III - Legislative Department

This is Article c3 of the Code of State, titled “III - Legislative Department.” It’s comprised of the following 59 sections.

§ c3-1
The Legislature shall consist of two distinct branches; a Senate, and a House of Delegates, and shal...
§ c3-10
No member of Congress, or person holding any civil, or military office under the United States, shal...
§ c3-11
No person holding any civil office of profit, or trust, under this State shall be eligible as Senato...
§ c3-12
No Collector, Receiver, or Holder of public money shall be eligible as Senator or Delegate, or to an...
§ c3-13
In case of death, disqualification, resignation, refusal to act, expulsion, or removal from the coun...
§ c3-14
Assembly Meet Takes Place On Second Wednesday of January Annually.
§ c3-15
A General Assembly session may last 90 days.
§ c3-16
No book, or other printed matter not appertaining to the business of the session, shall be purchased...
§ c3-17
No Senator or Delegate, after qualifying as such, notwithstanding he may thereafter resign, shall du...
§ c3-18
No Senator or Delegate shall be liable in any civil action, or criminal prosecution, whatever, for w...
§ c3-19
Judgement of Council Members
§ c3-2
The membership of the Senate shall consist of forty-seven (47) Senators. The membership of the House...
§ c3-20
Members elected to each House shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business
§ c3-21
doors of the Houses and Committees be kept open
§ c3-22
Journal of Court Proceedings
§ c3-23
Imprisionment Guidelines
§ c3-24
The House of Delegates may inquire, on the oath of witnesses, into all complaints, grievances and of...
§ c3-25
Neither House shall, without the consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days, at any one ...
§ c3-26
The House of Delegates shall have the sole power of impeachment in all cases; but a majority of all ...
§ c3-27
Origination of Bills
§ c3-28
No bill, nor single group of bills placed on the "consent calendar," shall become a Law unless it be...
§ c3-29
The style of all Laws of this State shall be, "Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland:" a...
§ c3-3
The State shall be divided by law into legislative districts for the election of members of the Sena...
§ c3-30
rules regarding presenting of bill to the Governor passed by the General Assembly
§ c3-31
Law passed by the General Assembly shall take effect the first day of June
§ c3-32
No money shall be drawn from the Treasury of the State, by any order or resolution, nor except in ac...
§ c3-33
Guidelines for passing local or special Laws
§ c3-34
No debt shall be hereafter contracted by the General Assembly unless such debt shall be authorized b...
§ c3-35
General Assembly Should Not Provide Extra Compensation For Officers.
§ c3-35A
Nothing in this Constitution shall exempt the salary or compensation of any judge or other public of...
§ c3-36
No lottery grant shall ever hereafter be authorized by the General Assembly, unless it is a lottery ...
§ c3-38
No person shall be imprisoned for debt, but a valid decree of a court of competent jurisdiction or a...
§ c3-39
Bank financial records open for inspection as allowable by law
§ c3-4
Legislative District Regulations
§ c3-40
Private Property Cannot Be Taken Without Just Compensation.
§ c3-40A
The Regulations of the Authorization of the Taking of Private Property
§ c3-40B
Private property cannot be taken for public use without compensation
§ c3-40C
rules regarding non enactment of any law by the general assembly authorizing private property to be taken for public use
§ c3-43
The property of the wife shall be protected from the debts of her husband....
§ c3-44
Laws shall be passed by the General Assembly, to protect from execution a reasonable amount of the p...
§ c3-45
uniform system of charges in the offices of Clerks of Courts
§ c3-46
General Assembly can accept grants from federal government
§ c3-48
Corporation formation rules and specifications
§ c3-49
The General Assembly's Consistency In Law Regulations
§ c3-5
Legislative District Regulations
§ c3-50
It shall be the duty of the General Assembly, at its first session, held after the adoption of this ...
§ c3-51
The personal property of residents of this State, shall be subject to taxation in the County or City...
§ c3-52
Budgeting & Budgeting Bill Rules in Maryland State
§ c3-54
No County of this State shall contract any debt, or obligation, in the construction of any Railroad,...
§ c3-55
rules in respect of writ habeas corpus passed by the general assembly.
§ c3-56
The General Assembly May Pass Laws as Deemed Necessary
§ c3-57
The Legal Rate of Interest shall be Six per cent. per annum; unless otherwise provided by the Genera...
§ c3-58
The Legislature shall provide by Law for State and municipal taxation upon the revenues accruing fro...
§ c3-59
The Legislature shall pass no law creating the office of "State Pension Commissioner," or establishi...
§ c3-6
election of members to general assembly
§ c3-60
powers of the General Assembly of Maryland
§ c3-61
Each county can have their own local laws.
§ c3-7
Time of election for Senators and Delegates
§ c3-9
Senator and Delegate Elgibility