Corporations and Associations

This is Article gca of the Code of State, titled “Corporations and Associations.” It’s comprised of the following 887 sections.

§ gca-1-101
§ gca-1-102
rules related to applicability of provisions to every Maryland corporation
§ gca-1-103
Maryland General Corporation Law
§ gca-1-201
Conditions of the Acceptance of Charter Documents for Corporations
§ gca-1-202
Responsibilities When the Department Accepts a Charter Document
§ gca-1-203
Origins of organization and capitalization fee
§ gca-1-203.1
Fees paid by a Volunteer to the Department.
§ gca-1-203.2
Processing of Payments
§ gca-1-203.3
State Finance
§ gca-1-204
Definition of Words and Capital Fees
§ gca-1-205
Department's refusal to accept
§ gca-1-206
Charter Documents Effective When Accepted by Department
§ gca-1-207
Title Document Filing for Charters Procedure
§ gca-1-207.1
A corporation may file a certificate of notice with the department of corporations.
§ gca-1-208
Appointment of a Resident Agent
§ gca-1-209
Definition of Family Farm
§ gca-1-301
Execution of Additional Articles
§ gca-1-302
Statement of acknowledgment Law of Maryland
§ gca-1-303
Document Appointment Terms for Corporations, Presidents, and Vice-Presidents
§ gca-1-304
Corporation requirements
§ gca-1-401
Rules of service process for business
§ gca-1-402
Mandatory Determination Needed.
§ gca-1-403
Corporate Power
§ gca-1-404
Fines for Labeling Corporated or Unincorporated
§ gca-1-405
Definition of "Organized Crime"
§ gca-1-406
Department of Assessments and Taxation Filing As Merchant Agent
§ gca-1-501
Definition of Entity As It In Subtitle
§ gca-1-502
Naming A Corporation
§ gca-1-503
People have the power
§ gca-1-504
Expectations of entity name
§ gca-1-505
Origins of an entity name
§ gca-1-506
Registration of Foreign Entities and Corporations
§ gca-1-507
Entity Name Lookback Provisions
§ gca-1-508
Adopting Regulations
§ gca-10-1001
Action may be brought if general partners with authority to do so have refused to bring the action.
§ gca-10-1002
§ gca-10-1003
Plaintiff Derivative Action
§ gca-10-1004
Success of Derivative Action
§ gca-10-101
§ gca-10-102
Requirements for names of Limited Partnerships
§ gca-10-103
Partnership name reservations
§ gca-10-104
conditions and rules to Limited Partnership company
§ gca-10-106
A limited partnership may carry on any business that a partnership may carry on.
§ gca-10-107
Regulations of Partnership Agreements
§ gca-10-108
§ gca-10-1101
Title 10-1101 is to make laws uniform
§ gca-10-1102
Maryland Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act
§ gca-10-1103
§ gca-10-1104
Maryland Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act
§ gca-10-1105
§ gca-10-201
A Certified Limited Partnership must Include the Names, Mailing Address and the Place of Business.
§ gca-10-202
rules related to A certificate is amended by filing a certificate of amendment with the Department.
§ gca-10-202.1
§ gca-10-203
A certificate shall be canceled upon filing a certificate of cancellation with the Department
§ gca-10-204
Rules of signing certificates by business partners.
§ gca-10-205
Execution of a Certificate of Amendment
§ gca-10-206
Executed Copy of Each Certificate Required
§ gca-10-207
§ gca-10-208
In the following section definitions are defined.
§ gca-10-209
Comptroller Certification Law
§ gca-10-210
Proclamation notice to limited partnership
§ gca-10-211
§ gca-10-212
Tax Rules and Unemployed Insurance Compensation
§ gca-10-213
Any licensee that has forfeited licensee may apply for reinstatement.
§ gca-10-214
Wording Required on Maryland State Certificates of Reinstatement
§ gca-10-215
Acceptance of Certificate of reinstatement requirements
§ gca-10-216
Certificate Acceptance Guidelines
§ gca-10-217
Limited Partnership transactions rules for non partners
§ gca-10-218
Forfeiting the Right to do Business in Maryland does not Impact the Rights of a Limited Partnership.
§ gca-10-301
Partnership Compliance
§ gca-10-302
Details of a partnership can be defined by a partnership agreement.
§ gca-10-303
"A partner is not liable for obligations of a limited partnership."
§ gca-10-304
Partnership Contributions
§ gca-10-305
Limited Partnership Regulations
§ gca-10-401
When additional general partners may be admitted
§ gca-10-402
Regulations regarding withdrawal of a partnership
§ gca-10-403
Rights of a General Partner in a Limited Partnership
§ gca-10-404
A general partner may take the role of a limited partner in certain circumstances.
§ gca-10-405
§ gca-10-501
Contribution of a partner in cash, property or services
§ gca-10-502
Limited Parternership Obligations
§ gca-10-503
§ gca-10-504
Allocation of cash distribution or assets between partnerships
§ gca-10-601
Limited Partnership Regulations
§ gca-10-602
General Partners and Limited partnerships
§ gca-10-603
A limited partner may not withdraw before the dissolution of the limited partnership.
§ gca-10-604
partnership agreement can be withdrawn under partnership
§ gca-10-605
How to distribute from a limited partnership
§ gca-10-606
Section 10-606 Partner Distribution Rights.
§ gca-10-607
Partner may not receive a return of his contribution to a limited partnership
§ gca-10-608
Limited Partnership Guidelines
§ gca-10-701
Partnership interests
§ gca-10-702
Partnership Interests are Assignable in Whole
§ gca-10-703
Partnership Agreement Terms and Conditions
§ gca-10-704
The executor or other responsible person may become acting limited partner when partner becomes in capable.
§ gca-10-705
The judgment creditor has only the rights of an assignee
§ gca-10-706
Evidence of a partner's interest in a limited partnership.
§ gca-10-801
Dissolution of partnership agreements
§ gca-10-802
Court May Dissolve Partnership If Business In Impractical
§ gca-10-803
Rules Regarding Dissolving Limited Partnerships
§ gca-10-804
when a limited partnership comes to a close the assets must be divided based on the contract
§ gca-10-805
law regarding limited partnerships.
§ gca-10-901
Foreign Limited Partnership Firm Legislation.
§ gca-10-902
Foreign Business Interstate Work
§ gca-10-903
§ gca-10-904
A foreign limited partnership may register with the Department under any name
§ gca-10-905
§ gca-10-906
Foreign limited partnerships and registration cancellation
§ gca-10-907
Foreign Company Interstate Work
§ gca-10-908
The Attorney General's Ability To Restrain Foreign Limited Partnerships
§ gca-10-909
§ gca-10-910
Foreign Business in the State
§ gca-10-911
Rules of Foreign Limited Partnerships
§ gca-10-912
Foreign Limited Partnerships
§ gca-10-913
Department may forfeit the right of any foreign limited partnership
§ gca-11-101
§ gca-11-102
§ gca-11-103
Philanthropy Protection Act of 1995 and state law
§ gca-11-201
§ gca-11-203
The Commissioner and rules, forms, and orders.
§ gca-11-204
Administrative proceeding hearing requirements
§ gca-11-205
The Commissioner's powers in regards to business, sales, and advertising documents.
§ gca-11-206
Commissioner Must File All Documents In A Separate Registry.
§ gca-11-207
Security officers are not to use any information not made known to the public.
§ gca-11-301
Laws Regarding Persons In Connection with Sales, Offers and Purchases of Corporate Securities
§ gca-11-302
§ gca-11-303
§ gca-11-304
§ gca-11-305
§ gca-11-401
Broker-dealers/agents in Maryland Must Have State Registration
§ gca-11-402
limitations on A broker-dealer or issuer not to employ or associate with an agent
§ gca-11-403
Broker, agent, investment adviser licenses expire on December 31
§ gca-11-404
Investment Adviser Registration Procedure
§ gca-11-405
Initial Registration of Broker-dealers, Agents, and Investment Advisers
§ gca-11-406
A broker or investment adviser may obtain a renewal by filing with the commission of corporations.
§ gca-11-407
Fees For Renewal registration Law of Maryland
§ gca-11-408
Broker-Dealer or Investment Adviser Successor Registration
§ gca-11-409
What financial requests that a Governor can make and under which circumstances
§ gca-11-410
Commissioner shall authorize a broker to handle funds
§ gca-11-411
Broker-dealer regulatory stipulations.
§ gca-11-412
Powers of the Commissioner
§ gca-11-413
If a delay is needed in corporation registration matter then all parties should be notified.
§ gca-11-414
Commissioner of Maryland Cancellation of Corporate & Association Applicants.
§ gca-11-415
Relinquishing Rights as a Financial Advisor
§ gca-11-416
Submitting a notice filing Law of Maryland
§ gca-11-417
Investment Adviser Fines
§ gca-11-418
Broker-dealers or investment advisers Law of Maryland
§ gca-11-501
Security Sale Prohibition Exceptions
§ gca-11-502
Securities Registration
§ gca-11-503
Incorporation Laws
§ gca-11-503.1
Rules to be followed before offering or selling a federal covered security in this State
§ gca-11-504
Registering security
§ gca-11-505
Filing of Registration Statements
§ gca-11-506
Securities registration Fees
§ gca-11-507
Registration Statement Guidelines
§ gca-11-508
Registration Statement Effectiveness Length
§ gca-11-509
Registration statements required to file quarterly reports
§ gca-11-510
A registration statement related to a security may be amended under certain circumstances.
§ gca-11-510.1
Certificate company and related terms
§ gca-11-511
Issuance of Stop Orders for Registration Statements
§ gca-11-512
Power of the Commissioner to cancel business registrations
§ gca-11-513
Stop Order Restrictions
§ gca-11-514
Rescinding Stop Orders
§ gca-11-601
Security Exemptions From This Title
§ gca-11-602
Exempted Transaction
§ gca-11-603
Commissioner May Deny Or Revoke Exemptions.
§ gca-11-604
In a civil procedure a person claiming an exemption must prove an exemption.
§ gca-11-701
Discretionary Powers of the Commissioner
§ gca-11-701.1
Determination of person engaged practice constituting a violation of any provision by Commissioner
§ gca-11-702
Facing the Commissioner for Violations
§ gca-11-703
Person is civilly liable to the person buying a security from him if he offers or sells the security in violation
§ gca-11-704
Dissatisfaction with Commissioner's Order
§ gca-11-705
Will-full Violations of Provisions
§ gca-11-801
Application of Sections to Sellers in This State
§ gca-11-802
process in the office of the Commissioner
§ gca-11-804
Title Unifies and Coordinates Laws across States.
§ gca-11-805
Maryland Securities Act
§ gca-12-101
Definition Of Following Words Pertaining To This Title
§ gca-12-101.1
Business trust Law of Maryland
§ gca-12-102
Concerning Statutory Trusts and their taxation
§ gca-12-103
Legal Definition of Statutory Trust
§ gca-12-104
The Maryland Statutory Trust Act
§ gca-12-105
This Title Is Liberally Construed for Maximum Effect
§ gca-12-201
Origins of a statutory trust
§ gca-12-202
Statutory trust requirements
§ gca-12-203
Composition of Maryland Statutory Trust
§ gca-12-204
A statutory trust is formed at the effective time of the filing of the initial certificate
§ gca-12-205
Mergers and Consolidations
§ gca-12-206
statutory trust compliance
§ gca-12-207
Rights of A governing instrument
§ gca-12-208
Election of Officers by Trustees
§ gca-12-301
Becoming A beneficial owner Of statutory trust
§ gca-12-302
Limitation of Personal Liability Regarding Statutory Trusts
§ gca-12-303
Undivided Interest In Property Of Trust
§ gca-12-304
The powers held by a statutory trust
§ gca-12-305
Beneficial Owners May Inspect Trust Documents
§ gca-12-306
Origins of governing instrument of a statutory trust
§ gca-12-401
Origins of governing instrument
§ gca-12-402
Responsibilities of Trustees
§ gca-12-403
Statutory Trust Powers and Obligations
§ gca-12-404
Guidelines for trustee meetings and conferences.
§ gca-12-405
Statutory Trusts
§ gca-12-501
Service Of Process On A Statutory Trust
§ gca-12-601
Merging of Statutory Trusts
§ gca-12-602
Requirements for Mergers with a Statutory Trust as Successor
§ gca-12-603
Beneficial interest connected to a merger
§ gca-12-604
Articles of merger or consolidation must be filed with the Department of Corporations and Associations.
§ gca-12-605
Requirements of Articles on Mergers and Consolidation
§ gca-12-606
Merger or consolidation Law of Maryland
§ gca-12-607
Conditions of a Statutory Trust
§ gca-12-608
Certificates must contain everyone involved in the merger.
§ gca-12-609
Property certificate filing requirements for corporate entities.
§ gca-12-610
Maryland State Business Mergers
§ gca-12-611
How the disolution of statutory trusts relates to the people responsible and what their responsibilities are
§ gca-12-701
Document Filing Fees
§ gca-12-801
Statutory trust Law of Maryland
§ gca-12-802
A Trust That Makes Payments On Time Has The Right To Do Business In The State
§ gca-12-803
§ gca-12-804
The collection Law of Maryland
§ gca-12-805
Application for Reinstatement by Statutory Trusts
§ gca-12-806
Certificate of reinstatement
§ gca-12-807
Requirements of Reinstatement of Certificates
§ gca-12-808
reinstatement Law of Maryland
§ gca-12-809
Regulations on Transaction on Behalf of Statutory Trust
§ gca-12-810
forfeiture of the right to do business
§ gca-12-901
Maryland Constitution law
§ gca-12-902
Registration of Foreign Statutories
§ gca-12-903
Foreign statutory trusts may register with any name.
§ gca-12-904
Correcting Applications of Foreign Statutory Trusts
§ gca-12-905
Foreign Statutory Trust Registration Cancellation
§ gca-12-906
finacial aid office
§ gca-12-907
Attorney General
§ gca-12-908
foreign statutory trusts
§ gca-12-909
Foreign businesses must follow the laws of the state of Maryland.
§ gca-12-910
Defendants not subject to foreign statutes
§ gca-12-911
foreign statutory trust
§ gca-12-912
What obligations does a foreign trust have and how can the Government regulate it or terminate it
§ gca-2-101
Corporations shall follow the law and any provisions which they may be organized under.
§ gca-2-102
Requirements to Form a Corporation
§ gca-2-103
General powers of a Maryland corporation
§ gca-2-104
Corporation Forming General Laws Of The State Of Maryland
§ gca-2-105
Provisions Allowed by Corporations to Charters
§ gca-2-106
Corporation Recording and Registration
§ gca-2-108
Origins of Maryland corporation
§ gca-2-109
Incorporation Procedures
§ gca-2-110
Corporation Division
§ gca-2-111
Written records required for corporate accounts and minutes.
§ gca-2-112
Definition of specific terms
§ gca-2-201
Corporation Allowance
§ gca-2-202
Rules for Subscription for Stock
§ gca-2-203
Issuance of stock or convertible securities
§ gca-2-204
restriction on a corporation not to issue stock or convertible securities
§ gca-2-205
Corporation incorporated on or after October 1, 1995
§ gca-2-206
When and How a Corporation May Issue Stock
§ gca-2-208
Stock Reclassification Guidelines
§ gca-2-208.1
Rules for Increase or Decrease of Number of Shares
§ gca-2-208.2
Investment Company Act
§ gca-2-209
Corporations must maintain stockholder records at principal offices.
§ gca-2-210
Stockholder Entitlement To Stock Certificates
§ gca-2-211
Issuing stock certificate by the corporation without affecting of the Commercial Law Article.
§ gca-2-212
Stock Certificate Regulations
§ gca-2-213
Rules Regarding Issuance of New Stock Certificate
§ gca-2-214
Powers of a Corporation
§ gca-2-215
Establishes limitations of stockholders financial liability in a corporation.
§ gca-2-216
An officer or director who violates any provision of this section is guilty
§ gca-2-301
§ gca-2-302
Corporation Record Keeping
§ gca-2-303
Stock Issuance Consideration With Par Value
§ gca-2-304
Corporation Capital Surplus Use Guidelines
§ gca-2-305
The corporation Law of Maryland
§ gca-2-306
Reduction in Stock
§ gca-2-308
Capital Surpluses and Distribution
§ gca-2-309
reverse stock split
§ gca-2-310
Corporation Shares
§ gca-2-310.1
Sometimes a company can redeem stock shares from stockholders.
§ gca-2-310.2
§ gca-2-311
Distribution by corporations
§ gca-2-312
Repercussions of Unperformed director__s duties
§ gca-2-313
Origins of statement of affairs
§ gca-2-401
Corporation Business Affairs Management
§ gca-2-402
Requirements for Number of Directors of Corporations
§ gca-2-403
rules related to the qualifications of director of a charter
§ gca-2-404
Interim Board of Directors Procedures
§ gca-2-405
Protocol if New Directors are not Elected
§ gca-2-405.1
A director shall perform his duties as a director, including his duties as a member of a committee of the board on which he serves.
§ gca-2-405.2
The charter of a corporation may include any provision change the liability of its officers to the corporation
§ gca-2-405.3
Corporate Investment Directors shall not be interested person.
§ gca-2-406
stockholders corporation Law of Maryland
§ gca-2-407
Stockholder laws
§ gca-2-408
bylaws of the corporation
§ gca-2-409
Origins of bylaws of an corporation
§ gca-2-410
If a director of a company is present while decisions are being made he is said to agree with said decisions
§ gca-2-411
Powers and limitations of a board of directors of a coporation
§ gca-2-412
Officers for a Maryland corporation
§ gca-2-413
Bylaws as pertaining to the Board of Directors.
§ gca-2-414
Authority of an officer & agent
§ gca-2-415
Guideline for holding president status of corporations
§ gca-2-416
Corporate Lending to Employees
§ gca-2-418
Definition of specific terms
§ gca-2-419
Contracts between corporations
§ gca-2-501
Annul Corporations Meeting
§ gca-2-502
special meeting of stockholders
§ gca-2-502.1
Stockholders may participate in meetings via conference call unless otherwise prohibited.
§ gca-2-503
Meetings for charters must be held in accordance to the bylaws of the committee
§ gca-2-504
§ gca-2-504.1
Effective Notices by Corporations to Stockholders
§ gca-2-505
stockholders meeting entitled to vote in the election of directors
§ gca-2-506
Definition of a Quorum at Stockholder Meetings
§ gca-2-507
With exceptions, one stock share earns one vote.
§ gca-2-508
Fiduciary Rights of Voting
§ gca-2-509
Voting of Stock Registered to a Corporation,
§ gca-2-510
Right to vote for stockholders
§ gca-2-511
Setting Record Dates
§ gca-2-512
Stockholder's Rights
§ gca-2-513
Guidelines for Stockholders of Record or Holders of Voting Trust Certificates
§ gca-2-514
Transfer of Stocks within the Corporation
§ gca-2-601
Compliance with the provisions of this subtitle is not required in the case of a charter
§ gca-2-602
rules related to the amendment of charter by the corporation
§ gca-2-603
§ gca-2-604
Rules for Charter Amendments
§ gca-2-605
Rules for changing the name or charter of a corporation.
§ gca-2-606
amount of amendments that can be addressed at a single stockholder or director meeting
§ gca-2-607
State Amendment Articles
§ gca-2-608
"Majority of board members restate it's charter."
§ gca-2-609
Charter restatements and amendments.
§ gca-2-610
New articles must be submitted by the corporation by the rules of Title 1
§ gca-2-610.1
Effectiveness of Amendments
§ gca-2-611
Articles fo Amendment Effectivity
§ gca-2-612
Abandonment of proposed corporation charter amendment
§ gca-3-101
"words have the meanings indicated."
§ gca-3-102
What A Maryland Corporation Having Capital Stock May Do
§ gca-3-103
§ gca-3-104
Charter of bylaws of a corporation : regulations to approve the stakeholders
§ gca-3-105
approval of A consolidation, merger, share exchange, or transfer of assets
§ gca-3-106
merger of subsidiary corporation with its parent corporation
§ gca-3-107
Merger Guidelines
§ gca-3-108
transfer of assets may be abandoned before the effective date
§ gca-3-109
Corporate Merger Guidelines
§ gca-3-110
Articles Executed
§ gca-3-111
Preparation of certificates of consolidation, merger, share exchange, or transfer
§ gca-3-112
"Articles must be submitted for land assessment records."
§ gca-3-113
§ gca-3-114
The effects of consummation of a consolidation or merger.
§ gca-3-114.1
The rights of an objecting stockholder of the corporation.
§ gca-3-115
Information on transferring assets
§ gca-3-116
Section 3-116 Maryland Corporation Consolidation Waivers.
§ gca-3-117
§ gca-3-201
§ gca-3-202
Rights of Stockholders
§ gca-3-203
rules related to A stockholder of a corporation who desires to receive payment of the fair value
§ gca-3-204
Payment Demands by Stockholders
§ gca-3-205
Payment Request Withdrawn Only By Successor
§ gca-3-206
§ gca-3-207
§ gca-3-208
Payment for Stock
§ gca-3-209
Stockholder submits stock certificate after petition for appraisal else dismissal
§ gca-3-210
§ gca-3-211
Stockholder Value
§ gca-3-212
§ gca-3-213
Successor Rights to Acquired Stock
§ gca-3-301
§ gca-3-302
§ gca-3-401
A corporation having capital stock may be dissolved as provided in this subtitle.
§ gca-3-402
§ gca-3-403
Stock loss within a corporation.
§ gca-3-404
§ gca-3-405
Decision for Dissolution
§ gca-3-406
§ gca-3-407
Dissolution of Records for Corporations
§ gca-3-408
Dissolvement and Existence of an corporation
§ gca-3-410
Management During Dissolution of Corporation
§ gca-3-411
Authority of the directors terminates when a court appoints a receiver.
§ gca-3-412
Dissolving of Corporations
§ gca-3-413
Stockholder Rights
§ gca-3-414
Rules Regarding Dissolution of Corporation
§ gca-3-415
§ gca-3-416
The court may appoint any person as receiver, including an officer, director, or stockholder of the corporation.
§ gca-3-417
Entering An Order When A corporation Is Dissolved.
§ gca-3-418
§ gca-3-419
§ gca-3-501
§ gca-3-502
Articles of Extension Guidelines
§ gca-3-503
Duties of the State Comptroller
§ gca-3-504
Maryland State Department Proclamation Issuance Regulations
§ gca-3-505
Department may correct the mistake by filing its proclamation to that effect in its records.
§ gca-3-506
Subtitle Doesn't Affect Taxes or Annual Reports
§ gca-3-507
revival of corporation which is forfeited for nonpayment of taxes
§ gca-3-508
Things included in Article of Revival
§ gca-3-509
Conditions where the Council will accept articles of revival for record.
§ gca-3-510
Acceptance of Articles Requirements
§ gca-3-511
Election of the Board of Directors
§ gca-3-512
§ gca-3-513
The Attorney General may investigate corporations for unlawful behavior.
§ gca-3-514
Corporation Business Transactions
§ gca-3-515
"the directors of the corporation become trustees upon forfeiture."
§ gca-3-516
Petitions for liquidation of a corporation.
§ gca-3-517
Notification and Rules For Corporations Forfeiting Charters
§ gca-3-518
distribution of stocks to stockholders
§ gca-3-519
§ gca-3-601
§ gca-3-602
Limitations on Business Engagement with Stockholders
§ gca-3-603
Interested stockholder Law of Maryland
§ gca-3-604
subtitle shall only apply to a Maryland corporation
§ gca-3-605
Maryland Business Combination Act
§ gca-3-701
§ gca-3-702
Control Share Holders Have No Voting Rights.
§ gca-3-703
Controling of Corporate Shares
§ gca-3-704
acquisition of control and voting rights
§ gca-3-705
Requirement for a special meeting of stockholders.
§ gca-3-706
§ gca-3-707
Unless charter provides otherwise, statements delivered before/on 10th day after control share acquisition are not approved.
§ gca-3-708
Upon voting rights for control shares are approved, objecting stock holders are provided rights in Subtitle 2.
§ gca-3-709
Subtitle applies to Maryland corporations only.
§ gca-3-710
Law Of Maryland Control Share Acquisition Act
§ gca-3-801
§ gca-3-802
§ gca-3-803
Board Shall Appoint Directors and Designate Voting Powers.
§ gca-3-804
§ gca-3-805
Notwithstanding any provision in charter or bylaws to cast vote.
§ gca-4-101
Close corporation means a corporation which elects to be a close corporation in accordance
§ gca-4-102
§ gca-4-201
Corporations and Associations is a close corporation shall be contained in the article of incorporation.
§ gca-4-202
Close Corporations
§ gca-4-203
Amending Close Corporation Status
§ gca-4-301
A close corporation must have one director until charter is changed.
§ gca-4-302
a) Election to have no board of directors effective timesb) Director is done after that
§ gca-4-303
§ gca-4-401
Unanimous Stockholders Agreement
§ gca-4-402
Bylaws provisions for stakeholders annual meetings.
§ gca-4-403
Stockholders May Inspect A Company's Records.
§ gca-4-404
once a year a person that has stock with a company may request a summary of their assest.
§ gca-4-501
§ gca-4-502
Corporations Can't Have any Outstanding transferable stocks
§ gca-4-503
Close Corporation Stock Transfers
§ gca-4-504
A close corporation can limit the votes of stockholders.
§ gca-4-601
The affirmative vote of stockholder consolidates Assets.
§ gca-4-602
How to petition for dissolution of a corporation.
§ gca-4-603
Business with Closed Corporations
§ gca-4A-1001
Foreign Limited Liability Companies
§ gca-4A-1002
Foreign Business Interstate Work
§ gca-4A-1003
§ gca-4A-1004
Registration of foreign limited liability company
§ gca-4A-1005
§ gca-4A-1006
Foreign Firms May Cancel Registration By Filing Application.
§ gca-4A-1007
Foreign Company Interstate Work
§ gca-4A-1008
Attorney General powers concerning foreign companies.
§ gca-4A-1009
§ gca-4A-101
§ gca-4A-1010
Rules to be followed by a intrastate, interstate, or foreign business within the state.
§ gca-4A-1011
Rules for Foreign Limited Liability Company
§ gca-4A-1012
Foreign Limited Liability Company Rights
§ gca-4A-1013
The department may limit the involvement of foreign companies to do business
§ gca-4A-102
Maximum Effect of Contracts
§ gca-4A-1101
§ gca-4A-1102
§ gca-4A-1103
Regulations for Limited Liability Companies
§ gca-4A-1104
Limited liability company reference
§ gca-4A-1105
rules related to terminate the status of A benefit limited liability company
§ gca-4A-1106
Allows each liability company to create a general public benefit.
§ gca-4A-1107
Regulations for Persons Managing Affairs of Benefit Limited Liability Companies
§ gca-4A-1108
Benefit report shall be delivered to each member within 120 days of fiscal year.
§ gca-4A-1201
§ gca-4A-1202
Effects of invalid provision of this title on other provisions.
§ gca-4A-1203
Citation of the Maryland Limited Liability Company Act
§ gca-4A-201
§ gca-4A-202
Formation of Limited Liability Corporations
§ gca-4A-203
Rights of a limited liability company
§ gca-4A-203.1
§ gca-4A-204
Articles of Organization Requirements
§ gca-4A-205
§ gca-4A-206
Regulations on how documents must be filed with this department
§ gca-4A-207
rules regarding the non acceptance to file any document of a limited liability company
§ gca-4A-208
Rules for naming a limited liability corporation (LLC)
§ gca-4A-209
Maryland State Law Regarding Naming Rights of Liability Comnpanies
§ gca-4A-210
Maryland Limited Liability Company Guidelines
§ gca-4A-211
Converting a Business to a Limited Liability Corporation.
§ gca-4A-212
rules related to conversion of proprietorship to a limited liability company
§ gca-4A-213
Conversion of a General or Limited Partnership to a Limited Liability Company
§ gca-4A-301
Limited Liability Company Obligations
§ gca-4A-301.1
Limited Liability Company
§ gca-4A-302
rules related to A member of a limited liability company
§ gca-4A-303
Purchase of Property by Limited Liability Companies
§ gca-4A-401
Business Operation Agreements
§ gca-4A-402
"members may enter into an agreement to regulate affairs."
§ gca-4A-403
§ gca-4A-403.1
Electronic transmission of title information
§ gca-4A-403.2
A member may authorize another person to act as proxy for the member as provided in this section.
§ gca-4A-404
Rules for Consent
§ gca-4A-405
Money Lending for Members and Non Members in Limited Liability Corporations
§ gca-4A-406
rules related to the powers of the member to inspect and copy members membership interest
§ gca-4A-501
Capital Contribution to a company by a member
§ gca-4A-502
"a member is obligated to the limited liability company."
§ gca-4A-503
liability companies
§ gca-4A-504
No forms of payment other than cash can be submitted between a member and a company.
§ gca-4A-505
Rights of a Member Belonging to a Limited Liability Company
§ gca-4A-601
Requirements To Become A Limited Liability Company
§ gca-4A-602
A membership interest in a limited liability company is personal property.
§ gca-4A-603
The assignment of Economic Interests in Limited Liability Companies
§ gca-4A-604
rules related to An assignee of an economic interest in a limited liability company
§ gca-4A-605
Rules for Withdrawing from a Limited Liability Company
§ gca-4A-606
a person ceases to be a member of a limited liability company in accordance with the operating agreement
§ gca-4A-606.1
Rules for an Individual Leaving a Limited Liability Company
§ gca-4A-607
§ gca-4A-701
Regulations for Domestic Limited Liability Company Mergers
§ gca-4A-702
Procedures by Which Proposed Mergers are Approved
§ gca-4A-703
Articles of Merger Guidelines
§ gca-4A-704
Method and procedure to end a proposed merger
§ gca-4A-705
liability of company and members and stockholders
§ gca-4A-706
Regulations Pertaining To Certificates Of Merger.
§ gca-4A-707
powers of the department to require limited liability company to submit with the articles of merger a property
§ gca-4A-708
Details related to a merger
§ gca-4A-709
Rules regarding consummation of a merger.
§ gca-4A-710
Liability Obligations Following a Merger
§ gca-4A-801
It appears that the plaintiff does not fairly represent the interests of the members
§ gca-4A-802
§ gca-4A-803
§ gca-4A-804
Plaintiff Suit Against An Organization Awards
§ gca-4A-901
The termination of the limited liability company.
§ gca-4A-902
rules related to the dissolution and proceedings of winding up of a limited liability company
§ gca-4A-903
County Circuit Court Can Dissolve a Limited Liability Firm.
§ gca-4A-904
All members presence not needed to conclude affairs of LLC
§ gca-4A-905
Binding of a Dissolved Limited Liability Company by a Member
§ gca-4A-906
As what the assets shall be distributed
§ gca-4A-907
§ gca-4A-908
A limited liability corporation will be dissolved when the state receives proper documentation.
§ gca-4A-909
Articles of Cancellation Guidelines
§ gca-4A-910
The necessity of a limited liability corporation to file cancellation papers.
§ gca-4A-911
Except with respect to a tax collectable locally, immediately after September 30 of each year
§ gca-4A-912
Mailing Notice of Proclamation
§ gca-4A-913
§ gca-4A-914
tax collection, unemployment contributions, or reimbursement of payments
§ gca-4A-915
failure to pay taxes in Maryland forfeits right to do business
§ gca-4A-916
rules related to the contents of articles of association
§ gca-4A-917
Submission of annual report and articles of business in Maryland
§ gca-4A-918
The payment of all fees and unemployment insurance
§ gca-4A-919
Corporate Business Transactions
§ gca-4A-920
The forfeiture of the right to do business in Maryland and the right to the use of the name of the limited liability company
§ gca-5-101
"Disqualified person" means an individual or entity that for any reason is or becomes ineligible
§ gca-5-102
Corporations becoming professional corporations due to professional services, and guidelines.
§ gca-5-103
Powers Relative to Professional Corporations
§ gca-5-104
Professional Corporations and Professional Services
§ gca-5-105
Prohibit an individual licensed in another state from rendering professional services
§ gca-5-106
§ gca-5-107
Exclusions For Licensed Physicians
§ gca-5-108
§ gca-5-109
A professional corporation may issue stock, rights, and options to purchase stock
§ gca-5-110
Compulsory Statement Of Stock Certificate Issued By A Professional Corporation
§ gca-5-111
rules related to transfer or pledge stock by A stockholder of a professional corporation
§ gca-5-112
power of the corporation to elect a professional corporation
§ gca-5-113
A corporation will acquire a stockholder's stock in the event of their death or disqualification.
§ gca-5-114
Requisition of Stocks By Corporations
§ gca-5-115
Value of stock : Disqualification of stockholder and intervention of court
§ gca-5-116
§ gca-5-117
Directors and corporation officers prohibited rules
§ gca-5-118
Unqualified People Cannot Be A Proxy To Vote
§ gca-5-119
description of the individual rendering professional services
§ gca-5-120
Domestic and foreign professional corporation and communications
§ gca-5-121
Liabilities of individuals, corporations, and stockholders
§ gca-5-122
The Business of domestic professional corporation.
§ gca-5-123
Amendment of Corporations
§ gca-5-124
Attorney General Can Start Proceedings Regarding Professional Corporations
§ gca-5-125
Foreign Corporations Operating In Maryland
§ gca-5-126
Certificate is required to render Professional Services.
§ gca-5-127
When the Department may revoke the certificate of authority of a foreign professional corporation.
§ gca-5-128
licensing unit may adopt regulations to administer the subtitle
§ gca-5-129
Non-Restriction Of The Jurisdiction Of A Licensing Unit
§ gca-5-130
Effects of a statute repeal.
§ gca-5-131
§ gca-5-132
Professional corporation licensing conducts
§ gca-5-133
Maryland Professional Service Corporation Act.
§ gca-5-134
Circumstances where the Maryland General Corporation Law doesn't apply.
§ gca-5-201
§ gca-5-202
Corporation Stock Voting and Privilege Rules in Maryland State
§ gca-5-203
Board Organization Meeting Requirements
§ gca-5-204
Corporation Operation Regulations
§ gca-5-205
Companies that do not sell stock are not obligate to keep a certain number of board members
§ gca-5-206
§ gca-5-207
Mergers of nonstock corporations
§ gca-5-208
Dissolution or forfeiture of the charter Law of Maryland
§ gca-5-209
Donor Inheritance of Former Religious or Charitable Property
§ gca-5-301
"Church" means any church, religious society, or congregation of any sect, order, or denomination
§ gca-5-301.1
Religious Corporation Regulations
§ gca-5-302
Adult Church Members Can Form a Religious Corporation.
§ gca-5-303
Majority of trustees acknowledge the plan.
§ gca-5-304
§ gca-5-305
Religious corporations and applicable assets
§ gca-5-306
§ gca-5-307
Trustees shall keep a book and it can be viewed.
§ gca-5-308
Religious corporation amendments
§ gca-5-309
§ gca-5-310
The contending party shall appoint one individual from among the members.
§ gca-5-311
How Members of Church May Form Individual Worship
§ gca-5-312
Every Church Must File or Plan Articles for Their Organization
§ gca-5-313
Introducing bills that amend the charter of any religious corporation.
§ gca-5-314
"applies to every religious corporation formed in this State."
§ gca-5-315
Composition of Corporators of Religious Corporations
§ gca-5-316
rules regarding signing articles of incorporation for the religious corporation
§ gca-5-317
religious corporation guidelines regarding gifts, devises, or bequests.
§ gca-5-318
Roman Catholic Church Law of Maryland
§ gca-5-319
election of corporators of a religious corporation
§ gca-5-320
The Corporators may amend the charter of a religious corporation formed under this part at any time
§ gca-5-321
Applies to every religious corporation formed in this State by a Methodist Church
§ gca-5-322
A religious corporation subject to this part may be incorporated
§ gca-5-323
Charge conference delegates for religious corporation.
§ gca-5-324
How to Elect a Methodist Church Trustee?
§ gca-5-325
Laws on Religious Practices
§ gca-5-326
Management Of Assets Owned By Any Methodist Church
§ gca-5-327
The conveyance of the assets to the trustees of the local church or any of its predecessor
§ gca-5-328
Evangelical United Brethren Church Affiliations and Assets
§ gca-5-329
Applies to religious corporation by a Presbyterian Church.
§ gca-5-330
Presbyterian Church for their community, Incorporatied by successor
§ gca-5-331
Constitution of the US not prohibited the extent
§ gca-5-332
Electing Trustees Of A Religious Corporation.
§ gca-5-333
Religious Corporation Union
§ gca-5-334
Religious Corporations
§ gca-5-335
A Perish must be approved my majority vote.
§ gca-5-336
rights, powers, and privileges of any religious corporation formed before July 1 1973 are preserved.
§ gca-5-337
Religious corporations involved with the union of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
§ gca-5-338
Bylaws to govern the Corporate and Temporal Affairs by Religious Corporations
§ gca-5-401
Maryland corporation is a private and has internal revenue code.
§ gca-5-402
A private foundation cannot engage in self dealings.
§ gca-5-403
Private foundations and tax liability.
§ gca-5-404
Section 5-402 and 5-403 Provisions
§ gca-5-405
Impairment of the rights and powers of the courts.
§ gca-5-501
Definitions of Terms Relating To Corporations And Associations
§ gca-5-502
A cooperative may be incorporated for the following purposes.
§ gca-5-503
Requirements for Organizing a Cooperative.
§ gca-5-504
Powers of Cooperatives
§ gca-5-505
Setting Up a Cooperative.
§ gca-5-506
Amendments That Alter Property Rights.
§ gca-5-507
Maryland Corporation to Cooperative Amendment
§ gca-5-508
Cooperative rights and limits.
§ gca-5-509
Requirements of Stock Certificates
§ gca-5-510
Use of the term " cooperative".
§ gca-5-511
Corporation conversion into cooperative procedure.
§ gca-5-512
Management & Members of Cooperatives In Maryland State
§ gca-5-513
Election of Board of Directors
§ gca-5-514
How Districts are Drawn and Elections Are Held
§ gca-5-515
Conditions for occupying a vacant position in the board of directors.
§ gca-5-516
Cooperative Fair Remuneration Policy
§ gca-5-517
Officers required in Cooperatives
§ gca-5-518
Charges framed against the Cooperative authorities for misconduct
§ gca-5-519
An annual meeting shall be held to elect directors
§ gca-5-520
Number of Corporate Voting Members Needed for Quorum
§ gca-5-521
Voting entitlements of cooperative members.
§ gca-5-522
Members May Contract with Cooperative to Sell Products
§ gca-5-523
Cooperative Members
§ gca-5-524
Authorization of Corporatives To Enter Into Business
§ gca-5-525
accounting principle law
§ gca-5-526
Cooperative operating as an agent.
§ gca-5-527
Rights of the corporation and objecting members.
§ gca-5-528
Cooperatives Purchasing Businesses
§ gca-5-529
Cooperative Association Under Marketing
§ gca-5-530
Definition of cooperative in regard to monopolies.
§ gca-5-531
The Maryland General Corporation Law applies to every cooperative except to the extent
§ gca-5-532
Consequences of Violations
§ gca-5-5A-01
This subtitle is not applied to any cooperative under subtitle 5.
§ gca-5-5A-02
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gca-5-5A-03
Incorporation of Consumer and Federated Cooperatives
§ gca-5-5A-04
Cooperation between Adult individuals and entities
§ gca-5-5A-05
Formation as a stock or nonstock corporation by a cooperative.
§ gca-5-5A-06
Cooperative powers in regards to business.
§ gca-5-5A-07
Section 5-5A-07 Articles of Incorporation
§ gca-5-5A-08
Rules regarding the activities between directors and other members of a cooperative.
§ gca-5-5A-09
The corporation is converted into a consumer cooperative under the law.
§ gca-5-5A-10
Definition of Cooperatives
§ gca-5-5A-11
Regulation And Management Of A Cooperative
§ gca-5-5A-12
Resident or Foreign Cooperative Management Principles
§ gca-5-5A-13
Board of Directors Member Election Schedule
§ gca-5-5A-14
Election of Directors and Delegates.
§ gca-5-5A-15
List Of Cooperative Officers
§ gca-5-5A-16
Cooperative Bylaws
§ gca-5-5A-17
Cooperative bylaws provision for remuneration
§ gca-5-5A-18
Cooperative Membership Requirements.
§ gca-5-5A-19
Cooperative guidelines and procedures for meetings.
§ gca-5-5A-20
Voting entitlement of the Cooperative members.
§ gca-5-5A-21
Procedures regarding Amendments of article incorporation.
§ gca-5-5A-22
rules related to provide apportion the net savings of the cooperative by its directors
§ gca-5-5A-23
The Audit committee of each cooperative performs all the functions.
§ gca-5-5A-24
A cooperative may consolidate, merge, transfer assets, dissolve, or divide in the manner provided in Title 3 of this article
§ gca-5-5A-25
Division and Operation of Cooperatives
§ gca-5-5A-26
Entities With Consumer Cooperatives May Utilize This Subtitle
§ gca-5-5A-27
Organizing as a cooperative cannot itself cause consideration of illegal monopoly.
§ gca-5-5A-28
Exceptions regarding security under Maryland Securities Act.
§ gca-5-5A-29
"Maryland General Corporation Laws are applicable to cooperatives."
§ gca-5-5A-30
Maryland Consumer Cooperative Act
§ gca-5-601
meaning of person
§ gca-5-602
The subtitle should be construed liberally.
§ gca-5-605
Maryland Allows Non-Profit Organizations Related to Electricity.
§ gca-5-606
Organization of a cooperative.
§ gca-5-607
A cooperative has the power to sue and to be sued.
§ gca-5-608
Requirement Of Articles Of Incorporation Of A Cooperative
§ gca-5-609
Cooperative article amendments.
§ gca-5-610
The name of a cooperative or foreign corporation doing business in the State:
§ gca-5-611
Cooperative Incorporation Bylaws
§ gca-5-612
Bylaw powers regarding changing territory boundaries.
§ gca-5-615
Rules regarding membership in cooperatives.
§ gca-5-616
Annual Law Maker Meetings
§ gca-5-617
Notice of each meeting of the members shall be mailed to each of its members.
§ gca-5-618
Minimum Number of Members for meetings
§ gca-5-619
Voting rights for each member of cooperative is ONE.
§ gca-5-622
The Structure And Functionality Of A Cooperative As Per Maryland State Law
§ gca-5-623
Holding Office By Directors Of A Cooperative
§ gca-5-624
directors annual election
§ gca-5-627
A cooperative may consolidate with other cooperative.
§ gca-5-628
Cooperatives may merge with each other.
§ gca-5-629
This section provides the Consummation of a consolidation .
§ gca-5-630
Converting an Electrical Distribution Company to Cooperative.
§ gca-5-631
Articles Of Dissolution Of A Cooperative That Has Not Begun Doing Business
§ gca-5-632
How a cooperative may be dissolved.
§ gca-5-635
Cooperative Changes Require Approval & Submission to the Department
§ gca-5-636
Incorporation, Consolidation, and Dissolution Certificates
§ gca-5-637
Fees for filing and recording corporate documents.
§ gca-5-638
Cooperative Revenues for Fiscal Year Limits
§ gca-5-639
An authorized person cannot be disqualified from taking acknowledgments.
§ gca-5-640
Sale/Lease of Cooperatives
§ gca-5-641
A mortgage, deed of trust, security agreement, or other security instrument affecting real or personal property
§ gca-5-642
Electric Cooperative Act
§ gca-5-6A-01
Some guidelines for cooperative organizations.
§ gca-5-6B-01
Definitions involving corporations and the legalities thereof.
§ gca-5-6B-02
A contract for the initial sale of a cooperative interest to a member of the public not enforceable against the initial purchaser
§ gca-5-6B-03
Real Estate Developer Contract Directives
§ gca-5-6B-04
Warranty from the developer to Cooperative Housing Corporation.
§ gca-5-6B-05
"Required to vacate" notice requirements and guidelines.
§ gca-5-6B-06
Notice of right to purchase.
§ gca-5-6B-07
Real Estate Developer Regulations
§ gca-5-6B-08
Rules regarding purchase of a residential rental facility from Authorities.
§ gca-5-6B-09
Local Law provided by incorporated municipality or county.
§ gca-5-6B-10
Facilitation of the orderly development of cooperative housing corporations.
§ gca-5-6B-11
Cooperative interest deposit handling and management.
§ gca-5-6B-12
This section is intended for the protection of consumers in the State ... .
§ gca-5-6B-13
Maryland securities act and commercial law
§ gca-5-6B-14
Economic Activity May Not Be Deemed Conspiracy
§ gca-5-6B-15
stock and nonstock corporations can apply to all corporate housing corporations
§ gca-5-6B-16
Meanings of cooperative interest and possessory interest.
§ gca-5-6B-17
Manner of attaching or binding security in cooperative interest.
§ gca-5-6B-18
Each units have one vote in cooperative housing corporation.
§ gca-5-6B-18.1
Laws concerning no-impact home businesses do not apply to co-ops that banned them prior to 1991
§ gca-5-6B-18.2
Definition of "Candidate Sign" According to Maryland State
§ gca-5-6B-18.3
Cooperative housing corporation meeting notification guidelines.
§ gca-5-6B-18.4
cooperative housing corporation voting by electronic transmission
§ gca-5-6B-18.5
No well drilling in Maryland without prior authorization
§ gca-5-6B-18.6
Fidelity Insurance; Definitions and Terms.
§ gca-5-6B-19
General Law Guidelines
§ gca-5-6B-20
Application of Section 5-6B-02
§ gca-5-6C-01
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gca-5-6C-02
Provision applies solely to benefit corporations, unless provision requires otherwise.
§ gca-5-6C-03
Local Firms Can Convert Itself Into a Benefit Corporation.
§ gca-5-6C-04
Terminating status of "Benefit Corporation".
§ gca-5-6C-05
Documents That Mention Maryland Corporation As Benefit Corporation
§ gca-5-6C-06
Benefit Corporations must be about creating positive products that are helpful to a community, or purchaser.
§ gca-5-6C-07
Duties Of A Director Of A Benefit Corporation
§ gca-5-6C-08
corporation should deliver to each stockholder.
§ gca-5-701
Maryland's charter and the public general law special act.
§ gca-5-702
Court of equity decree petitions .
§ gca-5-703
"Aliens" by definition.
§ gca-7-101
Foreign Corporation Registrations
§ gca-7-102
A foreign corporation law
§ gca-7-103
Maintaining Interstate Businesses In The State
§ gca-7-104
Activities constitute doing many activities.
§ gca-7-105
The laws of this State should be assented for doing business.
§ gca-7-201
Exempt from this are credit unions, national banks, railroads, insurance & others
§ gca-7-202
Foreign Corporations Must Register to Conduct Foreign Business
§ gca-7-202.1
This property is not applied to any foreign corporation.
§ gca-7-203
Interstate Business Guidelines
§ gca-7-204
Registered Company May Receive a Certificate From the State
§ gca-7-205
Origins Of A Foreign Corporation
§ gca-7-206
Requirements for foreign corporations doing business in Maryland.
§ gca-7-208
Maryland State Rules for Termination of Foreign Corporations
§ gca-7-209
Resident Agent and Foreign Corporation Public Index
§ gca-7-210
Foreign Corporations not Subject to certain causes of action
§ gca-7-301
foreign corporation and foreign business
§ gca-7-302
Foreign Business Registration Penalty
§ gca-7-303
Qualified foreign corporation failed to do business in the state.
§ gca-7-304
Department forfeits right on failure of filing report.
§ gca-7-305
How Subtitle 2 Effects Contracts with Foreign Corporations
§ gca-8-101
Meanings forming a Real estate investment trust.
§ gca-8-102
Real Estate Investment Trusts Are Unincorporated Business Trusts
§ gca-8-103
doing business or creating business
§ gca-8-201
Real estate investment trust compliance.
§ gca-8-202
A real estate investment files its declaration of trust.
§ gca-8-203
Regulations for Real Estate Investments in Maryland State
§ gca-8-204
Real Estate Investment Trusts To Post Security.
§ gca-8-205
Real Estate Shareholders and Trustees Rights
§ gca-8-206
board of trustees of a real estate investment trust may establish one or more committees of the board of trustees
§ gca-8-207
Provision given under Internal Revenue Code for REIT
§ gca-8-301
The powers given to a real estate investment trust.
§ gca-8-303
Shareholders of real estate have voting rights.
§ gca-8-402
Department Annual Record Part of Public Record
§ gca-8-403
Fee Requirements for Real Estate Investments
§ gca-8-501
Proposition of Amendments to Trusts
§ gca-8-501.1
Definitions of Partnerships.
§ gca-8-501.2
Restating Declaration of trust by a Real Estate Investment trust
§ gca-8-501.3
Declaration of trust and amendments to it.
§ gca-8-502
rules related to the termination of real estate investment trust by voluntary dissolution
§ gca-8-503
Details of certificate filed by real estate trust.
§ gca-8-601
§ gca-8-601.1
Real Estate Investment Trusts Sections
§ gca-8-602
Both , state official and real estate agent processed before law.
§ gca-8-701
Fine pounded on unregistered trustees of Real Estate.
§ gca-8-801
Announcement as the Maryland REIT Law.
§ gca-9A-1001
§ gca-9A-1002
Any document submitted regarding a limited liability partnership must follow the law.
§ gca-9A-1003
The name of liability partnership shall comply with the provisions of subtitle 5.
§ gca-9A-1004
The exclusive right to use a specified name for a domestic or foreign limited liability partnership.
§ gca-9A-1005
§ gca-9A-1006
Registration as a limited liability partnership.
§ gca-9A-1007
Taxes regarding limited liability partnerships.
§ gca-9A-1008
Department shall mail notice of the proclamation within 10 days.
§ gca-9A-1009
Tax Obligations of Limited Liability Partnerships
§ gca-9A-101
Financial Business Terms Defined
§ gca-9A-1010
tax collections, unemployment contributions, or reimbursement payments
§ gca-9A-1011
The authority to do business in Maryland should have limited liability.
§ gca-9A-1012
Requirements for certificates of reinstatement for limited liability partnerships.
§ gca-9A-1013
rules related to the acceptance of certificate of reinstatement for record by the department
§ gca-9A-1014
Requirements to do business in Maryland of the limited liability partnership
§ gca-9A-1015
Limited Liability Business Transactions
§ gca-9A-1016
Limited Liability Partnership and the Right To Do Business
§ gca-9A-102
A person notifies another by taking steps reasonably required to inform the other person
§ gca-9A-103
Regulations of Partnership Agreement
§ gca-9A-104
Use this rate if a loan doesn't specify a rate.
§ gca-9A-105
filing statement of partnership with the Department
§ gca-9A-106
foreign limited liability partnership under the law of the jurisdiction
§ gca-9A-107
Makes partnerships governed by the title subject to all amendments.
§ gca-9A-1101
Conducting Business in Maryland
§ gca-9A-1102
The Department's Powers to Acknowledge Applications for Registration
§ gca-9A-1103
A foreign limited liability partnership may register with the Department under any name.
§ gca-9A-1104
§ gca-9A-1105
The filing of a certificate of cancellation does not terminate the authority of the Department
§ gca-9A-1106
Interstate Work by Foreign Corporations
§ gca-9A-1107
Powers of the Attorney General Concerning Foreign Businesses
§ gca-9A-1108
§ gca-9A-1109
Foreign limited liability partnership's applicability to State Law.
§ gca-9A-1110
Foreign Limited Liability Corporations
§ gca-9A-1111
Forfeiture of Rights of Foreign Limited Liability Partnerships.
§ gca-9A-1201
Applying to the general purpose to be uniform with the law and affected states.
§ gca-9A-1202
Law Of Maryland Revised Uniform Partnership Act
§ gca-9A-1203
§ gca-9A-1204
Governing of Partnerships
§ gca-9A-1205
Limit on Title's Effect
§ gca-9A-201
A partnership is an entity distinct from its partners.
§ gca-9A-202
Creation of a Partnership
§ gca-9A-203
Partnership property and individual policy
§ gca-9A-204
Origins of partnership property
§ gca-9A-301
An act of partner in the Partnership business.
§ gca-9A-302
Partnership Property Transfer Rules
§ gca-9A-303
Partnerships Filing Statement of Partnership Authority
§ gca-9A-304
A statement of denial is a limitation on authority as provided
§ gca-9A-305
rules related to the liability of partnership firm for loss or injury caused to a person
§ gca-9A-306
Partnership Liabilities
§ gca-9A-307
power of the partnership to sue and to be sued in its own name
§ gca-9A-308
Section 9A-308 Partnership Limitations and Liabilities.
§ gca-9A-401
Maryland Law Governing Business Partnership.
§ gca-9A-402
Partners & Distributions
§ gca-9A-403
A partnership shall keep its books and records, if any, at its chief executive office.
§ gca-9A-404
§ gca-9A-405
A partner may maintain an action against the partnership or another partner
§ gca-9A-406
Continuance of Partnerships
§ gca-9A-501
Law regarding co-owner partnerships of property.
§ gca-9A-502
§ gca-9A-503
Defines the effects of transfers of interest within partnerships.
§ gca-9A-504
Interest Charged to Satisfy the Judgement
§ gca-9A-601
The partnerships having notice of the partners express will to withdraw as a partner or on a later date specified by the partner.
§ gca-9A-602
In the case of a partnership for a definite term or particular undertaking, before the expiration of the term or the completion of the undertaking.
§ gca-9A-603
Right To Participate In Business Terminates If Partner Dissociates.
§ gca-9A-701
dissociating partner under article gca-9A-701
§ gca-9A-702
Partner Disassociation Guidelines
§ gca-9A-703
Partnership Disbanding
§ gca-9A-704
Filing a statement of dissociation.
§ gca-9A-705
Consequences of using disassociated partners name
§ gca-9A-801
Separation of Partnerships
§ gca-9A-802
Continuation of Dissolved Partnerships
§ gca-9A-803
rules related to a partner participating in winding up the partnerships business
§ gca-9A-804
Partnership dissolution.
§ gca-9A-805
Dissolution of partnership : Rules and regulations on winding up the business
§ gca-9A-806
Liability of Partners After Dissolution of Partnership
§ gca-9A-807
§ gca-9A-901
Rules of Partnership
§ gca-9A-902
§ gca-9A-903
Business Merger Guidelines
§ gca-9A-904
Guidelines to Abandon a Proposed Merger
§ gca-9A-905
rules regarding the rights of a member of a partnership objecting to a merger
§ gca-9A-906
two companies coming together must notify the courts, or someone purchasing a piece of a company must notify the courts.
§ gca-9A-907
Property Certificates and Mergers
§ gca-9A-908
When a merger becomes effective
§ gca-9A-909
rules defining the effects of Consummation of a merger
§ gca-9A-910
Previous Obligations Before a Partnership Merger