Miscellaneous Companies

This is Article g23 of the Code of State, titled “Miscellaneous Companies.” It’s comprised of the following 8 sections.

§ g23-140
If any corporation formed under the provisions of this article shall desire to erect any bridge over...
§ g23-141
Corporations can agree with owners for rights to develop property
§ g23-142
Consent of County Commissioners
§ g23-143
No bridge may be erected on a navigable river, unless authorized by the State Highway Administration...
§ g23-181
Municipal Corporations
§ g23-182
Municipal Corporation Can Sell Or Lease A Electric Plant.
§ g23-183
In addition to the conditions and limitations imposed by § 182 of this article, any such proposed s...
§ g23-235
No mining company formed or organized under any of the provisions of this article, or which has orga...