Business Occupations and Professions

This is Article gbo of the Code of State, titled “Business Occupations and Professions.” It’s comprised of the following 1133 sections.

§ gbo-1-101
Meanings of the words based on US law.
§ gbo-1-201
A document must have a signed statement to be considered sworn or under oath.
§ gbo-1-202
Requirements of Employers Regarding Workers' Compensation Provisions
§ gbo-1-203
Municipality Licensing Ommissions and Exceptions
§ gbo-1-204
policy for issuance/renewal of license/permit
§ gbo-1-205
Requirement to provide a list of licenses issued in Maryland
§ gbo-1-206
"Must have a license issued by the department."
§ gbo-1-207
In this section, "license" means all or any part of permission
§ gbo-1-208
§ gbo-1-301
Authorized person means an authorized representative of the professional engineer or the professional land surveyor
§ gbo-1-302
An authorized person may not unnecessarily damage the property on which a survey station stands
§ gbo-1-303
Meaning of Board and Fund As It Pertains to This Section
§ gbo-1-304
Establishment of the Survey Station
§ gbo-10-101
§ gbo-10-102
Appearing Before the Court of State Government
§ gbo-10-103
Requirements for admission to the bar exam appointed by the court.
§ gbo-10-201
State board of Law Examiners
§ gbo-10-202
Selection for Board members and validity
§ gbo-10-203
All Money Collected Shall, and Will, Be Paid Into The State's General Fund
§ gbo-10-206
Requirements to Practice Law in Maryland
§ gbo-10-207
Applicant requirements for admission to the Bar
§ gbo-10-208
Bar Applicants Submit Petition and Fees to Board
§ gbo-10-209
applicant who qualifies for admission to bar may be examined
§ gbo-10-210
Maryland Bar Applications
§ gbo-10-211
The Court of Appeals will admit anyone to the Bar who meets certain requirements.
§ gbo-10-212
Accept allegiance to the state of Maryland and the U.S. on admission to the bar.
§ gbo-10-213
admission of bar guidelines
§ gbo-10-214
The Court of Appeals may revoke an order of admission to the Bar that is obtained fraudulently.
§ gbo-10-215
Court of Appeals granting Practice of Law
§ gbo-10-218
When this subtitle shall terminate
§ gbo-10-301
§ gbo-10-302
Laws and regulations of an attorney trust account summarized are here.
§ gbo-10-303
A lawyer shall deposit trust money in an attorney trust account
§ gbo-10-304
Attorney Trust Account
§ gbo-10-305
Lawyers and Trust Accounts
§ gbo-10-306
Limitation of usage of trust money by the lawyer
§ gbo-10-307
Willful Violation of Part 1 of gbo-10-307
§ gbo-10-310
§ gbo-10-311
Rules that the course of appeals may adopt if necessary.
§ gbo-10-312
§ gbo-10-313
Information regarding lawyers who paid an annual fee to the Fund
§ gbo-10-401
The Attorney General regulation of unpractical laws
§ gbo-10-402
investigations Under subtitle are confidential
§ gbo-10-403
Procedures for when a an Attorney General conducts an investigation.
§ gbo-10-404
§ gbo-10-405
In an investigation under this subtitle, an officer of the state or of a political sub division
§ gbo-10-406
Who Has Authority To Bring Legal Action Against An Unauthorized Person Practicing Law
§ gbo-10-407
§ gbo-10-501
The ability of an Attorney to place a lien on a client's possessions under Maryland law.
§ gbo-10-502
The meanings of the words lawyer counseling committee, local bar association and more.
§ gbo-10-601
Obligations to practice law by person in the State.
§ gbo-10-602
Unless state authorized, person may not represent public people.
§ gbo-10-603
Those Allowed to Practice Law that are Not Laywers
§ gbo-10-604
§ gbo-10-605
there ar many officer level in which a trail awaiting for criminal offences
§ gbo-10-605.1
Limits for lawyers sending personal injury and wrongful death communication
§ gbo-10-605.2
Applies to communication between lawyer and employee.
§ gbo-10-606
Fines and Penalties for Violation by Partnerships or Corporations
§ gbo-10-701
maryland lawyers act
§ gbo-11-101
Various Definitions of Maryland Aviation Terminology
§ gbo-11-201
There is a State Board of Pilots in the Department.
§ gbo-11-202
9 members Board consists of Secretary,President, licensed pilots etc.
§ gbo-11-203
The Governor Will Name A Chairperson From Boardmembers
§ gbo-11-204
The Secretary or designee of the Secretary is not entitled to compensation under this subsection
§ gbo-11-205
§ gbo-11-206
The Board shall take the fees collected and give them to the State.
§ gbo-11-207
The Board acts under the Secretaries authority.
§ gbo-11-208
Duties of the incident committee within the Board
§ gbo-11-301
pilot in training by board appointment only
§ gbo-11-302
§ gbo-11-303
Pilots To Be application in training
§ gbo-11-304
applicant for Appointment for pilot in training
§ gbo-11-305
All Applicants Who Meet These Requirements Will Have Their Names Post
§ gbo-11-306
Pilot-In-Training Appointment Authorizes training of Pilotage under Supervision of a Licensed Pilot.
§ gbo-11-401
Can provide pilotage in the state with a license.
§ gbo-11-402
board may issue provisions
§ gbo-11-403
To get a license, a pilot needs specific training and skills.
§ gbo-11-404
requirements must be met for an unlimited license
§ gbo-11-405
Application for licenses
§ gbo-11-406
§ gbo-11-406.1
Docking Master Licenses
§ gbo-11-407
An unlimited licence allows licensee to pilot a vessel
§ gbo-11-408
An Operator's License is Effective For Up to 2 Years After Issuance
§ gbo-11-409
Suspending and revoking the license : Hearing provisions by the Board
§ gbo-11-410
State Government Article Title 10 - Subsection 226
§ gbo-11-411
Persons aggrieved by final decisions of board may appeal under given subtitles.
§ gbo-11-501
Watercraft piloting laws when navigating waterways in the state
§ gbo-11-502
§ gbo-11-503
Pilotage fees are paid to the Association.
§ gbo-11-504
pilot is eligible for payments under title
§ gbo-11-505
Association distributing the monthly fees of the pilotage
§ gbo-11-506
Board of Supervisors maintenance fund
§ gbo-11-507
Reward to Unregistered Pilot Hero
§ gbo-11-508
Maryland State Law For Association Financial Audit Submissions
§ gbo-11-601
Department of Environment governs the disposal of waste.
§ gbo-11-602
Rights of Licensed Pilots
§ gbo-11-603
Conflict of interest definitions and restrictions for licensed pilots
§ gbo-11-701
This section is about child sex offenders, how it is defined and how they are dealt with.
§ gbo-11-702
Unless authorized under this title to provide pilotage
§ gbo-11-703
A licensed pilot is not allowed to ignore distress signals from ships along Maryland's coast.
§ gbo-11-703.1
restriction of A licensed pilot to take part in a port-wide job action or strike
§ gbo-11-704
A pilot license is required to use a pilot boat.
§ gbo-11-705
§ gbo-11-706
punishment for violation of pilot duties and conduct.
§ gbo-11-801
Maryland Pilots Act will be cited for title.
§ gbo-11-802
Termination Date of the Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gbo-12-101
§ gbo-12-102
§ gbo-12-103
Application of Subtitles
§ gbo-12-104
Maryland on well drilling
§ gbo-12-201
Maryland has a state board plumbing Department
§ gbo-12-202
Nine member board consist of plumber and consumer member.
§ gbo-12-202
Nine member board consist of plumber and consumer member.
§ gbo-12-203
Governor and members of the Board appoint chairman
§ gbo-12-204
Regulations for board meetings, reimbursement, and staffing.
§ gbo-12-205
The Board has several jobs, and they can make rules that change plumbing laws.
§ gbo-12-206
A county is in charge of the following things and changes:
§ gbo-12-207
§ gbo-12-208
Investigations or disciplinary actions details & its procedure.
§ gbo-12-209
all money collected under this title into the General Fund of the State.
§ gbo-12-210
the board powers and duties
§ gbo-12-301
How individual service providers may become board certified.
§ gbo-12-302
§ gbo-12-303
Requirements for Examinations and Fees to Obtain Licenses
§ gbo-12-304
Applicants Who Qualify For License Must Be Examined By Board.
§ gbo-12-304.1
Responsibilities of The Board to administer an examination
§ gbo-12-305
Qualifications and Waivers of Qualifications for Plumbers
§ gbo-12-305.1
A person may get a plumber's license in MD without an exam if they are licensed to be a plumber in another state.
§ gbo-12-305.2
Definition of BRAC in the context of the given subtitle in the state of Maryland.
§ gbo-12-306
§ gbo-12-307
A license must be in effect to authorize service in the plumbing and natural gas field.
§ gbo-12-308
License Expiration and Renewal
§ gbo-12-308.1
Advancing To Journeyman.
§ gbo-12-309
rules related to reinstate the license of an individual by the board
§ gbo-12-310
Criteria & Procedure to obtain a plumbing license.
§ gbo-12-310.1
Maryland guidelines for propane business owner
§ gbo-12-311
Responsibilities of Plumbers and Gas Fitters
§ gbo-12-312
board denials of licenses
§ gbo-12-313
Board procedures for notices regarding hearing rights.
§ gbo-12-314
People aggrieved by decision may make an appeal
§ gbo-12-401
License Is Mandatory To Run A Plumbing Business.
§ gbo-12-402
Master plumbers may have help of journeymen and apprentices.
§ gbo-12-403
Regulation of plumbing services with valid licenses in Maryland.
§ gbo-12-501
insurance liability coverage of A master plumber or holder of a limited master plumber license
§ gbo-12-502
Plumbers Compliance with the State Plumbing Code
§ gbo-12-503
Individual Plumber requirements and regulations who is employed by state
§ gbo-12-504
Plumbing advertisements should contain the license number of a master plumber.
§ gbo-12-601
License Is Mandatory For Running Plumbing Services Business.
§ gbo-12-602
Rules For Employing A Plumber.
§ gbo-12-603
A person cannot hire a plumber unless the plumber has a license.
§ gbo-12-604
Cannot be titled as a plumber unless authorized.
§ gbo-12-605
person may not install plumbing fixture that doesn't meet requirements
§ gbo-12-605.1
§ gbo-12-605.2
A person engaged in the business of selling plumbing supplies in the State may not sell pipes.
§ gbo-12-606
Plumbing Requirements for New or Remodeled Structures
§ gbo-12-607
Definition of "officer" in regards to plumbing services.
§ gbo-12-701
Maryland Plumbing Act
§ gbo-12-702
Maryland Program Evaluation Act termination date
§ gbo-13-101
Maryland Legal definitions and meanings
§ gbo-13-102
People to Whom This Title Does Not Apply
§ gbo-13-201
Licensing of Private Detective Agencies
§ gbo-13-202
§ gbo-13-203
Confidentiality of the applicant information collected shall be maintained and not be divulged.
§ gbo-13-204
The Police Commissioner of Baltimore City will help the secretary check licence applications if asked.
§ gbo-13-205
Secretary pays collected money to General Fund of the State.
§ gbo-13-206
Procedure for appealing to the final decision of the secretary.
§ gbo-13-301
private detective agency license
§ gbo-13-302
Driver License requirments and laws
§ gbo-13-303
§ gbo-13-304
To apply for a license you have to send the application with all required paperwork and fees to the Secretary.
§ gbo-13-305
§ gbo-13-306
§ gbo-13-307
While a license is in effect, it authorizes the licensee to
§ gbo-13-308
License terms regulations
§ gbo-13-309
People must submit certificates and receipts 15 days prior to their license expiring.
§ gbo-13-310
Each licensee shall maintain an office in the State
§ gbo-13-311
Required Written Notices After Changes
§ gbo-13-312
rules related to licensee to fulfill all the requirements
§ gbo-13-313
Reasons for secretary to deny a license to any applicant, reprimand any licensee, fine any licensee
§ gbo-13-314
Section For The Secretary Proceedings On A Complaint
§ gbo-13-315
Hearings Before the Secretary
§ gbo-13-316
Personal obligations once license is suspended/revoked
§ gbo-13-401
Conditions for providing private detective services.
§ gbo-13-402
Qualification of individual for certification as a private detective.
§ gbo-13-403
To Become Certified as a Private Detective
§ gbo-13-404
§ gbo-13-404.1
Secretary shall stagger terms under subtitle
§ gbo-13-405
Private Detective Certifications
§ gbo-13-406
§ gbo-13-407
A certified private detective must carry his or her certification card at all times.
§ gbo-13-408
The Secretary authorizes the wearing or carrying of the badge
§ gbo-13-409
application for private detective under _ 13-313 title
§ gbo-13-410
The Secretary's complaint and actions taken by the Investigating officer
§ gbo-13-411
Regulations for a hearing with the Secretary.
§ gbo-13-412
Certification card should be surrendered to secretary within 5 days
§ gbo-13-601
Responsibilities of private detective agency on its employee
§ gbo-13-602
Maryland private detective agencies must be supervised by the licensed holder of that agency.
§ gbo-13-604
Private detective agencies that employ more than five worker requirements
§ gbo-13-605
Requirements for non resident applicants for business licenses
§ gbo-13-606
Private detective agencies can't divulge information obtained unless meets guidelines
§ gbo-13-607
It Summarized that The Privacy Equipment should have been like other goverment agencies
§ gbo-13-608
Private detective need to submit ground of loss of certificate card
§ gbo-13-701
One may not provide detective services if not properly licensed.
§ gbo-13-702
Providing Detective Services Requires a License in Order to Use the Title of "Detective"
§ gbo-13-703
Private detectives may only provide badges under authorization of title.
§ gbo-13-704
licensee protection law
§ gbo-13-705
Wilful submission of wrong information is not allowed
§ gbo-13-706
A private detective cannot lie to their client or tell them about other cases.
§ gbo-13-707
A person found guilty under title 13 can face fines up to $1,000 or imprisonment up to 1 year or both.
§ gbo-13-801
Title Known As Maryland Private Detectives Act
§ gbo-14-101
Definition of terms pertaining to engineer licensing.
§ gbo-14-102
Maryland Safety Regulations for Engineers
§ gbo-14-103
Engineering Documents Required to be signed by the Professional Engineer in Charge
§ gbo-14-201
The Official Maryland State Board of Professional Engineers
§ gbo-14-202
Members of the Board
§ gbo-14-203
Board shall elect members of board for Vice Chairman, secretary and Chairman
§ gbo-14-204
Authorized membership of the board
§ gbo-14-204.1
all people who works in the department of architect may have have discusssion with each other to discuss the mutal problems
§ gbo-14-205
The Board Shall adapt regulations from the advice of engineering societies
§ gbo-14-206
Subject to the State budget, the Board may employ an investigative staff to investigate a complaint
§ gbo-14-207
Verification of professional licensing under state law.
§ gbo-14-208
Additional board powers, proceedings, and regulations.
§ gbo-14-208.1
Code official means public official responsible for building permits
§ gbo-14-209
How The Board Sets Fees.
§ gbo-14-210
Notice of appeal
§ gbo-14-211
Board's functions are subject to the authority of the Secretary
§ gbo-14-301
Practicing Engineering in Maryland
§ gbo-14-302
An officer or employee of a corporation may practice engineering without a license if
§ gbo-14-303
rules and regulations to practice Engineering without License
§ gbo-14-304
Business Occupation law for the individual applicant Qualification and Requirements.
§ gbo-14-305
The link is broken or not available.
§ gbo-14-306
Requirements for business occupation license in the State of Maryland
§ gbo-14-307
Applicants Who Qualify For License Must Be Examined By Board.
§ gbo-14-307.1
Laws governing the administering of testing services in Maryland.
§ gbo-14-308
§ gbo-14-309
Applicant failing examination can retake it.
§ gbo-14-310
Engineering Licensing Board Examinations Procedures
§ gbo-14-311
Laws concerning the Board for Professional Engineers issuing reciprocal licenses.
§ gbo-14-312
Content of the notice, What the license contains, and the process in case of license lost.
§ gbo-14-313
While a license is in effect, it authorizes the licensee to practice engineering
§ gbo-14-314
License Expirations and Renewals.
§ gbo-14-315
How the Board May Reinstate Licensure
§ gbo-14-316
The Maryland Board Requirements For Issuing Retired Status
§ gbo-14-317
Rules and Regulations Governing Denial of Licenses
§ gbo-14-318
Board Complaint Filing Procedures
§ gbo-14-319
Opportunity for Hearing Prior to Action by the Board
§ gbo-14-320
Reinstatement process of license
§ gbo-14-401
Regulations concerning professional engineers.
§ gbo-14-402
The Specifications Regarding Seals for Licensed Engineers
§ gbo-14-403
Document endorsed by the engineer is subject to any action.
§ gbo-14-501
Practicing Engineering must be licensed by the board
§ gbo-14-502
Prohibition Against Unlicensed Engineers
§ gbo-14-503
A person may not:1. Use or attempt to use the license of another individual
§ gbo-14-504
Laws concerning the regulation of professional engineers.
§ gbo-14-505
False information may never be given when obtaining a license
§ gbo-14-506
Regulations for Suspended Licenses
§ gbo-14-507
Engineers can only work in their field of engineering.
§ gbo-14-508
Violating provision leads to demeanor and fine.
§ gbo-14-601
The State of Maryland Professional Engineers Act, What It Means
§ gbo-14-602
Last date for application of Maryland Law Regulations
§ gbo-15-101
§ gbo-15-102
Rendering Of Land Surveying Services
§ gbo-15-201
State Board for Professional Land Surveyors
§ gbo-15-202
Rules and regulations for the Board members
§ gbo-15-203
Positions of the Board
§ gbo-15-204
A majority of the authorized membership of the Board is a quorum.
§ gbo-15-204.1
At least annually, the chairman of the Board, the chairman of the State Board of Architects
§ gbo-15-205
The Board shall adopt a code of ethics in maryland
§ gbo-15-206
Enforcement of The State Board for Professional Land Surveyors' Ethical Code
§ gbo-15-207
Board shall certify the licensing or permit status.
§ gbo-15-208
§ gbo-15-208.1
Mailing List Maintence & Publicity Law
§ gbo-15-209
Fees for Board Services
§ gbo-15-210
Appeals against Board actions
§ gbo-15-211
Role coverage of Board along with authority of secretary
§ gbo-15-301
Land Surveyors Must Be Licensed.
§ gbo-15-302
License Should Not Be Issued to Practice Property Line Surveying.
§ gbo-15-303
Only Certain Individuals May Practice Land Surveying Without a License
§ gbo-15-304
Qualification for a License
§ gbo-15-305
Qualification of an applicant for land surveying license.
§ gbo-15-306
Guidelines For Submitting License Application.
§ gbo-15-307
Procedure for Administering Land Surveying License Exams
§ gbo-15-307.1
Use of Testing Service by The Board
§ gbo-15-308
Applicant Examination Failure Law
§ gbo-15-309
reexamination for a professional land surveyor license
§ gbo-15-311
What the Board may waive in this section
§ gbo-15-312
After approval Board will notify the applicant.
§ gbo-15-313
Property line surveying and land surveying laws in Maryland.
§ gbo-15-314
License Expiration
§ gbo-15-315
Reinstatement of land surveying license
§ gbo-15-316
Obtaining a Retired Status License through the Board.
§ gbo-15-317
Rules for Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Licenses
§ gbo-15-318
Complaints Made to the Board Can Be Approved or Dismissed.
§ gbo-15-319
State Board Hearings
§ gbo-15-320
License reinstatement.
§ gbo-15-401
professional land surveyor may practice land surveying
§ gbo-15-402
company shall hold a permit issued by the board before land surveying
§ gbo-15-403
Business Occupations and Professions;Permit Applications;Cost
§ gbo-15-404
The Board shall issue a permit to each applicant who meets the requirements
§ gbo-15-405
Subject to subsection (b) of this section and while a permit is in effect
§ gbo-15-406
Expiration of Permits
§ gbo-15-501
Professional Land Surveying
§ gbo-15-502
Professional land surveyor or licensed property line surveyor document endorsement directions
§ gbo-15-601
Land Surveying In Maryland State Government
§ gbo-15-602
Sole Proprietorship Operations
§ gbo-15-603
Unless Authorized Under This Title, A Person May Not Represent or Practice Land Surveying.
§ gbo-15-604
Prohibition against Unlicensed Land Surveyors
§ gbo-15-605
License Impersonation
§ gbo-15-606
Use of Seal by Surveyors
§ gbo-15-607
A person may not give false information to the Board in an attempt to obtain a license
§ gbo-15-608
rules related to the power of an individual in case of suspension or revocation of license
§ gbo-15-609
A Licensed Land Surveyor May Not Teach an Unlicensed Land Surveyor
§ gbo-15-610
Violation and Penalty for Violating Subtitle
§ gbo-15-701
Citation of the Maryland Professional Land Surveyors Act
§ gbo-15-702
When this title shall terminate
§ gbo-16-101
Meanings and Indications of Appraisals and Appraisal Report.
§ gbo-16-201
There is a State Commission of Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Management Companies
§ gbo-16-202
State Mandatory 15 member Commission Law
§ gbo-16-203
From among its members, the Commission annually shall elect a chairman and a vice chairman
§ gbo-16-204
Members serving the Commission is not a quorum unless 2 home inspector members appraiser members are present.
§ gbo-16-205
§ gbo-16-206
The executive director keeps all commission records.
§ gbo-16-207
State Budget Restrictions & Real Estate Law
§ gbo-16-208
The Commission will promptly Mandate Code of Ethics and Regulations to protect the Public Interest.
§ gbo-16-209
Rights of the commission in law enforcement
§ gbo-16-210
rules and regulations for establishment of Real Estate Appraisal Hearing Board
§ gbo-16-210.1
Establishing a Home Inspector Hearing Board
§ gbo-16-210.2
Establishment of Appraisal Management Company Hearing Board
§ gbo-16-211
Establishing a Hearing Board for The Commission of Business Occupations and Professions
§ gbo-16-212
The commission keeps accurate records in regards to all things real estate.
§ gbo-16-212.1
Filing details by a certified real estate appraiser!
§ gbo-16-213
Business Occupation and Professions Public Records.
§ gbo-16-214
Requirements for a licensed real estate appraiser to receive a document of good standing.
§ gbo-16-215
Commission Must Submit Annual Report Of All Information
§ gbo-16-216
§ gbo-16-217
The Commission shall publish the fee schedule set by the Commission
§ gbo-16-218
Appealing Commission Decisions
§ gbo-16-219
State Powers & Duties of The Commission
§ gbo-16-220
real estate appraisal services shall comply with the requirements
§ gbo-16-301
Real Estate Appraisal Services Must Be Licensed
§ gbo-16-302
An applicant shall be of good character and reputation
§ gbo-16-303
requirements to be fulfilled by a person to obtain a license
§ gbo-16-304
qualified license examinations and commissioner fees.
§ gbo-16-304.1
Testing services conducted by the Commission and the requirements for testing services
§ gbo-16-305
Subject to the provisions of this section, the Commission may waive the examination requirements
§ gbo-16-306
The Commission shall include an expiration date on each license document in Maryland
§ gbo-16-307
License Effects & Real Estate Appraisal Authorization
§ gbo-16-308
Unless a license is renewed for a 3-year term as provided in this section, the license expires
§ gbo-16-309
Adequate evidence is required to qualify for renewal of license.
§ gbo-16-310
Conditions for reinstating an expired real estate appraiser license.
§ gbo-16-311
Roles Of The Commission And Federal Appraisal Fee Fund.
§ gbo-16-312
Regulations for Licensed Real Estate Appraisers in Maryland State
§ gbo-16-313
A licensed real estate appraiser may provide real estate appraisal services through a professional
§ gbo-16-3A-01
How an individual gets home inspector license.
§ gbo-16-3A-02
Application Requirements for Home Inspector License
§ gbo-16-3A-03
Legal procedure to procure a home inspector license.
§ gbo-16-3A-04
Commission issuance by reciprocity guidelines for home inspection licenses.
§ gbo-16-3A-05
§ gbo-16-3A-06
Purpose of Home Inspector License
§ gbo-16-3A-07
State License Expiration & Renewal Law
§ gbo-16-3A-08
Renewing an Expired License.
§ gbo-16-401
Real estate appraisers will keep pertinent documents for five years from date of delivery.
§ gbo-16-402
Independent Appraisals Require Independent Compensation.
§ gbo-16-4A-01
the scope and the exclusions of the inspection
§ gbo-16-4A-02
License Certificate display when asked by Commission
§ gbo-16-4A-03
If a Licensee Changes Address
§ gbo-16-4A-04
To renew the license, Home Inspector maintains an insurance.
§ gbo-16-4A-05
State Home Inspection Law
§ gbo-16-501
Provision Of Certified Real Estate Appraisal Services
§ gbo-16-502
Individuals Can Be Certified As Real Estate Appraisers
§ gbo-16-503
Requirements to receive certificate for Real estate appraisal
§ gbo-16-504
An applicant shall specify whether the applicant is a holder of a certificate for residential
§ gbo-16-505
Procedures to get the certificate from the Commission
§ gbo-16-506
Code that makes provision for applicants qualifications in occupational activities.
§ gbo-16-506.1
the Commission uses a testing service, the testing service, subject to the requirements set by the Commission
§ gbo-16-507
Subject to the provisions of this section, the Commission may waive the examination requirements
§ gbo-16-508
Description of certificate documents and pocket cards.
§ gbo-16-509
Certified Residential and General Real Estate Appraisers classifications under Federal Act of 1989.
§ gbo-16-510
Unless a certificate is renewed for a 3-year term as provided in this section
§ gbo-16-511
Evidence must be provided for renewal of certificate.
§ gbo-16-512
Applies to the Commission for reinstatement within 2 years after the certificate expires
§ gbo-16-513
Certificate number must be shown on title page.
§ gbo-16-5A-01
Qualifying for Real Estate Appraiser Trainee License
§ gbo-16-5A-02
Realty appraisal license trainee requires supervisor
§ gbo-16-5A-03
A Supervising Appraiser Has Various Rights and Responsibilities in Maryland
§ gbo-16-5A-04
Real Estate Appraiser Trainee License Expiration and Renewal
§ gbo-16-5B-01
In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated
§ gbo-16-5B-02
a person that exclusively employs appraisers on an employer in Maryland
§ gbo-16-5B-03
How to register your appraisal management company.
§ gbo-16-5B-04
Appraisal Management Companies Must Apply to Register
§ gbo-16-5B-05
Stipulations for Appraisal Management Companies
§ gbo-16-5B-06
Appraisal Management Company Registration Application Procedures
§ gbo-16-5B-07
Legal Provisions regarding Appraisals in Business Occupations.
§ gbo-16-5B-08
Appraisal Management Company Procedures
§ gbo-16-5B-09
Terms and conditions on registration of an appraisal management company
§ gbo-16-5B-10
An appraisal management company may not knowingly fail to separate and disclose any fees charged
§ gbo-16-5B-11
the company should provide the increment to the emplyees independently under section 129E
§ gbo-16-5B-12
Appraisal Management Firms Should Report Unethical Practices To Commission.
§ gbo-16-5B-13
Unprofessional conduct by an property appraisal management company
§ gbo-16-5B-14
"appraisal management company shall pay an appraiser."
§ gbo-16-5B-15
A Completed Appraisal Report may Not be Changed Manipulating Information or Signatures.
§ gbo-16-5B-16
Governance and rules concerning appraisal management companies in Maryland.
§ gbo-16-5B-17
Appraisal Management Firm Rules and Regulations.
§ gbo-16-5B-18
The Commission may adopt regulations necessary to implement, administer, and enforce this subtitle
§ gbo-16-601
Complaint and Investigation Process.
§ gbo-16-602
Governmental Commissions
§ gbo-16-701
Procedure for Denying or Suspending a Real Estate Appraisal License
§ gbo-16-701.1
Subject to the hearing provisions of _ 16602 of this title
§ gbo-16-701.2
guidelines for registration and Powers of the Commission
§ gbo-16-702
Real state appraisal services : Commission and the license
§ gbo-16-703
Certification Requirement to Appraise Real Estate
§ gbo-16-703.1
Except as otherwise provided in this title, a person may not provide, attempt to provide
§ gbo-16-704
Prohibition Against Unlicensed Realtors
§ gbo-16-705
Certified real estate appraiser services in the State
§ gbo-16-705.1
Home Inspection Servicing Authorised Only To Licensed Home Inspector
§ gbo-16-706
A person who violates any provision of this title is guilty of a misdemeanor
§ gbo-16-707
Setting of Civil Penalties by the Commission
§ gbo-16-801
Maryland Real Estate Appraisers and Home Inspectors Act
§ gbo-16-802
Date of termination for evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gbo-17-101
Meanings and Descriptions of the words in the title
§ gbo-17-102
Law title does not apply to the following
§ gbo-17-201
There is a State Real Estate Commission in the Department
§ gbo-17-202
Formation of Commission - Terms and condition for service
§ gbo-17-203
From among its members, the Commission annually shall elect a chairman
§ gbo-17-204
A majority of the members then serving on the Commission is a quorum
§ gbo-17-205
The Secretary shall appoint the executive director of the Commission from a list of 3 nominees
§ gbo-17-206
State Commission Real Estate Law
§ gbo-17-207
The Commission has established a code of ethics for licensees.
§ gbo-17-208
Commision may adopt Conduct of its proceeding, hearing,govern license,subject to subsection.
§ gbo-17-209
The Commission shall administer and enforce the provisions of this title
§ gbo-17-210
commission will submit activities report to secretary
§ gbo-17-211
On request of any person and payment of a fee of $10, the Commission shall certify the licensing
§ gbo-17-212
Powers and duties of the Commission
§ gbo-17-213
Right of Real Estate Commission to Set Fees
§ gbo-17-214
Powers, duties, and functions exercised by the Commission subject to the authority of the Secretary
§ gbo-17-301
Real Estate Brokers Requirement
§ gbo-17-302
Licensing Rules for Lot Sales.
§ gbo-17-303
real estate salesperson license and applicants requirements
§ gbo-17-304
Associate real estate broker license and affiliation with Licensed real estate broker
§ gbo-17-305
Provided that an applicant meets stringent requirements, they may qualify to be a real estate broker.
§ gbo-17-306
Examinations for Qualified License Applicants
§ gbo-17-307
Procedures for applying for a real estate license.
§ gbo-17-308
Commission's License waiver policies and procedures
§ gbo-17-309
Commission granting of license to the applicant and procedures
§ gbo-17-310
A real estate broker can provide broker services
§ gbo-17-311
Laws governing real estate workers and licensing requirements.
§ gbo-17-312
A licensed real estate salesperson may exchange a real estate salesperson license
§ gbo-17-313
"licensed real estate salesperson may obtain additional licenses."
§ gbo-17-314
The Renewal and Expiration of A Real Estate Broker License.
§ gbo-17-315
Qualifying for a Renewal of License in this Subtitle.
§ gbo-17-316
The Commission shall place the license of an associate real estate broker or a real estate salesperson on inactive status
§ gbo-17-317
Real state broker licensee certification regulations
§ gbo-17-318
Pocket card information and laws
§ gbo-17-319
rules regarding the death of a licensed real estate broker
§ gbo-17-320
Provisions For Licensed Real Estate Brokers As Independent Contractors
§ gbo-17-321
"Real estate brokers may provide services through corporations."
§ gbo-17-322
Instances when the Commission's may adversely affect a licensee or licenseholder
§ gbo-17-322.1
Licensee may not be held personally liable for failure to disclose a fact contained in subsection.
§ gbo-17-323
Regulations for complaints registered with the Commission.
§ gbo-17-324
Business occupations and professions law for the state government article final action.
§ gbo-17-325
Establishment by the Commission of Real Estate Hearing Boards
§ gbo-17-326
Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, the Commission may refer to a hearing
§ gbo-17-327
Revocation of License by the Commission
§ gbo-17-328
suspension or revocation of your license
§ gbo-17-329
People can appeal final decesions of the Commission.
§ gbo-17-330
The necessary documents a licensee must submit within five days after the change has occurred.
§ gbo-17-3A-01
Reciprocal license means a license issued under this subtitle
§ gbo-17-3A-02
How to obtain a reciprocal license in Maryland.
§ gbo-17-3A-03
Law of Obtaining a reciprocal license
§ gbo-17-3A-04
Applicants licensed in another state for real estate brokerage will be issued a reciprocal license.
§ gbo-17-3A-05
Restrictions to the a real estate salesperson or associate real estate broker holding a reciprocal license
§ gbo-17-3A-06
Real Estate Reciprocating Licensing Agreement Policy
§ gbo-17-3A-07
"another state does not offer reciprocal license opportunities."
§ gbo-17-3A-08
A list of states with which the Commission has signed agreements under _ 17-3A-06 of this subtitle
§ gbo-17-3A-09
A person that holds a reciprocal license shall promptly notify the Commission
§ gbo-17-3A-10
What rights & responsibilities has the holder of a reciprocal license
§ gbo-17-401
This Subtitle does not limit the authority of the commission
§ gbo-17-402
The Real Estate Guaranty Fund Guidelines for The Commission.
§ gbo-17-403
License Fee for the real estate broker, an associate real estate broker, or a real estate sales person.
§ gbo-17-404
The Process and Regulations of Recovering Compensation from The Guaranty Fund for an Actual Loss.
§ gbo-17-405
Protection of buyer by the Guaranty Fund : Notification by the real estate broker
§ gbo-17-406
§ gbo-17-407
Commissioner's Reponsibilities Upon Claims Being Made
§ gbo-17-408
The Commissions responsibilities to give notice for hearings.
§ gbo-17-409
Claims Against Guaranty Fund
§ gbo-17-410
Claims submitted to the Guaranty Fund will be paid if the Commission orders it.
§ gbo-17-411
reimbursement of Guaranty Fund for improper claims
§ gbo-17-412
the amount paid by the Guaranty Fund in Maryland
§ gbo-17-501
Each applicant who meets the requirements..The Commission shall grant an appropriate license
§ gbo-17-502
Real state broker law and directions for trust money
§ gbo-17-503
Where Real Estate Brokers May Deposit
§ gbo-17-504
owner checking and savings accounts
§ gbo-17-505
Law applicable to maintain trust money by Real Estate Owners
§ gbo-17-507
Rights of Licensee
§ gbo-17-508
Liabilities of Real Estate Brokers or Salespeople
§ gbo-17-511
§ gbo-17-512
Formation of Professional Real Estate Professional Service Corporations.
§ gbo-17-513
Non resident license application and rules
§ gbo-17-514
Consent for Nonresident Applicants for Licenses
§ gbo-17-515
Consent to State Laws for non-resident Real Estate Brokers.
§ gbo-17-516
Authorized people are only allowed to receive brokerage fees for their services
§ gbo-17-517
Real estate broker establish office in his state.
§ gbo-17-518
Real Estate Broker Branch Office Requirements
§ gbo-17-519
Real Estate Broker Sign Display Requirements
§ gbo-17-520
Real Estate Broker Certificates Submitted To The Commission
§ gbo-17-521
" Fee payment to Commission by check is dis honoured "
§ gbo-17-522
Establishing Real Estate Conservation Areas
§ gbo-17-523
Under required conditions, the State Board waives test prerequisites for local license holders.
§ gbo-17-524
Real estate contracts are required to have a statement of the buyer's rights.
§ gbo-17-525
The purpose of this section is to prohibit steering and other discriminatory real estate practice
§ gbo-17-526
The purpose of this section is to prohibit certain discriminatory real estate practices
§ gbo-17-527
Restrictions on Mass Solicitation by Real Estate Agents in Baltimore City
§ gbo-17-527.1
Real Estate Broker Omissions and Errors
§ gbo-17-527.2
it provides an idea about advertismet, business and its meaning in the law...
§ gbo-17-527.3
Real Estate company names have to be commission approved.
§ gbo-17-528
"Agency relationship" means each relationship in which a licensee acts for or represents another
§ gbo-17-529
the sale or lease of real property improved by one, two, three, or four single-family units
§ gbo-17-530
"Buyer's agent" means a licensed real estate broker, licensed associate real estate broker
§ gbo-17-531
Additional Potential Duties and Obligations of a Licensee
§ gbo-17-532
Duties of licensed real estate agents when representing clients
§ gbo-17-533
Rule's Regarding a Buyer or Lessee's Real Estate Agent
§ gbo-17-534
validity of the brokerage agreement
§ gbo-17-535
Instructions to the Licensee
§ gbo-17-536
In this Part IV of this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated
§ gbo-17-537
Laws governing non resident real estate brokers in Maryland.
§ gbo-17-538
Nonresident Real Estate Broker Guidelines
§ gbo-17-539
related to commercial real estates transactions
§ gbo-17-540
Nonresidential Real Estate Sellers must appoint the Executive Director of the Commission as agent.
§ gbo-17-543
In this Part V of this subtitle, "team" means two or more licensed associate real estate brokers
§ gbo-17-544
Team designates a team leader, who performs real estate brokerage services.
§ gbo-17-545
Team Leader Supervision for Brokerages
§ gbo-17-546
Designation of Intracompany Agents for Real Estate Agents
§ gbo-17-547
The name of the team may not contain the terms real estate, real estate brokerage
§ gbo-17-548
The members must conduct all real estate brokerage activities from the office.
§ gbo-17-601
Prohibitions Against Unlicensed Realtors
§ gbo-17-602
How to get authorized as a Licensed Real Estate Broker.
§ gbo-17-603
Real Estate Broker Authorizations
§ gbo-17-604
Payment of Real Estate Brokerage Services
§ gbo-17-605
Commission of Real Estate Brokers
§ gbo-17-606
Font size requirements for brokers postings on real property
§ gbo-17-607
Selection of Real Estate Services Providers.
§ gbo-17-608
Handicap and Familial Status qualifications/restrictions
§ gbo-17-609
Law to the mass distribution of circular under business occupations and professions.
§ gbo-17-610
A person may not submit to the Commission any notice under Subtitle 4
§ gbo-17-611
The power of a suspension order in Maryland.
§ gbo-17-612
Disciplinary Action Against A Licensee
§ gbo-17-613
The Commission may impose on a person who violates any provision of this title in Maryland
§ gbo-17-614
A court shall report to the Commission for appropriate action under this title each conviction
§ gbo-17-701
This title may be cited as the "Maryland Real Estate Brokers Act".
§ gbo-17-702
Maryland Program Evaluation Act Termination Date
§ gbo-18-101
meaning of the words under this title
§ gbo-18-102
Electricians and employment laws
§ gbo-18-201
Licensing and regulation of security systems agencies and registration of security systems technicians and other individuals in state
§ gbo-18-202
Secretary powers, duties and security system agencies licenses
§ gbo-18-203
Police Investigation Information Confidentiality Requirements
§ gbo-18-204
Except for the cost of the Maryland and national criminal records check
§ gbo-18-301
§ gbo-18-302
Business Occupations Licensing Guidelines for Individuals and Firms
§ gbo-18-303
documents to be submitted to obtain a license
§ gbo-18-304
Except for a License Under _ 18-303(g) all Licensees or Firm Members are Subject to Criminal Background Check
§ gbo-18-305
The Secretary shall issue a license to each applicant who meets the requirements of this title
§ gbo-18-306
While a license is in effect, it authorizes the licensee to engage in the business
§ gbo-18-307
Staggering Terms of Licenses
§ gbo-18-308
Security guards shall carry a licence.
§ gbo-18-309
Reasons a person may be denied a security systems technician license
§ gbo-18-310
Final actions are taken by the secretary after the hearing.
§ gbo-18-311
Any Person can Appeal a Final Decision of the Secretary.
§ gbo-18-3A-01
Registered technicians only allowed to provide security services
§ gbo-18-3A-02
Security System Technician Qualification
§ gbo-18-3A-03
Steps and Procedures for Applicants for Registration
§ gbo-18-3A-04
Criminal Records Check
§ gbo-18-3A-05
The Secretary shall register each acceptable applicant to be security systems technicians
§ gbo-18-3A-06
Individual is register in security systems services
§ gbo-18-3A-07
The terms for renewing a registration will not come into play all at once.
§ gbo-18-3A-08
Temporary Registration from the Secretary Regulations and Guidelines
§ gbo-18-3A-09
What the Secretary may deny
§ gbo-18-3A-09.1
To register the applicant is judged on the moral basis.
§ gbo-18-3A-10
An individual has a right to a hearing before final action is taken.
§ gbo-18-3A-11
Appealing Secretary Decisions
§ gbo-18-401
Security System License Application.
§ gbo-18-402
Specific duties of the Department of State Police.
§ gbo-18-501
Security Systems Business
§ gbo-18-502
Security systems businesses must be authorized to provide their services in Maryland.
§ gbo-18-503
People can't lie on documents submitted to the secretary.
§ gbo-18-504
Violation Punishments and Fine Regulation
§ gbo-18-601
This title may be cited as the Maryland Security Systems Technicians Act
§ gbo-18-701
Subject to Evaluation by Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gbo-19-101
Definitions Surrounding Security Guard Services
§ gbo-19-201
The secretary is responsible for issuing licenses to Security guard agencies.
§ gbo-19-202
The role of the secretary in licensing and maintaining security guards.
§ gbo-19-301
Licensing Guidelines
§ gbo-19-302
Requirements to Qualify for a License
§ gbo-19-303
The State Codes and Laws of the State of Maryland Defined
§ gbo-19-304
The Secretary Handles Business License Applications
§ gbo-19-305
The Secretary may not issue a license to an applicant whose trade or fictitious name or trademark
§ gbo-19-306
The State Secretary Will Issue a License to Those Who Qualify
§ gbo-19-307
In Maryland, conduct a business that provides security guard services for compensation
§ gbo-19-308
By regulation, the Secretary shall stagger the terms of the licenses
§ gbo-19-309
Conditions for renewing a license includes three steps involving the Comptroller's Office.
§ gbo-19-310
Each licensee shall keep in an office in the State all files or other records
§ gbo-19-311
Procedures after a change in location or membership.
§ gbo-19-312
The licensed security guard should display the certificate all the time.
§ gbo-19-313
Penalties to Offending Business License Holders
§ gbo-19-314
rules related to the power of secretary to commence proceedings on the Secretarys own complaint
§ gbo-19-315
The Secretary may administer oaths in connection with any proceeding under the section
§ gbo-19-316
Agency License Surrender Deadline
§ gbo-19-401
An individual must be certified to be hired as a security guard.
§ gbo-19-402
To qualify for certification as a security guard, an individual shall.
§ gbo-19-403
Each Security Guard Must Be Officially Certified by the Secretary
§ gbo-19-404
"The individual must represent to the public that the individual is certified."
§ gbo-19-404.1
By regulation, the Secretary shall stagger the terms of the certifications
§ gbo-19-405
State Secretary Security Gaurd Law
§ gbo-19-406
Certified Security Guard Certification Card
§ gbo-19-407
security guard is in uniform and should wear a badge
§ gbo-19-408
Conditions where a security guard certification can be denied.
§ gbo-19-409
Procedures for the Secretary addressing a complaint.
§ gbo-19-410
State Government Article
§ gbo-19-411
security guard certificate suspensions or revocations
§ gbo-19-501
Security companies are responsible for their security guards actions while on duty
§ gbo-19-502
The offices of each security guard agency shall be supervised by an individual
§ gbo-19-504
security guard agency employment rules
§ gbo-19-505
A non-resident license application procedures and rules
§ gbo-19-506
rules regarding A security guard agency may not divulge information obtained
§ gbo-19-507
Definition of "Agency Equipment."
§ gbo-19-508
Security guards must report lost certification cards.
§ gbo-19-601
Unlicensed Businesses Providing Security Guards For Hire is Prohibited
§ gbo-19-602
Maryland on certified security guards
§ gbo-19-603
Representation as a security guard by security guard agency's.
§ gbo-19-604
You must display your state licence where the certificate tells you to.
§ gbo-19-605
A person may not willfully make a false statement on any application form, annual statement
§ gbo-19-606
An individual whom a licensee employs as a security guard may not willfully make a false statement
§ gbo-19-607
The guilty person is subject to fine and imprisonment.
§ gbo-19-701
The Maryland Security Guards Act Title
§ gbo-2-101
Definition of Legal Terms Used Throughout Maryland Legal Documents
§ gbo-2-102
Accounting related services that do not require a CPA license
§ gbo-2-201
Establishment of the State Board of Public Accountancy
§ gbo-2-202
the Board has seven members
§ gbo-2-203
Simple Election Requirements for Members of Boards
§ gbo-2-204
State budget law
§ gbo-2-205
the Board with approval from Attorney general may sue state
§ gbo-2-206
Board certification upon payment of fees
§ gbo-2-207
Board business law
§ gbo-2-208
The Board Shall Maintain a list of all licensees and Permit Holders
§ gbo-2-209
Establishment of fees for State Board of Public Accountancy services
§ gbo-2-210
Appeal for aggrieved cases allowed as per 10-222 and 10-223
§ gbo-2-211
The Secretary has authority over the board's powers, duties, and functions.
§ gbo-2-301
Accountants Required to Attain License Before Practicing in Maryland
§ gbo-2-302
applicant should meet requirements on guidelines to qualify for license
§ gbo-2-303
New applicant licensing law 120 hr minumim
§ gbo-2-304
applicant for license rules
§ gbo-2-305
Those who meet the educational requirements of the board must take examinations.
§ gbo-2-306
Best site to get useful information
§ gbo-2-307
The Board shall set fees for reexamination
§ gbo-2-308
Exemption From Public Accounting Licensing
§ gbo-2-309
Issuance of License After Fees and Qualifications Are Met.
§ gbo-2-311
license expires in 2 years if not renewed
§ gbo-2-312
Board regulations of adoption proceedings
§ gbo-2-313
Requirements for obtaining or acquiring an inactive license certificate.
§ gbo-2-314
§ gbo-2-315
License Denials
§ gbo-2-316
If the Board wants to, or if someone complains in writing, the Board may start proceedings.
§ gbo-2-317
An individual has the right to be heard before a board before action is taken upon them.
§ gbo-2-318
Professional License Expiration and Renewal While Under Investigation
§ gbo-2-319
The Conditions Under Which The State May Reinstate a Suspended License
§ gbo-2-321
Licensing Requirements of Certified Public Accountancy Practices in Maryland
§ gbo-2-401
firm should hold permit by board guideliens
§ gbo-2-402
Certain provisions must be met to qualify for a permit.
§ gbo-2-402.1
Permit requirements for limited liability companies.
§ gbo-2-403
The requirements of qualifying for a permit.
§ gbo-2-404
Unlicensed Pilots Assisting Vessels in Distress
§ gbo-2-405
the applicant has qualified for a permit
§ gbo-2-406
Permit Laws for Certified Public Accountants in Maryland
§ gbo-2-407
Unless a permit is renewed for a 2year term as provided in this section, the permit expires on the first December 31.
§ gbo-2-408
Conditions for exercising changes in partnership
§ gbo-2-409
Regulation of partnership firm on the event of demise of any of the partner.
§ gbo-2-410
Denial or Suspension of Permits
§ gbo-2-411
The State Board Can Commence Legal Proceedings Over Filed Complaints
§ gbo-2-412
The board will follow a procedure before any final rulings.
§ gbo-2-413
In Maryland jurisdiction of the Board over the permit holder
§ gbo-2-414
Reinstatement of Permits for Partnership, Limited Liability Company, or Corporation
§ gbo-2-415
A Permit Holder Must Always Comply With The Guidelines of the Issued Permit
§ gbo-2-416
Board can reinstate a permit
§ gbo-2-4A-01
Definitions of terms pertaining to reviews of financial statements.
§ gbo-2-4A-02
The Board may modify the peer review requirement for a licensee or permit holder upon a showing of good cause.
§ gbo-2-4A-03
A licensee or permit holder who provides services requiring peer review
§ gbo-2-4A-04
Requirement of system review : Services to be performed by the licesee
§ gbo-2-4A-05
The Board of Public Accountancy must approve a peer reviewer.
§ gbo-2-4A-06
peer reviewer reports
§ gbo-2-501
Adoption of regulations by The Board and the regulations for permit or license
§ gbo-2-502
Ownership of Accounting Documents
§ gbo-2-601
Requirements to Practice Accountancy
§ gbo-2-602
partnership holds permit
§ gbo-2-603
Use Of "CPA" Title.
§ gbo-2-604
Use of the Title CPA in Maryland
§ gbo-2-605
Violation of subsection is misdeamenor
§ gbo-2-701
The Maryland public accountancy act.
§ gbo-2-702
Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gbo-20-101
License means a license issued by the Secretary to operate a business in Maryland
§ gbo-20-201
§ gbo-20-301
rules regarding a license to be obtained by the secretary as a private home detention monitoring agency
§ gbo-20-302
Private Home Detention Licenses
§ gbo-20-303
Submission of License Application to Secretary
§ gbo-20-304
Private Home Detention Monitoring
§ gbo-20-305
§ gbo-20-306
Appealing Procedures for a Felony Reported During a Criminal History Check
§ gbo-20-307
License is issued on satisfying the requirements.
§ gbo-20-308
The proper license allows individuals to operate a private monitoring business.
§ gbo-20-309
Unless a license is renewed for a 2-year term as provided in this section
§ gbo-20-310
State Secretary License Renewal
§ gbo-20-311
Law for licensee maintain in office in the state.
§ gbo-20-312
How a licensee must update the secretary about any change in the last twenty one days.
§ gbo-20-313
Licensee's must have license on premise at all times
§ gbo-20-314
Conditions under which the Secretary may deny or revoke a license.
§ gbo-20-315
Secretary shall commence proceedings if a complaint is made by himself or someone else.
§ gbo-20-316
Before taking Final Action, the Secretary Must Offer the Opportunity for a Hearing
§ gbo-20-317
Secretary suspends the license of a person, they shall surrender it to the Secretary
§ gbo-20-318
Secretary makes decision to revoke Private detention home
§ gbo-20-401
Private home detention monitoring agencies must reach a reasonable and just level of service.
§ gbo-20-501
Responsibilities of Home Detention Monitoring Agencies
§ gbo-20-601
Applicant must execute a bond worth 2500.
§ gbo-20-602
secretary can adopt regulations private home detention home monitoring
§ gbo-20-701
law for monitoring agency in the state unless the secretary issuing license ot the person.
§ gbo-21-101
Definition of words appearing in the indicated title.
§ gbo-21-102
Says a certificate of authority is all that is required to become sole surety on a bond or undertaking.
§ gbo-21-201
Location of the State Board of Individual Tax Preparers
§ gbo-21-202
A board has eight members, and they must meet certain qualifications.
§ gbo-21-203
How Maryland State Board Elects A Chair And Other Officers
§ gbo-21-204
Minimum requirements of a Board, compensation for Board members
§ gbo-21-205
Rules and Regulations of Tax consultants and Tax advisors
§ gbo-21-206
the results of an investigation made under this section, the Board shall promptly take action that is appropriate
§ gbo-21-207
board may set reasonable fees
§ gbo-21-208
The Board Issues Funds to a Individual Tax Preparation Fund
§ gbo-21-209
Requirement of Board to Confirm Registration Status
§ gbo-21-210
the board exercises duties of secretary
§ gbo-21-301
Tax preparers need to be registered by the Board before preparing taxes in Maryland.
§ gbo-21-302
Applicant Requirements.
§ gbo-21-303
Registration Applicant's Requirements to the Board
§ gbo-21-304
Guidelines for Examination of an Applicant
§ gbo-21-305
Conditions under which an applicant who fails an examination may retake the examination.
§ gbo-21-306
board shall notify applicant if applicant qualifies
§ gbo-21-307
Registration allows individual to prepare tax preperations
§ gbo-21-308
Unless registration is renewed within 2 year term it becomes expired
§ gbo-21-309
Continuing Education Regulations
§ gbo-21-310
board shall adopt regulation registrations
§ gbo-21-311
The Board can deny or revoke an applicant's registration because of fraud or other illegal acts.
§ gbo-21-312
Each Convicted Person Will Be Given the Opportunity to Defend Themselves
§ gbo-21-313
A persons right to contest a ruling if they find that it is unfair to them
§ gbo-21-401
Code for Individual Tax preparation services
§ gbo-21-402
person may not say theyre registered as tax preparer if they're not
§ gbo-21-403
Tax preparer requirements
§ gbo-21-404
Violation of title is unfair to Deceptive Trade Practices
§ gbo-21-501
Maryland Individual Tax Preparers Act is enacted in this title
§ gbo-21-502
Maryland program evaluation act in effect
§ gbo-3-101
Architect means an individual who practices architecture.
§ gbo-3-102
§ gbo-3-103
Architectural Documents
§ gbo-3-201
Department consists of state board of architects
§ gbo-3-202
Architecture Board Member Requirements
§ gbo-3-203
Appointment of Board Members
§ gbo-3-204
Rights of The Board of Business Occupations and Professions
§ gbo-3-204.1
Annual meetings to discuss design professions.
§ gbo-3-205
There will be a code of ethics in practicing architecture determined by the board.
§ gbo-3-206
board guidelines for enforcing title
§ gbo-3-207
New licensing or permit status $10 certification law
§ gbo-3-208
board may adopt regulations
§ gbo-3-208.1
Code Officials Review Building Permits and Documents
§ gbo-3-209
Business regulation Article : Contribution by Comptroller and the Board
§ gbo-3-210
Appeal by board from a decision of the circuit court.
§ gbo-3-211
Authorization by Secretary Only
§ gbo-3-301
Architectural registration council board
§ gbo-3-302
Individuals should be licensed by board
§ gbo-3-303
Qualifying for Architecture License
§ gbo-3-304
License Applicants Submit Applications and Pay a Fee
§ gbo-3-305
Board Must Examine Qualified Applicants.
§ gbo-3-305.1
What the Board may use to administer examinations
§ gbo-3-306
Origins of reciprocity to practice architecture in Maryland
§ gbo-3-307
Procedure for obtaining a license after passing an examination.
§ gbo-3-308
architecture license
§ gbo-3-309
The Rules of License Renewals.
§ gbo-3-309.1
Professionals must maintain their license through continuing education.
§ gbo-3-309.2
Requirements for Issuing Retired State Licenses
§ gbo-3-310
Renewing an architecture license after the passage of the 30 day grace period.
§ gbo-3-311
board may revoke or deny license under section
§ gbo-3-312
Test for diesel emission standard violation
§ gbo-3-313
Individuals May Request a Hearing Before Action is Taken
§ gbo-3-401
The title "responsible member" refers to a director or member with limited liability of a company.
§ gbo-3-402
Provisions of Practicing as a Licensed Architect
§ gbo-3-403
Permit requirements of architectural work for partnerships and limited liability companies.
§ gbo-3-404
Permit Requirements.
§ gbo-3-405
How To Apply For A Permit.
§ gbo-3-406
Board issues permit to applicants who meet requirements apply and pay
§ gbo-3-407
Permits allow licensed individuals to practice architecture.
§ gbo-3-408
Permits expire after 2 years on the first June 30
§ gbo-3-409
within 1 month of change permit holder submit
§ gbo-3-501
Proper Method for a Licensed Architect to Prepare a Document
§ gbo-3-601
License Is Required To Practice Architecture.
§ gbo-3-602
licensed architect may open business
§ gbo-3-603
Person may not represent public in court unless authorized.
§ gbo-3-604
architecture practitioner law in state
§ gbo-3-605
A person who violates $ 3-601, $ 3-602, $ 3-603, or $ 3-604 of this subtitle is guilty
§ gbo-3-606
Violations of this Subtitle Should be Reported Immediately.
§ gbo-3-701
Maryland Architects Act
§ gbo-3-702
This title and its regulations expire 7/1/2023.
§ gbo-4-101
§ gbo-4-102
Allowance for individuals permitted to practice cosmetology
§ gbo-4-201
Decree that there is a state board of Barbers in the department.
§ gbo-4-202
board consists of seven members
§ gbo-4-203
Appointing President of the State Board
§ gbo-4-204
The board shall determine the time and places of a meeting
§ gbo-4-205
The State Board of Maryland Shall Examine Each Request for License or Registration
§ gbo-4-206
Board may adopt regulations under title
§ gbo-4-207
funds collected under title to be paid to general fund of state
§ gbo-4-208
decision of the Board and appeal from decision of the circuit court.
§ gbo-4-209
Authorization By Secretary
§ gbo-4-301
Who can be a barber?
§ gbo-4-301.1
Students with 80 hours of training from a barbering school, may work without a license.
§ gbo-4-301.2
Requirements for unlicensed student barbers working under a licensed barber
§ gbo-4-302
Individual requirements for barber shops
§ gbo-4-303
Applicant for license
§ gbo-4-304
applicant is entitled to be examined
§ gbo-4-304.1
Examinations Can Be Administered By Board Using Testing Services.
§ gbo-4-305
Board grants barbering license subject to provisions.
§ gbo-4-306
Examination requirement waivers.
§ gbo-4-307
Practicing barbers in another country may apply to have the written portion of the master barber test waived.
§ gbo-4-308
§ gbo-4-309
Master Barber License Authorization
§ gbo-4-310
Sets the initial terms of a license at two years.
§ gbo-4-312
board reinstatement of license
§ gbo-4-313
Displaying Barbershop License
§ gbo-4-314
The Board Has the Ability to Deny License to Anyone Seen As Unfit
§ gbo-4-315
Final action of the State Board
§ gbo-4-401
individual must register before serving apprenticeship
§ gbo-4-402
Apprentice barber application rules.
§ gbo-4-403
The Board Issues Official Certification to Anyone Meeting the Requirements
§ gbo-4-404
Official Barber's Apprentice License Authorizes the Learning of Barbering
§ gbo-4-405
§ gbo-4-406
Barbers Must Display Registration
§ gbo-4-407
The Board may deny registration
§ gbo-4-408
Before the board takes final action against someone they have the right to a hearing.
§ gbo-4-501
Operation of a Barbershop by Permit
§ gbo-4-502
Qualifications to Receive a Barbershop Permit
§ gbo-4-503
Requirements to Apply for a Barbershop Permit
§ gbo-4-504
Barbershop Permits
§ gbo-4-505
barbershop permit regulations
§ gbo-4-506
Expiration of Barbershop Permit
§ gbo-4-506.1
Board may reinstate permit of expired barber shops
§ gbo-4-507
Barbershop employee, work environment, and training regulations.
§ gbo-4-508
Integration of Barbershops
§ gbo-4-509
The owner shall designate a master barber to supervise each apprentice barber
§ gbo-4-511
Barber schools are required to operate in a sanitary manner, and if they don't they can be reported and may face a fine up to $300.
§ gbo-4-512
Board may appoint inspectors to serve on board, and inspect barbershops and their business practices.
§ gbo-4-513
Procedure For Denying, Suspending or Revoking a Barber Shop Permit
§ gbo-4-514
Before the Board takes any final action the person is given an opportunity.
§ gbo-4-601
It is against the law to be a barber without a license.
§ gbo-4-602
Necessity of barbershop permit to operate a barbershop in the state
§ gbo-4-603
Apprentice Barber Requirements
§ gbo-4-604
Representing Yourself as a Barber
§ gbo-4-605
unless otherwise stated a person can not cut hair except in a licensed establishment
§ gbo-4-606
In Montgomery County a barbershop can't be open more than six days a week.
§ gbo-4-607
Individuals Who Violate Section 4-607 Provisions Is Guilty.
§ gbo-4-608
Barbershop Licensing Procedures
§ gbo-4-701
The title comes from "The Maryland Barbers Act".
§ gbo-4-702
Termination Date of the Maryland Program Evaluation Act
§ gbo-5-101
§ gbo-5-102
Prohibitions of this Title Regarding the Practice of Barbering
§ gbo-5-201
State Board of Cosmotologists
§ gbo-5-202
The Requirements for the Seven Members of this Board
§ gbo-5-203
Election of Board Chairman
§ gbo-5-204
Board member entitlements and meeting schedule.
§ gbo-5-205
board adoption proceedings and regulations
§ gbo-5-206
Board Shall certify license
§ gbo-5-207
§ gbo-5-208
The Government Board should pay collection under the title what they given General Fund of the State
§ gbo-5-209
Appealing Board Decisions
§ gbo-5-210
Board Must Perform Duties Subject to Authority of the Secretary.
§ gbo-5-301
New State Cosmetology Practice Law
§ gbo-5-302
A student who has completed at least 350 hours of training may practice cosmetology
§ gbo-5-303
Student completed 1,000 hours training is eligible for cosmetology
§ gbo-5-304
Cosmetologists must be adults holding at least ninth grade education.
§ gbo-5-305
applictaion guidelines for limited license to practice cosmetology
§ gbo-5-306
rules related to the duties of a licensee
§ gbo-5-307
Qualified Applicants Have The Right To Take Exams
§ gbo-5-307.1
Rules for administrating a testing service by the Board
§ gbo-5-308
Waiver of Examination Requirements by the Board for Cosmetologists in Maryland
§ gbo-5-309
§ gbo-5-310
The Levels of a Cosmetology License in the State of Maryland
§ gbo-5-311
§ gbo-5-312
License Reinstatement of the Board
§ gbo-5-313
Business Licenses Must Be Prominently Displayed in the Place of Business
§ gbo-5-314
Under hearing provisions, the Board may deny any applicant license.
§ gbo-5-315
Opportunity for a hearing
§ gbo-5-316
Board can reactivate the license of the individual which has been cancelled
§ gbo-5-401
Information for beauty salon apprenticeship.
§ gbo-5-402
applicant for registration duties
§ gbo-5-403
Applicants Who Meet Requirements Will Be Issued Certificates of Registration
§ gbo-5-404
while registration is an apprentice in effect it authorizes user to learn
§ gbo-5-405
Initial Registration
§ gbo-5-406
Certificate of Registration
§ gbo-5-407
Subject to the hearing provisions of _ 5-408 of this subtitle, the Board may deny registration
§ gbo-5-408
Individual's Rights when involved in a Board Hearing.
§ gbo-5-409
Registration reinstatement.
§ gbo-5-501
Beauty Salon Licensing Requirements in Maryland
§ gbo-5-502
The Requirements for Obtaining a Beauty Supply License in Maryland
§ gbo-5-503
Beauty Salon Applications
§ gbo-5-504
beauty requirement permits will be issued by boards by applicants who meet criteria
§ gbo-5-505
beauty salon permits
§ gbo-5-506
Beauty parlor permits expire on October 31st unless they are 2 year terms
§ gbo-5-506.1
Board may reinstate a beauty salon permit that has expired.
§ gbo-5-509
The Board may adopt regulations
§ gbo-5-520
Inspectors Can Be Appointed By Boards.
§ gbo-5-521
Beauty Salon Permits must be placed Conspicuously.
§ gbo-5-522
The Board shall pay any penalty collected under this subsection into the General Fund of the State.
§ gbo-5-523
Stipulations of a Hearing
§ gbo-5-524
Reinstating the beauty salon permit
§ gbo-5-601
Cosmetologists have to be licensed by the Board.
§ gbo-5-602
A person may not operate a beauty salon in the State unless the person holds a beauty salon permit issued by the Board.
§ gbo-5-603
Apprenticeship : Registration by the Board
§ gbo-5-604
Unauthorized Cosmetology and Hairdressing
§ gbo-5-605
Requirements for Practicing Cosmetolgoy
§ gbo-5-606
Rules and regulations to the Beauty Salon
§ gbo-5-607
Beauty Salon Regulations
§ gbo-5-608
Conduct and rules for schools of cosmetology students in Maryland.
§ gbo-5-608.1
not to use methyl methacrylate liquid monomer in beauty salon
§ gbo-5-608.2
The Board may prohibit or restrict the use or possession of lasers in beauty salons
§ gbo-5-609
Violation of the provision of the title : Board's penalty and considerations
§ gbo-5-610
Beauty Salon Licensing
§ gbo-5-701
Maryland Cosmetologist's Act
§ gbo-5-702
When the title shall terminate
§ gbo-6-101
In this title the following words have the meanings indicated
§ gbo-6-102
§ gbo-6-103
Maryland on business requirements
§ gbo-6-201
State Board of Master Electricians
§ gbo-6-202
The Appointment of the 9 Members of the State Board.
§ gbo-6-203
The State Board and electing officers.
§ gbo-6-204
When the State Board meeting takes place & How is it subject to State Budget.
§ gbo-6-205
§ gbo-6-206
Subtitle Determining What the State Board, or Hearing Officer Designates in Relation to Proceedings.
§ gbo-6-207
Payment regulations for the State Board direct it to pay into General Fund
§ gbo-6-208
State Board Powers in Relation to Secretary
§ gbo-6-301
County responsibilities and requirments
§ gbo-6-302
Limitations of a State License
§ gbo-6-303
Other than a State license
§ gbo-6-304
State License Qualifications
§ gbo-6-305
Procedure for Application of State Licenses
§ gbo-6-306
All Applicants Must Meet the Qualifications Laid Out
§ gbo-6-306.1
§ gbo-6-307
What the State Board shall waive
§ gbo-6-308
State Board can grant waiver of license exam for electricians.
§ gbo-6-309
State Board issues a State license based on the statements.
§ gbo-6-310
Renewal of State License.
§ gbo-6-311
The State Board shall place a State licensee on inactive status and issue an inactive status
§ gbo-6-312
The state license is reinstated when failed to renew it.
§ gbo-6-313
A person can not own or make money from a electrical business as long as they are employed by the state.
§ gbo-6-314
The person to whom the State licensee assigns a local license
§ gbo-6-315
A master electrician may be investigated and required to surrender their license or have it suspended.
§ gbo-6-316
Rules related to the issuance of professional licenses.
§ gbo-6-317
State Government Article 6-316
§ gbo-6-318
Allowance of appeal for aggrieved person by the final decision of the State Board
§ gbo-6-319
§ gbo-6-320
Within 30 days after taking action, the State Board shall give each local board or building
§ gbo-6-321
licensed master electrician
§ gbo-6-401
Subject to the limitations in this subtitle, an individual who holds a State license
§ gbo-6-402
electrician licence rules
§ gbo-6-501
The United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the State of Maryland
§ gbo-6-502
The State Board Has the Ability to Remove Any Unwarranted License
§ gbo-6-503
Subject to the limitations in this subtitle, an individual may qualify for a reciprocal license
§ gbo-6-504
Issuing a license : Rules and regulations by the local juridiction
§ gbo-6-505
Requirement of licensee before expiry of reciprocal license
§ gbo-6-506
Reciprocal license may be reassigned if conditions are met.
§ gbo-6-601
Within 60 days after the issuance of a State license to an individual
§ gbo-6-602
Subject to the limitations in this section, a local jurisdiction shall
§ gbo-6-603
A master electrician may obtain an electrical permit or any other similar permit
§ gbo-6-604
State Licensee Laws
§ gbo-6-605
Non-Licensed Electrician Rules and Regulations
§ gbo-6-606
Responsibilities of The Secretary of The State Board
§ gbo-6-701
This title may be cited as the Maryland Master Electricians Act"
§ gbo-6-702
Maryland Program Evaluation Act Length
§ gbo-6.5-101
§ gbo-6.5-102
§ gbo-6.5-103
§ gbo-6.5-201
There is a State Board of Stationary Engineers in the Department
§ gbo-6.5-202
The Board consists of eight members appointed by the Governor
§ gbo-6.5-203
From among its members, the Board shall elect a chair and other officers
§ gbo-6.5-204
The Board may hold special meetings as provided in its regulations.
§ gbo-6.5-205
Maryland State Board Rules for Stationary Engineers Licenses
§ gbo-6.5-206
The Board may investigate any complaint that alleges a violation of this title
§ gbo-6.5-207
Board shall require fees for the issuance or renewal of the licences.
§ gbo-6.5-208
The Board is subject to the Authority of The Secretary.
§ gbo-6.5-301
Except as otherwise provided in this title, an individual shall be licensed by the Board
§ gbo-6.5-302
Qualifications for Boiler Engineers to Operate Machinery.
§ gbo-6.5-303
Qualifications For Licensing of a Stationary Engineer
§ gbo-6.5-303.1
What the Board may authorize
§ gbo-6.5-304
How Individuals May Apply For Licenses
§ gbo-6.5-305
The Board shall examine all engineers who are at least 18 years old
§ gbo-6.5-306
The Board may use a testing service to administer the examination required under this subtitle
§ gbo-6.5-306.1
What the Board may authorize to an applicant
§ gbo-6.5-307
How to become licensed to provide stationary engineer services in Maryland.
§ gbo-6.5-308
The use of unauthorized material by an applicant during an examination shall cause
§ gbo-6.5-309
§ gbo-6.5-310
License For Stationary Engineer Services
§ gbo-6.5-311
Business licensees must notify the board of name and address changes
§ gbo-6.5-312
Rules and regulations to the Board and License holder in renewing a license that may expire in a month or less
§ gbo-6.5-313
The Board shall reinstate the license of an individual who, for any reason, has failed to renew
§ gbo-6.5-314
Denial or Revocation of a License by the Board
§ gbo-6.5-315
Preliminary Board Actions
§ gbo-6.5-316
Person can make appeal against the final action of the Board
§ gbo-6.5-401
Prohibition Against Unlicensed Stationary Engineers
§ gbo-6.5-402
warning to use or to attempt the other's license
§ gbo-6.5-403
Acceptance of services of Stationary Engineer and the necessity of possession of license by him
§ gbo-6.5-404
Standards of punishment for violating sections of this subtitle.
§ gbo-6.5-501
This title may be cited as the "Maryland Stationary Engineers Act".
§ gbo-6.5-502
Evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Maryland Program Evaluation Act.
§ gbo-7-101
§ gbo-7-102
The purposes of this title are to benefit and protect the public and to promote the public welfare
§ gbo-7-201
State Board of Foresters in the Department
§ gbo-7-202
Maryland Governor appoint the Board consists of 7 members
§ gbo-7-203
Board elects its members according to the law, annually.
§ gbo-7-204
A majority of the authorized membership of the Board is a quorum
§ gbo-7-205
Subject to the State budget, the Board may employ an investigative staff
§ gbo-7-206
the board have several powers including the proceeding and can administer a title or shall adopt a seal
§ gbo-7-207
The Board will deposit collected money into General Fund of State.
§ gbo-7-208
Powers, duties and function of the Board controlled by the Secretary
§ gbo-7-301
Except as otherwise provided in this title, an individual shall be licensed
§ gbo-7-302
Foresty Practice Requirements
§ gbo-7-303
License to practice foresty
§ gbo-7-304
Forester License Qualifications
§ gbo-7-305
Procedural details for application by applicant in respect of seeking license
§ gbo-7-306
Process of Issuing Licenses to Qualified Citizens
§ gbo-7-307
Licensees Can Practice Forestry with a License in Effect
§ gbo-7-308
a license is renewed for a 2-year term as provided in this section in Maryland
§ gbo-7-309
What the Board may deny
§ gbo-7-310
Making a Complaint to The Board of Business Occupations and Professions
§ gbo-7-311
Regulations of a Hearing
§ gbo-7-312
Appeal of a Board Decision during a Contested Case
§ gbo-7-313
Subject to any regulation that the Board adopts, the Board may reinstate a license
§ gbo-7-401
conditions for licensed forester under section _ 7-402
§ gbo-7-402
Before a licenced forester issues to any person any plan
§ gbo-7-501
State license for forestry practice
§ gbo-7-502
unless authorized to practice forestry you may not use titles to make others believe that you are
§ gbo-7-503
Maryland State Law Regarding Usage of Another Individual's State Licence
§ gbo-7-504
Conditions For Endorsement Of Documents Of Forestry Licence.
§ gbo-7-505
People can't lie to the board to get a license.
§ gbo-7-506
A Person who violates any provision of this title is guilty of a misdemeanor
§ gbo-7-601
Naming the Maryland Foresters Act
§ gbo-7-602
Evaluation and reestablishment provisions of the Maryland Program
§ gbo-8-101
Meanings according to Maryland Law.
§ gbo-8-102
A person who does not use the title "certified interior designer" on any card, device, sign
§ gbo-8-103
A certified interior designer must hold a certificate to render interior design.
§ gbo-8-201
The State Board of Certified Interior Designers Exist
§ gbo-8-202
Governor Can Appoint 7 Board Members.
§ gbo-8-203
The Election of Secretary and Chairman of The Board.
§ gbo-8-204
A majority of the members then serving on the Board is a quorum
§ gbo-8-204.1
Annual Board Member Meetings
§ gbo-8-205
Investigations and Hearings conducted by the Board.
§ gbo-8-206
Additional Rights and Duties of The Board of Business Occupations and Professions
§ gbo-8-206.1
In this section, code official means a public official responsible for the review of building
§ gbo-8-207
Board's Fee Policy and Structure for It's Own Maintenance
§ gbo-8-208
Boards powers are subject to the authority of the Secretary
§ gbo-8-301
"Certified Interior Designer" Title Can Be Used After Board Approval.
§ gbo-8-302
Requirements for Applicants Seeking Certificates
§ gbo-8-303
Conditions to be fulfilled for submitting an application for a certificate
§ gbo-8-304
Waiving any examination requirement for certified or licensed interior designers in another state.
§ gbo-8-305
Issuing of the certificate by Board : Fee payment and other requirement by applicants
§ gbo-8-306
certified interior design services.
§ gbo-8-307
Expiration and Renewal Details for Business and Professional Certificates
§ gbo-8-308
certificate renewal
§ gbo-8-309
reinstating the certificate of an interior designer
§ gbo-8-310
Denial, Reprimand and/or Suspension of Interior Design Certificate Holders
§ gbo-8-311
The Board Will Dismiss Complaints If Necessary
§ gbo-8-312
The Board Will Hold A Hearing Before Taking Action.
§ gbo-8-313
State Government Article Appeal Law
§ gbo-8-401
Certified interior designer should state the design as non-architectural.
§ gbo-8-402
Interior Decorator Regulations
§ gbo-8-403
Any interior design document issued or submitted as described in subsection
§ gbo-8-404
State Certified Interior Designer Laws
§ gbo-8-501
To use the term "certified" an interior designer has to be Board certified.
§ gbo-8-502
Violation of Subtitle 8-501 and Conditions
§ gbo-8-601
This title may be cited as the "Maryland Certified Interior Designers Act".
§ gbo-8-602
This title and its regulations expire 7/1/2024
§ gbo-9-101
Landscape Archtecture Terminology Definitions
§ gbo-9-102
State Public Welfare & Safety Law
§ gbo-9-103
nurseryman or landscape contractor designs
§ gbo-9-201
Establishment of a State Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects
§ gbo-9-202
The Board consists of 5 members 3 shall be licensed landscape architects
§ gbo-9-203
The Board will annually elect a Chairman and Secretary from is Members.
§ gbo-9-204
A majority of the authorized membership of the Board is a quorum
§ gbo-9-204.1
Annual meeting of board chairmen
§ gbo-9-205
Board Title Enforcement Policy and Procedures
§ gbo-9-206
§ gbo-9-206.1
code official means public official in charge of building permits.
§ gbo-9-207
Setting Professional Licensing Design Boards Fees
§ gbo-9-207.1
Any person aggrieved by any final action of the Board may take an appeal as allowed in __ 10-222
§ gbo-9-208
Board Secretary has full authority
§ gbo-9-301
An individual may be licensed by the Board
§ gbo-9-302
Maryland on the qualifications of a license
§ gbo-9-303
Qualification for the Applicant in Business Occupations and Professions.
§ gbo-9-304
Submission directions for application to Board
§ gbo-9-305
Board examines the applicant to qualify for the license.
§ gbo-9-305.1
The Board may use a testing service to administer the examinations given under this title.
§ gbo-9-306
License to practice landscape architecture is granted on fees payment.
§ gbo-9-307
Procedures and guidelines to get license
§ gbo-9-308
If you have the license, you can do landscaping.
§ gbo-9-309
License Expirations and Renewals.
§ gbo-9-310
The Board's guidelines to suspend or revoke the license of any licensee
§ gbo-9-311
Proceedings of the Board for Complaints
§ gbo-9-312
Except as otherwise provided in $ 10-226 of the State Government Article
§ gbo-9-313
reinstating a revoked license
§ gbo-9-314
The Board shall reinstate the license of an individual who, for any reason
§ gbo-9-401
responsible member definition
§ gbo-9-402
Rights of a Licensed Landscape Architect
§ gbo-9-403
a corporation or partnership must have permit before practicing landscape architecture.
§ gbo-9-404
How to qualify for a permit & what are the requirements.
§ gbo-9-405
Requirements for submitting an application for a permit.
§ gbo-9-406
Board Permit Fee Issuing Law
§ gbo-9-407
The Permit authorizes the Holder to Represent, Provide services, and Operate their business.
§ gbo-9-408
Requirement of renewal of permit for 2 years by permit holder
§ gbo-9-409
Permit holder submissions
§ gbo-9-501
landscapers must sign and date any final documents
§ gbo-9-601
State of Marylands Restrictions on Practicing Landscape Architecture
§ gbo-9-602
Exemptions for licensed landscape architect
§ gbo-9-603
Laws on displaying landscape architecture title.
§ gbo-9-604
subsection permit holdings title
§ gbo-9-604.1
Person may not provide false info to board to obtain license
§ gbo-9-605
Violation of any provisions of this title will result in fine up to $3000 or 1 year imprisonment.
§ gbo-9-701
Maryland Landscape Architects Act
§ gbo-9-702
evaluations of this title shall be terminated after July 1, 2024
§ gbo-9.5-101
The meaning and details of "Certificate of Competence" "Commissioner" and "Crane" are indicated.
§ gbo-9.5-102
Restrictions on Persons for Crane Work
§ gbo-9.5-103
Every county lying on any navigable river in this State shall extend its jurisdiction from the shore to the channel of the river
§ gbo-9.5-104
In addition to the powers conferred under this title, the Commissioner may use all powers
§ gbo-9.5-105
Warnings to the person who violates the rules under this tiles _ gbo-9.5-105
§ gbo-9.5-106
The Commissioner shall adopt regulations to implement, administer, and enforce this title
§ gbo-9.5-107
This title shall be known as the "Maryland Safe Crane Operators Act".