XI-A - Local Legislation

This is Article c11a of the Code of State, titled “XI-A - Local Legislation.” It’s comprised of the following 9 sections.

§ c11a-1
Petition Requirements
§ c11a-1A
The procedure provided in this section for adoption of a charter may be used in any county in lieu o...
§ c11a-2
Granting of express powers to counties by the general assembly
§ c11a-3
Governing of Charters
§ c11a-3A
Election of council members
§ c11a-4
Localities Can't Make Laws The Conflict With State Laws
§ c11a-5
How to Amend Baltimore City Charters?
§ c11a-6
The power heretofore conferred upon the General Assembly to prescribe the number, compensation, powe...
§ c11a-7
The word "Petition" as used in this Article means one or more sheets written or printed, or partly w...