IV - Judiciary Department

This is Article c4 of the Code of State, titled “IV - Judiciary Department.” It’s comprised of the following 49 sections.

§ c4-1
The Judicial power of this State is vested in a Court of Appeals, such intermediate courts of appeal...
§ c4-10
Regulatory Laws Of The Clerks Of The Courts
§ c4-11
Election procedure for judge and officers in court
§ c4-12
In case of any contested election for Judges, Clerks of the Courts of Law, and Registers of Wills, t...
§ c4-13
All Commissions and Grants Noted The State of Maryland
§ c4-14
The Court Of Appeals Members And Their Powers
§ c4-14A
The Maryland State Government Can Create Appeal Courts.
§ c4-14B
No member of the General Assembly at which the addition of Section 14A was proposed, if otherwise qu...
§ c4-15
Court of Appeals
§ c4-16
Legislative Provisions Can Be Made For Publishing Reports.
§ c4-17
Clerk of the count of appeals
§ c4-18
Court of Appeals administration and modification policy
§ c4-18B
How to Select Appellate Court Judges?
§ c4-19
The State shall be divided into eight Judicial Circuits, in manner following, viz: The Counties of W...
§ c4-1A
The several Courts existing in this State at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall, u...
§ c4-2
The Judges of all of the said Courts shall be citizens of the State of Maryland, and qualified voter...
§ c4-20
Location and Powers of Circuit Court
§ c4-21
Determination of Circuit Court Judges
§ c4-21A
If the amendments to sections 3 and 21 of Article IV proposed by House Bill 972, Senate Bill 390 (19...
§ c4-22
Rules For Circuit Trials With Less Than Three Circuit Judges
§ c4-23
The Judges of the respective Circuit Courts of this State shall render their decisions, in all cases...
§ c4-24
The salary of each Chief Judge and of each Associate Judge of the Circuit Court shall not be diminis...
§ c4-25
Rules for Election of Clerk of City Court
§ c4-26
Deputy Clerks and employees shall be removed accordingly
§ c4-3
State Judge Regulations
§ c4-3A
Origins of a former judge
§ c4-4
Removal of Judges
§ c4-40
The qualified voters of the several Counties, except Montgomery County and Harford County, shall ele...
§ c4-40
The qualified voters of the several Counties, except Montgomery County and Harford County, shall ele...
§ c4-41
Each county must have a Register of Wills
§ c4-41-I
Implementation of Amendments
§ c4-41A
Jurisdiction of The District Court
§ c4-41B
Organization of the District Court.
§ c4-41C
District Court judge duties and filling of vacancies on position of judge.
§ c4-41D
The Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint each judge of the Dist...
§ c4-41E
designation judge of the District Court as Chief Judge
§ c4-41F
Chief Judge staff appointment authority
§ c4-41G
Court Commissioners
§ c4-41H
The salary of a judge of the District Court shall not be reduced during his continuance in office....
§ c4-44
Rules Regarding Sheriff Elections
§ c4-45
Notaries Public may be appointed for each county, and the city of Baltimore, in the manner, for the ...
§ c4-4A
There is a Commission on Judicial Disabilities composed of eleven persons appointed by the Governor ...
§ c4-4B
power of the commission on Judicial Disabilities
§ c4-5
Appointments of Judges by Governor
§ c4-5A
The Governor Appoints Judges Upon a Death or Vacancy
§ c4-6
Judges Shall be Conservators of the Peace
§ c4-7
No Judge shall sit in any case wherein he may be interested, or where either of the parties may be c...
§ c4-8
The parties to any cause may submit the cause to the court for determination without the aid of a ju...
§ c4-9
The Judge, or Judges of any Court, may appoint such officers for their respective Courts as may be f...