Business Regulation

This is Article gbr of the Code of State, titled “Business Regulation.” It’s comprised of the following 1147 sections.

§ gbr-1-101
Legal Terminology Definitions
§ gbr-1-201
A written statement or oath with an officer meet requirements that a document be under oath.
§ gbr-1-202
A false statement made under oath under this article is subject to the penalties of perjury
§ gbr-1-203
Consequences for refusing to give evidence or appear after being subpoenaed.
§ gbr-1-204
Prohibition Against Additional Local Licensing in Most of the State
§ gbr-1-205
Maryland State Requirements For Employer's Worker's Compensation Licensing
§ gbr-1-206
Late fee for the person who did not get License on time.
§ gbr-1-207
Department of Assessments & Taxation Law
§ gbr-1-208
§ gbr-1-209
Course of action in respect of dishonoring of cheque issued for renewal of license by licensee
§ gbr-1-210
Alcohol License Renewing Procedures
§ gbr-1-301
§ gbr-1-302
This subtitle applies to each private business, occupation, private institution
§ gbr-1-303
Impact of Subtitle on Authority of Officers
§ gbr-1-304
Business records may be destroyed after three years, discounting exceptions.
§ gbr-1-305
What Reproduction Means In This Subtitle.
§ gbr-1-306
This subtitle shall be construed and interpreted to effectuate its general purpose
§ gbr-1-307
The Preservation of Private Business Records Act
§ gbr-1-401
Applicant includes an assignee, legal representative, or successor of a person who submits an application for registration
§ gbr-1-402
Mark Acquired In Good Faith Will Not Be Affected.
§ gbr-1-403
The State Code of Maryland.
§ gbr-1-404
Procedure to register mark being used by person in the state
§ gbr-1-405
The General Classes of Goods Represented Under This Subtitle.
§ gbr-1-406
A Peron May Apply to Register a Mark
§ gbr-1-407
Before denying registration of a mark, the Secretary of State shall
§ gbr-1-409
§ gbr-1-410
Registration renewal
§ gbr-1-411
A mark and its registration Over Maryland State Law
§ gbr-1-412
The Secretary of State shall cancel a registration of a mark
§ gbr-1-413
making false or fraudulent representation is liable for damages
§ gbr-1-414
reproductions or colorable imitations of mark registered
§ gbr-1-415
Protection of business names in the State of Maryland.
§ gbr-1-501
§ gbr-1-502
gbr-1-502 subtitle definitions.
§ gbr-1-503
The licensee's major responsibility to Secretary within 5 days of change
§ gbr-1-504
The state police shall have the authorization to inspect any field within the organization.
§ gbr-1-505
§ gbr-10-101
§ gbr-10-201
The Comptroller shall administer and enforce this title.
§ gbr-10-202
Comptroller rules and regulations for enforcing title.
§ gbr-10-203
Comptroller should collect samples
§ gbr-10-204
Unlawful Marketing of State Motor Fuel
§ gbr-10-205
Liquified petroleum gas is regulated differently than motor fuel.
§ gbr-10-301
Definition of the terms dealer, manufacturer, and special fuel seller.
§ gbr-10-302
All motor fuel stored or offered for sale in the State is subject to inspection and analysis
§ gbr-10-303
Rules Regarding The Storage or The Sale of Motor Fuel
§ gbr-10-304
Conditions for the issuance of a certificate of registration to a retail service station dealer
§ gbr-10-304.1
retail station may not sell fuel below costs
§ gbr-10-305
Regulations for disclosure of fuel additives.
§ gbr-10-306
prior to selling fuel must submit for approval to comptroller
§ gbr-10-307
Restrictions on what an Employee of the Office of the Comptroller may divulge
§ gbr-10-308
Seller of gasoline imported into state regulations
§ gbr-10-309
The Sale of Special Imported Fuel
§ gbr-10-310
Before the first sale of a substitute for or improver of motor fuel transported to the state the comptroller must inspect.
§ gbr-10-311
A motor fuel producer or refiner cannot operate a retail service station. A dealer must operate it.
§ gbr-10-311.1
Agreement or contract of a producer of refiner of motor fulw with service stations : Rules and penalties
§ gbr-10-312
Discrimination rights for motor fuel retail service stations.
§ gbr-10-313
Contractual relationships Shall follow code
§ gbr-10-314
Motor Fuel Suppliers will meet Specifications set by Comptroller.
§ gbr-10-315
A person who sells motor fuel at retail shall display signs in accordance with this section
§ gbr-10-316
State's Ability to Prohibit Sale of Gasoline Following Licensing Violations
§ gbr-10-317
revocation of license for violations of motor fuel subtitles.
§ gbr-10-318
Liability for Damages to Retail Service Station Dealers
§ gbr-10-319
Vehicle Operators in Maryland Must Designate Gas Containers
§ gbr-10-320
Disabled drivers must display permit
§ gbr-10-321
Lead Cannot Be Added to Gasoline to be Sold in the State of Maryland
§ gbr-10-322
A retail service station dealer of Maryland
§ gbr-10-323
Proper practices for purchasing fuel in bulk.
§ gbr-10-323.1
The Requirements for Reporting Sales of Motor Fuel
§ gbr-10-323.2
Notice for dyed diesel fuel nontaxable use only
§ gbr-10-324
Violations of the subtitle under Business Regulation.
§ gbr-10-401
Each petroleum transporter shall register with the Comptroller before transporting motor fuel
§ gbr-10-403
Comptroller's Reasons for Denial of Registration
§ gbr-10-404
Origins of Law of Maryland
§ gbr-10-405
How to Appeal a Financial Auditing Decision
§ gbr-10-406
proper identification for vehicles used to transport motor fuel
§ gbr-10-407
Applicable rules for obtaining fuel from a marine terminal.
§ gbr-10-408
Petroleum Transport regulations
§ gbr-10-409
A person moving petroleum must follow U.S. laws for labeling the vehicle for hazardous material.
§ gbr-10-410
Comptroller Report Regulations for Petroleum Transporters
§ gbr-10-411
Violation of this statute constitutes a misdemeanor or felony.
§ gbr-10-412
police officer of Maryland
§ gbr-10-501
Labeling Requirements For Automotive Crankcase Oil
§ gbr-10-502
refiners and providers retail
§ gbr-10-502
refiners and providers retail
§ gbr-10-503
§ gbr-11-1001
Horse Race Gambling Law & Fines
§ gbr-11-101
word meaning indications
§ gbr-11-102
Racing regulation laws in the state of Maryland.
§ gbr-11-103
Exclusions to this Title
§ gbr-11-1101
Maryland Horse Racing Act
§ gbr-11-1102
This title and its regulations expire 7/1/14.
§ gbr-11-1201
Meanings according to their subtitle for Authority Park Heights Corridor".
§ gbr-11-1202
Per Section gbr-11-1202 the Pimlico Community Authority now exists.
§ gbr-11-1203
Authority consist of planning director, five business owners, state senators, state delegate.
§ gbr-11-1204
The Authority has to power to decide the time and place to meet.
§ gbr-11-1205
The Authority shall receive 80% of the money from the Special Fund
§ gbr-11-1301
Description Of Terms Used In Maryland State Law
§ gbr-11-1302
Licensing Information for Live Horse Racing Participants
§ gbr-11-1303
Guidelines for the Committee in forming a compact.
§ gbr-11-1304
Authorized horse racing law
§ gbr-11-1305
regulations for state withdrawing and continuing in a compact.
§ gbr-11-1306
What the Compact Committee is, what it does, and what powers officials have in it.
§ gbr-11-1307
How the Compact Committee issues the license.
§ gbr-11-1308
Voting on the Compact Committee
§ gbr-11-1309
The powers and responsibilities of the compact committee
§ gbr-11-1310
How No State Employees Will Not Be Liable For Actions Taken In Good Faith
§ gbr-11-1311
Compact committee license decisions are final & license fees can be charged.
§ gbr-11-1312
This compact shall be liberally construed so as to effectuate its purposes
§ gbr-11-201
Maryland has an Official State Racing Department
§ gbr-11-202
Terms, description and qualifications of elected state racing commissioners.
§ gbr-11-203
How a Chairman Is Selected & Details of the Chairman's Term
§ gbr-11-204
Benefits of being a Member of the Maryland State Commission.
§ gbr-11-205
Executive Director Selection, Duties, and Authority
§ gbr-11-206
Staff Positions Appointed by Commission Executive Director
§ gbr-11-207
A commission may employ extra people at a harness racing track, and must pay them as listed.
§ gbr-11-208
Governor's Ability to Enforce Against Illegal Racing.
§ gbr-11-209
Necessary and Proper powers of the Commission.
§ gbr-11-210
Commissions Regulatory Powers on Horse and Tracks Bets
§ gbr-11-211
Commission investigations and approvals
§ gbr-11-212
Proper Procedure Of Laboratory Tests Executed By The Commission.
§ gbr-11-213
the Commission shall submit a report to the Secretary On or before September 15 of each year
§ gbr-11-214
The Commission functions under the control of the Secretary.
§ gbr-11-301
Beneficial ownership requirements and regulations.
§ gbr-11-302
In order for an individual to host a race they must have an appropriate license.
§ gbr-11-303
Application for Races to the Commission
§ gbr-11-304
The commission shall issue a license to each person who applies and pays a license fee.
§ gbr-11-305
Governing laws of a license and its regulations according to legal law.
§ gbr-11-306
award of racing day gives licensee licence for that day
§ gbr-11-307
When refunds of license fees will be given if a race is canceled.
§ gbr-11-308
The commission has every right to revoke your license
§ gbr-11-309
Commission takes final action against the person whose action is contemplated.
§ gbr-11-310
Commission may delegate meeting with 3 members
§ gbr-11-311
How a business may appeal the rulings of the County Commissioners.
§ gbr-11-312
Who is required to give fingerprints
§ gbr-11-313
Under business regulation law the commission requires a licensee, stockholder licensee.
§ gbr-11-314
Beneficial ownership record-keeping requirements for licensees
§ gbr-11-315
Submitting Statements to the Commissioner of Business Regulation
§ gbr-11-316
Commission duties before prospective buyer buys
§ gbr-11-317
Requirements to transfer licenses or race days to buyers or lessee's of a track
§ gbr-11-318
A Commission may require a person to get a license before conducting business.
§ gbr-11-319
Employees Pension Fund law
§ gbr-11-320
not apply to employees of Maryland
§ gbr-11-401
§ gbr-11-402
Description of sources of money contained in the Special Fund.
§ gbr-11-403
The Comptroller shall pay from the Special Fund an annual grant
§ gbr-11-404
the payment facilities and services for race courses in Baltimore City, City of Laurel and Anne Arundel and Howard counties
§ gbr-11-404.1
How To Allocate Proceeds From Special Funds?
§ gbr-11-405
The fiscal officer of each subdivision that is eligible to receive money
§ gbr-11-406
Details on the Allotment of Maryland's Agricultural Funds
§ gbr-11-501
What Provision Applies To
§ gbr-11-502
Number of Necessary Stewrds
§ gbr-11-503
Horse trainers who are Maryland residents are given preference for stall licenses
§ gbr-11-504
Live racing at Pimlico Race Course will not be held past 10:00PM unless delay is caused by circumstances not controlled by licensee.
§ gbr-11-507
Applicable to Mile Thoroughbred Racing Licenses
§ gbr-11-508
Committee shall send application notice
§ gbr-11-509
New licensee law requires 10 day payment
§ gbr-11-510
The Commission may only Award Racing Days to Two Organizations.
§ gbr-11-511
On December 1, the Commission makes the racing schedule.
§ gbr-11-512
The Commission may authorize a license if conditions are met.
§ gbr-11-513
The Commission shall hold a public hearing.
§ gbr-11-514
Licencees are limited in the amount of bets they can keep.
§ gbr-11-515
Allocation Of Race Takeout.
§ gbr-11-515.1
§ gbr-11-516
Percentages for Preakness Stakes Purses
§ gbr-11-518
Deduction of Open Purse Money for Pension Funds
§ gbr-11-519
maintain safe operating condition in Maryland
§ gbr-11-520
Maryland State law on horse track racing as a jockey
§ gbr-11-521
Ability to Acquire Land for Public Use
§ gbr-11-522
Arabian breed horse definition
§ gbr-11-523
State Fair Society Means Maryland State Fair
§ gbr-11-524
Issuance of Special Thoroughbred Racing License to the State Fair Society
§ gbr-11-525
The Commission promptly shall pay the tax collected under this subsection to the Comptroller in Maryland
§ gbr-11-526
Payments and Allocations on Race Days
§ gbr-11-529
Terminology of the Maryland Bred Race Fund.
§ gbr-11-530
Maryland Bred Race Fund
§ gbr-11-531
The Commission Oversees the Maryland-Bred Race Fund Advisory Committee
§ gbr-11-532
Who is in the Advisory Committee
§ gbr-11-533
Eligibility to become the chairman and the period of term of the chairman
§ gbr-11-534
Rules Of The Advisory Committee
§ gbr-11-535
Maryland-Bred Race Program Funding Law
§ gbr-11-536
Maryland State Fair and Agricultural Society Running Law
§ gbr-11-537
A Horse Must Be Registered Before it May Start in a Fund Race.
§ gbr-11-538
the breeder of the horse keeps breeding stock continually in Maryland
§ gbr-11-539
The Advisory Committee's responsibilities regarding Fund Races
§ gbr-11-540
Laws for a licensee who provides for a Fund Race, and regulations for a purse used in them.
§ gbr-11-541
5 separate qualified entries to be able to establish a fund race.
§ gbr-11-601
average handle is daily average
§ gbr-11-602
This part of the law only applies to harness racing licenses and to licensees.
§ gbr-11-603
A licensed person can only harness race with standardbred horses.
§ gbr-11-604
Three harness judges officiate at each race that a licensee holds.
§ gbr-11-605
Possible dates for harness racing.
§ gbr-11-606
Law prohibiting harness racing after 2 AM in Maryland
§ gbr-11-608
Required $25 licensing fee law
§ gbr-11-609
There are restrictions on the number and ways that the Commission may issue licenses.
§ gbr-11-610
The role of the commission in issuing racing applications and deciding races.
§ gbr-11-611
Transferring A Licensed Track.
§ gbr-11-612
The Commission Holds Public Hearings for Races in Maryland
§ gbr-11-613
Takeout laws for race betting in Maryland.
§ gbr-11-614
Licensee who averages more than 600,000 duties
§ gbr-11-615
Sires Stakes Program and Foaled Stakes Program
§ gbr-11-616
The licensee and the organization representing a majority of the harness owners.
§ gbr-11-617
Allocation of a licensee share of winnings.
§ gbr-11-618
Licensees Exempt from Employees Pension Fund
§ gbr-11-619
Business Regulation law for a licensee deduct the fee for the drivers.
§ gbr-11-620
Horse racing licensee fees and regulations
§ gbr-11-623
In this part the "Advisory Committee" means the Maryland Standardbred Race Fund Advisory Committee.
§ gbr-11-624
There is a Maryland Standardbred Race Fund consisting of the Foaled Stakes Program and the Sires Stakes Program.
§ gbr-11-625
Maryland Standardbred Race Fund Advisory Committee
§ gbr-11-626
The Advisory Committee consists of members appointed by the Commission
§ gbr-11-627
The Advisory Committee has a chairperson, who serves for one year.
§ gbr-11-628
The Advisory Committee shall set the times and places of its meetings
§ gbr-11-629
Maryland State Commission's Ability to Allocate and Order Payments from Funds
§ gbr-11-631
licensee shall provide Running of Fund races
§ gbr-11-632
Advisory Committee Registration Requirements for Race Horses
§ gbr-11-633
Eligibility for the Sire Stakes Program
§ gbr-11-634
Campaign Races and Rules Will Be Set By An Advisory Committee.
§ gbr-11-635
A purse in a Fund Race cannot be combined with purses, bonuses, or stakes from other races.
§ gbr-11-701
subtitle applies to Cecil County Breeders Fair Inc
§ gbr-11-702
Cecil County Breeders Fair License Regulations.
§ gbr-11-703
Horse racing license issuance
§ gbr-11-704
Business regulation law to the licensee of the Natural Resources Article.
§ gbr-11-801
people are allowed to race and have a betting pool
§ gbr-11-802
rules related to the license which may not lend or give money to a person for pari-mutuel betting
§ gbr-11-803
a winning ticket is not redeemed within 1 year, the licensee into whose betting pool
§ gbr-11-804
Betting on horse races out of state.
§ gbr-11-804.1
details about licensing of lawful betting allowed simulcast races according to Interstate Horseracing Act of 1978
§ gbr-11-804.2
§ gbr-11-805
Racing held by Maryland national capitol park and planning commission exempt.
§ gbr-11-808
employee receiving and sending track stipulations
§ gbr-11-809
Guidelines for the Licensee Holds of Simulcast Races to Out-of-State Facilities.
§ gbr-11-811
Intertrack Betting at Maryland Fairs
§ gbr-11-812
licensee law over intertrack betting
§ gbr-11-815
Definitions of "Permit" and "Satellite Simulcast Betting"
§ gbr-11-816
The commission approves and controls satellite simulcast betting.
§ gbr-11-817
Satellite simulcast betting requires a permit and may not violate local zoning laws or ordinances.
§ gbr-11-818
Any person may apply for a permit
§ gbr-11-819
Commission factors to approve a permit
§ gbr-11-820
permit approval commission law
§ gbr-11-821
Simulcast betting entitlements established by permit at simulcast facilities
§ gbr-11-822
The Commission Sets The Terms Of Each Permit.
§ gbr-11-823
Permit Holders' Record Keeping Responsibility
§ gbr-11-824
Applicants for and holders of permits are subject to the denial of license
§ gbr-11-825
A satellite simulcast company shall be owned by a permit holder and be at least 35 miles from a racetrack.
§ gbr-11-826
satellite law
§ gbr-11-827
Assets will be distributed by majority owners of those assets.
§ gbr-11-828
Some satellite facilities have to send certain information automatically.
§ gbr-11-829
Origins of betting on races of national/international prominence
§ gbr-11-830
Money cannot be given for Pari-mutuel betting
§ gbr-11-831
Legislative policy committee of the Maryland for the customer policy and rules to be changed his order and rules
§ gbr-11-832
commission may adopt regulations
§ gbr-11-901
Jockey fund is Maryland Jockey Injury Compensation fund
§ gbr-11-902
Establishment of the Maryland Jockey Injury Compensation Fund
§ gbr-11-903
The Jockey Fund has to provide insurance for employees.
§ gbr-11-904
The Jockey Fund Board of Directors management procedures.
§ gbr-11-905
Regulations Governing The Jockey's Fund
§ gbr-11-906
Requirements That Must Be Met to Maintain Horse Training License
§ gbr-11-909
A procedure for collecting fines and overpayments to a Horseman's Assistance Fund used for charitable purposes.
§ gbr-12-101
Definitions of terms in titles about precious metal retail and resale.
§ gbr-12-102
New merchandise licensing acquirement law
§ gbr-12-103
Secretary can adopt and enforce regulations
§ gbr-12-104
Where the appointed secretary must pay all collected money.
§ gbr-12-201
Individual must have license before conducting business.
§ gbr-12-202
Someone applying for an application will do the following
§ gbr-12-203
Details of Individual sumbit to Secretary
§ gbr-12-204
Regulations Regarding Acquisition of a Criminal History Records Check
§ gbr-12-205
How to receive a business licence in Maryland
§ gbr-12-206
Estate and Judicial Sale Regulations
§ gbr-12-207
License Renewal.
§ gbr-12-208
License use regulations for dealers of secondhand precious metal object.
§ gbr-12-209
Department may suspend or revoke license of Pawn stores and its employees
§ gbr-12-210
Secretary shall give notice prior to hearing
§ gbr-12-211
Appeal process for those who disagree with final secretary decision.
§ gbr-12-212
The Secretary shall inform each primary law enforcement unit of each license that is issued, renewed
§ gbr-12-213
Dealers may not accept collateral from minors
§ gbr-12-301
Records Are Required When Buying Second-hand Items.
§ gbr-12-302
§ gbr-12-303
Regulations for dealers to keep records of transactions.
§ gbr-12-304
Responsibilities of the dealer
§ gbr-12-305
Precious metal objects must remain in the county for 30 days, except when pawned.
§ gbr-12-306
Search By Law Enforcement of Precious Metal Dealers
§ gbr-12-401
Why the Pawn Broker releases an item of personal property.
§ gbr-12-402
Sellers must sign a statement declaring them the rightful owner for the item sold.
§ gbr-12-403
Procedures if probable cause is found for violation of the given title, and role of the secretary.
§ gbr-12-501
Person must be licensed as a dealer to do business
§ gbr-12-502
Standards of punishment for violations of this title.
§ gbr-12-601
Maryland Secondhand Precious Metal Object Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act.
§ gbr-12.5-101
word meaning indications
§ gbr-12.5-102
Locksmiths are regulated under section
§ gbr-12.5-103
Regulations Governing Locksmiths
§ gbr-12.5-104
Secretary may adopt enforce regulations
§ gbr-12.5-105
Secretary should pay all money under title to General fund of state
§ gbr-12.5-201
The Licensing of Locksmiths In Maryland
§ gbr-12.5-202
Only business owners can request business licenses.
§ gbr-12.5-203
Criminal Records are to be administered to secretary
§ gbr-12.5-204
Information that are to be submitted to the Central Repository for requsting license to own a business
§ gbr-12.5-205
licensed locksmiths should maintain liability insurance
§ gbr-12.5-206
Requirements for the issue of a liscence
§ gbr-12.5-207
Locksmith's must provide ID cards to workers.
§ gbr-12.5-208
When a locksmith license is in effect it authorizes licensee and employees
§ gbr-12.5-209
License is issued for 2 years unless renewed
§ gbr-12.5-210
Displaying License Regulations
§ gbr-12.5-211
Secretary entitled to deny and Permit
§ gbr-12.5-212
Final actions secretary must take
§ gbr-12.5-213
A person who does not like the Secretary's final decision may appeal it.
§ gbr-12.5-214
Local law enforcement unit from Secretary Rate for people should be renew, issued his license
§ gbr-12.5-301
licensed locksmiths shall provide invoices
§ gbr-12.5-302
licensed locksmith maintain records of invoices & services done
§ gbr-12.5-303
Secretary shall encourage licensed locksmiths to develop a system for maintaining the records
§ gbr-12.5-401
Locksmith services should provide license and license numbers
§ gbr-12.5-501
Maryland State Law Regarding Illegal Use of Locksmith Permits
§ gbr-12.5-502
licensed locksmiths must use safety laws
§ gbr-12.5-503
Locksmiths can't fail to secure locks for price
§ gbr-12.5-504
Fines and Criminal Penalties for Violating this Subtitle
§ gbr-12.5-505
You Cannot Act As a Locksmith in the State of Maryland Without a License
§ gbr-12.5-506
Secretary Can Initiate Civil Administrative Lawsuits Against Individuals.
§ gbr-12.5-507
Waived Regulation Unless Repeat Offender Or Greater Criminal Penalty Exists
§ gbr-12.5-601
The Maryland Locksmiths Act Is Cited
§ gbr-13-101
word meaning indications
§ gbr-13-102
Person must be registered with the Secretary of State when the person does business in the state.
§ gbr-13-103
Documents and fees required for trading stamp companies
§ gbr-13-104
Requirements and Amounts of Bonds
§ gbr-13-105
trading stamp company rights
§ gbr-13-106
This section gives the requirements for being a trading stamp company.
§ gbr-13-107
Retailer display of stamps
§ gbr-13-108
Suspension of Trading Stamp Redemption
§ gbr-13-109
Trading stamp companies that operate in the state cannot commit fraud or run a lottery.
§ gbr-13-110
Violation of title attracts fine of maximum $1000
§ gbr-14-101
§ gbr-14-102
Regulating Deceptive Business Practices
§ gbr-14-103
a newspaper or other publication of general, regular, and paid circulation in Maryland
§ gbr-14-104
Certain business sales arent covered in this section.
§ gbr-14-105
The Commissioner May Delegate Power
§ gbr-14-106
The Commission power to issue orders and enforcement
§ gbr-14-107
Commissioner powers over the subtitle of the chapter
§ gbr-14-108
The State Commissioner Has the Power to Investigate Outside the State
§ gbr-14-109
The State Commissioner Has the Power to Hold Public Hearings in Regards to an Investigation
§ gbr-14-110
If person is going to violate subtitle the secretary may order a cease and desist.
§ gbr-14-111
The commission may give oaths, take evidence and issue subpoenas for certain proceedings.
§ gbr-14-112
A person must testify before the Commissioner, even if it incriminates them.
§ gbr-14-113
Selling or Offering a Business Opportunity
§ gbr-14-113.1
seller should file with commissioner
§ gbr-14-114
Required Disclosure when Selling or Offering a Business Opportunity
§ gbr-14-115
The Rights of a Buyer of a Business Opportunity in Maryland.
§ gbr-14-116
The Sellers obligations to the commissioner.
§ gbr-14-117
The requirements of renewing a business opportunity registration.
§ gbr-14-118
Contract Terms For Sale Of A Business Opportunity.
§ gbr-14-119
Commissioner may pass ordinance denying effectiveness
§ gbr-14-120
Ethical laws governing the sale of business opportunities in Maryland.
§ gbr-14-121
a person may not act in a way of fraud to sell a business
§ gbr-14-122
Seller has documentation to substantiate the representation.
§ gbr-14-123
Conditions for Offer or Sale of a Business Opportunity
§ gbr-14-124
May not make a reference to compliance if engaged in buying or selling.
§ gbr-14-125
when selling business person may not fail to deliver
§ gbr-14-126
Maryland Consumer and Seller Protection
§ gbr-14-127
Penalty for making a false or misleading statement while selling a business opportunity
§ gbr-14-128
Penalty For Violation.
§ gbr-14-129
Maryland Business Opportunity Sales Act
§ gbr-14-201
Definitions: Franchise Laws.
§ gbr-14-202
The Essential Systems of the Maryland Code
§ gbr-14-203
Rules Governing the Sale of Franchises
§ gbr-14-204
Clarification of applicability of powers, remedies, procedures and penalties
§ gbr-14-205
The Commissioner may delegate any power or duty of the Commissioner.
§ gbr-14-206
Commissioner can adopt and enforce regulations
§ gbr-14-207
The Commisioner may publish information or make information available to any person.
§ gbr-14-208
The state has determine if a person has violated a regulation or rule.
§ gbr-14-209
Upon request Commissioner can use an Interpretive opinion
§ gbr-14-210
Penalty for violating subtitle relating to business franchises.
§ gbr-14-211
State's Attorney criminal proceedings under Commissioner reference
§ gbr-14-212
Commissioner may administer oaths
§ gbr-14-213
person is not excused for admissing evidence to commissioner
§ gbr-14-214
Regulations for registering a franchise with the Commissioner.
§ gbr-14-215
The Steps of the Applicant for Registration Process.
§ gbr-14-216
Guidelines for advertisements in the state.
§ gbr-14-217
commissioner may post surety bond for franchiser
§ gbr-14-218
Commissioner to register offer under subtitle to franchise
§ gbr-14-219
Renewing An Offer Of Franchise.
§ gbr-14-220
Regulations for changing information in a franchise registration.
§ gbr-14-221
Commissioner Can Stop or Deny Orders for Any Reason
§ gbr-14-222
A notification of stop order from the Commissioner
§ gbr-14-223
Requirements for Selling Franchises
§ gbr-14-224
each franchisor shall keep records of each franchisor
§ gbr-14-225
The Commissioner Must Review Advertisements to Sell a Franchise in Maryland
§ gbr-14-226
Requirements and Conditions of Liability for a Franchise Sale.
§ gbr-14-227
a person who sells or grants franchise is civilly liable to it
§ gbr-14-228
A franchise must be registered before it can be legally sold.
§ gbr-14-229
Regulation of franchising model and its subsequent punishments.
§ gbr-14-230
Person should not make a false or misleading statement
§ gbr-14-231
Application of registration act violation
§ gbr-14-232
the Commissioner promptly of a material change as required
§ gbr-14-233
Maryland Franchise Registration and Disclosure Law
§ gbr-14-301
Pricing differs between levels in multilevel distribution
§ gbr-14-302
Business regulation law for the multilevel company in the state.
§ gbr-14-303
Earning of participants in geographic or community areas.
§ gbr-14-304
Ability to Enjoin Multilevel Distribution Companies
§ gbr-14-305
Fine under 10,000 for those who commit a misdemeanor.
§ gbr-15-101
Clarification of what is meant by the term "valuable."
§ gbr-15-102
Requirement for hotel's to demonstrate notice of provisions.
§ gbr-15-103
Safekeeping is not the hotel responsibility
§ gbr-15-104
New Hotel Property Loss Liability Law
§ gbr-15-105
A hotel can limit their liability for property loss by posting notices.
§ gbr-15-106
Hotel Not Liable for More than $300 Loss of Property That a Guest Leaves
§ gbr-15-107
Regulation Law for the hotel liable loss of property of a guest.
§ gbr-15-201
Hotel , inn , motel establishment law
§ gbr-15-202
Individual may not be construed
§ gbr-15-203
Conditions for an Innkeeper Refusing to Provide Lodging
§ gbr-15-204
Innkeeper's responsibilities
§ gbr-15-205
For an individual who is under the age of 18 years, an innkeeper may require a parent or guardian
§ gbr-15-206
Innkeepers Must Post Rules Where People Can See Them
§ gbr-15-207
Department shall design state sign with guidelines
§ gbr-16-101
Definitions of terms pertaining to cigarette sales.
§ gbr-16-102
Comptroller power delegation.
§ gbr-16-201
Comptroller licensing terms and word meanings.
§ gbr-16-202
appropriate license for manufacturer, retailer, storage warehouse, subwholesaler
§ gbr-16-203
An applicant for a license to act as a manufacturer shall maintain an established place of business
§ gbr-16-204
Manufacturing License Applications
§ gbr-16-205
The Comptroller and issuing licenses
§ gbr-16-206
Classifications of licenses related to cigarette sales.
§ gbr-16-207
license expirations
§ gbr-16-208
State business regulations concerning vending machine operators.
§ gbr-16-209
A licensee shall display a license in the way that the Comptroller requires by regulation
§ gbr-16-210
Comptroller Suspending or Denying Liscence
§ gbr-16-211
Origins of The Comptroller
§ gbr-16-212
Standards for revocation and suspension of licenses.
§ gbr-16-213
Appeals for Comptroller final decisions.
§ gbr-16-214
Anyone involved in the production or sale of goods needs to be licensed.
§ gbr-16-215
unstamped cigarettes
§ gbr-16-216
General Fund of the State license fees
§ gbr-16-218
Cigarettes in a vending machine or cigarettes transferred to retail stock by written memorandum
§ gbr-16-219
Transporting Cigarettes By Road Requires an Invoice
§ gbr-16-220
If cigarette vending machine laws are violated, the Controller will seal the machine.
§ gbr-16-221
How to get eligibility for membership in Organisation
§ gbr-16-222
Restrictions on Shipping, Importing, or Selling Cigarettes
§ gbr-16-223
Cigarette Distribution Policies
§ gbr-16-301
Cigarette Sale LIcense Requirements
§ gbr-16-302
Procedure and fees for obtaining a license to sell cigarettes
§ gbr-16-303
A County License May be Issued by a Clerk As Long as They Meet the Requirements
§ gbr-16-304
A county license expires on the first anniversary of its effective date
§ gbr-16-305
What happens when license sells cigarettes.
§ gbr-16-306
Fraudulent attempts to obtain license can be denied.
§ gbr-16-307
Comptroller Hearings
§ gbr-16-308
A Person must have an Appropriate County License to sell Cigarettes in a County.
§ gbr-16-309
Violation of gbr-16-309 Fine
§ gbr-16-3A-01
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gbr-16-3A-02
Tobacco Can't Be Sold in Vending Machines
§ gbr-16-3A-03
A person who violates this subtitle is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to a fine.
§ gbr-16-3B-01
Comptroller's regulation not to be violated by cigarette retailers.
§ gbr-16-401
Cigarette smoking presents serious public health concerns to the State
§ gbr-16-402
§ gbr-16-403
tobacco product manufacturer participation in the Master Settlement Agreement
§ gbr-16-501
Definitions of cigarette administration terms and words.
§ gbr-16-502
Violations of the Escrow Act
§ gbr-16-503
Tobacco Manufacturers Must Submit Their Certification
§ gbr-16-504
Attorney General Shall Make Tobacco Manufacturers Directory
§ gbr-16-505
rules related to the nonresident manufacturer not registered to do business in the State
§ gbr-16-506
The license rules for wholesaler given by the Comptroller
§ gbr-16-507
§ gbr-16-508
Removing A Tobacco Company From Directory.
§ gbr-16-601
Definitions of terms pertaining to cigarette testing and sales.
§ gbr-16-602
Cigarette Manufacturing And Testing Guidelines.
§ gbr-16-602.1
Maryland Law Governing Sell of Cigarettes for Testing Purposes
§ gbr-16-603
Manufacturers must submit forms stating that each cigarette has been tested
§ gbr-16-604
Marking Rules for Cigarettes in Maryland State
§ gbr-16-605
What the Manufacturer provides to the Wholesaler?
§ gbr-16-606
§ gbr-16-607
Regulations For The Conduct Of Random Business Inspections
§ gbr-16-608
Penalties for selling cigarettes by other than retail sale.
§ gbr-16-609
Persons possession of Cigarettes storage and auditing of their invoice papers
§ gbr-16-610
The true holder of the trademark rights can inspect any cigarettes seized under this section
§ gbr-16.5-101
Act for tobacca product manufacturers, wholesalers and storage warehouse.
§ gbr-16.5-102
The Comptroller's power and duty of Maryland
§ gbr-16.5-103
The law does not apply to sellers of cigars and pipe tobacco outside the state.
§ gbr-16.5-201
The Sale or Wholesale of Tobacco Products
§ gbr-16.5-202
Rules regarding the production and storage of tobacco products.
§ gbr-16.5-203
Regulations for other tobacco products licenses.
§ gbr-16.5-204
Tobacco Products Distribution Licenses Handled by the Comptroller and the Clerk of the circuit court.
§ gbr-16.5-205
The Authorizations granted by various Tobacco Licenses and Manufacturers.
§ gbr-16.5-206
Expiration, Renewal, and Issuance of Business Licenses
§ gbr-16.5-207
A tobacco products retailer may not assign his license to another retailer unless they have been bought out.
§ gbr-16.5-208
The State Comptroller Has the Ability to Deny License Request
§ gbr-16.5-209
Right to a Hearing Before the Comptroller
§ gbr-16.5-210
Money paid in lieu of suspension or revocation shall be paid into the General Fund of the State.
§ gbr-16.5-211
Procedures for judicial review if contesting decision of comptroller.
§ gbr-16.5-212
Tobacco Products Manufacturer
§ gbr-16.5-213
Any license fees collected are given to the state
§ gbr-16.5-214
form of government
§ gbr-16.5-215
Requirements for public transport of other tobacco products
§ gbr-16.5-216
Strict Tobacco Laws Protect The State
§ gbr-16.5-217
tobacco sales and products
§ gbr-16.5-218
Guilty of a Misdemeanor
§ gbr-17-1001
Definition of terms dealing with antiques and junk or scrap metal collection.
§ gbr-17-1002
sectioin 17-1002 does not apply to pawnbroker
§ gbr-17-1003
The police will enforce record-keeping laws of scrap metal or dealers.
§ gbr-17-1005
§ gbr-17-1006
Necessity of junk dealer or scrap metal processor license!
§ gbr-17-1007
requirements to be fulfilled by a person for a State junk license
§ gbr-17-1008
Clerk duties and responsibilities
§ gbr-17-1009
Transferablity of State Junk License
§ gbr-17-101
Goods and trading mission over Maryland State Law.
§ gbr-17-1010
A nonresident junk dealer may not keep a fixed place of business in the State.
§ gbr-17-1011
This section applies to all junk dealers and scrap metal processors doing business in the State
§ gbr-17-1012
§ gbr-17-1013
Punishment for Violating Subtitle
§ gbr-17-102
People involved in a for-profit business are exempt from this title.
§ gbr-17-1101
Meaning of the License under the subtile _ gbr-17-1101
§ gbr-17-1102
License is required to do a business in the state.
§ gbr-17-1103
Appliation Fee Schedule
§ gbr-17-1201
In this subtitle, license means a license issued by the clerk to keep a storage warehouse.
§ gbr-17-1202
Storage License Requirements
§ gbr-17-1203
License Fee Schedule
§ gbr-17-1204
Moving Service Regulations
§ gbr-17-1301
Keeping a Juke Box for Public Entertainment Requires a License in Maryland
§ gbr-17-1304
Juke box licensing requirement
§ gbr-17-1305
payment of fee to the clerk by An applicant for a State juke box license
§ gbr-17-1306
A juke box licence will be issued in the owner's name.
§ gbr-17-1307
loading rights
§ gbr-17-1308
rules related to State juke box licensee to display license on the premises
§ gbr-17-1309
Juke Box Possession for Public Entertainment Without Licensure is Prohibited
§ gbr-17-1312
The Definition of Harford County juke box license in Harford County.
§ gbr-17-1313
importance and uses of Juke box licence
§ gbr-17-1314
Hartford Country Juke Box License Fee
§ gbr-17-1315
Harford County juke box license issue
§ gbr-17-1316
rules related to the transferability of A Harford County juke box license
§ gbr-17-1317
Each Harford County juke box licensee shall display the Harford County juke box license
§ gbr-17-1318
A juke box license is required for using a juke box for public entertainment.
§ gbr-17-1401
In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated
§ gbr-17-1402
This subtitle does not apply in Baltimore City or Allegany, Howard, and Montgomery counties
§ gbr-17-1403
State Event Promoter Licensing Law
§ gbr-17-1404
Maryland promoter license application procedures
§ gbr-17-1405
The Health Officer's Process and Determination of the Cash Bond Posted by The Promoter.
§ gbr-17-1406
Promoter License Fees
§ gbr-17-1407
Promoters are required to have a promoter license.
§ gbr-17-1501
§ gbr-17-1502
Subtitle doesn't apply to person with trader's license under Subtitle 18.
§ gbr-17-1503
rules related to a plumbers license must be obtained by a person
§ gbr-17-1504
Amount of Payments for Plumbing License Fees
§ gbr-17-1601
A Restaurant License May Only Be Issued By The Clerk
§ gbr-17-1602
subtitle not applicable in Montgomery County
§ gbr-17-1603
Restaurant License Requirement
§ gbr-17-1604
The License Fee of a Restaurant license Based on Location of the Venue.
§ gbr-17-1801
§ gbr-17-1802
Subtitle non-applicability to alcoholic beverages.
§ gbr-17-1803
Manufacturing Goods Within The State
§ gbr-17-1804
Origins of traders license
§ gbr-17-1805
Who needs a chain store license.
§ gbr-17-1806
Trader's License Application Requirements
§ gbr-17-1807
In Howard County, the clerk may not issue a traders license for the first time without the approval of the Director
§ gbr-17-1808
Assault pistol law
§ gbr-17-1809
chain store licenses for motor fuel
§ gbr-17-1810
declaration of the place to trade the business on each traders license by clerk
§ gbr-17-1811
Trader's License To Offer Goods For Sale
§ gbr-17-1812
Trader disputes the value of the traders stock-in-trade .
§ gbr-17-1813
Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, a trader may transfer the trader's license
§ gbr-17-1814
"When a exhibitor is allowed to do a business in Maryland, with promoter's help"
§ gbr-17-1815
§ gbr-17-1816
Physicians not exempt
§ gbr-17-1901
§ gbr-17-1902
Exclusions for this Subtitle
§ gbr-17-1903
Vending Machine Licenses
§ gbr-17-1904
How much to pay for Vending Machine license.
§ gbr-17-1905
Identification label for each vending machine
§ gbr-17-1906
Unlicensed vending machine sales
§ gbr-17-1907
Maryland law's penalty for unauthorized person for tampering seal of vending machine
§ gbr-17-2001
§ gbr-17-2002
Trading Stamp Business License
§ gbr-17-2003
License fees are $50 for manufacturers that issue trading stamps with product and $500 for others.
§ gbr-17-201
Special equipment licensing definitions
§ gbr-17-202
compensation in accordance with the State budget
§ gbr-17-203
Gives Comptroller authority to prepare blank licenses.
§ gbr-17-204
What each clerk shall submit to the Comptroller
§ gbr-17-205
Clerk Must Send License Copy to State Department of Assessments.
§ gbr-17-206
Exclusions to this Section
§ gbr-17-20A-01
§ gbr-17-20A-02
transient vendor shall obtain license Before conducting business
§ gbr-17-20A-03
Rules and regulations for transient vendors
§ gbr-17-20A-04
Failure to show valid transient vendors license by vendor.
§ gbr-17-20A-05
Transient Vendor Violations
§ gbr-17-20A-06
§ gbr-17-2101
The Meaning and Definition of "License" indicated in this Subtitle.
§ gbr-17-2102
A person may not do any business in the State for which a license is required
§ gbr-17-2103
It is a Requirement for a Person to Display License.
§ gbr-17-2104
With Comptroller approval, chief inspector must obtain license or be fined.
§ gbr-17-2105
§ gbr-17-2106
Penalty on violating the subtitle!
§ gbr-17-301
Definition of Maryland State License
§ gbr-17-302
Regulation relating to the first time applying business license
§ gbr-17-303
The licence amount to be paid and late fee in case of default
§ gbr-17-304
Clerk issuing an appropriate license Law of Maryland
§ gbr-17-305
renewed business license is effective on May 1
§ gbr-17-306
§ gbr-17-307
Maryland Law Governing Changes in Business License.
§ gbr-17-308
On death of licensee, spouse may do business.
§ gbr-17-401
§ gbr-17-402
Amusement device : Requirements for license from the Compotroller
§ gbr-17-405
"Console machine license" means a license issued by the clerk to keep a free-play Console machine
§ gbr-17-406
Part II of this Subtitle applies only to Select Counties.
§ gbr-17-407
§ gbr-17-408
§ gbr-17-409
Public free-play game machines require proper licences to own.
§ gbr-17-410
Pinball Machine Licenses are Available For a Fee
§ gbr-17-411
Free-Play Pinball Machines and Free-Play Console Machines
§ gbr-17-412
A pinball machine license may be transferred between machines as necessary.
§ gbr-17-413
A person may not keep a free-play console machine for public use
§ gbr-17-414
Any Pinball Machines That Are Free Use May Not Pay Out in Cash or Tokens
§ gbr-17-415
Owners can not let minors play free pinball
§ gbr-17-416
Free Play Pinball Machines Excluded
§ gbr-17-417
Violation of Part II Penalties
§ gbr-17-420
§ gbr-17-421
Part III of this subtitle applies only in Wicomico County
§ gbr-17-422
Free-Play Gaming Machines
§ gbr-17-423
Wicomico County Pinball Machine Licenses
§ gbr-17-424
Wicomico County pinball machine license fee law.
§ gbr-17-425
On payment of fee, clerk issues a certificate.
§ gbr-17-426
Wicomico County pinball machine license may be transferred to another.
§ gbr-17-427
The keeping of a pinball machine in Wimcomico County requires an appropriate license.
§ gbr-17-428
Public owners of pinball machines in Wicomico may not allow minors to use it
§ gbr-17-429
rules regarding getting licensed by comptroller
§ gbr-17-432
Subtitle words and meanings.
§ gbr-17-433
Part IV of this subtitle applies only in Garrett County
§ gbr-17-434
public amusement device in garrett county
§ gbr-17-435
The cost of an amusement device license is fifty dollars.
§ gbr-17-436
Each amusement device receives a certificate
§ gbr-17-437
County amusement device license may be transferred to another device
§ gbr-17-438
Violation of Part IV of Subtitle
§ gbr-17-501
§ gbr-17-502
Subtitle doesn't apply to Washington County.
§ gbr-17-503
rules related to billiard table license obtained by a person whenever the person keeps a billiard table for commercial use
§ gbr-17-504
Billiard Table Licenses are Available for a Fee
§ gbr-17-505
A person may not keep a billiard table for commercial use unless the person has a billiard table license and who violates this section is guilty.
§ gbr-17-601
Meanings of the following words are indicated below.
§ gbr-17-602
a person who is incorporated or has its principal office in another state must also have a nonresident construction license
§ gbr-17-603
fees for construction license applicants.
§ gbr-17-701
§ gbr-17-702
Requirement of Wholesale Farm Machinery Dealer's License
§ gbr-17-703
Wholesale farm machinery dealer should pay license fee.
§ gbr-17-801
"Garage" means a building or part of a building where motor vehicles are stored for a fee
§ gbr-17-802
Must have license to have garage in the State.
§ gbr-17-803
Obtaining a Garage License
§ gbr-17-901
Public Vendor & Peddler Licensing Law
§ gbr-17-904
Foot peddler means a peddler who travels on foot
§ gbr-17-905
Exceptions under business law regulations.
§ gbr-17-906
Subtitle For Peddler License In The State
§ gbr-17-907
Payment of a fee is required for a peddler license
§ gbr-17-908
The clerk shall provide a metal tag or stamp to each one horse peddler, two horse peddler, or motor
§ gbr-17-909
A peddlers license is only valid in the county where it was issued
§ gbr-17-910
Horse and Vehicle Peddler Metal Tag Display Requirements
§ gbr-17-911
Details about the rules and regulations for being a peddler
§ gbr-17-912
Conditions for the Municipal Corporation to sell fresh fruits and vegetables.
§ gbr-17-913
§ gbr-17-915
Meaning of "Magazine seller license" and "Nonresident itinerant magazine seller"
§ gbr-17-916
Non applicable to Sales by producers of their own farm products.
§ gbr-17-917
Who is required to have a peddler or magazine seller license in Calvert County.
§ gbr-17-918
Peddler license fees applicants must pay fee
§ gbr-17-919
Business Regulation law to the each holder of a peddler license a metal tag.
§ gbr-17-920
Peddler License Regulations
§ gbr-17-921
Requirements for Peddler's License
§ gbr-17-922
A person may not act as a nonresident itinerant magazine seller in Calvert County
§ gbr-18-101
This section does not apply to the laws that relate to the sale of alcoholic beverages
§ gbr-18-102
Professional Sports Teams Can Play After 1pm On Sunday.
§ gbr-18-201
This subtitle applies only in Wicomico County
§ gbr-18-202
This section does not apply to the laws that relate to the sale of alcoholic beverages
§ gbr-19-101
Term "official" only used by government employees for tourist and travel
§ gbr-19-102
Sale Of Unclaimed Freight.
§ gbr-19-103
Definition of a Truck Stop
§ gbr-19-201
§ gbr-19-202
Rules related to the organization registration within constitution
§ gbr-19-203
Registration for CEOs
§ gbr-19-204
Fees Collected Under This Subtitle Are Paid By The Secretary of State.
§ gbr-19-205
Registration on Behalf of the Organization
§ gbr-19-206
The Secretary of State shall keep a properly indexed record of registrations
§ gbr-19-207
False Impersonation of an Officer or Military Member
§ gbr-19-301
Definitions of Returnable Container and Textile
§ gbr-19-302
§ gbr-19-303
Application requirements for organized police agency
§ gbr-19-304
Violations And Penalties For Returnable Items.
§ gbr-19-305
State Court Search Warrant Law
§ gbr-19-306
charging document guidelines for charging under this subtitle.
§ gbr-19-307
§ gbr-19-308
In this section, plastic secondary packaging means a plastic crate
§ gbr-19-401
§ gbr-19-402
§ gbr-19-501
§ gbr-19-502
This subtitle does not apply to the use of a soldier's name, portrait, picture
§ gbr-19-503
Penalty against using soldier images
§ gbr-19-504
State Business Maximum Fine & Penalty Law
§ gbr-19-601
Definition of terms pertaining to marriages between a US citizen and non-citizen.
§ gbr-19-602
An international marriage broker shall provide each recruit with criminal history record information
§ gbr-19-603
The international marriage broker shall require the client to affirm that the marital history information
§ gbr-19-604
Background Check Must Be Done By Brokers Before Revealing Information.
§ gbr-19-605
International Marriage Broker Regulations
§ gbr-19-606
An international marriage broker shall be deemed to be doing business
§ gbr-19-607
Any Person in Violation of the Subtitle is Guilty of a Misdemeanor
§ gbr-19-701
§ gbr-19-702
Non-profits in a retail pet store are exempt.
§ gbr-19-703
Dog Sale Notations Required
§ gbr-19-704
rules and regulations to the Pet store who is selling dogs
§ gbr-19-705
A person who purchased a dog from a retail pet store is entitled to a remedy under this section
§ gbr-19-706
Deceptive Trade Practices Are Punishable.
§ gbr-19-707
Scope of Titles and Regulations Relating to Commercial Pet Stores
§ gbr-2-101
There is a Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, established as a principal department of the State government.
§ gbr-2-102
The head of the Department is the Secretary of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
§ gbr-2-103
The deputy secretary serves at the pleasure of the Secretary
§ gbr-2-104
The Secretary is responsible for the budget of the Office of the Secretary and for the budget
§ gbr-2-105
The Secretary may adopt regulations for the Office of the Secretary
§ gbr-2-106
There is a Licensing Testing Fund for the Department
§ gbr-2-106.1
How occupational and professional license can be acquired.
§ gbr-2-106.2
An Annual Report Shall be Prepared by the Secretary
§ gbr-2-106.3
Establishment of the State Real Estate Commission Fund.
§ gbr-2-106.4
Collection of Maryland State Real Estate Commission Fees.
§ gbr-2-106.5
Sectional Specific Word and Term Definitions
§ gbr-2-106.6
beginning on July 1,2008, Board establish fees may not be increased annually by more than 12.5%
§ gbr-2-106.7
Definitions as Related to the State Commission of Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Management Companies, and Home Inspectors Fund
§ gbr-2-106.8
In this section, "Commission" means the State Commission of Real Estate Appraisers
§ gbr-2-107
Designation of Assistant Attorney General
§ gbr-2-108
The State Board of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors
§ gbr-2-109
Each advisory unit created under this section shall include at least 1 consumer member
§ gbr-2-110
Licenses Cannot Be Withheld From Non-English Speakers.
§ gbr-2-111
License is grant of authority that includes certificate.
§ gbr-3-101
Variety of amusement and restricted definition
§ gbr-3-102
Safety Rules For Amusement Attractions
§ gbr-3-103
The non-applicability of the title to certain amusement rides.
§ gbr-3-104
The purchase of a ticket to a carnival or amusement ride is not an assumption of risk by the buyer
§ gbr-3-201
The Task of Labor and Employment Administration rests on the Commissioner for the parties involved.
§ gbr-3-202
Powers of The Commissioner
§ gbr-3-203
State government to delegate the power of inspection
§ gbr-3-204
Duties of the Commissioner to certify official acts
§ gbr-3-205
state the nature, purpose, and scope of the inspection
§ gbr-3-206
Maryland Rules makes provision for appeal by adversely affected persons.
§ gbr-3-207
Enforcing orders passed in court.
§ gbr-3-301
In this subtitle, "Board" means the State Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board
§ gbr-3-302
Safety Regulation and Upkeep Delegation for Amusement Rides
§ gbr-3-303
Declaration of State Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board
§ gbr-3-304
The provisions of the Health Occupations that govern the certification.
§ gbr-3-305
Governor's powder to designate the chairman among the consumer board members
§ gbr-3-306
Guidelines to The Board regarding Hearings and Meetings
§ gbr-3-307
Police Information Through Investigation Confidentiality Rules
§ gbr-3-308
The Commissioner may make recommendations to the Board on regulations
§ gbr-3-309
The Board shall hold a Public Hearing and Base Recommendations on Submitted Information.
§ gbr-3-310
The Board shall submit to the Commissioner, with each recommendation
§ gbr-3-311
Adoption of regulation by commissioner in the Maryland Register
§ gbr-3-312
Commissioner Has Rights To Delay Regulation Upto 90 Days.
§ gbr-3-313
Commissioner responsibilities of current regulations
§ gbr-3-314
An amusement owner affected by a regulation adopted under this subtitle may apply
§ gbr-3-401
No amusement attraction may operate at a commercial level with out insurance.
§ gbr-3-402
The commission must annually inspect amusement parks
§ gbr-3-403
Insurance amount to be taken by amusement owner on possible injuries on users
§ gbr-3-404
Amusement Parks and Owners
§ gbr-3-405
prohibition of use of an amusement attraction
§ gbr-3-406
Workday means a day that is not a Saturday in this section.
§ gbr-3-501
Restriction on false representation and false statements in documents
§ gbr-3-502
§ gbr-3-503
"Bungee jump" means jumping or falling by an individual from a height while attached to a rope
§ gbr-3-504
When The Commissioner Imposes Civil Penalties Against An amusement Owner.
§ gbr-3-601
Subject to the evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Maryland
§ gbr-4-101
Commission means the State Athletic Commission
§ gbr-4-201
§ gbr-4-202
"Membership of the Governor's Commission"
§ gbr-4-203
Commissions Chairman electoral duty.
§ gbr-4-204
Power of the Commission and its members
§ gbr-4-205
Contests are controlled by the commission of the state
§ gbr-4-206
The Commission will pay all money to the General Fund.
§ gbr-4-207
The Commission is Beholden To The Secretary
§ gbr-4-208
Termination of the Maryland Program Evaluation Ac
§ gbr-4-301
§ gbr-4-302
"Does not apply to boxing, kick boxing, or wrestling."
§ gbr-4-303
License Requirement for Boxer, Kick Boxer, Wrestler, or Mixed Martial Arts Contestants
§ gbr-4-304
examination of a licensee by a licensed physician
§ gbr-4-304.1
Professional Fighting License
§ gbr-4-305
Requirements for License Application
§ gbr-4-306
Contest Promoters Must Pay a Surety Bond
§ gbr-4-307
Issuing of a license by The Commission
§ gbr-4-308
rules related to the authorization of a boxer license to participate as a boxer in a contest
§ gbr-4-309
rules related to A license expires on the first anniversary of its effective date
§ gbr-4-310
Commission may deny an applicant license
§ gbr-4-311
Right to a Hearing Before the Commission
§ gbr-4-312
Appealing Decisions of the Commission
§ gbr-4-313
A person may hold a contest in the State only if it is authorized by the Commission and is in accordance with this subtitle.
§ gbr-4-314
Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA Contestant examination requirements
§ gbr-4-315
a physician approved by the Commission declares the boxer, kick boxer, or mixed martial arts contestant to be physically fit.
§ gbr-4-316
The second offense, shall be disqualified from attendance at or participation in a contest
§ gbr-4-317
Promoter must advertise before hand
§ gbr-4-318
A promoter may not allow sale or exchanges
§ gbr-4-319
Buildings Must Be Ventilated Properly.
§ gbr-4-320
Requires promoters to have only licensed fighters in events.
§ gbr-4-321
§ gbr-4-322
Violation of Subtitle Punishment
§ gbr-4-323
A commission may seek an injunction if a contest is conducted that violates rules
§ gbr-4-401
Maryland Athletic Contract Term Definitions.
§ gbr-4-402
rules related to act as an athlete agent in the State
§ gbr-4-403
Necessity of Athlete Agent Licenses and Contracts
§ gbr-4-404
Applying for a business license for an Athlete Agency or Scouting company. Rules and Regulations are posted as well.
§ gbr-4-405
Issuance of License by State Secretary
§ gbr-4-406
What the Secretary may reprimand
§ gbr-4-407
Duties of the Secretary
§ gbr-4-408
§ gbr-4-409
Requirements for student athlete agency contract
§ gbr-4-410
Athletes Requirements for Agency Contracts
§ gbr-4-411
Cancellation of agency contract : Procedures followed by a student
§ gbr-4-412
Records to be retained by an athlete agent.
§ gbr-4-413
Conditions of Athlete Agents
§ gbr-4-414
Establishes violation of ss4-414 as a misdemeanor.
§ gbr-4-415
Rights of Education Institutions
§ gbr-4-416
Origins of a Secretary assessing a civil penalty
§ gbr-4-417
Consideration for uniformity of law.
§ gbr-4-418
§ gbr-4-419
§ gbr-4-420
§ gbr-4-421
Maryland Uniform Athlete Agents Act
§ gbr-4.5-101
§ gbr-4.5-201
§ gbr-4.5-202
§ gbr-4.5-203
§ gbr-4.5-301
Home builder Law of Maryland
§ gbr-4.5-302
Persons constructing a new home must maintain liability insurance of $100,000.
§ gbr-4.5-303
How to register as a Home Builder Representative.
§ gbr-4.5-304
§ gbr-4.5-304.1
Unit must register and issue a registration certificate
§ gbr-4.5-305
registration or registration certificate expiration and renewal procedures.
§ gbr-4.5-306
Registrant's change in information must be notified to the Unit.
§ gbr-4.5-307
Displaying Home Builder Registration
§ gbr-4.5-308
§ gbr-4.5-401
Resolution of dispute under the Consumer Protection Act or any other law
§ gbr-4.5-501
Registering as a State Salesman
§ gbr-4.5-502
State government's civil administrative action for unlawful practice
§ gbr-4.5-503
person can't advertise under title
§ gbr-4.5-504
Consequences for Repeated Violations
§ gbr-4.5-601
Building permits for construction are only issued if the owner is building for his own use.
§ gbr-4.5-602
In this section, "building code" includes a code provision concerning mechanical, electrical
§ gbr-4.5-603
The Real Property Article : Regulations to be followed by a registrant
§ gbr-4.5-604
Home Builders are Responsible for Correcting any Defects
§ gbr-4.5-605
Defines enforceability of home building contracts.
§ gbr-4.5-701
§ gbr-4.5-702
the division authority
§ gbr-4.5-703
The State Treasurer is the custodian of the Guaranty Fund
§ gbr-4.5-704
Home Builder Guaranty Fund Fees
§ gbr-4.5-705
From who a claimant may recover compensation
§ gbr-4.5-706
Protocol to Recover from Guaranty Fund
§ gbr-4.5-707
Procedures for Notice, Hearings, and Judicial Reviews
§ gbr-4.5-708
The Division is Able to Support Any Legal Claims Made
§ gbr-4.5-709
A party that is aggrieved by the decision of a division may appeal the decision.
§ gbr-4.5-710
Payment of Claims against the Guaranty Fund.
§ gbr-4.5-711
Guaranty Fund reimbursement can be required from the responsible party.
§ gbr-4.5-712
Home builder registration can be suspended until the Guaranty Fund is repaid.
§ gbr-4.5-801
Maryland Home Builder Registration Act.
§ gbr-5-1001
"Maryland Cemetery Act"
§ gbr-5-1002
Office of Cemetery Oversight Closes July 1, 2023.
§ gbr-5-101
§ gbr-5-102
§ gbr-5-201
State Rights Of Office Cemetery Oversight
§ gbr-5-202
Director of the Office of Cemetery is appointed by the secretary.
§ gbr-5-203
The Director may employ workers in agreement with the State budget.
§ gbr-5-204
The advice of the Advisory Council and after consultation with representatives of the cemetery
§ gbr-5-204.1
Any issues by director must be seen to by advisory council during the year of the report.
§ gbr-5-205
Cemetery Oversight Fund
§ gbr-5-206
A person shall have the immunity from liability for giving information to the Director .
§ gbr-5-301
Burial Services Registration
§ gbr-5-302
Cemetery Affiliation is a requirement for Registration.
§ gbr-5-303
submitting to the Director an application on the form that the Director provides; andpaying a nonrefundable application fee set by the Director
§ gbr-5-304
Applicant required submissions and procedures.
§ gbr-5-305
How registrations for burial businesses may be transferred.
§ gbr-5-306
Registration of a cemetery, crematory, or burial goods service.
§ gbr-5-307
Registration or Permit Expiry and Notice
§ gbr-5-308
Change of designation over the cemetery under law
§ gbr-5-309
Business Permits Must Be Displayed
§ gbr-5-310
Regulations for Denial of Permits in Maryland State
§ gbr-5-311
Handling Complaints Against the Director.
§ gbr-5-312
State Government Article
§ gbr-5-401
Methods of Which a Seller Can Obtain a Crematory Service
§ gbr-5-402
Permit for Crematorium, Cemetery, or Burial Goods Business
§ gbr-5-403
Qualifications for Permits
§ gbr-5-404
Anyone Seeking A Permit Must Also Submit Fee, Applicable Contracts
§ gbr-5-405
Requirements for Cemeteries
§ gbr-5-501
Burial Site Owner Limitations
§ gbr-5-502
Public Roads and Throughways May Not Be Built Through Cemetaries
§ gbr-5-503
Legal Provisions regarding Burial Lots and Crypts.
§ gbr-5-504
A certificate, under seal of a sole proprietor registered cemeterian
§ gbr-5-505
Burial Grounds: Use, Selling, and Buying
§ gbr-5-506
Maryland Burial Grounds Conversion Law and Process.
§ gbr-5-601
It cutting abutting memorial repaid building and clubaria
§ gbr-5-602
This Subtitle Does Not Apply to Certain Cemetaries
§ gbr-5-603
Paying for a Cemetery Plot with Trust Fund
§ gbr-5-604
Trustee and Fidelity Bond Restrictions
§ gbr-5-605
Terms of trust agreement between a trustee, cemeterian and permit holder.
§ gbr-5-606
Cemetarian Record Requirements
§ gbr-5-607
Cemetery owners may be fined for violations.
§ gbr-5-608
the trust a burial.
§ gbr-5-609
A person may not establish or operate a public or private cemetery or allow a public or private cemetery
§ gbr-5-701
Accepted definitions of gbr-5-701 subtitle.
§ gbr-5-702
subtitles burial laws and litagations
§ gbr-5-703
prebariel contracts before october 1984
§ gbr-5-704
Preneed Burial Contract Regulations
§ gbr-5-705
A seller shall put in trust the second 50% of the total preneed burial for receiving the next payment.
§ gbr-5-706
Legal requirements for trust accounts.
§ gbr-5-707
Description of a seller's account, and the various privileges thereof.
§ gbr-5-708
Preneed Goods and Services
§ gbr-5-709
Cancellation of preneed burial contract.
§ gbr-5-710
Sellers and Contracts
§ gbr-5-711
Seller Violations
§ gbr-5-712
Punishment for violation of burial contract.
§ gbr-5-801
Disclosures needed in sale contracts of burial goods & services.
§ gbr-5-802
§ gbr-5-901
an individual may not engage in cemetery operations
§ gbr-5-902
Exception for registered cemeterians and crematory operators.
§ gbr-5-903
person is authorized as a registrant
§ gbr-5-904
Fine And Imprisonment Charged On A Guilty According To Maryland State Law
§ gbr-5-905
Consequences of Violating This Subtitle.
§ gbr-6-101
Definitions and Explanations of Legal Terms Used in Maryland
§ gbr-6-102
Rund-raising By A Volunteer Organization Members
§ gbr-6-201
The meaning of program here is Charitable Giving Information Program.
§ gbr-6-202
Functions of a charitable organization.
§ gbr-6-203
a document title is a public record
§ gbr-6-204
The Secretary of State shall adopt regulations
§ gbr-6-205
Secretary of State Investigation Law
§ gbr-6-206
Maryland to accept charity information
§ gbr-6-207
Payment of the Funds Collected by Secretary of State
§ gbr-6-301
Soliciting and fund raising regulations with Secretary of State.
§ gbr-6-302
Duties for Professional solicitor or fund-raising counsel
§ gbr-6-303
Application for Professional Solicitor Status
§ gbr-6-304
the state fund is registatration good.
§ gbr-6-305
Registration expires 1 year after being issued.
§ gbr-6-306
Person filed a Professional Solicitor Applaction Within 3Month.
§ gbr-6-307
Pending applicants as associate or professional solicitor.
§ gbr-6-401
Charities Must Register before Conducting Business
§ gbr-6-402
Secretary of State provides the registration statement
§ gbr-6-403
Responsibilities of the Leader of a Charitable Organization.
§ gbr-6-404
Penalties for Not Complying with Title and Regulation
§ gbr-6-405
parent-teacher organizations
§ gbr-6-406
Charitable Organizations Must Register Before Soliciting
§ gbr-6-407
charitable contributions collected from the public
§ gbr-6-408
Charities that gather funds must report them annually to the Secretary of State
§ gbr-6-409
officer is reponsible the annual report.
§ gbr-6-410
Charity Donations
§ gbr-6-411
Charities and grants exempt
§ gbr-6-412
Charitable Organizations Must Keep Accurate Records
§ gbr-6-413
Exemption From Registration Requirement
§ gbr-6-414
Charitable Contributions May Be Accepted Via Credit Card
§ gbr-6-415
charitable organization
§ gbr-6-416
How Charitable Organizations May Solicit and Spend Contributions
§ gbr-6-417
annual report submit to the Secretary of State
§ gbr-6-501
How should be agreement between charitable organization and lawyers.
§ gbr-6-502
Professional Solicitors Must Submit Fund Raising Notice To Secretary.
§ gbr-6-503
Conditions regarding games of chance and prizes awarded.
§ gbr-6-504
Condition prevails for receipt of Charity
§ gbr-6-505
Charity Deposit and Responsibilities by Professional Solicitors
§ gbr-6-506
Reporting Charitable Monies Earned To The State.
§ gbr-6-507
Lawyers keep records of charitable compensation
§ gbr-6-508
The Charitable Contributions
§ gbr-6-509
People Who Are Liable Under Gbr-6-509
§ gbr-6-5A-01
Rights concerning a person who is prohibited from acting as a public safety solicitor.
§ gbr-6-5A-02
Registering for Public Safety Solicitor
§ gbr-6-5A-03
Application for Public Safety Solicitor
§ gbr-6-5A-04
Conditions for approval of registration by the Secretary of State.
§ gbr-6-5A-05
Maryland Registration Expiration Date.
§ gbr-6-5A-06
Public Safety Solicitations Must Contain Certain Information
§ gbr-6-5A-07
Solicitation Of Public Safety Contributions
§ gbr-6-5A-08
falsely state, imply, or mislead
§ gbr-6-5A-09
submit to the Secretary of State a registration statement or other information that is materially false.
§ gbr-6-5A-10
Soliciting public safety contributions without prior application for registration.
§ gbr-6-5A-11
Punishment for individuals who violate the code in this subtitle.
§ gbr-6-601
Fund-raising counsel unless the person has applied appropriately with the Secretary of State.
§ gbr-6-602
Those who cannot be professionally involved with a professional solicitor.
§ gbr-6-603
Law of secretary of state
§ gbr-6-604
Restrictions on use of Charitable Registration as Endorsement
§ gbr-6-605
Regulations against Fund-Raising Counsel Receiving Compensation.
§ gbr-6-606
Charitable Contributions Are Not Deductible if Inconsistent With Solicitation
§ gbr-6-607
advertise restrictions
§ gbr-6-608
Charities May Not Mislead When Soliciting Donations
§ gbr-6-609
Falsely Representing a Charitable Organization.
§ gbr-6-610
Charity can be used by a person falsely
§ gbr-6-611
Representation of Charitable Organizations
§ gbr-6-612
Solicitation of charitable contributions for a charitable organization.
§ gbr-6-613
Registration report requirements for charitable organizations and representatives.
§ gbr-6-614
A charitable s grb-6-614 representative neligent
§ gbr-6-615
the method and formula for compensation about law
§ gbr-6-616
"A person may not act as a professional solicitor."
§ gbr-6-617
Solicitation of Charitable Contributions
§ gbr-6-618
Cannot tell someone they won a prize if they have to pay
§ gbr-6-619
Fines Associated with Violations of Title
§ gbr-6-620
Regulations for Placement of Donation Canisters in Public
§ gbr-6-621
Charitable Solicitations Via Broadcast or Print
§ gbr-6-701
The Maryland solicitations act
§ gbr-7-101
Definition of "Board," "Commissioner," "Consumer Claim," "License," "Licensed Collection Agency," and "Collection Agency"
§ gbr-7-102
§ gbr-7-103
Enforcement of the Maryland Consumer Debt Protection Act
§ gbr-7-104
The State's Power Concerning Collection Agencies.
§ gbr-7-201
State Collection Agency Licensing Board
§ gbr-7-202
Constitution of the Board.
§ gbr-7-203
Commissioner Chairman
§ gbr-7-204
The Board's Powers Determine The Specifics of Their Meetings
§ gbr-7-205
the Board may subject to 7-103(b) to this title
§ gbr-7-206
Payment to the General State Fund
§ gbr-7-301
person must have a license
§ gbr-7-302
Applicants' responsibilities when applying for a business license.
§ gbr-7-302.1
The Board may set reasonable fees
§ gbr-7-303
Guidelines of License Approval
§ gbr-7-304
License Applicant
§ gbr-7-305
Collection Agencies Can Only Have 1 Location
§ gbr-7-306
Specified License issuing and expiry dates with the Secretary's influence.
§ gbr-7-307
§ gbr-7-308
reprimand a licensee by a board
§ gbr-7-309
Opportunity for Hearing with the Board
§ gbr-7-310
Contested Case Appeal
§ gbr-7-311
Obligations After a License has been Suspended or Revoked.
§ gbr-7-401
Collection Agency Operation Requirements
§ gbr-7-501
Maryland Collection Agency Licencing Act
§ gbr-7-502
MPEA regulations to expire July 1, 2022
§ gbr-8-101
Home Improvement and General Construction
§ gbr-8-102
Powers of a Country Regarding Home Improvement Businesses.
§ gbr-8-103
The provisions of the gbr-8-103 may not be waived
§ gbr-8-201
Maryland Home Improvement Commission.
§ gbr-8-202
Commissions contain seven members
§ gbr-8-203
The Governor has power among the commision
§ gbr-8-204
Quorum have to follow this steps for authorize
§ gbr-8-205
The Secretary Appoints an Executive Director
§ gbr-8-206
Executive Director has all power for state budget.
§ gbr-8-207
The Commission may adopt and enforce regulations to carry out this title.
§ gbr-8-208
Rights held by the Commission when some indirect harm is caused to innocent person.
§ gbr-8-209
Maryland Contractor License Public Records Availability.
§ gbr-8-210
Commission collects a fee of $1 for certifying licensing status
§ gbr-8-211
The commission should give a current list of all licensees each month.
§ gbr-8-212
Commission May Require from applicant or licensee
§ gbr-8-213
Commission must pay own bills to state
§ gbr-8-214
The Commission works within the Secretary's authority.
§ gbr-8-215
The Commission shall publish on its Web site consumer education materials
§ gbr-8-216
Creating A Database of Contractors and Disciplinary Actions.
§ gbr-8-301
Contractor, Subcontractor, and Salesperson licensing and applicability.
§ gbr-8-302
license must pass the examination
§ gbr-8-302.1
$50000 is the general insurance amount to be had by licensed or or unlicensed contractor.
§ gbr-8-302.2
Application for Contractor Liscence
§ gbr-8-303
License Application Requirements
§ gbr-8-305
Rules for Notifying Applicants
§ gbr-8-306
Licensing of Applicants
§ gbr-8-307
Maryland Contractor, Subcontractor, and Salesperson Guidelines.
§ gbr-8-308
Expiration and renewal of contractor's licenses.
§ gbr-8-308.1
The Commission should provide inactive status
§ gbr-8-309
It shall be control of ownership management
§ gbr-8-310
Regulations For Salespersons Representing Contractors
§ gbr-8-311
It has hearing provisions of aritcal 8-311
§ gbr-8-312
Commissioner Proceedings
§ gbr-8-313
Hearing Board appointed by the Commission
§ gbr-8-314
Final Decisions and Appeals To The Commission.
§ gbr-8-315
When and how a contractor or sub-contractor may pay for performing or selling a home improvement.
§ gbr-8-316
Reapplication for a Denied or Revoked Liscence
§ gbr-8-317
Construction Subcontractors Do Not Require Licenses
§ gbr-8-401
Actual loss means repair.
§ gbr-8-402
Subtitle Limitation Restriction Guidelines
§ gbr-8-403
Regulations for the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund
§ gbr-8-404
$100 for issuing contractor licence
§ gbr-8-405
Origins of recovery from the Fund
§ gbr-8-406
Fund Recoveries Require Commission Claims
§ gbr-8-407
§ gbr-8-408
Claims Against the Fund, Proceedings and Judgements
§ gbr-8-409
Commission Payment Claims
§ gbr-8-410
Rules after payment of the claim from the fund.
§ gbr-8-411
Payment of Claims by the State Commission
§ gbr-8-501
rules related to the A home improvement contract that does not comply with the section
§ gbr-8-502
Rules for home improvement contractor sales.
§ gbr-8-503
Montgomery County Office Regulations
§ gbr-8-504
Property Improvment Regulations
§ gbr-8-505
§ gbr-8-506
§ gbr-8-601
Who is recognized as a contractor in the State of Maryland?
§ gbr-8-602
With home improvement, a person cannot accept a completion certificate if the job is not finished or falsified.
§ gbr-8-605
Licensed Contractor Contract Regulations in Maryland State
§ gbr-8-606
Accounting for Remittance to Contractor
§ gbr-8-607
Concerns home improvement contract requirements.
§ gbr-8-608
rules related to a person committing fraud
§ gbr-8-609
Acceptance of Mortgage or Other Financial Note Based on Property Value
§ gbr-8-610
misleading advertisement about home improvements
§ gbr-8-611
Information regarding licensee violations.
§ gbr-8-612
Restriction against providing home improvements with or through an unlicensed party.
§ gbr-8-613
Contractor Salesperson Relationship Must be Notified to Commission.
§ gbr-8-614
Acting as a contractor or subcontractor.
§ gbr-8-615
Advertising Requirements
§ gbr-8-616
A person may not fail to comply with a lawful order or requirement of the Commission
§ gbr-8-617
Defines payment terms for home improvement contracts.
§ gbr-8-620
Penalites for violating this title licensed or not
§ gbr-8-623
Violation of Title and Appropriate Punishments
§ gbr-8-701
§ gbr-8-702
mold remediation on nonresidential and individuals property
§ gbr-8-703
§ gbr-8-704
§ gbr-8-705
Laws related to fee structures for the Financial Regulation Commission.
§ gbr-8-706
A licensee shall give the Commission notice of the cancellation of insurance at least 10 days before the effective date of the cancellation.
§ gbr-8-707
Licensing by State Commission
§ gbr-8-708
Proof and Non-refundable Application to Commission
§ gbr-8-709
Commission Grant : Requirements
§ gbr-8-710
Maryland Employer License Renewal Guidelines for Mold Remediation.
§ gbr-8-711
Rules by the Commission to suspend or revoke a license
§ gbr-8-712
Hearings Conducted by the State Commission
§ gbr-8-713
Law Of Commission
§ gbr-8-714
You must present a license to operate mold removal services.
§ gbr-8-715
License Is Mandatory For Running Mold Remediation Business.
§ gbr-8-716
mold remediation services
§ gbr-8-717
Maryland Mold Remediation Services Act
§ gbr-8-718
The Maryland Program Evaluation Act : regulations and the validity
§ gbr-8-801
maryland home improvement law
§ gbr-8-802
Subject to the evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Maryland Program Evaluation Act.
§ gbr-9-101
§ gbr-9-102
Limits of the Title
§ gbr-9-201
A commissioner may give power and duty under his title
§ gbr-9-202
Payment of collected money into the General Fund of the State by the Commissioner
§ gbr-9-301
Employment Agency Guidelines
§ gbr-9-302
Employment Agency Regulations
§ gbr-9-303
Employment Agencies Must Keep Records of Job Orders
§ gbr-9-304
Employment Agencies Must Keep Files of Job Advertisements
§ gbr-9-305
Rules for employment agencies
§ gbr-9-306
§ gbr-9-307
§ gbr-9-308
Demands of Reimbursement
§ gbr-9-309
Receipts and Copies to the Client
§ gbr-9-401
Punishment and penalty for the violation of the title
§ gbr-9-501
Maryland Employment Agency Act
§ gbr-9A-101
§ gbr-9A-102
§ gbr-9A-103
Exclusions to Rights Limitations
§ gbr-9A-201
The duties of the Board of HVAC and refrigerant contractors.
§ gbr-9A-202
Origins of members of The Board
§ gbr-9A-203
Appointing a Chairman
§ gbr-9A-204
Guidelines of The Board
§ gbr-9A-205
§ gbr-9A-206
Investigatory powers of the State Board of Heating.
§ gbr-9A-207
The setting of reasonable fees by the board.
§ gbr-9A-301
Licensing Guidelines
§ gbr-9A-302
Applicants For Qualification Designation
§ gbr-9A-303
rules regarding an application for license by applicant
§ gbr-9A-304
License Applicant Examinations
§ gbr-9A-305
Issuance of waivers in business regulation matters.
§ gbr-9A-306
Issue of master, master restricted, or limited heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration contractor license
§ gbr-9A-307
Licensure Through Examination Rules
§ gbr-9A-308
§ gbr-9A-309
License Renewal Notice
§ gbr-9A-310
Origins of Denying a license to any applicant
§ gbr-9A-311
Power of The Board
§ gbr-9A-312
appeal to state government against the decision of board
§ gbr-9A-401
Maryland Requirements For Display of HVAC Licenses.
§ gbr-9A-402
Limitations on HVAC and Refrigeration License Holders
§ gbr-9A-403
Government shall Appoint or Employ
§ gbr-9A-404
rules related to the advertisement for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning
§ gbr-9A-501
Stipulations for Providing Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration Services
§ gbr-9A-502
Employment of only board licensed for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration work
§ gbr-9A-503
Requirements to Hire HVAC Certified Employees
§ gbr-9A-504
Unless a licensed heating, ac, or ventilation contractor a person may not say they are to the public
§ gbr-9A-505
§ gbr-9A-506
Local License in Maryland
§ gbr-9A-601
Maryland Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Contractors Act
§ gbr-9A-602
Section 9A-602 Legislation is Valid Till July 1, 2023.