Alcoholic Beverages

This is Article g2b of the Code of State, titled “Alcoholic Beverages.” It’s comprised of the following 443 sections.

§ g2b-1-101
§ g2b-1-102
Definition of terms pertaining to alcoholic beverage regulation in the State of Maryland.
§ g2b-1-103
If there is conflict between a law and it's exceptions, the exceptions should be followed.
§ g2b-1-104
§ g2b-1-201
Law Governing the Possession, Importation and Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages
§ g2b-10-101
manufacturers or wholesale licenses
§ g2b-10-102
The Information Necessary for Every application for a Class E, Class F or Class G license.
§ g2b-10-103
Criminal Back Ground Check Requesting Procedures
§ g2b-10-104
All government rights are made for the people, by the people.
§ g2b-10-105
"Depositing Expenses in Advance for Notice of Application."
§ g2b-10-201
investigation should be made by comptroller before license or permits approved
§ g2b-10-202
Certain Requirements Must Be Met Before The Board of License Committee Approves Licenses
§ g2b-10-203
No License will be issued in Hartford County until requirements met
§ g2b-10-204
Except as otherwise provided in this section, the local collecting agent shall remit
§ g2b-10-205
No Holder of any class of license shall be entitled to refund
§ g2b-10-206
license issued under will be referred to to comptroller
§ g2b-10-207
Regulations Regarding Annual License Applications
§ g2b-10-208
Reapplication after an alcoholic beverage license is refused.
§ g2b-10-301
Expiring Licenses in Prince George County
§ g2b-10-302
Alcoholic Beverage Licensing and Terms
§ g2b-10-401
In this section issuing authority means, as appropriate
§ g2b-10-402
License Holders May Make Monetary Offers of Compromise to Continue Operations During License Suspensions
§ g2b-10-403
Policies to follow pertaining to comptroller of Baltimore city.
§ g2b-10-404
Provisions for Issuance of Licenses
§ g2b-10-405
Provision of sections of counties
§ g2b-10-501
County-Specific Licensing Practices Throughout Maryland
§ g2b-10-502
After Application Of Oath License Issuer Has The Power
§ g2b-10-503
Rules Governing the Transfer of a Liquor License - Overview & Rules for Specific Areas
§ g2b-10-504
Baltimore County New 10-day Eviction Law
§ g2b-10-505
except in the case of a Class F license in Maryland
§ g2b-10-506
Rules and regulations of expiration or continuation of License of a deceased license holder in different cities
§ g2b-10-507
Alcohol may be sold for use on the federal reservation; taxes paid will be refunded
§ g2b-11-101
Hours for sales/delivery of alcohol to Retailers
§ g2b-11-102
hours that alcohol can be sold
§ g2b-11-201
Article Does Not Restrict Sale of Alcohol on Specific Days
§ g2b-11-202
Hours Specified Exception
§ g2b-11-203
A temporary license is equivalent to a regular license with regard to hours and days of allowed use.
§ g2b-11-301
"Hours of Operation for Beer License Holders."
§ g2b-11-302
Time Restrictions for the Sale of Alcohol by Location in Maryland
§ g2b-11-303
Hours during which a Class A beer, wine and liquor license may be exercised.
§ g2b-11-304
The prohibitions of this subsection apply in Maryland
§ g2b-11-305
The following section applies to Baltimore City.
§ g2b-11-401
Maryland Prevents the Sale of Alcohol on the Day of any Election while the Polls are Open.
§ g2b-11-402
section applies to Alleghany County
§ g2b-11-403
It is unlawful to sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday by Class B and C retail dealers subject to some exemption.
§ g2b-11-501
persons may not sell alcoholic beverages in Allegancy County under license
§ g2b-11-502
Times when alcohol is permitted to be sold in Anne Arundel County
§ g2b-11-503
Hours for the Sale of Alcoholic beverages in Baltimore City charted!
§ g2b-11-505
Rules Regarding the Sale of Alcohol in Calvert County
§ g2b-11-506
Types of Alcohol Licenses in Caroline County
§ g2b-11-507
Restrictions, limitations, and regulations in Carroll County.
§ g2b-11-508
Maryland on alcohol licenses
§ g2b-11-509
Hours of Sale of Alcoholic Beverages in Charles County
§ g2b-11-510
Regulation Hours in Which Alcoholic Beverages can be Sold
§ g2b-11-511
Certain rules for alcohol sales apply to Frederick County.
§ g2b-11-512
Liquor Laws of Garrett County
§ g2b-11-513
The provisions of this section apply in Harford County only
§ g2b-11-514
Time of Sale of Alcoholic Beverages by Class
§ g2b-11-515
Regulations of non-special, non-temporary, alcohol licenses in Kent County.
§ g2b-11-515.1
Acquiring A Kent County Sunday Liquor License
§ g2b-11-516
Restrictions to sell alcohol beverages
§ g2b-11-517
Alcohol beverage license laws in Prince George's County.
§ g2b-11-518
Liquor Can Be Sold On Sunday From 8am-Variable
§ g2b-11-519
New liquor licensee law is trespassing after sale hours
§ g2b-11-520
licensees in Somerset County
§ g2b-11-522
Washington County Holders
§ g2b-11-523
Days of Sale for Alcoholic Beverages in Wicomico County
§ g2b-11-524
Alcohol sales rules and regulations for Worcester County.
§ g2b-12-101
Retail Management laws in dealing with alcoholic beverage suppliers.
§ g2b-12-102
Alcoholic beverage retailer rules and regulations in regards to distribution and replacing merchandise.
§ g2b-12-103
Regulations and controls for the sale and distribution within the State of wines and liquors
§ g2b-12-104
A manufacturer of alcohol may not have a business interest in the place the alcohol is sold.
§ g2b-12-105
Licensee can only store alcohol on licensed premises or a permitted warehouse.
§ g2b-12-106
Bars can't provide free food to encourage patrons to drink.
§ g2b-12-107
Retailers must purchase alcohol from specific manufacturers, unless they have a special license.
§ g2b-12-107.1
alcohol removal at restaurants if corked
§ g2b-12-108
Details on penalty for violators of selling of alcoholic beverages to minors
§ g2b-12-109
Record of Sale of Alcoholic Beverages to Minors
§ g2b-12-110
Non age-related restrictions on who can be served alcoholic beverages.
§ g2b-12-111
The Licensee's Treatment and Procedure of Loiters and Loafers about their place of business.
§ g2b-12-112
Restrictions placed on manufacturers and wholesalers of beer in certain jurisdictions
§ g2b-12-113
For the prevention and detection of fraud by manufacturers, wholesalers and retail dealers
§ g2b-12-201
section applies only in Allegany County in Alcoholic Beverages licensee.
§ g2b-12-202
Regarding live and recorded music in Anne Arundel County.
§ g2b-12-202.1
Liquor Stores in Arundel County Required to Have Windows
§ g2b-12-203
Definition and description of "Adult Entertainment" category
§ g2b-12-203.1
Adult entertainment business licenses law
§ g2b-12-204
Beer, Wine, Liquor License in Baltimore County
§ g2b-12-206
§ g2b-12-207
Section applies only to Carroll County
§ g2b-12-209
Glass Window requirement for alcohol sales
§ g2b-12-209.1
Charles County may not give people to go cups
§ g2b-12-209.2
Minimum age for a bar tender in Charles County.
§ g2b-12-210
Stipulations of loitering in Dorchester County.
§ g2b-12-212
§ g2b-12-213
All licensees shall make such reports to the Liquor Control Board of all purchases and sales
§ g2b-12-214
Places who serve alcohol may not allow persons under 18 to play games without a parent or guardian
§ g2b-12-216
In Montgomery County alcohol for sale must be purchased from the Liquor Control Board.
§ g2b-12-217
Prince George County alchohol license
§ g2b-12-219
Age Requirements for Serving Alcohol and Noise Levels at Bars
§ g2b-12-222
Washington County Alcoholic Beverage Law
§ g2b-12-224
employers must not hire those under 18 for sale of alcohol
§ g2b-12-224.1
§ g2b-12-301
One can't be hired to solicit the purchase of alcohol outside of the licensed business.
§ g2b-12-302
Requirements and standards for sale of alcoholic beverages and lottery tickets.
§ g2b-12-303
§ g2b-13-101
"Alcohol awareness program" certified by State Comptroller.
§ g2b-14-101
Repeal of reinstatement procedures for refused, suspended or revoked retail licenses.
§ g2b-14-201
Licensing and Archiving Details for Alcohol Distributors in Maryland
§ g2b-14-202
Transporters of Alcohol Shall Periodically Make Reports to the Comptroller
§ g2b-14-203
Comptroller reporting requirements in regards to alcoholic beverages.
§ g2b-14-204
Records maintenance of all revocations, suspensions and cancellations of licensesand the time period
§ g2b-15-101
The Governor biennial appointment to the The Board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-15-102
The Board consists of 5 member
§ g2b-15-103
The Governor shall appoint the members of the Board.
§ g2b-15-104
In Carroll County, the Board of County Commissioners shall appoint three persons
§ g2b-15-105
ex officio constitute the Boards of License
§ g2b-15-106
The removal procedure is as provided in this article in Maryland
§ g2b-15-107
Annapolis Mayor Commission Granting Rules and Procedures
§ g2b-15-107.1
Makeup and power of the Appointed Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board in Howard County Maryland.
§ g2b-15-108
§ g2b-15-108.1
Wicomico County Board of License Commissioners handles liquor licensing
§ g2b-15-109
Salaries of Members of the Board
§ g2b-15-110
The Governor may remove any member of any board of license commissioners
§ g2b-15-111
Exclusions from This Section & Rules About Licenses
§ g2b-15-112
Board issues beverage license based on Jurisdictions.
§ g2b-15-201
Creation of Liquor Control Boards.
§ g2b-15-202
Provide adequate working capital for liquor control board.
§ g2b-15-203
liquor control boards dispensaries
§ g2b-15-204
Liquor Purchasing and Consumption Laws for Montgomery County
§ g2b-15-205
Laying off county liquor dispensary Will Continue employment For Six Months.
§ g2b-15-206
Liquor Control Board Accounting and Record Keeping
§ g2b-15-207
How to account profit and reserves.
§ g2b-15-208
§ g2b-15-209
The Department of Liquor Control for Montgomery County
§ g2b-15-210
This subtitle shall apply to Garrett, Harford, Montgomery, Kent, Somerset, Wicomico
§ g2b-16-101
When and how a decision of a local licensing board be appealed against.
§ g2b-16-102
Suspended license can be appealed and board may permit.
§ g2b-16-201
§ g2b-16-202
Illegal to Drink or Display Alcohol Not Sold By The Place You're In
§ g2b-16-301
In addition to the powers otherwise provided by this article, the Comptroller
§ g2b-16-302
The Comptroller has the authority to carry out his responsibilities.
§ g2b-16-303
The Comptroller is hereby authorized and empowered to make, amend, alter and publish rules
§ g2b-16-401
Persons Responsible for Enforcement
§ g2b-16-402
In Calvert County the Board of License Commissioners shall inspect in Maryland
§ g2b-16-403
§ g2b-16-404
Monitoring of Industrial Alcohol Unfit For Consumption
§ g2b-16-405
Maryland citizen must be licensed to carry beer
§ g2b-16-406
Proof of selling alcoholic beverages without a license
§ g2b-16-407
Field Enforcement Bureau Law
§ g2b-16-407.1
Provisions Enforced by Comptroller
§ g2b-16-408
Only Inspectors of Anne Arundel County May Issue Civil Citations
§ g2b-16-409
Liquor Control Board Agent Registration Requirements
§ g2b-16-410
The Liquor License Board can summon witnesses to hearings.
§ g2b-16-411
the right to pass ordinances in Allegany County
§ g2b-16-412
Anne Arundel County the Board of License Commissioners shall have the power to call upon the other administrative departments
§ g2b-16-413
unlawful for any person to have in a motor or other vehicle
§ g2b-16-414
For Selling intoxicating liquor would be fined not less than $500.00 nor more than $2,000, and imprisoned in the county jail
§ g2b-16-501
Any signed statement shall contain any false statement.
§ g2b-16-502
Legal Fines for Violations
§ g2b-16-503
rules related to imposition of penalty to a person violating the provisions of law.
§ g2b-16-504
If any fine shall be imposed by any court upon any individual who has obtained a license
§ g2b-16-505
§ g2b-16-505.1
Explains the conditions to use "AWOL machine" and the violation of the conditions.
§ g2b-16-506
alcohol tax imposed article
§ g2b-16-506.1
Out Of State Liquor Sales Penalty.
§ g2b-16-507
County specific laws concerning alcoholic beverage regulation.
§ g2b-16-508
Section only applies to Kent County and past violations.
§ g2b-16-509
Alcohol Charging Documents May Wait to Specify Beverage
§ g2b-16-509.1
landlord may not rent out to a holder
§ g2b-17-101
§ g2b-17-102
Beer Manufacturer Requirements
§ g2b-17-103
renewal of beer franchise
§ g2b-17-104
Doesn't apply to temp. delivery for beer and wine festivals except for written notices from beer manufacturers.
§ g2b-17-105
§ g2b-17-106
§ g2b-17-107
Beer distributor or franchisee actions for violations of this subtitle.
§ g2b-18-101
"The Talbot County Commissioners"
§ g2b-18-102
The Worcester County Commissioners are in charge of alcohol licenses.
§ g2b-18-103
Copies of Enactments Concerning Alcohol Are Sent to Legislative Services
§ g2b-18-104
Section applicability and exceptions.
§ g2b-18-201
Dorchester County Dispensary system shall remain in operation.
§ g2b-19-101
Be intoxicated and endanger the safety of another person or property
§ g2b-19-102
Provision Violation Penalties
§ g2b-19-103
Certain subdivisions of the State may adopt their own alcoholic beverage regulations.
§ g2b-19-104
What public place means
§ g2b-19-201
What is Considered Public Property in Maryland?
§ g2b-19-202
How a general public are invited for business purposes
§ g2b-19-203
Governmental Control Over Property
§ g2b-19-204
A Person in Violation of This Law Shall be Fined No Less Than $100
§ g2b-19-301
'unless authorized' only applies to counties Caroline and Harford
§ g2b-19-302
Punishments related to alcoholic beverage violations.
§ g2b-19-303
Applicability of Subtitle
§ g2b-2-101
The Various Permits available for Application through The Office of the Comptroller.
§ g2b-2-201
This subsection does not apply to a Class 6 pubbrewery license
§ g2b-2-202
Establishment and operation in this State of a plant for distilling brandy, rum, whiskey, alcohol and neutral spirits.
§ g2b-2-203
manufacturers license for Class 2
§ g2b-2-204
Classification & Regulations of Holders of Class 3 Manufacturers License
§ g2b-2-205
Maryland Winery License Rules
§ g2b-2-206
rules related to A Class 5 manufacturers license
§ g2b-2-207
Pub-brewery Licensing For State, Restrictions Apply.
§ g2b-2-208
There is a Class 7 micro-brewery (on- and off-sale) license
§ g2b-2-209
§ g2b-2-301
Classifications of alcoholic beverage wholesaler licenses.
§ g2b-2-401
Corporation Applicant Requirements
§ g2b-2-402
License Fee for Initial Issuance of State License
§ g2b-20-101
Official definition of bottle club and regulations specific to Anne Arundel County
§ g2b-20-102
Baltimore City Board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-20-103
Definition and regulations for bottle clubs.
§ g2b-20-103.1
Place of public entertainment means a business establishment that does not hold a license
§ g2b-20-104
§ g2b-20-105
§ g2b-20-105.1
§ g2b-20-106
§ g2b-20-107
Laws On Having A Bar That Serves Alcohol
§ g2b-20-107.1
Definitions Related to Public Entertainment
§ g2b-20-108
Serving, selling, dispensing alcohol beverages are called "bottle club"
§ g2b-20-108.1
§ g2b-20-108.2
"Place of public entertainment" means a business establishment that does not hold a license
§ g2b-20-109
§ g2b-20-110
Public entertainment rules for business
§ g2b-20-111
Definition of words "Setups" & "Places of Public Entertainment" in Talbot county.
§ g2b-20-112
Rules Concerning Alcohol for Establishments of Wicomico County and Abroad
§ g2b-20-113
Rules And Conditions Of And In A Public Place Of Entertainment As Per Maryland State Law
§ g2b-21-101
No restrictions for delivering goods
§ g2b-21-102
The liquor cannot be sold until canned properly.
§ g2b-21-103
Agreement signed and jurisdiction relating to the Beer distributor and Manufacturer
§ g2b-21-104
rules related to supply or sell of beer in wholesale
§ g2b-21-105
In this section, "publicly visible locations" include outdoor billboards, sides of buildings
§ g2b-21-106
Rgulation of Kegs
§ g2b-22-101
A person may not manufacture or sell any liquor that has not been brewed as such.
§ g2b-3-101
Issuing A Class-A Beer License.
§ g2b-3-201
Terms and Conditions of the Class B license!
§ g2b-3-202
Montgomery County Law
§ g2b-3-301
Class C Beer License Fees
§ g2b-3-401
"A Class D Beer License Issuance"
§ g2b-4-101
light wine contains 15.5 percent of alcohol .
§ g2b-4-201
Issue of Class A light wine license
§ g2b-4-202
Baltimore City Alcoholic Beverages license Code.
§ g2b-4-203
Fee's for liquor licenses in Garrett County.
§ g2b-4-204
Kent County-Light wine sales
§ g2b-5-101
Class A Beer and Light Wine Licenses Shall be Issued Only By The State Board
§ g2b-5-201
Beer and Wine Liceses
§ g2b-5-202
Liqure laws for some counties.
§ g2b-5-301
Annual fees for Class C beer and light wine license
§ g2b-5-401
A Class D beer and light wine license shall be issued by the license issuing authority of the county
§ g2b-5-501
Issuance of a Class F Beer and Wine License
§ g2b-5-601
The City of Annapolis may issue its own beer and light wine licenses.
§ g2b-6-101
Liquor Licenses in Maryland are Paid for and Issued at the County Level
§ g2b-6-102
Conversion of Class B-D-7 liquor license to Class A-2 in Baltimore City.
§ g2b-6-201
Class B Wine and Liquor Licence Definitions
§ g2b-6-202
Law Applicable To Annapolis City Regarding Issue Of Liquor License
§ g2b-6-203
Liquor license issued on the payment of fees by the authority.
§ g2b-6-301
Class C beer, wine, and liquor licenses fees and regulations.
§ g2b-6-401
Obtaining and Holding a Class D beer, wine and liquor license in Different Counties.
§ g2b-6-501
§ g2b-6-502
Class F beer, wine and liquor license fee is $200.
§ g2b-6-503
Beer and Wine Licenses
§ g2b-6-601
subsection is for conference center facilities
§ g2b-6-701
throughout the Maryland State Law
§ g2b-6-701.1
In this section, "caterer" means any beer and wine or beer, wine and liquor licensee who contracts
§ g2b-6-702
This section is for Baltimore County.
§ g2b-6-702.1
Caroline County Maryland Caterer's Guidelines
§ g2b-6-703
"Board" means the Carroll County Board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-6-703.1
How to obtain a caterer's license.
§ g2b-6-703.2
In this section, "holder" means a holder of a caterer's (CAT) license issued by the Board of License
§ g2b-6-704
The annual license fee is $1,500, which shall be paid to the Board before the license
§ g2b-6-705
Kent County's License Commissioners may require a caterers license to provide alcoholic beverages.
§ g2b-6-706
The Board of License Commissioners may issue a caterers license to a holder of a Class B restaurant or hotel
§ g2b-6-706.1
Obtaining and holding a Caterers (CAT) License in Montgomery County.
§ g2b-6-707
This section applies only in Queen Anne's County....
§ g2b-6-708
This section is for St. Marys County.
§ g2b-6-709
In this section, "Board" means the Board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-6-710
Wicomico County License Requirements
§ g2b-6-711
The holder shall provide food as well as alcoholic beverages for consumption at the catered event
§ g2b-6-712
Liquor licensing in Cecil County.
§ g2b-6-713
Rules regarding Class B caterer's licenses.
§ g2b-6-714
Work performed by "Board" in Somerset County.
§ g2b-7-101
Procedures of Special Licenses
§ g2b-7.5-101
Definitions of Common Words in Subtitle.
§ g2b-7.5-102
direct wine shippers permit needed before sending wine to other states.
§ g2b-7.5-103
To qualify for a direct wine shipper's permit, an applicant shall be a person licensed outside
§ g2b-7.5-104
Documents & fee details to submit the application applicable to the direct wine shipper
§ g2b-7.5-105
The Selling Entitlements of a Direct Wine Shipper's Permit.
§ g2b-7.5-106
Term Of A Direct Wine Shippers Permit
§ g2b-7.5-107
The words Contains Alcohol: Signature of Person at Least 21 Years of Age Required for Delivery
§ g2b-7.5-108
Wine Permit Renewal Requirements
§ g2b-7.5-109
You Must Be 21 To Accept Wine Delivery
§ g2b-7.5-110
A person shall be issued a common carrier permit before the person may engage in transporting wine
§ g2b-7.5-111
Defines reporting requirements for common carriers shipping wine.
§ g2b-7.5-112
The Office of the Comptroller may adopt regulations to carry out this title
§ g2b-7.5-113
Good Policy of Consumers in the State.
§ g2b-7.5-114
Violation leads to separate violation.
§ g2b-8-1001
§ g2b-8-101
A municipal corporation may not impose any additional license fees or taxes
§ g2b-8-102
License Class Provisions
§ g2b-8-202
Anne Arundel County word meanings and implications
§ g2b-8-202.1
Anne Arundel County Business License Terms
§ g2b-8-203
Beer, Wine, and Liquor Licenses in Baltimore County
§ g2b-8-204
License for restaurants, capital investment and leased land
§ g2b-8-204.1
Maryland Special Theatre Liquor License Requirements.
§ g2b-8-204.2
§ g2b-8-204.3
The license shall be used in conjunction with the operation of a restaurant, as defined in this article
§ g2b-8-204.4
Board of License Commissioners authorizes retail licenses.
§ g2b-8-204.5
Baltimore County Retail Licenses
§ g2b-8-204.6
Alcoholic beverages license applications in Baltimore County
§ g2b-8-204.7
Liquor Licensing In Baltimore County
§ g2b-8-204.8
Baltimore County alcohol license guidelines
§ g2b-8-204.9
converting Class D liquor license to Class B in Baltimore
§ g2b-8-208
Temporary Beer and Liquor License
§ g2b-8-211
Places where alcoholic beverage licenses can be issued in Frederick County.
§ g2b-8-211.1
Stadium On-Sale License
§ g2b-8-212
License to Sell Beer in Garrett County.
§ g2b-8-213
Alcohol and Trains in Harford County.
§ g2b-8-213.1
There is a stadium on-sale license in Harford County
§ g2b-8-213.2
Obtaining Class CCFA (continuing care facility for the aged) license in Hartfort County.
§ g2b-8-214
When a liquor license can be issue to a restaurant on sale holding or not holding license already.
§ g2b-8-215
Issuance of a liquor license for use in a theater.
§ g2b-8-216
Alcoholic beverage laws governing places of business in Maryland.
§ g2b-8-216
Alcoholic beverage laws governing places of business in Maryland.
§ g2b-8-216.1
Premises of issuing special theater (on-sale) beer and wine license.
§ g2b-8-216.2
in Section board means Montgomery County board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-8-216.3
Holds a private educational institution license issued by Montgomery Count
§ g2b-8-216.4
Art galleries can get special liquor licence in Montgomery County.
§ g2b-8-217
§ g2b-8-218
Alcohol beverage definition Queen Anne's County
§ g2b-8-219
In St. Marys County, no license for the sale of alcoholic beverages shall be issued
§ g2b-8-222
Rules Regarding the Sale of Alcohol at Amusement Parks in Washington County
§ g2b-8-223
Wicomico County Sports Alcohol Law
§ g2b-8-224
class I beer, wine, and liquor license of worcester co.
§ g2b-8-301
In this section, Board means the Allegany County Board of License Commissioner
§ g2b-8-302
word meaning and definitions
§ g2b-8-303
The Baltimore City Board may issue up to 4 Special Wine Festival licenses.
§ g2b-8-304
The Baltimore County Board of License Commissioners may issue a special wine festival license
§ g2b-8-305
A wine festival license for qualified retailers is available from Calvert County officials.
§ g2b-8-306
Maryland Wine Festival is issued a special license by commissioners
§ g2b-8-306.1
Wine festival licenses may be issued on weekends that do not affect current wine events.
§ g2b-8-307
Dorchester County Board of License Commissioners Alcohol Laws
§ g2b-8-308
§ g2b-8-308.1
Frederick County License Commissioners Board Grants Special License for Wine Festival, Costing $20
§ g2b-8-308.2
Special Middletown Wine Festival license allows retailers to sell wine on and off premises on the days of the Middletown Wine Festival.
§ g2b-8-308.3
The Garrett County Liquor Board gives 1 wine festival license per year.
§ g2b-8-309
Rules & Regulations For Wine Festival License In Harford County, Maryland State
§ g2b-8-310
Wine festival license in Howard County
§ g2b-8-310.1
§ g2b-8-310.2
Prince Georges County annual wine festival rules and regulations.
§ g2b-8-311
"Board" means the Queen Anne's County Board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-8-312
Liquor Licensing Board issues Maryland Wine Festival license.
§ g2b-8-312.1
The Alcoholic Beverages Board of St. Marys County may issue a special wine festival (WF) license
§ g2b-8-313
The Washington County board may issue a Special C&SVWF license.
§ g2b-8-313.1
§ g2b-8-313.2
License For The Wicomico County Wine Festival
§ g2b-8-314
Meanings and Descriptions In the section g2b-8-314
§ g2b-8-401
Wine Permits For Non-Profits.
§ g2b-8-402
The Detailing of different liquor sampling Licenses in Anne Arundel County.
§ g2b-8-402
The Detailing of different liquor sampling Licenses in Anne Arundel County.
§ g2b-8-403
the baltimore city board of license commissioners WS licenses
§ g2b-8-403.1
1-day Class BWT beer and wine (on-premises) tasting license.
§ g2b-8-403.2
Section applies to Legislative district of Baltimore City with specifics to BWLT class alcohol licenses.
§ g2b-8-404
How to obtain a wine sampling permit in Maryland.
§ g2b-8-404.1
Rules and Fees for Beer and Wine / Light Wine Tasting Licenses in Baltimore County
§ g2b-8-404.1A
How to obtain a special beer, wine, and spirits tasting license.
§ g2b-8-404.2
Obtaining a 1-day Class BWTS Beer and Winetasting or sampling License in Caroline County.
§ g2b-8-405
Wine tasting alcoholic beverages licenses in Carroll County.
§ g2b-8-405.1
Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in Dorchester County
§ g2b-8-405.2
Procedures for Liquor Licenses in Dorchester County
§ g2b-8-406
Beer and Wine sampling or tasting (BWST) Licensing in Frederick County.
§ g2b-8-406.1
The Board of License Commissioners may issue a beer, wine and liquor tasting (BWLT) license
§ g2b-8-406.2
A rules summary for applying for a one-day Wine Permit in Frederick County as a non-profit organization.
§ g2b-8-406.3
Obtaining a Garrett County alcoholic beverages license.
§ g2b-8-407
The Liquor Control Board Licensing of Hartford County.
§ g2b-8-408
it tells about the licence of Wine sampling issue of howard to only non profit organizations
§ g2b-8-408.1
Awarding of BWT license to applicants & checking of eligibilities before awarding the same
§ g2b-8-408.2
Issuance of license to applicants for BWST operation in Montgomery county.
§ g2b-8-409
In Prince Georges County, Authorised person to issue beer, wine testing license
§ g2b-8-410.1
Grounds on which Wine tasting license issuance being done
§ g2b-8-410.2
This section applies only in Somerset County 1. The Board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-8-410.3
Board of License Commissioners for St. Marys County
§ g2b-8-411
A special wine tasting license (WTL) may be issued only to a holder of a Class A (off-sale) beer
§ g2b-8-412
In this section, "license" means a beer tasting (BT) license, a wine tasting (WT) license, or a beer
§ g2b-8-501
Carroll County Golf Course and Alcoholic Licensing.
§ g2b-8-501.1
Cecil County requires a liquor license in order for businesses to sell alcohol.
§ g2b-8-502
In Charles County, you can consume alcohol on golf courses.
§ g2b-8-503
Only applying to Harford County regarding Class GC alcohol licenses.
§ g2b-8-504
Kind of Classes given by Board of License Commissioners in Howard County
§ g2b-8-505
The meaning and authority of "Board" and "Commission" in this Section.
§ g2b-8-505.1
This section only applies to Washington County.
§ g2b-8-506
Class B beer, wine, and liquor license of Wicomico County
§ g2b-8-507
Details of the License issued to sell beer, wine and liquor in golf course in Worcester Country.
§ g2b-8-507.1
Legal Provisions for Caroline County Alcohol Class GC-7 License.
§ g2b-8-508
Liquor Laws Related to Baltimore Golf Courses
§ g2b-8-509
St. Marys County Golf Course Laws
§ g2b-8-601
In Baltimore County the owner or owners of any regular licensed
§ g2b-8-602
Racing Establishment Licenses in Howard County
§ g2b-8-603
Worcester County regulations for horse racing or pari-mutuel betting establishment owners
§ g2b-8-701
§ g2b-8-702
In this section, drafthouse means a theatre where motion pictures are shown to the public
§ g2b-8-801
The Meaning And Authority of "Board" in Baltimore City.
§ g2b-8-802
The Baltimore County Board of License Commissioners may issue a special beer festival license
§ g2b-8-803
Frederick County Beer Festival License and Guidelines
§ g2b-8-804
Rules to procure special beer festival license
§ g2b-8-805
_ g2b-8-805 , in this section meaning of "Board" described and the powers and duties of the Board mentioned
§ g2b-8-806
Price filed in accordance with regulations adopted by the Comptroller
§ g2b-8-901
Rule and regulation to the Board of License Commissioners for alcoholic beverages in Carroll County.
§ g2b-8-902
Board means the Board of License Commissioners
§ g2b-8-9A-01
Rules regarding liquor tasting licenses.
§ g2b-9-101
All licenses will be issued to Authorized Individuals.
§ g2b-9-102
not more than 1 license under subtitle
§ g2b-9-102.1
Regulations for obtaining additional licenses.
§ g2b-9-102.2
Deputy Director of the Montgomery County Parks Department in Alcoholic Beverages.
§ g2b-9-103
In Maryland there is no license or permit under the provisions of this article shall be issued in violation of any zoning rule
§ g2b-9-104
Maryland Workers Compensation Act
§ g2b-9-105
Licensing a Nonconforming Premises
§ g2b-9-106
License For Minors Purchasing Alcohol.
§ g2b-9-107
One Alcoholic Drink Is The Max
§ g2b-9-108
In this section the following words have the meanings indicated
§ g2b-9-201
Regulatory Power of The Board of License Commissioner
§ g2b-9-202
Alcoholic Beverage License Regulations in Allegany County
§ g2b-9-203
The Board of License Commissioners issues licenses and conducts hearings.
§ g2b-9-204
§ g2b-9-204.1
A residential planned unit development for Silo Point
§ g2b-9-204.2
Baltimore New License to "Residential" with Nonconforming Use
§ g2b-9-204.3
no new license, no removal of existing licence under title _ g2b-9-204.3 and rules to sell alcoholic beverages
§ g2b-9-205
Baltimore board of commision willnot provide license for selling alcholic beverage.
§ g2b-9-207
Regarding Microbreweries in Carroll County
§ g2b-9-208
Alcoholic Beverage Licenses Cannot Be Issued Or Transferred
§ g2b-9-209
Law For Charles County While Issueing Alcoholic Beverages License
§ g2b-9-210
You may not be licensed to sell alcohol within 300 feet of K-12 school or religious building.
§ g2b-9-211
Class B on-sale beer license may not be issued more than once.
§ g2b-9-211.1
License Commissioner may not issue or transfer an off-sale alcoholic beverages license.
§ g2b-9-212
Alcohol License Special Provisions in Garrett County
§ g2b-9-213
This section applies only in Harford County
§ g2b-9-214
A License to Sell Alcoholic Beverages Cannot be Granted if Business is Within 500 Feet of a School Building
§ g2b-9-216
Rules Governing the Sale of Alcohol in Montgomery County
§ g2b-9-217
The number of licenses of each class of alcoholic beverage licenses may not exceed maximum amounts.
§ g2b-9-217.1
Prince Georges County Alcohol Sale Law
§ g2b-9-218
Licensing authority in Queen Anne's County to sell Alcoholic beverages
§ g2b-9-219
Rules Specific to St Mary's County
§ g2b-9-220
Conditions and Rules to the Board Commissioners to grant license to sell alcoholicbeverages
§ g2b-9-222
Restrictions for obtaining an alcoholic beverages license in Washington County.
§ g2b-9-223
Definition of words in Wicomico County subtitle
§ g2b-9-224
The Board of License Commissioners may not issue or transfer an off-sale alcoholic beverages license
§ g2b-9-301
guidelines for interest in more than 1 Class A alcoholic beverage license