County Commisioners

This is Article g25 of the Code of State, titled “County Commisioners.” It’s comprised of the following 317 sections.

§ g25-1
Definitions of Counties and Definition of Governing Body
§ g25-1-1
Powers of a County Commissioner
§ g25-10
The Building Code of Cecil County
§ g25-10-I
The County Commissioners of St. Marys County may regulate any public road, street, avenue, lane
§ g25-100
draining improvements under railroads
§ g25-101
drainage board shall receive commissions
§ g25-102
Requirements and Methods for Dissolution of a Public Drainage Association
§ g25-103
Drainage of swamps is legal because it benefits the public
§ g25-104
proposed drainage district
§ g25-105
approval directives for drainage system
§ g25-106
The guidelines of negotiating public drainage projects.
§ g25-107
Section for communication during accident and death.
§ g25-108
How damages are assessed by engineers and viewers in the case of construction of a drainage district.
§ g25-109
Engineers duties in regards to land classification.
§ g25-10A
county council of Prince George County's official advisory committee
§ g25-10B
County Commissioners of Carroll County
§ g25-10C
Law to the country commissioners powers, rules and regulations.
§ g25-10D
St. Mary County Building Officials May Repair All Buildings
§ g25-10D-1
Setting Building Permit & Impact Fees in St. Mary's County
§ g25-10E
Charles County should adopt building codes
§ g25-10F
The Sheriff Station's Police Officers May Be Required to Wear Uniforms
§ g25-10G
Washington County county Commissioners may enact laws or adopt regulations
§ g25-10H
County Commissioners in Frederick County have the right to control rent prices.
§ g25-10J
St. Mary's County Commissioners may regulate sedimentation control.
§ g25-10J-1
Violations of county and municipal law may be punishable and prosecuted under the same manner.
§ g25-10K
Erosion and Sediment Control Law
§ g25-11
Maryland County Road Repair and Expansion Details
§ g25-110
engines and viewers rules
§ g25-111
board shall examine final reports
§ g25-112
Law for the Board of country commissioners to be summoned all defendent Landowners.
§ g25-113
Notice of hearings by landowners
§ g25-114
Clerk of board should provide drainage record
§ g25-115
Regulations drainage commissioners for established district.
§ g25-116
Electing Construction Superintendent Law
§ g25-117
The estimated cost of drainage improvement projects is kept on record and open for public review.
§ g25-118
Process and Assessment When the Board of Drainage Commissioners estimate total cost of Improvements.
§ g25-119
The State may be charged additional fees for drainage improvements that benefit public property.
§ g25-11A
Rules For County Commissioners Regarding Purchase, Finance, or Sale of County Land
§ g25-11B
County Commissioners of Cecil County shall have the power by resolution
§ g25-11C
County commissioners in their respective jurisdictions can control fishing from any county bridge.
§ g25-11C-1
Dorchester County commissioners may make laws about public things, like permits and trash removal.
§ g25-11D
The State will aid those who have a difficult time finding safe housing because of economic conditions.
§ g25-12
county commissioners have power of authority
§ g25-120
if land is on edge of drainage land then it won't have drainage tax
§ g25-121
Right of Way damage control for drainage
§ g25-121A
An owner assessed for the costs of any ditch, drain or watercourse, shall have right to use.
§ g25-121B
board of drainage commission notice of three weeks
§ g25-121C
board of draining regulations
§ g25-121D
The board shall have the right to reject any or all bids and readvertise in Maryland
§ g25-121E
Improvements are Under the Supervision of the Board of Drainage Commissioners
§ g25-121F
Engineers employment under the provisions of __ 103 through 121H and payment directions
§ g25-121G
United States government makes provisions for loans
§ g25-121H
Promoting the Reclamation of Overflowed Lands through "The Drainage District Fund."
§ g25-122A
The governments of each County can make laws about trash and trash removal.
§ g25-122B
Junkyard regulations Charles county
§ g25-122C
Junkyard visibility near an interstate in Calvert County.
§ g25-122D
Hartford County Cant erect advertisements
§ g25-122E
"Fair market value" means a value, determined by a schedule adopted by the Department of Transport
§ g25-123
It shall be lawful for the county commissioners of each county in the State, if they shall deem it e...
§ g25-124
land surveyor duties
§ g25-125
Clerk Charges Same Amount For Copies as Originals
§ g25-126
Fines for the Damage of Destruction of These Pillars
§ g25-127
commissioners may provide payment under title
§ g25-13
In Frederick County, in addition to the payments provided for in § 12 above, the County Commissione...
§ g25-135
All Concerns Of Roads Will Be Handled By Petition
§ g25-136
opening, altering or closing any road
§ g25-137
Counter Petitions may be presented
§ g25-137A
if road in Frederick county isn't maintained it shall be assumed the road is closed
§ g25-138
Road opening decisions by County Commissioners
§ g25-138A
Allegany County Law States County Commissioners Authorized to Open or Close Alleys or Streets.
§ g25-139
Requirements for obtaining land for public infrastructure.
§ g25-14
counties must have reasonable public recreation facilities
§ g25-140
Examiners Must Take Oath Before Executing Trust
§ g25-141
A meeting will convene to determine the status of the road.
§ g25-142
New road law
§ g25-143
Reports of why a road shouldn't be changed go to the county commissioner.
§ g25-144
Alteration of Roads onto Private Property
§ g25-145
Maryland Public Roads Must be Thirty Feet Wide
§ g25-146
examiners shall determine damages from road pass through
§ g25-147
County Comissioners Determine Who Pays Road Damages
§ g25-148
Damages will be paid to accident victims before the road opens.
§ g25-149
If a county commission denies a petition for altering a county road, they can assess costs.
§ g25-14A
Authority to acquire, maintain, and operate a tract of land for the disposal of refuse, garbage, rubbish, or any other matter.
§ g25-15
Provisions Relating to Public Roads in Unincorporated Towns and Villages
§ g25-150
County commissioners pass judgement on the examiners.
§ g25-151
The Compensation of Examiners
§ g25-152
County commissioners may adjust tax rates to open or alter existing roads.
§ g25-153
You have to put up street signs.
§ g25-154
Anyone Defacing or Destroying a Sign May Pay Up To $50 And/ Or Spend 10-30 Days in Jail
§ g25-154A
Issues such as height, size, and location are governed by county commisioners
§ g25-155
Each county commission has the power to enter into contracts with private businesses.
§ g25-155A
Road construction in Calvert County
§ g25-155B
The County Commissioners of Calvert County establish stormwater management districts after public hearings.
§ g25-156
In all cases where the public convenience requires it, the county commissioners shall have power to ...
§ g25-157
Application of a public landing
§ g25-158
Power of the County to Hold and Distribute State Funds
§ g25-159
Enforcing role of State's Attorney superseding Commissioner's towards establishing trust
§ g25-16
Replacement of Powers
§ g25-160
distributing funds in the agricultural field, rules and legalities.
§ g25-161
Territory within each subdivision of land in any county of this State.
§ g25-162
The county commissioners of the county are hereby authorized and empowered to act as the district
§ g25-163
State Erosion-Prevention Projects Rules and Regulations
§ g25-163A
authorization of erosion control projects
§ g25-164
Role of the county commissioners in the erosion prevention works.
§ g25-165
Guidelines for Maryland Erosion Preventative Works & Affected Real Estate
§ g25-166
The Procurement and Determination of County Taxes
§ g25-167
The county commissioners and taxes for individual districts
§ g25-167A
The property in any one or more counties and/or Baltimore City abutting or bordering upon any body o...
§ g25-167B
owners may present written petition to county
§ g25-167C
The county commissioners are authorized and empowered to act as the district council
§ g25-167D
County Commissioners May Finance and Construct Erosion Control Projects
§ g25-167E
Terminology of state officials and law in Maryland.
§ g25-167F
The Anne Arundel County Council Can Levy a Direct Property Tax
§ g25-168
request of water request usage
§ g25-169
rules related to the powers of the board to to establish public watershed associations
§ g25-17
Maryland County Commissioners' Ability to Sue and Be Sued
§ g25-170
Mandatory ordinances for proposed public watershed association.
§ g25-171
Evaluation and public hearings of petitions and reports
§ g25-172
lands described in petition
§ g25-173
County Watershed File Contents Guidelines
§ g25-174
At the hearing, the petitioners, the affected soil conservation district or districts
§ g25-175
Classification of the Public Watershed Association as a political subdivision of the State.
§ g25-176
rates of compensation should be made in front of board of directors
§ g25-177
board of electors under subtitle
§ g25-178
What Tthe board of directors shall proceed at once
§ g25-179
The Board of Commissions must give a report to the Board of Directors.
§ g25-18
code of local laws for each county in fixing number of county commissioners
§ g25-180
Landowner's Annual meeting in January by board of directors and how to notify them
§ g25-181
Rule and regulation to the board of directors at annual meetings
§ g25-182
Board of County Commissioners can Appoint Director of Landowners
§ g25-183
Members of the board of directors elected or appointed under § 181 or § 182 of this subtitle shall...
§ g25-184
The duties of the board of directors of the public watershed association.
§ g25-185
A Meeting Called After The Watershed Work Plan
§ g25-186
watershed workplan should be submitted to board
§ g25-187
Duties Of The County Commissioners Regarding The Approval Of The Watershed Plan.
§ g25-188
Watershed Viewers Will Engage in Services Upon Approval
§ g25-189
All benefited lands within the watershed association shall be assessed for the cost and expense
§ g25-19
County Commissioner Guidelines
§ g25-190
Watershed improvements : compensation methods to the land owners by The Board of watershed viewers.
§ g25-191
Board of Watershed Viewers Estimates and Damages
§ g25-192
County Commissioners get reports from the watershed and make appointments
§ g25-193
At this hearing, all persons objecting will be considered.
§ g25-194
any report of watershed reviewers
§ g25-195
Written Notice to Landowners Out of State
§ g25-196
Appointment of orphan courts for minors
§ g25-197
County Commissions/Circuit Court authorized to grand leave to petitioners.
§ g25-198
Any person who may be injured by any works of improvement laid out as aforesaid
§ g25-199
How To Appeal If Aggrieved By a County Commission Determination
§ g25-1A
Contract law for county government officials
§ g25-2
They shall also in their respective counties have control over all the public roads
§ g25-20
County Commissioners Shall Support The State
§ g25-200
Rights of Public Watershed Associations
§ g25-200A
Responsibility for drainage systems in Charles County
§ g25-200B
Maryland Reserves the Right to Improve Stream Channels in Any Area
§ g25-201
Water Damage Compensation
§ g25-202
Taxes for Funds for Watershed Improvements
§ g25-203
the board of directors can sell bonds to raise money
§ g25-204
All taxes levied under this subtitle shall be taxes against the lands benefited
§ g25-205
taxes levied will be held in county treasury
§ g25-206
Watershed association Law of Maryland
§ g25-207
Payment of the Board to Watershed Association Members
§ g25-208
The board of directors shall proceed to carry out the plan of watershed improvements
§ g25-209
The board of directors supervises all improvements of all beneficial municipal water based projects.
§ g25-21
Money use in farm labor problem
§ g25-210
Appropriation of Funding for Soil, Drainage, and Watershed Improvements.
§ g25-211
Maryland Water Rights
§ g25-212
A Guarantee of Legal Water Rights
§ g25-213
Right of a taxed person to open ditch or drain tile to his land through intervening lands
§ g25-214
Punishments for obstructing the free flaw of water in any ditch or drain
§ g25-215
Responsibilities for the Construction of Bridges
§ g25-216
Rules of entry on the expenses by the Railroad company
§ g25-216A
The Board Of Directors Can Change The Watershed Improvement Act
§ g25-217
Landowners in a public watershed association may petition to dissolve the association.
§ g25-217.1
Dissolution of Inactive Associations in Washington County
§ g25-218
The Invalidation of One Section does not Invalidate the Whole
§ g25-219
Laws and regulation of The Board of county commissioners
§ g25-22
They may levy and appropriate such sums of money as they may, in their discretion
§ g25-220
Each year a county will pay every municipality within it a share of taxes.
§ g25-221
Frederick County designated as teritory of the State of Maryland
§ g25-221A
Frederick County Regulates Alarm System Contractors And Users
§ g25-221B
Law for commissioner to Establish and maintain a bond rating enhancement reserve.
§ g25-222
all counties may maintain comprehensive programs
§ g25-223
term of governing body definition
§ g25-224
State Municipal Corporation Dictation Law
§ g25-225
Role of the governing body of any county or municipal corporation.
§ g25-226
Maryland County and School Representatives Required to Serve Parks Dept.
§ g25-227
some boards and agency are invited to join with the board of commission for the state of maryland
§ g25-228
department may accept gifts
§ g25-229
Supplementation of Existing Subheading on Current Law
§ g25-23
No claim should be allowed to any county not properly chargeable.
§ g25-230
The provisions of this subheading are severable, and if any of its provisions is held unconstitution...
§ g25-231
A certificate of compliance with the Maryland Workers Compensation Act
§ g25-232
What the governing body of a county may adopt
§ g25-233
Funds for Capital Construction Costs of Public Library.
§ g25-234
St. Marys County may barrow some or all of the money it needs.
§ g25-234A
floating home definition and meaning
§ g25-235
The Board of County Commissioners of Calvert County borrowed fund payment directions
§ g25-236
Toll Roads Cannot Be Built in Some Maryland Counties
§ g25-236A
Regarding Animal Control Services in Garrett and Washington counties.
§ g25-236B
Washington County Commissioners can regulate smoking in county offices.
§ g25-236C
Board of County Commissioners of Washington County may purchase gifts
§ g25-236D
The Meanings of Different Terms Consisting of "Alarm".
§ g25-236E
Section attributed to meanings for words attributed alarm systems, and contractors.
§ g25-236F
The health officer for Washington County or the health officer's designee may deliver a citation to ...
§ g25-237
Rules and Procedures for Garrett County Commissioners
§ g25-238
The County Commissioners of Calvert County may seek reimbursement of costs
§ g25-25
County Commissioner has the power to enforce rules, violation leads to fine.
§ g25-252
New Definition of the "Hospital" and Guidelines for Obtaining Service Payment
§ g25-253
Credit Card Payments to Municipal Hospitals
§ g25-254
Rules and regulations to the Board of county commissioners or county council of every county in the State
§ g25-255
Board of County Commissions Somerset County titles
§ g25-256
Country Commisioners of Calvert Country enable services such as tattoo artist services and body piercing service.
§ g25-26
Allowance of Repair and Building of Bridges
§ g25-26A
Metropolitan Washington Council of Government Law
§ g25-27
In Some Maryland Counties, You Must Obtain a Permit For Some Recreational Facilities
§ g25-27A
The Dorchester County labor camp law of 1959.
§ g25-29
Regulations for Contracts Granted by County Commissioners
§ g25-2A
adoption of Highway funds
§ g25-2B
Authority of the county commissioners to grant electric lighting
§ g25-3
county commissioner guidelines
§ g25-30
unlawful for county commission
§ g25-31
The provisions in subsection (a) of this section do not apply in Maryland
§ g25-32
Actions taken on county commissioner on violation of law
§ g25-32A
Maryland on printed copies of public law
§ g25-33
Execution and Payment of Bonds
§ g25-34
Proper Procedure for filing for Bridge Repairs
§ g25-35
The Process of Application for Building or Repairing a Bridge.
§ g25-36
County commissioners determined to build bridge, levy on accessible property.
§ g25-37
Bridge Building Regulations
§ g25-37A
Procedures for Competitive Contract Bids in Cecil County
§ g25-37B
authorization to the county agency for necessary actions
§ g25-38
Rules Governing Contract Auction For Bridge Construction and Repair
§ g25-39
bridge inspections
§ g25-3A
Provisioning laws governing county commissioners in the state of Maryland.
§ g25-3C
No Overriding the County Commissioners
§ g25-3D
State county commissioner public welfare limitation law
§ g25-4
applies to commission counties
§ g25-40
If, upon petition in writing of any citizen or citizens of any county to the county commissioners pr...
§ g25-41
Cost of projects completed in multiple counties.
§ g25-42
Proper bridge building law
§ g25-43
At the time and place named in such notice the examiners shall meet and open such proposals
§ g25-44
Legal laws concerning the execution and financing of work contracts in Maryland.
§ g25-45
Arbitration in The Event of Disputes Between Counties
§ g25-46
What happens when someone appeals for a bridge to be built or repaired.
§ g25-47
The rights of an appellant in Maryland court.
§ g25-48
Court Costs Concerning Unsustained Appeals.
§ g25-49
Limits of Maryland county commissioners in constructing bridges.
§ g25-5
Laws governing county commissioners meetings and rulings in Maryland.
§ g25-50A
Transfer of Bear Creek Bridges to Baltimore County.
§ g25-51
Salaries received by the County Commissioner and Treasurer.
§ g25-51A
The right of succession for the country treasurer
§ g25-52
County Commissioners reside Over Drainage Projects Granted the Proper State Agencies Are Informed
§ g25-53
Petition For Changing A Natural Watercourse.
§ g25-54
County Commissioners Must Validate Petitions
§ g25-55
When the lands described in the petition are located in two or more Country
§ g25-57
Soil conservation petitioners may appear in person and make objections to any part of the report.
§ g25-58
Participation of Landowners in election of public drainage association
§ g25-59
The public drainage association created under this subtitle shall be and is hereby constituted a pol...
§ g25-5A
Operating Schedule for Offices Controlled by the Board of County Commissioners.
§ g25-5C
Meetings requirements for County Commissioner of Washington County.
§ g25-5D
Carroll County Commissioners may not purchase property unless requirements are met
§ g25-5E
powers of the County Commissioners of Charles County
§ g25-6
The provisions as set forth in § 3 hereof are intended to supplement or to supply authority in the ...
§ g25-60
Immunity Rights for Officers and Directors of Public Drainage & Watershed Associations
§ g25-60A
Appointed Board of Managers may proceed to elect a Chairman and Secretary at once.
§ g25-61
Guidelines for choosing the County Commissioner.
§ g25-62
Copies of the Petition are Required to be Delivered and Stored in Designated Committees and Records.
§ g25-63
Meeting Every January Initiated By Board of Managers
§ g25-64
Rules and regulation to the Board of Managers in annual meetings
§ g25-65
Should the managers for the time being fail to call an annual meeting of the landowners as aforesaid
§ g25-66
members of board of managers elected
§ g25-67
The board of managers of the public drainage association shall proceed to develop a plan
§ g25-68
Public Drainage Association Watershed Work Plan: Adoption Vote by Landowners
§ g25-69
Filing of Watershed Work Plan
§ g25-70
In Maryland the works are improvement
§ g25-70A
board of drainage should give 10 days notice
§ g25-71
Drainage Board Must Examine the Area Using a Competent Engineer.
§ g25-72
The damages claimed during construction are considered separate.
§ g25-73
lands preservation costs
§ g25-74
Drainage Viewers May Adopt Wholesale Changes Based On Previous Improvements
§ g25-75
Maintenance of a Drainage File
§ g25-76
Out of State Landlord Regulations
§ g25-78
Granting Leave to Amend Petition
§ g25-79
A person who is injured by making a ditch can apply to the Commission for review.
§ g25-8
County Commission of Cecil County
§ g25-80
Appealing County Commissioner Decisions
§ g25-81
Landowners who petition for a survey may be responsible for the costs.
§ g25-82
Provisional Board of Viewers
§ g25-82A
Maryland demands reports from board of drainage
§ g25-84
County Commissioners should have first meeting after receiving reports from drainage
§ g25-85
regulations for objectifying and reviewing said objections.
§ g25-86
If owner of land affected by drainage improvements refuses compensation, it will be rewarded to the board of managers.
§ g25-87
fund raising for draining improvements
§ g25-88
Board of Managers Need for Easement Record
§ g25-89
Drainage tax law
§ g25-9
Dorchester County Commissioners Powers, duties and rights
§ g25-9-I
Establish methods to provide supplemental payments to the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation
§ g25-90
alternate plan for raising funds
§ g25-91
§ g25-92
Powers Given to the Board of Managers Regarding Drainage Improvements.
§ g25-93
Counties Sharing Drainage Shall Impose A Seperate Tax for Each
§ g25-94
taxes levied under title are against lands benefited
§ g25-95
This law doesn't allow removing milldams or diverting water flow.
§ g25-96
County board decisions about taxation on drainage
§ g25-97
Ditch and Drain rights for taxed persons which pass through or upon his land
§ g25-98
Any Person Stopping Up a Drain Is Committing a Misdameanor
§ g25-99
Improvements established under provision are borne by the county.
§ g25-9A
Power of Maryland to Purchase Property to Create State Roads
§ g25-9B
Eminent Domain Powers and Procedures of Calvert County
§ g25-9D
Certain counties may lease or buy property with county funds.
§ g25-9E
property may be placed on lien if fees aren't paid
§ g25-9F
county commission may collect and impose fees
§ g25-9G
Calvert County May Impose Building Specific Excise Tax
§ g25-9H
Development impact fees.
§ g25-9J
Commissioners of Frederick county can accommodate new construction.
§ g25-9K
Washington County Nonnoxious Weed Restriction Law
§ g25-9L
County Commissioners may charge for discontinuing and restoring water service