II - Executive Departments

This is Article c2 of the Code of State, titled “II - Executive Departments.” It’s comprised of the following 28 sections.

§ c2-1
Maryland Governor's Powers and Term of Office
§ c2-10
Appointment of Officers by Governor
§ c2-10A
State Emergencies and Appointments of Officers by Lame Duck Governors
§ c2-11
Filling Vacancies
§ c2-12
Rejection by Maryland Senate of Nominations by Governor
§ c2-13
Non-Military Officers Nominated for the Maryland Senate
§ c2-14
In-Session Vacancies
§ c2-15
Removing or Suspending State Officers
§ c2-16
Special Legislative Sessions Convened by Maryland Governor
§ c2-17
Governor's Veto or Approval of Maryland Legislation and Overriding Vetos
§ c2-18
Review of State Comptroller and Treasurer by Governor
§ c2-19
Governor to Report on Condition of State to Legislature
§ c2-1A
Maryland Lieutenant Governor's Responsibilities, Job Requirements
§ c2-1B
Lieutenant Governor Candidates Selected by Gubanatorial Candidates
§ c2-2
Election Day, Time, Manner and Location for Governor and Lieutentant Governor
§ c2-20
Maryland Governor's Powers to Pardon, Cancel Fines and Return Seized Property
§ c2-21
Where the Governor Lives
§ c2-21A
Determining Governor and Lieutenant Governor Salary
§ c2-22
Salary and Term of Maryland Secretary of State
§ c2-23
Maryland Secretary of State Job Requirements
§ c2-24
Maryland Executive Branch Reorganization
§ c2-3
Determination of Governor and Lieutenant Governor Election Results
§ c2-4
Electoral Ties for Governor Determined by Maryland House of Delegates
§ c2-5
Job Requirements for Governor and Lieutenant Governor
§ c2-6
Filling Vacancies in Governor and Lieutenant Governor Offices
§ c2-7
Impeaching the Maryland Governor and Lieutenant Governor
§ c2-8
Military Powers of Maryland Governor Over Land and Sea Forces
§ c2-9
Governor Must Ensure Laws Executed Properly