Corporations - Municipal

This is Article g23a of the Code of State, titled “Corporations - Municipal.” It’s comprised of the following 95 sections.

§ g23a-1
The inhabitants of every incorporated municipality in Maryland constitute and shall continue to be a...
§ g23a-10
The General Assembly hereby declares that there is one class of such municipal corporations.
§ g23a-11
rules related to apply to amend municipal charters by municipal corporation
§ g23a-12
Initiation of amendment of a municipal charter.
§ g23a-13
The legislative body of the municipal corporation, by whatever name known, may initiate a proposed a...
§ g23a-14
New amendment can be made if 20 percent vote yes.
§ g23a-15
The mayor or other chief executive officer of the municipal corporation, by whatever name known, sha...
§ g23a-16
Regular Municipal elections : Duties and charges to officials
§ g23a-17
In any proposal to amend an existing charter of a municipal corporation, the new matter, if any, to ...
§ g23a-17A
Municipal Corporation Annual Reports
§ g23a-17B
Duties of The Department of Legislative Services
§ g23a-17C
Retention and storage of documents
§ g23a-17D
Publishing of New Ordinances
§ g23a-18
And Amendments to the Charter Shall Carry Forward
§ g23a-19
The legislative body, by whatever name known, of every municipal corporation in this State may enlar...
§ g23a-19A
Unification of Municipal Corporations
§ g23a-1A
Rights to Defense of Sovereign Immunity
§ g23a-1B
Municipal corporation Law of Maryland
§ g23a-2
The legislative body of every incorporated municipality in this State, except Baltimore City, by wha...
§ g23a-20
§ g23a-21
Incorporating Areas
§ g23a-22
In 90 days or less from a petition being filed a committee must investigate the claims
§ g23a-23
The organizing committee shall present to the county governing body a proposed charter for use in th...
§ g23a-24
Area Incorporation
§ g23a-25
rules regarding the notice given by the county governing body by posting and publication
§ g23a-26
Incorporation Referendum Must Be Submitted to Registered Voters Of Region.
§ g23a-27
Governing Body Can Provide Funds to Referendum Election.
§ g23a-28
If titleholder dies or assigns rights to property the assignee may be substituted
§ g23a-29
If the referendum results in the creation of a new municipal corporation, the local income tax payme...
§ g23a-2A
It has been and shall continue to be the policy of the State to authorize each municipal corporation...
§ g23a-2B
County Legislations
§ g23a-2C
The other provisions of this article and the provisions of Articles 25, 25A, and 25B of the Code are...
§ g23a-3
The legislative body of any municipality shall have power to provide that violations of ordinances a...
§ g23a-30
Town Officer Nominations
§ g23a-31
rules related to power of municipal corporation to to borrow money for any proper public purpose
§ g23a-32
Authorization of Municipal Bonds
§ g23a-33
principal and interest on bonds
§ g23a-34
When any municipal corporation shall mature
§ g23a-35
rules related to bonds and tax anticipation notes issued by any municipal corporation
§ g23a-36
empowerment of fiscal officer of municipal corporation on investing or selling on bonds
§ g23a-37
Bonds and Tax Anticipation Notes as Pledges of Good Faith
§ g23a-38
Municipal Corporation Regulations
§ g23a-39
Nothing contained in this article shall be deemed or construed to impair the terms and conditions of...
§ g23a-4
The legislative body of a municipal corporation may adopt an ordinance for the licensing, control, l...
§ g23a-40
The legislative body of any municipal corporation is authorized and empowered to fix a date and to e...
§ g23a-41
Municipal Corporation Repeals
§ g23a-42
The resolution or petition by which the proposal is initiated to repeal the charter of the municipal...
§ g23a-43
If any municipal corporation, subject to any of the provisions of this article, shall fail for three...
§ g23a-44
Municipalities need General Assembly approval before levying new taxes.
§ g23a-44A
§ g23a-46
rules related to A municipal corporation subject to Article XI-E of the Maryland Constitution
§ g23a-47
Municipal Voting Guidelines
§ g23a-48
Employer Permits
§ g23a-49
§ g23a-4A
The legislative body of each municipal corporation may adopt an ordinance for the licensing, control...
§ g23a-5
If any provision of this article, or the applicability thereof to any person or circumstances, is he...
§ g23a-50
The governing body of a municipal corporation that provides a residential street service may make an...
§ g23a-51
The governing body of a municipal corporation may make an agreement under § 50 of this subtitle wit...
§ g23a-52
§ g23a-53
Subtitle to construe purposes and authority to powers be legally granted.
§ g23a-54
Municipal bodies may establish banks on certain land areas
§ g23a-55
Establishment of Landbank Board of Directors
§ g23a-56
Rights given to the Authority
§ g23a-57
Authorities May Acquire Properties By Gifts, Transfer, Or Foreclosure.
§ g23a-58
Employment rules for any authority.
§ g23a-59
The court may appoint a receiver for a court order
§ g23a-60
Adoption of Code of Ethics
§ g23a-61
Authorities And Municipal Corporation Have Same Immunities.
§ g23a-62
property held or owned
§ g23a-63
Property held by an authority Law of Maryland
§ g23a-64
Rules regarding Municipal Property Tax collection by authority
§ g23a-65
Money received by an authority as payment of taxes, penalties, or interest, or from the redemption o...
§ g23a-66
Exemption of Taxes Requirements
§ g23a-67
Civil Action Against Unlawful Removal of Property
§ g23a-68
How the property of an authority is
§ g23a-69
Responsibilities and limitations of an Authority
§ g23a-7
The legislative body of every incorporated municipality in this State by whatsoever name known, and ...
§ g23a-70
Every municipal corporation will receive an annual report.
§ g23a-71
Bond Issuance
§ g23a-72
powers of a corporate trustee under trust agreement
§ g23a-73
Authorities Can Determine the Validity and Enforceability of Bonds.
§ g23a-74
rules defining the meaning of bonds
§ g23a-75
Each bond shall state on the face of the bond that neither the State nor a political subdivision
§ g23a-76
Fixing of Rates and Rentals by the Authority
§ g23a-77
Regulations for use of pledges
§ g23a-78
Proceeds from the sale of bonds trust fund
§ g23a-79
An authority may issue refunding bonds in one or more series in an amount greater than the amount of the bonds to be refunded.
§ g23a-7A
Incorporated municipalities may exercise powers under Article 25
§ g23a-8
all meetings of the legislative body are open to public
§ g23a-80
Negotiable Bond Anticipation Notes May Be Issued
§ g23a-81
Conveyance of Property by the Authority
§ g23a-82
Bondholders Can Sue If Trust Agreement Is Violated.
§ g23a-8C
The mayor and city council, by whatever name known, of every municipal corporation in this State is ...
§ g23a-9
Municipal Corporation title and definitions
§ g23a-9A
Rules for Depositing Documents