Governor - Executive and Administrative Departments

This is Article g41 of the Code of State, titled “Governor - Executive and Administrative Departments.” It’s comprised of the following 31 sections.

§ g41-1-205
Meetings of Executive Department to be public meetings.
§ g41-1-501
Law term definitions.
§ g41-1-502
Condition relating to issuance of License renewal with no crime proof
§ g41-1-503
Departments that authorize licenses are subjected to legal provisions that check their actions.
§ g41-1-504
This Subtitle determines the punishment for licensees placed on probation for drug offenses.
§ g41-1-505
Drug crime and relating that while awarding license for applicant
§ g41-1-506
Drug Crime laws for Commercial Drivers in Maryland.
§ g41-1-507
Licensing Authority & Regulation Adoptions
§ g41-14-301
The Parking Authorities Act
§ g41-14-302
Meanings and Descriptions under the subtile _ g41-14-302
§ g41-14-303
To help address unemployment and local parking needs, vehicle parking facilities are permitted.
§ g41-14-304
Powers vested to the Parking authority of the county
§ g41-14-305
The Officers should have authority by local law
§ g41-14-306
Authorities Get Powers from Local Law
§ g41-14-307
Article XI-E of the Constitution of Maryland for municipal corporation
§ g41-14-308
An authority may make rules and regulations for the operation and use of property
§ g41-14-309
An authority may from time to time issue its revenue bonds to finance the cost of acquiring property
§ g41-14-310
Law to the Executive and Administrative Department in bond issue and transfer.
§ g41-14-311
Property Taxation law
§ g41-14-312
Rules Governing the Earnings of County Authorities
§ g41-14-701
Administrative and operational control of the Ocean City Convention Hall
§ g41-14-702
funds approval of the Board of Public works
§ g41-18-201
services of purchasing needs approval
§ g41-18-202
Details of the Secretary of Agriculture's gasohol testing program.
§ g41-4-301
DNA technology equipment means any equipment used for DNA testing purposes
§ g41-4-401
A State Fund to Aid the Local Police Department Has Been Created
§ g41-4-402
How the State Aid for Police Protection Fund is provided.
§ g41-4-403
Definitions and regulations for financing a police force.
§ g41-4-404
Payments from the State Aid for Police Protection Fund are made by the State Treasurer.
§ g41-4-405
Procedure for Counties not Complying with the Maintenance Effort Provision.
§ g41-4-406
Regulations for Administering the State Aid for Police Protection Fund in Maryland