs no consideration to be binding
§ gcl-22-304
Changes in performance agreement
§ gcl-22-305
Contract Specifications Must Be Made In Good Faith.
§ gcl-22-306
Performance Obligation Agreement Regulations in Maryland State
§ gcl-22-307
rules defining the grants of a license
§ gcl-22-308
§ gcl-22-309
Satisfaction of Performances
§ gcl-22-401
Claims against licensor of information
§ gcl-22-402
Express Warranty Description
§ gcl-22-403
Computer program warrants
§ gcl-22-404
Warranty Limitations
§ gcl-22-405
Rules of Warranty
§ gcl-22-406
Disclaiming or Modifying Warranties
§ gcl-22-407
Illegal Use of Computer Software
§ gcl-22-408
warranties must be consistent with each other
§ gcl-22-409
Guidelines for Warranty
§ gcl-22-501
§ gcl-22-502
§ gcl-22-503
Rules for transfer of a contractual interest
§ gcl-22-504
Contract Transfers
§ gcl-22-505
rules related to perform the duties of a party
§ gcl-22-506
§ gcl-22-507
Financer Regulations
§ gcl-22-508
Transfer of sublicense
§ gcl-22-509
Revocability and Enforceability of Obligations
§ gcl-22-510
Financial Accomodation Breach
§ gcl-22-511
Licensor's intellectual property rights when dealing with financiers.
§ gcl-22-601
Performance and breaches of a contract.
§ gcl-22-602
Meaning of Term "Enable Use"
§ gcl-22-603
§ gcl-22-604
Delivery Information Services
§ gcl-22-605
An automatic restraint means a program, code, device, or similar electronic or physical limitation the intended purpose
§ gcl-22-606
Tendering Deliveries
§ gcl-22-607
Rules regarding delivery of copies and payment
§ gcl-22-608
Inspection of Copy
§ gcl-22-609
Acceptance of a Copy Stipulations
§ gcl-22-610
party accepting a copy should pay the consideration required by the agreement
§ gcl-22-611
§ gcl-22-612
Regulations of Computer Service
§ gcl-22-613
Meaning of Terms in this Section
§ gcl-22-614
Rules framed for risk of the loss on shipment delivery
§ gcl-22-615
Reasonable Delay Is Not A Breach Of Contract
§ gcl-22-616
Subsection (b) on termination for all obligations
§ gcl-22-617
"Parties May Not Terminate Agreements Without Notice"
§ gcl-22-618
License Termination Information
§ gcl-22-701
breach of contract agreement
§ gcl-22-702
Claim and Waiver discharge
§ gcl-22-703
A party may not cancel a contract or refuse a performance because of a breach of contract
§ gcl-22-704
Acceptance of tender
§ gcl-22-705
§ gcl-22-706
Refusal Or revocation Of Acceptance Of A Copy
§ gcl-22-707
Nonconforming Tenders Can Be Revoked.
§ gcl-22-708
Contract Obligations
§ gcl-22-709
Breach of Contract
§ gcl-22-710
Retractions by Repudiating Parties
§ gcl-22-801
§ gcl-22-802
Contract Cancellation Requirements
§ gcl-22-803
Origins of An agreement
§ gcl-22-804
Damages by breaching by party maybe liquidated
§ gcl-22-805
Breach Of Contract Action Must Be Initiated Within 4 Years.
§ gcl-22-806
Remedies for material misrepresentation
§ gcl-22-807
Compensation for Loss
§ gcl-22-808
Substitute transactions Litigation
§ gcl-22-809
Damage assessment for lease breaking
§ gcl-22-810
An aggrieved party may potentially deduct damages.
§ gcl-22-811
Specific Order Performance
§ gcl-22-812
Breach of Contract
§ gcl-22-813
The licensor's and licensee's right when the contract is not cancelled.
§ gcl-22-814
material breach of an access contract
§ gcl-22-815
Requirements of cancellation of a license
§ gcl-22-816
§ gcl-23-101
§ gcl-23-102
"Conflict in operating agreement "
§ gcl-23-103
Enforceable provisions of an operating agreement.
§ gcl-23-104
When the Division director may approve an applicant.
§ gcl-23-105
Civic duty
§ gcl-23-106
Conditions Limiting Subtitle Applicability
§ gcl-2A-101
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code -- Leases
§ gcl-2A-102
This title applies to leases.
§ gcl-2A-103
Definitions of business related terms
§ gcl-2A-104
Lease Agreement Regulations
§ gcl-2A-105
Compliance with Certifications of Title
§ gcl-2A-106
§ gcl-2A-107
Default Claim Guidelines
§ gcl-2A-108
§ gcl-2A-109
Restrictions on Terms Accelerating Payment
§ gcl-2A-201
When is a lease contract is not enforceable?
§ gcl-2A-202
Confirmatory memorandum of parties agree during dealing of trade.
§ gcl-2A-203
Affixing of seal to writing lease contract or an offer.
§ gcl-2A-204
How To Make A Lease Contract?
§ gcl-2A-205
rules related to the offer to lease goods by a merchant
§ gcl-2A-206
Rules for Lease Contract Offers
§ gcl-2A-208
Bylaws of a lease contract modifcation
§ gcl-2A-209
Benefit of suppliers promises to lessor under supply contract.
§ gcl-2A-210
Express warranty describe affirmation or promise made by the lessor
§ gcl-2A-211
Warranty in Lease Contract
§ gcl-2A-212
Requirements of Goods to be merchantable
§ gcl-2A-213
Section 2A-213 Lessor and Lessee Rights and Guidelines.
§ gcl-2A-214
Establishment of a Warranty
§ gcl-2A-214.1
§ gcl-2A-215
State Academic Paper Definition
§ gcl-2A-216
Warranty for the Benefit of a Lessee
§ gcl-2A-217
Origins of a lease contract
§ gcl-2A-218
Reasons for a lessee to obtain an insurable interest!
§ gcl-2A-219
Risk of Loss Ownership on Leases
§ gcl-2A-220
Lease contracts and risk of loss passage to lessee
§ gcl-2A-221
lease contracts
§ gcl-2A-301
Effectiveness of Lease Contract
§ gcl-2A-302
Applications regarding title or possession.
§ gcl-2A-303
Security Interests in Lease Contracts
§ gcl-2A-304
Guidelines for Transferring Leases
§ gcl-2A-305
Subleasing Goods
§ gcl-2A-306
Selling Goods with Liens
§ gcl-2A-307
Creditor and Lessee Requirements
§ gcl-2A-308
A creditor of a lessor in possession of goods subject to a lease contract may treat the lease contract.
§ gcl-2A-309
§ gcl-2A-310
Goods are accessions when they are installed on other goods.
§ gcl-2A-311
§ gcl-2A-401
Lease Obligations
§ gcl-2A-402
"If either party repudiates a lease contract they await retraction by the repudiating party."
§ gcl-2A-403
Repudiating Party's Retraction
§ gcl-2A-404
§ gcl-2A-405
Rules Regarding Lease Contract Whereby Delay In Delivery Or Non-Delivery By A Supplier Occurs
§ gcl-2A-406
§ gcl-2A-407
The validity is not affected under any other law of a covenant in any lease contract.
§ gcl-2A-501
The party in default in a lease is determined in a lease contract.
§ gcl-2A-502
The lessor or lessee in default under the lease contract is not entitled to notice
§ gcl-2A-503
Lease Agreement Regulations
§ gcl-2A-504
Payable damages of anticipated tax benefits provisions
§ gcl-2A-505
All obligations that are still executory are discharged
§ gcl-2A-506
Violating the contract on warranty or indemnity : Determining the act and validity
§ gcl-2A-507
Damages based on market rent
§ gcl-2A-508
Lease Contract Conformity Law
§ gcl-2A-509
Origins of installment lease contracts
§ gcl-2A-510
Current Lessee May Reject Installment Lease
§ gcl-2A-511
Liquidating Goods
§ gcl-2A-512
Rejection of Goods that Speedily Decline in Value
§ gcl-2A-513
§ gcl-2A-514
§ gcl-2A-515
Acceptance of Goods
§ gcl-2A-516
The lessee shall notify the lessor and the supplier.
§ gcl-2A-517
The lessee may revoke acceptance of a lot or commercial unit for other defaults by the lessor
§ gcl-2A-518
Lessee's rights after lessor defaults.
§ gcl-2A-519
Breach of Lease Agreement and Damages
§ gcl-2A-520
Inclusions of Incidental&Consequential Damages Resulting From A Lessor's Default
§ gcl-2A-521
"Specific performance may be decreed if the goods are unique."
§ gcl-2A-522
"A lessee may recover goods even if they haven't been shipped."
§ gcl-2A-523
Lessee/Lessor Expectations During a Lease
§ gcl-2A-524
Lessor Aggrieved Contract Rights
§ gcl-2A-525
The lessor has the right to refuse goods
§ gcl-2A-526
Lessor May Stop Delivery Of Goods
§ gcl-2A-527
rules regarding any default by a lessee under the lease contract
§ gcl-2A-528
Lease Rights and towards Goods
§ gcl-2A-529
Damages To Be Paid When Defaulting On A Lease
§ gcl-2A-530
§ gcl-2A-531
State Third-Party Lease Contract Law
§ gcl-2A-532
§ gcl-3-101
Law Of Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Negotiable Instruments
§ gcl-3-102
gcl-3-102 - applies to negotiable instruments only.
§ gcl-3-103
Definitions Used in Title
§ gcl-3-104
Unconditional Promises to Pay
§ gcl-3-105
Definition Of The Terms "Issue" and "Issuer".
§ gcl-3-106
Promises of Order
§ gcl-3-107
the foreign currency payment
§ gcl-3-108
Payable On Demand Conditions
§ gcl-3-109
Characteristics of Orders or Promises That are Payable to Bearers
§ gcl-3-110
§ gcl-3-111
§ gcl-3-112
Interest may be stated in an instrument as a fixed or variable amount of money or rates
§ gcl-3-113
Post-Dating Instruments
§ gcl-3-114
§ gcl-3-115
meaning of an Incomplete instrument
§ gcl-3-116
Liability of Instruments
§ gcl-3-117
Financial Instruments Can Be Amended Through A Separate Agreement.
§ gcl-3-118
Enforce the obligation of a party other than a certified check must be commenced within 6 years.
§ gcl-3-119
§ gcl-3-201
Negotiation means a transfer of possession."
§ gcl-3-202
§ gcl-3-203
Tranference of Instruments
§ gcl-3-204
Definition Of The Term "Indorsement".
§ gcl-3-205
Special Indorsement Instruments Guidelines
§ gcl-3-206
rules related to An indorsement limiting payment to a particular person
§ gcl-3-207
Requisition for instrument during transfers
§ gcl-3-301
Maryland State Definition of "Persons Entitled to Enforce
§ gcl-3-302
§ gcl-3-303
Tranference of Instruments
§ gcl-3-304
rules regarding an instrument on demand becoming overdue
§ gcl-3-305
Limitations on Collecting Instruments
§ gcl-3-306
Punishable law to person possession instruments
§ gcl-3-307
Rules and Exceptions in Breach of Fiduciary Duty
§ gcl-3-308
§ gcl-3-309
Instrument to be enforced if not in possession of it.
§ gcl-3-310
Checks Taken as Obligations
§ gcl-3-311
Requirements for Discharge of a Claim
§ gcl-3-312
§ gcl-3-401
A person is not liable on an instrument unless the person signed the instrument
§ gcl-3-402
Falsely Certifying Documents
§ gcl-3-403
If a signature is unauthorized it is invalid unless made in good faith for another party
§ gcl-3-404
Indorsement of an instrument acquired by an impostor by others are valid if done in good faith.
§ gcl-3-405
Legal definition of employee and his rights and liabilities
§ gcl-3-406
rules related to failure to exercise ordinary care
§ gcl-3-407
Alteration Definition
§ gcl-3-408
The drawee is not liable on the instrument until the drawee accepts it.
§ gcl-3-409
A draft may be accepted although it has not been signed by the drawer
§ gcl-3-410
§ gcl-3-411
Meaning of "Obligated Bank"
§ gcl-3-412
§ gcl-3-413
Draft Acceptor Duties and Obligations
§ gcl-3-414
Conditions Do Not Apply to Cashiers Checks or Other Drafts Drawn on the Drawer When..
§ gcl-3-415
Dishonoring the instrument : Rules and obligation of indorser
§ gcl-3-416
Transfer of Instruments for Consideration
§ gcl-3-417
§ gcl-3-418
Acceptance of Bank Drafts
§ gcl-3-419
Signature of Instruments to Parties
§ gcl-3-420
Personal Property Conversion Laws as it Applies to Instruments.
§ gcl-3-501
rules defining the meaning of presentment
§ gcl-3-502
Dishonoring of a note rules
§ gcl-3-503
§ gcl-3-504
payment or acceptance of an instrument excuses
§ gcl-3-505
State Presumption of Dishonor Law
§ gcl-3-601
§ gcl-3-602
Obligation of a party to pay the instrument is not discharged under subsection.
§ gcl-3-603
§ gcl-3-604
Enforcing of Instruments
§ gcl-3-605
§ gcl-4-101
uniform commercial code
§ gcl-4-102
Liability for Bank and Limitations of Article
§ gcl-4-103
Section 4-103 Banking Responsibility Claims
§ gcl-4-104
title Context requirements
§ gcl-4-105
§ gcl-4-106
§ gcl-4-107
How To Send Notices To Banks With Multiple Branches?
§ gcl-4-108
Bank handling the money and items after a cutoff hour
§ gcl-4-109
Collecting Bank and Payment Security
§ gcl-4-110
meaning of an Agreement for electronic presentment
§ gcl-4-111
3 years is the limit to enforce any action neede to be taken
§ gcl-4-201
Rules for Settlement Given by Collecting Bank
§ gcl-4-202
If a bank is asking for collateral,it must take care to represent itself properly.
§ gcl-4-203
Title 3 Instrument Conversions
§ gcl-4-204
Bank Item Transfer
§ gcl-4-205
Deposits Made to Banks
§ gcl-4-206
Bank to bank transfers
§ gcl-4-207
All signatures on the item are authentic and authorized
§ gcl-4-208
§ gcl-4-209
Section 4-209 Bank Encoding Information Guidelines.
§ gcl-4-210
Collecting Bank Regulations
§ gcl-4-211
A Bank Has Security Interest In An Item.
§ gcl-4-212
Acceptance of payment through collecting bank.
§ gcl-4-213
bank settlements
§ gcl-4-214
Bank Customer Settlements
§ gcl-4-215
Payment of an item by a payor bank
§ gcl-4-216
§ gcl-4-301
Provision given to Bank to get settlement from customers
§ gcl-4-302
§ gcl-4-303
The timing of the effectiveness of a stop payment order.
§ gcl-4-401
Commercial law regulating bank charges against customers' accounts.
§ gcl-4-402
compensation available to customers, if wrongful dishonor by bank
§ gcl-4-403
Stopping Payment of Funds
§ gcl-4-404
A bank is under no obligation to a customer having a checking account to pay a check
§ gcl-4-405
rules related to A payor or collecting banks authority to accept, pay for proceeds of its collection
§ gcl-4-406
A customer may request an item from the bank that paid the item
§ gcl-4-407
Payor bank Law of Maryland
§ gcl-4-501
power of bank regarding documentary draft
§ gcl-4-502
Approval of Goods on Arrival
§ gcl-4-503
Bank Draft documentation and procedures
§ gcl-4-504
Selling of Goods by Presenting Bank
§ gcl-4A-101
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Funds Transfers
§ gcl-4A-102
Titling and Subtitling Funds Transfer
§ gcl-4A-103
§ gcl-4A-104
§ gcl-4A-105
Definitions of terms pertaining to banking.
§ gcl-4A-106
Payment Order Time-frame and procedures
§ gcl-4A-107
Federal Reserve System Regulations Supersede Any Inconsistent Provisions.
§ gcl-4A-108
Does not Apply to Funds Transfer
§ gcl-4A-201
Definition of "security procedure" in banking
§ gcl-4A-202
The bank is not required to follow an instruction that violates a written agreement
§ gcl-4A-203
Rules Governing Accepted Payment Orders in Maryland
§ gcl-4A-204
§ gcl-4A-205
§ gcl-4A-206
Payment order addressed to a receiving bank is transmitted to a funds-transfer system.
§ gcl-4A-207
The beneficiarys bank need not determine whether the name and number refer to the same person
§ gcl-4A-208
§ gcl-4A-209
Acceptance of payment : Rules to be followed by the Bank
§ gcl-4A-210
Commercial laws regulating acceptance and rejection of payment by banks.
§ gcl-4A-211
Payment modifications can be sent in many ways.
§ gcl-4A-212
§ gcl-4A-301
Payment orders execution rules
§ gcl-4A-302
Section 4A-302 Bank Payment Obligations.
§ gcl-4A-303
Receiving Bank Payment Regulations
§ gcl-4A-304
§ gcl-4A-305
§ gcl-4A-401
an order is due on its assigned pay date
§ gcl-4A-402
Payment Orders for Banks
§ gcl-4A-403
Bank Payment Guidelines
§ gcl-4A-404
Payments Accepted and Made by Banks
§ gcl-4A-405
§ gcl-4A-406
Originator and beneficiary rights regarding funds transfer payments.
§ gcl-4A-501
Funds Transfer Regulations
§ gcl-4A-502
Creditor Processes
§ gcl-4A-503
A Court May Stop a Person From Transferring Funds
§ gcl-4A-504
§ gcl-4A-505
Bank receive proper notification from customer for payment
§ gcl-4A-506
Agreement on Bank's obligation in paying interest
§ gcl-4A-507
Funds transfers between parties
§ gcl-5-101
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code - Letters of Credit
§ gcl-5-102
Here Adviser means a person who, at the request of the issuer, a confirmer.
§ gcl-5-103
Letters of Credit Rights and Obligations
§ gcl-5-104
How To Issue Letter Of Credit?
§ gcl-5-105
Letter of credit consideration
§ gcl-5-106
A letter of credit that states that it is perpetual expires 5 years after its stated date
§ gcl-5-107
rules regarding obligation of a confirmer on a letter of credit
§ gcl-5-108
Issuer shall honor a presentation determined by practice
§ gcl-5-109
Presentation Guidelines
§ gcl-5-110
Warrants of Beneficiaries in Honored Presentations
§ gcl-5-111
"If an issuer dishonors it's obligation then the beneficiary can collect."
§ gcl-5-112
Letters of Credit
§ gcl-5-113
A successor may offer consent without revealing status as successor.
§ gcl-5-114
Meaning of proceeds of a letter of credit".
§ gcl-5-115
Maryland on the enforcement of act obligations
§ gcl-5-116
Liability is Governed by Law of Jurisdiction
§ gcl-5-117
Origins Of A beneficiary
§ gcl-5-118
Security interest granted according to given presentation value
§ gcl-6-101
The Maryland Uniform Commercial Code
§ gcl-6-102
All bulk transfers of goods located within this State are subject to this title.
§ gcl-6-103
business transfer
§ gcl-6-104
Transferee requires the transferor to furnish a list of his existing creditors.
§ gcl-6-105
§ gcl-6-106
§ gcl-6-107
§ gcl-6-108
regulation on auctioneer,property and bulk fund transfer
§ gcl-6-109
Creditors of the Transferor May Only be Noticed Once
§ gcl-6-110
property purchaser
§ gcl-6-111
after 6 months, no action can be taken for purchased products unless it was hidden
§ gcl-7-101
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code
§ gcl-7-102
§ gcl-7-103
Title is subject to all treaties and statutes of the US.
§ gcl-7-104
Negotiable Titles of Documents
§ gcl-7-105
Substitution for Electronic Document
§ gcl-7-106
rules related to the control of a person on an electronic document of title
§ gcl-7-201
rules regarding issuance of warehouse receipt by any warehouse
§ gcl-7-202
Section 7-202 Warehouse Receipt Guidelines.
§ gcl-7-203
Party or purchaser otherwise has notice of the nonreceipt or misdescription
§ gcl-7-204
Liability of Warehouse for Damages
§ gcl-7-205
Fungible goods sold by a warehouse are free of warehouse receipt claims.
§ gcl-7-206
Removal of Goods from a Warehouse
§ gcl-7-207
Warehouse allowed to keep goods covered by each receipt .
§ gcl-7-208
Receipt of Good-Faith Purchases
§ gcl-7-209
Warehouse With A lien Law Of Maryland
§ gcl-7-210
Public Warehouse Act under US Jurisdiction
§ gcl-7-301
Consignee may request damage payments in certain circumstances
§ gcl-7-302
Bill creator is subject to not breaching document.
§ gcl-7-303
Delivery to Places Other Than Designated Address
§ gcl-7-304
Tangible Bill of Lading
§ gcl-7-305
Requests for issuance of a bill of lading.
§ gcl-7-306
Alteration of bills of lading enforcement regulations
§ gcl-7-307
A carrier has a lien on goods.
§ gcl-7-308
Placement and notification for a lien on carrier goods.
§ gcl-7-309
Carrier care and performance in regards to a bill of lading.
§ gcl-7-401
§ gcl-7-402
Limits rights of duplicate titles.
§ gcl-7-403
Bailee Regulations
§ gcl-7-404
Bailee rights to goods
§ gcl-7-501
Rules for negotiable tangible document of title
§ gcl-7-502
Negotiable documentation act under agency law.
§ gcl-7-503
Understanding the procedure of procuring a title
§ gcl-7-504
A Transferee Of A Title Acquires The Title And Rights Of The Transferor
§ gcl-7-505
§ gcl-7-506
Negotiations and transfers of title or ownership.
§ gcl-7-507
Negotiating or delivering a document of title
§ gcl-7-508
Banks that are asked for claim documents will deliver them.
§ gcl-7-509
Determining Adequate Document of Title
§ gcl-7-601
The bailee Law of Maryland
§ gcl-7-602
If no document of title is given the property or goods does not need to be turned over
§ gcl-7-603
§ gcl-8-101
Maryland Uniform Commercial Code Investment Securities
§ gcl-8-102
Broker means a person defined as a broker or dealer here in this law.
§ gcl-8-103
Shares of organisations act as security.
§ gcl-8-104
Acquisition of Security or Special Interest in Security
§ gcl-8-105
Notice of an Adverse Claim in Maryland.
§ gcl-8-106
Buyer holds control of certified security
§ gcl-8-107
Definition of an "appropriate person".
§ gcl-8-108
The transferor or indorser does not know of any fact that might impair the validity of the security.
§ gcl-8-109
Origins of a person originating an entitlement order
§ gcl-8-110
§ gcl-8-111
effective governance of rights and obligations by clearing corporation
§ gcl-8-112
A seizure certificate must be claimed in order to redeem interest of the debtor
§ gcl-8-113
Contracts and contract modification involving security transactions
§ gcl-8-114
The rules apply in an action on a certificated security against the issuer for each signature on a security certificate or in a necessary indorsement
§ gcl-8-115
Transference of Financial Assets
§ gcl-8-116
rules related to A securities intermediary that receives a financial asset and establishes a security
§ gcl-8-201
Definitions of an Issuer
§ gcl-8-202
certificate and terms against a purchase
§ gcl-8-203
Event that requires payment or delivery of money or securities
§ gcl-8-204
Restrictions on Transfers
§ gcl-8-205
Unauthorized Signatures on Security Certicates
§ gcl-8-206
§ gcl-8-207
Entitlements before an instruction requesting registration of transfer.
§ gcl-8-208
Requirements of Persons Signing Security Certificates
§ gcl-8-209
Lien Law Of Maryland
§ gcl-8-210
§ gcl-8-301
Delivery has occurred when purchaser acquires possession of the security certificate
§ gcl-8-302
"A purchaser of security obtains rights."
§ gcl-8-303
A protected purchaser also acquires its interest in the security free of any adverse claim
§ gcl-8-304
Indorsement Guidelines
§ gcl-8-305
Incomplete Instruction
§ gcl-8-306
Duties Of A Person Who Guarantees Signatures
§ gcl-8-307
proof and payment was be given prior to transporting any purchase
§ gcl-8-401
Transfer of Securities
§ gcl-8-402
rules related to follow assurance regarding indorsement required by issuer
§ gcl-8-403
Registration and Transfer of Securities
§ gcl-8-404
Wrongful Registration/Tranfers of Securities
§ gcl-8-405
§ gcl-8-406
§ gcl-8-407
Acting as authenticating trustee, transfer agent, registrar, or other agent for security's.
§ gcl-8-501
meaning of Securities account
§ gcl-8-502
Aqcuisition of security entitlement : Claims to financial asset or other theory
§ gcl-8-503
Security Entitlements Requirements and Definitions
§ gcl-8-504
Sets requirement for securities intermediary to purchase securities.
§ gcl-8-505
Criminal Procedure; Court Ordered Controlled Substance Evaluation; Conditions; Detention.
§ gcl-8-506
Security Intermediaries Rights
§ gcl-8-507
Responsibilities of A securities intermediary
§ gcl-8-508
Securities Intermediary Actions
§ gcl-8-509
Duties of securities intermediary governed by statue
§ gcl-8-510
§ gcl-8-511
Financial Asset Interest
§ gcl-9-101
maryland uniform commerical code
§ gcl-9-102
Specific meanings under this title
§ gcl-9-102
Specific meanings under this title
§ gcl-9-103
Definitions of Security Interest Sub Sections
§ gcl-9-104
Secured Party Deposits
§ gcl-9-105
Secured party and electronic Chattel paper ordinance
§ gcl-9-105
Secured party and electronic Chattel paper ordinance
§ gcl-9-106
Control of securities and commodity contracts
§ gcl-9-107
Maryland control of credit laws
§ gcl-9-108
"A description of personal or real property is sufficient."
§ gcl-9-109
Subtitle Application Rules and Guidelines
§ gcl-9-110
Security Interest Is Enforceable
§ gcl-9-201
§ gcl-9-202
Rights Given to Title Holders
§ gcl-9-203
How & Why interests attach to collateral
§ gcl-9-204
Security Agreement Stipulations
§ gcl-9-205
State Security Interest & Creditor Fraud Law
§ gcl-9-206
Stipulations About Security Interest
§ gcl-9-207
Collatral Laws and Responsibilities Regarding Collateral Possession
§ gcl-9-208
State Security Obligation Law
§ gcl-9-209
State Notification of Debtors Law
§ gcl-9-210
§ gcl-9-301
Local law governs debtor
§ gcl-9-302
Maryland Jurisdictions Govern Local Law Regarding Farm Products
§ gcl-9-303
Applications and effective date for certificate of title for goods
§ gcl-9-304
The local law of a banks jurisdiction!
§ gcl-9-305
Rules for the certified and uncertified security
§ gcl-9-306
Issuers jurisdiction or nominated persons jurisdiction.
§ gcl-9-307
meaning of place of business
§ gcl-9-307
meaning of place of business
§ gcl-9-308
Section 9-309 Security Interest Guidelines
§ gcl-9-309
"Following security interests are perfected when they attach proper documentation."
§ gcl-9-310
Norms of a perfected security interest
§ gcl-9-311
Filing Financial Statements
§ gcl-9-311
Filing Financial Statements
§ gcl-9-312
"Security interests may be protected by filing."
§ gcl-9-313
Perfection of Security Interests (Collateral)
§ gcl-9-314
Security Interests in Property
§ gcl-9-315
Guidelines for security interests and agricultural liens.
§ gcl-9-316
Law of jurisdiction on security interest : Conditions for perfection
§ gcl-9-316
Law of jurisdiction on security interest : Conditions for perfection
§ gcl-9-317
Subordinance of Security Interests or Agricultural Liens
§ gcl-9-317
Subordinance of Security Interests or Agricultural Liens
§ gcl-9-318
Debtor and Creditor Collateral Equitable Interest Transferrance
§ gcl-9-319
The rights of a creditor of a consignee, law other than this title determines the rights
§ gcl-9-320
Regulations of Security Interests
§ gcl-9-321
§ gcl-9-322
Conflicting Security Interests
§ gcl-9-323
Determination of the Priority of a Perfect Security Interest
§ gcl-9-324
purchase-money security interest in inventory of the debtor
§ gcl-9-325
Subordination of Security Interest Created by a Debtor
§ gcl-9-326
Provisions for dsecurity interests of new debtors
§ gcl-9-326
Provisions for dsecurity interests of new debtors
§ gcl-9-327
Rules to be followed among conflicting security interests in the same deposit account.
§ gcl-9-328
Law About Security Interests
§ gcl-9-329
Parties Having LOC Will Get Priority In Case of Conflict.
§ gcl-9-330
Chattel paper priority law
§ gcl-9-331
State Title & Rights Limitations
§ gcl-9-332
Transference of Money Free of Security Interests
§ gcl-9-333
"Possessory lien" on goods
§ gcl-9-334
Understanding Security Interests
§ gcl-9-335
Creation of a Security Interest
§ gcl-9-336
Commingled Goods Description and Security Interest Claims
§ gcl-9-337
§ gcl-9-338
Security Interest or Agricultural Lien Act
§ gcl-9-339
No preclusion of subordination by agreement by a person entitled to priority
§ gcl-9-340
Banks Can Exercise Recoupment Rights.
§ gcl-9-341
State Bank Procedures & Exemptions
§ gcl-9-342
A bank does not need to enter into a contract even if the bank customer requests it
§ gcl-9-401
Debtor's Rights in Collateral Are Governed By Law
§ gcl-9-402
Debtors, Collateral and their Liability for Acts or Omissions
§ gcl-9-403
An agreement between an assigner and a debtor must be made in good faith.
§ gcl-9-404
Rights of an Assignee
§ gcl-9-405
rules related to the effectiveness of A modification of or substitution for an assigned contract
§ gcl-9-406
Debtors Options Upon Receiving a Bill
§ gcl-9-406
Debtors Options Upon Receiving a Bill
§ gcl-9-407
Ineffective terms in a lease agreement.
§ gcl-9-408
Agreement and terms relating to Health Care Insurance.
§ gcl-9-408
Agreement and terms relating to Health Care Insurance.
§ gcl-9-409
Letter of Credit Terms
§ gcl-9-501
Governing of Agricultural Liens and Security Interest
§ gcl-9-502
Financial Statement Should Have Debtor Name and Collateral Information.
§ gcl-9-502
Financial Statement Should Have Debtor Name and Collateral Information.
§ gcl-9-503
Details about a financing statement
§ gcl-9-503
Details about a financing statement
§ gcl-9-504
§ gcl-9-505
Definitions for Consignors, Lessors, or Bailors
§ gcl-9-506
Financial statement statisfies the requirement of subtitle.
§ gcl-9-507
State Filed Financial Statement Law
§ gcl-9-507
State Filed Financial Statement Law
§ gcl-9-508
Financial Statements by Debetor
§ gcl-9-509
Conditions for Filing Initial Financing Statement
§ gcl-9-510
Record Filing Restrictions
§ gcl-9-511
rules related to A secured party of record with respect to a financing statement
§ gcl-9-512
Commercial law concerning managing collateral.
§ gcl-9-513
secured party finance ordinance
§ gcl-9-514
An Initial Financing Statement Can Authorize Other Parties to Make Amendments.
§ gcl-9-515
Financing statement filed in connection with a publicfinance transaction
§ gcl-9-515
Financing statement filed in connection with a publicfinance transaction
§ gcl-9-516
A record is deemed filed if it is accepted by filing office and filing fee paid for.
§ gcl-9-516
A record is deemed filed if it is accepted by filing office and filing fee paid for.
§ gcl-9-517
Filing Office liability
§ gcl-9-518
Statement of Information
§ gcl-9-518
Statement of Information
§ gcl-9-519
Office Duties for each record filed
§ gcl-9-520
Reasons Filing Office Shall Refuse Records
§ gcl-9-521
A Filing Office Must Accept Written Records
§ gcl-9-521
A Filing Office Must Accept Written Records
§ gcl-9-522
Filing office maintain a record of filed financing
§ gcl-9-523
Requirements for File Requests
§ gcl-9-525
The number of names required to be indexed does not affect the amount
§ gcl-9-526
Guidelines of the Department to implement Subtitle
§ gcl-9-601
secured parties rights after default
§ gcl-9-602
Debetor Rights and Regulations
§ gcl-9-603
§ gcl-9-604
Maryland on security agreements
§ gcl-9-605
State Secured Party Law
§ gcl-9-606
Origins Of a default
§ gcl-9-607
§ gcl-9-607
§ gcl-9-608
State Security Interest Liens & Procedural Laws
§ gcl-9-609
Possession of Collateral by Secured Party In Case of Default
§ gcl-9-610
A contract for better sale, lease and license.
§ gcl-9-611
Notification of disposition for collateral
§ gcl-9-612
Notification Timeline is Question of Fact
§ gcl-9-613
Rules for consumer goods transaction
§ gcl-9-614
rules related to the consumer goods transaction
§ gcl-9-615
Application Process And Payment Methods For Secured Party
§ gcl-9-616
words,meaning and their relevance in the Maryland law
§ gcl-9-617
rules related to secured partys disposition of collateral after default
§ gcl-9-618
The secondary obligor becomes responsible after receiving assignment from secured party.
§ gcl-9-619
§ gcl-9-620
Secured Party Collateral Guidelines
§ gcl-9-621
Any person from which the secured party has received, before the debtor consented to the acceptance.
§ gcl-9-622
"A secured partys acceptance of collateral in full secures transfers."
§ gcl-9-623
Collateral Redemption Policy
§ gcl-9-624
Right of Debtor to Waive Right to Notification
§ gcl-9-625
Proceedings For Failure to Comply with Title
§ gcl-9-626
Directions for proceedings of collection, enforcement, disposition, or acceptance for party
§ gcl-9-627
How to rightfully collect collateral
§ gcl-9-628
Secured Party codes
§ gcl-9-701
Original Code and Prior Code Definitions
§ gcl-9-702
Validity of transactions or liens not previously governed"
§ gcl-9-703
Security Interest Enforcement
§ gcl-9-704
Security Interest Enforceability
§ gcl-9-705
Filings Before and After the Effective Date of Law
§ gcl-9-706
"The filing of a financial statement remains effective."
§ gcl-9-707
Pre-effective-date financing statement amendments.
§ gcl-9-708
Financing Statement Filing
§ gcl-9-709
Claims to collateral before this title
§ gcl-9-801
Acts effective July 1, 2013
§ gcl-9-802
The Act takes effect on July 1, 2013.
§ gcl-9-803
The act only effects proceedings made after the effective date of the act.
§ gcl-9-804
The applicable requirements for perfection under this title, as amended by the Act
§ gcl-9-805
When the Act takes effect if the applicable requirements for perfection under this title.
§ gcl-9-806
Financial Filing Act
§ gcl-9-807
Initial Financing Statement Effectiveness Rules
§ gcl-9-808
Security Interest Perfection and Modification for Financial Statements
§ gcl-9-809
Defines requirements of Chapter 674.
§ gcl-9-810
Priority of Collateral Claims