XI-F - Home Rule for Code Counties

This is Article c11f of the Code of State, titled “XI-F - Home Rule for Code Counties.” It’s comprised of the following 10 sections.

§ c11f-1
Code County Guidelines
§ c11f-10
General Assembly Laws Remain Intact Until Amended or Repealed Constitutionally.
§ c11f-2
The governing body of any county, by a vote of at least two-thirds of the members elected thereto, m...
§ c11f-3
Modifying Local Laws
§ c11f-4
Powers of the General Assembly
§ c11f-5
rules regarding the classification of all code counties by the deoartment
§ c11f-6
A code county may enact, amend, or repeal a public local law of that county by a resolution of the board of county commissioners.
§ c11f-7
rules related to the action taken by a code county in the enactment, amendment, or repeal of a public local law
§ c11f-8
General Assembly Has Rights To Amend Local Laws.
§ c11f-9
A code county shall not levy any type of tax until an express authorization of the General Assembly