Political Subdivisions - Miscellaneous Provisions

This is Article g24 of the Code of State, titled “Political Subdivisions - Miscellaneous Provisions.” It’s comprised of the following 229 sections.

§ g24-1-101
Clarification of definitions
§ g24-1-102
municipal corporation, and special taxing district in the State
§ g24-1-103
Adoption of Accrual Method for Revenue Reporting
§ g24-1-104
§ g24-1-105
Requirements of Being Under Oath
§ g24-1-106
Employer License Requirements
§ g24-1-107
§ g24-1-108
§ g24-1-109
§ g24-1-110
§ g24-1-111
§ g24-1-112
Companies Can Require Employees to Use Direct Deposit
§ g24-10-101
§ g24-11-101
§ g24-11-201
Free Play Pinball Machines Is Legal In Worcester County.
§ g24-11-202
§ g24-11-301
Temporary Vendors in Carroll and Washington Counties
§ g24-11-302
Temporary Vendors in Frederick County
§ g24-11-403
Licensing for palm readers, fortune tellers, soothsayers, and similar persons
§ g24-11-501
Licensing of Dogs
§ g24-11-502
§ g24-11-503
county commissioners furnish annually dog license
§ g24-11-504
§ g24-11-505
You can legally kill a dog if it's attacking something.
§ g24-11-506
Licensed Dogs are Deemed Personal Property
§ g24-11-507
Local law of Insufficient funds for the payment of all damages
§ g24-11-508
§ g24-11-509
Breaking this law will result in a fine.
§ g24-11-510
§ g24-11-511
rules and regulation of keeping domestic animals including dogs,wild animals
§ g24-11-512
§ g24-11-513
Dogs in heat in Hartford can't go outside.
§ g24-11-514
Confinement of female dogs in heat - Howard and St. Marys counties
§ g24-12-101
§ g24-12-102
Allegany County Salary Study Commission
§ g24-12-103
Allegany County county commission member selection rules
§ g24-12-104
Rules for Commission meetings
§ g24-12-105
County Employees Salaries, Review of and Recommendations
§ g24-12-106
Setting Office Salaries
§ g24-12-201
§ g24-12-202
Washington County Salary Study Commission
§ g24-12-203
Commission Memberships
§ g24-12-204
Commissioners shall meet before July 1 every fourth year
§ g24-12-205
rules related to study the salaries of the Washington County
§ g24-12-206
Guidelines for The Commission in formulating its report and recommendations
§ g24-13-101
§ g24-13-102
Local Employment Guidelines
§ g24-13-103
Political Activity Guidelines
§ g24-13-104
§ g24-13-105
Employment by Local Entities
§ g24-13-106
Provision Violation Penalties
§ g24-14-101
§ g24-15-101
§ g24-15-102
If you sell tobacco, it can't be reachable by customers.
§ g24-15-102.1
§ g24-15-103
County Health Officers Can Issue Civil Citations To Individuals.
§ g24-15-104
District Court proceeding of Cecil County
§ g24-16-101
Baltimore City Policy Department Death Relief Fund
§ g24-16-102
The Baltimore City Police Department Death Relief Fund shall pay special death benefits.
§ g24-16-103
death of an officer or civilian employee
§ g24-16-104
The Fund Established by the Board of Trustees
§ g24-16-105
Regarding the members of trustee board.
§ g24-16-106
Fund regulation for police department
§ g24-17-101
§ g24-18-101
Anne Arundel Country Council and farming regulations
§ g24-19-101
§ g24-19-102
Local regulations for residential property renting and leasing
§ g24-19-103
Government certifies if property is lease ready statutes
§ g24-19-104
§ g24-2-101
Political entities that collect money must submit a report to the State.
§ g24-2-102
The status of certain pension systems shall be reported by April 30.
§ g24-2-103
Each County Government Must Prepare a General Newspaper
§ g24-20-101
Prince Georges, Howard, Carroll, Baltimore, and Anne Arundel Counties
§ g24-20-102
Rules for Payment Obligations related to development rights.
§ g24-21-101
Law For Promoting Affordable Housing Program
§ g24-24-101
§ g24-24-102
Counties of Maryland
§ g24-24-103
stormwater management
§ g24-24-201
§ g24-24-202
Stormwater Management District Can Be Established in Prince George's County.
§ g24-24-203
Stormwater Management Agreements
§ g24-24-204
§ g24-24-301
Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, and the City of Takoma Park may issue bonds for ordinance and legislative purposes.
§ g24-24-302
§ g24-24-303
Issuance of Bonds
§ g24-24-304
Issuance of Bonds
§ g24-24-305
Authorization of Bonds
§ g24-24-306
Authorization of Bonds
§ g24-24-307
§ g24-24-308
Montgomery County Bonds
§ g24-24-401
This does not impair stormwater management.
§ g24-24-402
§ g24-24-403
Montgomery and Prince Georges County may impose an ad valorem tax
§ g24-24-404
the ad valorem tax
§ g24-24-405
Stormwater Management of Takoma Park
§ g24-24-406
Property Owned By State Is Exempt From Taxes.
§ g24-24-407
Montgomery and Prince George Counties Storm Water management
§ g24-24-408
The Stormwater Management Fund for The City of Takoma Park
§ g24-24-409
§ g24-24-501
Each county and the City of Takoma Park are responsible for stormwater management
§ g24-24-502
Origins of an stormwater management system
§ g24-24-503
What the City of Takoma Park shall maintain
§ g24-24-601
§ g24-24-602
§ g24-24-701
The Commission shall execute instruments of transfer
§ g24-24-801
Consequences for Violations of Current Provision
§ g24-3-101
Meaning for the regulation of the state government article.
§ g24-4-201
St. Mary's County's Policies on Public Agencies, Officials, and Meetings
§ g24-4-202
Definitions of Meetings, Official Action, Public Agency, Public Business, Quorum, and Staff Meeting.
§ g24-4-203
All public agency mettings are open to the public, except 4210 of this subtitle
§ g24-4-204
Public agencies have to let people know the schedule of their regular meetings and any special meetings they organize.
§ g24-4-205
Requirements for reconvening an adjourned meeting.
§ g24-4-206
Meetings should be held in areas where public can attend
§ g24-4-207
The minutes of all public meetings should be recorded and available for inspection by anyone.
§ g24-4-208
Public meetings must be broadcast
§ g24-4-209
Judicial branch, law enforcement agencies, grand and petit juries excluded
§ g24-4-210
Requirements for Meetings of Public Agencies
§ g24-4-211
Violation more than two occasions constitutes a misdemeanor
§ g24-4-212
Jurisdiction of state circuit courts
§ g24-4-213
Action in Violation During Meetings
§ g24-4-214
If this subtitle conflicts with another law the more stringent of the two is the one to follow.
§ g24-4-215
Public agency should have reasonable rules for maintaining order at meetings.
§ g24-4-216
St. Marys County Open Meetings Act
§ g24-5-101
Regulations Regarding the Sale of Street Lighting Equipment by the Electric Company
§ g24-6-201
Dredging or flood control projects or federal river navigation works involvement by Maryland county.
§ g24-6-202
State of Maryland agreements with United States
§ g24-6-203
Participation in Federal Lower-Income Housing Programs.
§ g24-6-301
How a Local Government May Receive Federal Aid
§ g24-7-101
General obligation bonds of the State of Maryland
§ g24-8-101
Multiple boards and offices must follow certain policies when dealing with money.
§ g24-8-102
Meanings under the said subtitle for words containing firms.
§ g24-9-1001
The County Council of Talbot County may impose excise tax.
§ g24-9-1002
Building taxes for those properties that are in Dorchester county, and tax rates
§ g24-9-101
County or Municipal may impose a tax
§ g24-9-102
counties except Baltimore City may incur debt on individual faith and credit
§ g24-9-103
Governing Body of Council should enact a motion
§ g24-9-104
Counties may issue certificates of indebtedness under title
§ g24-9-105
Borrowing Methods for a Governing Body of A County or Municipal Corporation
§ g24-9-106
§ g24-9-107
Obligations under statue must be paid in 2 years
§ g24-9-108
No county or Municipal shall incur indebtedness
§ g24-9-109
rules related to the levy of tax by county related to borrowing of money
§ g24-9-10A-01
Harford County Development Impact Fee.
§ g24-9-10B-01
The Various Financial Laws of the State of Maryland Explained
§ g24-9-110
Administration, Expenditure, and Accounting of Funds by Counties and Municipal Corporations
§ g24-9-1101
The role of the comptroller in distributing funds to the counties in Maryland.
§ g24-9-1103
Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission license for the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant expiration requirements.
§ g24-9-1105
The Governor has to include specific amounts for each county in the budget bill.
§ g24-9-111
Right to Collect Taxes in Allegany County
§ g24-9-112
This Emergency Measure Will Be Construed Liberally
§ g24-9-113
Invalidity of this subtitle does not limit the authenticity of other titles
§ g24-9-1201
The establishment and management of a reserve account.
§ g24-9-1301
Regulations for collecting taxes for infrastructure improvement.
§ g24-9-1302
Indicated Tax Related Meanings
§ g24-9-1303
Special Obligation Transportation Improvement Bonds: Authority, Sale, and Taxation
§ g24-9-1401
Definition & Payment Rules of "Government Charges" In Maryland State
§ g24-9-1501
word meaning indications
§ g24-9-1502
Establishment of a Clean Energy Loan Program
§ g24-9-1503
bonds for the purpose of financing loans
§ g24-9-1504
Under Certain Circumstances, Bonds May Be Issued To Aid In The Payment of Loans
§ g24-9-1505
Regulations for bond sale and redemption.
§ g24-9-1506
transfer,interest payable on a bond
§ g24-9-1507
Validity or enforceability bond security law
§ g24-9-1601
Fees Associated with Common Ownership Communities hearings in Prince George County
§ g24-9-201
Sales Tax on Advertising Must Not Exceed Normal Sales Tax
§ g24-9-202
Political Subdivisions in Maryland May Impose and Collect Advertising Fees at Any Time
§ g24-9-301
Hotel means an establishment that offers sleeping
§ g24-9-302
Allowance of Hotel Rental Tax
§ g24-9-303
County authorized for the hotel location charges and tax.
§ g24-9-304
An authorized county's hotel rental tax rates Law.
§ g24-9-305
Hotel Tax Exemptions in Maryland
§ g24-9-308
It is illegal not to pay hotel tax if you stayed there
§ g24-9-309
Hotels have to collect, hold and pay hotel taxes they collect to the county.
§ g24-9-310
county hotel rental law
§ g24-9-311
Hotel payment of hotel rental tax to counties
§ g24-9-314
The role of Maryland Counties in appointing Rental Tax.
§ g24-9-315
Hotel rental tax
§ g24-9-316
Fees Required to Provide the State with Hotel Rental Tax Information
§ g24-9-317
Increase the treasurer under Hotel administrative services rule as own.
§ g24-9-318
Regulations for distributing hotel rental tax revenue.
§ g24-9-319
Code counties in Western Maryland shall prepare hotel rental tax
§ g24-9-321
If a hotel fails to pay tax it should pay interest for it.
§ g24-9-322
If a hotel fails to pay the hotel rental tax, the hotel shall pay a tax penalty of 10% of the unpaid tax.
§ g24-9-323
Unpaid Hotel Rental Tax Collection by Authorized Counties
§ g24-9-324
Authorized county can collect Unpaid Hotel rental Tax
§ g24-9-325
Unpaid hotel rental tax in a code county, Carroll County, Cecil County
§ g24-9-326
State protection of hotel rental tax revenue
§ g24-9-401
§ g24-9-402
Mobile home housing definition
§ g24-9-501
Garrett County and any other code county will tax businesses that do surface mining.
§ g24-9-502
Bureau of Mines tax rate for surface mined coal
§ g24-9-503
Personal property county tax exemptions
§ g24-9-504
Taxes collected by the county are deposited in the county's general fund.
§ g24-9-505
Unpaid property taxes will result in a lien on the property.
§ g24-9-506
Regulations for interactions between counties and municipalities regarding coal taxes.
§ g24-9-508
The county treasurer may change regulations and carry them out
§ g24-9-509
A county collecting taxes may add fees and interest for late payments.
§ g24-9-601
a county may charge extra taxes for drugs unless otherwise noted on the law
§ g24-9-602
Anne Arundel County sales tax collection
§ g24-9-603
The County Council for Prince Georges County cannot increase the tax on any form of energy or fuel.
§ g24-9-604
Board is the Board of County Commissioners
§ g24-9-605
Municipal Corporation user fee on their services
§ g24-9-606
Sales and use tax for telecommunications services in Prince George's County.
§ g24-9-607
Wicomico County Youth & Civic Center Ticket Price Law
§ g24-9-608
Municipal Corporations May Impose Taxes on Hotel Rental
§ g24-9-609
The total gross receipts tax
§ g24-9-701
Handling of Unpaid Tax, Interest, and Penalties
§ g24-9-702
Meaning of tax information described.
§ g24-9-704
When an action to collect taxes may be brought to court
§ g24-9-705
If a person does not pay their taxes, the state can sue them.
§ g24-9-706
State Judgement & Attachment Bond Law
§ g24-9-707
If Plaintiff is entitled under subsection the action shall be tried
§ g24-9-710
Claim of refund may be filed with tax collector
§ g24-9-711
Refund Claim Guidelines
§ g24-9-712
Regulations for tax refunds and payments.
§ g24-9-713
Guidelines for Tax Collector Refund Claims
§ g24-9-716
person who without cause doesn't provide information is misdemeanor
§ g24-9-717
Prevent the collection of a tax under this title fails to provide information
§ g24-9-718
Assaulting a tax collector is a prosecutable crime.
§ g24-9-719
employee or officers who is negligent of duty is guilty of misdemeanor
§ g24-9-720
Municipal employees not performing duties will be fined.
§ g24-9-721
Disclosure in Violation
§ g24-9-723
tax imposed under title may not be collected for 7 years
§ g24-9-724
Maryland Does Not Accept Refund Claims Older Than 3 Years
§ g24-9-807
The state will reimburse Anne Arundel County for building non-aviation things on the airport's land.
§ g24-9-808
How to request the appointment of an individual or policeman.
§ g24-9-809
Use fees and competitive rights of private non-aviation businesses at BWI Airport
§ g24-9-810
Private development not related to state owned aviation
§ g24-9-901
Prince George County may not be require payment of refunds