Declaration of Rights

This is Article c0 of the Code of State, titled “Declaration of Rights.” It’s comprised of the following 46 sections.

§ c0-1
How Maryland State Government Began & How To Change It
§ c0-10
Freedom of Speech, Debate, Operations in the Maryland Legislature
§ c0-11
Location Where Maryland Legislature Convenes
§ c0-12
Maryland Legislature to Convene Regularly, Frequently
§ c0-13
Citizen's Right to Petition Maryland State Legislature
§ c0-14
Maryland Legislature Must Approve All Taxes Levied
§ c0-15
No Poll Taxes Allowed, No Poor People Assessed, All Taxes Uniform in Maryland
§ c0-16
Prohibition on Cruel and Unusual Punishment
§ c0-17
Prohibition on Ex Post Facto Laws in Maryland
§ c0-18
Felony, Treason Attainder
§ c0-19
Rights of Injured Person or Property in Maryland
§ c0-2
US National Law Takes Precedence Over Maryland State Law
§ c0-20
Fact-Based Trials in Maryland
§ c0-21
Rights of Those Accused of Crimes in Maryland
§ c0-22
Self-Incrimination in Maryland
§ c0-23
Right to Civil Trial by Jury, Who Judge Facts and Case Law
§ c0-24
Right to Due Process
§ c0-25
Prohibition on Excessive Fines, Punishment, Bail
§ c0-26
Rules Regarding Warrants
§ c0-27
Prohibition Against Convictions that Corrupt Blood, Force Forfeiture of Estate
§ c0-28
Maryland Militia
§ c0-29
Maryland Standing Army
§ c0-3
Powers Reserved for the People and States
§ c0-30
Civil Power Controls Military Power
§ c0-31
On Housing, Feeding Soliders
§ c0-32
On Martial Law During War, Insurrection
§ c0-33
Rules Regarding Judges, Their Removal from Office
§ c0-34
Executive Office Rotation
§ c0-35
Prohibition Against Holding More Than One State Office, Position, Post
§ c0-36
Freedom of Religion in Maryland
§ c0-37
Maryland Oath of Office, Prohibition Against Religious Tests for Public Office
§ c0-39
Swearing-In Maryland Officials
§ c0-4
Maryland Citizens Are In Charge of State Government, Police
§ c0-40
Freedom of Speech, Press in Maryland
§ c0-41
On Monopolies
§ c0-42
Prohibition Against Hereditary Titles, Nobility
§ c0-43
Maryland Legislature Should Promote Justice, Virtue, Knowledge and More
§ c0-44
Maryland Constitution in Force During Times of War and Peace
§ c0-45
Rights Reserved to the People of Maryland
§ c0-46
Equal Rights for Marylanders, Male and Female
§ c0-47
Victims' Rights
§ c0-5
Applicable Common Law of England, Right to Jury Trial
§ c0-6
Maryland Elected Officials, Bureaucrats Accountable to the People
§ c0-7
Maryland Elections Must Be Frequent, Open, Fair
§ c0-8
Separation of Powers in Maryland State Government
§ c0-9
Suspending the Laws of Maryland