Rules of Interpretation

This is Article g1 of the Code of State, titled “Rules of Interpretation.” It’s comprised of the following 37 sections.

§ g1-1
All pending suits, actions and prosecutions for crimes or misdemeanors.
§ g1-10
State administered oath wording requirements
§ g1-11
The manner of administering oaths shall be by requiring the person making the same to hold up his ha...
§ g1-12
Boundaries of city and state counties.
§ g1-13
conflict between public general law and public local laws
§ g1-14
The word county shall be construed to include the City of Baltimore, unless such construction would ...
§ g1-15
Person is defined as all types of companies.
§ g1-16
The word child or its equivalent shall be construed to include any illegitimate child, except in mat...
§ g1-17
If two or more amendments to the same section or subsection of the Code are enacted at the same or d...
§ g1-18
Bold type printing for code of captions
§ g1-2
If any crime, misdemeanor or other violation of law hath been committed and no prosecution or other ...
§ g1-20
The term "registered mail" when used (1) in any section of this Code or of any code of public local ...
§ g1-21
Applicability of Law
§ g1-22
In a statute that permits a gift to or for the use of the State or any of its officers or units, "gi...
§ g1-23
The provisions of all statutes enacted after July 1, 1973 are severable unless the statute specifica...
§ g1-24
Age of Legal Adulthood
§ g1-25
Form for Citation of Articles
§ g1-26
In this Code and any rule, regulation, or directive adopted under it, the phrase "may not" or phrase...
§ g1-27
In this Code and any rule, regulation, or directive adopted under it, "legal holiday" means:...
§ g1-28
In a law, resolution, or court order or decree that refers to publishing a legal advertisement or le...
§ g1-29
Veteran includes commissioned corps members (Public Health Service & NOAA) if eligible under 101, Title 38 of the U.S. Code.
§ g1-2A
The Annotated Code of Maryland under Public General state Laws.
§ g1-3
The repeal, or the repeal and reenactment, or the revision, amendment or consolidation of any statut...
§ g1-30
The words "includes" or "including" mean, unless the context requires otherwise, includes or includi...
§ g1-31
In this Code, unless the context requires otherwise, all references to the "University of Maryland" ...
§ g1-32
De Novo Judicial Review Requirements
§ g1-33
Definition Of "Assault".
§ g1-34
In this Code, unless the context requires otherwise, each reference to a local department of social ...
§ g1-35
The standard time throughout the State shall be that of the seventy-fifth meridian of longitude west...
§ g1-36
In computing any period of time prescribed or allowed by any applicable statute, the day of the act,...
§ g1-37
Individual Aging Guidelines
§ g1-4
No rights, property or privileges held under a charter or grant from this State shall be in any mann...
§ g1-5
Origins of the word administrator
§ g1-6
The word decedent means either a testator or person dying intestate....
§ g1-7
Gender Application
§ g1-8
The singular always includes the plural, and vice versa, except where such construction would be unr...
§ g1-9
oath requirements