This is Article gag of the Code of State, titled “Agriculture.” It’s comprised of the following 703 sections.

§ gag-1-101
word meanings and indications
§ gag-1-1A-01
Agricultural legal definitions.
§ gag-1-1A-02
Secretary to be a mediator in agricultural related issues in Maryland.
§ gag-1-1A-03
Responsibilities and Duties of the Secretary of Agriculture
§ gag-1-1A-04
The local or state laws should not be disregarded by a licensed locksmith employee.
§ gag-1-201
An employer must comply with Maryland Workers Compensation Act before getting a license.
§ gag-1-301
word meaning indications and definitions
§ gag-1-302
Farm Product Guidelines
§ gag-1-303
If the purchaser returns the container to the consignee
§ gag-1-304
How a Failed Cosignee Who Fails to Comply Repays an Owner
§ gag-1-305
Sale of a farm product : Rules and penalties
§ gag-1-306
penalties under title 12 don't apply to subtitle
§ gag-10-101
§ gag-10-102
§ gag-10-103
It is legal for the producers, handlers and processors of an agricultural product to meet for mutual benefit.
§ gag-10-104
Any association, council, board, or other agency fairly representative of persons qualifying
§ gag-10-105
Referendum arrangement done by certified agency encompassing date, time, amount collection etc
§ gag-10-106
Voter Participation in Referendums
§ gag-10-107
Regulations for ballot preparation and collection during a direct vote.
§ gag-10-108
How to establish a referendum on an agricultural product.
§ gag-10-109
Proposed Assessment Referendums.
§ gag-10-110
Allowable uses of collected assessment funds.
§ gag-10-111
Collecting Assessments From Agricultural Commodity Dealers
§ gag-10-112
The Producers Of Farm Grown Products Are Eligible to Select Voters
§ gag-10-113
Collecting Assessments from Livestock Dealers
§ gag-10-114
Regards the collection of an annual assessment fee by support referendum.
§ gag-10-115
Collection and Assessment of Referendums
§ gag-10-116
The Government may deduct up to 3% of collected funds to defray expenses
§ gag-10-1201
Grape Growing and Fermentation Regulations and Government Commission
§ gag-10-1202
Governor's Advisory Commission Maryland Wine and Grape Growing
§ gag-10-1203
This Commission will consist of ten members who will help regulate the wine business.
§ gag-10-1204
From among its members, the Commission annually shall elect a vice chairman
§ gag-10-1205
More than 1 member or chairman shall convene meetings
§ gag-10-1206
Commission rules and regulations
§ gag-10-1401
Organic Certification Program for Organic Agricultural Commodities
§ gag-10-1402
Establishment of Organic Certification Program
§ gag-10-1403
department rules and regulations
§ gag-10-1404
Standards of punishment for representing an uncertified product as certified.
§ gag-10-1405
The Department may promote organically produced products.
§ gag-10-1406
Limits the fee for US Dept. of Agriculture field inspections and laboratory analysis to $500
§ gag-10-1407
The United States Department of Agriculture adopts some regulations.
§ gag-10-1501
Definition of words for the section specified.
§ gag-10-1502
Credits for Ethanol and Biodiesel Production.
§ gag-10-1503
The Structure and a Brief Explanation of the Renewable Fuels Board
§ gag-10-1504
for Credit under subtitle must apply to board for certification
§ gag-10-1505
Board may pay credit to producers of Ethanol of Biodeisel
§ gag-10-1506
New regulations for Purchasing and Obtaining Ethanol and Biodiesel
§ gag-10-1507
Allocation of sufficient funds by Governor for implementation of the subtitle
§ gag-10-1601
Details about the Jane Lawton FarmtoSchool Program
§ gag-10-1701
Definition and Representation of "Locally Grown" In Maryland
§ gag-10-1702
person may not advertise or identify agriculture in violation
§ gag-10-1801
The Terminology of Waste Food Processing.
§ gag-10-1802
Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, a person shall register annually
§ gag-10-1803
Registration Regulations for Kitchen Grease Transporters
§ gag-10-1804
the state shall a number and proof of registration who a person applies
§ gag-10-1805
Registrant shall keep a record of the source.
§ gag-10-1806
Illegal to Improperly Store/Remove/Steal Kitchen Grease
§ gag-10-1807
State Acknowledgement of the Waste Kitchen Grease Fund
§ gag-10-1808
Penalties for Violations of this Subtitle
§ gag-10-1809
The State's Attorney enforces this section of law.
§ gag-10-1901
definitions of honey
§ gag-10-1902
Maryland standard Identity of Honey
§ gag-10-1903
The Maryland Standards of Identity for Honey to Various Styles of Honey.
§ gag-10-1904
A product may be identified as honey if it meets the criteria.
§ gag-10-1905
Maryland standard for designation as a "Honey" product.
§ gag-10-1906
A lawsuit to enforce this law should be filed in the Circuit Court where the violation happened.
§ gag-10-1907
Departments not required to adhere to provisions of title
§ gag-10-201
§ gag-10-202
The Attorney Generals responsibilities concerning Agriculture.
§ gag-10-203
The Attorney General May Act Following a Sworn Complaint
§ gag-10-204
The rights of agricultural producers.
§ gag-10-301
Maryland Agricultural Fair Board of Nine Members is Appointed by Governor for 5 to 10 Years
§ gag-10-302
Laws For Operation Of The Board.
§ gag-10-303
The Board can promote agriculture and pay for it, but only if you meet the rules.
§ gag-10-501
Definition of "Farm Product."
§ gag-10-502
The Secretary of Agriculture can create and use trademarks and logos for state farm products.
§ gag-10-503
§ gag-10-504
County can prosecute violators of the subtitle
§ gag-10-601
Usage definitions for 'Certificate' and 'Farm product'
§ gag-10-602
Procedures and Regulations Concerning Interest In Farm Product
§ gag-10-603
The Secretary Must Provide Full Cooperation With Any Federal Agency
§ gag-10-604
Requirements of the Commodity Quality Grading Fund
§ gag-10-605
The Grade Classification of a Farm Product Can Be Changed.
§ gag-10-606
Official certificate of this title is prima-facie evidence unless superceded by any appeals
§ gag-10-607
Certificate applicants information under title is denied
§ gag-10-608
After a hearing the Secretary of Agriculture can suspend someone's certificate if there is cause to do so.
§ gag-10-701
Definition of words in the indicated subtitle.
§ gag-10-702
The secretary's powers to secure uniformity in enforcement.
§ gag-10-703
Establishing grades on fruit and vegetable, and requirements.
§ gag-10-704
Rules and regulations for sellers of fruit and vegetables.
§ gag-10-705
Freedom Of The Secretary To Examine Places and Products, If Rules Are Violated
§ gag-10-706
People selling fruit cannot be prosecuted if the fruit is improperly graded
§ gag-10-707
US department of agriculture grading and packing provisions
§ gag-10-708
The State's Attorney in the County where this law is broken must prosecute it.
§ gag-10-801
Definition and Other Meanings for the Term "Closed Package"
§ gag-10-802
In order to carry out this subtitle, the Secretary may enter during the usual hours of business
§ gag-10-803
Maryland grades its apples according to federal (USDA) standards.
§ gag-10-804
Apples May Only Be Transported in Specifically Designated Packages
§ gag-10-805
noone may not pack, possess, expose, store transport apples in packages for sale
§ gag-10-806
The Secretary may enforce by injunction any provision of this subtitle, or any rule
§ gag-10-807
Quotations of the Maryland Apple Grade law
§ gag-10-901
What It Means By Closed Container And Mature Cantaloupe As Per Maryland State Law
§ gag-10-902
Enforcement of the Marking of Closed Containers for Cantaloupes
§ gag-10-903
State cantaloupe Inspections
§ gag-10-904
Federal grades for canteloupe will apply at state level.
§ gag-10-905
Person may not offer or ship cantaloupes unless passed inspection
§ gag-10-906
Any Cantaloupes in Closed Containers May Not be Sold or Shipped
§ gag-10-907
undertaking law for misbranded or illegally packed cantaloupes
§ gag-10-908
If the Secretary of Agriculture asks, the State's Attorney will prosecute someone.
§ gag-10-909
Inapplicable to Anne Arundel County
§ gag-11-101
§ gag-11-201
The role of the Chief of Weights and Measures.
§ gag-11-202
Duties of the Secretary
§ gag-11-203
secretary may adopt regulations to enforce title
§ gag-11-204
Regulations for the testing of weights and measures.
§ gag-11-204.1
Secretary may establish program to test weight measures
§ gag-11-204.2
A weight and measure must be registered, in order to use it for buying and selling.
§ gag-11-204.3
applicant for registrations regulations
§ gag-11-204.4
Unless a registration for a weight and measure is renewed for a 1-year term, the license expires 1
§ gag-11-204.5
provisions of Administrative Procedure act
§ gag-11-204.6
Weights and Measures fund
§ gag-11-204.7
fees for registering weight and measure
§ gag-11-205
It is the Secretary's duty to verify the weights and measures, and the repair of such things.
§ gag-11-206
The Secretary can investigate packages and goods in order to ensure accuracy in transactions.
§ gag-11-207
secretary shall use and approve mark or seal
§ gag-11-207.1
Person may not sell weight or measurement in state unless approved to do so
§ gag-11-208
Inspection of Weights and Measures
§ gag-11-208.1
Awarding of civil penalty for violation instead of pursing criminal charges
§ gag-11-209
If inspectors find a violation, they can stop sales.
§ gag-11-210
To enforce _ gag-11-210, the Secretary has special police powers and may arrest anyone in violation of it.
§ gag-11-211
The Secretary May seek an Injunction Restricting Anyone in Violation of This Rule
§ gag-11-301
§ gag-11-302
Use of the State Primary Standards of Weights and Measures
§ gag-11-303
State provides secondary standards to title
§ gag-11-304
A liquid commodity may be sold in measurement of the liquid or the weight.A solid commodity may only be sold according to the weight. It may also be sold by the amount of the solid. This will make it fair to everyone who purchases the product.
§ gag-11-305
Information that must displayed on commodities packaging.
§ gag-11-306
Packaged Commodity Requirements
§ gag-11-307
delivery tickets must accommodate commodity deliveries
§ gag-11-308
Net Weight of Commodities Shall Be Used for By-Weight Sales
§ gag-11-309
laws regarding misrepresentation by weight, measure, or count
§ gag-11-310
Rules regarding the production and sale of meet with in the state of Maryland.
§ gag-11-311
Stated that butter and margarine shall be sold by weight.
§ gag-11-312
Rules for Selling Dairy Products by Volume or Weight
§ gag-11-313
Unit Packaging of Flour Requirements
§ gag-11-314
Berries and small fruits will be sold by weight or measure
§ gag-11-315
Standardization of liquid fuels in terms of weight and quality.
§ gag-11-401
Clarification of the Legal Terms Related To Milk, and Dairy Fluid
§ gag-11-402
Regulations for Milk and Dairy Products
§ gag-11-404
Record Keeping Responsibilities of Purchaser and Haulers
§ gag-11-405
Fluid Dairy Product Regulations
§ gag-11-406
The Secretary of Agriculture can suspend or revoke a licence if they find a reason to, but first they have to offer a hearing to the licence holder.
§ gag-11-407
New dairy quantity statement law
§ gag-11-408
a persons required to hold license when testing milk or dairy
§ gag-11-409
Samples meant for payment will be tested within stipulated time
§ gag-11-410
Milk and Dairy Test result regulations
§ gag-11-411
Non provision of wrong information of milk & dairy products
§ gag-11-412
secretary may enter premises of any permit holder at reasonable hours
§ gag-11-413
The Secretary may Seek an Injunction to Prevent Further Violation in this Subtitle.
§ gag-11-414
Breaking this law is a misdemeanor. A second violation is more serious.
§ gag-12-101
Violation of this Article is a Misdemeanor with a Fine
§ gag-12-102
Multiple offense guidelines for titles without explicit multiple offense policies
§ gag-12-103
Penalty For Violation of __ 12101 and 12102
§ gag-12-104
If the violation is of Title 1, Subtitle 3, this part does not apply.
§ gag-13-201
Definitions Pertaining to Grain Sales
§ gag-13-202
Administrative fund established
§ gag-13-203
In order to sell grain you must have a licensed and registered.
§ gag-13-204
The Life, Definition, and Potential Consequences of a Maryland Grain Dealer
§ gag-13-205
Administration fund directives
§ gag-13-206
Each year, the department will publish a directory of grain dealers.
§ gag-13-208
Fraudulent or deceptive statements on an application for a license
§ gag-13-209
The Secretary must give at least ten days notice before suspending or revoking a license.
§ gag-13-210
The grain dealers license
§ gag-13-211
Anyone holding grain must be fully insured and will be responsible for loss or damage.
§ gag-13-212
Maryland Requires Financial Statements to Renew Licenses for Grain Businesses
§ gag-13-213
The Secretary may adopt rules to implement the provisions of this subtitle.
§ gag-13-214
if subsection is violated person is guilty of misdemeanor
§ gag-13-215
The Attorney General Can Seek an Injunction to Prohibit Violation
§ gag-13-216
There may be a penalty of $5000 instead of or in addition to suspension or revocation of license.
§ gag-2-1001
Establishment of Young Farmers Advisory Board
§ gag-2-1002
Young Farmers advisory board
§ gag-2-1003
Election information for advisory board.
§ gag-2-1004
What a member of the Advisory Board may and may not do & Who provides the staff for Advisory Board.
§ gag-2-1005
Chairperson Duties
§ gag-2-101
Department of agriculture is a principal department
§ gag-2-102
Duties of Secretary of Agriculture
§ gag-2-103
Lists everything that a corporation can do as a business entity, like sell, sue, enter into a contract.
§ gag-2-103.1
Farm quarantine and restrict the existing farm on some products
§ gag-2-103.2
The State Secretary Has The Ability to Apply for a Warrant
§ gag-2-104
The secretary may call on law enforcement to carry out the points in the article.
§ gag-2-105
Attorney General is legal advisor and counsel
§ gag-2-106
Positions and units included in department
§ gag-2-107
The duties and responsibilities Over Maryland State Law.
§ gag-2-1101
Definition of words used in the indicated subtitle.
§ gag-2-1102
§ gag-2-1103
Maryland Wine and Grape Promotion Council
§ gag-2-1201
Definition of The Maryland Agricultural Land Link Program and Explanation of Its Purpose
§ gag-2-1401
The Maryland Dairy Farmer Emergency Trust Fund helps farmers who have hardships.
§ gag-2-1501
Definition of words found in specified section.
§ gag-2-201
The General Assembly intended to provide with policy regarding agriculture
§ gag-2-202
Maryland Agricultural Commission function and purpose
§ gag-2-203
Commission has thirty members
§ gag-2-204
The Commission May Elect Officers as it Deems Appropriate.
§ gag-2-205
The Commission's Powers to Make Recommendations to The Secretary
§ gag-2-301
Definition of Court Terms
§ gag-2-302
State Board of Veterinary Medicine
§ gag-2-302.1
Veterinarian Committee Review Board
§ gag-2-303
State Veterinary Medical Examiners Board Fund Uses
§ gag-2-304
Powers of the veterinary board
§ gag-2-304.1
Definition of a Veterinary Hospital.
§ gag-2-305
animal control facilities
§ gag-2-306
Obtaining and Maintaining a Veterinary License
§ gag-2-307
Process to be followed by Board before any written Examination.
§ gag-2-307.1
Reviewing Of Application For Licensure Of A Veterinarian
§ gag-2-308
Law applicable for the veterinary medicine registration
§ gag-2-309
Veterinary technician requirements for registration
§ gag-2-310
The board may punish veterinarians who break the law
§ gag-2-310.1
Penalties The Board Can Impose.
§ gag-2-311
license is suspended or revoked
§ gag-2-312
Standards for Reissuing a Revoked License
§ gag-2-313
Veterinary Practice Guidelines
§ gag-2-314
No-Fee Veterinary Care Providers Free from Liability
§ gag-2-315
Violations of Subtitle is Cause for Board Mandated Warning
§ gag-2-316
Provisions of subtitle enforcement after July 1, 2021.
§ gag-2-401
Board of Review of the Department.
§ gag-2-402
Structure of the Board of Review
§ gag-2-403
Responsibility of the Governor to remove irresponsible Board officials
§ gag-2-404
The Board and Determining Appeals.
§ gag-2-405
Right to petition a decision, action, or lack of action from the secretary
§ gag-2-501
Maryland General Assembly intends to preserve woodlands and agricultural land
§ gag-2-502
Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
§ gag-2-503
Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation of Maryland
§ gag-2-504
Powers of the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation.
§ gag-2-504.1
Guidelines for appointing an agricultural preservation advisory board.
§ gag-2-505
Codes pertaining to the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Fund.
§ gag-2-506
Annual report of the Foundations proceedings and activity.
§ gag-2-507
The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
§ gag-2-508
Definitions Of Terms Within The Agricultural Section
§ gag-2-508.1
Agriculture and Land Preservation Funds
§ gag-2-509
§ gag-2-510
Selling Agricultural Land to The Foundation.
§ gag-2-510.1
The Foundation may purchase property in annual payments
§ gag-2-511
The maximum value of the land as of valuation date.
§ gag-2-512
Purchases of Easements
§ gag-2-513
Provisions for Agricultural Land Preservation Easements
§ gag-2-513.1
Law's regarding deed of easement.
§ gag-2-514
The intent of the General Assembly is approved by the Board of Public Works.
§ gag-2-514.1
An easement whose purchase is approved by the Board of Public Works be held by the Foundation in perpetuity.
§ gag-2-515
Provision to prohibit an agency/ county acquiring contaminated land
§ gag-2-516
Foundation application approval or disapproval.
§ gag-2-517
Maryland Critical Farms Program Guidelines
§ gag-2-517.1
Farmland partnership preserve founding & criteria for farms to join the program
§ gag-2-518
A Comprehensive plan of a County's Area
§ gag-2-519
Harboring escaped convicts in Maryland
§ gag-2-601
farmer disaster loan exists to assist farmers
§ gag-2-602
Department Allowance of Loans Under Farmer Disaster Loan Program
§ gag-2-603
Issuance and management of loans less than $15,000 to eligible Farmers.
§ gag-2-604
farmer disaster loans and extend or modify the terms of an existing loan
§ gag-2-605
Penalty for false statements for loan applications.
§ gag-2-701
Intended Meanings of Key Terms
§ gag-2-702
This Does Not Apply to Working Horses
§ gag-2-702.1
Equine Activities
§ gag-2-703
Announcement of the Maryland Horse Industry Board.
§ gag-2-704
Board composition and guidelines.
§ gag-2-705
Electing a Chairman of the Board.
§ gag-2-706
under the Standard State Travel Regulations, a board member may not receive compensation but may receive reimbursement for expenses
§ gag-2-707
powers and duties of the Board are subject to powers and duties of the Secretary
§ gag-2-708
All Funds go to the Maryland Horse Industry Fund
§ gag-2-708.1
Duties of the board.
§ gag-2-708.2
Maryland Horse Industry Fund
§ gag-2-709
State Inspector Approval
§ gag-2-710
Engaging in operating or maintaining any horse establishment.
§ gag-2-711
License Application Process and Fee
§ gag-2-712
Expiration of Licenses
§ gag-2-713
Board may create additional classes of licenses, after inspecting each horse establishment licensed.
§ gag-2-714
property of the State and only is loaned to a licensee
§ gag-2-715
Cause for revocation of license
§ gag-2-716
Possession of horse, according to Criminal Law Article.
§ gag-2-717
What the Board may apply for
§ gag-2-718
guilty of a conviction AND misdemeanor and convictio
§ gag-2-719
under this subtitle shall terminate and be of no effect after July 1, 2016.
§ gag-2-801
Definitions in regard to Dairy products, and commissions of the state.
§ gag-2-802
Members of Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact Commission and their powers
§ gag-2-803
Contingency involving information requests to the dairy industry
§ gag-2-804
1998 Secretarial responsibility.
§ gag-2-805
§ gag-2-901
For increasing the farmer participation Maryland Crop Insurance Premium is introduced.
§ gag-3-101
Protection of the health of domestic animals in the state.
§ gag-3-102
§ gag-3-103
Secretary May Cooperate to Eradicate Livestock Infectious Disease
§ gag-3-104
Investigation of Contagious or Infectious Disease
§ gag-3-105
To prevent the spread of contagious or infectious diseases
§ gag-3-105.1
§ gag-3-106
The secretary of agriculture may prohibit the shipment of agriculture into an infected area.
§ gag-3-107
Land Values and Legal Procedures
§ gag-3-108
Disposal of animal remains in accordance with Maryland law.
§ gag-3-109
The owner shall bury any domestic animal that has died.
§ gag-3-110
"May not knowingly expose any animal to an infected animal."
§ gag-3-111
Diseased animals have to be reported.
§ gag-3-112
Requirement to Identify Diseased Animals
§ gag-3-113
A person may not refuse the secretary access to their premises or vehicle.
§ gag-3-114
Prosecution for Violations of this Section
§ gag-3-115
declaration to insure public health, safety by the general assembly in the public interest
§ gag-3-116
§ gag-3-117
Purpose and administration of the Animal Health Fund.
§ gag-3-118
False statements in regards to animals.
§ gag-3-119
The department may bring an injunction against a person violation an applicable law.
§ gag-3-201
Meaning of "Biological Product".
§ gag-3-201.1
The prohibition against selling biological products.
§ gag-3-202
Maryland Has No Regulatory Power Over Federal Acts
§ gag-3-203
Maryland Can Produce any Biological Substance for Livestock and Poultry
§ gag-3-204
§ gag-3-205
The sale of biological products to licensed physicians or veterinarians.
§ gag-3-206
Scientists Appointed to Perform Biological Experiments
§ gag-3-207
Anyone who purchases biological products must keep a record
§ gag-3-208
Requirements on content and format of labeling of biological products
§ gag-3-209
"No person may test any substance on an animal."
§ gag-3-301
This subtitle's words defined
§ gag-3-302
license fee of Maryland
§ gag-3-303
Livestock dealer Law Of Maryland
§ gag-3-304
Reasons for Denial, Suspension or Revocation of License
§ gag-3-305
Required Livestock Records
§ gag-3-306
Every owner or consignor of an animal being transported will supply the trucker with a health certificate or an address where they may be reached.
§ gag-3-307
Sanitation standards & livestock auctions
§ gag-3-308
When do provisions of this subtitle not apply
§ gag-3-309
Any state's attorney has an obligation to report violations.
§ gag-3-310
Court may grant injunction when required by Secretary.
§ gag-3-401
No cows may be imported without inspection certificate.
§ gag-3-402
imported cattle
§ gag-3-403
All swine being shown must have a health certificate.
§ gag-3-404
Prohibits the feeding of garbage to swine.
§ gag-3-405
The secretary is allowed to adopt new rules and regulations as needed.
§ gag-3-501
the following words have the meanings indicated are Herd means five or more livestock in the rules of product
§ gag-3-502
Livestock Law Of Maryland
§ gag-3-503
Proper Precaution of a Herd
§ gag-3-504
State Agricultural Application Exceptions & Law
§ gag-3-601
"Subtitle does not apply in Caroline County, Dorchester County, Garrett County, Montgomery County."
§ gag-3-602
Meaning of Enclosure As It Pertains To This Subtitle
§ gag-3-603
Stray Domesticated Animals
§ gag-3-701
No opening someone's gate containing livestock
§ gag-3-801
Poultry Production
§ gag-3-802
License Requirement For Poultry Market Operators
§ gag-3-803
Domestic Animal Welfare Protection Program
§ gag-3-804
People Must Register to Own Poultry
§ gag-3-805
The secretary has the authority to deny a license if violations occur.
§ gag-3-901
"Transport" of a horse includes carrying or causing or allowing one to be carried in a vehicle.
§ gag-3-902
Rules for the Transportation of Horses
§ gag-3-903
Monetary Fine Values
§ gag-4-101
Terms and definitions as relating to food products, particularly meat.
§ gag-4-102
Meat food products Law of Maryland
§ gag-4-103
Meat Inspection Law Of Maryland
§ gag-4-104
Federal Meat Inspection Act Enforcement
§ gag-4-106
The Secretary may enforce provisions through qualified employees
§ gag-4-107
Secretary's powers to regarding rules, regulations, and reports.
§ gag-4-108
Secretary Duties In Regard To Official Establishments
§ gag-4-109
The provisions of this subtitle requiring inspection of the slaughter of livestock and the preparation of the carcass
§ gag-4-110
§ gag-4-111
All official establishments must have proper departmental equipment.
§ gag-4-112
Livestock Carcasses Labelled to Comply with State and Departmental Regulations
§ gag-4-113
No Uninspected Meat is Allowed in Any Official Establishment.
§ gag-4-114
Secretary can require equine meat preparation to be separate from other meat preparation.
§ gag-4-115
No Person May Misrepresent Articles of Interstate Commerce
§ gag-4-116
Meat Product Preparation Regulations
§ gag-4-117
Withdrawal of Inspection Services by Secretary
§ gag-4-118
Slaughtering of livestock without a license is prohibited
§ gag-4-119
Registration Requirements for Livestock related businesses
§ gag-4-120
Businesses Should Allow Secretaries to Inspect Facilities
§ gag-4-121
Secretary Sets Rules for Storage of Livestock Carcass
§ gag-4-122
Origins Of Business
§ gag-4-123
§ gag-4-123.1
The following words have the meanings are Humane method, Livestock, Packer, Ritual slaughter, Slaughterer, Stockyard
§ gag-4-124
Reasons for Secretary to Detain Livestock Carcasses
§ gag-4-125
Transportation of livestock carcasses and food products thereof.
§ gag-4-126
Origins Of A Secretary
§ gag-4-127
Acts, omissions, or failures while enforcing the subtitle.
§ gag-4-128
Reasonable notice prior to reporting of violations.
§ gag-4-129
Circuit Courts May Enforce This Subtitle
§ gag-4-130
Origins Of Violating Provisions
§ gag-4-131
New Laws for Maryland's Meat Production
§ gag-4-201
§ gag-4-202
Poultry and poultry product regulations
§ gag-4-203
Poultry Products Inspection Act Subtitle Application
§ gag-4-204
Administration of State Poultry Products Inspection Programs
§ gag-4-205
Secretary's Inspection Rights To Official Establishments
§ gag-4-206
Secretary May Not Inspect Poultry Establishments
§ gag-4-207
State Inspection Costs and Exemptions
§ gag-4-208
Maryland Sanitation Overview For Official Establishments
§ gag-4-209
rules for packaging polutry food product
§ gag-4-210
Origins Of poultry products
§ gag-4-211
§ gag-4-212
Course for Withdrawal of Inspection Services
§ gag-4-213
Business Owners Must Register Names/ Addresses of All Businesses.
§ gag-4-214
Intrastate Transportation of Poultry
§ gag-4-215
adulterated products prohibition
§ gag-4-216
The Secretary Decides How Poultry May Be Handled
§ gag-4-217
Exemptions to Poultry Sanitation Standards
§ gag-4-218
Bylaws Against Poultry Sale and Transport
§ gag-4-219
Secretary Poultry Detainment Policy.
§ gag-4-220
Poultry Products Are Libel as Court Information
§ gag-4-221
Secretary's right to investigate and require reports
§ gag-4-222
Secretary Shall Have Access to Documentary Evidence
§ gag-4-223
Rules of Provision
§ gag-4-224
Alleged Violators Must Given Notice of Reports
§ gag-4-225
Jurisdiction to grant injunctive relief
§ gag-4-226
Violating, impeding, or interfering with the provisions of the subtitle.
§ gag-4-227
Carriers Immune To Penalties Of This Subtitle
§ gag-4-228
False Entry Misdemeanors and Punishments
§ gag-4-229
Penalty and notice norms
§ gag-4-230
Provisions of the Maryland Poultry Products Inspection Act.
§ gag-4-230.1
Provisions Regarding Poultry Apply To Rabbits
§ gag-4-301
The meaning of the words "consumer" and "distributor" as it pertains to the sale of eggs.
§ gag-4-302
Mandatory shell egg regulations.
§ gag-4-303
General Shell Eggs Rules and Regulations
§ gag-4-304
weight classification for eggs
§ gag-4-305
State Standards for Shell Eggs are Same as the Department of Agriculture's.
§ gag-4-305.1
Eggs are stored in environment established by Secretary.
§ gag-4-306
Shell Eggs Law Of Maryland
§ gag-4-307
Regarding Shell Egg Designations
§ gag-4-308
Requirements for Delivering Eggs
§ gag-4-309
Reports Must Be Truthful
§ gag-4-310
"Stop-sale" order at sale of shell eggs
§ gag-4-311
Required Secretary actions regarding contaminated shell eggs.
§ gag-4-311.1
All business locations must be registered with secretary
§ gag-4-311.2
Maryland's Guidelines For Registration Applicants.
§ gag-4-311.3
"Registration for a packer or distributor of shell eggs expires after one year."
§ gag-4-311.4
"The secretary may deny or suspend the packer or distributor."
§ gag-4-311.5
Maryland Law Of Egg fund
§ gag-4-311.6
Distributor must pay fees to Secretary of Board.
§ gag-4-311.7
Requirements of a packer or distributor
§ gag-4-311.8
Civil Penalties in Addition to Stop-sale and Revocation
§ gag-4-312
"This subtitle may be cited as the Maryland Egg Law."
§ gag-5-101
Meaning of Words in This Subtitle
§ gag-5-102
The State Chemist Can Administer Provisions of Pesticide Data Program Development
§ gag-5-103
Any registration and all late fees shall revert back for administration costs.
§ gag-5-104
The Secretary may make rules pertaining to the sale of pesticides.
§ gag-5-105
A distributor must register with the secretary all brands they distribute,
§ gag-5-106
Distribution of pesticides must follow certain legal requirements.
§ gag-5-107
§ gag-5-107.1
Information About Penalties For Violation of This Subtitle
§ gag-5-108
Secretary may enforce a sale stop for pesticides
§ gag-5-109
Unregistered pesticides are not allowed by Maryland law.
§ gag-5-110
A pesticide is not in violation, if it is intended solely for export to a foreign country
§ gag-5-111
Distribution of Pesticides
§ gag-5-112
§ gag-5-113
Violation of Subtitle Shall Terminate Pesticide Registration
§ gag-5-114
"Subtitle may be cited as the Maryland Pesticide Registration and Labeling Law."
§ gag-5-201
Pest Control Definitions Defined by Maryland State
§ gag-5-202
Secretary Provisions
§ gag-5-203
Pesticide Fund and Unexpended Funds
§ gag-5-204
Maryland Secretary dictates the use and disposal of pesticides
§ gag-5-205
Maryland's rules regarding pesticide inspections.
§ gag-5-206
Establishment of Qualification For Licensing and Certification
§ gag-5-207
Annual Certification Required for Pest Control Agencies
§ gag-5-207.1
Exterminators and public agency applicators must get additional training, when significant technological developments have occurred.
§ gag-5-208
Origins Of A Pesticide
§ gag-5-208.1
Meaning of Terms in This Section
§ gag-5-209
Commercial application of pesticides
§ gag-5-209.1
"A licensee shall register any employee who performs pest control."
§ gag-5-210
Pesticide usage and recommendation
§ gag-5-210.1
Origins of A Secretary
§ gag-5-210.2
Penalties for violating any provision of this subtitle.
§ gag-5-210.3
Employers May Not Request Transport of Pesticides
§ gag-5-210.4
The Secretary will prosecute violations of this subtitle
§ gag-5-210.5
"A person may distribute, sell, or offer for sale a cyclodiene termiticide."
§ gag-5-211
The penalty and indemnification provided by the court for imprisonment in Maryland state.
§ gag-5-301
Meanings Indicated
§ gag-5-302
County Horticultural and Agricultural Yearly Health Inspections
§ gag-5-304
Regulations designed to eradicate dangerously injurious plant pests
§ gag-5-305
Arthropod Infestation and Disease Determination
§ gag-5-306
The secretary may enter any premises to destroy pest plants.
§ gag-5-307
Plant Infestations And Stop Sales
§ gag-5-308
Origins Of a Secretary
§ gag-5-309
The Nursery Inspection Law & Applicable Penalties.
§ gag-5-310
Label requirements for nursery stock
§ gag-5-311
Nursery Stock Law Of Maryland
§ gag-5-312
Origins Of A Nursery Stock
§ gag-5-313
Penalties and Fines for Violation of Agriculture Articles
§ gag-5-314
Maryland Secretary penalties
§ gag-5-401
§ gag-5-402
Power of The Secretary
§ gag-5-403
§ gag-5-404
The Secretary Will Handle All Contract Funds
§ gag-5-405
Right of Secretary to Inspect and Investigae
§ gag-5-406
Mosquito habitat abatement
§ gag-5-407
Secretary's powers to bring injunctions for violation of orders.
§ gag-5-408
Penalty for violating orders served under 5-406
§ gag-5-501
"In this subtitle the following words have indicated meanings."
§ gag-5-502
§ gag-5-503
Registration Requirements for Beekeepers
§ gag-5-504
Persons May Not Keep Infected Bee Colonies
§ gag-5-505
Transportation into Maryland
§ gag-5-506
§ gag-5-507
A beekeeper using another person's land must post appropriate identification.
§ gag-5-601
Persons May Not Possess Live Rabbits
§ gag-5-701
Recovering from loss sustained from pest damage
§ gag-5-702
State responsibility and power for controlling Pest other trees
§ gag-5-703
Insurance fund to finance special pest control issues
§ gag-5-704
§ gag-5-705
Responsibilities of a compact administrator in State
§ gag-5-706
States agree among themselves to better pest control
§ gag-5-707
Advising committees may assist the governing body.
§ gag-5-708
Conventions on the disbursal of Insurance Fund in respect of a pest in a non party state!
§ gag-5-709
"Insurance fund submits to the executive head."
§ gag-5-710
Effective only after Enacted by five or more states
§ gag-5-711
Compact enacted terms
§ gag-5-712
Maryland's Political Units May Cooperate With Subtitle's Insurance Fund
§ gag-5-713
Filing Copies Of Bylaws and Amendments
§ gag-5-714
Maryland Secretary of Agriculture is the compact administrator
§ gag-5-715
Application for assistance from the Insurance Fund may be made by the Governor of Maryland.
§ gag-5-716
Definition of "executive head" as the Governor.
§ gag-5-801
Cooperator and Nuisance birds
§ gag-5-802
"Secretary may conduct research to determine population trends."
§ gag-5-803
Secretary's action against complaint of nuisance bird problem
§ gag-5-804
Cooperation of Secretary
§ gag-5-901
Meanings of words in the subtitle
§ gag-5-902
Tributyltin compound LAWS
§ gag-5-903
Interstate Commerce Infringement
§ gag-5-904
Secretary Regulations Of A Provisions Of A Subtitle
§ gag-5-905
Department may seize any antifouling paint
§ gag-5-906
Repercussions of a person breaking this subtitle
§ gag-6-101
Legal definition of commercial feed, brand etc
§ gag-6-102
"State chemist will administer provisions."
§ gag-6-103
Registration fees to be used to fund working costs
§ gag-6-104
Secretary may adopt rules concerning law amendments
§ gag-6-105
Secretary Reporting Requirements
§ gag-6-106
commercial feed destribution - verificate by Secretary
§ gag-6-107
Brand name registering.
§ gag-6-107.1
Reduction of phosphorus in poultry waste to maximum extent
§ gag-6-107.2
"assessments of up to $6 per ton on commercial equine feed."
§ gag-6-107.3
Obligations&Powers A Person Has in Poultry Feed Industry
§ gag-6-108
Registration Of Commercial Feed.
§ gag-6-109
label information for commercial feed distributed
§ gag-6-110
Customer-formula feed or contract feed shall be labeled by invoice.
§ gag-6-111
Labeling of non-food components in animal feed
§ gag-6-112
Law against the distribution of adulterated or misbranded feed
§ gag-6-112.1
Distribute a Commercial feed should be registered
§ gag-6-113
Secretary is striking down on any harmful commercial feed
§ gag-6-114
Composition of Commercial feed needs certification.
§ gag-6-115
Report Of Violation Of Institute Appropriate Judicial Proceedings
§ gag-6-116
"Secretary can petition the court."
§ gag-6-117
Maryland Commercial Feed Law
§ gag-6-201
Fertilizer and Related terms and definitions
§ gag-6-202
"The state chemist administers the subtitle."
§ gag-6-203
Efficient administration is secured by secretary.
§ gag-6-204
Any registration or inspection fee, penalty and other expenses necessary for administering
§ gag-6-205
Secretary Shall Publish Fertilizer Information Annually
§ gag-6-206
Methods to sample, inspect, and test commercial soils
§ gag-6-207
Rules to the commercial fertilizer distributor
§ gag-6-208
Fee for Distributing Fertilizer
§ gag-6-209
Instructions to the registered commercial fertilizer
§ gag-6-209.1
Instructions to ammonium nitrate fertilizer distributors
§ gag-6-210
Labelling requirements for fertilizer sold in Maryland.
§ gag-6-210.1
Sign board warnings related to commercial fertilizer
§ gag-6-211
Prohibited to Distribute Mislabeled Fertilizer
§ gag-6-212
Sellers of mislabeled weights of fertilizer or soil conditioner will be fined twice the shortage value.
§ gag-6-213
percentage of guaranteed plant nutrient element
§ gag-6-214
fertilizer and soil conditioner -controlling by Secretary
§ gag-6-215
Commercial Fertilizer Regulations
§ gag-6-216
Responsibility of the State's Attorney
§ gag-6-217
Secretary may petition the court for injunctions
§ gag-6-218
Secretary right to cancel for deceptive fertilizer sales
§ gag-6-219
Fertilizer has to have the amounts of nutrients it claims.
§ gag-6-220
gag-6-220 - called as Maryland Commercial Fertilizer Law.
§ gag-6-221
Regulation to the Secretary regarding national standard for compost
§ gag-6-222
Fertilizer Sale Restrictions
§ gag-6-223
establishing standards to regulate fertilizer
§ gag-6-224
Use Of Specialty Fertilizer On Turf
§ gag-6-301
Meanings Indicated To Agricultural Liming Materials
§ gag-6-302
The Secretary Can Regulate Agricultural Liming Material Sale
§ gag-6-303
Special fund fees are used to administrate this subtitle.
§ gag-6-304
Powers to Secretary inspecting agricultural liming materials
§ gag-6-305
Companies Selling Gypsum Or Lime Must Register Feb. 1 Anually
§ gag-6-306
Agricultural liming materials or gypsum state filing requirements
§ gag-6-307
Agricultural liming material to be accompanied by invoice.
§ gag-6-308
The information statement shall be plainly printed on the pack
§ gag-6-309
Secretary revokes registration if registrant provide false information.
§ gag-6-310
Court fines go into a special fund.
§ gag-6-311
Criteria for a Stop-Sale Order
§ gag-6-401
Measure of damages for breach of warranty is different at the time and place of acceptance.
§ gag-8-101
"The following words have indicated meanings."
§ gag-8-102
"soil, water and related resources are basic assets of the state."
§ gag-8-201
elegibilities to serve as Member of the Committee
§ gag-8-202
Elections and compensations of the committee's members
§ gag-8-203
"Certain positions are employed by the committee."
§ gag-8-204
The Committee has the authority to accept and manage federal funds.
§ gag-8-205
Committee's performance on rules and regulations
§ gag-8-301
All soil conservation of in district
§ gag-8-302
Five supervisors will comprise the district governing bodies
§ gag-8-303
Annual Chairman Designation
§ gag-8-303.1
Soil conservation district shall have immunity from liability under under 5-517
§ gag-8-304
"The supervisors will furnish the committee with copies of each ordinance."
§ gag-8-305
The Supervisors have more access than any State Agency on publicly owned lands.
§ gag-8-306
soil conservation body and its powers
§ gag-8-307
Formulation Of Rules And Regulations By Supervisors Regarding Use Of Land In A District
§ gag-8-308
Land-Use Rule or Regulation Submission
§ gag-8-309
Supervisor Checks the rules and regulation of land.
§ gag-8-310
Noncompliance With Land-Use Rules and Regulations
§ gag-8-311
Soil Conservation fee Development
§ gag-8-312
Soil conservation districts may supplement Department employee's salaries
§ gag-8-401
Regulations for changing district boundaries.
§ gag-8-402
Division or combination of districts
§ gag-8-403
Rules for the applications district supervisors must file.
§ gag-8-404
Regulations for the transition to new districts.
§ gag-8-405
General Assembly finds years 1991-1998 soil Inadequate resources
§ gag-8-501
Maryland Soil Conservation Districts Law Subtitles
§ gag-8-601
Secretary's role in promoting and improving the drainage system in the State
§ gag-8-602
Drainage outlet systems management with proper funding from annual budget.
§ gag-8-603
Regulations to Prevent the Pollution of State Waters
§ gag-8-701
Definition of words used in the particular subtitle.
§ gag-8-702
To assist in the implementation of agricultural practices which minimize in Maryland
§ gag-8-703
Responsibilities of the Secretaries of Agriculture and Environment.
§ gag-8-704
Rules and regulations for state cost sharing funds.
§ gag-8-704.1
In this section, "Service" means the Manure Matching Service
§ gag-8-704.2
Maryland law word meanings and definitions
§ gag-8-705
Requirement to Maintain Best Management Practice under Cost-Sharing Agreement
§ gag-8-7A-01
§ gag-8-7A-02
Purpose of Animal Waste Technology Fund and its regulation.
§ gag-8-7A-03
Stipulations for eligibility for animal waste assistance fund.
§ gag-8-7A-04
Formation of "Animal Waste Technology Fund Advisory Committee"
§ gag-8-7A-05
The Secretary may manage the Department's finances.
§ gag-8-801
Nutrient and Turf Management meanings and definitions.
§ gag-8-801
Nutrient and Turf Management meanings and definitions.
§ gag-8-801.1
How to develop a nutrient management plan
§ gag-8-802
Nutrient Plan Guidelines and Qualifications
§ gag-8-803
nutrient management consultant certification requires payment of fees and due applications.
§ gag-8-803.1
Gross Income definition
§ gag-8-803.2
Those Who Apply Fertilizer and Nutrient Products To Soil Must Be Liscensed
§ gag-8-803.3
This section does not apply to people who fertilize in a certain way.
§ gag-8-803.4
Professional fertilizer applicators must be certified & follow regulations.
§ gag-8-803.4
Professional fertilizer applicators must be certified & follow regulations.
§ gag-8-803.5
Rules for Using Fertilizer
§ gag-8-803.5
Rules for Using Fertilizer
§ gag-8-803.6
establishment of program with University of Maryland
§ gag-8-803.7
University of Maryland Fertilizer Law
§ gag-8-803.8
The Agriculture's Department Authority Over Standard Of Fertilizer
§ gag-8-803.9
This department may adopt regulations as it sees fit on agricultural business.
§ gag-8-804
The Secretary of the State is Soley Responsible for Selecting Committee Members
§ gag-8-805
Subject to the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act
§ gag-8-806
Department collects fees at stipulated higher rates for non-governmental agencies
§ gag-8-807
Department of Agriculture reporting to governor regarding nutrient management plans.
§ gag-8-901
The Agricultural Nutrient and Sediment Credit Certification Program will reduce pollution from farms.
§ gag-8-902
Department may establish requirements for voluntary certifications
§ gag-8-903
secretary suspension or revocation of credits applicable for the program
§ gag-8-904
§ gag-9-101
Words in this section of law have certain definitions.
§ gag-9-102
§ gag-9-103
"Powers Vested in the Secretary to Maintain this Subtitle."
§ gag-9-104
Grass, soil and lawn regulations
§ gag-9-105
Transporting Agricultural Goods
§ gag-9-106
Sod Penalty Exceptions.
§ gag-9-107
§ gag-9-108
Maryland Agriculture Experiment Station exemption
§ gag-9-109
Secretary may file information with the Attorney General for prosecution if they believe someone violated this law.
§ gag-9-110
The subtitle should be cited as Maryland Turf Grass Law
§ gag-9-201
Agricultural definitions are in effected as described below.
§ gag-9-202
§ gag-9-203
§ gag-9-204
§ gag-9-205
Every record and sample pertaining to the shipment
§ gag-9-206
Any foliage sold is tagged saying treatment, name, and information.
§ gag-9-207
Labels For Agricultural Seeds.
§ gag-9-208
Commercialization of vegetable or herb seeds label and container requirements
§ gag-9-209
The kind, variety, and year of seed is required on the container of seed.
§ gag-9-209.1
The "sell by" date for certain grass seeds is limited.
§ gag-9-210
§ gag-9-211
§ gag-9-212
Agriculture seeds, vegetables, flowers, or trees may be confiscated without license
§ gag-9-213
Prosecution for Violations of Maryland Turf Grass Law
§ gag-9-214
Secretary Can Impose Penalties On Violation of Orders
§ gag-9-301
Potatoes must meet certain qualifications to be called "certified" or "No. 1" Irish potatoes.
§ gag-9-302
Secretary is allowed to adopt rules regarding payments.
§ gag-9-303
Any unexpended funds shall revert to the general funds.
§ gag-9-304
Secretary must:
§ gag-9-305
Non-certified Irish potatoes selling is prohibited
§ gag-9-306
Sale of Irish Potatoes
§ gag-9-307
Any Cantaloupes in Closed Containers May Not be Sold or Shipped
§ gag-9-401
List Of Noxious Weeds.
§ gag-9-402
§ gag-9-403
Agreements between Secretary and County
§ gag-9-404
§ gag-9-405
In Maryland Each failure to comply with the provisions of this subtitle shall be reported
§ gag-9-601
The terminology of dealing with Ginseng under Maryland agriculture laws.
§ gag-9-602
Permits Required For Ginseng Sale And Production.
§ gag-9-603
Ginseng harvesting is promoted along with conservation and exporting
§ gag-9-604
Records Shall be Kept for Three Years and Delivered to the Department
§ gag-9-605
Collection permit of $2 and dealer registration of $20 collected by secretary
§ gag-9-606
any fees not spended to be reverted back to the General Fund of the State
§ gag-9-701
Multiflora Rose may be a nuisance
§ gag-9-702
Person who owns land where multiflora rose is grown shall maintain it.
§ gag-9-703
secretary investigations on written complaints
§ gag-9-704
Judgement of the Secretary
§ gag-9-705
§ gag-9.5-101
The meaning and details of "Invasive Plant" and "Committee" are indicated.
§ gag-9.5-201
The Department has an Invasive Plants Advisory Committee
§ gag-9.5-202
Composition of The Invasive Plant Advisory Committee
§ gag-9.5-203
Chair, Vice-chair and secretary will be elected from the committee
§ gag-9.5-204
until secretary adopts council they should hold meetings++++++++++++++++
§ gag-9.5-205
§ gag-9.5-301
§ gag-9.5-302
Nobody can sell, buy, or transfer a tier one or tier two invasive plant.
§ gag-9.5-303
Actions after finding a tier 1 plant in violation
§ gag-9.5-304
§ gag-9.5-305
§ gag-9.5-306
Maryland conducts