I - Elective Franchise

This is Article c1 of the Code of State, titled “I - Elective Franchise.” It’s comprised of the following 12 sections.

§ c1-1
Maryland Voting Ballots, Districts and Voter Qualifications
§ c1-10
Qualified State Officers
§ c1-11
Breaking Oaths of Office, Refusing to Be Sworn Into Office
§ c1-12
Unregistered Voters Prohibited from Holding Elected Office
§ c1-2
Voter Registration
§ c1-3
Voting by Absentee Ballot
§ c1-4
Voting Rights for Maryland Citizens with Guardians, Criminal Records
§ c1-5
Illegal Voting, Moving Residences To Vote
§ c1-6
Vote-Buying, Vote-Selling
§ c1-7
Keeping Elections Free and Fair
§ c1-8
Contested Elections
§ c1-9
Swearing-In to Elected Office