XI - City of Baltimore

This is Article c11 of the Code of State, titled “XI - City of Baltimore.” It’s comprised of the following 9 sections.

§ c11-1
The Inhabitants of the City of Baltimore, qualified by Law to vote in said city for members of the H...
§ c11-2
The two branches of the Baltimore City Council.
§ c11-3
First and Second Branch Baltimore city Council members election date rules
§ c11-4
The regular session of the City Council of Baltimore, (which shall be annual,) shall commence on the...
§ c11-5
No person, elected and qualified as Mayor, or as a member of the City Council, shall, during the ter...
§ c11-6
The Mayor shall, on a conviction in a Court of Law; of wilful neglect of duty, or misbehavior in off...
§ c11-7
How Baltimore City structures and discharges bonds and indebtedness.
§ c11-8
Baltimore Laws Continue Until Changed
§ c11-9
The General Assembly's power to change an article.