Home Rule for Code Counties

This is Article g25b of the Code of State, titled “Home Rule for Code Counties.” It’s comprised of the following 33 sections.

§ g25b-1
definitions of Code country,Code home rule status and Public local law.
§ g25b-10
Introduction of Bills and Laws to Governing Bodies
§ g25b-11
County commissioners of a code county will keep a journal that will be open for public inspection.
§ g25b-12
rules regarding furnishing in a convenient and legible compilation a complete set of all local laws enacted by county
§ g25b-13
No county adopting code home rule status shall be excepted
§ g25b-13A
A code county may require or providy in Maryland
§ g25b-13B
Each code county has the authority to accept or decline franchises in their area.
§ g25b-13C
Certain procedures must be followed when issuing civil infraction tickets.
§ g25b-13C-1
word meaning indications
§ g25b-13D
The county commissioners of a code county, by public local law, may fix, impose
§ g25b-13E
§ g25b-13E-1
The Definition of Local Community is Incorporated or Unincorporated Community
§ g25b-13F
County Commissioners may impose excise tax
§ g25b-13G
A county commission may impose a tax when land is bought or sold.
§ g25b-13H
Meanings of the words and the tax imposed by the county.
§ g25b-14
Money may be borrowed if certain conditions are met.
§ g25b-15
County Bond Codes
§ g25b-16
county code limitations
§ g25b-17
All bonds issued by any code county in accordance with this subtitle
§ g25b-18
The law of payment of the principle or interest on bonds under 6 & 7 of article 31
§ g25b-19
Credit Practices and Levying Taxes on Maryland State Bonds
§ g25b-2
Definitions of 'Central, Eastern Shore, Southern, and Western' Maryland
§ g25b-20
issuance of revenue bonds
§ g25b-21
Nothing contained in this subtitle shall be deemed or construed to impair the terms and conditions of any bonds, notes, or other obligations
§ g25b-22
Property Taxes in Maryland Under the General Assembly
§ g25b-3
The Board of County Commissioners Determines Whether to Accept the Code
§ g25b-4
Home Rule Adoption Rules For Maryland County Commissioners
§ g25b-5
board of county commissioners should hold two meetings
§ g25b-6
The Board of County Commissioners Decision Process
§ g25b-7
Status of adoption of code home rule status by the registered voters of the country
§ g25b-7A
County Code accordance
§ g25b-8
Counties must abide by created laws, amendments, enactments, or repeals.
§ g25b-9
Definite number of days are established to enact laws by board of county commissioners.