Courts and Judicial Proceedings

This is Article gcj of the Code of State, titled “Courts and Judicial Proceedings.” It’s comprised of the following 924 sections.

§ gcj-1-101
Terms and definitions as relating to court.
§ gcj-1-102
Official letterhead stationery of the judicial department guidelines.
§ gcj-1-201
The power of the Court of Appeals to make rules and regulations to govern the practice
§ gcj-1-202
Courts have the power to issue punishment to those found in contempt.
§ gcj-1-203
The Constitution of the United States and the Laws made to the contrary notwithstanding.
§ gcj-1-204
Rights of Circuit Court or Special Circuit Court Judges Residing in Anne Arundel County
§ gcj-1-205
In this section the following words have the meanings indicated
§ gcj-1-301
The Court of Appeals of Maryland, established by Article IV, $$ 1 and 14 of the Maryland
§ gcj-1-302
former judge definition
§ gcj-1-401
The Court of Special Appeals is established. It is an intermediate court of appeal
§ gcj-1-402
The Court of Special Appeals consists of 13 judges, one of whom shall be designate
§ gcj-1-403
Regulations regarding the Special Court of Appeals
§ gcj-1-501
Circuit Court as Highest Common-Law Court In the State
§ gcj-1-502
Circuit court has has exclusive jurisdiction over misdemeanor
§ gcj-1-503
In each county in the first seven judicial circuits there shall be the number of resident judges
§ gcj-1-504
Rent and Space Regulations For County Facilities In Maryland State
§ gcj-1-601
Establishment of the District Court of Maryland
§ gcj-1-602
The purposes of operation and administration of the District Court
§ gcj-1-603
The duties of Chief judge and Associate judges.
§ gcj-1-603.1
Maryland District Courthouse Is Now Judge L. Leonard Ruben District Courthouse
§ gcj-1-605
Chief Judge of District court is chief admin
§ gcj-1-606
§ gcj-1-607
Appointment of district judges
§ gcj-1-608
The cost of maintenance, operation, and administration, and of providing necessary facilities
§ gcj-1-609
District Court Judges Reside Over Issuance of Warrants
§ gcj-1-701
A judges salary may not be diminished during his continuance in office.
§ gcj-1-702
The annual salary of the Chief Judge and where it is provided
§ gcj-1-703
State Personnel pension article
§ gcj-1-704
Increase in judicial Salary conditions and approval
§ gcj-1-705
Definition of "supplementation" of salary for a judge or spouse of a judge
§ gcj-1-706
Payment for Work-Related Expenses Incurred by Judges.
§ gcj-1-707
Health care rights for Maryland district court judges.
§ gcj-1-708
This subtitle was established to determine the pension of judges and state employees
§ gcj-10-1001
Requirements for Dangerous Substances as Physical Evidence
§ gcj-10-1002
Chain of physical custody.
§ gcj-10-1003
§ gcj-10-1004
Chain of custody law for a mortician
§ gcj-10-101
Business Term Defined
§ gcj-10-102
Document Preservation and Duplication Requirements
§ gcj-10-103
§ gcj-10-104
"Meaning of Health Care Terminology"
§ gcj-10-105
§ gcj-10-1101
Insurance Regulations
§ gcj-10-1102
Documents of Claim for vehicle accident.
§ gcj-10-1103
A claimant may obtain the documentation described 101102 of subtitle if the claimant provides in writing
§ gcj-10-1104
Claim to the Estate of Another Individual: What is Needed
§ gcj-10-1105
rules related to the filing of a document by the insurer
§ gcj-10-201
Annotated Code of Maryland 1957 Edition
§ gcj-10-201.1
§ gcj-10-202
Maryland Uniform Proof of Statutes Act : Regulations on printing and publishing
§ gcj-10-203
§ gcj-10-204
Copy of Public Record Certification Law
§ gcj-10-205
Communication Practices Among Maryland Emergency Medical Systems
§ gcj-10-206
New Clerk Copies of Old Records Are Treated as Original Copies
§ gcj-10-207
Interstate Commerce Commission Print Law
§ gcj-10-208
An account of a death should include the name of the deceased, the date, cause, and place of death.
§ gcj-10-209
For Missing Persons, A Written Report Must Be Filed
§ gcj-10-210
A certified copy may be used as evidence of the authority of a person.
§ gcj-10-301
Speed of motor vehicle may prove as evidence
§ gcj-10-301.1
Meanings of words Specimen and blood and tests according to their given articles.
§ gcj-10-302
Determination of alcohol concentration in drivers in a prosecution
§ gcj-10-303
How to Test for Alcohol Concentration
§ gcj-10-304
Glossary of Terms Related to Medical Professions
§ gcj-10-305
Law for the test to determine alcohol concentration defendant.
§ gcj-10-306
criminal trial regulations
§ gcj-10-307
Regulations Concerning Impaired Motor Vehicle Driving
§ gcj-10-308
evidence of analysis does't effect other evidence
§ gcj-10-309
Rules Regarding Acceptable Testing For Vehicle Operators
§ gcj-10-310
The use of electronic surveillance and photographs in Maryland judicial proceedings.
§ gcj-10-311
A recorded image of a motor vehicle produced by a traffic control signal monitoring system
§ gcj-10-312
Provisions of rule of law on transportation article subjects emission of a diesel automobile to trial.
§ gcj-10-401
term meaning indications
§ gcj-10-402
Lawfulness of Interception of Communications
§ gcj-10-403
Electronic Communications Interception & Privacy Infringement Laws
§ gcj-10-404
The Department of State Police may seize and forfeit any device in violation of this article.
§ gcj-10-405
Legality of intercepted communication
§ gcj-10-406
Applying for Interception of Communications
§ gcj-10-407
Law enforcement officers are authorized to share any communication according to this subtitle.
§ gcj-10-408
Rules for Wiretapping by Law Enforcement
§ gcj-10-409
Requirements and Procedures of Judge Within 30 Days of Order Expiration
§ gcj-10-410
State Electronic Communication Interception Law
§ gcj-10-411
Law enforcement agencies must report with state Police
§ gcj-10-412
Wiretapping Without a Warrant is a Felony
§ gcj-10-413
Secretary of State Police vests with power law and enforcement
§ gcj-10-414
Section 10-414 Electronic Communication Interception Guidelines.
§ gcj-10-4A-01
The Following Words Techinally Mean As Follows
§ gcj-10-4A-02
Unauthorized access to a wire or electronic communication is punishable by law
§ gcj-10-4A-03
Electronic Communication Services
§ gcj-10-4A-04
law enforcement may require a provider of a wire electronic communications
§ gcj-10-4A-05
Regulations regarding supplying records of electronic communications under court order
§ gcj-10-4A-06
The chief of police, deputy chief of police, or equivalent official of a law enforcement agency
§ gcj-10-4A-07
Investigation and reimbursement for disruptions of communication services.
§ gcj-10-4A-08
Civil action electronic communication services
§ gcj-10-4B-01
"Court of competent jurisdiction" means any circuit court having jurisdiction over the crime
§ gcj-10-4B-02
except under title persons may not use a pen register
§ gcj-10-4B-03
An investigative or law enforcement officer may make application for an order or an extension
§ gcj-10-4B-04
The Time Limits and duration of a trap and trace device.
§ gcj-10-4B-05
requests under law enforcement officers
§ gcj-10-501
Every Judge in the State Must Recognize Common Law
§ gcj-10-502
The Court May Inform Itself of Laws
§ gcj-10-503
laws made by court shall be reviewable
§ gcj-10-504
Regulations of Parties Presenting Evidence Outside Jurisdiction
§ gcj-10-505
Other Jurisdictions Not Subject to Judicial Notice Provisions
§ gcj-10-506
Uniformity of Law
§ gcj-10-507
Maryland Uniform Judicial Notice of Foreign Law Act
§ gcj-10-601
How To Prove A Debt of Record In the US or A Foreign Country
§ gcj-10-701
Government Judgment That Grants or Denies Recovery of Money
§ gcj-10-702
subtleties applicable to a foreign judgment that is final, conclusive.
§ gcj-10-703
Enforcements of Foreign Judgment of a Sister State
§ gcj-10-704
Conditions for concluding a foreign judgment is valid.
§ gcj-10-705
State Foreign Judgment Law
§ gcj-10-706
§ gcj-10-707
This subtitle does not prevent the recognition of the foreign judgement
§ gcj-10-708
Law Interpreted And Construed To Effectuate General Purpose
§ gcj-10-709
The Maryland Uniform Foreign Money-Judgments Recognition Act
§ gcj-10-801
Property Rights on priority of death and evidence
§ gcj-10-802
When there are two or more beneficiaries, property will be divided equally among all beneficiaries.
§ gcj-10-803
When two tenants have a property contract when one dies the other shall retain property right
§ gcj-10-804
policy beneficiaries
§ gcj-10-805
This Specific Subtitle Does not Apply to Deeds and Wills
§ gcj-10-806
Subtitles Must State The Clear Purpose of Law
§ gcj-10-807
This Is The Maryland Uniform Simultaneous Death Act
§ gcj-10-901
Criminal Case Proceedings
§ gcj-10-902
no presumption of offenses committed by a wife
§ gcj-10-903
It can not be used against you in a civil hearing if you failed to testify at a criminal hearing on the same subject
§ gcj-10-904
Evidence is must to show a person is commiting a same crime of other person for which he is charged.
§ gcj-10-905
Evidence is admissible to prove interest of witness
§ gcj-10-906
Proof of Execution of a Written Instrument
§ gcj-10-907
A consideration in writing must be shown to charge a person on a Special Promise.
§ gcj-10-908
Objects Placed on a Plat may be Considered Evidence
§ gcj-10-909
The limits of legalities of patented land ownership.
§ gcj-10-910
Limitations on recovery for negligence on behalf of an infant.
§ gcj-10-911
Approved Noise Devices Are Admissable in a Court of Law
§ gcj-10-912
A confession may not be excluded from evidence solely
§ gcj-10-913
In a case with personal damages or injury evidence of ones financial means is acceptable.
§ gcj-10-914
Positive drug/alcohol test sufficient to revoke parole with no expert testimony from the laboratory
§ gcj-10-915
regulations in regards to DNA use in criminal proceedings
§ gcj-10-916
Proving Battered Spouse Syndrome Defense
§ gcj-10-917
Statement of expenses is sufficient in restitution hearings
§ gcj-10-918
Plaintiff Not Precluded From Right To Property Because of Lack of Procurement
§ gcj-10-919
rules related to establishing criminal accountability After all right to appeal has been exhausted,
§ gcj-10-920
An admission of liability or fault that is part of or in addition to a communication
§ gcj-10-921
§ gcj-10-922
Legal statement omitted for initial appearances law
§ gcj-11-101
Establishment of Dollars and Cents as The State Court's Payment Denomination
§ gcj-11-102
joint liability judgement against partners
§ gcj-11-103
if a contract action brought upon alleged joint debtors
§ gcj-11-104
Plaintiff recovery of personal property and damages for the wrongful retention of property.
§ gcj-11-105
§ gcj-11-106
Interest Rate for Money Judgment Arising a Contract Loan Action
§ gcj-11-107
Legal Rate of Interest on Judgements
§ gcj-11-108
Limitations on Noneconomic Damages That May Be Awarded in Tort Actions
§ gcj-11-109
In this section, "economic damages" means loss of earnings and medical expenses
§ gcj-11-110
Individuals may be Fined up to $7500 for Hurting Animals
§ gcj-11-111
The Execution through an appointed Trustee and decree of a Court Ordered Deed.
§ gcj-11-112
§ gcj-11-201
Judgments Will Equal the Amount Due in Cases of Bonds, Bills or Covenants
§ gcj-11-202
The Value of Damages owed in the Wrongful Abstracting and Working of another's Minerals.
§ gcj-11-203
In an action on the bond of the clerk of a court or register of wills
§ gcj-11-301
Injury of Defendant As Result of Motor Vehicle Accident
§ gcj-11-401
State Money Judgment Law
§ gcj-11-402
Property laws regarding court and judicial proceedings in Maryland.
§ gcj-11-403
A write of execution on a money judgment does not become a lien on the personal property
§ gcj-11-501
A Sheriff or Constable to whom any writ of execution is directed may size
§ gcj-11-502
A Sheriff is responsible for Proceedings involved in the sales of a property and due notifications.
§ gcj-11-503
Right to sell Sheriff's properties for dues or liabilities
§ gcj-11-504
Rules For Debt Collection
§ gcj-11-505
A Sheriff selling property must give the court a copy of public assessment record.
§ gcj-11-506
Procedures for a Defendant Waiving His Exemptions
§ gcj-11-507
§ gcj-11-508
defendant is entitled to 100.00 if sale of property can't be divided to satisfy judgement
§ gcj-11-509
The role of the sheriff in selling property.
§ gcj-11-510
Practices regarding sheriff seizures, judgments, and bonds.
§ gcj-11-511
Distribution of Money From a Sherriffs Sale May be Approved by the Court
§ gcj-11-512
§ gcj-11-513
Write of execution issued, if person fails to testify.
§ gcj-11-601
Rights of the garnishee in courts and judicial proceedings.
§ gcj-11-602
rules related to not levy the amount more than the plaintiff makes appear by a sheriff
§ gcj-11-603
Restrictions for garnishment of property held by more than one person
§ gcj-11-701
Power of District Court to Adjust Decrees
§ gcj-11-702
A District Court Judge may not issue a blank execution on a judgment.
§ gcj-11-703
When a Judgment of the District Court is Entered.
§ gcj-11-801
§ gcj-11-802
Environment law for the political subdivision citizen director appointment.
§ gcj-11-803
If a foreign judgement is filed notice must be made to all parties
§ gcj-11-804
Requirements of the Court to Stay Enforcement of A Foreign Judgement
§ gcj-11-805
Fees for other enforcement proceedings
§ gcj-11-806
This Law construed to achieve general purpose to make the state which enact it uniform.
§ gcj-11-807
Foreign Judgments Act
§ gcj-12-101
A Short Glossary of Maryland State Judicial Terms
§ gcj-12-201
Court of special appeals filed the petition, later not described by maryland rules
§ gcj-12-202
Circumstances where permission to appeal or prosecute may be requested.
§ gcj-12-203
Court of appeals may find case review and determination
§ gcj-12-301
A civil case, a plaintiff who has accepted a remittitur may cross-appeal from the final judgment.
§ gcj-12-302
Regulations for appealing court rulings.
§ gcj-12-303
Parties May Appeal Repossesion of Property For Many Reasons
§ gcj-12-304
Maryland State Law Regarding Right to Appeal "Contempt of Court" Charge
§ gcj-12-305
Review of Court Appeals
§ gcj-12-306
Laws are enacted to distribute jurisdiction between Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals.
§ gcj-12-307
What a Court of Appeal has rights to
§ gcj-12-308
The Court of Special Appeals has Jurisdiction over Circuit Courts.
§ gcj-12-309
A petition for judicial review of a final decision by the State Board of Contract Appeals
§ gcj-12-401
The guidelines and legalities of appealing your court sentence.
§ gcj-12-402
Scope for affected persons in respect of contempt of court to appeal
§ gcj-12-403
appeals from district court should be taken to circuit court
§ gcj-12-404
If a fine or a penalty is appealed in court, the appellate court may enact nonpayment.
§ gcj-12-501
A party may appeal to the Court of Special Appeals from a final judgment
§ gcj-12-502
Appeals to Circuit Court Rather than Special Appeals from Orphan Court
§ gcj-12-601
Terminology of parties and interest when conducting judicial proceedings.
§ gcj-12-602
the court of special appeals of this state and judicial proceeding law.
§ gcj-12-603
court of appeals may answer to United States or appellate
§ gcj-12-604
Reformulation regulations of the Court of Appeals of the State in Questioning of law
§ gcj-12-605
Certification of a Question of Law to Court of Appeals
§ gcj-12-606
In Cecil County, Approval (License) Needed for Festival of Maryland Wine
§ gcj-12-607
the appeal court has the power to accept or reject the question regarding the problems
§ gcj-12-608
proceedings to be governed by the Maryland Rules After the Court of Appeals of State has accepted a certified question
§ gcj-12-609
Court of Appeals Rules For "Written Opinion" In Maryland State
§ gcj-12-610
Maryland State Law Covering "Fees and Costs" In Civil Appeals
§ gcj-12-611
If any provision of this subtitle or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid.
§ gcj-12-612
This subtitle shall be applied and construed to effectuate its general purpose to make uniform law
§ gcj-12-613
Maryland Uniform Certification of Questions of Law Act is represented in this Subtitle.
§ gcj-12-701
About the appeals from an Orphans' Court
§ gcj-12-702
If a sentence is handed down to a lower court the defendant shall receive time off for time served
§ gcj-13-101
Establishment and Rules Regarding The Administrative Office of the Courts
§ gcj-13-102
A Court Administrator Is Permitted In Each 7th Judicial Circuit
§ gcj-13-201
§ gcj-13-202
The salary of the State Reporter.
§ gcj-13-203
State Budgeted State Reporter
§ gcj-13-204
state reporter under state of appeals
§ gcj-13-301
Court of Appeals can make a standing Committee
§ gcj-13-302
Employment of Assistants to Committees
§ gcj-13-303
The State Court Administrator Pays Assistants' Expenses
§ gcj-13-401
Rights of the courts
§ gcj-13-402
Consequences of refusal to obey a subpeona and produce records
§ gcj-13-403
The Commission may grant to any person immunity from prosecution, or from any penalty or forfeiture
§ gcj-13-501
§ gcj-13-502
The library committee consists of three or more persons appointed to serve without compensation
§ gcj-13-503
Library Committee responsibilities include:
§ gcj-13-504
Duties of the Director of the State Law Library
§ gcj-13-601
Definitions pertaining to the Real Property Records Improvement Fund.
§ gcj-13-602
fund for circuit court property records maintenance
§ gcj-13-603
Revenues from copies made on equipment bought through the Fund
§ gcj-13-604
The surcharge shall be collected by the office of the clerk of the circuit court for each county
§ gcj-13-605
Responsibilities of The State Treasurer
§ gcj-13-606
The Administrator shall adopt rules necessary to carry out the purposes of this subtitle
§ gcj-2-101
Different title words have different meanings.
§ gcj-2-102
If advisable in a specific proceeding, a court may appoint an auditor
§ gcj-2-103
Any unfinished business is the responsibility of the new officer.
§ gcj-2-104
constitutional oath of officers
§ gcj-2-105
Sheriff, Commissioner, and Court Clerk Bond Requirements
§ gcj-2-106
Oaths Are Required For Public Officials.
§ gcj-2-107
§ gcj-2-201
The clerk of a court shall have custody of the books, records, and papers
§ gcj-2-202
A clerk may use equipment to make her job easier if it fits in the budget.
§ gcj-2-203
Examining Papers Filed With Clerk of the Court
§ gcj-2-204
Clerk of Courts, Hours of Operation.
§ gcj-2-205
rules regarding destruction of pleadings by the clerk of a circuit court
§ gcj-2-206
§ gcj-2-207
For purposes of this section, "person in interest" has the meaning stated in $ 10-611
§ gcj-2-208
Clerk must apply for licenses needed in region by may 1st or pay a penalty for each failure.
§ gcj-2-209
Clerk of a circuit court reserves the right to issue licenses regarding certificate compliance and insurance.
§ gcj-2-210
Responsibilities of a Clerk of a Circuit Court Regarding Licenses
§ gcj-2-211
Deliverance of Commissions by the Governor
§ gcj-2-212
The Obligations and Rules of the Clerk of the Circuit.
§ gcj-2-213
Percentage of Public Money the Circuit Court Clerk is Entitled To
§ gcj-2-301
Papers Served by County Sheriff
§ gcj-2-302
Order of Property Seizure Directed to Sheriff of That County
§ gcj-2-303
How Sheriffs Serve Papers
§ gcj-2-304
Consequences of the Sheriff Failing to File a Return
§ gcj-2-305
A fee of $500 to the person detained without the Writ of Habeas Corpus.
§ gcj-2-306
Fine paid by sheriff to plaintiff can proceed against defendant.
§ gcj-2-307
A sheriff shall keep an official record of the fees and charges he collects
§ gcj-2-308
Collecting fees of a clerk, register, attorney, or other officer and other responsibilities of the Sheriff
§ gcj-2-309
The Salaries of Sheriffs and Their Deputies
§ gcj-2-310
§ gcj-2-311
The Sheriff may Issue Guidelines Regarding Property in Possession of The Sheriff's Office.
§ gcj-2-401
Appointment of Clerk for appellate court
§ gcj-2-402
The employees for the post which may be appointed by an Appellate court.
§ gcj-2-403
Compensation will be provided to clerk, his deputies and other employees by state budget
§ gcj-2-404
appellate court may direct sheriff to court
§ gcj-2-501
employees of circuit court Baltimore City
§ gcj-2-502
Each clerk of a circuit court shall keep permanently a test book containing the oaths of office
§ gcj-2-503
The jury judge for a county may order a court reporter to take and transcribe testimony
§ gcj-2-504
Establishing The Salary of The Clerk of Each Circuit Court
§ gcj-2-504.1
Each Court Clerk Must Submit An Annual Budget For Review
§ gcj-2-505
procedure and appointment of the office clerk positions
§ gcj-2-506
§ gcj-2-507
A bailiff will receive compensation based on each day he attends circuit court.
§ gcj-2-508
§ gcj-2-509
In Anne Arundel County, there is the Office of the Director of Assignments of the Circuit Court
§ gcj-2-510
This Section applies only to employees of the Domestic Relations Division
§ gcj-2-511
Included in the State budget for the Judiciary Department of Maryland
§ gcj-2-512
Each circuit court judge shall have one law clerk, to be employed by the State
§ gcj-2-5A-01
Meanings of the words 'Director', 'Employee' and 'Personnel merit system
§ gcj-2-5A-02
office of the clerk personnel merit system
§ gcj-2-5A-03
Establishing a Judicial Personnel Committee
§ gcj-2-5A-04
§ gcj-2-5A-05
Status of the Employees of The Circuit Court for Baltimore City
§ gcj-2-5A-06
Listing of public officials subject to the personal merit system in Maryland.
§ gcj-2-5A-07
§ gcj-2-601
The Administrative officials of the district court are to be appointed by the chief judge.
§ gcj-2-602
the chief judge of district court appointes chief clerk, assistant chief clerk, supervising auditor and the coordinator etc.
§ gcj-2-603
The Responsibilites of the Chief Clerk of the District Court
§ gcj-2-604
The appointment of constables and the rights and the remuneration of the constables
§ gcj-2-605
Service of Civil Process and Papers of the District Court
§ gcj-2-606
Maryland Constables Have Same Powers As Sheriffs.
§ gcj-2-607
The role of the Administrative judge of each district and the commissioner of the district court.
§ gcj-2-608
Procedure for Statement of Charges Against Law Enforcement
§ gcj-3-1001
There shall be provided protection and advocacy services to persons with developmental disabilities
§ gcj-3-101
Glossary of Judicial Terms for Absentees
§ gcj-3-102
If at Issue a Death Must Be Determined by Evidence in Court
§ gcj-3-103
Section 3-103 Life And Accident Insurance Legislation.
§ gcj-3-104
Proceedings for the protection of property of an absentee shall be conducted
§ gcj-3-105
Ways Judges Can Compel Guardians to Search For Absentees
§ gcj-3-106
Termination of Guardianship Proceedings Upon a Person's Death
§ gcj-3-108
Absentee Appearances After Guardianship Has Been Termintaed
§ gcj-3-109
Termination of Guardianship
§ gcj-3-110
_ 3-106 subtitle for property distribution
§ gcj-3-1101
The owner of the hazardous materials
§ gcj-3-1102
Transports a hazardous material in commerce on a highway in the State
§ gcj-3-1102.1
Establishing Liabilities For Those at Fault in Hazardous Waste Spills
§ gcj-3-1103
A motor carrier that is at fault and causes a traffic accident that results in a spill or discharge of hazardous materials
§ gcj-3-1104
Municipal Emergency Response Team Equipment Reimbursement
§ gcj-3-1105
Subtitle dose not affect any fire or rescue squad.
§ gcj-3-1106
§ gcj-3-1107
Those involved with work related hazardous materials have statutory or common law rights.
§ gcj-3-1108
§ gcj-3-1201
Fixed Definitions And Their Meanings
§ gcj-3-1202
Defines financial responsibility of motor carriers for HAZMAT spills.
§ gcj-3-1202.1
The Person In Control and At Fault is Responsible for the Expenses of an Emergency Response.
§ gcj-3-1203
This section do not resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of the parties
§ gcj-3-1204
This subtitle does not affect any liability or immunity of a paid fire company, a paid rescue squad
§ gcj-3-1205
§ gcj-3-1206
This subtitle does not abrogate any statutory or common law right
§ gcj-3-1207
Fire Companies That Work For Profit Must Meet State Guidelines
§ gcj-3-1301
"Employee theft" means the theft of any merchandise from a mercantile establishment by an employee
§ gcj-3-1302
Liabilities of Responsible Persons to Merchants
§ gcj-3-1303
Merchant Legal Proceedings
§ gcj-3-1304
demand letter for shoplifting or employee theft
§ gcj-3-1305
Merchants receiving their payments upon demand
§ gcj-3-1306
All Citizens are Bound to the Dictates of the Constitution of the United States and Maryland State Laws.
§ gcj-3-1307
Details about when to seek recovery of the civil penalty available for a merchant
§ gcj-3-1308
Damages and civil penalty claims not more than $10,000 excluding lawyer fees
§ gcj-3-1401
Definition of the therms "injured person" and Joint tort-feasors.
§ gcj-3-1402
Right of contribution exists among joint tort-feasors.
§ gcj-3-1403
§ gcj-3-1404
If an injured person releases one person in the guilty party, it doesn't release the all.
§ gcj-3-1405
Release of injured party
§ gcj-3-1406
Lack of Impairment of Indemnity
§ gcj-3-1407
Title is to make uniform laws for the state
§ gcj-3-1408
This subtitle may be cited as the Maryland Uniform Contribution Among Joint Tort-Feasors Act
§ gcj-3-1409
Effects of Invalidity of Provisions to this Subtitle
§ gcj-3-1501
Terminology of court and judicial proceedings in Maryland.
§ gcj-3-1502
Rights of a Plaintiff to Pursue Additional Legal Remedies
§ gcj-3-1503
Sets criteria for a petitioner's demand for relief.
§ gcj-3-1503.1
Eligible rules regarding an interim peace order
§ gcj-3-1504
Temporary Peace Order Requirements
§ gcj-3-1505
Respondent shall have an opportunity to be heard.
§ gcj-3-1506
Process for Rescinding or Modifying a Peace Order.
§ gcj-3-1507
Peace Order Guidelines
§ gcj-3-1508
Maryland Law for Failure to Comply with Peace Order.
§ gcj-3-1509
Implementation of Subtitle by The Court of Appeals
§ gcj-3-1510
§ gcj-3-1601
In this subtitle, "controlled dangerous substance" has the meaning stated in $ 5-101
§ gcj-3-1602
Courts and Judicial proceedings law of Criminal Law Article and Actions by the state.
§ gcj-3-1603
Who can File Civil Action for Damages for a Deceased Individual.
§ gcj-3-1604
A person entitled to bring a civil action under this subtitle may seek damages
§ gcj-3-1605
Law Enforcement Officer Guidelines
§ gcj-3-1606
A person entitled, under subtitle may recover losses.
§ gcj-3-1607
the use of dangerous substances by the person or public is prohibited
§ gcj-3-1701
§ gcj-3-1801
In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.
§ gcj-3-1802
Mediation Guidelines
§ gcj-3-1803
Non-Disclosure guidelines for mediators or person's acting on the behalf of mediators
§ gcj-3-1804
Legality of Communications and Documents in Mediation
§ gcj-3-1805
Subtitle Determining Mediation Communication Disclosure Requirements
§ gcj-3-1806
This subtitle may be cited as the Maryland Mediation Confidentiality Act
§ gcj-3-201
Guardian means a person appointed by a court as guardian here.
§ gcj-3-202
An agreement providing for arbitration under the law of the State confers jurisdiction on a court
§ gcj-3-203
rules related to the filing of petition with the court
§ gcj-3-204
The court shall make any determination provided for in this subtitle without a jury
§ gcj-3-205
Origins of initial petition for an order
§ gcj-3-206
Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, a written agreement to submit
§ gcj-3-206.1
Consumer definition per section
§ gcj-3-207
Regulations of Arbitration
§ gcj-3-208
Abritration Agreements
§ gcj-3-209
Court Proceedings and Stays
§ gcj-3-210
An order for arbitration on the ground that the claim in issue lacks merit or bona fides
§ gcj-3-211
How an Arbitrator Shall Be Appointed
§ gcj-3-212
powers of the arbitrators under the title _ gcj-3-212
§ gcj-3-213
Actions can be taken deom Arbitrators
§ gcj-3-214
At an arbitration hearing, the parties have the right to be heard
§ gcj-3-215
The majority of the arbitrators may determine any question and render a final award
§ gcj-3-216
A party has the right to be represented by an attorney at any proceeding
§ gcj-3-217
The arbitrators may issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and for the production of books
§ gcj-3-218
Rules on witnesses!
§ gcj-3-219
The arbitration award shall be in writing and signed by the arbitrators who joined in the award
§ gcj-3-220
Transcribing Arbitration
§ gcj-3-221
Unless the arbitration agreement provides otherwise, the award shall provide for payment
§ gcj-3-222
How the arbitrators shall modify or correct an award
§ gcj-3-223
A petition to modify or correct the award shall be filed within 90 day
§ gcj-3-224
Except as provided in paragraph (2), a petition to vacate the award shall be filed within 30 day
§ gcj-3-225
If an award has been canceled, the court may order a rehearing.
§ gcj-3-226
§ gcj-3-227
A party may petition the court to confirm the award
§ gcj-3-228
The judgment may be enforced as any other judgment in Maryland
§ gcj-3-229
Origins of a dead party whom made a written agreement
§ gcj-3-230
If a party dies before an award is returned and judgment rendered
§ gcj-3-231
Applicable only after May 31, 1965.
§ gcj-3-232
laws of the state must be uniform with each other
§ gcj-3-234
Maryland Uniform Arbitration Act
§ gcj-3-2A-01
Definition of Meanings in Subtitle
§ gcj-3-2A-02
Standards for bringing malpractice lawsuits against healthcare providers.
§ gcj-3-2A-03
The Director may adopt reasonable rules and regulations to govern procedures under this subtitle
§ gcj-3-2A-03A
Financial regulations for the Health Claims Arbitration Fund.
§ gcj-3-2A-04
A person having a claim against a health care provider for damage due to a medical injury
§ gcj-3-2A-05
The Director and the Panel Chairman decides over the issues.
§ gcj-3-2A-06
Rejection of Arbitration Award and Ensuing Court Proceedings
§ gcj-3-2A-06A
Health Care Disputes
§ gcj-3-2A-06B
Health Care Disputes
§ gcj-3-2A-06C
§ gcj-3-2A-06D
Not applicable after filing January1,2005
§ gcj-3-2A-07
§ gcj-3-2A-08
Advanced payment regulations
§ gcj-3-2A-08A
Paying costs involving medical lawsuits
§ gcj-3-2A-09
Rules Regarding Awards
§ gcj-3-2A-10
Subtitle Relates To Procedure And Does Not Change Any Cause Of Action.
§ gcj-3-2B-01
§ gcj-3-2B-02
Arbitration Within the State of Maryland
§ gcj-3-2B-03
§ gcj-3-2B-04
Jurisdiction of The Circuit Courts
§ gcj-3-2B-05
Circuit Court Complaints
§ gcj-3-2B-06
aribtral tribunal agreement
§ gcj-3-2B-07
§ gcj-3-2B-08
Appeals of a party engaged in an international commercial arbitration
§ gcj-3-2B-09
Maryland International Commercial Arbitration Act Subtitle
§ gcj-3-2C-01
§ gcj-3-2C-02
Filing of a certificate of qualified expert.
§ gcj-3-301
Courts can Issue Attachments on Judgements or Decrees
§ gcj-3-302
Courts can Issue Attachments Regarding Property to Debtors
§ gcj-3-303
Attachments to judgments involving debtors.
§ gcj-3-304
Liquidated Damages Law
§ gcj-3-305
Issue of an attachment by a debtor.
§ gcj-3-401
§ gcj-3-402
relief from uncertainty and insecurity
§ gcj-3-403
Jusrisdictional Rights
§ gcj-3-404
Unaffect Of Right To Jury Trial If Brought Under Law
§ gcj-3-405
Procedure for Unconstitutionality of Franchises
§ gcj-3-406
Any persons under a legal contract can have determined the validity of that contract.
§ gcj-3-407
Construed Contracts
§ gcj-3-408
Sole Legal Physical Custody Awarded to Dad
§ gcj-3-408.1
Declarations over Land Patents
§ gcj-3-409
Courts Can Grant Declaratory Judgements In Civil Cases.
§ gcj-3-410
§ gcj-3-411
The declaration may be affirmative or negative in form and effect and has the force and effect of a final judgment or decree.
§ gcj-3-412
Judgement Relief
§ gcj-3-413
§ gcj-3-414
Harmonizing and the Law
§ gcj-3-415
Maryland Uniform Declaratory Judgments Act
§ gcj-3-501
rules related to the words spoken maliciously against a woman
§ gcj-3-502
A Woman's Rights Regarding Chastity
§ gcj-3-503
Broadcast stations have limited liability for political candidates' messages.
§ gcj-3-504
Radio and Television Network Regulations
§ gcj-3-601
Courts cannot enforce contracts under conditions
§ gcj-3-701
Judges right to grant a writ of habeas corpus
§ gcj-3-702
Upon receiving the petition, a judge shall grant the writ of habeas corpus immediately
§ gcj-3-703
§ gcj-3-704
Rights of the judge On return of a writ of habeas corpus and production of a person
§ gcj-3-705
Guidelines for Individuals Released on Habeas Corpus
§ gcj-3-706
Memorandum Deadline For Person Released/Discharged by a Judge
§ gcj-3-707
Determining Rights to Bail
§ gcj-3-801
§ gcj-3-802
§ gcj-3-803
§ gcj-3-804
Maryland state Law: Rules on jurisdiction of child or CINA
§ gcj-3-805
filing of petition alleging that a child is a CINA
§ gcj-3-806
§ gcj-3-807
Appointance of Masters for Juvenile Cases
§ gcj-3-808
Trial of cases under this subtitle will be without a jury.
§ gcj-3-809
The local department shall file a petition
§ gcj-3-810
Rules governing the format of a petition.
§ gcj-3-811
rules related to the CINA petition
§ gcj-3-812
Terminology for the Office of the Courts and Judicial Proceedings
§ gcj-3-813
Rights to legal assistance of council and limitations in subtitle proceedings
§ gcj-3-814
Methods of Enforcement of Child Custody
§ gcj-3-815
§ gcj-3-816
The parent or guardian has to undergo medical attention
§ gcj-3-816.1
§ gcj-3-817
court shall hold an adjudicatory hearing for a CINA petition
§ gcj-3-818
Child Abuse Procedures
§ gcj-3-819
Rights and restrictions of a disposition on a CINA petition.
§ gcj-3-819.1
within 30 days of voluntary petitions a hearing must take place
§ gcj-3-819.2
Specified meaning for "disability"
§ gcj-3-820
Child Placement Guidelines After CINA Disposition.
§ gcj-3-821
The conditions that allow the court to issue an order in a child custody case.
§ gcj-3-822
CINA Hearing Guidelines
§ gcj-3-823
§ gcj-3-824
Requirements for emergency medical treatment of children
§ gcj-3-825
A child who is not delinquent may not be put in a facility for delinquent children
§ gcj-3-826
Written reports are due ten days before hearings
§ gcj-3-827
All court records pertaining to a child shall be confidential
§ gcj-3-828
Punishment and Fine for an Adult Causing a Child to be in Need of Assistance
§ gcj-3-829
Law Of Juvenile Court
§ gcj-3-830
Purpose and Scope of Court Appointed Special Advocate Program
§ gcj-3-8A-01
§ gcj-3-8A-02
§ gcj-3-8A-03
§ gcj-3-8A-04
§ gcj-3-8A-05
Jurisdiction Is Determined Based On Age of Delinquent.
§ gcj-3-8A-06
Procedures on charging a child under age 15
§ gcj-3-8A-07
The maximum age of children as it pertains to state jurisdiction.
§ gcj-3-8A-08
Child Supervision
§ gcj-3-8A-09
Filing of Petitions
§ gcj-3-8A-10
Intake Officer Guidelines
§ gcj-3-8A-10
Intake Officer Guidelines
§ gcj-3-8A-10.1
Secretary to establish Department of Juvenile Services Child in Need of Supervision Pilot Program.
§ gcj-3-8A-11
An intake officer shall use the following form to inform persons
§ gcj-3-8A-12
A statement is made by the participant in the discussion.
§ gcj-3-8A-12
A statement is made by the participant in the discussion.
§ gcj-3-8A-13
Maryland Childcare Laws
§ gcj-3-8A-14
Child Custody Protocols
§ gcj-3-8A-14.1
Proceedings regarding an Arrest Warrant.
§ gcj-3-8A-15
Only the court or court officer can authorize detention of children.
§ gcj-3-8A-16
Transfer of Juvenile Offenders to/from Adult Institutions
§ gcj-3-8A-16.1
The child should undergo blood lead level testing if a petition is filed.
§ gcj-3-8A-17
Court Authority To Assign Agencies In Child Studies
§ gcj-3-8A-17.1
A petition the child
§ gcj-3-8A-17.10
Case Hearing Without Child Testimony Requirement
§ gcj-3-8A-17.11
Children Presumed Not to Have Committed Alleged Acts
§ gcj-3-8A-17.12
Competency Regulations
§ gcj-3-8A-17.2
Changing Conditions of The Examination
§ gcj-3-8A-17.3
qualified expert shall examine the child
§ gcj-3-8A-17.4
Court to hold competency hearing within 15 days of expert's report.
§ gcj-3-8A-17.5
Procedure for Child Competency Hearings When Child is Competent
§ gcj-3-8A-17.6
§ gcj-3-8A-17.7
Determining the Competency of a Child in Court
§ gcj-3-8A-17.8
Child Competency Hearing Report Filing Requirements
§ gcj-3-8A-17.9
Conditions of the court to dismiss delinquency petition
§ gcj-3-8A-18
Maryland Petitions and Citations Must be Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt.
§ gcj-3-8A-19
Custody Court Hearings
§ gcj-3-8A-19
Custody Court Hearings
§ gcj-3-8A-19.1
Definition of Victim
§ gcj-3-8A-19.2
the definitions of a residence and a peace order.
§ gcj-3-8A-19.3
The Peace Order and It's compliants.
§ gcj-3-8A-19.4
Conditions for Modification of Peace Orders During Their Term.
§ gcj-3-8A-19.5
3-8A-19.2(c) for peace order
§ gcj-3-8A-20
When an assistance of counsel is allowed to a party.
§ gcj-3-8A-20.1
treatment service plan
§ gcj-3-8A-21
Emergency Healthcare for Abused Children
§ gcj-3-8A-22
Legal Handling of Minors
§ gcj-3-8A-23
Word meanings
§ gcj-3-8A-24
Details of child custody orders.
§ gcj-3-8A-25
Committing Juvenilles
§ gcj-3-8A-26
Orders for Welfare of Children
§ gcj-3-8A-27
Nonlatex Condoms Can't Be Sold in Vending Machines
§ gcj-3-8A-28
Restitution May Be Judged Against Parents or Children
§ gcj-3-8A-29
Opportunity of Parents in Reference to Child Support
§ gcj-3-8A-30
Rules for Child Supervision and Delinquency
§ gcj-3-8A-32
When a court can appoint an attorney for guarding interests of a child.
§ gcj-3-8A-33
An enforcement officer must issue a citation to a child if the child violates law.
§ gcj-3-8A-34
Criminal Procedure Article is applied to victims provided under 11-1003 .
§ gcj-3-8B-01
Court of law has jurisdiction over mandamus
§ gcj-3-8B-02
Writ of Mandamus Can be Tried by Jury.
§ gcj-3-8C-01
Truancy Reduction Pilot Program Guidelines
§ gcj-3-8C-02
Establishment of a Truancy Reduction Pilot Program.
§ gcj-3-8C-03
A child who is required under 7-301 of the Education Article
§ gcj-3-8C-04
School Official juvenile violation rules.
§ gcj-3-8C-05
Petitions for the Truancy of a Child.
§ gcj-3-8C-06
Courts dates for disposition and adjudicatory hearing
§ gcj-3-8C-07
Criminal defendant's right regarding probation.
§ gcj-3-8C-08
Transferring children's court proceedings to another county.
§ gcj-3-8C-09
format of petition for the Maryland Rules
§ gcj-3-8C-10
Court jurisdiction under the subtitle.
§ gcj-3-8C-11
Appeal regarding final judgment is allowed.
§ gcj-3-8C-12
Reporting of the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals
§ gcj-3-901
Definitions of child,parent,person & wrongful act.
§ gcj-3-902
Action Against A Death One's Wrongful Act
§ gcj-3-903
§ gcj-3-904
A parent may not be a beneficiary in a wrongful death action for the death of a child
§ gcj-4-101
Defining "criminal case" as a case involving motor vehicle or traffic law
§ gcj-4-201
The District Court can Judge all Cases Statewide
§ gcj-4-202
Individual can use this articles for their health
§ gcj-4-301
The State Boat Act
§ gcj-4-302
Specified Provisions for District Court proceedings regarding crime.
§ gcj-4-303
jurisdiction in The District Court over a person
§ gcj-4-304
Mayland State District Court has jurisdiction
§ gcj-4-401
Origins of A proceeding
§ gcj-4-402
District Court Does Not Have Jurisdiction To Decide Property Ownership.
§ gcj-4-404
Concurrent jurisdiction between District Court And Circuit Court.
§ gcj-4-405
District Court and Small Claims
§ gcj-5-1001
Definitions and meanings for words used in the subtitle.
§ gcj-5-1002
Filing Fees For A Prisoner Who brings A Civil Action.
§ gcj-5-1003
The prisoner Resolving The Complaint or grievance
§ gcj-5-1004
What the court shall review
§ gcj-5-1005
A court may place the prisoners remaining and future civil actions on an inactive case list.
§ gcj-5-1006
Civil action awards to prisoners will pay off any restitution or child support payments they have
§ gcj-5-1007
Maryland Civil Trial Appeals
§ gcj-5-101
Date Restriction of Civil Action Lawsuits
§ gcj-5-102
Act to be taken on the death of debtor or creditor.
§ gcj-5-103
Recovery/Appeal Processes
§ gcj-5-104
rules related to An action on a public officers bond
§ gcj-5-105
Assault, Libel, or Slander Date Restictions
§ gcj-5-106
Times for the Institution of Prosecution for Misdemeanors
§ gcj-5-107
Penalty will be implemented within one year of the crime.
§ gcj-5-108
Seeking Damage Payments
§ gcj-5-109
Personal Injury Claims
§ gcj-5-110
An action created under Part III of Title 10 can be bought within 2 years.
§ gcj-5-1101
Maryland Legal Terms Defined
§ gcj-5-1102
Structured settlement obligor or annuity issuer may not make any payment
§ gcj-5-1103
The circuit court have e nonexclusive jurisdiction over an application.
§ gcj-5-1104
liability disclaimer
§ gcj-5-1105
Settlement Payments
§ gcj-5-111
Proceedings for Unpaid Child Support
§ gcj-5-112
Time limitations on filing for damages on surveying errrors.
§ gcj-5-113
Exposure to toxic substance is occupational disease
§ gcj-5-114
§ gcj-5-115
Section 5-115 Foreign Jurisdiction Lawsuits
§ gcj-5-116
Action for damages or injury due to breast implants.
§ gcj-5-117
§ gcj-5-118
How to file a complaint with the Maryland Insurance Administration
§ gcj-5-119
section does not apply to voluntary dismissal
§ gcj-5-201
Period of limitations for a minor or mental incompetent to file.
§ gcj-5-202
The time between the filing of a petition by a debtor which is later dismissed is not included in the statute of limitations.
§ gcj-5-203
If the knowledge of a cause of action is kept from a party by the fraud of an adverse party
§ gcj-5-203.1
The Cause of Action in Court Cases Will Be Determined By the Board
§ gcj-5-204
Registration requirements for foreign corporations and businesses.
§ gcj-5-205
Establishes limitations on title protection for people moving to avoid debt.
§ gcj-5-301
subtitle words meanings and definitions
§ gcj-5-302
Local government shall provide legal defense for its employees.
§ gcj-5-303
Local Government Liability Limits.
§ gcj-5-304
Most of this law does not apply to lawsuits against nonprofit corporations.
§ gcj-5-401
a promise in contract is voidable
§ gcj-5-401.1
State Injured Individual & Damages Claim Laws
§ gcj-5-402
merchant of employee is not civilly liable if they cause arrest
§ gcj-5-403
Definition of "agricultural operation" in this section of the law.
§ gcj-5-403.1
Maryland State Law Definition Of "Sport Shooting Range"
§ gcj-5-404
word meanings indications
§ gcj-5-405
Indications of terms "manufacturer"; "Seller"; "Product"; and "Sealed Container".
§ gcj-5-406
Liability of Agents of Associations and Organizations
§ gcj-5-407
Regulations of Associations or Organizations
§ gcj-5-408
Definition of the Terms "Credit Agreement" and "Financial Institution" & Explanation of What Constitutes a "Credit Agreement"
§ gcj-5-409
In the absence of fraud no insurance company or person who furnishes information
§ gcj-5-410
No Claim of nature is dire
§ gcj-5-411
No Liability on association member
§ gcj-5-412
No Liability to the Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Corporation
§ gcj-5-413
Liability and Health insurance Liability Clause
§ gcj-5-414
Officers and other officials cannot do something unlawful in a labor dispute, no can anyone else in such an organization.
§ gcj-5-415
The carrier is not responsible for refusal or damages resulting from cancelation of delivery
§ gcj-5-416
A member of a lawyer counseling committee, defined under $ 10-502 of the Business Occupations
§ gcj-5-417
Person who performs duties under standards has no liablity
§ gcj-5-418
Under 1-101 of the Corporations and Associations article, a charter is defined as the following
§ gcj-5-419
Liability of trustees in real estate investment's.
§ gcj-5-420
Partnership meaning and definition
§ gcj-5-421
Defining language used in Maryland Law and how to apply this language.
§ gcj-5-422
Injuries sustained by an individual of a governing body are subjected to judicial proceedings.
§ gcj-5-423
An Employer May Disclose Termination Reasons
§ gcj-5-424
A Licensed Veterinary Practitioner is granted Immunity from Civil liability in Certain Situations.
§ gcj-5-425
word meaning indications
§ gcj-5-426
word meaning indications
§ gcj-5-501
criminal action can't be brought upon a councilman or county commissioner
§ gcj-5-502
Title 12 Contains Additional State Immunities.
§ gcj-5-503
§ gcj-5-504
The Department of Liquor Control for Montgomery County
§ gcj-5-505
The Tri-county Council for Southern Maryland Cannot Be Sued
§ gcj-5-506
Immunity of the Tri-County Council for Western Maryland
§ gcj-5-507
A municipal corporation shall only provide a defense for an official
§ gcj-5-508
Limitations on civil liability for county officials.
§ gcj-5-509
Acts when Government is not liable for punitive damages
§ gcj-5-510
Punitive Damage Liability Under Article 25B, _ 13A
§ gcj-5-511
Restrictions on liability of government officials.
§ gcj-5-512
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Procedure Of Liabilities.
§ gcj-5-513
A Claims Against a Soldier in Military Court Cannot Be Maintained Without Proper Proof
§ gcj-5-514
member of Financial review committee department acting in good faith is immune to civil liability
§ gcj-5-515
Member of the Guardianship Advisory Board in the Department of Aging acting in good faith
§ gcj-5-516
Liability Waiver for Counties Purchasing Amusement Ride Insurance
§ gcj-5-517
The board of supervisors for a soil conservation district can't be sued over job duties.
§ gcj-5-518
Explains the meaning of the words Compensation, Volunteer and County Board Employee.
§ gcj-5-519
section 16-107 can not prevent excess limit of insurance policy or excess limit of self-insurance
§ gcj-5-520
Sovereign Immunity of Deposit Insurance Fund
§ gcj-5-521
Department means the Department of Business and Economic Development
§ gcj-5-522
Immunity of state not waived under
§ gcj-5-523
Law of Comptroller of the state seizes contraband property.
§ gcj-5-524
motor vehicle act
§ gcj-5-525
Constituent Service definitions
§ gcj-5-526
member of state legislature is not civilly liable for defamation
§ gcj-5-601
Meaning of the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems.
§ gcj-5-602
The request of the Secretary, he shall institute and prosecute any violation.
§ gcj-5-603
person in subsection is not civiclly liable
§ gcj-5-604
Immunity granted in liability charges to rescue squads
§ gcj-5-605
A Law Officer Can't be Prosecuted Outside his Jurisdiction If He Took Action to Prevent a Crime
§ gcj-5-606
Liability of Charitable Organization Volunteers
§ gcj-5-607
Liability Concerning Voluntary Physicians.
§ gcj-5-608
Protection from Omission Charges Among Maryland's Emergency Workforce
§ gcj-5-609
The Details and Meanings of "Administrator" and "Mental Health Care Provider" are indicated.
§ gcj-5-610
An officer who responds to a request under Family Law Article assault shall be immune from liability.
§ gcj-5-610.1
Law Enforcement Officers immune to Liability cases
§ gcj-5-611
Federal officers are legally the same as state police
§ gcj-5-612
Liability of Police Officers Outside of Territorial Limits
§ gcj-5-613
Law Regarding Appointment Of An Individual As Special Policeman
§ gcj-5-614
Restrictions on liability of a vet or veterinary student during emergency situations.
§ gcj-5-615
Medical malpractice claims
§ gcj-5-617
Regulations on Discharge of Hazardous Substances
§ gcj-5-618
person who files a good faith report guidelines
§ gcj-5-619
Certain State Agencies Are Immune From Being Tried In Court
§ gcj-5-620
Immunity for Persons Willingly Participating in Abuse Reports
§ gcj-5-621
Liability of Physician Without Parental Consent
§ gcj-5-622
Immunity of Persons Participating in Investigations Willingly
§ gcj-5-623
§ gcj-5-624
meanings according to their subtitle for Emergency evaluee Emergency facility peace officer.
§ gcj-5-625
Liability Exceptions for Those Acting in Good Faith
§ gcj-5-626
Good Faith Civil Liability
§ gcj-5-627
Clinical Review Panel Immunity from Liability for Good Faith Acts
§ gcj-5-628
A member of an appointed committee of any professional organization whose members provide health care
§ gcj-5-629
Regulations regarding liability for adverse effects of lawfully administered drugs and vaccines.
§ gcj-5-630
The use of human blood for medical purposes, and medical liability with its use
§ gcj-5-631
A person who reports a health code violation is not liable unless they did so maliciously.
§ gcj-5-632
Hospital Not Immune from Liability for Being a Charitable Institution
§ gcj-5-633
Food is considered an immediate threat if it is very dirty or rotten, poisoned or otherwise dangerous to eat.
§ gcj-5-634
Restrictions on liability for donated food that is given away.
§ gcj-5-635
A retail establishment and employee's liability pertaining to consumer's use of non-public restrooms.
§ gcj-5-636
Definition of a Licensed Chiropractor
§ gcj-5-637
Medical review committee and its purview
§ gcj-5-637.1
A local domestic violence fatality review in Maryland
§ gcj-5-638
Liability of Health Occupations Persons for Information
§ gcj-5-639
Someone who operates an emergency vehicle is not liable for damage they cause while operating it.
§ gcj-5-640
Meanings of words pertaining to the subtitle in regard to Child passenger safety technician.
§ gcj-5-641
Legal Guidelines for Giving Up Responsibility of Newborns
§ gcj-5-701
Insurers are not responsible for what they report.
§ gcj-5-702
Limited liability of a person working with the State Board of Environmental Sanitation Registration.
§ gcj-5-703
Definition for Board under State Board Examiners of Audiologists
§ gcj-5-704
"Board refers to the State Board of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Examiners
§ gcj-5-705
A person pay give info to the State Board of Dental Examiners without being liable civilly.
§ gcj-5-706
A Person Who Is Contributing Out of Goodwill Is Not Required to Report to the Board
§ gcj-5-707
Board means Maryland State board of Morticians
§ gcj-5-708
Board definition of Nursing board
§ gcj-5-709
Definitions Used by the Maryland State Board of Nursing.
§ gcj-5-710
In this Section, The Meaning of "Board" is State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators.
§ gcj-5-711
Someone giving advice to the State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice is not civilly liable.
§ gcj-5-712
The State Board of Examiners in Optometry.
§ gcj-5-713
State Board of Pharmacy Civil Liability Law
§ gcj-5-714
Liability Before State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
§ gcj-5-715
words meanings and indications
§ gcj-5-716
If your are in good with the board of Podiatric Medical Examiners you do not have to participate
§ gcj-5-717
§ gcj-5-718
Judicial law to the department of health and mental hygiene examiners in social works.
§ gcj-5-719
Speech Pathologists Within the State of Maryland Shall Meet Certain Requirements
§ gcj-5-720
You are not liable for giving information if you have done your job correctly.
§ gcj-5-721
"Board" means a member of the veterinary board.
§ gcj-5-801
Provisions regarding governing of marriage are found in title 3 of Family law
§ gcj-5-802
Restrictions on liability of people involved in community recreation programs.
§ gcj-5-803
individuals immune to liability
§ gcj-5-804
word meaning indications under section
§ gcj-5-805
"Meanings of 'Agent,' Offender,' 'Participant,' and 'Private Provider'"
§ gcj-5-806
Section Applicable to Actions by or Against Emancipated Children
§ gcj-5-807
Terms, Conditions and Members of a SLAPP lawsuit.
§ gcj-5-808
liability in personal injury or death
§ gcj-5-901
Contracts Can Be Altered If They Meet Certain Requirements
§ gcj-6-101
The courts of the State of Maryland have jurisdiction within state boundaries.
§ gcj-6-102
Court may exercise personal Jurisdiction
§ gcj-6-103
Situational Lawsuit Requirements Pertaining to This Section
§ gcj-6-103.1
Conditions Where a Civil Court May Exercise Jurisdiction over a Non-Resident
§ gcj-6-103.2
Nonresident alleged fathers may have jurisdiction ruled over them
§ gcj-6-103.3
Invasions of Privacy through False Information
§ gcj-6-104
If a court finds that in the interest of substantial justice an action should be heard
§ gcj-6-201
provisions subject to revisions
§ gcj-6-202
§ gcj-6-203
Venues for Different Legal Circumstances
§ gcj-6-301
Service of Process Must Be in Accordance with Maryland Rules
§ gcj-6-302
Court and Administrative Processes May Be Done On Sunday
§ gcj-6-303
Copy of process should be left if person resists service
§ gcj-6-304
the defendant may be served with process in maryland
§ gcj-6-305
Nonresidents aren't to be served via process
§ gcj-6-306
Law regarding serving process on an insurance, surety, or bonding company
§ gcj-6-307
Rules for Department of Assessments and Taxation in Mayrland
§ gcj-6-308
§ gcj-6-309
Baltimore City creates alcohol consumption laws that will be enforced in public areas.
§ gcj-6-310
administrator of Maryland
§ gcj-6-311
Personal Insurance Coverage Guidelines
§ gcj-6-312
Person definition as stated in Rule 1-202 is applicable.
§ gcj-6-313
Definitions of "nonresident", "Motor Vehicle", and "Nonresidents privilege to drive"
§ gcj-6-401
Cause of Action Exists After Death
§ gcj-6-402
Courtroom Hearing Words And Their Technical Definitions
§ gcj-6-403
Controversial amount based pleadings allowing for the civil action in district court
§ gcj-6-404
A case moved from District Court to Circuit Court is the same as one that started in Circuit Court.
§ gcj-6-405
Laws regarding opening roads through a land owner's land.
§ gcj-6-406
An unincorporated association, joint stock company, or other group which has a recognized group name may sue or be sued
§ gcj-6-406.1
Creditors of non-corporate business owners can sue the owner directly.
§ gcj-6-407
Appearance of Attorney Automatically Terminates Expiration of Appeal Period
§ gcj-6-408
The Court Has The Power to Reverse Judgements Within 30 Days
§ gcj-6-409
Continuance May Be Granted to Attorneys with Scheduling Conflicts
§ gcj-6-410
"Custodian" has the meaning stated in _ 10-611 of the State Government Article
§ gcj-7-101
Maryland State Law Definition Of "Costs" In Case Appeals
§ gcj-7-102
Fees charged by the Court of Appeals and the Court of Special Appeals
§ gcj-7-104
The State and its agencies are responsible for their legal fees and costs.
§ gcj-7-201
A Case Cannot Be Docketed Until the Plaintiff Pays a Fee
§ gcj-7-202
The State Court Administrator shall determine the amount of all court costs and charges
§ gcj-7-202
The State Court Administrator shall determine the amount of all court costs and charges
§ gcj-7-203
The court may not charge a person who is found not guilty.
§ gcj-7-204
Duties of Clerk of the Circuit Court
§ gcj-7-205
When a Case Is Moved the Former Venue Pays All Costs
§ gcj-7-206
Fines from Criminal or Traffic Court with be forwarded
§ gcj-7-207
fine payments to clerk of court six months
§ gcj-7-208
Procedure for a bounced check to the Clerk
§ gcj-7-301
court costs in traffic cases
§ gcj-7-301
court costs in traffic cases
§ gcj-7-302
Mass Transit Fare Payment Statute Law
§ gcj-7-401
Court fees for plaintiff
§ gcj-7-402
Collection of Fees By Sheriffs
§ gcj-7-403
what the court may or may not require from the commissioners of Labor.
§ gcj-7-404
A judge of the District Court or a circuit court may impose costs
§ gcj-7-405
Non-waiver of court costs imposed in respect of criminal case
§ gcj-7-406
armed forces approval law of US government
§ gcj-7-409
Criminal definitions below are in effect for Section gcj-7-409.
§ gcj-7-501
Definitions of "crime," "costs," and "fine."
§ gcj-7-502
person whose found guilty is liable for prosecution costs
§ gcj-7-503
When a court imposes a fine, the court may order the defendant to pay the fine
§ gcj-7-504
Fine Reductions and Leniency for defendants
§ gcj-7-505
Unpaid Fines & Costs are Subject to Collections
§ gcj-7-506
Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Should be Paid to the County in which the crime occurred, Unless Otherwise Noted.
§ gcj-7-507
Circuit Court Fines
§ gcj-7-508
Maryland-State Municipal Corporation Language for Ordinance Violation
§ gcj-8-101
§ gcj-8-102
The State has jury Service for adult citizens
§ gcj-8-103
Jury Service Qualification
§ gcj-8-104
Juries will be selected from a random cross section of adults
§ gcj-8-105
A custodian of the state government is allowed to access some informations.
§ gcj-8-106
Trial judge has unrestricted authority to follow a procedure in determining the qualification of jurors.
§ gcj-8-201
A Written Plan required for Maryland Jury Selection
§ gcj-8-202
The Court of Appeals and Jury Plans.
§ gcj-8-203
Code regarding a Circuit court Jury change by an Appeal court.
§ gcj-8-204
Establishing Jury Plans
§ gcj-8-205
The jury plan and jury commissioner
§ gcj-8-206
Jury Source Pools
§ gcj-8-207
Jury plans should include future panels and qualified panels.
§ gcj-8-208
Each jury plan shall set the method by which summonses for jury service are to be served.
§ gcj-8-209
Juries Allocation of Responsibility
§ gcj-8-210
Jury Plan Changes
§ gcj-8-211
Choosing a Jury Foreman
§ gcj-8-212
County Juror Questions
§ gcj-8-213
All jury plans must be seen to and provided by the circuit court administration.
§ gcj-8-214
Jury guidelines for qualification and summonsing for jury service.
§ gcj-8-215
Jury commissioner to select prospective jurors
§ gcj-8-216
An individual who serves on a jury less than 5 days in a 3years summoned for jury service after 1 year.
§ gcj-8-217
rules related to the creation of a program for donation of State per diems by a jury plan
§ gcj-8-301
Maryland County's Jury Plans and Jury Pools
§ gcj-8-302
Maryland Prospective Juror Qualification Form
§ gcj-8-303
Errors and Omissions in a Juror Qualification Form.
§ gcj-8-304
Failing to meet juror qualification, jury commissioner will summon juror in question.
§ gcj-8-305
Jury Commissioner may interview jurors.
§ gcj-8-306
Exemption From Jury Service.
§ gcj-8-309
Definition Of A Qualified Juror
§ gcj-8-310
Actions required by Jury Commissioner for a County.
§ gcj-8-311
Questionnaires to Disqualify Potential Jury Members.
§ gcj-8-314
Jury Commissioner Documentation Requirements
§ gcj-8-401
Duty of Jury Commissioner in Grand Jury Trial
§ gcj-8-402
Allowed exemptions for jury service.
§ gcj-8-403
An individual cannot serve simultaneously on more than one jury.
§ gcj-8-404
Rules for judges striking people from juries
§ gcj-8-405
Trial Judge Orders for Sworn Juror
§ gcj-8-408
Party procedures for challenging a jury.
§ gcj-8-409
Criminal cases may challenge jury if not in compliance.
§ gcj-8-412
Grand Juries Consist of 23 Jurors Plus Alternates
§ gcj-8-413
Summoning Juries by the County's Administrative Judge.
§ gcj-8-414
A reporter can be present if allowed by judge.
§ gcj-8-415
Grand Juror Oath
§ gcj-8-416
A court reported has to take and transcribe the testimony before grand jury.
§ gcj-8-417
Grand Jury in Baltimore City Specifications
§ gcj-8-420
Subsection 8-420 only applies to criminal cases with one charge
§ gcj-8-421
Civil jury trial must consist of six jurors.
§ gcj-8-422
submission of a case to the jury and to the judge
§ gcj-8-425
Court Juror Requirements
§ gcj-8-426
entitlement of an individual for attendance for jury service
§ gcj-8-427
What the government of each county may set
§ gcj-8-428
The State budget for the Judicial Branch for each fiscal year.
§ gcj-8-429
Maryland Jury Commissioners Duty of Signed Certificate of Trail Length to Sworn Juror(s).
§ gcj-8-430
Based on jury plan, jurors donate their per diem.
§ gcj-8-501
Employers cant use your job against you
§ gcj-8-502
Regulations regarding use of employee leave time for jury duty
§ gcj-8-503
Requirements of Juror Selection
§ gcj-8-504
Proceedings regarding a person summoned for Jury Service.
§ gcj-8-505
A person cannot complete e jury service once summoned.
§ gcj-8-506
Misrepresentation of a Material Fact on a Juror Qualification Form
§ gcj-8-507
Disclosing Information About A Jury Proceeding Is Punishable.
§ gcj-9-101
Exclusion from testifying in a proceeding.
§ gcj-9-103
No age restrictions when testifying.
§ gcj-9-104
Perjury convicted person cannot testify.
§ gcj-9-105
Confidential Marriage Communication
§ gcj-9-106
§ gcj-9-107
No Testifying In Violation Of Privilege Against Self-incrimination
§ gcj-9-108
You will not be forced to testify in violation of attorney-client privilege.
§ gcj-9-109
General Psychiatric Terms and Regulations Defined by Maryland State
§ gcj-9-109.1
Meanings of the words are indicated below.
§ gcj-9-110
Definitions of terms relating to firms and accounting.
§ gcj-9-111
Legal Protections of Religious Figures
§ gcj-9-112
Definition of News Media
§ gcj-9-113
§ gcj-9-114
Interpreters and Representatives For Deaf People.
§ gcj-9-115
Rights of Character Witnesses
§ gcj-9-116
unless called to testify by the opposite party.
§ gcj-9-117
The incompetence of testimony corroboration.
§ gcj-9-118
The oath for a person must be administered in the presence of the grand jury.
§ gcj-9-119
Requirements of Testifying in Legal Cases
§ gcj-9-120
Maryland Psychologists
§ gcj-9-121
Social workers and judicial and administrative proceedings.
§ gcj-9-122
General Assembly Rights
§ gcj-9-123
If a witness refuses, on the basis of the privilege against self-incrimination
§ gcj-9-124
Definitions of key words used this section.
§ gcj-9-201
A judges powers for issuing summons.
§ gcj-9-203
Criminal State Witness Law
§ gcj-9-204
Causes for discharge of a witness from execution.
§ gcj-9-205
Proceedings regarding employer/employee in criminal cases.
§ gcj-9-301
Indication of the Word Meanings
§ gcj-9-302
Predetermined Laws
§ gcj-9-303
Certificate to command a person to be witness in court/grand jury.
§ gcj-9-304
If a person comes into this State in obedience to a summons directing him to testify:
§ gcj-9-305
How to make the law of states uniform.
§ gcj-9-306
Maryland Uniform Act Explained
§ gcj-9-401
Definitions of Terms Relating To Courts And Judicial Proceedings
§ gcj-9-402
Maryland Subpoena Laws
§ gcj-9-403
a clerk of court issued a subpoena
§ gcj-9-404
Maryland rules applicable to subpoenas.
§ gcj-9-405
Application for protective order or altering subpoena be legal and submitted in county of discovery.
§ gcj-9-406
Promoting Uniformity
§ gcj-9-407
Maryland Uniform Interstate Depositions & Discovery Act